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Iran's Oil Minister commissions major gas reservoir
Oil Minister Kazem Vaziri Hamaneh on Monday commissioned Maroon Khami gas reservoir. Executive works for development of the major gas field had begun since March 2003. -IRNA - 10/31/06

Looking for Evidence of Pre-Islamic Civilization in Southern Iran
Experts believe that studies on the southern regions of Iran, especially in the Khamir Port, could reveal more secrets about the 5000-year old civilization of Halil Rud. -CHN - 10/31/06

CASMII President joins Antiwar Tour of Northeastern US
The Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII) announced that it will join the upcoming Just Foreign Policy (JFP) speaking tour of Northeastern United States - 10/31/06

US now wary of Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Iranian envoy
An Iranian diplomat said here Tuesday that the United States has become wary of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) after Iran acquired observer status in this regional organization. -IRNA - 10/31/06

Iran: Internet visas now available for tourists
Under a scheme to encourage more tourists to visit the country, an Iranian tourism official in this western province on Tuesday announced that visas may now be issued through the Internet starting Tuesday. -IRNA - 10/31/06

Qobadi's "Daf" snatches Spain Special Mention Award
Iranian director Bahman Qobadi won the Special Mention Award for his documentary "Daf" at International Southern Documentary Film Festival and Market better known as Docusur in Spain. -MNA - 10/31/06

CIS: UN Food Insecurity Report Sees Uneven Progress
Despite intensified efforts by the international community over the past decade, hundreds of millions of people around the world continue to go hungry. And the problem remains acute in parts of Russia, Central Asia, the Caucasus, and other areas of the former Soviet Union. -RFE - 10/31/06

Iranian companies to produce 6m cell phones, accessories
In addition to foreign purchases of communication equipments and parts, six million cell phones and accessories will be domestically produced for Iran's mobile phone industry, the Minister of Industries and Mines Alireza Tahmasbi noted on Monday. -MNA - 10/31/06

Mehrdad Aref-Adib nominated for Deutschewelle's Best Of Blogs award
Deutschewelle has started a Best of Blogs contest and an Iranian (Mehrdad Aref-Adib), has been nominated under the category for satire. - 10/31/06

Comments on New York Times' "Islam, Terror and the Second Nuclear Age"
The writer of the following article makes several presumptions which have been promoted by the Israeli government and its hard-line supporters both in the UN and the Bush administration. -Daniel M Pourkesali - 10/31/06

Iran to establish Internet network to create communication infrastructure: minister
Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mohammad Soleimani said in Tehran on Monday that the ministry will establish scientific internet network to link the provinces and cities nationwide. -IRNA - 10/31/06

Iran's electricity exports to Iraq at 150 MW per day
Iranian Energy Minister Parviz Fattah said on Monday that Iran presently exports 150 MW of electricity per day to Iraq. Any increase in the current rate, he said, would require assessment of technical conditions by the two countries as well as launching fresh negotiations. -MNA - 10/31/06

Iran to pay incentives to attract Western tourists
Iran Iran has said it would offer cash incentives to travel agencies to encourage Western tourists to visit the country, giving a premium for Americans , the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported Tuesday. -AP - 10/31/06

University to host Khatami visit
Former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami will be visiting Scotland as part of a controversial three-day trip to the UK. -BBC - 10/31/06

Toronto's Centre for Thought, Dialogue and Human Rights in Iran concerned for safety of client and directors
As Human Right advocacy group it is our foremost duty to question and challenge any system/individual that violates the fundamentals of the charter that we all believe in. In the past few month we were working on behalf of a Canadian Citizen, Mr. Mustafa Mohammadi, and his family to facilitate the freedom of his young daughter from a military camp in Iraq that is under the control of this Iranian political organization known as ďMojahedin e KhalghĒ or MEK. - 10/31/06

Iranian "Pigeon" successfully perches in Germany
The Iranian play "Pigeon, a Sudden" has been successfully staged in Mulheim, Germany, the director said on Monday. -MNA - 10/31/06

Iran sculptor Tanavoli says traditional graphics outdoes modern
Renowned sculptor Parviz Tanavoli maintains that Iran's traditional graphics excels the modern type. -MNA - 10/31/06

Ashoka Begins Search for Persian Change Maker
On September 28, 2006, PARSA Community Foundation announced its first grant to Ashoka as part of the Ashoka PARSA Initiative. Ashoka is the global association of the worldĀfs leading social entrepreneurs. - 10/31/06

Veiled Iranian female karate team to boycott Doha Games
Iran's female karate team are to boycott Doha Games after the Asian Karate Federation refused to approve the wearing of Islamic head scarves during bouts. -MNA - 10/30/06

The Best Years Of Our Lives: Photos by Kian Amani
Amani has captured young couples sitting intimately at a park in Tehran. A series of pictures show how a couple is approached and questioned by police and then taken away. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 10/30/06

Women Bank to be opened in Iran
The first 'Women Bank' in Iran is to be opened with the objective to plan and create entrepreneurial opportunities for women, head of Women Assembly of Iran Islamic Councils said in Tehran on Saturday. -MNA - 10/30/06

Lecture: The Mapping of Persia
A lecture by Cyrus Alai surveying the history of the mapping of Persia up to the early parts of the 20th century. November 8 in London - 10/30/06

Isfahan City Council Obliged to Settle Down Metro Crisis: Lawyer
The level of concern among cultural heritage experts has been elevated as subway construction resumes under Chahar Bagh Street in Isfahan while Isfahan's City Council, the official body in charge, has shown much indifference to this concern. -CHN - 10/30/06

Rafi Pitz's "Winter" wins Spain Silver Spike
Iranian director Rafi Pitz won the Silver Spike of the International Week of Cinema of Valladolid (Seminci) for his film "It Is Winter" on Saturday. The film also received the Best Director of Photography Award at the event held from Oct. 22 to 28 in Spain. -MNA - 10/30/06

New hope for curing infectious virus diseases
The Iranian scientist, Dr. Haerifar and his colleagues have generated new hope in curing cancer Tumors and some of the infectious diseases that so far didn't seem to have an influential cure. -ISNA - 10/30/06

International saffron symposium held in Mashhad
The Second International Saffron Symposium began its work here on Saturday in the presence of 112 Iranian and foreign experts. The first symposium had been held in Spain three years ago. -IRNA - 10/30/06

Russian automaker GAZ signs $250m deal with Iran Khodro Diesel for Gazelle vans
The Russian automaker GAZ, signed a $250 million deal with Iran's heavy trucks manufacturer, Iran Khodro Diesel Co. to produce in Iran a new version of its Gazelle vans. -MNA - 10/30/06

Iran's welfare minister receives vote of confidence
The Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis) Sunday gave the required vote of confidence to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's candidate for the post of minister of welfare and social security, Abdol-Reza Mesri. -IRNA - 10/30/06

Iran Sounds an Awful Lot Like Iraq
An embattled president, a Congress distracted by a sex scandal, looming midterm elections ó and yet overwhelming agreement, with scant debate or publicity, on fateful legislation that set the nation on a path to war. -Los Angeles Times - 10/30/06

Shift in Lebanon's sectarian politics
In the aftermath of the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, new divisions are fracturing Lebanese society which cut across the usual sectarian boundaries. -BBC - 10/30/06

UN Investigates Israel's 'Uranium Weapons'
The United Nations Environment Programme is investigating allegations, first published in The Independent, that Israel may have used uranium-based weapons during this summer's war in Lebanon. -Independent - 10/30/06

Beyond Ideology
The theme of this forum, "Beyond Ideology," is very appropriate to our present situation, because it is absolutely necessary that we put aside ideology Ė for just a moment Ė and confront the emergency that we all face. "Emergency?" you ask. "What emergency?" - 10/30/06

Iran Says Not Concerned By U.S. Maneuvers in Persian Gulf
Iran says it is not worried about naval maneuvers to be led by the United States off its coast this week. - 10/30/06

Iran proposes 6+2 treaty to guarantee Persian Gulf's security
Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman on Sunday proposed to the six member states of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) plus Iran and Iraq to sign a security cooperation treaty as the best way to defend security in the Persian Gulf. -IRNA - 10/30/06

MEK, the West, and Iran
The relationship between the Mojahedeen-e Khaleg (MEK), the West and Iran is a curious one. A fatal attraction that provokes images of a decadent man who must indulge himself in his particular habits in a house of ill-repute; the MEK being the house, with the West maintaining a destructive relationship for the sole purpose of tormenting Iran and Iranians. -Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 10/30/06

Third Kaveh Golestan Photojournalism Awards
The results of the Third Kaveh Golestan Photojournalism Award have been announced. This year the awarding committee was unable to obtain permission from Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance to publish the photographs which had reached the final in a catalog, as in previous years. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 10/28/06

Iranian researcher develops new method for preparation of metal nanoparticals
An Iranian researcher succeeded in proposing a new method for the preparation of metal nanoparticals. The Iranian Scientist who is also an associate member of Kashan University of Iran and a researcher of the Electro Chemistry group of Liverpool University in Britain, Dr. Fakhroddin Mirkhalaf succeeded in proposing this method. -ISNA - 10/28/06

Bush Warns Iran About Nuclear Weapons Development
President Bush says Iran is secretly developing a nuclear weapons program. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Iran is pursuing a peaceful nuclear program meant to generate electricity. -VOA - 10/28/06

Tehran, Kiev to expand industrial ties; Iran-140 in focus
Iran Ambassador to Ukraine, Musa Kazemi, called for further cooperation in various industrial fields between the two countries particularly the joint construction of Iran-140 airplane, the Persian service of ISNA reported on Saturday. -MNA - 10/28/06

Iran Khodro Diesel to produce buses, trucks in Senegal and Sudan
Iran's major heavy vehicle maker Iran Khodro Diesel is planning to soon produce its buses and trucks in a number of African nations. -MNA - 10/28/06

Men can hit their wives? Not this one!
I wonder if Ayatollah Shirazi's wife has been disobedient. Maybe the claim to fame these days is being outrageous. I shudder to think how many times my husband would have the 'right' to hit me for being disobedient. Thank God the powers of the fatwa don't extend to non-practicing Catholics! -Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 10/28/06

Sex traffickers target women in war-torn Iraq
Thousands of Iraqi women are being taken advantage of by unscrupulous sex worker traffickers seeking to exploit young girlsí desperate socio-economic situation for profit, United Nations agencies have reported. -IRIN - 10/28/06

Iran Newspaper reopens after 156-day suspension
Iran Newspaper was suspended on May 23 for publication of a defamatory caricature in its supplement, Iran Jomeh (Friday). -IRNA - 10/28/06

Iranian embassy condemns meeting of Rajavi with Belgian senators
The Iranian embassy in Brussels has condemned a recent meeting between Maryam Rajavi, leader of the Paris-based terrorist grouplet MKO, and a few Belgian senators. -IRNA - 10/28/06

Iranian President considers sale of stocks to people as fair distribution of wealth
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Saturday that sale of government stocks to people from all walks of life is the beginning of a major development in the Iranian community and considered it as a measure towards fair distribution of wealth. -IRNA - 10/28/06

Iranian Presidentís Economic Decentralization Plan Sparks Widespread Domestic Opposition
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejadís effort to decentralize Iranian economic planning is generating strong opposition. Domestic critics say the plan is politically motivated and could end up accelerating the deterioration of Iranís economy. -Eurasianet - 10/28/06

Iraq: Health-Care System On Verge Of Collapse
The working conditions of Iraqi doctors have become increasingly difficult as they toil in a health-care system on the brink of collapse and attempt to treat Iraqis injured by the ongoing violence. At the same time, Iraqi doctors have found themselves being targeted by both insurgents and Iraqi security forces. -RFE - 10/28/06

Iran to pay homage to Claus Award-winning graphic designer
Iranian graphic designer Reza Abedini, who won the 2006 Principal Prince Claus Award, will be honored at the Iranian Artists Forum here on Nov. 2. -MNA - 10/28/06

Tajikistan: Presidential Candidates Take To Campaign Trail -- Together
With Tajikistan's presidential elections less than two weeks away, none of the five candidates -- aside from incumbent Imomali Rakhmonov -- is well known to the public. So all four, accompanied by a presidential representative, have hit the campaign trail in unconventional fashion: together. -RFE - 10/28/06

A Soul of Asia Program: In The Path of Rumi (concert in New York)
Created and composed by Hafez Nazeri, featuring Shahram Nazeri and the Rumi Ensemble, includes a special pre-concert reading by Coleman Barks - 10/28/06

Sofreh Nazr - An Iranian Shia Tradition
Sofreh is a Persian word which technically means spread but when used in conversation it means a cloth, simple or grand, usually spread on the floor on top of the carpet, on which food is served, and nazr means a wish or a vow which one makes with God. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 10/27/06

Security Council Resolution Blocks Iranian Students From Studying Certain Fields
A new United Nations Security Council (UNSC) draft resolution aiming to punish Iran for its nuclear enrichment program contains language that would target Iranian students by prohibiting certain types of specialized teaching or training of Iranians. -NIAC - 10/27/06

Iran installs second network of centrifuges
An Iranian official asserted that the second centrifuge cascade of Uranium enrichment had started working and reiterated that in the last days gas was inoculated into the cascade. -IRNA - 10/27/06

GETTING BIBLICAL: Shohreh Aghdashloo's New Epic Drama
What is amazing about Shohreh Aghdashloo is that one cannot second guess her eclectic film choices. Her career has been one of ups and downs and yet she has pursued her path with determination and most importantly for an actor with an immense Faith in her Art which was often at odds with that of her community and generation. -Darius KADIVAR - 10/27/06

Belgian foreign minister condemns meeting between Maryam Rajavi and Belgian senators
Belgium's foreign minister Karel de Gucht condemned Thursday a recent meeting between Maryam Rajavi, a leader of the Paris-based terrorist grouplet MKO and a few Belgian senators in Brussels. -IRNA - 10/27/06

The Next War
A hidden crisis is under way. Many government insiders are aware of serious plans for war with Iran, but Congress and the public remain largely in the dark. The current situation is very like that of 1964, the year preceding our overt, open-ended escalation of the Vietnam War, and 2002, the year leading up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq. -Harper's - 10/27/06

China, France to continue talks on Iran's nuclear issue
In a common statement issued by China and France on Thursday, both countries urged the need to continue their attempts towards solving Iran's nuclear issue peacefully. -IRNA - 10/27/06

Raising a Child in Iran's Cultural Divide
Coping with the gulf between Iranian private and public life is a difficult skill even for adults to manage. So what should we teach our children? -Azadeh Moaveni, TIME - 10/27/06

Iranian Moolah
In other words, the well-to-do Iranian drinks and reads and watches what he wishes. He does as he pleases behind the walls of his private mansions and villas. In return for his private comforts, the affluent Iranian is happy to sacrifice freedom of speech, most of his civil rights, and his freedom of association. The upper-middle class has been bought off by this pact, which makes a virtue of hypocrisy. -Farouz Farzami, WSJ - 10/27/06

Photo exhibit of Persian Jewry on exhibit at Huntington
Since arriving in Southern California more than 25 years ago, the Persian Jewish community has been tight-knit and has largely chosen to be closed off from the rest of the greater Jewish community and American society. -Jewish Journal of greater L.A - 10/27/06

Iran: Men can hit their wives, cleric says
The punishment, the leading cleric said, "must be light and considered an exceptional event, like surgery in case of a serious illness." Makarem Shirazi advised his readers against "physical punishment which leaves signs and wounds." Women, he axplained, "are masochistic and sometimes they have a crisis and need light physical punishment to get back to normal." -AKI - 10/27/06

NATO Bombs Kill Scores of Afghan Civilians: Officials
NATO warplanes killed at least 50 civilians, mostly women and children, in bombing in southern Afghanistan during a major Islamic holiday, local leaders said on Thursday. -Reuters - 10/27/06

Iran's FM spokesman denies Argentina's judiciary claims
Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad- Ali Hosseini on Thursday ruled out accusations by certain Argentinian judiciary officials and said, "The Islamic Republic Iran has itself been the victim of different terrorist actions, sustaining many human losses and hefty financial and spiritual damage." -IRNA - 10/27/06

The troubles of reporting from Iran
As our correspondent finds, working as a journalist in these troubled times is no easy matter, especially if you are a woman. -BBC - 10/27/06

Iranologists to gather in Dagestan
International experts on Iran will gather at Dagestan State University in Makhachkala from November 23 to 24 for a conference entitled Contemporary Iranology. -MNA - 10/27/06

US Confident of UN Sanctions Against Iran
The United States says it is confident the U.N. Security Council will approve a resolution imposing sanctions on Iran for refusing to stop enriching uranium and returning to negotiations over its nuclear program. -VOA - 10/27/06

Islamic Fascism?
President George W. Bush and the neoconservative handlers of his administration have added a new bogeyman to their long and evolving list of enemies: "Islamic fascism," also called "Islamofascism." This wonton flinging of the word "fascism" in reference to radical movements and leaders of the Muslim world, however, is not only inaccurate and oxymoronic, but it is, indeed, also ironic. Of course, it is also offensive and inflammatory and, therefore, detrimental to international understanding and stability. -Ismael Hossein-zadeh - 10/27/06

Legal Disputes Against Harvard and The University of Chicago Over Persian Artifacts Continue
Two legal cases ruling the fate of ancient Persian artifacts held at US research universities look likely to be drawn out over several years. The vanguard legal disputes, being heard at the United States District Court level, revolve around 2,000-year-old Iranian items controlled by the University of Chicago and Harvard University. If these cases produce conflicting judgments, they may be taken up at the Supreme Court, meaning that any swift resolution is unlikely. In the meantime, more Iranian artifacts are likely to be targeted. -NIAC - 10/26/06

Sexuality in the world of spiritualism
Up to recently Ė say 50 years ago Ė the world of spiritualism and religious guidance was more or less hermetically closed to women as were the overwhelming majority of secret societies (or brotherhoods). Apparently, women once did have their own secret societies, but in a much limited number as researchers in this field tell us. Born in the era of feminism, the frustration and envy toward such ďapartheid viewĒ since the dawn of civilization started in me when I first read in our schoolís history books about one of the most ancient religions - or more strictly speaking, cults Ė of the world, that is Mithraism. -Roya Monajem, Tehran - 10/26/06

Iran Sanctions Resolution Faces Slow Going At UN
The attempt by the United States and European powers to impose U.N. sanctions on Iran for its nuclear activities is running into obstacles. Even the strongest backers of a proposed sanctions resolution disagree about how tough it should be. -VOA - 10/26/06

Government bans daily for getting political
Reporters Without Borders today said it was appalled by the Press Surveillance Commission's decision to ban the pro-reform newspaper Rouzegar (Time), which had just increased its print run and expressed a desire to cover political issues after being reinforced by an influx of journalists from the banned daily Shargh. - 10/26/06

The strategic case for talking with Iran
Iraq and Iran are not separate issues. The United States cannot address the morass in Iraq without seeing it in a regional context and recognizing the painful truth that the strategic winner in the Iraq war is Iran. -CSM - 10/26/06

Storm in the Persian Gulf
In the face of the growing US/Israeli threat, Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called for Muslim unity, according to a BBC report. His call is in response to the US-led naval exercises in the Persian Gulf which are allegedly for the purpose of intercepting ships carrying weapons of mass destruction and missiles. -Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 10/26/06

IFJ and Middle Eastern Journalists Seek "Fast-Track" Procedure for Media to Combat Visa Obstacles
The International Federation of Journalists and the Federation of Arab Journalists have condemned the increasing bureaucratic hurdles being placed in the way of entry by Middle Eastern journalists and media staff into countries of the European Union. - 10/26/06

Iraq: Mecca Charter Unlikely To Stem Sectarian Violence
Last week, approximately 50 Iraqi religious leaders signed a text in the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia in the hopes that it would lead to the end the sectarian bloodshed that has been raging in Iraq for eight months. -RFE - 10/26/06

Iran daily to resume publication as of Saturday
The Persian-language morning daily, Iran, will resume publication on Saturday. Iran was closed down by the Press Supervisory Board on May 23 after publishing a satirical cartoon which angered the Azari people. -IRNA - 10/26/06

1st ECO interior ministers meeting due in Tehran
The ECO members include Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. -IRNA - 10/26/06

Iran charged over Argentina bomb
The Iranian government and Lebanese militia group Hezbollah have been formally charged over the 1994 bombing of a Jewish centre in Buenos Aires. -BBC - 10/26/06

Quake hits Sandark in southern Iran
An earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale hit outskirts of the city of Sandark in the southern province of Hormuzgan Thursday morning. -IRNA - 10/26/06

U.S., European Allies at Odds on Terms of Iran Resolution
The Bush administration supports the Europeans' broad aims of sanctioning Tehran for refusing to halt nuclear activities. But the White House declined to endorse a European-backed draft resolution, fearing it would be too weak to constrain Iran from developing nuclear weapons, U.S. and European diplomats said. -Washington Post - 10/26/06

Millions For Millions
Over the Labor Day weekend of 1995, a ponytailed, bearded young software engineer named Pierre Omidyar wrote a code that enabled people to buy and sell items on the Internet. -New Yorker - 10/26/06

Dead woman painting
Delara Darabi is awaiting execution in Iran. But that hasn't stopped the young artist staging an exhibition to protest her innocence, writes Robert Tait -Guardian - 10/26/06

The Mid-Term Elections And Iranian American Interests: Analysis Of The House
Analysts are speculating that the House and Senate are up for grabs this year and that the results of the midterm elections will reflect the first major upheaval in Congress since the 1994 Republican Revolution. -NIAC - 10/26/06

A tourist in space becomes a star in Iran
Iranians hailed the recent voyage of the first woman to go into space as a private explorer, an Iranian- American, with two jokes that circulated widely on cellphone. Muslim clerics, went the first, were refusing to look into the sky for the moon so that they could announce the beginning of Ramadan because they feared seeing the amateur astronaut without her veil. -New York Times - 10/26/06

Isfahan to Host the First Festival of Purebred Persian Horses
The first show to introduce Persian horses will be held in the city of Isfahan under the title of "Myths of Elegance." -CHN - 10/26/06

Sa'di - A True Persian Heritage
When we got married last year, for my dowry I asked for five roses and a complete book of SaĎdi. Since childhood, listening to radio on Friday nights to a program called Moshaere,[1] I became familiar with poetry, poems and poets. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 10/25/06

Iran's Foreign Ministry summons ambassadors of Belgium, Finland over terrorist MKO
Following an invitation extended to the president of the terrorist Mujaheddin Khalq Organization (MKO), Maryam Rajavi, to visit and speak before the Belgian Senate, the ambassadors of Belgium and Finland in Tehran were summoned by the Iranian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday. -IRNA - 10/25/06

Iran: Expert Says Current U.S. Approach 'Not Fruitful'
U.S. energy-security expert Flynt Leverett is an experienced voice on Middle East affairs, having formerly served as a U.S. National Security Council adviser on that region. Leverett, who is now director of the New America Foundation's Geopolitics and Energy Security Project, spoke on October 24 with Radio Farda about U.S. efforts to discourage Iran's nuclear ambitions. - 10/25/06

US Azerbaijanis Work to Keep Traditions Alive
The modern state of Azerbaijan is just 15 years old, but the country, a part of the former Soviet Union, has maintained its distinctive traditions. Azerbaijani Americans are working to keep alive their culture and help others understand the nation's problems and potential. Mike O'Sullivan spoke with Azerbaijani Americans who attended a recent conference in Los Angeles. -VOA - 10/25/06

Discontented Iranians have found a place to call home
At least 300,000 of the UAE's 2.6-million people are Iranians who've moved here for greater business opportunities and freedom from the hard-line policies that made their own country part of President Bush's "axis of evil." -St. Petersburg Times - 10/25/06

Iran to expand nuclear enrichment
Iran says it has taken further steps in developing its nuclear programme. A report carried by the Iranian student news agency, Isna, says it has installed a second centrifuge cascade for uranium enrichment. -BBC - 10/25/06

US Audit: Administrative Costs Swallow 50 Percent of Iraq Reconstruction Funds
A report on reconstruction in Iraq says up to half of the money paid to U.S. government contractors goes to administrative costs rather than actual building work. -VOA - 10/25/06

Iranian dissident says oil more important for the West than human rights
Akbar Ganji, a leading Iranian dissident on Tuesday accused the West of ignoring human rights questions in exchange for stronger trade relations with Tehran, a strategy he said has harmed democratic forces in the country. -AP - 10/25/06

India to host meeting on Afghanistan next month
India will host next month a crucial conference of countries contributing to reconstruction and development of Afghanistan. Foreign ministers of 18 countries, including those of the US, UK, France, Pakistan and Iran, are expected to attend the two-day conference from November 18 that will be inaugurated by Afghan President Hamid Karzai -IRNA - 10/25/06

Syamak Moattari's Green Legacy
When Syamak Moattari was a medical student 17 years ago, he and three fellow students were worried about pollution in the city where they lived and the mountains where they went hiking. Article 50 of the Iranian constitution prohibits activities that harm the environment, but Iranians, they felt, didnít know enough about the problems. They set up the Green Front of Iran (GFI) in 1989 to make people aware of environmental issues. -Parsa - 10/25/06

Iran: Tehran Watches As North Korea Tests Global Resolve
The government in Tehran may be learning some unfortunate lessons as it watches the international community react to North Korea's recent nuclear test, Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) President and former UN weapons inspector David Albright says. Albright spoke to Radio Farda correspondent Fatemeh Aman. - 10/25/06

Iranian Human Rights Groups Want Investigation Of Evin Prison
Four Iranian human rights organizations have called on the United Nations and other human-rights bodies and organizations to send an independent delegation to investigate the situation in section 209 of Tehran's notorious Evin prison. -RFE - 10/25/06

Iranian Activists Call For End To Practice Of Stoning
Women's rights activists in Iran have called on the head of the country's conservative judiciary and the parliament to end the stoning to death of convicted adulterers. Iran was said to have introduced a moratorium on stonings in 2002, under pressure from the European Union. But activists accuse judges of perpetuating the practice. -RFE - 10/25/06

WHAT IS MISSING IN BAM: General impressions of a short trip to Bam
Last month I revisited Bam after almost two years. Lots had happened and yet there was so much that was still the same. As we drove through the streets of Bam and villages nearby, I was taken aback that despite the fact that so many people have put so much effort and so much money has been spent, there was not enough to show for it, and besides that it seemed to me that something was missing. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 10/24/06

'Letters from Tentland': 'Return to Sender'
Only three percent of the world's population are migrants. But the world of the rich has a problem with this minority. Their escape from a settled existence at home towards an uncertain future does not exactly elicit increased hospitality. Inbetween the law and police practice, they flutter like tents in the wind. - 10/24/06

When the National Security Council met to discuss Iraq earlier this month, in Washington, the sense of urgency was palpable. The director of national intelligence described the deterioration of security in Baghdad and Basra; the Iraqi Army was near collapse, he said, and another explosion of sectarian violence was imminent. -New Yorker - 10/24/06

UN nuclear chief meets Rice, calls for talks with North Korea and Iran
The head of the United Nations atomic watchdog met today with United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Washington to discuss the nuclear programmes of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and Iran, shortly after calling for talks with both countries. - 10/24/06

Moves toward War with Iran: Part 2
In my first article, I set out why I think an American attack on Iran is likely. Now I will show what steps are being taken to prepare for that event. -William R. Polk, HNN - 10/24/06

Iran announces three-day holiday on Eid al-Fitr
The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced Monday a three-day holiday in Iran on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr marking the end of the holy month of Ramazan. -IRNA - 10/24/06

Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2006: North Korea, Turkmenistan, Eritrea the worst violators of press freedom
France, the United States and Japan slip further; Mauritania and Haiti gain much ground - 10/24/06

US joint maneuvers in Persian Gulf dangerous: source
An informed source in Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has described the US military maneuvers next week in cooperation with Bahrain and Kuwait as dangerous - 10/24/06

Iran Reportedly Expanding Nuclear Program
Iran is reported to be expanding its nuclear enrichment program even as major powers work to draw up sanctions against Tehran. Diplomats in Vienna, insisting on anonymity, have told news agencies that Iran has tested a second enrichment facility. The sources say the test was a dry run and did not actually produce enriched uranium. -VOA - 10/24/06

Agenda set for Mayor's Summit on Race, Culture, Human Relations
Majid Naini, a world renowned scholar and expert on a 13th-century mystic who advocated world peace, will be among the speakers during the sixth-annual Mayor's Summit on Race, Culture and Human Relations in Tallahassee, Florida. - - 10/24/06

Iran's crude price tops almost dlrs 54.61 on average
Iran's crude was sold for about dlrs 54.61 a barrel on average on October 20, according to an statement by National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). -IRNA - 10/24/06

Energy: Russian Expert Addresses Europe's Security Concerns
Russia is playing an ever-larger role in global energy politics -- from Europe to Central Asia to Iran. Yelena Telegina, a member of the board of the Association of Russian Crude Oil Exporters and former board chairwoman of Rosneft, spoke with RFE/RL correspondents Claire Bigg and Breffni O' Rourke about these issues and more. - 10/24/06

Supreme Leader invites Muslims to unity, resistance, vigilance
A large groups of people took part in the Eid-ul-Fitr congregational prayers, led by Khamenei at Tehran's Mossalla prayers ground on Tuesday. The worshipers braved rainfall and the cloudy weather to attend the prayers after a month-long fasting. -IRNA - 10/24/06

The Political Economy of U.S. Militarism, an absolute must-read book by Ismael Hossein-zadeh
It is a difficult task to write a succinct review of a book such as Ismael Hossein-Zadeh has produced, and do justice to its critical pertinence in the daily lives of every American. But its relevance even to each occupant of planet Earth cannot, and should not, be dismissed or underestimated, for to do so is an invitation to the disaster so eloquently implied and presaged by its content. -Gabriel E. Travesser - 10/24/06

Marjane Satrapi's "Persepolis" Soon an All Star Cast Animated film Co-Produced by Spielberg's Associate Kathleen Kennedy
Marjan Satrapi's International best-selling comic book series Persepolis: The story of a childhood Satrapi's autobiography is the story of a young girl's life under the Islamic Revolution. Descended from the Royal Qajar family, Satrapi is nine when fundamentalist rebels overthrow the Last Shah of Iran. -Darius KADIVAR - 10/24/06

Oil, Nuclear Power, and Iran: A Lesson in Opportunity Cost
Imagine that you have an oil well that contains enough oil to supply annually three times the amount you would ever want to use in a year. Suppose that one of your main current uses of oil is to generate electric power for your ranch. Would you want to buy electric power from someone else, power that is generated by burning some other fuel, or, possibly, made by a nuclear reactor? -David R. Henderson - 10/23/06

Rumi, Poet of Love and Justice
Nearly 8 centuries ago, on Sep. 30, 1206, a person was born in Balkh, then part of Persia, who came to make great contributions to the Persian and world literature. A great poet and mystic whose name will always shine on the pages of history: Rumi -CHN - 10/23/06

Cries from the heart: History of torture and abuse of women in Iranian prisons
It has been almost a year since I was in Iran. The numerous articles that I have written since show my fascination with my country of birth and all that I witnessed during my trip-as is true of many of us who return. While going to meet old friends for a sort of reunion, friends who had come from all over the world in the summer of 1384/2005, I stopped to buy big, juicy and blood red-colored shahtoot (mulberries) from a standing truck for our hosts. -Fariba Amini - 10/23/06

Iran Suspends Publication Of New Moderate Daily Ruzgar
Iran's state media watchdog has suspended the publication of a new moderate daily, "Ruzgar." Most of "Ruzgar's" staffers are former employees of the leading reformist daily "Shargh," which was shut down in September. -RFE - 10/23/06

"Tears of Cold" wins best film award at Mountain Film Festival in Germany
An Iranian film won the best film award in the 4th edition of Mountain film festival in Germany. "Tears of Cold" has been represented in 19 international film festivals up to now and has won six international awards. -ISNA - 10/23/06

Buried Safavid City Awaits Excavations
Experts believe that archeological excavations in Haft Daghnan would result in unearthing the biggest city belonging to the Safavid era which will turn it into a tourism destination. -CHN - 10/23/06

Russian FM: No definite proposal on Iran presented to UNSC
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said here Monday that no definite proposal on Iran's nuclear issue has been presented to the United Nations Security Council and that neither is any discussion on the matter currently underway. -IRNA - 10/23/06

Iran Forum: Bomb..., or Path out of Crisis: Forum in Portland, Oregon
Participants include: William Beeman, author of ďThe ĎGreat Sataní vs. the ĎMad Mullahsí Ė How the United States and Iran Demonize Each Other.Ē Abbas Maleki, former Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran and director general of the International Institute for Caspian Studies. Soheila Vahdati, a Human Rights advocate and researcher. Rostam Pourzal, a journalist and human rights activist in Washington, DC. Ronault Latang Sayang Catalani ('Polo'), author of "talking-stories." -CASMII - 10/23/06

Persian & Turkish Improvisations at Lake Superior State University's Arts Center
Following the tremendous success of the Indo-Persian Ghazal Ensemble, the initiator of that project, Kayhan Kalhor, has begun a new association with Turkish musician Erdal ErzinÁan. - 10/23/06

Quakes hit northwestern, southern cities in Iran
Two earthquakes measuring 4.3 and 3.6 degrees on the Richter scale jolted the cities of Zavieh and Bandar Genaveh in the northwestern and southern provinces of West Azarbaijan and Bushehr Sunday night and early Monday, respectively. -IRNA - 10/23/06

Hubble-bubble brings toil and trouble in Iran smoking purge
For centuries its rich aromas and ornate design have formed an integral part of Persian culture. But now the hubble-bubble, or water pipe, is set to disappear from Iran's traditional restaurants and tea-houses as part of a stringent anti-smoking drive by the government. -Guardian - 10/23/06

Iran leader backs larger families
Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said he disagrees with the idea that two children are enough, local newspapers and news agencies report. This is despite the fact his country has one of the most successful family planning programmes in the Middle East. -BBC - 10/23/06

The Lobby, Unmasked: The AIPAC spy scandal has many tentacles
While it may be in questionable taste to celebrate at this time of national disaster, with Iraq falling to pieces and the security of the United States compromised as never before, one can't help but savor this delicious moment as the neoconservatives fall from their formerly dizzying heights. - 10/23/06

How Iraq Came Home to Haunt America
For months doubts over Iraq have risen along with the death toll. Last week a tipping point was reached as political leaders in Washington and London began openly to think the unthinkable: that the war was lost -Observer - 10/23/06

US Lawmakers Urge Direct US-North Korea Talks
"You have Iran, wants to be part of the nuclear club," he said. "North Korea wants to pound its chest. Well, let's talk to them. The issue is serious enough with North Korea, with their having nuclear weapons and the capacity to deliver them, that I think we ought to use every alternative, including direct bilateral talks." -VOA - 10/23/06

Iran: Larijani warns westerners of any harsh approach
"If westerners take harsh approaches, their practice will not be much effective, rather this will make the Islamic Republic of Iran more determined to continue with its nuclear activities," said Iran's top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani in an interview with reporters after meeting Georgian Foreign Minister Gela Bezhuashvili. -IRNA - 10/23/06

Suspension of uranium enrichment could be outcome of talks: Iranian official
Whereas the Islamic Republic has always emphasized the need for dialogue and compromise, the 5+1 group has apparently chosen the path of sanctions, which will make the situation more tense, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said in Tehran on Sunday. -MNA - 10/23/06 Iranian art today
" - Iranian Art today" is one of the most extensive exhibitions of contemporary Iranian art shown in Germany in the last few years. Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and by the Department of Foreign Affairs - 10/23/06

Iran's economic growth to reach 5.8% by yearend: Central Bank director
Nation's economic growth index is expected to reach 5.8% by yearend (Iranian year ending March 20, 2007). The country's economic growth was set at 4.5% last year. -MNA - 10/22/06

Iranian cartoonist wins Golden Smile award for Shell Silverstein cartoon
An Iranian cartoonist won the second award of the Belgrade "Golden Smile" Cartoon competition in Serbia. The Iranian cartoonist, Shahrokh Heydari won the silver medal, an honor diploma and a cash prize of 400 Euros for his cartoon that pictured Shell Silverstein. -ISNA - 10/22/06

Mokarrameh Ghanbari house issued as national heritage and museum in Iran
Iranian heuristic and self made Persian painter and winner of International Talent Prizes, the belated Mokarrameh Ghanbari's house was officially issued as a national heritage and museum. -ISNA - 10/22/06

Justifying War with Iran: A False Strategy for Nuclear Nonproliferation
Six nations have been most frequently mentioned in discussions of nuclear non-proliferation in recent years. Four are known to have nuclear weapons and do not allow U.N. inspections of active nuclear weapon sites. Israel's nuclear stockpile is an open secret. India and Pakistan both have nuclear weapons; they conducted highly publicized nuclear tests in 1998, creating a very tense moment between the rivals. This month, North Korea tested a nuclear device. -Common Dreams - 10/22/06

US Public Wants "New Approach" on Foreign Policy
More than 70 percent of the U.S. public, including nearly half of self-identified Republicans, say they prefer candidates for Congress in the Nov. 7 mid-term elections who will pursue a "new approach" to U.S. foreign policy, according to a new survey released here Friday by the Programme on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA). -IPA - 10/22/06

Iran's Agriculture jihad minister survives Majlis impeachment
Agriculture Jihad Minister Mohammad-Reza Eskandari Sunday received parliament's vote of confidence, in an impeachment motion brought up for mismanagement in his office. -IRNA - 10/22/06

Iraq: Shi'ite Militia Continues To Pose Dilemma
The last few weeks have seen intense activity within the Iraqi Interior Ministry to clear its ranks of rogue elements, criminals, and officers linked with death squads, but the ministry's inability to rein in the militias, particularly that led by radical Shi'ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, continues to be the most contentious issue. -RFE - 10/22/06

Two foreign oil companies seek Iran cooperation
The Russian LUKOIL and the Kazakhstan Oil companies have offered Iran North Drilling Company (NDC) to cooperate with them in their activities in oilfields of the Caspian Sea. -MNA - 10/22/06

Iran takes hold of African Volvo market
Iran's Saipa Diesel Co. export manager stated that the Volvo Company has given the entire share of the African market to Iran. Iran is the world's fourth Volvo truck manufacturer with the annual manufacture of 10 thousand and 900 trucks per year. -ISNA - 10/22/06

Seven in Ten Americans Favor Congressional Candidates Who Will Pursue a Major Change in Foreign Policy
A Majority Supports Direct Talks with North Korea and Iran. U.S. Public Wants Less Emphasis on Military Force, More on Working Through U.N. -The Program on International Policy Attitudes - 10/22/06

Iranian Dissident Ali-Akbar Mussavi Khoini Released On Bail
Former Iranian MP and reformist Ali-Akbar Mussavi Khoini has been released on bail, according to Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA). Khoini was arrested during a women's rights gathering on June 12 in Tehran - 10/22/06

Iran to finalize Tupolev purchase within a month
Iran Air (HOMA) chief, Saeed Hesami said that his company has pledged to conclude the purchase contract of some five Tupolev 204 (T-204) aircraft from Russia within a month. -MNA - 10/21/06

Iran calls up 11 lifters for Asian Games
Iran Saturday summoned 11 weightlifters to prepare for the 15th Asian Games in the Qatari capital Doha. -MNA - 10/21/06

Rising Israeli-Palestinian Tensions
Since Hamas' victory in January's Palestinian parliamentary elections, Israel and the West have isolated the Islamist government. But that strategy, most analysts contend, has intensified violence in the region. -VOA - 10/21/06

Iranian play at Vatslav Havel 70th birthday
The Play "Kiss you and Tears" written by Mohammad Charmshir and directed by Mohammad Aghebati was preformed in Germany for celebrating the Czech philosopher, Vatslav Havel 70th birthday. -ISNA - 10/21/06

AFGHANISTAN: Five years after the Taliban, Afghans take stock
With the fifth anniversary of the initial defeat of the Taliban in Afghanistan approaching, Afghans are asking themselves how far the country has come in the intervening period. -IRIN - 10/21/06

Iran Invites New Nuclear Talks With Europe
Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki (file photo) Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki told reporters Saturday Tehran sees no logic to suspending uranium enrichment. He said Iran has the right to enrich uranium because of its membership in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. He added that Tehran is ready to discuss the reasons for its actions. - 10/21/06

Iranian Daily Back On Sale, Minus Political News
A new moderate Iranian daily, "Ruzgar," was published again today after being pulled from newsstands on October 19 after receiving warnings from the Culture Ministry that it cannot cover political news. - 10/21/06

Russia Opposed To UN Sanctions Against Iran
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Moscow opposes any attempt to use the UN Security Council to punish Iran for its disputed nuclear program. - 10/21/06

Daimler Chrysler turns over shares in Iran Benz
Daimler Chrysler after various negotiations has decided to turn over all its shares of Iran's Benz to Iran Khodro. -ISNA - 10/21/06

Iran: Executive Branch Seeks To Extend Control As Local Elections Near
Iranian voters were enthusiastic about the country's first local-council elections almost eight years ago, but lower voter turnout in 2003 suggested waning interest. Disappointment arguably has stemmed from unmet expectations as limited powers and access to resources hampered the councils' work. -RFE - 10/20/06

Ahmadinejad: UN Security Council's Iran Nuclear Decisions Illegitimate
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has reiterated that Iran will not abandon its right to nuclear technology, and calls U.N. Security Council decisions about its nuclear program "illegitimate." -VOA - 10/20/06

Visual arts festival featuring horses
The Niavaran Palace in northern Tehran is playing host to a visual arts festival on horses, the organizer announced here on Thursday. The event highlights the status and role of the horse in Iranian life and also provides a chance for artists to create works on the theme of the animal. -MNA - 10/20/06

Former Iranian Lawmakers Call For Activist's Release
Some 80 former Iranian reformist lawmakers are calling for the release of one of their colleagues, Ali Akbar Musavi Khoeini, who has been in jail since June 12. - 10/20/06

OPEC to Cut Daily Oil Production
OPEC has agreed to cut oil production in an effort to stop a sharp slide in world petroleum prices. After a hastily called meeting in Doha, the international oil cartel OPEC agreed to cut output by 1.2 million barrels a day. -VOA - 10/20/06

Book on Iranian conjoined twin Laleh and Ladan published
The book "The Pain of Alliance" is available in Iran's market to revive Iranian people's grief over death of Iranian conjoined twin sisters Laleh and Ladan upon receiving surgical separation in 2003. -MNA - 10/20/06

2006 I.F.W.C. 8th Annual Art & Culture Scholarship Fundraising Gala
Proceeds from this dinner and program will assist the goals of the Iranian Federated Womenís Club Art & Cultural Scholarship Fund. The fund provides the needed support for outstanding Iranian students who are in need of financial help. - 10/20/06

Asylum Rights Granted to Lesbian and Gay Iranians in Netherlands
In a major policy shift, the Dutch government's recognition that lesbian and gay Iranians are a "special group" facing persecution at home and deserving protection in the Netherlands sets an example for other European states of their legal responsibility not to return people to the risk of torture, ill-treatment or execution, Human Rights Watch said today. - 10/20/06

Understanding Iran
The latest standoff between the United States and Iran over the countryís nuclear program highlights how estranged the two countries have become in recent decades. -Rehan Rafay Jamil, Common Ground - 10/20/06

Majidi plans to make film on Kashmiri children
Iranian director Majid Majidi announced on Thursday that his next film would be about Kashmiri children. -MNA - 10/20/06

Iranian graphic novelist presents her recent works
The Center for Bilingual/Bicultural Studies will present an evening with Iranian graphic novelist Marjane Satrapi on Oct. 23 in the Stata Center's Kirsch Auditorium at 7 p.m. At MIT, Satrapi will discuss her newest work, "Chicken With Plums." The book tells the story of her great-uncle, a celebrated Iranian musician who gave up his life for music and love. - 10/20/06

Bollywood seeks passage to Iran
Until the Islamic revolution in 1979, Iran was the biggest market of Bollywood films outside India. But Hindi films now reach Iranian audiences only through the state-run television network. -Daily News & Analysis, India - 10/20/06

Hosseini Freed From Detention
Disappeared in America reported on Hosseini's case in an article published three days prior to his release: The Department of Homeland Security had accused Hosseini of having ties to the Iranian dissident group Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), which the US designated as a terrorist organization in 1997. -NCM - 10/20/06

Iran 'blocks Israel soldier deal'
Israel's ambassador to the UN has accused Iran of paying Hamas $50m to block the release of an Israeli soldier captured by Palestinian militants. -BBC - 10/20/06

Iran warns of revenge over Israel
Iran's president has warned that Muslims around the world will take revenge on states who supported Israel against the Palestinians. -BBC - 10/20/06

U.S. Sends Warships to Iran, Pre-Election Attack Possible
Even as North Korea conducted a nuclear weapons test, setting-off worldwide condemnation, the Bush administration had deployed a naval strike group to the Straits of Hormuz off the Iranian coast. The war ships, scheduled to arrive in the Straits on Oct. 21, include the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier U.S.S. Eisenhower, a cruiser, destroyer, frigate, submarine and supply ship. -Between The Lines - 10/20/06

Release the Iran NIE! and Hoaxster Hoekstra
According to former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, writing in the October 9th edition of the American Conservative magazine, the Bush administration is withholding a new CIA National Intelligence Estimate on Iran. -Antiwar - 10/20/06

On The Politics of Iran Get Personal
This passage was written yesterday for the Chronicle of Higher Education Journal, where in its Oct 13 issue, Professor Hamid Dabashi of Columbia objectively criticizes with civility, and not necessarily with humility, Professor Azar Nafisi of Johns Hopkins and her book Lolitta in Tehran. His thesis is basically not to appease to the outsiders as elements of the Indian society did to the British in the 19th century -David N. Rahni - 10/20/06

A lovely Friday in Tajrish
Those who live in Tehran know well what and where Tajrish is. It used to be, and still is, a center to all destinations in the north of Tehran, places like Farmanieh, Azjodanieh, Darband, Niavaran, Chizdar and so on. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 10/20/06

The Thirteenth Annual Boston Festival of Films from Iran
Our most extensive showcase ever of contemporary Iranian cinema starts with Ceasefire, previous ILEX award winner Tamineh Milani's hit comedy on Fri, Nov 10 at 7:45 pm. This eighteen-film festival ends with an equally exciting program: the US premiere of Niki Karimi's second feature, A Few Days Later..., a stunningly on-target look at the difficult life of an artistic woman in an overpaced world. -Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - 10/19/06

Six Iranian journalists arrested in past week
Reporters Without Borders today condemned the arrests of six journalists in the past week and called for the release of all journalists detained in Iran. - 10/19/06

Poets to compete for Simorgh at Fajr International Poetry Festival in Tehran
Tehran will play host to the first Fajr International Poetry Festival in January 2007. The Poetry and Music High Council of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance ratified the plan on October 16. - 10/19/06

Parvin Etesami's house becomes national heritage site
Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) declared on Wednesday that the house of contemporary Iranian poet, Parvin Etesami, has been registered as a national monument. -IRNA - 10/19/06

Tehran to Host International Summit on Jiroft Civilization
An international summit introducing the great civilization of Jiroft will be held next January in Tehran. This international gathering, attended by Iranian and foreign experts, tour guiders and tourism agencies, will also seek to bring to light the tourism attractions of Jiroft. -CHN - 10/19/06

Iranian homosexuals may stay in the Netherlands
Dutch Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk will in future grant residence status to homosexual asylum seekers from Iran. Up until now, asylum cases had been evaluated on an individual basis to see whether the person concerned would be at risk of persecution in their country of origin. -Radio Netherlands - 10/19/06

Iranian Men in Beverly Hills Arrested for Violating Embargo Against Iran
Two Iranian men have been arrested on federal charges of violating the US embargo against Iran in 2005, according to a statement released by US Attorney Jeffrey A. Taylor -TCV News - 10/19/06

Message Of An Iranian To American people
I am an Iranian activist who is outraged by the big lies of the Bush regime that has led this country to invade Iraq, wiretap its citizens and make torture legal under the so-called ďWar on Terrorism.Ē -Borhan Azemi, CounterCurrent - 10/19/06

Iran ranks 19th in global power generation capacity
Managing director of Iran's Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Company (Tavanir) Wednesday said that Iran ranks 19th in the world in terms of power generation. Iran's capacity in power generation has reached 42,000 megawatts making it the top country in the Middle East -IRNA - 10/19/06

Iran and the Hardliners: The Politics of Fear
The recently released staff report on Iran issued by the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee and the new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on global terrorism conclude that the threats to U.S. national security are grave and increasing. -Counterpunch - 10/19/06

"Cold War Shivers": War Preparations in the Middle East and Central Asia
It is essential that people across America and around the World take cognizance of the dangers of a Middle East war directed against Iran and act decisively to challenge the US military agenda and reverse the tide of war. -Global Research - 10/19/06

EU Supports Gradual Sanctions Against Iran
The European Union has said that it backs gradual international sanctions against Iran's nuclear program after Tehran rejected conditions to reopen negotiations. -RFE - 10/19/06

Iraqi Endgame Approaching, Bush Ready or Not
The signs of eroding support for Bush's "stay-the-course" strategy are virtually everywhere in Washington, where senior Republicans, such as the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, John Warner, are moving into open revolt against what they see as a rapidly deteriorating situation and Bush's bullheadedness in still believing that Iraq will somehow become a model for democratic transformation in the Middle East. -IPS - 10/19/06

Iran Limits Internet Speeds
Internet service providers (ISPs) in Iran have started implementing a government order to reduce the speed of Internet access to homes and cafes. - 10/19/06

Talking to the enemy
Even the mightiest army in the world cannot change the facts about Iraq's borders or the religious affiliations of its people. -Dilip Hiro, Guardian - 10/19/06

Experts tell Senate: US pushing Iran into China's sphere of influence
"We have seen how the absence of a US-Iran dialogue has gradually made things worse and worse. This trend can only be reversed through direct talks," remarked Trita Parsi, President of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) at a panel briefing for Senate staff. -NIAC - 10/19/06

Iran: End Ban on Access to Higher Education
Human Rights Watch called on Iran to immediately revoke bans on students from attending university because they hold political beliefs not to the government's liking, and to allow registered students to exercise their rights to freedom of expression and association. - 10/19/06

New Wold Order & the Economic Man
Once a week, I watch the American CBS TV program: the 60 minutes. This time part of the program was about the latest fad among some teenagers: beating homeless people, some resulting in death. The reporters had obtained the footage of a security camera which showed how four young men beat an unfortunate homeless man for fun. -Abbas Bakhtiar, Norway - 10/19/06

17th Annual Festival of Films from Iran at The Gene Siskel Film Center
The Gene Siskel Film Center welcomes you to the 17th Annual Festival of Films from Iran, September 30 through October 29. One of the major showcases for new Iranian cinema in the Western world, this year's festival presents thirteen features, all Chicago premieres. - 10/18/06

Iranian students design drone plane
Iranian university students have succeeded in designing a drone plane. A research team of nine students of the Mechanics College of Isfahan University managed to win the first place by designing a drone plane, in an inner competition among 20 other Iranian university research teams. -ISNA - 10/18/06

IRAQ: Death toll survey provokes controversy
Conducted by Johns Hopkins University in the US in conjunction with Mustansiriyah University in Iraq, the study was published on 11 October in the Lancet, a respected British medical journal. The survey contended that more than 600,000 Iraqis have been killed since 2003 as a result of the war Ė a far higher death toll than other previous estimates. -IRIN - 10/18/06

EU Backs Limited Sanctions on Iran
The European Union has decided to back limited sanctions against Iran's nuclear program following months of inconclusive negotiations. From Paris, Lisa Bryant the EU's decision Tuesday is influenced by North Korea's nuclear bomb test last week. -VOA - 10/18/06

The War in Afghanistan: Drugs, Money Laundering and the Banking System
The landlocked state of Afghanistan sits at the crossroads of Central Asia, the Indian sub-continent, and the Middle East. It is geo-strategically and economically important for a number of reasons. -Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Global Research - 10/18/06

Reports Say Iranian Azeri Journalist Jailed
Reports from Azerbaijan's capital Baku say a court in neighboring Iran has sentenced Azeri journalist Reza Abbasi to one year in prison for insulting state officials and conducting antigovernment propaganda. -REF - 10/18/06

The North Korea Effect
Two factors have altered the politics of the Bush administrationís confrontation with Iran: the North Korean nuclear test and the deteriorating situation in Iraq. -TomPaine - 10/18/06

Iran: Rafsanjani Revelations Undermine Pro-Presidential Forces
As Iran gears up for important elections in December, members of the countryís political elite are focusing on domestic politics. -Eurasianet - 10/18/06

Iran to produce Hepatitis B vaccine
Iran is to produce Hepatitis B vaccine which will hit the market by March 2007, Deputy Health Minister Hossein Malek-Afzali said here on Tuesday. -MNA - 10/18/06

Angel of Peckham's gift of giving
Camila Batmanghelidjh has won the UK's Women of the Year 2006 award, which honours those who show bravery, compassion and try to improve the lives of others. -BBC - 10/18/06

Photos: Working women in rural Iran
In Iranian villages, women help out with the farm work, as well as keeping the house and raising children. Mazandaran, northern Iran. Photograph by Babak Borzouyeh. -BBC - 10/18/06

US opens Iran basketball inquiry
US treasury officials are investigating whether American basketball players who were paid to play for Iranian teams have violated US sanctions. -BBC - 10/18/06

New Film One Night With The King Tells Story of Biblical Heroine Esther
The story from the Book of Esther in the Bible was set in ancient Persia, modern-day Iran, but the tale is universal, says producer Matthew Crouch. It is the story of Jewish girl named Hadassah who marries the King of Persia, becoming known as Queen Esther. She bravely thwarts a plot to kill the Jewish people. -VOA - 10/18/06

Iranian Budget Overseer Pans Decentralization Plan
The head of the agency that oversees provincial budgets has asked President Mahmud Ahmadinejad to reverse a move to dramatically expand local control over spending, Iran's semi-official news agency Mehr reported today. - 10/18/06

Iran: Debate heats up over restructuring of Management and Planning Organization
On Monday, Ahmadinejad issued a directive, according to which the MPO office of every province should be affiliated to the provincial governor general's office in a bid to decentralize and expedite the development of the provinces. -MNA - 10/18/06

Foreign researchers invited to observe Royana cloning process
Research delegates from foreign countries have been invited to observe the process of cloning a lamb in Iran, director of the International Affairs Department of the Royan Institute Reza Samani said in Tehran on Tuesday. -MNA - 10/18/06

Iran joins Peugeot-Citroen spare part suppliers
"We have contacted 100 Iranian spare part producers and have evaluated the works of 53 producers and have reached this conclusion that one third of them have the ability to export," Peugeot-Citroen's purchase deputy told ISNA. - 10/18/06

Scott Ritter on "Target Iran: The Truth About the White Houseís Plans for Regime ChangeĒ
Scott Ritter served from 1991 to 1998 as a United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq in the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM). His new book is, "Target Iran: The Truth About the White Houseís Plans for Regime Change." His previous book is "Iraq Confidential." -Democracy Now - 10/18/06

Does 'Axis of Evil' Have Practical Effect on International Landscape
North Korea, which recently conducted an underground nuclear test, and Iran, which is accused of harboring nuclear weapons ambitions are the remaining governments in what President Bush once labeled the "axis of evil." What practical effect did that designation have on the international landscape? -VOA - 10/17/06

Iranian Film, Afghan Music Delight Eyes and Ears
Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts "The Splendor of Islamic Art" -Washington File - 10/17/06

Iran exports soft drinks to North American continent
"Iran has exported some 9,000 liters of mineral water and churned sour milk to Canada during last month," said Iran Export Confederation vice president, Seyyed Reza Nurani here on Tuesday. -MNA - 10/17/06

Osirak Redux? Assessing Israeli Capabilities to Destroy Iranian Nuclear Facilities
This paper discusses the prospects of an Israeli airstrike to disable Iran's nuclear facilities. The authors examine Israel's strategic and tactical options and give an insight on which weapons systems could be used. The paper also assesses Iran's capabilities to defend itself against such an attack. The authors conclude that Israel's defense forces would have the capability to launch a strike on Iran's nuclear weapons program. -MIT - 10/17/06

Pakistanís Baluch insurgency
Serious troubles have erupted in the Pakistan province of Baluchistan since the assassination of an opposition leader in August. Pressure for independence is growing in this region bordering Iran and Afghanistan, which challenges Pakistanís authority. -Le Monde diplomatique - 10/17/06

Iran: Four armed bandits arrested on road in Kerman Province
police official said here that four armed bandits were arrested en-route Rigan-Kousha Road in Kerman Province Monday morning. -IRNA - 10/17/06

America Moves Toward War with Iran
After careful study of recent moves and statements by the Bush Administration, I have concluded that there is at least a 10% chance of an American attack on Iran before the November 7 Congressional elections and about a 90% chance before the administrationís end in 2008. -History News Network - 10/17/06

Bush's Nuclear Apocalypse
The aircraft carrier Eisenhower, accompanied by the guided-missile cruiser USS Anzio, guided-missile destroyer USS Ramage, guided-missile destroyer USS Mason and the fast-attack submarine USS Newport News, is, as I write, making its way to the Straits of Hormuz off Iran. -Axis of Logic - 10/17/06

Iran leader in Bush 'Satan' claim
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has reportedly delivered a scathing attack on US President George W Bush, saying he is inspired by Satan. -BBC - 10/17/06

Iranian Smokers Face Public Ban
Iran's president, Mahmud Ahmadinejad, has ordered the enforcement of a sweeping ban on public smoking to comply with recent legislation. - 10/17/06

U.S. puts the squeeze on financing in Iran and North Korea
As debate swirls about whether new international sanctions against North Korea will be effective, the Bush administration appears to have made some headway in using new U.S. legal tools to cut off both North Korea and Iran from the international financial system. -New York Times - 10/17/06

Germany's Steinmeier says EU ready to resume talks with Iran on nuclear issue
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Monday that it is 'unavoidable' that Iran's nuclear dossier will be discussed in the UN Security Council, but stressed that the EU offer for talks with Iran remain open. -IRNA - 10/17/06

Iranian music concerts around the world in the honor of Rumi
On the occasion of the 800th anniversary of Rumi, Iranian musicians will perform concerts around the world. -ISNA - 10/17/06

1700-Y-Old Sassanid Watermill Discovered in Takht-e Soleiman
Archeological excavations in the historic site of Takht-e Soleiman, northwestern Iran, led into discovery of a watermill, believed to be the first one of its kind from the Sassanid period. -CHN - 10/17/06

International experts to survey western Iran's ancient civilization
A number of archaeologists from Japan, Denmark, France, Britain, and Iran are scheduled to study the ancient civilization of western Iran in a seminar entitled "Archaeology of Iran, Western Region" to be held in Kermanshah from November 1 to 3. -MNA - 10/17/06

Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation spreading kindness and hope in Iran
Last week I went to Bam to have a look at the Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundationís ( ongoing project of building a Vocational School for 420 girls in Bam. There I met Mrs. Diana Khalatbari whose endless zest and hard work puts many to shame. This lady is the one of the most determined individuals I have ever met in my life -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 10/17/06

Farhadi's "Chaharshanbeh-Suri" wins Gold Hugo at Chicago filmfest
The Iranian feature "Chaharshanbeh-Suri" won the Gold Hugo for Best Film on Sunday at the 42nd Chicago International Film Festival. -MNA - 10/16/06

Fight on two fronts
Twenty-five years ago we had a battle with the left in terms of how to deal with regimes like Iran. We won that battle ideologically, but at a price which was really disastrous, with tens of thousands of people killed, including over 400 from my own organisation, and 8 from our central committee. -Mehdi Kia - 10/16/06

A pro-America Iran?
But the people of Iran are another matter, says Hooshang Pazaki, a professor of sociology at East Stroudsburg University and native of Iran. "The picture we get is very simple ó Ahmadinejad as the entire country," said Pazaki, 48. "Iran is the country of paradoxes, as some people have called it." -Pocono Record, PA - 10/16/06

Iran: Registration for city, village Islamic council polls begins
Registration of candidates for the 3rd Islamic council elections for cities and villages began all over the country on Monday morning. - 10/16/06

Iran's clerics caught up in blogging craze
The craze for blogging in Iran has reached an unlikely set of adherents - the country's conservative Islamic clerics. -Guardian - 10/16/06

Iran: More of Ayatollah Boroujerdi's followers arrested
Sh'ia cleric Ayatollah Sayed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi was arrested at his home in Tehran on 8 October, along with an unknown number, possibly around 300, of his followers. The arrests took place during violent clashes with security forces. It is believed that those arrested are detained in Evin Prison in Tehran. -Amnesty International - 10/16/06

The so called "Patriot Act" is un-American
The Act is an insult to the intelligence and integrity of foreign-born American citizens. It contributes to the self-destruction of America as it divides this "nation of immigrants' along racial, ethnic and religious lines. -Ali Parsa - 10/16/06

Iran: Foreign investment rate to reach seven billion dollars
Director General of the Foreign Investment Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance Ahmad Jamali said on Monday that the foreign investment rate in the current Iranian year (started March 21) is expected to reach seven billion dollars. -IRNA - 10/16/06

US Urges Iran To Learn From UN Action On North Korea
The Bush administration is urging Iran to learn a lesson from the U.N.'s quick response to North Korea's nuclear-test claim. -VOA - 10/16/06

Ignorance to Ruin Bisotun's Inscription
Studies conducted by the executive committee of Bisotun world heritage site revealed the existence of several springs inside the mountain on which several ancient reliefs and friezes including an inscription denoted to Darius the Great, the Achaemenid king, have been carved, posing serious threats to this archeological site. -CHN - 10/16/06

Iranian cinema makes a splash at Italian festival
It was Iranian cinema's day as several Iranian films won prizes at the 9th Religion Today Film Festival (October 11-14) in Trento, Italy. -MNA - 10/16/06

Iran finishes fifth in World Karate Championships qith two gold and two bronze medals
Iran set a record after standing fifth and putting an end to a 10-year gold drought in the 18th World Karate Championships in Tampere, southwestern Finland, Sunday. -MNA - 10/16/06

Iranian runner wins world cross-country title
Iranian runner Hossein Fazeli stood top at the 36th world cross-country race in Sweden Sunday. -MNA - 10/16/06

"Friday Evening" wins Cologne festival Special Jury Prize
Mona Zandi's directorial debut "Friday Evening" won the Special Jury Prize of the International Women's Film Festival during the closing ceremony in Cologne on October 15. -MNA - 10/16/06

New College of California's On the Silk Road to Iran -February 16 to March 4, 2007
In the spring of 2007, Jerry Dekker, instructor of Humanities at New College of California, is leading another trip to Iran for students, faculty, staff and friends of New College of California. Jerry, fluent in the Persian language, has lived for several years in Iran and regularly travels to the Islamic Republic. - 10/16/06

Iranian and American Archeologists to Excavate Susan Plain
A joint team consisted of archeologists from Iran and University of Chicago are about to start excavations in Susan Plain to trace cultural evidence from the fifth millennium BC to the late fourth millennium BC. -CHN - 10/15/06

Rowhani ends Iran's decade-long wait for world karate gold
Hossein Rowhani ended Iran's 10-year world karate gold drought after he snatched the 60kg kumite title in the 18th edition in Finland Saturday. -MNA - 10/15/06

Shiraz mentioned as the world second city of literature
Iran's Fars Foundation director stated that it was likely that Shiraz would be recognized as the world's second city of Literature after Edinburgh. -ISNA - 10/15/06

UNESCO medal in honor of Rumi
UNESCO's Executive Board ratified on Oct. 13 the striking of an honorary medal of 13th Persian mystic poet Molana Jalal al-Din Rumi. -MNA - 10/15/06

World Food Day: Why are there still 400 million hungry children?
Speaking to mark the occasion of World Food Day on 16 October, the Executive Director of WFP, James Morris, has appealed to the developed world to give a fairer chance to the worldís 400 million hungry children, many of whose lives are still blighted by malnutrition in the first few months after being born. - 10/15/06

Baluch unrest stalls Iran gas pipeline to India
Multimillion-dollar gas pipeline projects bringing gas from both Iran and Turkmenistan to India have virtually been stalled because of the unrest in Baluchestan after the killing of Baluch leader Akbar Bugti by the Pakistan military. -IRNA - 10/15/06

Iran's private sector allowed to import wheat
The government has allowed the private sector to import wheat at the market prices. The measure is aimed at encouraging exports of the wheat products as well as fulfilling domestic needs. -MNA - 10/15/06

IRAQ: Meat, light and water become luxuries
"Iraqis have never required food rations as they do now. Their situation is critical, and poverty has increased along with unemployment," said Ibrahim Abdel Rahman, spokesperson for Peace and Charity for Iraqis, a Baghdad-based NGO. -IRIN - 10/15/06

Afghanistan: ISAF Warning Offers Chance To Break Destructive Cycle
All of the parties involved in Afghanistan's stabilization process since the fall of the Taliban nearly five years ago (December 2001) tend to agree that security and reconstruction are two sides of the same coin. -RFE - 10/15/06

On tour with Iran's president
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been visiting hundreds of small towns and rural communities in an effort to meet the people. Frances Harrison followed him to the town of Shahriar, outside the capital Tehran. -BBC - 10/15/06

U.S. Seen Retreating from Democracy Push
The United States has quietly retreated from its high-profile push for democracy in the Muslim world, since the Hamas election stunned the Bush administration by bringing a violent militant group to power. -Reuters - 10/15/06

1 Man Still Locked Up From 9/11 Sweeps
In a jail cell at an immigration detention center in Arizona sits a man who is not charged with a crime, not suspected of a crime, not considered a danger to society. But he has been in custody for five years. His name is Ali Partovi. -AP - 10/15/06

Rise of Iran's exports to Iraq
Iran has exported 575 million dollars worth goods to Iraq in the Mar-Sep period. "Based on the rankings, the United Arab Emirates stands first, China as the second and Iraq is the third country in trade with Iran. India, Japan, Singapore, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands and Afghanistan come next on the list" -ISNA - 10/15/06

Iranian actress Niki Karimi in Rome
Iranian actress and director, Niki Karimi has presented her last works in the competition section of Rome's film festival. -ISNA - 10/15/06

Iran's Shadlou to Swim Across the Persian Gulf
Ali Shadlou, Iranian athlete who holds the record of swimming the width of the Caspian Sea, is now determined to break another record by swimming across the Persian Gulf. -CHN - 10/15/06

Second Bam report: Ongoing projects
During my recent lightning trip to Bam, I was able to check on the progress of several projects. I was on the planning committee of the Womenís NGOs and CSOs Coordinating Committee for the Restoration of Bam which originally represented more than 44 NGOs and is building a Cultural Center for Women in Bam. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 10/13/06

Former Weapons Inspector, Experts Warn Against Military Action Toward Iran
Experts are urging the Bush administration to use patience and caution in its approach to Iran over its nuclear ambitions. The comments by former U.S. weapons inspector David Kay and others at an event on Capitol Hill Wednesday came as President Bush and other officials reiterated a call for Iran to end its uranium enrichment efforts and reach a peaceful and negotiated solution. -VOA - 10/13/06

Fences to Protect Pasargadae
The historical complex of Pasargadae and the tomb of Cyrus the Great, founder of the Achaemenid dynasty, as well as its surrounding historical sites will be enclosed by fences in order to protect the area from further destruction caused by illegal diggers. -CHN - 10/13/06

Team Wasabi paddles with Iranian team
The highlight of the teamís trip, however, was racing with and meeting the womenís team from Iran. One of the women chaperones for the Iranian team told Team USA womenís coach Connie Flesuras, ďThe US and Iran are not friendly, but we as people can be friends.Ē -Beaverton Valley Times, Oregon - 10/13/06

Ancient Silk Road to get its modern railway counterpart under UN auspices
From Armenia to Viet Nam, an Ďironí version of the famed Silk Road will move a step closer to reality next month when Asian transport ministers sign an agreement under United Nations auspices for a trans-continental rail network to link their capital cities, ports and industrial centres, and facilitate international trade and tourism. - 10/13/06

America's Iran-watchers flock to Dubai, on Iran's doorstep
A handful of U.S. diplomats here on Iran's doorstep have quietly re-opened an Iran-focused diplomatic mission, the first such office since the U.S. embassy in Tehran was taken over by radical students 27 years ago. -AP - 10/13/06

Don't Let Them Manufacture Another War
Representative Dennis Kucinich knows the neocon playbook used to lead our nation into war. That's why the courageous Congressman is doing everything he possibly can to ensure that the Bush administration fails in its effort to pull the same old tricks in manufacturing a war with Iran. -The Nation - 10/13/06

The U.S.-Iranian Scorecard
Diplomacy has been a one-sided game in the U.S.-Iranian standoff, while tension keeps rising. The United States has rebuffed or ignored repeated attempts by two Iranian presidents to negotiate over the past five years. If this continues, we could all be losers. -Omid Mohseni, Agence Global - 10/13/06

How Not to Handle Iran's Nuke Aspirations
The nuclear test by North Korea has created a major tremor among Bush administration officials and the Democrats. The brunt of the debate is whether the Bush administration or the Clinton administration is responsible for Kim Jong-Il's latest move. -Ehsan Ahrari, Antiwar - 10/13/06

Rice Says Iran Should Think Twice About Following North Korea
The swift international response to North Koreaís reported nuclear weapons test should serve as a lesson to the Iranian regime about what lies ahead if it insists on pursuing its nuclear ambitions in defiance of international demands, according to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. -Washington File - 10/13/06

The BBC and Israeli Propaganda: Israel's Plan for a Military Strike on Iran
The Middle East, and possibly the world, stands on the brink of a terrible conflagration as Israel and the United States prepare to deal with Iran's alleged ambition to acquire nuclear weapons. -Counterpunch - 10/13/06

Controversial Turkish Writer Wins Nobel Prize
The Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk won the Nobel Prize for Literature today. The decision was not a surprise -- Pamuk is arguably Turkey's most famous living novelist and his name had been mentioned in connection with the prize for several years -- but the award is likely to cause controversy in Pamuk's home country. -RFE - 10/13/06

Iran to build 100 schools in Lebanon
Iran is re-building four hospitals in Bekka province, five hospitals in southern suburbs of Beirut and 10 hospitals in southern Lebanon, six of which thus far been completed. Iran will also rebuild main roads as well as eleven ruined bridges in that country. -IRNA - 10/13/06

Rioting of US generals and talking with Iran - Prof. Mowlana
Hamid Mowlana, Professor of International Relations at School of International Service (SIS) of the American University in Washington DC had an article in Thursday edition of Kayhan Persian morning daily, focusing on Iran-US relations. -IRNA - 10/13/06

UN refugee agency agrees to look at new ways to spur Afghans to return from Iran
The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), Iran and Afghanistan have agreed to look for additional funding and new ways to encourage Afghanis to return home from Iran after numbers plummeted this year following four years of unprecedented returns. - 10/13/06

Iran: Cultural Heritage Authorities Demands Transportation Ministry Change Railway Path
Iranian cultural heritage authorities strictly ordered the Ministry of Transportation to define a new path for the railway under construction in Kermanshah to be directed away from Taq-e Bostan historical site. -CHN - 10/13/06

Will the Nuclear Powers Please Stand Up
This week, U.S. political statements and media reports about which countries possess nuclear weapons have commonly ignored or downplayed Israel's nuclear weapons capacity. But exclusion of Israel from the list of countries with nuclear weaponry is inaccurate. -Institute for Public Accuracy - 10/13/06

Iran: Battles Begin As Assembly Candidates Await Vetting
Some 495 people have registered to become candidates for the Assembly of Experts elections to be held on December 15. Eligible candidates will have to pass a theological exam as well as a thorough vetting of their backgrounds and political tendencies. -RFE - 10/13/06

Hafez's incomparable position in Iranian culture
October 12 is Hafez Day in Iran. The poet is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated and influential cultural figures in the history of our Iranian-Islamic culture. -Hossein Kaji - 10/12/06

Iran: Local Authorities Try To Evict Sufi Leader
About 300 security forces in the northeastern Iranian city of Gonabad surrounded the residence of a prominent Sufi leader on October 10 after he refused an order to leave his city of birth. Critics call the eviction order the latest example of official harassment of minority religious groups like Sufis and dervishes. -RFE - 10/12/06

October Surprise: Is the Administration Ramping Up For A War Against Iran? Is Iran A Threat?
NIAC President Trita Parsi Speaks at Congressional Oversight Briefing. - 10/12/06

Former top official tells West Iran has formula for nuclear stalemate
Former secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Hassan Rowhani on Wednesday recommended that Western countries forget about the UN Security Council and enter into serious dialogue with Iran. -MNA - 10/12/06

North Korea Test Could Complicate Iran Nuclear Talks, say Experts
Karim Sadjapour, an Iranian affairs analyst with the International Crisis Group, says Iran, which is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, or NPT, could get some bargaining leverage regarding its own nuclear program from the North Korean test. -VOA - 10/12/06

Afghan Women Demand Protection in Wake of Official's Death
Afghan women's groups are calling for major changes from their government after the murder of a well-known female official in the southern province of Kandahar. -OneWorld - 10/12/06

Actress and Activist Shiva Rose
Shiva Rose, starring in her latest film "David and Layla," bravely brings current issues to the forefront of our minds both on and off film. Active in human rights, anti-war protests and organizations, Shiva dedicates as much time as possible to fighting injustice and violence across the world. - - 10/12/06

N.Korea Nuke Test Prompts Sanctions Push on Pyongyang and Tehran
A senior U.S. official says North Korea's apparent nuclear test has rallied support for international penalties against both North Korea and Iran. The Security Council will consider sanctions against both countries in the next few days. -VOA - 10/12/06

Iran to launch Megan assembly line from late October
The Pars Khodro manager of the Renault Megan project gave news that the second phase and the assembly line of this vehicle is to be launched from the end of October in Iran. -ISNA - 10/12/06

For India, North Korea's test poses key challenge
THE ONE "silver lining" Indian diplomats have latched on to is the "Pakistani connection" to North Korea's "clandestine" nuclear status but this clever point aside, Pyongyang's test of a nuclear weapon has immensely complicated India's quest for assimilation in the existing nuclear order. -Siddharth Varadarajan, The Hindo - 10/12/06

Iran heads into Asian Cup finals after defeating Taiwan 2-0
Prodigal Bayern Munich midfielder Ali Karimi hit two to give Iran a 2-0 away win over Taiwan in Group B and a berth in the AFC Asian Cup 2007 finals Wednesday. -MNA - 10/12/06

US Approves Sale of Jetliner Engine Spare Parts to Iran
The Bush administration has approved an expedited sale to Iran of engine spare parts for Airbus jetliners operated by the country's national airline, Iran Air. Officials say the decision is strictly safety-related. -VOA - 10/12/06

One Step Forward, Many More to Take: Citizenship Rights in Iran
It was reported late in September 2006 that for the first time in Iranian history an unprecedented law had been passed in the parliament to "offer" Iranian citizenship to children born to Iranian mothers and non-Iranian fathers. Golbarg Bashi reports. - 10/12/06

Updated Iraq Survey Affirms Earlier Mortality Estimates: 655,000 Iraqi Civilians Killed Since US-Led Invasion
As many as 654,965 more Iraqis may have died since hostilities began in Iraq in March 2003 than would have been expected under pre-war conditions, according to a survey conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Al Mustansiriya University in Baghdad. The deaths from all causesóviolent and non-violentóare over and above the estimated 143,000 deaths per year that occurred from all causes prior to the March 2003 invasion. - 10/11/06

The Khomeini letter Ė is Rafsanjani warning the hardliners?
A written correspondence between the late Ayatollah Khomeini and the then commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), Mohsen Rezai, has given some insight into why Iran accepted a ceasefire with Iraq in 1988. The correspondence has caused much debate and speculation inside and outside Iran. -Rasool Nafisi - 10/11/06

Human Rights Defenders from Iran and Zimbabwe receive 2006 Martin Ennals Award
Akbar Ganji, an Iranian investigative journalist turned activist, and Arnold Tsunga, a lawyer and a radio commentator from Zimbabwe, will receive the 2006 Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders (MEA) on October 11. - 10/11/06

Two new metro stations inaugurated in Tehran
Featured below is a selection of images of a ceremony, in which Tehran Mayor Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf inaugurated two subway stations of Globarg and Nezam Abad Monday. -MNA - 10/11/06

President of National Iranian American Council Calls
President Bushís policy failure with North Korea should prompt a change in his Administrationís stance toward Iran. Hawk engagement with North Korea has been a disaster because it treats negotiations as a concession rather than a diplomatic tool. If President Bush continues on the same road with Iran, he may eventually get the same bad result. -NIAC - 10/11/06

A letter from Tentland
IT WAS was clear from the start that Iranís Islamic Revolution would not bring equality to women, since just 15 days after it the government abolished the 1963 Family Protection Act, which had banned polygamy and the sole right of men to divorce. Ayatollah Khomeini and his supporters then went on to exclude women from public life by making it impossible for them to work (1) However, the situation has improved a little in the past few years and a few women have gained more access to public domains reserved for men, becoming more visible in the arts. -Le Monde diplomatique - 10/11/06

Iran: Amnesty International Secretary General calls on the Iranian government to abolish stoning
On the occasion of the fourth World Day Against the Death Penalty, Irene Khan, Secretary General of Amnesty International, said: "I associate myself wholeheartedly with those in Iran who are campaigning so courageously, and at no small risk to themselves, to end the practice of execution by stoning. - 10/11/06

Negotiation with U.S. over parts supply for Iran's other Airbuses possible
Perhaps the United States' recent move on allowing Airbus A-310 parts sales to Iran is a prelude to negotiations on the parts supply for the nation's other classes of Airbus, noted here on Wednesday Nurollah Rezaii Niaraki, chairman of Iran's Civil Aviation Organization. -MNA - 10/11/06

US: World Powers to Discuss Possible Sanctions Wednesday Against Iran
The United States says representatives of six world powers are to discuss possible sanctions against Iran Wednesday for its controversial nuclear program. -VOA - 10/11/06

Iran makes blood cholesterol reducing tablet
One of the world's newest medications reducing blood cholesterol has been made in Iran for the first time. The tablet, called Ezetichol (Ezetimibe), is a product based on the research of Iranian experts. It is produced and distributed on the market by Osvah Pharmaceutical Co. - 10/11/06

USA jealous of Iran's interest in Russia
Several political and economic analysts in Russia suppose that one of the reasons for partial lifting of the US sanctions concerning Iranís airspace were talks between Tehran and Moscow about buying Russian aircrafts. -Regnum, Russia - 10/11/06

The insider's guide: Iran's nuclear tourism
Iran has announced it will allow foreign tourists to visit its nuclear facilities -- a novel approach to calming the world's fears about its nuclear program. What could you expect from a visit, and should you take the kids or the Geiger counter? -CNN - 10/11/06

Former US official's visit to Iran personal
James Robin, former spokesman for US State Department has traveled to Iran to visit his sister-in-law (Christian Amanpour's sister), an informed source at Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in Tehran on Wednesday. -IRNA - 10/11/06

Iran distances itself from N Korean crisis
Iran on Tuesday distanced its own nuclear dispute from the North Korean crisis, reiterating its claim that it opposes nuclear weapons. While analysts abroad speculated that Tehran could be emboldened by North Koreaís defiance, comments from officials and the media put the emphasis on the different paths taken by the two countries. -Financial Times - 10/11/06

Iran's Samand heading to Turkey
Samand export to Turkey still holds several 'glitches' which may hopefully be resolved in a meeting between Iran's foreign and Turkish trade ministers after Ramadan, deputy director of exports at Iran Khodro Company (IKCO) noted on Tuesday. -MNA - 10/11/06

Sadra capable of undertaking all Azadegan works
Sadra Co. is able to carry out all the works related to the development of Azadegan Oilfield, noted on Tuesday, Jalil Khebreh, the managing director of Iran Offshore Industries Company (Sadra). -MNA - 10/11/06

Terror Suspect in US Caught in Legal No Man's Land
Masoud Hosseini is one such suspect. Originally from Iran, Hosseini recently marked his 36th birthday Ė and his fourth year behind bars Ė at Floridaís Colquitt County jail. Heís never faced any criminal charges. In the US the Department of Homeland Security has accused him of involvement in the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), the leading Iranian opposition group, which the State Department classified as a terrorist organization in 1997. -NAM - 10/11/06

Marjane Satrapi: Princess of darkness
Marjane Satrapi is an Iranian exile and a former punk and drug dealer. She's also becoming the world's most important graphic novelist, whose blackly comic autobiographical work is changing our view of everyday life in Iran. -Independent - 10/11/06

Peeking Under the Cover
If there is one battleground that encompasses the complexities and competing claims of Azar Nafisi's Reading Lolita in Tehran and Hamid Dabashi's attack upon it, it is the cover of the book, which depicts two young Iranian women, cloaked in Islamic dress, reading intently. -Chronicle of Higher Education - 10/11/06

Will Iran follow N. Korea's lead?
Days before North Korea reported that it had conducted its first-ever nuclear test, it stated why it would defy the world to join the nuclear club. "The US extreme threat of a nuclear war and sanctions and pressure compel [North Korea] to conduct a nuclear test," the Foreign Ministry in Pyongyang warned last week. -CSM - 10/11/06

Yes, It Is Possible to Stop War with Iran
In recent weeks, press reports have indicated that U.S. efforts to prepare for a military attack on Iran have accelerated. Time magazine wrote of new movements of U.S. warships to the region and reviewing of plans for airstrikes and blockading Iranian ports. -Huffington Post - 10/11/06

BBC to launch TV channel for Iran
A Farsi language TV channel is to be launched by the BBC, targeting viewers in Iran with news and factual output. - 10/11/06

Iranian woman shares her impressions of her nation and U.S.
Leila Zand has firsthand knowledge of violent conflict. She was 6 years old when Iran's Islamic Revolution started and 8 at the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war. Now, as the new coordinator of the Iran Program at the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Zand is determined to do everything she can to prevent the escalation of hostilities between the United States and her native land. -Journal News - 10/11/06

Iran produces 500K vehicles within 6 months
Iranian car producers within the past six months have produced 490,789 vehicles. Compared to the same period last year, this figure shows a 5 percent increase. -ISNA - 10/11/06

Iran: Burnt City Broke the Record in Archeological Findings
With discovering and documenting some 130 historical sites including satellite villages in the archeological site of Burnt City within only 6 months, archeologists of the Cultural Heritage Center of Burnt City have surpassed all the previous records in identifying and registering archeological sites in Iran. -CHN - 10/10/06

Iran: Washington, Brussels Could Be Running Out Of Patience
Recent statements by U.S. and European officials reveal a heightened sense of frustration with Iran on the nuclear issue. They want Tehran to stop all nuclear activities so multilateral talks can begin, while the Iranians want talks to begin before they cede anything. -RFE - 10/10/06

Iran exports $195 million carpet within 6 month
Iran's exported carpets were evaluated as much as 195 million and 592 thousand dollars in the first half of the Iranian year. (Mar-Sep) -IRNA - 10/10/06

Iran exports saffron to 5 countries
Iran's Saffron product was exported to 5 countries. The United Arab Emirates, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and France are the main purchasers of Saffron from Iran. -ISNA - 10/10/06

A Collision of Prose and Politics
A prominent professor's attack on a best-selling memoir sparks debate among Iranian scholars in the U.S. -Chronicle of Higher Education - 10/10/06

Former Iranian president Khatami denies meeting US government officials
Former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami on Tuesday rejected allegations he met with certain officials of the United States Administration during a recent visit to the US. -IRNA - 10/10/06

US - Venezuela Energy Ties Endure Despite Deteriorating Political Relations
The war of words between Venezuela and the United States reached new heights last month, when Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called U.S. President George Bush "the devil" and a "world dictator" in an address to the United Nations General Assembly. But, despite escalating diplomatic tensions, the United States remains Venezuela's Number-One oil customer, a commercial relationship that appears likely to endure. -VOA - 10/10/06

Iranian MPs call for severance of economic ties with Denmark
Some 232 Majlis deputies, in a letter to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on Tuesday called for breaking off economic relations with Denmark. -IRNA - 10/10/06

Iran criticizes inadequate aid for Afghanistan reconstruction
Iranian Interior Minister Mostafa Pour- Mohammadi in Geneva, Switzerland, on Monday criticized the inadequate international assistance for reconstruction and development that reaches Afghanistan. -IRNA - 10/10/06

Iran should establish logical interaction with global economy: minister
"In order to promote exports, the attention of all officials should be shifted to exports. This requires establishing a logical interaction with the global economy," said Iranian Commerce Minister Seyyed Masud Mir-Kazemi on Monday. -MNA - 10/10/06

Bushís Nuclear Apocalypse
The former Middle East bureau chief for The New York Times and author of the bestseller ďWar Is a Force That Gives Us MeaningĒ reports on Bushís plan for Iran, and how a callous war, conceived by zealots, will lead to a disaster of biblical proportions. -TruthDig - 10/10/06

Human Rights Watch: Netherlands, Sweden Must Not Return Gay and Lesbian Asylum Seekers to Iran
As the Netherlands mulls resuming deportations of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender asylum seekers back to Iran, and Sweden begins such deportations again, both European governments must adhere to their international legal obligations not to send people back to the risk of torture, Human Rights Watch said today. - 10/10/06

Collina, new SUV, to be manufactured in Iran
Collina passenger car will be manufactured in Iran in the near future, managing director of Rakhsh Khodro Diesel Company told the Persian service of ISNA on Monday. -MNA - 10/10/06

Takeover of Sabanci Turkish bank by Iran's Parsian approved in London
The Parsian Investment Company, the largest private bank in Iran, has gained approval from Britain's financial regulatory body for takeover of Sabanci Bank, the UK subsidiary of Akbank of Turkey. - 10/10/06

Bush's 'Axis of Evil' Comes Back to Haunt United States
Nearly five years after President Bush introduced the concept of an "axis of evil" comprising Iraq, Iran and North Korea, the administration has reached a crisis point with each nation: North Korea has claimed it conducted its first nuclear test, Iran refuses to halt its uranium-enrichment program, and Iraq appears to be tipping into a civil war 3 1/2 years after the U.S.-led invasion. -Washington Post - 10/10/06

The Age of Terror - A Landmark Report
With chaos stretching from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean, we have never lived in a more dangerous time. Our man in the Middle East looks back over a lifetime of covering war and death, and lays out a bleak future for all of us - one that even those living in the comfort of the Home Counties cannot escape -Robert Fisk, Independent - 10/10/06

A Collision of Prose and Politics
A prominent professor's attack on a best-selling memoir sparks debate among Iranian scholars in the U.S. -Chronicle of Higher Education - 10/10/06

San Francisco's Human Rights Commission Takes the Lead in Investigating the Denial of Entry to Iranian Visitors
The San Francisco Human Rights Commission is taking the lead on investigating the denial of entry and detention of Iranian visitors coming to the United States for Sharif University of Technologyís (SUTA) reunion. - 10/9/06

Hossein Nilchian's Persepolis Images
Recently we went to the Silk Road Gallery which solely promotes and exhibits photographic works. Silk Road is one of the rare galleries in Tehran which has devoted itself to such ventures. The manager, Kiarash was as always very kind and welcoming. We went there to have a look at the works of Hossein Nilchian. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 10/9/06

Forty one Posters by Forty one International Graphic Designers
When we lost Momayez, we at the editorial board of Neshan magazine decided not to write anything about his death. Instead, we decided to work for his survival, to feast his 70th birthday and the best thing to do was to organize an art exhibition in his memory. -Neshan Magazine - 10/9/06

Dubai Hosting Puppet Opera of Rostam and Sohrab
Puppet Opera of Rostam and Sohrab is being played in Dubai on the occasion of World Children Day. All the benefits of this program will be allocated to the war-stricken Lebanese children. -CHN - 10/9/06

Israelis divided on invoking Holocaust against Iran
But some Israeli historians, military experts and even a government official caution that, by invoking the Holocaust too readily regarding Iran, the country risks a credibility crisis. -Stuff, New Zealand - 10/9/06

Trip to Iran offers many insights
Lily Afshar was born in the country President Bush chastises as a central cog in the Axis of Evil. Lily doesn't remember it that way. For her, memories of Iran are filled with the scent of walnuts sold by street vendors and the sound of accordions playing romantic music. -Commercial Appeal - 10/9/06

Iranian-American indicted for attending terrorist training camp
A United States citizen was indicted Wednesday on federal charges of providing material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), by attending an MEK training camp in Iraq. -Renew America - 10/9/06

Denmark rocked by new cartoon row
The Danish prime minister has denounced the drawing of new cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad by members of an anti-immigration party's youth wing. -BBC - 10/9/06

Quake hits Zarand in southeastern Iran
An earthquake measuring 4.9 on the Richter scale hit outskirts of the city of Zarand in the southeastern province of Kerman on Monday. -IRNA - 10/9/06

Tehran's Niavaran center hosting Bismillah festival
The 3rd Festival of Bismillah (In the Name of Allah) opened on Sunday at the Niavaran Cultural Center in northern Tehran. The festival comprises calligraphy, graphic deign, and handicraft sections. -MNA - 10/9/06

Outspoken Cleric's Supporters Clash With Police
Several hundred supporters of an outspoken cleric in Tehran, Ayatollah Kazemeyni Boroujerdi, gathered today in the streets around his house to protest what they described as violation of "freedom of religion." -RFE - 10/9/06

Japan's Inpex share in Iran's Azadegan oil field drops to 10%
Inpex said it agreed in principle with NIOC to cut its concession in the $2 billion project to 10 percent from 75 percent. -IRNA - 10/9/06

President: Sanctions will be ineffective, Iran firm in its decision
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here Monday stressed that sanctions threated by European and Western states on Iran would have no impact on the country's decision to access peaceful nuclear technology. -IRNA - 10/9/06

Iran to Negotiate with 3 US Companies if sanctions called off
An informed source said that in case sanctions are called off, Tehran will start negotiations with three airplane engine and spare parts manufacturing companies of the United States in the near future. -Fars - 10/9/06

American of Iranian Heritage Seeks Superior Court Judge Seat in Orange County California
Deputy District Attorney, wife, mother and dedicated member of her community, Sheila Hanson is a candidate for Orange County Superior Court Judge, Office No. 4. - 10/9/06

3000-Year-Old Grave of Human with her Dog & its Whelp Discovered in Iran
Discovery of skeletons of a mother and her infant in a joint grave with a dog and its whelp dating back to the 1st millennium BC in the historical site of Narges Tepe, northern Iran, has astounded archeologists. -CHN - 10/9/06

Reports: Controversial Cleric Detained in Iran
Iranian police have detained a controversial Shi'ite cleric after clashing with his supporters outside his Tehran home. Security officials Sunday said the demonstration's leaders and Ayatollah Mohammad Kazemeini Boroujerdi were arrested. -VOA - 10/9/06

NOORSAAZ Band and Soprano Monika Jalili to Give Unique Paris Concert on 28th of October
NoorSaaz is an exciting ensemble based in New York City. These accomplished musicians are experienced in performing music from many areas of the world. Monika Jalili, singer and founder, created the ensemble to perform the music of pre-revolution Iran. -Darius KADIVAR - 10/9/06

Iran: Toghrol Tower in Rey manifests architecture of Saljuq era
The beautiful 800-year Toghrol Tower, a 12th century monument, located in Shahr-e Rey to the south of capital Tehran is the burial venue of the Saljuq monarch Toghrol Beik. -IRNA - 10/8/06

Experts Warn of an Accidental Atomic War
A Pentagon project to modify its deadliest nuclear missile for use as a conventional weapon against targets such as North Korea and Iran could unwittingly spark an atomic war, two weapons experts warned Thursday. -San Francisco Chronicle - 10/8/06

Israeli Bomblets Plague Lebanon
Since the war between Israel and Hezbollah ended in August, nearly three people have been wounded or killed each day by cluster bombs Israel dropped in the waning days of the war, and officials now say it will take more than a year to clear the region of them. -New York Times - 10/8/06

Russia: Watchdogs Condemn Politkovskaya Killing
Anna Politkovskaya, a prominent Russian journalist known for her critical coverage of the war in Chechnya, was shot dead on October 6 in her apartment building in Moscow. -RFE - 10/8/06

Turkmenistan: Killing Of RFE/RL Journalist, Rights Abuses Threaten EU Trade Accord
The European Parliament may well vote down an EU-Turkmenistan trade agreement later this month. The parliament's international trade committee approved a draft resolution this week criticizing Turkmenistan for persistent and grave human rights abuses. -RFE - 10/8/06

Iran to manufacture China's MVM 540 automobile
Iranian car producer, Modiran Khodro Co. is to manufacture the Chinese MVM 540 model by the end of November 2006. -ISNA - 10/8/06

Security Council To Proceed with Iran Sanctions, Ministers Declare
With Iran's continuing refusal to suspend its nuclear enrichment program, the U.N. Security Council will begin discussions on imposing mandatory sanctions, according to an October 6 statement issued in London by the foreign ministers of the council's permanent members, along with Germany and the European Union representative. -Washington File - 10/8/06

Art News: Karimi to represent Iran in Rome filmfest "A Few Days Later"
"A Few Days Later", the second feature-length film by Iranian actress-cum-director Niki Karimi, will be screened at the Rome International Film Festival to be held from Oct. 13 to 21 in Italy. -MNA - 10/8/06

Iranian Hercules Rezazadeh wins gold medal in world championships
The three-time world and twice Olympic +105kg weightlifting gold medalist Hossein Rezazadeh won all three golds in the 75th World Weightlifting Championships in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, Saturday. - 10/8/06

SAIPA outpaces Iran Khodro first time ever
This was the first time ever, the manufacturer of popular Pride passenger cars outran the IKCO in over a decade-long competition. Thanks to production of 195,450 Prides in the first six months which outpaced the record annual production of past-time favorite of Iran's auto market, the bygone Paykan. -MNA - 10/8/06

UNICEF peace ambassador emphasizes on the role of cinema in education
The UNICEF peace ambassador to Iran, on the occasion of Children's Day, stated that cinema played an influential role in the education of children and teenagers. Mahtab Keramati went on to state that artists could do this by generating awareness and informing the public about the UNICEF. -ISNA - 10/8/06

Parisians laud "Love Resurrection"
Iranian director Hossein Mosafer Astaneh, who staged "Love Resurrection" at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris last week, said that his play was warmly welcomed by the audience. -MNA - 10/7/06

World Bank approves $170m loan to enhance Iran's technical, vocational training quality
The World Bank (WB) will offer around $170 million loan to boost quality and quantity of training at Iran's Technical and Vocational Training Organization, the Persian service of IRNA said here on Saturday. -MNA - 10/7/06

Iran: Outspoken Ayatollah Alleges Official Persecution
A dissident Iranian cleric who advocates the separation of religion and politics, Ayatollah Seyyed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi, is accusing officials of persecuting him and his followers. -RFE - 10/7/06

Will UN Sanctions make the nuclear impasse unsolvable?
At its core, the Iran nuclear standoff is rooted in one principal dynamic: the lack of trust and correspondingly high levels of suspicion between the United States and Iran that extends back decades. -NIAC - 10/7/06

Senior US Official: Sanctions Talks on Iran to Begin Next Week
A senior U.S. official says work on a United Nations Security Council resolution covering Iran's nuclear program will begin next week. -VOA - 10/7/06

"Rustam and Sohrab" raising funds for Lebanese orphans
Iranian director Behruz Gharibpur is currently staging the opera puppet show "Rustam and Sohrab" at the Dubai Community Theater and Arts Center (Ductac) to raise funds for Lebanese children who lost their parents during the attacks by Israel last summer, Mehr News Agency reported from Iran. - 10/7/06

Egypt's Mubarak underlines peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in his recent meeting with the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, during her recent Middle East tour, underlined the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear activities. -IRNA - 10/7/06

Iran: Quake jolts Jajarm city for 3rd time
An earthquake measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale hit the city of Jajarm in North Khorassan province early Saturday for the third time. -IRNA - 10/7/06

VOA Persian Expands to Four Hours of Daily TV Broadcasts
Voice of America (VOA) will add a fourth hour of daily Persian-language television broadcasts to Iran beginning Sunday. News Talk, an hour-long program featuring a panel of experts discussing the day's top news stories, will debut on October 8 from 7:00-8:00 p.m. in Iran. - 10/7/06

Iran to resume kerosene export to Iraq
Iran's embassy in Iraq here on Saturday announced that export of kerosene to the Arab country will be resumed from this week. -IRNA - 10/7/06

A Power Struggle in Iran
Dr. Trita Parsi, a leading expert on Iran's relations with the West, parses the current diplomatic effort to resolve the nuclear standoff -TIME - 10/7/06

Has Washington found its Iranian Chalabi?
Introducing the talented Mr. Fakhravar, who is more inclined to say exactly what the hawks want to hear. He told me that Iranís president wants to wipe Israel off the map, and that ďany movement or any action whatsoeverĒ by the United States would ďhelp or enhance the people to rise up.Ē All the student movement in Iran needed to overthrow the regime, he said, was ďa little bit of coordination, organization, and training.Ē -Mother Jones - 10/7/06

Iran's Shadlu swims 600km, waiting for Guinness registration
Ali Shadlu, a relief worker of Iran's Red Crescent Society, set an enviable record as he swam the 600km width of the Caspian Sea in 53 days. -MNA - 10/7/06

Petition: No War with Iran
Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII) is asking all concerned Iranians and friends of peace to sign this petition. Please take a moment to read the brief text and consider adding your signature to the nearly 10,000 who've done so in just two days. - 10/7/06

The Right to Pass Nationality to the Children of Iranian Mothers
Recently, I accepted an invitation to be on a committee of volunteers and activists who want to try to change the particular law which specifies that Iranian nationality can only be passed to a child through his or her father. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 10/6/06

National Music Museum to be Launched in Iran
Displaying more than 410 musical instruments and all Persian folk music traditions belonging to various cultures and subcultures, Iran's National Music Museum will be launched in Tehran. -CHN - 10/6/06

World Powers to Meet on Iran Nuclear Impasse
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her counterparts from the other permanent U.N. Security Council member countries and Germany will convene in London Friday on the Iranian nuclear program. -VOA - 10/6/06

Christian Couple Released on Bail in Iran
After nine days in secret police custody, Reza Montazami and his wife, Fereshteh Dibaj, were released on bail this morning by order of a Revolutionary Court in Mashhad, Iran. -Barbara G. Baker, Compass Direct News - 10/6/06

Tehran to Host the First Conference of ECO Capital Mayors
Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) are to meet in Tehran this year, Nov. 21-23, to discuss "Good Urban Governance." -CHN - 10/6/06

Iran's Samand passenger car to Be Exported to East Europe
Croatian Ambassador to Tehran said that the people of East Europe are waiting for the Iranian-made passenger car 'Samand'. -Fars - 10/6/06

Neocons may be Down, not Out, with a Nuclear Iran
If Iran wants nukes theyíll get them, and there ainít a damn thing the U.S. can do about it. Weíll just have to learn to live with a nuclear-armed Iran. Thatís the conclusion top U.S. intelligence officials reached at a recent secret meeting, according to the Times of London. -Common Dreams - 10/6/06

Solana: Dialogue With Iran Must Continue
EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana says dialogue with Iran must continue even if nuclear talks fail. He also said the European Union regretted North Korea's announcement that it will conduct a nuclear test. -VOA - 10/6/06

Israel and Hizbollah committed major violations during the recent conflict: UN experts
Criticizing violations of human rights and humanitarian law by both Israel and Hizbollah in the recent 34-day conflict in Lebanon, four independent United Nations rights experts today called for further investigations to determine whether war crimes were committed. - 10/6/06

Iranian activist criticizes government approach towards women
An Iranian feminist criticized the approach by the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad towards women, the news agency ISNA reported Thursday. -DPA - 10/6/06

Former envoy opposes Ahmadinejad-Hitler parallels
Israel Radio quoted Indyk as saying that, while Ahmadinejadís Holocaust denials and calls for the Jewish state to be eliminated were reprehensible, the fact that 25,000 Jews live largely unharmed in Iran means Nazi parallels are inappropriate. -Jewish Telegraphic Agency, NY - 10/6/06

Palestinian child deaths in conflict with Israel already nearly double that of 2005 Ė UN
Ninety-one Palestinian children have already been killed this year in the West Bank and Gaza, almost double the number for the whole of 2005, with youngsters suffering increasing levels of stress from violence and fear in the Israeli-Palestinians conflict, according to the latest United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) update. - 10/6/06

A visit to Bam: Reconstruction continues
I recently visited the world famous Ark-e Bam which was heavily hit by the earthquake on 26th December 2003, when centuries of glory were turned into rubble. Still this remains one of the most interesting sites in Iran. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 10/5/06

A new U.S. intelligence report, representing the consensus of all 16 intelligence agencies, comes to the same conclusion many have known for a long time: The Iraq War isnít making us safer. Itís putting us all at greater risk. It's making another terrorist attack more likely. The report is another piece of evidence that the Bush administration is lying about the war. -Phyllis Bennis - 10/5/06

British Find No Evidence Of Arms Traffic From Iran
Since late August, British commandos in the deserts of far southeastern Iraq have been testing one of the most serious charges leveled by the United States against Iran: that Iran is secretly supplying weapons, parts, funding and training for attacks on U.S.-led forces in Iraq. -Washington Post - 10/5/06

US announces readiness to repair Iranian Airbus planes
US Foreign Ministry issued a communique on Tuesday night, US eastern time, that the United States has agreed to provide spare parts and maintenance services for Iranian Airbus passenger planes. - 10/5/06

Iran's Policies on MKO terrorist group Studied by Parliament
Rapporteur of the Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Kazem Jalali said that his commission has studied policies of the Islamic Republic in the face of the terrorist group Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO). -Fars - 10/5/06

Ancient religions clash in modern Iran
It's one of the world's oldest religions, but Zoroastrianism is treated with suspicion by Iran's Islamic state, writes Robert Tait -Guardian - 10/5/06

Solana: We are ready to cooperate with Iran to develop civilian nuclear program
European Union High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana stressed Wednesday that Iran's nuclear issue will be solved through negotiations. -IRNA - 10/5/06

The Cultural and Support Organization for Child Laborers Bay Area Fundraiser
Kanun Farhangi Hemayati Koodakan Kar is a non-governmental organization whose main purpose is to reduce the number of children in the Labor Market from the Pamenar neighborhood on the south side of Tehran. - 10/5/06

New U.S. sanctions will not impact Iran: American expert
Stephen Zunes, a professor of politics at the University of San Francisco, says the U.S. sanctions against Iran are not something new and the recent move by Washington to penalize companies that do business with Tehran will probaly not to affect Iran. -MNA - 10/5/06

Mistrust set to scupper chance of US and Iran talks
The US and Iran appear to be on the brink of missing what analysts see as an historic opportunity to engage in comprehensive, high-level talks because of a complete lack of trust on both sides. -Financial Times - 10/5/06

Khatami's UK visit set to bring tirade from Iran
Iran's reformist ex-president Mohammad Khatami is to visit Britain this month in a move certain to infuriate hardline supporters of his successor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. -Guardian - 10/5/06

Bell sues Iran over production of knockoff helicopters
Textron Inc.'s Bell Helicopter unit sued Iran, accusing the Islamic republic and two state-owned companies of making knockoff helicopters that rely on pirated Bell technology. -Bloomberg - 10/5/06

Iran's female racing champion barred from defending title
She was the speed queen of the racetrack who became a feminist icon after triumphing over an all-male field to become Iran's national car rally champion. But now the high-octane driving career of Laleh Seddigh has juddered to a halt, with a ban from participating at a race by the country's motor racing authorities.-Guardian - 10/5/06

People hold promise for peace
U.S.-Iran relations are often cast as a culture war between the populations. Not true. The goodwill among citizens is there. Now the governments must do their part. -Shirin Ebadi, USA Today - 10/5/06

EGYPT: Rice fails to address rights and governance issues, say analysts
United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's visit to Cairo spelled a reversal in US policy on human rights and democratisation in the Middle East, analysts said. -IRIN - 10/5/06

Council mulling over Iran-Brazil Caspian Sea oil contract
Iran's Economic Council is presently assessing the draft of a contract inked with Brazil on oil extraction from the Caspian Sea, member of the Majlis Economy Commission Elyas Naderan said here on Wednesday. -MNA - 10/5/06

Iran's path to sanctions?
There is a growing willingness amongst European states to compromise with Iran on its uranium enrichment activities, but the USA continues to maintain a rigid position. -Nuclear Engineering International - 10/5/06

Iranian Physician Released From Jail
Iran has freed physician Hessam Firouzi, who treated a well-known student activist. -RFE - 10/5/06

Iranian actor Entezami presents UNESCO award to youth
Iranian actor Ezzatollah Entezami dedicated the UNESCO award to the young generation upon his arrival at Tehran's Mehrabad Airport Tuesday night. -MNA - 10/5/06

War or Rumors of War?
Given the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the sheer cost of existing military commitments, it would seem that the last thing the United States can afford right now is another war. But as retired Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner observes, the Bush administration didn't apply the ďmaking senseĒ filter over the past four years in Iraq. It is therefore unlikely to use common sense in evaluating whether to attack Iran. -FPIF - 10/5/06

Iran: Detained Christian Couple's Family Seeks Answers
There is growing concern over the fate of an Iranian Christian couple arrested in eastern Iran last week. -RFE - 10/5/06

Rice: It's Time for Sanctions Against Iran
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Wednesday Iran will not suspend uranium enrichment and it is time for the U.N. Security Council to move on sanctions against Tehran. Rice is expected to meet with fellow foreign ministers from the other permanent Security Council member countries and Germany on the issue as early as this week. -VOA - 10/5/06

Iran: Article 19, Freedom House Spotlight Censorship
With much of the world's attention on Iran, ARTICLE 19 and Freedom House have launched new publications aimed at shedding light on the state of free expression in the country and the challenges faced by artists, writers, journalists and dissidents. -IFEX - 10/5/06

The `defenseless Hercules'
All visitors to the Zagros mountains have seen the historical `Hercules statue' and have written materials to describe this ancient artwork, said an article in Iran Daily on Thursday. -IRNA - 10/5/06

Iran: Brothers Change The Face Of HIV, Drug-Addiction Treatment
Two Iranian siblings have revolutionized the way drug addicts and HIV/AIDS-infected people are treated in their country. Doctors Arash and Kamiar Alaei were raised in a wealthy family but now devote their lives to helping the less fortunate on the streets, treating them, and counseling them on how to rejoin society and even find a spouse. -RFE - 10/4/06

Poet and satirist Salahi dies at 60 'without informing us'
Iranian poet and satirist Omran Salahi died of heart failure at Tehran's Tus Hospital early this morning. Due to his biting satire, renowned Iranian blank verse poet Ahmad Shamlu once wisecracked, "His name is Omran (which means flourishing and construction), but he caused destruction from the beginning!" -MNA - 10/4/06

Iranian American Brings Love of Nature to Portland's Parks
The forests of Iranís Alborz Mountains are half a world away from the forests of Americaís Cascade Mountains. Yet for Iranian-born Zari Khodaparast Santner, the seeds of her love of nature, planted in her childhood home near the Alborz, have come to fruition at the foot of the Cascades in Portland, Oregon, where she works as director of one of Americaís leading city park systems. -Washington File - 10/4/06

Iranian Jews shaping Israeli policy
Iran is home to around 25,000 Jews, the biggest Jewish community in the Middle East after Israel. While many of Israel's 75,000-strong Persian Jewish community are anxious for the safety of family members who remained behind in the Islamic Republic, their fears are tinged with more complex emotions. -Jane's - 10/4/06

Iran to Open Nuclear Sites to Foreign Tourists
Heavy water plant in Arak, Iran Iranian state media say the government plans to open its nuclear facilities to foreign tourists to help prove that Iran's atomic program is peaceful. -VOA - 10/4/06

Iranís French offer - can it bridge the political divide?
Iran floated the idea of a French consortium this morning, led by EURODIF, to oversee Iranís uranium enrichment activities. EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana noted that the idea was ďinterestingĒ and should be examined further. -NIAC - 10/4/06

Iran-Korea trade well over $5.6b: ambassador
The trade volume between the Republic of (South) Korea and Iran reached more than $5.6 billion last year, the Korean Ambassador to Tehran noted here on Monday. "If we keep the trend, we may achieve $20 billion of trade volume within a few years", he added. -MNA - 10/4/06

Iran: Physician Who Treated Jailed Activist Detained
A physician who had called on Iranian authorities to free a well-known political prisoner for health reasons has been arrested in Iran, Radio Farda reported. -RFE - 10/4/06

Key powers to seek Iran sanctions
The US and key EU powers will seek a fresh UN resolution imposing sanctions on Iran over its nuclear policy. -BBC - 10/4/06

U.S.: Iran navy not prepping for war
A top U.S. Navy official said Tuesday Iran's navy shows no indication of preparing for a war with the United States. He said the Iranian navy is "very, very professional," and communicates with the U.S. Navy. "We want to avoid any miscalculation, any accident. They are a professional force," he said. -UPI - 10/4/06

Iran: The Unthinkable War - Part One: Pretending You Didnít Know
The Democrats are silent as the Bush regime prepares for war against Iran -- silent in the face of a potential nuclear mass murder -- even a global war. Silent in the face of an attack that could cause an utter meltdown of the global economy, a 1930s style Depression that would send millions, perhaps billions of people into starvation-level poverty, as the prices of oil and gasoline triple. -Juan Santos, Dissident Voice - 10/4/06

Residents: Gilchrest's Iran effort positive
In a letter sent to the president Friday, Gilchrest, R-1st-Md., and the 19 bipartisan House members, including 10 Republicans and nine Democrats, who signed the letter, asked Bush to begin talks with Iran as soon as possible in hopes of averting another conflict in the Middle East. -Delmarva Daily Times, MD - 10/4/06

An Iranian immigrant has cleaned up the Burbank theater, but parking rules limit its resurrection from an unseemly past
Hassan Dastgah has owned the Burbank Theater in the sometimes-sleazy unincorporated stretch of San Jose along Bascom Avenue. It is a gem of a building that has had a checkered past, including a stretch as a porn house. -San Jose Mercury - 10/4/06

Sunflower Tours blossoms into the outbound market to Iran
Dubai-based DMC, Sunflower Tours is planning to dabble in outbound tourism to Iran. The company, which is operated by an Iranian family, and primarily caters to inbound tourism from Scandanavia, has joined forces with Iranian inbound tour operator, Iranian Ziggurat Travel & Tour Company, to create weekend break packages aimed specifically at the GCCís ex-pat community. -ITP - 10/4/06

PGCC expresses support for Iran's rights to nuclear technology
The Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) on Wednesday voiced support for Iran's legal and inalienable right to access peaceful nuclear technology under rules and regulations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). -IRNA - 10/4/06

West Wary of Iran's Nuclear Offer
The international community has reacted warily to proposals by Tehran that France create a consortium to produce and monitor enriched uranium in Iran. The offer was made by Mohammed Saeedi, the deputy head of Iran's atomic energy organization through various foreign media, including the French France-Info radio station. -VOA - 10/4/06

Christian couple detained in Iran - possible prisoners of conscience
Fereshteh Dibaj and her husband Reza Montazemi, who are both Christians, are being held incommunicado. They are possible prisoners of conscience, who may be detained solely on account of their religious beliefs. -Amnesty International - 10/4/06

Imperial Designs vs. Reality in Lebanon
The war unleashed by the Israeli armed forces in July and August 2006 against Hezbollah and Lebanon as a whole was accompanied by a major offensive in the Gaza strip against Hamas, the majority party in the Palestinian Parliament. -Z Magazine - 10/4/06

US: Iran Could Have Nuclear Bomb in Four Years
The top U.S. intelligence official says Iran could have a nuclear weapon within four to nine years, but that it still has time to turn away from that path. -VOA - 10/4/06

Israelis Reach Out to Arab Nations That Share Fear of Ascendant Iran
Israel's summer war against Iranian-backed Hezbollah militants has redoubled its concerns about the threat from Iran, leading Israeli officials to reach out to Arab governments that share their concern about Tehran's growing influence in the region. -Wall Street Journal - 10/4/06

Minister: US embargo on Iran's aviation industry a mistake
Minister of Roads and Transportation Mohammad Rahmati on Wednesday described US government's agreement to provide spare parts and maintenance for Iranian passenger airplanes as a normal and logical move. -IRNA - 10/4/06

Iran's cloned sheep in good condition: official
Head of the Royan Research Center in the ancient city of Isfahan, Dr. Mohammad-Hossein Nasr-Esfahani told IRNA that the sheep, second cloned in Iran, was not initially in good conditions after birth by caesarean. -IRNA - 10/4/06

Who Appeases Whom?
It has been said that the animosity between the governments of the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran is the result of the policies of the extremist factions wielding power in the two governments. This assessment has its roots in disregard for justice that divides the blame equally between the victims and the offenders. -Ardeshir Ommani - 10/4/06

CASMII joins protest at U.S. Naval Base
On October 1, CASMII members and supporters from Washington, DC were welcomed by two dozen Virginia activists protesting outside the world's largest Naval base in Norfolk. - 10/4/06

Iran's cloned lamb named Royana
Officials of Royan Research Center in this central city have picked a name from a list of suggested names for Iran's first cloned lamb that was born in the center Saturday morning. -IRNA - 10/3/06

Iranian video game targets U.S. tanker
A new Iranian computer game sets players the task of blowing up a U.S. tanker in the Gulf to block the sea route for much of the world's oil supplies, a newspaper reported Saturday. -Reuters - 10/3/06

Saddam Spy Allegations Cause Furor Among Iraqi Kurds
A political uproar has erupted in the Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq after newspapers published a list of people accused of spying on fellow Kurds for Saddam Hussein's intelligence service. Some of the alleged informers now hold important public offices. -VOA - 10/3/06

International Weightlifting Federation fines Iran federation, bans lifters
The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) heavily fined the Iranian federation and banned nine lifters for an unprecedented dope case, said the state TV here Monday. -MNA - 10/3/06

World Volleyball Federation approves Iranian women's Islamic outfit
The World Volleyball Federation has agreed to the Islamic outfit of Iranian Women in international fields. - 10/3/06

UAE, Iran's main trade partner in past eight years
According to the official, during the first five months of the current Iranian year, dlrs 3.9 billion worth of goods have been imported from the UAE that shows a growth of 58 percent compared to the similar period the previous year. -IRNA - 10/3/06

A Nation of Holocaust Deniers?
The president's skepticism is, surprisingly, shared by many Iranians. But that doesn't mean they are anti-Israel. Let me explain -Azadeh Moaveni, TIME - 10/3/06

Secret intelligence report concludes: America" must accept" a nuclear Iran
A secret intelligence report has warned there is "little which can be done to stop Iran acquiring the components for a nuclear bomb". -CFP - 10/3/06

Tajikistan: Islamic Party's Leader Explains Strategy
Tajikistan's last presidential election, in 1999, featured entrenched incumbent Imomali Rakhmonov and a candidate from the country's Islamic Renaissance Party (IRP). With a new vote due in November and at least five potential challengers emerging to face President Rakhmonov, the powerful IRP has vowed to stay out of the race. -RFE - 10/3/06

Arrested in Afghanistan: Abdullah, 25, an Iranian jihadist 'rejected by the Taliban'
Officials claim there is a new stream of support for the insurgency coming from Iran -Guardian - 10/3/06

Iran: Reformists attack pope
Iranian reformists who have been fighting for survival ever since president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected last year have repeatedly attacked Pope Benedict XVI over a controversial speech he made last month linking Islam to violence. -AKI - 10/3/06

CBI governor writes to IMF in complaint of U.S. sanctions against Iranian bank
In a letter to the chief executive officer of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) expressed regret about the U.S. recent move to cut Bank Saderat off, the Public Relations Dept. of Bank Saderat Iran reported here on Tuesday. -MNA - 10/3/06

Send thank you letter to signatories of pro-diplomacy letter
On the same day the Senate and the House were debating legislation extending sanctions on Iran, Wayne Gilchrest (R-MD) and 18 other members of Congress sent a letter to President George W. Bush urging for direct US-Iran negotiations without preconditions. -NIAC - 10/3/06

Director Ghobadi keeps up criticism of Iranian censorship as his 'Half Moon' wins praise
Iranian director Bahman Ghobadi, whose film "Half Moon" has been highly praised at the ongoing San Sebastian International Film Festival, said it is increasingly difficult to work in Iran, where his latest movie has been banned because a woman sings in it. -AFP - 10/3/06

The Iranian Nuclear Crisis: Sorting Fact from Fiction
Iran is being portrayed by the US, other Western governments, Israel and their mass media, as a threat to international peace and security. The leadership of Iran, particularly the president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is said to be filled with an irrational, violent Hitler-like loathing of Jews,... -Stephen Gowans - 10/3/06

Iranian whiz kid wins world armies taekwondo title
Iranian taekwondo phenom Maysam Rafiei grabbed the 58 kg gold medal of the 2006 world armies tournament in South Korea. -IRNA - 10/3/06

Iran's Parliament approves bill on allocating parts of oil, gas revenues to deprived regions
Majlis (Iran's parliament) on Tuesday, approved the general outlines of a bill based on which government will be allowed to allocate two percent of Iran's oil and natural gas revenues to the development of the oil- and gas-rich provinces and other economically underprivileged regions of the nation as well. -MNA - 10/3/06

Iran Suggests France Enrich Iran's Uranium to Resolve Nuclear Standoff
A top Iranian official has proposed that France create a consortium to enrich uranium in Iran as a way to resolve the country's nuclear standoff with the West. -VOA - 10/3/06

Iran does not need US security guarantees - Larijani
Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council and the country's top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani said here in an interview with German weekly 'Focus' that Iran is not worried about its security status, and does not need any US security guarantees. -IRNA - 10/3/06

Iranian actress Andisheh Fuladvand working on new album
Fuladvand explained that her album has three sections: "The album opens with 'In the Name of the Homeland', a song sung by Mani Rahnama, and continues with 'His Excellency', 'Fire, Friend!', and 'Before the Morning Azan', which are recited by myself. -MNA - 10/3/06

Iran: At least 40 followers of Ayatollah Sayed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi arrested
At least 41 followers of Shia cleric Ayatollah Sayed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi were reportedly arrested in the courtyard of his house in Tehran during the morning of 28 September. They are thought to have been taken to Section 209 of Evin Prison in Tehran, which is run by the Ministry of Intelligence. -Amnesty International - 10/3/06

Iran's Nuclear Threat
On September 28, 2006, the House of Representatives passed the ĎIran Sanctions Billí HR6198. Representative Tom Lantos, the top Democrat on the House International Affairs Committee, said: "If we fail to use the economic and diplomatic tools available to us, the world will face a nightmare that knows no end... -Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 10/2/06

Iranian director Partovi calls Oscars unpredictable
Iranian director Kambuzia Partovi said that it is hard to predict how a film will do at the Oscars due to the variety of contenders. Iran has selected Partovi's "Border Cafť" to represent Iranian cinema in the category of Best Foreign Language Film at the 79th Annual Academy Awards in 2007. -MNA - 10/2/06

Iran's cloned sheep in good condition: official
A cloned sheep that was born in a research center in the central city of Isfahan Saturday morning is now in good conditions, said a center official Saturday evening. -IRNA - 10/2/06

Iranian children to sign children's right treaty for 1st time
Director General of Welfare Organization for Children and Adults, Seyed Mohammad-Hossein Javadi, on Monday said that for the first time all children across the country will sign a treaty on children's rights on the Universal Children's Day, October 8. -IRNA - 10/2/06

The March to War: Naval build-up in the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean
The probability of another war in the Middle East is high. Only time will tell if the horrors of further warfare is to fully materialize. Even then, the shape of a war is still undecided in terms of its outcome. -Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Global Research - 10/2/06

Iran ranks fourth at world archery meet
Iran took the fourth title of the compound event of the fourth world men's archery tournament in Shanghai, a seaport in eastern China, Sunday. -IRNA - 10/2/06

Iran resumes gas exports to Turkey
An official supervising the transfer of Iranian natural gas to Turkey, Hoshang Mehrdadfar, told IRNA in this northwestern city that Iranian technicians have completed repairs on the damaged portion of the pipeline three days after the explosion. -IRNA - 10/2/06

Iran Chooses Film On Women's Issues For Oscar Bid
Reports from Iran say "Border Cafe," a film directed by Kambuzia Partovi, has been selected to represent the Islamic republic's cinema at next year's Academy Awards, in the best foreign film category. - 10/2/06

Noted US Journalist Says President Bush in 'State of Denial' Over Iraq
One of America's best-known investigative reporters says the Bush administration has made tragic mistakes in the war in Iraq, and is blind to the grim reality of Iraq's worsening situation. Journalist and author Bob Woodward appeared on U.S. television Sunday following the release of his new book: "State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III". -VOA - 10/2/06

Iran: Police Arrest Martyred Christianís Daughter
Iranian secret police arrested a Christian couple in the northeastern city of Mashhad three days ago, forcing them to leave behind their 6-year-old daughter and holding them incommunicado ever since. -Compass Direct News - 10/2/06

Top Iranian lawmaker asks government to award Azadegan deal to Iranian contractors
The MP believes that the former government has made a mistake in signing Azadegan deal with Japan's INPEX, "and the new government should not repeat the same mistake." -MNA - 10/2/06

FFS 2006 Main Focus: IRAN
On October 5, 2006 Films from the South kicks off and the main focus of this years festival is Iran. We are proud to be presenting the work of acclaimed director Abbas Kiarostami. - 10/2/06

Iran shrugs off U.S. sanctions
Tehran on Sunday shrugged off the United States' decision to extend its sanctions on the Islamic Republic, saying Iran is used to such sanctions and their ineffectiveness has already been proven. On Saturday, U.S. President George W. Bush signed into law a new sanctions bill after the Senate passed it earlier that day. -MNA - 10/2/06

Bisotun, A Living Witness of History
A few kilometers from the city of Kermanshah, the capital of Kermanshah province, stands a mountain which bears traces of Ancient Persia. A collection of huge rock reliefs and inscriptions and the gigantic statue of Hercules are all witnesses of the ancient Persian glory and years of civilization. -CHN - 10/2/06

Iran: 3000-Y-Old Female Skeleton Discovered in Gorgan
Skeleton of a woman from the 1st millennium BC, statuette of a goat, a crook cane in the shape of a lizard, and several other objects were found in a grave in Gorgan which speak of the high social class of the woman buried in there. -CHN - 10/2/06

Iran: State Media Control Extends To Provinces, Airwaves
Iranian government efforts to steer public perceptions through media restrictions are not limited to mainstream newspapers in the capital. Provincial publications and journalists face mounting official pressure -- especially among those dealing with minority affairs. -RFE - 10/2/06

September Art in Tehran
The weather shows some sign of cooling down these days with a breeze here and there and for a week now we have not turned the coolers on. However the art scene these days is rather lukewarm. Many Tehran galleries are not open and some have decided to delay their opening until after the end of Ramadan (a holy month for praying and fasting), the last week in October. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 10/2/06

Iraq selects Iranian-directed "Half Moon" for Oscars
Iranian director Bahman Qobadi's "Half Moon" has been picked to represent Iraq alongside the Iranian entry "Border Cafť" at next year's Oscars, AFP reported on Saturday. - 10/2/06

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