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Germany to provide humanitarian aid to Iran's flood victims: Envoy


Source: Mehr News Agency

Germany will provide humanitarian assistance to flood victims in Iran, says the German Ambassador to Tehran Michael Klor-Berchtold. In a Monday tweet, Klor-Berchtold wrote that German Foreign Ministry would provide humanitarian assistance to flood victims in Iran, adding that "40 boats and safety equipment will be delivered by German Red Cross to the Iranian Red Crescent."

The official had earlier expressed sympathy with the flood-stricken people in Iran, expressing his country's readiness to provide humanitarian help.

Floods have affected at least 23 of Iran's 31 provinces since heavy downpours began on March 19.  Heavy rains triggered raging torrents of water in several areas of Golestan province, near the Caspian Sea on March 19. The wave of heavy rains has so far continued as many of Iran's provinces, including Lorestan and Khuzestan in the west, are now facing an emergency situation.

Estimates by government agencies suggest that the floods have taken the lives of at least 42 people and destroyed over 25,000 homes across the country. . Meanwhile, rescue efforts are underway in several provinces.

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