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Comedy drama recounts story of Persian mythical heroine Goshasb Banu


Source: Tehran Times

A comedy drama telling the story of the wedding of heroine Goshasb Banu, the daughter of Persian mythical hero Rostam, went on stage at Tehran's Mehregan Theater on Tuesday. Somayyeh Abadeh is directing "Wedding of Banu Goshasb" written by veteran playwright Ardeshir Salehpur based on some ancient Persian texts. Goshasb Banu has swarms of suitors from Turan, China and India. Therefore, Rostam lays down only one condition: that he will agree to the one who can defeat her in a battle.

"Wedding of Banu Goshasb"
by director Somayyeh Abadeh.

Abadeh had staged the play during the 25th Tehran Theater Festival, which was held in December 2020.

The play is being performed by a cast composed of Maedeh Ashuri, Zahed Barzegar, Anihita Bozorgmehri, Hadis Tasalli, Parinaz Langerudi, Saba Minui and several other actors.

Director Seyyed Mohammad-Javad Kabudarahangi had previously staged the play at Hamedan's Fajr Hall in August 2018.

Goshasb Banu, (or Banu Goshasb) entitled Savar (knight), is Rostam's daughter and the wife of Giv.

She is the heroine of a short epic of some 900 verses, called Banu Goshasbnameh, by an unknown poet probably from the 11th or 12th century.

There is a manuscript of the poem at the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. It was once printed with Faramarznameh.

It describes the exploits of Goshasb Banu alongside her brother Faramarz in Turan and India. Among her heroic episodes is her battle with her father, Rostam.

They fail to recognize each other at first, but disaster is avoided in time when they realize each other's identity.

Worthy of mention are also her battles with her suitors, most of whom are either taken captive or killed by her.

It is only Giv who passes the tests and ordeals imposed by Rostam on her suitors and comes through victorious.

On the wedding night, however, she overpowers Giv and binds him down before Rostam comes to his rescue and mediates between the two. Bijan is born of their marriage.

Goshasb Banu's exploits are also described in other epic works, such as Faramarznameh, Borzunameh and Bahmannameh, where her name appears as Banu Goshasb to fit the meter of the epic.

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