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Iran is beautiful: Lar National Park in photos


Photos by Pouria Pakizeh, ISNA

Mount Damavand is not considered a simple mountain for Iranians. Being the highest peak in Iran with the height of 5,671 meters, is not all the greatness of Mount Damvand among Iranians because the Mount has a special place among Iranian mythology and culture and is the symbol of endurance and invincibility.

Lar National Park, located in the foothills of Mount Damavand in Mazandaran Province, is a nature reserve which boasts different plant and animal species as well as glorious weather and impressive scenery.

The 30,000-hectare (74,000-acre) park has been a national park since 1976 and a protected area since 1982 by the Iran Department of Environment. Since 1991 hunting has been prohibited. The Lar Dam and reservoir is located within the park. It is a major tourist attraction, being only 70 kilometres (43 mi) northeast of Tehran. The park is accessible by car via Haraz road (Road 77).



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