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Covid-19 cases in Iran rise to 32,322, death toll hits 2,378


Source: Tehran Times

The Iranian health ministry's spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour said on Friday that 2,926 new cases of the novel coronavirus have been identified in the country over the past 24 hours.  Jahanpour added that 144 more people have died and 11,132 people have recovered. So, the total number of people diagnosed with the coronavirus has reached 32,322, of whom 2,378 have died.

Official Iran's statistics on coronavirus as of March 27
Infections: 32,322
Deaths: 2,378
New Cases: 2,926
Recovered: 11,132

Iran has announced social distancing measures in a bid to minimize the spread of coronavirus.

According to the plan, which will run for two weeks as of Friday, intercity travels will be restricted and only residents will be allowed to enter their cities, ISNA reported on Thursday.

If someone wants to travel to another city illegally, his or her car will be impounded for a month and the driver will be fined.

Moreover, holding any kind of meeting or congregation will be banned and all parks and gyms as well as universities and schools will remain closed.

Meanwhile, rail, road, and air transport will be limited.

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