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Iran, Iraq swap remains of war dead
Iranian and Iraqi officials on Sunday swapped the bodies of wartime victims. Some 41 Iranian martyrs of US-backed Iraqi imposed war (1980-1988) were delivered to Iran in exchange of 200 bodies of Iraqi soldiers. - 11/30/08

REZA WAR + PEACE: A Photographer's Journey
Award-winning photojournalist and humanitarian Reza has devoted his life to bearing witness through his camera to the struggles and hopes of oppressed people around the world. In REZA WAR + PEACE, a 30-year retrospective of his work, this remarkable photographer chronicles his travels to places of conflict through exquisite images that pair turmoil with hope, joy with despair. - 11/30/08

IAEA monitoring safety of Bushehr nuclear power plant: Envoy
IAEA's Representative to Iran Christer Viktorsson said on Sunday that the Islamic Republic of Iran is now fully cooperating with IAEA to maintain safety of Bushehr nuclear power plant. - 11/30/08

Iranian Kyokushin karate team shines in Japan
Iran's Kyokushin karate team stood first in the international kyokushinkai karate competitions in Japan on Sunday. - 11/30/08

Iran advises new US administration not to fall in Bush trap
Iran's Majlis Speaker, Ali Larijani, on Sunday advised the new US Administration not to fall into trap set by President George W. Bush consistent with Iran. -IRNA - 11/30/08

OPEC Ends Cairo Meeting with no Change in Oil Output
OPEC on Saturday deferred a decision on a new oil supply cut until a meeting in Algeria on December 17. OPEC member states have been meeting in Cairo at an emergency session to discuss possible measures to stop the steep, recent decline in world oil prices. - 11/30/08

The Hacker called royamonajem at
It is said: You ask heartily it happens, yet if you leave it solely to the universe, it may happen in strange ways. -Roya Monajem, Tehran - 11/30/08

The Politics Of Falling Oil Prices
The ghosts of 1986 are haunting the Kremlin. That was the year when a precipitous drop in oil prices, from around $30 per barrel in late 1985 to just over $10 by mid-1986, crippled the Soviet economy and helped expedite the breakup of the USSR just five years later. -RFE - 11/30/08

Adventurous tourists discover ancient Persia
Bob Augustine's last encounter with Iran was on a Pan Am plane a few days before Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini took control as architect of the country's fundamentalist Islamic revolution. Thirty years later, the retired telecommunications executive from Bonita Springs, Fla., is back -- as a tourist. -USA Today - 11/30/08

Dubai Provides Iranian Artists a Bridge to the World
Art in Iran over the past three decades has mirrored the realities of life; as their country suffered from the international isolation brought on by the country’s Islamic revolution, Iranian artists labored in relative obscurity. -New York Times - 11/30/08

Iranian dress code creates veil of confusion
On the streets of modern neighborhoods in cities such as Tehran and Shiraz, young fashionistas wear thigh-high, figure-hugging manteaus, their peroxided tresses spilling out of skimpy silk scarves, while visitors push the envelope with ball caps and gauzy Indian tunics. -USA Today - 11/30/08

No Time to Hide for Muslims
Watching the terror nightmare unfold in Mumbai over the past three days with me on television, my kids have repeatedly asked me: “Who are these terrorists and why are they doing this?” And every time I wished I could offer them a convincing answer. -Khaleej Times - 11/30/08

Iran Shaping Up As Key Foreign Policy Challenge For Obama
For nearly three decades, Iran and the United States have traded accusations and threats. But when Barack Obama is inaugurated as U.S. president on January 20, that long-standing status quo could finally begin to change. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE/RL - 11/29/08

Screening of Divorce Iranian Style and Runaway + Q&A with Director
On Sunday 7th December the Curzon Soho cinema (in London) will be screening a double bill of her outstanding documentary films DIVORCE IRANIAN STYLE and RUNAWAY. Kim Longinotto will also be in attendance for a Q&A with the audience. - 11/29/08

Tehran's Asr Art Gallery Shut-down for displaying "immoral" photos
The photos were part of the exhibition by Iranian photojournalist Peyman Hooshmanzadeh which display various people behind windshields. The photos which were deemed as "immoral" have some religious writings on the windshield. - 11/29/08

Photos: 7th Quake Preparation Maneuvers in Tehran
The 7th maneuvers to prepare for potential quakes were held in Tehran on Friday November 28. Iran is often shaken by quakes of varying magnitudes as it sits on some of the world's most active seismic fault lines. - 11/29/08

Madrid to host conference on Avicenna and Averroes
The Complutense University of Madrid is to hold a conference to review thoughts of the masters of philosophy Avicenna and Averroes. - 11/29/08

Iran: Court sentences three convicts to death over mosque bombing in Shiraz
Tehran Revolutionary Court sentenced the three convicted men to death for involvement in a mosque explosion in southern city of Shiraz. The bombing occurred in April that killed 14 people and injured 212 others. - 11/29/08

Iran President arrives in Doha
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in Doha, Qatar, Saturday to attend a regional meeting for development and finance. -IRNA - 11/29/08

Quake Hits Bushehr Province in Southern Iran
An earthquake measuring 4.0 on Richter scale hit the outskirts of the city of Bardkhoun in Bushehr province, southern Iran, Friday evening. - 11/29/08

Tehran hosts 13th IIES oil and gas conference
The 13th international oil and gas conference of the Institute for International Energy Studies (IIES) kicks off at the Olympic Hotel in Tehran tomorrow. -MNA - 11/29/08

Photos: Restoration of Cyrus Tomb completed
Cyrus the Great (c. 600 BC or 576 – August 530 BC or 529 BC), also known as Cyrus II of Persia and Cyrus the Elder, was a Persian Shahanshah (Emperor). He was the founder of the Persian Empire under the Achaemenid dynasty. -Photos by Sajad Avarand, ISNA - 11/28/08

On November 28, 2008 the Bahá'í community will commemorate one of its holiest days, the Ascension of 'Abdu'l-Bah, with an evening of scriptures, prayers, music and festivities. Today, the Bahá'í community consists of five million members who live in 189 countries and 46 territories. The one place where Bahá'ís remain deeply unwelcome is Iran, the incubator of their faith. -Deena Guzder - 11/28/08

Photos: 19th Theatre Festival in Golestan Province of Iran
Golestan is one of the 30 provinces of Iran. It is in the north-east of the country, south of the Caspian Sea. Its capital is Gorgan. It was split off from the province of Mazandaran in 1997. It has a population of 1.7 million (2005) -Photos by Ebrahim Asghari, ISNA - 11/28/08

Iran: Government takes hard line on supporters of rights of women - UN experts
Two independent United Nations experts on human rights issues today (27 November 2008) voiced deep concern over the Iranian Government's increasingly severe crackdown on advocates of the rights of women in recent years. -UN News Center - 11/28/08

Official says Iran would welcome talks with Obama
Iran's Vice President Esfandiar Rahim-Mashaei said in an interview with Japan's Kyodo News Agency that his country would welcome talks between President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Barack Obama. - 11/28/08

German Firms Seeking to Boost Trade Ties with Iran
The German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce held a workshop on Thursday to improve business ties between German firms and the Islamic Republic. -FNA - 11/28/08

Iran in about-turn towards security agreement
The government of President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad has been unusually silent about the Iraqi government’s approval of the security pact with the US. But that may be because it has been loathe to publicise its dramatic change of attitude towards the agreement. -Financial Times - 11/28/08

Iran, Tajik presidents call for regional economic system
Visiting Tajik President Imamali Rakhmon conferred on Thursday with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on expansion of mutual relations and cooperation. -IRNA - 11/28/08

Renowned Iranian Archaeologist Azarnush Dies at 63
Archaeologist Masud Azarnush, the former director of the Iranian Center for Archaeological Research died of heart attack on Thursday. - 11/28/08

Mrs. Ashraf Ghandehari Bahadorzadeh of Kahrizak to Speak at Stanford University
The Hamid and Christina Moghadam Program in Iranian Studies is delighted to announce that this coming Tuesday, December 2, 2008, Mrs. Ashraf Ghandehari Bahadorzadeh, an icon of philanthropy in Iran, will speak at Stanford University. - 11/27/08

Photos: Harvesting Cotton in Fasa, Iran
Following photos show the people at the village of Fadashkouyeh, in the vicinity of the city of Fasa in Iran's Fars province, harvesting their cotton crop. Fasa is a city in the province of Fars in Iran. It had an estimated population of 191,017 in 2006. -Photos by Sajad Avarand, ISNA - 11/27/08

Rice Says Decision on Opening Mission in Iran to Be Left to Obama Administration
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Wednesday the Bush administration supports the idea of opening a U.S. diplomatic "interests section" in Iran. But she says the press of other matters delayed action on the issue, and that the decision will now be left to the incoming Barack Obama administration. - 11/27/08

American Family Appeals to Iran for Answers on Missing Man
As Americans look forward to celebrating the holidays with their loved ones, a Florida family is struggling to cope with the absence of one of their own — Robert Levinson, an American businessman whose March 2007 disappearance in Iran remains shrouded in mystery. - 11/27/08

Iranian Woman Pourkashiyan Awarded GM Title
Iran's Woman International Master Atousa Pourkashiyan has been awarded the Grandmaster title at the 38th Chess Olympiad in Germany. -Press TV - 11/27/08

Report: Primitive man roamed Persian Plateau
Archeological discoveries on the Iranian Plateau prove that primitive man once passed through the region millions of years ago. - 11/27/08

Iraqi Parliament Passes U.S. Security Pact
Iraq's parliament has approved a security pact with the United States that paves the way for a complete U.S. troops withdrawal within the next three years. -RFE - 11/27/08

Iran keeps watchful eye on spy activities: Military Commander
He was referring to the dismantling of an espionage network with links to Israel's Mossad spy agency. Three Iranian members of the cell were arrested before carrying out any operations against the country. They were said to have received extensive spy training in Tel Aviv. -Press TV - 11/27/08

Obama's Approach To U.S. Relations With Iran
Talk of the Nation, November 25, 2008 · President-elect Barack Obama said repeatedly during the campaign that he would seek engagement with Iran without preconditions. After Obama was elected, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sent him a congratulatory letter. How is the U.S. relationship with Iran changing? -NPR - 11/27/08

Daughter Speaks Out Against Mother's Execution In Iran
The daughter of Fatemeh Haghighat Pajouh, who was executed in Iran for killing her temporary husband, spoke out on November 26 against her mother's execution. -RFE - 11/27/08

Iran launches Kavosh-2 rocket into space
Iran's aerospace experts have successfully launched 'Kavosh 2' (Explorer 2) rocket into space on Wednesday. The rocket carried a space lab and data monitoring and processing unit and put it into orbit in several minutes with a special parachute. - 11/26/08

U.S. Engagement with Iran: A How to Guide
For the better part of three decades, U.S. policy toward Iran has largely focused on punitive measures aimed at weakening the Iranian regime and limiting its regional influence. It is high time to concede such an approach has failed to achieve its bottom line: Iran's regional influence is greater today than ever, and hard-liners have a virtual monopoly over power in Tehran. -Karim Sadjadpour - 11/26/08

Iran says over 5,000 centrifuges operating
Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Reza Aqazadeh said here Wednesday that more than 5,000 centrifuges are now operating in the country. Aqazadeh talked to reporters after visiting the Exclusive Exhibition on nuclear Industry Achievements at Tehran University. - 11/26/08

NIAC Memo: Iran's About Face on the Status of Forces Agreement
The recent approval of the security pact by the Iraqi Cabinet, which would require Washington to withdraw its forces by the end of 2011, marks a new development in U.S.-Iran relations. -Babak Rahimi - 11/26/08

Obama and Iran
Diplomats and scholars encourage Obama to invest in change instead of regime change -The Real News Network - 11/26/08

Iran beat Uzbekistan in Asian Women's Handball Championships
Iran women national handball team beat Uzbekistan 29-26 in the Asian Women's Handball Championships in Bangkok, Thailand, on Wednesday. - 11/26/08

Through New Partnerships, NIAC Effectively Gets Out the Iranian-American Vote!
Thanks to new technologies and partnerships, NIAC's voter registration and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) activities reached unprecedented levels in 2008. NIAC made a total of 113,000 targeted phone calls, e-mails and postcards encouraging Iranian Americans to vote in the primaries and general elections, and to register Iranian-American voters. - 11/26/08

New Joint Project Explores Plan to Pipe Oil, Gas to India
India, Turkey and Israel are exploring a plan to use a new route to pipe and ship oil and gas to India. As Anjana Pasricha reports from New Delhi, the proposed pipeline will give energy-hungry India easier access to the vast oil and gas supplies of Central Asia. -VOA - 11/26/08

Iran Oil and Gas Report
BMI forecasts that Iran will account for 15.96% of Middle East (ME) regional oil demand by 2012, while providing 15.55% of supply. ME regional oil use of 8.24mn b/d in 2001 rose to an estimated 10.61mn b/d in 2007. It should average 10.86mn b/d in 2008 and then rise to around 11.84mn b/d by 2012. - 11/26/08

The Election, Economy, War, and Peace
The word that immediately rolled off of every tongue after the presidential election was "historic." And rightly so. A Black family in the White House is truly a momentous event. -Noam Chomsky - 11/26/08

Olmert wins U.S. backing for Iran war
Israel's prime minister says Washington has not rejected a request by Tel Aviv to take any action it deems "necessary" against Iran. -Press TV - 11/26/08

Worsening Security Situation Forces UN to Consider New Shipping Routes Into Afghanistan
Afghans are bracing for another harsh winter made worse by food shortages and ongoing violence. This year, United Nations officials say attacks on their food convoys are creating an even more difficult situation than in years past. VOA's Barry Newhouse reports from Kabul. - 11/26/08

Hidden in Plain Sight: Uncovering Iranian Nightlife and Underground
Iran has a nightlife. Yes, it’s true, even though the country has no bars or clubs, and alcohol is forbidden. Every country has its own definition of what a good time is, and it was exciting to discover what that meant in Tehran. -New University - 11/26/08

EU turning eastward for energy needs
European officials and experts have met in Vienna to discuss how to make Europe a bigger energy player through projects such as Nabucco. -Press TV - 11/26/08

Iranian drivers fall for economical car
Three years ago, when Iran’s biggest car company stopped making the Paykan – a box-shaped saloon modelled on the 1960s-era British Hillman Hunter – many Iranians regarded it as a loss to their way of life. -Financial Times - 11/26/08

Iran Urged To Help On Missing American
The U.S. State Department has once again called on the Iranian government to cooperate with U.S. authorities in the case of an American citizen who disappeared in Iran more than 19 months ago. Robert Levinson, a retired FBI agent, traveled to Iran's Kish Island on business in March 2007. - 11/26/08

New Report Explores Impact of Lifting U.S. Iran Sanctions on the Global Economy, Trade and the Price of Oil
If the United States lifted sanctions on Iran and the nation liberalized its economic regime, the world price of oil could fall by 10 percent and Iran's gross domestic product (GDP) could increase by 23 percent annually, according to a new paper developed by economists Dean DeRosa and Gary Hufbauer. - 11/25/08

Latin America's march of democracy as a challenge to hegemon: The struggle against the containment of democracy
A New Dawn in Latin America has begun. Enormous challenges and opportunities confront the region in the Face of a crushing and vengeful neo-liberalism of global capitalism and all of its supportive economic, military and political institutions. This paper examines those challenges and opportunities particularly as they are related to the possible loss of U.S. hegemony and the attempts at containing democratic aspirations and strategies in Latin America. -Mehdi S. Shariati - 11/25/08

Iran's Shamsaei voted best Asian futsal player
Iranian futsal garners glory with Vahid Shamsaei chosen as Asian player of the year and the national team receiving a prestigious award. - 11/25/08

Americans victimized, by those who manage the system
Think of the $25 billion that the US automakers would like to borrow, and are being denied by Congress. That same Congress has agreed to pay that much money, for the past five years, every month for more than 50 months, for the illegal Iraq war. US automakers lack the chutzpah to ask Congress this way... -Debbie Menon - 11/25/08

Lebanese President Visits Iran
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad officially saw off his Lebanese counterpart Michel Suleiman on Tuesday after his two-day state visit to Iran. Speaking to reporters, Suleiman said that during his two-day stay in Tehran he had very fruitful talks with Iranian officials on expansion of mutual relations and expansion of all-out cooperation. - 11/25/08

Remembering Iranian Artist Iraj Zand
The whole of the Iranian art scene was in shock two years ago when we learned that Iraj Zand had passed away after a short illness. When we went to see the exhibition at the Golestan gallery which was to be his last, I asked about Iraj and was told that he was in hospital. So sadly and so suddenly he left this world, his art, and his wife Sayyeh and his son Mani. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/25/08

US gathering intelligence on Iran defenses?
The Pentagon is reportedly studying Russian-made surface-to-air S-300s amid reports that Iran may be equipped with the defense system. -Press TV - 11/25/08

Persian versions of Mystic Iran & Age of Awakening released
Award-winning documentary Mystic Iran, the Unseen World  and Age of Awakening, two rare documentary films about Iran are released in Farsi version in November 2008. Mystic Iran chronicles filmmaker Aryana Farshad’s soul-stirring spiritual odyssey deep into the heart of the sacred dance of the women and men dervishes in Kurdistan, Iran. Mystic Iran was broadcast at international level including more than 100 PBS stations in US and won “Audience Award” in 2008.  - 11/25/08

Futsal team made Iranians joyful: Rafsanjani
Iran's futsal team was held to a 5-5 draw against Italy in October and failed to qualify for the semi-final of the 2008 Futsal World Cup because of goal difference. - 11/25/08

Iran Telecommunications Report Q3 2008
In the first three months of 2008, the number of Iranian cellular subscribers grew by an estimated 22.6% to reach 35.049mn; which helped to increase mobile penetration to 49.4%. - 11/25/08

Europe is waiting to see how Obama plays Iran
Iran could now credibly claim to have produced the nuclear elements necessary to make a single atom bomb. It's a new and accelerating situation that's giving life to apprehension in Europe about how Barack Obama will handle trying to stop the Iranian drive. -IHT - 11/25/08

Dissident’s visit to strain Berlin’s ties with Iran
The PMOI - also known as MKO or MEK - was banned by the US because of attacks on western targets during the 1970s and alleged collaboration with Saddam Hussein’s murderous campaign against the Iraqi Kurds, a charge the group denies. The group is led by Massoud Rajavi, Maryam’ Rajavi’s husband. -Financial Times - 11/25/08

In the first part of this two part series, Obama and Iran, I tried to demonstrate that Obama's choice of well-known Zionist hawks, Rahm Emanuel and Dennis Ross, may well point to a positive change in the American administration's attitude toward the Middle East, particularly regarding relations with Iran. Obama's choice for the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the New York senator and quite convincingly, at least as far as appearances go, as pro-Israel as anyone in the Democratic Party, should reinforce this belief. -Kam Zarrabi - 11/24/08

Photos: Picking Zereshk (dried fruit of Berberis vulgaris) in Birjand, Iran
Zereshk is the Kurdish and Persian name for the dried fruit of Berberis vulgaris, which are widely cultivated in Iran. Iran is the largest producer of Zereshk and saffron in the world. Zereshk and saffron are produced on the same land and the harvest is at the same time. The South Khorasan province in Iran is the main area of Zereshk and saffron production in the world. -Photos by Amir Hosein Heidari, ISNA - 11/24/08

Iran's "Over There" wins Golden Alexander at Greek Film Fest
Iranian black and white "Over There" by Abdorreza Kahani grabbed the "Golden Alexander" at the 49th International Thessaloniki Film Festival, Greece. - 11/24/08

Iran's 100-Second Film Festival to become international event
A number of foreign films have been slated to compete in the two-day event, which will commence on February 19, 2009. The motto of this year's festival is "Interrogative Cinema", the secretariat of the festival Fazel Nazari mentioned during a press conference on Sunday. - 11/24/08

Leading US Peace Advocates Arrive in Iran, Under Ahmadinejad's Invitation
In an effort to establish peaceful diplomacy with the government and people of Iran, and to model for the new Obama administration the power of cooperative good will, three highly regarded American peace makers have ventured to Iran. -Alternet - 11/24/08

Iranians send 80 million SMS per day
About 80 million short text messages are interchanged daily between Iranian cell phone users, Information Technology Minister Mohammad Soleimani said here on Monday. -MNA - 11/24/08

Introducing Iranian Art Gallery Mamak
"We are proud to say we are the first online gallery from Iran to provide you with artwork and full length articles that offer quality information on Iranian artists and art community in English. On our pages you will find works of art by numerous contemporary Iranian artists." - 11/24/08

Israeli squadron devising attack on Iran?
The Israeli Air Force is reportedly holding secret training sessions to prepare for what may be a future attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. - 11/24/08

Court to issue ruling in Shiraz mosque bombing case
Iran's security forces originally detained 15 suspects over a deadly terrorist attack at a mosque in the southern city of Shiraz in April 2008, which claimed the lives of 14 people and injured almost 208 others. The bombing was one of Iran's 'most fatal terrorist acts,' according to Haidarifar, representing Tehran's prosecutor-general. - 11/24/08

Iran: IRGC busts Israeli-linked spy network
Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari announced here on Monday that the IRGC has broken up an Israeli spy ring. - 11/24/08

Radio Javan Offering Persian Music Online
Radio Javan, the First and Leading Provider of Persian MP3 Music, Now Offers Online Sale of High Quality Music Videos, DVDs, and CDs. - 11/24/08

Iran, Armenia ink 10 agreements, official
Secretary of the National Security Council of Armenia Arthur Baghdasaryan told reporters on Monday that Iran, Armenia inked ten agreements on security, political and economic cooperation. -IRNA - 11/24/08

Britain and France step up business pressure on Iran
Britain and France are seeking to persuade financial and energy companies to stop doing business with Iran in what officials say is an attempt to increase pressure on Tehran's nuclear programme. -Financial Times - 11/24/08

Photos: Autumn in Isfahan, Iran
Isfahan, located about 340 km south of Tehran, is the capital of Isfahan Province and Iran's third largest city (after Tehran and Mashhad). Isfahan City had a population of 1,583,609 and the Isfahan metropolitan area had a population of 3,430,353 in the 2006 Census, the second most populous metropolitan area in Iran after Tehran. -Photos by Gholam Hosein Baharloo, ISNA - 11/23/08

"Something Like My Eyes" wins Russia's Int'l Disability Fest Grand Prize
The Iranian film has already received prizes from France's Aix-en-Provence and Huston's International Festivals as well as Iran's Roshd Festival's Silver Statue. -ISNA - 11/23/08

Iran capable of firing a series of Sejil missiles: Official
The new generation of surface-to-surface missiles called 'Sejil' has increased the defense capability of the Iranian armed forces in dealing with any threats, he said. - 11/23/08

Grizzlies' Haddadi heading to D-League
Iranian center Hamed Haddadi, who has yet to see a minute of regular-season action for the Grizzlies, will be sent to the NBA Developmental League next week. -MNA - 11/23/08

Persian Language and Literature refresher workshop held in London
The Persian Language and Literature refresher course was held in London. The two-day course, organized by the Persian Language Development Center in association with the Cultural Department of the Iranian Embassy in London, hosted Persian-speaking teachers of Iranian weekend schools across the Britain. - 11/23/08

Iran raises profile in Latin America
Their Iranian company is building thousands of apartments for Venezuela's poor. Iran is also helping to build cars, tractors and bicycles in Venezuela and has opened new embassies in Bolivia and Nicaragua. -AP - 11/23/08

Open Letter to Obama on Hillary Clinton's nomination as Secretary of State
I am deeply opposed to your nomination of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. During her bid against you for the Presidency she declared that if she became President "we will attack Iran" and "if Iran attacks Israel, we will obliterate Iran." -Brian H. Appleton - 11/23/08

Iran powerful enough to encounter pirates: Minister
"The international community has issued permit for military confrontation with sea pirates robbing Iranian ships. The Islamic Republic of Iran has necessary potential and enough facilities to confront sea pirates," - 11/23/08

World Focus: Shah's exiled son bids to unite fractured Iran
The scene is a London townhouse near Victoria. The heir to the throne of Iran, the eldest son of the late Shah, is holding court before a small audience of Iranian exiles and Middle East analysts crowded into the living room. It is a far cry from the sumptuous palaces of his father in Tehran, now transformed into museums by the Islamic Republic. -Independent - 11/23/08

Iranian-American Debuts Feature Film Documentary "War Child"
Molavi, along with director and co-producer Karim Chrobog, held an advanced screening for his latest endeavor, the award winning documentary "War Child", a painfully honest and inspirational story chronicling the life of a Sudanese child soldier, Emmanuel Jal, who, though taken from his home at the young age of seven, and forced into war, has emerged as an international hip-hop star with a message of peace. - 11/22/08

Iran criticizes IAEA for raising baseless concerns
Majlis speaker Ali Larijani on Saturday criticized the International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Mohamed ElBaradei for raising baseless concerns in his latest report on Iran. Calling ElBaradei's report as ambiguous, Larijani said: "So, it seems we will hear double-standard statements from the agency forever." - 11/22/08

Shiraz influential in world civilization: Asian mayors
A number mayors of Asian capitals and major cities described Shiraz as the cradle of Iran's civilization and admired the role of its literary, scientific and religious elites in human civilization. - 11/22/08

Iran Hangs Iranian Convicted Of Spying For Israel
Ali Ashtari who was convicted of spying for Israel's intelligence services was hanged in Tehran on November 17, an official at the Information Ministry said on Saturday. - 11/22/08

UNHCR chief visits, praises refugee camp in eastern Iran
Visiting what he termed one of the world's best refugee camps, High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres on Friday noted Iran's long record of generosity to uprooted Afghans and called on the international community to do more to ensure they can finally go home and rebuild their lives. -Ron Redmond in Torbat-e-Jam, Iran - 11/22/08

Can we forgive and forget?
In a few days, 10 years will have passed since the brutal death of Dariush and Parvaneh Forouhar. Later Mohammad Mokthari, Ja'far Pouyandeh and Majid Sharif were abducted and strangled by rogue agents of the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic. -Fariba Amini - 11/22/08

Scientific success of Iranians abroad praiseworthy - Envoy
Islamic Republic of Iran's Ambassador to France said in Paris Friday scientific achievements of Iranians, including Iranian medical doctors abroad, is becoming a commonplace phenomenon and is quite praiseworthy. -IRNA - 11/22/08

UN Secretary-General regrets that Israel has not heeded his call to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay: "By function of this blockade, 1.5 million Palestinian men, women and children have been forcibly deprived of their most basic human rights for months. This is in direct contravention of international human rights and humanitarian law. It must end now." - 11/22/08

Iran Fails To Halt UN Assembly Rights Resolution
Western states claimed a success when on November 21 a UN General Assembly resolution condemning human rights violations in Iran passed through a key committee more easily than in the past. -Reuters - 11/22/08

Iran Blocking Access to 5 Million Websites
Judicial authorities in Iran admit to blocking access to more than 5 million websites deemed immoral or antisocial. -RFE - 11/22/08

Maine man sues Sears over alleged discrimination
An Iranian-born U.S. citizen has filed a federal lawsuit against Sears claiming his supervisor at the store where he worked called him a terrorist, slurred him racially and denounced his religious views. -AP - 11/22/08

Iranian pilgrims under arrest in Iraq to be freed
Iran's Ambassador to Baghdad Hassan Kazemi Qomi said on Saturday that some 86 Iranian pilgrims under arrest in Iraq for not having valid papers will be set free soon. -IRNA - 11/22/08

U.S. presses Iran for information on missing FBI agent
The State Department called on Iran on Friday to pony up any information it has on a former FBI agent who vanished there last year. -CNN - 11/22/08

History's missing pages: Iranian academic sliced out sections of priceless collection
To the untrained eye the damage is barely visible. Yet within the handbound pages of books charting how Europeans travelled to Mesopotamia, Persia and the Mogul empire from the 16th century onwards, the damage caused by one Iranian academic to a priceless British Library collection is irreversible. -Guardian - 11/22/08

Helsinki Commission Hears Gloomy Predictions For Turkmen Election
Can an authoritarian country that still bears the strong imprint of its Soviet past and has just one political party, no independent media, and prisons full of political opponents hold free and fair elections? -RFE - 11/22/08

Lawmakers, Experts agree on diplomacy with Iran
A group of the nation's leading thinkers on US foreign policy in the Middle East gathered on Capitol Hill Tuesday to discuss the future of US-Iran relations under an Obama administration. The jumping off point for the discussion, organized by the National Iranian American Council, was a 'Joint Experts Statement on Iran' (JES) - produced by a group of 20 former US officials and pre-eminent Iran experts. - 11/21/08

Delegation from Mennonite universities visits Iran
A delegation from six U.S. and Canadian Mennonite universities visited Iran from Oct. 4 to 10 to explore opportunities for academic collaboration with Iranian universities. - 11/21/08

Photos: Seminaries Students Zourkhaneh Competitions in Qom, Iran
Zourkhaneh is not only a place where physical exercises are held but also one where chivalry is learned. The Zourkhaneh sportsman is first expected to be pure, truthful, good-tempered and then physically strong. Zourkhaneh and varzesh-e pahlavani have their roots in Iranian culture and date back at least 2000 years ago. -Photos by Mohammad Akhlaghi, ISNA - 11/21/08

Photos: World's Strongest Men Competitions in Tehran
Following photos are from the World's Strongest Men Competitions that are being held in Tehran, the capital city of Iran. -Amir Pourmand, ISNA - 11/21/08

Persian Carpet Designs Exhibition opens at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
Some 226 carpet designs are currently on display at the exhibition, which commemorates Iranian veteran artist Mohsen Mohseni. At the ceremony, Mahmud Shaluii expressed his hope that holding such exhibitions would introduce traditional Persian arts to Iranians. - 11/21/08

Tehran declaration of the first Asian Mayors Forum
We the mayors and the authorities of 89 Asian cities convened in Tehran and kindly hosted by the people and the municipality of Tehran, on 19-20 November 2008, for the first meeting of the Asian Mayors Forum representing our respective municipalities and localities do hereby... - 11/21/08

A Mere Atmospheric Change in Obama's Foreign Policy
After Barack Obama's victory in the U.S. presidential elections last week, discussions about what direction an Obama/Biden Administration is likely to follow are gaining momentum. --- U.S. London-Based Pundits See Rather Continuity Than Change -Ali Fathollah-Nejad - 11/21/08

Iran weaving carpet to promote world peace
The process of weaving the Carpet of World Peace and Friendship was officially inaugurated at the Sadabad Historical Complex in the presence of several Iranian and foreign officials on Wednesday. -MNA - 11/21/08

U.S. Report Predicts Declining American Dominance In World
A new report by U.S. intelligence agencies says the United States is losing its position as the world's dominant economic, military, and political power. - 11/21/08

US frees Iranian after harsh accusations
Iran's embassy in Baghdad has announced that American troops in Iraq have released an Iranian citizen after two days of detention. The Iranian source said that the prompt release indicated the extent of 'baseless' accusations brought against Iranian nationals by US forces stationed in the oil-rich country. -Press TV - 11/21/08

Canadian blogger feared arrested in Iran
Bloggers worldwide are abuzz over a report that Hossein Derakhshan, a popular Iranian-Canadian writer once dubbed the Blogfather, has been arrested in Iran. -Globe & Mail - 11/21/08

Iran may Probe into Officials' Assets
Addressing Iranian lawmakers at the open session of Parliament on Tuesday, Ahmadinejad suggested that lawmakers consider a bill, based on which the wealth and property of all officials who have held high governmental posts since 1979 could be investigated. -FNA - 11/21/08

Iran: Will talks happen under Obama?
During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama made a "talk to our enemies" position a highlight of his diplomatic vision, using that stance in particular to underscore how American foreign policy under him would change toward Iran. -CSM - 11/21/08

Bush stymies push by Rice to engage with Iran, Cuba
PRESIDENT George Bush has stymied a strong push by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to engage Iran and Cuba more directly in his twilight days of power. Better never than late seems to be Bush's motto in diplomacy. This time he is right. -Houston Chronicle - 11/21/08

Scholar thief faces jail for £1m damage to rare books in libraries
A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE businessman is facing jail after admitting stealing rare pages and plates from books in the British Library. Harvard-educated Farhad Hakimzadeh, 60, used a Stanley knife to cut out pages, plates and maps from up to 150 historic books. -This is London - 11/21/08

Photos: Second cesarean with hypno-anesthesia in Iran
For the second time in the country, Iranian doctors have used hypnosis as the sole anesthetic to deliver a baby via cesarean section. Dr. Roya Khodaei Ob/Gyn, performed the C-section at Paiambaran hospital in Tehran. Dr. Hossein Almasian was the clinical hypnotherapist who used hypnosis on the mother Sara Tavassoli. - 11/20/08

Iran's coach Ali Daei blames UAE draw on referee
"We could have won the game if the referee had not made mistakes. He did not make two penalty decisions for the Iranian side," Ali Daei said at a joint press conference after the match on Wednesday. -Press TV - 11/20/08

Iranian Americans Celebrate Thirty-Year Anniversary of Immigration to U.S.
PAAIA Launches Awareness Campaign of Iranian American Accomplishments Since Islamic Revolution - 11/20/08

Iranian poet Maryam Ala Amjadi embraces the adventure of writing in English
English is not the native tongue of young Iranian poet Maryam Ala Amjadi, who is in residence this fall in the University of Iowa International Writing Program. And that is the primary reason that she writes exclusively in that foreign language, savoring the challenge: "It's a new land that demands a sense of adventure." - 11/20/08

Iran awaiting the Obama's stance: FM
Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki announced on Wednesday that Iran takes U.S. officials' comments into consideration and that Tehran is awaiting the Obama administration's stance on Iran after he actually starts work at the White House. -MNA - 11/20/08

US: Iran-IAEA cooperation disappointing
The US has criticized Iran over alleged non-compliance with the UN nuclear watchdog, saying it has failed to cooperate with the IAEA. The IAEA director general's report has urged Iran 'to build confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of its nuclear program at the earliest possible date'. - 11/20/08

Iranian Minister In Hot Water (Yet Again)
Iran's vice president and the head of the country's Tourism and Cultural Heritage Organization, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie, is in trouble again, this time over a ceremony that involved an explosive mix for the Islamic Republic: women, music, and the Koran. -Golnaz Esfandiari - 11/20/08

3,000-Year-Old Burial Ground Discovered in Kurdistan Province of Iran
A prehistoric burial ground has been discovered near the Iranian city of Sanandaj, which dates back to 3,000 years. Sanandaj is located in the western Kurdistan Province of Iran. -CHN - 11/20/08

Israeli Air Force ready to attack Iran: Commander
Israeli Air Force Commander General Ido Nehushtan claims his forces are ready to follow any order to thwart Iran's nuclear programs. -Press TV - 11/20/08

Economist Says Low Prices, Low Demand Don't Yet Mean Deflation
Recessions are bad enough. Add serious deflation and you can end up in an economic depression, although not necessarily one as bad as the Great Depression of the 1930s. -RFE - 11/20/08

Last-gasp Australia take huge step towards World Cup
Australia kept their 100 percent World Cup qualifying record intact with a last-gasp 1-0 win over Bahrain while Group One rivals Japan secured a crucial 3-0 victory in Qatar. -AFP - 11/20/08

Cyber-star cleric senses a reformist mood in Iran
In person Mohammed Ali Abtahi comes across as genial, intelligent and mischievous as he does in his weblog, which he started five years ago, becoming the first Iranian politician to keep a cyber diary. -The National, UAE - 11/20/08

Iran mulls $1 bln international bond -newspaper
Iran is considering a return to international debt markets with bonds worth $1 billion, a central bank official said in comments published on Wednesday, seven months after its last remaining Eurobond issue was repaid. -Reuters - 11/20/08

Polish Graves in Qazvin Disappear
Earlier this year I travelled to Qazvin to find traces of the 40 Polish men, women and children who had died there, victims of the Polish Exodus from Siberia in 1942.. What I found distressed and saddened me. -Ryszard Antolak, IranDokht - 11/20/08

Iran, UAE tie in World Cup Qualifier
Iran's national soccer team has been held to a 1-1 draw by the UAE to lose the chance of topping Group B of the 2010 World Cup qualifiers. - 11/19/08

Photos: Iranian Women Handball Team
The following photos are from the practice game between Iran's National Women Handball Team and the Naft team. -By Mona Hoobehfekr, ISNA - 11/19/08

Six American University Presidents Visit Isfahan
The Chancellors of six American universities visited Isfahan's historical monuments Wednesday. They arrived in Tehran on Saturday at the invitation of Tehran's Sharif University of Technology. - 11/19/08

Iran: New Voices - Quartet: A Journey North (Play)
This documentary-style performance takes us deep into the motivations of the human mind. Based upon real-life cases from Iran, four witnesses are questioned in a police investigation following the murder of four people. Two of them are the murderers. -By Mehr Theatre Company - 11/19/08

Photos: Picking herbs in Khuzestan, Iran
Khuzestan is one of the 30 provinces of Iran. It is in the southwest of the country, bordering Iraq's Basra Province and the Persian Gulf. Its capital is Ahvaz and covers an area of 63,238 km square. -Photos by Amin Nazari, ISNA - 11/19/08

Rick Steves talks about trip to Iran and an upcoming documentary
Like most people, Rick Steves says, he knew next to nothing about Iran or its sometimes scary-to-Westerners Islamic culture. Unlike most people, though, Steves, local travel guru, sees that kind of thinking as more dare than obstacle. So last spring, he took his film crew and folksy disposition into the "axis of evil" to see for himself. -Seattle Times - 11/19/08

U.S. Academics May Meet With Iran Leader
The presidents of six leading U.S. universities are touring Iran, the latest in a series of exchange visits involving senior academics and scientists. The American academics include the presidents of Cornell, Carnegie Mellon and Rice Universities. -CBS News - 11/19/08

Obama adviser outlines Iran strategy in Denver
Iran's high unemployment, high inflation, dropping oil prices and other internal problems should enable the United States to engage the Iranian government in meaningful negotiations if the U.S. applies a policy of "strong sticks and strong carrots," President-elect Barack Obama's Middle East adviser said in Denver today. -Denver Post - 11/19/08

Iranian blogger who visited Israel arrested for spying
Hossein Derakhshan, the Iranian blogger who visited Israel in 2007, was recently arrested in Teheran upon his return from Canada. The Iranian blogger, who also holds Canadian citizenship, admitted to being involved in espionage for Israel, the Iranian news Website Jahan News reported Monday. -Haaretz - 11/19/08

Iran to become number one priority for Obama: US scholar
Iran will become the top priority for the administration of US president-elect Barack Obama, said a prominent US Mideast scholar in Berlin Tuesday evening. -IRNA - 11/19/08

Iran Opens fourth Naval Base in Persian Gulf
The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has upgraded a naval base on Iran's Persian Gulf coastline to improve its defensive capabilities. -FNA - 11/19/08

Asian mayors meeting opens in Tehran
The meeting of mayors, chairmen of city councils and the municipalities' representatives from 48 Asian states named the Asian mayors meeting opened in Tehran on November 19. - 11/19/08

Vigil by MKO Supporters Moves to White House
Iranian demonstrators have begun a vigil outside the White House to prompt a vow of protection for Iranian dissidents in Iraq. The Mujahedeen Khalq, of which many in Camp Ashraf belonged, is considered a terrorist group by the United States and other countries. - 11/19/08

2.2m foreign tourists visited Iran in 2007
Some 2,200,000 foreign tourists visited Iran in 2007, said head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization in Ardebil on Wednesday. - 11/19/08

Proposed Iraq security pact calms Iran's concerns, too
While Americans might have been satisfied when Iraq's Cabinet approved a proposed security agreement on Sunday, Iranian leaders will be thrilled with the consolidation of the Iraqi Shiite government in Baghdad. -Omid Memarian, SF Gate - 11/19/08

OPEC Cuts Forecast For Oil Demand
Officials at the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Counties say global demand for oil will decline next year by more than half a million barrels per day. - 11/19/08

Taliban's Spiritual Fathers Denounce Terror. Could Taliban Be Next?
What would happen if the Taliban's spiritual fathers denounced terrorism? That, in effect, is what has taken place in Deoband, the northern Indian hometown of the austere form of Sunni Islam followed by the Taliban. -RFE - 11/19/08

Tehran is much cooler
Tehran is really getting cooler and I am writing to you from my desk where the central heating unit is on and I have my warm tops on. I could not believe that just a couple of weeks ago, we were wondering if it was time to close up the coolers for this year or not, and the next week we turned the heaters on and now I have put on my woollies and thick socks with such a drastic change in the weather. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/18/08

SBA Report: Iranian-Americans with one of highest rates of immigrant-owned businesses
The Small Business Administration (SBA) recently conducted a study that found Iranian immigrants among the top 20 immigrant groups with the highest rate of business ownership, contributing substantially to the U.S. economy. - 11/18/08

Video Profile of Iranian-American Scientist Dr. Pardis Sabeti
She has not only lived the dream, but has redefined it for immigrant women everywhere, rising to the top of the scientific world by developing an algorithm which explains the effects of genetics on the evolution of disease, and reigniting hopes for cures to diseases like Malaria and Tuberculosis which have eluded scientists for years. -PAAIA - 11/18/08

Iranian-American Mother & Daughter, Etrat and Baran Elahi, recognized by Women's Initiative
Women's Initiative, a San Francisco/Bay Area non-profit, offering training and support to low-income women wanting to start and grow their own businesses, announced the selection of Etrat and Baran Elahi co-founders of The Nutty Cookie Company as its Alameda County Honorees for its November 3rd Honoree and Graduates Luncheon at the San Francisco Hyatt Regency. - 11/18/08

Photos: 15th Press Fair in Tehran
The 15th Press and News Agencies Fair opened in Tehran on Sunday. Over 470 domestic publications and major news agencies are active in the 15th Press and News Agencies Fair. Publications and news agencies from 27 foreign countries are also taking part in the exhibit. -Photos by Alireza Sotakbar, ISNA - 11/18/08

CONFERENCE: Thirty Years On: The Social and Cultural Impacts of the Iranian Revolution
A conference focusing on the developments in the social and cultural lives of Iranians since the revolution. -- Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, SOAS, London - 11/18/08

Iran: Rainfall destroys historical houses in Masuleh
Several houses in the historical village of Masuleh collapsed after the recent heavy rain in the village, leaving debris of roof timbers and pieces of wood and stones in the passageways. - 11/18/08

Iraqi Parliament Debates New US Military Pact
Iran's judiciary chief, Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, said the Iraqi Cabinet acted "very well" in approving the pact. Shahroudi is reportedly very close to Iran's top leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenai. - 11/18/08

Winners of 25thTehran Short Filmfest Announced
A total of 273 short films competed in the various sections of International Competition, Asia Pacific competition, Questing for the Truth, Films about the Islamic World, National Competition, Prophetic Heritage, Panoramas of our Beautiful Homeland, and the 30th Anniversary of Splendid Islamic Revolution. - 11/18/08

Carpet modelled upon The Persian Gulf
A one/tenth model of The Persian Gulf colored sand carpet is put on display in the ongoing international press exhibition in Tehran. The real carpet is 1,200-square meter made by 70 types of colored sands. It is called 'The Persian Gulf' and is to be put on display on Eid al Adha, on December 9, on the southern island of Qeshm in the Persian Gulf. - 11/18/08

Iran to transfer gas to Europe via Turkey
Tehran and Ankara have signed an agreement on the development of the South Pars gas field and the transfer of Iranian gas to Europe. - 11/18/08

Iranian Jewish couples trapped by six-figure party dilemma
Cohan didn’t want to break with Iranian tradition or disappoint either family, so he borrowed nearly $100,000 to cover the wedding expenses. Cohan is one of a growing number of young Iranian Jewish professionals who, due to family pressure, are incurring large debts to pay for lavish weddings. -Jewish Journal - 11/18/08

Grim life of outcast children
The sense of rejection the Mehr family experienced during their years as refugees in Iran lingers. For these Afghan children, their only memory of their homeland was of being caught in conflict. When they arrived in Tehran they were deemed outcasts and deprived of financial, educational or social support. -Sydney Morning Herald - 11/18/08

Iran Needs up to 5 Billion Dollars for Fuel Imports
Iran's government needs up to $5 billion more to import fuel for the year to March 2009, in addition to a previously budgeted $3.3 billion, a senior oil ministry official said. -FNA - 11/18/08

Barack Obama brings hope of Iran talks, says Shimon Peres
Israel believes that there is a chance for dialogue with Iran if Barack Obama succeeds in uniting the international community behind a common policy. -Times Online - 11/18/08

Photos: Hara Forests in Qeshm, Iran
The Hara forests is the common name for mangrove forests on the southern coast of Iran, particularly on and near the island of Qeshm in the Persian Gulf. Dominated by the species Avicennia marina, known locally as the "hara" or "harra" tree, the forests represent an important ecological resource. -Photos by Sajad Avarand, ISNA - 11/17/08

Crude restoration spoils authenticity of Cyrus Tomb
Recently, the authentic character of the tomb of Cyrus the Great has been seriously compromised during an inept restoration project. A portion of the stone in the ceiling of the tomb have been cut and replaced with another piece during the project, an expert of the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization (CHTHO), who wished to remain anonymous, told MNA on Sunday. - 11/17/08

Obama victory, offers best chance of direct Iran talks?
Obama victory offers best chance in decades of direct Iran talks –AP report --- I think this AP report reflects to some degree the height of fear and the depth of hopelessness to which eight years of the Bush Administration has driven the world and the American nation of people. We need to move beyond the fear mongering rhetoric. -Debbie Menon - 11/17/08

LECTURE: Changing Youth and Changing Sexual Identities in the Wake of Iran's Sexual Revolution
A public lecture by Pardis Mahdavi, Pomona College. Pardis Mahdavi is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Pomona College. She was trained as a medical anthropologist and her interests include socio-cultural aspects of health and healing, gender, sexuality, and advocacy within anthropology. - 11/17/08

'I, Barack Hussein Obama...'
A cathartic moment, a sudden change of vista and a vision of hope -- the election of Barack Obama as the next US president was all these things, despite some ominous signs of things to come, writes Hamid Dabashi - 11/17/08

Iran's East and West Azarbaijan provinces conntected by Lake Orumiyeh bridge
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took part in a special ceremony in Orumiyeh on Monday to inaugurate the new bridge named after Shahid Kalantari which connects East and West Azarbaijan provinces. Construction of the bridge started some 29 years ago. - 11/17/08

Iranian Artist Barbad Golshiri at ZKM, Germany: MEDIUM RELIGION
The exhibition "Medium Religion" aims at demonstrating the medial aspect of religion based on current examples of religious propaganda and individual works by contemporary artists. Shown, among others, will be confession videos by religiously inspired terrorists, religious propaganda television series, and documentaries about current sects and religious groups. - 11/17/08

Growing demand for Iranian MS medicine in world
Over 80 percent of "world MS patient's requirements of medicines are now provided by Iran," Hamedi-Far said on the sidelines of the Fifth International Congress on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) held at Imam Khomeini hospital from Nov. 13-14. - 11/17/08

Iran Press Exhibition Warmly Welcomed by People
The deputy minister of culture and Islamic guidance said here on Monday that the 15th International Press and News Agencies Exhibition was highly welcomed by people. - 11/17/08

Obama Advised to Forgo More Threats to Iran
A strategy of threats and "provocations" against Iran by the incoming administration of President-elect Barack Obama is likely to be counter-productive, according to a new report released here Friday by a group of 20 former top U.S. diplomats and regional experts. -IPS - 11/17/08

Haddadi has yet to play in NBA
Iranian basketball player Hamed Haddadi who joined the Memphis Grizzlies in the current season has yet to play in the NBA. - 11/17/08

Opening to Iran
With a new administration set to take office in January committed to expanded diplomatic contacts with longtime U.S. adversaries, American private citizens are already laying the groundwork with visits to counterparts in Iran. -Houston Chronicle - 11/17/08

Iran's missile power, deterrent: Defense Minister
Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said on Monday that Iran sees missile and defensive power as deterrent to safeguard the regional stability, peace and tranquility. -IRNA - 11/17/08

American deans meet Iran Science Minister
Some six American university deans held talks with Minister of Science, Research and Technology Mohammad-Mehdi Zahedi here on Sunday. The visit of American delegation held upon the invitation of dean of Sharif University of Technology Saeed Sohrab-Pour. - 11/16/08

Mania Akbari at Xerxes Fine Arts in London
Mania Akbari's artistic excellence spans various media - she is an accomplished artist, a lauded actress and an award winning film maker. Mania Akbari starred in Abbas Kiarostami's "Ten", the legendary filmmaker's interpretation of Akbari's life and a perfect example of art imitating life imitating art. - 11/16/08

Iranian Arsalan Kazemi poised to make NCAA hoop history in '09
Arsalan Kazemi will make history next fall for Rice when he becomes the first Iranian to play NCAA basketball. -NY Daily News - 11/16/08

Photos: 'Security and Tranquility' Drill in Tehran's Azadi Square
Iranian police forces on Saturday continued their combat exercises in Tehran by holding a drill in Tehran's Azadi Square. The Azadi Tower (meaning in English: Freedom Tower) is the symbol of Tehran, Iran, and marks the entrance to the city. - 11/16/08

Iraqi cabinet approves security deal with US
The cabinet approved the long term security agreement with 27 ministers voting for it, one minister abstaining, and the remaining 10 skipping the meeting. However, the Sadrist parliamentary bloc says the Iraqi National Assembly will reject a security pact between Baghdad and Washington, despite the government's endorsement. - 11/16/08

Russia, China against Iran sanctions: Russian Official
"Russia is against the sanctions pushed forward by some of the six," Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Riabkov told Interfax on Friday pointing to the recent meeting of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany. - 11/16/08

Tehran to host 11 leading world mayors as special guests
The Secretary of the 1st Asian Mayors Forum, Mahmoud Mohammadi, said on Saturday that 11 most-outstanding mayors of the world will attend the Tehran conference as "special guests." -MNA - 11/16/08

Iran discovers 3 tons of drugs daily: Police Chief
He said drug production is on the rise in Afghanistan and is currently two times more than demand. Unfortunately foreign troops and other responsible authorities have failed to curb drug cultivation in the country, he added. - 11/16/08

Online Persian Gulf encyclopedia planned
Work on the electronic encyclopedia began by Abu Reyhan Birouni Research Center, affiliated to the Center for Islamic Encyclopedia, last year. - 11/16/08

US diplomats, academics call for unconditional talks with Iran
A panel of 20 experts who include academics and former ambassadors said in a joint statement to be presented to a conference on the future of US-Iran relations next week that US Administration must give Iran a "place at the table" in shaping future of Iraq and Afghanistan. - 11/15/08

Encyclopaedia Iranica Needs Your Help
There are times when one has no alternative but to appeal to one's friends. You have helped us with your support in the past, which has enabled us to continue the publication of the Encyclopaedia Iranica, in print and electronically, and I am most grateful to you. Without such support progress on the Encyclopaedia could not continue. -Ehsan Yarshater - 11/15/08

Photos: Weaving with Camel Wool in Kardovan Dashti Village in Bushehr province of Iran
Bushehr or Bushire, pop. 165,377 (in 2005), is a city on the southwestern coast of Iran, on the Persian Gulf. It is the chief seaport of the country and the administrative centre of Bushehr province. Its location is 28° 59' N, 50° 49' E, about 400 km south of Tehran. The local climate is hot and humid. -Photos by Mohsen Halvai, ISNA - 11/15/08

Iranian Boy Recovers from Successful Heart Surgery in U.S.
A six-year-old Iranian boy with a life threatening heart defect has undergone successful open-heart surgery in Minnesota and is expected to make a full recovery. -Grace Nasri, Iran Times - 11/15/08

Obama will definitely open Iran talks: Guardian analyst
A senior British journalist says US President-elect Barack Obama will "definitely" open dialogue with Iran although the Islamic Republic is not closely allied with the West. Jonathan Steele, international affairs columnist in the Guardian, also said Obama will wait until next year's presidential elections in Iran. - 11/15/08

Nahid Rachlin reading from her memoir and Ezzat Goushegir performing her play, November 28, at KGB in Manhattan - 11/15/08

With Iran, Obama Needs More Carrot, Less Stick
Barack Obama, the candidate, said many things about Iran, some of which were inherently contradictory. In this he is not unique, since the reality of the rough-and-tumble world of American presidential politics requires any given candidate to show extreme flexibility in defining solutions to complex problems, oftentimes based not on the facts as they exist, but rather the fiction of domestic political imperative. -Scott Ritter, truthdig - 11/15/08

RCMP cadet discrimination case (in Canada) attracts international attention
The discrimination case of an Iranian-born man who was tossed out of the RCMP training program has caught the attention of a visible minority police officers group in the United Kingdom. -CBC, Canada - 11/15/08

US Calls Proposed Deployment of Russian Missiles in Belarus Unhelpful
The United States said Friday a proposed deployment of Russian short-range missiles in Belarus would not be helpful to regional security. The State Department also acknowledged another round of high-level U.S. contacts with Belarus, aimed at improving the strained relationship. -VOA - 11/15/08

Iran: $30 Billion Dollar to be invested in industry
Minister if Industries and Mines Ali Akbar Mehrabian said on Saturday that over 300 trillion rials will be invested in industry sector by March 2009 -IRNA - 11/15/08

EU unveils plan to weaken Russian grip on gas supply
Europe yesterday stepped up attempts to reduce its exposure to potential Russian blackmail over energy supplies, unveiling an ambitious strategy aimed at weakening Russian giant Gazprom's domination of Europe's gas imports. -Guardian - 11/15/08

Ancient Iran wins Moonbeam Children's Book Awards bronze medal
Ancient Iran, a pictorial history for young readers by Massoume Price, has won the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards bronze medal for one of the best multicultural non-fiction books in 2008 - 11/14/08

Iran at 116th place in The Global Gender Gap Report 2008
Iran stands at 116th place (among 130 countries) in the Global Gender Gap Report 2008 published by World Economic Forum. India (113), Iran (116), Nepal (120) and Pakistan (127) continue to hold some of the lowest positions in the Asian rankings, but on average all four countries post gains relative to their own performances in 2006 and 2007, signifying a positive trend. - 11/14/08

Photos: Iran police carry 'Security and Tranquility' drill
Police forces on Thursday launched first phase of combat exercises and quake drill dubbed 'Security and Tranquility' in the capital city Tehran. The police forces conducted various operations to demonstrate their readiness to deal with insecurity and natural disasters including quake readiness. - 11/14/08

Debate at Santa Clara University: "Islam and the West: Clash of Civilizations?"
Hamid Dabashi, Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, vs. Raymond Ibiham, Historian and author of "The Al-Qaeda Reader" - Nov 17 2008 at 7 PM - 11/14/08

Iran Autos Report Q4 2008: Economic Sanctions to Impact Growth
Iran's state-dominated investment climate will continue to suffer from economic sanctions, a problem that will soon start to weigh on long-term growth in the automotive sector according to BMI's latest Iran Automotives Report. - 11/14/08

An intellectual makeover for Iranian women
In an impoverished Tehran district, a hairdresser-turned-activist helps girls and women help themselves through books, health workshops and civic action. -Los Angeles Times - 11/14/08

"Cyanosis" wins Best Student Doc Award from Sheffield Fest
Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami's "Cyanosis" received the Best International Student Doc Award from Sheffield Film Festival. -ISNA - 11/14/08

Iranian woman karateka barred from world competitions due to hijab
The Iranian woman karateka Helen Sepahi was dismissed from the 19th World Karate championships in Tokyo, Japan on Friday due to her Islamic sport clothing. - 11/14/08

Vigil celebrates student's release
Holding pink candles displaying photos and reciting poetry, friends and supporters of Iranian-American student Esha Momeni gathered Wednesday evening at California State University, Northridge, to support her safe return to the United States. -Los Angeles Daily News - 11/14/08

Facing Obama, Iran Suddenly Hedges on Talks
Since 2006, Iran's leaders have called for direct, unconditional talks with the United States to resolve international concerns over their nuclear program. But as an American administration open to such negotiations prepares to take power, Iran's political and military leaders are sounding suddenly wary of President-elect Barack Obama. -Washington Post - 11/14/08

Masouleh among Chicago's Best New Restaurants of 2008
Masouleh This modest Rogers Park restaurant specializes in home-style Persian food—stews, soups, and small sides, many based more on vegetables than meat. While Goly Nassiri-Masouleh works the front of the house, her husband, Azim, works the kitchen, laboring over regional dishes such as mirza ghasemi, roasted eggplant stewed with tomato and garlic. - 11/14/08

Karzai Caught Between Foreign Donors, Afghan Voters On Death Penalty
Afghan President Hamid Karzai has signed nine execution orders that have been carried out at Afghan prisons during the past week. -RFE - 11/14/08

Iranian Immigrant's Homes Targeted with Hateful Graffiti
KANSAS CITY, MO. -- A metro man is scared after finding words of hate spray-painted on two homes he owns in the same neighborhood. The homeowner is an Iranian immigrant. -MyFox Kansas City - 11/14/08

Iraq to import 800 tractors from Iran
Iran's Tractor Manufacturing Company and Iraq's Agricultural Ministry inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Tehran according to which Iran exports 800 tractors in different models to Iraq. -ISNA - 11/14/08

Event in DC: Can Obama Untangle The Iranian Challenge?
PANEL DISCUSSION: FUTURE OF U.S.-IRAN POLICY - AN AGENDA FOR CHANGE by Ambassador James Dobbins, Former Assistant Secretary of State; Dr. Farideh Farhi, University of Hawaii; Joseph Cirincione, Ploughshares Foundation, Advisor to Obama Campaign - KEYNOTE ADDRESS by Senator Thomas Carper (D-DE) - 11/13/08

Event in DC: Can Obama Untangle The Iranian Challenge?
PANEL DISCUSSION: FUTURE OF U.S.-IRAN POLICY - AN AGENDA FOR CHANGE by Ambassador James Dobbins, Former Assistant Secretary of State; Dr. Farideh Farhi, University of Hawaii; Joseph Cirincione, Ploughshares Foundation, Advisor to Obama Campaign - KEYNOTE ADDRESS by Senator Thomas Carper (D-DE) - 11/13/08

Photos: Persian Gulf shores in Bandar Abbas, Iran
Bandar Abbas is a port city and capital of Hormozgan Province on the southern coast of Iran, on the Persian Gulf. The city occupies a strategic position on the narrow Straits of Hormuz, and it is the location of the main base of the Iranian Navy. It had an estimated population of 352,173 in 2005. -Photos by Peyman Kiani, ISNA - 11/13/08

Experts Say Afghanistan Needs Regional Solution
Some South Asia experts say Washington should take a "regional approach" to Afghanistan, pulling India, Iran, and Moscow into talks on ways to stabilize the country. - 11/13/08

THE GLASS HOUSE - a documentary about the girls of Omid e Mehr
In Tehran, many teenage girls face obstacles of abuse, drugs, indifference and prejudice - 11/13/08

Immigrant Rock Band Hypernova on U.S. Tour
After years of playing secret shows in Iran's underground music scene, the rock band Hypernova—now based in New York City—is on tour with The Sisters of Mercy. -Grace Nasri, Iran Times - 11/13/08

Turkey Offers to Mediate US-Iran Talks
Turkey's prime minister said his country is ready to mediate between Iran and the incoming U.S. administration of Barack Obama. -VOA - 11/13/08

Iranians Flood VOA with Messages for Obama
Iranians are flooding President-elect Barack Obama with personal messages on a special Persian-language website the Voice of America (VOA) created for people to express their views. - 11/13/08

Russia Expands Its Military Presence In Central Asia
Under the working title "Creeping Expansion Of Mysterious And Unpredictable China" on one side, and "Concerns About the Aggressive Policies of the United States in the Region" on the other, Russia is strengthening its cooperation in the military-political and military-technical spheres in the framework of such alliances as the CIS and CSTO, especially with the countries of Central Asia. -RFE - 11/13/08

Iranian Diplomat Kidnapped in Northwestern Pakistan
Unidentified gunmen in Pakistan have abducted an Iranian diplomat after killing his security guard in Peshawar. Ayaz Gul reports from Islamabad the kidnapping occurred a day after an American aid worker and his local driver were shot dead in the troubled northwestern city. - 11/13/08

Iran's Khatami: It is hard for me to make a decision (to run for president)
Former President Mohammad Khatami stated on Wednesday that he is still undecided on running for president. "It has become a hard job for me to make a decision," Khatami said in a meeting with reformists who are trying to convince him to contest the upcoming presidential elections. -MNA - 11/13/08

US: Iran Missile Test Underscores Threat to Middle East, Europe
The United States says the reported test of a new Iranian ballistic missile underscores that country's threat to the Middle East and Europe, including Russia, which has opposed a planned U.S. regional missile defense system. -VOA - 11/13/08

Award winner shares her peaceful message
Glendale resident earns public health honor for her work educating people about gun violence. Kioumehr-Dadsetan, an Iranian American, was honored that she was able get an award for peace since political leaders often deem Iran as not a peaceful nation, she said. -Glendale News Press, California - 11/13/08

Iran to Build New IRAN-140 Aircraft
The IRAN-140 is a double-engine turboprop aircraft which can fly almost 1,865 miles before re-fuelling and seats 52 people. -FNA - 11/13/08

Miniskirts, Headscarves Don't Mix at New Tehran Park
A woman clad in a red T-shirt plays an Iranian drum in a Tehran park as her teenage daughter dances nearby, her hair flowing in the air. Anywhere else in Iran they would risk being stopped by the police and possibly arrested. Here, in the first female-only park in the Islamic country's capital, a dozen women in summer garb have gathered on the grass to watch and applaud. -Bloomberg - 11/13/08

PARSA Community Foundation Announces 2008 Mehregan Grantees!
PARSA Community Foundation is delighted to announce the awardees of its 2008 Mehregan grant cycle, with $138,000 in grants supporting sixteen powerful ideas. This is PARSA CF's fourth competitive grant round, and brings the total number of grants given to forty-four and the total amount awarded to $557,000. - 11/12/08

Photos: Gravity Challenge at Sharif University in Tehran
Sharif University of Technology, formerly named Aryamehr University of Technology is a public university of technology, engineering and science in Iran. It is one of the most prominent science and engineering schools in Iran. -Photos by Amir Pourmand, ISNA - 11/12/08

The decline of religious fundamentalism in Iran
During the past three decades the rise of militant Islam has in many ways dominated political events in the region. The consequences of Iranian religious radicalism can be observed in the Persian Gulf region, in the Arab-Israel conflict, in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Although Iranian Islamic militancy appears to be as dominant as ever, this may not be the case during the next decade. -Sadegh Zibakalam - 11/12/08

ElBaradei Welcomes Obama Iran Pledge
The head of the U.N. nuclear agency has expressed hope for talks between Iran and the administration of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama. - 11/12/08

Iran test fires new generation of surface-to-surface missiles
New generation of surface-to-surface missiles called 'Sejil' was test fired in the presence of Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, it was reported on Wednesday. - 11/12/08

Photos: Harvesting Saffron in Birjand, Iran
Saffron is a spice derived from the dried stigma of the flower of the saffron crocus (Crocus sativus), a species of crocus in the family Iridaceae. The flower has three stigmas, which are the distal ends of the plant's carpels. Iran ranks first in the world production of saffron, with more than 94 percent of the world yield. -Amir Hosein Heidari, ISNA - 11/12/08

Russia, Iran, Qatar Holding Gas Talks In Doha
A Russian delegation led by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is in Doha, Qatar, for talks with Qatari and Iranian officials on cooperation in natural gas exports. -RFE - 11/12/08

'Bush ruined prospect of Iran-US talks': Former US National Security Adviser
"What [the US] can do and can't do with Iran is...pretty much a mystery because we have not been prepared to explore with them what the possibilities are," IPS quoted Lieutenant General Brent Scowcroft as saying on Tuesday. - 11/12/08

Trapped in Guantanamo: Military Oaths Confront the Constitution in the Omar Khadr Case
The child, Omar Khadr, was born in Toronto, Canada, on September 19, 1986. He was in Afghanistan because his parents took him there when he was 10 years old, to indoctrinate him and to give him military training for jihad. He has been in US military prisons for the past 6 years, most of that in Guantanamo. -Floyd Rudmin - 11/12/08

We Have a Dream
President-elect Obama: On November 4, 2008, you fulfilled the dream of a nation. A dream that continued to be nurtured and protected ever since that August day in 1963 when Dr. Martin Luther King marched on Washington DC and said "I still have a dream..." -Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 11/12/08

Letter to President-elect Obama by United Republicans of Iran
We had keenly followed your electoral campaign and listened carefully to your eloquent victory speech about your vision, not only for the welfare and prosperity of American people but also for the cause of peace and co-existence among nations. - 11/12/08

Challenging The Stereotypes Of Modern Iran
It's a relief, at a moment like this, to be able to learn about Iran by someone who belongs completely both to that country and to the United States, and who can speak to the cultures of both with unimpeachable authority. -NPR - 11/12/08

Pundits Debate the Inevitability of a Nuclear Iran
It wasn't U.S. relations with an Arab country on the tips of many tongues at this year's National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations meeting in the last week of October. Rather, much of the focus was on the Arab Middle East's ethnic Persian neighbour to the east: Iran. -Ali Gharib, IPS - 11/12/08

IRAN: Old trees cut in name of Islamic purity
The daily Iranian newspaper Etemaad today covered a funny but sad story about the cutting down of two centuries-old mulberry trees by authorities under the pretext of fighting local superstitions. -LA Times - 11/12/08

Report: Obama Mulls Wider Afghan Plan, Talks With Iran
The incoming Obama administration plans to explore a more regional strategy to the war in Afghanistan -- including possible talks with Iran -- and looks favorably on the nascent dialogue between the Afghan government and "reconcilable" elements of the Taliban, according to Obama national security advisers - 11/11/08

Iranian among WSJ's The 50 Women to Watch
This year, an Iranian woman, Saideh Ghods founder of Mahak NGO in Iran, has made it to the Wall Street Journal's annual list of The 50 Women to Watch. - 11/11/08

Hadi Farahani - An Insightful Cartoonist
Hadi Farahani is an accomplished and internationally known graphic artist. His works have been published in many North American publications including New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times.  Mr Farahani was educated in Tehran at the School of Visual Arts and at Tehran University, but for many years he has been living on the west coast of Canada. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 11/11/08

It would seem that US President-elect, Barack Hussein Obama is becoming the man for all seasons. His promise of hope is so non-committal and non-specific, that he is offering a pair of magic shoes which fit all feet... you can make of his premise whatever you wish. -Debbie Menon - 11/11/08

Iranian-American student Esha Momeni bailed out of Iran jail
Esha Momeni was released on $200,000 bail (deed to her family's house) from Evin prison in Tehran on Monday November 10 at 5 pm, according to the the weblog that has been setup in her support. - 11/11/08

Iranian Lawmakers comment on Ahmadinejad's letter to Obama
Some Majlis representatives in separate interviews with the Mehr News Agency have expressed their views on President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's letter to U.S. President-elect Barack Obama. In his letter President Ahmadinejad congratulated Obama's victory in the U.S. presidential elections. - 11/11/08

5th Persian Cultural Film Festival in Vancouver
Fifth Persian Cultural Film Festival (previously called ZIFF) is scheduled for 6th and 7th December 2008 at Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour Street, Vancouver. The venue is one of the best and luxurious theatre in down town Vancouver - 11/11/08

Documents linking Iran to nuclear weapons push may have been fabricated
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has obtained evidence suggesting that documents which have been described as technical studies for a secret Iranian nuclear weapons-related research program may have been fabricated. -Gareth Porter, Raw Story - 11/11/08

Amnesty International Update on Emadeddin Baghi, Human Rights Defender
Journalist and human rights defender, Emadeddin Baghi, was released on 5 October 2008, three days before completing the one year sentence he was serving. He had been granted temporary leave on 15 September on medical grounds in order to seek treatment for a back problem. - 11/11/08

Iran test-fires newly-designed missile
Iran has successfully test-fired a new domestically-designed and -manufactured missile in line with enhancing its combat capabilities. The missile test comes shortly after a Nov. 3 ballistic missile test in the San Diego-based US Third Fleet -Press TV - 11/11/08

Italia Arabia: Exhibition at the Chelsea Art Museum
"Italia Arabia" juxtaposes 80 works by mid 20th century Italian painters with paintings and sculptures by Lebanese, Egyptian, Syrian and Iranian artists revealing the co-impact that one culture has had on the other. - 11/11/08

On Obama's Victory: History Being Made as the Better Half of America Wins!
Since its inception, America has always been a unique and amazing society. Its history has been marked by a constant battle between its better half and its worse half. -Reza Ansari - 11/11/08

In shift, conservatives in Iran back Ahmadinejad
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad received praise from Iran's reformist politicians and withering criticism from its conservatives after he sent Barack Obama a letter last week congratulating him on winning the American presidential race. -IHT - 11/11/08

7 thousand tons of Pistachio expected from the gardens of South Khorasan
About 60 percent of the 8 thousand hectares of the under cultivation area of Pistachio in the province Southern Khorasan, are fruitful and it's anticipated that 7 thousand tons of Pistachio will be harvested from the province. - 11/11/08

PJAK attacks along Iran borders decline
The group announced on Monday that it has halted all operations in Iran and will begin fighting the Turkish military. -Press TV - 11/11/08

President Elect Barack Obama’s tough talk about Iran, and his appointment of Zionist Hawks who could influence his Middle East policies: Window-dressing or serious business? -Kam Zarrabi - 11/10/08

First sculpture expo underway at Iranian Artists Forum
The first Iranian sculpture expo opened Saturday at the Iranian Artists Forum (IAF). Over 200 works by 150 artists are on display at the open space of the forum, the secretary of the expo Kurosh Golnari told the Persian service of ISNA. - 11/10/08

Iranian economists criticize Ahmadinejad
Prominent Iranian econ experts say President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's economic plans are costing the country dearly in a time of crisis. In an open letter to the president, top Iranian economists criticized the Ahmadinejad administration for not taking corrective measures to deal with the country's economic decline. -Press TV - 11/10/08

2008 Eternal Figures of Iran Announced
Iranian luminaries of various scientific, cultural, and artistic fields were praised during the seventh Eternal Figures Gathering here at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) International Conference Hall in northern Tehran Sunday night. -MNA - 11/10/08

Photos: Funeral of Iranian Singer Khaterh Parvaneh
Khatereh Parvaneh was born in 1930 into an art appreciating family. Her father was a tailor and her mother was a singer from the Qajar era. Khatereh began her career with master musician Saba in 1957, and continued on to give concerts with masters Hassan Radmard, Hossein Dehlavi, Faramarz Payvar, and Ofelia Parto. - 11/10/08

Iran defeats Qatar 1-0 in Tehran friendly
Iran's football team defeated Qatar 1-0 in a friendly in Doha on Sunday night ahead of the UAE match in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers. - 11/10/08

MEED: Tehran metro funding admirable
Tehran has successfully attracted investment by its local private sector to finance infrastructure plans especially in the transportation sector. - 11/10/08

Obama may bring opportunity for Iran-US ties
The foreign policy team of US President-elect Barack Obama will adopt "clever" policies with Iran, providing it with an opportunity to remove decade-long differences, according to Iranian professor Ali Ansari. - 11/10/08

Iran Press watchdog shuts popular weekly Shahrvand-e Emrouz
After days of speculation about the fate of the weekly, the country's Press Supervisory Board officially announced the decision to close the newsmagazine in a Saturday letter to Shahrvand-e Emrouz (Today's Citizen). - 11/10/08

Iran has not received request for opening US interest section
Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi said on Monday that Tehran has not yet received any formal request from Washington for opening the US interest section. -IRNA - 11/10/08

Israeli Bestseller Breaks National Taboo
No one is more surprised than Shlomo Sand that his latest academic work has spent 19 weeks on Israel's bestseller list – and that success has come to the history professor despite his book challenging Israel's biggest taboo. - 11/10/08

Iran to study freeze for freeze offer if not asked to suspend
Iran will study the freeze for freeze offer if it did not include suspension of uranium enrichment, a Foreign Ministry official said on Monday. - 11/10/08

Iran Parliament Likely to Eliminate some Holidays
The Islamic Consultative Assembly will examine a proposal to reduce the number of official holidays in the country, a senior Iranian lawmaker said. -Fars - 11/10/08

Iranian Americans in the November Elections
Six Iranian Americans were on the ballot on Election Day, November 4th, 2008. Farid Javandel, Ross Mirkarimi, Farah Douglas, and Ahsha Safai were running for city and county office, while Armineh Chelebian and Steve Tataii were candidates for state and federal office. - 11/9/08

Iran carpet export increases 7%
Export of Iranian hand-woven carpets has increased by seven percent since the start of current Iranian year on March 21, 2008, Commerce Minister Masoud Mirkazemi said on Sunday. - 11/9/08

Mining banned at salt men's necropolis
The Ministry of Industries and Mines has cancelled the mining license at the Chehrabad Salt Mine, where all six of the ancient "salt men" were discovered. -MNA - 11/9/08

Obama Aide: President-elect Did Not Commit to Missile Defense Shield
An aide to U.S. President-elect Barack Obama says the future U.S. leader did not give Poland any commitment on a missile defense shield. A statement Saturday from Polish President Lech Kaczynski claims Mr. Obama would go ahead with plans to install the system in eastern Europe. -VOA - 11/9/08

Iran, Russia, Qatar to resume gas talks in Doha
High ranking officials from the three countries will exchange views over the practical approaches for the expansion of cooperation in the gas sector, developing gas fields, and laying the foundations for meeting the world's energy demands, PIN reported. - 11/9/08

VISION FOR CHANGE: The Ambitious Agenda of Next U.S. Administration
With the landslide election of President-Elect Obama and the unprecedented democratically elected members of both Houses, a new era of fundamental CHANGE is ushered in. -David N. Rahni - 11/9/08

Obama Adviser Says 'Everything Up For Reassessment' in Afghanistan
Weinbaum recently spoke to RFE/RL correspondent Abubakar Siddique about the future Obama administration's policies on Afghanistan and Pakistan. - 11/9/08

Tajik Clerics Launch Unusual Campaign Against 'Imported' Hijabs
Tajik authorities, who have waged a persistent campaign against the wearing of the hijab, or Islamic head scarf, have found an unlikely partner. -RFE - 11/9/08

Iran: Majlis sets age limits for presidential candidates
In line with amending presidential election law Majlis on Sunday set age limits for presidential aspirants. -MNA - 11/9/08

Iranian bodybuilder Ali Tabrizi Nourii becomes 'Best of the Champions'
Ali Tabrizi Nourii from Iran was named the 'Best of the Champions' in the 62nd World Bodybuilding Championship held at the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre. - 11/8/08

Obama expected to make strategic changes in US foreign policy: Iran's Parliament Speaker
Addressing a local seminar, he said that Obama is expected to send correct signals to the regional nations. Referring to Obama's recent remarks on Iran's peaceful nuclear program, he said it represents pursuit of the same erroneous policy of the past. - 11/8/08

Leading Women and Human Rights Organizations Issue Statement in Support of Women's Rights Defenders in Iran
Leading women and human rights organizations have issued a statement objecting to the recent increase in pressures on women's rights activists involved in the One Million Signature Campaign. - 11/8/08

Iran: Advisor highlights Ahmadinejad's felicitations to Obama
Molana, a professor of International Relations who has worked with major American and European universities during the past 50 years, said that the president's congratulations to Obama was a sign of his "positive approach to the United States." - 11/8/08

Photos: Horse Racing in Gonbad-e Qabus, Iran
Gonbad-e Qâbus or Gonbad-e Kâvus is a city in the province of Golestan in Iran. It had an estimated population of 135,868 in 2005. The city is famous for a historic brick tower by the same name. -photos by Mohammad Javad Maktabi, ISNA - 11/8/08

S. Korean troupe gives benefit performances in Tehran
South Korean traditional music and dance troupe Anseong Namsadang performs at Tehran's Mellat Park on November 7 to raise funds for Iranian children suffering from heart disease. They also gave performances at Laleh Park on Thursday. -Photos by Ahmad Motallaii, MNA - 11/8/08

UK-based Iranian physicians ready to improve medical ties with homeland
In a meeting with the visiting Iranian minister of health in London late on Friday, UK-based Iranian physicians from various specialties said they are very eager to have greater cooperation in promoting health standards in the Islamic Republic. - 11/8/08

PAAIA Congratulates Barack Obama's Election as the 44th President of the United States
The Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA) congratulates President-elect Obama on his historic election victory and his leadership through a nearly flawless campaign. - 11/8/08

Military Expert Says Russian Missiles More Bark Than Bite
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has pledged to deploy short-range Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad, a western exclave that is surrounded by European Union countries. Is this a new initiative, and what are the missiles' capabilities? -RFE - 11/8/08

EU Official Urges Iran to Continue Nuclear Talks
Iranian media say the European Union's foreign policy chief is urging Iran to hold more talks with the bloc to clarify a few remaining issues about its nuclear program. - 11/8/08

Report of Memorial and Burial Services of Ardeshir Mohassess
The morning of Saturday October 25 was the day for the funeral service of Ardeshir Mohassess in New York city. The memorial service was held in a chapel in Manhattan close to the apartment where Ardeshir had lived for more than 30 years. About 200-250 Iranians and a few Americans attended the ceremony. -Rahim Asgard - 11/7/08

Iran invests $2.5b in stem cell research
Iran's Cord Blood Bank says 2.5 billion dollars will be invested in the country's stem cell research over the next five years. Iranian scientists test treatments on mice for everything from heart disease to multiple sclerosis in state-run laboratories and private hospitals in Tehran. The fund will be used for the development of such facilities in other Iranian cities. - 11/7/08

NIAC Congratulates President Elect Barack Obama
NIAC would also like to congratulate the thousands of Iranian Americans who participated in the election by organizing in their communities, raising or donating money, or simply by voting. - 11/7/08

Ya Hussein!
In February of 2007, when I was sitting with former President Khatami of Iran in his office in North Tehran, he asked me about Barack Obama, whom Iranians were hearing (and were very curious) about. "He could be the next president," I said, "but you know, his middle name is Hussein, and that won't go over well with many Americans." -Hooman Majd, Huffington Post - 11/7/08

Quandt: 'U.S. must accept reality it has helped create'
According to prominent Middle East expert Dr. William Quandt, America needs to "deal with the Middle East as it is, instead of how we wish it would be." Referring to a speech by Mohammad Khatami during his last visit to the U.S., Quandt said that the former Iranian President commenced "by thanking the United States for "doing what we failed to do. -Ali Hosseini, NIAC - 11/7/08

Iranian artists lend support to World Food Program's campaign against hunger
A group of Iranian actors and an actress on Thursday voiced support for the World Food Program's campaign against hunger. The WFP envoy in Iran Negar Gerami told the audience in the ceremony, held under the auspices of the Cinema House, that broad support of Iranian artists in the movie, music and arts sectors for the WFP plan has been impressive. - 11/7/08

Deepa Mehta and Azar Nafisi Team Up for Miramax and Participant Co-production based on Iranian Author's Best Selling Novel -Darius KADIVAR - 11/7/08

Iran Underlines Full Control over Persian Gulf
"We hope that neither the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf nor any other waterway would be blocked, but if the enemy attacks Iran and consequently it (the blockade) becomes necessary, the Islamic Republic of Iran can easily close the Strait of Hormuz," Brig. Gen. Massoud Jazayeri, a senior official at the General Staff of Iran's Armed Forces told FNA on Wednesday. - 11/7/08

Jewish community in Iran has ‘no major problems’, says Jewish MP
A Jewish Iranian parliamentarian, on a visit to the European Parliament this week , said Iran’s Jewish community doesn’t face major problems today and stressed that Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s statements on the Holocaust “are not shared by other leaders in the country.” -EJP - 11/7/08

US Imposes Banking Sanctions on Iran
The U.S. Treasury has moved to further restrict Iran's access to the U.S. financial system, by banning certain money transfers. - 11/7/08

US Makes New Proposals to Russia on Missile Defense, Strategic Arms
Meanwhile, Russia's envoy to NATO said the idea of possible attacks 'launched by countries like Iran', which US claims justifies installation of the missile shield, was no more than 'fairy tale', - 11/7/08

Iran bans weekly critical of Ahmadinejad
The Iranian press watchdog has banned popular moderate weekly, Shahrvand Emrouz, which has been critical of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the magazine's lawyer told AFP on Thursday. - 11/7/08

Israel Warns Obama About Iran Talks
Israel's foreign minister says any U.S. talks with Iran may be seen as a sign of weakness. -VOA - 11/7/08

Iran Blasts UAE for Deterring Progress over Gas Deal
The managing director of the National Iranian Oil Company blamed Crescent Petroleum in the United Arab Emirates for thwarting progress on export deals. -FNA - 11/7/08

New bent on the Cuban revolution
Montreal photographer Babak Salari has recently published a book on queer culture in Cuba, which directly explores the new modes of social dissent within Cuban society as expressed by queer artists and intellectuals, communities historically marginalized in Cuba. - 11/7/08

Iran's exports value to Afghanistan to go far beyond USD1bn
Iran's non-oil exports value to Afghanistan will exceed dlrs one billion as of March 20, 2009, said an Afghan official in charge of trade in Tehran on Friday. -IRNA - 11/7/08

Professor frowns on political use of religion
A small group of faculty and students were brought together the night of Oct. 29 by a visit from Hossein Kamaly, a professor in Columbia University's Middle Eastern and Asia Languages and Cultures Department. Kamaly's lecture, titled "Politics of Messianism in Contemporary Iran," explained how many Iranians are now awaiting the coming of Imam Mahdi, the 12th messiah according to Shiite culture, for salvation from the world's current turbulent state. -Signal - 11/7/08

Ross Mirkarimi reelected to San Francisco Board of Supervisors; Ahsha Safai falls short
Iranian-Americans Ross Mirkarimi and Ahsha Safai, candidates for San Francisco Board of Supervisors, have displayed impressive results. - 11/6/08

Photos: Safavid Era Castle in Birjand, Iran
The Safavids were an Iranian Shia dynasty which ruled Persia from 1501/1502 to 1722. Safavids established the greatest Iranian empire since the Islamic conquest of Persia. Birjand is the provincial capital of South Khorasan province in eastern Iran. -Photos by Amir Hosein Heidari, ISNA - 11/6/08

Five silver, bronze medals for Iranian club champs at Korea Weight Lifting
Iranian weight lifting clubs share of the 2nd day of 2008 Goyang Asian Inter-Clubs Weight Lifting Championship was five silver and bronze medals for three adult, 85 Kg champions. -IRNA - 11/6/08

Iran's Ahmadinejad congratulates Obama
"I congratulate you on being able to attract the majority of votes of the participants of the election," Ahmadinejad said in a message to Obama carried by the official agency. -AFP - 11/6/08

PRINCE OF PERSIA: The Graphic Novel
Written by Iranian-born A.B. Sina and illustrated by the husband and wife duo of LeUyen Pham and Alex Puvilland, PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL is an epic feast for the eyes and mind. Two parallel storylines interweave the destinies of two princes who live 400 years apart. - 11/6/08

Iranian club ranks first at Amman Asian Greco-Roman Championship
Greco-Roman Wrestling Team of Tehran Branch of Islamic Open University that has participated at 2008 Amman Asian Clubs Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship ranked first here Wednesday night at the closing ceremony of the games. -IRNA - 11/6/08

Russian President Lashes Out At U.S. In First National Address
Just minutes into the national address -- his first since taking office as Russian president in May -- Medvedev announced that Russia will deploy short-range missiles in its western enclave of Kaliningrad in response to Washington's missile-defense plans in Central Europe. -RFE - 11/6/08

Dutch backpacker defies politics to invest in Iran
Sebastian Straten is going against the flow. As some Western corporations pack up and mothball projects in Iran under pressure of sanctions, the entrepreneurial Dutchman is preparing for the day when tourists flock to the Islamic state. -Reuters - 11/6/08

Iran: Government approves construction of 177 dams
Energy Minister Parviz Fattah said here on Thursday that the ninth government has approved construction of 177 dams nationwide to control running waters. - 11/6/08

Five Iranian MPs to Follow up on Nuclear Case in Brussels
Five Parliament deputies will visit Brussels for three days, in order to follow up on Iran's nuclear case among other issues. -Fars - 11/6/08

Iran Hangs Seventh Juvenile Offender This Year
Iran hanged a juvenile offender on October 30, 2008, the seventh this year, only two days after Iranian authorities "categorically denied" that it still executes juveniles, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran and Human Rights Watch said today. - 11/6/08

Obama: An ‘opportunity and a test’ for Iran
There are many schools of thought on what will happen next, or what should happen next between the United States and Iran. Some people think that the hard-line faction here (in Iran) will not let relations’ blossom because hatred of America is a key component of its ideology. -MSNBC - 11/6/08

Tehran, Baghdad ink air transportation MOU
The official noted that according to the MOU, domestic airlines will have seven Tehran-Baghdad round trip flights per week as well as 14 flights to Najaf from other airports across the country. - 11/6/08

Obama Victory Welcomed From Mideast To Afghanistan
From the former Soviet republics to the Middle East and Afghanistan, Obama's election victory is seen as a major milestone in U.S. history and a chance to restore the United States' reputation around the world. -RFE - 11/5/08

Barack Obama to be America's first black president
Americans placed their faith in Barack Obama today, turning their backs on a past of slavery and segregation and electing the first African-American to the US presidency. -Guardian - 11/5/08

Why US-Iran Talks Are Good for Israel
The recent Russian intervention in Georgia has made an American rapprochement with Iran highly desirable for the United States. Israel has long opposed such a rapprochement, but this would also serve its interests too. Here's why. -Mark Katz - 11/5/08

President Obama Elected: Who Really Won and What is Next?
After nearly two years of much heated theatrical debate, Americans have now elected with the highest voting turn out ever and by an unprecedented wide margin, an unconventional, yet, nonetheless, popular president, Obama. -David N. Rahni - 11/5/08

EU Fights For Nabucco's Future
The fate of the Nabucco pipeline project appears to be hanging by a thread. No EU official would publicly admit this, but the signs tell their own story. -RFE - 11/5/08

Traditional singer Khatereh Parvaneh dies at 78
Iranian traditional singer Khatereh Parvaneh died at 78 at her home in Tehran on Wednesday morning. She had been bedridden for almost a year after she broke her leg. - 11/5/08

Iran holds student living in U.S. on security charges
An Iranian female student, who was arrested in Tehran last month while visiting from the United States, is accused of acting against national security, the judiciary said on Tuesday. -Reuters - 11/5/08

Iranian-American Professor Laleh Khadivi Honored for First Novel
Laleh Khadivi, an Iranian-American author, filmmaker and Emory's Creative Writing Fellow, won a $50,000 award in recognition of her first novel, The Age of Orphans. - 11/5/08

Tehran's Sangalaj Theater added to National Heritage List
Veteran Iranian stage artists have been honored during a ceremony on 43rd anniversary of the establishment of the Sangalaj Theater on October 27. - 11/5/08

Poem: Markets
My last Muse died, I buried it in my Memories, Beside the others. -Mali Mostoufi - 11/5/08

Iran to release computer game "The Age of Heroes" based on Shahnameh
Iran will soon release the computer game "The Age of Heroes" with the central theme of stories from Ferdowsi's Shahnameh. The Ferdowsi Foundation proposed the initial concept and Iran's Modern Industry Center produced the game. - 11/5/08

Mr. President, Talk To Iran
When the new U.S. president takes office in January, one of the key issues he'll find on his desk is the problem of Iran. One of the largest and most powerful countries in the Middle East and a leading energy producer, Iran has also presented a defiant challenge to Washington, particularly in its insistence on pursuing an advanced nuclear program. -Mohammad Reza Kazemi - 11/5/08

German Daily Slams Israel for Spreading Lies over Iran
A German newspaper on Monday lashed out at the Zionist lobby in Germany for spreading lies and misinformation over Iran's nuclear program. -FNA - 11/5/08

Iran's presidential candidates should have Masters degrees
Iran's Parliament voted on Wednesday in favor of a proposal that will require presidential candidates to have an MA (Masters degree) or an equivalent of it from religious schools. -MNA - 11/5/08

Iranian Americans Play Active Role in 2008 Election
Iranian Americans are well-integrated into their communities and are eager to have their voices heard in the 2008 presidential election, according to several Iranian-American organizations. - 11/4/08

Photos: Autumn in Zonouz near Marand, East Azerbaijan province of Iran
Zonouz is a small Iranian village near the city of Marand in the province of East Azarbaijan in Iran. It is located on a mountain, and has very cold weather in winter and cool summers. It is known for its different types of apples - it is considered the apple capital of Iran with some types of apple trees that grow only in Zonouz. -photos by Navid Jadidoleslam, ISNA - 11/4/08

Finding Zoroastrianism in the Heart of the Iranian Desert
I wake up in my Tehran hotel to a placard signaling the direction of Mecca. In the cabinet drawers there is a minaret rock, prayer rug and Koran. Today I depart for the desert city of Yazd, the holiest city for Zoroastrians. -Deena Guzder - 11/4/08

Rezazadeh's junior world records broken by another Iranian weightlifter
Iranian heavyweight Saeed Ali-Hosseini has set new junior weightlifting world records in the snatch, clean and jerk, and total categories. -Press TV - 11/4/08

Iran awaits more than just a change of face in the White House
It will take more than a new American president to improve the tortured relationship between Iran and the United States -Guardian - 11/4/08

Iranian researcher receives Japanese cultural badge
An Iranian economist and researcher on Japan won a Japanese cultural badge for the first time in the country's history. The Japanese government has awarded Mohammad Naqizadeh in recognition of his concerted efforts in the field of promoting research on Japan. - 11/4/08

Saei to say goodbye to Taekwondo
Two-time Olympic gold medalist Hadi Saei is to bid farewell on Saturday to his international career. Iran's best ever Olympic athlete will take part in a symbolic fight in the West Asian Taekwondo Championship on Saturday to be held in Tehran. - 11/4/08

Election gives U.S. opportunity to revise Iran policy: Former IRGC official
"In the new situation, where the U.S. is facing a change in leadership, a new opportunity has been provided to U.S. officials" to revise their approach toward Iran, Hossein Alai told the Mehr News Agency. - 11/4/08

Iran-China trade to exceed $25b
Iran's Deputy Minister of Commerce Mehdi Ghazanfari said on Tuesday that the trade between Iran and China will exceed dlrs 25 billion in the current year. - 11/4/08

The prophets of Iranian regime split won't find it in the fury of the bazaar
On the lookout for "cracks in the regime", analysts of Iran had a thrill last month. The bazaars of Isfahan, Tehran, and several other cities went on strike for the first time in a generation. -Guardian - 11/4/08

World Hopes For A 'Less Arrogant America'
A world weary of eight years of George W. Bush was riveted Tuesday by the drama unfolding in the United States. Many were inspired by Barack Obama's focus on hope, or simply relieved that - whoever wins - the current administration is coming to an end. -AP - 11/4/08

Iran makes micro submarine, radar-evading vessel: Defense Minister
Iranian experts have designed and manufactured micro submarines and radar-evading vessels, Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said on Tuesday. - 11/4/08

NCAA's first Iranian hoopster heads to Rice
The first Iranian to play in NCAA basketball will suit up for tiny Rice University in Houston, Tex., next winter. Arsalan Kazemi, a senior forward at the Patterson School (N.C.) who emigrated from Isfahan, Iran to the U.S. earlier this year, verbally committed to the Owls late last night. -New York Daily News - 11/4/08

ONGC gets Iran nod for development of Farsi gas block
ONGC will soon be able to develop gas blocks in Iran with the National Iranian Oil Corporation (NIOC) approving the commercial viability report prepared by ONGC Videsh Ltd (OVL) and its consortium partners on the discovery made in Iran's Farsi offshore block. -domain-B, India - 11/4/08

Iran needs oil at $60.60/barrel till March-report
Iran needs oil to average $60.60 a barrel till March, the end of the current Iranian year, to avoid "big problems" in its economy, Iranian media reported on Monday. -Reuters - 11/4/08

Next president must deal directly with Iran
To talk or not to talk to Iran has been debated ever since President Jimmy Carter broke diplomatic relations with Iran in 1980, but never before has the issue become as crucial as it is today in the presidential campaign. The next president no doubt will have to face this issue. -R. K. Ramazani - 11/3/08

Young Iranian Journalist received an honorary award in Journalism
Shabnam J. Janani, an internationally trained journalist based in Toronto, received an honorary award from The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario in the category of Journalism on Thursday. She received the award in recognition of her contributions to the multicultural ethnic communities and to Canadian society as a whole. -Nick Hume - 11/3/08

Iran out of AFC U-19
Iran was defeated by Japan on Sunday at the Prince Mohamed bin Fahd Stadium in the AFC U-19 Championship. Iran had lost opening AFC U-19 match to Saudi Arabia 2-1 in Group A. The team needed to win over Japan to book its quarter-final berth. -MNA - 11/3/08

Photos: Demining operations in southern Iran
Iran and Iraq fought a brutal war for eight years from September 1980 to August 1988. The memories of that war are still left in the battleground. Mines scattered in the fields still claim lives of innocent people. The following photos are from the demining operations in southern Iran. -photos by Amin Nazari, ISNA - 11/3/08

Iranian pop stars to join World AIDS Day concerts
Tehran will join the list of major cities to host World AIDS Day concerts this year, the organizers announced during a press conference at the Iranian Artists Forum on Sunday. - 11/3/08

Farshid Amin sings "Pray with me" for Obama
Iranian composer Farshid Amin has written a song called 'Pray with me' which was reportedly performed at a gala for Barack Obama two weeks ago. Lionel Richie and The Pointer Sisters also submitted songs but Farshid's was chosen - 11/3/08

Beyond Presidential Election and the Lingering Economic Challenges
As the country will soon settle down after what is perhaps one of the most tumultuous theatrical elections in modern times, it is time for serious introspection and also retrospection, as we look forward to the future. -David Rahni - 11/3/08

Leslie and I are hoping to visit Iran with a CODEPINK delegation in May, 2009. While we're there, we'll be talking with teachers and students about Friends of Iran, a program we've developed to build friendships between American and Iranian students, and their teachers. The best way to prevent a war is to establish friendships between the people. -Codepink - 11/3/08

EU issues statement on Iran's ban of execution of minors
The European Union welcomes the fact that the Iranian authorities have issued a circular banning executions of persons who were minors at the time of the crime for which they were condemned and commends that gesture, which aims to bring the practices of the Islamic Republic of Iran into line with its international commitments. - 11/3/08

America Looks Beyond the Bush Warriors
In his two terms in the White House, US President George W. Bush has presided over a precipitous fall in America's reputation around the world. History is likely to judge him a failure. Now, his successor will have to dig the US out of a deep hole.-Spiegel - 11/3/08

Is Water the New Oil?
It's the world's most precious commodity, yet many of us take it for granted. But that's all about to change. -Guardian - 11/3/08

Nudging Turkey toward peace at home
At its core, the Kurdish conflict is about identity. The US should insist to Turkey that it cannot be resolved by military force -Guardian - 11/3/08

UAE challenges Iran with US-inspired confidence
Emboldened by its close ties to the U.S., the United Arab Emirates is taking a more aggressive approach to challenging Iran over a territorial claim to three tiny Persian Gulf islands — even at the risk of antagonizing its powerful neighbor. -AP - 11/3/08

Photos: Picking Pomegranates in Paveh, Iran
Paveh is a city in Iranian province of Kermanshah. Paveh is located in the west of Iran and is 123 km far from Kermanshah and lies in a region along the Iran-Iraq border commonly referred to as Hewraman. - 11/2/08

Hotel project owner sued for infringement of Susa perimeter
The Shush Cultural Heritage Center (SCHC) has filled a lawsuit against the owner of the Amir Zargar hotel construction project at the ancient city of Susa. -MNA - 11/2/08

An Evening with Iranian Filmmaker Dariush Mehrjui at UCLA
Screening of "Derakhte Golabi (The Pear Tree)" followed by Q&A with director, Dariush Mehrjui - Sunday, November 09 at 5 PM. - 11/2/08

Iranian Presidential Official Sacked In MP Cash Dispute
senior presidential official has been sacked in Iran for offering a cash donation to try to convince lawmakers to stop the impeachment of the interior minister, the official IRNA news agency has reported. -Reuters - 11/2/08

Planned 'Gas OPEC' meeting delayed until 2009: Gazprom spokesman
A spokesman for Russia's state-owned energy giant Gazprom said plans for a meeting of natural gas exporting countries scheduled for Moscow this month, had been shelved until January 2009, the daily Die Welt newspaper reported Saturday - 11/2/08

Iran loses to Saudi Arabia in AFC U-19 opener
Saudi Arabia won its opening AFC U-19 Championship match over Iran thanks to a late header by Nawaf Al Abid on Friday. -MNA - 11/1/08

India's FM in Tehran for talks
Iran and India have discussed signing 11 Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) and agreements on support of joint investments, cut in double taxes and implementation of infrastructure projects during the 15th economic commission in Tehran. - 11/1/08

ZiZou invites Iran's Nekounam to play for charity
French football legend Zinedine Zidane has invited Osasuna's Iranian midfielder Javad Nekounam to play in a charity match in Morocco. - 11/1/08

Iran: Intensification of repression of women's rights activists
In a letter addressed to the Head of the Judiciary in Iran, Amnesty International deplored the latest arrest of a woman's rights activist and the continuing harassment of others who were prevented from leaving the country. The organization called on the Iranian authorities to lift the travel bans and to end the harassment of women's rights activists. - 11/1/08

How McCain, Obama Compare On Foreign Policy
On November 4, Americans will elect a new president: either Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain. What can the world expect from Washington when one or the other of these men is inaugurated on January 20, 2009? -RFE - 11/1/08

PAAIA holds first event in Houston
On Sunday, October 26th Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA) held its first event in Houston, Texas at the beautiful Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH). Over 240 local Iranian Americans attended for an opportunity to meet PAAIA, learn about its goals, provide input and ask their questions of PAAIA staff. - 11/1/08

Brazilian FM in Tehran to pursue execution of agreements
Brazilian Foreign Minister, Celso Amorim, stepped into Tehran Saturday morning in order to pursue implementation of bilateral economic agreements. -ISNA - 11/1/08

Pilot error blamed for plane crash at Kish Air Show
The 54-year-old German pilot of the plane had flown to Kish via the UAE to take part in the Fourth International Iran Kish Air Shows. Aviation experts, after early studies on the accident, said human error had caused it. - 11/1/08

How to stop an Iranian bomb
There is still time for diplomacy over Iran's nuclear fuel cycle, but it should focus on preventing re-enrichment -Guardian - 11/1/08

Iran against Georgia accession to NATO
Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has expressed the Islamic Republic's opposition to the accession of Georgia to NATO. - 11/1/08

Paralyzed in Persia
In the Islamic Republic, millions of Afghani refugees lie forgotten by the world. -Yale Globalist - 11/1/08

Broadcasting Board of Governors Statement on Media Restrictions in Azerbaijan
The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) strongly objects to the proposal made by the government of Azerbaijan to discontinue local radio broadcasts of international media, including Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) and the Voice of America (VOA). - 11/1/08

Waiting for an Ordinary Day
“Waiting for an Ordinary Day” is not a hopeful story, but one that helps to explain the downward spiral of Iraq. Fassihi left in December 2005 shortly before the onset of all-out sectarian warfare. -CSM - 11/1/08

Turkey Deepening Energy Ties with Iran
The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 opened rich new vistas for Western oil companies, which suddenly saw the possibilities of participating in the development of Caspian energy reserves in the three new former Soviet republics there - Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. - 11/1/08

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