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British archaeologist David Stronach, famed for intensive Iranian studies, dies at 89


Source: Iran Heritage Foundation

David Stronach
1931 - 2020

The Iran Heritage Foundation regrets to announce the passing of Professor David Stronach, OBE, on 27th June at the age of 89. He was the founding Director of the British Institute of Persian Studies 1961-79 and from 1981 he was Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology in the University of California at Berkeley.

During the course of a long and illustrious career he directed excavations in Iran at Pasargadae, the capital of Cyrus the Great, at Nush-i Jan, a Median religious site, and at Shahr-i Qumis, an early Parthian capital. He made an immense contribution to the study of Ancient Iran, and IHF is proud that his last lecture in the UK was at Asia House on 17th September 2014 when he spoke about his 'Recollections of Archaeology in Iran' and showed films made by his wife Ruth about the Nush-i Jan excavations and local village life. IHF extends deepest condolences to David's daughters Keren and Tami.


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