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Photo exhibit explores erosion of ancient Iranian bas-reliefs


Source: Tehran Times

An exhibition of photos depicting the erosion of a selection of ancient Iranian bas-reliefs will open on Monday at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts.  The three-day exhibition has been organized under the auspices of the ministry's Research Center for Conservation of Cultural Relics as part of their programs for National Research Week.


A total of 31 photos were taken by Nasser Mizbani as part of a study project entitled "Monitoring and Pathology of the Erosion of Iran's Rock Reliefs and Developing a Comprehensive Plan for Preservation and Restoration".

The project was implemented by Hamid Fadai, an expert of the Research Center for Conservation of Cultural Relics few years ago.

The collection has been accumulated to be showcased for history scholars, archaeologists, students of related fields and Iran history enthusiasts, the ministry said in a press release.

Mizbani, 57, is an experimental photographer whose works mostly are centered on photography of cultural heritage sites during his career spanning over three decades.

In a statement for his showcase he wrote, "Stone inscriptions and rock reliefs as part of rock art have been the outcome of early human experiences in recording the events.

"This art is older than other art created over history. Creation of rock reliefs in Iran enjoys a longer history, and with a background of several thousand years shapes part of our written heritage.

"Some of these bas-reliefs have been a source of inspiration for the invention of writing, language, history, art and culture; therefore they are the key instrument of deciphering prehistoric periods.

"Due to the fact that a major portion of our written heritage, such as books and manuscripts, has been demolished during invasions by our neighboring nations over history, the large number of rock reliefs has played a key role in the preservation of culture and civilization in the country."

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