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Unified Panel Calls for Engagement with Iran
Several Iran and security experts called for greater U.S. efforts to resume dialogue with the Islamic Republic at a Senate Foreign Relations committee hearing on Tuesday. -NIAC - 10/31/03

USA*Engage Opposes Additional Iran-Libya Sanctions
USA*ENGAGE is a coalition of over 670 small and large businesses, agriculture groups and trade associations working to seek alternatives to the proliferation of unilateral U.S. foreign policy sanctions and to promote the benefits of U.S. engagement abroad. - 10/31/03

First Caspian environment document inked by surrounding countries
The first document on the Caspian Sea environment protection is to be inked in Tehran on Tuesday by the representatives of the littoral states - 10/31/03

Iran moves toward Kyoto treaty
Iran took another step towards signing the landmark Kyoto treaty, which aims to cut global warming, with the participation of government and oil industry officials in a UN-supported workshop aimed at studying the impact signing up would have on the oil-rich country. -IRIN - 10/31/03

Stars Shine For Nobel Concert
The award will be marked by a solemn ceremony at the Oslo City Hall, a torchlight parade in Ebadi's honor and a banquet, followed by the Dec. 11 concert. -CBS News - 10/31/03

Iran's post, telephone and Telegraph minister to be impeached
The minister is to be impeached for his ministry's alledgedly low performance. - 10/31/03

Our strategy helps the terrorists - army chief warns Sharon
Israel's army chief has exposed deep divisions between the military and Ariel Sharon by branding the government's hardline treatment of Palestinian civilians counter-productive and saying that the policy intensifies hatred and strengthens the "terror organisations". -Guardian - 10/31/03

Iran vs. the World
People come and tell me that nationalism is a disease which led to two world wars and that we should not be concerned with countries or a people, but with the world as whole and all its peoples. -Pouya Alimagham, Berkeley - 10/31/03

More than 385 thousand Iranian tourists visit Turkey this year
Over 385 thousand Iranian tourists have visited Turkey in the first 9 months of the current year marking a 12 percent growth in the numbers of Iranians visiting the country as compared to the same period last year - 10/31/03

Prominent Iranian women's rights lawyer, Mehrangiz Kar, to speak in Cupertino, California
Mehrangiz Kar, one of the most prominent women's rights lawyer in Iran, and winner of 2002 Ludovic Trarieux Prize, will give a speech at De Anza College in Cupertino, California on November 2, 2003 - 10/31/03

Shirin Ebadi and Iran’s women: in the vanguard of change
The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Shirin Ebadi on 10 October 2003 sparked intense political and emotional reactions in Iran. Nazila Fathi measures the significance of the independent human rights lawyer’s achievement. -Open Democracy - 10/31/03

Iran 'meeting' UN nuclear demands
Iran has submitted a "comprehensive" declaration on its nuclear programme, the UN nuclear watchdog says. -BBC - 10/31/03

We need to work together for our country Iran!
It may come as a shock to some of us that there are people who don’t know who Shirin Ebadi is, and what Nobel Prize is, let alone what the Peace award is. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 10/31/03

Nuclear Crisis Renews Debate Over Whether U.S. Should Engage Iran
The Iran nuclear crisis is creating new debate in the United States over a decades-old and, at times, almost taboo subject. That is whether Washington can best address its security problems with the Islamic Republic by continuing to try to isolate Tehran or whether it should try to ease some of the tension through dialogue as well. -RFE - 10/31/03

German firm to build 1.7 billion-euro Kish resort town
The German architecture firm Drees and Sommer will be in charge of the construction of a 1.7 billion-euro holiday resort town project, known as 'Flower of the East', on the Iran's Kish Island - 10/30/03

Iran, Renault-Nissan accord to catapult domestic car industry
Deputy Head of Iran Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO) Reza Danesh Fahim said in Tehran on Wednesday that the agreement signed between Iran and French car giant Renault-Nissan is in line with the industry's objective of globalization of the domestic automobile industry - 10/30/03

Halliburton in Iran
Cheney's Company Rebuffs NYC Pension Fund's Concerns About Terrorism -CounterPunch - 10/30/03

Reform in Iran may take time, but for now diplomacy is key
Given that the Iranian regime is unlikely to fall anytime soon and empirical evidence has shown that it responds unfavorably to a policy based merely on threats and intimidation, a shift toward dialogue and diplomacy may prove the more effective option. -Karim Sadjadpour, Daily Star - 10/30/03

Iran angry at journalists' arrest
The continued detention of two Iranian journalists - arrested by US forces in Iraq while filming at a checkpoint on 1 July - has stirred mounting concern and anger in Iran. -BBC - 10/30/03

Iran's military aircraft crashes near city of Zanjan, two killed
An official in the the provincial governor's office Hossein Beegham told IRNA the training plane, an F4, from the 'Noujeh' air force base, near Hamedan, crashed 60 miles southeast of the city. The pilot and co-pilot were killed in the incident. - 10/30/03

Kamoei playing with a purpose
Iranian sisters from CV hope to change perception of native land -Desert Sun, California - 10/30/03

More than 2.5 million Afghans return from Iran, Pakistan: UNHCR
The UN refugee agency has announced that more than 2.5 million Afghan refugees have returned home from Pakistan and Iran since the start of UNHCR voluntary repatriation programme in March last year - 10/30/03

Afghanistan 'at the mercy of narco-terrorists'
Opium trade threatens to destroy infant democracy, warns UN -Guardian - 10/30/03

Suspended police chief 'faces challenging return to work'
Controversial police Superintendent Ali Dizaei has welcomed his return to Scotland Yard, but admitted he faces challenges in a force which still has racial problems. -Ananova, UK - 10/30/03

U.S. Dissident Says Bush Needs Fear for Reelection
U.S. linguist and political dissident Noam Chomsky said on Wednesday that President Bush will have to "manufacture" another threat to American security to win reelection in 2004 after U.S failure in occupying Iraq. -Common Dreams - 10/30/03

Iran wins Afro-Asian weightlifting gold, silver
Iran snatched the gold and silver medals of 94 kg of the first Afro-Asian weightlifting event in Hyderabad, India on Wednesday - 10/30/03

Iran: Will U.S. Leave Nuclear Crisis To International Arms-Control Community? (Part 1)
In many respects, the debate in the U.S. over Iran's suspected nuclear-arms program resembles the one over Iraq's weapons of mass destruction before Washington toppled Saddam Hussein. -RFE - 10/30/03

US moderates edge ahead over Iran
Moderates in the Bush administration appear to have gained the upper hand over United States policy towards Iran. -BBC - 10/30/03

Shirin Ebadi speaks at "Peace and Freedom" gathering" at Tehran's Amir Kabir university
Shirin Ebadi, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, gave a speech in a gathering at the Amir Kabir university in Tehran, Iran, on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2003. - 10/29/03

US eyes limited talks with Iran
America has said it is prepared to open limited talks with Iran but is against restoring normal diplomatic relations at this stage. -BBC - 10/29/03

Iran President says US charges against Iran as repetitive
Addressing reporters after attending a cabinet meeting Wednesday, in response to a question on US charges against Iran, the Chief Executive termed it as baseless and outdated. - 10/29/03

Russian official: No obstacle in sending fuel to Iran's Bushehr plant
Russian Minister of Nuclear Energy Alexander Rumyantsev in a meeting in Moscow on Wednesday with Iranian Ambassador to Moscow Gholam-Reza Shafei said there is no obstacle to sending fuel for Bushehr nuclear power plant - 10/29/03

Iranian FM: EU FMs' Tehran visit to expand bilateral ties
Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi speaking in Tehran on Wednesday said the recent visit to Tehran of the three European foreign ministers has paved the way for further expansion of cooperation between Iran and the European states - 10/29/03

U.S. plans funding broadcasts into Iran
The State Department plans to fund some independent Iranian radio and television stations that broadcast into that country, a senior official told Congress yesterday. -Washington Times - 10/29/03

Up to 15,000 People Killed in Invasion, Claims Thinktank
As many as 15,000 Iraqis were killed in the first days of America's invasion and occupation of Iraq, a study produced by an independent US thinktank said yesterday. Up to 4,300 of the dead were civilian noncombatants. -Common Dreams - 10/29/03

World Bank to back controversial Caspian pipeline
Despite widespread criticism, the World Bank is due to approve at a meeting tomorrow a $250m (£149m) loan to a consortium to build a pipeline from Baku in Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea to the Turkish port of Ceyhan via Georgia. -Guardian - 10/29/03

Iran to hold first tender on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) installations
The tender would involve gas desalination facilities, liquidation equipment, loading facilities and two LNG production lines each with a capacity of 4.8 million tons a year. - 10/29/03

A Change of Heart in Tehran? Is It Time to Talk?
Throughout the 24-year history of Iran's Islamic Republic, politics here have been driven by a blend of national pride and a historic sense of grievance. -New York Times - 10/29/03

State Department official slams Pentagon for cease-fire with Iranian guerrillas
"We shouldn't have been signing a cease-fire with a foreign terrorist organization," Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. -AP - 10/29/03

Iran Nobel Winner Inspired by Sufferers
In biting criticism of Tehran's hard-line Islamic establishment, Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi said Wednesday she owes the award to those Iranians who have suffered for their beliefs. -Guardian - 10/29/03

Iran may free jailed UC lecturer Academic held in solitary confinement
With a cloud of official silence hovering over the jailing of a Bay Area university instructor who apparently is suspected of espionage, the Iranian government quietly let it be known Monday that he might be released in the next few days. -San Francisco Chronicle - 10/28/03

Iran vows no back off on Arash field dispute with Kuwait
The Persian-language newspaper 'Aftab-e Yazd' quoted Zanganeh as saying that Iran and Kuwait have arrived at an agreement through their foreign ministries that no measure is taken in Arash field until the continental shelf is demarcated. - 10/28/03

Iran, China to exchange 5 billion dollars worth of goods this year
The Chinese Charge d'Affaires to Tehran said he expected the volume of exchanged goods between Iran and China to rise to over dlrs 5 billion by the end of the current Iranian calendar year of 1382 (ending March 19) - 10/28/03

Iranian MP Mohsen Armin says judge issued biased verdict against him
He told reporters that the judge sentenced him to six months in prison and one year deprivation of social rights for alleged insult to his colleague. - 10/28/03

Aid groups in Afghanistan weigh good deeds vs. safety
"The security situation has deteriorated in the last six months, particularly in Ghazni Province," says Manoel de Almeida e Silva, spokesman for the United Nations Assistance Mission for Afghanistan in Kabul. -Christian Science Monitor - 10/28/03

No target beyond reach as beleaguered coalition grapples with unknown enemy
One truth emerged from the confusion of yesterday's multiple attacks in Baghdad. The Iraqi resistance to US and British forces is becoming stronger and better co-ordinated. -Guardian - 10/28/03

Bush voices optimism despite setbacks and spectre of Vietnam
'Desperation of resistance is proof we are winning' -Guardian - 10/28/03

UK has huge trade imbalance with Iran
Britain has recorded a substantial trade surplus with Iran for more than six years, according to figures published by Foreign Office Minister for Trade Promotion Mike O'Brien - 10/28/03

NIAC Publishes Annual report
Transforming a Community; Promoting Iranian American Civic Participation - 10/28/03

Iran Backtracks On Pledge To End Uranium Enrichment
Iran is showing signs of backtracking on its pledge to European Union leaders last week to fully cooperate with demands by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that it stop activities that could lead to the development of a nuclear weapons capability. - 10/28/03

Iranian pop legend Vigen dies at 74
One of Iran's best-loved pop singers, Vigen, has died in the United States at the age of 74. He was generally known as the king of Iranian pop. -BBC - 10/28/03

Iran and France's Renault sign contract for manufacturing new model car
The particular feature of the newly signed Iranian-French contract is that the automobile in question will be truly the fruit of joint efforts of the two countries' technical cooperation. - 10/28/03

Iran reformists denounce judges
A commission of the reformist-dominated parliament in Iran has called for a judicial investigation into the Tehran prosecutor's role in the case of Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian-Iranian journalist who died in July from a blow to the head after being arrested in June. -BBC - 10/28/03

A get-together in Tehran to honor Shirin Ebadi, Iran's Nobel Peace Prize winner
Markaz Farhangi Zanann (Women Cultural Centre) had organized an informal get-together and invited representatives from women groups, Iranian NGOs, those who are involved in child and women welfare, environmentalist, prominent figures in art and media as well as known and supportive individual women. My mum was my special guest that day, as the gathering was happening in our house. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 10/27/03

Bridge to link Iran's Persian Gulf Island of Qeshm to mainland
Speaking at the "Second Preliminary Meeting of the Far East Expo in Qeshm", deputy head of the Organization of Qeshm Free Trade Zone Fereydoun Alimoradi said some dlrs 190 million is needed for the construction of the 1800-meter bridge. - 10/27/03

Soccer: Iran edges past N Korea 3-1, takes over Jordan
Iran again stood above Jordan in the preliminary Group D of the 13th Asian Cup on goal difference as it beat North Korea 3-1 in Pyongyang Monday - 10/27/03

Iranian-Americans among most educated groups in the U.S.
According to a recent factsheet released by the Iranian Studies group at MIT (ISG) in Cambridge, MA, an independent academic group focusing on social, economic and political issues of Iran and Iranians, the Iranian-American community is among the most educated ethnic groups in the U.S - 10/27/03

A short visit with Shirin Ebadi
Shortly after Shirin Ebadi was released from prison three years ago, she gave an interview that was published in Iran in the feminist journal, Jens-e Dovom. -Bad Jens - 10/27/03

Iran participates in 44 infrastructural projects in Herat, Afghanistan
Iran's Consulate-General in Herat Hassan Qomi told IRNA that the projects belong to various fields including road-construction, education and training, agriculture and cattle breeding, power generation and transmission and border checkpoints. - 10/27/03

Iranian threat to UK Jews 'exaggerated'
Earlier this month, the US-based weekly Newsweek quoted security sources as saying that police had questioned a carload of Iranian "tourists" after they were found filming Jewish-community buildings in London. -Jerusalem Post, Israel - 10/27/03

U.S. Strategy in Iraq Cannot Be Effectively Deployed in Iran
Iran, however, is a very different story; it does not share the same weaknesses or strengths that U.S. forces encountered with Iraq. Because of these dissimilarities, Iran should not be subject to the type of overt invasion successfully accomplished in Iraq. -PINR - 10/27/03

Rallying to Bring U.S. Troops Home
Thousands in D.C. protest Iraq policy -Common Dreams - 10/27/03

Death of a town
With ruthless efficiency, the Israeli army has been crushing and rocketing the Palestinian refugee town of Rafah in a manner which rivals the destruction of Jenin last year. -Guardian - 10/27/03

Washington Resumes Negotiations With Tehran
All the information we have state that the Iranian-U.S. negotiations were resumed in Geneva, about two weeks ago...As a high-ranked Iranian official assured, the U.S.-Iranian negotiations were resumed upon an American request under the title of "invitation to participate in the project of reconstructing Iraq." -Dar Al-Hayat, Saudi Arabia - 10/27/03

Iran Expert Terms Nuclear Decision A Victory for Tehran 'Pragmatists'
Karim Sadjadpour, an Iran specialist at the International Crisis Group (ICG), a nonprofit organization that works to mprevent and resolve deadly conflicts, says that Iran's apparent decision to comply with international demands to open its nuclear power program to inspections was a "very welcome sign." -Council On Foreign Relations - 10/27/03

Iran says highest investment in buyback deals made over South Pars gas field
The Persian-language newspaper 'Mardomsalari' quoted a report by the Management and Planning Organization (MPO) as stressing that the deals that have been so far concluded stand at as much as 2.36 billion dollars. - 10/27/03

Iran: Only 7% of work force in industry hold university degree
Es'haq Jahangiri said a study carried out in 1999 revealed that over 65 percent of nation's labor force do not have high school diplomas, 24 percent have finished high school and 11 percent hold university degrees, "with a portion of the latter group occupying administrative jobs." - 10/26/03

Intelligence: Divisions Inside Iran
Some U.S. officials fear the Iranian government has now splintered into three major factions: a reformist, or “moderate” faction, personified by the elected president, Mohammed Khatami; a hard-line faction, led by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme religious leader, and an ultra-hard-line faction of no-name spooks and extremist clerics who secretly pursue radical policies -Newsweek - 10/26/03

Iran's Travel and Tourism Organization calls for strengthening of 'tourist police force'
Advisor to Head of Iran's Travel and Tourism Organization (ITTO) Gholam-Hossein Khosrowabadi said in Tehran on Sunday that to ensure security for visiting tourists a 'tourist police force' is indispensable - 10/26/03

Foreign investment in Iran up by 350%
Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance and Head of Iran's Investment Organization Mohammad Khazaie said in Ardebil on Sunday that a 350-percent increase has been observed in the level of foreign investment in Iran during the past year - 10/26/03

Iran says ready to move fast on Iraq crude oil swap
Oil power Iran is willing to act fast to help rebuild war-torn Iraq with an energy swap if Washington does not stand in the way, a senior Iranian oil official said on Sunday. -Reuters - 10/26/03

Iranians still enriching uranium
Iran has yet to suspend the enrichment of uranium, as it agreed to do last week in talks on its nuclear programme. The foreign ministry said officials were still studying how to halt the nuclear fuel cycle. -BBC - 10/26/03

Iran grabs four golds in world u-21, youth karate events
Iran stood top and second in the world under-21 kumite and kata respectively - 10/26/03

Iranian-Canadian Nazanin Afshin-Jam crowned Miss World Canada 2003
Nazanin Afshin-Jam, a 24-year-old Iraninan-Canadian residing in Vancouver, has been crowned Miss World Canada 2003. Nazanin will be traveling to China in December to compete for the Miss World title. - 10/26/03

Iran's Oil Minister says information on Statoil scandal 'insufficient'
Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh has lashed out at the Norwegian officials for refusing to disclose crucial evidences demanded by Iran over the alleged link of certain Iranian officials to a recent bribery controversy in Norway's oil giant Statoil company - 10/25/03

Interview with Shirin 'Ebadi – Iranian Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
The following are excerpts from an interview with Shirin 'Ebadi which was published in the London-based Arabic daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat as well as reactions to 'Ebadi's award as they appeared in the Iranian media: -MEMRI - 10/25/03

Iran says would not renegotiate gas contract with Turkey
Managing Director of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) Mohammad Melaki has stressed that Tehran would not renegotiate its agreement with Turkey over the export of gas to the country - 10/25/03

US Senate Approves Easing of Curbs on Cuba Travel
"Unilateral sanctions stop not just the flow of goods, but the flow of ideas," Mr. Enzi said. "Ideas of freedom and democracy are the keys to positive change in any nation." -New York Times - 10/25/03

Iran rolls into world u-21 kata final
Iran extended its winning streak Friday and stormed into the final of world under-21 kata event in Marseille, France with four consecutive victories - 10/25/03

Iranians Protest Decision on Nuclear Program
Hundreds of Iranians have protested the government's decision to comply with international demands to fully expose Iran's nuclear program. About 1,500 demonstrators took to the streets of Tehran Friday, demanding Iran's withdrawal from the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. - 10/25/03

Iran invites 45 states to Takhti wrestling Cup
In his talks with IRNA, Reza Gholami said the tournament will be held in Tehran in the first week of Iranian calendar month Esfand (starting Feb 20, 2004) - 10/25/03

Bush May Be Moving Toward Peace
Clipping the wings of Pentagon hawks on Iraq and showing new willingness to negotiate with North Korea may be just the beginning of a new peacemaking approach by President Bush. -PNS - 10/25/03

US Senate Approves Easing of Curbs on Cuba Travel
"Unilateral sanctions stop not just the flow of goods, but the flow of ideas," Mr. Enzi said. "Ideas of freedom and democracy are the keys to positive change in any nation." -New York Times - 10/25/03

Iran's Parliament to Allow Closer Scrutiny of Nuclear Program
Iran's vice-president says parliament will soon ratify and implement a legal agreement to allow tougher international scrutiny of Tehran's nuclear program. - 10/25/03

Iran Foreign Minister says peace and stability in Iraq important for Iran
Iran's Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi said in a speech at the International Donors' Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq in Madrid on Friday that Iran attaches great importance to establishment of peace, security and stability as well as social and economic development in Iraq - 10/25/03

Family hopes Iran soon frees jailed UC Berkeley scholar
The family and colleagues of a UC Berkeley lecturer whose imprisonment in Iran has drawn the attention of international human rights organizations and the U.S. State Department said Thursday that he may be released within days -San Francisco Chronicle - 10/24/03

Iran shows new willingness to deal with US
It may not be the fall of the Berlin Wall. Still, a significant change is afoot. The decades-long gap between the super Islamic Republic of Iran and superpower US may finally be narrowing. -Christian Science Monitor - 10/24/03

Blair praises success of EU mission to Iran
Prime Minister Tony Blair on Thursday praised the success of this week's unprecedented mission to Tehran by the British, French and German Foreign Ministers to address concerns about Iran's nuclear program - 10/24/03

Iran squeezes into Asian youth football finals
Iran grabbed two wins in the preliminary round to storm into the finals of the Asian Youth Football Championships as the Group G leader Thursday - 10/24/03

4.9 Quake jolts southern Fars province of Iran
An earthquake measuring 4.9 degrees on the open-ended richter scale jolted the cities of Zarrindasht, Jahrom and Lar in the southern province of Fars Friday - 10/24/03

German university marks 100th anniversary of Iran studies programme
The German University of Goettingen on Friday marked the centennial anniversary of its Iran studies programme, by holding a two-day symposium (October 24-25) on Iranian culture and history - 10/24/03

Iraq aid pledges roll in
The international community has been disclosing how much money it will provide for Iraqi reconstruction, with donations proving more generous than expected. -BBC - 10/24/03

Saudis clamp down on protests
Reports say about 70 people were arrested in the Saudi capital Jeddah and two other cities after attempts to hold demonstrations were thwarted by the police on Thursday. -BBC - 10/24/03

Iran's European Bargain
GIVEN AN OCT. 31 deadline for meeting a series of demands from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Iran faced a choice between concessions on its nuclear programs or a likely referral to the U.N. Security Council, where most governments might have felt compelled to support U.S. demands for sanctions. -Washington Post - 10/24/03

Regime Change In Iran, Internal Pressure May Do The Job
Iran is twice the size of Iraq. It is politically unstable, possibly nuclear capable, and known to sponsor terrorist groups infiltrating Iraq. Accordingly, the Bush administration needs to think fast and send an unequivocal message. -Heritage Foundation - 10/24/03

Iranian FM says UN's pivotal role in Iraq, a necessity
Iran's Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi said in Madrid on Friday that the United Nations' playing a pivotal role in Iraq was a necessity as well as establishment of a lawful and elected government in Iraq for improving situation in that country - 10/24/03

Iran has made its promises. Now the west must, too
If the Iranians have to demonstrate compliance, the Europeans have to demonstrate that the benefits they have promised materialise. These include the transfer of civil nuclear technology, but more important is a general opening up of trade and investment flows to Iran. More vital still is to keep the Americans from demanding a total stripping down of Iranian nuclear industry, or, worse, threatening strikes on suspect facilities. -Guardian - 10/24/03

Iran: Detained Professor Should Be Freed
Dariush Zahedi, an Iranian-American academic held without charge by Iranian authorities since July, should be released immediately and unconditionally, Human Rights Watch said today. - 10/24/03

Iran hands over nuclear papers
The United Nations nuclear watchdog says it has received documents from Iran clarifying its past nuclear activities. -BBC - 10/23/03

EU Presidency welcomes positive outcome of mission to Tehran
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, current President of the European Union, described Iran as an "important partner" and welcomed the positive results of the EU mission to Tehran - 10/23/03

Blair envoy warns Iran on 'meddling'
Sir Jeremy Greenstock, deputy head of the US-British coalition force in Iraq, has warned Iran to stop meddling in the reconstruction of the country and described the role of a Tehran-backed militia there as "malign". -Guardian - 10/23/03

Iran rejects interference in recent disturbances in Baku
The Iranian Embassy in Baku in a statement issued on Thursday refuted the charges brought up against Iran by the representatives of Azerbaijan National Assembly and Azeri press as illusive - 10/23/03

Reports: captured Israeli tempted to Gulf by secret agents
The Web site of the Yediot Ahronot daily said Tannenbaum was lured to Abu Dhabi from Brussels, Belgium, and was captured by Iranian agents, while the Haaretz daily reported he was tempted there by a female Hezbollah agent. -MSNBC - 10/23/03

Iran conservatives hail deal
Senior figures in Iran's clerical establishment and security apparatus appeared yesterday to support an agreement requiring Tehran to submit its nuclear programme to unprecedented international scrutiny. -Guardian - 10/23/03

Iraq's Donors Conference Opens In Madrid
Those attending are expected to include Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi, who said late yesterday he planned to go to Madrid. He gave no details, however, of any aid Iran might be planning for Iraq. -RFE - 10/23/03

Iran's Long-Term Interests at Stake in Decision to Comply with IAEA
By complying with the IAEA demands, Tehran will be able to secure greater assitance from trade partners in the form of modern technology. -PINR - 10/23/03

Quake hits central Iran
An earthquake, measuring 3.0 degrees on the Richter scale, hit the city of Bafq in the central province of Yazd on Wednesday afternoon - 10/23/03

UK considers Iran ex-diplomat's case
A court in London has granted the Home Office a three-week extension to decide on whether a request to extradite Iran's former ambassador to Argentina should go ahead. -BBC - 10/23/03

Conservatives and Reformists in Iran Prepare for Parliamentary Election
Conservative and reformist forces in Iran are girding for parliamentary elections in February 2004. Iranian hardliners are determined to win back control over the legislature, and thus tighten their grip over the country’s development agenda. -Eurasianet - 10/23/03

Iran's envoy meets Iranian prisoners in Iraq
Iran's Consul General in Baghdad on Wednesday met with two Iranian documentarians and another 53 Iranians held prisoners at Um al-Qasr Prison - 10/23/03

Iran's report on Al-Qaeda, Taliban released in UN
A report on Al-Qaeda and Taliban prepared and submitted by Iran to the United Nations Security Council was released as an official document at the United Nations in New York on Wednesday - 10/23/03

Iran in nuclear climbdown
Iran has been accused by the US of sponsoring terrorism and threatening stability in Iraq, and the nuclear issue could help to open a new stage in Tehran's uneasy relations with the west. But first, the theocratic leadership will have to rein in hardline elements that oppose any reconciliation. -Guardian - 10/22/03

Bahram Bayzaie: The Passionate Scholar, Writer and Director
Bahram Bayzaie is without a doubt the most educated Iranian director. He is rare among his colleagues. He writes, directs, teaches, stands for principles, creates good cinema and stages fabulous theatre. His passion for his work comes across even if you do not find it quite to your taste. - 10/22/03

Iran, Russia to sign accord on return of spent nuclear fuel
Iran's permanent representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ali Akbar Salehi herein Tehran on Tuesday said that Tehran and Moscow will soon sign an agreement on return of the spent nuclear fuel to Russia - 10/22/03

EU turns 'rogue state' into conditional friend
Persuading Iran to comply with demands for nuclear inspections is an important achievement for Europe, as Dominique de Villepin, the French foreign minister, said in Tehran yesterday. -Guardian - 10/22/03

UN condemns West Bank 'wall'
The UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly passed a resolution demanding that Israel halt construction of a huge barrier in the West Bank. -BBC - 10/22/03

Canadians will observe Kazemi trial
Day said they got a commitment from Ebtekar that Canada will have at least three places for observer status at the court proceedings, which begin Nov. 15. The three observers will include Canada's ambassador to Iran and a journalist. Other Canadian journalists will be able to get visas to cover the trial. -Toronto Star - 10/22/03

Quake jolts east of Iran
An earthquake, measuring 3.6 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale, shook the city of Tabas, east of Yazd province, on Tuesday afternoon - 10/22/03

Iran to curb nuclear program
As Europe plays good cop to Washington's bad cop, Iran agreed Tuesday to a closer monitoring of its nuclear effort. -Christian Science Monitor - 10/22/03

Can Iran's Pursuit of Nuclear Technology Be Thwarted By Air Strikes?
As Iran continues its development of nuclear technology, powerful rival states such as the United States and Israel have publicly considered the viability of launching an air strike against Iran's nuclear facilities should Tehran come closer to developing the ability to create nuclear weapons. -PNR - 10/22/03

British envoy admits good living condition of Iran's minorities
Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of British House of Commons Donald Anderson said in Tehran on Tuesday that his delegation, after talks with Iranian MPs representing religious minorities, had changed its attitude towards conditions of religious minorities in Iran. - 10/22/03

Armenia terms transfer of gas from Iran significant
Armenia`s Energy Minister Armen Movsisyan said in Yerevan on Wednesday that Yerevan attaches great significance to the project to transfer Iran`s gas to Armenia, and called for expediting the implementation of the project as soon as possible - 10/22/03

Bush backs Iran nuke pledge
U.S. President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell while praising Iran's decision to allow tougher U.N. inspections of its nuclear facilities and to suspend its uranium enrichment program, have urged Tehran to follow through with action. -CNN - 10/22/03

Allied advance
Iran's agreement to allow unlimited UN inspections of its nuclear facilities and to suspend its uranium enrichment programme marks a tremendous success for European diplomacy -Guardian - 10/22/03

Rowhani discusses EU foreign ministers trip to Iran, additional protocol
Iran's Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) on Tuesday elaborated on the process which led to the visit of three EU foreign ministers to Tehran - 10/22/03

Tehran split on nuclear 'capitulation'
Iran's decision, announced on Tuesday, to accept a protocol allowing tougher nuclear inspections and also to suspend its attempts to enrich uranium, has had a mixed reception among Iranian hardliners. -BBC - 10/22/03

Dariush Zahedi, an Iranian-American caught in the infighting of Iran's Information Ministry and Judiciary
Many Iranians had hoped a lot more from the reformist camp, including President Khatami. Unfortunately, Khatami time and again has shown that he is no more than a ghost of a president. He is everywhere, and he is nowhere. He says a lot of good things about freedom, democracy and rule of love. But his words must carry no weight, as they pass through hardliners leaving no trace of shattering behind! -Ali Moayedian - 10/22/03

EU: Path open for stronger relations with Iran
EU's foreign and security policy chief Javier Solana on Tuesday voiced his happiness in a first reaction to the news from Tehran that the Islamic Republic had decided to sign the additional protocol to the NPT - 10/21/03

Iran, Canada, Britain discuss human rights in Iran
Islam's image has been harmed among Western citizens after the events of September 11, 2001, the Canadian delegation said and urged Muslims and Islamic experts to offer a suitable image of Islam to the world. - 10/21/03

Retired Air Force Col. On How Bush Admin. Used Psy-Ops, Propaganda and Information Warfare In Build-Up to Iraq Invasion
A new report by a retired Air Force Colonel who teachers at the National War College charges the U.S. and Britain relied on information warfare and psychological operations to inform the public in the lead-up and during the invasion of Iraq. -Democracy Now - 10/21/03

Kurds' faith in new Iraq fading fast
But as the US and British authorities dither over Iraq's post-war political settlement, growing numbers among the strongly pro-western Kurds here worry that their fundamental political concerns are being swallowed by the ethnic, religious and political problems in post-Saddam Iraq. -Guardian - 10/21/03

IAEA spokesman declares ElBaradei's optimism about Iran's cooperation
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Spokesman Mark Gwozdecky said in Vienna on Tuesday that IAEA Director-General Mohammad ElBaradei is quite optimist about Iran's cooperation with IAEA - 10/21/03

Palestinian film joins Oscar race
A Palestinian film that was banned from this year's Oscars has been named among a record 55 movies in next year's race to win the best foreign film award. -BBC - 10/21/03

Iraq: Ankara's Ambassador To Baghdad Denies Hidden Agenda, Laments Mistrust Of Troops
The Turkish ambassador to Iraq, Osman Paksut, says last week's bombing of the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad will have less of an impact on Ankara's decision to deploy troops in the country than will the negative attitudes of Iraqis themselves. -RFE - 10/21/03

Setbacks dog U.S. Iran policy
The U.S. campaign to isolate Iran is running up against multiple troubles, analysts say. The most important, according to a U.N. diplomat, is the continued anger directed at the U.S. for its decision to deal with Iraq unilaterally. -MSNBC - 10/21/03

British, French, German FMs issue joint statement
Following extensive consultations, the Iranian authorities and ministers agreed on measures aimed at settlement of all outstanding issues of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) with regard to the Iranian nuclear program and enhancing confidence for peaceful cooperation in the nuclear field. - 10/21/03

Iran: From trials behind closed doors to sit-ins
Reporters Without Borders has appealed for a halt to closed-doors trials of journalists in Iran and demanded the release of journalists who have been unfairly imprisoned. - 10/21/03

Iran to suspend uranium enrichment programme
After the EU ministers' meeting with Mr Rohani and Kamal Kharrazi, Iran's foreign minister, the two sides issued a joint statement, in which Iran pledged full co-operation with the IAEA, and in turn the European ministers promised that once Iran's international commitments were fully met, there could be "greater co-operation over modern technology and supplies". -Financial Times - 10/21/03

Iran agrees to key nuclear demands
Iran has agreed to sign up to tougher United Nations inspections of its nuclear facilities and temporarily suspend enrichment of uranium. -BBC - 10/21/03

University to Push for Jailed Lecturer in Iran
University officials said Friday they are planning to “express concern” to the Iranian government over its jailing of a UC Berkeley political science lecturer more than three months ago. -Daily Californian - 10/21/03

IRAN: Interview with Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi
In an interview with IRIN in Tehran, Ebadi said the prize belonged to all those working for peaceful change and that there is no contradiction between Islam and human rights. - 10/21/03

Europe push to end Iran row
The foreign ministers of Britain, France and Germany are set to pay an unprecedented joint visit to Iran on Tuesday to discuss Tehran's controversial nuclear programme. -BBC - 10/20/03

Iran pledges nuclear co-operation
Negotiations between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on an agreement that would allow tougher inspections of the country's nuclear facilities have come to an end in Tehran. -BBC - 10/20/03

MPs might impeach Oil Minister over link of Iran firm in Statoil scandal
Iranian MP Nouroddin Pirmoazzen has said that the Majlis (parliament) will impeach Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zangeneh if the reported bribery by the Norwegian oil company Statoil to an Iranian firm is proved - 10/20/03

4.7 Quake jolts Khoi in northwestern Iran
An earthquake, measuring 4.7 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale, jolted the city of Khoi in northwest province of West Azarbaijan on Monday - 10/20/03

Second International Hafiz Festival held in Germany
The German Neuhardenberg Castle Foundation Sunday evening hosted the Second International Hafiz Festival in the east German town of Neuhardenberg - 10/20/03

Bush offers deal to end North Korea crisis
President George Bush insisted yesterday that he had no plans to invade North Korea, and offered security guarantees in an attempt to kick-start talks to solve the country's nuclear weapons crisis. However, he ruled out offering Pyongyang one of its most often-stated demands, a non-aggression pact. -Guardian - 10/20/03

Shell to build $5bn plant in Qatar
Qatar has the world's third largest gas reserves after Russia and Iran. An annual world energy markets review by BP estimated Qatar's gas reserves were 508.5 trillion cubic feet at the end of 2002. -Guardian - 10/20/03

London and Berlin say no decision on Straw and Fischer's visit to Iran
The British Foreign Office insisted on Monday that a decision had yet to be made on an unprecedented EU ministerial visit to Iran, despite reports that French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin and his German counterpart were travelling to Tehran - 10/20/03

The new Great Game
The 'war on terror' is being used as an excuse to further US energy interests in the Caspian -Guardian - 10/20/03

Iran to hold tender for development of 16 oil blocs
Iran is planning to hold a tender for the development of 16 oil blocs by the end of the current Iranian calendar year of 1382 (ending March 19, 2004), the press on Monday quoted an oil official as saying - 10/20/03

Zorba the Buddha
After living for two decades in a country where anxiety and fear and insecurity have been a part of our ‘daily bread’, and like the ‘daily bread’ we have been swallowing it down mechanically and somnambulistically; after living for two decades in a country where hypocrisy, pretension, dishonesty and lies (recently under the cover of reformation and democracy) was the daily practice of all the ''heavenly'' (clergies) and "earthly" preachers ... -Roya Monajem - 10/20/03

Lowering The Veil
The Aga Khan Award for Architecture plays a critical role in helping Muslim countries connect to the West. -Metropolis - 10/20/03

Iran ranks 161 out of 166 in Second World Press Freedom Ranking
Reporters Without Borders today publishes its second world press freedom ranking. Like last year, the most catastrophic situation is to found in Asia, with eight countries in the bottom ten : North Korea, Burma, Laos, China, Iran, Vietnam, Turkmenistan and Bhutan. - 10/20/03

Peace Prize Renews Hope of Changes for Iranians
Iranians' optimism about the possibility of reform has been turning to anger and disappointment at the failure of reformist politicians, including President Mohammad Khatami, to deliver any fundamental changes. But the awarding of the prize to an Iranian who advocates reform has revitalized hope among Iranians who want change. -New York Times - 10/19/03

Iran's Inflation rate rises to 14.6 percent
Inflation in Iran continued its upward trend for the second consecutive year, going up to 14.6 percent in a year to Shahrivar, the sixth month in Iranian calendar, with manufactured goods and foodstuff becoming costlier - 10/19/03

Iran oil output hits 4.2m bpd: report
Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zangeneh has said that Iran has seen its oil output hitting 4.2 million barrels per day thanks to the projects implemented for maximizing oil production in recent years - 10/19/03

Iran calls for immediate halt to development of Arash oil field
Iran's Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh has strongly criticized Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for their reported activities to develop the Arash oil field they jointly share with Iran, stressing that any measure to that effect must be stopped - 10/19/03

Iranian film bags Golden Peacock Award at 34th Int'l Film Festival
Iranian film, 'At 5 in the Afternoon' (Panj-e Asr) directed by Samira Makhmalbaf bagged the Golden Peacock Award at the 34th International Film Festival of India, 2003 in New Delhi on Sunday - 10/19/03

In the Name of the Patriot Act: That's Ours
The underlying lesson has to do with the perils of unchecked power and the sense of infallibility that characterizes Bush's governing style. Convinced of the righteousness of its cause, the administration seeks to impose global order at the expense of global rules. The result may be more global chaos, not less. -Washington Post - 10/19/03

Iranian Art: Coming to America? Not Today
New York’s Asia Society launched an ambitious exhibit of Iranian art last week—but none of the 75 works on display comes from Iran. -Newsweek - 10/19/03

As the tide of violence recedes, Marsh Arabs hope for new start
Patrick Graham in al-Juweibir sees the people of southern Iraq slowly return to their way of life as Saddam's dams are unblocked. But, they explain, it's not just water that they need -Guardian - 10/19/03

No Palace Parade for Bush as Blair Gets Cold Feet
Plans for the Queen and George W Bush to make a triumphant procession along the Mall during the president's state visit next month have been abandoned because of fears of anti-war protests. -Common Dreams - 10/19/03

Iranian woman pedals for world peace
Mahdavinader, a social worker in her native Tehran, is the first Iranian woman to attempt to travel alone on her bike around the world as an "ambassador of peace." -Contra Costa Times, California - 10/19/03

So Who's talking to Iran?
Iran, which President Bush includes in his famous axis of evil, may be easing toward cooperation with the U.S. It could be a dramatic turnaround, provided Iranian hard-liners cooperate. -TIME - 10/19/03

British and Canadian parliamentary delegation arrive in Tehran
A British parliamentary delegation, headed by the Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of House of Commons Donald Anderson, arrived in Tehran on Saturday night for bilateral talks - 10/19/03

Bay Area academic jailed in Iran since July
Dariush Zahedi, a political science lecturer at UC Berkeley and Santa Clara University has been held in an Iranian jail since July on charges of espionage, according to Iranian media accounts, friends and colleagues. -San Francisco Chronicle - 10/19/03

UNHCR rapporteur on rights to freedom of expression to visit Iran
The special rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNHCR), Ambeyi Ligabo, will visit Iran on November 4-10 at the government's invitation - 10/19/03

France warns against Iran action
Military intervention would be ridiculous, says foreign minister, denouncing policy of forcible regime change -Guardian - 10/18/03

Iran Official: 3.8m-4m bpd of oil to be produced from Caspian Sea
Mohammadnejad said at a seminar on Caspian oil resources that currently daily output from the Caspian Sea stands at 1.3 million barrels a day. - 10/18/03

Iran's Kiarostami to receive 2003 Berlin Academy of Arts Prize
Famous Iranian film director Abbas Kiarostami will be this year's recipient of the Berlin Academy of Arts' prestigious Konrad-Wolf Prize, a press statement, released by the academy, announced Saturday - 10/18/03

UC-Berkeley, SCU lecturer being held by Iranians
A political-science lecturer at the University of California-Berkeley and Santa Clara University is being held in Iran on charges of espionage, according to Iranian media. -San Jose Mercury News - 10/18/03

Iranian Federated Women's Club Congratulates Shirin Ebadi
On behalf of the Iranian Federated Women's Club (IFWC), the children of Payvand Cultural and Arts School, as well as many other local Iranian organizations in California, we send our best wishes and acknowledgements for the life-changing accomplishments and footprints you have left in the history of Iran and Humanity in general. - 10/18/03

Book review: US in Iran, history's lessons
All the Shah's Men - an American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror, by Stephen Kinzer (John Wiley) -Financial Times - 10/18/03

Transformations may mark demise of Mujahideen
The downfall of Saddam Hussein has been a misfortune for a number of non-Iraqi groups and organizations that benefitted from the former dictator’s patronage. Arguably the greatest losers have been the Mujahideen-e-Khalq organization. -Mahan Abedin, Daily Star - 10/18/03

Canadian parliamentary delegation due in Iran
A Canadian parliamentary delegation is to arrive in Tehran on Saturday night for talks with Iranian parliamentarians and a number of state officials - 10/18/03

Straw to join EU foreign ministers on nuclear mission to Tehran
The British, French and German foreign ministers are planning an unprecedented joint diplomatic mission to Tehran next week to try to persuade the Iranian government against building a nuclear bomb. -Guardian - 10/18/03

The Folly of Invading Iran
Some Bush administration officials and advisors are hankering for another war. To judge from the saber rattling and rumblings coming out of the White House, the next target could be Iran. But invading Iran would be an act of folly that would make the invasion of Iraq look almost prudent by comparison. - 10/18/03

Berkeley Lecturer Held in Secret in Iran Jail
Dariush Zahedi, an Iranian-born political scientist and lecturer at UC Berkeley, has been in secret, solitary confinement in Tehran's Evin prison on espionage charges after arriving in his native country around late June of this year. -Pacific News Service - 10/18/03

Tehran Art Scene
It is interesting that, whether we are talking about painting, graphic works or even sculpture, the male/female ratio is increasing higher for women artists. It is widely believed that since emotional oppression has been stronger on women, they need to find an outlet to express themselves. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 10/17/03

The Dogs Of War Are Barking Again: The Iran "Threat"
For any casual observer in the United States, America’s approach to the “problem” of Iran is not a complicated geopolitical issue requiring exhaustive diplomatic maneuverings. The casual observer simply “knows” that Iran, as the President has stated, is a member of the international Axis of Evil, and the Number One State Sponsor of International Terrorism. -Kam Zarrabi - 10/17/03

Women in Iran: Shorn of dignity and equality
Iranian women are proud of the lawyer who has won the Nobel prize. But her reformist approach has not done much to improve their lot -Economist - 10/17/03

The "overdue" strategic partnership between India and Iran
Thursday at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, C. Christine Fair, an Associate Policy Analyst at RAND, and Jalil Roshandel, a Visiting Professor at Duke University, discussed the "strategic partnership" between India and Iran that was first unveiled during President Mohammed Khatami's visit to India earlier this year. -NIAC - 10/17/03

Nuclear watchdog reports progress after talks with Iran
The director of the UN nuclear watchdog, Mohammed ElBaradei, said Iranian officials had pledged to disclose where it had bought equipment on the black market and to allow snap inspections to dispel suspicions about its nuclear ambitions. -Guardian - 10/17/03

Iran President meets with Iraqi delegation to OIC
President Mohammad Khatami on Friday met with Head of Iraqi Governing Council (IGC) Iyad Alawi and several other IGC members on the sidelines of the OIC Summit in Putrajaya, Malaysia - 10/17/03

CIA and Pentagon split over uranium intrigue
A bitter row has broken out between the CIA and Pentagon over reports that Iraqi uranium was smuggled to Iran, demonstrating that the rifts between the US agencies are as deep as ever. -Guardian - 10/17/03

Troops killed in Iraqi gun battle
Three US soldiers and at least two Iraqi police officers were killed overnight when Iraqis fired at them from rooftops in the holy Iraqi city of Karbala. -BBC - 10/17/03

Saudi elections 'in three years'
A prominent human rights campaigner in Saudi Arabia has told the BBC the government plans to hold national elections in three years time. -BBC - 10/17/03

Facing US sanctions, Syria responds with olive branch
Thursday, Syria supported a US-backed Security Council resolution on postwar Iraq, which passed unanimously. -Christian Science Monitor - 10/17/03

UK confirms talks with Iran on nuclear dispute
The British Foreign Office was unable to confirm Friday that Foreign Secretary Jack Straw would join his French and German counterparts in travelling to Tehran next week to negotiate a solution to the dispute over Iran's nuclear programme - 10/17/03

Islamic Iran Participation Front convenes party conference, set outs agenda
Secretary General of Islamic Iran Participation Front (IIPF) here Thursday rejected changing the Constitution as means to advance reforms. - 10/17/03

Iran: Discontent and Disarray
“The need is to strengthen Iran’s civil society, and that can best be done not by isolating the country but by maximising economic and cultural contacts while continuing to urge political reform and more respect for human rights”, says ICG analyst Karim Sadjadpour. -International Crisis Group - 10/16/03

Khatami, Putin discuss Iran-Russia nuke cooperation
President Khatami said in the meeting, which took place on the sidelines of the OIC Summit, Iran will not give up its legitimate right to use nuclear energy for civilian application in the face of the anti-Iran propaganda campaign. - 10/16/03

NIAC Workshop on Civic Participation in Ann Arbor, Michigan
What makes certain individuals more influential than others? What makes certain communities more influential than others? How can the Iranian-American community translate its vast resources into influence, in order to defend its civil rights? - 10/16/03

Why The Mullahs Fear Her
Khatami's comment is a sign not only of sour grapes - he himself had hoped to get a Nobel when he won his first term in office in 1997 on a platform of reforms - but also an indication of how the ruling mullahs view Ebadi as a symbol of everything they fear and loath. -Amir Taheri, NY Post - 10/16/03

Guran: A new version of an ancient Iranian tale performed by AVAZ International Dance Theatre
Iranica Institute at Persepolis-USA Cultural Center is proud to announce the upcoming two performances by AVAZ International Dance Theatre: GURAN (By Jamal) in Orange County and Los Angeles County. - 10/16/03

Top 10 Activist Campuses: Tehran's Number One!
Tehran's Number One! At least, they are in our annual roundup of the top activist campuses. -Mother Jones - 10/16/03

Iran's female football back with restrictions!
Iranian female footballers are to make their first outdoor appearance for nearly 25 years next week, although only fellow women will be able to watch them treading the pitch in shorts and jerseys, an organiser of the event said Wednesday. -Middle East Online - 10/16/03

Turkish conscripts likely to be least willing of coalition
Given that well over 90 percent of Turks opposed the US-launched war against Iraq, the young conscripts heading to Iraq's volatile "Sunni Triangle" may be less motivated additions to the coalition of the willing. -Christian Science Monitor - 10/16/03

Iran's pistachio exports up 2.5-fold in first 6 months
Export revenues from pistachios and pistachio kernels increased by 2.5 times to $272.2 million in the first six months of the current Iranian year (started on March 21) from $112.9 million in the same period the year before - 10/16/03

Iran President: Western powers need substitute enemy to justify military machinery
President Mohammad Khatami said in Putrajaya, Malaysia on Thursday in the wake of collapse of the Soviet Union, the western powers notably the United States needed a substitute enemy to justify their gigantic military machinery - 10/16/03

Iran promises nuclear answers
The head of the UN nuclear watchdog says Iran has assured him it will answer all the agency's questions about its nuclear activities and that it is also ready to sign an agreement that would allow tougher inspections. -BBC - 10/16/03

ElBaradei renews calls on Iran to be transparent on nuclear policy
Visiting chief of UN nuclear supervisory body, Mohamed ElBaradei, speaking in Tehran on Thursday, renewed his call on Iran to adopt transparency toward its nuclear energy program, stressing that this would guarantee not only Iran's interests but also those of the international community - 10/16/03

178 Iranian MPs congratulate Shirin Ebadi on receiving Nobel Peace Prize
The statements lauds Ebadi as a distinguished individual who has strived relentlessly for democracy, human rights and world peace. A member of Majlis presiding Board Mohammad Naeimi-pour read out the statement at the end of Tuesday`s open session. - 10/15/03

Iran denounces trilateral agreement on Caspian Sea
Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi said in Tehran on Tuesday that the recent trilateral agreement signed on October 8 between the Republic of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia on dividing the Caspian seabed is not in conformity with the principle of consensus and lacks legal standing - 10/15/03

Iran says to decrease oil production from November
The Persian-language newspaper 'Hambastegi' quoted Zanganeh as saying that the cut is in line with a recent decision by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to decrease production by 900,000 bpd. - 10/15/03

Nobel win sparks Iran controversy
The unexpected awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the Iranian lawyer, Shirin Ebadi, has caused huge controversy in Iran. One newspaper likened it to an atomic bomb exploding in political and media circles. -BBC - 10/15/03

CIA to look at discredited source's claim
With the Bush administration pressing the hunt for evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the CIA reluctantly agreed to investigate reports from a previously discredited source that highly enriched uranium used in nuclear weapons was transferred from Iraq to Iran, U.S. officials said Tuesday. -Knight Ridder - 10/15/03

US blocks action on Israeli 'wall'
The United States has vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israel's controversial West Bank barrier. -BBC - 10/15/03

German MP terms Iran talks "very positive"
The liberal MP pointed out that talks focused on "sensitive issues" such as Iran's nuclear program, the Mideast conflict and Iran's human rights situation. - 10/15/03

Iran terms EU foreign ministerial statement as "political"
Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi, speaking in Tehran on Tuesday, criticized the statement issued by foreign ministers of the European Union and termed it as "political and unacceptable". - 10/15/03

Iran ready to attract foreign investment
According to the official, three new trade zones including Alvand in south Iran, Arasbaran in northwest Iran bordering Azerbaijan and Armenia as well as Anzali in north Iran will be established. - 10/15/03

Iran Nobel winner gets hero's welcome
Thousands of people have greeted Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi in extraordinary scenes at Tehran's city airport on her return to the Iranian capital. -BBC - 10/15/03

Shirin Returns to Iran!
Government spokesman Abdollah Ramezanzadeh, Head of the Management and Planning Organization Mohammad Sattarifar as well as several Majlis representatives and large number of well-wishers were present at the airport to greet Ebadi on her arrival. - 10/15/03

Shirin White Roses: Shirin Ebadi is with us and she is one of us!
The beautiful creamy moon light brightened this city of ours tonight. However, the light was coming from another direction, this one was brighter, stronger and had tremendous energy. The core of Iranians' much-extended middle class Tehranies were at the airport tonight. Students, teachers, doctors, nurses, writers, journalists, artists, engineers, taxi drivers, housewives, retired people, factory owners and workers, managers, handicapped in chairs and even a couple of babies in their prams were all there. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 10/15/03

Shirin Ebadi in her first news conference after return to Iran denounces violence
In her first news conference after returning to Iran, Shirin Ebadi said the Iranians seek peace and despise violence, Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) reported from Tehran. Ms. Ebadi also stated that her prize belongs to all the people who have worked and are working for human rights, democracy and peace in Iran. - 10/15/03

"I Want to Die in My Country"
The surprise winner of the Nobel peace prize on human-rights, Islam and her love for Iran -Newsweek - 10/14/03

ASIA Society Prestnes Major Exhibition Celebrating Persian Culture
This fall, the Asia Society presents a major exhibition of spectacular works of art from the influential Golden Age of Persian art in Iran. The first comprehensive international exhibition of the exquisite arts produced in sixteenth-century Safavid Iran, Hunt for Paradise: Court Arts of Iran, 1501-1576, brings together rarely seen objects from more than 30 public and private collections from around the world. - 10/14/03

Khatami terms IAEA resolution on Iran as "illegitimate, unjust"
President Mohammad Khatami on Tuesday termed the resolution passed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Iran as "illegitimate, unjust and politically-motivated," - 10/14/03

Nobel Peace Prize winner wants independent judiciary in Iran
It is the late evening on the first of October. Iranian human rights lawyer Shirin Ebadi does not yet know that the following week she will be named winner of this year's Nobel Peace Prize. There had been no mention in the Iranian media that she was even a candidate. -Anu Nousiainen in Teheran - 10/14/03

Nobels With a Message
Between the lines of the Nobel announcement was an implicit argument that human rights activists such as Ebadi represent a better way to change repressive regimes than the U.S. soldiers now hunkered down in Iraq. -Washington Post - 10/14/03

Our Heroine: Shirin Ebadi
We, as student victims of the savage attacks on Tehran University dormitory by fanatic vigilantes supported by the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic, can't forget her courage when in summer of 1999 she was one of the two lawyers who defended us in the partial courts till the end. -Bahman Kalbasi, Free Thoughts on Iran - 10/14/03

Kazemi's accused killer free on bail
A judge yesterday ordered an Iranian intelligence agent charged in the killing of an Iranian-Canadian photojournalist to be freed on bail. -AP - 10/14/03

A choice with consequences far beyond Iran
The Nobel committee's farsighted, incisive decision to focus on Iran's democratic movement, and highlight its nonviolent means, could reverberate far beyond Iran's borders.-Reza Lajevardian, HoustonChronicle - 10/14/03

US eyes second-tier threats in terror war
The triad of WMD-seeking states that President Bush first targeted in his January 2002 State of the Union address no longer includes Iraq. But the club otherwise made up of North Korea and Iran has grown to include Syria, Libya, and Cuba -Christian Science Monitor - 10/14/03

US offers compromise in UN vote on Iraq
The US will try to break the United Nations deadlock on Iraq by tabling in the next 24 hours a revised draft resolution it hopes will bring Russia aboard. -Guardian - 10/14/03

Quakes jolt Iranian cities of Roudbar and Damavand
An earthquake measuring 3.7 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale shook the city of Roudbar in the northern province of Gilan early Tuesday - 10/14/03

Russia delays Iran nuclear plant
Russia says it has delayed plans to start up a nuclear reactor in Iran by a year but has stressed it is for technical reasons, not because of external political pressure. -BBC - 10/14/03

Iranian Force Has Long Ties to Al Qaeda
Terrorism Support Group Operates Independently of Iran's Elected Leaders -Washington Post - 10/14/03

EU slams Iranian human rights flaws
The EU accused Iran on Monday of torture, cruel and inhuman practices but stressed that it wished to continue its human rights dialogue with Tehran. - 10/14/03

Nobel intentions
One peace prize does not turn the west into the defender of women's rights worldwide -Guardian - 10/13/03

Hossein Khomeini, a "high-profile" Iranian or a "prankster" with a deadly agenda?
One day in early 1990, Hashemi Rafsanjani, then president of Iran, called the White House and asked to talk to President George Bush. White House got all excited about the call and setup the caller to talk to the President for half an hour, only to find out later that the caller was a prankster, an "ingenious" Iranian trying to have a little fun at the White House's expense! -Ali Moayedian - 10/13/03

Iran: Sit-in by Abbas Abdi's family in front of UN office in Tehran
The family of Iranian Abbas Abdi, who has been imprisoned over a controversial polling about Iran-US ties, started a sit-in in front of the United Nations office in Tehran at 9:30 AM on October 13, Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) reported. - 10/13/03

Iranian film is golden at festival
Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi won the top prize, a Gold Hugo, at the 39th annual Chicago International Film Festival for his drama "Crimson Gold. - 10/13/03

It feels like spring here in Tehran
Tehran has been quietly buzzing since yesterday when the news arrived of Ms Ebadi?s Nobel Prize. There is not a woman I know who could not be happy about this event. -Syma Sayyah - 10/13/03

Foreign investments top $4 billion in Iran in a year
The total amount of foreign investment committed to Iran's economy over a period of five months starting March 21 reached as much as 836 million dollars, showing a growth of 70 percent compared to the past 12 months. - 10/13/03

Iran's production of petrochemicals to reach $3.5B in 2004
Iran's total value of petrochemical products will reach as high as 3.5 billion dollars in the next Iranian calendar year of 1383 (starting March 19, 2004) most of which will be exported, the press quoted an oil official on Monday - 10/13/03

Iran air-strike plan seen as bluff
Reports that Israel is preparing for pre-emptive air strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities and is now able to fire nuclear missiles from submarines were seen as reflecting deep anxiety in Israel for Tehran's nuclear program. -Washington Times - 10/13/03

Slice With Extra Desperation for Pizza Deliveryman in Tehran
Jafar Panahi's "Crimson Gold," which will be shown at the 41st New York Film Festival tonight and tomorrow, begins with the armed robbery of a Tehran jewelry store -New York Times - 10/13/03

Publisher of 'Gozaresh' monthly freed on bail
Golbaf had been imprisoned on July 20 after the Administrative Court found him guilty of charges of inciting the public opinion and propagation of lies. - 10/13/03

Alternative 'peace deal' for Mid-East
Those involved hailed it as a blueprint to end the Middle East conflict, but Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has angrily denounced the proposal, accusing left-wing Israelis of trying to bring down his coalition government. -BBC - 10/13/03

Swiss open human rights dialogue with Iran
A Swiss foreign ministry delegation has travelled to Iran to open dialogue on human rights. It comes amid mounting international concern over the Islamic state?s nuclear programme, commitment to fighting terrorism and treatment of dissidents. -Swissinfo - 10/13/03

Iran's soccer team crowned at AFCFC Challenge Cup
Iran won the AFC/OFC Challenge Cup as it crushed New Zealand 3-0 in the 100,000-seater Azadi Stadium, 10 km west of Tehran, on Sunday - 10/13/03

Iran-IAEA talks to start next week, ElBaradei to visit Iran on Thursday
Iran's envoy is to start negotiations with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Additional Protocol to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) next week - 10/13/03

Women's Cultural Center of Iran congratulates Shirin Ebadi and all freedom-loving Iranians
The Women's Cultural Center in Tehran has issued a press release congratulating in Ms. Shirin Ebadi for being awarded the Nobel Peace prize. According to Women's Cultural Center, this historic event is a decisive step for the progress of women's rights movement in Iran. - 10/13/03

Nobel prize winner to represent Kazemi
The son of slain Iranian-Canadian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi said Ms. Ebadi has agreed to take up the legal fight to discover the truth behind his mother's death from head injuries after interrogation in an Iranian jail. -Globe & Mail, Canada - 10/12/03

Shirin Ebadi: Islamic tenets support human rights
The Iranian Noble Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi said in Paris on Sunday that all principles and tenets of the sublime religion of Islam serve to promote humanitarian values and human rights - 10/12/03

Israel deploys nuclear arms in submarines
According to Israeli and Bush administration officials interviewed by the Los Angeles Times, the sea-launch capability gives Israel the ability to target Iran more easily should the Iranians develop their own nuclear weapons. -Guardian - 10/12/03

Shirin Ebadi: This is not a prize just for me!
As a person from the region and familiar with many aspects of Middle Eastern life I can assure you that this hand of peace will be shaken more strongly than all the rhetoric that comes out of Washington. -Goudarz Eghtedari, Oregon - 10/12/03

Local Iranian community in Seattle celebrates peace prize
The day after Iranian lawyer Shirin Ebadi won this year's Nobel Peace Prize for her human-rights work in Iran, joy was still palpable among local Iranians who have watched with anxiety and hope as their country undulates toward democratic reform. -Seattle Times - 10/12/03

Iran produces 340,000 vehicles in March-September
Ministry of Industry and Mines announced in Tehran on Saturday that over 340,300 vehicles were produced in the country in the first half of the current Iranian year (started March 21) - 10/12/03

Analysis / Israel, Iran and the nuclear bomb
Heading off Iran's attempt to attain nuclear -Haaretz, Israel - 10/12/03

Celebration (Let Us Celebrate Shirin Ebadi's Nobel Peace Prize)
Let us celebrate Shirin Ebadi's feat, Let us savor the sweetness in Shirin's name, As the first Iranian Nobel Prize winner of peace -Roya Monajem - 10/11/03

Nobel winner's plea to Iran
The Iranian human rights activist who won this year's Nobel Peace Prize has called on the government in Tehran to free all political prisoners. -BBC - 10/11/03

Iranian Peace Prize Winner: A Different Path to Mideast Freedom
The Nobel Prize committee's selection of Iranian reformist attorney Shirin Ebadi to receive the 2003 Peace Prize demonstrates a way of promoting peace and democracy in the Middle East that the Bush administration should heed. -Behrouz Saba, PNS - 10/11/03

One-woman machine who took on Iran's clerics
Shirin Ebadi is a one-woman human-rights machine, inspiring students through her law faculty lectures, forcing judges to acknowledge contradictions in Iran's legal code and lobbying parliament to protect the rights of children born out of marriage. -Guardian - 10/11/03

Iran's holiest city launches its first all-female taxi service
The Nesa taxi service was launched 10 months ago with 10 drivers and became the first all-woman taxi service in Iran. Based in Qom, they carry only women and pre-pubescent boys. -Telegraph, UK - 10/11/03

Iran: Nobel Peace Prize Goes To Female Lawyer Ebadi
Jasmshid Zand is a journalist with RFE/RL's Radio Farda. He says it is significant not only that an Iranian has won the Nobel prize, but an Iranian woman. - 10/11/03

US Applauds Nobel Committee's Decision to Award Peace Prize to Ebadi
The United States Friday applauded the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Iranian lawyer and human rights advocate Shirin Ebadi. The State Department expressed hope the action by the Norwegian Nobel committee in Oslo will speed a democratic transformation in Iran. - 10/11/03

Iranian directors call for support of documentary films
Three Iranian film directors referring to the status of Iranian documentaries on the national and foreign scenes, called on the government to support production of documentaries and producers of such films - 10/11/03

UVa professor: Be tolerant, seek to understand
These are not easy times to be a Muslim, University of Virginia professor Farzaneh Milani admits. Especially not a Muslim from a Middle Eastern country, she says, and especially not from Iran - a nation listed on President Bush's so-called "Axis of Evil." -Zwire - 10/11/03

Iran, France to promote telecommunications ties
Iran's Minister of Posts, Telegraphes and Telephones and French Minister of Industry Nicole Fontaine on Friday in Paris discussed mutual cooperation, expansion of telecommunications ties and investment in this sector - 10/11/03

Human Rights Watch: Nobel Prize for Iranian Activist Welcomed
The Nobel Prize Committee’s choice of Iranian rights defender Shirin Ebadi for this year’s Peace Prize is a welcome sign of international support for all Iranians, and especially Iranian women, struggling to exercise their basic rights, Human Rights Watch said - 10/11/03

4.9 Quake jolt central Iran
An earthquake, measuring 4.9 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale, shook border region between Seman and Isfahan provinces in central Iran Saturday afternoon - 10/11/03

'Under the Skin of the City' explores life in Iran
The most striking thing about the Iranian film "Under the Skin of the City," the latest installment in Signature Theatres' Independent Film Series, is what you won't see. -Tulare Advance-Register - 10/11/03

U.S. License Needed to Edit Iranian Papers
The U.S. Department of Treasury has ruled that scientific journals based in the United States cannot edit papers submitted by authors from Iran unless they have the government's permission. The policy, described in a letter sent last week to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), stems from rules prohibiting U.S. organizations from engaging in trade with Iran. -Science Magazine - 10/11/03

Shirin Ebadi: Evin prision is not that bad
When I went to visit my friend, colleague and ex-client, Ms. Kar, I told her in a semi-humorous semi-serious tone, 'I requested them to put you in the best cell.' I understood the true meaning of what I had told her when fifteen days later, that is on the seventh day of the fist month of summer1379 (27/5/00), I was transferred to the ward called 209 of Evin Prison. As soon as the two night guards (women) saw the papers, they told me kindly, 'we will give you Ms. Kar's cell.' - 10/10/03

Tupolev firm negotiates sale of aircraft to Iran
The Tupolev firm has conducted preliminary negotiations with Iranian technical experts regarding the possibility of selling civilian Tu-204 aircraft to Iran - 10/10/03

The Nobel Peace Prize 2003: Shirin Ebadi, Iran: "for her efforts for democracy and human rights"
The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize for 2003 to Shirin Ebadi for her efforts for democracy and human rights. She has focused especially on the struggle for the rights of women and children. - 10/10/03

Takeyh: Iran seeking to avoid a visit from General Sanchez
As the days creep toward the October 31 deadline for Iran to comply with IAEA protocols regarding its nuclear status, "Iranologist" Ray Takeyh finds himself frequently called upon to characterize Iran's outlook and policy alternatives with regard to nuclear development. -NIAC - 10/10/03

Iran can play decisive role in Iraqi reconstruction: Hakim
A member of Iraq`s Interim Governing Council said in Tehran on Thursday that Iran can play a decisive role in reconstruction of Iraq - 10/10/03

Human Rights Watch: EU Must Not Forget Political Prisoners in Iran
As European and Iranian officials and nongovernmental organizations met in a human rights dialogue about freedom of expression this week in Brussels, speaking out became even riskier in Iran, Human Rights Watch said today in a letter to the President of the European Union. - 10/10/03

EU, Iran to continue human rights dialogue
The third round of EU-Iran human rights dialogue ended in Brussels Thursday night with both sides voicing satisfaction over the outcome of the two-day meeting - 10/10/03

IRAN: Children's Day celebrated
Thousands of Iranian children from all walks of life have been celebrating the UN Children's Fund's (UNICEF) World Children's Day Festival, while some aid workers said the government should be doing more to help its young people. -IRIN - 10/10/03

Peace award divides Iran
The news that the Iranian human rights lawyer Shirin Ebadi has won the Nobel Peace Prize has met with mixed feelings in her own country. -BBC - 10/10/03

Iranian activist wins Nobel prize
The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Shirin Ebadi, an Iranian campaigner for human rights, noted for her work in promoting the rights of women and children. -BBC - 10/10/03

Conference on Caspian Sea oil pollution ends in Baku
Experts on ecology, oil, and legal affairs of the Caspian Sea littoral states held a two-day conference in Baku, ending on Friday, to devise a general policy to fight against oil-pollution f the Caspian Sea - 10/10/03

US hawk warns Iran threat must be eliminated
An American official warned yesterday that the potential threat posed by Iran's nuclear programme had to be "eliminated" and predicted Tehran would try to "throw sand" in the eyes of the world to avoid a confrontation at the UN. - 10/10/03

Kazemi wrote about prison beating, Iranians say
The Montreal photojournalist killed while in custody in Tehran managed to write down details of a beating she received on the first day of her imprisonment, Iran's Intelligence Ministry has said. -National Post - 10/9/03

President: IAEA Board of Governors anti-Iran statement, unjust
President Mohammad Khatami said on Wednesday that the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) statement on Iran is unjust, oppressive and an example of aggression - 10/9/03

Iran's President slams Kazemi trial
"Why all those who were in contact with Kazemi are not questioned, including those who ordered a Culture Ministry official to say she died of stroke," Mr. Khatami said, in reference to the hardline Tehran Prosecutor General Saeed Mortazavi. -AP - 10/9/03

Exhibition of 18 local artists in Berkeley, California to support Peraian Center auction benefit
Fundraising Event at Persian Center on Oct. 12, to raise $350,000 - 10/9/03

Farah Pahlavi appeal to Kofi Annan to save Afsaneh Norouzi from execution
I am writing to your Excellency to express my deepest concern for Mrs. Afsaneh Norouzi, an Iranian mother of three children who is facing imminent execution by the Islamic Republic of Iran. - 10/9/03

Life in Tehran
A few days ago, I was going down our Avenue, stuck in the traffic, and there was a beautifully decorated Bride's Car with fantastic flowers in white, pink and mauve. The car was black and these lovely flowers really showed themselves. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 10/9/03

Khatami: Iran-Armenia relations not harmful for any country
Khatami told the visiting Armenian Energy Minister Armen Movsisyan that Armenians are part of Iranian community and that historical and cultural commonalties have built close links and trust between Iran and Armenia. - 10/9/03

Iran President: Suitable grounds should be prepared for healthy election campaign
Addressing the second meeting of Coordinating Council of the Second of Khordad groups, Khatami said preparing suitable atmosphere before the elections is the main factor ensuring people's massive turnout in the election. - 10/9/03

US pressures Lufthansa over Iran Air's engine service - report
The United States has stepped up its pressure on Lufthansa over the German airliner's maintenance and overhaul of Iran Air plane engines, the weekly Stern magazine said Thursday - 10/9/03

New Iran business scandal feared
Newspaper VG reported that Mehdi Hashemi, the son of former president Rafsanjani, was involved in aiding an Ulltveit-Moe company in 1997, when firm Umoe Schat-Harding sent NOK 1.2 million to Iran to clear up problems connected to the sale of nine lifeboats to Iranian oil company IOEC -Aftenposten, Norway - 10/9/03

Rice leaves Rumsfeld hot under the collar
The US defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, revealed the depth of the fissures within the Bush administration yesterday with a remarkably bad-tempered interview in which he claimed not to have been told about an important overhaul of policymaking on Iraq. -Guardian - 10/9/03

Turkey to Deploy Troops in Defiance of New Iraqi Leaders, Turmoil Deepens
Ankara moved on to a collision course with the interim leadership in Baghdad after deciding to send troops to its war-torn neighbor as the turmoil deepens in Iraq. -AFP - 10/9/03

US goes on offensive over Iraq
The Bush administration has kicked off an offensive to bolster support for America's role in Iraq exactly six months since the fall of the Saddam Hussein regime. -BBC - 10/9/03

Putting The Shoe On The Other Foot
If we were to pluck Iran out of the Middle East and plant it somewhere in the South Pacific, the analogy between South Africa?s decision to disband its nuclear arsenal, and Iran?s possible aspirations to acquire the same, would be meaningful. -Kam Zarrabi - 10/8/03

Iran President says Iran showing successful cooperation with IAEA
President Mohammad Khatami said in Tehran on Wednesday Iran was showing a successful cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), vowing again that Iran would never accept a protocol that could threaten its sovereignty - 10/8/03

Spanish PM invites Iran to take part in Iraq's reconstruction conference
Iraq's Reconstruction Conference will be held in the Spanish capital city of Madrid from October 23-24. - 10/8/03

Oregon's 1st District is 1st-class GOP puzzle
Here's a look at the three Republican candidates in the 1st Congressional District: Name: Goli Ameri, Born: Sept. 26, 1956, Home: Tigard, Occupation: President of eTinium, telecommunications market research firm -Portland Tribune - 10/8/03

Iran’s Fragile Fault Lines
The war in Iraq has been both a blessing and a curse for neighboring Iran. On the one hand, the conservative clerics, grappling to retain their hold on power, should applaud the American “Great Satan” for removing Iran’s two most menacing enemies — the Taliban to the east and Saddam Hussein to the west. -Sanam Vakil, Policy Review - 10/8/03

Another Norwegian company paid large sums in Iran
The company Umoe Schat-Harding, owned by Ulltveit-Moe, has according to the Norwegian paper VG, sent NOK 1.2 millions (USD 170.000) to Iran to solve an argument regarding the sale of nine lifeboats to the Iranian oil giant IOEC. -Nettavisen Forside - 10/8/03

Pakistan conducts new missile test
The Pakistan military today test-fired a medium range, nuclear capable missile that could reach most targets in India, its second such test in less than a week. -Guardian - 10/8/03

Iraqis and US debate Turkish troops plan
Members of Iraq's Governing Council (IGC) are meeting US administrator Paul Bremer to voice their concerns about plans for a large deployment of Turkish troops to Iraq. -BBC - 10/8/03

Iran doubts Israel attack but says defences ready
"They (the Israelis) are so involved with problems inside their country that I do not think they want to create another problem outside it. We are also fully prepared to defend our country," Khatami told reporters after a weekly cabinet meeting. -Reuters - 10/8/03

Iran Parliament approves Tofiqi as new Science Minister
Tofiqi received 163 votes in favor and 27 votes against from a total vote of 198. - 10/8/03

Washington's warlord
Signs abound that Donald Rumsfeld's star is waning. One year ago, the abrasive US defence secretary was a formidable political force. -Guardian - 10/8/03

An Interview With Takaloo
Last weekend I caught up with Takaloo (the Iranian-born fighter’s real name is Mehrdud Takalobigashi) at his home in Margate to ask him about his past, present and future and what he feels about the way the domestic match-ups that never came about and where he feels his career is headed. -East Side Boxing - 10/8/03

Iran to sign spent N-fuel protocol with Russia - ambassador
Tehran will put its signature to the protocol on the return of spent nuclear fuel to Russia, Iran's ambassador in Moscow, Gholam-Reza Shafei has told Tass in an interview. - 10/8/03

A Promising Year at The Chicago International Film Festival
Iranian cinema will be represented by three films and one Jury member this year. At Five in the Afternoon(Samira Makhmalbaf) and Crimson Gold (Jafar Panahi) will compete for the Golden Hugo Award at the International Competition section and Joy Of Madness (Hana Makhmalbaf) can be seen at the World Cinema section of the festival. -CinemaIran - 10/8/03

Iranian dissident gets five more years jail
Iran's hardline judiciary added five years to the jail sentence of dissident journalist Abbas Abdi for possession of secret documents, his lawyer said on Wednesday. -Reuters - 10/8/03

NIAC phone campaign on proposal to deport all Iranian non-immigrants
Of the hundreds of letters sent to Congress through NIAC's website by Iranian Americans, more than 99.9% of the letters have been in strong opposition to Congressman Gresham Barrett (R-SC) bill – the STEP Act – that would stop Iranians from entering the United States. - 10/8/03

Resolute Iranian Pilgrims Meet Awed G.I.'s
The fall of Saddam Hussein has undammed a flood of Shiite Muslims across Iran's rough border here into Iraq, driven not by the desire to fight Americans but by a religious devotion that United States soldiers here are finding hard to contain or even comprehend. -New York Times - 10/7/03

Conversation With Khomeini: The ayatollah's grandson calls for a U.S. invasion of Iran
He is a relatively junior cleric—a sayeed—but he wears the turban and robe with some aplomb and was until recently a resident of Qum, the holy city of the Iranian Shiites and once the Vatican, so to speak, of the Khomeini theocracy. -MSNBC - 10/7/03

Iranian tried for journalist's death
The trial has begun in Tehran of an Iranian intelligence ministry interrogator accused of causing the death in custody of an Iranian-Canadian photojournalist. -BBC - 10/7/03

EU-Iran human rights dialogue continues
The third round of human rights dialogue between the European Union (EU) and the Islamic Republic of Iran will be held in Brussels Wednesday and Thursday, - 10/7/03

Call for introduction of Iran's mighty culture and civilization
The German Iranologist Ludwig Powell addressing the International Iranology Conference in Ravena, northern Italy on Tuesday, called for serious measures to be taken towards introduction of the background of Iran's civilization to the world - 10/7/03

US Gave Israel Greenlight for Attack
Raid on Syria is a Lethal Step Towards War -Robert Fisk, CounterPunch - 10/7/03

Baghdad in Turmoil With Protests, Attack
Large portions of Baghdad were in turmoil Tuesday after attackers fired an explosive into the Foreign Ministry compound, former intelligence officers demanding back pay or jobs hurled paving stones at American forces and U.S. soldiers confronted a big demonstration of Shiite Muslims. -AP - 10/7/03

US soldiers killed in Iraq attacks
Three US soldiers have been killed in two separate bomb attacks in Iraq, US military officials have said. -BBC - 10/7/03

Death in Mashad, where ‘heroin is cheaper than cigarettes’
The e-mail from Iran was terse. Kourosh, 19, the eldest son of our cousin Shahla, had passed away on Sept. 20, 2003. The immediate cause of death, heart failure, masked the monstrous identity of his real killer: drug addiction. -Ahmad Sadri, Daily Star - 10/7/03

Breaking the Stalemate in Iran
"We never asked Russia to not build the plant at Bushehr," Secretary of State Colin Powell said last month. That's strange. When I was in the Clinton administration, we told the Russians, and more than once, not to build that nuclear power plant in Iran. -New York Times - 10/7/03

Quake jolts several Iranian cities
Several tremors have jolted regions near Kazeroun and the provincial capital of Shiraz in Fars province during the past few days. - 10/7/03

Syria Calls Israeli Air Strikes 'Grave Escalation'
Israeli government spokesman said the Israeli government has decided that it will not offer immunity or allow any sanctuary for militants from Hamas or the Islamic Jihad movement. Significantly, Gissin said that Israel is now prepared to launch attacks into the territory of both Syria and Iran -- if deemed necessary -- in order to destroy what he called an infrastructure of terrorism. -RFE - 10/7/03

Iran President arrives in Dezful to inaugurate hydroelectric power plant
Khatami said that the Karkheh hydroelectric power plant has a production capacity of 400 megawatts, and noted that the Masjed Soleiman hydroelectric power plant would be inaugurated in the near future. The Karkheh hydroelectric power plant will be the first such plant built in the country after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. - 10/7/03

Iran defies IAEA on uranium plans
Iran has said it will not suspend its uranium enrichment activities, despite pressure from the United Nations nuclear agency. -BBC - 10/7/03

Released Iranian journalist Mohsen Sazgara talks to reporters
Journalist Mohsen Sazgara said in Tehran on Monday that he went on hunger strike for 79 days during his 114-day detention - 10/7/03

Iran's Nuclear Program. Part III: The Emerging Crisis
This article is the last of a three-part series on Iran's nuclear program. In this Part, the dispute - many consider it a crisis - between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is described. -Mohammad Sahimi - 10/6/03

Iran releases nuclear data
Iran has begun releasing details of components it imported unofficially for its nuclear programme. -BBC - 10/6/03

Quake jolts southwestern Iranian city of Gachsaran
An earthquake, measuring 4 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale, shook the city of Gachsaran in the southwestern province of Kohkilouyeh and Boyerahmad early Monday - 10/6/03

Iran's cooperation with IAEA favorable as before: IAEO spokesman
Spokesman for Iran's Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) Saber Zaimian said in Teharn on Monday that Iran's cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is favorable as it was before - 10/6/03

A Smoking Schism?
EVER since the liberation of Baghdad, many people had expected it: a theological duel between the two "seminary cities" of Najaf, in Iraq, and Qom, in Iran, over the leadership of the world's estimated 200 million Shi'ite Muslims. -Amir Taheri, NY Post - 10/6/03

Court releases Iranian dissident Mohammad-Mohsen Sazgara
Political activist Mohammad-Mohsen Sazgara has been released, according to an informed source, - 10/6/03

Afghan diplomat insists government is taking control
Promoting stability provides an ongoing challenge for President Hamid Karzai’s government in Afghanistan. Central authority continues to encounter resistance from warlords in Afghanistan’s provinces, and in recent weeks reconstituted Taliban military units have become increasingly active in eastern and southern regions of the country. -Camelia Entekhabi-Fard, Eurasianet - 10/6/03

Answers please, Mr Bush
Michael Moore fired his opening salvo against George Bush and his rightwing cronies with his bestseller Stupid White Men. Now the president is in his sights again. In this second extract from his new book he asks his old enemy seven awkward questions -Guardian - 10/6/03

50 Iranian MPs prepare motion to impeach transport minister: press
Persian-language newspaper 'Siasat-E Rooz' quoted Qavami as saying that Khorram will be impeached for his press interviews, and his "empty promises" to remove the problems of Iran's air aviation sector. - 10/6/03

Iran to inaugurate its largest hydroelectric power plant Tuesday
Iran will inaugurate its largest hydroelectric power plant ever on Karkheh River, the southwestern province of Khuzestan, on Tuesday to increase the national electricity production capacity by 400 megawatts - 10/6/03

Sentimental Journey
For many thousands of Iranian who were forced to leave Iran following the fall of the Shah in 1979, the Rifa’I mosque in Cairo has become a place of pilgrimage. In a conversation with THE MIDDLE EAST, Empress Farah Pahlavi spoke candidly of her husband’s final days. -Cyrus Kadivar - 10/6/03

Iran terms IAEA talks successful, says to continue cooperation
Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi said in Tehran on Sunday that Iran's talks with the envoys of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have recorded a successful progress, stressing that the talks are continuing in a "very appropriate atmosphere." - 10/5/03

Iran: Public Prosecutor's Office says death of Sazgara is sheer lie
Public Prosecutor's Office in an announcement issued in Tehran on Saturday evening, rejected rumors on death of journalist Mohsen Sazgara at Evin prison as a sheer lie - 10/5/03

Iran soft drinks firm wins case against Coca-Cola
A Tehran court has fined Coca-Cola more than $7 million for leaving a collaborating company stranded after a U.S. trade embargo was imposed, the director of an Iranian soft drinks company said on Saturday. -Reuters - 10/5/03

Iran's policewomen return to the beat
It is the first time since the 1979 revolution that women have graduated from the police training college to become fully trained officers. -BBC - 10/5/03

Quake jolts Iran-Turkmenistan border region
An earthquake, measuring 4.9 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale, shook Raz and Jorgalan areas in Bojnurd, the northeastern province of Khorassan on Sunday - 10/5/03

'Two confess' to embassy attacks
Two men have confessed to a spate of shootings at the British embassy in Iran last month, the Iranian intelligence minister has said. -BBC - 10/5/03

Iranian press anxious about nuclear talks
While Iranian representatives said they were optimistic about resolving the IAEA's concerns, some papers feared none of the options left for Tehran would solve the nuclear issue. -BBC - 10/5/03

Iranian Woman Faces Execution in Official's Death
An Iranian woman accused of killing a police chief in southern Iran who she said tried to rape her has been convicted and is to be executed, the Shargh newspaper reported Saturday. -New York Times - 10/5/03

7th Annual "Persian Fundraising Event in Sacramento, California
Sacramento Public Library Foundation Persian Language Advisory Committee will be holding the 7th Annual "Persian Fundraising Event on October 12 in Sacramento, California. The Proceeds of this event will benefit the Sacramento Public Library Persian Language Collection. - 10/5/03

Islamic Human Rights Commission voices concern over status of a number of inmates in Iran
Secretary of Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) Mohammad Hassan Ziaiefar on Saturday expressed concern over the status of a number of inmates such as Mohammad Mohsen Sazegara and Abbas Abdi - 10/5/03

Iran May Assist With Reconstruction in Iraq
Despite a quarter-century of tension with Iran, the United States has reached out to the Islamic Republic for help in the postwar reconstruction of Iraq — and is getting it, according to U.S. and Iranian officials. -Los Angeles Times - 10/5/03

US and Iran in secret peace talks
Secret 'back-door' diplomacy involving some of the Middle East's most influential figures has led to unexpected signals of a rapprochement between America and Iran despite angry public rhetoric on both sides. -Observer - 10/5/03

NIAC seeks apology from Texas Lt. Governor for derogatory comments about Iranians
Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst (R), in a fit of frustration, accused Texas House of Representatives Speaker Tom Craddick of negotiating like an “Iranian Cabdriver” Thursday. - 10/4/03

Tehran court orders Coca-Cola to pay fine of over 7 million dollars
A court in Tehran has levied a fine of 7.150 million dollars against the Coca-Cola Company for violating its contract with an Iranian soft drinks counterpart - 10/4/03

Annan deals a blow to US draft on Iraq
Kofi Annan, United Nations secretary-general, told Security Council ambassadors on Thursday that the UN could not play the partial political role outlined in a new US resolution on Iraq, dealing a massive blow to US hopes for widespread support for the text. -Financial Times - 10/4/03

Quake jolts Fars province again
An earthquake, measuring 4.9 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale, shook the vicinity of Kazeroun city in the southern province of Fars early Saturday - 10/4/03

Iran 'optimistic' after nuclear talks
A first phase of crucial talks between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has ended in Tehran, with the Iranians optimistic about the outcome. -BBC - 10/4/03

Official: Iran and IAEA delegation reach understanding on cooperation
Iran's representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ali Akbar Salehi said in Tehran on Saturday an understanding had been reached between Iran and the visiting International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) delegation on the mutual cooperation trend - 10/4/03

Iranian authorities urged to give medical care to imprisoned journalist Mohsen Sazgara
Reporters Without Borders called today on the Iranian authorities to give immediate news and guarantees about the state of health of imprisoned journalist Mohsen Sazgara, a prominent reformist who has heart problems and has been very weakened by a hunger-strike staged since he was jailed on 15 June. - 10/4/03

Washington Post Reporters Interview Powell
QUESTION: On Iran. The Iranians seem to be all but begging to restart the talks that have been going on in Geneva so that they can be brought in on the discussion of Iran -- I mean, Iraq. Why has the administration not taken them up on that -- all these open suggestions -- and restarted those talks? -Washington Post - 10/4/03

Iran's Nuclear Program. Part II: Are Nuclear Reactors Necessary?
Recall that the main argument of the United States against nuclear energy for Iran is that, Iran has vast oil and gas reserves, and hence she needs no nuclear reactor. This argument is, in general, not necessarily valid. -Mohammad Sahimi - 10/3/03

Hard-liners in Iran soften their edges
Yet, as February parliamentary elections approach, there are signs that conservatives - even as they continue to crush the reform camp - are taking on elements of the reform agenda and showing a new pragmatism. -Christian Science Monitor - 10/3/03

First Iranian woman bicycling around the world pedals into Persian Center
Persian Center proudly hosts an evening with Poupeh Mahdavinader (www, the 30 year-old Iranian Woman traveling the world on bike and foot, "in the name of love, friendship and global peace." (Oct. 5 in Berkeley California) - 10/3/03

Iran faces critical decision
The crucial visit to Tehran by a senior team of from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is forcing Iran into a decision that some Iranians say will be their most important since the end to their war with Iraq 15 years ago. -BBC - 10/3/03

'There are no shining weapons'
The man in charge of a £180m ($300m) hunt for Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction last night admitted that no weapon stocks had been found, and that all a three-month search had uncovered was a single vial containing a possible strain of biological agent. -Guardian - 10/3/03

Iran to add 30 new passenger planes to navigation fleet
Minister of Road and Transportation Ahmad Khorram said in Tehran on Friday that the Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to purchase 30 new passenger planes from Russia and other countries to replace the old and chartered ones - 10/3/03

Iran’s parallel security agencies: the wrong target?
In recent months the role of parallel intelligence services in Iran has captured the attention of both the media and the political community in the country. -Mahan Abedin, Daily Star - 10/3/03

Iran's President calls for massive turnout in next parliamentary elections
Khatami called on the Second of Khordad political groups to be united and embark on a very close cooperation in meeting people's demands. - 10/3/03

A Risky Message
Violence between Israel and Syria has the potential to escalate quickly into a mini-war involving Lebanon, and possibly even Iran -- a conflict that would likely increase the threat to U.S forces in Iraq. -Washington Post - 10/3/03

Portraits of a revolution
Hoover exhibition (at Stanford University campus) demonstrates how posters played vital role in Iranian uprising -Palo Alto Weekly - 10/3/03

Iranian hacking attempt to Electric Corporation foiled
Iranian hackers have attempted to break into the and disrupt the power supply in Israel several times in recent months, Haaretz has learned. -Haaretz, Israel - 10/3/03

Mail has put my family in danger, says police officer
A prominent British ethnic minority police officer says a false newspaper report that his father was in Iran's hated secret police force has put four of his family in danger. -Guardian - 10/3/03

Moderate quake again jolts Fars province of Iran
An earthquake, measuring 3.7 degrees on the Richter scale, shook areas around Kazeroun city in the southern province of Fars on Friday morning - 10/3/03

Austria's ARC rejects reports over uranium deal with Iran
A top official of the Austrian Research Centers in Seibersdorf (ARC) on Thursday called as "completely incorrect" the last month reports by a US internet news site that Iran has been trying to buy enriched uranium from that center - 10/3/03

Umpire Zahra strikes a first for Iranian women
Zahra, a mother of a nine-year-old son, is the first Iranian woman to be appointed as an umpire by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) - her appointment coming in the wake of Iranian women's participation in an international handball and volleyball tournaments held in Qatar. -Star, Malaysia - 10/3/03

Rafsanjani highlights Iran's conditions for signing protocol
Former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said in Tehran on Friday that Iran's conditions for signing the additional protocol to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) may be the same as those of the US - 10/3/03

Don't be fooled. The Iraqi maelstrom won't save Iran
European support for US threats against Tehran will lead to disaster -Guardian - 10/3/03

Crimson Gold director Jafar Panahi boycotts NYFF
Panahi, an Iranian filmmaker had decided not to ask for an American visa. In a letter to festival director Richard Pena, Panahi said he was unable to attend the NYFF due to the new American security requirement of fingerprinting Iranian nationals. -Rediff, India - 10/3/03

Unlike Dimona, Iran’s Bushehr Reactor Not Useful for Weapons-Grade Plutonium
Is Iran actually on the path toward nuclear weapons? Is there hard evidence of any substantive activities? Or is this claim simply yet another canard, echoed and reinforced in the Israeli and Jewish media? -WRMEA - 10/3/03

U.S. report suggests nuclear deal with Iran
Iran is likely to be able to make a nuclear weapon within two years and Washington should consider a deal giving Tehran security, diplomatic and economic benefits to persuade it to abandon its nuclear arms programs, according to a report prepared for the Pentagon. -CNN - 10/2/03

Call a Spade a Spade: How to overcome mehriyeh dilemma
For the past few weeks, Tehran has experienced enormous number of weddings. How do I know this you may ask? Simply by the number of flower-decorated cars that roam the city streets and highways, in the afternoons or late evenings, to take the newly weds to and from one party or another. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 10/2/03

Economy Minister: Iran's inflation, unemployment rates to drop to single digit
Minister of Economy and Finance Tahmasb Mazaheri said in Tehran on Wednesday that the rate of inflation and unemployment as well banking interest rate will drop to single digits during the fourth socio-economic development plan (March 2005-March 2010) - 10/2/03

US image drops among Muslims
Hostility towards the US has reached "shocking" levels in the Muslim world, according to a report released in Washington. -BBC - 10/2/03

US Cuts Military Aid to Friendly Nations
The Bush administration today cut over $89 million in military aid to 32 friendly countries because they refused to exempt U.S. citizens and soldiers from the jurisdiction of the new International Criminal Court (ICC)--the world's first permanent tribunal to prosecute the perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. -Common Dreams - 10/2/03

The Moment of Myth: Edward Said (1935-2003)
Close proximity to a majestic mountain is a mixed blessing -- one is at once graced by the magnanimity of its pastures and the bounty of its slopes, and yet one can never see where one is sitting, under the shadow of what greatness, the embracing comfort of what assurance. -Hamid Dabashi - 10/2/03

Renowned Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami says US cinema dangerous
Kiarostami who received a doctorate of honor from a university in Venice, Italy, told reporters that the United States tries to display its might through its cinema. - 10/2/03

Baku denies concern over launch of Iranian gunboat in Caspian Sea
Azeri Defense Ministry on Thursday denied reports by a number of Baku news media regarding Azerbaijan's concern over launch of an Iranian gunboat in the Caspian Sea - 10/2/03

Persian Harvest Festival of Autumn (Mehregan) 2003 in Costa Mesa, California
Mehregan is a community event where hundreds of volunteers donate their time and talents to its success. All proceeds from this event are used for future Mehregan celebrations, other cultural events, and student scholarships. - 10/2/03

Voice of America hosts rare appearance by Iranian entertainer Googoosh
Googoosh, a beloved singer whose songs have been embraced by generations of Iranians, is scheduled to give the Voice of America (VOA) her first exclusive interview since leaving Iran three years ago. On Friday, Oct. 3, she will appear on VOA's Persian-language television/radio program "Roundtable with You." - 10/2/03

Nuclear inspectors hold Iran talks
A team of senior officials from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have begun crucial talks in Tehran on Iran's nuclear programme. -BBC - 10/2/03

Human Rights Watch: Stop Punishing Student Activists in Iran
Iranian authorities should stop using university disciplinary committees as a means to punish students for participating in political protests, Human Rights Watch said today. - 10/2/03

Iran's Nuclear Program. Part I: Its History
The significance of this review is twofold. (1) History shows that the US and her allies were in fact the driving force behind the birth of Iran's nuclear program in the late 1960s and early 1970s. (2) It is also particularly important to recognize that since the late 1980s, when Iran restarted its nuclear program, the US and her allies have been given every opportunity to participate in the development and construction of nuclear reactors in Iran... -Mohammad Sahimi - 10/2/03

Persian Language Courses at Berkeley Changed Me Forever
I came to the United States when I was two years old. I grew up speaking Persian at home. I had been so accustomed to using English words for those Persian words I did not know, that I never realized how broken my Persian was. -Pouya Alimagham - 10/2/03

Cleric's grandson applauds the U.S.
The grandson of the late Iranian leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini is in Washington this week and giving his blessing to the United States should it decide to invade Iran and throw the clerics out of power. -Washington Times - 10/1/03

You say you want a revolution? Iran bands rock on
In East and West, the language of rock 'n' roll is one of rebellion and pushing the limits. And in the Islamic Republic of Iran, these musicians are creating a parallel reality that could not be further removed from Friday prayers and routine calls for revolutionary sacrifice and waging war against the West. -Christian Science Monitor - 10/1/03

Raise Your Voice Against the Imminent Execution of Afsaneh Nouroozi in Iran
Afsaneh Nouroozi was arrested in 1997 after she killed the Head of Police Intelligence in Kish, Southern Iran. She allegedly acted in self-defense in order to protect herself from being raped. -Amnesty International - 10/1/03

Iran's Plundered Future
One of the gambits deployed very assertively by the clergy at the very outset of the revolution was the fact that unlike the preceding regime, Iranians should have equal access to the country's incalculable wealth, which they asserted was not being evenly distributed to the populace, and that the shah and his family, in his lavish extravaganzas held frequently, expended it inconsiderately. -Vahid Isabeigi - 10/1/03

EU Foreign Ministers Grapple With 'Wider' Middle East
European Union officials are taking to viewing Iraq, Iran, and the stalled Middle East peace process as aspects of the same problem. Although a cohesive "wider Middle East" policy may well be years away, the EU's involvement in the region is increasing. -RFE - 10/1/03

Quake jolts Baft and Qazvin in Iran
An earthquake measuring 4 degrees on the open-ended richter scale jolted the city of Baft in central province of Kerman Wednesday - 10/1/03

Jafar Tofiqi proposed to parliament as new Iran's minister of science
In a letter to the parliament, President Mohammad Khatami proposed Tofiqi, who currently serves as the deputy for educational affairs in the ministry, as the new minister of science, research and technology. - 10/1/03

Iran's Race for Nuclear Weapons
In March and June of 2003, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) requested access to a small complex of buildings at the Kalaye Electric Company in a suburb of Tehran. The agency suspected that Tehran was using this site to research and develop nuclear weapons. -PINR - 10/1/03

Israeli pilot rebels accused of mutiny
Israeli MPs called yesterday for 28 air force pilots to be sacked and tried for mutiny for refusing to attack Palestinian towns. -Guardian - 10/1/03

Over 7 million regular, irregular Internet users in Iran
The International Gathering on Internet and Satellite Communications started in Tehran Wednesday morning. - 10/1/03

Action Alert: Should all Iranians be deported from the US and all visas to them banned?
Congressman Barrett (R-SC) wants to deport all Iranian non-immigrants. Tell your lawmaker what you think -NIAC - 10/1/03

Iran's Foreign Minister declares further cooperation with IAEA
Talking to reporters upon arrival from New York visit, Kharrazi said Tehran is determined to continue its active and transparent cooperation with IAEA in line with its peaceful nuclear activities. - 10/1/03

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