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Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation's Autumn/Winter Newsletter 2019


Source: Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation (PKCF)

Welcome to the latest newsletter from PKCF. First of all, we would like to thank you for your generosity and dedication to the Foundation, which have made it possible for us to continue our work of bringing light to disadvantaged children and communities. In this edition of the newsletter, we would like to update you on the Bachehaye Ma family and also bring your attention to two new initiatives: The Kermanshah Water Project and the expanded reach of the Popli Football Club. True to the PKCF mission, both initiatives strive to help those in the most need: while one targets areas of extreme weather, the other reaches the families of our footballers who are living below the poverty line.  Please read on to learn more.

PKCF would also like to announce that its next Annual Event will be held at Regent's University on the 11th June 2020.  Please save the date and also stay tuned for events organized by our Young PKCF chapter, including a pub quiz in January and our annual Chaharshanbe Suri celebration in March.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can volunteer, please email us at You can also make donations to PKCF here.

The Kermanshah Water Project

Iran is facing a water shortage crisis due to years of drought, climate change, and the mismanagement of groundwater supplies, making this issue central to the welfare of citizens across the country.  But nowhere is this issue more acute than in Kermanshah, Sare Pol Zahab, where the 2017 earthquake damaged pipes and 2019 floods all but destroyed them.

PKCF's CEO visited Kermanshah to witness the damage first hand and to determine how PKCF could help.  PKCF identified five villages with no water supplies and another seven villages that received water supplies only once per week.  This reality was startling and spurred immediate action on our part. After thorough investigations and negotiations, we are thrilled to announce that we have commenced work on an ambitious project to develop 8km of new pipes, repairs and re-enforcement of existing reservoirs and construction of an additional reservoir in and around the Hassan Soleiman village in Kermanshah. This project is in partnership with a local cement company, Children of Persia Charity (a US based organisation) and donors in Iran. The works will be completed in January 2020 and bring much needed running water to 12 villages in the region.

The Popli Football Club

The Popli Football Club (PFC) is stronger than ever, with 140 boys enrolled in the club. The programme runs twice per week during the school year and six days per week in the summer, and provides underprivileged boys with not only coaching in football but also the life lessons that accompany a footballer's discipline. The boys have repeatedly told us that football is the very best part of their week, and it is with this in mind, that PKCF did not close down its programme even when the pitch closed down for a lengthy and costly maintenance.  PKCF found an alternative pitch to allow the Popli Football Club to continue its sessions, and also made the decision to expand its reach by aiding the families of the footballers.  These families are mostly Afghan refugees who live below the poverty line and lack the most basic supplies.  One of PKCF's avid supporters has therefore pledged to supply these families with a quarterly supply of rice, beans, tofu, oil, tea, sugar, pasta and tomato paste.  PKCF will soon add chicken and meat to these food packages.

Bachehaye Ma

Bachehaye Ma continues to thrive under the leadership of Roshanak Tavakoli who manages not only a structured educational and vocational programme designed to prepare the children for independent lives but also provides them with the love and care needed for them to thrive as a large family across a compound of five homes. We would like to share a few stories to illustrate how Bachehaye Ma has succeeded in creating a real sense of family for its children: 

The Sewing Workshop:

A girl named Fati came to the centre at the age of 7 and now manages the sewing workshop. The girls hold shows to sell their work and their earnings are poured back into this micro business with a small payment given to the girls who assist.  The workshop is a cooperative which means all those involved will share in the profit.  Their first show was sold out!

Spotlight on Sanaz: 

Sanaz received her Master's Degree in Accountancy and works for an accounting firm in Kerman.  She now lives at Bachehaye Ma home, helps her younger siblings, and even contributes a small amount to Bachehaye Ma who she considers family. Bravo Sanaz!

The Older Boys:

Boys and girls alike are learning the importance of hard work, the value of money and the concept of giving back.  Seven of the older boys worked all summer learning a trade, earning money and contributing a small amount to Bachehaye Ma. They used a portion of their funds to take the younger children to a fun fair and treated them to ice cream, a testament to Bachehaye Ma's success!

PKCF's Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring hope and light to disadvantaged children and young persons through the provision of education, vocational training, healthcare, homes, food and water. We aim to provide the youth the opportunity to build bright, promising futures for themselves, their families and their communities. Youth in Iran are at the heart of our mission.

The Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation was launched in 1998 by the family and friends of the late Popli Khalatbari, who wished to honour her memory by distributing the funds from her estate in a manner befitting of the spirit with which she had led her life.

Over the years, with the generosity and encouragement of friends and strangers, PKCF has grown from a small gesture of goodwill to a giant force of compassion and optimism that has made an impact across the world.

The Foundation is grateful to all those who have played a part in its work and salutes them for keeping Popli's spirit alive.

Since 1998 PKCF has been working across the globe, establishing our own projects (such as schools and orphanages) as well as supporting existing programmes run by reputable organisations.

The Foundation's achievements would not have been possible without the support and generosity of numerous individuals and corporations, who have entrusted us with their charitable giving. The stories described on this site are a testament to their goodwill.
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