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15 projects receive awards at the 33rd Khwarizmi International Festival


Source: Tehran Times

TEHRAN - President Hassan Rouhani conferred awards on 15 selected projects at the 33rd Khwarizmi International Festival in Tehran on Monday. The annual festival is an opportunity for both Iranian and foreign participants to put their scientific achievements on display. Khwarizmi International Award is dedicated to recognizing outstanding scientific achievements made by researchers, inventors, and innovators from all over the world.

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Development of thermal solar energy technology, synthesis of peptide radioactive raw materials, research and development of pharmaceuticals from Marine species, research, design and implementation of renewable technologies in micro-networks, Bitban malware analysis platform were among the selected projects, IRNA reported.

Ten laureates from Iran and five from other countries received the awards during the ending ceremony which held with Vice President for Science and Technology Sourena Sattari in attendance.

Selected submissions to the 33rd Khwarizmi International Award

Selected foreign projects are from Australia, China, South Korea, and the United States and in the fields of electricity, chemical technology, materials and metallurgy, electricity and computers and biotech and medical base, he explained.

According to Khwarizmi official website, in 1987, the leading Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST), affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, decided to institute an award, which acknowledges the Iranian outstanding achievements in the field of science and technology.

IROST proposed the creation of the Khwarizmi Award in memory of Abu Jafar Mohammad Ibn Mousa Khwarizmi, the great Iranian mathematician, and astronomer (770-840 C.E).

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