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WHY OPT FOR PEACE WHEN MAYHEM AND WAR SERVE US SO WELL? Instability and War Make for Good Business!

By Kambiz Zarrabi

So, the President has officially pulled the United States out of the Iran Nuclear deal, just as he had promised to do during his campaign for presidency.

Trump, just as the crowd of his diehard supporters, has no clue about diplomacy, global affairs or even a clear picture of world geography, but he has been and continues to behave as a cut-throat, anything-goes, businessman.

He was elected as the President of the United States, in a money-dominated democracy bordering increasingly on predatory capitalism. Half of the voting population chose Trump over Hillary Clinton to lead the country. And, that was the real tragedy, not that Hillary Clinton would have been a harbinger for peace and a blessing for the rest of the planet, particularly with respect to Iran or the Middle East in general.

Mr. Trump has been surrounding himself, step by step, by sleazy sycophants and hardcore Zionist neocons who mastermind his every move. It was no surprise that the President's address regarding the decision to pull out of the Iran Nuclear deal, read from the teleprompter, had been carefully drafted by the same cunning opinion molders who have long influenced the American mindset about Iran. Many media observers even dared to refer to the text as something that could have been drafted by Israel's Netanyahu; it certainly seemed as though it actually was! Discounting America's own intelligences services' findings and those of America's own European allies, Mr. Trump only sited Netanyahu's allegations to substantiate his accusations against Iran. As embarrassing as that was, it was no surprise, either.

Of course, as it has been the case so many times before, Mr. Trump might see fit to make some adjustments in the course he has taken with respect to Iran when he realizes that undoing what President Obama has done might have harsh blowbacks this time round.

All that will remain to be seen in the coming months. In the meantime, something has long been going on literally unnoticed by the American propaganda mass media and the public at large.

The Co-Chair of "Women for Trump" organization, Amy Kremer, appearing on CNN a couple of days ago, mentioned something that prompted me to write this piece. In defending Trump's decision to back out of the Iran deal, this Southern Bell said that, to paraphrase, we have given billions of our taxpayers' dollars to Iran as a result of the nuclear agreement. The sad fact is that a huge majority of American population believes that farce. It was also sad that the CNN host, quite understandably, made no effort to correct her that those moneys were Iran's own assets frozen by the United States and not American taxpayers' moneys.

That, again, was no surprise. And neither was the barrage of prefabricated and for far too long repeated verbiage by the President calling Iran the world's number-one supporter of international terrorism and the source of agitation and destabilization of the Middle East. The clueless President talked about Iran's ties to Al Qa'eda and Taliban terrorist groups (perhaps Bolton and Giuliani fed him that crap), and looked oh, so serious when he alleged that he was protecting the American people against the Iranian threat!? Only his Zionist neocons advisors and Mr. Netanyahu would be ready to define what "threat" he was referring to!

What is getting lost in the dust of debates and disagreement about Mr. Trump's decision is the casual and as-a-matter-of-factly repeated statement that Iran is involved in all sorts of nefarious actions regionally and worldwide; something that no one ever dares question! Even Trump's detractors who criticize him believe that abandoning the JCPOA would embolden Iran to continue its "nefarious" behavior with increasing vigor. But what "nefarious" behavior?!

Who are the terrorists whose support by Iran makes the Islamic Republic the world's biggest supporter of international terrorism?

Hezbollah: The Lebanese political and military party that represents Lebanon's majority Shi'a population, and whose military flank has successfully protected Lebanon against Israeli incursions. Hezbollah fighters have played the major role in defeating the ISIS terrorists in Syria at a great cost to themselves.

Palestinian Hamas: The resistance group that has stood up against Israeli atrocities in Gaza while enjoying the support of the majority of suppressed and persecuted Palestinians.

The Syrian government: Subject of decade-long regime-change efforts by the United States on behalf of Israel, because it has served as a conduit for assistance and arms shipments from Iran to its ally in Lebanon, Hezbollah.

The above mentioned groups have been regarded by the American administrations as evil only because America's Sacred Cow, Israel, says so.

Now we have Yemen's Houthis, a Shi'ite population that are religiously affiliated with Iran, and thus feared by the Saud regime. Houthis have actually been involved in fighting against the Al Qa'eda and ISIS terror groups in Yemen, both supported by the Saudis! But now that the Saud clan and the Israelis have formed a common bond against Iran, the United States considers Iran's support for the Houthis as a nefarious act.

One has to be blind or clueless not to see the Israeli connection in all the foregoing.

This bring us to the most recent, post Trump speech, Israeli military incursion into the Syrian territory. According to the news clips and Israeli announcements, Israel embarked on a massive aerial and missile attacks against Iranian installations and facilities around Damascus, supposedly in response to some missile attacks targeting Israeli bases in the Golan Heights from those Iranian bases.

According to these sources, the missiles fired by the Iranians were either intercepted by the Israeli defense shield, or fell short of reaching their targets.

Now, let us look at this scenario a bit more realistically: The distance from those Iranian bases around Damascus to the Golan targets is only a couple of dozen miles. The distance that the missiles (we are told they are supplied by Iran) fired toward facilities in Saudi Arabia by the Houthis in Yemen is many hundreds of miles, and most hit their targets in spite of the Saudi missile defense shield sold to them by the United States. Then, how is it that those Iranian missiles so conveniently come short of reaching their nearby Israeli targets in Golan, or are so easily intercepted by them? Some miracle must be at work, or it may be yet another Israeli false-flag operation they are so well-known for!

Israelis knew full-well that under the current geopolitical circumstances Iran would avoid any military confrontation in the region. So why not take advantage of their clueless benefactor's anti-Iran declarations as soon as possible and strike at the Iranian targets in Syria full force while the oven is still hot?

If the laughable Israeli version of the story is to be taken seriously, then what does Israel have to worry about? Therefore, the Iranian so-called Elite Revolutionary Guards must be a bunch of incompetent buffoons, and the quality of their missiles is so poor that they cannot pose any threat to the illustrious Israeli Defense Forces! That would also eliminate the threat of Hezbollah's ten-thousand missiles given to them by Iran, as should some war break out, those missiles will either fail to reach their targets or be intercepted by the Israelis! 

In conclusion, as long as Iran remains a perceived threat to the oil-rich, Sunni Arab states, the Saud clan will more than make up for any shortage of crude resulting from the new and more severe sanctions against Iranian production and sales. That would mean more money for the Saudis, more profits for the American oil companies, and more arms purchases by the Arab states to defend against Iran's hegemonic ambitions. The Saudis have now surpassed Russia in military spending; and look where those oil moneys are headed - hundreds of billions of dollars' of them for all those military supplies they are purchasing!

And regarding Israel? Well, how could anyone blame them for whatever they choose to do to "defend their lives", including putting an end to any remaining Palestinian ambition to end the occupation of their ancestral lands.

So, what's there to worry about?! Do we or the Israeli regime really prefer peace and harmony for the Middle East over mayhem and instability, when the opposite is serving the purpose so well?

About the author:

Kambiz Zarrabi is the

author of In Zarathushtra's Shadow and Necessary Illusion.He has conducted lectures and seminars on international affairs,

particularly in relation to Iran, with focus on US/Iran issues. Zarrabi's latest book is Iran, Back in Context.


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