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Dance, Exhibition, Music, Visual art in New York: ON LOVE: The Art of Lines, Shapes & Symbols


Source: Arts Brookfield, New York

Four extraordinary artists with roots around the world will create large-scale calligraphic paintings on the windows of the Winter Garden around the poetic theme of love. Artists from Iran, Japan, India and the United States will use words, letters, shapes and symbols from their respective languages and alphabets to explore the linguistic and artistic connections to calligraphy. Over two weeks the artists will produce a magnificent temporary art installation which the public can watch as it's being crafted.

April 17, 2018 - April 29, 2018
Brookfield Place New York
Winter Garden
230 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10821

Calligraphy is intrinsically linked to other art practices like poetry and music. As part of this immersive installation, there will be performances and workshops for the public to experience along with the visual installation.

The art of connecting letters to meaning, feeling and expression, calligraphy has been an important characteristic of many cultures for eons. Modern calligraphy ranges from lettering to fine art where the artist uses personal interpretation, sometimes rendering the letters unreadable creating abstract shapes or gestural marks.

As one artist finishes, the next artist will begin. At the end of the second week, the finished installation will show windows transformed into works of art and will be on view as an ecstatic display of the beauty of love through words, letters, art and symbols.

ON LOVE: The Art of Lines, Shapes & Symbols is curated by Isabel Soffer/Live Sounds.

Open artist hours run 11AM - 4PM on the following dates:
4/17 - 18: Mehdi Saeedi, Iran/USA

Mehdi Saeedi, is an Iranian born artist and designer based in Philadelphia and he is a part-time faculty of graphic design at the Towson University in Maryland, United States. His aesthetics have become a mainstay of design in many regions, especially in those using the Arabic and Iranian scripts as their alphabet.

Shams Tabrizi by Mehdi Saeedi

4/19 - 20: Masako Inkyo, Japan/USA
4/24 - 25: Rupy C. Tut, India/USA
4/26 - 27: Rostarr (Romon K. Yang), Korea/USA

Tuesday 4/17
12:30PM: Check back for a program update

Wednesday 4/18
12:30PM: Henna workshop

Thursday 4/19
12:30PM: Check back for a program update

Friday 4/20
12:30PM: Calligraphy performance with Masako Inkyo

Tuesday 4/24
12:30PM: Dance performance by Nadhi Thekkek

Wednesday 4/25
12:30PM: Workshop with artist Rupy C. Tut

Thursday 4/26
12:30PM: DJ

Friday 4/27
12:30PM: Henna workshop

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