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Sleazy Salesman vs. the Tongue-tied Incumbent: The Foreign Policy Debate Farce
For me personally, the national debt, health care, unemployment and other issues of high priority debated between Romney and Obama during the presidential campaigns, although of great concern, take the backseat to the direction that our foreign policy might take past this coming November. -Kam Zarrabi - 10/31/12

Photos: Iran books berth in FIVB World Youth Championship after defeating Thailand
Iran beat Thailand in three straight sets (25-11, 25-16, 25-23) in the Asian Youth Boy's Volleyball Championship in Tehran's Azadi Stadium on Tuesday. - 10/31/12

Iran bans export of 50 items
Iran has barred the export of 50 products made in Iran to avoid domestic shortages due to restrictions imposed by the U.S. and the European Union. - 10/31/12

Iran: Supreme Leader has warning for government leaders
Iran's Supreme Leader has warned the heads of government branches and senior national officials to avoid disputes, emphasizing that those who try to create divisions as the elections approach "are traitors." - 10/31/12

Who Owns the World? Noam Chomsky on U.S.-Fueled Dangers, from Climate Change to Nuclear Weapons
In the week when President Obama and Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney debated issues of foreign policy and the economy, we turn to world-renowned political dissident, linguist, author and MIT professor, Noam Chomsky. -Democracy Now - 10/31/12

Iran to invest $40b in oil sector by March 2013: Oil Minister
Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi has said that up to $40 billion will be invested in the domestic oil sector by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2013), the Shana News Agency reported. - 10/31/12

Clinton Renews Call For 'Serious' Nuclear Talks
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has renewed her call for Iran to start serious talks on its nuclear program, adding that a window for negotiations will not be open indefinitely. - 10/31/12

Sudan's Iran Alliance Under Scrutiny
Sudan's accusation that Israel bombed a Khartoum weapons plant last week has drawn attention to long-standing Israeli complaints of alleged Sudanese cooperation with Iran in smuggling weapons to Palestinian militants. -Michael Lipin, VOA - 10/31/12

Israel Says Iran Pulls Back Nuclear Effort
Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak says Iran has pulled back from its effort to build a nuclear weapon, averting a possible military showdown for the time being. - 10/31/12

Japan wants exemption from U.S. sanctions on Iran
Japanese media report that Japan is looking for ways to be exempt from U.S. sanctions imposed against Iran. - 10/31/12

Iranian doctors offer to treat political prisoners
The Islamic Association of Iranian Physicians has urged the head of Iran's judiciary to allow independent doctors to examine and treat political prisoners outside the prisons. The announcement reminds the judiciary that it is responsible for the health of all political prisoners and warns that any delay in their treatment could lead to "irreversible effects." - 10/30/12

Italian festival awards "The Last Step" by Iranian director Ali Mosaffa
The award-winning Iranian movie "The Last Step" directed by Ali Mosaffa won the Love and Psyche Prize at the MedFilm Festival in Rome. - 10/30/12

IAF highlights Hossein Mahjubi's 50 years of painting
Fifty years of Hossein Mahjubi's achievements in painting was commemorated during a ceremony at the Iranian Artists Forum on Sunday evening. Mahjubi, a number of cultural figures, and his fans and colleagues attended the ceremony. - 10/30/12

Photos: Tehran international Press Exhibit Opens
The 19th International Exhibition of Press and News Agencies opened at Tehran's Imam Khomeini Mosalla on Sunday. A total of 2380 Persian dailies, magazines and periodicals have participated in the exhibit, deputy culture minister for press affairs announced during a press conference last week. - 10/30/12

Accused fraudster to be tried in absentia
Mahmoudreza Khavari, the former head of Iran's Melli Bank accused of taking part in a $3-billion bank fraud and who's now living in Canada, will be tried in absentia, according to the judge handling the case. - 10/30/12

Obama, Romney Differ on Energy Policy
President Obama and Governor Romney agree that the U.S. is too dependent on foreign oil. But their views differ significantly on how to reduce or even end that dependence to make the country energy self-sufficient. -VOA - 10/30/12

Iran to import wheat from India
An Iranian delegation is in India to finalize a deal to import wheat to Iran, Indian media report. Press Trust of India reports that Iran has not imported Indian wheat since 1996 because the grain contained a fungal disease called "karnal bunt". - 10/30/12

Iranian Warships Dock in Sudan
Iran says two of its warships have docked in Sudan, days after Sudan accused Israel of bombing an arms factory in Khartoum. - 10/30/12

Iran producing 25 million liters of premium gasoline per day
Iran is currently producing 25 million liters of premium gasoline per day, meeting euro-4 and euro-5 standards, ISNA quoted National Iranian Oil Production and Distribution Company's managing director Alireza Zeighami as saying. - 10/30/12

Turkish gold trade booms to Iran, via Dubai
To see one of Iran's financial lifelines at work, pay a visit to Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport and find a gate for a flight to Dubai. Couriers carrying millions of dollars worth of gold bullion in their luggage have been flying from Istanbul to Dubai, where the gold is shipped on to Iran, according to industry sources with knowledge of the business. -Reuters - 10/30/12

Depression Epidemia: Indeed Hilarious
Headline: Iranian Currency won the first place backward recently- And in one of the radios- The subject of one of their entertaining programs- Was Patience and how Patient Iranians are.- Associating the old proverb- "If you be patient enough/sour grapes will turn to halvaa" -Roya Monajem, Tehran - 10/29/12

National Orchestra of Iran closed down
Arsalan Kamkar, a member of the technical council of the the National Orchestra of Iran, says the orchestra has ceased all activities for months. - 10/29/12

Both Candidates Misleading on Iran and Afghanistan
Gareth Porter: Obama and Romney debate a false narrative about US foreign policy -- Gareth Porter is a historian and investigative journalist on US foreign and military policy analyst. He writes regularly for Inter Press Service on US policy towards Iraq and Iran. - 10/29/12

Iran dismisses reports of direct talks with U.S.
Meanwhile, the Kaleme opposition website reported that Ali Akbar Velyati and Hossein Taeb, the head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards corps intelligence division, have travelled to the U.S. in order to establish direct negotiations with U.S. officials in secret. - 10/29/12

Iranian workers protest lack of pay
Fifty workers at a Mazanadaran Textile Factory gathered to protest that their wages have not been paid. ILNA reports that the workers gathered in front of the House of Workers in Mazandaran in protest against 26 months of unpaid wages. - 10/29/12

Large sponge iron plant comes on stream in southern Iran
A large sponge iron production unit, with a projected annual output of 1.8 million tons, came on stream on Sunday in Hormozgan Province in southern Iran. - 10/29/12

Iran says Hezbollah's drone, not its latest technology
Iran says the drone intercepted inside Israeli territory a few while ago was not the most cutting-edge technology it possesses. - 10/29/12

Iran Tribunal - closing statement at The Hague
The Iran Tribunal heard statements from expert and fact witnesses about the crimes committed by the Islamic Republic of Iran against the country's political, religious and ethnic minority prisoners during the 1980s, when approximately 20,000 citizens were executed. - 10/29/12

Dehumanization of a country and its people -Target: Iran
Dehumanization is a process by which a person, or a group of people, or a country as a whole is subjected to constant (but subtle and overt) statements of asserted demonization, for instance being called 'evil' or being compared to a historic figure (like Hitler) which most people despise. -Albert Sterns, WritersViews - 10/29/12

The unfolding human catastrophe in Iran
The lack of sensitivity to the plight of ordinary Iranians was - at least on the President's part - surprising, because when his administration together with the European Union began imposing sanctions on Iran, they promised the world that the sanctions will be "smart" and "targeted". -Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi,Aljazeera - 10/29/12

Iran exports $1B of condensates in one month
Iran's exports of gas condensates amounted to more than $1 billion in the last Iranian calendar month (Sept. 22 and Oct. 21), a customs official said on Saturday. Much of Iran's condensate sales have been shipped across the Persian Gulf to Dubai. - 10/29/12

Photos: Volunteers Deliver Supplies to Quake Victims in Ahar
With the beginning of the cold season, and since the promises of the government officials in rebuilding the quake hit areas haven't been fulfilled yet, the quake victims in Iran's Azarbaijan province are more than ever in need of help. This is where volunteer groups have been trying to fill the gap. Meanwhile two mild tremors hit Varzaqan on Saturday morning. -Masoume Fariborzi - 10/27/12

Facebook users arrested in Sirjan, Iran
Iranian judicial authorities in Sirjan have announced the arrest of four individuals charged with "propaganda activities against the regime and insulting officials in the Facebook cyber space." - 10/27/12

Photos: "Day of Arafa" Prayers Held Across Iran
Iranians held the Arafa prayer across Iran on Thursday. Iranians, who are Shiite Muslims, recite a special prayer on the Day of Arafa. This is the prayer that Imam Hussein and his followers did at Arafat. These photos show people praying in the towns of Arak, Kerman, Mashhad, Sabzevar, Sari, Shahr Rey, Tabriz, Zanjan, - 10/27/12

Jailed Iranian blogger writes in solidarity with Nasrin Sotoudeh
Jailed Iranian blogger Hossein Ronaghi Maleki has issued a letter of solidarity for Nasrin Sotoudeh, the jailed Iranian lawyer who is on a hunger strike in protest of her mistreatment in prison. - 10/27/12

European Parliament cancels visit to Iran
The Iranian authorities have refused to give permission to a delegation of five MEPs set to travel to Tehran to meet with this year's Sakharov Prize winners Nasrin Sotoudeh and Jafar Panahi, after which the delegation cancelled the visit. - 10/27/12

Photos: "Day of Arafa" in Shalamcheh, Iran
Iranians held the Arafa prayer across Iran on Thursday. These photos show people praying at Shalamcheh, a town located in Khuzestan Province on the border with Iraq. Shalamcheh was one of the main sites of Iraqi invasion to Iran in Iraq-Iran war. - 10/27/12

Met curator Sheila Canby to lecture on Safavid era artist in Tehran
Sheila Canby, the curator of the Department of Islamic Art of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is scheduled to deliver a lecture about the Safavid era artist Aliquli Jabbadar (1666-1694) at Tehran's Art Study Center on Monday. - 10/27/12

Iran's electricity exports hits $5B
Deputy Energy Minister Mohammad Behzad announced here on Saturday that Iran's electricity exports have hit five billion dollars since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2012). - 10/27/12

Photos: "Day of Arafa" Prayers in Tehran
Iranians held the Arafa prayer across Iran on Thursday. Iranians, who are Shiite Muslims, recite a special prayer on the Day of Arafa. This is the prayer that Imam Hussein and his followers did at Arafat. These photos show people praying in the capital city Tehran. - 10/27/12

5 Iranian pilgrims killed in terrorist attack in Baghdad
A "sticky bomb" underneath a bus carrying Iranian pilgrims was detonated on Saturday, killing at least five passengers and wounding at least 9, according to Iraqi officials. - 10/27/12

Wave of Deadly Attacks Reported Across Iraq
A wave of deadly attacks has shattered the peace in Iraq, where Muslims are marking the second day of the Eid al-Adha holiday. - 10/27/12

Book: The Great Famine and Genocide in Persia, 1917-1919
As many as eight to ten million Persians perished because of starvation and disease during the famine of 1917-1919, making it the greatest calamity in Persia's history. In this book, Mohammad Gholi Majd argues that Persia was the greatest victim of World War One and also the victim of possibly the worst genocide of the twentieth century. - 10/26/12

No Possibility of War With Iran: Revolutionary Guards Commander Takes Back His Statement
The top commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) retreated from his earlier remarks that war between Iran and other countries was certain. General Mohammad Ali Jaafari who had earlier said war between Iran and its enemies was "inevitable" changed his prediction and said last Sunday, "In view of the condition of the enemies, there will be no war against Iran." -Nima Farahabadi - 10/26/12

Saudi Cyber Attack Seen as Work of Amateur Hackers Backed by Iran
Digital security experts say a major August cyber-attack at Saudi Arabia's top oil company appears to be the work of amateur hackers working on behalf of a nation state, and several signs point to Iran as their sponsor. - 10/26/12

Cyber war elevates mistrust and hostility between Iran and US to new heights
Leading cyber experts maintain that the consequences of a massive, successful cyber attack on US infrastructure and/or the banking system would be devastating. So clearly, the potential for detriment imposed by a serious cyber attack is not a secret. To that end, two possible scenarios should be considered. -Shahir ShahidSaless - 10/26/12

Iranian clergy denounce airing of top-level political dispute
Senior members of the Iranian clergy slammed President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Larijani, the head of the judiciary, for publicizing their dispute, which they claim "has created tension in society." - 10/26/12

Nasrin Sotoudeh and Jafar Panahi: Winners of the 2012 Sakharov Prize
Two Iranian activists, lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh and film director Jafar Panahi, are this year's joint winners of the European Parliament Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. They were chosen by president Martin Schulz and political group leaders on Friday 26 October. - 10/26/12

Profile: Lily Emamian - Senior Public Service Fellow
Undoubtedly, the Iranian-American community is composed of many of the brightest, hardest working, and most intellectually engaged individuals living in the United States. The presence that our community has in all domains - professional, political, artistic, scientific - speaks volumes to the potential that future generations of Iranian Americans will demonstrate in years to come. - 10/26/12

Nuclear talks to resume between Iran, EU
A spokesperson for the European Union has announced that Catherine Ashton, the head of EU foreign policy, and Saeed Jalili, Iran's top nuclear negotiator, have agreed to continue talks on Iran's nuclear program. - 10/26/12

In Iran, Like Iraq, the Objective Has Always Been Regime Change
If you trust the mainstream account, you're likely someone who believes that President Obama's willingness to negotiate with Iran about its nuclear program has provided Iranians with incentive to expand their program and head towards nuclear weapons, right under our noses. -John Glaser, - 10/26/12

How I Tried to Bomb Iran into the Stone Age: Part II
The outcome was disaster last week, when I played Tell Me How It Ends, a computer simulation of U.S. military action against Iran's nuclear program. Stepping into the role of the President of the United States, I ordered an all-out strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, that escalated into a ground invasion and a costly U.S. occupation of Iran. -Michael Peck, Forbes - 10/26/12

Why Tehran Wants a Neocon
From Tehran's vantage, Republican presidential administrations have historically been better on Iran-related issues. Indeed, Iranian officials today see themselves as the same regime that ushered Ronald Reagan into the White House after a hostage crisis and failed recovery mission torpedoed Jimmy Carter's presidency. -Reza Marashi, National Interest - 10/26/12

British Lawyers Warn Attack Would Violate International Law
The British government has reportedly spurned US requests to use the military bases in Cyprus and Diego Garcia as a staging ground for a US attack on Iran, citing advice from British government lawyers that such an attack would violate international law. - 10/26/12

Photos: Cold Arrives at Iran's Quake Hit Areas
With the beginning of the fall season, the cold weather has arrived early in the quake hit areas of Varzaghan and Ahar in Iran's northwestern province of Azarbaijan. This has created more problems for the quake victims who are still living in tents. -Masoume Fariborzi - 10/25/12

Candidate Profile: Ron Varasteh, CA Congressional Candidate
"I am a scientist and an engineer by education, a small business owner for the last 25+ years, a 30 + years resident of Orange County, and an activist for causes pertaining to improved quality of life for all citizens of our great country." - 10/25/12

Study Shows Progress In Closing Gender Gap
According to a new study, no country in the world has yet achieved gender equality but the majority of them have made slow progress on closing gaps. However, near the bottom of the ranking, Iran slips to the 127th position due to a worsening of the estimated earned income ratio. - 10/25/12

Concern Grows Among Iranians After US Debate Remarks
Iran was mentioned nearly 50 times during this week's U.S. presidential debate, more than Afghanistan, Iraq and even China. The fact wasn't lost on Iranians, many of whom watched the debate with interest and concern about the strained relations between the two countries. - 10/25/12

United for Iran Report: Dismal Global Response to Iran's Human Rights Crisis Since 2009
In an unprecedented study released today, United for Iran has described the global response to Iran's 2009 post-election crackdown and human rights crisis as "feeble." The organization, which has carried out the year-long assessment, is calling on the international community to elevate human rights promotion in its policy agenda towards Iran - 10/25/12

Iran: Student Activist's Psychological Health Suffers at Evin Prison
Siavash Hatam, an imprisoned student who was banned from continuing his education, is in dire psychological state at Evin Prison's Ward 350, a local source told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. - 10/25/12

Intelligence Minister warns regional countries manipulating Iran's forex market
The Iranian currency, the rial, has lost nearly 40 percent of its value against the dollar this month. The rial rose against the U.S. dollar on Wednesday, when it traded for 31,500 rials, a bit better than the record low of 35,500 rials to the dollar hit earlier this month. - 10/25/12

Iranian students challenge gender segregation
The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reports that hundreds of students at Payam-e Noor University in Kurdistan have begun petitioning against gender segregation in several of their courses. - 10/25/12

Breakthrough in world's oldest undeciphered writing
The world's oldest undeciphered writing system, which has so far defied attempts to uncover its 5,000-year-old secrets, could be about to be decoded by Oxford University academics. The writing system called proto-Elamite, was used between around 3200BC and 2900BC in a region now in the south west of modern Iran. -BBC - 10/25/12

China buying less Iranian crude
Iranian crude exports to China declined by 24 percent in September compared to the same month last year, Reuters reports. The most significant drop occurred in the first three months of the year following disputes over the terms of their agreement. - 10/25/12

U.S. Says It's Open To Iran Talks, But None Scheduled
The White House says President Barack Obama is open to having bilateral talks with Iran about the Islamic republic's nuclear program, but no such negotiations are currently scheduled. - 10/24/12

Afghan refugees return home from Iran in hordes
Tens of thousands of Afghan refugees are leaving Iran because of economic hardship, which is exacerbated by the intensification of economic sanctions on Iran. - 10/24/12

Lost in Paradise: Five Artists from the Middle East and Asia Explore the Theme of Spirituality
Five artists from Asia and the Middle East, each with their own cultural, social and religious backgrounds, approach the theme of spirituality in this new exhibition from A&E projects. - 10/24/12

Iran Tribunal: Opening submission at The Hague
In the dark summer of 1988, prisoners in Gohardasht communicated with each other in Morse code. By tapping on the cold walls of their cells, they spread the news of the arrival of the mysterious "Death Commission", whose mission it was to investigate the piety of jailed political prisoners. - 10/24/12

Pars Equality Center's Mentoring Kick Off Event!
This month Pars Equality Center held an inspiring career mentoring event designed to put some of the amazing expertise that we have available in the Bay Area to help those in need, and help them plan their new and exciting careers. - 10/24/12

Prominent Iranian Religious Scholar And Dissident Ahmad Ghabel Dies
A "very brave man and a great human being" is how Iranian religious scholar and dissident Ghabel is being remembered by those who knew him and those who had followed his activities from afar. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE/RL - 10/24/12

Ahmadinejad must go to parliament to explain fluctuation in forex market
On Tuesday, MPs decided to summon Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to parliament to answer questions about the disarray in the foreign currency market and the importation of wheat and cars. - 10/24/12

Iran to hold first national cyber exercises
The director of Iran's Passive Defense Organization announced on Tuesday that the country plans to conduct cyber exercises for the first time in its history. - 10/24/12

Russia says will veto any UN resolution authorizing attack on Iran
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday that Moscow will scuttle any UN Security Council resolution that could be interpreted as authorizing military action against Iran, the Tehran Times reported. - 10/24/12

Iran Warns Of Oil Export Halt If Hit With More Sanctions
Iran's oil minister, Rostam Qasemi, says Tehran will stop exporting oil if Western powers impose any more economic sanctions against that country over its disputed nuclear program. - 10/24/12

Photos: Iranian Sheep
More than 1.6 million people in Iran are directly involved in sheep and goats breeding which plays a significant economic role in rural and nomadic livelihood. These photos show the villagers and nomads in the northeastern province of Khorasan engaged in breeding sheep. -Ehsan Kamaly - 10/23/12

UN Investigator Hits Iran on Human Rights
The United Nations special rapporteur for human rights in Iran says the Islamic republic continues to execute hundreds of people each year, and conditions are worsening in the country for religious and ethnic minorities, women and homosexuals. - 10/23/12

Abbas Kowsari's Exhibition of new series of Photographs: Light
Abbas Kowsari has been fascinated with two particular nights of celebrations of Shite rituals, the night of Ashura and the birth of the twelfth Emam. For three years he has taken photographs of the decorations that cover our cities in those nights; lamps, colored papers and arches of triumph. - 10/23/12

Iran Fact Check: Top 5 Myths
Iran and its nuclear program will undoubtedly feature prominently in tonight's presidential debate on foreign policy. However, pervasive myths, distortions, and oversimplifications continue to distort the debate on Iran. - 10/23/12

Abbas Kiarostami to make next film in Italy
An Iranian producer, who is also a distributor of world-renowned director Abbas Kiarostami's latest films in Iran, has explained that Kiarostami plans to shoot his next film in Italy and not in Israel. - 10/23/12

Dispute Between Ahmadinejad, Judiciary Festers Over Evin Prison Visit
Aday after Iran's judiciary turned down a request by President Mahmud Ahmadinejad to visit Tehran's Evin prison, the combative president has accused the judiciary of unconstitutional behavior. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 10/23/12

Iran: New body proposed to run election
Iranian Parliament is reviewing legislation for transferring the responsibility for running the election from the Interior Ministry to an 11-member delegation. - 10/23/12

South Korea resumes oil imports from Iran
South Korea resumed the import of Iranian oil this month, using Iranian insurance companies to cover the shipments. - 10/23/12

NIAC Member Survey Shows Growing Concern about War and Sanctions
Concern about war with Iran has only intensified since our last member survey, and our members overwhelmingly chose to keep preventing war as NIAC's top priority. Concern about sanctions aimed at the entire Iranian population has also grown, with the issue rising to the second priority. - 10/23/12

European Broadcasters Say Syria, Iran Jamming News
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) says Syria and Iran appear to be behind the deliberate jamming of EU and U.S. satellite news services in parts of the Middle East. 76 - 10/23/12

Iranian Navy monitoring every move of U.S. aircraft carriers: Admiral
Iran has achieved great strategic technological advances, enabling it to monitor the movements of U.S. aircraft carriers every second, the commander of the Iranian Navy announced on Monday. - 10/23/12

Amir Hassan Cheheltan's "Tehran, Skyless City": Reflecting the Dark Side of Iran's Capital
In "Tehran, Skyless City", Amir Hassan Cheheltan describes the journey through life of an underdog who arrives in Tehran as an uprooted, orphaned inmate of a home and with a high degree of criminal energy, rises through the ranks to become the director of a torture prison. A review by Volker Kaminski - 10/23/12

Iran private sector exports over 20 ml barrels of crude oil
Iran's private sector crude oil exports have exceeded 20 million barrels with an average of 200.000 barrel per day. - 10/23/12

Iranian MP calls for accountability in fatal field trip for schoolgirls
The death of 26 students on a field trip to southern Iran has drawn fire from the media and the Iranian Parliament, with an MP calling for the Basij chief to be accountable for the accident. - 10/22/12

Malala tells Muslims and Americans: Put Education First
For decades fundamentalist Muslims have been telling the world, "Islam is the solution" for all the problems of Muslim society. But Malala is saying, on the contrary, "Education is the solution," because the holy book of the Muslims, the Quran, and the prophetic tradition (sunna) instruct Muslim women and men to seek knowledge as a matter of religious obligation. -R.K. Ramazani - 10/22/12

Iran: Government and Police Tackle Each Other
Last Thursday, police agents attacked an exhibition on "Digital Media" in Tehran which had been organized by the government, beating an advisor to the minister of Islamic Guidance and using tear gas inside the exhibition hall. They also brawled with member of the special force protecting Tehran's Mosala fairgrounds. -Nazanin Kamdar, Rooz - 10/22/12

Iranian MP says no decision yet on direct talks with US
Chief of Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission denies any agreement between Iran and the US for direct nuclear talks saying Tehran has no decision yet on holding dialogue with Washington. - 10/22/12

Second Reactor At Iranian Nuclear Plant To Be Ready In 2013
The Russian company building Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant has said the second reactor for the plant will be ready for commissioning in March 2013. - 10/22/12

Iranian Court Starts Proceedings for Hashemi's Lawsuit against Statoil
In 2003, Statoil CEO (Olav Fjell) claimed that he had "bribed Mehdi Hashemi in 2002 and 2003 with a sum of $15 million through the London-based Horton Investments Company to win the contracts for the development of phases 6, 7 and 8 of Iran's South Pars project in Southern Iran. - 10/22/12

Iran arrests a forex market manipulator
Iranian security and intelligence personnel have arrested a person named Jamshid Besmellah on charges of manipulating the foreign exchange market, First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi announced on Sunday. - 10/22/12

Iran allocates $2.6b for household jobs, self-employment plans
The Central Bank of Iran has earmarked 32.2 trillion rials (some $2.6 billion) for promoting household jobs and self-employment plans, ISNA quoted deputy cooperatives, labor, and social welfare minister, Mohammad-Hossein Forouzanmehr, as saying. - 10/22/12

Ten people executed in Iran for drug offences
Iranian authorities executed 10 individuals for drug offences on Monday morning, with the Mehr News Agency reporting that they were "members of two large drug rings." - 10/22/12

Former Mossad chief pushes for dialogue with Iran
Efraim Halevy says that ultimately Iranians 'would like to get out of their conundrum' claiming sanctions are beginning to 'really hurt' -Ynetnews - 10/22/12

US, Iran Deny Report of One-On-One Nuclear Talks
Both the United States and Iran are denying a U.S. newspaper report that they have agreed to unprecedented one-on-one talks on Tehran's controversial nuclear program. - 10/21/12

Photos: Workers Demonstrate at South Korea embassy in Iran after Daewoo deal sours
Around 1,000 workers from Iran's Entekhab group staged a demonstration at the South Korean embassy in Tehran on Sunday after an acquisition deal with Daewoo Electronics went sour due to sanctions. - 10/21/12

Ahmadinejad refused Evin Prison visit
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been denied a visit with his jailed press aide, Ali Akbar Javanfekr, by the Iranian judiciary. - 10/21/12

Iran Parliament bans use of revenues from hydrocarbon exports for subsidy payments
Iranian MPs approved a bill on Sunday, according to which the administration will not be allowed to pay cash subsidies from revenues gained through selling foreign currency earned through exports of crude oil and gas condensates. - 10/21/12

Iran Hangs Three 'Terrorists' For 2010 Bombings
Iran's judiciary says that it has hanged three men in the southeastern Sistan-Baluchistan Province for bombings in 2010 that killed 67 people. - 10/21/12

Photos: Funeral held in Boroujen, Iran for 26 schoolgirls killed in bus crash
The bus transporting the schoolgirls overturned on the Izeh-Lordegan road, about 500 kilometers (310 miles) southwest of Tehran. Nineteen students were also injured in the tragic accident. - 10/20/12

Photos: Iran's Special Forces Hold Exercises For Riot Preparedness - Part I
In the final stage of a drill by Iran's Revolutionary Guards, Basij forces ran a mock confrontation with rebels in the streets of Tehran in a preparation drill to deal with so-called "city disturbances." - 10/20/12

Iran: Punitive measures imposed on detained human rights defender must cease
The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, a joint programme of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT), strongly condemns the harassment faced by Ms. Nasrin Sotoudeh and, more generally, denounces the policy of subjecting jailed human rights defenders to punitive measures in prison. - 10/20/12

Photos: Iran's Special Forces Hold Exercises For Riot Preparedness - Part II
The 2009 presidential election was followed by widespread street protests over allegations of vote fraud. Basij forces were instrumental in cracking down on protesters and ending more than a year of street demonstrations. - 10/20/12

US Targets Top al-Qaida Operatives in Iran
"There was a time when Saudi Arabia was our biggest terror finance concern in the region and there's certainly more that the Saudis can do but they've done a lot," Levitt told VOA Thursday. "I would say that today, and I know I'm not the only one that's saying it, that Qatar and Kuwait are larger concerns in the Gulf." - 10/20/12

Suicide bomber kills two in Southeast Iran
Two Iranian citizens were killed by a suicide bomber in the city of Chabahar, in the southeastern Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchestan, on Friday. - 10/20/12

US Considers No-Fly Zone in Syria
The Obama administration says it is still considering a no-fly zone for northern Syria as cross-border shelling with Turkey threatens civilians on both sides. - 10/20/12

Russia Test-Fires Cruise Missiles Amid Tensions
Russia has test-fired two nuclear-capable cruise missiles, amid tensions between Moscow and Washington involving a proposed NATO missile defense shield. - 10/20/12

Turkey sentences 2 Iranians for spying
A Turkish court has sentenced 11 accused spies, including two Iranian nationals, to 20 years in jail. - 10/20/12

Where is paradise?: The Thirty Seventh Environmental Art Festival
Paradise - Polour: Polour is a village in the province of Tehran, Iran. The village is also a starting point for an excursion to the Damavand Mountain. -Ahmad Nadalian - 10/19/12

What An Incredible Weekend At The IAAB Conference
With over 75 speakers in attendance from as far as Australia, Germany, the UK, Canada, Israel, Holland, Italy, Norway, and all across the US, an artshow, a film series, workshops and roundtables, and 10 panels, The 5th IAAB Conference was a huge success. - 10/19/12

A Lifetime of Activism
Growing up in the Iranian home of two educators provided Elahe Amani plenty of opportunities to learn she could be anything she wanted to be - and education would be the key. -Pamela McLaren, CSU, Fullerton - 10/19/12

American and European patients come to Iran for infertility treatment
Dr. Abotaleb Saremi, in an interview with the Mehr News Agency, said that the cost of infertility based on in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment is much cheaper in Iran than in the U.S. and Europe, therefore patients from these countries tend to choose Iran for treatment. - 10/19/12

US Election Winner May Face a Dangerous Iran
Until recently, observers reasoned that the likelihood of Iran closing the strait would be slim because Hormuz is the only route for Iran's oil exports, and the main route for its food imports. This calculus, however, appears tottery and uncertain today, as Iran's oil export plummets, clearing its oil money becomes extremely hard, and its economy steeply declines. -Shahir ShahidSaless - 10/19/12

Iran's Feared Intelligence Ministry Launches Website
One of Iran's most feared and secretive state agencies has softened its tone and pulled back the curtain on some of its activities in what appears to be an attempt to improve its public image. - 10/19/12

Iran: Prisons chief confirms Rafsanjani's son in solitary
The head of the Iranian Prison System confirmed today that Mehdi Hashemi, the son of senior cleric Ayatollah Rafsanjani, is being held in solitary confinement. - 10/19/12

Another explosion at Iran-Turkey pipelines
A gas-pipeline explosion has injured 28 soldiers and once again stopped the flow of gas from Iran to Turkey. - 10/19/12

Progressive Muslim Scholar and Political Dissident Ahmad Ghabel: 1954-2012
Ahmad Ghabel, the progressive Muslim scholar, political dissident, and ardent critic of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the doctrine of Velaayat-e Faghih [the rule of the Islamic jurist, represented by the Supreme Leader in Iran's theocratic system], passed away on Tuesday October 16. The cause of death was brain cancer. -Muhammad Sahimi - 10/18/12

Iran football team sets sights on Uzbekistan
Iran captain Javad Nekounam says after beating South Korea, the national team has set sights on Uzbekistan for the 2014 World Cup qualifier. - 10/18/12

Opposition leader expresses concern for Iranians
Detained Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi, in a rare meeting with family members, has expressed his concern about the "subsistence" of the Iranian people. - 10/18/12

Jailed lawyer on hunger strike
Nasrin Sotoudeh, the jailed Iranian human rights lawyer, has been on a hunger strike since last week, her husband informed the Kaleme opposition website. - 10/18/12

Iranian MPs: We Will Shut the Gas Valve to Europe
After one of the sessions of this committee, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who at one time had called US Resolutions and the international sanctions to be a "worthless piece of paper" announced that the "government was working 24 hours a day to monitor the events related to the pressures and sanctions of the enemy and has had continuous 4 to 5 hour meetings which have eventually de-charged our batteries." -Bahram Rafiei, Rooz - 10/18/12

Iran, US, and the MEK
It seems Washington decision-makers who supported the MEK have fallen in the trap of a cult organization without adequately checking this organization's history and background. -Abbas Maleki & Cyrus Safdari - 10/18/12

Human Rights are Universal
Human Rights are universal: all human beings, male and female, are born equal with an essential dignity manifested in living freely and responsibly. The universality of human rights is founded on the interdependence of all human beings, so it is historically logical to stress that the principle of human rights belongs neither uniquely to the West, nor the East, but all people everywhere. -12Petals Media Group - 10/18/12

Iranian Films at Petaluma International Film Festival
The 4th Petaluma International Film Festival once again brings the best of the international films in fiction, documentary, short, animation, music video...for a greater understanding of the world and its many cultures, arts and independent film. - 10/18/12

Iran designing UAV with 2000-km range
Iran plans to unveil unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with a range of 2000 kilometers in the next few years, according to the director of the Iran Aviation Industries Organization. - 10/18/12

Russia Concerned over Arms Sales, Sanctions
Russia has lashed out against international moves that restrict transactions with Syria and Iran. Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday only sanctions imposed by the U.N. Security Council could serve as a basis for limiting its weapons supplies to any country. - 10/18/12

Iran Judiciary Chief Slams UN Rights Report
The head of Iran's judiciary has condemned the latest report by the UN's Special Rapporteur on the state of human rights in Iran, saying it singles out Iran for executions even though the practice is used in various Islamic countries and is part of the Islamic value system. - 10/18/12

Iranian-Americans' California dreaming
eing on the sharp end of US foreign policy is nothing new for Iranians. More than 30 years of sanctions and the recurring spectre of war have cast a heavy shadow over relations between the two countries. Nearly 1.5 million Iranians have made the United States home, seeking their slice of the American Dream. -D. Parvaz, Aljazeera - 10/18/12

I left Iran in mid-August, a few weeks before the scheduled NAM (Non Aligned Movement) gathering of representatives from the 120 member states that form a new block demanding to be reckoned with on the global stage. The usual security measures were even tighter, almost a month before the event was to take place. -Kam Zarrabi - 10/17/12

Iran sanctions putting patients' lives in danger
Head of Iran's Charity Foundation for Special Diseases says international sanctions are threatening the lives of 6 million patients suffering from special diseases. - 10/17/12

As close to Iran as I will ever be
Yerevan, Armenia - This is the closest I will ever be. Standing near the fence that separates Armenia from Iran, just south of the city of Meghri. On the other side of the border I can see brown hills, and, in the distance, the Iranian village of Nordooz with its green fields and blue mosque. -Samuel Thrope - 10/17/12

Photos: Iran beats S Korea in 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification match
Ten-man Iran has defeated South Korea 1-0 in a home game in Asia's fourth round of 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification. The match was held at Azadi stadium in Tehran with 100,000 spectators in attendance on Tuesday. - 10/17/12

Iran's Hero Pilot Says He's Being Forced Into Early Retirement
Houshang Shahbazi, the Iranian airline captain who saved the lives of more than 100 passengers and crew by making an emergency landing in Tehran, says he's been forced into early retirement. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 10/17/12

Iran approves incentives for population increase
Iran's Supreme Council of Revolution announced the approval of incentives to bolster population increase in the country. Fars News Agency reported on Tuesday that the new plan provides a series of "support and encouragement policies for child bearing families." - 10/17/12

Iranian oil company, power minister sanctioned by EU
New EU sanctions against Iran reportedly include a sanction against the National Iranian Oil Company, the National Iranian Oil Shipping Company and Iranian Minister of Power Majid Namjoo. - 10/17/12

Iranian and Israeli activists should form a new alliance for peace
As conflict between Israel and Iran looms, interfaith and community activists in the UK could build an anti-war coalition -Shirin Barghi, Keith Kahn-Harris and Joel Schalit, Guardian - 10/17/12

Iranian Discus Thrower Ehsan Hadadi May Stay in U.S.
Olympic silver medalist Ehsan Hadadi is likely to travel to U.S. as he prepares himself for the 2013 World Championships. - 10/17/12

Russian railways completes Iranian project
Russian Railways has completed the electrification project of the Iranian Tabriz-Azarshahr railway, the Russian Railways said in a statement. - 10/17/12

Iranian students feel the pain as currency collapses
Around 35,000 Iranian students are believed to be studying abroad this year, according to government figures, providing the economy with important skills and maintaining a link between the country and the rest of the world as it becomes increasingly isolated internationally. -Reuters - 10/17/12

Ben Affleck's Argo and the Problem With Viewing Iran Through a Narrow Lens
Ben Affleck's third and probably most important directorial feat, Argo, will certainly receive due attention from the Academy. The film, however, should not receive acclaim for its untimely and unbalanced depiction of Iran and Iranians. -Pouya Alimagham, Huffington Post - 10/17/12

10-man Iran defeats South Korea in World Cup qualifier
TEHRAN - Iran defeated Asian giant South Korea 1-0 in qualifying for the 2014 World Cup on Tuesday. Iran captain Javad Nekounam scored the winning goal with a shot from just outside the penalty area in the 75th minute. - 10/16/12

Iranian Media Say Sanctions Taking Toll On Seriously Ill Patients
Sanctions imposed on Iran over its controversial nuclear activities are said to be taking a toll on the population, including seriously ill patients who find it increasingly difficult to access needed drugs. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 10/16/12

Stop Supporting Separatist Groups in Iran
Some of the most important obstacles to the efforts by the War Party in the United States and Israel to gain absolute hegemonic power in the Middle East and create what Condoleezza Rice once called a "new Middle East" have been countries that follow a path that is politically independent of Washington and Tel Aviv. -Muhammad Sahimi - 10/16/12

ECO Leaders Gather For Summit In Azerbaijan
Members of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) have met in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, to discuss a wide range of regional issues. Leaders from Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Azerbaijan -- as well as representatives from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan -- attended the summit. - 10/16/12

Iran slams cutting of satellite networks
Iran's national broadcaster, Seda va Sima (IRIB), has condemned Eutelset's decision to cut off Iran's satellite programs, describing the move as "illegal, immoral and unprofessional." - 10/16/12

Photos: "Glass Man" accused of stabbing 12 people paraded at the crime scene in Tehran
On Monday around noon, a man went on a rampage in Shahid Madani street in Tehran attacking people with a dagger killing one and injuring 11 others. The suspect was identified and arrested in Qom later that evening. - 10/16/12

EU passes new sanctions against Iran
All transactions between European and Iranian banks are now under sanctions, and European countries are now banned from exporting to Iran industrial products such as graphite, iron, industrial software and goods linked to shipping. - 10/16/12

Aliyev: Ahmadinejad's visit to Baku proves nothing can undermine Azerbaijan-Iran ties
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his Azerbaijani counterpart Elham Aliyev held talks on the sidelines of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) in Baku on Monday. - 10/16/12

Iran's leader warns against election turmoil
Iran's Supreme Leader has called on all government officials not to allow any turmoil in the country's political atmosphere as the presidential election approaches. - 10/16/12

EMPs and Oil Spills: 'Experts' Cook Up New Iran Hypotheticals to Fear
After a solid 30 years of fearmongering centered around Iran's civilian nuclear program, and the nuclear weapon that is always just "months" away but never seems to actually get made, "experts" are being quoted in the media with a bunch of new scenarios for things Iran might conceivably do. -Jason Ditz, - 10/16/12

Iran says it will cut imports of nonessential goods
Iran said it would seek to cut imports of nonessential goods and urged its citizens to reduce their use of foreign-made cellphones and cars, as the country struggles to cope with Western economic sanctions. -Yeganeh Torbati, Washington Post - 10/16/12

Jaszbereny monument set up in Yazd
A monument of the Hungarian city of Jaszbereny has been set up in Azadi Square in the central Iranian city of Yazd. The monument was unveiled during a ceremony on Thursday as part of a sisterhood agreement signed between the municipalities of Yazd and Jaszbereny five years ago. - 10/15/12

Photos: Ahmadinejad backs Iran's football team ahead of S. Korea challenge
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has expressed his support for the national football team ahead of this week's crucial match against South Korea. Iran will face the Korean team on Tuesday in Tehran's Azadi Stadium in Group A of the 2014 World Cup qualifier in Asian zone. - 10/15/12

Iranians bid farewell to the tropical land
When I arrived in Malaysia a year ago, each Malayan ringgit was traded at 4,140 rials. Older migrants would tell me that in a not too distant past, it was even traded at 3,000 rials. They even told me of a time when, at 2,500 rials for a ringgit, Iranians found the green tropical jungles of Malaysia to be their paradise. -Naimeh Doostdar - 10/15/12

There is no justice in the modern world: Iranian filmmaker
Oscar-nominated Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi says there is still no justice in the modern world and the masses are experiencing more oppression than in the past. He made the remarks on Saturday during a speech at the Istanbul World Forum, which was held on the theme of Justice and Global Order this year. - 10/15/12

Iran Confirms It Built Drone Sent Over Israel By Hizballah
Tehran has confirmed it built a drone aircraft that was launched a week ago over Israel by the Iranian-backed Lebanese militant group Hizballah. - 10/15/12

Jailed Iranian scholar gravely ill
The Kaleme opposition website reports that Ahmad Ghabel, a religious scholar in Iran and the whistleblower on the alleged mass executions at Vakilabad Prison in Mashhad, is nearly comatose on account of his brain tumour, and doctors have given up on his treatment. - 10/15/12

EU Strengthens Sanctions On Iran, Syria
European Union foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg have adopted new economic sanctions against Iran and Syria and maintained existing measures against Belarus. - 10/15/12

Iran hands over peace plan for Syria
Iran's Foreign Minister has delivered his country's proposal for resolving the Syrian crisis to Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN-Arab League envoy to Syria currently visiting Tehran. - 10/15/12

Axis Of Evil Funnyman Maz Jobrani Sells Comedy To CBS
CBS has picked up a comedy project from a member of the Axis of Evil. That is, the comedy group, not anyone actually evil. Iranian-American comedian Maz Jobrani would star in the project, which bears his name. Nobody Trusts Maz is a single-camera comedy that focuses on Maz's interracial marriage to an Irish-American woman and the clash between their two families. -Cinema Blend - 10/15/12

Iranian-American Fashion Star Draws Inspiration From Persia
Al-Monitor met on the sidelines of Paris' fashion week with Leila Yavari - an Iranian-American former political science Ph.D. student at Berkley turned fashion model, turned fashion director for - 10/15/12

US exports to Iran soar despite sanctions
According to the US Census Bureau, exports to Iran rose by 32 per cent to $199.5m in the first eight months of 2012, from $150.8m during the same period last year. -Aljazeera - 10/15/12

Tiny Azerbaijan unleashes pop-power against Iran's mullahs
The latest weapon in this country's ideological war with Iran arrived late last month in an armada of jets from California, accompanied by a private security force, dazzling pyrotechnics and a wardrobe that consisted of sequins and not much else. -Joby Warrick, Washington Post - 10/15/12

Iran is fighting a battle of wills: Supreme Leader
Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has said that Iran is fighting a battle of wills and will thwart all the plots hatched by the enemies. Meanwhile, Mohammad Nourizad has accused Supreme Leader's son of major corruption and influence peddling. - 10/14/12

Photos: School for Blinds in Sari, Iran
This is the school for blinds. There are children here whose closed eyes is open to another world; a world full of desire and ability. Their little fingers read the writings of the beauties of this world. These hands know the language of the leaves, trees and flowers -Farhad Babaei - 10/14/12

New views emerge in Tehran
Ahmadinejad knows that advocating better relations with the US will not advance, but he is determined to remain in politics. By repeating his proposal five times and in different venues, he tries to establish that what he said was not a fluke. - 10/14/12

Iranian MP warns against counterfeit foreign bills
The head of the economic commission of Iran's Parliament announced on Saturday that "five billion dollars in fake bills" was being distributed among the public. - 10/14/12

Nine Rubies: Hidden Stories of a woman's life in Iran revealed through unique bond of trust between two American moms
In 1990 two mothers sat in a modest Connecticut kitchen enjoying a spring day and the usual conversation of getting to know someone new. It turned out out that their common passions of family, children, gardening and heritage would become the pathway by which Mahru would start to share personal stories that bespoke the gulf between rich and poor, the plight of women, personal struggle and self-determination. - 10/14/12

Iran prepared to halt uranium enrichment
The Iranian Foreign Ministry has announced that it is prepared to negotiate a stop to its uranium enrichment program if it could receive from elsewhere the necessary fuel for its research reactor. - 10/14/12

"Gurdaleh" catches Golden Butterflies at Isfahan festival
"Gurdaleh and Aunt Ghuli", an Iranian musical film featuring puppetry, has won Golden Butterflies in four categories at the 26th International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults in Isfahan. - 10/14/12

Iran: 600 metalworkers protest in Tehran
Over 600 metalworkers gathered in front of Iranian ministry of labour and social security as negotiations with government officials regarding their demands reached an impasse. - 10/14/12

Iran welcomes international cooperation to upgrade cyber defense level
Iran welcomes any moves to stop further expansion of cyber terrorism and upgrade level of cyber defense, an official said. Secretary of the Supreme Council on Virtual Space Mehdi Akhavan Bahabadi said here on Sunday that Iran, as one of the biggest victims of cyber terrorism, condemns any moves to promote such attacks. - 10/14/12

Iran denies sharp fall in oil exports
Iran's oil exports have remained steady in recent months, OPEC Governor Mohammad-Ali Khatibi said, refusing reports by the International Energy Agency (IEA) which claimed Iran's oil exports had plunged in September. - 10/14/12

Iran is the ninth largest fruit producer in the world: Agriculture Ministry
Iran ranks first in the Middle East and 9th in the world in fruit production, with an annual harvest of about 20 million tons, according to the Agriculture Jihad Ministry. - 10/14/12

Hyped to the hilt, the VP debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan proved, to me at least, no more substantive than the average political stage show, full of so-called "facts" based on cavalier assumptions, primarily on Mr. Ryan's part. -Kam Zarrabi - 10/13/12

New Evin warden steps up pressure on prisoners
Iranian opposition media report that Evin Prison was raided by special guards today, and political prisoners were subjected to body searches. - 10/13/12

As Sanctions Bite, West And Tehran Play Risky Game
Western sanctions are moving Iran's economy into unknown territory as they press Tehran to give up controversial nuclear activities. The cracks in Iran's economic planning became plain as parliamentarians voted overwhelmingly on October 7 to reopen debate on a key government economic program. -Charles Recknagel, RFE - 10/13/12

Iran mass producing over 35 nano-tech laboratory equipments
According to The Secretary of Iran's Nanotechnology Initiative Council, Saeed Sarkar, Iran has been mass producing more than 35 types of nanotechnology laboratory equipments designed and made by Iranian researchers. - 10/13/12

Photos: Deadly floods wreak havoc in northern Iran
Heavy rains have flooded large sections of Mazandaran province in northern Iran, causing severe damage and some fatalities. - 10/13/12

Coach says Iran ready to beat South Korea
Iran football coach Carlos Queiroz says his team can defeat South Korea. Iran will meet the Korean team on Tuesday in Tehran's Azadi Stadium in Group A of the 2014 World Cup qualifier. - 10/13/12

Panetta Says US Boosting Cyber Defense
U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has revealed some details of U.S. plans to deal with a massive cyber attack. Those plans include launching a possible cyber-offensive in what some analysts say is a message to Iran. - 10/13/12

Iranian activist detained despite release order
The Tehran prosecutor's office is refusing to release jailed human rights activist Hossein Ronaghi Maleki for medical treatment. - 10/13/12

Analysts: Turkish-Russian Tensions Could Spread to Middle East
Russia pressed ahead with an angry flow of rhetoric Friday, demanding that Turkish authorities reveal exactly what type of munitions they claim to have found aboard a Syrian airliner forced down over Turkey on Wednesday. The incident comes as Russian-Turkish relations grow increasingly tense. - 10/13/12

Cuban Missile Crisis Lessons for Iran
Historians agree that in October of 1962, U.S. President John F. Kennedy and Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev squared off in a showdown that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. - 10/13/12

Iran to start drilling 2nd exploratory oil well in Caspian Sea
The drilling will take less than a year in the deep waters of the Caspian Sea and new oil layers are likely to be discovered, Managing director of Khazar Exploration and Production Company (KEPCO) Ali Osouli, told ISNA on Friday. - 10/13/12

Empire and Its Consequences
Ever notice the way certain basic human values quietly transform into their opposite on their way to becoming national policy? -Robert C. Koehler, Common Dreams - 10/13/12

New UN Report on Iran: Systematic Violations of Human Rights and a Culture of Impunity
Cataloguing "a wide range of human rights violations," UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran Ahmed Shaheed released his third report today. T - 10/12/12

Rita brings her message of peace and happiness to Strathmore
In Israel and Iran, Rita Yahan-Farouz is so well-known she goes by one name. In America, she's becoming known for her sultry sound as well as her work as an Israeli-Iranian cultural ambassador: a star using the arts to build a bridge between cultures. -Passionate Attachment - 10/12/12

Leading US Officials Support Terrorist Listed Group with Impunity
Michael Ratner is President Emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) in New York and Chair of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights in Berlin. He is currently a legal adviser to Wikileaks and Julian Assange. He talks about support given by officials to an Iranian group on US terror list. - 10/12/12

What's Driving Qatar's Foreign Policy?
Qatar has been investing millions of Euros in European banks, real estate, fine art and football clubs and will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup―all this while providing considerable financial support to the countries of the Arab Spring. -Cecily Hilleary, VOA - 10/12/12

Bibi's Three Steps Forward, One Back
There seems to be a delusion reigning in Washington. After Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's cartoonish presentation at the United Nations General Assembly and implicit signaling that he would not unilaterally attack Iran before the U.S. elections, there is a belief that Netanyahu caved to President Barack Obama. But did he really? -Trita Parsi, Daily Beast - 10/12/12

Hizballah Leader Admits Sending Drone Over Israel
Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah has said in a televized interview that his Lebanon-based Shi'ite group sent an Iranian-made drone into Israeli airspace on October 6. - 10/12/12

NYPD concern about 'Iran terror' should put U.S. security on alert
In light of Clawson's thinly-veiled call for a false flag attack to trigger another Middle East war for Israel, a story in yesterday's New York Post entitled "NYPD on alert for Iran terror" should be of major concern to those charged with protecting U.S. national security. -Maidhc O Cathail, - 10/12/12

Iran's sea trade buckles under Western sanctions
Iran's vital seaborne trade is buckling under the weight of Western sanctions, deepening hardship for a population deprived of basic imports and heaping intense pressure on Tehran over its nuclear programme. -Reuters - 10/12/12

War By Other Means: The Forces Behind Iran's Currency Crisis
In September and early October of 2012 the Iranian currency, rial, was in a state of free fall relative to the value of major world currencies and gold. The government of Iran, as well as the Central of Bank of Iran (Bank Markazi), appeared to be helpless in stopping the nosedive. -Sasan Fayazmanesh - 10/11/12

Iran's Car Output Falls by 66% in September
During the Iranian month of Shahrivar this year, 53,027 cars were produced, as compared to 156,958 cars for the prior year. Also, during the first six months of the current Iranian year that started in March, 459,440 cars were produced which is a drop of 45% as compared to 792,286 for last year. - 10/11/12

Earthquake shakes up Shiraz in southern Iran
A severe earthquake rocked Shiraz on Wednesday evening, injuring a number of people near the southern Iranian city. The earthquake, which occurred at around 8:30 PM, was registered at a magnitude of 4.8 on the Richter scale. - 10/11/12

New Constellations: 1st Screening of Contemporary Iranian Video Art in LA at the IAAB Conference
New Constellations programmed by Amirali Ghasemi and Sanaz Mazinani, to be presented at The IAAB Conference, is the first screening of contemporary Iranian video art in Los Angeles of its kind. - 10/11/12

Iran's Supreme Leader Calls EU Support for Sanctions 'Foolish'
Iran's supreme leader has lashed out at European nations for supporting economic sanctions against his country in the latest salvo by an Iranian political leader responding to the country's currency crisis. -Matthew Hilburn, VOA - 10/11/12

2 billion cubic meters of water transferred to Lake Urmia in a year
However, due to frequent droughts and a warmer climate in the current year, which was 2 degrees higher in comparison to previous years, there were more vaporization in the lake. Currently only a third of the lake is filled with water and the rest is dry. - 10/11/12

Supreme Leader dismisses impact of sanctions
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei dismissed the gravity of economic woes and protests in Iran and maintained that "the sanctions implemented against Iran are an act of savagery." - 10/11/12

New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art enriches collection with another Iranian artwork
"Family Paradise" was painted in 2008 and is part of the Burning Wings series in which Farah Osuli explores aspects of the unfortunate situation of women and questions of identity. - 10/11/12

Chef uses food to connect past and future
California chef Donia Bijan explores both in her memoir, "Maman's Homesick Pie: A Persian Heart in an American Kitchen." As a young girl in the late 1970s, Bijan left Iran with her family at the start of the Islamic revolution there. -Asieh Namdar, CNN - 10/11/12

Overland from Yerevan to Kabul: A wedding and a funeral in Iran's Caspian foothills
June, 2011. I had spent the last week in the tropical moisture of Rasht, Iran. My hosts were Reza and his family. Reza, an Iranian, had just graduated from university in Armenia, where I had met him, and his father is a political science professor at the University of Rasht. Felix de Rosen, Ajam - 10/11/12

Russia says threat of force hindering nuclear talks
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says the threat of military action against Iran has disrupted the course of nuclear negotiations. - 10/11/12

TajikAir Cancels Flights To Tehran
Tajikistan's state-run airline TajikAir has joined other airlines in suspending flights to Tehran due to the devaluation of the Iranian national currency, the rial. Malaysian discounter AirAsia and British airline BMI have also suspended flights to Tehran due to Iran's currency crisis. - 10/11/12

Red line on Iran: No, here are Netanyahu's real objectives
Although US officials do not believe Iran has decided to build a nuclear bomb, Israel has gone into overdrive to convince the world that Iran is on the verge of acquiring a nuclear weapon and must have all its uranium enrichment activities stopped by all means possible, including the military option. -Seyed Hossein Mousavian, Boston Globe - 10/11/12

Whatever Happened to that Iranian Bomb Plot Case?
You've probably forgotten the plot: Mansour Arbabsiar, an Iranian-American used car salesman living in Texas, is arrested and charged with acting on behalf of high ranking officials in Iran's government to conspire with a Mexican drug cartel to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. -Michael Kaufman, Counterpunch - 10/11/12

Two Iranians among finalists chosen for Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought 2012
Ales Bialiatski, Pussy Riot and Nasrin Sotoudeh and Jafar Panahi are the three finalists shortlisted for the 2012 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought in a foreign affairs committee and development committee vote on Tuesday 9 October. The laureate will be announced on Friday 26 October following a decision of the Conference of Presidents. - 10/10/12

When Ahmadinejad and the US interests coincide
Ahmadinejad is certainly beleaguered and struggling for his political life. Therefore, ostensibly, his proposals for reconciliation with the US could not be taken seriously. But was he delivering a message from Ayatollah Khamenei? -Shahir ShahidSaless - 10/10/12

Actually, Iran Sanctions Aren't Working
There are two misconceptions about sanctions on Iran and the country's currency crisis: one, that sanctions are the only cause for the rial's free-fall in value last week. And two, that sanctions are achieving their strategic objectives. -Dina Esfandiary - 10/10/12

NIAC Applauds Extension of Earthquake Sanctions Waiver
The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) applauds the Treasury Department for extending a sanctions waiver to help enable ongoing earthquake relief efforts in northern Iran, and calls for additional steps to ensure sanctions do not continue to block transactions of food and medicine. - 10/10/12

Fact-Checking The Fact Checkers: Romney's Foreign Policy Speech
With the widely touted shift in the public opinion polls after the first presidential debate, Mitt Romney is no longer an underdog. That being the case, his pronouncements are attracting some well-deserved scrutiny from mainstream media sources. -Marsha B. Cohen - 10/10/12

Isfahan international children's film festival opens
"If Iranian animations and films are produced on the basis of genuine Persian culture and myths, the Western films' heroes will not be able to attract Iranian children," said Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance. - 10/10/12

The Politics Behind the Bazaar Demonstrations
The demonstrations that erupted on Oct. 2 in front of the Tehran bazaar were in reaction to the growing economic crisis and continued currency plunge in Iran (the rial has lost more than two-thirds of its value in the past year). They also reflect the deep political crisis and the associated tensions that are escalating among the ruling clique. - Saeed Rahnema - 10/10/12

Iran takes a step to appease nuclear critics
Iran says the conversion of its highly enriched uranium into powder for its medical research reactor, as documented by UN monitors, is a "serious and concrete confidence-building measure." - 10/10/12

Iran Health Ministry to study effects of interference waves
Earlier, Health Minister Dastjerdi had said that available research shows no evidence that waves used for jamming satellite signals have any effect on human health. - 10/10/12

Iran: Hashemi lawyer protests against client's treatment
The lawyer for the family of Hashemi Rafsanjani says his client, Mehdi Hashemi, is being held in solitary confinement and has been denied any visits since he was arrested more than two weeks ago. - 10/10/12

Iran's central bank to issue $8.2B in bonds
The Central Bank of Iran will issue $8.2 billion in bonds in the current Iranian calendar year. In the first phase, 25 trillion rials worth of bonds will be issued on October 13 and will be offered to the public for a week - 10/10/12

Photos: Iranian Football Team's Practice Session
Iran football coach Carlos Queiroz has selected his 24-man team for the upcoming World Cup qualifier in group A against South Korea. Iran is to play the Korean team on October 16 in Tehran's Azadi Stadium. - 10/9/12

Elements in Iran and US that Want War
Lawrence Wilkerson (former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell): I hope I'm wrong, but I think we are-much the way we did in 2002, 2003, we're wandering towards another war in Western Asia. And this one, as General Anthony Zinni, former Central Command commander, characterized it, if you liked Iraq, you'll love Iran. - 10/9/12

Film screening and Panel discussion in London: "My Iranian Paradise"
'My Iranian Paradise' is the story of a woman and her relationship with the country she grew up in but was forced to leave. Katia Forbert Petersen, one of the directors of this documentary was raised in Iran. Her father, a Danish engineer and her mother a Polish survivor of Stalin's Gulag camps met and married in Iran after the war. - 10/9/12

IAAB Oral History Initiative To Launch at IAAB Conference
As the Iranian diaspora community continues to grow, deepens its roots in new homes, and welcomes recent arrivals from Iran, there are a plethora of stories from vast experiences that remain untold and unrecorded. - 10/9/12

Iranian activist demands justice from head of judiciary
Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, a detained Iranian human rights activist, has called on the head of the Iranian judiciary to prosecute the officials who beat him and other aid workers last month at a relief camp for earthquake victims in northwestern Iran. - 10/9/12

'U.S. trying to turn Iranians' economic discontent into insecurity': Intelligence Ministry
In the report, the Intelligence Ministry stated that the United States has been conducting a propaganda campaign against Iran with the goal of turning the economic discontent in the country into insecurity - 10/9/12

Photos: Tehran center hosts Mazandaran cultural festival
Tehran's Niavaran Cultural Center is currently hosting a festival promoting the culture and traditions of the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran. - 10/9/12

Iran's annual pistachio exports projected to hit $1b
Iran is expected to earn $1.1 billion in pistachio exports this calendar year, which ends on March 20, 2013, the head of the association of Iranian pistachio farmers said. - 10/9/12

Strict New Procedures for Iran Currency Trading After Protest
Iranian police officers moved to arrest unlicensed currency dealers and increase patrols in the center of the capital on Monday to prevent unofficial trading from disrupting new government-imposed rates of exchange for the national currency, the rial. -Washington Post - 10/9/12

SPIEGEL Interview with Iranian Foreign Minister Salehi
Last week, the violence in Syria came close to spilling across the country's borders and spiraling into a regional conflict. SPIEGEL spoke with Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi about his country's continued support of Syrian autocrat Bashar Assad, NATO's delicate role in the region and Iran's nuclear program. - 10/9/12

Cisco Dumps Chinese Firm Over Alleged Iranian Spy Gear Sales
Cisco has ended its seven-year partnership with the Chinese hardware manufacturer ZTE following an internal investigation into whether ZTE sold Cisco networking gear to Iran, according to a report released on Monday. -Wired - 10/9/12

Iran: Ahmadinejad's subsidy reforms to be dropped
Iranian Parliament is planning to suspend Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's restructuring of government subsidies, which the administration has seen as the cornerstone of its economic policies. - 10/8/12

Iran: Ahmadinejad's subsidy reforms to be dropped
Iranian Parliament is planning to suspend Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's restructuring of government subsidies, which the administration has seen as the cornerstone of its economic policies. - 10/8/12

Student Track Announced For The IAAB Conference
As a part of IAAB's Fifth International Conference on the Iranian Diaspora, we are pleased to announce programming specifically dedicated to university students. While conference sessions and panels are open to all participants, the following sessions expand on issues highlighted in panels and workshops to include a particular focus on the needs of Iranian diaspora students. - 10/8/12

Photos: Iranian Children Getting Face Paintings
Children's Day is celebrated annually in Iran on Mehr 16 (October 7). To celebrate the occasion, various programs are organized for the children. This year, during an event at Tehran Theatre complex, the children got a chance to have their faces painted - 10/8/12

Iranian journalist sentenced to eight years in jail
Saam Mahmoudi Sarabi, an Iranian journalist, has been sentenced to eight years in jail and a 10-year ban from media activities in Iran. - 10/8/12

Iran: Suspects Arrested For "Disrupting Market"
The prosecutor's website quoted Abbas Jafari Dowlatabdi saying: "So far, 30 principle suspects in disrupting the country's currency market have been arrested and are being interrogated by experts." - 10/8/12

Interrupting Iran's Oil: The Price The West Can Now Afford
Oil is Iran's main export and source of foreign exchange -- providing money needed to pay for imports of food, gasoline, medicine, and many other necessities and luxuries. This is a serious economic blow. The rial is collapsing because there simply are not enough dollars coming in. -Daniel Cloud, RFE - 10/8/12

Iran sanctions now causing food insecurity, mass suffering
Yet again, the US and its allies spread mass human misery though a policy that is as morally indefensible as it is counter-productive -Glenn Greenwald, Guardian - 10/8/12

UN calls Iran's uranium conversion a confidence building move
To prove the peaceful nature of its nuclear program, Iran has converted more than a third of its 20 percent enriched uranium into a powder for a medical research reactor that is difficult to reprocess for weapons production, experts and UN monitors say. - 10/8/12

Iran buys 11 new Airbuses: Minister
Iran has purchased 11 Airbus A320 and A310 passenger planes in the current Iranian calendar year, which began on March 20, the roads and urban development minister said on Sunday. - 10/8/12

Iran calls troops home as hardship bites
IRAN has withdrawn 275 members of a covert operations unit from Syria as it faces an economic crisis at home and bitter criticism about the cost of its support for President Bashar al-Assad. -Sunday Times, UK - 10/8/12

Explosion Halts Iranian Gas Flow To Turkey
Turkish media reports say the flow of Iranian natural gas to Turkey has been halted after the Kurdish Labor Party (PKK) separatist group blasted a pipeline in the country's southeast. - 10/8/12

A Young Diaspora Raises It's Voice: Creating Iranian Alliances Across Borders
In 2002, a group of Iranian-American students studying abroad made a wild and exaggerated observation: Iranians are everywhere. Of course, we didn't mean on TV or in the movies. We meant that all of a sudden, Iranians seemed to be everywhere we went. -Amy Malek - 10/7/12

Iranian Parliament Votes To Consider Subsidy Reform
Iran's parliament has voted to consider suspending plans for further reform to the country's food and fuel subsidies, with lawmakers citing the financial hardship caused by the country's currency crisis. - 10/7/12

Iran denies it offered compromise to U.S.
Iranian media report that the Secretary of Iran's National Security Council, Saeed Jalili, denied allegations that the Iranian delegation had offered a new so-called nine-step plan to the Americans during the United Nation's General Assembly meeting last month. - 10/7/12

Photos: Children in Ahvaz, Iran
Children's Day is celebrated annually in Iran on Mehr 16 (October 7). Following photos by Syed Madyar Shojaeifar show the children in Ahvaz, southwestern Iran. - 10/7/12

Iran to Make Gazelle 3 Solar Car
Iranian scientists at Tehran University are planning to make the third generation of the domestic solar car known as "Iranian Gazelle 3" after the first and second generations of Gazelle turned out to be success. - 10/7/12

THERE IS NO HYPERINFLATION IN IRAN-The Real Story Is Much More Interesting
Meanwhile, the Iranian regime is using the current sanctions imposed against it by the West as a weapon to weaken its own fiercest domestic threat - the educated, relatively pro-Western Iranian constituency that comprises the middle class. In this way, the economic warfare the West has waged against Iran to weaken the regime is actually amplifying the regime's control. -Matthew Boesler, Business Insider - 10/7/12

Photos: Kidnapped Iranians freed in Libya arrive in Tehran
Seven Iranian Red Crescent members who had been kidnapped in Libya were freed on Saturday and came back home after nearly two months. - 10/7/12

Iranian official calls EU's threat to ban export of Iranian gas as bluff
"The European Union should be aware that it is making a mistake, and Iran will get through this stage, and in the future, the member states of the union will beg Iran to renew their oil and (natural) gas contracts due to their need for energy," Kowsari said on Friday. - 10/7/12

Iran to retaliate if Iraq continues searching airplanes: ambassador
Iran has warned against consequences of Iraq's inspecting its airplanes bound for Syria saying it will retaliate if it happens again. - 10/7/12

Iran increases gas exports to Turkey after pipeline blast
Iran has increased gas exports to its neighbor Turkey after an explosion on a pipeline carrying Azerbaijan's natural gas to the country. - 10/7/12

Tehran Bazaar reopens amid currency uncertainty
Following the sudden plunge of the Iranian national currency last week and the ensuing protests in Tehran's Great Bazaar, foreign currency trading is in limbo, but the Bazaar has reopened today, Saturday, under close police supervision. - 10/6/12

Average Iranians Struggling To Make Ends Meet Amid Currency Crisis
The Iranian currency is in a free fall, the economy is in shambles, and Iranian citizens across the country are bearing the brunt. "We don't know what the future will bring. We actually don't even know how things will be in the next few hours" -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 10/6/12

UN says sanctions harming Iranian people
The United Nations Secretary General says Iranians are feeling the pressure of sanctions in the form of inflation, rising unemployment and a shortage of lifesaving medicines. - 10/6/12

U.S. rejects Iran's nuclear proposal
The United States has rejected Iran's nine-step plan to end its uranium enrichment program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions, The New York Times reported on Thursday. - 10/6/12

Despite The Economic Crisis, There's Still Room For Jokes In Iran
Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are becoming part of the daily lives of many Iranians as the country confronts a deepening economic crisis. The value of the national currency, the rial, has lost some 40 percent of its value. But despite the difficult times, Iranians have apparently not lost their sense of humor, finding fodder for jokes in the sliding currency and their own misery. -Golnaz Esfandiari - 10/6/12

Gold-loving bacteria show superman strength
"Microbial alchemy is what we're doing - transforming gold from something that has no value into a solid, precious metal that's valuable," said Kazem Kashefi, assistant professor of microbiology and molecular genetics. - 10/6/12

World's best neurosurgical center to be built in Tehran
Professor Madjid Samii, the head of the Fifth International Neurosurgery Symposium, announced late on Thursday that the best neurosurgical center in the world will be built in Tehran. - 10/6/12

Hardline Cleric Urges Iranians to Overcome Rial Fall
A senior hardline Iranian cleric used Friday prayers to reassure Iranians they will overcome the recent plunge in the value of the country's currency, as public frustration with the crisis turned from street protests to online mockery. - 10/6/12

Iran finishes 3rd in Asian Junior Volleyball Championship
Iran finished in third place at the 2012 Asian Junior Men's Volleyball Championship in Urmia, Iran. - 10/6/12

Iran: No To Sanctions, No To War
The Iranians want sanctions lifted. We want assurances that they will not produce a bomb. Thus far, we have gone into negotiations demanding that the Iranians freeze reprocessing while, at the same time, saying sanctions will not be lifted. That is not diplomacy; it's an ultimatum, what the Germans call a diktat. -MJ Rosenberg, - 10/6/12

Clashes Break the Silence in Iran: Tens Detained as Special Forces Return to the Streets
Just twenty four hours after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's press interview in which he said some individuals were behind the foreign currency rate hikes in Iran, Tehran's bazaar was shut and street protests broke out resulted in 150 injuries, according to websites close to the ruling Principlists as police used tear gas to disperse the protests. - 10/5/12

Suspects Arrested In Iran Currency Crisis
The Iranian judiciary has announced the arrest of 16 suspects for "interfering in the currency market" and worsening the severe devaluation of the national currency. - 10/5/12

What the protests in Tehran may mean?
Until last year, Dubai-based Noor Islamic Bank was responsible for settling 60% of Iran's $100 billion oil revenue, according to a Wall Street Journal report. In 2011, under pressure by the US, the Noor Islamic Bank stopped clearing Iran's oil revenue. Since then, pressures on the rial have mounted. -Shahir ShahidSaless, - 10/5/12

Iranian Americans Work with Congress to Press for Humanitarian Sanctions Waiver
Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and eleven of his House colleagues called on President Obama today to extend a sanctions waiver for Iran earthquake relief and to take additional steps to stop sanctions from preventing food and medicine from reaching Iranians. - 10/5/12

Iran: Free Teachers Jailed for Speaking Out
Iranian authorities should immediately free seven teachers who are behind bars solely for speaking out against the government, Human Rights Watch said today. Iran should also end harassment of dozens of others teachers who are facing charges or who have already served time in prison on national-security-related charges. - 10/5/12

EU looks at banning Iranian gas
The European Union is considering a plan to boycott Iranian gas imports in another move to arrest Iran's nuclear program. Reuters reports that the EU member states are preparing a new package of sanctions against Iran to be considered at the October 15 meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg. - 10/5/12

Google and Iran both warn of state-sponsored computer attacks
Google is warning thousands of Gmail customers this week that state-sponsored attackers may be trying to compromise their computers, an admonition that comes as authorities in Iran claim that their systems are coincidently being targeted as well. -RT - 10/5/12

Iran steps up its campaign against the press
In a flurry of new anti-press actions in Iran, a jury has voted to convict a Reuters bureau chief on anti-state charges while authorities have jailed the head of the state's official news agency, blocked Google services, and shut one reformist newspaper. -CPJ - 10/5/12

Afghan Currency-Exchange Window Closing For Iranians
Unable to send money abroad because of international sanctions and a ban on Iranian bank transfers, many have looked to neighboring countries as a place to trade in their suffering domestic currency, the rial. That's where Afghanistan came in. That is, until the rial's recent collapse. - 10/5/12

Iran's currency: Why did the rial tumble so precipitously?
The value of Iran's national currency, the rial, plunged to its lowest against the dollar in more than two decades this week, plummeting by an estimated 40 percent in the past four days. And while the precipitous drop has been brought on by US sanctions, Iranians are in large part blaming the government's massive economic mismanagement. -CSM - 10/5/12

Iran calls for restraint from Turkey and Syria
Meanwhile, the Turkish Parliament has approved Prime Minister Erdogan's plan to carry out military operations in Syrian territory; however, Ankara has emphasized that this is not a declaration of war against Syria. - 10/5/12

More Lies and Misinformation: The Make-Believe Crisis in Iran
What if the White House were deliberately misleading America and the world about a major foreign policy issue involving war and peace, would it not be something worth investigating? -Patrick Foy, Counterpunch - 10/5/12

US Green Card 'Lottery' Gets Underway
Iranian-born businessman Naeim Karimi spent his lunchtime glued to his computer station at his Toronto office on Tuesday. He wanted to be among the first to enter the so-called U.S. Green Card Lottery, which began taking applications at noon. -Mana Rabiee, VOA - 10/5/12

Tehran Bazaar remains closed
Tehran's Great Bazaar remains closed today, Thursday, following yesterday's demonstrations, while Iranian media report that trade unions have announced that the Bazaar will reopen on Saturday. - 10/4/12

Iran nuclear co-operation would stop sanctions: Clinton
Clinton blamed Iranian leaders for the country's economic woes and rising protests but stressed that the U.S. policy objective has been to convince the Iranian regime to enter serious negotiations over its uranium enrichment program. - 10/4/12

The Foreign Currency Crisis is Causing Mayhem in Iran
Along with the first protest gathering in Tehran because of the foreign exchange crisis that has engulfed Iran in recent weeks, and the publication of news about the closure of some bazaars in the country, government officials and media are calling for "security measures" to deal with the situation. -Nazanin Kamdar, Rooz - 10/4/12

Eyewitnesses Report From Tehran Currency Clashes
Clashes have taken place in Tehran between riot police and a number of protesters including currency traders, who were venting their anger over the collapse of the rial, which some blamed on poor economic policies and also economic sanctions. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 10/4/12

Study Claims Thousands Would Die In Attack On Iran Nuclear Sites
The University of Utah's Hinckley Institute of Politics and the NGO Omid for Iran teamed up to produce a study that concludes that a military strike on the facility could have tragic consequences for Maryam and thousands of other residents of her centrally located city, which has a population of 2 million. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 10/4/12

Photos: Marivan International Street Theater Festival
The 7th Marivan International Street Theater Festival announced the winners during the closing ceremony on Tuesday. The winners were awarded in three main sections of the event; international section, Iran competition section, and children and young adults. - 10/4/12

Iran has no lack of currency: Deputy speaker of parliament
Mohammad Reza Bahonar insisted that authorities had enough financial firepower to stabilize the rial. Meanwhile, the government blames the accelerating drop on currency speculators and has tried in vain this year to stamp out black market traders. - 10/4/12

Tehran Jamming Foreign Broadcasts
U.S. international broadcasting into Iran is being jammed again. A U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) statement says the jamming may be connected with demonstrations and mass arrests on October 3 as Iranians protested the plummeting value of Iran's rial currency. - 10/4/12

Iranians Abandon Meat for Bread as Rial Freefalls
Iran's freefalling currency is turning meat into a luxury, sparking overnight price surges and spurring shoppers to stockpile goods. -Business Week - 10/4/12

Manthorpe: Iranian terrorist group persuades U.S. they are freedom fighters
In Washington, it seems, the difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter is a multi-million-dollar public relations campaign. Last week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the anti-Tehran group People's Mujahedeen of Iran (MEK) will no longer be designated a terrorist group after having been placed on the American list 15 years ago for killing U.S. servicemen. -Vancouver Sun - 10/4/12

Tehran Clashes Reported As Iran Rounds Up Moneychangers
Tehran's Grand Bazaar has reportedly closed as authorities crack down on black-market currency traders in the Iranian capital with the rial plummeting against the dollar. - 10/3/12

Iranian Police Clash with Protesters After Currency Plunge
Witnesses in Iran's capital say police have clashed with protesters who were speaking out against a plunge in the nation's currency. Police in riot gear were reported to be breaking up the Wednesday demonstrations in central Tehran. - 10/3/12

Photos and Vidoes: Protests Erupt in Tehran
Protests have erupted in Tehran after the currency crisis reached a boiling point on Wednesday. The value of Iranian national currency has plunged to historical lows in recent days. The currency has dropped by over 80% in value over the past year. - 10/3/12

Currency crisis puts Tehran Bazaar in limbo
Parts of Tehran's Bazaar were shut down today, Wednesday, following the sudden drop in the price of the Iranian national currency and the turmoil in the market. - 10/3/12

Bahrain Court Decision on Medics Sparks Outcry
Bahrain's highest court this week upheld the sentences against nine medics accused of aiding opposition protesters during demonstrations last year in the capital, Manama. The case has drawn international criticism of the Gulf kingdom, where the Shia majority continues to protest against the Sunni rulers. -Henry Rigewell, VOA - 10/3/12

Iran: Is Ahmadinejad Facing a Final Showdown with Rafsanjani?
As Iranian President Ahmadinejad loses influence and the support of the ruling elite, his arch-enemy, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, may be due for a political comeback. Shahir Shahidsaless writes that the "comfortable and confident" former president offers solutions to Iran's crisis, and may well have won the support of the Supreme Leader. -Shahir Shaidsaless - 10/3/12

UN human rights office speaks out against increasing clamp down on critical voices in Iran
The United Nations human rights office today voiced serious concern at the arrest and imprisonment of several prominent human rights defenders, journalists and political activists in Iran over the past two weeks. -UN News Center - 10/3/12

Ahmadinejad: Enemy's psywar causing sharp fluctuations in forex market
"I am confident that the Iranian nation will pass through this period successfully. And I ask everyone to support the decisions of the economy and trade ministries so that we can calm the market" - 10/3/12

Syrian Conflict Draws in Assad Ally Hezbollah, Widens His Rift with Hamas
Syria's civil war appears to be drawing in Lebanese Hezbollah militants allied to President Bashar al-Assad while at the same time widening a rift between the Syrian leader and his former Palestinian militant allies Hamas. -VOA - 10/3/12

Baku Rejects Notion Of Aiding Attacks On Neighbors
The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry says no country will ever be permitted to use that country's soil for strikes against its neighbors. -RFE - 10/3/12

Ahmadinejad: "Iran will halt 20 percent enrichment if West sells fuel to Tehran"
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday that Iran had no alternative other than enriching uranium to a purity level of 20 percent after the West refused to sell the needed nuclear fuel to Iran to operate its research nuclear reactors which produce radioisotopes for medical patients. - 10/3/12

Wary of Israel, Iran Is Said to Err in Strikes
The Iranian military was so apprehensive about the threat of an Israeli airstrike on its nuclear installations in 2007 and 2008 that it mistakenly fired on civilian airliners and, in one instance, on one of its own military aircraft, according to classified American intelligence reports. -NY Times - 10/3/12

Sanctions on Iran: Is there a limit to their effect on Iran's oil production?
OPEC figures show a general decline in Iran's crude oil production after Iran was hit with economic sanctions this summer, according to But has the effect of the sanctions on Iran's oil production reached a limit? -Daniel J. Graeber, CSM - 10/3/12

Iran's Master of Iraq Chaos Still Vexes U.S.
When a senior Iraqi intelligence official traveled to Tehran in the summer of 2007 to meet with the Iranian leadership, he quickly figured out who was in charge of Iran's policy toward its neighbor to the west. -Michael R. Gordon, NY Times - 10/3/12

Late night: Iranian entourage at Costco concerns Colbert, Stewart talks to Arnold Schwarzenegger
If you were an Iranian looking for fun at the United Nations this week, a trip to Costco might not have been the first stop on your itinerary. -NBC News - 10/3/12

Iran's Currency Drops Again Vs. U.S. Dollar
The value of the Iranian rial has plunged by at least 9 percent to a new record low against the U.S. dollar. Currency traders in Tehran say the rial was trading at about 37,500 to the dollar on October 2, down from 34,200 at the close of business on October 1. - 10/2/12

Iran Will "Soon" Build Nuclear Bomb
During recent years, efforts made by Iran to master nuclear technology have been used as an excuse by the Western officials in order to cast doubt on peaceful goals of Iran's nuclear energy program and warn the world that Iran will "soon" build a nuclear bomb. -Afsaneh Ahadi - 10/2/12

Iran Earthquake Victims Face Winter In Tents
Iranian authorities have failed to provide adequate housing for victims of the earthquakes that rocked Eastern Azerbaijan Province in August, despite the approach of winter. - 10/2/12

Plunging Currency Adds to Iran's Woes
The long, steady decline of the Iranian rial took a precipitous turn Monday, with the currency falling more than 17 percent in trading. At one of the lowest points, it took 35,000 rials to buy one U.S. dollar. Less than a year ago, it took only 13,000 rials. Matthew Hilburn, Negar Mortazavi - VOA - 10/2/12

Rial will rise as forex center gains steam: CBI Governor
The Iranian rial, which has steeply declined against the dollar over the past week, will gradually rise in value as more transactions are made at Iran's newly established foreign exchange center, Central Bank of Iran Governor Mahmoud Bahmani said in Tehran on Monday. - 10/2/12

The true reason US fears Iranian nukes: they can deter US attacks
Every now and then, they reveal the real reason: Iranian nuclear weapons would prevent the US from attacking Iran at will, and that is what is intolerable. The latest person to unwittingly reveal the real reason for viewing an Iranian nuclear capacity as unacceptable was GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, one of the US's most reliable and bloodthirsty warmongers. -Glenn Greenwald, Guardian - 10/2/12

Rial's slide shows sanctions working: U.S.
The U.S. State Department says the sudden crash of Iran's national currency attests to the fact that economic pressures on Iran have been effective. - 10/2/12

Exhibition in London: Abbas Akhavan's "Study for a Garden"
Delfina Foundation is delighted to present Study for a Garden, the first UK solo exhibition by Toronto-based Iranian artist Abbas Akhavan. During a 10-week residency at Delfina Foundation, Akhavan has produced a series of installations in response to the Foundation's adjacent property at 31 Catherine Place. - 10/2/12

Ahmadinejad's Cameraman Seeks Asylum In U.S.
A cameraman who was accompanying Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad to the United States for the UN General Assembly in New York last week has defected. - 10/2/12

Iranians sign petition protesting hardships
For weeks, a manifesto complaining about Iran's stumbling economy circulated in secret among factories and workshops. Organizers asked for signatures and the pages began to fill up. -Brian Murphy, AP - 10/2/12

A beer with Ahmadinejad? Iranians fall for spoof
An Iranian news agency has apologised for reporting as fact an opinion poll from spoof online newspaper The Onion that stated most white Americans would vote for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over US President Barack Obama. -SMH - 10/2/12

Iran's Currency Tumbles On Forex Markets
According to latest reports by Mehr News Agency, exchange shops in Tehran have stopped trading and have mostly closed their shops. Also, the last price for Dollar displayed at Milad exchange shop was 3500 Tomans. - 10/1/12

Photos: Third Largest Persian Carpet Unveiled
The third largest Persian carpet was unveiled in Tehran International Fairground on Friday. The carpet measures 2400 square meter. 400 weavers worked for about 16 months to complete this magnificent piece. - 10/1/12

Life In A State Of Suspension
But it is perhaps rare for a nation to be living under suspension and go through daily life feeling insecure not knowing what decisions to make and how to actually live the day through so that the suspended sentence against it may not actually be implemented. -Mehrangis Kar - 10/1/12

Iran football team apologizes to fans for Lebanon defeat
Iran football players have officially apologized to the home fans for losing a 2014 World Cup qualifier to Lebanon. Iran lost to Lebanon 1-0 in Beirut on September 11 in Group A. The second place Iran is scheduled to play group leader South Korea on October 16 in Tehran's Azadi Stadium. - 10/1/12

Access to Gmail restored in Iran
Iranian authorities have restored access to Gmail, one week after they blocked it from users in Iran. The Google search engine is still blocked and no announcements have been made about it. - 10/1/12

Pars Equality Center's Refugee Services Report
Reza Odabaee, The Pars Director of Social Services has a huge responsibility. His office directs all of the Pars Case Managers to work with the families and individuals to ensure they receive the right help and assistance that they need in order to successfully relocate and integrate into the Bay Area. - 10/1/12

Film festival lauds Iranian work
Iranian cinematographer Touraj Aslani has won the best cinematography award at the 60th San Sebastian Film Festival for his work in Rhino Season, while Parviz, a film by Iranian filmmaker Majid Barzegar, won Special Mention in the New Directors category. - 10/1/12

Over $112m transacted at Iran's foreign center
More than $112 million was transacted during the past five days at Iran's foreign exchange transaction center, which was officially inaugurated on Monday. Some $42 million was transacted on Sunday, the Mehr news agency cited a Central Bank report. - 10/1/12

US delisted MKO to use it against Iran: IRGC Commander
An Iranian commander says the US has removed the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) from its list of terrorist organizations to use the group in acts of sabotage against the Islamic Republic. - 10/1/12

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