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PHILANTHROPY: Founder of Iranian charity Mahak receives Muslim World Rania Award 2019


Source: Tehran Times

The Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) granted the Muslim World Rania Award to Saeedeh Ghods, the founder of MAHAK, a charity society dedicated to treating pediatric cancer in Iran, the public relations department of MAHAK reported.

Saeedeh Ghods, the founder of MAHAK

The Muslim World Rania Award is designed to recognize and celebrate the success of selected women in impacting people's lives on personal, organizational, national and global platforms. The recipients exemplify excellence through outstanding behavior and business undertakings based on the highest standards of integrity and social responsibility.

Fulfilling the social responsibility in the fields of employment and entrepreneurship, good reputation, cooperation with other Muslim countries, poverty alleviation and economic development of the world's Muslims are among the features that the jury of this international award consider for the selection of the top figures.

Honored by the business and investment magazine, OIC TODAY, the awards are presented during a special ceremony that takes place in conjunction with the annual international trade event, the Muslim World Biz.

The 9th Muslim World Biz was held with the presence of more than 40 Islamic countries by Trade Exhibition and Conference of the OIC on September 4-6, 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ghods has been recognized as one of the 12 leading women in this event for providing comprehensive support for children with cancer and their families during the past 28 years and Marzieh Afkham the ambassador of Iran to Malaysia received this award on her behalf.


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