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Iran's President Says Light Surrounded Him During UN Speech
Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad says that when he delivered his speech at the UN General Assembly in September, he felt there was a light around him and that the attention of the world leaders in the audience was unblinkingly focused upon him. -RFE - 11/30/05

Morteza Momayez, prominent Iranian artist was buried today: Yet Another Great Loss!
When I was riding in the one of the many buses which were provided to go to Kordan, a young lady journalist said to me: "It is a great pity that many young people learn about our great names, which are part of our modern heritage, only after they die and leave us". -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/30/05

Atomic hypocrisy
Neither Bush nor Blair is in a position to take a high moral line on Iran's nuclear programme -Guardian - 11/30/05

Khatami: Alliance of Civilizations meaningless without dialogue
Former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami on Tuesday evening stressed that the idea behind the `Alliance of Civilizations' proposed by the United Nations is different from his concept of `Dialogue among Civilizations'. -IRNA - 11/30/05

Iran, U.S.: Going Public Before Getting Together
A leading Iranian newspaper Nov. 29 called on Tehran to accept Washington's offer to meet U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad, who one day earlier announced his authorization by U.S. President George W. Bush to hold talks with Iran about Iraqi security. -Stratfor - 11/30/05

'Tehrangeles' Rising -- Iranian-Americans Make Their Mark in Hollywood
One day Hollywood will make an Iranian-American "Gone With the Wind." All the epic elements are there. -PNS - 11/30/05

Iranian journalist Akbar Ganji wins first Dialogue of Cultures award in UK
Akbar Ganji has been been honored by the Foreign Press Association (FPA) in London by making the Iranian investigative journalist the first recipient of its `Dialogue of Cultures' Award. - 11/30/05

Sivand Dam's Inundation Postponed for 6 Months
Head of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Committee in Iran's parliament, Hassan Abbasi, announced the postponement of the inundation of Sivand Dam for at least two seasons. -CHN - 11/30/05

Sunni group regrets Tehran jobs 'bias'
Zahedan Mohammad-Reza Bakhshi-Mohebbi has twice climbed mount Taftan, at 4,042m the highest peak in Iran's Sistan-Baluchestan province. "Taftan is volcanic - like much of this region - but it emits only steam," says the geology professor. "We can say it's half active." -Financial Times - 11/30/05

Qeshm's Earthquake Damaged Historical Portuguese Fortress
An earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale struck Qeshm Island on November 27, destroying the eastern wall of the historical Portuguese fortress before excavations were carried out on that section of the site. -CHN - 11/30/05

US Willing To Discuss Iraq With Iran
The United States has confirmed plans by Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, to hold talks with Iranian officials about helping restore security to Iraq. The U.S. State Department said any such contacts would have not affect ruptured bilateral relations, and an Iranian official has said that talks with the United States are not on the agenda of the Islamic Republic. -RFE - 11/30/05

Neither regime change nor a deal with US: support the protest movements
Amitai Etzioni's recent suggestion of "no nukes, no regime change" [1] is improbable and unrealistic for two reasons. First, because it ignores the essential causes of the "crisis" it proposes to contain. Second, because he bases the solution on false assumptions. -Ardeshir Mehrdad - 11/29/05

Iran president had ‘religious vision’ during UN speech
A leading website in Iran has published a transcript and video recording of President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad claiming to have felt “a light” while addressing world leaders at the United Nations in New York in September. -Financial Times - 11/29/05

US Envoy to Contact Iran Over Iraqi Issues
The State Department confirmed Monday that U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad has been authorized to hold talks with Iranian officials on issues related to Iraq. But U.S. officials are downplaying the broader significance of such contacts. -VOA - 11/29/05

New quake hits Qeshm island, southern Iran
An earthquake measuring 3.9 on the Richter scale hit surrounding areas of Qeshm in the Persian Gulf in southern Iran on Monday evening following two killer quakes that hit the coastal area and its neighboring villages on Sunday. -IRNA - 11/29/05

Peace activists to travel to Iran
Participants in the Fellowship of Reconciliation's first peace mission to Iran said increasing tensions between the United States and the Middle Eastern nation had only strengthened their resolve. -Journal News - 11/29/05

IRAN: UNICEF ready to assist Qeshm quake victims
The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is ready to provide assistance after a moderate-sized earthquake struck the Persian Gulf island of Qeshm in southern Iran over the weekend. -IRIN - 11/29/05

Iran FM wraps up Azerbaijan visit
Talking to reporters at the Mehrabad International Airport here, Mottaki assessed his meetings with Azeri President Ilham Aliyev, Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov and Parliament Speaker Murtuz Alesqerov as "good and friendly." -IRNA - 11/29/05

Iran: Wife of jailed journalist says he received death threats
The wife of jailed Iranian journalist Akbar Ganji has revealed that her husband's life has been threatened while in jail. "My husband, in our last visit, has revealed to me that he has received death threats," Massoumeh Shafii said. -AKI - 11/29/05

Inside Iran Part VII: The Ties That Bind Iran, Iraq
Iran has been accused by Britain and America of helping fuel the Iraq insurgency to keep secular democracy from taking hold on Iran's doorstep. -Fox - 11/29/05

Mercedes Benz authorized dealership will open in Iran soon
Mercedes Benz authorized dealership will begin to work in Iran within the coming days, the Persian service of Iranian Students News Agency ISNA reported here on Tuesday. -Mehr - 11/29/05

Iran war on weblogs, new voice of rebels
Iran is fighting a constant battle against dissenters who are using the Internet to voice criticism of the Islamic Republic and to push for freedom and democracy. -Telegraph, India - 11/29/05

Iranian pilgrims seized in Iraq
A group of Iranian pilgrims have been kidnapped in the town of Balad north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad. -BBC - 11/29/05

Iran: Zoroastrian Lawmaker Faces Slander Charges
Iranian parlamentarian Kurosh Niknam, a member of Iran's Zoroastrian religious minority has been summoned to appear before the country's Revolutionary Tribunal after being accused of spreading false news and showing lack of respect for the authorities. -AKI - 11/29/05

Quake jolts Iran's northern provinces of Mazandaran and Golestan
A relatively strong earthquake measuring 5 on the Richter scale hit certain areas of the northern provinces of Mazandaran and Golestan Tuesday morning. -IRNA - 11/29/05

SNSC spokesman: Entire enrichment process to be conducted in Iran
Speaking to IRNA Political Desk, Entezami reiterated, "The country's high ranking officials intend to have the full cycle of nuclear fuel production in our own soil, in other words, they want Iran to join the world nuclear club." -IRNA - 11/29/05

Iranian newspaper urges Iran to consider proposal to hold talks with US
An Iranian morning daily on Tuesday urged the Iranian officials to positively consider the recent proposal of the US Ambassador in Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad to talk with Tehran in a calm and rational manner. -IRNA - 11/29/05

Iran: Breaking The Will Of Political Prisoners
Activists say Iran has adopted a tactic of housing political prisoners together with common criminals as a way of breaking them down. Iranian officials deny the charges and even maintain that the country has no political prisoners at all. -RFE - 11/28/05

A Revolutionary Channels His Inner Michael Moore
FOR years, Massoud Dehnamaki was known widely as the feared enforcer of conservative rules that restricted freedom for women and society. -New York Times - 11/28/05

Film festival in Iran to put AIDS in spotlight
first AIDS Film Festival will be held at the Qanun Cultural Center and Tehran University's Andisheh Hall on December 2, the Persian service of the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) reported on Monday. -Mehr - 11/28/05

Iran to tender construction of 2 nuclear plants by March
Iran will tender by March 2006 the construction of two more nuclear power plants, a key parliament member said in the northeastern holy city of Mashhad on Sunday. -IRNA - 11/28/05

Iran Film News: "Goodbye Ernesto" to be screened in U.S.
Iranian director Puyan Shahrokhi's documentary "Goodbye Ernesto" is currently being screened in the United States. The film describes the humanitarian thoughts of Ernesto Che Guevara -Mehr - 11/28/05

Reports Of Gays Being Executed in Iran Raise Concern
On 13 November, Tehran's hard-line daily "Kayhan" reported that two young men were hung in a public square in the northern town of Gorgan for the crime of having homosexual relations. -RFE - 11/28/05

Iranian FM arrives in Baku
Mottaki is also to pay a similar visit to Turkey on Wednesday as part of the new government of President Ahmadinejad's policy to expand "regional cooperation", Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said Sunday. -IRNA - 11/28/05

U.S. Allegations Of North Korean Counterfeiting Emerge
Years of investigation recently resulted in a formal accusation by the United States that the government of North Korea counterfeits $100 bills, or "supernotes," as they are sometimes known. -RFE - 11/28/05

Ahwazi refugees in Iraq overlooked by government
Hundreds of Ahwazi refugees in southern Iraq are living in deteriorating conditions, with little access to basic services such as education and healthcare, say UN officials. -IRIN - 11/28/05

UK confirms EU nuclear talks offer with Iran
The British government confirmed Monday that the European Union had delivered a letter to Iran over the weekend offering to renew nuclear talks with Iran. -IRNA - 11/28/05

Aftershocks jolt Iran's Qeshm island, death toll rises to 10
The sixth aftershock shook this southern Iranian island in the Persian Gulf on Monday as death toll from a strong earthquake a day before rose to 10. -IRNA - 11/28/05

NEWSWEEK: U.S. Ambassador Khalilzad Says He's Received Permission to Talk to Iran to Help Secure Iraq After U.S. Troop Drawdown
U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad tells Newsweek that he has received explicit permission from President Bush to begin a diplomatic dialogue with Iran, which has meddled politically in Iraq, to help secure Iraq after U.S. troop phased drawdown. - 11/28/05

EU3 accepts Iran's invitation to resume nuclear talks next month
Iran has received a letter from foreign ministers of the so-called EU3, announcing their readiness to take up nuclear negotiations from where they were left in August, the country's top security body said on Sunday. -IRNA - 11/27/05

Prominent Iranian graphist Morteza Momayez passes away
The prominent Iranian graphist, Morteza Momayez, known as the father of national graphic arts, passed away at Tehran's Aban Hospital on Friday night after suffering from lung and respiratory disorders for a long time. -IRNA - 11/27/05

The Staged Terror Is Set (For War With Iran)
The latest globalist mouthpiece to jump on the Iran nuke threat bandwagon is Newt Gingrich. A regular attendee of the annual Summer camp at the Bohemian Grove, and long term CFR member, Gingrich has commented that the Iran threat is like that of Nazi Germany in the 1930s. -InfoWars - 11/27/05

Canadian envoy meets Iran's Parliament rapporteur
Canadian Ambassador to Tehran Gordon Venner and Rapporteur of Majlis Special Commission on National Security and Foreign Policy Kazem Jalali in a meeting on Sunday discussed matters of bilateral concern. -IRNA - 11/27/05

U.S. Starts Laying Groundwork for Significant Troop Pullout From Iraq
Even as debate over the Iraq war continues to rage, signs are emerging of a convergence of opinion on how the Bush administration might begin to exit the conflict. -LA Times - 11/27/05

Iran-North Korea talks may harden U.S. stance
An apparent improvement in ties between Iran and North Korea could lead to a hardened U.S. stance in the stalled Korean nuclear talks, analysts said here Sunday. -IHT - 11/27/05

Shiite Urges U.S. to Give Iraqis Leeway In Rebel Fight
The leader of Iraq's most powerful political party has called on the United States to let Iraqi fighters take a more aggressive role against insurgents, saying his country will only be able to defeat the insurgency when the United States lets Iraqis get tough. -Washington Post - 11/27/05

Iraqi VIP heading high-ranking delegation arrives in Tehran
Iraq's First Vice President Adel Abdul Mahdi, heading a high-ranking political and economic delegation, arrived here on Sunday on an official visit. -IRNA - 11/27/05

Khatami arrives in Spain to attend UN meeting on civilizations
Former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, commissioned by UN Chief Kofi Annan as a member of the UN group "Alliance of Civilization", arrived in Spain's Mallorca Island Saturday night to participate in the first meeting of high ranking UN group's first session. -IRNA - 11/27/05

First Samples of Prehistoric Flint Stones Discovered in Iran
The first samples of flint stones in Iran belonging to 9000 years ago have been identified in Yeri City historical site. -CHN - 11/27/05

A Rush to Excavate Ancient Iranian Sites
from around the world have been rushing to excavate scores of newly identified ancient sites in southern Iran before the area is flooded by a new dam. -New York Times - 11/27/05

Iran: At least 8 killed in powerful quake in Persian Gulf island of Qeshm
At least eight people were killed and tens of others wounded in a strong earthquake which hit the biggest island in the Persian Gulf. -IRNA - 11/27/05

Iran to establish joint oil brokerages with leading stock markets worldwide
Iran is to form joint oil brokerages at reputable international stock exchanges like London, New York and Singapore. The plan is to allow the country to have a role in oil price determination which is more or less a monopoly of the West, commissioner of the plan Mohammad Javad Asemipur said on Friday. -Mehr - 11/26/05

Universities in fury at plan to curb 'Chinese espionage'
The US Commerce Department called for public comments last March on a proposal to expand restrictions on the sharing of advanced research and technology with foreign nationals. The result was an outpouring of opposition, particularly from universities, which have already seen the enrolment of foreign students shrink because of new visa requirements adopted after September 11 2001. -Financial Times - 11/26/05

Russia wants to be partner in Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline
The Russian firm Gazprom wants to be a partner in the construction, operation and maintenance of the 2,500-km pipeline that will transport natural gas from the gigantic South Pars field in the Persian Gulf to India via Pakistan. -IRNA - 11/26/05

Diplomatic dance over nuclear Iran
Iran is still managing to avoid being reported to the Security Council over its nuclear activity and the diplomatic entanglement is likely to continue for some time to come. -BBC - 11/26/05

Weeping dog in pilgrimage journey
Unprecedented enough, a mourning shepherd dog made its way into the holy shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.), in the northeastern city of Mashad, the Iranian daily Entekhab reported Sunday on its website. -IRIB - 11/26/05

Iranian border guards arrest three armed men crossing border from Iraq
Three armed infiltrators entering Iran were arrested by border guards at Chazabeh border point in southern Iran on Friday night. -IRNA - 11/26/05

Global Warming: Scientists Argue About Need For Urgent Action
Some participants at next week's conference say they will use recent data on melting Arctic ice to urge tougher efforts against global warming by the United States and developing countries like China and India. -RFE - 11/26/05

Iran, France ready to resume nuclear talks
High-ranking Iranian and French Foreign Ministry officials in a meeting on Friday night said that they are ready to resume Iran-EU nuclear negotiations. -IRNA - 11/26/05

Some 10 passenger planes to join Iran Air fleet by March 2006
Some 10 passenger planes will join national air fleet by the end of the current Iranian year (March 2006), Managing Director of national airliner, Iran Air, Saeed Hessami said on Saturday. He said that the passenger planes have been leased, because, US economic sanction has created obstacles for purchase of planes for Iran. -IRNA - 11/26/05

India, Pakistan, Iran to Launch Negotiations on Natural Gas Pipeline
India, Pakistan and Iran have launched joint negotiations on a proposed multi-billion dollar natural gas pipeline that will cross all three countries -VOA - 11/26/05

America and Europe should listen to a whispered message from Isfahan
Visiting Iran, I found a regime wedded to violence and a society eager for peaceful change. We must address both -Guardian - 11/26/05

Rafsanjani: "We need to interact rationally and seriously with the world in dealing with any affair"
Interim Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran Hojatoleslam Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said here on Friday Tehran needs to interact rationally and seriously with the world in dealing with any affair. -IRNA - 11/25/05

Full text of Iranian official's address to IAEA Board meeting
Iran's ambassador and resident representative Mohammad M. Akhondzadeh delivered a speech before the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) Board of Governors in Vienna, Austria, on Thursday. -IRNA - 11/25/05

EU delegate to visit Iran to discuss Iran's pistachio hygiene
A delegation from the European Union is planning to pay a visit to Iran to discuss with Iranian officials their concern about the possible contamination of Iran's pistachios with the toxic substance Aflatoxin B1. -Mehr - 11/25/05

India's tremendous diplomatic efforts helped avert a vote on Iran
Official sources said on Friday tremendous diplomatic efforts by India had helped avert a vote on the Iran nuclear issue at the IAEA meeting in Vienna, stayed off a possible confrontation and opened the door for negotiations to resolve it within the nuclear watchdog. -IRNA - 11/25/05

Inside Iran Part II: The Younger Generation
Iran's under-30 crowd makes up 70 percent of the population. Too young to remember the shah — Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, who reined from 1941 to 1979 — or for that matter, the Iranian Revolution, they didn't lose their youth in the Iran-Iraq war. This crowd says they like Americans but not U.S. policy. They love their country but also wish it were more free. -Fox News - 11/25/05

Iran: Minorities Protest Khamenei Aide's "Sinful Animal" Slur
Iran's religious minorities have slammed recent controversial remarks by a top aide to the country's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, describing non-Muslims as "sinful animals who roam the earth and engage in corruption." -AKI - 11/25/05

Iran Has Nuke Warheads! Not
A year ago, Colin Powell – then secretary of state – told reporters about new, scary intelligence on Iran. Something about Iran having a "nuke-capable" ballistic missile that could threaten "our allies." Several "U.S. officials" immediately said Powell shouldn't have said anything; the intelligence was too sensitive. -Antiwar - 11/25/05

Iran to develop oilfield in Venezuela soon
Golam-Reza Manuchehri, the managing director of Petropars Company told the Mehr News Agency that Iran will soon launch the construction operations of developing an oilfield in Venezuela. -Mehr - 11/25/05

Violence Against Women Emerging As Major Social Issue
Domestic violence claims the life of one woman every four days in France. The situation is worse in many Asian and African countries. In 1999, the UN declared 25 November the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and invited governments, international organizations, and NGOs to organize activities to raise public awareness of the problem on that day. -RFE - 11/25/05

EU accuses Israel over Jerusalem
A confidential report written for European Union foreign ministers has criticised Israel's policy on East Jerusalem, newspaper reports say. -BBC - 11/25/05

Iran: Quake jolts Sarbisheh in eastern province of South Khorassan
A mild earthquake measuring 3.8 on the Richter scale hit the city of Sarbisheh in the eastern province of South Khorassan Thursday night. -IRNA - 11/25/05

How to Think About War and Peace
For the ideologues and civilian militarists in Washington DC 'peace' can be secured with the consolidation of a world empire, which in turn implies perpetual wars throughout the world. -CounterPunch - 11/25/05

What Else Can Be Done about Iran’s Nuclear Program?
On November 18, 2005, Michael Eisenstadt, Patrick Clawson, and Henry Sokolski discussed policy options regarding Iran’s nuclear program in light of the November 24 meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the publication of Getting Ready for a Nuclear Ready Iran (U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute), edited by Henry Sokolski and Patrick Clawson. -Washington Institute - 11/25/05

Iranian President reappoints Vaziri Hamaneh as oil ministry caretaker
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday reappointed Kazem Vaziri Hamaneh as caretaker of the oil ministry in the wake of Majlis' no-confidence vote Wednesday on his third appointee, Mohsen Tasalloti. -IRNA - 11/25/05

Alzheimer Research Fundraising Gala Presided By Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi
Former Empress Farah Pahlavi of Iran presided the annual Gala of IFRAD ( International Fund Raising for Alzheimer Disease) on Monday November 14th, 2005 at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris. -Darius Kadivar, Paris - 11/25/05

U.S., EU Say Iran Proceeding With Uranium Plans
Diplomats and analysts say Iran is pushing ahead with plans to enrich uranium in defiance of international pressure to give up sensitive nuclear technology. -RFE - 11/25/05

Tehran Art Report: The interesting works of Alireza Mir-Asadola
I was delighted to walk down to the lower saloon to observe the works of Alireza Mir-Asadola. I found them quite interesting in a corny way, and I may even use the word delightful. I think it takes a lot of hard work to make something ugly look so nice and interesting. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/25/05

Iran: Ministerial Rejection Belies Emergence Of New Elite
The Iranian parliament rejected President Mahmud Ahmadinejad's third nominee to head the Petroleum Ministry on 23 November, leaving the ministry responsible for the main source of Iranian revenues leaderless and signaling the difficulties facing Ahmadinejad's administration. -RFE - 11/24/05

Secrecy Gag Prompted by Fear of New Bush-Blair Revelations
Fears that fresh revelations about disputes between Tony Blair and George Bush on the Iraq conflict could damage Downing Street's intimate relationship with the White House prompted this week's unprecedented threat by the attorney general to use the Official Secrets Act against national newspapers. -Guardian - 11/24/05

UN: Afghans Grow Less Opium Poppy, but Use More
Opium cultivation in Afghanistan has decreased for the first time since 2001, according to Antonio Maria Costa, the head of the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime. But there have been alarming changes in narco-trafficking patterns. -VOA - 11/24/05

Amid US Troop Debate, Iraq's Neighbors Fear Wave of Terrorism
Amid unrelenting violence in Iraq, debate over the future withdrawal of American forces from the country is increasing - among Iraqi political factions as well as in the United States. At the same time, there is growing concern among Iraq's neighbors about the broader regional implications of that violence and instability. -VOA - 11/24/05

Interview with UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women
Yakýn Ertürk, a sociology professor at the Middle East Technical University in the Turkish capital, Ankara, was appointed United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, its Causes and Consequences, in August 2003. -IRIN - 11/24/05

Black month for Iran's journalists
Reporters Without Borders today condemned a wave of summonses being issued to journalists at the intelligence ministry's behest as well as other press freedom violations in the course of a month that has been especially tough for the Iranian media. - 11/24/05

Response to Committee on Homeland Defense: Iran's Nuclear Program
Messrs. Gingrich, Takeyh, Samore, Berman, Woolsey, and D'Amato: If indeed Iran's true intentions were to acquire nuclear bombs, as you charge, it would not place itself in the international spotlight – it would simply pursue bombs without the 'energy' program. -Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 11/23/05

Iran's Oil Stabilization Fund: A Misnomer
In Iran’s presidential election last June, a factor that was deemed to have clinched the victory for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was undoubtedly his seductive and crowd pleasing promise “to put the oil manna on everyone’s sofreh (dinner table).” -Jahangir Amuzegar - 11/23/05

'Easy to remember, hard to forget': Fatemeh Keshavarz explores a colorful mosaic of cultures, ethnicities and languages
For Fatemeh Keshavarz, Ph.D., associate professor of Persian and of comparative literature, both in Arts & Sciences, poetry is much more than an academic discipline. It is a profoundly personal experience that requires both the poet and the reader to be fully involved in its consummation. -Washington University Record - 11/23/05

Weighing compromise on Iran's nukes
The diplomatic tussle over Iran's controversial atomic program has heated up in advance of a meeting Thursday of the UN's nuclear watchdog. -CSM - 11/23/05

Climactic Political Battle between Hardliners and Pragmatists Looms in Iran
A window opened on Iran’s normally murky political process when the country’s foremost pragmatist politician, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, issued a scathing attack against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s administration. -Eurasianet - 11/23/05

Iran in confusion over cabinet post
Parliament's failure to endorse President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's third nominee for the post oil minister has come as a shock in Iran. -BBC - 11/23/05

Iraq's Oil: The Spoils of War
Iraqis face the dire prospect of losing up to $200bn (£116bn) of the wealth of their country if an American-inspired plan to hand over development of its oil reserves to US and British multinationals comes into force next year. -Independent - 11/23/05

Iran's Majlis Speaker: It is up to GC/EC to decide on oil minister nominee
Majlis Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel said on Wednesday that based on Article 135 of the Constitution, the affairs of no ministry should be handled by a caretaker longer than three months, it is up to the Guardians Council (GC) and Expediency Council (EC) make a decision on the nominee for the post of oil minister. -IRNA - 11/23/05

Iran: New Stock Exchange Head Named
A 27-year-old economics graduate has been named as the new director of the Tehran stock exchange in a move which has provoked consternation among Iranian investors. Ali Salehabadi, who used to work in the finance department of the Khomeini Foundation, takes the place of the former director-general, Hossein Abdoh Tabrizi, who resigned recently. -AKI - 11/23/05

Iran to export up to 200 megawatts of power to Iraq in a month
Iran's power exports to Iraq will rise to 200 megawatts by next one month from 150 megawatts, said Energy Minister Parviz Fattah on Tuesday. -IRNA - 11/23/05

Iran, First to Plant GMO Rice, Hopes to Cut Imports
Iran, which says it was the first country to commercialise genetically modified rice in 2004, hopes to cut its imports of about 1 million tonnes each year by developing higher-yielding varieties, a senior scientist said. -Reuters - 11/23/05

Quake jolts Chelgerd in southwest of Iran
A tremor measuring 3.7 on the open-ended Richter scale hit the city of Chelgerd of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari Wednesday afternoon. -IRNA - 11/23/05

Seoul Checking Iran's Ad Ban
The South Korean government Tuesday started to verify whether the Iranian government actually banned local newspapers from advertising South Korean goods, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said. -Korea Times - 11/23/05

Blair outlines his Iran concerns
Tony Blair has warned that if Iran develops a nuclear capability it would pose a "serious threat to world stability and peace". -BBC - 11/23/05

Was US Press in "Coma" During Drive to War with Iraq? : New Book Asks
US media organisations are now skewering President George W. Bush over his case for ousting Saddam Hussein, but few questioned the pro-war juggernaut in the run-up to battle. -AFP - 11/23/05

Inside Iran Part I: A Country at a Crossroads
News' Amy Kellogg recently visited Iran, where she interviewed journalists, students and others on life inside the Islamic Republic. This is the first in a series of eight installments about that trip, which will be aired every night on FOX News Channel. - 11/23/05

Feminine Breeze
“Feminine Breeze: Arts and Freedom in Iran” is an independent documentary focusing on how Iranian women artists use their artistic medium for autonomy and self-expression in a society dominated by political Islam. -2005 Global Peace Film Festival - 11/23/05

Iranian MPs reject oil minister
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has suffered further embarrassment after his third nominee for the key post oil minister was rejected by MPs. -BBC - 11/23/05

Iran-China trade exchanges to hit 8 billion dollars by early 2006
Assadollah Asgarowladi, the chairman of Sino-Iranian Joint Chamber of Commerce described the economic ties of Iran and China as positive, announcing that the bilateral trade exchanges will hit over $8 billion by the end of the current Iranian year, falling on March 19, 2006. -Mehr - 11/23/05

Tehran’s Renewed War on Culture
After a period of some tolerance under former president Mohammad Khatami, Iran is now experiencing a cultural clampdown. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is implementing the hardest of hardline ideological tendencies in the cultural arena, consistent with his belief that his administration should prepare the country for the reappearance of the hidden imam -Mehdi Khalaji, Washington Institute - 11/23/05

Iran cracks down on cinema, theater and newspapers considered to be un-Islamic
Iran's new culture minister has said he is purging his ministry of officials he views as having failed to protect Islamic values, the student news agency ISNA reported. "Books published in Iran should not attack our religious values," said Mohammad-Hossein Saffar-Harandi. He also complained that under Iran's former pro-reform government, the regime's team of literary censors had lacked the "will" to block offending texts. -AFP - 11/23/05

US Says IAEA Report Shows Iran Has Plans for Nuclear Weapons
The U.S. envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency says the latest information on Iran's nuclear ambitions shows that there are clear indications of a weapons' program. The ambassador, Gregory Schulte, spoke to reporters before the upcoming IAEA executive meeting. -VOA - 11/23/05

Iran-Iraq Bilateral Ties Improving Despite U.S. Worries
Iraqi President Jalal Talabani yesterday called Iran "a brother country" and said that he has come to Tehran to deepen strategic relations and get help in rooting out terrorism in Iraq. -RFE - 11/23/05

Iranian nukes: When bullying is not enough, try disinformation
The serendipitous discovery of an Iranian laptop full of incriminating details about a nuclear warhead will eventually take its place in the same intel hall of BS as the yellowcake from Niger, Saddam's aluminium tubes and those funny vials Colin Powell held up before the Security Council in January 2003. -Siddharth Varadarajan, The Hindu - 11/22/05

Middle East Scholars Cite Iranian Dissident Writer for Academic Freedom Award
The Middle East Studies Association of North America (MESA) awarded its 2005 academic freedom prize to Akbar Ganji, the Iranian writer imprisoned since April 2000 for writings critical of the government's systematic violations of freedom of expression and other basic rights. - 11/22/05

UNAIDS: Advance of AIDS in Middle East and North Africa continues
The advance of AIDS in the Middle East and North Africa has continued with latest estimates showing that 67,000 people became infected with HIV in 2005. Approximately 510,000 people are living with HIV in the region. An estimated 58,000 adults and children died of AIDS-related illnesses in 2005. - 11/22/05

Iran's Parliament approves bill to end voluntary cooperation with IAEA if case referred to UNSC
Majlis on Tuesday passed a bill that would entail the government to suspend all voluntary cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) if Iran's nuclear case is reported to the UN Security Council. -IRNA - 11/22/05

Iran and Iraq presidents emphasize expansion of ties
Visiting Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and Iranian President Mahmood Ahmadinejad emphasized the two countries' intention to deepen and expand strategic mutual ties. -IRNA - 11/22/05

Iranian inventors win medals at Belgium's innovation fair
Danosh Vahdat and Alireza Setayeshgar, both from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, won the awards for their inventions in the mechanical engineering sector. -IRNA - 11/22/05

Iran: Two More Executions for Homosexual Conduct
Iran's execution of two men last week for homosexual conduct highlights a pattern of persecution of gay men that stands in stark violation of the rights to life and privacy, Human Rights Watch said today. - 11/22/05

Farhat, Tjeknavorian To Record "Iran Symphony" In Armenia
Iranian musicians Shahin Farhat and Loris Tjeknavorian left Tehran for Armenia today to record the "Iran Symphony" with the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra. -Mehr - 11/22/05

An Iran Trap?
The Middle East, never a region of the world known for calm, is now experiencing especially unusual turmoil. There is the ongoing struggle between Israel and the Palestinians, and the new conflict for control of Iraq. Syria is under UN investigation for alleged involvement in the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. And Iran is the subject of international concern because of its nuclear program. -Cato Institute - 11/22/05

Iraqi FM describes ties with Iran "excellent, constructive"
Visiting Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs Hoshyar Zebari said in Moscow on Monday, "Iraq enjoys excellent and constructive ties with Iran today." -IRNA - 11/22/05

Plame, Pakistan, a Nuclear Turkey, and the Neocons
While it's well known that the war party's fateful "outing" of CIA agent Valerie Plame was partly revenge against her husband, Joseph Wilson, for his 2003 New York Times article, it may have also been motivated by a desire to neutralize Plame's investigations into rogue nuclear trafficking. -Antiwar - 11/22/05

Russia: Putin Says Oil Pipeline Will Reach Far East Coast
Russian President Vladimir Putin today announced plans to build a pipeline that links the oil-rich region of Siberia to the Pacific coast. Putin says the pipeline eventually will supply some 80 million tons of oil per year to world markets -- including Japan. -RFE - 11/22/05

Tehran's Museum of Contemporary Art to Host Iran's Modern Art Movement
Following the foreign Modern Art Movement Exhibition, art enthusiasts will now have the chance to see Iranian modern arts gathered in MoCA. -CHN - 11/22/05

Dissident Watch: Arash Sigarchi
On January 17, 2005, Iranian security forces arrested 28-year-old Iranian journalist and weblogger Arash Sigarchi for espionage and insulting leaders of the Islamic Republic. Sigarchi, editor of the daily Gilan Emrooz (Gilan[1] Today), had antagonized regime officials with outspoken dissent on two blogs -AEI - 11/22/05

Talabani 'trusts in Iran support'
Iraq's President Jalal Talabani has said he is confident of Iran's support in fighting terrorism and helping secure a stable future for his country. -BBC - 11/22/05

The clash of civilizations that today defines our world
Robert Fisk's book is not simply about 9/11 and its repercussions. It's an account that takes readers from the breakup of the Ottoman Empire through the relentless terrorism and wars that have plagued the region ever since. It's a hefty, thorough anthology of a career that has chronicled this clash of civilization in which Muslims have battled Western invaders, Islamist radicals have fought secular Arab regimes, -CSM - 11/22/05

Poetry, pistachio, power
What is it about Iran? How is it that conventional modes of international engagement do not suffice? This summer, days after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s election as president, a tour of the country obtained some clues — from the lay of its pilgrimages and the civilisational memory of its people. -Indian Express - 11/22/05

EU Ministers To Discuss Ties With Iraq, Situation In Iran, Mideast Border Mission
EU foreign ministers meet in Brussels on Monday to discuss a wide range of current issues. Their external relations agenda is topped by Iraq, Iran, and the Middle East. -RFE - 11/22/05

ICC to try Dutch businessman over Iraq's chemical attack against Iran
The Iraqi State Television reported Monday the trial of a Dutch national accused of supplying chemical weapons to the Saddam Hussein regime over its attack on Iran started at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hauge. -IRNA - 11/22/05

More time for Iran in nuclear row
The US and three major European nations are to postpone moves to refer Iran to the UN Security Council over its nuclear programme, diplomats have said. -BBC - 11/22/05

Iran: Foreign companies invest in building power plant in Fars
Two private sector companies from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will soon begin the construction operations of a gas power plant in Fars Province. The companies' investment would be on the Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis. -Mehr - 11/22/05

Experts Question Latest U.S. Charges On Iran's Nuclear Program
The "New York Times" reported on 13 November that information purportedly found on an Iranian laptop computer secured by a U.S. intelligence agency reveals a "long effort to design a nuclear warhead." The newspaper goes on to charge that the information on the laptop is evidence that Iran is trying to design a "compact warhead" for use on the 1,300-kilometer-range Shahab-3 missile. -RFE - 11/22/05

An Unnecessary Crisis: Setting the Record Straight about Iran's Nuclear Program
In a region already suffering from upheaval and uncertainty, a crisis is being manufactured in which there will be no winners. Worse yet, the hysteria about the dangers of an alleged Iran nuclear weapon program rest solely and intentionally on misperceptions and outright lies. In the avalanche of anti-Iran media commentaries, conspicuously absent is any reference to important facts, coupled with a twisted representation of the developments over the past 25 years. -Iran's Permanent Mission to United Nations - 11/22/05

Under U.S. Design, Iraq's New Army Looks a Good Deal Like the Old One
Clad in the olive-green uniform of old, his heart rising to the sound of the lilting march to which he once went to war for President Saddam Hussein, Sgt. Bashar Fathi, a veteran of Iraq's once-elite Republican Guard, watched Iraqi tanks trundle across a parade ground recently -- just as they once swept across the sands of Kuwait. -Washington Post - 11/21/05

Iraqi president arrives in Tehran
Iraqi President Jalal Talabani arrived in Tehran on Monday at the head of a high-ranking political and economic delegation for an official visit. -IRNA - 11/21/05

Quake jolts southeastern Iran
A mild earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale hit the city of Zarand in the southeastern province of Kerman Sunday night. -IRNA - 11/21/05

Adonis Travels to Iran
Ali Ahmad Saeid, known as Adonis, the famous Syrian poet and one of the most well-known figures of world's contemporary literature, alongside Venus Khoury-Ghata, poet and translator of his works into French, will come to Iran from 2nd to 9th of December. -CHN - 11/21/05

SYRIA: For many Kurds, statelessness remains a way of life
Syria's "Kurdish question" has long been one of the most sensitive issues facing the ruling Ba'ath party. In 1962, a year before the party came to power, a survey of Syria's north-eastern Hassake governorate deprived some 120,000 Kurds of citizenship on the grounds that they had not been born in Syria. -IRIN - 11/21/05

Bush: No Withdrawal From Iraq
President Bush says opposition Democrats calling for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq are wrong because that would make America less secure. -VOA - 11/21/05

Talabani looks to Iran, not to Arabs
Iraqi President Jalal Talabani is taking two trips within a single week. In the first, this weekend, he flew west to Cairo, and said a lot less than he appeared to; in the second, starting Monday, he is flying east to Tehran and will almost certainly say a lot less than he will do. -UPI - 11/21/05

EU Foreign Policy Chief Hopes For Progress On Iran
The EU's foreign policy chief says he still hopes for progress in negotiations on Iran's nuclear program ahead of key UN talks this week despite an Iranian threat to block atomic inspections. -RFe - 11/21/05

Pakistan expects draft accord on Iran gas sales by December
Pakistan is hopeful that the draft accord on gas sales from the proposed Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) gas pipeline will be ready by second week of next month. -IRNA - 11/21/05

Japanese return to complete studies at Gilan's ancient sites
After a four-month hiatus, the team of Japanese experts, who had previously worked on the ancient sites of northern Iran's Gilan Province along with a number of Iranian archaeologists, has recently returned to Iran to resume their studies on December 29. -Mehr - 11/21/05

India favors resolution of Iran nuclear issue within IAEA
The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, in its meeting with Left parties today, has agreed to support a proposal to settle the Iran nuclear issue within the framework of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). -IRNA - 11/21/05

Iran's national arts falling into oblivion: artist
Iranian veteran painter Mahmud Javadipur believes that the art of painting in Iran and the national arts in general are being relegated to oblivion due to the domination of modern art. -Mehr - 11/21/05

French and Canadians to Explore Mazandaran Caves in Iran
Scholars from Lyon and Toronto Universities have asked to carry out excavations in the ancient caves of Mazandaran province in Iran. -CHN - 11/20/05

Iran: Bill on reducing women's working time, retirement age being prepared, paper
"Kayhan" quoted Head of the Majlis Committee for Women and Family Affairs Ms Fatemeh Alia as saying that the government is to forward a number of bills to the Majlis in this regard. -IRNA - 11/20/05

Iranian FM meets President Mubarak in Cairo
Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki met with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo Saturday where the two discussed common grounds for cooperation on regional and international issues. -IRNA - 11/20/05

A Demonizing Call: This Time, Bashing Israel May Backfire
When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called last month for Israel to be wiped off the map of the world, he displayed a disregard for the international community that proved he is a genuine disciple of the late Ayatollah Khomeini. But his proposal also showed that he hasn't learned any lessons from recent Iranian history. -Roya Hakakian, Washington Post - 11/20/05

Iranian activists say Rajavi must be extradited
If the terrorist Mujahideen Khalq Organization is proven guilty of having committed atrocities against the people of Iraq, MKO leader Masud Rajavi can also be prosecuted alongside former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, Iranian professor Sadegh Zibakalam said on Saturday. -Mehr - 11/20/05

Uproar in House as Parties Clash on Iraq Pullout
Republicans and Democrats shouted, howled and slung insults on the House floor on Friday as a debate over whether to withdraw American troops from Iraq descended into a fury over President Bush's handling of the war and a leading Democrat's call to bring the troops home. -NY Times - 11/20/05

"Globalization and Art: Iran and Asia Minor" seminar to open in Tehran
The seminar "Globalization and Art: Iran and Asia Minor" will open on November 21 at the Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation. -Mehr - 11/20/05

Iran: Workers stage protest rally outside Majlis premises
A group of workers staged rally outside the Majlis (Parliament) on Sunday to protest the enforcement of the law on employment on temporary basis. -IRNA - 11/20/05

Iran and Syria reiterate 'solidarity' - report
The two met on the sidelines of an Iraqi reconciliation conference held in the Egyptian capital Cairo, in which they discussed Iraq as well as the UN investigation into the killing of the former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri -IRNA - 11/20/05

Iran's Parliament votes to suspend all voluntary steps in case of UNSC referral
Majlis on Sunday obliged the government to suspend all the voluntary steps Iran has taken in the past three years for confidence-building if International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors opted to refer Iran's case to UN Security Council on November 24. -IRNA - 11/20/05

Russians Taking Advantage of Iran's Aerial Sanctions
U.S. sanctions against Iran has given Russian dealers the opportunity to sell their worn-out airplanes to Iran. -CHN - 11/20/05

The rise of Prof 'Crocodile' - a hardliner to terrify hardliners
With his fierce anti-Western rhetoric and ever-ready quotes from the Koran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was widely seen as the authentic mouthpiece of Iran's theocracy when he swept to power in last summer's elections. Yet while his hardline attitudes have horrified Iran's defeated reformists, they have also unnerved the all-powerful mullahs who backed him in the first place. -Telegraph, UK - 11/20/05

Tehran symphony conductor quits, leaves for Vienna
The permanent conductor of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, Ali Rahbari, quit the orchestra and left Tehran for Vienna today morning, the Persian service of CHN announced on Saturday. He said he would not return unless all the musicians of the Tehran orchestra gain their rights and get appropriate salaries. -Mehr - 11/20/05

UN Concerned About Iran Human Rights
A United Nations committee has expressed serious concern about human rights abuses in Iran. A resolution adopted Friday calls on Tehran to halt practices such as public executions and torture. -VOA - 11/19/05

Iran: A glance at world 7th largest marshland in Sistan
The drought-hit Hamoun Lake near the provincial city of Zabol considered as the world seventh international marshland and habitat in Sistan area is being refilled. -IRNA - 11/19/05

Iran's FM arrives in Cairo to attend Iraq conference
The Arab League-sponsored meeting titled `Iraq National Reconciliation Conference' began Saturday morning in Cairo, Egypt. -IRNA - 11/19/05

EU-3 to brief EU FMs on Iran's nuclear dossier
European Union foreign ministers will be briefed by their colleagues from France, Germany and the UK (EU-3) on Iran's nuclear program during their regular monthly meeting in Brussels on Monday. -IRNA - 11/19/05

Khatami, Iran's former President, seeks to open cultural dialogue office in Europe
The Tehran-based Center for Dialogue Among Civilizations will open a branch office in Europe "within the next few months", former Iranian president Seyyed Mohammad Khatami told IRNA in Berlin. -IRNA - 11/19/05

Iran's crude traded for 50.43 dollars per barrel on average
Average price for each barrel of Iran's exported crude declined to 50.43 dollars a barrel on November 16 from dlrs 50.79 a barrel on November 14. -IRNA - 11/19/05

German business delegation to visit Iran
A German business delegation, comprised of representatives from firms in the area of energy, water, sewage treatment and waste management, will embark on a five-day visit to Iran on Saturday, the official portal of the Near and Middle East Association (NUMOV) announced Friday. -IRNA - 11/19/05

British MP George Galloway praises Syrian president
"I still think that it would have been better if we had not allowed [US President] George Bush to re-write our foreign policy towards Syria, and Iran for that matter." -BBC - 11/19/05

Iranian toddler steals show at World Cyber Games
A three-year-old Iranian boy is stealing the spotlight at the ongoing World Cyber Games -DPA - 11/19/05

Quake jolts Yassouj in southeastern Iran
A mild earthquake measuring 4 on the Richter scale hit the provincial capital of Yassouj in southeastern Kohgilouyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province in the wee hours of Saturday. -IRNA - 11/19/05

Mine victim cycles Death Valley
A BBC journalist who lost a leg in a landmine explosion in Iraq has cycled through Death Valley in California to raise cash for other mine victims. -BBC - 11/19/05

Iran given 'nuclear weapon' data
Iran has passed on to United Nations inspectors documents on how to build a crucial part of a nuclear bomb, the UN's atomic agency says. -BBC - 11/19/05

US House Panel Probes Religious Freedom in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan
Washington -- A congressional hearing examined the State Department's annual report on religious freedom November 15, questioning the absence of the Central Asian nations of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan from the list of the worst violators. -Washington Files - 11/19/05

Iran dismisses Canadian-sponsored resolution against human rights record as political
Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi said on Saturday Canadian-sponsored resolution with UN General Assembly Third Committee against Iran's human rights record was political. -IRNA - 11/19/05

A million martyrs await the call
Iraq is a mess but widening the conflict by attacking Iran would be an act of madness. That little stream on the western edge of Mehran is a Rubicon we must never cross. -Times Online - 11/19/05

Reporters Without Borders Calls for Zahra Kazemi murder case to be reopened
Reporters Without Borders today called for the reopening of the investigation into the murder of photojournalist Zahra Kazemi after a Tehran appeal court on 16 November upheld the acquittal of Reza Aghdam Ahmadi, the only person accused of killing her while she was in the custody of the Tehran authorities in 2003. - 11/19/05

2006 FIFA World Cup final draw to be broadcast in 145 countries; 320 million people expected to watch
The list of 32 qualified countries for the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ is now complete. The eyes of the footballing world will now be turning to Leipzig, which will host the draw for the final phase on 9 December 2005, setting the course for how the tournament will unfold in sporting terms. -OC 2006 FIFA World Cup - 11/19/05

Koran Artistic Exhibition in Tehran
The Niavaran Creative Art Center, formerly known as the Cultural Center is always a delight to visit. It is located in the front of the Niavaran Palace, part of which in itself is beautifully designed and can be enjoyed easily. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/18/05

Rejuvenated Iran wins Asian futsal title
Asian seven-time futsal champion Iran whitewashed Thailand 3-0 before more than 5,000 boisterous home fans in the final showdown in the first Asian Indoor Games in Bangkok on Thursday. -IRNA - 11/18/05

Internet Repression Casts Pall on Web Summit in Tunisia
As the World Summit on the Information Society opens today in Tunis, Tunisia continues to jail individuals for expressing their opinions on the Internet and suppress Web sites critical of the government, Human Rights Watch said in a comprehensive new report on the repression of Internet users in the Middle East and North Africa. - 11/18/05

US Hopes Russia Can Help Bring Iran Out of Nuclear Isolation
US ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says countries like Russia have a growing concern about Iran's nuclear program. The envoy, Gregory Schulte, told the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna Thursday Russia's involvement in talks to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions is important. -VOA - 11/18/05

Guests of Siraf International Congress stumble upon ancient grave
A grave with a distinct burial style was inadvertently discovered on Wednesday by a group of foreign and Iranian guests of the Siraf International Congress during their visit to an ancient site in the port of Siraf in Bushehr Province. -Mehr - 11/18/05

Questions Remain Over US Internet Dominance at Tunis Summit
Despite an agreement at a United Nations Information Technology Summit in Tunis to allow the United States to continue exercising oversight of the Internet, complaints about Washington's dominant role over the network still linger. -VOA - 11/18/05

Incendiary Weapons: The Big White Lie
The Iraqi government is to investigate the United States military's use of white phosphorus shells during the battle of Fallujah - an inquiry that could reveal whether American forces breached a fundamental international weapons treaty. -Independent - 11/18/05

Turkey, Russia Open Black Sea Gas Pipeline
The Russian President Vladimir Putin joined the Turkish and Italian prime ministers in Turkey's Black Sea Port of Samsun Thursday to officially inaugurate the world's deepest undersea pipeline. The line has carried Russian gas to Northern Turkey for the past two years. Known as Blue Stream the pipeline crowns Russia's efforts to extend its influence in Turkey. -VOA - 11/18/05

Turkey: Headscarf Ruling Denies Women Education and Career
The European Court of Human Rights decision to uphold the Turkish government’s headscarf ban will deny thousands of women access to higher education and a professional life in Turkey, said Human Rights Watch today. - 11/18/05

The New York Times, Nuclear Weapons and Iran: Stupidity, Laziness or Déjà vu All Over Again?
You would think that after the fiasco of non-existent weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq, the New York Times would be more careful in its reporting on alleged WMD development programs, especially anything of a nuclear weapons nature, in other countries in the Middle East. -Common Dreams - 11/18/05

Iran: Justice must be served in Zahra Kazemi case
Amnesty International welcomes the announcement of a new investigation, but renews its calls for a fully independent investigation. - 11/18/05

Bush Backs Russia on Iran Nuclear Issue
President Bush is backing an initiative to resolve the dispute over Iran's nuclear program by having Iran enrich uranium inside Russia. VOA White House Correspondent Scott Stearns reports President Bush discussed the issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of an Asian economic summit in South Korea. -VOA - 11/18/05

Iran Reportedly To Start New Round Of Uranium Conversion
A diplomat close to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is quoted by agencies as saying that Iran has started a new round of uranium conversion. The move comes despite international pressure on the Islamic republic to halt all its sensitive nuclear activities. -RFE - 11/18/05

Iran's Rezazadeh retains world weightlifting title
Olympic record holder Hossein Rezazadeh defended his world +105 kg weightlifting title at the 74th edition in Doha, capital of Qatar, Thursday. -IRNA - 11/18/05

Polemic and purges pile up troubles for Iran's leader
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad faces a range of critical problems with the west, ranging from Iran's nuclear ambitions to its deep hostility to Israel. But the Iranian president's handling of these flashpoints is also creating internal problems - reaching the highest levels in Tehran. -Guardian - 11/18/05

A Radio Talk Show Host's Logic
To Dennis Prager, one and a quarter billion Moslems are the source of all evil. He cloaks this view in a politically more palatable way by claiming that not all Moslems are evil, only the militant ones. The problem is, he believes, Islam itself is prone to breed militancy; ergo, Islam must be evil! -Kam Zarrabi - 11/18/05

Basketball in the 'axis of evil'
Insults bounce back and forth between Iran and the United States on an almost daily basis but on the basketball court it is a different story. A growing number of Americans are now plying their trade in the Iranian basketball league. -BBC - 11/17/05

Who are we the Persians?
We are from the ancient land of Persia, where one of most ancient organized cult-religions of the world, Mithraism or as Persians say the Cult of Mehr (Love) arose. And as everything in the world has its high and low days, once pushed back by the new religion "Zoroastrianism," Mithraism was preserved in parts in Free Masonry, Christianity and Persian Shiism. -Roya Monajem, Tehran - 11/17/05

Vienna Conference on Islam Ends With Appeals For Understanding, Tolerance
"Salaam" -- meaning "peace" -- was the key word of the three-day conference, titled "Islam in a Pluralistic World." -RFE - 11/17/05

International seminar on aqueducts to be held in Kerman
The third international seminar on traditional aqueducts (qanat)will be held on 23 and 24th of November in Kerman City. -CHN - 11/17/05

Conservatists Lead the Presidential Critics
While protests and criticism over president Ahmadinejad’s administration performance are on the rise even by ideologues of the Islamic Republic, sources close to the president speak of the existence of a secret group to overthrow the president. -Rooz Online - 11/17/05

The Journalist who went to jail for a crocodile
An Iranian cartoonist tells of the harrowing experience of press censorship in his country as Reporters Without Borders kicks off a campaign to highlight the plight of jailed journalists around the world. -Embassy, Canada - 11/17/05

Interview with Unveiled Director Angelina Maccarone
German director Angelina Maccarone recently took some time to speak with via email about her latest film, Unveiled, about an Iranian woman who flees to Germany to escape persecution for being a lesbian. - 11/17/05

Iran strongly backs security, progress in Iraq: President
Ahmadinejad made the remark at a meeting with the visiting Iraqi National Security Advisor Mowafaq al-Rubai, who arrived in Tehran on Tuesday for a three-day official visit at the head of a political delegation. -IRNA - 11/17/05

Well-heeled Iranians fall by the wayside
They are well-heeled, sophisticated and full of energy. And, yet, since last August they have faced a growing sense of boredom because, for the first time in years, they have plenty of time on their hands with nothing to do. -Amir Taheri, Gulf News - 11/17/05

Acer: Strong growth expected in Iran’s display market
Acer, one of the world’s top branded electronics vendors, is predicting significant growth in Iran’s display market, and is targeting a 25 percent share of the market by the second half of 2006. -Al-Bawaba - 11/17/05

Rafsanjani slams Iran president
Former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has implicitly criticised the new president for conducting a purge of government officials. -BBC - 11/17/05

British woman who survived Bam quake wins lifesaving award for rescue efforts
A British woman, who dug her way out of a collapsed hotel after the 2003 devastating earthquake in the ancient Iranian city of Bam, is being honored for the third time for rescuing seven people. -IRNA - 11/17/05

EU foreign ministers to discuss Iran ahead of IAEA meeting
EU foreign ministers are set again to discuss relations with Iran at their next General Affairs and External Relations Council (GAERC) meeting in Brussels on Monday, disclosed Britain's Europe Minister Douglas Alexander. -IRNA - 11/17/05

Iranian Hercules Rezazadeh wins world heavy weight weightlifting title
Iranian Hercules Hossein Rezazadeh became Champion of combined and snatch in 105 kg category in the 74th World Weightlifting Championships in Doha, Qatar on Thursday. -IRNA - 11/17/05

Evidence Mounts That Bush Wants New Wars
In this his time of troubles, Bush seems to be moving deliberately and rapidly toward new wars of aggression in an unforgivable gamble to overcome his troubles. -CounterPunch - 11/17/05

Iran 'resumes uranium processing'
Iran has begun to process a new batch of uranium to convert it to a gas that can be enriched into the material for nuclear bombs, diplomats say. - 11/17/05

Chalabi pushes Iran card in last ditch self-promotion offensive
According to senior associates of the Iraqi official, who have accompanied him to meetings with Bush administration officials, Mr. Chalabi has been threatening his friends in the Bush administration that if they do not support his candidacy to become the next prime minister of Iraq that there will be no way to contain Iran. He has told them in no uncertain terms that he is the only one who can make the Iranians behave. -Columbus Free Press - 11/17/05

Kerman Dwarf Turned out Premature Baby
Anthropologists found that the 400-year-old dwarf of Kerman is actually a premature baby mummified under natural processes. -CHN - 11/17/05

Tech Summit Delegates Agree on US Management of Internet
Several countries, including China and Iran, had demanded that an international body under U.N. auspices oversee the net. But the United States argued that any such body would stifle innovation and increase the risk of censorship of the Internet by undemocratic regimes. -VOA - 11/17/05

A War For Karl
After Syria, the ongoing imbroglio over Iran's nuclear activities represents the most promising option for a "wag the dog" scenario. This dispute has approached moments of acute crisis before, only to subside following a concession by one side or another—and this could certainly happen again. At present, however, a very serious confrontation appears to be in the offing. -TomPaine - 11/17/05

Iran: Tehran Seems Unmoved As IAEA Meeting Approaches
The Iranian nuclear file will come before the board of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on 24 November. Nuclear experts widely agree that this is a highly sensitive time, and they say it is very much up to Iran to avoid referral to the UN Security Council. Such a referral could lead to a range of sanctions. Yet Tehran seems unmoved and unwilling to bend. -RFE - 11/17/05

Sa'adat Abad
The Mr. Driver started, as from sleep, and the minibus traveled twenty meters more before coming to a stop properly. Four passengers got off. Eleven more got on. The driver turned round to the standing passengers: "let these ladies and gentlemen get on." -Alireza Mahdipour, Urmia, Iran - 11/17/05

Ideological Tyranny in Iranian Women's Studies: A Response to Shahrzad Mojab
Feminist research or women's studies is a methodological perspective that criticises societal inequalities, with an emphasis on gender disparities. As a secular feminist I initiated a re-debate over the crisis in Iranian women's studies/activism[1] (intertwined) so that our scholarship and activism embraces more lives inside Iran. -Golbarg Bashi, United Kingdom - 11/17/05

Encyclopedia Iranica to honor Tanavoli and 4 other Iranian artists on November 25 in Toronto
The Iranian famous sculpture Parviz Tanavoli should leave Tehran for Toronto in the following days to attend the ceremony in which he will be honored by the Encyclopedia Iranica on 25th of November. -CHN - 11/16/05

India's Left toughens stand on Iran vote
Toughening their posture on the Iran nuclear issue, the Left parties Tuesday told the Manmohan Singh government to make clear India's stand and threatened that another vote against Tehran at the November 24 IAEA meeting would have 'consequences for the UPA government'. -IRNA - 11/16/05

UK drops to 51st in world table of women MPs, Iran lingers at 127th
The UK is listed at 51 in the Inter-Parliamentary Union's (IPU) latest world table, with women making up less than 20 per cent of MPs in the 646-seat House of Commons. Iraq is placed 17th with 31.5 per cent, while Iran lingers at 127th with 4.1 per cent, ahead of Egypt, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE. -IRNA - 11/16/05

US Congressional Panel Focuses on Religious Freedom Restrictions
The State Department's annual report on religious freedom names China, North Korea, Vietnam, and Burma, along with Saudi Arabia and Iran in the Middle East, Sudan and Eritrea in Africa. -VOA - 11/16/05

Iranian Official: Laptop scenario, another US-Israel ploy ahead of IAEA meeting
The laptop scenario is another ploy of US and Israel to spoil atmosphere ahead of the forthcoming meeting of Board of Governors of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) scheduled slated for November 24, Under-Secretary of Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Javad Vaidi said on Tuesday. -IRNA - 11/16/05

Internet Governance: Who's in Command of the Information Superhighway?
"But the problem is who is criticizing the U.S. position? Mainly the most repressive regimes on earth: China, Iran and Cuba are sticking together to get the management of the Internet back to the U.N. and we believe that would be a terrible mistake." -VOA - 11/16/05

Iran's former president Khatami and Austrian chancellor Schuessel meet
Former president of Iran Mohammad Khatami and Austria's Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel met in Vienna on Tuesday on the sidelines of the conference `Islam in a Pluralistic World'. -IRNA - 11/16/05

Khamenei backs Iranian president
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, has said it is too early for Iranians to judge the government of Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad. -Financial Times - 11/16/05

A Detour in The Corridor Of Power
Before he was indicted on five felony counts of lying to investigators, David H. Safavian was positioned to break out of the pack of Republican operatives working in Washington. -Washington Post - 11/16/05

IRAN: Late FIAT Loner Becomes 'Islamic Martyr'
A demonstration in front of the Italian embassy in Tehran, more than 100 university events marking the anniversary of his death and a 'documentary' about his life to be aired on Iranian state television. The subject of such obsessive interest in Iran is the late Edoardo Agnelli, heir to Italy's most famous industrial family, the Agnellis, who own the FIAT motoring empire. -AKI - 11/16/05

Iran ready to carry out economic projects in Armenia: President
Making the remark in a meeting with Head of the Armenian presidential administration, Artashes Tumanian, Ahmadinejad said Iran is also ready to exchange experiences in all economic fields with Armenia. -IRNA - 11/16/05

Pakistan won't abandon Iran gas pipeline project under pressure
Pakistan has declared in categorical terms that it will not abandon the proposed gas pipeline from Iran to India via Pakistan under pressure from any country. -IRNA - 11/16/05

Terror 'distorts' image of Islam
Mullahs, muftis and Christian clergy, as well as high-ranking Muslim leaders including the Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, and former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami are meeting in the baroque splendours of Vienna's Hofburg Palace. -BBC - 11/16/05

Rights Group Lists 'Enemies Of Internet' At UN Summit
One NGO -- the Paris-based Reporters Without Borders -- has created a list of countries it considers "enemies of the Internet." Heading that list are China and Iran. Regimes in Belarus, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan also are singled out as repressive governments who are trying to control the Internet in order to silence the political opposition. -RFE - 11/16/05

Lean times for Iran caviar fishermen
It is a rosy-tinted dawn and Nazagha Razania is out on his fishing boat on the Caspian Sea checking the nets. -BBC - 11/15/05

Iran: Nuclear Expert Expresses Worry Over Political Developments
Joseph Cirincione, senior associate and director for nonproliferation at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and author of "Deadly Arsenals: Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Threats," visited Iran in March to attend a conference on nuclear cooperation and sustainable development. During that trip, Cirincione and other visitors went to the Isfahan uranium-conversion facility. -RFE - 11/15/05

Jimmy Carter: This Isn't The Real America
In recent years, I have become increasingly concerned by a host of radical government policies that now threaten many basic principles espoused by all previous administrations, Democratic and Republican. These include the rudimentary American commitment to peace, economic and social justice, civil liberties, our environment and human rights. -LA Times - 11/15/05

Former Russian Nuclear Official Fighting Extradition to the United States
"I am sure it is a foreign policy maneuver and it is connected to American pressure over Iran. The Americans are trying to make Russia stop its nuclear cooperation with Iran and also, make Russia more cooperative on the issue of Syria as well," said Mr. Mitrofanov. -VOA - 11/15/05

Other Parties? Whoops!
Well, Judith Miller is no longer spreading neo-crazy lies and misleading statements on the front page of the New York Times. However, David Sanger is still on the job -Antiwar - 11/15/05

Afghanistan: The War With No End
The insurgency in Afghanistan has been largely confined to the Pashtun area in the south and east. Until now, British troops have operated in Kabul and the north, where international forces have been largely welcomed by Afghans who suffered persecution under Taliban rule. -Independent - 11/15/05

Bill Clinton to Israel: Iran No Threat
Ex-president Bill Clinton urged Israelis over the weekend not to overreact to comments by newly elected Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad recommending that Israel be "wiped off the map." -NewsMax - 11/15/05

Filmmaker: Prostitution Addiction About Anger More Than Sex
Caveh Zahedi's addiction to prostitution was more about anger than sex, the filmmaker says. Like many of his films, Zahedi's latest film "I Am A Sex Addict" is about himself. -AP - 11/15/05

No case of H5-type bird flu virus observed in Iran
No case of an H5-type bird flu virus in chickens has yet been identified in Iran, said Iran's Veterinary Organization (IVO) in Tehran on Tuesday. -IRNA - 11/15/05

Austria Hosts International Conference on Islam
Attendees include former Iranian president Mohammed Khatami and Iranian human rights attorney Shirin Ebadi, who won the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize. -VOA - 11/15/05

Minister: 90% of TB patients successfully treated in Iran
Ninety percent of TB patients are successfully treated in Iran and Health Ministry is making efforts to identify all patients afflicted with this disease in order to fully eradicate it, Minister of Health Kamran Baqeri Lankarani said on Tuesday. -IRNA - 11/15/05

Iraq's top security official in Iran for security talks
Iraq's National Security Advisor Mowafaq al-Rubai, heading a political delegation, arrived in Tehran Tuesday for a three-day official visit. -IRNA - 11/15/05

'Living In Hell,' A True Odyssey of an Iranian Woman
"Living In Hell" is a captivating account of an Iranian woman's mean life in Islamic Iran where she fought against the social, political and religious injustice being practiced as Islamic law. -Park Avenue Publishers - 11/15/05

US envoy says India should vote on Iran nuclear issue according to its assessment
Ignoring the recent comments of former external affairs minister Natwar Singh on a possible revision of India's policy on the IAEA vote on the Iran nuclear issue, US Ambassador David C. Mulford today said his country expected India to vote accoding to its assessment of national interest. -IRNA - 11/15/05

Iranian sprinter Akefian breaks Asian indoor 400m record
Sprinter Mohammad Akefian Monday handed Iran the 400m gold of the first Asian Indoor Games in Thailand as he broke his own and the continent's record. The runner clocked 47.83sec to improve his previous mark of 48.71sec. -Mehr - 11/15/05

Jailed Iranian Journalist Akbar Ganji Wins WAN Golden Pen of Freedom Award
Akbar Ganji, a leading investigative journalist who is now one of Iran's most renowned political prisoners, has been awarded the 2006 Golden Pen of Freedom, the annual press freedom prize of the World Association of Newspapers. - 11/15/05

UC Davis and Iranian Alumni Association Are Building Bridges to Promote Educational and Cultural Exchange
The Iranian Alumni Association, a Chapter of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association cordially invites you to the 3rd Iranian Scholarship Gala. Enjoy an evening of fabulous food and entertainment to benefit the Iranian Scholarship Endowment Fund, with featured guest Chancellor Larry N. Vanderhoef, UC Davis. - 11/15/05

French-Iranian director Robert Hossein to revive Epic Tale of Ben Hur in 2006
It is a life long passion for great epics that drove Robert Hossein to undertake a career as an actor in Films in the early 50’s often playing bad guys or passionate lovers. Robert Hosseinov was born in Paris, to Iranian music composer Andre Aminollah Hossein (a converted Zoroastrian) and a Russian pianist mother. -Darius Kadivar - 11/15/05

Your Brain on Persian
OK, it works in English, but can you scramble words and still recognize them as a whole in Persian (a.k.a. Farsi)? After all, Persian has a semi-cursive alphabet. If you re-order the letters, the shape of the letters within the words may change as they take on a different cursive form. And don't forget the missing vowels. -Rezwan Razani - 11/15/05

The Wonderful Tehran Friday Market
Tehran may be quiet on Fridays for many, but there is so much that people can enjoy and find interesting despite it all! One such feature is the Tehran Friday Market which is held on three floors of a multi-storey car park in center of Tehran, what was used to be called 'Charaheh Estamboul' as it is near the Turkish embassy, on the east side of Joumbouri Avenue. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/15/05

Iranian researcher Sayyed Ahang Kowsar wins world peace prize
An Iranian water researcher from Fars province Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Center, Seyed Ahang Kowsar, recently won the world prize for `Large Artificial Rivers' at the UNESCO's Global Conference on Knowledge for Peace and Construction (November 11-12) in Budapest, Hungary. - 11/14/05

Siraf Seminar To Prove Iranian Identity of Persian Gulf
Confirmation of strategic interests of Iran in the Persian Gulf and regenerating Siraf's position in trade is on top of the agenda in Siraf international conference in Bushehr. -CHN - 11/14/05

Rice, Sharon, Blast Iran for Threat to Israel
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Sunday renewed her criticism of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for saying last month that Israel should be "wiped off the map." Ms. Rice, in an address in Jerusalem before talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, said "no civilized nation" should make such a threat. -VOA - 11/14/05

Protect the middle ground on the Iranian nuclear issue
Mahyar, the breadwinner and the eldest son of his family, volunteered for the Iran-Iraq war when he was only 17. After the war he died in the streets of Tehran, where he came for the treatments of injuries caused by Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons. His mother, who was waiting to see him well again after four years, never had the chance to say goodbye. -Emadeddin Baghi - 11/14/05

Farmers accused of plunder at ancient site
To the naked eye, they look like mounds of soil on a plain of flat farmland. But to archaeologists, the network of small hills represents a treasure trove of ancient Persian culture now endangered by organised plunder and intensive agriculture. -Guardian - 11/14/05

Middle East Scholars Strike Out in Washington
The president of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA), America's leading academic organization concerned with matters Middle Eastern, recently lamented the lack of influence exerted by its membership on Washington. In the words of Rashid Khalidi: "Expertise on the Middle East is simply ignored by governments and to a lesser degree the media and other institutions of civil society." -Middle East Forum - 11/14/05

Debate About Iraq War Intelligence Escalates
The debate over information used by the Bush administration to justify the war in Iraq is escalating. Supporters and critics of the president's Iraq policy spoke out on the news interview programs that dominate Sunday morning television in the United States. -VOA - 11/14/05

Tehran's laker district
I WANT YOU TO READ THE LEAD-IN TO a major sports story and afterwards, before continuing, have a guess from which publication it was taken. -Times Online - 11/14/05

U.S.-Saudi Plan Aims To Expand Relations
With skepticism still deep on both sides four years after the Sept. 11 attacks, the United States and Saudi Arabia on Sunday inaugurated a new "strategic dialogue" to expand cooperation on six key issues, including terrorism and energy. -Washington Post - 11/14/05

Cambodia All Over Again?
As in Vietnam, the American and British line in Iraq is that the war is fueled by foreign fanatics infiltrating from Syria and Iran. In an October talk to the National Endowment for Democracy, President George W. Bush told the audience that "Iran and Syria" have allied themselves with Islamic terrorist groups -Antiwar - 11/14/05

Red Cross Red Crescent General Assembly adopts Global Agenda
The Agenda's four goals are meant to contribute to the UN's Millennium Development Goals. They are: to reduce the deaths, injuries and impact of disasters on people's lives, improve methods of dealing with public health crises, combating intolerance and discrimination, and building Red Cross and Red Crescent capacity at the community level to prepare for and cope with threats to lives and livelihoods. -IFRCRCS - 11/14/05

Khatami hits out at extremists
Iran's moderate former president Mohammad Khatami has hit out at Iranian extremists he says give "enemies the best excuse to attack Islam and Iran", the student ISNA news agency reported on Monday. -SA - 11/14/05

Iran elected member of IFRCRCS governing board
Iran's Red Crescent Society (IRCS) on Sunday was elected a member of the governing board of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRCRCS). -IRNA - 11/14/05

Left steps up pressure on UPA on Iran issue
Bonding with the Samajwadi Party and the Janata Dal(S), the Left parties began a countdown to the winter session of Parliament on the Iran nuclear issue, warning that their combined strength of 100 MPs was enough to make the UPA government “see reason'' and “change its stand'' before the November 24 meeting in Vienna on Tehran's nuclear programme. -Newindpress - 11/14/05

Central Asia: Holding On To Power
While the upheavals that ushered in new heads of state in Georgia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan in recent years resist easy definitions, they share a characteristic that has sent shockwaves rippling across the post-Soviet world. Amid varying levels of commitment to democratic reform, post-Soviet ruling elites have developed a number of mechanisms for maintaining, extending, and transferring power. -RFE - 11/14/05

The Idea of A Common Military Force In the Caspian Sea
The Russian Federation has proposed formation of a common military force or a kind of rapid deployment force in the Caspian Sea with participation of all littoral countries (Iran, Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan) in order to combat terrorism, proliferation of the weapons of the mass destruction (WMD), prevention of pollution and control of the fishing. -Bahman Aghai Diba - 11/14/05

An Economist's Case Against an Interventionist Foreign Policy
I've been an economist over half my life. The more I've learned, the more I've seen what a powerful insight economist Ludwig von Mises had over 60 years ago when he pointed out that virtually every government intervention leads to unintended consequences that then lead to further interventions. -Antiwar - 11/14/05

Asian futsal king Iran pulverizes Qatar 11-0
Asian seven-time futsal champion Iran thrashed Qatar 11-0 in the first Asian Indoor Games in Bangkok on Monday. - 11/14/05

Iran: Expediency Council authorizes loans from foreign banks
The Expediency Council on Saturday settled two disputes between parliament and the Guardian Council authorizing government organs to take loans from foreign banks and okaying judicial accord with Algeria signed earlier by the Justice Ministry. -IRNA - 11/13/05

Official puts per capita shrimp consumption in Iran at 30 grams
Head of the Shrimp Producers Guild's Board of Directors Ali-Akbar Khodaei here Sunday said that the annual per capita consumption of shrimp in Iran currently stands in the range of 29-30 grams. -IRNA - 11/13/05

U.S. Fights to Remain the Ultimate Webmaster
Many heads of state and technical experts from around the world are due to attend the United Nations Summit for the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis next week, where, among other things, they will try to negotiate the legal and technical future of the internet. -IPS - 11/13/05

Kazemi's son disrupts Montreal filmfest
The festival is screening 20 documentary films shot in Iran between 1962 and 2004. The retrospective was organized with the film magazine Hors Champ with financial contributions from the Conseil des arts de Montreal and Iran's Islamic Culture and Relations Organization. - 11/13/05

Iran's NPC selects contractors for its Gachsaran Ethylene Glycol and Oxide Project
The National Petrochemical Company (NPC) awarded the contract for the construction of Gachsaran ethylene glycol and ethylene oxide project to a consortium of Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co.(M.E.S.) of Japan and Petrochemical Industries Design & Engineering Co.(PIDEC) of Iran. -IRNA - 11/13/05

Penalties give Iran 2-0 win over Togo
Iran scored two penalties against fellow World Cup qualifiers Togo on Sunday to claim third place in a four-nation tournament in Tehran. -Reuters - 11/13/05

Iranian FM calls for stronger ties with Armenia
Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki in a meeting with the Head of Armenia's Presidential Office Artashes Tumanxan here Sunday called for strengthening bilateral relations. -IRNA - 11/13/05

Iran to start LNG exports to Europe by 2011
Managing director of the National Iranian Gas Company, Rokneddin Javadi said on Sunday that Iran has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to export natural gas to Italy. -Mehr - 11/13/05

U.S. builds case of Iran bomb on laptop clues
In mid-July, senior U.S. intelligence officials called the leaders of the international atomic inspection agency to the top of a skyscraper overlooking the Danube in Vienna and unveiled the contents of what they said was a stolen Iranian laptop computer. -NYT - 11/13/05

Iran wins world youth kumite title
Iran was crowned at the individual kumite event of the World Youth Karate Championships in Cyprus Saturday. -IRNA - 11/13/05

Iranian Nuclear Plant 80 Percent Completed
The head of Russia's Security Council says work to build a nuclear-power plant in Iran is more than 80 percent completed. - 11/13/05

Iran's transexual revolution
An unlikely religious ruling has made Tehran the sex-change capital of the world. Caroline Mangez went to meet the brave souls who have swapped gender in this rigidly conservative city, where women wear the chador and homosexuality is punishable by death -Independent - 11/13/05

No new proposal on table about Iran's nuclear program: Ivanov, Larijani
Iranian and Russian top security officials said on Saturday that there is no proposal on the table about Iranian nuclear program. -IRNA - 11/12/05

UN refugee agency moves Iranian Kurds in central Iraq to safer area in north
The United Nations refugee agency has begun re-housing the last 2,000 Iranian Kurds remaining in a decades-old camp in the violence-torn Fallujah region of Iraq, transferring then to a safer location in the country's northern Kurdish area. -UN News Center - 11/12/05

Iran Says U.S. Caviar Ban Fuels Prices, Prompts Illegal Fishing
Iran, the world's biggest exporter of caviar, says a U.S. attempt to protect Caspian Sea beluga sturgeon is driving up prices and encouraging illicit harvesting. -Bloomberg - 11/12/05

Broadcast Officials Defend US-Funded Arab Television
U.S. broadcast officials have defended the American-funded Arab satellite television station, al-Hurra, against allegations of mismanagement. A House subcommittee held a hearing looking into the charges, and the impact the station is having in the Muslim world. -VOA - 11/12/05

Iranian clergyman who converted from Islam allowed to visit family
Hamid Pourmand, the Iranian Protestant clergyman jailed for his faith, has been allowed to visit his family for the first time in 14 months of prison. -AsiaNews - 11/12/05

Russia denies Iran nuclear deal
A senior Russian envoy, Igor Ivanov, has met Iranian officials but denied reports he had given them a proposal aimed at ending the nuclear stand-off. -BBC - 11/12/05

Mild quake hits Qir in southwestern Iran
tremor measuring 3.8 on the Richter scale hit the city of Qir in the southwestern province of Fars Saturday afternoon. -IRNA - 11/12/05

Soccer: Macedonia outshines star-studded Iran
Macedonia eclipsed Iran 2-1 at a four-sided football tournament in Azadi Stadium in western Tehran Friday, setting up the final against Paraguay. -Tehran Times - 11/12/05

NAM troika meeting with Iranian officials on nuclear issue "positive"
Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki described as "positive" the meeting held here Friday by the three Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) members with Iranian officials, and said the meeting affirmed the indisputable right of all signatory countries to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to gain access to nuclear technology. -IRNA - 11/12/05

Jailed Journalist's Wife Cries For His Life
Massoumeh Shafii, the wife of jailed Iranian journalist, Akbar Ganji, cries continuously. Her husband, a well-known writer and dissident, has been in jail for more than five yeards. -AKI - 11/12/05

Photos: The Fabulous Shiraz
Recently with my friend we went for a short trip to fabulous Shiraz, the city of love and poetry. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/11/05

Iran: an afternoon with a hostage-taker
In an exclusive excerpt from “The Soul of Iran: A Nation’s Journey to Freedom”, just published by WW Norton, Afshin Molavi recalls a 1979 event that embitters the United States-Iran relationship to this day. -Open Democracy - 11/11/05

The Iranian Diaspora doesn't care about Akbar Ganji
On April 22, 2000, Akbar Ganji, the prominent Iranian journalist and writer, was imprisoned after publishing a series of articles condemning high-level officials in Iran for their participation in the murder of intellectuals during the 1990s. -Nema Milaninia - 11/11/05

US denies Iran nuclear compromise
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has denied reports of a US-European compromise to grant Iran the right to continue a limited nuclear programme. -BBC - 11/11/05

Letter to Asharq Al-Awsat - The Gulf: Persian or Arab?
Greetings! I just read Mr. Al-Rabei's comment on the Iranian customs decision regarding entry of commodities labeled "Made in Arabian Gulf" into Iran (see The Gulf: Persian or Arab? in Asharq Al-Awsat, 11/6/05). I do not wish to debate the merits of this policy at this point. However, since Mr. Al-Rabei seems to be interested in cooperation and friendship among the neighboring countries, I merely wanted to mention a few points. -Ali Reza Jalili - 11/11/05

Ancient Texts Could Unlock Persian Past
It took Iranian Jews in the United States nearly three decades in exile from the land their ancestors called home for 2,700 years to appreciate the rich history and culture preserved in their literature. -Jewish Journal - 11/11/05

Iran tries a little tenderness in fighting addiction
The longed for pilgrimage to Mecca should have been enough to give Hasan, a devout Muslim, a spiritual high. But even while paying homage to the prophet Muhammad, he needed a little help from a friend. -Sydney Morning Herald - 11/11/05

How Islam got political: Iran
The growth of political Islam is one of the most important ideological events of the past century. - 11/11/05

Paraguay fight back to beat Togo 4-2 in Iran tournament
Paraguay fought back from 2-1 down at half time to beat fellow World Cup qualifiers Togo 4-2 in the first game of a four-team tournament in the Iranian capital on Friday. -Reuters - 11/11/05

Iran's largest art expo center to open next month
The Academy of Arts is to open the largest center for Iranian art exhibitions in the country, the Persian service of ISNA announced on Friday. The first exhibit will be held next month entitled "Nature". Several works by Sohrab Sepehri, Abolqassem Saeidi, and works from the Museum of Contemporary Art will be put on display. -Mehr - 11/11/05

Straw `very glad' British couple released by Iran
Foreign Secretary Jack Straw Friday welcomed the release of a British couple, Rupert and Linda Wise, after being arrested in Iran for straying into Iranian waters near Abu Musa island in the Persian Gulf. -IRNA - 11/11/05

Azerbaijan's Ruling Party Rallies In Baku
Holding portraits of President Ilham Aliyev and waving Azerbaijani flags, thousands of Yeni Azerbaycan Party (YAP) supporters gathered on Baku's Qalaba (Victory) Square in response to yesterday's show of force by the opposition. -RFE - 11/11/05

Iran warns against growth of Islamophobia in West
Iran on Thursday warned against growth of Islamophobia in certain countries particularly in the European ones, saying it could entail the danger of confrontation of religions and civilizations. -IRNA - 11/11/05

Iran to offer Ski training classes for Arab tourists
Iran's Sport Tourism Association will be holding ski training classes for Arab tourists coming to the country. -CHN - 11/11/05

Iran: Power Shift Leaves Reformers Out In The Cold
As the proverbial insult follows an injury, so the loss of public office by Iran's reformers has preceded public discord, and immediate political irrelevance, with power moving to the political right and center, into the hands of young radicals or veteran officials. -RFE - 11/10/05

Kaveh Golestan's once-banned works on display in Tehran
A once-banned exhibition of works by the late Kaveh Golestan, an Iranian photographer who worked for the BBC, opened at the Mirmiran Gallery of the Iranian Artists Forum on Monday. -Mehr - 11/10/05

For Jews, there have always been two Irans
The Bible is full of praise for Persia (today's much-maligned Iran) and for its rulers. In the Book of Ezra, God speaks through the proclamations of Cyrus, the king of Persia, who declares, "The Lord God of Heaven hath given me all the kingdoms of the earth, and he has charged me to build him a house in Jerusalem." -Abbas Milani, IHT - 11/10/05

Not without my sister: imagining a moral America in “Kandahar”
Shortly after 11 September 2001, George Bush urged US citizens to watch Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s film, Kandahar, set in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. Why? Cynthia Weber investigates the president’s and the filmmaker’s visions of Afghanistan and Afghan women. -Open Democracy - 11/10/05

Arabs Receive 65% of Visas Issued in Iran's Mashad Airport
The number of 7-day tourism visas issued in Hasheminejad International Airport of Mashad City has increased 100 percent compared to the first three months of this tourist service. -CHN - 11/10/05

Is US planning an Iraq-style 'regime change' in Syria?
While publicly Bush administration officials say they just want to see a "change in behavior" from Syria, The Boston Globe reported Tuesday that some of these officials are saying privately that there is an active debate about whether "regime change" should be a US goal. -CSM - 11/10/05

Togo in Iran for mini-tournament
Togo's players have started arriving in the Iranian capital Tehran ahead of this weekend's four-nation friendly tournament. -BBC - 11/10/05

Danish editor tests right to violate Muslim taboos
When Flemming Rose heard last month that Danish cartoonists were too afraid of Muslim militants to illustrate a new children's biography of Islam's Prophet Muhammad, he decided to put his nation's famous tolerance to the test. -CSM - 11/10/05

Iraq's Deputy PM Rejects Charges of Misleading United States
Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Chalabi has denied that he intentionally misled the United States before the invasion of Iraq or passed sensitive U.S. intelligence to Iran. -VOA - 11/10/05

Dissident journalist Akbar Ganji reportedly tortured and ill-treated; serious health concerns
International PEN's Writers in Prison Committee is gravely concerned at reports that leading dissident journalist and writer Akbar Ganji has been tortured by security officers in Milad hospital, Tehran, and is being ill-treated in prison. -IFEX - 11/10/05

Senior Iranian nuclear negotiator: Iran seeks cooperation not collision with international community
-"The international community has been to a great extent misled with biased, politicized and exaggerated information on Iranian nuclear programs and activities," a senior Iranian nuclear negotiator told a gathering of Belgian university students in Antwerp Wednesday evening. -IRNA - 11/10/05

Iran's President Wins Three Cabinet Picks, Withdraws Fourth
The Iranian legislature expressed votes of confidence in three new cabinet members today, further rounding out the new administration of President Mahmud Ahmadinejad, state television and Radio Farda reported. -RFE - 11/10/05

Iran: Festival of Gymnasiums of the World to be held in Mashad
The first international festival of the gymnasiums (Zoor-khaneh) of the world will be held in Mashad from 11th to 16th of November 2005 with the attendance of 33 countries. -CHN - 11/10/05

Iran: Road accidents claim lives of 15,433 in first half of the year
Iran Coroner Office reported here Wednesday that over 15,433 people have been killed in automobile accidents in the first half of the current Iranian year (Started March 21). The figure is 6.3 percent higher compared to the same period last year, the report added. -IRNA - 11/10/05

Russia offers Iran 'uranium compromise plan'
Russia was reported Thursday to be proposing a compromise plan that will permit Iran to continue uranium conversion at its Isfahan plant. -IRNA - 11/10/05

Second coming for imam is first concern for Iranian president
Veneration of the 12th Imam is common among Iran's 68m population, whose religious practices mix piety, respect for learned clerics and age-old mysticism. But the new president, Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, has placed a special emphasis on the 12th Imam, even referring to him in his October United Nations speech. -Financial Times - 11/9/05

Iran: Majlis confirms 3 cabinet appointees of Ahmadinejad
Majlis on Wednesday gave its vote of confidence to three ministers proposed by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The MPs gave their votes of confidence to nominees for the ministries of cooperatives, education and welfare and social security after four-and-a-half hours of debate. -IRNA - 11/9/05

Iran president defied by Majlis
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has suffered a fresh blow after his nominee for oil minister withdrew in the face of criticism from MPs. Speaking in parliament after Mr Mahsuli's withdrawal, Mr Ahmadinejad said no government since the Islamic revolution in 1979 had been attacked so viciously as his. -BBC - 11/9/05

Tehran Short Film Festival to kick off next week
The 10th International and 22nd National Short Film Festival is to begin at Tehran's Felestin Cinema on November 15. -Mehr - 11/9/05

Iran-China trade volume to reach 10 billion dollars in 2005
Chinese Ambassador to Tehran Lio G Tan said here on Wednesday that Iran-China trade volume is expected to reach 10 billion dollars in 2005. -IRNA - 11/9/05

Netherlands Sponsors Iranian Radio Station, Not TV
Foreign Minister Bot is not donating money to the set-up of a TV satellite that is to provide Iran with independent news. He is however prepared to fund an independent radio station and two Internet newspapers, as well as a number of other projects. -NIS - 11/9/05

Report by US State Department Renews Concern Over Iran's Religious Freedom, Sees Hope For Turkmenistan
The U.S. State Department has for the seventh straight year listed Iran among the most serious abusers of religious freedoms. The department declined to include Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, or Pakistan in the most serious violator category of "countries of particular concern," as recommended by a U.S. panel. -RFE - 11/9/05

Canada presents resolution at UN on Iran's deteriorating human rights situation
Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew today announced that Canada has introduced a resolution at the 60th session of the UN General Assembly on the deteriorating human rights situation in Iran. - 11/9/05

Iran not intimidated by threats of referral to Security Council
Iran's Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Larijani said threats of Iran's nuclear case being referred to the United Nations Security Council will not scare Iran. -IRNA - 11/9/05

Iran's Petropars to develop oil in Gulf of Venezuela
Iran's Petropars will participate in the development project of an oil field in the Gulf of Venezuela once the related contract is finalized, noted here Asghar Ebrahimi-Asl, an official at Iran's South Pars Oil Co. -Mehr - 11/9/05

What Happened To Turkmenistan's 'Record' Grain Harvest?
Prices for flour have sky-rocketed in Turkmenistan. In some areas of the country, it is nearly impossible to obtain flour; in others, the price is half or more the average monthly wage. -RFE - 11/9/05

UN Assembly Urges US to Drop Cuba Embargo
The U.N. General Assembly has overwhelmingly urged the United States to end its 44-year trade embargo against Cuba. This is the 14th consecutive year the General Assembly has passed a resolution criticizing Washington's embargo against Cuban leader Fidel Castro's government. -VOA - 11/9/05

Japan debt write-off to boost Iraq's reconstruction efforts
The Japanese government has agreed to write off 80 percent of the debt it is owed by Iraq, a move that will give the local reconstruction effort a much needed boost, government officials said on Tuesday. -IRIN - 11/9/05

Azerbaijan Flunks the Test
THIS MONTH the Bush administration set a test for its democracy policy in the oil-rich Muslim nation of Azerbaijan, which lies on the Caspian Sea between Russia and Iran. President Bush had challenged the country's autocratic but pro-Western president, Ilham Aliyev, to hold a free and fair election for parliament and pledged that if he did so, it would "elevate our countries' relations to a new strategic level." -Washington Post - 11/9/05

The Return of Chalabi
As blowback from the lies that duped us into war plunges Washington into a maelstrom of investigations and counter-investigations, Ahmed Chalabi adds insult to injury by making a return trip to the Imperial City. -Antiwar - 11/9/05

Iran is awaiting a much fairer Western nuclear offer
The solution to the Iranian dilemma lies in recognition of the current power realities. Before it is too late, the asymmetry in the EU-3 offer must be shelved and a new EU-American proposal made based on the successful formula in the North Korean case: permit Iran to save face by retaining the right to enrich uranium, while agreeing not to exercise that right in return for American security guarantees, European economic incentives and a "road map" for Iran's reintegration into a regional security arrangement for the Persian Gulf. -Trita Parsi, Daily Star - 11/9/05

Iran: Still Seeking A Stable Government
The Iranian legislature is scheduled to vote on four cabinet nominees on 9 November, having rejecting four of President Mahmud Ahmadinejad's choices in August. -RFE - 11/9/05

International Religious Freedom Report 2005: Iran
There was no substantive change in the status of respect for religious freedom during the reporting period. Members of the country's religious minorities--including Sunni and Sufi Muslims, Baha'is, Zoroastrians, Jews, and Christians -US State Department - 11/9/05

The Splendours of Ancient Persia - Family day at the British Museum
A large number of Iranians joined the crowds for a family day at the British Museum in London on Saturday 5th November, held in association with the museums Splendors of Ancient Persia exhibition. -Paul Sanford - 11/9/05

The rash revolutionary
Like a speed-crazed driver of a Paykan - the anachronistic Hillman Hunter prototype that remains king of Iran's roads - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is steering his country in a reckless fashion, without due care for oncoming traffic or blind bends, and as with the ageing saloon car, there is no guarantee that the engine of the Iranian state is equipped to take such rough handling. -Guardian - 11/9/05

Report From The Second Annual Kaveh Golestan Photo Journalism Award
The Second Kaveh Golestan award ceremony took place last Saturday evening at Khaneh Honarmandan (Artist's Forum). The saloon was full and by 5:30 when the official ceremony started there were no seats left and many were standing all around, among them many renowned photojournalists, young photographers and many well known faces in the art and cultural arenas in Iran. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/8/05

Iran: A Rising Star In Party Politics
Of the more than 100 registered political organizations in Iran, one that is rarely discussed is the Jamiyat-i Isargaran-i Inqilab-i Islami, roughly translated as the Islamic Revolution Devotees Society and known simply as the "Isargaran." Yet President Mahmud Ahmadinejad is a founding member, another founder is in the cabinet, and other members serve in the legislature. -RFE - 11/8/05

Iran Protests U.S. Aerial Drones
Iran has strongly protested what it said was the United States' use of unmanned aerial drones over its territory and said two of them had crashed this summer within its borders, according to diplomatic letters circulated at the United Nations yesterday. -Washington Post - 11/8/05

NIAC spearheads efforts to pre-empt abuse of Persian Gulf
On November 8, The National Iranian American Council ( launched a public media education campaign to raise awareness among key influential media on the history of the Persian Gulf, and politically motivated efforts to change the name of the waters. - 11/8/05

China calls for diplomatic solution to Iran nuclear issue
China's Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday Beijing has always called for settlement of Iran's nuclear case through diplomatic negotiation and within the framework of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and in responsible terms. -IRNA - 11/8/05

Britain's Reid Says Iran Might Be Smuggling Explosives into Iraq
British forces stationed in southern Iraq are concerned that improvised explosive devices being used against them by foreign terrorists and Iraqi Ba'athists might be coming there from Iran, Britain's senior defense official says. -Washington File - 11/8/05

Iranian MPs call on President to drop oil minister nominee
A number of MPs at Majlis (Parliament) called on President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday to drop his candidate for oil minister and name another. -IRNA - 11/8/05

Israel as an Extension of American Empire
There are many tragic and self-destructive features of the Occupation for Israel itself. Although the country was founded on the "original sin" of exclusivity and the expulsion of the refugees, it nevertheless had (has?) the potential to develop into a normal, even progressive society. -CounterPunch - 11/8/05

Iran-Russia cooperation in Bushehr power plant completely legal: Rumyantsev
The head of Russia's Atomic Energy Agency, Alexander Rumyantsev, said in Moscow on Monday cooperation between Iran and Russia in the construction of the power plant in Iran's southern Bushehr province is completely legal. -IRNA - 11/8/05

Chalabi offers the White House an exit route from Iraqi quagmire
Iraq's deputy prime minister, Ahmad Chalabi, returns to Washington today in his latest incarnation - as a secular Shia leader who could offer Washington a way out of the morass into which he helped lead it two and a half years ago. -Independent - 11/8/05

Tehran-Baghdad flight arrives in Iraq after long delay
An Iraqi passenger plane, which took off from Tehran Sunday evening, arrived in Baghdad Monday morning after an unusually long delay. -IRNA - 11/8/05

Indictment for MKO terrorist leader to be tried with Saddam
A campaign is being launched in Britain to indict the leader of the Mojahedin-e Khalq terrorist group (MKO), Massoud Rajavi, along with the former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, whose trial started in Baghdad last month. -IRNA - 11/8/05

Interview: Iran's nuclear negotiator
As Iran attempts to restart talks with the UK, France and Germany on its nuclear programme, BBC Tehran correspondent Frances Harrison interviewed Iran's top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani. - 11/8/05

Coping with the rising cost of marriage, Iranian-style
Marriage in Iran is not what it used to be. "In the old days there were many inter-tribal clashes, and so you could sometimes find a wife cheaply because her father needed to pay blood money and would take a low dowry," says Ghazanfar Tabassomi, a barber in Yasouj, a southern town of settled nomads from the Boyer Ahmad tribe. -Financial Times - 11/8/05

EC chairman: Iran to continue nuclear confidence-building measures
Iran's Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani in a meeting with Japanese Ambassador to Tehran Hideaki Domichi here Tuesday said that Iran would continue confidence-building measures with respect to its peaceful nuclear programs. -IRNA - 11/8/05

A New Online Book: PAN-TURANIANISM TAKES AIM AT AZERBAIJAN: A Geopolitical Agenda -
The situation is all the more dangerous now, given the disastrous anti-Israel speech by the Iranian leadership in Tehran. Truly "fuel for the fire". That speech is a godsend to pan-Turan separatists like Rahim Shahbazi. The recent Ahmadinejad speech is detracting attention from the disastrous AEI meeting hosted by anti-Iran "scholar" Michael Ledeen. -Dr. Kaveh Farrokh - 11/8/05

Head to head: Religion and politics in Iran
Iranian scholars have been preoccupied for years with the stormy relationship between religion and politics. -BBC - 11/7/05

Tension over Iran must not embroil Iraq, says Chalabi
Ahmad Chalabi, Iraqi deputy prime minister, has said Iraq must play the role of regional peacemaker if it is not to fall victim to soured Iranian relations with the US and Britain. -Financial Times - 11/7/05

EU considers Iran offer of talks
The European Union says it is studying a call by Iran for the resumption of nuclear talks. -BBC - 11/7/05

Chávez and Maradona Lead Massive Rebuke of Bush
Some aspects of George Bush's travels have become commonplace, including massive protests, sporadic violence and tight security operations. All of these usual elements--notably the imperial-style arrival of the US president with an entourage of 2,000 people and four AWACS surveillance systems--were present at the Fourth Summit of the Americas in Mar del Plata, Argentina. -Nation - 11/7/05

India's Natwar favors reversal of Iran vote
External Affairs Minister K. Natwar Singh said he would favor revision of India's vote on Iran's nuclear program at the upcoming meeting of the IAEA if a resolution stronger than the one placed last time was put forward. -IRNA - 11/7/05

OSCE, EU Question Azerbaijani Vote
Observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) said today that parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan that culminated in yesterday's voting failed to meet several international standards -RFE - 11/7/05

EU Foreign Ministers' Meeting To Focus On Belarus, Iran
European Union foreign ministers travel to Brussels on 7 November for their monthly meeting. Diplomats say the main items on their external relations agenda are Belarus and Iran. -RFE - 11/7/05

Iran's Kerman Province Ready to Guide Desert Trekkers
With just a phone call to the Public Relations of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Kerman province, tourists can get maps and necessary information about the deserts of Kerman. -CHN - 11/7/05

13th International Conference of Central Asia, Caucasus opens in Tehran
Delegates from Iran and 22 other states are participating in the two-day confab dubbed "Regional Developments: Interaction and and Confrontation in Strategies". -IRNA - 11/7/05

Bush's Iran Policy Falters Amid Futile Sanctions, Diplomacy
The lawmakers' frustration reflects a central dilemma: U.S. policy on Iran contains few good options. With economic pressure largely ineffective and no credible military option because U.S. troops are tied down in an unpopular war in Iraq, the Bush administration has little direct leverage over Iran. Instead, it's relying on European-managed diplomacy to curb Iran's pursuit of nuclear technology and support for terrorism. -Bloomberg - 11/7/05

Iran calls for negotiations with EU3 on nuclear program
Iran's Secretary of Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Larijani on Sunday called for negotiations with three European states on Iranian nuclear program. -IRNA - 11/6/05

South Korean parliamentary group in Iran to hold talks with MPs, mend ties
Aqaei conveyed Iran's grievances about South Korean vote against Iran in the Board of Governors of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and hoped that the current problem in the way of Iran-Seoul cooperation would be removed soon. -IRNA - 11/6/05

US must give Iranian moderates a chance
SINCE its launch just over a year ago, Earlywarning has forecast the steady drift to heightened conflict between the US and Iran. This goes far beyond the recent inflammatory remarks by the country’s new President Ahmadinejad about wiping Israel off the map. -The Business - 11/6/05

Aras Free Zone to Boost Export
Aras in northwest Iran is one of the newly established free zones of Iran which helps improve export-import between the country and its neighbors, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Nakhchivan. -CHN - 11/6/05

First Iraqi airliner for 25 years lands in Tehran
The Iraqi Airways Boeing 737 is the latest harbinger of rapprochement between the neighbours who fought a war of attrition from 1980 to 1988 which killed hundreds of thousands on both sides. -Reuters - 11/6/05

Spending Inquiry for Top Official on Broadcasting
Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, the head of the federal agency that oversees most government broadcasts to foreign countries, including the Voice of America and Radio Free Europe, is the subject of an inquiry into accusations of misuse of federal money and the use of phantom or unqualified employees, officials involved in that examination said on Friday. -NYT - 11/6/05

In one Afghan province, mother of 6 proves unbeatable as politician
HERAT, Afghanistan - Fauzia Gailani is an unlikely election winner in this conservative, western city: an aerobics instructor, a mother of six, and, most obviously, a woman. -Chicago Tribune - 11/6/05

Azeri poverty fuels rise of Islam
There are billions of dollars worth of oil wealth in Azerbaijan, and a potentially prosperous future. But outside the oil town of Baku, signs of poverty are more apparent. The road next to the oil rigs is full of pot holes, crumbling houses dot the landscape, and there are mosques - more and more of them every year. Islam is on the rise in Azerbaijan. -BBC - 11/6/05

Iran's Sadra Group to build ships for German firm
Iran's shipbuilding company Sadra Group will build four cargo ships, worth 100 million euros, for the north German-based Rickmers shipping lines, the monthly magazine of the German Near and Middle East Association said Saturday. -IRNA - 11/6/05

'Unrest' in Iran Arabic province
Ethnic unrest has broken out in Iran's Arabic-speaking province of Khuzestan, according to Iranian media. -BBC - 11/6/05

Ahead of U.S. trip,Chalabi talks with senior Iranians
Ahmad Chalabi, the former Iraqi exile who has become a deputy prime minister, has met with senior Iranian leaders in Tehran in what appeared to be an effort to distance himself from their Islamist government, just days before he visits Washington. -NYT - 11/6/05

Tony Blair to lobby China support against Iran during Hu state visit to Britain
Prime Minister Tony Blair is aiming to modify China's balanced position towards Iran's nuclear program during President Hu Jintao' state visit to Britain this week. -IRNA - 11/6/05

Of Madmen and Nukes
Chinese Major General Zhu Chenghu told journalists last July that China is prepared to use nuclear weapons against the United States if it targets Chinese ships, aircraft, or territory in a confrontation over Taiwan. "We Chinese will prepare ourselves for the destruction of all of the cities east of Xian. Of course the Americans will have to be prepared that hundredsof cities will be destroyed by the Chinese," he warned. -CounterPunch - 11/6/05

The Second Annual Kaveh Golestan Photo Journalism Award
The Second Annual Kaveh Golestan Photo Journalism Award took place in the auditorium of the Artists Forum (Khaneh Honarmandan) in Tehran on Saturday 5th November 2005 (14th Abaan 1384). This award was initiated by his family and friends in memory of Kaveh Golestan, the internationally recognized and accomplished photojournalist, who was killed by a landmine in April 2003 while working with the BBC in northern Iraq. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/5/05

Firoozeh Dumas, "Funny In Farsi" Author, Nominated For 2005 Thurber Prize For American Humor
Firoozeh Dumas, author of the popular memoir, "Funny in Farsi" (Random House), is the first American author of Middle Eastern heritage to have been nominated for the annual Thurber Prize for American Humor. - 11/5/05

Governments Debate What to do About Iran's Nuclear Program
There have been mixed signals from Iran's hard-line government: it is removing 40 ambassadors and senior diplomats from office, some of whom support closer ties with the West. And it announced it is processing more uranium at its nuclear plant in Isfahan. -VOA - 11/5/05

Iran calls for ICRC help in locating whereabouts of 250 MKO members
Iran on Saturday called on International Committee of the Red Cross to clarify whereabouts of 250 members of terrorist Mujahedeen Khalq Organization (MKO) who have disappeared in Iraq for the past one month. -IRNA - 11/5/05

Aghayeh Ahmadinejad: Wake up to the reality
You are out of line. Today you have called for the annihilation of a country without realizing the consequences of such a statement for Iran. Moreover, while you speak of freedom for others, we have prisoners of conscience like Akbar Ganji who has been beaten in prison recently and was on a hunger strike because he spoke about freedom. -Fariba Amini - 11/5/05

Opposition Leader in the Interview to AIA: "Iran tries to influence the situation in Azerbaijan"
In the light of speculations about plans to use the Azerbaijani territory in US operation against Iran, what were Tehran's interests in the context of the elections in your country? Are you aware of any Iranian attempts to affect the situation in Azerbaijan? -Axis - 11/5/05

Gas pipeline will turn Greece into major gas transit hub
Italy and Greece will sign today an agreement for the construction of a 300-million-euro pipeline that will carry natural gas from the Caspian Sea and Iran to Western Europe when it is completed, at the end of 2009. -IHT - 11/5/05

Weapon of mass attraction?
In his memoirs, 'Not Quite the Diplomat: Home Truths About World Affairs,' Patten sadly sees the lack of U.S. global leadership leading to a new world disorder. Pre-emptive wars do not address the major problems of our era, from the challenge to the status quo by China and India, to failed and failing states, to terrorism, poverty and the environment. -Monsters and Critics - 11/5/05

Inside U.S. War Plans
"Do Pentagon war planners game-play war against Venezuela? Of course they do," says WS, commenting on my blog saying that the Pentagon was newly eyeing Venezuela as a military threat and initiating war planning, "they probably game-play war against the Swiss!" -Washington Post - 11/5/05

US-Backed Arab TV Network to be Investigated
Al-Hurra, the Arabic language satellite television network set up by the US administration to promote freedom and democracy in the Middle East, is to be investigated for possible irregularities, the state department confirmed on Thursday. -Financial Times - 11/5/05

Chalabi Back to Court Washington's Favor
Face-to-face meetings with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and probably other senior Bush administration officials await Ahmed Chalabi as the Iraqi deputy prime minister pursues political rehabilitation in Washington. -Washington Post - 11/5/05

Iraq: Al-Sadr Militia Taking Law Into Own Hands
Militiamen loyal to Shi'ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr have increasingly adopted a policing role in recent months. -RFE - 11/5/05

EU wants to return to negotiations with Iran
The European Union Foreign Ministers' Council is to review the EU's engagement policy with the Islamic Republic during its regular monthly meeting in Brussels on Monday. Cristina Gallach, spokesperson for EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana, told reporters in Brussels Friday afternoon that the 25-member bloc has a "constructive attitude" towards Iran. -IRNA - 11/5/05

Iran's President Sparks Fears of New Isolation
Having ignited two diplomatic confrontations in as many months, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is raising concern that he intends to steer his country back to the isolation of the early 1980s, a period of radical absolutes that he frequently invokes as an ideal. -Washington Post - 11/5/05

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan Cancels Trip To Iran
UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has cancelled a planned trip to Iran this month because of the controversy involving the Iranian president's comments about Israel. -RFE - 11/5/05

British General Says Technology From Iran Helps Iraqi Insurgents
The British commander of coalition forces in southern Iraq says technology imported from Iran is helping Iraqi insurgents produce more sophisticated armor-piercing bombs that are killing more coalition troops. The commander spoke to reporters at the Pentagon on a video link from the southern Iraqi city of Basra. -VOA - 11/5/05

Deliberate mistake?
Why did Iran's newly elected president demand that "Israel should be wiped off the map"? Yassamine Mather (Critique editorial board) analyses the situation - 11/5/05

Axis of Hardliners, From Tehran to Washington
The huge gap between Tehran and Washington has widened in recent months. Top officials of Iran and the United States are not even within shouting distance. The styles of rhetoric differ, but the messages in both directions are filled with hostility. -Common Dreams - 11/5/05

IAAB presents Bam and Beyond: Building Alliances Between Iranian and Iranian Diaspora NGOs, Universities, and Private Sectors
Iranian Alliances Across Borders (IAAB) will hold an international seminar on the reconstruction of Bam on November 12, 2005 at Columbia University. This seminar will be the first of its kind since the 2003 earthquake that brought devastation upon the city of Bam. - 11/5/05

Forum Examines Advances For Women, Focuses On Muslim Societies
Mahnaz Afkhami, a member of the international advisory committee that helped organize the Bangkok forum, shed light on the AWID event in an interview with Radio Farda. -RFE - 11/4/05

Our Allies in Iran
WHEN Iran's new president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, called last week for Israel to be "wiped off the map," he raised fears not only abroad but also at home, particularly among Iran's sizeable, democratically minded middle class. -Afshin Molavi, NYT - 11/4/05

U.S. Concerned About Imprisoned Iranian Journalist Akbar Ganji
A top U.S. official says there are new indications that the health of imprisoned Iranian journalist Akbar Ganji is at serious risk. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack says Washington has received reports in the past week that are consistent with allegations of Ganji's mistreatment by Iranian authorities. -VOA - 11/4/05

EU to decide how to take forward Iran relations
EU Foreign Ministers are to discuss policy towards Iran at their General Affairs Council meeting in Brussels on Monday and that conclusions were expected, Britain's Europe Minister Douglas Alexander has revealed. -IRNA - 11/4/05

Iranian-American Ramin Bahrani's film "Man Push Cart" wins critics award at London Film Festival
U.S.-based Iranian filmmaker Ramin Bahrani's Man Push Cart won the 8th FIPRESCI International Critics Award at the 49th London Film Festival which was held from October 19 to November 3. -Mehr - 11/4/05

Stop the Next War Before It Starts
It's time for the antiwar movement to take U.S. threats against Iran and Syria very, very seriously. Not only are stories of such threats appearing at an increasing rate in the media, they now seem to be a topic of concern on Capitol Hill and at the United Nations. -Antiwar - 11/4/05

Analysis: Time for a clear Iran policy
The United States is at a crossroads over Iran. Regime change or nuclear security, action or negotiation; American strategy for countering Iranian development of nuclear weapons has long been hampered by a confusion of objectives. The time has come to formulate a clear plan to stop an Iranian bomb from becoming a reality. -UPI - 11/4/05

No attack plans, says Iran leader
On Friday, in a live broadcast to mark Eid al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan, Ayatollah Khamenei said: "We will not commit aggression towards any nations." He went on: "We will not breach any nation's rights anywhere in the world. -BBC - 11/4/05

Oakland: Novelist chronicles struggles of Iranian women to find seeds of a new life
Fae Bidgoli, who grew up in rural Iran during the '60s and '70s, used her own coming-of-age story as the inspiration for her novel, "Cracked Pomegranate." -SF Chronicle - 11/4/05

An Iranian Story
Time stood still. Screaming fans, dressed in RED and BLUE were seated; no they were standing, waving flags and screaming. -Iran Sports Press - 11/4/05

Doubts Persist As Azerbaijan Prepares To Vote
With just days remaining to Azerbaijan's parliamentary elections on 6 November, international observers have been flying into the country to try and ensure that the poll is free and fair. But accusations of fraud and intimidation have been prevalent. -RFE - 11/4/05

Israel and the Neocons: The Libby Affair and the Internal War
In the meantime, the neocons are not at all daunted by the trials of their colleagues in AIPAC and the Vice President's office: they are pressing straight ahead for the US to attack Syria and Iran, via economic sanctions and military bombing. -CounterPunch - 11/4/05

Challenges to Bush's Iraq Policy Gain Dramatic Momentum
For months, the politics of the Iraq war have been frozen in place, with stalwart Republicans defending President Bush's policy and most Democrats shunning a direct challenge. Now, the ice has begun to crack. -LA Times - 11/4/05

Iran leader risks rebuff on nominee
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose first nominee for oil minister was rejected by Parliament as too inexperienced nearly three months ago, has risked another rebuff by nominating another little-known figure for the position. -NYT - 11/4/05

Bird Flu Sparks Mixed Reactions in Russia
Outbreaks of the H5N1 bird flu virus potentially deadly for humans have been confirmed in eight Russian provinces, prompting a mass cull of poultry. But while the Western world is anxiously watching the virus spread westwards and bracing for a possible pandemic, a number of Russian politicians and officials are downplaying the threat of bird flu. -RFE - 11/4/05

Iran: More hotels being built on Persian Gulf island of Kish
More than 50 hotels in the Persian Gulf island of Kish in southern Iranian province of Hormuzgan provide lodging for the visiting domestic and foreign tourists all year round. -IRNA - 11/4/05

Iranian President's Comments on Israel Provoke International Outcry
Iranian journalist Ali-Reza Nourizadeh said many Iranians do not believe that President Ahmadinejad represents their country and think his election last June was rigged by the conservative clerics, some of whom today are distressed by Mr. Ahmadinejad's political immaturity and offensive remarks, which are reminiscent of the period of the Islamic Revolution. -VOA - 11/4/05

Iran: Snow white mountains overlooking Tehran mark change of season
On the 42nd day of fall, Thursday, the first seasonal snowfall covered the mountains overlooking the capital city of Tehran. -IRNA - 11/4/05

Khajeh mountain, biggest unbaked mud architecture of Parthian era
Khajeh Mountain Complex, the biggest model of unbaked mud architecture remaining in Sistan area, is one of the most remarkable relics of the Parthian, Sassanid and Islamic eras. -IRNA - 11/3/05

Might Warmer Relations With Jerusalem Cool Kabul's Relations With Tehran?
In an unprecedented interview in Kabul with a reporter from Tel Aviv daily "Yedi'ot Aharonot," Afghan President Hamid Karzai hinted at a desire to establish formal relations with Israel. -RFE - 11/3/05

Iran: Cabinet approves by-law to cede shares of state companies to poor
The cabinet on Wednesday approved a by-law to cede stocks of the state companies to the poor strata of the society. The cost of the share will be paid off under a 20-year installment. - 11/3/05

Iran's Parliament Response to Tchogha Zanbil Explorations
Iran's Parliament has asked the Ministry of Petroleum to explain about the explorations in the vicinity of Tchogha Zanbil. -CHN - 11/3/05

Hitchcock In Hijab
You know nothing of contemporary world cinema if you don’t know your Iranian New Wave. It is the new cinema hotspot. But what makes it so livewire? As a fascinating all-women Iranian delegation shows its work at the Asian Film Festival in Mumbai, Chandrahas Choudhury brings Iranian cinema up close -Tehelka - 11/3/05

Rumbles of radicalism in Kurdistan
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad has nominated a man with little experience of the energy business to be his country's new oil minister. -CSM - 11/3/05

13 repentant MKO members return to Iran
Thirteen repentant members of the terrorist group Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) returned home from Iraq on Wednesday with assistance from world rescue institutions. -IRNA - 11/3/05

'Unknown' given Iran oil ministry
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad has nominated a man with little experience of the energy business to be his country's new oil minister. -BBC - 11/3/05

Azerbaijan Under International Pressure To Conduct Fair Poll
Azerbaijan goes to the polls on 6 November in the first parliamentary elections in the country since November 2000 and the first major national poll since the election of Ilham Aliyev as president in October 2003. At stake are the 125 seats in the Milli Meclis, or National Assembly, and Azerbaijan's reputation as an aspiring democracy. -RFE - 11/3/05

Iran: Ahmadinejad Blasts Stock Exchange
An Iranian on-line daily has reported that the hardline president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is riled by the decline in the Tehran stock exchange and would have liked to opt for a drastic solution. “If it had been possible to hang a couple of people, the Tehran stock exchange would already have been put in order," said Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the daily rooz-on-line reports, quoting sources close to the president. -AKI - 11/3/05

UN allowed in Iran 'nuclear' site
UN nuclear inspectors have been given permission by Iran to enter its Parchin military complex. -BBC - 11/3/05

Turkmen, Iranian Leaders Discuss Relations
Turkmen state television reports the two leaders talked about ways of developing cooperation in the oil and gas sectors. Niyazov and Ahmadinejad also discussed cooperation among Turkmenistan, Iran, and Russia on developing the resources of the Caspian Sea. -RFE - 11/3/05

US Officials Seek Congressional Support For Nuclear Deal with India
Bush administration officials appeared before a Senate panel Wednesday to promote a plan to share civilian nuclear technology with India. Some lawmakers are skeptical about the deal. -VOA - 11/3/05

Iranian filmmaker crafts special project to honor mystic poet Rumi
Filmmaker Puria Montazeri initially heard about the Persian mystic poet Rumi Whirling, a respected and best-selling poet, while growing up in Iran. Now a junior in the Film School at Watkins College of Art & Design, Montazeri is completing the short film Shams & Rumi: The Fragrance of Axis Mundi that’s based on the friendship between Rumi and close friend Shams during the 12th century -Nashville City Paper - 11/3/05

United Nations: Iran blasts Canada's human rights record
Irania Representative to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights Mostafa Alaee strongly criticized Ottawa's human rights record during a session of the UN General Assembly's Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian, Cultural) on Wednesday. -IRNA - 11/3/05

French FM: EU to begin new round of nuclear talks with Iran
French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy said in Paris on Wednesday to French Parliament members that France and the other two European countries are willing to open a new wound of nuclear talks with Iran. -IRNA - 11/3/05

Iran oil bourse:a threat to the petrodollar?
Iran's decision to set up an oil and associated derivatives market next year has generated a great deal of interest. This is primarily because of Iran’s reported intention to invoice energy contracts in euros rather than dollars. -Aljazeera - 11/3/05

Iran wins six medals at international astronomy olympiad in Beijing
Teams from sixteen countries including Iran, China, Russia, India, Brazil, Italy, Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania participated in the competitions which were held from October 25 to November 2. -IRNA - 11/3/05

Blair Calls on Iran to Meet International Obligations
British Prime Minister Tony Blair says military action against Iran is not contemplated, but he says the international community demands Iran meet its obligations for global security. -VOA - 11/3/05

Iran: Journalist Tortured to Renounce Writings
The imprisoned Iranian journalist and dissident, Akbar Ganji, said that Judiciary officials have tortured him to renounce his writings. Human Rights Watch today expressed grave concern for his physical well-being and urged the Iranian government to release him immediately and unconditionally. - 11/2/05

God Is Great
It's hard to know when art maven and real estate investor Nasser David Khalili first felt a craving for legitimacy. Could it have been when his teacher at a Jewish day school in Tehran, Iran ridiculed and flunked him for aspiring to genius? -Forbes - 11/2/05

US urges UK to maintain dialogue with Iran
The British government is adopting a cautious diplomatic approach towards peacefully resolving disputes with Iran that has the support of US, according Foreign Office Minister Lord Triesman. -IRNA - 11/2/05

NIAC Seeks Legislative Director
The Legislative Director will continuously and intently monitor legislative affairs, develop close working relationships with Congressional staffers (primarily focused on Congressional districts with large populations of Iranian Americans) and interest groups, and educate and advocate on behalf of our community. - 11/2/05

British FM Jack Straw rejects call to support Iranian opposition groups
British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw Tuesday rejected a call from a supporter of the MKO terrorist group to start talks with Iranian opposition groups to overthrow the country's government. -IRNA - 11/2/05

IAPAC to Host Washington, D.C. Fall Meet & Greet Reception
The Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC) will host its 2005 Fall Washington, D.C. Meet & Greet Reception on November 16, 2005. Featured guests will include Congressman Marty Meehan (D- MA), Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY). Representatives Meehan, - 11/2/05

Iranian Reza Kahouli stands second at World Inventions Competitions
A student of Tabriz University majoring in mechanical engineering (design of solids), Kahouli managed to stand second at this year's World Inventions Competitions in the Swiss city of Geneva and win the special award for improvising a new method for cloud impregnation. -IRNA - 11/2/05

Iran recalls senior ambassadors
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has recalled a string of ambassadors from high-profile postings. Tehran's senior diplomats in the UK, France, Germany and at the United Nations in Geneva are being replaced. -BBC - 11/2/05

Unknown named as Iran oil minister
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad nominated Sadeq Mahsouli, a total unkown in the energy business, as oil minister of the world's fourth biggest crude producer on Wednesday. -Reuters - 11/2/05

Iran remembers US embassy siege
Thousands of young Iranians have marched in the capital Tehran in honour of "national anti-global arrogance day" on 4 November. -BBC - 11/2/05

Blast at UK firms' Tehran offices
A "percussion device" has exploded outside the offices of BP and British Airways (BA) in Iran's capital, Tehran. -BBC - 11/2/05

Pakistan quake death toll reaches 73,276
Death toll from Pakistan's earthquake reached 73,276, the country's relief commissioner said on Wednesday. -IRNA - 11/2/05

Shiite power struggle simmers in Najaf
In Iraq's Shiite heartland, tensions remain high between Moqtada al Sadr and Iraq's ruling party SCIRI. -CSM - 11/2/05

Destination America: Mahnaz Afkhami & Farah Ebrahimi
Ferdows Naficy and her two daughters, Mahnaz and Farah became independent women in America. When Ferdows decided to emigrate to the U.S., she opened the door for her daughters to later join her in California. Both would later return to Iran as adults, where they would be torn apart by Iranian politics during the reign of the shah. -PBS - 11/2/05

Iranian President's Comments on Israel Sparked by Domestic Political Struggle
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent statements calling for Israel’s annihilation are connected primarily to an intensifying power struggle in Tehran, in which hardliners are striving to defeat a challenge by pragmatists led by former chief executive Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. -Eurasianet - 11/2/05

Iran's Majlis meets in closed-door session to discuss corruption issue
The Iranian parliament (Majlis) met in a closed-door session on Thursday to discuss the issue of corruption in the economic and administrative sectors of society. Among those who attended the session was Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Mahmoud Shahroudi. -IRNA - 11/2/05

Iran: National engine to be unveiled by November
The first 'national engine' is going to be unveiled in an internal combustion engine conference by November 22. -Mehr - 11/2/05

German Weightlifting Federation denies report on Rezazadeh offer
The German weightlifting federation official was referring to a report in the daily Die Welt in which the head of the German Weightlifting Federation Claus Umbach alleged that a Germany-based Iranian man had approached him regarding a possible transfer of Rezazadeh to the German national weightlifting team. -IRNA - 11/2/05

While You Slept: They lied us into war
In the run-up to war with Iraq, Iranian intelligence was playing the U.S. like a violin – with the knowledge and full cooperation of certain major (and minor) – players in the U.S. government. -Antiwar - 11/2/05

8th Annual Schoolnet Conference a Great Success
The 8th Annual SchoolNet Conference took place in the city of Neyshabour from the 13th to the 16th of September 2005. This conference was organized by the Science and Arts Foundation, the ICT Department of the Ministry of Education, the Neyshabour Mathematics House, the Isfahan Mathematics House and the Khorasan and Neyshabour Departments of Education. - 11/2/05

Iran: President Still In Charge Of Nuclear Program, Despite Speculation To The Contrary
President Mahmud Ahmadinejad's forays into foreign policy since his inauguration in August continue to elicit negative reactions from the international community and from many Iranian observers. -RFE - 11/2/05

The Real Reason for Nuking Iran: Why a nuclear attack is on the neocon agenda
The strategic decision by the United States to nuke Iran was probably made long ago. Tactics adjust to unpredictable events as they unfold. -Antiwar - 11/1/05

Can Iran Afford to Ignore America's Third Option
Political analysts who speculate about the United States' options for stopping Iran's nuclear program often point to two alternatives: economic sanctions and surgical military strike against Iran's nuclear cites. Iran has been well aware of these alternatives and has tried to discourage them by a series of diplomatic moves and military posturing. -Nader Habibi - 11/1/05

Iran wins world U-24 sitting volleyball crown
Iran conceded no set during the tournament and lifted the world under-24 sitting volleyball trophy with a 3-0 victory over finalist Bosnia-Herzegovina in Slovenia Monday. -IRNA - 11/1/05

Defence Secretary: British troops not permitted to cross Iran border
Reid made the clarification in a one-word written parliamentary reply, published Tuesday, when answering "no" to the question of whether present rules of engagement of UK forces and special forces in Iraq permit forces to operate over the border with Iran. -IRNA - 11/1/05

Energy-rich Azerbaijan bubbles with intrigue
A purge was afoot in Azerbaijan before the parliamentary elections on Nov. 6. The administration of President Ilham Aliyev - who on Oct. 18 insisted in an interview with four Western journalists that his government was stable and under his control - is facing its most difficult test to date. -NYT - 11/1/05

Iran's London envoy sacked as president purges officials
Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has embarked on a purge of senior Iranian diplomats, with the ambassador to London among his first victims. The sackings will create further alarm in western capitals over Mr Ahmadinejad, who has made a series of hardline pronouncements since becoming president in the summer. -Guardian - 11/1/05

Quake jolts Qasr-e-Shirin in Kermanshah province
A quake jolted the town of Qasr-e-Shirin in the west of Iran on Monday. -IRNA - 11/1/05

Quake hits Kazeroun in southern Iran
An earthquake measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale hit the outskirts of Kazeroun in southwestern Fars province Tuesday morning. -IRNA - 11/1/05

US seeks a Syrian change-of-ways
The unanimous Security Council vote demanding that Syria co-operate with the UN inquiry into the death of the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri has added another US-led diplomatic front in the Middle East. -BBC - 11/1/05

Boston Museum of Fine Arts to honor Iranian director Tahmineh Milani
The Boston Museum of Fine Arts is to honor Iranian director Tahmineh Milani in its 12th Annual Boston Festival of Films from Iran, the Persian service of ISNA announced on Tuesday. -Mehr - 11/1/05

What's behind Iranian leader's anti-Israel rant
To analysts, the episode is an accurate reflection of Ahmadinejad's distaste for Israel, but also represents on-the-job training for a man without a foreign policy background, full control of his own government, or much experience in the global spotlight. -CSM - 11/1/05

Iran: President's Anti-Israel Remarks Spark Internal Criticism
While hard-line Iranian officials have tried to play down President Ahmadinejad's anti-Israel comments, others have warned that such remarks do not serve Iran's national interests. -RFE - 11/1/05

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