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Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation's 2020 Report


Source: Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation (PKCF)

UK based  Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation (PKCF) has been founding many projects and good causes in Iran and elsewhere.  Following is a list of the projects funded by PKCF in Iran and elsewhere in 2020 along with a brief report of the ongoing activities.  For a full listing of PKCF's projects to date please visit

As this year draws to a close, we reflect on what has been an incredibly challenging time. We mourn the lives lost across the world and remember those lost from our community with much fondness.  
All the events this year have of course made the needs of those we support greater. Amid all the tragedy and uncertainty, despite having to cancel our in-person fundraising events for 2020 and the consequent losses in funding, PKCF has much to be grateful for. With your trust and financial support, we have been able to continue our mission of helping those in need.

You have helped feed the hungry, provided soap & clean water during a pandemic, supplied oxygen to those fighting COVID-19, and enabled children to continue learning safely from home. These are incredibly significant positive actions for each child and family.

We are profoundly grateful for your support!

Despite the obstacles and restrictions, this autumn our CEO travelled to Iran for two months to tend to urgent work and ensure continuity to the projects we are running. Our 2020 activities are summarised below. Anxious and challenging times continue for all of us, yet we believe in the Persian saying این نیز بگذرد  'This too shall pass.' Thank you for your compassion and support at a time when you are facing your own challenges.
We take this opportunity to extend our sincere good wishes to you and your families. May your days be blessed with good health and joy. We are sincerely grateful for your unwavering help to the children PKCF supports. May better days draw near sooner, and may we meet in person to express our appreciation. 

Summary of 2020 Activities

 1. Response to the Pandemic


a. Food and sanitation packages

Abject poverty has soared particularly for families who were living below the poverty line pre-pandemic. From April until December PKCF has distributed packages of essential items to 650 families across 6 provinces. This has been possible through local representatives who have identified the most vulnerable and ensured fair distribution. These families will receive a Nowrouz package in March 2021. 

Packages for distribution in a Baluchistan village

Thank you for putting a smile on her face

b. Medical Fund

Many families are unable to fund their medical needs. In partnership with Nikan, PKCF has contributed towards the costs of medication and hospital treatment for many families.
The Taleghani Hospital and Noor Afshar Hospital, some of the main centres in Tehran treating Covid-19 patients, had failing oxygen producing units earlier this year. PKCF was able to contribute towards the purchase of two such units at this critical time.

c. Studying online

Schools in Iran remain closed since the start of the pandemic. The Ministry of Education is running a particularly good online programme. Of course, this relies on access to the internet and millions of children do not have devices. With the help of our supporters across numerous countries, PKCF began a programme supplying devices to students in our centres and schools. At a cost of 115 each, to date we have distributed 115 tablets. We are pleased to see that alongside other charities, private companies, and personalities from the Iranian film industry are also raising funds for purchasing devices so that children's education can safely continue.


They say that charity begins at home and we felt compelled to make our own contribution towards the fight against COVID-19 and support communities here in the UK. In the spring we made donations towards three initiatives:

a. Hammersmith & Fulham Foodbank (part of The Trussell Trust which runs the largest network of UK foodbanks).

This foodbank has experienced unprecedented demand since the national lockdown in March, accompanied with reduced donations of food items. Their priority remains 'ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry in H&F'.

b. Feed the NHS

This initiative supplied hot meals to NHS Critical Care staff across numerous hospitals in London. They partnered with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and UCLH Healthcare NHS Trust. As a not-for-profit movement, they joined forces with food companies, providing them with vital income during such a challenging time. 

c. Masks for Heroes

This was an initiative set up by doctors in the UK to raise money for the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline staff to include paramedics, porters, cleaners, and catering staff all of whom needed protection.

2. New schools

a. Primary School, Tazehabad Village in Kermanshah

All the schools in Iran are under the management and supervision of the Ministry of Education. Although good teachers are provided, sanctions mean that there is no funding beyond teachers' salaries, even utilities cannot be paid for.

For schools which PKCF builds, it is the Foundation's policy to oversee maintenance and to provide all necessary expenses including utilities. Each of our schools is overseen by a PKCF representative who visits several times a year and monitors expenditure. In addition, PKCF members from the UK visit several times a year. 

We are building a new primary school in the Village of Tazehabad. Currently the children of the village are studying in a dilapidated temporary building. We hope the new school building will be completed before Spring 2021, to welcome students as soon as possible there after (depending on COVID-19 restrictions). 

Construction thus far (December 2020)

b. Middle School in Hichan, Baluchistan

We plan to build a new middle school in the village of Hichan to replace an existing crumbling structure. The school will serve 180 boys from the village. Having visited the proposed site pre-pandemic, Mrs.Roshanak Tavakoli will supervise this project. The Foundation's CEO and Mrs.Tavakoli were due to sign the contract this Autumn, however travel restrictions prevented this. The contractor's plans are ready, and we hope the project can commence in Spring 2021 (circumstances permitting). 

Planned school in Hichan, Baluchistan

3. Core Projects

Thankfully our dozen core projects remain funded. Below we give an example of how one centre has adapted to cope with the pandemic:

Bachehaye Ma ('Our Children') Orphanage in Kerman

Since March when Iran went into its first lockdown, the 73 children at this orphanage have had home schooling. The system provided by the Ministry of Education to study online is excellent, provided the children have access to devices. PKCF has provided the children with tablets and we are pleased that they can continue with their education safely. The children are taken out on picnics at the foot of the mountains and enjoy sporting activities, particularly football. Under the supervision of the amazing Roshanak Tavakoli, the children are healthy, happy and have kept up with their studies. The latter has been possible with the help of volunteer tutors who attend the home (following negative COVID test results).

Happy, grateful children with tablets provided by generous PKCF donors

Bachehaye Ma's mixed football team coached by older boys from the group

About The Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation:

 Our mission is to bring hope and light to disadvantaged children and young persons through the provision of education, vocational training, healthcare, homes, food and water. We aim to provide the youth the opportunity to build bright, promising futures for themselves, their families and their communities. Youth in Iran are at the heart of our mission.  

PKCF was launched in 1998 by the family and friends of the late Popli Khalatbari, who wished to honour her memory by distributing the funds from her estate in a manner befitting of the spirit with which she had led her life.  Over the years, with the generosity and encouragement of friends and strangers, PKCF has grown from a small gesture of goodwill to a giant force of compassion and optimism that has made an impact to those in need. (read more)

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