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PHOTOS: Fifth women's park opens in Tehran


Report by Tehran Times; photos by Erfan Khoshkhoo, ISNA

TEHRAN - The fifth park exclusively for women was inaugurated in Tehran on Monday, ISNA news agency reported. In order to bring about justice and equality for all the citizens, women-only parks have been built to provide them with safe recreational spots without the need to wear hijabs, Zahra Sadr-Azam Nouri stated.

Accordingly, five special parks have so far been created for women so that they could use the sunlight without coverings and thus increase their health, she added.

A study conducted by the Ministry of Health in 2001 showed an alarming growth in the number of women developing osteoporosis.

Stretched over 35 hectares, the newly inaugurated park is named after Marzieh Hadidchi to commemorate the first woman who commanded a military division during the Iran-Iraq war, she noted.

It is planned to expand the number of parks in other parts of the city, she highlighted.

Behesht-e Madaran (literally meaning mothers' paradise) was the first women-only park which opened in the capital in 2008. Three others were later built in the city.

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