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Iranian taxi driver returns 70,000 Euros left in his cab to Polish couple


Source: Tehran Times

TEHRAN - A Polish couple who had left a bag containing 70,000 euros in cash in a taxi in Tehran have been reunited with their money thanks to the honest driver, Borna news agency reported on Tuesday.  Ali Hassan Zafari, the driver, handed the bag to the Polish embassy in Tehran on November 3, after he realized it had been left behind.

Tehran Mayor Pirouz Hanachi (L) with Ali Hassan Zafari

After spending much time to track down the owner, he could finally find them and returned the money.

Following his efforts, Tehran Mayor Pirouz Hanachi awarded him with a medal and cash prize on Wednesday morning, and also announced that the driver will receive financial assistance to go on a pilgrimage trip to Mashhad city with his family.

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