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Love for nature displayed in Iranian baby names


By Faranak Bakhtiari, Tehran Times

Many Iranian names are derived from nature and are inspired by flowers and other elements. Being widespread and common in Iranian culture, this issue shows the importance of nature among Iranians. Baby names with a compelling meaning are becoming ever so popular. Some of the most interesting ones can be nature-inspired baby names that have long been used among Iranians, which might be a sign of enthusiasm for nature.

The point is that the meaning of nature-inspired names is known to all and does not need to be interpreted. They come from all sorts of elements like trees, flowers, stones, mountains, sky, and more.

Also, the majority of these names are girl names, because nature is characterized by tenderness and beauty, and this characteristic is more evident in girls.

Nature-inspired girl names are fresh and vibrant, combining organic roots with vivid imagery to create unforgettable monikers that are always recognizable.

Darya (literally meaning sea), Baran (rain), Berkeh (pond), Nasim (breeze), Asal (honey), Gandom (wheat), Sahra (desert), Nahal (seedling), Khorshid (sun), Sadaf (oysters), Sahel (beach), Setareh (star), Bahar (spring), Melorin (a type of pearl), Toranj (bergamot orange) and Aseman (sky) are among the girl names rooted in natural elements.

Some flower names for girls include Nilofar (water lily), Laleh (tulip), Ladan (nasturtium), Kamelia (sasanqua camellia), Maryam (tuberose), Yas (Jasmine).

Boys also name after the natural elements in Iranian culture, but less than those for girls; some of which are Atash (literally meaning fire), Toofan (storm), Shahab (meteor), Alborz (high mountain, a mountain range in northern Iran), Sepand (an herbaceous plant called Peganum harmala), Davin (a Kordish name literally meaning hillside), and Sahanad (name of a volcanic mountain in Azerbaijan province).

Although plenty of nature names for babies are not so much used as they were in the past, some natural names like Baran and Maryam enjoy widespread appeal and popularity.

Names coming from nature have been growing in use over the years with more and more unique options creeping up on the charts. Names like Niloufar and Toofan do not seem all that out there anymore, ushering in a new wave of options like Melorin and Davin, which work well with today's styles.

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