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A Crime And Its Cover-Up
The killing of an innocent journalist in state custody is re-energizing Iran’s reformists -Babak Dehghanpisheh, Newsweek - 11/30/03

Iraqi delegation headed by Ahmad Chalabi arrives in Iran
Member of Iraq's Governing Council Ahmad Chalabi, heading an Iraqi delegation, arrived in Qasr-e Shirin, Kermanshah province on Sunday through the international Khosravi border, to hold talks with Iranian authorities - 11/30/03

Iran rejects Kuwaiti threat over gas field dispute
Iran on Sunday brushed aside Kuwaiti energy minister's threat that the Persian Gulf sheikdom may take its dispute with Tehran over the offshore Arash gas field to international arbitration, - 11/30/03

Behind the veil
It is only a piece of cloth that covers a woman’s face. But I cannot think of another item of clothing that is freighted with as much mystery or otherness or obvious Freudian baggage or whispery biblical resonance or universal psycho-sexual potency or, these days, sheer bloody terror as a veil. -Times, UK - 11/30/03

Mansour Barzegar named Iran freestyle wrestling manager
Former world champion Mansour Barzegar was announced as the new head coach of Iran's national freestyle wrestling team Saturday - 11/30/03

Female Iranian taekwondo players to leave for France Dec 2
Women taekwondo players of Iran have been scheduled to depart Tehran for France Tuesday - 11/30/03

Bush plans new nuclear weapons
The United States is embarking on a multimillion-dollar expansion of its nuclear arsenal, prompting fears it may lead the world into a new arms race. -Guardian - 11/30/03

Triumph and despair
A childhood refugee from Iran, Takaloo was bullied and taunted at school. Then he discovered he could box. Now, after a 22-year struggle he has his passport -Guardian - 11/30/03

"Strongest Man of the World" Rezazadeh ready to win honor for Iran
The strongest man of the world, Hossein Rezazadeh, Sunday said he is a soldier and ready to win honor in all competitions for Iran, IRNA reported from Ardebil. - 11/30/03

Iran encouraged by Europe's stance on its nuclear program
Iran said Sunday that it is encouraged by Europe's stance regarding Tehran's nuclear program, including its refusal to submit to Washington's pressures to report the Islamic Republic to the UN Security Council - 11/30/03

Soccer: Iran defeats Lebanon 1-0 in Asian Cup qualifiers
Iran sent the Lebanese packing with a 1-0 defeat in their second-leg game in the 100,000-seater Azadi Stadium, 10 km west of Tehran. - 11/29/03

Iran: Reformist Deputies Step Up Criticism Of Hard-Line Establishment
This is not the first time that Iranian reformist deputies have used the parliament as a platform for criticizing the conservative establishment. But recent comments made by the pro-reform lawmaker Ahmad Shirzad were harsh enough to make even other pro-reformists uneasy. -RFE - 11/29/03

5.1 Quake shakes southern town of Jahrom in Iran
A strong earthquake with an intensity of 5.1 degrees on the Richter scale jolted the city of Jahrom in the southern province of Fars early Saturday - 11/29/03

Britain returns stolen stone to Iran Embassy
British police have returned an ancient prayer niche (mihrab) that had been stolen from a mosque in the central Iranian city of Yazd to Iran's Embassy in London - 11/29/03

Playing with fire: deepening suspicions that Saudis are considering atomic arms
Western military analysts have long believed that Saudi Arabia was the Arab power most likely to take up the nuclear weapons option and in recent days there has been mounting speculation that Riyadh is moving in that direction. -Daily Star - 11/29/03

Iraqis express cynicism at Bush's 150-minute visit
Iraqis yesterday greeted news of President George Bush's extraordinary 150 minutes on Iraqi soil with a mixture of indifference and cynicism, as guerrilla insurgency against US forces continued and plans to hand over sovereignty to Iraqis remained mired in uncertainty. -Guardian - 11/29/03

Vietnam and Iraq: Has the US Learned Anything?
There are great cultural, political, and physical differences between Vietnam and Iraq that cannot be minimized, and the geopolitical situation is entirely different. After all, the U.S. encouraged and materially supported Saddam Hussein in his war with Iran throughout the 1980s because it feared a militantly Shiite Iran would dominate the Gulf region. -CounterPunch - 11/29/03

Iran President calls for full implementation of Constitution to achieve social order
President Mohammad Khatami here on Saturday received members of the Constitutional Supervisory Board concurrent with the anniversary of the issuance of the presidential decree on the formation of the board, IRNA reported from Tehran. - 11/29/03

9th confab on protection of mud monuments kicks off in Yazd, Iran
The Ninth Conference on the Research and Protection of Unbaked Mud Monuments opened at Dowlatabad Garden on Saturday and was attended by a number of world experts, IRNA reported from Yazd. - 11/29/03

Iran challenges US, says sure about its peaceful nuclear program
Iran on Saturday expressed confidence that further inspections conducted by the atomic watchdog agency of its nuclear activities will attest to their strictly peaceful nature, IRNA reported from Tehran. - 11/29/03

Iran 'Not Worried' About Tougher Nuclear Inspections
Iran said Thursday it is not worried about tougher inspections of its nuclear facilities following Wednesday's vote by the International Atomic Energy Agency warning Iran it would not tolerate any future violations of its rules. - 11/28/03

Kharrazi terms policy of dialogue and interaction with Iran as fruitful
Iran's Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi said that the recent resolution issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors generally covers what is sought by Iran - 11/28/03

Arab wins Israeli reality TV show
He's cool, confident and hip. Just what you'd expect from the 21-year-old winner of a reality TV show on Israeli satellite television. -BBC - 11/28/03

Pilgrims flock to Kabul to pay tribute to the Afghan Elvis
Five months ago a group of fans rebuilt the tomb of Ahmed Zahir - a pop sensation of the 1960s and 70s - which had been obliterated by the music-hating Taliban. Zahir's devotees now flock in their thousands to pay tribute to Afghanistan's only modern celebrity, a man popularly called the "Afghan Elvis". -Guardian - 11/28/03

Cleric Becomes Influential Iraqi Leader
Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Husseini al-Sistani - a frail, 70-something Shiite Muslim cleric with a heart condition - has emerged in post-Saddam Hussein Iraq as the land's most influential figure, something U.S. planners may not have counted on. -Guardian - 11/28/03

U.S. Plan in Iraq to Shift Control Hits Major Snag
The American plan to turn over power in Iraq more quickly was thrown into disarray on Wednesday when the country's most powerful cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, made public his opposition to a proposal for indirect elections. -Common Dreams - 11/28/03

High-ranking member of the Baha'i Faith passes away
The worldwide Baha'i community has lost one of its most cherished figures with the death on 26 November of Ali Akbar Furutan. - 11/28/03

Raised to be a king, Shah's son preaches democracy
Pahlavi appeals to young Iranians who hate clerical rule and don't remember his father's regime -Borzou Daragahai, Star-Ledger - 11/28/03

The Turkey has Landed
Two hundred and ten days after declaring an end to major combat, President Bush slipped into the unstable and dangerous Middle Eastern country that his troops now occupy with the lights on his plane darkened and the windows blacked out. -Common Dreams - 11/28/03

IAEA resolution on Iran to promote Iran-Russia nuclear coop: Russian official
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) resolution on Iran gives an opportunity to step up Russian-Iranian nuclear cooperation, Russian Atomic Energy Ministry spokesman Nikolai Shingaryov said - 11/28/03

Ayatollah a thorn in side of Iranian leaders
Nobody is exactly sure why Iran's most senior ayatollah no longer wants an Islamic revolution. Is it because Grand Ayatollah Ali Hossein Montazeri, 82, has spent five of the past six years under house arrest in his spartan quarters in this seminary town, two hours' drive south-west of Tehran? -Sydney Morning Herald - 11/28/03

Iran's Rezazadeh invited to California's Grand Prix
World`s +105 kg weightlifting champion, Hossein Rezazadeh, was invited to take part in a grand prix in the US state of California, IRNA reported from Tehran. - 11/27/03

US welcomes Iran nuclear report
The United States has voiced its support for a resolution by the United Nations nuclear watchdog censuring Iran for concealing its nuclear programme. -BBC - 11/27/03

Iran's Ghader Mizbani Iranagh wins Tour of Taiwan cycle race
Mizbani Iranagh, who rides for Giant Asia, successfully preserved his lead of more than seven minutes during a flat 75-kilometer (46-mile) criterium -- or lap race -- in Taiwan's second-largest city, Kaohsiung. -CNN - 11/27/03

Iran to hold exhibition on works of renowned British sculptors
Iran is considering to hold a two-month exhibition of works of renowned British sculptors in Tehran`s Museum of Contemporary Arts starting on February 26 - 11/27/03

Iran to downgrade economic ties
Iran plans to downgrade economic ties with those countries which took an unfavourable stance towards the Islamic state at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) board of governors meeting in Vienna, the Teheran press reported Thursday. -Expatica, Netherlands - 11/27/03

Stolen tombstone returned to Iran
An ancient tombstone stolen from a mosque in Iran has been returned to the Iranian Embassy in London. - 11/27/03

Iraq's Shi'a Group Says No Need To Fear Majority Rule
An influential Shi'a politician says he only supports the direct election of a provisional Iraqi government and insists the Sh'ia should have a major role in a future democratic Iraq. -RFE - 11/27/03

U.S. Cautions Russia On Nuclear Cooperation With Iran
The United States has urged Russia and other nations to be "careful" about helping Iran with its nuclear program. -RFE - 11/27/03

International geophysics conference to be held in Tehran
The 11th geophysics conference is to be held in Tehran in the premises of the Iranian Geology Organization on December 1 - 11/27/03

Middle East: The U.S. Proposes A Vision To Democratize Region (Part 1)
U.S. President George W. Bush now routinely speaks about Washington's intervention in Iraq as part of a new American policy to build democracy in the Middle East. -RFE - 11/27/03

Israel: Iran is now danger No. 1
Even as the US and European nations press Iran harder to comply with international law on its nuclear program, Israel is moving ahead with its own program to check its powerful Middle Eastern neighbor. -Christian Science Monitor - 11/27/03

World: Violence Against Women -- In Iran, Abuse Is Part Of The Culture
Sedigheh is an Iranian woman, one of many who was for years subjected to her husband's physical and psychological abuse. -RFE - 11/26/03

Iran says board resolution offers limited relief to hard liners
The resolution adopted here on Wednesday has been tailored to carry the views of all members of the the board of the International Atomic Energy Agency, offering limited and marginal relief to the few hard liners, said a press statement released by Iranian delegation to the IAEA in Vienna - 11/26/03

Remembering our heroes
While surfing the website for this year’s events (World Weightlifting Championship), I ran into a piece of information which caught my attention. There was another Iranian hero mentioned, namely Mohammad Nasiri, who now lives and works in Vancouver Canada. -Mohammad Ala - 11/26/03

Poem: In the Butcher’s Shop
Through the window of the butcher’s shop - a quiet series of - sheeps’ heads with their eyes closed or ... -Leylanaz Shajii, Tehran - 11/26/03

Iran's government revenues up 97.3 percent in 1st 3 months
Government revenues rose by 97.3 percent to more than rls 39.32 trillion in the first quarter of this year (started on March 21), according to the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) - 11/26/03

Vigen Derderian: Pop idol of a musical revolution in Iran
Before the emergence in the early 1950s of Vigen Derderian, who has died aged 73 of cancer in Californian exile, the music industry of his native Iran was dominated by traditional singers, who had little knowledge of western pop music or such instruments as the guitar. -Sadeq Saba, Guardian - 11/26/03

The Selective Solidarity of the Left
A simple stance of “hands off Iran” is not what those struggling for change in Iran need from progressives around the world. Of course we should be steadfast in opposing any U.S. military intervention in Iran—that’s the easy part. But it’s not the end of the discussion. -InTheseTimes - 11/26/03

Iran: Good cop/bad cop got results
The agreement between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) over the control of the Iranian nuclear programme represents a success for tough diplomacy in which Europeans and Americans found themselves playing a good cop/bad cop routine. -BBC - 11/26/03

Wolfowitz Doctrine Sinks in the Iraqi Quagmire
The pre-emption doctrine of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz helped fuel the war in Iraq. Wolfowitz argued that the United States should "shape," not just react, to the world, acting alone when necessary and using its military and economic hegemony to foster American values and protect U.S. interests. -Jalal Ghazi, PNS - 11/26/03

Film: Guests of the Ayatollah
Paramount studios and producer Scott Rudin have signed an agreement for a film adaptation of the book "Guests of the Ayatollah", written by Mark Bowden - 11/26/03

Playing Footsie With Iran
Even with the possible threat of a nuclear Iran upsetting the Middle East power balance, Mr. Bush has to make trade-offs. -Christian Science Monitor - 11/26/03

Shirin Ebadi takes pride in dealing with those serving the public
Barrister, winner of 2003 Nobel peace prize and head of the Institute for Children's Rights, Shirin Ebadi, said in Tehran on Tuesday that dealing with those serving people is an honor - 11/26/03

UN censures Iran nuclear cover-up
The UN nuclear watchdog (IAEA) has passed a resolution censuring Iran over its nuclear programme but stopped short of recommending sanctions. -BBC - 11/26/03

Iran: Analyst Says Reported Agreement Between U.S. And EU Seen As Victory For Both
Analysts say yesterday's reported agreement between the U.S. and the EU on the text of an international resolution condemning Iran for concealing part of its nuclear activities in the past is a victory for both sides. -RFE - 11/26/03

Iran wins world pankration title
Iran celebrated world pankration title in Denmark Monday - 11/25/03

MP Koulaie: Iran-IAEA talks ruined US-EU consensus
Tehran Constituency MP Elaheh Koulaie said on Monday that the long rounds of talks between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) actually ruined the consensus previously existed between the US and the EU towards Iran's nuclear projects - 11/25/03

Iranian actress chooses degree over credits
A woman who starred in an Iranian movie so controversial that it is banned in her native land has a role she would rather play: college student. -AP - 11/25/03

Airways wins job in Iran
Airways New Zealand, the state-owned company charged with running our air traffic control, has won a contract to help the Iranian Government expand one of its airports. -New Zealand Herald - 11/25/03

Israel eyes Iran's missile production
Israel is eyeing Iran's mounting production of short- and medium range rockets, with fears they could be deployed from southern Lebanon. -UPI - 11/25/03

Outside influences
Georgia's citizens, or at least those who support the putsch that has unseated Eduard Shevardnadze, should enjoy their moment while they can. The sense of liberation, even of revolution, that overtook the capital, Tbilisi, at the weekend may be short-lived. -Guardian - 11/25/03

The 'new' anti-semitism: is Europe in grip of worst bout of hatred since the Holocaust?
Sixty years after the Holocaust, European Jews and Israelis are increasingly wondering if Europe is being sucked into the worst wave of anti-semitism since the second world war. -Guardian - 11/25/03

World Bank calls on Iran to define the private sector
The World Bank (WB) declared on Tuesday that the lack of a clear definition for the private sector in Iran mainly accounts for the difficulties faced by the government in implementing its privatization policy - 11/25/03

Talabani praises Iran stance on Iraq's Governing Council
Head of the rotating presidency of the Iraqi Governing Council Jalal Talabani on Monday praised Iran's stance vis-a-vis the council - 11/25/03

UN powers agree on Iran warning
Britain, France and Germany have reached an agreement with the United States on a UN resolution to warn Iran over its nuclear programme. -BBC - 11/25/03

Iran's Upcoming Elections Up for Grabs
So confident are Iranian conservatives three months before the country's February 20, 2004 parliamentary elections that, in the words of one right-wing strategist, they have stopped talking about how to beat reformist candidates and begun to plan "how to run the nation." -Siamak Namazi, Tehran - 11/25/03

The fifth anniversary of the murder of Iranian dissidents Daryush Foruhar and Parvaneh Eskandari remembered in Tehran
The fifth anniversary of the murder of Iranian dissidents Daryush Foruhar and his wife Parvaneh Eskandari was remembered in a program held at Tehran's Hosseinieh Ershad on Saturday, November 23, 2003. - 11/24/03

Iran's Falahati-Nejad named 'Weightlifter of the World'
Mohammad-Ali Falahati-Nejad of Iran was announced 'Weightlifter of the World' in 2003 in Vancouver, Canada on Sunday - 11/24/03

A Friend's Visit / Iran's Brain Drain Issue
He mentioned a joke that there is this planeload of Iranians and Koreans arriving in the west. When it lands, the Koreans each go to start some kind of business and are very successful; the Iranian do the very same thing yet with a time delay. Since they first go and obtain a degree, be it a bachelor, maters or even a PhD, and then go and do what the Korean did some years earlier. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/24/03

Iran's real economic growth up to six percent in 2003 - EIU
Iran's real economic growth in fiscal 2003 will have reached 6 percent, said the Economists Intelligence Unit in a report - 11/24/03

Iranian weightlifters lauded in Vancouver, Canada
Arian, Iran's first and only mixed-gender pop group, will perform on December 27 in Berlin - 11/24/03

Iran's hard-liners mourn ascendancy of secular influence
Even if they win the next election, many see change cannot be undone -San Francisco Chronicle - 11/24/03

Iran's hottest pop band Arian to perform in Berlin next month
The embassy officials presented cash prizes to the weightlifters. Hossein Rezazadeh and Mohammad-Ali Falahati-Nejad collected a purse of 10 thousand Canadian dollars and other members were awarded 3600 dollars. The Canada-based Iranian companies presented some gifts to the weightlifters. - 11/24/03

Iran: Government expects parliament to pass bill on anti-terror campaign
Vice-President for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Mohammad Ali Abtahi said that the government is looking for the parliament to pass the bill offered last week about national campaign against terrorism - 11/24/03

Bound to Iraq, Kurds eye options
Violence, including a truck bombing in Kirkuk last week, is making Kurds increasingly wary about being part of Iraq. -Christian Science Monitor - 11/24/03

US plans war on al-Qaida's Afghan opium
American forces in Afghanistan are planning an offensive against the next opium crop, predicted to be the country's biggest ever, after calculating that drugs are now al-Qaida's main source of income. -Guardian - 11/24/03

Hezbollah, in Iraq, Refrains From Attacks on Americans
Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Shiite group, has established a significant presence in Iraq, but is not taking part in attacks on American forces inside the country, according to current and former United States officials and Arabs familiar with the organization. -New York Times - 11/24/03

Quake shakes northeastern town of Bojnourd in Iran
An earthquake with an intensity of 3.5 degree on the Richter scale jolted the city of Bojnourd in the northeastern province of Khorassan early Monday - 11/24/03

The Iranian Closet
When your family would rather see you dead than gay. -Gully - 11/24/03

Hoover hosts discussion on future of Iran
The United States should be more involved in the governance and politics of Iran, scholars argued Friday at a conference at the Hoover Institution on the political climate in Iran and U.S.-Iran relations. -Stanford Daily - 11/24/03

Iran's Hercules Rezazadeh grabs two golds and a bronze in World Weightlifting
The curtain fell down on the 73rd World Weightlifting Championships here Saturday night as Iranian Hercules Hossein Rezazadeh touched gold -- touch wood - 11/23/03

Iran says beefed up security around British Embassy
Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi said in Tehran on Sunday that Iran has tightened security around the compounds of the British Embassy in Tehran following reported firebomb attacks at the embassy - 11/23/03

Israel threatens strikes on Iranian nuclear targets
ISRAEL has warned that it is prepared to take unilateral military action against Iran if the international community fails to stop any development of nuclear weapons at the country’s atomic energy facilities. -Scotman - 11/23/03

Iraq War Providing a Boost to al-Qaida
Terror network is using clash as propaganda tool in holy war against West -Common Dreams - 11/23/03

Amini left Iran to make fortune in Texas oil
K.K. Amini, 82, an Iranian immigrant who became a prosperous independent oil and gas operator, has died. -San Antonio Express, Texas - 11/23/03

Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi to attend press conference at IRNA
Lawyer and winner of 2003 Nobel peace prize Shirin Ebadi will attend a press conference at IRNA office in Tehran on December 2, 2003 to respond to questions of national and foreign correspondents. - 11/23/03

Iranian Nukes: Why Should World Believe US?
When the International Atomic Energy Agency recently said it lacked evidence that Iran had an ongoing nuclear weapons program, American officials were dumbstruck. Undersecretary of State John Bolton declared the IAEA conclusion "impossible to believe." Iran has fooled the IAEA for many years, Bolton said, implying that it has done so again. -Common Dreams - 11/23/03

Iranian trade delegation leaves for Sulaimaniya
An Iranian economic delegation made up of officials from Kurdestan province Commerce Department and Sanandaj Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines left for the Iraqi city of Sulaimaniya on Sunday. - 11/23/03

Iran leaps two spots in world weightlifting
Iran moved up two places in the world weightlifting rankings in Vancouver on Saturday night, standing fifth among 71 participating states - 11/23/03

Consultancy house offers help with cracking Iranian market
Foreign investment in Iran has been unsteady ever since it was mooted in 1989, a full 10 years after the Islamic revolution that toppled the Pahlavi monarchy. Nevertheless over the past 14 years foreign, including Western businesses, have been exploring commercial and investment opportunities in Iran. And for such explorers, a must-see company is Atieh Bahar Consulting (ABC). -Mahan Abedin, Daily Star - 11/22/03

Conference on Iran shows scientific interest in Iranian world much alive
An international congress on "The Iron Age in the Iranian World" was held with "big success" in the historical Belgian city of Ghent this week, - 11/22/03

UN Envoy terms Canada's draft resolution on rights in Iran intrusive
Iran's representative to the UN human rights committee, Paimaneh Hastaei, on Friday said a resolution drafted by Canada on the status of human rights in the Islamic Republic had been intrusive and sought to interfere in Iran's domestic affairs - 11/22/03

EU-Iran relations in the last two years
After nearly two decades of ups and downs, relations between the EU and the Islamic Republic seem to be on the the path of stabilization. - 11/22/03

Iranian curator writes of reconciliation through art
The idea of holding a major show of internationally renowned British sculpture at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art was first suggested in 2001 when the Third Iranian Sculpture Triennial proved what a fast growing interest there was in the field. -Alireza Samiazar, Art Newspaper - 11/22/03

Journalist Reports Mass Discontent, Eerie Quiet in Tehran
A journalist who spent part of the summer in Tehran says Iran’s fundamentalist rulers expect reformists to fail in upcoming elections. This event would spur Iran’s theocrats to make overtures to the United States and introduce economic reforms, the journalist says. -Eurasianet - 11/22/03

Iran: Rights Monitors Concerned Over Fate Of Iranian Student Who Spoke With UN
International human rights monitors are expressing concern over the fate of an Iranian student who recently provided information on political prisoners to a visiting UN special representative. The student, Ahmad Batebi, was on medical leave from a prison sentence for participating in pro-democracy demonstrations in 1999. -RFE - 11/22/03

The Iranian American Technology Council's First Annual Gala Fund-Raising Event
The Iranian American Technology Council will be holding its first annual gala fund-raising event on December 4, 2003 in Washington, DC. - 11/21/03

Canada throws book at Iran
With the death of Montreal photojournalist Zahra Kazemi fresh in memory, Canada presented a draft resolution yesterday to a UN committee urging Iran to stop human-rights violations. -Edmonton Sun - 11/21/03

Export U.S. ideals again, especially for Muslims
President Bush ought to be commended for his speech in London, and his new forward strategy of freedom in the Middle East. Unfortunately though, previous American presidents have given similar speeches, and failed to translate such fine principles into tangible action. -Reza Ladjevardian, Texas - 11/21/03

Deal close on Iran N-programme
The United Nations' nuclear watchdog is said to be close to deciding how to deal with Iran's nuclear programme. US negotiators have dropped demands that Iran be reported to the UN Security Council, reports say. -BBC - 11/21/03

Over 100,000 March Against Bush in London
Around 100,000 protesters marched through London and tore down a mock statue of visiting President Bush Thursday, many of them convinced his policies were to blame for anti-British bombs in Turkey. -Reuters - 11/21/03

Plea for security rethink as French aid worker is buried
UN says relief work in Afghanistan cannot continue on existing terms -Guardian - 11/21/03

British embassy in Iran targeted
An embassy spokesman said an incendiary device was thrown over the back gate of the compound but there were no casualties or significant damage. -BBC - 11/21/03

Iran's nuclear secrets split EU and US
The US and the European Union were deeply divided last night over how to respond to Iran's record of nuclear concealment, with Germany leading the doves, who are reluctant to get too tough with Tehran, and Washington pushing for a robust censure that could ultimately trigger sanctions. -Guardian - 11/21/03

Fleeing chaos in Iran, artist finds her niche as designer in Atlanta
She was an 18-year-old Persian fleeing Iran's Islamic revolution in 1979, landing in the American South speaking little English and knowing not another soul in town. -Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 11/21/03

New Report Says Iran Concealed Details About Its Nuclear Program
In a long-awaited report on Iran's nuclear program, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said Thursday that Iran has hidden details of its nuclear program for years. But he also said Iran seems to have adopted a new policy. -VOA - 11/21/03

Number Of Female University Students Rising Dramatically in Iran
The growing numbers of young women in Iran's universities is considered a phenomenon that has already brought substantial change to the country's traditionally male-dominated society. -RFE - 11/21/03

Alarming spiral of human rights violations in Iran mar positive steps
Amnesty International shares the concerns of many lawyers and human rights defenders in Iran following the reported sentencing to death by stoning of four men by a court in Mashhad, northeastern Iran. - 11/21/03

IRAN: Focus on reverse migration
Iran has one of the highest urban-growth rates in the world. In 1950, about 27 percent of the population was urban; now the figure has more than doubled, to 65 percent, and a UN report predicts that by 2030, that percentage will shoot up to nearly 80 - an unprecedented figure for a developing country. -IRIN - 11/21/03

Iran beats Lebanon 3-0 in Preliminary Asian Cup Football to advance to finals
The Iranian and Lebanese national football teams' competition Wednesday in the framework of the Preliminary Asian Cup Football ended at Beirut Football stadium 3-0 in favor of Iran - 11/20/03

Our intention for starting this corner was to create a bridge between Iranians living outside and inside the country after the advent of the Islamic Revolution. The hope was to find a common language despite our common language! -Roya Monajem, Tehran - 11/20/03

Iranian Hard-Liners Wary of Nuclear Deal
Iran's commitment to tighter monitoring of its nuclear program is vulnerable to sabotage by hard-line conservatives, despite apparently broad support within the country's divided government, according to analysts and officials here. -Washington Post - 11/20/03

Sensing Shiites Will Rule Iraq, U.S. Starts to See Friends, Not Foes
The Bush administration, which was wary earlier this year of installing a government dominated by Shiites in Iraq, has concluded that such a development is virtually inevitable and not necessarily harmful to American interests, administration officials said Wednesday. -New York Times - 11/20/03

Istanbul bombings overshadow Bush visit
The US president, George Bush, today arrived at Downing Street for talks with the prime minister as news of suicide bomb blasts in Istanbul overshadowed his state visit to the UK. -Guardian - 11/20/03

Iran's Panzovan stands second in world weightlifting group
Iran's 85 kg weightlifter, Seyed Hadi Panzovan, ranked second in Group B of the 73rd world edition in Vancouver, southwest of Canada, Wednesday - 11/20/03

10 Iranian bank staffers wounded in Istanbul bombings
Some 10 staffers of Iranian bank in Istanbul were wounded, four of them critically, by terrorist bombings in the city, the president of the bank told IRNA on Thursday. - 11/20/03

Iran, Germany seal deal over production of heavy auto engines
Iran and Germany on Wednesday evening signed an agreement in Tehran for production of engines of heavy vehicles in Iran's IDEM auto production plant - 11/20/03

Washington demands “triggers” for attack on Iran
Even as its occupation of Iraq plunges further into disarray, the Bush administration is stepping up its drive for similar “regime change” in neighbouring oil-rich Iran. -World Socialist - 11/20/03

VOA-TV Gains Large Audience in Iran
Voice of America's (VOA) Persian television programs, including a daily show that focuses on sought-after news and information, are reaching a remarkable 12 percent of Iranians over the age of 18, a new survey shows. - 11/20/03

60 planes to be added to Iran's civil aviation fleet
Head of Iran Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Hassan Haj Alifard was in Moscow last week to discuss purchase of Russian-made Tupolev 204 planes - 11/20/03

Iran: A Regime Change: Potential, Incentive, Direction
Iran’s strategy in the nuclear chess game still underway must have surprised a lot of thinkers from Washington to Tel Aviv. Those who thought, or at least hoped, that the Iranian government, torn between the conservatives and the reformists in their struggle for power, would be in such disarray as to lack a coordinated front with regard to Iran’s defense and nuclear policies, must be disappointed. -Kam Zarrabi - 11/20/03

Iran: U.S. Experts See Promise Amid Troubling Trends In Relations
A recent panel discussion at the Asia Society in New York examined the broad changes under way in Iran and the influence of events in Iraq. A U.S. official noted considerable advancement in U.S.-Iran cooperation in areas such as preventing drug trafficking from Afghanistan but also cited some troubling trends. -RFE - 11/19/03

Iraq leaders 'get' Iran support
The current leader of the US-appointed Iraqi Governing Council, Jalal Talabani, says Iran has agreed to help it fight terrorism in Iraq. -BBC - 11/19/03

U.S., EU Disagree Over Iran's Nuclear Program Ahead Of IAEA Meeting
Europe and the United States are at odds again, this time over how to deal with Iran's nuclear program. Ahead of a key meeting of the United Nations nuclear watchdog in Vienna this week, the European Union yesterday praised Iran for telling the truth about its nuclear program. -RFE - 11/19/03

Beyond the great divide
If Americans are from Mars and Europeans are from Venus, that spells big trouble here on Earth -Guardian - 11/19/03

Iran, Iraq ink letter of understanding to boost cooperation
Iran's minister of commerce Mohammad Shariatmadari and Iraqi minister of trade Ali Alawi signed a letter of understanding in Tehran on Tuesday night to boost economic cooperation between the two countries - 11/19/03

Fars industrial confab to be held in Germany
Secretary of Fars province Industries and Mine House Morteza Seifzadeh said in Shiraz on Wednesday that the one-day Fars province industrial conference will be held in the German city of Stuttgart on Nov 25 - 11/19/03

Iranian revolution depicted in posters on display at Hoover
"Creating an Islamic Republic: Iranian Collections from the Hoover Library and Archives" uses posters to trace events surrounding the 1978 revolution that overthrew the pro-Western government of the Shah and established the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979. - 11/19/03

Quakes jolt Iranian cities of Yasouj and Semirom
An earthquake, measuring 3.9 degrees on the Richter scale, shook the city of Yasouj in the southwestern province of Kohkilouyeh and Boyerahmad on Wednesday - 11/19/03

Iran says talks with EU officials "positive"
Talking to reporters at Mehrabad International Airport after returning from Brussels, Rowhani said the visit took place at a very sensitive time on the threshold of the IAEA Board of Governors' meeting and under conditions that Iran's enemies had intensified their activities against the Islamic Republic. - 11/19/03

US and Europe clash over Iran
Europe and the US clashed last night when Washington said publicly that it disagreed with the EU's position on the nuclear threat posed by Iran. -Guardian - 11/19/03

Falahati-Nejad grabs Iran's first world weightlifting gold
Mohammad-Ali Falahati-Nejad won the first gold medal of Iran in the 77 kg category of the 73rd World Weightlifting Championships in Vancouver on Wednesday - 11/19/03

Iranian Women Encouraged by Nobel Peace Prize
Could the decision to award this year's Nobel Peace Prize to Iranian attorney Shirin Ebadi add momentum to the movement for change in Iran? A group of Iranian women scholars in the United States say the award will help, but they also say that in the 24 years since Iran's Islamic revolution, women have never stopped struggling for legal and political reform. -VOA - 11/18/03

Sidelined Ayatollah Preaches Moderation
"I feel irritated whenever I hear this slogan, 'Death to America' or 'Down with America,' " said Montazeri, key architect of the theocracy that he now fights with all the energy an 82-year-old with a heart condition can muster. "I believe," he said, "that the 300 million people of North America are mostly religious people, hardworking people." -Washington Post - 11/18/03

Total, Statoil pursue oil deal with Iran
The Norwegian oil company Statoil and the French firm Total have signed a pledge not to divulge confidential information about Iranian oil fields offered for development, IRNA reported from Tehran quoting the local press. - 11/18/03

Quake shakes Iran's northeastern town of Bojnourd
An earthquake measuring 4.9 degree on the open-ended Richter scale jolted the town of Bojnourd in the northeastern province of Khorassan on Tuesday - 11/18/03

EU lambasts Israel barrier plans
The European Union has strongly criticised the Israeli Government's plans for a barrier in the West Bank. -BBC - 11/18/03

EU Foreign Ministers To Tackle Massive Agenda
The highlights of the gathering will be meetings with U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, and the head of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, Hassan Rohani. -RFE - 11/18/03

Will Iran's reverse gear pay off in Vienna meet?
Iran hopes u-turn, diplomatic offensive will pay off at November 20 IAEA board meeting in Vienna. -Middle East Online - 11/18/03

French to Bush: 'We Were right' on Iraq
Nation Feels Vindicated Over War, But May Not be Ready to Help -Common Dreams - 11/18/03

Iran completely committed to Tehran Declaration: SNSC Secretary
Rowhani made the remark in separate meetings with French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and German deputy minister of foreign affairs. - 11/18/03

Power games in Washington will undermine freedom in Iran
There has been a recent surge in US congressional initiatives to, allegedly, enhance democracy and freedom in Iran through the introduction of legislative bills. -Mehrdad Valibeigi, Daily Star - 11/18/03

Iran's Constructive Engagement with IAEA
The European Union's Foreign Policy Cheif Javier Solana said in Brussels on Monday that Iran had been honest so far concerning its nuclear program and he hoped it would not be reported to the UN Security Council for possible sanctions. - 11/18/03

25 Years of Separation: Iranian art after the revolution
Art exhibition opens at Articultural Gallery in Los Angeles from November 7 to December 8. Curated by Farzad Karimi, the exhibition features works by Seyed Alavi, Samira Alikhanzadeh, Blue Hadaegh, Taraneh Hemami, Shahram Karimi, Habib Kheradyar, Alina Mnatsakanian, Sourena Mohamadi, Shirin Neshat, Haleh Niazmand, Mahgameh Parvaneh, Hamid Rahmanian, Shideh Tami. - 11/18/03

Bridging the Iranian-American influence gap
The Persian Students Association (PSA) of the University of Michigan brought students and community members together in the first collaborative event held with the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) in the state of Michigan on Saturday November 8. - 11/18/03

Iranian karatekas refused entry to Belgium
Belgian police prevented the Iranian karateka from entering the country Thursday, forcing them to return home - 11/18/03

Iran's Hercules Hossein Rezazadeh eyes world weightlifting gold
World's +105 kg defending champion, Hossein Rezazadeh, Tuesday said he is in Vancouver to win the gold of the 73rd World Weightlifting Championships - 11/18/03

Iran calls on EU to work for a WMD-free Middle East
"We called on Europe to work with us to turn the Middle East into a zone free from weapons of mass destruction," Rowhani told reporters after meeting with the foreign ministers of France Dominique de Villepin and UK Jack Straw and a top German official in Brussels Monday afternoon. - 11/17/03

Iraqi Governing Council chief arrives in Iran
Chairman of Iraqi Governing Council (IGC) Jalal Talabani heading a 17-member delegation arrived in Tehran on Monday and was welcomed by Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi - 11/17/03

Quakes jolt eastern Iranian towns in Khorasan province
Two earthquakes measuring 4.9 and 4.2 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale shook the Zirkoh of Qayen and Darmian of Birjand in Khorasan province on Monday - 11/17/03

Jessica Lynch's Story is Turning 'Into a Monster' for the Bush Administration
'A victim of circumstance, used by the Pentagon' -Common Dreams - 11/17/03

Top Iraqi missile specialist fled to Iran, US officials say
The Iraqi scientist who headed Saddam Hussein's long-range missile program has fled to neighboring Iran, a country identified as a state sponsor of terrorism with a successful missile program and nuclear ambitions, US officers involved in the weapons hunt said. -AP - 11/17/03

23 killed as tragedy hits Iran's roads again
The Sunday road tragedy comes only a week after a deadly accident in central Iran in which thirty-six people were killed and 10 others injured after a passenger bus and a truck collided on the Yazd-Tabas road. - 11/17/03

Armageddon Back on the Table
U.S. ratchets up debate on `usable' nuclear weapons; Critics fear fallout from Bush cadre's pro-nuke strategy -Common Dreams - 11/17/03

Iran battles to revive caviar sturgeon stocks
Caviar fishermen know full well that the tussle with an irate, half-tonne sturgeon can pitch one of their fragile skiffs into the icy, waves of the Caspian -- most have lost friends that way. -Reuters - 11/17/03

Stifled by clerics, Iranians escape online
Uneasy youth abandon politics for chat rooms and porn sites -San Francisco Chronicle - 11/17/03

NIAC Advisory on Special Registration for Iranians
Nonimmigrant male citizens or nationals of Iran (as part of Call-in Group 1), who were born on or before November 15, 1986, who did not apply for asylum on or before November 6, 2002, and who fit in any of the below categories, must register. -NIAC - 11/17/03

Five weeks in Iran
I’m winding up a five-week journey in Iran (culturally known as Persia, which was the official name of the country until 1934). This is my going-away party, given by neighbors I got to know in the Kerman City suburb where I am staying, in the southeastern desert. -News-Press, Florida - 11/16/03

Invasion as Marketing Problem: The Iraq War and Contempt for Democracy
Establishment critics of the war on Iraq restricted their comments regarding the attack to the administration arguments they took to be seriously intended: disarmament, deterrence, and links to terrorism. They scarcely made reference to liberation, democratization of the Middle East, and other matters... -Noam Chomsky, CounterPunch - 11/16/03

Bush and Blair agree Iraq exit plan to end occupation
President George Bush and Tony Blair have agreed an exit strategy for pulling out of Iraq, officially ending the occupation next year while committing troops to the region until 2006. -Guardian - 11/16/03

Oil companies sign Saudi gas deal
Royal Dutch/Shell and Total have signed a long-awaited $2bn deal to develop Saudi Arabia's huge gas reserves. -BBC - 11/16/03

Italian professor: People in Abadan live a hopefull life
An Italian professor of art and designer Dominico Girbino currently on a three-day visit to Abadan said on Saturday that people in the city, which has been through eight years of destructive war by the neighboring Iraq, seem hopeful - 11/16/03

First autumn snowfall in northern, eastern and western Iran
The first snowfall in mid-fall starting on Friday spread a blanket of white over the provinces of Kurdestan and Ardebil - 11/16/03

Iran's sole silk thread factory shuts down, 200 workers laid off
The illegal imports of cheap foreign silk thread, among slew of diverse elements, has taken its tool on the sole silk thread factory in Iran which has been forced to close down operations, IRNA reported from Rasht, Gilan province. - 11/16/03

Remembering a night of Ramadan prayer in Iran
ISFAHAN, Iran -- I am shrouded in a chador, anonymous in a crowd of women wrapped in identical swathes of black. For hours, the crouched figures around me have been crying and rhythmically beating their chests. Their anguish is raw, seemingly bottomless. But they are not lamenting lost children or dead husbands. -Salt Lake Tribune - 11/15/03

Official terms Iraqi delegation visit to Iran as turning point
Talabani, ten members of the Governing Council and seven ministers of the Iraqi government are scheduled to visit Iran on November 17. - 11/15/03

With a Few Zings, Taking Comedy Across Borders
Dressed in gym sweats, Omid Djalili ushers a visitor into his single-guy-like cluttered suite in an East Side Manhattan hotel, where he's been staying for months while shooting episodes for NBC's new hit sitcom, "Whoopi." -New York Times - 11/15/03

Iran's Kiarostami ranked 6th among world`s top directors
The Guardian on its website stressed that Kiarostami -- who follows such top directors as David Lynch, Martin Scorsese, Joel and Ethan Coen, Steven Soderbergh and Terrence Malick -- had received a total of 84 points by its panel of critics. - 11/15/03

Iran celebrates Asian juniors` Greco-Roman wrestling title
Iran was crowned at the 4th Asian Juniors` Greco-Roman Wrestling Championships in Taiwan Saturday - 11/15/03

EU to tell Powell not to push Iran in the corner
The European Union and the Islamic Republic are to hold the next round of the "comprehensive dialogue" in Tehran on December 15, a sign that Brussels is keen on pursuing the path of dialogue and engagement with Tehran - 11/15/03

Iran Pledges Transparency As IAEA Prepares To Discuss Cooperation, Possible Sanctions
Iran is pledging transparency in its dealings with the International Atomic Energy Agency, just days before the UN watchdog is set to meet to discuss Tehran's nuclear programs and possible sanctions. Analysts say Tehran is counting on Europe not to side with the U.S. in the dispute. -RFE - 11/15/03

Diplomatic Battle Brewing Over New Report On Iran's Nuclear Activities
Does Iran have a nuclear arms program in violation of its international agreements? If so, what should be done about it? Those are the questions the board of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is set to discuss when it meets in Vienna on 20 November. -RFE - 11/14/03

Russia stress on strong ties with Iran
Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksander Yakovenko, speaking in Moscow on Thursday, stressed the high level of confidence that exists between Tehran and Moscow - 11/14/03

Not just in Iran
Iran's agreement at last to cooperate fully with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) over the monitoring of its nuclear programme is an encouraging sign in a region otherwise short of good news. -Guardian - 11/14/03

Dangerous dabbling
Iran has moved closer to admitting—and perhaps abandoning—all its experiments with fissile materials. But there is still a long way to go before the world can be sure it is not trying to make nuclear bombs -Economics - 11/14/03

The world's 40 best directors
The Hollywood blockbuster may be in crisis, but the art of the cinema is as healthy as ever. Our panel of critics picks out the film-makers who are leading the way -Guardian - 11/14/03

Ex-security chiefs chide Israel
Four former Israeli security service chiefs have launched a scathing attack on the government's handling of the peace process with the Palestinians. -BBC - 11/14/03

Soleimanpour says Argentine is bent on against Iranian officials
Iran's former Ambassador to Argentine Hadi Soleimanpour said in London on Thursday that Argentine government aimed to act against Iranian officials - 11/14/03

EU FMs to discuss ties with Iran
The situation in the Middle East, developments in Iraq and relations with Iran are among the topics on the agenda of the regular meeting of EU Foreign Ministers in Brussels next Monday and Tuesday - 11/14/03

Quake shakes Iran's town of Sabzevar again
An earthquake measuring 4 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale jolted the town of Sabzevar in the northeastern province of Khorassan on Friday - 11/14/03

Iranian media have their say on freedom of speech review
While the outside world focused on Iran's nuclear programme, Tehran newspapers this week were more interested in the plight of jailed dissidents and an abandoned football match with North Korea. -Guardian - 11/14/03

Iranian openness may enhance nuke safety
Iran is moving quickly to defuse Western concern about its nuclear ambitions, as the United Nations' atomic watchdog agency released a critical confidential report, leaked widely this week, detailing Iran's 18-year clandestine uranium enrichment program. -Christian Science Monitor - 11/14/03

Football, Iranian Style!
Friday night, November 7, my friends and I got together to go see the documentary film: "Football, Iranian Style," by Maziar Bahari over at the Pacific Film Archive at UC Berkeley. -Pouya Alimagham - 11/14/03

Iran, North Korea soccer match ends amid troubles over North Korean injury
A soccer match between Iran and North Korea, playing in Tehran in the framework of the second-leg preliminary match of the 13th Asian Cup, ended with no clear results due to grave injury of a N.Korean player - 11/13/03

Rice Clarifies Stand On Iranian Group
National security adviser Condoleezza Rice, rebutting suggestions the Bush administration is being lenient with an Iranian opposition group operating out of Iraq, said yesterday that the Mujaheddin-e Khalq is "part of the global war on terrorism" and its members "are being screened for possible involvement in war crimes, terrorism and other criminal activities." -Washington Post - 11/13/03

UN stands by Iran nuclear report
The United Nations nuclear watchdog has rejected US criticism of its report on Iran's nuclear programme. -BBC - 11/13/03

'We could lose this situation'
The White House yesterday drew up emergency plans to accelerate the transfer of power in Iraq after being shown a devastating CIA report warning that the guerrilla war was in danger of escalating out of US control. -Guardian - 11/13/03

Argentinean FM due in Iran
Argentinean Foreign Minister Rafael Bielsa said in Madrid on Wednesday that he planned to visit Tehran for talks with Iranian officials - 11/13/03

Growing U.S. Unhappiness With Iraq's Governing Council Suggests Changes Ahead
Reports are increasing that Washington is unhappy with the U.S.-appointed Iraqi Governing Council, which is having difficulties meeting a timetable for developing a constitution and paving the way to national elections. -RFE - 11/13/03

Divide and destroy
Israel's separation wall is creating a new kind of humanitarian crisis for the Palestinians who live in its shadow. Christian Aid's Alex Klaushofer witnesses the devastation of communities -Guardian - 11/13/03

Iran's Karimi named 'Asian Player of the Month'
The Asian Football Confederation Wednesday announced national striker of Iran, Ali Karimi, as 'Player of the Month October' - 11/13/03

US troops 'beat' Iran journalists
Two Iranian journalists claim they were beaten, blindfolded and tortured while held by American forces in Iraq. -BBC - 11/13/03

Zahra Kazemi's work makes it into the public eye
Zahra Kazemi had to die so her work would get a greater exposure. Six months ago, only a few people had heard of the Montreal photojournalist, let alone seen her pictures. -Gazette, Canada - 11/13/03

UK refuses to extradite Iranian
Britain has rejected Argentina's request for the extradition of a former Iranian diplomat accused in the bombing of a Jewish centre. -BBC - 11/13/03

Senior Iranian expert calls for a new interpretation of UN women Convention
An Iranian senior expert on women affairs, speaking in Tehran on Wednesday, called for a new and proper interpretation of the UN Women Convention which has recently been a controversial issue in Iran - 11/13/03

Iran: UN Envoy Meets With Dissidents, Calls Situation 'Complex'
The UN's special rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression has wrapped up a weeklong trip to Iran. Ambeyi Ligabo says he asked the authorities in Tehran to release all of the country's imprisoned dissidents. -RFE - 11/12/03

Iran plans to become telecoms hub between Asia and Europe with exponential growth forcasted
A new report published on November 10, 2003 by BroadGroup, the London based broadband and mobility consultancy, suggests that Iran is positioning to become a telecoms hub between Asia and Europe. As it does so, the domestic market in wireless and Internet is poised for substantial growth, yielding opportunities for overseas equipment and services providers. - 11/12/03

'Nothing matters when you are dying'
Amir Reza, an Iranian who contracted Aids through transfusions for a blood disorder, describes the contrasting reactions he receives when he reveals he has the virus. -BBC - 11/12/03

Iran Presdient: IAEA report positive, with unacceptable parts
President Mohammad Khatami said on Wednesday that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)'s report on Iran's nuclear program is positive and at the same time lacks a balance - 11/12/03

International conference on "Iron Age in Iranian world" to be held in Brussels
Some 70 scholars from fourteen countries are taking part in a four-day International Congress on "The Iron Age in the Iranian world" to take place in the historic Belgian city of Ghent next week - 11/12/03

Iran's Nobel Peace Prize Winner Shirin Ebadi Facing Death Threats
Associates of Iranian human rights activist Shirin Ebadi say the threatening letters began arriving just days after the announcement that she had won the Nobel Peace Prize early last month. The letters, which have been coming in at the rate of one or two a day ever since, are anonymous but explicit. -RFE - 11/12/03

Iran government spokesman: Free, just elections guarantee high voter turnout
"People's participation in the Majlis polls would decrease as soon as they feel that their votes are ineffective, or that their favorite candidates would have difficulties serving in the office once elected," Ramezanzadeh told reporters - 11/12/03

EU urged to invest in Iran
Iranian and EU officials held a one-day meeting in Brussels on Tuesday to discuss economic and investment issues - 11/12/03

Iranians hooked on hookahs no more
The days when Iranians in the south-eastern city of Ahvaz could spend a pleasant evening smoking their water pipes are numbered. -AFP - 11/12/03

Private Lynch's media war continues as Iraqi doctors deny rape claim
The Iraqi doctors who treated the American soldier Jessica Lynch said yesterday that they were "pained" by accusations that she was raped sometime after being captured. -Guardian - 11/12/03

Italian base in Iraq devastated
At least 22 people are reported to have been killed in a bomb attack on an Italian base in the southern Iraqi city of Nasiriya. -BBC - 11/12/03

Freed American might have to stay in Iran to fight charge
Dariush Zahedi, a 37-year-old American citizen, was freed Sunday after spending four months behind bars. The man's family paid about $250,000 bail to secure his release, but it was unclear whether he was free to leave the country. -Sacramento Bee - 11/12/03

Iranian MBAs take advantage of Canadian program
In August 2000, Carleton University signed a contract with Qeshm Institute of Higher Education in Iran to have eight of the 10 required Sprott courses taught in Iran. The remaining two would be taught at Carleton, giving the Iranian students the opportunity to come to Canada. -Business Journal, Ottawa - 11/12/03

Iran to launch Bangestan gas collection project
Iran is considering to inaugurate the first phase of a project for collecting associated gas in its southern oil field of Bangestan in the first quarter of 2004 - 11/12/03

Iran, Iraq to start oil, gas swaps soon: Iraqi minister
Iraq's Oil Minister Ibrahim Mohammad Bahr al-Uloum has said that Iran and Iraq would soon start mutual oil and gas swap projects, stressing that he would discuss the details of the projects in his upcoming visit to Tehran - 11/12/03

Tehran accused of 18-year cover-up
Iran has systematically covered up its nuclear programme for the past two decades and needs "particularly robust" international inspections to dissolve fears it is developing weapons of mass destruction, the UN's atomic energy agency has found. -Guardian - 11/12/03

The President, in his latest speech on Thursday, November 7, stated that there was going to be a change in America’s foreign policies; no longer would America be supporting autocracies that do not partake in the principles of freedom and democracy. The main theme of his speech was an expression of America’s moral objectives of promoting the ideals of freedom and democracy throughout the Middle East. This, of course, sounds just wonderful, and the American people must undoubtedly feel proud of the high moral ideals of their leader. But such moral pronouncements are nothing new. -Kam Zarrabi - 11/11/03

UN report says Iran has plutonium
Iran has reportedly admitted to the United Nations nuclear watchdog that it has produced plutonium - a material that could be used in nuclear weapons. -BBC - 11/11/03

Iranian High Schools Establish Robotics Groups
Following is the news of recent activities of Science and Arts Foundation (SAF) in Iran as reported in the November newsletter of SAF. - 11/11/03

Accidents may be Iran's greatest nuclear threat
Western governments worry about Iran building an atomic bomb, but safety experts say the greatest risk arising from Tehran's nuclear programme is of an accident. -Guardian - 11/11/03

Iran-Italy trade balance in Iran's favor
The volume of trade between Iran and Italy rose by 110 million euros to more than 2.156 billion euros in the January-July period compared to the same period last year, said Italy's Statistics Center in a report. - 11/11/03

Iran needs dlrs 640m for oil exploration projects: report
A senior official with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) has put the cost of implementing new exploration projects at between dlrs 480 million and dlrs 640 million - 11/11/03

Marriages Made Not in Heaven but in a Cleric's Office
In business for the last three years — and swamped since newspaper articles publicized the opening of his office three months ago — Mr. Ardabili is doing a unique job in a country where, after the 1979 Islamic revolution, dating was banned and extramarital relationships became subject to severe punishment. -New York Times - 11/11/03

Iraq is not America's to sell
International law is unequivocal - Paul Bremer's economic reforms are illegal -Guardian - 11/11/03

NIAC Schedules Meetups in 73 Cities for National Iranian American Meetup Day
Wednesday, November 12th at 7pm has been established by NIAC as National Iranian American Meetup Day. So far Iranian Americans have registered for this historic event in 73 different cities including all major metropolitan areas. There's definitely a Meetup near you! - 11/11/03

Iran is world leader in automobile-related fatalities
Based on official figures, Iran ranks first in auto-related fatalities in the world, said Iran Coroners Office in a bulletin in Tehran on Monday - 11/11/03

Iran: Tehran Begins To Confront The 'Time Bomb' Of HIV/AIDS
The first official case of AIDS in Iran was identified in 1987 in a 6-year-old boy who contracted it from HIV-contaminated blood brought in from abroad. So far, about 700 people are believed to have died from AIDS in Iran. -RFE - 11/11/03

Iran's main political party issues strategic communique
Islamic Iran's Participation Front (IIPF), a major political party in Iran, on Monday issued a strategic communique at the end of its 5th national congress - 11/11/03

IAEA report says no evidence of Iran trying to develop nukes
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in a report on Monday announced that it had found no evidence that Iran's previously undeclared nuclear material and activities were related to a nuclear weapons program - 11/11/03

Iran: Students honor academic Hashem Aghajari
A special ceremony was held at post-graduate Teachers Training University on Sunday to honor the academic Hashem Aghajari on the anniversary of a death sentence against him for criticizing the power hierarchy - 11/10/03

Iran 'suspends uranium programme'
Iran says it is temporarily suspending uranium enrichment, and is handing a letter to the UN agreeing to sign the so-called Additional Protocol. -BBC - 11/10/03

Riot at 'woman-tigress hanging'
A riot broke out after police tried to disperse a crowd gathered to watch the rumoured hanging of a "woman-tigress", Iran's Jomhuri-Eslami paper reports. -BBC - 11/10/03

'Shambolic' Iraqi council forcing US to think again
The Iraqi governing council, set up by the US as a step towards self-rule, has proved be so ineffective and shambolic that Washington is beginning to consider alternatives, it was reported yesterday. -Guardian - 11/10/03

Quake jolts southwestern town of Dehloran in Iran
An earthquake measuring 3.7 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale shook the town of Dehloran in the southwestern province of Ilam Sunday night - 11/10/03

Restoration of historical Khajou bridge gets underway in Isfahan
"The basic foundation of the bridge was laid between 875-882 AH under the reign of Hassan Beik Aq Qoyunlu nicknamed as Ozun-Hassan. "Khajou bridge was set up on the foundation of the ancient bridge upon the order of Shah Abbas II," - 11/10/03

Middle East Scholars Honor Iranian Student Leader Saeed Razavi-Faqih
The Middle East Studies Association of North America is pleased to present the MESA Academic Freedom Award for 2003 to Saeed Razavi-Faqih for his courageous and persistent efforts to promote the integrity and autonomy of Iran’s universities in the face of pressures and attacks from the state. - 11/10/03

Iran's deposits at foreign banks up to $18.241B in March
Iran's deposits at foreign banks and institutions rose to dlrs 18.241 billion in March 2003 from dlrs 15.971 billion in December 2002 and dlrs 14.242 billion in December 2001 - 11/10/03

Association of Iranian Journalists calls on prosecutor to give access to arrested journalists
In an open letter to Mortazavi, the AIJ challenged the prosecutor's statement to UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression Ambeyi Ligabo that "The doors of the prisons are open for the national and international representatives." - 11/10/03

Iranian-American Dariush Zahedi freed on bail in Iran
Tehran Prosecutor's Office has announced that the case of academic Dariush Zahedi, who was released on Sunday, is still open, stressing that he will have to report to the court for further proceedings - 11/10/03

They do not have to hang you to kill you (Roshanak Daryoush passes away)
Noushi took the black ribbon off the bouquet of white flowers that I had brought. She said Roushanak is alive and lives in our hearts. She was talking about her daughter, Roushanak Daryoush, the well-known translator and member of Iran Pen who passed away last week in Munich, Germany. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/10/03

In a Delicate Balancing Act, U.S. Woos Iranian Group in Iraq
US administration is divided along familiar lines over the mujaheddin, much as it is over policy toward Tehran. The fate of the group is being watched closely by Iran, whose government is split between reformers and hard-line conservatives. Both factions have warned repeatedly that Washington's actions toward the mujaheddin will demonstrate the sincerity of the Bush administration's war on terrorism. -Washington Post - 11/9/03

Nine to represent Iran in world weightlifting in Vancouver, Canada
Eight regulars and one substitute will represent Iran in the 73rd World Weightlifting Championships in Canada. Vancouver is to host the 2003 world weightlifting event on November 15-22. - 11/9/03

British American Tobacco to build plant in Iran with annual production of 3b cigarettes
The Independent reported that BAT -- the owner of Lucky Strike and Kent cigarettes -- is shipping machinery to Tehran and expects it to be operational by the first quarter of 2004. - 11/9/03

Iran Oil Ministry to complain against Norway over Statoil scandal
Iran's Oil Ministry has declared that it would file a complaint against Norway if its police fails to provide the ministry with information about the alleged involvement of an Iranian company in the recent bribery scandal of Statoil company - 11/9/03

Central Bank of Iran says Iran's economic growth 5 times more than Persian Gulf states
Sheibani, talking to IRNA, recalled the government's success to keep the inflation rate at 15.8 percent, to decrease foreign debts and to boost foreign currency reserves to over five billion dollars had made 1381 "an exceptional year" for the Iranian economy. - 11/9/03

Iran will suspend uranium enrichment within next few days: Official
Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said on Sunday that Iran will suspend uranium enrichment within the next few days - 11/9/03

Iran to confirm nuclear accords
Iran will formally confirm next week that it will allow snap international inspections of its nuclear facilities. -BBC - 11/9/03

Road accident in Iran leaves 34 people dead, 10 injured
Thirty-four people were killed and 10 others injured after a passenger bus and a truck collided on the Yazd-Tabas road Saturday night - 11/9/03

Mass graves 'hold 300,000 Iraqis'
US officials say there may be as many as 260 mass graves in Iraq, containing the bodies of at least 300,000 people. -BBC - 11/9/03

UN rapporteur probes into freedom of expression in Iran's press
UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression Ambeyi Ligabo and Head of Tehran province Justice Department Abbas-Ali Alizadeh in a meeting n Sunday discussed issues pertaining to freedom of expression - 11/9/03

Bearing witness to the struggles of modern-day Iran
Rarely does the timing for the annual Festival of Films from Iran, which starts Friday at the Museum of Fine Arts and runs through Dec. 14, get any better. -Boston Globe - 11/9/03

Iran's security chief aims to head off nuclear crisis
Iran's national security chief is expected in Vienna today to try to defuse the crisis over Tehran's suspected nuclear bomb project, 48 hours before a report from the UN's nuclear watchdog which will reveal further details about Iran's covert nuclear programme. -Guardian - 11/8/03

Iranians win world wushu gold, bronze
Iran snatched a gold and a bronze medals in the 7th World Wushu Championships in Macau, China - 11/8/03

Iran agrees to increase gas exports to Turkey: report
Iran has agreed to a recent request by Turkey to increase gas exports to the country despite a last month dispute between the two countries over gas prices - 11/8/03

Association of Iranian Journalists seeks permanent IFJ membership
Turning to the recent remarks of Iran's judiciary authorities that both national and foreign correspondents are welcome to visit Iranian prisons, he said that the association's board of directors has called for meeting the detained journalists. - 11/8/03

Demonstration in support of Iranian asylum seekers in Brussels
An estimated 2,500 people marched to the Interior Ministry in Brussels Saturday afternoon calling on the authorities to grant stay permits to about 350 Iranians whose asylum applications has been rejected - 11/8/03

Statoil, Total to tender for Iran's giant Azadegan oil project
Iran is still negotiating with Japan over the development of the giant Azadegan oil field while the French oil group Total and Norway's Statoil have announced that they would attend a limited tender that Iran is going to hold over the project, an oil official said in Tehran on Saturday - 11/8/03

In Iran, powerlessness feeds on itself
Iran's next parliamentary election is scheduled to take place in February, but the reformists who swept into office almost four years ago have already lost. -IHT - 11/8/03

A Ride on Winds of Change
Road From Baghdad to Tehran Is Paved With Uncertainty -Washington Post - 11/8/03

Presidential advisor calls for end of US anti-Iran sanctions
The daily Yomiuri, Japan's highest circulation newspaper which conducted an interview with Ebtekar, quoted the Iranian presidential advisor as saying that to change anything as for the relations between Iran and US, Washington has to lift sanctions it has imposed on Iran. - 11/7/03

Iran spokesman condemns President Bush's recent comments
Iran on Friday condemned the recent remarks made by US President George W. Bush, labeling them as "Obvious interference in Iran's internal affairs," - 11/7/03

Secretary of Iran`s Supreme National Security Council to visit Vienna, Moscow for nuclear talks
The official told IRNA that Rowhani will first visit Vienna for talks with the Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei on Iran-IAEA nuclear cooperation. - 11/7/03

Dr Strangelove goes live as secret Israeli missile test is mistakenly shown on TV
Reality television has finally caught up with the Israeli military. But the country's generals had no idea that their every move was being watched, their secret missile codes broadcast to their enemies or their conversations potentially overheard from Libya to Iran. -Guardian - 11/7/03

Bush Urges Commitment To Transform Mideast
The speech, while presenting no new policy, contained tough words for Iran, Syria and the Palestinian Authority, while labeling Cuba, Burma, North Korea and Zimbabwe "outposts of oppression in our world" governed by "relics of a passing era." Bush had gentler admonitions for Egypt, Saudi Arabia and particularly China, whose citizens, he said, will "insist on controlling their own lives." -Washington Post - 11/7/03

Iranian oil industry produces revenues, but not new jobs
President Mohammad Khatami of Iran told union representatives in Tehran the other day that it was high time the theocracy weaned itself away from its traditional reliance on oil-export revenues, which this year are expected to exceed $20 billion, or about 80 percent of the Islamic Republic’s export income. -Daily Star - 11/7/03

IRAN: Interview with UN Special Rapporteur Ambeyi Ligabo
Ambeyi Ligabo, the UN special rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, spoke to IRIN while in Iran on his first-ever visit. In what is one of the most symbolic and important moves to address human rights in the country, the Iranian government has invited Ligabo on a fact-gathering mission. - 11/7/03

Running to Win-- Iranian-American Sets Her Sights on 1st Congressional District of Oregon
Goli Ameri is an Iranian-American telecommunications consulting firm owner and Republican candidate for Congress (OR-01). Ameri’s highly organized team, backed by an extensive coalition of entrepreneurs who support her pro-growth economic positions, have a real opportunity to win the first district -IAPAC - 11/7/03

Music at Tehran’s Golestan Palace
Last week we went to a concert in Golestan Palace right in the heart of the city centre. Golestan palace has been done up, destroyed and done up again many times in its history. It is known as the residence of many Ghajar kings, and its location is very interesting as it is almost next door to the main entrance of Tehran Grand Bazaar. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/6/03

Iranian-Canadian to compete for Miss World title
"I think the Conservatives should be proud of me, even themselves, because it's the year where, we, Iranian women are showing our freedom," she said, referring to Shirine Ebadi, the recent Nobel Peace Prize laureate. -Middle East Online - 11/6/03

Iran's Nobel Peace Laureate To Represent Family Of Slain Photojournalist
A controversial court case that threatens to widen the divide between Iran's reformists and conservatives is heating up even more. Rights activist and lawyer Shirin Ebadi, this year's Nobel Peace Prize laureate, has agreed to represent the family of Zahra Kazemi -RFE - 11/6/03

Iran-Khodro shares to float on international stock markets
Secretary General of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) Hossein Abd Tabrizi said in Tehran on Wednesday that in line with globalization in the world stock exchanges, 10 percent of shares of Iran-Khodro Industrial Group will be offered in international markets - 11/6/03

US plan to bring in Turks collapses
Negotiations between the US and Turkey over the deployment of Turkish troops in Iraq are at a standstill, amid a growing expectation that the controversial plan will be scrapped altogether, diplomatic sources say. -Guardian - 11/6/03

Agreement signed between universities of Caspian states
Top university officials of Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and chancellors of Iranian universities in Gorgan, Gilan and Mazandaran underlined the need for enhancement of the scientific cooperation on the Caspian Sea. - 11/6/03

EU heads for record exports to Iran
Trade between the European Union and Iran continued to flourish in the first six month of 2003, with Iranian exports up by 28 percent and imports by 17 percent compared with the same period last year - 11/6/03

U.N. Rights Rapporteur Must Meet With Prisoners in Iran
The visit to Iran of the U.N. Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression should fully investigate the cases of those jailed for peacefully expressing their views, Human Rights Watch said today. - 11/6/03

UN rapporteur, Tehran's prosecutor discuss legal proceedings in Iran
UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression Ambeyi Ligabo and Tehran's Prosecutor of the Public and Revolutionary Courts Saeed Mortazavi on Wednesday discussed the legal proceedings in the Islamic Republic - 11/6/03

Iran’s political prisoner Akbar Ganji stresses ruling in his case is against the law
Iran’s Minister of Commerce, as a representative of the committee appointed by Iran’s President, visited some of the sections of Evin prison in Tehran on Monday, November 4, 2003. - 11/6/03

House Panel Debates World Bank Loans to Iran
The House Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy, Trade and Technology heard testimony Wednesday October 29 on options for American policy regarding the $423 million the World Bank has resolved to loan Iran in the past three years, and $470 million in additional funding being considered. - 11/5/03

Iran's Hercules Hossein Rezazadeh mulls outdoing Beckham, Schumacher
World's strongest man, Hossein Rezazadeh, is dreaming of excelling himself and outdoing four "Sportsman of the World in 2003" candidates, among them David Beckham and Michael Schumacher - 11/5/03

Five world oil majors vying for Iran's South Pars project: report
The English-language newspaper 'Tehran Times' reported that France's Total Fina Elf, Malaysia's Petronas, Italy's oil exploration and distribution unit Agip, Norway's Statoil, and the UK's British Petroleum (BP) have made their rival bids for exploration of phases 11 and 12 of the South Pars gas field. - 11/5/03

Convention for Protection of Caspian Environment signed in Iran
According to the Tehran Convention, all Caspian Sea littoral countries are committed to take all necessary measures, individually or collectively, to reduce and control pollution of the sea. - 11/5/03

Iran's AIDCO signs major deal with Russia's UAZ for export of auto parts
Iran's Automotive Industry Development Company (AIDCO) has announced that it has inked a major contract of 20 million euros with Russia's UAZ (Ulyanovsky Avtmobilny Zavod) for the export of automobile parts to Russia - 11/5/03

Quake jolts Hormuzgan province of Iran
An earthquake measuring 4.9 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale jolted parts of Hormuzgan province in south of Iran Wednesday - 11/5/03

US Will Deny Aid to Countries That Refuse Court Immunity Deals
The United States aims to secure agreements "with every country in the world" guaranteeing immunity for its citizens from any prosecution from the new International Criminal Court (ICC), and will cut off military aid to countries which do not comply. -Common Dreams - 11/5/03

Iran's freedom of expression and opinion discussed with UN's Human Rights Commission
Secretary of the Islamic Human Rights Commission Mohammad Hassan Ziayeefar said in Tehran on Tuesday that Iran's positive progress on freedom of expression and opinion, challenges in related regulations and implementation of laws on freedom were discussed with United Nations Human Rights Commission. - 11/5/03

Iran Programs at Asia Society in New York
The following public programs (performances, films, concerts, discussions) at Asia Society explore Persian culture, history and critical issues impacting Iran today. - 11/5/03

Persia On The Pacific (letter from Los Angeles)
A second generation yearns for a country it has never seen. -Tara Bahrampour, New Yorker - 11/5/03

To Kiarostami or Not To Kiarostami: Iranian Cinema in Transition at Chicago's 14th Festival of Films From Iran
Abbas Kiarostami did not attend the 14th annual Festival of Films from Iran at Chicago's Gene Siskel Film Center (Oct. 4-Nov. 2). And not a single one of Kiarostami's films played at the event. But the presence of the master of Iranian cinema was eminently felt. - 11/5/03

Crossing over burnt bridges
Iran is a Member of the Axis of Evil, is the Number-One State Sponsor of International Terrorism, is in breach of nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and is in gross violation of human rights. Taking these allegations from the bottom-up, yes, Iran should be charged with violation of human rights, as is practically every other country in the world today. But is Iran more guilty of this charge than, say, China or Israel? -Kam Zarrabi - 11/5/03

Big Prize, Little Change
It was a strange welcome that awaited Shirin Ebadi upon her return to Iran, toting several suitcases and one Nobel Peace Prize. "I entered Iran just like any ordinary Iranian citizen," the human rights lawyer said with a shrug, back at her desk in the finished basement of her Tehran townhouse. -Washington Post - 11/4/03

Iran’s Judiciary Continues to Hold Iranian-American Professor Dariush Zahedi
It is over four months now since Dariush Zahedi was arrested in Tehran. Zahedi is an Iranian-American political science professor who teaches at University of California in Berkeley. -Ali Moayedian - 11/4/03

A poem from Tehran
The Peykan careens - lurches my stomach from one side to the other, pouring ... -Leylanaz Shajii, Tehran - 11/4/03

EU at loss to explain why Iran included in question on 'threat to peace' in survey
The European Commission, the EU's executive arm, Tuesday said it was unable to explain why Iran was included in the list of countries in a question in a EU survey related with threat to world peace - 11/4/03

Quake jolts southern Iranian town of Hajiabad
An earthquake measuring 3.9 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale shook the town of Hajiabad in the southern province of Hormuzgan early Tuesday - 11/4/03

Thunderbolt kills three children in Iran
Thunderbolt killed three children from tribal household at Tavana village near the provincial town of Nahavand in Iran - 11/4/03

62 states invited to participate in international rural film festival in Iran
Secretary of the eighth international rural film festival, Zolfaqar Qassemi, said in Tehran on Tuesday that 62 states have been invited to participate in the upcoming festival scheduled to open on December 25. - 11/4/03

Congress passes Iraq budget
The United States Senate has given final approval to President George W Bush's huge emergency funding package for Iraq and Afghanistan. -BBC - 11/4/03

Next Stop, Iran?
Don't these people ever learn? -Sojourners - 11/4/03

The student movement in Iranian politics
The new academic year is under way in Iran in a tense atmosphere, after the closing days of the last academic year witnessed widespread student unrest at Iranian universities. -Sadegh Zibakalam, Tehran - 11/4/03

Panel Discussion: The Untold Story of the CIA Coup in Iran
On Saturday November 8 from 6 to 10 pm, a panel discussion will be held in UC Berkeley. What lessons have we learned fifty years after the U.S.-British sponsored coup that toppled the popular government of Dr. Mossadegh in Iran? - 11/4/03

Dame Fortune
On a cold day of November 1996, at New York’s JFK airport, an officer of the US immigration bureau, while holding passport of a non-resident Iranian passenger, looked at her and asked some questions about her travel intentions and directed her to the fingerprinting room. -Alireza Haghighi, Tehran - 11/4/03

Appeal for release of 11 imprisoned journalists to mark UN envoy's visit to Iran
Reporters Without Borders called today on the Iranian authorities to unconditionally free 11 jailed journalists during an official visit by the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression, Ambeyi Ligabo. - 11/4/03

US urged to clarify peaceful intentions toward Iran
A leading British daily Monday called on the US to declare that it has no intention of attacking Iran or allow its surrogate Israel to repeat a similar strike as it did against Iraq's nuclear facilities in 1981 - 11/3/03

Caspian Sea Conference Kicks off in Tehran
Conference of Plenipotentiaries to adopt and sign the Framework Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Caspian Sea kicked off in Tehran on Monday with the inaugural speech of Vice-President and Head of the Department of the Environment Ms Masoumeh Ebtekar - 11/3/03

Afghanistan unveils draft constitution
Afghanistan today unveiled a post-Taliban draft constitution that gives the country the official name "The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan". -Guardian - 11/3/03

Dan De Luce@Tehran
The sun may have set on the empire but, in Iran, Britain is still seen as the devious puppet-master pulling the strings behind world events. -Guardian - 11/3/03

Iran's Foreign Minister condemns terrorist groups' activities in Iraq
Talking to IRNA after returning home from Damascus meeting, he stressed that Iraq's neighbors agreed that insecurity and terrorist activities in Iraq would harm their interests. - 11/3/03

Iranian journalists freed in Iraq
Two Iranian journalists arrested by American forces in Iraq and held in security detention for the past four months have been released and allowed to return home across the border to Iran. -BBC - 11/3/03

Iran's non-oil exports expected to reach 8 billion dollars for the year
Khosrowtaj said Iran's exports has approached 3.4 billion dollars from the beginning of the current Iranian year (March 21), adding that this indicated a growth of 22 percent compared to the same period the previous year. - 11/3/03

Tehran Dispatch: Change Up
Even former President Hashemi Rafsanjani, one of the harshest critics of Israel in the Islamic Republic, has signed on. Around him has coalesced a small but influential group willing to consider softening Iran's stance on Israel. These conservative pragmatists have been influential in the on-again, off-again back-channel talks between Iranian and American officials in the past year, which sources in both Tehran and Washington say are on again. -Afshin Molavi & Karim Sadjadpour, New Republic - 11/2/03

Iran challenged over US professor
A senior Iranian official has expressed concern over the continued detention of an Iranian-born American professor. Dariush Zahedi was arrested on suspicion of spying during a summer visit to his family in Tehran. -BBC - 11/2/03

Iran's Parliament may consider cutting off Iran-Britain friendship committee
Head of Iran-Britain Parliamentary Friendship Committee said in Tehran on Sunday that if British Prime Minister Tony Blair does not cease his acrimonious stance on Iran, the committee activities may be suspended until the end of his tenure - 11/2/03

Rebel war spirals out of control as US intelligence loses the plot
The ghosts of Vietnam are returning as Baathists, zealots, criminals, tribal leaders and al Qaeda unite in a deadly alliance of hatred. -Guardian - 11/2/03

Fifteen die as US helicopter downed
Fifteen American soldiers have been killed and 21 wounded in an attack on a US military helicopter in Iraq, the US military has confirmed. -BBC - 11/2/03

Russia, Iran agree to step up control over power plant erection
The Russian Nuclear Energy Ministry agreed with Iran's proposal to increase control over the construction schedule of the first power unit of the nuclear power plant in Bushehr - 11/2/03

Israel outraged as EU poll names it a threat to peace
Israel has been described as the top threat to world peace, ahead of North Korea, Afghanistan and Iran, by an unpublished European Commission poll of 7,500 Europeans, sparking an international row. -Guardian - 11/2/03

Iran rejects reports over illegal Iranian trips into Iraq
Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi on Sunday rejected reports over illegal trips of Iranian nationals into Iraq, stressing that Iran's borders with Iraq are under control - 11/2/03

FMs of Iraq's neighbors end meeting with eight-point statement
Foreign ministers of Syria, Farouk as-Shara, Iran Kamal Kharrazi, Saudi Arabia Saud al-Feisal, Egypt Ahmed Maher, Jordan Mawan al-Muasher, Kuwait Mohammad Salim as-Sabah and Turkey Abdullah Gul attended the seven nation meeting in absence of Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari who didn't come to Damascus for delayed invitation extended to him by the host country. - 11/2/03

Iran's Crude Oil Revenues Stand 56.3 Billion Dollasr in Three Years
The Persian-language daily 'Aftab-e Yazd' wrote that the revenues were 61 percent above the target stipulated in the plan, and indicated an average annual growth rate of 9.6 percent. - 11/1/03

IAEA Praises Iran, But Where Does Crisis Go From Here?
It may be days or weeks before the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) formally declares whether Iran has met today's deadline for responding to international concerns over its nuclear program. But the agency today is praising Iran's apparent spirit of cooperation. -RFE - 11/1/03

Iran lifts Afro-Asian weightlifting title
Iran was crowned at the first Afro-Asian Weightlifting Championships ended in Hyderabad, India, Friday - 11/1/03

Message from Iran says Tehran seeks talks with Israel
Government sources are looking into a message from Iran that effectively says that Tehran wishes to open talks with Israel. Israel has asked a third party to make inquiries in Tehran and establish whether the message is serious. -Haaretz, Israel - 11/1/03

Nuclear weapons unholy, Iran says Islam forbids use, clerics proclaim
In a surprising development, Iran's hard-line clerical establishment, which had bitterly resisted American pressure to open the country's nuclear facilities to inspection, is using its religious influence to rally support for an agreement with the West to foreswear the development of nuclear weapons. -SF Chronicle - 11/1/03

Caspian environmental agreement to separate political and ecological borders
Advisor on marine environment of the Department of Environment (DoE) Mohammad-Reza Fatemi said in Tehran on Saturday that once a Caspian environmental cooperation agreement is signed, political and ecological borders of the Caspian littoral states will be differentiated - 11/1/03

Mild quake jolts outskirts of city of Qom in Iran
An earthquake measuring 3.5 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale shook the outskirts of Qom on Saturday afternoon - 11/1/03

U.N. Pullout from Baghdad Threatens to Undermine U.S.
U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan's decision to withdraw his staff from Baghdad over U.S. objections could deal another body blow to the U.S.-led military occupation of the increasingly dangerous, war-ravaged nation. -Common Dreams - 11/1/03

Iraq contracts 'won by Bush donors'
Many of the US firms which won lucrative Iraqi reconstruction contracts are major donors to President George W Bush's political campaigns, according to a new report. -BBC - 11/1/03

Iran passes initial UN test over nuclear weapons programme
Iran appeared to have passed a stiff international test on its suspected nuclear weapons programme yesterday when the United Nations nuclear watchdog said Tehran had supplied its inspectors with a "comprehensive" record of a project that goes back 20 years. -Guardian - 11/1/03

Iran wins Asian foil bronze
Iran stood third at the foil event of the Asian Fencing Championships in Thailand, said the federation Saturday - 11/1/03

Housing problem of Iran's Hercules solved
President Mohammad Khatami will present 600 million rials (71,400 dollars) to the world's +105 kg record holder Hossein Rezazadeh to buy a house in the Iranian capital - 11/1/03

Iran's First Lady
What will she do with it? Will she, as some opposition leaders clearly hope, lead a list of pro-democracy candidates in next March's general elections? Will she go further and become a candidate for the presidency in 2005? -Weekly Standard - 11/1/03

Bush’s challenge: Balancing Israel vs. Iran on nukes
With a deadline for Iran to open up its nuclear facilities looming Friday, the Bush administration faces a daunting challenge: ensuring that it does not sign on to any deal on Iran’s weapons that leaves Israel feeling it must act unilaterally to secure itself. -MSNBC - 11/1/03

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