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26 million Iranians do not use internet: Statistical Center of Iran


Source: Tehran Times

Some 26 million Iranians of six years old and above do not use internet, the Statistical Center of Iran and Information Technology Organization of Iran announced in a joint report, Mehr reported on Tuesday.  Of the figure, 11.864 million are men and the rest are women, according to the report.
(Note: Iran has a population of just over 81 million)

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About 18.307 million Iranians have announced that they do not need internet technology.

Over seven million people do not use internet due to lack of knowledge, skills and self-confidence and over 3.5 million people do not use internet due to high cost of internet and 1.3 million people are concerned about privacy, the report announced.

According to the statistics, 1.250 million people do not have access in their cities or villages and 1.769 million people do not use internet due to cultural reasons including immoral contents, the report says.

Meanwhile, 7.632 million people do not know anything about internet and 7.936 million are illiterate for using internet.

A total of 2.709 million people do not use internet because they do not have permission to use it and 1.231 million people believe that there is no good contents and services available on internet, the report added.

The statistics say that 59,249 people do not use internet due to their physical disabilities.

According to a report released by the Information Technology Organization of Iran in late July, the highest internet penetration rate is amongst students with 89.6 percent.

A total of 36.5 percent of internet users are employed individuals, 26.7 percent are housekeepers, 23.8 percent are students, and 6.3 percent are unemployed individuals, according to the report.

According to the statistics about 29.4 million of Iranians (63.4 percent) are 'usual' internet users.

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