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Conference in Paris - Tappeh Sialk: A Key Site for the Archaeology of Iran


Source: Iran Heritage Foundation

Tappeh Sialk

Organised by
The Louvre Museum and the Museum of Natural History, Paris.

Supported by
The Iran Heritage Foundation

Monday 25th November, 09.45-16.00

Louvre Auditorium, Louvre Museum, Paris

​The site of Tappeh Sialk in Iran was excavated by the archaeologist Roman Ghirshman between 1933 and 1937, exposing whole areas of the ancient cultures of the plateau, from the Neolithic to the Iron Age.


The objective of this conference will be to take stock, 80 years after the publication of Ghirshman's work, on the history of this site and on its central role for Iranian archaeology. It will also be an opportunity to introduce the public to more recent Iranian excavations, as well as the current research and challenges posed by the conservation of an archaeological site in Iran today. Speakers will include experts from Iran, France, Germany and the UK.

Download the draft programme here

Please note that talks will be in a mixture of French, English and Persian, with some translations available - see programme for details. 

This conference follows on from two previously held in London in 2017 and 2018, arranged by the IHF.
Tickets & Info
Admission is free, no need to register.
More details available on the Louvre's website here.

For any inquiries please contact, Tel: 020 3651 2121


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