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Detained Iranian lawyer denounces mistreatment in prison
Nasrin Sotoudeh, detained Iranian lawyer challenged the state in her trial by speaking out against being "mistreated" by prison officials. Reza Khandan, husband of Sotoudeh told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that his wife has told the court that the "greatest pressure" on her is being kept in solitary confinement. - 11/30/10

Wikileaks and Iran
I think part of this is a reflection of the fact that news media do tend to focus on those stories that tend to fit the bias of the political system in the United States and Europe with regard to Iran, the bias that suggests that indeed they are a threat, that you should assume the worst about Iranian intentions. -RNN - 11/30/10

Art Gallery: New Faces - Iran
Janet Rady Fine Art in association with Arte Sara are pleased to present the works of nine hugely talented, young Iranian artists. All previously nominated for the UN Habitat Prize in 2009, these artists are reunited in a tightly curated show which serves to illustrate the depth of artistic skill in Iran today. - 11/30/10

Video: Photo Series Inspired by Persian Poetry - PG13
So strong is the Persian aptitude for versifying everyday expressions that one can encounter poetry in almost every classical work, whether from Persian literature, science, or metaphysics. -Majeed Beenteha - 11/30/10

Shahla Jahed to be hanged in Tehran tomorrow
Shahla Jahed was charged with the murder of Laleh Saharkhizan, the wife of a well-known Iranian football player, eight years ago. She confessed to the murder 11 months after her arrest but in her trial, she claimed she was innocent. - 11/30/10

Iran's Northern Fishing Industry Wanes
Pollution is contributing to falling catches in Iran's Caspian fishing industry, local fishermen say. They complain that restrictions preventing them from going out to sea mean they are unable to catch more than a tiny fraction of what their counterparts in other states around the sea achieve. -Farshid Alyan, IWPR - 11/30/10

EU: Iran Agrees to Talks on Nuclear Program
The EU said Tuesday that Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili, will meet with EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Aston on December 6 and 7. Ashton's office says she will act on behalf of the United States. Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany - 11/30/10

Photos: Earthquake Drill in Tabriz, Iran
A big earthquake drill was held at the schools of the provincial city of Tabriz in northwestern Iran. Firefighters and special rescue units participated at this drill. -Mahsa Jamali, MNA - 11/30/10

Analysts Assess Fallout From Wikileaks Revelations in Middle East
A key theme running through secret U.S. documents released by WikiLeaks is that Arab and Gulf states have a profound mistrust, if not hostility, to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Observers have often alluded to such hostility, but the just-leaked diplomatic cables paint a level of animosity never before spelled out. -VOA - 11/30/10

Art Gallery: Contemporary Persian Calligraphy by Fereydoun Omidi
Fereydoun Omidi was born in 1967 in Roudbar Iran. He attended the Azad University and has been a member of the Iran Society of painters. Since 1995 he has held many exhibitions in Tehran but also a number of group exhibitions abroad including Japan, Venice and Paris. - 11/30/10

Bombs Target Iran Nuclear Scientists
Five scientists, three of whom were high-ranking nuclear researchers, have been killed in Tehran since the highly contested 2009 presidential election. Another nuclear scientist, Sharham Amiri, defected to the U.S. and then defected back to Iran this July amid accusations of being a double agent for Tehran and Washington and hasn't been seen in public since his return. -Farnaz Fassihi, WSJ - 11/30/10

Wikileaks, Iran and War
The latest Wikileaks information dump includes an enormous body of cable traffic dealing with the US and Iran. Most of it simply confirms what most people already believed: The US undertook its engagement strategy with Iran with the clear conviction that it would fail. At the same time, it was preparing (and disseminating in private) an alternative pressure strategy. This is the most serious indictment of all -Gary Sick - 11/30/10

Ahmadinejad Admits Centrifuges Hit By Software Problem
President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has said that "several" of Iran's uranium-enrichment centrifuges were damaged by "software installed in electronic equipment." -RFE - 11/30/10

Resistance must be appreciated, Iran's Supreme Leader tells Lebanese PM
Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei held a meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri in Tehran on Monday to discuss current developments in the region and bilateral issues. -MNA - 11/30/10

One Iranian Scientist Killed, Another Injured In Bomb Attacks In Tehran
A university professor was killed and another one wounded in two separate car explosions in Tehran on Monday morning. Both academics, identified as Majid Shahriari and Fereydoun Abbasi Davani, have been specialists in physics and the faculty members of Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran. - 11/29/10

Photos: Iranian Women Athletes in Asian Games 2010
Iranian women represented 25% of Iran's 373 member national team for the Asian games and these woman Athletes won close to 25% of Iran's medal count. - 11/29/10

Green is the color of hope. Green is the color of Islam. And Green was the symbol of recognition among the supporters of presidential candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi, who became the symbolic figure of the Green Revolution in Iran last year. THE GREEN WAVE is a touching documentary-collage illustrating the dramatic events and telling about the feelings of the people behind this revolution. - 11/29/10

In the Iranian World, a Scholarly Guide to Everything
You can't find an entry for Ehsan Yarshater in the Encyclopaedia Iranica - after all, the printed volumes have reached only up to K, and the online entries for letters farther down the alphabet are incomplete. Besides, at 90, Yarshater is very much alive, and the encyclopedia does not publish entries on living people. -Jeff Baron, - 11/29/10

Iranian Studies Initiative at University of Southern California
Farhang Foundation and the University of Southern California (USC) have officially announced the launch of an Iranian Studies Initiative at the university. For the first time ever, USC will offer its students Persian language classes as part of their curriculum, beginning as early as Fall 2011; a Minor in Iranian Studies is in the works. This is the first of many. - 11/29/10

Video: Interview with Faezeh Rafsanjani
AlAan TV exclusively interviewed Faezeh Hashemi who said that the Iranian authorities fabricated lies against her brother Mehdi and pressured prisoners to confess against him. - 11/29/10

Iranian Peoples Struggle for Freedom, The era of constitutional revolution (Mashroottiat)
Towards the end of 19th century, colonialism was at its peak in the Middle East. The Russians and the English were competing on every peace of land, over any treaty of natural resources, manpower and anything else which could be plundered. Iran was practically divided into two halves. The northern part was under the influence of the Russians. -ABBAS SADEGHIAN - 11/29/10

Basij chief says Iran threatened by sedition
Head of Iran's Basij militia warned that he believes "more complex seditious activities" are on the way against the Islamic Republic. -Zamaneh - 11/29/10

Wiki-releases planned in advance: Iran
Iran's President has questioned the recent leaked documents obtained and published by the Wikileaks website, saying the US administration "released" material intentionally. -Press TV - 11/29/10

US Threatens Iran With Military Action; Iranian Commander Calls It A Joke
The US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen says Washington has long been considering military options against Iran over Tehran's nuclear program. -Press TV - 11/29/10

Lebanese PM's Iran Visit Focuses on Hariri Assassination
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri met with top Iranian officials Sunday during a three day visit to Tehran in what the Arab press is billing as a fence-mending trip. The trip comes as a special U.N. tribunal prepares to release its findings into the 2005 assassination on his father, former Prime Minster Rafik Hariri. -VOA - 11/29/10

Emergency meeting held on Tehran's air pollution
Tehran's air pollution has reached an alarming level and according to the World Bank statistics, it has incurred around $3.3 billion in financial losses in the current Iranian calendar year. In the meeting it was announced that the air pollution in Tehran will reach a critical level on Tuesday and Wednesday. - 11/28/10

The Green Wave screens in Berlin festival
The Green Wave combines animation with films recorded by Iranian citizens on their cell phones during the street protests in order to visualize the events that followed the controversial re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009 which protesters claim was fraudulent. - 11/28/10

Iranian Opposition Leader's Wife Decries Violence Against Women
Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Musavi's wife has written an open letter to judiciary head Ali Larijani condemning political violence in the country, especially against women, RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports. - 11/28/10

HIV, AIDS under control among IV drug users: Iranian health minister
Health Minister Marzieh Vahid-Dastjerdi says that Iran has been successful in curbing the spread of the HIV virus due to intravenous (IV) drug use, but she warned about the rise in HIV/AIDS cases due to extramarital sexual relations. - 11/28/10

Photos: Emergency Response Teams Helping Tehran Residents as Air Pollution Reaches Alarming Levels
Health Minister Marzieh Vahid-Dastjerdi announced on Sunday that there has been a 30% increase in the number of respiratory illness cases during the past few days. She also advised old men, children, and persons with respiratory and heart problems to stay indoors. -Youness Khani - 11/28/10

Photos: Views of Pollution Struck Tehran
Air pollution in Tehran remains at an alarming level, as air quality indicators persistently showed Tehran's pollution worsening on Saturday. Officials in Tehran cut working hours while a blanket of pollutants continued to shroud the skies of the capital. -photos by Mona Hoobehfekr, ISNA - 11/28/10

Iranian woman, imprisoned in Florida, says she was held in solitary confinement for a week
Mir-Qolikhan, then just 26 years old, was arrested in the US in 2007. Her ex-husband, Mahmoud Seif, allegedly tried to export night-vision goggles to Iran from Austria. But she was detained and sentenced to five years in prison by a Florida federal court in his absence. -Press TV - 11/28/10

PAAIA Announces Board and Management Transition
With the two-year term of its first Board coming to an end, the Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA) today announced Board and Management transitions at year-end. - 11/28/10

Lebanon's PM Saad Hariri calls for defense ties with Iran
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has hailed Iran's assistance to Lebanon, calling for the expansion of defense cooperation between Tehran and Beirut. - 11/28/10

Iran, Turkmenistan inaugurate 2nd phase of gas pipeline
Iran-Turkmenistan second phase of gas pipeline was inaugurated on Sunday in an official ceremony attended by presidents of the two countries. - 11/28/10

Iran possesses over 35 kilos of 20% enriched uranium
Every month, over three kilograms of uranium enriched to 20 percent is produced in the country, Ali Akbar Salehi, director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, told ISNA news agency. -MNA - 11/28/10

Iran's Supreme Leader Urges Stronger Navy
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution underlines the necessity of using all human resources and existing potentials to build a better future for the Iranian Navy. - 11/28/10

Franklin Lamb : Can Israel Defeat Hezbollah In The Coming War?
Hezbollah believes it has to win the next war for the sake of the whole country, because the army is poorly equipped and because Lebanon has hundreds, maybe thousands of Mossad agents in Lebanon compromising the country's institutions. -Veterans Today - 11/28/10

Photos: Tehran suffering from pollution spell
Iranian officials in Tehran have introduced further cuts in working hours as a blanket of pollutants continues to shroud the skies of the capital. - 11/27/10

Iran finishes 4th in Asia with 20 golds
Iran wrapped up the 16th Asian Games with 20 gold medals, finishing fourth respectively behind China, South Korea and Japan. - 11/27/10

Iran: Release Ailing, 80-year-old Former Foreign Minister
The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran called for the immediate release for medical treatment of Ebrahim Yazdi, who has been in detention since 1 October, but has yet to be informed of the charges against him. - 11/27/10

Detained Iranian reformist in grave health condition
Iranian political prisoner Davoud Soleymani was reportedly transferred to the hospital for heart complications but immediately returned to prison against hospital recommendations. -Zamaneh - 11/27/10

Basijis should be standard-bearers of moderation: Rafsanjani
Expediency Council Chairman Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has said that the Basij volunteer forces should be standard-bearers of moderation and avoid extremism. - 11/27/10

Fars nomad women weaving their way out of poverty
These days, nomad women in the Fars region tie knots on warps in an attempt to solve financial problems in their lives. They weave carpets to earn a living. While in the not too distant past, they used to weave carpets to flaunt their art and abilities. - 11/27/10

Iranian detainee stands by his allegations of torture
Detained Iranian activist, Abdollah Momeni issued another letter announcing that his statements regarding torture in Iranian prisons are completely true despite recent denials by the spokesman for the judiciary. - 11/27/10

EU to Ask US to Lift 'Terrorist' Label on Iranian Exile Group
The European Union's parliament is stepping up efforts to persuade the U.S. to remove the People's Mujahedeen Organization of Iran from its list of terrorist organizations. -VOA - 11/27/10

Iran's GDP at $411B; up $44B: Economist
Economist's latest report indicates that Iranian GDP has increased more than $44 billion in the current year. ISNA cited the November report stating that GDP in Iran has gone up from $367 billion last year to nearly $411 billion in the current year. - 11/27/10

Lebanon's PM Visits Iran Amid Tribunal Probe
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri is expected Saturday to seek Iran's help in preventing an escalation in tensions in Lebanon over a U.N. special tribunal probing the 2005 assassination of his father. -VOA - 11/27/10

UAE to 'continue' trade with Iran within UN rules
The UAE is implementing United Nations sanctions against Iran, including barring some Iranian ships from its ports, banning some of its citizens from entering or transiting through the country, and empowering Emirati officials to inspect shipments travelling to or from Iran, the government has told the UN. - 11/27/10

Attempt To Hijack Iran Air Plane Fails
The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps has issued a statement saying a man who tried to hijack an Iran Air passenger plane en route to Syria on Friday night had connections with counter-revolutionary groups. -MNA - 11/27/10

Iran says Gambia under US pressure
Following Gambia's announcement that they have severed all ties with Iran, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, head of Iran's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission blamed US pressures for the Gambian reaction. -Zamaneh - 11/27/10

Giving Iranica a Better Presence on the Web
Encyclopedias have been around for 2,000 years, but websites like the online Encyclopaedia Iranica are reinventing them. Instead of leafing at random through a bound volume of the encyclopedia for interesting articles, the reader can click on any of hundreds of featured entries that pop up randomly on the online version's home page... -Jeff Baron, - 11/26/10

Kronos Quartet Premieres Iranian Composer's 'Threnody'
The Kronos Quartet kicked off its tour at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Arts Center, with the world premiere of Iranian composer Sahba Aminikia's mournful new piece, "Threnody for Those who Remain," which chronicles his father's death, as well as the Iranians' protest against last summer's contested presidential election. -Behnam Nateghi, VOA - 11/26/10

Rahnavard condemns unprecedented "political violence against women" in Iran
On the occasion of the International Day of Elimination of Violence against Women, Zahra Rahanvard issued a letter addressed to Iran's head of judiciary, Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani, criticizing the situation women in the country. -Zamaneh - 11/26/10

Ayatollah Khamenei accuses opposition of power-mongering
Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told a gathering of Tehran's thousands of Basij militia members that election protesters of 2009 put their desire for power above the interests of the country. - 11/26/10

Suburban Chicago Muslim Center Denied Permit
Mojtaba Noursalehi is originally from Iran, but is now a U.S. citizen. He's a member of the Board of the Irshad Learning Center. He says many members of the Center are of Iranian descent. -VOA - 11/26/10

Japan upsets Iran volleyball team at Asian Games
Japan defeated Iran by a score of 3-1 (25-19, 25-13, 23-25, 25-18) at the Guangzhou Gymnasium and denied Iran a chance to win the gold medal. - 11/26/10

Iran releases a number of political prisoners
Following the announcement by the Islamic Republic authorities that 649 prisoners have received a pardon or a reduction in their sentences, 19 political prisoners were released today, most of whom were students. - 11/26/10

MS Awareness Movement To Benefit Iranians
An affiliation of independent Multiple Sclerosis organizations, experts, healthcare groups and commercial corporations have come together to voice their concern about the rising number of people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis or 'MS' in Iran. The affiliation hopes to enhance the quality of life for all those affected by the disease. - 11/26/10

Belly Dancing Gets an American Twist
"Belly Dancing Super Stars" is a professional belly dancing troupe that has been touring the world hoping to improve the perceptions of this ancient dance form and reinforce its relations with its region of origin. What's more, the group's creator has a background you probably would not expect. -Tala Hadavi, VOA - 11/26/10

Iran Dealt Losing Hand In Gambia Gambit
As enemies go, it is hardly in the realm of the Great Satan. Yet the tiny West African republic of Gambia has just added its name to an exclusive club whose other members have more obvious reasons for enmity toward Tehran. -RFE - 11/26/10

Iran-Korea Nuclear Lies, Orders From Tel Aviv
Former President George W. Bush planned to invade Iran in 2007, even though America's military was exhausted and overstretched by two unsuccessful wars. His own popularity, at a real 8%, was the reason, that and the economic collapse that he was trying to push back until he left office. -Gordon Duff, Veterans Today - 11/26/10

Iran in Kabaddi finals of Asian Games
Iran beat Pakistan in kabaddi semis in 2010 Asian Games. The Iranian kabaddi squad has made it to the finals by defeating Pakistan at the 2010 Asian Games held in Guangzhou, China. - 11/25/10

Iranian Students, Activists Condemn Planned Changes To Social Sciences
Senior education official Abolfazl Hassani, announcing the restrictions in October, said that the curriculum of those dozen subjects is based on the Western school of thought and therefore not in line with Islamic fundamentals. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 11/25/10

Iran snatches more medals in Asiad
Iran has snatched three gold medals at the 2010 Asian Games, bringing its total gold medals to 19 and standing on the fourth place. - 11/25/10

IDFA awards Iran's "anonymous filmmakers"
The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) has honored the "anonymous filmmakers" who recorded the images of the Iranian people's protests following the controversial presidential elections of 2009. -Zamaneh - 11/25/10

Iranian Female Athlete To Receive Reward For Gold Medal 'Only If Married'
Iranian athlete Khadijeh Azadpour, who won a gold medal at the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, says that officials told her she would only be given the apartment she was promised as a reward for winning a gold medal if she got married. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 11/25/10

Iranian MPs want to question Ahmadinejad
Ali Motahari, conservative member of Islamic Republic Parliament, announced that the MPs have collected the necessary signatures "to question the president." He added that over 50 representatives have signed the petition to "question a number of actions taken by the president" in the past year. -Zamaneh - 11/25/10

Freed Hiker Expected Friends' Release From Iran by Thanksgiving
An American woman who spent more than a year in Iranian custody says she had been hoping Iran would release her two fellow hikers by Thanksgiving on Thursday. - 11/25/10

World Philosophy Day closes in Tehran
World Philosophy Day ended in Tehran last night with comments from Iran's head of Judiciary on reviewing the content of human sciences and the issue of human rights. - 11/25/10

Iraq's PM Asked to Form New Government
Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has officially asked Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to form a new government, part of a deal to end an eight-month political stalemate. -VOA - 11/25/10

Iranians claim four more golds at Asian Games
Zabiollah Poursheib claimed the gold medal in Men's +84kg of Karate. Sadegh Goudarzi bagged the gold medal in Men's Freestyle 74kg of Wrestling. Jamal Mirzaei also won the gold medal in 84kg. And Ehsan Haddadi won Iran's fourth gold medal on Wednesday. He claimed the gold medal of the Men's Discus Throw with 67.99 meters. - 11/24/10

IAAB's 2010 Student Summit Hosts Student Leaders from Around the Country
On November 7 Iranian Alliances Across Borders (IAAB) concluded a successful weekend at the 2010 Student Summit. This year's college and graduate student leadership summit was held at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. - 11/24/10

People prevented from visiting Iranian opposition leader
Saham News website reports that police and security forces have been deployed against Mehdi Karroubi's home since Eid-e Qorban (Eid al-Adha) and prevented people from paying a visit to the opposition leader. -Zamaneh - 11/24/10

Engaging With Iran: USIP and Stimson Center Experts Recommend a Recalibration of Efforts
The U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP) and the Stimson Center announce the publication of "Engagement, Coercion, and Iran's Nuclear Challenge." This report is the culmination of recommendations from a distinguished group of more than 40 scholars and policy analysts, who met regularly during the past year to evaluate how the US should proceed in its strategy with the Islamic Republic of Iran. - 11/24/10

MEK Supporters in Congress Turn up Pressure on Administration to Take Group off Terrorist List
Efforts in the House of Representatives to press the Obama Administration to remove the Mujahadeen-e-Khalq (MEK) from the United States list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations have accelerated in the past week. -NIAC - 11/24/10

Iranian Art: Bridging the Modern and Contemporary
In preparation for a major exhibition focusing on the development of modernism in Iran scheduled for 2013, Asia Society launched its multi-year study of modern art in Iran with "Bridging the Modern and Contemporary," a discussion by esteemed specialists in the field. - 11/24/10

Iranian Opposition Leader Mousavi Prevented From Attending Family Funeral
Islamic Republic security forces prevented Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi from attending the funeral of a relative in Tehran. - 11/24/10

NIAC Fellowship Programs
NIAC is pleased to announce its sixth annual Public Service Fellowship and the first annual Sarafan-Ghorbani Fellowship. These fellowships are the first and only initiatives designed to grant Iranian-American students the opportunity to learn first-hand how the U.S. government works by interning on Capitol Hill. - 11/24/10

IAEA Says Iran Temporarily Halted Uranium Enrichment In November
In a new report, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says Iran temporarily halted lower-level uranium enrichment work earlier this month. The report did not give any reason for the halt, saying only that it occurred in mid-November. - 11/24/10

Iranian Composer Mehdi Hosseini's Pause at Sound Ways festival
The 22nd Sound Ways New Music Festival opening concert will take place at St.-Petersburg State Philharmonia's Hall. In this opening concert a new work entitled "Pause" by Iranian composer Mehdi Hosseini will be performed by the Sound Ways ensemble, conducted by the American conductor B.E.Cawyer. - 11/24/10

Iran to start production of fuel for Tehran reactor in summer 2011
The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran has announced that it will start the production of the nuclear fuel needed for the Tehran research reactor by the end of summer 2011. - 11/24/10

Face of 5000 year old Iranian woman reconstructed
Rome's National Museum of Oriental Art has displayed the reconstructed face of a female skeleton which was found in Iran's Burnt City wearing an artificial eyeball. - 11/23/10

ASIAD: Iran football team eliminated after loss to Japan; handball team returns the favor
Iran's Under-23 football team missed a chance to qualify for the final game of the 2010 Asian Games after being beaten by Japan on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Iran's handball team defeated Japan with just one second remaining and booked a place in the final match. - 11/23/10

Photos: Tehran Covered In Pollution; One-Day Holiday Declared
Air pollution in the capital city Tehran has reached dangerously high levels exposing the residents to "polluted and unhealthy" weather. To alleviate the problem, the authorities have declared a one-day public holiday closing all government and private offices, schools and industries. -Amir Kholoosi, ISNA - 11/23/10

30 people indicted in connection with Tehran University attacks
Iranian judiciary announced that they have summoned 30 people for involvement in Tehran University Dorm attacks. Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani, head of Iran's judiciary told reporters that they are handling the Tehran University Dorm attacks without any input from the security forces. -Zamaneh - 11/23/10

Assembly Pushes to Oust Iran President
Iran's parliament revealed it planned to impeach President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad but refrained under orders from Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, exposing a deepening division within the regime. -Farnaz Fassihi, WSJ - 11/23/10

UN human rights chief concerned by Iranian crackdown on human rights defenders
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay on Tuesday expressed renewed concern for the fate of human rights defenders in Iran, particularly Ms. Nasrin Sotoudeh who was on hunger strike for several weeks in Tehran's Evin Prison. - 11/23/10

Maryam Hashemi's Paintings: The Journey of a Girl to Womanhood
I spent hours looking at her works following her tireless strive to spit back the entrapped feelings of those years living under the iron law of veil and its harsh repressive influence on a growing up girl with flying imagination. -Roya Jahanbin - 11/23/10

Iran Denies Technical Problems Set Back Nuclear Efforts
Iran's nuclear chief has denied claims that technical problems have hurt Iran's efforts to enrich uranium and has stressed that the Stuxnet computer worm did not harm the country's atomic program. - 11/23/10

60 detained in Iran accused of running "obscene" web sites
Spokesman for Iranian judiciary, Gholamhosein Mohseni Ejei told a press conference today that 60 individuals have been arrested in connection with running "obscene" Persian websites. -Zamaneh - 11/23/10

Iran Sets February Trial Date for US Hikers
The lawyer for three U.S. citizens facing espionage charges in Iran says a new trial date has been set for February 6, but the judge has refused to allow him to meet with his clients to prepare a defense. - 11/23/10

Report: Iran Issues Arrest Warrant For Ex-President's Son
Iranian state radio says an arrest warrant has been issued for the son of former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani on charges of fomenting the 2009 postelection unrest. -RFE - 11/23/10

UN Rights Chief Warns Of New 'Crackdown' In Iran
The UN human rights office has expressed concern about a new "crackdown" on lawyers and human rights defenders in Iran. - 11/23/10

Historical times for tourism relations between the USA and Iran
In October this year, the American & Iran Tourism Association was officially registered in Tehran. It is the first time that an organization in Iran is being allowed to have the word "American" in its title. -ETurboNews - 11/23/10

Malaysia to open 11 chain stores in Iran
11 huge new chain stores called 1MDS will be opened in the next 5 years in Iran to promote Malaysian goods in the Islamic Republic. -MNA - 11/23/10

Iran bans popular youth weekly: report
Iran's hardline national press watchdog on Monday banned a popular youth weekly, Chelcheragh (Chandelier), for publishing "material contrary to public morals," the ILNA news agency reported. -AFP - 11/23/10

Photos: Saadabad Palace Complex in Tehran - Iran
The Saadabad Palace is a palace built by the Pahlavi dynasty of Iran in the Shemiran area of Tehran. The complex was first inhabited by Qajar monarchs and royal family in the 19th century. After an expansion of the compounds, Reza Shah lived there in the 1920s. And his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi moved there in the 1970s. - 11/22/10

Documentary Film "Our Summer in Tehran": Pre-release screening in San Francicso
American filmmaker Justine Shapiro took her young son Mateo to Tehran where they spent the summer with three Iranian families: a religious family with ties to the government; a cosmopolitan, secular family; and a single mom who is an actress. The result is a fascinating film that shows everyday life in Tehran, with stories and images unlike anything we are accustomed to seeing in the news media. - 11/22/10

Persian Thanks: Give Back to America!
PAAIA has launched Persian Thanks to bring that great tradition to our fellow Americans. "We were looking for ways our community could embrace American culture, Persian style. Sharing Persian food with our fellow citizens on Thanksgiving, which is the most American of American holidays, seemed a natural choice," said Mahasti Afshar, Executive Director of PAAIA. - 11/22/10

In a New York Cafe, a Place for New Persian Poetry
New York - The traditional Persian evening of poetry, says poet and translator Richard Jeffrey Newman, involves old men reciting far older poems, the classics from Iran's literary past -Jeff Baron, - 11/22/10

Persian Greco-Roman wrestlers claim 2 more Asian golds
Iran's Taleb Nematpour and Babak Ghorbani won the gold medals in the Men's Greco-Roman Wrestling at the 16th Asian Games on Monday. Also, Ghorbani in the 96kg category beat Asset Mambetov of Kazakhstan and won the title. - 11/22/10

Another Iranian journalist sentenced to jail term
Zeinab Kazemkhah, Iranian literary reporter who formerly collaborated with the cultural and literary division of ISNA (Iranian Student News Agency), was sentenced to a five-year suspended jail term on top of four months in prison. - 11/22/10

When Sanctions are not enough: Iran's economy and the impatience of regime changers
On September 14, 2010, the chairman of Iran's Assembly of Experts, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, stated: "We have to be vigilant about the sanctions and not denigrate them. At no time have we faced such severe sanctions." Rafsanjani's warning was translated in the US media as "these sanctions are no joke" and was construed as a rebuff to President Ahmadinejad's dismissal of the importance of the latest sanctions imposed on Iran. -Sasan Fayazmanesh - 11/22/10

Voice Piece for Green Soprano
The Green Movement's mass protests were characterized by moments of joy and sadness, hope and horror. It was as if a people had been released and yet could not free themselves. They ran and could not move. They screamed but could not speak. They wished for a better future, but despaired. - 11/22/10

Photos: Man attempts to end his life by jumping from building in Tehran
These photos by Mohsen Norouzifard depict the ordeal of a young man who intended to commit suicide by jumping from the top of a building in Sadi street in the capital city Tehran. - 11/22/10

Caveman in search of meaning and Parapsychology
In the last two segments of this article we covered the instinctual nature of human religiosity as well as the neuropsychological basis of human religious behavior. This segment is dedicated to the role of religion in man's search for meaning of life and parapsychology. -Abbas Sadeghian - 11/22/10

Iran is upholder of peace, brotherhood in Persian Gulf: FM
The 20th international conference on the Persian Gulf entitled "Comprehensive Cooperation in the Persian Gulf: Mechanisms for Development and Regional Stability" opened on Monday in the port city of Bandar Abbas on the shores of the Persian Gulf. - 11/22/10

Iranian Opposition Struggles to Survive
Pro-government parties in Iran are already maneuvering for the next parliamentary election due in early 2012, but it is unclear what part the shattered opposition groups will be able to play. -Sahar Namazikhah, IWPR - 11/22/10

U.S. Navy Provides Assistance to Iranian Sailors
U.S. Navy sailors came to the assistance of two stranded Iranian mariners November 18 and provided them with care until they could be picked up by an Iranian coast guard vessel. -Stephen Kaufman, - 11/22/10

Oil Exploration In Iran's Little Africa?
Is nothing holy anymore? The Iranian Government rubber stamps oil exploration in the country's most important national park. -Green Prophet - 11/22/10

Photos: Centuries-old Windmills of Nashtifan in Iran
These windmills were constructed during Safavid period in Khorasan, and took advantage of the famous Bad-e Sad-o Bist Ruz (Wind of 120 Days) which approaches 125 Miles per hour. - 11/21/10

Iranian Greco-Roman wrestlers win Asian golds
Iran's Omid Norouzi and Saeid Abdevali claimed the gold medals in the Men's Greco-Roman Wrestling event at the 2010 Asian Games. Omid Norouzi claimed the gold medal in the 60kg category by beating Jung Jihyun of South Korea in the final. -MNA - 11/21/10

Asian Games: Iran volleyball team defeats Qatar
The Iranian volleyball squad has beaten Qatar to book a berth in the semifinals of the 16th edition of the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China. - 11/21/10

Baku Summit and New Policy of Iran in the Caspian Sea
Iran is changing its policy about the legal regime of the Caspian Sea and it indicates that there is a new interpretation from the principle of equity in the division of the Caspian Sea. The new interpretation may be beyond 20 percent. -Bahman Aghai Diba - 11/21/10

Cleric Says Iran Should Reconsider Allowing Women In International Sporting Events
A conservative Iranian cleric has reacted to the recent success of Iranian female athletes at the Asian Games by calling on authorities to reconsider the participation of women in international competitions. - 11/21/10

World's youngest detained blogger on trial in northern Iran
The world's youngest detained blogger, 18-year-old Navid Mohebbi, is currently being tried behind closed doors before a revolutionary court in the northern city of Amol. His lawyer is not being allowed to attend the trial, which began on 14 November. -RSF - 11/21/10

Persian Letters: Iran Inflation In Pictures
The Aftabnews website has posted two pictures of pre-sliced, packaged mushrooms made in Iran to demonstrate "the meaning of inflation for those who don't understand it." -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 11/21/10

Islamic Republic Judiciary Sentences 30 Dervishes
Thirty Gonabad dervishes in Iranian city of Charmahin of Esfahan province were sentenced to one year suspended jail term and cash fines. - 11/21/10

World Philosophy Day opens in Tehran
UNESCO, the founder of the event, announced earlier that it will not take part in the events held in Tehran. They maintained that they had accepted a proposal from the Iranian Philosophy Institute to host the event two years ago, but had now decided that the "conditions necessary to guarantee the effective organization of a UN international conference have not been met" by Iran. - 11/21/10

Iran announces massive oil discovery in the Persian Gulf
Iran has discovered a new oil layer with about 34 billion barrels of in situ reserves in the Ferdowsi gas field, located in the Persian Gulf, the managing director of the Pars Oil and Gas Company announced on Sunday. - 11/21/10

Googoosh Music Academy, a Persian Talent Show
Googoosh Music Academy is a new television series to discover unknown talents with the help and guidance of Googoosh. The idea of the show is not only for the audience to vote for their favorites, but also to teach these talents how to best reach their highest potential. - 11/20/10

Caspian Summit Fails To Clarify Status, Resource Issues
The leaders of the five Caspian littoral states have once again failed in a bid to resolve the sea's legal status, a decision that would have helped determine how to divvy up oil and gas resources. -RFE - 11/20/10

Iran: Mousavi warns against renewed efforts to oppress protesters
Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi warned Green supporters against "staged disturbances" by Iranian security forces with the approach of the National Student Day in December. Recently Tehran security forces set up a "manoeuvre" by staging a street carnival ridiculing the post-election protests of 2009. - 11/20/10

Iranian filmmaker denounces "monstrous" treatment by Iran's intelligence officers
Mohammad Nourizad - imprisoned writer, filmmaker and blogger - in an open letter addressed to the head of the judiciary while explaining a small part of the brutal and inhuman treatments of the agents and interrogators of the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic against the political prisoners urged him to come to his senses and make his conscious the judge - 11/20/10

Panel at Harvard: Business Success in Iran: Today's Challenges, Tomorrow's Opportunities
Due to international pressure, the global business community has often times shied away from understanding and exploring opportunities in today's Iran. This panel brings a unique perspective to conducting business in the country. - 11/20/10

Iran volleyball team upsets China at Asian Games
Iran volleyball team thrashed China at the 2010 Asian Games on Saturday. In a match which lasted one hour and 20 minutes in front of more than 2000 Chinese fans, Iran overpowered China 3-0 (25-17,25-19,27-25). -MNA - 11/20/10

Iran successfully test-fires S-200 missile defence system
Iran's home-made S-200 air defense systemIran has successfully test-fired new generation of S-200 missile defence system on the final day of the five-day war games code-named Defenders of Velayat Skies. -Press TV - 11/20/10

Exclusive Report: Evidence of Iran Nuclear Weapons Program May Be Fraudulent
Since 2007, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) - with the support of the United States, Israel and European allies UK, France and Germany - has been demanding that Iran explain a set of purported internal documents portraying a covert Iranian military program of research and development of nuclear weapons. -truthout - 11/20/10

NATO Approves Europe Missile Defense Plan
Leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization have approved U.S. President Barack Obama's proposal for a new, expanded missile defense system for Europe. The agreement is a victory for the president, after a series of foreign policy setbacks. -VOA - 11/20/10

START Supporters Play Iran Card in Lame-Duck Congress
Of all the arguments the Barack Obama administration is marshalling in support of a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia, the one that may have the greatest resonance with Republicans is over Iran. -Barbara Slavin, IPS - 11/20/10

Ebadi: UN Resolution Shows Gravity Of Iran Rights Abuses
A resolution by a UN committee condemning human rights abuses in Iran "shows the gravity of the situation," Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi told RFE/RL's Radio Farda. - 11/20/10

Production to start in 10 new gas wells shared by Iran and Qatar
The countdown has started for the production from 10 new gas wells in the shared gas field with Qatar. One billion cubic feet daily of gas will be produced from the wells. -MNA - 11/20/10

Photos: Iranian weightlifters win glory at Asiad
Iran's weightlifting champion Behdad Salimi won the gold medal in men's +105 kg category on Friday after he lifted a total of 440 kilograms overhead. Another Iranian athlete Sajjad Anoushiravani fetched the bronze medal. - 11/19/10

UN Resolution on Iran's Human Rights Violations Approved by Huge Margin
The Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly's strong approval of a draft resolution, condemning Iran for grave human right violations, is a welcome step in the continuing effort to put a stoplight on the country's growing human rights crisis, said the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran today. - 11/19/10

Asian Games: Iran soccer team moves to semifinals after defeating Oman
Iran's soccer team defeated Oman 1-0 at Asian Games to move into semifinals. Iran's goal was scored by Hamidreza Aliasgari at the 41st minute on a free kick. Iran will face Japan which secured their spot in semifinals by defeating Thailand squad 1-0. - 11/19/10

Russian, Iranian Presidents Meet Amid Rift
The presidents of Russia and Iran have met in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, hoping to mend a breakdown in relations. Dmitry Medvedev of Russia and his Iranian counterpart, Mahmud Ahmadinejad, held bilateral talks on the sidelines of a summit of leaders of the five states littoral to the Caspian Sea. - 11/19/10

Pew Report: Is marriage becoming obsolete in the USA? Near 40% agree
The Decline of Marriage and Rise of New Families -- Social institutions that have been around for thousands of years generally change slowly, when they change at all. But that's not the way things have been playing out with marriage and family since the middle of the 20th Century. - 11/19/10

Faezeh Hashemi's Take on Conditions in Iran: Repression, Despotism and Dictatorship
In her interview, Faezeh Hashemi reiterated that Iran's protest green movement was alive, while airing stern comments against the Islamic republic and the administration of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Comparing the Islamic republic to dictatorial and despotic regimes -Nima Farahabadi, Rooz - 11/19/10

National Press Club Demands Iran Release Jailed Journalists
The National Press Club president on Monday evening called upon Iran to free journalists and other political prisoners whom it has incarcerated. - 11/19/10

Three Iranian Labor Activists Jailed
Behrouz Nikoufard, Alireza Saeed, and Behrouz Molazadeh were convicted of showing disrespect to the supreme leader. It was not immediately clear what had given rise to the charge. - 11/19/10

'Great Game' Resurfaces in Afghanistan
The Great Game is a term used for the strategic rivalry and conflict between the British Empire and the Russian Empire for supremacy in Central Asia. The classic Great Game period is generally regarded as running approximately from the Russo-Persian Treaty of 1813 to the Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907. - 11/19/10

Georgia Walks A Line Between Washington And Tehran
Is it possible to have good relations with both Iran and the United States? This question came to the fore when Iranian Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki visited Tbilisi earlier this month. -Ghia Nodia, RFE - 11/19/10

Aerial targets wiped out in Iran drills
Iran's Armed Forces are continuing their five-day war games, code-named Defenders of Velayat Skies, targeting hypothetical enemy warplanes. - 11/19/10

Exiled Iranian Lawyer Criticizes Regime
Iranian lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei, who has been granted political asylum in Norway, has written to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei criticizing the regime, RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports. - 11/19/10

Cartoons: Iranian woman cartoonist Firouzeh Mozaffari
Amongst those still in Iran, the number of professional women cartoonists in particular is few and far between. One of these exceptions is Firouzeh Mozaffari whose cartoons are frequently published in newspapers and magazines these days. Her work has been acclaimed both inside and outside Iran. - 11/18/10

Photos: Iranian Wushu Athletes Grab 3 Gold Medals At Asian Games
On Wednesday, Khadijeh Azadpour and Mohsen Mohammadseifi won the women and men's gold in the Wushu (Sanshou) 60 kg weight category respectively, while Hamidreza Gholipour beat Pakistan's Ijaz Ahmed to bag the men's 75 kg gold. -Mehdi Zareh, MNA - 11/18/10

Caspian Sea States Gather In Baku For Summit
The heads of Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, and perhaps Turkmenistan are to meet on November 18-20 to discuss the the territorial division of the Caspian Sea and the establishment of the Caspian Economic Cooperation Organization. -RFE - 11/18/10

Iran claims 4 more medals at Asian Games
Iranian athletes have kept up their fine performance in China's southern city of Guangzhou where the 16th edition of the Asian Games, Asiad, is underway. Alireza Nassrazadany, 25, won the men's under 74 kg Taekwondo gold beating Dimitry Kim of Uzbakistan in the final while Yousef Karami, 27, beat Korea's Park Hyun-yong to bag the men's under 87 kg gold. - 11/18/10

Sister of Jailed Iranian Journalist Given Prison Term
Parvin Tajik was sentenced by Judge Mohammad Moghiseh in Tehran's revolutionary court no. 28 on November 16 for "disseminating propaganda against the Islamic republic regime" and "agitating public opinion." - 11/18/10

Commemoration service for Forouhars opposed by Iranian authorities
Jaras reports that Parasto Forouhar has announced that despite the "threats from the authorities", the commemoration service for her assassinated parents will indeed be held at the House of Freedom (home of Daryoosh and Parvaneh Forouhar). -Zamaneh - 11/18/10

US Religious Freedom Report Faults Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia
A State Department report on religious freedom world-wide Wednesday listed Iran, North Korea and U.S. Gulf ally, Saudi Arabia, as among the worst violators of religious rights. A number of countries were credited with steps to protect religious practice. - 11/18/10

Top US, Israeli Military Leaders Meet Amid Iran Controversy
The top U.S. and Israeli military officers met Wednesday amid some disagreement among senior leaders of the two countries on how best to pressure Iran to abandon its alleged nuclear weapons program. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, hosted his Israeli counterpart, General Gabi Ashkenazi at the Pentagon. -VOA - 11/18/10

Iranian Cyber Army Hacks Website Of Farsi1
On November 17, a group calling itself the Iranian Cyber Army reportedly hacked the website of the popular satellite channel Farsi1. Iranian news websites have posted a screenshot of the hacked Farsi1 website, which includes a message posted by the Iranian Cyber Army. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 11/18/10

Iranian Restaurant Thrives in N. Carolina College Town
Homa Jahannia's idea was unique. She is the owner of the Sage Vegetarian restaurant, which serves traditional, and non-traditional, Iranian foods in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Jahannia said, "It's a vegetarian restaurant. No meat; no fish; no animals. Everyone said how risky it is. In the South. No one will come. -VOA - 11/18/10

Iran Reports Mock Foreign Flyovers During War Games
Iranian media is reporting that the country's armed forces have staged a mock interception of six foreign planes since the start of a series of military exercises Tuesday. - 11/18/10

Iran successfully test fires local advanced air defense system
Iran successfully test fired indigenous advanced air defense system dubbed "Mersad" in the second day of its nationwide military drill on Thursday. -ISNA - 11/18/10

Iran: Accused Film Director Jafar Panahi Delivers His Defense
My house was raided on the night of March 1st, 2010 while my colleague Mr. Rasoulof and I were in the process of shooting what we intended to be a socially conscious art house film. The people, who identified themselves as agents of the Ministry of Intelligence, arrested us along with other crew members without presenting any warrants. - 11/17/10

Iranian President Removed As Central Bank Board Chairman
The Iranian parliament has passed a law removing President Mahmud Ahmadinejad from the post of chairman of the General Assembly of Iran's Central Bank. The legislation passed on November 14 also divests Ahmadinejad of the authority to appoint the Central Bank's governor and deputy governor. -RFE - 11/17/10

Families of Iranian political priosners meet with reformist MPs
Families of a number of political prisoners met with reformist Members of the Islamic Republic Parliament to protest about the treatment of their kin in prisons. -Zamaneh - 11/17/10

Iran bags 11 medals at Asian Games
Iranian athletes have won three more medals to take their tally to 11 at the 16th edition of the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China. - 11/17/10

Posters: Iranian graphic designer awarded at Mexican biennial
Iranian graphic designer Mohammad Jamshidi took third place at the International Poster Biennial of Mexico. He was selected for the third place for his poster "Fear and Mental Anguish" in Category A of the biennial which is dedicated to cultural posters. - 11/17/10

Two detained lawyers identified by lawyers group
The identities of the other two detained Iranian lawyers have been verified by the International Committee of Lawyers for Human Rights as Rosa Gharachurlo and Mohammad Hossein Nayyeri. - 11/17/10

Call for Commemoration of Iranian Students' Day
As the date of Iran's Students' Day approaches, universities across Iran remain at the forefront of resistance against the dictatorship and totalitarianism of the Islamic Republic and continue the struggle for freedom, justice and human rights. -Students 4 Iran - 11/17/10

Obama and Iran: From 2010 to 2012
Returns of the recent US by-election have indicated relative turn in the American people's orientation toward the Republicans and their indignation at Obama's less-than-satisfactory performance. -Mahmoud Reza Golshanpazhooh - 11/17/10

Gates Says Sanctions Cause Iranian Rift, Opposes Military Strike
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says international sanctions against Iran because of its nuclear program are causing division among the country's leaders, and are the best way to convince them to abandon the program. -VOA - 11/17/10

The Name of the Caspian Sea
Recently the Center for Researches of the Majles in Iran has proposed to form a commission and find a Farsi name for the Caspian Sea. This reminded me that almost ten years ago, I proposed to the Iranian officials, through several articles and also speech in the Caspian Sea Conference in Babolsar of Iran 2000, to use the name of Mazandaran Sea as the Farsi equivalent of the Caspian Sea. -Bahman Aghai Diba - 11/17/10

Iran: War Veteran Arrested After Meeting Opposition Leader
Mohammad Ezlati Moghadam, Head of Mousavi's Isargaran (Veterans) Committee in the 2009 Election Campaign and a veteran of the Iran-Iraq war himself, was arrested last Wednesday November 10th by security officers after attending a meeting by a number of commanders of the Iran-Iraq war with Mir Hossein Mousavi. - 11/17/10

Iran Unveils Islamic Doll, Hijab Software, And Islamic Tie
The tie, which is shaped like the sword of Imam Ali and decorated with an Islamic hadith, has been registered in the Islamic republic by inventor Hemat Komeili. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 11/17/10

Persian Piano Music Eve in Cologne
On November 20th, 2010 "Young Asia Festival" in the German city Cologne, will host a Persian Piano Music Eve. In the event, Europe-based pianists Pooyan Azadeh and Pejman Akbarzadeh will perform their interpretations from Persian music on the piano. The music critic Mahmoud Khoshnam will also deliver a lecture on the history of this instrument in Persian music. - 11/17/10

France Says Diplomats Attacked In Iran
France has accused Iranian security services of committing "unacceptable acts of violence" on French diplomatic personnel in Tehran. - 11/17/10

Iran emerging as major energy exporter
Iran says its energy companies are working on dozens of projects overseas, highlighting the country's emergence as a major exporter of technology in the field. -Press TV - 11/17/10

China Seeks Global Sources of Raw Materials
He said while China has become the world's leading exporter of capital with about $175 billion in deals completed over the past few years, it also has recorded about $130 billion in deals failed. Some of China's largest deals include oil in Nigeria, the Congo, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Kazakhstan, natural gas in Iran, and iron ore in Australia. -VOA - 11/17/10

Salar Kamangar, Iranian-American leading YouTube
Salar Kamangar, vice president of product panagement for web applications at Google, will be in charge of the day-to-day running of YouTube. - 11/16/10

In my opinion, President Obama wants nothing more than shaking the monkey of Israel off his back, so that his foreign policy with regard to the War on Terror and the Iranian issues could take a turn toward what would be in America's best interest. Under the prevailing conditions, Mr. Obama is powerless to assert himself as the "decider". The monkey on his back has the weight of the Congress behind it. -Kam Zarrabi - 11/16/10

Arrest of lawyers condemned by Iranian activists
International Committee of Lawyers for Human Rights issued a statement condemning the arrest of five Iranian lawyers in Tehran and calling for their release. The arrest of the five lawyers was confirmed yesterday by Tehran's Prosecutor, Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi. -Zamaneh - 11/16/10

Militarization of the World -- the Case of Iran
A bully or a mafia godfather would never run out of excuses to punish an insubordinate soul in "his territory." Accordingly, U.S. imperialism has been very creative in invoking all kinds of excuses to punish Iran for its aspirations to national self-determination. -Ismael Hossein-zadeh - 11/16/10

Iranian Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh Ends Hunger Strike With Start Of Her Trial
Human Rights Reporters Committee report that Sotoudeh was put to trial today on charges of "activities against national security, assembly and collusion against national security and collaboration with Human Rights Defenders Centre." -Zamaneh - 11/16/10

From Russia Without Much Love
The comments would have been blistering enough if they had been aimed at one of Iran's enemies. But the country President Mahmud Ahmadinejad was excoriating as Satan's sidekick was none other than Russia, long seen by the West as the Islamic republic's staunch champion and chief bodyguard. -Robert Tait, RFE - 11/16/10

Islamic Republic focuses on media violations
In a press conference, Tehran Prosecutor, Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi reported the establishment of a Culture and Media Court and commented on the question of allowing political prisoners out on bail. - 11/16/10

Photos: Iran stages first phase of nationwide military drill
Iran staged five-day nationwide military drill dubbed "defenders of the sky of velayate 3" on Tuesday. - 11/16/10

Iranian Philosopher Comments on Boycotting Philosophy Congress in Tehran
On November 10, the United Nations Educatioanl, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) cancelled plans to hold its annual Congress for World Philosophy Day in Tehran. The Iranian government now claims that it will hold the event without UNESCO sponsorship. - 11/16/10

NIAC Survey Results: Members Vote Overwhelmingly to Oppose War, Support Human Rights
The National Iranian American Council recently conducted its annual Member survey to help establish NIAC's priorities for the coming year. Overall, NIAC Members expressed support for the positions NIAC has taken and the work NIAC is currently doing. - 11/16/10

Iranian human rights lawyer is latest in string of arrests
A prominent Iranian human rights lawyer was put on trial Monday, highlighting an intensifying crackdown on lawyers who defend influential opposition politicians, activists and journalists. -Washington Post - 11/16/10

Clues Suggest Stuxnet Virus Was Built for Subtle Nuclear Sabotage
New and important evidence found in the sophisticated "Stuxnet" malware targeting industrial control systems provides strong hints that the code was designed to sabotage nuclear plants, and that it employs a subtle sabotage strategy that involves briefly speeding up and slowing down physical machinery at a plant over a span of weeks. -Wired - 11/16/10

Iran's Entekhab buys Daewoo Electronics: reports
Iran's Entekhab Industrial Group has signed a contract sealing its acquisition of South Korea's Daewoo Electronics for 518 million dollars, reports and officials said on Sunday. -AFP - 11/16/10

Muslim Pilgrims Ascend Mecca's Mount Arafat in Annual Hajj Ritua
Meanwhile, Iranian TV showed hundreds of Iranian pilgrims, gathered at a campsite outside Mecca to shout slogans against the United States and Israel. The chanting has become part of an annual ritual which has caused friction with Saudi authorities in years past. -VOA - 11/16/10

Photos: Rostam and Esfandyar, tales from the Shahnameh at Tehran's City Theater Complex
The Esfandyar of legend is best known from the tragic story of a battle with Rostam, as described in Ferdowsi's epic Shahnameh, or Book of Kings. It is one of the longest episodes in the epic, and one of its literary highlights. - 11/15/10

In Iran, Trying to Make Sense of a Very Different Democracy
Hooman Majd is trying to explain Iran to the United States, and he wishes someone would explain the United States to Iran. Majd, a Western-raised son of a pre-revolution Iranian diplomat, has spent years doing the journalistic equivalent of shuttle diplomacy, traveling between the two countries and ... - 11/15/10

Iran in Asian football quarterfinal
Iran will face Oman in the men's soccer in the Asian Games quarterfinal after defeating Malaysia 3-1, earning its fourth successive victory. - 11/15/10

A Mystical Journey to Freedom - Without a Camel
I paused when I saw the title of Roya Movafegh's first book, The People With No Camel. The grammar, the possible meaning, and her choice of imagery made me wonder - and want more. -Homa Sabet Tavangar - 11/15/10

Photos: Assyrians Protest In Tehran About Killings In Iraq
A groups of Tehran's Assyrians gathered in front of United Nations office in Tehran on Monday to protest the mistreatment of the Assyrians in Iraq and terrorist attacks against their places of worship. - 11/15/10

Xanax of the caveman: neuropsychology of unity of existence and prayers
Probably the most intriguing aspect of human religiosity is mysticism, which can be seen in most religions in the world. However, the definition and the types of behaviors that we see in different cultures are somewhat different. One can postulate that the mysticism that is seen in Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism originated from Buddhism. -Abbas Sadeghian - 11/15/10

Iranian weightlifter wins silver
Iran's Morteza Rezaeian has won the silver medal in the men's -69kg weightlifting in the second day of the Asian Games held in Guangzhou, China. - 11/15/10

Iranian opposition says hardliner fomenting violence
Iranian opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi attacked Iranian hardliner, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati for inciting greater violence within society and acting against the independence of the judicial and the legislative branches of the country. - 11/15/10

Probable Causes of Alzheimer Disease, Or The Disease Of Forgetfulness
In general it can be predicted that the greater the number of loss of 'bases' of identification in adult life, the greater would be the probability of 'catching' Alzheimer Disease. Of course, it is not only quantity, but also quality, that is the depth and intensity of the 'base' of identification which in the last analysis determines the fate. -Roya Monajem - 11/15/10

Qalibaf's Newspaper Issues Warning to Ahmadinejad: Do Not Challenge Tehranis
Strongly criticizing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's remarks about the need for 3 million Tehrani residents to leave the capital, the principlist newspaper "Tehrane Emrouz" (Tehran Today) issued a warning to the chief executive not to treat the residents of Tehran in this manner. Ahmadinejad had made these remarks to a group of managers of the province of Tehran. -Mohammad Reza Yazdanpanah - 11/15/10

The Great Palace of Verse
Completed by the poet Ferdowsi in 1010 AD, the Shahnameh is widely regarded as a masterpiece of world literature. It is of central importance to Iranian culture and self identity, and has inspired some of the world's most exquisite manuscripts. Unlike many other national epics, it is still read by Persian speakers throughout the world in its original form. - 11/15/10

Want to Defuse the Iran Crisis?
Sometime in the next few weeks, if the parties can agree on a place and date convenient to all sides, Iran and the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany, known as the "P5+1," will meet for the first time since October 2009 to revive diplomacy over Iran's nuclear program. -Trita Parsi, Reza Marashi, FP - 11/15/10

Iran to conduct five-day air war games
Iran has announced that it will begin five days of nationwide air defense war games on Tuesday in order to improve its defense capabilities. - 11/15/10

Iran's Central Banker Threatens To Quit In Protest To Majlis Approval
In a voting on Sunday the Majlis removed the president from the board of directors in what lawmakers described as a step toward the "independence" of the central bank. - 11/15/10

Iranian researchers generate transgenic green mice
Iranian researchers generated transgenic "green mice" in Kurdistan University of Medical Science, said the University President Tayyeb Qadimi. -ISNA - 11/15/10

Iran Arrests Three More Lawyers
Iranian authorities arrested another three lawyers yesterday as they returned to Iran from Turkey. Sara Sabbaghian, Maryam Kianersi and Maryam Karbasi were arrested at Imam Khomeini Airport on unspecified charges, Majzoban-e Noor website reported. -Zamaneh - 11/14/10

Notorious Prosecutor under investigation by Iranain judiciary
Iranian judiciary announced that the charges against the three suspended judges in connection with the violations committed at Kahrizak Detention Centre are under investigation. - 11/14/10

Europe still vital in talks with Iran
Amid severe funding cuts to Britain's defence budget and entrenched opposition to any new war, now is the time to stress the merits of diplomacy to forestall international conflict. As I write this, Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu is touring America to advocate military confrontation with Iran. -Arshin Adib-Moghaddam - 11/14/10

Photos: Tehran opens unique Javadieh Bridge
Tehran's new cable-stayed Javadieh Bridge has been inaugurated during a ceremony attended by the mayor of the Iranian capital Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf. The heavy steel structure, which is called the new symbol of Tehran because of its unique construction, was inaugurated during a ceremony on November 10, 2010. - 11/14/10

Iran human rights delegation to attend UN General Assembly meeting in New York
An Iranian high-ranking delegation led by Secretary General of the country's High Council for Human Rights Mohammad-Javad Larijani left for New York for the 65th UN General Assembly meeting. - 11/14/10

Detained Iranian Journalist 'Denied Visit By Mother'
Nazanin Khosravani is being kept in solitary confinement in Evin's notorious ward 209, which is run by the Intelligence Ministry. -RFE - 11/14/10

Iran says $100 oil won't hurt global economy
Oil prices of up to $100 per barrel would not hurt the global economy and might not create problems, Iran's representative to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said here on Sunday.' - 11/14/10

Asian Games: Iran wins three medals on 1st day
Iran's women 10m Air Rifle team snatched silver in the 2010 Asian Games behind China. Wushu athlete Ehsan Peyghambari snatched the bronze in the Men's Changquan form. Also Mohammad Rodaki took bronze in the Asian Games Men's Over 100kg Judo competitions. - 11/13/10

PERSIAN LETTERS -- Khamenei, Ahmadinejad: It's Complicated
One of the casualties of the 2009 Iranian presidential election was the seriously damaged legitimacy of the country's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, resulting from his endorsement of the vote amid allegations of massive fraud. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 11/13/10

Iran's Zob Ahan loses to South Korea's Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma in AFC Champs League final
Zob Ahan, who is the Iranian league leader, had a good run in the event, but lost to Seongnam 3-1 and the dream of winning the title for the first time didn't come true. -MNA - 11/13/10

Iran: Rights Defender Dedicates Award to Women Activists
Sussan Tahmasebi, recipient of the Alison Des Forges Award for Extraordinary Activism for 2010, dedicated her award to the imprisoned lawyer and human rights defender Nasrin Sotoudeh and other detained women activists on November 10, 2010. Human Rights Watch is presenting the award to Tahmasebi for her courageous work to promote civil society and women's rights in Iran. - 11/13/10

Basij Commander Sees Spiderman Engaged In "Soft War" With Iran
Mohammad Reza Naghdi, the commander of Iran's Basij force has announced the creation of a new body called "The Organization of Basij and the Media," which he said aims at increasing the activities of the Basij force in the media scene. Naghdi, however denied that the Basij is aiming to control the media. - 11/13/10

Iran Telecom 2010 kicks off
The 11th edition of Iran telecom exhibition (Iran Telecom 2010) kicked off on Saturday at Tehran Permanent International Fairgrounds. - 11/13/10

The beauty queen activist dating Peter MacKay
She has rubbed her gorgeous elbows with political prisoners, royalty, the prime minister, the Dalai Lama and even a billionaire online gambling tycoon who boasts of staying a step ahead of the law. Now Nazanin Afshin-Jam, 31, is the new girlfriend of one of the most highly recognizable serial monogamists in the country. -The Star, Canada - 11/13/10

President Obama Welcomes New Iraqi Government
U.S. President Barack Obama is praising the end of eight months of political stalemate in Baghdad and the formation of a new Iraqi government. -VOA - 11/13/10

Nigeria Warning Over Iran Arms Shipment
Nigeria has vowed to report Iran to the United Nations Security Council if Nigerian investigators find evidence that an apparently illegal arms shipment seized in Nigeria violated UN sanctions against the Islamic Republic. -RFE - 11/13/10

Photos: FEMEN, Ukraine activist group, stage nude protest against Iranian woman's death sentence - PG13
FEMEN protested the death sentence given to Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani at the opening ceremony for an event promoting Iranian culture on Thursday Nov. 11 2010 in Kyiv. FEMEN said the Iranian ambassador did not come to us at the embassy we had to come to him and tore off the opening week of Iranian culture in Ukraine. - 11/12/10

No Crimes But Punishment-The Case of Nasrin Sotoudeh, Iran's Human Rights Lawyer
Nasrin Soutoudeh, one of Iran's most prominent human rights and women's rights activist went on a hunger strike for the second time on October 31st to protest her unlawful detention and ill treatment in Iran's Evin Prison. -Elahe Amani - 11/12/10

Photos: Saffron Farm in Mashhad, Iran
These photos by Amin Khosroshahi show the life on a saffron farm in the vicinity of the city of Mashhad in northeastern Iran, from harvesting the flowers to extracting the stigmas. - 11/12/10

Iranian filmmaker defends himself in court
Jafar Panahi, prominent Iranian filmmaker defended himself in court last Sunday saying the proceedings against him are an attack on Iran's arts and filmmaking community. -Zamaneh - 11/12/10

Detained Iranian Filmmaker Says He And Other Detainees Were Tortured
Mohammad Nourizad said in a statement posted on several reformist websites that he was cursed and severely beaten by intelligence officials while in detention. He called their behavior "barbaric." -RFE - 11/12/10

Anger At Iranian Actress Who Is Due To Play Role Of Neda
Members of Iran's opposition movement have been quick to react to the news that a movie is being filmed in Iran about the postelection unrest and the violent death of Neda Agha Soltan. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 11/12/10

Photos: Vivid autumn in northwestern Iran
The city of Tabriz in East Azerbaijan Province, northwest Iran, is also famous for the brilliance of its "fall foliage." During the few weeks in autumn when the leaves are at their peak, many tourists visit Tabriz and vicinity to enjoy the colorful nature. - 11/12/10

Iran Creating Fiction About Postelection Unrest, Neda's Death
Iran has reportedly started producing a movie about the postelection events in which a well-known Iranian actress plays the role of Neda Agha Soltan, who was killed during last year's protests over the reelection of President Mahmud Ahmadinejad. - 11/12/10

Iran: Cleric calls on officials to deal with remaining 'seditionists'
Tehran Friday prayer leader Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati has urged concerned officials to take firm action against the remaining people who staged protests following the June 2009 presidential election. - 11/12/10

Vatican delgates visit Shiite leaders in Qom
Vatican delegates visited Iranian Shiite leaders in Qom yesterday as part of the three day discussion on religion and society in Iran. Ten Vatican representatives met with Ayatollahs Javadi Amoli, Makarem Shirazi and Yazdi in the holy city of Qom, Mehr News Agency reports. -Zamaneh - 11/12/10

Reports: EU's Ashton Offers To Meet Iran On December 5
European Union foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton has reportedly proposed to meet Iran's chief nuclear negotiator early next month to discuss Tehran's nuclear program. - 11/12/10

Iraq's Leaders Back Fragile Power-Sharing Deal
Iraq's president has asked Shi'ite incumbent Nouri al-Maliki to retain his position as prime minister and form a new government, but a dispute in parliament on a newly reached power-sharing deal prompted most of the Sunni-backed opposition to walk out, underscoring the agreement's fragility. -VOA - 11/12/10

'Military preparedness discouraged Bush from attacking Iran': Yahya Safavi
Major General Yahya Safavi has commented that the Supreme Leader's insight and military preparedness were the factors that discouraged the United States under George W. Bush from launching military strike on Iran. -MNA - 11/12/10

Photos: Mother of Iranian astronomy honored
The 90th birth anniversary of the first Iranian female astronomer and physics professor, Alenush Terian, was celebrated at the Ararat Club in Tehran. - 11/11/10

Iran: Detained lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh still on hunger strike
Nasrin Sotoudeh, detained Iranian lawyer, remains on hunger strike, her husband reported after finally being allowed to see her for the first time since she started a hunger strike. - 11/11/10

Iran Fails To Win Seat On New UN Women's Board
Iran has failed in a bid to secure a seat on the executive board of the new UN agency to improve women's rights. The Islamic republic's nomination to the 41-member executive board of UN Women sparked fierce protests from human rights advocates and Western nations over Iran's rights record, particularly toward women. -RFE - 11/11/10

Iran's Expediency Council Accused Of Acting Unconstitutionally
An aide to Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has criticized the work of a powerful advisory body as being inconsistent with the country's constitution - 11/11/10

Iranian reformist slams Ahmadinejad administration
Iranian reformists, despite relentless government persecution, continue their resistance against the Ahmadinejad administration by criticizing the government in public statements and interviews. -Zamaneh - 11/11/10

5th Annual IAMA-Javaan Meeting Announcement and Call for Presentations
Presented by Iranian American Medical Association (IAMA)-Jaavan -- January 14-17, 2011 in Breckenridge, Colorado -- Join us in the magical winter season of snow capped peaks, powder dusted trees and bright blue skies. - 11/11/10

Iranian writer Mansour Koushan awarded Ossietzky medal
The 2010 Carl von Ossietzky medal, awarded annually to a writer who champions human rights and freedom of speech, has been awarded to Iranian writer and dramatist, Mansour Koushan. -Zamaneh - 11/11/10

Iran U-23 team advances to next round of Asian Games
Iran Under-23 football team defeated Bahrain in the group stage of 16th Asian Games and booked a berth in the next stage of the competitions. In a match played at the Guangzhou University City Stadium, Iran beat Bahrain 1-0. - 11/11/10

Beijing seeking to increase investment in Iran's energy sector: Chinese official
The Chinese president's special representative for the Asia Cooperation Dialogue, Tong Xiaoling, has said that China will maintain its ties with Iran, especially in the energy sector. -Tehran Times - 11/11/10

Iran Works on Strengthening Vatican Ties
A Vatican delegation is meeting with officials in Iran this week to discuss ways of strengthening interfaith ties. - 11/11/10

Reports: Iraqi PM Maliki Set to Win Support for Second Term
Iraq's parliament is scheduled to meet Thursday to form a new government amid reports that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will retain his position after winning support from his main challenger, the Sunni-backed Iraqiya coalition. - 11/11/10

Obama Extends U.S. Freeze On Iranian Assets
"Because our relations with Iran have not yet returned to normal, and the process of implementing the January 19, 1981, agreements with Iran is still underway, the national emergency declared on November 14, 1979, must continue in effect beyond November 14, 2010." - 11/11/10

Photos: Urban Sculpture Biennial underway at Tehran gallery
The Second Urban Sculpture Biennial opened here at Tehran's Barg Gallery on Monday displaying over 170 works by 151 sculptors. - 11/10/10

Suzie Ziai and Iraj Adibzadeh's take on Shafii Kadkani's contemporary poetry put to music and translated for English speaking lovers of Persian Poetry -Darius KADIVAR - 11/10/10

Grand Ayatollah 'Prevented From Meeting Iranian Opposition Leader'
Iranian security forces are reported to have prevented a senior cleric from meeting with opposition leader Mehdi Karrubi over the weekend -RFE - 11/10/10

17th Annual Iranian Theatre Festival In Koln, Germany
The 17th annual festival of Iranian theatre in exile will be held once more in Koln with participation of Iranian and Afghan artists. -Zamaneh - 11/10/10

Ahmadinejad Casts New Doubts on Talks with West
Comments Wednesday by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are raising new questions about possible talks between Tehran and global powers. -VOA - 11/10/10

UNESCO pulls out of World Philosophy events in Tehran
UNESCO has disassociated itself from the World Philosophy Day events in Tehran saying "the conditions necessary to guarantee the effective organization of a U.N. international conference have not been met." -Zamaneh - 11/10/10

Googoosh, 'Rasa' TV, and the Green Movement
Blogger "Iranian Life" believes the recently launched satellite TV channel "Rasa," which belongs to the opposition Green Movement and was recently written about on Radio Farda, is not likely to attract a large audience due to "weak" programming -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 11/10/10

Iranian Activist Honored for Rights Work
Sussan Tahmasebi, a women's rights and civil society activist, will receive the Alison Des Forges Award for Extraordinary Activism in November 2010 for her work to promote civil society and women's rights in Iran. - 11/10/10

Iran to test-fire domestically manufactured S-300 missile
Iran will soon test fire domestically manufactured long-range antiaircraft missiles including the S-300 system, Brigadier General Mohammad Hassan Mansourian said on Wednesday. -MNA - 11/10/10

Will Canada, U.S. deny Iran seat on UN board for women's rights?
Iran's controversial bid to join the board of a powerful new United Nations agency promoting equality for women is running into intense resistance from a group of countries including the United States and Canada. -Globe & Mail - 11/10/10

UK Rhum gas field shutting due to Iran sanctions-BP
"BP continues to seek appropriate clarification from the UK government on certain aspects of the regulations and how they apply to the BP-operated Rhum field in the North Sea (in which the Iranian Oil Company Limited has a 50 percent interest)," the energy producer said. -Reuters - 11/10/10

Iran: Four Detained Student Activists Transferred To Tehran's Evin Prison
Iranian authorities press on with crack down on student activists as the four recently detained members of the Iranian student organization, Daftar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat, were transferred to Evin Prison yesterday. -Zamaneh - 11/9/10

Iran opposed to unilateral decisions on Caspian Sea: FM
Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has stated that Iran is opposed to any unilateral decisions regarding the Caspian Sea which would not serve the interests of all littoral states. Mottaki made the remarks at the opening ceremony of the 27th meeting on the formulation of a convention on the Caspian Sea legal regime in Tehran on Tuesday. - 11/9/10

Iranian Journalist Held in Solitary Confinement
Iranian journalist Nazanin Khosravani, who was arrested last week, is being held in solitary confinement in Tehran's Evin prison, her mother has told RFE/RL's Radio Farda. - 11/9/10

Iran Arrests Four Student Leaders
Four prominent Iranian student activists were arrested over the weekend in a fresh crackdown targeting students. Iranian authorities have been tightening security ahead of a controversial government plan to phase out basic food and fuel subsidies. -Farnaz Fassihi, WSJ - 11/9/10

Persian BBC request to resume activities in Iran received "positively"
Mohammad Hosseini, Iran's Minister of Culture announced that they are considering Persian BBC's request to resume activities in Iran in a "positive light." -Zamaneh - 11/9/10

Iran to introduce wide-body plane in 2013
Iran's first wide-body plane will be introduced in 2013, the managing director of Iran Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO) said here on Tuesday. Manouchehr Manteqi added that in the first phase some $200 million will be invested in the project. - 11/9/10

IAEA Chief Calls on Iran, N. Korea to Dispel Concerns About Nuke Programs
The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, or IAEA, called on Iran and North Korea on Monday to dispel international concerns about their nuclear programs. -VOA - 11/9/10

US Ready to Extend Stay if Iraq Asks
US defense secretary says US is willing to keep troops in Iraq past current deadline, but only if that is what Iraq's leaders want. -VOA - 11/9/10

Maradona mulls over coaching Iran football
The former Argentina coach, who is currently visiting China, announced that he has had no meeting with the Iranian football officials, but in response to the question regarding would he be Iran coach, he just smiled. -MNA - 11/9/10

George Bush's memoirs reveal how he considered attacks on Iran and Syria
George Bush ordered the Pentagon to plan an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities and considered a covert attack on Syria, the former president reveals in his memoirs. -Guardian - 11/9/10

UN's Human Development Report 2010 - Iran Ranks 70 out of 169
People are the real wealth of a nation. It is now almost universally accepted that a country's success or an individual's well-being cannot be evaluated by money alone. Income is of course crucial: without resources, any progress is difficult. - 11/8/10

The Seven-Year-Old Shoe Shiner Of Keshavarz Boulvard
Saman Aghvami has captured these photos of a seven-year-old boy who has setup his small shoe-shining business on Keshavarz Boulvard in north Tehran. Judging from the photos, the "small" business owner seems very upbeat! - 11/8/10

Books Stuck in Iran's Censorship Quagmire
Spare a thought for Iran's literary censors - unloved by writers and publishers alike, they have thousands of works to read through, so much so that the piles of books have spilled out from their rooms at the culture ministry into the corridors. -Omid Nikfarjam - 11/8/10

Iranian Students to Obama: Don't Forget 'Student Hostages'
On the 31st anniversary of the hostage-taking of U.S. diplomats in Iran, a dozen of Iranian student activists and members of the country's largest reformist student group have called on U.S. President Barack Obama to follow up the case of current and former student activists who are in jail in Iran. In a letter to the U.S. president, the student activists call those in jail "student hostages." -RFE - 11/8/10

Republican Iran Saber Rattling is Bad for National Security and Harmful for Iranian Human Rights Defenders
NIAC deplores Senator Lindsey Graham's dangerous rhetoric calling for the US to "neuter" Iran through military action. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said his fellow conservative, fresh from their historic elections romp this week, support "bold" action to deal with Iran. - 11/8/10

Iranian opposition insists on gender equality
Iranian opposition leader, Zahra Rahnavard announced that gender equality and establishing equal opportunities for all is a "non-negotiable demand" for the Iranian reform movement. - 11/8/10

Iran to host Caspian Sea ministerial meeting on Tuesday
Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki is to open ministerial meeting of Caspian Sea littoral states on Tuesday aiming to arrange convention of the sea's legal regime. -ISNA - 11/8/10

Iranian Women's Rights Advocate to Receive Katharine and George Alexander Law Prize from Santa Clara University School of Law
Improving the justice system for Iranian women like Ashtiani has been the decades-long quest of Shadi Sadr, a lawyer, journalist, and human-rights advocate who will be receiving the Katharine and George Alexander Law Prize from Santa Clara University School of Law on November 11. - 11/8/10

Photos: Autumn in Mashhad, Iran
With the arrival of autumn, mother nature is busy with her paintbrush creating colorful masterpieces! Photographer Amin Khosroshahi has captured some of these beautiful works around the city of Mashhad in northeastern Iran. - 11/8/10

Brazil Presidential Election, and Iran
Would the Brazilian presidential election have any significance for Iran and the Persian Gulf countries? -Farid Marjai - 11/8/10

IRGC General Raps Hawkish American Senator, Says U.S. Is Iran's Hostage
A top IRGC general, Masoud Jazayeri, has advised Republican senator Lindsey Graham against making ill-advised remarks against Iran. -MNA - 11/8/10

Deadly Car Bomb Targets Iraqi Holy City of Karbala
Iraqi officials said Monday's bombing also wounded at least 30 people. Officials said some of those killed and wounded were pilgrims from Iran, but did not specify how many. - 11/8/10

The Lights of the Night
The last time I found myself at zero point again for the fourth, fifth, six or perhaps more times ...,' I still had not realized how lucky one can be for this very reason... And by zero point, I mean finding oneself without a profession, a job, an income, and thus daily bread... constantly pondering: what now with the natural accompanying emotion of fear, apprehension and insecurity. -Roya Monajem, Tehran - 11/7/10

Iran agrees to meet with P5+1 in Turkey: FM
Iran has agreed to meet with P5+1 in Turkey, said Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki on Sunday. -ISNA - 11/7/10

Ahmadinejad: Five million should be transferred from Tehran province
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said five million inhabitants of Tehran Province - three million from the city of Tehran - should be transferred to other provinces. - 11/7/10

Iran starts developing joint oilfield on Iraqi border
Iran has started developing Azar oilfield which is shared by Iraq, the deputy oil minister announced in Tehran on Saturday. -MNA - 11/7/10

Iranian Weightlifter Ali-Hosseini gets lifetime ban for doping
Iranian heavyweight weightlifter Saeid Ali-Hossein received a lifetime ban after a second doping offence, International Weightlifting Federation said on Saturday. -MNA - 11/7/10

Iran's Grand Ayatollah Discusses Religion On Facebook
A statement posted on the website of Ayatollah Bayat Zanjani, who has come under pressure from the Iranian authorities over his postelection stances, says the "unprecedented" online discussion took place on November 4 with a number of Internet users inside and outside of Iran. - 11/6/10

Quake Hits Doroud In Western Iran; 104 Injured
An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.9 on the Richter scale hit the town of Doroud in the western province of Lorestan on Saturday morning injuring 104 people. -MNA - 11/6/10

Art Gallery: Solo painting exhibition by Ali Chitsaz, its ok to laugh
Ali Chitsaz is a funny man. Our first reaction to his work is to laugh, which is all right. Sometimes he is satisfied with a cheap smile but often manages to escape from falling into the realm of caricature. - 11/6/10

Detained Journalist's Home Raided Again By Iranian Security
Three days after the arrest of Iranian journalist, Nazanin Khosravani, Iranian security forces carried out another search of her home. -Zamaneh - 11/6/10

Rights Advocates Discuss the Future of Human Rights and Democracy in Iran
Washington, D.C. - Human rights activists, scholars, journalists, and diplomats converged last week at the Roshan Center for Persian Studies at the University of Maryland to discuss the future of Iran's human rights movement, with keynote addresses from Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi and NIAC advisory board member Ambassador John Limbert. - 11/6/10

IAAB's Student Summit Kicks-Off at George Washington University
Iranian Alliances Across Borders' (IAAB) Student Summit commenced on Friday, November 5 at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. This is IAAB's second biennial Summit for Iranian-American college students. - 11/6/10

Iranian student activist arrested in Mashhad
According to the Human Rights Reporters Committee three armed officers in plain clothes arrested Gholizadeh at his father's home. Gholizadeh is one of the so called "starred" students who are deprived from continuing higher education by the order of the ministry of intelligence. - 11/6/10

Iranian parliament faced with labour protests
Retired Iranian workers gathered in protest in front of the Islamic Republic parliament to contest their pay increase and changes in their health benefits. - 11/6/10

Time for Obama to Call His Opponents' Bluff on Iran
With Republicans now sharing the burden of governing in the next Congress, President Barack Obama has an opportunity to define the terms of the Iran debate instead of spending two more years capitulating to a Democratic Congress worried about appearing weak or out of sync with hardliners on the Iran issue. -Jamal Abdi, NIAC - 11/6/10

The "Islam" drumbeat: an Orwellian story
A reductive and tendentious portrayal of Islam and its followers is spreading across Europe and America. It is all too reminiscent of the chilling world imagined by George Orwell, says Arshin Adib-Moghaddam -Open Democracy - 11/6/10

Iran: Life of Jailed Human Rights Lawyer at Great Risk
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, should immediately intervene with Iranian authorities to ensure the physical well being of detained human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran said today - 11/5/10

Iran Sets New Conditions For Employing Teachers
Iran's Education Ministry has issued new directives barring the employment as school teachers of persons affiliated with "illegal" parties, organizations, and groups. -RFE - 11/5/10

Neuropsychology of Human Religious Behavior
Throughout the history of psychology, the topic of human religiosity has been referred to as a learned behavior. In other words a person's religion is the final outcome of the person's interaction with his environment. Therefore the assumption is that if you are born in a Christian country, you are going to be a Christian. -Abbas Sadeghian - 11/5/10

Interview with Homa Taraji; curator of "Echoes in Blue" Art Exhibition in Santa Monica
On Saturday, October 16, the James Gray Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica hosted a highly-anticipated and well-received opening reception of an art exhibition called Echoes in Blue. This show features the works of 10 artists living and working in Iran today and is intended to introduce their work to Americans. - 11/5/10

Iranian reformists demand government accountability
Iranian reformists declare that any national reconciliation with the conservatives has to be preceded with some form of accountability for the events of the past year. -Zamaneh - 11/5/10

Iranian Opposition Demands Air Time On National TV
Iranian reformist, Ali Shakourirad called on Ezzatollah Zarghami, head of Iranian national broadcasting to allow government critics some space on television networks. - 11/5/10

Big-Power Diplomats Confer on Iran Nuclear Talks
Senior diplomats of the five permanent U.N. Security Council member countries and Germany conferred by telephone Thursday on efforts to renew a nuclear dialogue with Iran later this month. Iran has been sending mixed signals about whether it will attend such a meeting. - 11/5/10

U.S. and Iran Prop Up Unconstitutional Gov in Iraq
If you have a Sadr-Maliki deal of some kind, in some way brokered by Iran, where are the Americans in all this? 'Cause the Americans still seem to be supporting Maliki. And I guess a question I have is, if they actually preferred Allawi in the secular party, could they have done anything about it? Or is the US just focused on getting out? Or are they really focused on getting out, and do they actually have more long-term plans here? -Real News Network - 11/5/10

America Held Hostage: Year 62 - The Deconstruction Phase, Part I
In the first paper, "America Held Hostage: Year 62", we saw the path that took over four decades for Israel to get to the final phase of a long process to put America in the bondage. All the previous phases set the stage for the final and the most critical phase of the process- The Deconstruction Phase. -Sina Alavi - 11/5/10

Iranian Textile Workers Demand Back Wages
Some 750 textile workers have rallied in front of the governor's office in the northern Mazandaran Province to protest a 10-month delay in the payment of their salaries, RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports. - 11/5/10

U.S. Secretary of State's Terrorist Designation of Jundallah
On November 3, 2010 the Secretary of State announced the designation of Jundallah, a violent extremist organization that operates primarily in the province of Sistan va Balochistan of Iran, as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) under Section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended (INA). - 11/5/10

Cleric says U.S. will take dream of negotiation with Iran to grave
Tehran Friday prayer leader Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami has said that the United States' dream to hold talks with Iran will never come true if it does not shift its hostile policies toward Iran. -MNA - 11/5/10

Art Gallery: 1000 Ceramic Birds by Keyvan Fehri
Upcoming exhibition (Henna Art Gallery in Tehran) is about 1000 ceramic birds, all handmade by an emerging artist, Keyvan Fehri who is reflecting the Iranian society by and large. Keyvan Fehri won First Prize at the Fajr Visual Arts International Festival in 2010. - 11/4/10

Farrah Douglas Makes History: First Iranian American Elected to Public Office in San Diego County
A number of Iranian Americans were on the ballot on Election Day, November 2nd, 2010. Of the six candidates listed below, Farrah Douglas was successful in her bid for a city council seat in Carlsbad, California, while the remaining candidates fell short in their bids for elective office. -PAAIA - 11/4/10

Art Gallery - Archaic Techniques of Lovemaking by Shahriar Ahmadi
Joy of Life as a Counter Vision: The latest works by the Iranian artist Shahriar Ahmadi (AB Gallery Luzern, Switzerland) translate their current theme into his customary powerful images and, in doing so, display a growing tendency towards the figurative. - 11/4/10

Ebadi Calls on UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to Act
The Iranian Judiciary should end its systematic targeting of human rights defenders and lawyers who are being sentenced to lengthy prison terms solely for their human rights work and defending their clients, Shirin Ebadi said today in a joint statement with the Iranian League for Defense of Human Rights (LDDHI) and the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. - 11/4/10

Like Fish In A Bowl
Blogger "Maryam" is upset about censorship in the Islamic republic, including the blocking of her blog by authorities - 11/4/10

ROUND TRIP: A film by Golkou Parhizgar
Round-trip by Iranian-British filmmaker, Golkou Parhizgar, is a documentary inspired by director's personal experience of returning to Iran after 11 years of living in the UK and rediscovering relationships of those left behind. - 11/4/10

Supreme Leader: Post-election events aimed at conquering Iran
Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei says in the election turmoil of last year, "the true perpetrators of the unrest were trying to conquer the country." - 11/4/10

Iran Tightens Security as Subsidy Cuts Loom
Iranian authorities are taking extraordinary security measures ahead of cuts to energy and food subsidies this month, in an effort to prevent unrest by a public upset about rising expenses and inflation -Farnaz Fassihi, WSJ - 11/4/10

Britain Accuses Iran of 'Slurs,' Following Kurd Arrests
Britain accused Iran of a "long line of slurs" Thursday after Tehran said four people arrested for alleged assassinations were part of a British-linked Kurdish group. -VOA - 11/4/10

Ahmadinejad Condemns Russia Over Canceled Missile Deal
Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad accused Russia today of "selling out" Iran to the United States by canceling a missile deal. -RFE - 11/4/10

US Designates Iranian group as terrorist
The United States on Wednesday officially designated the Iranian opposition group Jundallah as a terrorist organization. The Sunni Muslim group is said to have been responsible for several lethal attacks in Iran in recent years, including bombings at Shi'ite mosques in the city of Zahedan. -David Gollust, VOA - 11/4/10

In Unusual Move, Iran's Revolutionary Guards Slam Ahmadinejad Over Comments
In an unprecedented move, Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has directly blasted President Mahmud Ahmadinejad over controversial comments he made recently, including saying that parliament is not on top of the country's affairs. Ahmadinejad was also criticized for promoting an "Iranian school of thought" instead of an Islamic one. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 11/3/10

For an Iranian Treasure's 1,000th Year, a Jewel of a Show
The Smithsonian Institution is celebrating the Shahnameh's 1,000 years with an exhibition of some of the greatest illustrations ever created for Iran's greatest epic poem. -Jeff Baron, - 11/3/10

Caspian Sea Is Dying
Caspian Sea is dying and its littoral states (Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan) are not able to decide who owns what and what their responsibilities to the Caspian Sea, towards each other and the non-littoral states are. -Bahman Aghai Diba - 11/3/10

Opposition Leader Urges Detained Iranian Dissident To End Hunger Strike
Iranian opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi, called on detained blogger, Mehdi Khazali to end his hunger strike in prison. - 11/3/10

Who is responsible for inviting enemies of the press to the European Parliament?
On September 27th 2010 the launching ceremony for the Persian-language service of EuroNews was held at the European Parliament in Brussels. Two staff members of the Iranian Embassy in Brussels were invited to attend. -Pejman Akbarzadeh - 11/3/10

Inflation rises again in Iran, hits 9.2%
According to the latest report by the Central Bank of Iran, the nation's inflation in the Iranian calendar month of Mehr (September 23 - October 22) stood at 9.2 percent. The inflation rate has risen this month to 9.2 percent from 8.9 percent last month. - 11/3/10

"Cyrus" production needs $70 million: Producer
The producer of "Cyrus the Great" says that the production of the film may cost $70 million. "It is not a project that can be done easily," Ali Mo'allem told the Persian service of the Mehr News Agency on October 26. - 11/3/10

Commentary: Where Turkey Can Help
Much has been made of Turkey's pretensions of being a regional, if not global, power. Given the Islamist roots of Turkey's ruling Justice and Development (AK) party, some are justifiably uneasy about the specter of Turkish power, and deride the AK's aspirations as a function of "neo-Ottoman" impulses. -James Kirchick, RFE - 11/3/10

World luminaries urge Iran to release American detainees
Nobel Peace laureates Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Mairead Maguire, along with prominent American scholar, Noam Chomsky, issued a joint statement urging Iran to release the two detained Americans, Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer. -Zamaneh - 11/3/10

Iran car output up 18%
Domestic car producers manufactured 882,396 cars of different types in the first 7 months of the current Iranian calendar year (ended October 22). -MNA - 11/3/10

Freed U.S. Hiker Says No Decision Yet On Returning For Trial
Freed U.S. hiker Sarah Shourd says she is unsure whether she will return to Tehran for her trial, the date of which has not been set. - 11/3/10

Iran: Students, Legislators Protest Dissolution Of University of Medical Sciences of Tehran
Iranian students and parliament deputies are protesting a decision to dissolve one of the country's largest medical and educational centers, RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports. Health Minister Marzieh Vahid-Dastjerdi announced on October 30 that Tehran's Iranian University of Medical Sciences was to be dissolved. - 11/2/10

Farhang Foundation Sponsors First-Ever Iranian Studies Initiative at the University of Southern California
Farhang Foundation and the University of Southern California (USC) announced today the launch of an Iranian Studies Initiative at the university. This initiative will, for the first time ever, offer USC students Persian language classes offered by USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences beginning as early as Fall 2011. - 11/2/10

Photos: Street Women in Tehran
Warning bells are ringing about spread of AIDS due to unsafe sex practiced by the street women of Tehran. -Mohsen Rezaei, MNA - 11/2/10

Opera singer Evelyn Baghcheban: 1928-2010
Opera singer Evelyn Baghcheban, widow of Iranian composer Samin Baghcheban, died in Istanbul on Sunday October 31. She was 82. Samin Baghcheban died on the last day of winter 2008 in Turkey, where he had resided for many years. - 11/2/10

Iranian opposition leaders criticize "dysfunctional" policies
In their Sunday meeting, Iranian opposition leaders, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi criticized the dysfunctional policies of the government and the adverse situation of the country. - 11/2/10

Iran: Leaked letter another evidence of fraud, coup
A newly surfaced document released by Iranian satellite TV channel, RASA, has raised further questions about the legitimacy of Ahmadinejad's alleged "victory" during the 2009 presidential which Mousavi and Karroubi had described as nothing but an "engineered" and monumental fraud. - 11/2/10

Workers At Iran Tire Factory Continue Weeklong Strike
Around 1,300 workers at tire factory outside Tehran are continuing a weeklong strike to demand, among other things, payment of several months of back wages, RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports. - 11/2/10

Iranian judiciary reports on controversial cases
The Prosecutor General referred to various cases from the lock down of the National Trust Party to the case of Saeed Mortazavi, the release of Ali Shakourirad, as well as the situation of the two American and the two German detainees. -Zamaneh - 11/2/10

Carter on Iranian Hostage Crisis: 'I Prayed More Than Any Time Else in My Life'
Thirty years ago this week, Democratic President Jimmy Carter and Vice President Walter Mondale lost their reelection bid to Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan and his running mate George Herbert Walker Bush. Their defeat came at a time of rising unemployment, economic uncertainty and a hostage crisis in Iran that dragged on for 444 days. -VOA - 11/2/10

Journalist Challenges "Strange Sentence" by Iranian Judiciary
In an open letter to Tehran's prosecutor, Jila Bani-Yaghoub, Iranian journalist who was recently sentenced to one year in prison and 30 years ban from journalism, lists the irregularities in her sentencing and urges him to review her case. - 11/2/10

Urmia Lake facing environmental crisis
Urmia Lake, which is registered as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, will be dried up within three years, announced a local official in the Environmental Protection Organization in West Azarbaijan. - 11/1/10

Rare Persian leopard born in Dutch zoo
A rare Persian Leopard, which is currently on the endangered species list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, was born in Amersfoort Zoo in the Netherlands. -Pejman Akbarzadeh - 11/1/10

Iranian opposition leaders meet despite government resistance
Saham News reports that this morning Mehdi Karroubi intended to visit Mir Hossein Mousavi at his home but was faced with the resistance of the local security forces. The report goes on to add that Karroubi finally managed to overcome the resistance with the assistance of Mir Hossein Mousavi and to visit his peer at his home. -Zamaneh - 11/1/10

Prominent Iranian Rights Lawyer Sentenced To Nine Years In Prison
Iran has sentenced a prominent human rights lawyer, Mohammad Seifzadeh, to nine years in prison and a 10-year ban from practicing law. -RFE - 11/1/10

Stop the War Coalition Adopts CASMII's Resolution on Iran
The Stop the War Coalition (STWC), the premier anti-war activist organization based in the UK, passed CASMII's resolution in its annual conference in London on 30th October. - 11/1/10

Iran reinstates Karroubi's National Trust Party
Deputy Secretary General of National Trust Party, Hojjatoleslam Rasoul Montakabnia announced that their office is no longer sealed and the party has been allowed to resume its political activities. -Zamaneh - 11/1/10

Iran retains world body-building championship title
Iran maintained the title of the World Body-Building Championship on Monday. The Persians claimed the title of the 2nd Men's World Body-Building Championship which held in Varanasi, India from October 28 to November 1. -MNA - 11/1/10

Kiarostami, Cohan share top prize of Spanish festival
"Certified Copy" by director Abbas Kirostami and Argentine Miguel Cohan's debut "No Return" shared the Golden Spike award at the Valladolid International Film Festival. - 11/1/10

'If The Sedition Is Dead, Then Why Do You Speak Behind The Back Of The Dead?'
Mehdi Karrubi, former parliament speaker and one of the current opposition leaders, asks "if the sedition is dead, why is there no end to your arrests?" -RFE - 11/1/10

Iranian Official Says Tehran Has Own Agenda for Nuclear Talks
After accepting a fresh Western proposal to resume nuclear talks in Vienna, Tehran appears to be disputing the agenda. A close aide to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Iran has its own conditions for resuming the talks. -VOA - 11/1/10

Idea of 'Iranian school of thought' is divisive: Judiciary chief
Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani says the remarks made about the 'Iranian school of thought' rather than the Islamic school of thought is "divisive". - 11/1/10

Freed US Hiker Blames Iranian Guard for Border Miscue
An American hiker arrested and released by Tehran says she and her two companions entered Iran accidentally, because of a border guard. -VOA - 11/1/10

Afghan 'Money Bags' Point To Wider Iranian Outreach Strategy Toward Neighbors
To the uninitiated, the shady handover of a stash of cash in a plastic bag seems more akin to a Martin Scorsese movie than part of a diplomatic strategy. -RFE - 11/1/10

Iranian Minister Rules Out Possible Protest Against Subsidy Reform
Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar has ruled out any major reaction to the implementation of the subsidy reform plan. However, he warned that if anybody seeks to stage protests against the plan he will be dealt with "firmly and legally". -MNA - 11/1/10

Ahmadinejad directs central bank to lower forex rate
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called the central bank governor to take measures for normalizing the foreign exchange rate down to an acceptable real figure. -MNA - 11/1/10

Iran Says Two Charged With Spying For Israel
Tehran's chief prosecutor says two Iranians have been charged with spying for Israel about Iran's nuclear program, RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports. - 11/1/10

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