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Iranian Imbroglio Gives New Boost To Odd Exile Group
Early this summer, as Washington fretted about Iran's nuclear program, supporters of Mujahedin-e Khalq, an Iranian opposition group, held a rally in an auditorium two blocks from the White House. Prominent members of Congress addressed the crowd, as did the State Department's recently retired ambassador-at-large for war crimes. -Wall Street Journal - 11/30/06

Iraqi president wraps up Iran visit
Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and his entourage left Tehran for home on Thursday. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad bade official farewell to Iraqi President Jalal Talabani at the end of his three-day visit to Tehran on Wednesday. -IRNA - 11/30/06

Iran: Seven-month export of pistachios hits $457m
In the first seven months of the current Iranian year (March 21-September 22, 2006), Iran exported 457 million dollars of pistachios, an official with the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad claimed on Wednesday. -MNA - 11/30/06

Talk about Talks with Iran and Syria
President Bush's meeting with the Prime Minister of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki on Wednesday follows earlier talks in Tehran between the presidents of Iran and Iraq. As VOA's Peter Fedynsky reports, the politics of who talks with whom are controversial. - 11/30/06

Ahmadinejad Blasts US Policies in Open Letter to American People
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has strongly criticized Bush administration Middle East policies in an open letter to the American people. The U.S. State Department characterized the Iranian message as a public relations move, but said it would be examined by policy experts. -VOA - 11/30/06

Iran’s Ethnic Groups
Although Iran’s state religion is Shiite Islam and the majority of its population is ethnically Persian, millions of minorities from various ethnic, religious, and linguistic backgrounds also reside in Iran. Among these groups are ethnic Kurds, Baluchis, and Azeris. -CFR - 11/30/06

Iran war games: Clear message to the enemies
Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, according to U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence, is believed to have 1,000 boats up to 60 feet long with long-range torpedoes and anti-ship cruise missiles, as well as five high- speed Chinese catamarans armed with long-range missiles. -Aljazeera - 11/30/06

Previously imprisoned Iranian cartoonist, in exile after facing death threats, seeks asylum
Cartoonist Mana Neyestani has left Dubai where he had lived in exile since one of his cartoons elicited death threats. He is now in Europe, where he has notified the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the refugee agency of the United Nations, that he is seeking asylum. -IFEX - 11/30/06

Iran, Syria agree to connect power networks via Iraq, Turkey
Iran and Syria on Wednesday reached an agreement to connect their electricity networks via Turkey and Iraq, Iran Energy Minister said. -MNA - 11/30/06

Stepping Into Iraq - Saudi Arabia Will Protect Sunnis if the U.S. Leaves
In February 2003, a month before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, the Saudi foreign minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal, warned President Bush that he would be "solving one problem and creating five more" if he removed Saddam Hussein by force. Had Bush heeded his advice, Iraq would not now be on the brink of full-blown civil war and disintegration. -SUSRIS - 11/30/06

Our allies, the Iranian people
On the sixth floor of the old Defense Ministry building one can learn about the gap between declarations and actions. In several small, crowded rooms are the offices of Uri Lubrani. His official title is "advisor" to the defense minister. In fact he is supposed to be the eyes and ears of the minister concerning events in Iran. -Haaretz, Israel - 11/30/06

Bush Praises Iraq's Maliki as 'Strong Leader,' Pledges Continued Support
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and U.S. President George Bush say they are working together to stop sectarian violence in Iraq. VOA White House Correspondent Scott Stearns reports the men discussed the way forward at talks in the Jordanian capital, Amman. -VOA - 11/30/06

Iran, China fail to reach agreement on LNG deal
In October 2004, Iran and Sinopec signed an initial deal worth $100 billion under which China will buy 250 million tons of LNG from Iran over a 25-year period. In return, Sinopec will help Iran develop one of its giant oilfields, Yadavaran in southwestern province of Khuzestan. -MNA - 11/30/06

“Leave Us Alone,” Iranian Reformers Say
Back in March, the Bush Administration released its new “National Security Strategy of the United States,” and regime change in Iran leaps out of it as a goal. “We may face no greater challenge from a single country than from Iran,” the document baldly states in a grand exaggeration. -Muhammad Sahimi, Progressive - 11/30/06

Iranian athletes shine at FESPIC, grab volleyball, basketball, table tennis titles
Iran extended its winning streak with a 3-0 victory over China in the final of sitting volleyball tournament of the 9th Far East and South Pacific Games for the Disabled (FESPIC) in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday. - 11/30/06

Iranian President writes to the American people (full text)
Noble Americans, While Divine providence has placed Iran and the United States geographically far apart, we should be cognizant that human values and our common human spirit, which proclaim the dignity and exalted worth of all human beings, have brought our two great nations of Iran and the United States closer together. - 11/30/06

IAAB Call for Papers: 3rd Int'l Conference on Iranian Diaspora
Iranian Alliances Across Borders (IAAB) is pleased to announce its Third International Conference on the Iranian Diaspora, to take place April 28-29, 2007 at New York University in New York, NY. - 11/30/06

First cuneiform inscription of Rabat Tepe 2 discovered
The first brick inscription written in cuneiform to be discovered at Rabat Tepe 2 was recently unearthed during the second phase of excavations at the ancient site, the Persian service of CHN reported on Tuesday. - 11/29/06

No time for Complacency
Statement on US Midterm Elections by Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran: The 2006 midterm elections have been an unmistakable rejection of Bush's Iraq policy and a significant victory for the global antiwar movement. However, the danger for the US and/or Israel to either attack Iran or force devastating sanctions upon its people continues to be very real. - 11/29/06

Zoroaster's Kaba, a Potential Victim of Railway Construction
Studies on the map of a railway which is planned to pass close to the historic site of Naqsh-e Rostam in Fars province show that it would for sure result in destruction of Achaemenid monument of Zoroaster's Kaba in less than ten years. -CHN - 11/29/06

Iran: Reformists Reportedly Disqualified From Local Elections
The names of vetted candidates for upcoming municipal council elections in Iran will be announced in the final days of November, some two weeks before the actual voting takes place. Preliminary reports from around the country suggest mass disqualifications of reformists in the provinces, in contrast with official reports of inclusiveness. -RFE - 11/29/06

"Persian Gulf Air Show 2006" kicks off in Kish Island
The Kish Trade Promotion Center supported by Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO) opened the third international air show in Iran's tourist island of Kish on Tuesday. -MNA - 11/29/06

Qeshm Island's Historic Kharbas Caves to be Delimited
Qeshm Free Zone Organization is to revive and delimit the historic Kharbas caves of Qeshm Island which were formed naturally more than 2800 years ago due to receding of the water level. -CHN - 11/29/06

How provisional release is turned into a tool of censorship: List of journalists banned from working in Iran
Since ultraconservative President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to power in June 2005 with a team consisting above all of former revolutionary guard commanders and intelligence officers, the repression of journalists in Iran has become more subtle and less visible, but it continues to be as effective as ever and to maintain Iran's position as a leading violator of free expression, Reporters Without Borders said today. - 11/29/06

Iran reaches FESPIC football, basketball and volleyball finals
Iran's football side thrashed China 6-0 in pouring rain here Wednesday to squeeze into the final of the 9th Far East and South Pacific Games for the Disabled (FESPIC). -IRNA - 11/29/06

Alarm draws Iran and Iraq closer
The Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has been in Iran on a visit aimed at winning Tehran's support for the beleaguered Iraqi government at a time when there are calls for the US to start a dialogue on Iraq with Iran and Syria. -BBC - 11/29/06

Perkovich: Iran-U.S. Competition in Middle East Holds Seeds of ‘Tragedy’
George Perkovich, a leading expert on Iran and on nuclear issues, says the debate over Iran’s nuclear program has now been widened, with Iran feeling emboldened to compete with the United States for dominance in the Middle East as a whole. He warns this competition has the potential for “tragedy” if the United States feels it must use military power against Iran. -CFR - 11/29/06

U.S. opposes Georgia-Iran deal
RIA Novosti reported U.S. Ambassador to Georgia John Tefft told a Georgian newspaper in an interview published Monday that Washington opposed long-term strategic cooperation between Georgia and Iran in natural gas deliveries. -UPI - 11/29/06

Memoir explores 1970s Iran
The love of a handsome young man took an American woman a world away, into an exotic culture steeped in mystery and humming with hospitality. Its people were fiercely devoted to their friends and families, deeply principled, giving. If she admired something they possessed, it was hers without even asking. -Akron Beacon Journal, Ohio - 11/29/06

Iraq's President Talabani meets Iran's Expediency Council Chairman Rafsanjani
Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said in Tehran on Tuesday that the current crisis in Iraq calls for strengthening of the country's unity and sovereign power. -IRNA - 11/29/06

Record Afghan opium crop is massive source of corruption, UN report warns
Efforts to combat opium production in Afghanistan, a $3-billion-a-year trade accounting for more than 90 per cent of the world's illegal output, have been marred by high-level corruption, with this year registering a record increase of some 50 per cent, according to a United Nations report released today. -UN News - 11/29/06

SAIPA 141 production line kicks off in Venezuela
The plant to produce Iranian passenger car of Saipa 141 came kicked off in Venezuela on Sunday. Venezuelan high-ranking officials and the managing director of Iranian auto-maker SAIPA attended the inauguration ceremony of the plant dubbed "VEN.IR.Auto". -MNA - 11/29/06

Iraqi President Says Country Needs Iran's Help
Iraqi President Jalal Talabani is in the Iranian capital for a two-day visit that is expected to focus on security as violence continues to plague his own country. -RFE - 11/29/06

Enchanted String Ensemble at The Kennedy Center: Footsteps of the Mountain
With a vision for a more harmonious world, Iranian composer and musician Kazem Davoudian and the Enchanted String Ensemble present an inspiring collage of music that brings together generations and cultures - integrating western classical music with traditional Persian stringed instruments to create a vivd tapestry of melodies that embrace every listener - 11/29/06

"The answer to the nuclear issue is more democracy"
Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003,Shirin Ebadi is a prominent lawyer and human rights activist within her country, Iran, as well as an advocate for human rights around the world. In an exclusive interview to The Hindu during a recent visit to India, she spoke about the situation in Iran and the impact the `war of terror' is having on human rights. -Siddharth Varadarajan, The Hindu - 11/29/06

Bringing Persian Dance to the Masses: Niosha's Dual Crusade
With all the negativity surrounding Iranians and Iran these days, there is little that is obviously optimistic. Who we really are is often masked by those desperate to drag us into their bitter feuds and hostile intentions. So it is wonderful when a truly inspiring story comes along. -Bruce Bahmani - 11/28/06

United Nations: Third Committee Approves Draft Resolution Expressing Serious Concern About Human Rights Situation in Iran
The draft resolution on the human rights situation in Iran (document A/C.3/61/L.41) was approved by a recorded vote of 70 in favour to 48 against, with 55 abstentions - 11/28/06

Iran's Red Crescent Society to construct two hospitals in Iraq
President of Islamic Republic of Iran's Red Crescent Society (IRCS) Masoud Khatami said on Monday that the society has started construction of two hospitals in Iraqi holy cities of Karbala and Najaf and at the same time is making preparations to build two clinics in Gaza Strip. -IRNA - 11/28/06

An Axis Of Joy: Monika Jalili & Noorsaaz Band Triumph in Paris
The crowd that gathered at the Maison des Cultures du Monde at the Bld Raspail was as Cosmopolitan as the Band that was about to perform for a unique concert in Paris. A mixture of Persian residents of Paris and American teachers and students of the former Alliance Francaise were talking about the latest cultural events in Paris. -Darius KADIVAR - 11/28/06

Ayatollah Khamenei: Continued insecurity in Iraq detrimental to entire region
Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in a meeting with the visiting Iraqi President Jalal Talabani here Tuesday said that continued insecurity and genocide in Iraq will harm all regional states. -IRNA - 11/28/06

Niki Karimi leaves for U.S. to receive award
Iranian actress and filmmaker Niki Karimi left Tehran for the United States today to receive the ILEX Award of the 13th Boston Festival of Films and Music from Iran on December 3, which is the last day of the event. -MNA - 11/28/06

Iran ready to offer any kind of assistance to boost security in Iraq
Speaking in a joint press conference with President Talabani, Ahmadinejad said, "We believe a secure, advanced and powerful Iraq can secure the interests of the Iraqi nation, be beneficial for Iran, and the entire region." -IRNA - 11/28/06

UN: Rapporteur For Religious Freedom Sees Slow Progress
Asma Jahangir, the UN special rapporteur on freedom of religion, says the politicization of religions should end. Jahangir made the comments in an exclusive interview with RFE/RL correspondent Golnaz Esfandiari. -RFE - 11/28/06

Quake hits Qeshm island in Persian Gulf
An earthquake measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale hit the southern island of Qeshm in Hormuzgan province bordering the Persian Gulf Monday night. -IRNA - 11/28/06

US Welcomes Middle East Truce and Olmert Speech
The United States says the Gaza truce agreement and conciliatory speech by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Monday are promising signs that a regional peace dialogue might be resumed. -VOA - 11/28/06

TV Blowhard Barks at Iran: Let’s Hold CNN Accountable
Turn on CNN Headline News – a supposed “news” channel – on weekday nights and you’ll be subjected to the lectures of a loudmouthed, factually-challenged, occasionally funny know-it-all whose shtick is that he’s “just a regular American schmoe.” -Common Dreams - 11/28/06

Chinese FM: World leaders interested in seeing the Iran nuclear issue settled
Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing said in Beijing Tuesday that a number of world leaders have expressed their desire to see the Iran nuclear issue resolved peacefully. -IRNA - 11/28/06

U.S. diplomatic venture shuts out Syria and Iran
As President Bush and his top diplomats try to halt the downward spiral in Iraq and Lebanon, they seem intent on their strategy of talking only to Arab friends despite increasing calls inside and outside the administration for them to reach out to Iran and Syria as well. -San Francisco Chronicle - 11/28/06

France wants Iran to join Afghanistan "contact group"
France on Tuesday will propose that Iran be invited to join a "contact group" of countries and multilateral institutions to coordinate NATO's peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan, a European daily reported. -IRNA - 11/28/06

CIS: Energy, Relevance Top Agenda As Heads Of State Gather In Minsk
Heads of state from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) are gathering today in the Belarusian capital Minsk for talks expected to focus on two uncomfortable issues -- energy and the future of the grouping itself. The meeting comes just over a week before the post-Soviet regional grouping celebrates its 15th anniversary on December 8. -RFE - 11/28/06

NATO: Afghanistan Overshadows Other Issues At Summit
Leaders from the 26 member states of NATO open a two-day summit in the Latvian capital, Riga, today, and the alliance's mission in Afghanistan, where its troops are tackling a resurgent Taliban, is expected to be a focal point of the meeting. -RFE - 11/28/06

Panahi mulls over setting "Offside" trap for superstars at Golden Globe
Iranian flick "Offside" director Ja'far Panahi is dreaming of competing with his Hollywood opposite numbers of the Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson caliber. He is seeking nomination at the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards in 2007. -MNA - 11/28/06

The Forgotten Victims of the Iran-Iraq War
Parvin Vahedi, a voluptuous young woman of 19 with olive skin and sweeping eyelashes, was showering when the bombers came. It was late afternoon, but she was the only one up. She was enjoying the quiet before her family rose from their siestas. -Kamin Mohammadi - 11/27/06

Narestan: Pomegranate Garden
The book “Narestan” is a journey through the seasons of the pomegranate trees, in the context of Saveh’s architecture and surrounding nature. I have lived for 10 years in a pomegranate garden there, discovering year after year the amazing nature of this fruit so dear to Iranians, living each season with wonder, admiring every change the pomegranate trees were going through, picking them, sorting them, storing them and of course using them in many different ways. -Jacqueline Mirsadeghi - 11/27/06

A day in Darband
Autumn arrived abruptly in Tehran a few weeks ago. First we had a good deal of rain and thunderstorms, but mostly we get a wind, sometimes cold and rough but generally pleasant. The best thing about it either way is that the wind blows away the smog covering Tehran and we get a clear blue sky which means that we can clearly see the mountains surrounding this crazy and dear city of ours. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/27/06

Paucity of women managers, a shortcoming of the society: Tehran Mayor
"Although women are pioneers in education more than men, their presence in the management sphere of the society is weak. This causes great problems for the future of our society," said Tehran Mayor Mohammad Qalibaf here Friday at the inauguration ceremony for two multipurpose sheds. -MNA - 11/27/06

Tehran Short Film Festival winners announced
winners of Tehran 11th International & 23rd National Short Film Festival were announced during a ceremony at the Andisheh Hall of the Art Bureau on Sunday. -MNA - 11/27/06

Mona Zandi-Haqiqi's "Friday Evening" wins Greece's Silver Alexander award
Iranian director Mona Zandi-Haqiqi won the Silver Alexander Special Jury Award as well its 22,000-euro cash prize at the 47th Thessaloniki International Film Festival for her film "Friday Evening" during the closing ceremony of the festival on November 26. -MNA - 11/27/06

Qom Renovation Project Turns into a Devastating One
The project to renovate historic texture of Qom, Tehran’s neighboring province, has now become a devastating one, destroying large areas of the 6000-year-old site of Shad Qoli and other old sites of this province as well as the areas which had remained intact for long. -CHN - 11/27/06

British Experts Started Studies on Zanjan's Salt Men in Iran
After months of negotiations between Iran’s Archeology Research Center and the British universities of Oxford and York, a team consisting of two archeologists from these universities came to Iran to study the salt mummies found in Zanjan’s salt mine, located in western Iran. So far, five mummies known as “Salt Men” have been discovered in Chehr Abad salt mine. -CHN - 11/27/06

FIFA temporarily lifts suspension on Iran
The world's football governing body, FIFA, temporarily lifted Iran's suspension from international soccer on Sunday, enabling the country to defend its soccer title in the 2006 Asian Games (Doha 2006). -IRNA - 11/27/06

Concern Grows Over Competing Influences in Middle East
Leaders in the Middle East say they are concerned about the potential for destabilization and chaos, amid competing influences in the region. -VOA - 11/27/06

Bahrain's hesitant steps toward democracy
Initial results of the first round of the recent parliamentary election in Bahrain indicate that 17 opposition candidates have come out on top. -Tehran Times - 11/27/06

Don't ban Dan Brown
Iran's censorship of western books belies its own literary heritage, argues Azar Nafisi -Guardian - 11/27/06

Iraq's Talabani to Meet With Iran's President on Iraqi Security
The New York Times newspaper says a bi-partisan panel studying U.S. strategic options in Iraq is expected to urge the Bush administration to undertake aggressive regional diplomacy, including direct talks with Iran and Syria. -VOA - 11/27/06

Iran: 36 Killed In Military Plane Crash in Tehran
An IRGC Antonov-74 plane heading towards the southern Iranian city of Shiraz on a military mission on Monday morning crashed at Tehran International Mehrabad Airport at 07:20 hours local time (0350 GMT). - 11/27/06

FIFA lifts ban on Iran
The Islamic Republic of Iran Football Federation (IRIFF) convinced FIFA to remove the ban and allow the country's Under-23 side to compete at the 2006 Asian Games that will start in the Qatari capital Doha on Dec. 1. -MNA - 11/26/06

Georgia: Walking A Tightrope Toward The West
Since Georgia's 2003 Rose Revolution, the country's president, Mikheil Saakashvili, has turned away from Russia and has followed an unflinchingly pro-Western course. But the frozen conflicts of Abkhazia and South Ossetia are making it hard for Georgia to make a clean break. -RFE - 11/26/06

Surging violence tearing social fabric of Iraq, UN officials warn
The top United Nations envoy to Iraq today called on the Iraqi authorities to capture the perpetrators behind the wave of "despicable violent crimes" that have killed and injured hundreds of innocent civilians, "especially the ghastly attacks" on Sadr City in Baghdad yesterday, warning that the very social fabric of the country is at stake. -UN News - 11/26/06

Pakistan gets IAEA approval for new N-plant
The international atomic watchdog has approved an agreement with Pakistan for a second nuclear power plant to be built in the country with Chinese assistance, the Foreign Office said on Sunday. -IRNA - 11/26/06

Spokesman warns UAE against being used as US base for anti-Iran moves
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini said in Tehran on Sunday said that UAE officials should not let the US use their country as a base for hostile activities against Iran. -IRNA - 11/26/06

US Hawk Judges ‘War on Terror’ a Mistake
Fred Iklé, a Nixon-era arms control veteran and mentor to the current generation of nuclear “hawks”, has an apocalyptic vision of the future. However, as a contrarian who confounds his neo-conservative admirers, he is also highly critical of the Bush administration’s handling of threats to the US, and calls the “global war on terror” a serious mistake. -Financial Times - 11/26/06

Iraqi president to visit Tehran on Monday
Iraqi President Jalal Talabani will pay an official visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran on Monday at the head of a delegation, an informed source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told IRNA on Sunday. A number of Iraqi ministers, members of parliament, experts and working groups will accompany Talabani. - 11/26/06

Iran's Tondar automobile to be produced with most parts built domestically
Delay in the production of the Iranian version of Logan (L90) called Tondar is due to improvements made to the contract earlier concluded between France's Renault and Iran's Pars Khodro Co., noted Mehdi Mofidi, chairman of Iran's Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO). -MNA - 11/26/06

Democrats Want Changes in Iraq
Following their victory over Republicans in this month's Congressional elections, Democrats say they will push for a change of course in Iraq. -VOA - 11/26/06

The Father of Iranian Modern Journalism Died
Iran’s last press giant, Dr Mostafa Mesbahzadeh, better known as “The Father of modern Iranian journalism” died on Friday 24 November 2006 in San Diego, California, after a long suffering. He was 97. -IPS - 11/26/06

Iranin composer Babak Bayat dies at 60
After about two months in Tehran's Iranmehr Hospital for his liver insufficiency, prominent Iranian composer Babak Bayat died on Sunday. - 11/26/06

Iran wins Asian Zurkhaneh Sports Festival title
Iran stood top at the 1st Asian Zurkhaneh Sports Festival (AZSF) here Thursday night. Zourkhaneh, literally meaning house of strength, is the Iranian national sport also called varzesh-e pahlavani (sport of heroes) or varzesh-e bastani (sport of ancients) played in an Iranian traditional gymnasium. - 11/25/06

From Dialogue to Diabolical
Acknowledging their failure in Iraq, the Bush-Blair team announced their readiness to have a dialogue with both Syria and Iran in order to seek their help in securing a broader Middle East peace settlement [i]. The tragic reality of their quagmire in Iraq was so acutely felt that it drove Blair to confession. In an interview with al-Jazeera, he acknowledged that Iraq was a disaster. In his bout of confession, he also made it clear that al-Qaeda and the Sunni insurgents were on the opposite camp from the Shiite militias.[ii] What a wonderful ritual confession is. -Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 11/25/06

UN: More Countries Confronting Violence Against Women
November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Some 89 states -- more than ever -- have to date addressed the issue of domestic violence within a legal framework. Only 45 had done so three years ago. -RFE - 11/25/06

Iran's economy not affected by poisonous political atmosphere: Commerce official
The head of Iran's Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines, Ali-Naqi Khamoushi, said here Friday that Iran has dispatched a delegation to four main European states to prove that its economy will not be affected by the current poisonous political atmosphere. -IRNA - 11/25/06

Bahrainis Vote in Parliamentary Elections
On Friday, more than 1,000 Bahrainis protested in the capital, Manama, against alleged election irregularities. The demonstrators demanded an investigation into claims by former government adviser Salah al-Bandar that the government was plotting to maintain Sunni Arab dominance in parliament. -VOA - 11/25/06

Zimbabwe Signs Fuel Deal With Iran
Mr. Mugabe has returned to Zimbabwe and says he has secured a pledge from Iran for its technicians to investigate whether it is possible to resuscitate the country's only oil refinery. The refinery, in Zimbabwe's eastern border town Mutare, was forced to close almost 40 years ago, when the world imposed trade and diplomatic sanctions against the then white ruled Rhodesia. -VOA - 11/25/06

Iran mulls joining world's largest oil consortium
In its bid to maintain gas condensate reserves, Iran is mulling to join one of the world's largest oil consortiums, an official with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) noted. -MNA - 11/25/06

BBG Statement Regarding Closure of Affiliate in Azerbaijan
The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) expressed its dismay and concern at the sudden and forcible closure of Azerbaijan's first private radio and television company, ANS, which has carried shows produced by the Voice of America (VOA) and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL). - 11/25/06

U.S. policy shift could help solve regional problems: FM
If the United States is serious about implementing new policies, there can be hope for resolving some of the regional problems, Iranian Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki said in Tehran on Saturday. - 11/25/06

Top US senator urges Tehran-Washington talks over Mideast situation
The powerful chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Richard Lugar on Saturday called for direct talks between Washington, Tehran and Damascus over the latest developments in the Middle East. -IRNA - 11/25/06

Talabani says closure of Baghdad's airport caused postponement of Iran visit
State-owned television station `Iraqia' on Saturday quoted Iraqi President Jalal Talabani as saying his scheduled visit to Iran has been postponed due to the closure of Baghdad's international airport. -IRNA - 11/25/06

Iran denies report it has lodged complaint against FIFA
The Islamic Republic of Iran Football Federation (IRIFF) Saturday denied the report of the German site "sport1" that it has lodged a complaint against the world's soccer body FIFA. -MNA - 11/25/06

Let's talk friendly, says Iran radio "Seda-ye Ashna"
Seda-ye Ashna (Familiar Voice) international radio network has given chance to the listeners to take part in multinational friendly conversations. In the program, entitled “A Sincere Dialogue”, people from Iran and other countries discuss social, cultural, political, and religious issues and exchange views on life. -MNA - 11/25/06

Tahmineh Milani's film "The Unwanted Woman" scoops up Asia-Pacific awards
Iranian director Tahmineh Milani's "The Unwanted Woman", known as "Extra Wife" in Iran, bagged the best director and best screenplay at the 51st Asia-Pacific Film Festival awards late Friday in Taipei, the largest city of Taiwan. - 11/25/06

Iran: Debate Sharpens Over Gender Segregation
Conservative elements in Iran are pushing to increase the segregation of men and women in public. A new park for women is due to open in the capital, Tehran, and reports say plans are under way for single-sex hospitals and women-only public transport. Supporters claim the effect will be a more moral and Islamic society, but activists warn that the moves are aimed at curbing women's participation in public life. -RFE - 11/24/06

Archeologists to Excavate the 14000-Y-Old Island of Khark
A history of more than 5500 years of human settlement on the Persian Gulf Island of Khark which raised from the waters some 14 millennia ago has encouraged archeologists to excavate this southern Iranian Island, looking for more historic evidence. -CHN - 11/24/06

Persian Visions Photo Exhibition: Contemporary Photography from Iran
With more than 80 photographs by renowned Iranian photographers, this exhibition provides a rare, revealing glance into Iranian life and experiences at the present time. il 4, 2007 through May 2, 2007 - Center for Persian Studies at the University of Maryland at College Park - 11/24/06

Iran Soccer Suspended For 'Government Interference'
FIFA, world soccer's governing body, has suspended Iran from all international competition. In an interview with RFE/RL, FIFA spokesman Pekka Odriozola said the decision was made on November 22 and that it was due to Iranian government interference in soccer matters. - 11/24/06

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Presents Ranjbaran's Seven Passages - A final work from his Persian Trilogy
The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra (BPO) under the direction of resident conductor Robert Franz presents a program that features Behzad Ranjbaran’s Seven Passages, Persian Trilogy for Orchestra. - 11/24/06

Iran, Syria, And The U.S. Seek Common Ground On Iraq
On November 22, Radio Farda's Niusha Boghrati interviewed Houchang Hassan Yari, a professor of international relations (military and strategic issues) at Canada's Royal Military College, about the prospects for engaging Iran and Syria in the search for ways to stabilize Iraq. - 11/24/06

Iran takes steps 'in right direction' on nuclear issue but IAEA still cannot clarify intent, agency chief says
Iran has agreed to a request by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to provide access to materials related to its uranium enrichment activities, but cooperation is still too limited for any determination regarding its nuclear ambitions, the head of the Agency told its Board of Governors in Vienna today. -UN News - 11/24/06

Who Decides on War With Iran?
Iraq is a wreck and Afghanistan is deteriorating, but that doesn't foreclose war with Iran. To the contrary, there is no evidence that the president realizes how much destruction he has wrought. Give him enough time, he seems to believe, and pro-American democracies will bloom across the Mideast. - 11/24/06

Spy camera warning for Iran women
Iranian women have been warned to be on the look-out for cameras hidden in places where they undress, such as fitting rooms, gyms and swimming pools. -BBC - 11/24/06

Iranians invest over $350m in Azerbaijan from 1993-2005
Iranian investors have invested over $350 million in Azerbaijan Republic during the period from 1993 to 2005, noted an Azeri officials on Thursday. -MNA - 11/24/06

Human Rights award for Panahi's film "Offside"
An Iranian film was awarded the Human Rights award in the closing ceremony of the 17th edition of Lyublyana film festival in Slovenia. -ISNA - 11/24/06

Experts unable to relocate Sassanid dam in Khuzestan
The dam currently under construction near Ramhormoz in the southwestern province of Khuzestan will eventually devour the 1700-year-old Sassanid era Jareh Dam, said the team of experts working on the site after announcing that the dam could not be relocated on Friday. -MNA - 11/24/06

Ane Mohammad Tatari - Turkoman Magic
This Turkoman painter who was born in Gonbad-Kavous, where people use a lot of red color because he said they mainly live on a plain, has a most intriguing and interesting way of blending modernity and tradition. He said that he is very dedicated to his tribe and country and his work is a representation of his affiliation and affection. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/24/06

FIFA suspends Iran Football Federation
The FIFA Emergency Committee, composed of the FIFA President and one representative of each of the six confederations, yesterday (22 November 2006) decided to suspend the Islamic Republic of Iran Football Federation (IRIFF) from all international activity due to government interference in football matters and violation of Article 17 of the FIFA Statutes. - 11/23/06

Iraq: Could Iranian Summit Lead To Breakthrough?
On November 21, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani accepted an invitation from his Iranian counterpart to visit Tehran on November 25-26. Talabani and Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad will discuss ways to end the violence currently plaguing Iraq, and conflicting reports suggest Syria's president might also attend. -RFE - 11/23/06

IAEA Director General Briefs Board on Iran & Other Issues
The report before you on the implementation of Agency safeguards in the Islamic Republic of Iran provides an update since my last report of 31 August. - 11/23/06

Armenia: Making The Best Of A Difficult Neighborhood
Reworked diamonds, crayfish, and brandy do not sound like the ingredients of a successful export economy. Yet, appearances can be deceptive -- and in Armenia's case they often are. These three products sustain an economy that last year expanded by 14 percent according to the World Bank -- faster than any other non-oil sector in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). -RFE - 11/23/06

IRAQ: More than 3,700 civilians killed in October, UN reports
The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) said on Wednesday that 3,709 Iraqi civilians were killed in October, describing it as the highest death toll since the beginning of the US-led occupation of the country in March 2003. -IRIN - 11/23/06

UN refuses Iran help with reactor
The UN nuclear agency, the IAEA, has rejected an Iranian request for help in building a heavy-water nuclear reactor. -BBC - 11/23/06

Civil War in Lebanon
Civil war - the words on all our lips yesterday. Pierre Gemayel's murder - in broad daylight, in a Christian suburb of Beirut, his car blocked mafia-style by another vehicle while his killer fired through the driver's window into the head of Lebanon's minister of industry - was a message for all of us who live in this tragic land. -Robert Fisk, Independent - 11/23/06

Iran to become major iodine producer
Iran has the potential to become a major producer of iodine. Following the exploration of Iran's first iodine reserve in the nation's northern province of Golestan, experts in the field maintain that the country has the potentials to become the world's ninth producer of the product. -MNA - 11/23/06

Ex-Guantanamo prisoner says he was sold to the Americans
A German resident of Turkish origin who was held illegally in the notorious Guantanamo prison for several years told the European Parliament in Brussels Wednesday that Pakistani police sold him to the Americans. -IRNA - 11/23/06

EU/Russia: Energy To Top Agenda At Helsinki Summit
Leaders from the European Union and Russia will meet in Helsinki on November 24 to attempt to iron out their differences. Much of the discussion will be focused on energy. -RFE - 11/23/06

Iran to pursue human rights violation in Canada: Foreign Minister
Iran's anti-Canada resolution, which centers on the situation of the country's indigenous residents and religious minorities did not gain enough votes at the United Nations General Assembly's third committee meeting. -IRNA - 11/23/06

New Thanksgiving Tradition Catching On
America's Thanksgiving holiday is a commemoration of an historic feast held in 1621 by a group of Pilgrim settlers to give thanks for a successful harvest. Today on Thanksgiving, nearly 400 years later, American families of every racial, ethnic, and religious group across the country enjoy a traditional home-cooked turkey meal. -VOA - 11/23/06

Private sector to build oil refinery in Iran's Mazandaran Province
Iran's private sector will start the construction of an oil refinery in the northern province of Mazandaran in the near future, Ali Faraji, the head of the Board of Directors of Mazandaran Oil Refinery Company said on Wednesday. -MNA - 11/23/06

Burnt City Recognized as Iran's Largest Prehistoric Site
Latest archeological excavations and studies in the vicinity of Burnt City revealed that the historical-cultural domain of this 5000-year-old prehistoric city spans over a 300,000 hectare area. This way, the Burnt City has become known as the biggest prehistoric site of Iran. -CHN - 11/22/06

Iranian Cola to Compete with Pepsi and Coke In India
Coke and Pepsi may soon have a competitor in India in the form of Iranian soft drink major ZamZam. -IRNA - 11/22/06

Iran Bans Ceremony For Slain Opposition Leader Foruhar
Iran has banned a ceremony that was due to be held today in Tehran to mark the eighth anniversary of the death of Dariush Foruhar, an opposition leader. Foruhar and his wife, Parvaneh, were assassinated in 1998 in their house in Tehran. -RFE - 11/22/06

Talking to Iran and Syria - Will It Work and At What Cost?
Iran and Syria are sending signals they are ready to play a larger role in curbing the continuing violence in Iraq. Tehran has invited Iraq and Syria to a summit conference and, at the same time, Iraq and Syria have renewed diplomatic relations after a nearly quarter-century break. Some experts consider the moves positive, while others remain skeptical. But pressure is increasing for the United States to talk to Iran and Syria about Iraq. -VOA - 11/22/06

Inauguration of Sivand Dam Awaits ICHTO Approval
Construction of Sivand Dam in Bolaghi Gorge in Fars province has nearly come to an end and the authorities of Fars Regional Water Organization are making it ready for a catastrophic flood which will drown large numbers of historic sites and archeological evidence of the region. -CHN - 11/22/06

Iran summit idea could assist U.S., analysts say
Perhaps seeking to assert itself even more prominently in the affairs of its Arab neighbor, Iran on Monday reportedly invited the leaders of Iraq and Syria to talks in Tehran this weekend aimed at curbing the violence in Iraq -- an invitation, analysts say, that could be turn out to be in America's interest. -San Francisco Chronicle - 11/22/06

Majidi calls Iranian cinema best cultural ambassador
Oscar-nominated Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi believes that Iranian cinema has been a good cultural ambassador for Iran since the victory of the Islamic Revolution. -MNA - 11/22/06

Can Iran and Syria Save Us, and What Will They Want?
The bipartisan Iraq Study Group is reported favoring dialogue and former Secretary of State James Baker reportedly has met with Iranian and Syrian officials. Speaking in Chicago this week, Sen. Barak Obama (D-IL) suggests improved diplomacy with Iran and Syria. Writing in USA Today, retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark suggests "a permanent Gulf regional security dialogue ... that includes Syria and Iran." -Washington Post - 11/22/06

Confronting Iran: Take Ahmadinejad with a grain of salt
If you think Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad makes outlandish comments, consider what Mao Tse-tung said to a visiting head of state in 1954: If someone else can drop an atomic bomb, then I can too. The death of 10 or 20 million people is nothing to be afraid of. Nonetheless, 15 years later, a nuclear-armed China was not only contained by the world, it opted for normalization of relations with its archenemy, the United States. -Ray Takeyh, CFR - 11/22/06

Iranian Cleric Offers His Home To Kill Azeri Writer
An Iranian cleric has offered his house as a reward to anyone who kills an Azeri writer who the cleric says insulted the Prophet Muhammad. - 11/22/06

Israeli Arab convicted as Iranian spy
A prison term of 34 months and 12 months probation was the sentence handed down on Monday to an Israeli Arab convicted of spying for Iran, it was released for publication on Tuesday. -Jerusalem Post - 11/22/06

Al-Qaeda ups anti-Iranian rhetoric
Sunni jihadis warn against 'Persian empire,' call Nasrallah 'agent of anti-Christ,' declare 'Islamic state' in Iraq -Ynetnews, Israel - 11/22/06

Volleyball: Bulgaria extends winning streak with win over Iran
Iran, which had already conceded two 3-0 and 3-1 losses to the Czech Republic and Italy, will take on USA Wednesday. -IRNA - 11/22/06

Rumors Persist That Syria Will Attend Iran-Iraq Summit
Iraqi President Jalal Talabani will go to Tehran on November 25 for a three-to-four day state visit. His trip to meet Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad is one of many back-and-forth trips by top officials of the two neighboring countries. -RFE - 11/22/06

Iran blasts IAEA for holding up of aid to Arak rector
Iran's ambassador to the IAEA, Ali-Asghar Soltanieh on Tuesday told the International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors that the technical matter of Arak reactor was being politicized. -MNA - 11/22/06

The Next Act: Will the Republicans’ Mid-Term Loss Hurt Chances of a War on Iran?
With the Democrats winning control of Congress is the White House and a lame duck president more or less likely to launch an attack against Iran? That’s the subject of a new article by veteran investigative journalist Seymour Hersh. -Democracy Now - 11/22/06

Iranian-American Poet Puts Her Faith In Literature
Poet and academic Persis Karim was born in the San Francisco Bay area to an Iranian father and a French mother. She came of age during the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran and the holding of U.S hostages in Tehran for 444 days. She spoke recently to Radio Farda correspondent Fatemeh Aman about her experiences as an Iranian-American and the importance of literature in the lives of emigres. - 11/21/06

Group Condemns Interrogation Of Iranian Journalists
Iran's Journalists Association has condemned the interrogation of some 20 Iranian journalists who returned to Tehran after attending a two-week training course in the Netherlands. - 11/21/06

United States Welcomes Dialogue Among Iraq's Neighbors
State Department spokesman urges Iran, Syria to back up words with actions -Washington File - 11/21/06

'No proof' of Iran nuclear arms
The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has not found conclusive evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, a US magazine has reported. -BBC - 11/21/06

India, China on path of nuke cooperation
Scripting a new chapter, India and China today decided to 'promote' civil nuclear cooperation and accelerate efforts to arrive at a boundary settlement while declaring that they are 'not rivals' but 'partners for mutual benefit'. -IRNA - 11/21/06

Iran Denies Stonings Carried Out Recently
A spokesman for Iran's judiciary, Jamal Karimirad, today rejected reports claiming that stoning sentences have been carried out recently in Iran. - 11/21/06

Iran: Majlis will review articles of association of four major oil & gas companies
Majlis (Iran's parliament) is expected to review articles of association of a number of the nation's major oil, gas, petrochemical, and oil products distribution companies in the next few weeks. -MNA - 11/21/06

Volume of Iranian goods exported to Afghanistan hits 228m dollars in 7 months
The Iranian goods exported to Afghanistan over the first seven months of the current Iranian year (started March 21) compared to last year's figure for the same period hit 228.443 million dollars. -IRNA - 11/21/06

Volume of Iranian goods exported to Iraq up by 19 percent in first 7 months
According to a report released by the Public Relations Department of Iran's Customs Office on Tuesday, the goods exported over the period weighed 1.439 million tons and had a value of USD 700 million. -IRNA - 11/21/06

Iran prepared to expedite peace pipeline project: FM
Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki said here on Monday that Iran is prepared to expedite the process of constructing the Iran-Pakistan-India natural gas pipeline, which has been dubbed the peace pipeline. -MNA - 11/21/06

Don't Iraq Iran
By virtually any measure, Iraq is a disaster. Tragically, those who bear responsibility for the ruin in Iraq not only fail to view it as such, they also appear headed down a similar path in Iran. Unless we change course, Iran is poised to become the next victim of a dangerously misguided U.S. foreign policy. -Common Dreams - 11/21/06

Unemployed Iranian doctors to be sent to South Africa, Central Asia: official
Saying another 5,000 Iranian physicians were preparing to leave for Australia, the official said that the dispatch of Iranian unemployed doctors, general practitioners in particular, abroad was not contributing to the brain drain as it did not extend to Iranians in skilled or specialized fields. -IRNA - 11/21/06

Iran: Assembly Election Significant Despite Heavy Vetting
In less than a month, Iranians will vote in elections for one of the country's most powerful bodies, the Assembly of Experts. Vetting has already winnowed the list of hopefuls by two-thirds and left some candidates unopposed, begging questions about how much choice voters are being given. But the election is relevant for a number of reasons.-RFE - 11/21/06

Nordic Countries Top the World Economic Forum's Gender Gap Index
The report measures the size of the gender gap in four critical areas of inequality between men and women. Iran ranks 108 out of 115. - 11/21/06

Tribal Loyalties and Alien Interests at America's Expense
If the masses might be excused for their lack of global knowledge and political savvy, the leadership of the nation should be held accountable. No longer is it inconsequential in the scheme of things to adhere to tribal loyalties, to promote personal agendas, or to remain hamstrung by campaign promises to special interest groups or foreign lobbies that were instrumental in getting elected to office – not when it comes to foreign policy decisions. These are critical times. -Kam Zarrabi - 11/20/06

Distorting the Name of the "Persian Gulf" Continues
Until about a year ago a Google search for the term "Arabian Gulf" in the news, would generate almost 900 results. But this number has now gone down to less than 400 thank to the efforts made by an independent and small group of Persians (Iranians). -Pejman Akbarzadeh - 11/20/06

Sassanid City of Bishapour Enclosed by Fences
The entire area containing remains of the historic city of Bishapour, known as the bride of Sassanid cities, have been enclosed by fences to protect its architectural masterpieces. -CHN - 11/20/06

US companies deprived of participation in Iran's oil activities: oil Minister
Oil Minister Kazem Vaziri Hamaneh here on Monday said US companies are prevented from participating in Iran's oil development activities due to Washington's economic policies. -IRNA - 11/20/06

Tehran homeless women find refuge
Tucked away down a overgrown side street in one of Tehran's poorest districts is an ordinary-looking house with an extraordinary story. -BBC - 11/20/06

"Greeks and Barbarians" responds to Western falsifications on Achaemenid era
The Iranian publishing institute Nashr-e Tus has recently released the Persian version of "The Greeks and the Barbarians", a book that responds to the false information given by Western historians, particularly Herodotus, about Iran during the Achaemenid era. -MNA - 11/20/06

Iran Calls For Nuclear-Free Korean Peninsula
Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has called for the Korean peninsula to be a zone free of all nuclear weapons. IRNA news agency reports that Ahmadinejad made the plea at a meeting on November 18 with the head of the North Korean Supreme People's Assembly, Choe Thae Bok. - 11/20/06

U.S. Lifts Sanctions On Russian Plane Maker
Washington slapped sanctions on Sukhoi in August for providing Iran with equipment that could be used to develop weapons of mass destruction. - 11/20/06

Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a “New Middle East”
The term “New Middle East” was introduced to the world in June 2006 in Tel Aviv by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (who was credited by the Western media for coining the term) in replacement of the older and more imposing term, the “Greater Middle East.” -Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Global Research - 11/20/06

US, Russia Sign Historic Trade Deal
While trade was a top issue on the agenda for the Bush-Putin meeting in Hanoi, it was by no means the only one. President Bush is also seeking greater cooperation in dealing with the challenges posed by North Korea and Iran's nuclear ambitions. -VOA - 11/20/06

Oil price forecast cut to 50 dollars for 2007
The Center for Global Energy Studies (CGES) on Monday drastically cut its forecast for benchmark Brent crude next year to below 50 dollars per barrel (dpb). -IRNA - 11/20/06

Iran Seeks 60,000 Centrifuges
Iran's ISNA news agency quotes President Mahmud Ahmadinejad as saying Tehran wants 60,000 centrifuges to enrich uranium to meet its nuclear-fuel needs within a year. - 11/20/06

Ahmadinejad officially welcomes Zimbabwean President Mugabe
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday officially welcomed his Zimbabwean counterpart, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, at the Presidential Office in Tehran. -IRNA - 11/20/06

IAEA to Rule on Aid For Iran Reactor
U.N. nuclear officials meet in Austria Monday to decide whether to help Iran complete a nuclear reactor near Tehran. Iran says the Arak reactor will produce radioactive isotopes for medical uses. -VOA - 11/20/06

Koppel Documentary Examines View from Iran
Broadcaster Ted Koppel talks about his new two-hour documentary on the relationship between Iran and the West. Iran: the Most Dangerous Nation examines terrorism, politics, women's rights, religion and history, and gives a variety of Iranians an opportunity to speak. -NPR - 11/20/06

Prominent Union Leader Arrested In Iran
Prominent union leader Mansur Osanlu was reportedly arrested in Tehran on November 19 by plainclothes security agents. Osanlu, who is the president of the Syndicate of Workers of the Tehran Bus Company, had been released on bail in August. - 11/20/06

Kish to hold Persian Gulf Air Show 2006
Following the successful running of the first and second international air shows held in the Iranian island of Kish in the past years, the Kish Trade Promotion Center supported by Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO) intends to hold its third international air show dubbed "Persian Gulf Air Show 2006". -MNA - 11/20/06

Iran to nearly double oil, triple gas production by 2014
Iran's daily crude production capacity will rise to seven million barrels per day and its natural gas production to 1.565 billion cubic meters by 2014, said Deputy Oil Minister Gholam-Hossein Nozari here on Monday. -IRNA - 11/20/06

Persian painting biennial announces winners
The winners of the Sixth Biennial of Persian Painting were announced during a ceremony at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art on Sunday evening. -MNA - 11/20/06

Iran to invest around $80b in oil projects by 2009
Around $80 billion will be invested in Iran's oil projects by the end of Iran's Fourth Five-Year Socioeconomic Development Plan (2004-2009), noted managing director of Pars Oil and Gas Co. Ali Akbar Torkan. -MNA - 11/20/06

A month before the November elections, Vice-President Dick Cheney was sitting in on a national-security discussion at the Executive Office Building. The talk took a political turn: what if the Democrats won both the Senate and the House? How would that affect policy toward Iran, which is believed to be on the verge of becoming a nuclear power? -Seymour M. Hersh, New Yorker - 11/20/06

Statues of Sa'd Abad Palace in Tehran to be Revived
With the help of the old photographs, some of the statues of Sa'd Abad historical-cultural complex, including the statues of Achaemenid soldiers and Pahlavid kings, will be rebuilt. -CHN - 11/20/06

NIAC Welcomes Decision to Conduct Independent Investigation of UCLA Student Tasering
The National Iranian American Council welcomes the decision to conduct an independent investigation of the repeated tasering of an Iranian-American UCLA student earlier this week. - 11/19/06

Iran allocates $1b to western provinces to join Iraq reconstruction
The government has allocated one billion dollars to the five western Iran provinces bordering Iraq, to join the reconstruction process of this war-torn neighbor. -MNA - 11/19/06

Is the Next Congress For Sale?
You may recall that shortly after taking office as Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert came to our nation’s capital to pay tribute to his presumptive protector, President George Bush, and to address a joint session of what some cynics have labeled "The Best Congress Money Can Buy." - 11/19/06

Annan speaks with leaders of Syria and Iran in bid to promote stability in Lebanon
In a bid to promote stability in Lebanon, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today urged the leaders of Iran and Syria to advocate dialogue as a means to resolve differences in the country. -UN News - 11/19/06

Iran rejects Fox TV report on harbouring al-Qaeda No 3 man
Iran's Permanent Mission to the United Nations said on Saturday that a report by the Fox TV Network affiliated to US defense department is 'an unfounded fabrication'. The report alleges that Iran is harbouring a member of the Al-Qaeda terrorist group. -IRNA - 11/19/06

Iraq: Brain Drain Poses Threat To Future
mass kidnappings of an estimated 150 employees from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research building in central Baghdad on November 14 underscores a huge problem for Iraq: the dwindling of its professional class. -RFE - 11/19/06

Iranian MP: Little progress achieved on Iran-US disputes at Hague
At today's session, members of Iranian Parliament, Majlis, voted in favor of the draft-bill on reviewing the arbitration process of Iran-US disputes at the Hague. -IRNA - 11/19/06

Italy wins futsal friendly against Iran
Italy handed Iran a 2-0 defeat in a futsal friendly in the southern city of Bari in Italy on Saturday. -IRNA - 11/19/06

Italy edges past Iran at world volleyball meet
Italy handed Iran a 3-1 defeat at the FIVB Men's Volleyball Championship in Nagano, central Japan, Sunday. -MNA - 11/19/06

Iran's Karate federation criticizes Asian Karate Confederation for decision against Iranian women
Iran's Karate federation chief stated that since the composition of the dispatched team to the Doha Asian Games was of the most professional athletes, the federation was hopeful of Iran's success in this field. -ISNA - 11/19/06

Iranian and Chinese firms to sign oil and gas contracts soon
The National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) is preparing the contract on the project to develop Yadavaran Oilfield to be signed with China's Sinopec, managing director Gholam-Hossein Nozari said in Teharn on Sunday. -MNA - 11/19/06

Parliament approves fingerprinting US nationals entering Iran
The Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis) on Sunday approved a single-urgency bill to fingerprint the US nationals entering Iran. -IRNA - 11/19/06

Loris Tjeknavorian to perform benefit concerts in Tehran
The veteran Iranian music composer and conductor, Loris Tjeknavorian will perform concerts in Tehran along with three Austrian instrument players. (Nov.29-Dec.5) -ISNA - 11/18/06

Iran: Arak 40MW nuclear reactor to replace Tehran 5MW reactor
Arak's 40-megawatt heavy water research reactor will replace Tehran's 5-megawatt reactor which is over thirty years old, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Director Reza Aqazadeh said on Saturday. -MNA - 11/18/06

"When Will They Ever Learn?"
There are great lessons to be learned about the downfall of the Republican Party that was mainly due to failure of Iraq War. Had the architects of Iraq war read the book The Art of War by Sun-Tzu, one of the greatest Chinese war writers in 400 B.C., they would have learned this invaluable piece of wisdom, "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win!" -Ali Parsa - 11/18/06

Tehran denounces assault on Iranian student at UCLA
Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini has condemned the Tuesday attack by UCLA university police on an Iranian student in the United States. -MNA - 11/18/06

UN Assembly Deplores Israeli Attacks in Gaza
The non-binding resolution was approved by a 156 to 7 margin in a special emergency session of the 192-member General Assembly. The United States, Australia, and four small Pacific island states joined Israel in voting no. Seven other nations abstained. -VOA - 11/18/06

Iraqi PM in Turkey; Discusses Security
In a joint news conference, Mr. Maliki reassured his neighbor that his government would not tolerate Kurdish separatist guerrillas operating from northern Iraq against Turkish targets. He also said the anti-Iranian group, the Mujahadeen al-Khalq, would not be allowed to use Iraq as a base to launch attacks against Iran. -VOA - 11/18/06

Blair accepts 'disaster' in Iraq
Tony Blair has publicly agreed with the opinion that the violence in Iraq since the 2003 invasion has been a disaster. -BBC - 11/18/06

Afghan 'threat to wider region'
Hamid Karzai has said instability in Afghanistan is a huge threat to peace and prosperity in the wider region. -BBC - 11/18/06

Iraqi warship to head for Iran's Persian Gulf museum
Auza, the warship Iraq lost 27 years ago – during the early days of its war against Iran – will move toward the Museum of Marine Industry of the Persian Gulf, a museum expert said on Saturday. -MNA - 11/18/06

Russia Warns Against Pushing North Korea 'Into A Corner'
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said today the international community must be firm, but "very cautious," in dealing with the North Korean and Iranian nuclear programs. -REF - 11/18/06

Lifters Rezazadeh, Ebrahimi to represent Iran in Doha Asian Games
Iran will dispatch two weightlifters, Hossein Rezazadeh and Asghar Ebrahimi, to the Qatar capital Doha, where the 15th Asian Games are held, -MNA - 11/18/06

Iran hopes to win Canoe-Kayak rowing medals in Doha
The four Iranian women and men members of Canoe-Kayak rowing competition team at the Asian Games 2006 Doha are presumed to have a very good chance of winning medals. -ISNA - 11/18/06

Tehran-Shomal Freeway ignores environmental concerns
The damages on the environment resulting from the construction of the Tehran-Shomal Freeway have been reviewed in a court session held at the nation's General Prosecutor's Office. -MNA - 11/18/06

Middle East is single greatest challenge facing world – UN Deputy Secretary-General
The conflict in the Middle East is the single biggest challenge facing the world and must be solved with a comprehensive settlement that covers all its various elements, from the war in Iraq to the political situation in Lebanon to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, United Nations Deputy Secretary Mark Malloch-Brown said today. -UN News - 11/18/06

Part of Susa's Historic Fortress Collapsed
The walls of two storage rooms of Susa’s historic fortification, known as the French Fortress, collapsed due to lack of enough attention to preserving this old monument. -CHN - 11/17/06

Veteran Iranian actor Jamshid Mashayekhi honored in France
The veteran Iranian actor, Jamshid Mashayekhi, was awarded the honor certificate of the Iranian Art and Culture house in France and also the joint "Hafezology Foundation" honor along with the French scholar and translator Charles-Henri de Fouchecour. -ISNA - 11/17/06

Call for External Investigation of Brutal Abuse Against Iranian American UCLA Student
An investigation is underway at the University of California at Los Angeles regarding an incident late Tuesday night in which an Iranian American UCLA student was stunned at least four times with a Taser by the University California Police Department. -NIAC - 11/17/06

Bush Administration Guilty of Strategic “Malpractice” on Iran
In trying to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, the Bush administration has suffered from internal divisions that have left it "dysfunctional in some unique ways," according to Flynt Leverett, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation in Washington, DC. -Eurasianet - 11/17/06

OPEC may consider more production cut
The head of OPEC affairs at Iran's Oil Ministry informed that if the recently agreed production cut did not affect the world's market, the production would be decreased even more. -ISNA - 11/17/06

Tajikistan: Officials Entice Ethnic Tajiks To Western Border Region
The government of Tajikistan has begun resettling the first of about 1,000 volunteer families it says will help create new farmland in the west of the country. But observers note that virtually all of the families are ethnic Tajiks, while their new home is an area mainly populated by ethnic Uzbeks. -RFE - 11/17/06

Iran strongly denies German report on secret nuclear fund
The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Berlin categorically denied on Friday a recent report in the weekly Der Spiegel news magazine which alleged that Tehran had a secret fund to finance its nuclear activities. -IRNA - 11/17/06

Russia Wants IAEA To Manage Iran Dispute
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov today said the UN's nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), should lead efforts to resolve the standoff over Iran's nuclear program, rather than UN Security Council. - 11/17/06

Kiarostami finishes three-minute film shoot
The award-winning Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami has finished shooting his three-minute film on "the audience innocence". Twenty-four Iranian actresses, symbolizing the 24 frames of each second in a film, appear in the as yet untitled work. -MNA - 11/17/06

Washington Leaders Await Findings of Independent Iraq Study Group
U.S. policy in Iraq will likely be influenced by a much anticipated independent report being prepared by a bipartisan commission of former U.S. officials, and many U.S. leaders are discussing the possibility of involving all of Iraq’s neighbors in talks to provide support for Iraq’s political reconciliation. -Washington File - 11/17/06

Call for Telegraphs 'Bin Laden story' to be investigated by the PCC
A complaint was lodged with the Press Complaints Commission today against the Daily Telegraph following a headline article claiming that Iran was grooming bin Laden’s successor. The complaint, lodged by Campaign Iran, will be investigated by the PCC to see whether it breaches Clause 1 of their Code of Practice prohibiting inaccuracy. - 11/17/06

Iran: President wraps up Kordestan visit, heads for Tehran
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, accompanied by a high-ranking delegation, wound up a two-day visit to the western city of Sanandaj and left here for Tehran Wednesday morning. - 11/17/06

Isfahan's UCF may open doors to public exhibit
"In the case that officials allow, Isfahan's Uranium Conversion Facility will be open for public and tourism exhibit; this decision has been made because there lies no secrets in this facility," stated this official. -ISNA - 11/17/06

Iran Central Bank chief hails good coop with European banks
Iran's Central Bank Governor Ebrahim Sheybani on Friday praised the good cooperation between European and Iranian banks. Talking to IRNA on the sidelines of the 16th Banking Congress in Frankfurt, Sheybani said, Bilateral cooperation with many European countries including France was good. -IRNA - 11/17/06

Protective Measures not Sufficient at Persepolis
Only 14 to 15 people at a time guard the ancient palace of Persepolis, Iran’s most prominent historic site, while an average number of 1200 people visit this Achaemenid complex each day. -CHN - 11/17/06

Bestsellers banned in new Iranian censorship purge
Dozens of literary masterpieces and international bestsellers have been banned in Iran in a dramatic rise in censorship that has plunged the country's publishing industry into crisis. -Guardian - 11/17/06

Enrichment suspension negotiable only through talks: Iranian official
"Suspension of Iran's nuclear enrichment activities is negotiable only within the framework of talks," Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Secretary Ali Larijani said here on Thursday. -MNA - 11/17/06

Dialogue is only solution to Iran's nuclear standoff: Rafsanjani
The U.S. indications of readiness for Iraq talks with Iran are because they need Tehran's help, not the other way around, he said. "They (the United States) are gradually sinking in the Iraq quagmire and now they cannot help themselves out," he added. "It would take us a lot of efforts now to tow them out of the bottom of the swamp ... now they say they are ready in principle to talk with us." -MNA - 11/17/06

Anicee (Alvina) Shahmanesh (28th January 1954-11Th November 2006): Persian Sex Icon of French Cinema Dies in Paris at Age 53
Anicée Alvina was born Anicée Shahmanesh in Boulogne-sur-Seine, France on January 28th 1954 to an Iranian Father and French Mother. She was to become one of France's Post-68 years film egeries of such directors as Alain Robbe Grillet, and Gérard Blain. -Darius KADIVAR - 11/16/06

Iran, Syria Continue To Show Destabilizing Behavior, Rice Says
The Bush administration is willing to talk to Syria and Iran under the right circumstances, but both countries continue to demonstrate behavior that is destabilizing to the Middle East, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says. - 11/16/06

Diplomats Say No Progress In Iran Sanctions Talks
Diplomats say world powers have again failed to achieve a breakthrough in talks aimed at agreeing a United Nations resolution imposing sanctions on Iran over Tehran's refusal to halt uranium-enrichment activities. -RFE - 11/16/06

UN Human Rights Council denounces recent Israeli military actions in northern Gaza
Condemning Israel’s recent military activities in the northern Gaza Strip, including an attack at Beit Hanoun which resulted in 19 deaths, the United Nations Human Rights Council today called for urgent international action to end those incursions and voted to send a fact-finding mission to the region. -UN News - 11/16/06

Iranian girls smash their way forward
The Asian Satellite Tournament began in Mumbai on Wednesday and although India's young sensation Saina Nehwal is expected to be the focus of all attention, there was another interesting sidelight. -IBN - 11/16/06

Quake jolts Iranian port city of Jask in Persian Gulf
An earthquake measuring 4.2 on the Richter scale hit outskirts of Jask port city in Hormuzgan province on Thursday. -IRNA - 11/16/06

"Ahmadinejad Is Preparing Another Holocaust For Israel" -- Benjamin Netanyahu
Clearly many Israeli leaders are panicked that the political fallout from the anti-war tsunami will weaken U.S. resolve. And an emboldened Amadinejad is giving them good reason. Expect a major PR effort to lobby for action against Iran. -Huffington Post - 11/16/06

Doubts cast on UN report of Somali support for Hizbullah
The report, compiled by the Monitoring Group on Somalia and to be presented to the UN security council tomorrow, also alleges that Iran sought to purchase uranium from the Supreme Islamic Council of Somalia (Sics) in exchange for weapons. It names 11 countries that have violated the country's arms embargo, including Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Libya and Egypt. -Guardian - 11/16/06

US Threatens Lebanon's Sovereignty
In a statement on Thursday, November 2, 2006, Hezbollah’s spokesman said the U.S. is trying to draw Lebanon into its disputes with Iran and Syria and enlist Lebanon among the countries that the “Bush Administration considers to be U.S. enemies.” -Ardeshir Ommani - 11/16/06

Iran-Turkey trade hits $5b for Mar.-Sept.
Based on the figures released by the Turkish State Statistics Organization, Iran-Turkey trade exchanges during the first nine months of 2006 increased by 66 percent in comparison with the figures for the same period last year and hit $5.123 billion. -MNA - 11/16/06

Congressman Sherman Says Iran More Likely To Nuke Isfahan Than Israel
“The Mullahs are more likely to use nukes against Isfahan [than Israel]. If they are losing power, they won’t hesitate to use their weapons,” explained Congressman Brad Sherman in front of approximately forty Iranian Americans and a few Congressional staffers (D-CA) at a briefing today titled “Iran-Iraq Symposium: Prospect of Civil War vs. Independent and Stable Iraq, The Iran Factor.” -NIAC - 11/16/06

On Google, Redrawn Maps, Borders, Separatism, and Unification!
Some Iranian MPs are upset at Google and claim Google has redrawn the map of Iran. The posting of a video on an open web site can hardly be called redrawing the map of Iran! The Iranian MPs who are making a big noise with this claim are either ignorant of the facts or have other motives. -Ali Moayedian - 11/16/06

Leading Iranian Activist Manouchehr Mohammadi to Address Press at Freedom House
Manouchehr Mohammadi, an Iranian student activist who recently arrived in the United States, will be holding a press conference at Freedom House on Thursday, November 16, 2006 at 1 pm. -Freedom House - 11/16/06

Iran and the US: Time to talk?
Tehran and Washington have been living through a diplomatic ice age. They have not been talking for the past 27 years. -BBC - 11/16/06

Argentine Protesters Decry Warrant for Former Iranian President
Argentine demonstrators blocked a main street in Buenos Aires, with as many as 400 marching on the Israeli embassy to protest a judge's decision to issue arrest warrants for former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. -Bloomberg - 11/16/06

Vibrant albalou polo from Iran brightens up a holiday table
Elana Shippen holds a colorful plate of Albalou Polo, a recipe from her native Iran. Shippen's preparation, which uses classic Persian ingredients, creates radiant colors and complementary textures suited to a holiday table. -Seattle Times - 11/16/06

US 'broadly ready' for Iran talks
The US government has confirmed its willingness, in principle, to discuss the conflict in Iraq with its neighbour, Iran. -BBC - 11/16/06

A String Quartet In Tehran
So when I learnt that the Italian Embassy in Tehran, with the hard work of the cultural attaché Mrs. Ferraro, in cooperation with the Iranian Music Society had organized a concert by a String Quartet at one of the small salons at the Vahadat (Roudaki) Hall, I made sure that we made it to one of the two performances. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/16/06

Iranian-American Essay Contest Award Winners Announced
After two rounds of judging, the winners of IAAB Javan's Iranian-American Essay Contest have been announced! The contest was exciting for all involved, and all of the essays we received were extremely thoughtful and a joy to read. - 11/16/06

Congressional Democrats Urge US-Iran Talks
U.S. congressional Democrats, who will control the House of Representatives and Senate beginning in January, are calling on the Bush administration to hold direct talks with Iran about its nuclear program and its neighbor, Iraq. -VOA - 11/16/06

Immigrants Have Founded 1 In 4 Public Venture-Backed Companies In U.S. Since 1990, Finds Study
Immigrant entrepreneurs have had a profound impact on company creation, innovation and market value in the United States, according to a first-of-its-kind study, “American Made: The Impact of Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Professionals on U.S. Competitiveness.” - 11/16/06

Movers and Shakers of U.S. Foreign Policy
Max Boot was introduced as one of the top 500 most influential people in the making of US foreign policy, it came as a jolt to hear him redefine America's national interest and find myself having to re-learn the definition of 'enemy'. What was alarming was that with the exception of a couple of gifted Iranian friends, the crowd did not find his remarks contentious. -Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 11/15/06

Ahmadinejad: Iran to celebrate nuclear victory soon
President Ahmadinejad, who arrived in the western city of Sanandaj Wednesday morning heading a high-ranking delegation for a two-day visit, made the disclosure while addressing local residents at Shahid Malek-Nia Stadium. -IRNA - 11/15/06

Rich countries betraying their obligations to help poor countries protect public health
In a report published today marking the fifth anniversary of the Doha Declaration, "Patents vs. Patients: Five Years After the Doha Declaration", international agency Oxfam says that rich countries are taking little or no action towards their obligations and are in some cases actually undermining the declaration. - 11/15/06

US Defense Official: Suit Against Rumsfeld 'Frivolous'
U.S. officials are dismissing as frivolous a request by a New York-based advocacy group asking German prosecutors to investigate possible criminal charges against Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. -VOA - 11/15/06

Iran to sign investment agreement with 21 nations
An agreement to encourage and support mutual investment between Iran and 21 other countries is pending upon final ratification by the Cabinet, government's Secretariat Office reported on Tuesday. -MNA - 11/15/06

'No softening' on Iran and Syria
Britain's policy towards Iran and Syria has not softened, Downing Street says, despite the prime minister's call for them to help bring stability to Iraq. -BBC - 11/15/06

Hezbollah leader: Siniora government will go
The leader of Hezbollah vowed to press ahead with political campaign to replace the Lebanese government, saying Western-backed Prime Minister Fuad Siniora's Cabinet had zero credibility after six ministers resigned. -IRNA - 11/15/06

Iran Hawks Reorganize
Meet the Iran Enterprise Institute. Its name might sound familiar. Unchastened by the catastrophe of the Iraq war or the setback delivered to the White House and Republicans in the midterm elections in part as a result of it, Iran hawks have organized new efforts to promote U.S. support for regime change in Tehran. -American Prospect - 11/15/06

Iran reaches final agreements with Total
Iran's Pars Gas and Oil Company has reached final agreements with Total on the expansion of South Pars oil field's phase 11. - 11/15/06

Official says U.S. may mull pre-emptive Iran strike
The United States or other countries will one day be forced to consider pre-emptive action if Iran and North Korea continue to seek nuclear weapons, a senior U.S. government official said on Tuesday. -Reuters - 11/15/06

Can Iran help stabilize Iraq?
Iran has been here before, called upon by arch-foe America to assist in a neighborhood security problem. After 9/11, Iran helped the US extensively in Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban and establish a new government. It anticipated better relations in exchange for its assistance. But it was soon dubbed a member of the "Axis of Evil" by President Bush in his 2002 State of the Union address. -CSM - 11/15/06

US: Iran Nuclear Plans Are 'Jolt' to World Community
The United States said Tuesday Iran's announced plans for industrial scale uranium enrichment have jolted the world community at a time of calls for U.S.-Iranian dialogue. The State Department says any talks still depend on Iran stopping enrichment work. -VOA - 11/15/06

No gold medal winners in climate protection competition
"If climate change protection were an Olympic Discipline, no country would make it to the medal ranks", concludes Matthias Duwe, Director of Climate Action Europe, based on the outcome of the country rankings that forms the base of the 2007 Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI). - 11/15/06

Asian Cup 2007: Iran crushes South Korea 2-0
Iranian strikers Reza Enayati and Hossein Badamaki scored goals for Iranian side at 47th and 90th minutes into the second half during the second-leg of Asian Cup 2007 qualifying matches. - 11/15/06

Unprecedented Jar Burial of a Dog Observed in Gohar Tepe
Discovery of a jar containing the skeleton of a dog in a human grave for the first time in Gohar Tepe, northern Iran, has puzzled archeologists. The two skeletons are dated to the 1st millennium BC. -CHN - 11/15/06

A Shift in Iran Policy?
Stephen Zunes interviewed by Foaad Khosmood. Let's talk about the midterm elections. Many of the neocons and their allies were not re-elected. People like Curt Weldon and Rick Santorum were very hawkish on Iran, and had very militant rhetoric throughout their campaign. They were rejected by the voters. Do you believe we have now gotten rid of the type of neocons who were pushing for military action toward Iran? -Znet - 11/15/06

U.S. Talks with Iran Hinge on End of Nuclear Enrichment Program
The administration is willing to have discussions with Iran on Iraq and other issues but any talks must be preceded by the verifiable suspension of Iran’s uranium enrichment activities, President Bush said November 13. -Washington File - 11/14/06

Politics, not religion, at the heart of growing Muslim-West divide, new report argues
In its report, the High-level Group of the Alliance of Civilizations maintains that although religion is often cynically exploited to stir passions, fuel suspicions and support alarmist claims that the world is facing a new “war of religion”, the root of the matter is political. - 11/14/06

Veterans Day Reflections
As the antiquated jets pierced the blue Pasadena skies, my head tilted back in surprised reaction to their loud blare; my trail of thought interrupted by the pilots who wanted to remind us of their fallen comrades; asking us to salute those brave souls who gave their lives for this country. -Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 11/14/06

NATO Experts Warn Of Russian Gas Cartel
According to the British daily, a confidential study by NATO's economics committee warned Russia may be seeking to build a gas cartel including Algeria, Qatar, Libya, the countries of Central Asia, and perhaps Iran. - 11/14/06

Gas export to Europe on agenda: Iranian Oil Minister
During a meeting here with Austrian Ambassador Michael Postl to Tehran, Seyyed Kazem Vaziri-Hamaneh continued that the European countries may rely on gas export from Iran and some negotiations have already been conducted with European firms in this regard. -MNA - 11/14/06

World: Treaty On Unexploded Ordnance Comes Into Force
Now, more than 20 countries have ratified a new global treaty that binds warring parties to remove unexploded munitions from battlefields after their conflicts. The new pact went into effect on November 12, as nations attend a two-week summit in Geneva that is reviewing international agreements on rules governing the use of many conventional weapons. -RFE - 11/14/06

Democrats in New Congress Seek to Make Mark on US Foreign Policy
Emboldened by their electoral victories that gave them majorities in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, congressional Democrats are hammering out their agenda for next year. Deborah Tate files a background report looking at how the shift in power on Capitol Hill may impact U.S. foreign policy, and in particular, the war in Iraq. -VOA - 11/14/06

Iran Seeks to Keep US Troops in Iraq
Iran is working quietly but feverishly to prevent the total collapse of order in Baghdad and the hasty departure of US forces. Some policy experts in Tehran say a full-blown civil war in Iraq would constitute a "catastrophic development" for Iranian geopolitical interests. -Eurasianet - 11/14/06

Iraq: What Iran and Syria want
Syria and Iran - two of the most vilified nations in the Bush administration's political atlas - could hold the key to saving American plans in their neighbour Iraq. -BBC - 11/14/06

UN Human Rights Council to hold special session on Israel's actions in Gaza
The United Nations Human Rights Council will hold a special session on Wednesday in response to Israel's recent military actions in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including the recent attack that killed 19 civilians and injured 60 others in Beit Hanoun in the Northern Gaza Strip. -UN News - 11/14/06

Kabul Conference On Self-Immolation Among Women Opens
A three-day conference to discuss self-immolation among women opens today in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Participants in today's conference include representatives from Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, India, and Sri Lanka. -RFE - 11/14/06

Argentine Report Casts Doubt on Iran Role in '94 Bomb
The arrest warrants for former Iranian president Ali Akbar Rafsanjani and six other former top Iranian officials were issued only after the United States had applied diplomatic pressure, according to a Nov. 3 report by Marc Perelman in the Jewish daily Forward. -IPS - 11/14/06

Bush Meets Israeli Leader, Warns Iran
President Bush says the world must speak with one voice about Iran's nuclear ambitions and that Tehran should realize its continued defiance will lead to sanctions. Mr. Bush spoke at the end of talks with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. -VOA - 11/14/06

Iran-Germany sign 450 million Euros locomotive contract
Iran's greatest locomotive contract was signed with Germany. This contract provides a chance to enhance Iran's locomotives up to 50 percent and also increases the capacity of passenger transportation up to 100 percent. -ISNA - 11/14/06

Iran to replace dollar with other foreign currencies in its trade
Iran is to follow a transaction mechanism on the basis of currencies other than dollar in retaliation for the US anti-Iran banking policies. - 11/14/06

Blair: Israel-Palestine, Iran Key to Middle East Peace
British Prime Minister Tony Blair says resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is at the core of bringing peace to the Middle East and he is urging Iran to join in the effort to bring peace to the region. -VOA - 11/14/06

Looking for Evidence of Sargon's Invasion at Rabat Tepe
Archeologists at the historic Rabat Tepe are searching to find traces of the Assyrian king's attack to northwest Iran which took place in the first millennium BC. -CHN - 11/14/06

Iran: Activists Say New Dam Threatens Ancient Historical Sites
One of Iran's most controversial development projects, the Sivand Dam, is located about 60 kilometers from the ruins of the ancient Persian capital of Persepolis and about 12 kilometers from Pasargadae, the first capital of the ancient Achaemenids. -RFE - 11/14/06

Iran's 2006 eternal figures announced
Iranian luminaries of various scientific, cultural, and artistic fields were praised during the Sixth Eternal Figures Gathering here at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) International Conference Hall in northern Tehran Monday night. -MNA - 11/14/06

When Giants Meet: The Queen of Persian Pop greets the Shahbanou of Iran in NY Live Concert
Each in their own right have reigned upon our hearts and lives for decades. They represent the two quintessential living icons that all Iranian girls have aspired to for generations and Iranian boys have dreamed of as mother, wife, or mistress -Darius KADIVAR - 11/14/06

US 'open to Iran talks on Iraq'
The White House has indicated it will consider talking to Iran and Syria about the future of Iraq. -BBC - 11/13/06

Russia's stake in Iran-Armenia pipeline yet to be studied: Armenian PM
Armenia has not studied offering of any sector of the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline project to Russia yet, Armenian Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan announced. Construction of 40 km of Iran-Armenia gas pipeline by the Russian side has not been discussed yet, Margaryan added. -MNA - 11/13/06

Activists To Campaign For Afghan Refugees In Iran
A group of Afghan and Iranian activists has launched a campaign in support of Afghans living in Iran. -RFE - 11/13/06

Quakes hit northeastern, eastern cities in Iran
Two earthquakes measuring 3.8 and 3.6 degrees on the Richter scale jolted the cities of Khaf and Khor in northeastern and eastern Khorassan Razavi and South Khorassan provinces, respectively, Monday. -IRNA - 11/13/06

Iranians outraged as Google redraws map
Google has provoked the wrath of Iran's notoriously suspicious authorities by appearing to question the country's sovereignty over the province of Azerbaijan in an entry on its Google Video website. -Guardian - 11/13/06

Blair looking to Iran and Syria
Tony Blair is to call for dialogue with Iran and Syria to secure peace in the Middle East, as Defence Secretary Des Browne says change is "under way". -BBC - 11/13/06

Construction of Samand factory begins in Senegal
Operation to construct the assembly line for Samand automobiles was inaugurated in Senegal in a ceremony attended by Senegalese and Iranian officials. -IRNA - 11/13/06

Iran: Halt Execution of Ethnic Arabs After Secret Trial
Iran's Judiciary should immediately halt the imminent execution of 10 Iranians of Arab origin and revoke the death sentence imposed on them, Human Rights Watch said today. The death sentences were imposed following secret trials that Human Rights Watch said could not be considered to meet international standards. - 11/13/06

Iranian inventor's flying machine surfs the air
Standing 20 meters long, the flying machine may easily hover at 3,000 meters above the sea level and reach the top speed of 100 km/s, said Reza Kahuli, who was awarded as the world outstanding young inventor at 2006 British Inventors Society (October 18-21). -MNA - 11/13/06

Iranian experts recommend agroforestry for nation's destroyed agricultural lands, jungles
Some Iranian university lecturers and experts in the field recommend agroforestry as a suitable solution to be used in most of the nation's destroyed agricultural lands and jungles, in particular, those located in the green slopes of the northern parts of the country. -MNA - 11/13/06

UN: Agreement Brings 'Iron Silk Road' Project Closer To Realization
An ambitious UN-backed project to connect the Far East to Western Europe by a rail link moved one step closer to reality with the signing of a transportation agreement in Pusan, South Korea, on November 10. -RFE - 11/13/06

Contemporary Persian literature to be published in U.S.
The second volume of the collection titled as "It's a Strange Time, My Dear." which is a selection of contemporary Persian literature published after the Islamic Revolution is currently under translation. -ISNA - 11/13/06

Great Wall of Gorgan to be Nominated for UNESCO Status
Iran is intending to put up the Great Wall of Gorgan, Asia's second most extended wall, for world registration. However, the plan requires funding which is still far from being compliant. -CHN - 11/13/06

Iran: UN Helps Combat Drug Problem, But Bureaucracy Could Hinder Effort
Antonio Maria Costa, executive director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), announced a $22 million contribution to Iran during his November 7-9 visit to that country. -RFE - 11/13/06

Railway Likely to Knock Persepolis Off UNESCO's List
Experts have warned that construction of a railway in the vicinity of Persepolis and Naqsh-e Rostam would not only destroy two of the most important historical sites of Iran, it could also knock Persepolis off UNESCO's World Heritage List. -CHN - 11/13/06

Effat Roozbeh - Positively A Great Lady Who Paints
This lovely lady does yoga and enjoys the poetry of Hafez. When I asked her what is her favorite color she said "all colors, I love all colors". She told me that she considers herself very lucky and fortunate. Someone so positive and full of life and hope is a rare and valuable thing in Tehran. So, when I asked her to give our readers a message she said to me: "treasure your moments and live well because life is beautiful". -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/13/06

Iranian scholar, Dr. Ali-Asghar Seyed-Gohrab, appointed member of Netherlands Academy of Arts
A professor from Iran, Dr. Ali-Asghar Seyed-Gohrab who has been teaching Persian literature and culture at the prestigious Leiden university for the last ten years has been appointed as a member of the Young Academy of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. -IRNA - 11/12/06

Tehran to host 11th International Oil, Gas Seminar
Iran will host the Eleventh International Oil and Gas Seminar entitled 'Recent Developments in Global Oil and Gas Sectors; Challenges and Opportunities' in Tehran from November 20-21. -IRNA - 11/12/06

Ahmadinejad's new mission: taming Tehran's traffic
President takes time off from baiting the west to berate Iran's deadly drivers. The president is uniquely qualified to comment. Mr Ahmadinejad has a PhD in traffic management. He has called for more stringent lessons and tougher policing on the roads. -Guardian - 11/12/06

Foton enters Iran truck market next year
The Iranian car manufacturing company, Saipa Diesel and the Chinese company of Foton are debating on the production of light trucks in Iran. It seems that the referred trucks are to be sold out in Iran from next year. -ISNA - 11/12/06

Iran lifts Croatia taekwondo title
Iran was crowned at an international taekwondo tournament in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, Sunday. The seven-strong Iranian team stood top among 30 participating countries with four golds and three silvers. -MNA - 11/12/06

Israel warned off nuclear 'folly'
Iran's foreign ministry spokesman has warned Tehran will not hesitate to retaliate with a crushing blow if Israel attacks its nuclear sites. -BBC - 11/12/06

Blair will urge US to talk to Syria and Iran
Tony Blair is to urge the US administration next week to open talks with its great adversaries Syria and Iran, as a way to break the impasse in Iraq and the wider middle east. -Guardian - 11/12/06

Iranian women may assume espousal surname
Iranian women may change their last names to their husbands' family names, Seyed Ahmad Gheshmi, general manager of Civil Registration Department of Tehran Province, said in Tehran on Saturday. -MNA - 11/12/06

Will Robert Gates Sway the Iran Debate?
Until now, the Bush Administration has avoided talking to the regime in Tehran. But its presumptive nominee for Defense Secretary believes U.S. interests demand engagement -TIME - 11/12/06

US Vetoes UN Resolution Condemning Israeli Gaza Operations
The United States has used its Security Council veto to block a U.N. draft resolution condemning a deadly Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip. Sponsors of the resolution are planning to take the matter to the General Assembly. -VOA - 11/12/06

Iran has requested safety aid from IAEA for Arak reactor
Iran's Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) has requested safety aid for its Arak nuclear plant to produce isotopes for hospitals. According to Charter of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the agency is obliged to offer technical assistance to the member states which need safety aid for their nuclear reactors. -IRNA - 11/12/06

Iran: Argentinian Warrants Urge Rafsanjani's, Ex-Officials' Arrests
A judge in Argentina has issued international arrest warrants for an Iranian ex-president and eight other onetime officials over a deadly bombing more than a decade ago. -RFE - 11/12/06

Ancient Silk Road to get modern railway counterpart under UN-backed agreement
A 50-year-old dream to forge a railway version of the famed Silk Road of old moved a step closer to realization today at a regional United Nations transport conference with the signing of an agreement to create an 81,000-kilometre network originating on the Pacific seaboard of Asia and ending up on the doorstep of Europe. - 11/12/06

Russia, Iran to Press for New Six-Party Talks
Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says his government will work with Iran to restart six-party talks on Iran's nuclear program. - 11/12/06

Iran to alter strategy if Democrats adopt "positive changes": MP
The Islamic republic of Iran will regulate its future strategy based on "positive changes" in the U.S. foreign policy, a senior lawmaker stated on Sunday. -MNA - 11/12/06

Veteran Iranian actress Mehri Mehrnia honored
Iranian figures of stage honored veteran actress Mehri Mehrnia at Tehran Theater Complex Saturday night, accidentally marking her 90th birthday anniversary. -MNA - 11/12/06

Studies to Verify Existence of Ancient Temple in Burnt City
Remains of an architectural construction believed to be of a 5000-year-old temple were unearthed during the previous stages of excavations in Burnt City historical site. Archeological activities are now resumed in building no. 1 of Burnt City prehistoric site to unveil the secrets behind the architectural evidence scattered in this area. -CHN - 11/12/06

Iran's Nuclear Negotiator In Moscow
Iran's top nuclear negotiator is holding a second day of talks with Russian officials in Moscow today. Russian agencies are reporting that Ali Larijani met today with President Vladimir Putin at Putin's country residence outside of Moscow. There were no details. - 11/11/06

The US conservative project has taken an existential hit
It's stay-at-home time for America. Good news for Iran, which now more than ever must believe it is playing a winning hand. Bad news for Palestine. And Iraq? Those who expect a sudden sea change may be disappointed. It won't be a 180-degree shift, a senior British Washington-watcher suggests. But maybe a 60-degree shift is now on the cards. -Guardian - 11/11/06

Iran weightlifting official steps down
Secretary of Iran's Weightlifting Federation Abdollah Falahatinejad here Saturday offered his resignation. His decision came some days after Ali Moradi, the federation president, received his walking papers from the Physical Education Organization. -MNA - 11/11/06

Iran dismisses "baseless" Argentine court order
Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini has dismissed an Argentine court ruling accusing Iran of involvement in a 1994 bombing as legally baseless. -MNA - 11/11/06

Quake jolts Qal'eh Khajeh in southwestern Iran
An earthquake measuring 4.4 on the Richter scale hit outskirts of the city of Qal'eh Khajeh in the southwestern province of Khuzestan early Saturday. -IRNA - 11/11/06

Democrats Are Set to Subpoena
The new majority is expected to hold hearings on military spending and the Iraq war -- just for starters. -Los Angeles Times - 11/11/06

Iran ranks 14th among fishery producing countries
The head of National Research Center for Marine Lives Rasoul Arshad said on Saturday that Iran ranked 14th among 44 main fishery producing countries. -IRNA - 11/11/06

Iran To Hang 10 For Bombings In Ahvaz
Iran's "Etemad-Melli" newspaper today cites the head of Khuzestan Province's judiciary Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi as saying 10 men found guilty of last year's bombing's in the oil city of Ahvaz will be hanged. -RFE - 11/11/06

Senior Israeli Official Warns of Possible Pre-emptive Strike against Iran
A senior Israeli official has suggested that Israel might launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons. Israel wants tougher international action to stop Iran before it is too late. -VOA - 11/11/06

A Profile of Proposed Secretary of Defense Robert Gates
Gates may be in a position to help the president change direction. He has been serving on the Iraq Study Group, a bipartisan panel headed by former Secretary of State James Baker, and has publicly disagreed with President Bush on his policies in Iran. -VOA - 11/11/06

Of Real and Manufactured Crisis: Iran in the Eye of the Storm
A popular joke in the United States of the late 1980s depicted Iran as a country that had for long generated substantial troubles for successive U.S. administrations. A U.S. President, so the joke went, had his State Department tasked with bringing him the U.S. government file on Iran. The Department was unable to find the Iran file under the letter gI.h The President asked that the search be conducted under the letter gPh for Persia, Iranfs pre-1933 name. As the second search also failed, confusion set in the White House... -Faramarz Farbod - 11/10/06

Lavrov: Moscow for negotiated solution to Iran's nuclear problem
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said here Friday that Moscow invariably supports a negotiated settlement of the situation around the Iranian nuclear problem. -IRNA - 11/10/06

After Political Upset in US, Many Wonder What Next?
Tuesday's elections in the United States resulted in a major political upset. Democrats appear to have taken control of both houses of Congress and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld resigned on Wednesday. These changes that are widely viewed as a result of voter discontent with the Bush Administration's policy in Iraq. Many are now wondering how policies might change. -VOA - 11/10/06

Asian Games' Torch arrives in Tehran
The torch symbolizing the upcoming 15th Asian Games sport event in the Qatari capital of Doha arrived in Tehran on Thursday and was carried around in different parts of Tehran by Iranian sportsmen and sportswomen. - 11/10/06

Experts: Changes Expected in US Middle East Policy Following Election
Now that the Democratic Party will control both houses of the U.S. Congress next January, Middle East analysts say they expect changes in policy on the war in Iraq and the Arab-Israeli conflict. The analysts say, however, the Democratic leaders will be cautious when making new proposals, as they look ahead to the presidential elections in 2008. -VOA - 11/10/06

The True Meaning of Victor’s Justice
THE TRIAL OF SADDAM HUSSEIN WOULD NOT HAVE OCCURRED without pressure from outside interests (including the governments of Iraq, the United Kingdom, and the United States) and the quasi-legal framework of a country under occupation. -Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, Safe Democracy - 11/10/06

Tehran's traffic problem will become a nightmare if not addressed: police chief
If the issue of traffic is not addressed in time, it will become a disaster in the near future, National Police Chief Brigadier General Esmaeil Ahmadi-Moqaddam said here on Wednesday. -MNA - 11/10/06

World Sees Democrats' Win as Rejection of Bush
The seismic shift that midterm elections brought to Washington's political landscape was welcomed by many Wednesday who oppose the war in Iraq and the harsh methods the Bush administration has employed in fighting terrorism. -AP - 11/10/06

Azerbaijan: President Aliyev Walks Tightrope Between Russia, West
Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev visited Moscow today on the heels of a trip to Brussels during which he signed a memorandum on cooperation in energy with the European Union. -RFE - 11/10/06

Iran Is Key to Course Change on Iraq
Two political earthquakes hit the United States this week. On Tuesday, the Democrats took control of Congress, and the following day, Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was replaced by Robert Gates, a member of the senior Bush's foreign policy team. -Trita Parsi, IPS - 11/10/06

Persian Gulf Shipwreck Continues to Remain a Mystery
Persian (Iranian) archeologists are determined to take the remains of the recently discovered Partho-Sassanid shipwreck and its cargo out of the waters of the Persian Gulf; however, there are many challenges and obstacles along the way. -CHN - 11/10/06

Iran's Quiet Revolution
The bus rumbled along a highway in southwest Iran, passing a series of anti-aircraft batteries and rickety guard towers before pulling in through a checkpoint to the Bushehr nuclear plant compound. Having anticipated significant difficulties finding, much less nearing, the reactor, I stared in stunned silence at its dome. So much for state secrets. It glistened like a mosque. -Deborah Campbell - 11/10/06

Opening up Iran's Nuke Installations to Tourists Requested
Director of Iranian-Swedish Investment and Tourism Agency requested the Iranian officials to issue the permission for tourists to visit Iran's nuclear installations. -CHN - 11/9/06

Iran concludes wargames in north Persian Gulf
The last stage of the war game dubbed the Great Prophet was held in the north of the Persian Gulf on Thursday. -IRNA - 11/9/06

Iran, Japan ink deal to save Anzali wetland
Iran's Department of the Environment (DOE) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a two-year agreement here on Wednesday to start the Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project to save the deteriorating Anzali wetland in the northern province of Gilan. -MNA - 11/9/06

Corncrake back from near extinction in Gilan's wild
After years of disappearance, the corncrake has recently made a comeback in Gilan's wild, the director-general of the provincial branch of the Department of the Environment told IRNA. - 11/9/06

Balance Shifts Towards Moderates Except In House International Relations Committee
Strong gains in Tuesday's general election have placed control of the House of Representatives (and possibly the Senate) in the hands of the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld unexpectedly announced his resignation yesterday and his replacement favors a fresh approach on Iran. But in the House International Relations Committee, hawks strengthen their hold. -NIAC - 11/9/06

Five Iranian wrestlers among Asian Games torchbearers
The torch carried by the official ambassador of the Doha 2006 Torch Relay, Qatar's Prince of the State Sheikh Joaan Bin Hamad Al-Thani in a lantern from the relay plane, arrived in Mashhad, the capital of northeastern Khorassan Razavi Province, Monday afternoon. -MNA - 11/9/06

Angry Voters Punish Bush
Angry American voters have handed control of the U.S. House of Representatives back to the Democrats for the first time in 12 years, punishing President George W. Bush and his Republicans over ethics scandals in Washington and a failing war in Iraq. -Toronto Star - 11/9/06

Reply re: Iranian Women
Eleanor Ommani’s response to my editorial “Chavez Embrace of Iran Leader Insults Women” is a perfect illustration of the kind of left thinking I was critiquing in my original article. She again positions women’s rights as a side issue, and regards any anti-imperialist posture worthy of support, even when assumed by a virulently misogynist and repressive government. -Zmag - 11/9/06

Iran Gears Up for Local Elections
On December 15, Iranians go to the polls to choose among thousands of candidates for city and village councils. A split among governing conservatives has raised hopes among reformists for a potential small-scale political comeback. -Eurasianet - 11/9/06

After 3 days, Iran awaits U.S. answer on Iraq talks
Iran has renewed its offer to talk about Iraq with its archenemy, the U.S., because it is concerned about the escalating turmoil in the neighboring country, analysts say. But Tehran also may be seeking to slow Washington's push for sanctions over its nuclear program. -AP - 11/9/06

Iran after creating international oil stock market
A European board has entered Iran to discuss and evaluate the possibilities of creating an oil stock market in Iran. -ISNA - 11/9/06

Neo Culpa
As Iraq slips further into chaos, the war's neoconservative boosters have turned sharply on the Bush administration, charging that their grand designs have been undermined by White House incompetence. In a series of exclusive interviews, Richard Perle, Kenneth Adelman, David Frum, and others play the blame game with shocking frankness. Target No. 1: the president himself. -Vanity Fair - 11/9/06

WAALM Awards held in Budapest, Hungary: Recognizing Contributions to Culture, Art, Literature, and Media
On October 25, 2006, in Budapest Hungary, the World Academy of Art, Literature, and Media, (WAALM) held it's 2nd Annual Persian Golden Lioness Awards ceremony recognizing some of the past year's best and brightest stars contributing to the further advancement of Culture, Art, Literature, and Media. -Bruce Bahmani - 11/9/06

Tehran's Women Cultural Center Holds Ceremony in honor of Ms Shahla Lahiji
Last Monday evening, we were invited by Markazz Farhangi Zanan (Women Cultural Center - Zanestan ) to attend a ceremony in honor of Ms. Shahla Lahiji's recent achievement of winning the First IPA Publishers' Freedom Prize 2006. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/9/06

Iran: Government Shakeup Hits Many Levels
Iran's executive branch is undergoing a major shakeup in what could be an effort by President Mahmud Ahmadinejad's administration to realign its economic policy. -RFE - 11/8/06

UN Split by 'Unbridgeable Differences' Over Iran Sanctions
China's U.N. ambassador says Security Council discussions on an Iran sanctions resolution have revealed "unbridgeable differences". He dismissed the talks as "not serious". -VOA - 11/8/06

IPC Urges the Consideration of Military Strikes on Iran and Support for the MKO
At a November 2 Iran Policy Committee (IPC) sponsored event at the National Press Club, speakers advocated the use of terror group fighters from the Mujaheden-e Khalq (MEK/MKO) as intelligence agents and urged the consideration of military options to spark an uprising in Iran. -NIAC - 11/8/06

Online Protest Draws Attention to Internet Censorship
The group Reporters Without Borders has organized what it is calling a 24-hour "Online Internet Protest" to draw attention to Internet censorship in countries such as China, Cuba, Egypt, Iran and North Korea. -VOA - 11/8/06

Tehran, Minsk become sister cities
Tehran and Minsk became sister cities. An agreement to that effect was signed in the course of President Alexander Lukashenko's visit to Tehran on Tuesday. Minsk Mayor Michael Pavelov and Tehran Mayor Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf signed the sisterhood memorandum. -IRNA - 11/8/06

Ironware, steel Iran's second largest non-oil exports
Accounting for 8.8 percent of the total non-oil exports, ironware and steel exports grew at over 58.8 percent compared with the same period last year. Exports of the commodities ranked second only to the gas condensates in terms of earning revenues -MNA - 11/8/06

Tajikistan: OSCE Cites Irregularities As Rakhmonov Is Declared Winner
Tajikistan's Central Election Commission has declared incumbent Imomali Rakhmonov the majority winner of the country's November 6 presidential election. -RFE - 11/8/06

Turkey: European Commission Criticizes Pace Of Reforms
The European Commission today presented its annual report on Turkey's progress toward meeting EU membership criteria. -RFE - 11/8/06

Iranian soap star faces lashing after sex tape made public
The career of a rising young Iranian actor has been left in tatters by the widespread distribution of a private film showing her having sex. -Guardian - 11/8/06

Israeli Shelling Kills 18 Civilians, including 10 children in Gaza Strip
Eighteen Palestinian civilians, including ten children who were members of an extended family, were killed early Wednesday, by Israeli shelling in the northern Gaza Strip. -VOA - 11/8/06

8th International Railway Transportation Conference begins in Tehran
Minister of Roads and Transportation Mohammad Rahmati on Tuesday inaugurated the Eighth International Railway Transportation Conference. Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, he expressed hope that Iran will make use of high-speed train in its railway network in line with its development plans. -IRNA - 11/8/06

Regional defense pact guarantees Persian Gulf security: Iran
Iranian Defense minister renewed his call for a regional defense pact as a guarantor of the Persian Gulf security. -MNA - 11/8/06

"Message of Peace" to be performed in Iran
About 200 Japanese tourists travel to Iran in order to hear a two hour music concert "The message of peace from the birth place of human civilization" in Sa'dabad Palace in Tehran. This concert is held with the performance of the Japanese musician, Saito Damitsto -ISNA - 11/8/06

Iran to share 3% of world's petrochemicals by 2008: Oil Minister
Oil Minister Kazem Vaziri-Hamaneh said here on Tuesday Iran will attain three percent of world's petrochemical market share by March 2008 by increasing the capacity of its current plans. -MNA - 11/8/06

Sivand Dam to be inaugurated by March 2007
Disputes will finally come to an end by inundation of the newly constructed Sivand Dam in Bolaghi Gorge, Fars province, which will drown all the remaining historic evidence in the area. Based on the Ministry of Energy's timeline, the Dam is set to be inaugurated by the end of the current Iranian year which will fall in late March 2007. -CHN - 11/8/06

Book About Wartime Iran a Statement Against Dictatorships
Marjane Satrapifs Persepolis, a four-volume series that first was published in 2000, has become one of the most influential graphic novels in the past 10 years and is a cornerstone of curricula being taught at U.S. universities, including the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the premier institution for training U.S. Army officers. - 11/8/06

Ali Asghar Massoumi's Nostalgia Exhibition
Ali Asghar Massoumi's recent exhibition at the Day gallery was very well received even though no pictures had been sold up to the time we were there. This was probably due to the very high prices that the artist had insisted on. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/8/06

The Treaty of Nuclear Non-Proliferation; Theory vs. Practice: The Case With Iran
Panel Discussion at Columbia University by Dr. Javad Zarif, Iran's Ambassador to the United Nations and Scott Ritter, Former United Nations Special Commission weapons inspector. - 11/7/06

Arieso CEO Shirin Dehghan Named Outstanding Woman in Technology 2006
Shirin Dehghan, CEO of UK telecommunications firm Arieso, has taken top honours at the Blackberry Women & Technology Awards in London. - 11/7/06

Fereydoun Hoveyda (1924-2006): A Class Apart
The former Ambassador and permanent representative of Iran to the United Nations died at his home in Virginia on November 3, 2006 at the age of 82. He was the last living signer of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights -Paris Report by Darius KADIVAR - 11/7/06

Iran requests the presence of representatives during Saddam execution
A group of Iranian families who are the victims of Iraq imposed war against Iran requested to make presence in the execution ceremony of the former Iraqi dictator, Saddam. -ISNA - 11/7/06

Ancient Silk Road to get its modern railway counterpart at UN regional conference
A railway version of the famed Silk Road is set to move a step closer to reality at a regional United Nations transport conference that opened in the Republic of Korea (ROK) today, with an agreement for a trans-continental network linking national systems from Armenia to Viet Nam. - 11/7/06

Opening diplomatic and economic relations with Iran, something for which the Iranian regime has indicated its support more than once in the past couple of years, would result in two major developments. For Iran, such an opening would relieve the current escalating levels of tension and fear of destabilization and war, while the subsequent surge in economic development with a sense of security would inevitably lead to a meaningful rekindling of liberal democratic reforms. For the United States, such an opening with Iran would pave the way for a satisfactory disengagement from Iraq. -Kam Zarrabi - 11/7/06

Iran's pistachio export to hit 250 tons
An official with the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad forecasts that around 250 tons of pistachios will be produced in Iran in the current Iranian year (ends March 20, 2007). -MNA - 11/7/06

There is no good or bad terrorism: Iranian FM
On Tuesday, Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki highlighted France's special contributions to world scientific advancements and its championship in cultural movements and called on Paris to oppose "scientific apartheid" and the application of double standards for using nuclear technology for civilian purposes. -MNA - 11/7/06

Afghanistan: UN-backed panel voices alarm at surge in opium cultivation
A United Nations-backed panel on narcotics control today expressed alarm at the rise in illicit opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan, by far the world’s largest supplier, and called on its neighbours to crack down on the apparent smuggling of a chemical needed for the manufacture of heroin within the country. - 11/7/06

Iran lifts Asian men's jujitsu title
Iran was crowned at the first Asian men's jujitsu tournament in Almaty, Kazakhstan Monday night. The championship came as the Iranian team snatched two golds, two silvers, and one bronze. -IRNA - 11/7/06

Iranian Oil Minister: If price not stabilized OPEC reduces production even more
"About 1.2 million barrels are reduced from OPEC's production level and if all the members fulfill their promises, then we can expect to witness satisfactory consequences," he stated about reduction of oil export. -ISNA - 11/7/06

Belarusian President In Tehran For High-Level Talks
Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka arrived in Tehran late on November 5 for two days of talks with Iranian officials. Belarus's foreign minister, Serhiy Martynov, says the visit is aimed at bolstering official relations and advancing large-scale economic projects. -RFE - 11/7/06

Iran Launches Plan To Expel Illegal Afghan Workers
Iran has begun a new plan to expel illegal Afghan workers from the country. Officials have said that the plan will help solve the country's unemployment problem. -RFE - 11/7/06

Iran oil production to jump by 1m bpd in 3 years
Oil production from Azadegan, Yadavaran and Anaran oilfields, southern Iran, in the next three years will increase the country's crude capacity by one million bpd, managing director of National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) noted on Monday. -MNA - 11/7/06

Supreme Leader: Iran harbors no animosity with world states
During a meeting with the visiting Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and his accompanying delegation, the Supreme Leader urged cooperation and coordination among independent states, saying greater coherence would effectively guard their interests to the benefit of their nations. -IRNA - 11/7/06

2006 Corruption Perceptions Index reinforces link between poverty and corruption
The 2006 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), launched today by Transparency International (TI), points to a strong correlation between corruption and poverty, with a concentration of impoverished states at the bottom of the ranking. - 11/7/06

Iran's sedan, Samand is highly commended in Istanbul's International auto show
Iranian passenger car Samand is highly commended in the 11th International Automotive Supply Industry and Service Equipments Exhibition currently held in Istanbul, Turkey. - 11/7/06

UK peace groups consolidate under "Campaign Iran"
Action Iran, CASMII UK and Iran Solidarity, the three UK based single issue campaign groups against war and sanctions on Iran, are merging into a single organisation in the UK called Campaign Iran, which will be part of the multinational Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII). - 11/7/06

Iranian Women in Exile Finding Voices Through Literature
Women of Persian heritage living in the United States and elsewhere are seizing upon the opportunity to tell their own stories, taking advantage of new freedoms and an increased feeling of comfort in their new societies, and the literary world in turn has begun to respond with interest. -Washington File - 11/7/06

Congress will be filled with AIPAC Democrats: Rabbi Michael Lerner
The Mehr News Agency conducted a brief interview with Rabbi Michael Lerner on October 26. Rabbi Lerner is the chief editor of Tikkun magazine and the national chairman of the anti-war organization the Network of Spiritual Progressives. - 11/6/06

Iran, Belarus keen to promote ties
Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko, accompanied by a high-ranking politico-economic delegation, arrived in Tehran on Sunday night for an official two-day visit, and held private talks with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday morning. -IRNA - 11/6/06

The War God That Failed: The neocons turn on their 'leader'
It had to happen – the faithless neocons, who value loyalty only to their own ambitions, have taken to denouncing the president for carrying out their wishes, albeit "incompetently." As predicted here, here, and here years ago, they're turning on George W. Bush with a vengeance. - 11/6/06

Iranian MPS debate bill to fingerprint US nationals entering Iran
Amir-Reza Khadem, an MP from Tehran, speaking in the session said the bill ran counter to Islamic beliefs. "Our problem is not with the American citizens but with the policies of the US government," argued the MP. - 11/6/06

IRAQ: Hear Our Voices – Saddam faces death, but victims' suffering continues
Following the sentencing to death by hanging of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity, victims of his former government’s brutality say their suffering continues. -IRIN - 11/6/06

Coming to terms with India's missing Muslims
The reality of exclusion and discrimination can no longer be denied. But the remedy requires political courage on the part of the Manmohan Singh Government and wisdom on the part of those claiming to speak for Muslims. -Siddharth Varadarajan - 11/6/06

Asian Games torch relay to start in Mashhad, Iran
The 15th Asian Games torch relay will start in Mashhad, the capital of northeastern Khorassan Razavi Province, Tuesday, symbolizing the upcoming sporting event in the Qatari capital Doha. -IRNA - 11/6/06

Spain defeats Iran 6-1 in world beach soccer event
Iran was knocked out of the Beach Soccer World Cup with two losses in Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil, Sunday. -MNA - 11/6/06

British believe Bush is more dangerous than Kim Jong-il
Carried out as US voters prepare to go to the polls next week in an election dominated by the war, the research also shows that British voters see George Bush as a greater danger to world peace than either the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, or the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Both countries were once cited by the US president as part of an "axis of evil", but it is Mr Bush who now alarms voters in countries with traditionally strong links to the US. -Guardian - 11/6/06

Breaking News - Timeline: Israeli Embassy and AMIA bombings.1992-2006
18th July 1994. Bombing of the Asociacion Mutual Israelita de Argentina(Argentine Israelite Mutual Association, or AMIA) building in Buenos Aires, killing 85 people. Hours after US and Israeli governments blamed Iran and Hezbollah. Israeli soldiers are involved in the clean up operation with the blessing of President Menem. -Iran Solidarity - 11/6/06

Former Iranian Ambassador to U.N. Dies
Fereydoun Hoveyda, a former Iranian ambassador to the United Nations, died of cancer Friday at his home in Clifton, Va., a family friend said. He was 82. -AP - 11/6/06

5.1 Quake hits Rezvanshahr in Iran's northern province of Gilan
An earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale hit outskirts of the city of Rezvanshahr in the northern province of Gilan late Sunday night. -IRNA - 11/6/06

Science Apartheid
In an effort to push for a scientific apartheid divide and in the process inflict collective punishment on the Iranian people, the Bush White House has successfully invoked Chapter VII, Article 41 of the Charter of the United Nations. The pot calling the kettle black, the Article stipulates a threat to peace which subjects Iran to sanctions. -Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 11/6/06

U.S. vs. AIPAC
Anyone remotely familiar with the American political landscape knows that the Israeli lobby plays a very large role in shaping US foreign policy in the Middle East. This influence has been achieved through clever use of financial muscle and control of large sections of the media from newspapers to cable TV channels to think-tank organisations. -Abbas Bakhtiar - 11/6/06

Iran Great Prophet wargames on 5th day
Iran's Great Prophet maneuver spokesman declared that the massive fire of artilleries and rocket launchers were among the most significant programs on the 5th day of the Great Prophet third phase maneuver. -ISNA - 11/6/06

Understanding nuclear policy of Iran is critical for America
The need to understand Iran's nuclear policy has never been greater. The Bush administration is driving the U.N. Security Council to impose collective sanctions on Iran. But 27 years of unilateral sanctions by the United States have not led Iran to change its behavior. -R.K. Ramazani - 11/6/06

"Marriage, Iranian Style" in Bay Area
After an Immense Success Nationally, Internationally and in LA, gMarriage, Iranian Styleh (the uncut version) now showing in Bay Area - 11/6/06

A day in a family garden
It is not very often that we have been able to head out of Tehran and breathe a little fresh air and enjoy the country. On one such rare occasion last weekend we were invited by our friends Jassem and Vida to their bagh (garden) near Mohammad-Shahr in the Karaj area, about 60 kilometers from Tehran. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/6/06

The Case for Engagement
I recently returned from a trip to Iran, where over the course of a week I made the journey from the northern suburbs of Tehran to the gates of the Natanz enrichment facility, and in doing so had my eyes opened. The Iran that I witnessed was far removed from the one caricatured in the US media. -Scott Ritter, The Nation - 11/5/06

Kitchen robot designed in Iran
Two Iranian students of Iran's Engineering University of Shiraz succeeded in designing a kitchen robot. -ISNA - 11/5/06

Iran grabs gold medal in world fire fighters competitions
Iran's team received gold medal on water supplying on Saturday in the World Fire Fighters and Rescue Teams Competitions which started two days ago in Tehran. -IRNA - 11/5/06

Dissent Grows at U.N. Over Iran
As the Bush administration struggles to rally international pressure on Iran to halt its nuclear program, China and Russia are working to take the most powerful diplomatic weapon off the table: the military option. -Washington Post - 11/5/06

Iran ready to equip Lebanese military with advanced aerial defence: Ambassador
Iran's Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammad-Reza Sheybani in a meeting with Lebanon military commander General Michele Soleyman on Saturday expressed Iran's readiness to equip Lebanese army with advanced aerial defence, IRNA reported from Beirut. - 11/5/06

Iran welcomes Saddam death sentence
Since it reminds the world of the inhuman crimes Saddam and his accomplices committed against the nations of Iraq, Iran, and Kuwait and the need to realize the rights of these nations, the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes the ruling, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini stated. -MNA - 11/5/06

Iran's technical and engineering contracts hit around $1.5b
Building a cement production plant in Syria valued at $200 million, construction of residential units in Venezuela valued at $400 million and a $250m contract to build a power plant in Nigeria are among the major foreign projects currently being developed by Iranian contractors. -MNA - 11/5/06

Israeli Cabinet Minister Calls for Separation of Jews and Arabs
The newest addition to the Israeli Cabinet has called for a near-total separation of Jews and Arabs in Israel and the Palestinian territories. The statement sparked outrage, especially among Israel's Arab citizens, who accused the hawkish minister of promoting an "apartheid" policy. -VOA - 11/5/06

Two IAEA inspectors visit nuclear sites in Isfahan, Natanz
Two inspectors of Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) visited nuclear sites in Isfahan and Natanz and inspected operation of second cascade of centrifuges for enrichment of uranium at research and development (R&D) stage. -IRNA - 11/5/06

The Peace Race
Last November, when the falsehoods and deceptions that led our nation into the Iraq War were already clear, as were the staggering human and economic costs, The Nation made this pledge in its lead editorial: "We will not support any candidate for national office who does not make a speedy end to the war in Iraq a major issue of his or her campaign." -The Nation - 11/5/06

Iran Tests New Weaponry as Nuke Tensions Rise
As international tensions continue to rise over Iran's nuclear ambitions, the Iranian regime has tested new military weaponry in the third day of war games in the Persian Gulf. -VOA - 11/5/06

Iran To Consider Talks With U.S. on Iraq
Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini announced in Tehran on Sunday that following a second request by Iraqi and U.S. officials for talks with Iran, Tehran will study the matter if the proposal is officially submitted. -MNA - 11/5/06

Bisotun Hailed on National Celebration
Commemorating world registration of Bisotun as the eighths Iranian cultural heritage site in the list of UNESCO, Iranians got together in Bisotun plain yesterday to celebrate this important event. -CHN - 11/4/06

Who's Targeting Iran – and Why?
One of the more interesting revelations elicited by Seymour Hersh from Scott Ritter during their public discussion last month, sponsored by the New York Society for Ethical Culture, about the Bush-Cheney administration’s not-so-secret plans to effect regime change in Iran, was the extent to which Ritter has been – and apparently still is – intimately associated with Israeli intelligence analysts. - 11/4/06

Russia Demands Revisions to Proposed UN Sanctions on Iran
Russia is demanding wholesale changes to a European proposal to impose U.N. sanctions on Iran for its nuclear program. Talks on a sanctions resolution are expected to go on for weeks. -VOA - 11/4/06

Iran exports over 90 percent of its crude oil via Kharg Island
Head of the eastern platform of Kharg Oil Terminal, Seyed Ibrahim Hosseini, said on Saturday that more than 90 percent of Iran's crude oil is exported via Kharg Island in the northern border of the Persian Gulf. -IRNA - 11/4/06

Supersub Owladi helps Persepolis past Esteqlal
Persepolis striker Mehrdad Owladi came off the bench to celebrate the winner in the 2-1 victory over old foe Esteqlal in their 61st derby in the 100,000-seater Azadi Stadium in western Tehran Friday. -MNA - 11/4/06

Canada defeats Iran 7-6 in world beach soccer game
Canada converted the penalty to overcome Iran 7-6 in their world beach soccer match in Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil, Saturday. The two sides fought to a 6-6 draw in the normal time. -MNA - 11/4/06

UNHCR concerned about rising violence in Iraq and inadequate humanitarian response
The UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) on Friday said it was increasingly alarmed over the incessant violence in Iraq and distressed about the lack of an international humanitarian response to deal with the massive numbers of people being displaced in the troubled Middle East country. - 11/4/06

Democratic Victory in US Congress Would Bring New Leaders to Key Committees
The House International Relations Committee would likely be headed by California Congressman Tom Lantos, known for his fiery speeches on behalf of human rights, tough rhetoric toward regimes in Iran and Syria, and his strong support of Israel. -VOA - 11/4/06

China's Chery to enter Iranian cheap cars' market
Iranian car producer, Iran Khodro and China's Chery have reached agreement on producing Chery cars in Iran. -ISNA - 11/4/06

Shell planning to participate in MDP tender on Kish gas field
The managing director of the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) said here on Saturday that Royal Dutch Shell is planning to take part in the bid on the Master Development Plan (MDP) of an Iranian offshore gas field. -MNA - 11/4/06

Central Asia: German Foreign Minister Seeks EU-Wide Policy
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier is nearing the end of a tour that should take him to all five Central Asian republics -- Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan. -RFE - 11/4/06

World space week to be held in Iran
The world space week which was postponed due to the holy month of Ramadan in Islamic countries, will now be held from November 6-12 with the theme of 'Space for Saving Life' and natural disasters in Iran. -ISNA - 11/4/06

Qobadi wins Cineuropa prize in Spain
Iranian director Bahman Qobadi received a Cineuropa prize today during the Cineuropa Festival currently underway in the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela. -MNA - 11/4/06

New generation of weapons launched in ongoing Iran wargames: IRGC commander
A new generation of anti-chopper, anti-armor and anti-personnel weapons are taking part in wargames, code-named `The Great Prophet 2,' currently being staged by the Iranian military, its commander said on Saturday. - 11/4/06

Isfahan's Pre-historic Civilization to be Studied
Archeological excavations in Kopandeh Tepe in Isfahan are resumed to identify the civilization that inhabited this area around 4000 BC. - 11/3/06

Iran, Iran
Sights of Iran for those who miss the country and those who would want to share it with friends who have little idea of Iran’s diverse beauty. Tehran,Fasham,Khamneh,Azarbaijan,Caspian. -Nasser Jafarzadeh - 11/3/06

Evil is as Evil Does
If Khatami Can Be Charged with Torture, Why Not Blair, Bush and Cheney? -Counterpunch - 11/3/06

Seymour Hersh and Scott Ritter discuss Bush and Iran
Join former UN Special Commission weapons inspector Scott Ritter, author of Iraq Confidential and Target Iran (from Nation Books) and Pulitzer Prize-winning New Yorker journalist Seymour Hersh, for a discussion on the Bush administration’s secret plans for the next front in the War on Terror. - 11/3/06

US Urges Security Council to Sanction Iran
The United States is urging the U.N. Security Council to impose sanctions on Iran immediately for its refusal to halt its uranium enrichment program. Some Middle East analysts say even with the threat of sanctions, Tehran is unlikely to suspend the program. Analysts argue, however, that diplomacy is a better approach to the situation than using military force. -VOA - 11/3/06

The Neocons' Nadir?
Less than a week from midterm elections that are expected to bring at least one house of Congress under Democratic control, neoconservatives, whose foreign policy ideas dominated most of the first half of the administration of U.S. George W. Bush, are having a hard time. -IPS - 11/3/06

Iran 'sending funds to Hezbollah'
A senior Hezbollah official has told the BBC that Iran is providing the group with money to help fund its reconstruction activities in Lebanon. -BBC - 11/3/06

Iraq: Ethnic Tensions Increasing In Oil-Rich City
As the government committee charged with reversing the "Arabization" policy pursued in Kirkuk under former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein attempts to complete its constitutionally mandated task, ethnic tensions have increased as each community vies for control of the oil-rich northern city. -RFE - 11/3/06

Countering Afghanistan's Insurgency
The rising violence in Afghanistan is an urgent wake-up call for President Karzai to build a clean and accountable administration and the international community to rethink its policies, including towards Pakistan's military government. -International Crisis Group - 11/3/06

Democrats Vow to Change Iraq Policy if They Win Control of Congress
U.S. Congressional Democrats are vowing to press for a change of course in U.S. policy on Iraq if they regain control of one or both houses of Congress in Tuesday's midterm elections, as public opinion polls suggest is possible. VOA's Deborah Tate looks at how Democrats plan to influence such policy if they do win victories at the polls. - 11/3/06

Swedish cineastes to honor Forugh Farrokhzad
The Swedish Film Institute (SFI) plans to posthumously commemorate Iranian poetess and filmmaker Forugh Farrokhzad with screenings of her "The House Is Black" and three documentaries about her in a program that begins in Stockholm tomorrow. -MNA - 11/3/06

Russia Says Iran Incapable Of Making ICBMs
The head of the Russian military's general staff, Yuri Baluyevsky, today said Iran does not have the technological means to create intercontinental ballistic missiles. - 11/3/06

In Search of Achaemenid Remains in Parthian City
While looking for evidence of the Median civilization in Ecbatana historic hill in Hamadan, remains of the Parthian civilization were discovered. New season of excavations in this ancient hill will focus on the rich civilizations of the Parthians and the Achaemenids. - 11/3/06

Iran Test Fires Long Range Missiles
Iranian state television says the country's Revolutionary Guards have test-fired several long-range missiles with the capability of carrying cluster bombs. - 11/2/06

Iran's New Diplomacy by Tourism
It is past midnight and the news is keeping me awake with joy. After a quarter century my country of birth, Iran, is easing (undeclared) travel restrictions this week for the citizens of my adopted home, the United States. As I embark on a speaking tour in America's Northeast to counter George Bush's unnecessary hostility towards Iran, the Iranian government has announced even a $20 incentive for any travel agent who books a tour to Iran for a U.S. citizen. -Rostam Pourzal, CASMII - 11/2/06

Iranian American Political Action Committee Releases Scorecard for 109TH Congress
Scorecard lets Iranian Americans know where their representatives stand on civil liberty and immigration related issues - 11/2/06

The Mid-Term Elections And Iranian American Interests: Analysis Of The Senate
With less than a week to go before the arrival of midterm elections, the stakes are raising for control of the US Senate. While 33 Senate seats will be decided this year, the Democrats need a net gain of six to take the reigns of power. -NIAC - 11/2/06

Misplaced Outrage
As someone who has little if any faith in the people who are supposed to be representing us in the U.S. Congress, I don't quiet understand the so called outrage over candid remarks by one politician this week. -Daniel M Pourkesali, Virginia - 11/2/06

Iran's private sector to take hold of rail business
Operation of freight and passenger rail wagons will be transferred to private sector by yearend (Iranian year ending March 20, 2007), the Persian service of ISNA reported on Wednesday. -MNA - 11/2/06

Russia Won't Support 'Isolation' Of Iran
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has called on the international community to negotiate with Iran, and not isolate the country with sanctions, to settle the dispute over the Iranian nuclear program. - 11/2/06

Iranian Activist Ibrahim Yazdi Files Complaint Against Culture Minister
Iranian opposition activist Ibrahim Yazdi has launched a formal complaint against Culture Minister Hossein Saffar Harandi for failing to issue a license to publish Yazdi's new book. -RFE - 11/2/06

Chinese Seen As Key to North Korean Nuclear Reversal
North Korea's agreement to return to the six-nation disarmament talks was something of a surprise, coming less than a month after it conducted its first nuclear weapons test. Another surprise was that a U.S. representative met directly with a North Korean official on the issue. As VOA correspondent Gary Thomas reports, China's role is seen as crucial to the turn in events. - 11/2/06

US Warns of Syrian, Iranian Effort to Topple Lebanese Government
The United States Wednesday expressed concern Syria and Iran are working with Lebanese allies to try to topple the Beirut government. The White House said U.S. officials are warning all those concerned to keep hands off the elected government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. -VOA - 11/2/06

Obey UK law, Iran ex-leader urges
UK Muslims should obey British law as well as accepting the obligations of citizenship, the former president of Iran has urged. -BBC - 11/2/06

How to cut and run
We could lead the Mideast to peace, but only if we stop refusing to do the right thing -Lt. Gen. William E. Odom, LA Times - 11/2/06

Jewish caricaturists participate in Tehran's international holocaust caricature competition
Secretary of the Competition Section Masoud Shojaei Tabatabaei said in closing ceremony of the international exhibition on Wednesday it was interesting that no sign of antisemitism could be traced in any of the caricatures received by the Competition Section. -IRNA - 11/2/06

US created new form of terrorism in Mideast: Khatami
The US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not only a "great mistake" but also brought a new kind of terrorism, said former Iranian president Mohammed Khatami. -IRNA - 11/2/06

Poachers threaten Caspian Sea's sturgeon species, caviar production
The head of Iran's State Fisheries Organization said in Tehran on Wednesday that the illegal harvest of sturgeon fish reached 18 tons in the year up to March, 2006 which is equal to the amount legally harvested of the caviar species in the same period. -IRNA - 11/2/06

Sanctions on Iran would disturb world oil market: official
There is no logical excuse for imposing sanctions on Iran; Iran is not an ordinary country, and any disturbance in oil production will disturb the world oil market, Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Affairs Ali-Akbar Sheikh-Attar said in Tehran on Wednesday. -MNA - 11/2/06

Only one clean day In Tehran last month
The Department of the Environment announced on Wednesday that Tehran's residents experienced only one pollution-free day during the last Iranian month (Sept 23-Oct 22). -IRNA - 11/2/06

Turkmen horses microchipped in North Khorassan in time for races set for Nov 23-24
Six hundred Turkmen horses have been microchipped in Iran's North Khorasan province, which has 1,000 of these horses, the head of the province's horseracing board said. -IRNA - 11/2/06

Saw III: Bahar Soomekh's Halloween Nightmare
Produced by Lions Gate, it is interesting to note that another Iranian is indirectly involved in the production of SAW III which could explain why Bahar Soomekh was chosen to cast in this movie. Mark Amin is currently Vice Chairman, Member of the Board of Directors, and one of the largest shareholders of Lions Gate Entertainment, the leading independent producer and distributor of films in the United States. -Darius KADIVAR - 11/2/06

Demonstrations in front of British Embassy in Tehran: Mehdi Ghasemi, winner of Kaveh Golestan Photojournalism award
The winners of the Third Kaveh Golestan Photojournalism Award were announced on Friday October 27 in Tehran. This year, Mehdi Ghasemi won the award in the Best Picture Story category with his photos from demonstrations in front of the British Embassy in Tehran. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/1/06

AFC Youth Championship: North Korea 5 Iran 0
Jong Chol-min and skipper Kim Kum-il celebrated their double as North Korea gave Iran a 5-0 humiliating defeat in the AFC Youth Championship at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Calcutta, eastern India, Tuesday. -MNA - 11/1/06

Women's Lives 'No Better' in New Afghanistan
The lives of Afghanistan's women have changed little five years after the fall of the Taliban, according to a new report by a UK-based women's rights group. -Independent - 11/1/06

North Korea Confirms Return To Six-Party Talks
North Korea has confirmed that it plans to return to six-country talks aimed at resolving the crisis over its nuclear weapons program. - 11/1/06

Mixed reception for Iran's ex-president
The former president of Iran, Mohammad Khatami, has begun a visit to the UK by calling for dialogue between civilisations to prevent religious wars. He is the most senior Iranian figure to visit the UK since the Islamic revolution in 1979. -BBC - 11/1/06

Israeli Warplanes Stage Mock Attacks over Southern Beirut
Israeli warplanes have been staging mock raids over Hezbollah's stronghold in Beirut's southern suburbs, this morning, in an unusual show of force. The United Nations has repeatedly asked Israel to stop violating Lebanese air space. -VOA - 11/1/06

Iran to launch more centrifuge cascades
Iran's parliament national security and foreign affairs council spokesman gave news that Iran intended to launch more centrifuge cascades. -ISNA - 11/1/06

Who's Afraid of an Iranian Bomb?
It seems that we Israelis are always in need of something to be afraid of. When we open our eyes in the morning, we must see the danger-of-the-day. Otherwise, what is there to get up for? Perhaps it's not the public that is to blame, but the politicians who use fear as a means of control. -Uri Avnery, - 11/1/06

Iran to reduce crude oil production
Iran will reduce its crude oil production from today following a recent decision made by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) -IRNA - 11/1/06

Khatami: US should withdraw from Iraq as soon as possible
Former Iranian president Mohammed Khatami says that he would advise US President George W. Bush to withdraw his troops from Iraq and replace them with an international force. "In my opinion, the United States should pull out of Iraq as soon as possible," Khatami told Channel Four News during a five-day visit to the UK. -IRNA - 11/1/06

Statoil keen on new oil & gas projects in Iran: official
Statoil Iran managing director said on Tuesday the Norwegian oil giant is keen to take up new oil and gas projects in Iran. Statoil welcomes cooperation on new projects to produce gas, increase production from oilfields, and develop exploration blocks, Olav Hieger told Fars News Agency. -MNA - 11/1/06

Hillary Urges 'Sea Change' in Mideast Policy
In a major policy address, Sen. Hillary Clinton Tuesday called for a "sea change" in U.S. foreign policy that would include direct talks with Syria, Iran, and North Korea and greater U.S. engagement in promoting peace between Israel and the Palestinians. -IPS - 11/1/06

Kermanshah Hosting Iranian and European Archeologists
Archeologists from Iran and five European countries will present their latest achievements in the archeology of Iran's western regions during an international conference in Kermanshah staring today. -CHN - 11/1/06

Iranian actor Jamshid Mashayekhi to receive acclaim in France
Veteran Iranian actor Jamshid Mashayekhi will be venerated during the Hafez Night at Palais de la découverte (Discovery Palace) in the French capital Paris on Nov. 15. -MNA - 11/1/06

Iran to conduct wargames in Persian Gulf starting Nov.
The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps General Commander announced that the second Great Holy Prophet of Islam maneuver will start from the 2nd of November in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea waters. -ISNA - 11/1/06

Poaching Scientists
As the New York Times glaring headlines of October 26th announced that the draft sanctions would restrict students, and that according to European diplomats it would involve visa bans and restrictions on Iranian students who wanted to study nuclear physics and sciences at foreign universities and colleges, I was reminded of two other headlines: "U.S. Sanitizing of Nazis to help space program," and "America’s Iran watchers flock to Dubai" -Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 11/1/06

Iran: Writers, Publishers Warn Of Industry Clampdown
Writers and publishers in Iran complain that new guidelines on censorship are preventing them from issuing new books. They say Iran's Culture Ministry is dragging its feet or blocking new titles, and even demanding that previously published books be resubmitted for approval. -RFE - 11/1/06

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