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Photos: Iranian photographer, Azadeh Akhlaghi, Me According to Others
The successful Iranian photographer, Azadeh Akhlaghi, initially wanted to become a poet. She was perhaps inspired by her birthplace, Shiraz, whose name is synonymous with poetry and has produced some of the most revered poets of Iran. -Foaad Khaknezhad, jadidonline - 2/28/11

Iranian opposition figures called back to prison
Government critics Mohammad Nourizad and Abdollah Ramazanzadeh have been recalled back to the Islamic Republic prison after having been released on bail. -Zamaneh - 2/28/11

Biography: Iranian Artist Charles Hossein Zenderoudi
It is now nearly half a century that Hossein Zenderoudi, the Iranian artist residing in France, considered as one of the ten living important contemporary artists by editorial board of the French journal Connaissance des Art (1971) and one of the most esteemed founders of Saqakhaneh School, represents Iran's visual arts on an international scale. -Roya Monajem, Tavoos - 2/28/11

Photos: Windcatchers in Baft, Iran
A windcatcher is a traditional Persian architectural device used for many centuries to create natural ventilation in buildings. It is not known who first invented the windcatcher, but it still can be seen in many countries today. -Photos by Amir Ghaderi - 2/28/11

Accomplices in Imprisoning Mousavi and Karoubi
After a turbulent 20 months, Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi have finally been incarcerated. But their incarceration is of a type worse than a regular prison. They have been locked up the way other senior clerics such as ayatollah Shariatmadari, ayatollah Rowhani, ayatollah Ghomi and ayatollah Montazeri were locked up in the past. Their incarceration comes without any court or trial or even a sentence. -Akbar Ganji - 2/28/11

Revolution Not on the Cards in Iran
Vladimir Lenin had a formula for diagnosing the symptoms of revolution, "Those at the bottom won't, those at the top can't." He argued that revolution required mass involvement, a spirit of courage and commitment, and political engagement. These three conditions do not yet exist in Iran. -Ali Reza Eshraghi, IWPR - 2/28/11

U.S. Condemns Iran For Crackdown
The United States has condemned Iran for what Washington terms an "organized intimidation campaign." The White House says Iran has arrested political leaders and activists, human rights defenders as well as student leaders, journalists and bloggers. - 2/28/11

Iranian-American Engineer Develops Online Dating Site
The Iranian-American founder and CEO of a newly launched location-based dating service is revolutionized dating with his new company CupidRadar. Founder and CEO Mehrdad Sarlak told the Iran Times that his fascination with how people ultimately pair and bond with others is what gave him the idea for his newly launched dating service. -Grace Nasri - 2/28/11

Virginia: Mosaique presents No Rooz Dinner Show and Dance Party
Sunday, March 27, 2011 - Join us for a celebration of the Persian New Year and the arrival of spring! Featuring contemporary and classical Persian dance, along with theatrical Middle Eastern folklore dances performed by Katayoun with Troupe Eshveh and Mosaique students. - 2/28/11

Intifada beyond Palestine
Remember the neoconservatives' plan of "domino effect" following the overthrow of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein in Iraq? It was supposed to be followed by the toppling of other "unfriendly" heads of "rogue states" such as those ruling Iran and Syria who do not cater to the US-Israeli interests in the Middle East. -Ismael Hossein-zadeh - 2/28/11

Iran's Royan Institute fertilizes ovum without need of sperm
"An offspring inherits half of genetic material from father and the other half from mother; we have omitted maternal and paternal DNA in our research and have used a complete genetic maternal cell to fulfill fertilization," Dr. Aazam Dalman, an embryologist, told reporters on the sidelines of the first embryology symposium. - 2/28/11

Book: The life and Times of Asghar Parsa, member and spokesperson of the Iranian National Front
Asghar Parsa (1919-2007) was a member of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) during the rule of Dr. Mohammad Mosaddeq (1951-1953). Parsa became the spokesperson for the pro-Mosaddeq faction in the Majlis. After the 1953 coup, he was imprisoned with other members of the Iranian National Front. - 2/28/11

Iran Calls on Saudi Arabia to Avoid Crude Output Increase
Iran's Oil Minister urged Saudi Arabia on Sunday to refrain from taking a hasty decision on increasing its oil production after the popular uprising in Libya. -Moj News - 2/28/11

Man-made islands in Persian Gulf could create tension: Iran
Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi has said that the construction of artificial islands off the south coasts of the Persian Gulf by the United Arab Emirates could create political tension in the region. - 2/28/11

Musa Sadr in Libya?
In 1978, Imam Musa Al Sadr, a spiritual leader of the Shias in Lebanon, was invited to Libya by Gaddafi; during that visit Musa Sadr (and a Lebanese journalist) somehow "disappeared." -Farid Marjai - 2/28/11

Iran: End Enforced Disappearance of Opposition Leaders and Wives
The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran called for the immediate release of Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi and both their wives, who have been removed to an unknown location-reportedly a "safe house"- from their homes. Under international law, the secret holding of Musavi and Karroubi and their wives is an enforced disappearance. - 2/27/11

Iran: Hard-Liners Attack Rafsanjani's Daughter, As He Faces Pressure
A video has appeared on the Internet that shows several Iranian hard-liners verbally attacking Faezeh Hashemi, the daughter of former president and current head of the Assembly of Experts, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 2/27/11

USA: Give Back this Norooz
The Iranian New Year, Norooz, is a time of year to celebrate family, friends and the rebirth of nature. It's also a time for spring cleaning 'khouneh tekouni' and, according to some, setting the tone for the year ahead. - 2/27/11

Letters By Sons and Daughters of Opposition Leaders Expressing Concern About Well-Being Of Their Parents
Daughters and sons of opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi have written letters regarding the inhuman and illegal house arrests of their parents and the increasing concerns about their well-beings. - 2/27/11

Iranian Supreme Leader urged to hold talks with opposition leaders
Ahmad Montazeri, the son of the late dissident Iranian cleric Ayatollah Hosseinali Montazeri, is urging the Iranian Surpeme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei to begin a dialogue with the opposition leaders. Kaleme website reports that in an open letter, Ahmad Montazeri has asked Ayatollah Khamenei to make "a historic decision" in solving the current problems. - 2/27/11

Iran Takes First Place At Takhti Wrestling Cup followed by Kyrgyzstan and U.S.
Iran won the 2011 Free-Style Wrestling Takhti Cup held in Kish Island, Iran, from February 26 to 27. The Iranian wrestling team clinched five gold medals and wrapped up the championship With 69 points. Kyrgyzstan finished in the second place with 47 points and the U.S. wrestling team finished third. - 2/27/11

Iran after February 14!
In the wake of the "revolutions" in the Middle East and "revival" of protests by the Green forces, some American "experts" of Iran are calling for regime change. While the Obama Administration does not endorse this misguided view, it could be persuaded to embrace it if the situation in Iran is not better understood and leaders in Tehran fail to unite the country. -Hooshang Amirahmadi - 2/27/11

Hamed Haddadi shines in NBA
Iranian basketball player Hamed Haddadi made his best performance in NBA by scoring 10 points for the winner Memphis Grizzlies against the Sacramento Kings. - 2/27/11

Call for Entries: Iranian Film Festival - San Francisco
The 4th Annual Iranian Film Festival - San Francisco, a showcase for the independent feature and short films made by or about the Iranians from around the world, is inviting the filmmakers from all over the world to submit their films to the next edition taking place September 10-11, 2011. - 2/27/11

Former president calls for release of Iranian opposition leaders
Mohammad Khatami former Iranian president spoke out today against the house arrest of opposition leaders MirHosein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, and condemned the "destructive measures" taken against them. -Zamaneh - 2/27/11

London - British Museum Nowruz Lecture
Friday 18 March, 2011 - Talks and discussion on Nowruz, how it was celebrated historically and how it is celebrated today. Introduced by author and historian Tom Holland. Speakers include Narguess Farzad, Senior Fellow in Persian, SOAS, and Zia Shahreyar, BBC Persian. - 2/27/11

Iran calls unloading fuel from nuclear plant "normal"
Spokesman and Director General of Public Relations and Information Office of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Hamid Khadem-Qaemi said, "unloading fuel from Bushehr nuclear facility has been exaggerated by some news agencies and reports. The actions taken in the plant are normal." -ISNA - 2/27/11

Iran's GDP to hit $767.2b in five years: The Economist
The Economist reported that Iran will rank higher in global Gross Domestic Production in upcoming years. ISNA news agency cited the January report of The Economist predicting Iranian GDP would continuously go up in the next 5 years. - 2/27/11

Iran To 'Remove Fuel' From Bushehr Nuclear Plant
Iran says it is removing the fuel from the reactor of its Russian-built nuclear power plant, a move seen as a blow to its nuclear program. The decision to remove the fuel from the reactor of the nuclear power plant in the southern city of Bushehr comes just months before the facility, whose construction began in the 1970s, was scheduled to generate electricity. - 2/26/11

Iranian opposition proposes new date of March 1st for demonstrations
The Iranian opposition has announced new plans for street protests, which are now set for March 1 at 5PM, from Emam Hossein to Azadi Square in Tehran. - 2/26/11

Photos: Nowruz, New Year Shopping in Iran
In association with the "rebirth of nature", extensive spring-cleaning is a national tradition observed by almost every household in Iran. This is also extended to personal attire, and it is customary to buy at least one set of new clothes. - 2/26/11

Conservative lawmaker wants Iranian opposition leaders on TV
Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi must be given a chance to speak for themselves on national television, conservative Iranian lawmaker Ali Motahari said today. The two opposition leaders have been under house arrest for the past two weeks. -Zamaneh - 2/26/11

Iran says opposition leaders not under house arrest
The head of the Iranian parliament's National Security Commission denies that opposition leaders are under house arrest, saying they are just being "escorted" by government security forces. - 2/26/11

Photos: Selected performances from Fajr Theater Festival
The festival, started in 1982, is under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture in Iran. It takes place every year on the anniversary of the Iranian revolution. - 2/26/11

Who Will Be Iran's Next Supreme Leader?
The RAND Corporation has issued a report that looks at the possible scenarios should Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei pass away and a succession battle ensue. Khamenei is 71 and, according to some rumors, ill. The report discusses five scenarios including: "status quo," in which Khamenei hand picks his successor; and "abolition" of the supreme leader position. -Golnaz Esfandiar, RFE - 2/26/11

Iran's Behdad Salimi named 2010 World Best Lifter
Iranian heavyweight lifter Behdad Salimi has been chosen in the annual Lifters of the Year Voting of the World Weightlifting magazine by the weightlifting community as the Best Male Lifter of 2010. - 2/26/11

Florida - Iranian American Society of Daytona Beach Chahar-Shanbeh-Soori
Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - IAS will provide the firewood, fireworks, hot dogs and soft drinks. Participants may bring additional snacks if desired. Everyone is encouraged to bring a jacket and small flashlight, as there are few lights in the park after dark. - 2/26/11

China to invest $2.5b in Iran's Azadegan oilfield
China is to invest $2.5 billion in South Azadegan oilfield on Iran's side of the Iraqi border. The field currently produces 55,000 barrels per day and it is expected to increase output to 320,000 bpd after the completion of the first phase of the project. The project is already underway. -MNA - 2/26/11

Mythical creation: Iranian composer draws inspiration from a Persian folk legend
In the Persian legend of the Seemorgh, a mythical bird carries an abandoned infant boy to her nest on a mountaintop and, when he returns to his people, gives him a magic feather for protection. - 2/26/11

Fire In The Belly: How The Middle East Is Won
As the fire of the Middle East and North African countries take hold of the old and the brittle, ushering in the young and strong, The United States of America continues to monitor the events with great anticipation. The stark realization that the fear of heart is replaced by soulful hope is tantalizing. The atmosphere beckons the unearthing of the truth, about The Middle East, about its people, their desires, about the dictators and their failures. -Sousan M. Alemansour - 2/25/11

Nowruz 2011: Send Persian New Year greeting ecards
Wish that Nowruz brings the blessings of happiness, prosperity and love. Reach out to all you know with this New Year greeting. Invite and wish a friend or a loved one for a grand celebration on Nowruz - 2/25/11

Intelligence minister denies extent of Iranian popular protests
The Iranian intelligence minister has announced the arrest of two people in connection with the February 14 protests and insisted that only a handful of protesters had taken to the streets that day. - 2/25/11

Iranian opposition proposes "strikes and civil resistance"
The Iranian opposition laid out its demands today, threatening to go beyond street protests and support strikes, boycotts and civil resistance to achieve its goals. - 2/25/11

Why Iran Is Different
On first glance, it looks like an archetypal no-brainer; a large Middle Eastern country with a repressive regime and a simmering, angry protest movement. Twice in the past fortnight, that movement -- encouraged by events in Egypt, Tunisia, and elsewhere -- has come out of hibernation to stage its first demonstrations in a year, albeit only to be met by crushing crackdowns. -Robert Tait, RFE - 2/25/11

Saied's app top 10 most paid mac app!
"Learn the Switch to Mac" was created by 26-year old Silicon Valley entrepreneur Saied Ghaffari. Back in 2001, Ghaffari was the youngest employee to work at the Apple Store in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Within a short period of time, Ghaffari proved to be one of the most successful Apple Store employees - 2/25/11

Iran unveils indigenous supercomputers
Two giant supercomputers were unveiled at prestigious Amirkabir and Isfahan universities of technology. The supercomputer of Amirkabir University of Technology with graphic power of 22000 billion operations per second is able to process 34000 billion operations per second with the speed of 40GB. - 2/25/11

Virginia: George Mason University Norouz Show 1390
Friday, March 11, 2011 - Come join the GMU Persian Club in celebrating the Norooz 1390 with our annual Norooz Show held in George Mason University's prestigious Center for the Arts building. Join us for a great time filled with amazing student talent: music, dancing, laughs, and singing. - 2/25/11

Iran: Internal Image of Officials Contradict Their Public Persona
"The private and public persona of regime officials are in complete contrast. Happy and smiling faces turn into dry and serious ones as one moves from inside quarters of power in the Islamic republic to the outside world, perhaps to maintain the prestige of officialdom." -Mohammad Reza Yazdanpanah, Rooz - 2/25/11

NJSO performs Ranjbaran's Seemorgh: Persian Trilogy for Orchestra
Music Director Jacques Lacombe and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra (NJSO) perform Iranian-born composer Behzad Ranjbaran's Seemorgh: Persian Trilogy for Orchestra on the NJSO's "Arabian Nights" program this weekend in Newark, Morristown and New Brunswick. - 2/25/11

Commander: "Threats turned into opportunities as Iran warships enter Mediterranean"
A top Iranian navy commander says the fact that the Iranian warships have crossed the Suez Canal and entered the Mediterranean is an indication that threats have been changed into opportunities. - 2/25/11

Human Life Should Be the Priority!
The negative world-wide publicity that results when an Iranian is imprisoned or killed in street violence causes many in the West to question treatment of human rights in Iran; too often this attention from the West results in even more sanctions being placed on Iran. -Mohammad Ala - 2/25/11

Iranian youth demand release of opposition leaders
The youth of Iran's reformist parties announced today that if the Islamic Republic authorities do not release opposition leaders MirHosein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi from house arrest, they will take to the streets on March 2. -Zamaneh - 2/24/11

Iran Opposition Leaders Issue Reform Charter
Iranian opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi have issued a proposal calling for constitutional change. The "reform charter" states, among other things, that civil codes, including the constitution, are not meant to last forever and can be changed. It also calls on the Iranian government to respect the legal status of minorities. - 2/24/11

New York: 8th Persian Day Parade 2011 & Chaharshanbeh Souri
Sunday, April 10th, 2011 - 50,000 spectators are expected to attend this year to celebrate, the Persian New Year, Nowruz. Everyone is encouraged to continue the festivities at the end of the Parade route at Madison Square Park. - 2/24/11

Where Are Iranian Opposition Leaders Musavi, Karrubi?
Karrubi was put under house arrest after he and fellow opposition leader Mir Hossein Musavi called for a rally in solidarity with the uprisings in the Arab world on February 14. Musavi and his wife were said to have been put under house arrest on February 14, as the protest they called reportedly attracted tens of thousands of protesters to challenge the Iranian regime. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 2/24/11

The Museum of Contemporary of Art, Los Angeles, and Farhang Foundation Present Lecture on "New Iranian Art"
Drawing on the experiences of her latest trips to Tehran, curator Fereshteh Daftari will discuss contemporary Iranian art and the latest artistic developments in Iran - 2/24/11

Iran Raises The Stakes: The Istanbul Talks & Iran's Political Psychology
As Iranian diplomats prepared to meet their American, British, French, Russian, Chinese and German counterparts for the latest round of talks, expectations were low. Yet there was cautious optimism that a new venue in Istanbul - outside of the West, in Iran's backyard - could produce tangible first steps. -Reza Marashi, NIAC - 2/24/11

Iranian Reformists Warn Against Extremism
An Iranian reformist group has warned the Green Movement "not to fall prey to radicalism and the violence that the extremist government autocrats are after." - 2/24/11

Iran: Regime tightens security measures around opposition leader
Iranian security forces have completely occupied the residential complex where opposition leader Mehdi Karrobi and his wife Fatemeh Karroubi have their home. - 2/24/11

Germany: Oberhausen Arena Nowruz Concert
Saturday March 19, 2011 - Join Ebi, Sattar, Kamran & Hooman, Hengameh, Mehrzad, and Mansour - 2/24/11

US Sanctions Iranian Officials for Crushing Protests
The United States on Wednesday imposed sanctions against two key Iranian officials who were instrumental in crushing political protests there since 2009. The Basij militia leader and Tehran prosecutor are blamed for "significant" human rights abuses. - 2/24/11

The Recent Protests in Iran and Their Prospects for Success
Despite security forces' warning that demonstrators will be stopped, thousands marched in Tehran, Esfahan, Kermanshah, Shiraz, Tabriz, and Mashhad - most of them university students. Which brings us to the central question: Can the current wave of protests in Iran succeed? -Baryn Kayaoglu - 2/24/11

Iranian Warships Dock in Syria
Two Iranian naval ships have docked in Syria after passing through Egypt's Suez Canal into the Mediterranean Sea - an act Israel had called a "provocation." -VOA - 2/24/11

Senegal Accuses Iran of Supplying Weapons to Rebels
Senegal has severed diplomatic relations with Iran, accusing it of supplying weapons to separatist rebels in the southern Casamance region where three Senegalese soldiers were killed in attacks over the weekend. -VOA - 2/24/11

Libya rebels isolate Gaddafi, seizing cities and oilfields
Opposition activists are increasing the pressure on Muammar Gaddafi's ailing regime, shutting down oil exports and mobilising rebel groups in the west of the country as the revolution rapidly spreads. -Guardian - 2/24/11

Iranian Students Say The Number Of Arrests Show Regime Is Nervous
The Iranian authorities remain fearful of the power of student movements. That's the conclusion of youth activists who point to the increasing pressures they face in their efforts to bring down the current regime. - 2/23/11

Nowrouz 2011: Eleven countries celebrate Persian New Year nationally
Nowruz with different spelling shows up in official calendars of Iran, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Albania, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Autonomous Region of Kurdistan (part of Iraq) and Georgia. - 2/23/11

US Officials Offer Little Clarity On Unintended Consequences of Iran Sanction
Iranian Americans and Iranian students in the US have found it increasingly difficult to send and receive family remittances due sanctions ambiguities as well. Remittances to Iran are legal, but no clear guidelines for these transactions exist. NIAC has requested clarification and new guidelines from OFAC that specifically address remittances. -Sarah Olia, NIAC - 2/23/11

World Premiere of Niloufar Talebi's Atash Sorushan (Fire Angels) at Carnegie Hall
Butterfly Buzz announced today the world premiere of Atash Sorushan (Fire Angels), a libretto written by writer, theater artist, and award-winning translator, Niloufar Talebi, at Carnegie Hall in New York on March 29, 2011, and the West Coast premiere at Cal Performances in Berkeley on April 3, 2011. - 2/23/11

Family of moderate cleric attacked in Iran
Two pro-government plainclothes agents attacked two of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani's children at a funeral service in Shahr-e Rey, the Islamic Republic of Iran newspaper reports. -Zamaneh - 2/23/11

Two Iranian wrestlers invited to U.S.
Iran's Greco-Roman wrestlers Hamid Sourian and Amir Ali-Akbari have been invited to the U.S. to take part in 2011 Curby Cup. The 2nd Annual Curby Cup will feature the best Greco-Roman wrestlers as the World Dream Team and the U.S. wrestling national team, facing off in a dual meet. - 2/23/11

Texas - Iranian Cultural Foundation Celebrates Nowruz Festival
Sunday March 20, 2011 - Join us for our annual celebration of the first day of Spring. Please invite all of your friends as well. - 2/23/11

Prominent Thinker Abdolkarim Soroush says Iran Tortured His Son-In-Law
Abdolkarim Soroush, a prominent thinker and Islamic scholar now living in the United States, has blasted Iranian officials over what he describes as the physical and psychological torture of his son-in-law. - Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 2/23/11

Southern California - International Society for Children with Cancer Nowruz Bazaar
Sunday March 13, 2011 - Please join ISCC/MAHAK in celebrating the arrival ofPersian New Year by attending our Nowruz Bazaarsupporting underprivileged children suffering from cancer. - 2/23/11

OPEC cannot act, needs more clarity: Iran
Unrest across the Middle East and surging oil markets have created too unstable a situation for OPEC to act yet, Iran's OPEC governor Mohammad-Ali Khatibi said on Tuesday. - 2/23/11

Opposition Protesters March in Bahrain
Opposition supporters in Bahrain have marched through the center of the capital Manama demanding more rights and a new government. The action comes just more than a week since protests, inspired by the recent uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, began in the Persian Gulf kingdom. - 2/23/11

Iranian Hackers Attack VOA Internet Sites
A group of computer hackers hijacked websites run by the Voice of America this week, sending its online traffic to an Internet website claimed to be run by the Iranian Cyber Army. The attack comes as the U.S. government is renewing its push to promote freedom in cyber space and as protests spread across the Middle East - some with the help of the Internet. - 2/23/11

Iranian Hackers Attack VOA Internet Sites
A group of computer hackers hijacked websites run by the Voice of America this week, sending its online traffic to an Internet website claimed to be run by the Iranian Cyber Army. The attack comes as the U.S. government is renewing its push to promote freedom in cyber space and as protests spread across the Middle East - some with the help of the Internet. - 2/23/11

Iranian Students Say Colleague Killed At Antigovernment Rally
A student at Shiraz University in southern Iran was reportedly killed by security forces at a rally commemorating the deaths of two other students killed at recent protests, RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports. - 2/22/11

Iran: Barbaric Attack on Opposition Leader's Residence
Close to thirty "state thugs" have attacked the residence of Mahdi Karroubi in complete coordination with Intelligence Ministry agents responsible for keeping the opposition leader under house arrest. - 2/22/11

Iranian opposition demands release of Mousavi and Karroubi
Ardeshir Amirarjmand The Iranian opposition announced today that a "firm demand of the Green Movement" is that the government end the strict house arrest imposed on the movement's leaders, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi. - 2/22/11

Joining Hands - Coverage Of Iranian American Women's Leadership Conference
On Sunday, January 30, 2011, the first Iranian American Women's Conference was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Irvine, California. ThePathways to Success Women's Leadership Conference attracted 570 participants and featured 40 Iranian American women who contributed to various panel discussions and sessions -Zohreh Khazai Ghahreman - 2/22/11

Photos: Mashhad subway comes on stream
On the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of the Prophet of Islam and the 6th Shi'ite Imam on Sunday, Mashhad subway was opened for test runs. The subway will initially run from 9:00 to 13:00 in a 35-minute, 19 kilometer route with 22 stops. -Mehdi Bolourian, MNA - 2/22/11

Iran Greco-Roman wrestlers crowned World Cup champions
Iran wrestling team claimed the title of the 2011 Greco-Roman World Cup held in Minsk, Belarus. The Persians defeated the world and Olympic champion Russia 4-3 in the final game of the event and won the championship for the second year in a row. - 2/22/11

Iran Arrests Son of Opposition Leader
The website of Iranian opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi says the country's security forces have arrested one of his sons and tried to arrest a second son. - 2/22/11

Iran: Massive Production of False News and News Clips
The media deputy of Iran's state-run radio and television network (IRIB) or the logistic branch of the cyber division has recently boosted its activities. The cyber division was launched about nine months ago and it is tasked with disrupting the media world through the production and distribution of fake news and news video clips. -Arash Motamed, Rooz - 2/22/11

Virginia: IP Society of Iranian Americans Nowrooz Ball 2011
Saturday, March 12th, 2011 -- USPTO IPSIA Goals: Assist the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) in promoting and effecting the full and equitable representation of its Iranian American employees by enhancing their career and professional development and publicizing their contributions, accomplishments, and capabilities - 2/22/11

Iranian establishment eyes elimination of moderate cleric
Moderate cleric, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani will be eliminated from the Assembly of Experts in the next elections, an aide to Iran's Revolutionary Guards announced. -Zamaneh - 2/22/11

'They've Put Batons Instead Of Books In The Hands Of People's Children'
The following are excerpts from the account, obtained by RFE/RL, of a 25-year-old female student in Tehran of the scattered protests that took place in Tehran on February 20 --- Around 3 p.m., two friends and I started walking from Haft-e Tiro Square toward Vali Asr square. Basij forces and [riot police] were everywhere. Their number was increasing as we got closer to Enghelab square. - 2/22/11

Reports: Iranian Naval Ships Enter Suez Canal
Reports say two Iranian naval ships have entered the Suez Canal. It is the first time Iranian naval vessels have gone through the canal since Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution. - 2/22/11

Egyptians should not allow enemies to misdirect revolution: Iran's Supreme Leader
Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has said that the Egyptian people should not allow the enemies to misdirect their revolution. The Leader made the remarks in Tehran on Sunday during a meeting with a number of Muslim scholars who were attending the 24th International Islamic Unity Conference. -MNA - 2/22/11

Statement by Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lawrence Cannon, on Iran to House of Commons
Due to the popular demonstrations in Iran in support of democracy, John Weston, MP, the Canadian Government Liaison to the Persian and Iranian communities, as well as Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs joined other members of Parliament on Wednesday night (Feb 16, 2011) in an emergency debate. -Salam Toronto - 2/22/11

'Outraged' UN Chief Tells Libya's Gadhafi to Stop Violence
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says he is "outraged" by Libya's deadly crackdown on anti-government protesters, and told Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to stop the violence "immediately." - 2/22/11

Secular Prayer
I pray to all Gods of all religions in the world to let the people of all states live in peace and do not divide them according to self-centered religions. I pray to all Gods of all religions in the world to stop claiming to have the monopoly of truth. -Bahman Aghai Diba - 2/22/11

Security forces quell opposition protests in Tehran
Official media denied reports of heavy security presence and minor skirmishes with opposition supporters, stressing that the Iranian capital was calm. But witnesses described large groups of protesters at several locations in the city and a hefty number of security forces armed with clubs, tear gas and Tasers out to thwart them. -Washington Post - 2/22/11

Widespread arrest of protesters all across Iran
Iranian opposition and human rights groups report widespread arrest of protesters in yesterday's street gatherings in Tehran and other major cities. -Zamaneh - 2/21/11

Khamenei Praises Arab Revolts As Iran Crushes Its Own Protests
Iran's Islamic regime and the opposition Green Movement have embarked on a tug-of-war to voice solidarity with the antigovernment demonstrations convulsing Arab countries, as Iran's own long-dormant protest organizations shows signs of reviving. -RFE - 2/21/11

Ex-President's Daughter Arrested at Iran Protest
The daughter of Iran's former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani was arrested in Iran for taking part in a banned opposition rally, according to state television. Rafsanjani was released a short time later amid reports that Iranian security forces were cracking down on rallies in the country. - 2/21/11

Iranian Diplomat Resigns To Join Green Movement
Ahmad Maleki, the head of Iran's consular office in Milan, has resigned his post to protest the Iranian government's "barbaric actions against the Iranian nation," RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports. - 2/21/11

Strikes Begin at Abadan Refinery: Third Phase Postponed
A strike at Abadan's oil refinery is no inconsequential event. This is the largest gasoline producing plant in Iran which also happens to be the oldest oil refinery plant in the Middle East. The strike of its workers in 1978 was consequential for the 1979 revolution that toppled the monarchy in the country. -Ardalan Sayami, Rooz - 2/21/11

Chicago - Children's Museum Norooz
March 10-13, 2011 - Celebrate Norooz, the Persian New Year. Decorate an egg, enjoy singing and dancing, and learn about the traditions of this festive holiday. - 2/21/11

Texas: The Society of Iranian American Women for Education Norouz
Saturday, March 12, 2011 - The Society of Iranian-American Women for Education(SIAWE) was established as a nonprofit charitable corporation under the laws of the state of Texas. The Society does not have any religious or political affiliation and operates by a volunteer Board of Directors and Officers through donations received from the community. - 2/21/11

Letter: Let The People Go!
This letter is in response to the articles covering the civil unrest occurring in Iran. As a citizen of and believer in democracy, I applaud the efforts of the Iranian people. Their efforts are similar to what is happening in Yemen and Algeria as well as the most recent revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia. -Joe Bialek - 2/21/11

Netanyahu Blasts Iran For Sending Ships Through Suez
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accuses Iran of exploiting Egypt's political crisis by sending two warships through the Suez Canal. Suez Canal officials in Egypt identify the ships as a frigate and a supply ship on their way to Syria. -VOA - 2/21/11

Iranian protesters reportedly shot at by security forces
A protester has been shot and killed at 7th Tir Square in central Tehran, according to several eyewitness reports on opposition websites. The news comes amid reports that protesters are gathering in several parts of the city, responding to the opposition's call to rally in commemoration of the two people killed during protests last Monday. - 2/20/11

Iranian protesters begin gathering despite heavy security presence
Opposition websites report that people are beginning to gather and chant slogans in some sections of Tehran on the date the opposition has called a protest rally in commemoration of the two people killed in the last opposition street demonstrations on Monday. - 2/20/11

The Root of the Feeling of Religiousness
Any time I leave our house and walk on the opposite pavement, and automatically remembering blood drops on them seen first last year when power-possessors began to brutally suppress the green movement, I see how 'hatred' rages again inside as all other corresponding memories of continuous inhuman violence ever since and in the past three decades and before that and since the dawn of history of us killing us automatically come to mind. -Roya Monajem, Tehran - 2/20/11

Iranian government braces for opposition rally
Security and plainclothes forces of the Islamic Republic have been deployed all across Tehran Sunday, the day the opposition had called a rally to commemorate the two men killed during the protests of February 14. - 2/20/11

Iranian state news agency warns against armed confrontations
Fars news agency linked to Iran's Revolutionary Guards has issued reports claiming that "monafeghin and seditionists" are planning armed confrontations against the Islamic Republic regime today. --- Meanwhile, plainclothes security and Basij keep firing on unarmed protesters - 2/20/11

Home of Iranian opposition leader sealed with iron bars
Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard At the threshold of the next proposed anti-government demonstrations, security forces have begun sealing the entrance of the Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard's home with an iron gate. -Zamaneh - 2/20/11

Iran: People Rally In Ardakan In Support Of Opposition Leader Mohammad Khatami
More than a thousand youth marched in the city of Ardakan on Thursday (February 17, 2011) to express their unwavering support for former President Mohammad Khatami (who is now considered one of the leaders of the Green opposition movement). - 2/20/11

Press TV, Mouthpiece Of Iranian Regime, Spewing Lies About The Opposition
Press TV, a news network wholly funded by the Iranian regime, is proving that it's real mission is propagating the lies and propaganda of the ruling establishment. This is especially evident in the coverage of Iranian opposition where Press TV reports are void of any objective reporting and prove that this news agency is acting solely as a mouthpiece of the regime. -Ali Moayedian - 2/20/11

Iranian Family Drama Wins at Berlin Film Festival
The Iranian drama "Nader and Simin: A Separation" won the Golden Bear award for the best picture and also picked up the best actor and actress prizes at the Berlin Film Festival Saturday. - 2/20/11

Persian Letters: Inside The Mind Of Iran's Basij
Here is an account of the February 14 anti-government protest in Tehran from a member of Iran's Basij force. The Basiji posted the account on his blog, Trench of the Strategic Battle, and we have translated some excerpts -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 2/20/11

German FM Visits Iran
"Iran and Germany can play an influential and constructive role in the region and cooperate on regional and international developments," Salehi said in a press conference with German counterpart Guido Westerwelle in Tehran on Saturday. -ISNA - 2/20/11

Iran Opposition Plans New Protest Sunday
Iran's opposition has invited Iranians to attend a protest rally in Tehran and other cities on February 20 to mark a week since the deaths of two people in earlier demonstrations. - 2/19/11

Iran cuts off opposition leaders from all outside contact
Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi and his wife Zahra Rahnavard lost their last link to the outside world today when their personal guards were dismissed by the Islamic Republic security forces. Kaleme website reports that the house arrest of these two opposition leaders has become complete, with no direct news of the couple in the past three days. - 2/19/11

Persian Letters: 'They Kill People's Children, Then They Pray'
Opposition websites have posted calls for nationwide protests on February 20 to commemorate the two students who were killed in the February 14 protest in Tehran. The opposition group called the Coordinating Council of the Green Path of Hope said the rallies are also intended to show "decisive support" for the stance taken by opposition leaders Mir Hossein Musavi and Mehdi Karrubi. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 2/19/11

Iranians in exile demonstrate in support of protests in Iran
Several Iranian councils and associations based outside Iran have organized solidarity gatherings to take place today and tomorrow in support of the people's protests in Iran. - 2/19/11

North Carolina: Persian Cultural Center of North Carolina Norooz Celebrations
The Persian Cultural Center of North Carolina (PCC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and celebration of Iran's rich cultural heritage. The PCC serves the needs of the families and friends of hundreds of Iranian, Afghan, and Tajik families living in central North Carolina. - 2/19/11

Iran Opposition Raises Stakes
Iran's opposition called for another nationwide demonstration on Sunday, and raised the stakes by openly labeling the struggle as a fight against "a religious dictatorship." The statement, endorsed by leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, appears to lay out the opposition's goal more clearly after tens of thousands of supporters took to the streets Monday calling for regime change. -Farnaz Fassihi, WSJ - 2/19/11

Historic Shush Castle ceiling partially collapses
Part of the Shush Castle, a monument located near Susa in Shushtar in Khuzestan Province, has collapsed. - 2/19/11

Bahrain Continues Violent Crackdown on Protesters
Bahrain's main hospital has been flooded with patients after security forces opened fire on anti-government demonstrators. Fifty-five people are reported injured, seven of them are said to be in critical condition. Witnesses said the demonstrators were performing Friday prayers at Manama's Pearl Roundabout when shots began to ring out. - 2/19/11

Egypt allows Iranian warships transit Suez Canal
Egypt has agreed to allow two Islamic Republic warships to transit through the Suez Canal. This is the fist time since the the Islamic Republic was established that Iranian naval ships have been allowed to use the Suez Canal. Hosni Mubarak's government had always refused Iran's requests. - 2/19/11

Iran issues final verdict for two Germans
Iran issued final verdict for the two Germans on Saturday. A branch of Iranian Islamic Revolution Court proclaimed the two Germans' sentence can be commuted under Islamic compassion. - 2/19/11

Karroubi's latest message from under house arrest: "Be brave and hold a public trial for us"
In a message sent to Deutsche Welle via his adviser Mojtaba Vahedi, Mehdi Karroubi referred to the recent declarations by the ruling government in the aftermath of the February 14th, 2011 [25 Bahman 1389] demonstrations as "bogus" and demanded that he be put on trial "in a court similar to the infamous trials in which Khosro Golesorkhi and Mahmoud Taleghani were put on trial during the reign of the Shah of Iran." - 2/18/11

Government-Backed 'Day of Hate' In Tehran
A government-sponsored demonstration being held in Tehran's Enghelab Square is providing regime supporters the opportunity to counter opposition activists, who this week staged their first sizeable street protests in months. Similar rallies are also taking place in other Iranian cities, state television reported. - 2/18/11

Iran: Deep Concerns Regarding Well-Being Of Opposition Leader And His Wife
According to reports from Jaras, as of Tuesday February 15th, and after Mir Hossein Mousavi published a short statement thanking the noble citizens of Iran for their extensive presence in the February 14th rallies, Mousavi's residence has been completely surrounded by security officers, and he remains incommunicado. Even his daughters have no news of him and his wife Dr. Zahra Rahnavard. - 2/18/11

Iran arrests managers of two websites
Iran has arrested the directors and technical managers of two websites, Aftabnews and Fararu. Jaras opposition website reports both websites have been accused of publishing "falsehoods" about the Bahman 25 (February 14) demonstrations. - 2/18/11

Jailed Iranian Baha'i Leaders Moved To Ward With Dangerous Prisoners
Seven Baha'i religious leaders jailed in Iran have been transferred to a section of their prison where dangerous prisoners are kept, RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports. - 2/18/11

Iranian Association of Boston Celebrates Norouz 1390
Saturday, March 19, 2011 - Established in 1989, The Iranian Association of Boston (IAB) is a non-political, non-religious organization and has no affiliation with any political or religious organization. The Iranian Association of Boston is dedicated to promoting the cultural and social understanding of Iran. - 2/18/11

Iran tells Bahrain to respond to people's demands while threatening Iranian opposition!
On the one hand Iranian government is pressing Bahrain to respond to the people's demands for change, and on the other is unleashing security forces on the Iranian opposition trying to hold peaceful demonstrations. Iranian opposition leaders, referred to as the "seditionists" by the government, are also being threatened with trials and executions. - 2/18/11

'Anonymous' Hackers Help Iranian Activists Fight The Regime
That's the inscrutable "voice" of international Internet collective Anonymous, a shadowy organization that has carried out a number of attacks on websites worldwide. In recent days, with Iranians taking to the streets to protest against the government, the country's Islamic authorities have boosted their censorship efforts in a bid to crush opposition activity online. -Kristin Deasy, Hannah Kaviani, RFE - 2/18/11

Key cleric wants house arrest for Iranian opposition leaders
During a Friday prayer sermon in Tehran, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati said that prosecuting the opposition leaders was not "expedient" at this time. Instead, he said that former presidential candidates Mehdi Karroubi and Mir Hossein Mousavi must be "cut off" from the world. -Thomas Erdbrink, Washington Post - 2/18/11

Virginia: Nowrooz Bazaar to benefit children
Sunday, March 13, 2011 - This Program is presented by Washington DC Council of Save The Children. %100 of profit from the sales will be donated to children in need. All your donations are Tax deductible as permitted by IRS. - 2/18/11

Seeking justice for two Canadians in Iran
Toronto vigil raises awareness of falsely imprisoned Malekpour, Ghassemi-Shall: Accounts given by Evin prisoners in Tehran are all more-or-less similar: phoney charges, brutal torture to extract false testimony, and summary processes that often end in death-sentences - often executed quietly. --Corriere Tandem - 2/18/11

Thousands Attend Funerals of Protests Victims in Bahrain
Thousands of mourners have gathered in villages outside Bahrain's capital, Manama, to bury the victims of Thursday's crackdown on anti-government protests. During funeral rites for the victims, the mourners chanted slogans calling for the overthrow of the government. - 2/18/11

U.S. Investigating If Venezuela Sent Gasoline To Iran
The U.S. State Department is investigation information that Venezuela violated U.S. sanctions by sending gasoline to Iran. -RFE - 2/18/11

Iranain oppositon issues another rally call
Iranian opposition groups today called on people to join a rally on February 20 commemorating the seventh day of the passing of the two people killed during the protests of Bahman 25 (February 14). - 2/17/11

Protesters Say Two 'Green Martyrs' Hijacked In Iran
Sanee Zhaleh and Mohammad Mokhtari, the two young Iranians who were shot dead in the February 14 protests, are now being referred to as "Green martyrs," along with about 70 other citizens who lost their lives in the 2009 protests over the disputed reelection of President Mahmud Ahmadinejad. Members of the Green Movement have accused the Iranian establishment of stealing the bodies of the two men in an attempt to depict them as government supporters who were killed by the opposition. - Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 2/17/11

Iran arrests brother of student killed in Iranian protests
Ghaneh Jaleh, brother of Saleh Jaleh, the man killed during Monday's mass protests in Tehran, was arrested after giving a telephone interview to foreign media about his brother. - 2/17/11

Moderate cleric, Hashemi, deriled by Iranian hardliners
Two days after the Bahman 25 (February 14) protests, supporters of Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran's Supreme Leader, were shown on national TV chanting slogans in Qom calling for the death of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani. The moderate cleric is the chairman of Iran's two major governing bodies, the Assembly of Experts and the Expediency Council. -Zamaneh - 2/17/11

Farhang Foundation's First Ever Nowruz (Iranian New Year) Celebration in Orange County
Farhang Foundation announced today that, for the first time since its inception in 2008, it will host a Nowruz (Iranian New Year) celebration on Saturday, March 12, 2011 from 1pm to 4pm in Orange County at Samueli Theater at Segerstrom Center for the Arts (previously called the Orange County Performing Arts Center), located at 615 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. - 2/17/11

Iranian judiciary says opposition leaders must stand trial
Iranian media quote GholamHosein Mohseni Ejei, Iran's prosecutor, saying the protests of February 14 were "seditious activities of the U.S. and the Zionist regime," calling them an extension of the "seditious movement" of the past year. - 2/17/11

Iran: Rafsanjani Viewed as the Axis of Sedition
As the March 8th and 9th session of Iran's Assembly of Experts on Leadership approaches, posturing against its chairman, veteran politician Hashemi Rafsanjani is on the rise. Some even openly speak of the need to replace him. One member of the 86-man body that is constitutionally charged with monitoring the work of Iran's supreme leader and can remove the leader or elect a new one told reporters that Rafsanjani was the "axis of the seditionists" and added that people even booed some of the Assembly members. -Mahshid Boroomand, Rooz - 2/17/11

Iran: Government targets family of opposition leader
Iranian security forces tried last night to arrest Hossein Karroubi, the son of opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi. Saham News reports that 20 people swarmed the home of Hossein Karroubi on Tuesday night. They reportedly broke down the door and began destroying the property. -Zamaneh - 2/17/11

Michigan: The University of Michigan's Norooz Show
Saturday, March 19, 2011 - Come celebrate the New Year (Norooz)!! Hosted by MTV star and stand-up comedian K-von, the show will include performances by talented Michigan students as well as a performance by the highly acclaimed and extremely talented classical guitarist, Lily Afshar. - 2/17/11

New York - Iranian American Society of New York Nowruz Gala
Saturday March 19, 2011 -Join the Iranian American Society of New York and Kamran for Nowruz Gala - 2/17/11

Bahrain's Security Forces Crack Down on Protesters
Security forces firing tear gas, percussion grenades and rubber bullets moved into the square before dawn, attacking the mostly Shi'ite protesters - including women and children - who had occupied the area since Tuesday. Witnesses say at least four people have been killed. Many injured people were rushed to local hospitals. -VOA - 2/17/11

Belarus Considers Scrapping Car Production With Iran
First Deputy Prime Minister Uladzimer Syamashka told parliament today that since the beginning of the Belarusian-Iranian project five years ago, only 1,000 Samand cars had been assembled in Belarus. Syamashka said the car's quality was considered to be mediocre and it was overpriced. - 2/17/11

Clashes In Iran As Regime Backers Call For Execution Of Opposition Leaders
Violence erupted on the streets of Tehran today during the funeral of a student who was shot dead during an antigovernment protest on February 14. Witnesses told RFE/RL's Radio Farda that supporters of President Mahmud Ahmadinejad's regime interrupted a funeral march for the student, a Sunni Kurd named Sanee Zhaleh. - 2/16/11

Iranian Opposition Leaders Mousavi and Karroubi Address The Nation Following Feb 14 Rally
Following the demonstrations by opposition supporters on Februrary 14 in Tehran and other cities in Iran, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi in short statements congratulated the Iranian nation and and strongly condemned the violence that led to the martyrdom and injury of a number of citizens. They also emphasized that the most valuable pride of the Green Movement is in its independence and its reliance on the great power of the people. - 2/16/11

Iran: Call By University Students To Attend Funeral Of The Feb 14 Green Martyr
In protest to the lies spread by the government propaganda machine regarding Green Martyr - Sane' Zhaleh, member of the public council of the Islamic Association of Tehran University Art School who was directly shot and killed by security forces on Feb 14, 2011 when he was attending the peaceful demonstration- Zhaleh's classmates called on students to attend the funeral ceremony of this Green martyr - 2/16/11

In Iran, Call For Opposition Leaders' Executions Sign Of 'Panic'
The scene from Iran's parliament on February 15, the day after large antigovernment protests, could have been mistaken for a street demonstration itself. Parliamentary deputies shouted, "Musavi and Karrubi should be executed!" and "Death to Karrubi, Musavi, and Khatami." -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 2/16/11

Prominent Iranian Activists, Students Among Detained
Well-known Iranian political figures, activists, and journalists are among those being held in Tehran following antigovernment protests on February 14, RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports - 2/16/11

NIAC Applauds Senate Call for Human Rights Monitor
NIAC applauds Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) and 23 other Senators who today called for the Obama Administration to work with the international community to establish an independent U.N. human rights monitor on Iran when the U.N. Human Rights Council convenes this March. - 2/16/11

"Pro-Democracy" Movements Breaking Out All Over? Don't Kid Yourselves!
Do you still believe that the demonstrations in the Islamic and Arab world have anything to do with "democracy", or that the United States actually supports movements toward self-determination and democratic reforms in the region? -Kam Zarrabi - 2/16/11

Obama Warns Autocratic Rulers: 'World Is Changing'
U.S. President Barack Obama has sent a warning to autocratic rulers that they cannot maintain their hold on power through coercion and must recognize the "world is changing." In a wide-ranging and unscheduled press conference in Washington, Obama addressed the growing democracy movement across the Middle East and spoke directly to the presidents, prime ministers, and monarchs who are facing the wrath of their citizens. -RFE - 2/16/11

New Jersey: Banou's Annual Nowruz Gala 2011
Friday, March 11, 2011 - Join Banou organization's Nowruz 2011 Gala for cocktail, dinner, and prizes. Musical guest is Bijan Mortazavi. - 2/16/11

Khamenei Meets with Mesbah: Fifth Trip to Qom in 2 Months
Sites close to the ruling Principlists report that Iran's leader ayatollah Khamenei went to Qom for the fifth time in two months after his ten-day visit in December, this time to meet with ultra-conservative cleric Mesbah Yazdi. -Arash Bahmani, Rooz - 2/16/11

Fuel Troubles in Iran
Tehran says it is becoming self-sufficient in petrol, in the hope of warding off the pain of further economic sanctions. But the effort has many detractors inside Iran, who say the method chosen - making petrol out of chemicals rather than crude oil - is uneconomic and environmentally unfriendly. -IWPR - 2/16/11

Music: Hotel California dedicated to Eagles by Farhad Besharati
Farhad Besharati is a Persian Kanun player who fuses traditional Persian music with contemporary flair. A Kanun is Persian instrument that looks very much like an autoharp, often used in Appalachian folk music, but sounds more like a cross between a mandolin and the Greek balalaika, with 78 strings and 30 notes. - 2/16/11

Reformist MPs urge Iranian establishment to execise tolerance
The reformist lawmakers of the Iranian parliament are urging the establishment to exercise tolerance and open mindedness in dealing with the "peaceful critics" of the government. -Zamaneh - 2/16/11

Iran's Leadership Cracks Down
In Aftermath of Protests, State Makes More Arrests, as White House Sharpens Support of the Opposition. -Farnaz Fassihi, WSJ - 2/16/11

One Killed As Antigovernment Protesters Clash With Security Forces In Iran
Reports from Iran say one person was shot and killed as police moved to break up antigovernment demonstrations in the capital, Tehran, on February 14. Eyewitnesses have told RFE/RL that thousands of protesters answered calls from the opposition to turn out for a banned rally in support of the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. - 2/15/11

Iran Confirms Arrest of 1500 Protesters
The Iranian judiciary today announced the names of 1,500 people arrested in yesterday's demonstrations and transferred to Evin Prison, the Human Rights Reporters Committee reports. -Zamaneh - 2/15/11

Iranian opposition reaffirms demand for change
Opposition supporters reportedly persisted in the streets of Tehran until 11 pm on Monday night and in various locations shouts of "Allah-o-Akbar" were heard from rooftops in protest to the hardline government until late hours of the night. -Zamaneh - 2/15/11

Video Roundup of February 14 Protests in Iran
Despite the harsh filtration and censorship of cyberspace in Iran, dozens of videos have already been posted documenting the protests in Iran's major cities on February 14. While it is impossible to verify their authenticity, the apparel of the protesters and the weather shown in the videos is in accordance with Iran's forecast for Monday. Eyewitness accounts and major news networks confirm the likely authenticity of these videos. - 2/15/11

Iran: Stop Attacks on Peaceful Demonstrators
Iranian security forces should stop using teargas and batons to disperse peaceful crowds gathered in support of the popular movements in Egypt and Tunisia, Human Rights Watch said today. The authorities should also release opposition leaders and activists arbitrarily detained, and permit the free flow of communications channels, Human Rights Watch said. - 2/15/11

Iranian MPs call for execution of opposition leaders
Iranian lawmakers called for the execution of opposition leaders MirHosein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi after tens of thousands of people responded to their rally call with widespread demonstrations in major Iranian cities yesterday. - 2/15/11

Virginia - Moms Against Poverty Norouz Dinner and Fundraiser
Saturday, March 12, 2011 -Join us for an evening filled with fun, music, dancing and delicious food celebrating Norouz while raising funds to support childeren living in poverty in Iran, US, Cambodia and Afghanistan. - 2/15/11

Tehran Beats Back New Protests
In Year's Biggest Rally, Iranians Seek Spiritual Head's Ouster -- Iranian police used tear gas and electric prods to crack down on the country's biggest antigovernment protests in at least a year, as demonstrators buoyed by activism across the Middle East returned to the country's streets by the tens of thousands Monday. -Farnaz Fassihi, WSJ - 2/15/11

Iran to launch satellites into space mid 2011
Iran said it intends to launch three satellites into space mid 2011 as it unveiled further details on its launch program. - 2/15/11

Carlos Queiroz rejects Iran job
Portuguese Carlos Queiroz turned down an offer to become head coach of Iran football team on Monday night. Former Portugal coach was expected to sign a three-year contract with Iran but snubbed the offer. - 2/15/11

The Egyptian Transition to a Democratic Future
The revolts in Tunisia and Egypt will go down the history as two of the fastest and easiest "revolutions" of all times! It is almost certain that the US was instrumental in bringing the rapid change, and this is good news for people and bad news for dictators. -Hooshang Amirahmadi - 2/15/11

Turkish president says leaders must heed popular demands
Turkish President Abdollah Gul, speaking today during an official visit to Tehran, said all the countries of the region should heed the demands of their people. - 2/15/11

Clinton Says It's Time For Iran To 'Open Up'
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has hailed the "courage" and "aspirations" of antigovernment protesters in Iran, after thousands of them took to the streets of several Iranian cities. - 2/15/11

Mohsen Namjoo not permitted for a concert in Malaysia
Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture not allow controversial concert singer from Iran, Mohsen Namjoo is scheduled to be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), this Friday. -Allvoices - 2/15/11

Iranian protesters persist in streets of major cities
Iranian protesters continue going to the streets of Tehran trying to gather and gain momentum despite widespread deployment of security forces all across the city and reports of violent confrontations between the people and the riot police. Tens of thousands of Iranians responded to a rally call issued by the opposition leaders, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi who have been prevented by seucirty forces from leaving their homes to join the demonstrations. - 2/14/11

Iranian Protests Continue After Nightfall
Videos from Tehran reveal that protesters have remained in the streets past nightfall, gathering around garbage bins set on fire and chanting anti-government slogans, Zamaneh reports. - 2/14/11

Iranians brave the streets despite heavy security
Eyewitness reports given to Zamaneh indicate that large buses with drawn curtains are parked around Valiasr Square, a central thoroughfare in Tehran, and security forces are brandishing clubs and batons to intimidate Iranain protesters who have braved the streets despite heavy security deployment all across Tehran. - 2/14/11

Witnesses: Hundreds March In Iranian Opposition Rallies
Witnesses in Tehran say security forces today blocked hundreds of Iranians who were marching toward a main square in a banned rally supporting popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia. Demonstrators were marching toward Azadi Square, a traditional rallying point for protests. Crowds of protesters were also seen at key areas of the capital, such as Haft-e Tir Square, Karim Khan Avenue, and Ferdowsi Square. - 2/14/11

Iran police fire tear gas at opposition rally in Tehran
Iranian police have fired tear gas at opposition demonstrators gathering in central Tehran in support of the protests in Egypt. A BBC producer in the Iranian capital, who was affected by the gas, described central Tehran as "total chaos". -BBC - 2/14/11

Iranian police put Mousavi and Rahanavard under house arrest
Police have blocked all access to the home of Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi and his wife Zahra Rahnavard to prevent them from joining the proposed opposition rally today. - 2/14/11

What's your Iranian-American object portraiture?
Dualism is part of my thesis project exploring the identity of Iranian-Americans through the use of object portraiture. The idea is to better understand the Iranian-American demographic through the objects that we keep around and associate as part of our identity. - 2/14/11

Iranian student organizations lend support to opposition rally
Iranian student organization, Advar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat has announced its support of the "leaders of the Green Movement" and the Bahman 25 demonstrations on Monday. -Zamaneh - 2/14/11

The Egyptian uprising has a universal message -- Utlimate outcome is unpredictable
The struggle for freedom in Egypt is a recent reminder of the profound message that democracy is not only for a country, a nation, a race, a religion or a culture. It is for humanity everywhere. -R.K. RAMAZANI - 2/14/11

Impact of the Egypt Revolution on Iran's Protest Movement
The success of Egyptian people in ousting Hosni Mubarak after only 18 days of peaceful protests has inspired a new political awareness in other Arab countries but its consequences will not be limited to the Arab world. A few days before Mubarak's departure the Iran's Green Movement leaders asked the government for permission to orchestrate a demonstration in solidarity with the Egyptian people on February 14. -Nader Habibi - 2/14/11

Iran, Turkey agree to increase trade ties to $30B
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced on Monday that the value of trade ties between Iran and Turkey will reach 30 billion dollars during Iranian calendar year 1390, which begins on March 21. Ahmadinejad made the remarks during a press conference with his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul, who arrived in Tehran on Sunday for a four-day official visit. - 2/14/11

U.S. State Department Tweets In Farsi
The U.S. State Department started sending Twitter messages in Farsi aimed at reaching Iranian social media users on February 13. - 2/14/11

Valentine's Day Not Loved in Many Areas of the World
Monday marks the celebration of Valentine's Day by much of the world. But it is a celebration that is drawing protests in some areas. Valentine's Day has been outlawed in Iran as well. Officials say they will take action against those who ignore the ban. - 2/14/11

Northern California: Ballet Afsaneh - Persian New Year Celebration in Fresno
Saturday, March 26, 2011 - Afsaneh Art & Culture Society in collaboration with the Iranian Culture and Art Club of Fresno is thrilled to present Jashne Norouz - Persian New Year Celebration. An unforgettable evening of exquisite Persian Music and Dance, unlocking hidden treasures from an ancient past. - 2/14/11

Iranian Opposition Renews Rally Call
Iranian opposition has renewed its call for people to rally on Monday in support of the recent Arab uprisings and "to protest the increasing illegal restrictions" against opposition leaders Mehdi Karroubi and MirHosein Mousavi. - 2/13/11

In the Language of Literature, Torn Between English and Persian
Many Iranian-American writers count themselves as bilingual, but most choose one language or the other as their primary tool. -Jeff Baron, - 2/13/11

Reformists say only change can guarantee continuity of Islamic Republic
An Iranian reformist group says heeding the popular demands for reform can "save the regime from collapse and degeneration." The Islamic Iran Participation Front issued a statement on Norooz website today saying that by supporting fair elections and rejecting military interference, the people are focusing on reforms that will guarantee the longevity of the system. -Zamaneh - 2/13/11

Northern California: Nowruz at Oakland East Bay Symphony
Friday, March 18, 2011 -- In March 2008, we celebrated Persian New Year with a concert featuring music and artists from this part of the world, along with brilliant works from the Western classical tradition. The concert was so well-received we've decided to return to Persia this season, once again in time to celebrate Persian New Year, Nowruz. - 2/13/11

Photos: Prototypes of Iranian satellite Navid and Zafar
Head of Iran's satellite research center of Science and Industry University said on Saturday Navid (promise) satellite is to be launched in mid 2011. Hossein Bolandi said," space version of Navid satellite is made and is ready to be delivered to launcher. It will be launched in mid 2011. " - 2/13/11

Photos: World's Strongest Men competition in Qeshm, Iran
World's Strongest Men competition was held in Iranian island of Qeshm in Persian Gulf where 12 sportsmen from 10 foreign countries and 3 Iranian sportsmen competed for the titles. -Mohsen Rezaei - 2/13/11

Iran Opens Office For Media Violations Ahead Of Opposition Protest
Iran's official news agency IRNA has reported that the government has established a special prosecutor's office for those in the media and cultural fields found violating the country's strict Islamic codes of behavior. - 2/13/11

Egyptian Revolution Stirs Raw Emotions in Iran
The reign of Egypt's Hosni Mubarak collapsed on the anniversary of the Iranian revolution. It's an irony not lost to Iranians obsessively following the uprising in Egypt and drawing parallels to two popular uprisings in their own nation-the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the 2009 pro-democracy protests. -Farnaz Fassihi, WSJ - 2/13/11

Southern California: Child Foundation 10th Annual Norooz Bazaar
Sunday, March 13, 2011, Hilton Hotel/Orange County Airport -- Enjoy children's activities, face painting, Haji Firooz, and DJ. Free Admission. - 2/13/11

Thousands in Streets of Algiers Demanding Change of Government
Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Algeria's capital and other main cities demanding the government's ouster, mirroring protests in fellow North African countries Egypt and Tunisia. - 2/13/11

Walking on a Dream -- Alone Across Iran
10 kilometers outside of Tehran city limits the landscape changes abruptly from mountains to low rolling hills. I climbed the red dirt slopes, sinking at times up to my knees in the soft powdery sand. By the middle of the day it was hot and walking across the open plain sweat dripped from my nose and soaked my clothes. -Mark Kalch, Huffington Post - 2/13/11

Vietnam in talks with Iran for $1.2B oil contract
A domestic consortium and Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam) may sign a $1.2 billion worth of contract for developing the third phase of Darkhovin oilfield in southwest Iran - 2/13/11

Abbasi Davani Appointed Iran Nuclear Chief
In a decree issued on Monday, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appointed Fereydoun Abbasi Davani, who survived a bomb attack on November 29, as director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI). -MNA - 2/13/11

Security measures stepped up across Iran to stifle protests
Iran has stepped up security measure as the opposition march proposed for February 14 draws near. Opposition websites report that the government has blocked Google searches of the word "Bahman." -Zamaneh - 2/12/11

Iran: Government Tightens Grip to Prevent Planned Demonstration on Monday
The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran called for the immediate release of dozens of journalists and dissidents who have been arbitrarily detained in an apparent effort to intimidate Iranians from participating in a 14 February rally in solidarity with the Egyptian pro-democracy movement. - 2/12/11

Iran's head of Guardian Council flaunts control over elections
Ahmad Jannati, the hardline cleric in charge of Iran's Guardian Council, announced today that the Council "will not allow unsavoury individuals to attain the smallest position in the country," regardless of their popularity. -Zamaneh - 2/12/11

Open Letter from Jafar Panahi to Berlin Film Festival
The world of a filmmaker is marked by the interplay between reality and dreams. The filmmaker uses reality as his inspiration, paints it with the color of his imagination, and creates a film that is a projection of his hopes and dreams. - 2/12/11

White House Says Iranian Government 'Scared' By Egypt Upheaval
The White House says Iran's censoring of foreign news reports on the unrest in Egypt shows how the authorities in Tehran fear their own people. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the Iranian government was "scared of the will of its people." - 2/12/11

Supporters of Committee to Protect Journalists urge Iran to end crackdown
As Iran marks the 32ndanniversary of the country's revolution on February 11, the Committee to Protect Journalists and more than 1,000 press freedom supporters delivered a clear message to Iranian Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei today: Free your country's imprisoned journalists. - 2/12/11

'Alarming' Rise In Executions In Iran Raises Concern
Zohreh Eftekhari hopes her husband, prisoner Saeed Malekpour, will not become yet another victim of what has been described by human rights activists as "Iran's execution binge." -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 2/12/11

A Tyrant's Exit. A Nation's Joy
Everyone suddenly burst out singing. And laughing, and crying, and shouting and praying, kneeling on the road and kissing the filthy tarmac right in front of me, and dancing and praising God for ridding them of Hosni Mubarak -Robert Fisk, Independent - 2/12/11

Iran beats U.S. hockey team
Iran defeated the U.S. in the 2011 Men's Indoor Hockey World Cup in Poznan, Poland. - 2/12/11

Northern California: 14th annual Norouz Show at UC Davis
Sunday, March 6, 2011 -- The Iranian Student Cultural & Aesthetic Organization (ISCAO) invites you to join us for an unforgettable evening of Iranian music and dancing performed by UC Davis Students. - 2/12/11

Report: Stuxnet Hit 5 Gateway Targets on Its Way to Iranian Plant
Attackers behind the Stuxnet computer worm focused on targeting five organizations in Iran that they believed would get them to their final target in that country, according to a new report from security researchers. -Wired - 2/12/11

Vancouver: Canadian Iranian Foundation Norouz Gala and Bazzar
Sunday March 13, 2011 -- The Canadian Iranian Foundation & North Vancouver Recreation Commission proudly present: THE 4th ANNUAL SPRING FESTIVAL - 2/12/11

Gap Widens Between U.S. and Arab World
Arab public opinion will become increasingly difficult for the United States to favourably influence in light of recent regional unrest, according to experts speaking at a conference organized by the Brookings Institute on Wednesday. -IPS - 2/12/11

A Celebration of Two Cultures
For the first time, Chinese and Persian community organizations collaborate on a performance that celebrates New Year's traditions of both cultures -Cupertino Patch - 2/12/11

Iran Steps Up Pressure On Opposition
Iranian authorities have stepped up pressure on the opposition with more arrests as the February 14 march proposed by opposition leaders draws closer. - 2/11/11

Neoconservative Film Makes Case for Crippling Sanctions, Military Action against Iran
"Iran is at war with the United States, and we are not responding," declared Michael Ledeen at the February 8th screening of a new film, Iranium, on Capitol Hill. The film calls for "crippling sanctions" against Iran and asserts that "if economic pressure is not successful then military force may be utilized." -Todd Ruffner, NIAC - 2/11/11

"Revolutions" in the Middle East: Seeing and Seeing As
In his 1969 book Perception & Discovery: An Introduction to Scientific Inquiry, the philosopher of science N.R. Hanson has a chapter entitled "Seeing and Seeing As." In it he presents a famous example of gestalt switch, a funny looking picture which could be construed as either a bunny rabbit or a duck. -Sasan Fayazmanesh - 2/11/11

Washington: Nowruz, A Persian New Year Celebration at Smithsonian
Dance, play, and feast your way into the Persian New Year at the Freer and Sackler. The museums' third annual Nowruz celebration features attractions for all ages, including elaborate haft-sin tables displaying auspicious New Year's items; chess and backgammon, a game invented in ancient Persia; "fire" jumping. - 2/11/11

Iran's Guardian Council promises healthy elections, minus the opposition!
Iran's Guardian Council says it guarantees that parliamentary elections will be held without any possibility of fraud, adding that people who protested the 2009 elections will not be eligible to run for office. - 2/11/11

Malekpour's death sentence challenged by Iran's academic community
More than 500 alumni of Sharif University and scores of other Iranian students and academics have issued an open letter protesting the death sentence of Saeed Malekpour, an Iranian web developer accused of setting up "pornographic websites." - 2/11/11

Opposition Leader's Son Posts Pictures Of Father's Bruises
Mohammad Hossein Karrubi, the son of opposition leader Mehdi Karrubi, has posted on his Facebook pages pictures of his father after he was beaten up by security forces during last year's state-sponsored demonstration marking the anniversary of the 1979 Revolution. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 2/11/11

Turkish filmmaker turns down Iranian film award in protest
Turkish filmmaker Semih Kaplanoglu is turning down an award from Iran's Fajr International Film Festival to protest the Islamic Republic's sentencing of Iranian filmmakers Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rasoulov, Iran Balkan website reports. -Zamaneh - 2/11/11

Exhibition announcement: My Super Hero, New contemporary art from Iran
Morono Kiang Gallery in Los Angeles and Aaran gallery in Tehran are pleased to announce their collaboration to present My Super Hero, an exhibition of new works by Iranian contemporary artists. My Super Hero will open simultaneously in Tehran and Los Angeles on Saturday, March 5, 2011. - 2/11/11

Egypt Uprising Draws Comparisons With Iran
On Friday Iran will mark the anniversary of its Islamic revolution. Thirty-two years on, world leaders are reassessing their relations with Egypt in the wake of the anti-government protests there, with some wondering whether it will follow a similar path to Iran. But many observers say the Egyptian protesters are not motivated by religion. - 2/11/11

European Leaders, Obama Increase Pressure on Mubarak
European governments reacted with a mix of concern and impatience to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's refusal to immediately leave office. Also, The White House delivered a new and stronger message as Mr. Obama and his advisers cope with developments after President Hosni Mubarak declined to step down. - 2/11/11

A Game To Remember You By: Mossadegh's Cat and the Iranian Coup
The Cat and the Coup interprets this moment of ignominy into videogame form. The game takes place during the 17-year period when Mossadegh was under house arrest. Players control Mossadegh's cat and as they move it through each environment Mossadegh is coerced into reliving all of the tragic moments of his life. -Paste - 2/11/11

Queiroz mulls over becoming Iran coach
Former Portugal coach Carlos Queiroz said he is thinking about taking charge of the Iran football team. -MNA - 2/11/11

Iran Ready To Set Up Joint TV Station With Tajikistan, Afghanistan
Iran's ambassador to Tajikistan says he has the equipment needed to open the long-planned, joint Tajik-Afghan-Iranian television station if Tajik officials will allow it to be installed, RFE/RL's Tajik Service reports. - 2/11/11

Iranian opposition leader under house arrest
Islamic Republic security forces prevented Iranian opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi from receiving his family and visitors at home today, Saham News reported. - 2/10/11

Persian New Year, Norooz 1390 - 2011 Times
Nowruz marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the Iranian year. It is celebrated on the day of the astronomical vernal equinox (the start of spring in the northern hemisphere), which usually occurs either on March 20 on March 21. - 2/10/11

Iranian Chess Grandmaster Smashes Guinness Record
Iranian chess grandmaster Ehsan Ghaem-Maghami set a new Guinness record on Tuesday. He simultaneously played against 614 opponents in Tehran's Shahid Beheshti university, scoring 590 wins, 16 draws and 8 loses for a winning percentage of over 90 percent. - 2/10/11

Iranian Regime, Fearful of Crisis and Riots, Organizes Seminars on "Future Seditions"
After issuing repeated warnings about the "future seditions" and even launching a website with this very name, the Iranian regime has embarked on organizing seminars on future protests and the city of Qom is the first stop. -Mohammad Reza Yazdanpanah, Rooz - 2/10/11

Nations should pay a high price for freedom: Iranian General
Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi says any nation like Egypt which is trying to gain independence and freedom to determine its own fate should pay a high price. "It is hard to achieve your ideals without sacrificing your life and properties," Safavi, the top military advisor to the Supreme Leader, said on Wednesday. - 2/10/11

Iranian judiciary says confrontation would turn opposition leaders into "saints"
The head of Iran's judiciary, Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani, says the Iranian opposition leaders have not been arrested, despite their alleged seditious aims, in order to avoid turning them into "saints." - 2/10/11

From Refugee to Stand-Up Queen: A Story of Unconventional Success
Zinat Pirzadeh, 41, left Iran for Sweden almost 19 years ago, fleeing from oppression and an arranged marriage. Today, she's a celebrity in her adopted country, with a dream of using her somewhat unconventional success to make changes in society. -VOA - 2/10/11

Los Angeles: Celebrating Nowruz 2011, Iranian New Year at LACMA
Farhang Foundation in collaboration with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, an art institution of international stature as well as a vital part of Southern California, are proud to host the 3rd Annual NowRuz, Iranian New Year program. - 2/10/11

Iran Guards warn opposition against rally
The Revolutionary Guards on Wednesday warned opposition leaders not to stage a rally after the anniversary of Iran's Islamic revolution, as a top official said the planned event aimed to sow division. "The seditionists (opposition leaders) are nothing but a dead corpse and we will strongly confront any of their movements," Hamedani told the state news agency IRNA. -AFP - 2/10/11

Iranian Dissident Says Planned March Will Test Regime
"Any kind of event that involves the rise of the people and the fight against dictatorship in the Muslim world and in the Arab world is in our benefit," said Mr. Karroubi, 72, speaking in Persian from his home, where he is largely isolated. -NY Times - 2/10/11

Iran stuns Russia 1-0 in football friendly
Iran has disappointed Russia in a friendly football match, as Mohammed Reza Khalatbari scored the only goal of the match at the penultimate minute. The international FIFA "A" friendly match was held in Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, Feb. 9. - 2/10/11

Springer book on fertility awarded prestigious prize in Iran
The Fertility Transition in Iran: Revolution and Reproduction has been selected as this year's winner of the World Prize for the Book of the Year of the Islamic Republic of Iran. - 2/10/11

Human Rights Watch: 300 Deaths, Massive Detentions and Abuse under Mubarak Regime Crackdown
Well, Amy, it's day 16 of the uprising in Egypt, and the protest movement seems as strong as ever. Yesterday we saw what is by some accounts the largest gathering of protesters in Tahrir. We were there yesterday. It was just absolutely packed, an ocean of people, well into the night, chanting against Mubarak -Democracy Now - 2/10/11

Anti-Iranian Rally Held In Baku
A rally has taken place in front of the Iranian embassy in Baku to protest what are widely perceived to be anti-Azerbaijani statements appearing in the Iranian media and Iran's warmer ties with Armenia, RFE/RL's Azerbaijani Service reports. - 2/10/11

Kafka in Tehran: Iranian Filmmaker Is Victim of Paranoid Regime
Director Jafar Panahi is facing six years in prison in his native Iran, where the regime feels threatened by his films such as 2006's "Offside." The organizers of the Berlin International Film Festival, which begins Thursday, have expressed their support for Panahi by including him in the jury, even though he will not be able to attend. -Spiegel - 2/10/11

Oil Minister: $150b will be invested in Iran's oil and gas industry
Iranian Oil Minister Masoud Mirkazemi said that the ministry will invest $150 billion in the oil and gas industry during the Fifth Five Year Development Plan (2010-2015). -MNA - 2/10/11

Hot or Not? A Model Turned Guru on What to Eat
YOGI CAMERON (Alborzian) thought I was hot. Which, I figured, was a flattering thing to hear from a man whose cheekbones used to earn him thousands of dollars a day. Alas, he did not mean it as a compliment. -NY Times - 2/10/11

Iran refuses opposition permission to march in support of Arab uprisings
Iran's prosecutor general says the opposition's request to hold a rally on February 14 in support of Arab uprisings is unacceptable because the opposition leaders are trying to create divisions among Iranians. - 2/9/11

Uprisings in the Region and Ignored Indicators
What are the underlying factors of the uprising in Tunisia and protests in other countries of the region? Economic problems or political dissents? Although most of the time in such a social predicament the combination of factors plays a role, however, one could ask that which one of economic or political parameter does have an upper hand?... -Ammar Maleki, Rooz - 2/9/11

New York: Persian Arts Festival Norooz Celebration
We are thrilled to present one of our most exciting lineups for our 5th Annual Norooz Celebration! Come join us on Saturday, March 26th at the 92YTribeca for an incredible evening of film, theater, poetry, art and music! - 2/9/11

A new, comedic play exploring the causes and consequences of one immigrant's misguided pursuit of the American dream - Premiering in Los Angeles on February 19, 2011 - 2/9/11

Iran: Allow Egypt, Tunisia Solidarity Rally Planned for 14 February
The Iranian Interior Ministry is obligated to issue a permit for a planned rally in support of pro-democracy demonstrators in Egypt and Tunisia, consistent with Iran's international commitments to respect the freedom of assembly and Article 27 of the Iranian Constitution, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran said today. - 2/9/11

Philippine director's "Lola" wins two Crystal Simorghs at Fajr Fest
"Lola" from the Philippines took home two Crystal Simorghs on Tuesday at the international section of the 29th Fajr Film Festival. Directed by Brillante Mendoza, the movie took the Best Film Award, and Anita Linda and Rustica Carpio shared the Best Actress Award. - 2/9/11

Demonstration planned in Washington, DC on the Anniversary of 1979 Revolution in Iran
The Solidarity Committee to Protect the Iranian People's Will joins force with other Iranians in the area in a demonstration on February 12, 2011 to demand the Islamic Republic of Iran end its execution practices and to respect its people right for freedom and equality. - 2/9/11

Ashton's remarks about Iran's nuclear program baseless: ambassador
Iran's ambassador to the United Nations, Mohammad Khazaii, said on Tuesday that the remarks by EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton about the nature of Iran's nuclear program are "baseless". - 2/9/11

Iran: 2nd phase of Darkhovin oilfield inaugurated
The second development phase of Darkhovin oilfield, in southwest Iran, officially came on stream on Tuesday. Oil Minister Masoud Mirkazemi attended the opening ceremony. -MNA - 2/9/11

China signs $13B contract to build 5000km of railways in Iran
China has signed a $13 billion contract to construct a railroad network in the Islamic Republic, Iran's Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructures Company has announced. - 2/9/11

Iran sentences people for links to Israeli foundation
The prosecutor's office in Shiraz today announced prison sentences for a group of people who "collaborated" with the Born to Freedom Foundation, an organization that offers exorbitant rewards for conclusive information that could lead to the return of Ron Arad and other Israeli soldiers missing in action. - 2/9/11

Iranian reform party welcomes February 14 rally
The Iranian reformist organization Islamic Iran Participation Front is urging people to join the February 14 rally in support of the Arab uprisings, so long as the government issues a permit. - 2/8/11

Apres-Ski in the Islamic Republic
Unlike most residents of the Iranian capital Tehran, a select few do not have to struggle to make ends meet and can afford to go skiing at the weekend on the conveniently-located slopes north of the city. -Shahrzad Miri, IWPR - 2/8/11

Photos: Illegal Pakistani Immigrants Deported from Isfahan, Iran
Iranian police rounded up Pakistani immigrants who had settled illegally in the central city of Isfahan for deportation back their home country. -Hossein Baharloo, ISNA - 2/8/11

Iran Extends Enforcement Of Islamic Penal Code, Including Stoning
Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has extended for another year enforcement of the Islamic Penal Code that mandates punishments that include stoning, RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports. - 2/8/11

IFF likely to ink contract with Carlos Queiroz
The former Portugal coach Carlos Queiroz is most likely to become the new head coach of Iran football team. - 2/8/11

Americans Deny Spying Charges in Iranian Court
Three young Americans -- two in person and one in absentia -- pleaded not guilty to spying charges as their trial began behind closed doors in a Tehran court on February 6. -RFE - 2/8/11

Rotterdam Festival Rallies Support For Iranian Filmmakers
The International Rotterdam Film Festival is rallying support for Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rasoulof, two Iranian filmmakers who have been sentenced to six years in prison and 20 years ban from filmmaking by the Islamic Republic authorities. - 2/8/11

Tehran reacts to anti-Iran documentary
Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast condemns a documentary against Tehran's nuclear program, saying Western countries resort to every possible means to harm the country's nuclear activities. - 2/8/11

Obama Says Egypt Is "Not Going Back"
President Obama says that after nearly two weeks of political unrest in Egypt, the country "is not going to go back to what it was." - 2/8/11

Iran, Turkey Aim to Triple Trade to $30 Billion
Iran and Turkey say they are planning to triple their bilateral trade to $30 billion in the next five years. The two sides reached the agreement at their 22nd annual joint economic meeting Sunday in Tehran. -VOA - 2/8/11

Dutch ambassador in Iran recalled to The Hague
Dutch News notes that some Iranian blogs and websites have said Bahrami actually died under torture, and the announced hanging was a ruse to cover up the truth. After refusing to release Bahrami's remains to her family, Iranian authorities gave her a secret burial last week and barred the family from attending. -Zamaneh - 2/8/11

Iran's 'Day of Rage'
Iranian opposition leaders Mir Hossein Musavi and Mehdi Karrubi have asked the Interior Ministry for permission to hold a rally on February 14 at Tehran's Azadi Square in support of the recent uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. A February 14 page created on Facebook is gaining members, both among Iranian expats and Iranians inside the country. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 2/7/11

Photos: Pipeline Rupture Causes Oil Slick In Persian Gulf
A pipeline rupture in Iran has caused a 20-kilometre oil slick along the shores of Persian Gulf near the port city of Deylam, Mehr news agency reported on Sunday. The spill has been blamed on an explosion in a corroded pipeline. - 2/7/11

Virginity Still a Commodity in Iran
Increasing numbers of women have premarital sex and then undergo surgery to conceal the fact from their husbands. -Negar Farshidi, IWPR - 2/7/11

Iran Unveils New Indigenous Satellites
Iran unveiled new satellites on Monday, another step in its space technology achievements which coincided with celebrations marking the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. - 2/7/11

Iranian Americans Laying the Groundwork for Community's Future
What started off as a casual conversation on the importance of preserving the Iranian culture for future generations has slowly taken shape into an organized group known as the Iranian American Community Center (IACC). -Nobar Elmi, NIAC - 2/7/11

Iranian opposition says government "fearful" of people's movement
Iranian opposition says if the Islamic Republic refuses to issue them a permit for a pro-Arab rally, it will only be proving its fear of popular movements. Ardeshir Amirarjmand, an aide to Mir Hossein Mousavi, told Jaras website that the request for demonstrations "is a test for those who keep saying the Green Movement is dead." -Zamaneh - 2/7/11

Iran: Expediency Council Issues a Warning to Ahmadinejad after he Disregards Even Impeachment
On the very day that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the impeachment of his transportation minister Hamid Behbahani "illegal," the powerful State Expediency Council led by Hashemi Rafsanjani issued a response to Ahmadinejad's complaint to the Majlis, which also contained a threat, calling the government's action unlawful. -Kayvan Bozorgmehr, Rooz - 2/7/11

Iran plans to send living creatures and humanoid into space
Explorer 4 (Kavoshgar 4) is a domestically-made scientific and research payload which is to be sent into space with the aim of transferring living creature and humanoid and getting access to the technology of designing, building and launching biological capsule and restoring the payload safely. - 2/7/11

Iran mass produces high speed ballistic missiles
Iran has mass produced smart ballistic missiles with three-fold ultrasound speed to confront naval objectives, said the Head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Mohammad Ali Jafari on Monday. - 2/7/11

30 Years Later, Praise for and Words from Former Iran Hostages
When hundreds of young Iranian activists took over the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in November 1979, the U.S. diplomats there thought they would face an uncomfortable but brief incident in a period of tense relations between the two countries. -Jeff Baron, - 2/7/11

Iran's opposition leaders hope to draw from protests in Egypt
As described by Iran's leaders, the uprising in Egypt has served as vindication of their country's Islamic revolution 32 years ago. But for the opposition here, the scenes on the streets of Cairo have brought stark reminders of their own unfinished quest for political reform. -Thomas Erdbrink, Washington Post - 2/7/11

Iranian opposition wants to rally in support of Arab uprisings
Iranian opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi are seeking government permission to stage a peaceful demonstration to express "solidarity with the people's movements in the region, especially the freedom movements of the people of Tunisia and Egypt against their oppressive regimes." - 2/6/11

Photos: Iran cloned calves Abgoun and Abgineh
Iran produced two cloned calves through freezing embryo in laboratory. The calves "Abgoun" and "Abgineh" were born in the biotechnology research center of Royan Institute. - 2/6/11

NIAC Announces Ambassador Program to Build Strong Local Iranian-American Communities
The purpose of the Ambassador Program is to provide a local liaison who will serve as a bridge between their local Iranian-American community and NIAC's national efforts based in Washington, DC, and empower local communities to form closer bonds and execute unique events. - 2/6/11

Iranian filmmakers want Panahi charges dropped
The Iranian film community has called upon the judiciary to withdraw the sentence against prominent filmmaker Jafar Panahi, who faces six years in prison and a 20-year ban from filmmaking and traveling abroad. - 2/6/11

Photos: Migratory birds return to Karun River
Recent winter rainfall has led to the return of the migratory birds to the Karun River, the only navigable river of the country, which passes through the beautiful city of Ahvaz in southwestern Khuzestan Province. -Ali Moussavinejad - 2/6/11

U.S. 'Hikers' Standing Trial In Iran
The trial in Iran of two U.S. citizens accused of espionage opened today after a delay in which the pair spent some 18 months in jail. - 2/6/11

Ahmadinejad slammed by Iran's Expediency Council
Iran's Expediency Council is accusing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of "undermining the system and instigating Iran's enemies both within and outside the country." The statement is part of the council's response to Ahmadinejad's official letter of complaint, which attacked the council's chair and the heads of the legislative and judicial branches of the government. - 2/6/11

Experts Debate Iran Options, Reject Military Confrontation
Foreign policy and non-proliferation experts convened yesterday to discuss "principled and pragmatic" solutions to dealing with Iran and agreed on one thing-going to war with Iran would be disastrous. -NIAC - 2/6/11

Iranian Warships Arrive At Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
A twelfth group of Iranian warships carrying the Islamic republic's message of peace and friendship has entered the Saudi port of Jeddah. -Press TV - 2/6/11

Emerging Space Powers
Bo on the New Space Programs of Asia, the Middle East and South-America. Introduces the origins and current status of the lesser known, yet still important, space programs of emerging countries such as Iran and Brazil - 2/6/11

Art Gallery: Afsoon, Icons of the 4 Corners
Iranian born London based artist Afsoon has re-visited the openness and innocence of the late 60s and 70s, and the blossoming of creativity and progress during that era. - 2/5/11

Iranian clergy want Khamenei to lead "International Islam"
Clergy across Iran used their Friday sermons to spread the idea of a new "international Islam" to be formed under the leadership of Iran's ruling Islamic jurist, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. -Zamaneh - 2/5/11

Stuxnet Campaign Targets Iran Nuclear Program: Official
The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) says reports that the Stuxnet malware has inflicted serious damage on Iran's first nuclear power plant are aimed at causing concerns about Tehran's nuclear program. -Press TV - 2/5/11

What Influence Does Washington Have in the Arab World?
U.S. President Barack Obama has once again called on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to begin now an orderly political transition process leading to free and fair elections. It remains to be seen what influence - if any - Washington has over developments in the Arab world in general, and in Egypt in particular. - 2/5/11

Fajr Film Festival kicks off
The Fajr International Film Festival, Iran's most important film gala, was inaugurated Friday during a ceremony held at Tehran's Milad Tower attended by hundreds of cineastes and film fans. - 2/5/11

Former U.S. Ambassador To Cairo: 'We Knew Egypt Was A Cauldron'
Daniel Kurtzer served as U.S. ambassador to Egypt from 1997 to 2001 before becoming the U.S. envoy to Israel. RFE/RL correspondent Richard Solash asked him about the U.S. response to the uprisings in Egypt and what it means for Washington's foreign policy approach to the region. - 2/5/11

Iran Navy saves ship from Hong Kong attacked by pirates
The naval forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran have thwarted an attempt by pirates to seize a commercial ship from Hong Kong in the Red Sea. -Press TV - 2/5/11

Iran blocks Yahoo and Reuters as internet speeds fall
During the massive street demonstrations that followed the last Iranian presidential elections, internet speeds were heavily reduced which the opposition attributed to government efforts to stop opposition from rallying protesters. -Zamaneh - 2/4/11

Day of Departure: Massive Demonstrations Across Egypt Aim to Oust Mubarak
Hundreds of thousands of Egyptian pro-democracy protesters have returned to Cairo's Tahrir Square in defiance of violent attacks from supporters of President Hosni Mubarak in the last two days. -Democracy Now - 2/4/11

Tehran Looks on Calmly as Arabs Protest
While the United States looks on at unrest in Egypt and other Middle Eastern states with concern, the mood among officials in Tehran is one of undisguised satisfaction. For Iran, whatever kind of change emerges from the protest has to be better than the status quo. -Ali Reza Eshraghi, IWPR - 2/4/11

Statement on Egypt with an Eye on Iran: Mousavi's First Warning About "Fall of Regime"
In his statement Mousavi says that Pharaohs heard the calls of the Egyptian people too late. His statement about what is going on in Egypt is like an allegory which could easily be applied to Iran which has been in political crisis since June 2009 presidential elections whose official results have remained widely disputed by millions of Iranians. -Mohammad Reza Yazdanpanah, Rooz - 2/4/11

Khamenei: Arab Revolts Sign Of 'Islamic Awakening'
Iran's supreme leader has said that the wave of uprisings in Arab countries is an indication of an "Islamic awakening" reminiscent of the 1979 Iranian Revolution. - 2/4/11

PAAIA Board Elects New Chair and Vice Chair
The Board of Directors of the Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA) this week elected Mr. Ali Mojdehi as Chairman and Mrs. Forough Hosseini as Vice Chairman. Mojdehi and Hosseini succeed Dr. Hamid Biglari and Dr. Firouz Naderi, who respectively served as the Board's Chair and Vice Chair for the past three years. - 2/4/11

Photos: Snow In Village Of Ziarat
Village of Ziarat is located in Golestan province of Iran. According to manan-khorasani, this village, which is a popular tourist destination, has a different culture and architecture compared to other villages in the province. -Aboutaleb Nadri - 2/4/11

A Battle for Democracy
Sharif Abdel Kouddous Reports on How Anti-Government Protesters Are Resisting the Mubarak's Regime Crackdown -Democracy Now - 2/4/11

Iranian-Canadian Web Developer in Danger of Imminent Execution
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran expressed its grave concern about the execution sentence of Saeed Malekpour, an Iranian-Canadian dual national and web developer, accused of establishing "pornographic websites." He has been reportedly tortured to confess to these charges. - 2/4/11

Jailed Iranian Blogger Denied Leave For Surgery
Hossein Ronaghi was arrested in December 2009 during the crackdown following mass protests against that summer's presidential election. He was later sentenced to 15 years in jail and is currently in Tehran's Evin prison. - 2/4/11

The Arab Revolution: Will Democracy Become Islam's Best Friend?
Millions of people in the Middle East want freedom, just as Eastern Europeans once did. Twenty years ago, the West was a role model, but it betrays its own values. In doing so, it is also strengthening its enemy: militant Islamism. -Jakob Augstein, Spiegel - 2/4/11

The Fake Moderation of America's Moderate Mideast Allies
As the Mubarak regime turns to violence in a vain attempt to repress the peaceful protests that have swept Egypt's streets for over ten days, the risks associated with current U.S. strategy for Egypt and the wider region continue to grow. -FPIF - 2/4/11

EU waives Iran visa ban, but Tehran stays silent
European Union states have agreed to waive a visa ban on Iran's foreign minister so he can attend a security conference in Germany this weekend, but Tehran has yet to reply to the invitation, an EU official said. -Reuters - 2/4/11

Eyewitnesses to a Massacre: Reports from Inside Tahrir Square as Pro-Mubarak Forces Open Fire on Protesters
Just before dawn in Cairo today pro-government forces opened fire at Tahrir Square, the site of anti-Mubarak protests for the past 10 days. Minutes after the attack began, Democracy Now! spoke with Egyptian protesters Mona El Seif and Selma Tarzi inside Tahrir Square. [includes rush transcript] - 2/3/11

Emboldened By Egypt, Iran's Opposition Leaders Call for Permission To Protest
Iranian opposition leaders Mir Hossein Musavi and Mehdi Karrubi have called on officials to allow the opposition movement to hold street protests, saying that even in Egypt people are able to demonstrate. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 2/3/11

The Specter Of 1979 Is Haunting The Middle East
As the world watches events in Egypt unfold, the spectacle of demonstrators massed on Cairo's Tahrir Square (Liberation Square) is awakening memories of an equally epochal moment in the Middle East 32 years ago. Back then the country at stake was Iran. -Christian Caryl, RFE - 2/3/11

Jailed student activists summoned by Iranian judiciary
Three jailed student activists were summoned to court Tuesday to face further charges by the Iranian judiciary. Bahareh Hedayat, Majid Tavakoli and Mehdieh Golroo were summoned to branch 28 of the Islamic Revolutionary court to denounce statements attributed to them on websites and to press charges against the publishers of the material, Danehshjoo News reports. - 2/3/11

Iran: Zahra Rahnavard Sends Message Of Solidarity To Women In Egypt, Tunisia...
You, the oppressed women of Egypt, Tunisia and other oppressed countries, by standing side by side your nations and by making sacrifices and resisting against tyranny and repression have opened new chapters in the history of the people's struggles. - 2/3/11

UN experts call for a moratorium on death penalty in the Islamic Republic of Iran
Two UN independent experts warned Tuesday that there has been a dramatic surge in death sentences in the Islamic Republic of Iran carried out in the absence of internationally recognized safeguards, despite numerous calls by the UN to immediately halt executions. - 2/3/11

Former Egyptian Diplomat ElBaradei Becomes Face of Mubarak Opposition
Analysts say ElBaradei, seen as a moderate politically, has become a spokesman for an opposition front made up of various groups including nationalists, centrists, left-leaning parties and the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's oldest and largest Islamist organization. -VOA - 2/3/11

Iranian Baha'i Activist Given Long Prison Term
A human rights activist and Baha'i follower who was barred from studying at a university has been sentenced to 12 years in prison and fined by a Revolutionary Court in Tehran -RFE - 2/3/11

Videos: Chaos Erupts in Cairo
Violence flares between supporters of Hosni Mubarak and anti-government protesters in the Egyptian capital after days of mass demonstrations against the president and his regime. -RNN - 2/3/11

No Islamic Revolution is in the Making
The events of some Arab countries, especially Tunisia and Egypt and to some extent Lebanon, has made the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran and similar forces to claim that Islam is spreading all over the Middle East and the people of these countries -Bahman Aghai Diba - 2/3/11

Iranian judiciary continues attacks on lawyers
Khalil Bahramian, defence attorney to several Iranian political prisoners, was sentenced to 18 months in prison today and also banned from practising law for 10 years. -Zamaneh - 2/3/11

In Iran, Internet surfers battle cyber police
"Since the revolt in Tunisia, subsequent mass protests in Jordan and now Egypt, I have noticed that anonymous surfing services (free proxy servers) are increasingly becoming inaccessible, while paid services have to re-route through several services, making them rather snail-paced," said Milad, who asked that his last name not be used. -AFP - 2/3/11

Oil Giants Fear Revolution Is Coming To Them Next
In conversations today, two well-placed businessmen with vast Middle East experience agreed that Iran is getting worried. "I think Iran is scared because what happened in Egypt really started in Iran," one said, referring to 2009's nascent Green Revolution. -Christopher Helman, Forbes - 2/3/11

US slaps sanctions on Iranian firms
The US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on six individuals and five companies affiliated with Iran's Aerospace Industries Organization (AIO). - 2/3/11

Iran head of parliament slams US role in Egypt
The Iranian Parliamentary Speaker has denounced U.S. intervention in Egypt and accused it of supporting violent confrontations among Egyptian protesters. - 2/3/11

India Creates New Method to Pay for Oil Purchases From Iran
India set up a new mechanism to pay for crude purchased from Iran, ending a five-week gridlock that threatened $9.5 billion of annual bilateral oil trade after the South Asian nation scrapped the previous settlement system. -Bloomberg - 2/3/11

Iranian opposition leaders speak out against surge in executions
Iranian opposition leaders have condemned the growing number of executions in Iran, while expressing support for the populist movements that are shaking up countries in the Arab world. - 2/2/11

New Biography Of Shah Of Iran Feels Oddly Contemporary
Imagine the following scenario: A Middle Eastern autocrat rules his country for decades with an iron fist. He wins the esteem of the West nonetheless for his success at providing his country with the fruits of progress in an otherwise dysfunctional region. He's staunchly secular, with a credible record on the promotion of literacy and women's rights. -Christian Caryl, RFE - 2/2/11

Reports of Pakistan's Expanding Nuclear Arsenal Raise Concern
Two prominent American newspapers are reporting that Pakistan has steadily expanded its nuclear arsenal over the past two years, putting it ahead of archrival India and on a path to overtake Britain, the fifth-largest nuclear weapons power. - 2/2/11

Obama Says Peaceful Transition in Egypt "Must Begin Now"
President Obama says a peaceful, meaningful and orderly political transition in Egypt "must begin now" and must include a broad spectrum of Egyptian voices, including the government's political opposition. - 2/2/11

Interview with Ambassador John Limbert: "I Miss the People and their Warmth"
John Limbert lived in Iran in the 1960's as a Peace Corps volunteer and afterwards held various diplomatic posts including Ambassador to Mauritania. John was also one of the hostages held for 444 days at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in the 1980s. -Fariba Amini, Rooz - 2/2/11

Latest trial for Iranian human rights lawyer postponed
Nasrin Sotoudeh's trial for not wearing the hijab (head covering) was postponed Tuesday after the detained human rights lawyer complained of insufficient notice. A new court date has been set for February 16. -Zamaneh - 2/2/11

Death Row Prisoner's Father: Confessions After 17 Months of torture
Two Kurd prisoners, Loghman Moradi and Zanyar Moradi have been sentenced to death by the Iranian judiciary. They are accused of murdering the son of the Friday Mass Imam in Marivan and "enmity against God and corruption of the earth." - 2/2/11

Qalibaf: The Fortunate No-Show
Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf, Mayor of Tehran, was banned from making a US trip, but will that affect his political future? -Shayesteh Asadi, Iranian Diplomacy - 2/2/11

Iran lifts Afghan fuel supply restriction
Iran has lifted all restrictions on fuel supplies to Afghanistan in response to the Afghan government's declaration that it will not provide the fuel to NATO troops stationed in the country. -Press TV - 2/2/11

Iran's Exports to Turkey Increased 124% in 2010
Iran-Turkey annual trade has increased remarkably in 2010. Turkey's exports to Iran increased 50.3 percent valued at $3.1 billion; while, Iran's exports to Turkey reached $7.6 billion showing 124.5 percent growth. -Moj News - 2/2/11

More Gender Segregation At Iranian Universities
Male and female students will be separated at a Tehran university in the upcoming academic year in the latest instance of gender segregation in higher education - 2/1/11

Iranian judiciary issues five new death sentences
Iranian judiciary announced the issuance of five more death sentences for charges ranging from espionage to involvement in pyramid schemes and activities in the internet. -Zamaneh - 2/1/11

Will there be war on Iran? A fresh yet divergent look at an old question
In 2002 Iran was added to the neoconservative-designed 'Axis of Evil' and thus declared ripe for US military intervention. The threat of war in the 'greatest crisis of modern times' (John Pilger in the New Statesman, July 12, 2007) was at its height in 2006-2007. -Ali Fathollah-Nejad - 2/1/11

Iran: Two more activists receive heavy sentences
Iranian judiciary slapped human rights activist Navid Khanjani with 12 years in prison and a monetary fine for his journalistic activities, interviews with the foreign media and membership in Human Rights Reporters committee. - 2/1/11

Iran may cut cultural ties with France over Louvre's perfidy
The Louvre has not fulfilled its commitments of organizing a showcase to display a collection of its Persian artifacts in Iran, Iran's Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization Director Hamid Baqaii said in a press release on Sunday. - 2/1/11

Iran's Parliaments Ousts Ahmadinejad's Transport Minister
Majlis on Tuesday withdrew its confidence vote for Transport Minister Hamid Behbahani. The no-confidence vote received 147 ballots in the 290-member parliament. The voting took place at the absence of the minister. -MNA - 2/1/11

Letter to the US Navy about Persian Gulf
Following the second Iraq war in 2003, Persian Gulf Online Organization members have observed that the U.S. Navy commanders have adopted the use of the fabricated term "Arabian Gulf" which is void of any legal and historical legitimacy in reference to the historically recognized and noted name as Persian Gulf - 2/1/11

Crunch time coming for America in the Middle East?
Who do we need most if America's own real interests are to be best protected - the Arabs or Israel? And that, of course, begs the mother and father of all questions for them: Is Israel our most valuable ally in the region or our biggest liability? -Alan Hart - 2/1/11

Iran Fights Internet Freedom
The Iranian government has blocked the Iranian people from accessing thousands of websites; it has slowed down the speed of the Internet in Iran to a maddening crawl; and it has used the Internet to track down protestors and their families. It has also jailed Iranian bloggers, and given several severely long prison sentences. -VOA - 2/1/11

AP Exclusive: Report warns of Iran nuke disaster
The control systems of Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant have been penetrated by a computer worm unleashed last year, according to a foreign intelligence report that warns of a possible Chernobyl-like disaster once the site becomes fully operational. -AP - 2/1/11

Iranian leaders, opposition both embrace Egyptian protesters
While some governments are trying to walk a fine line between supporting Egypt's president and supporting protesters in that tumultuous nation, Iranian officials are taking the side of the protesters. -CNN - 2/1/11

Egyptian actor Omar Sharif on the crisis in his homeland
Actor Omar Sharif says this is the first time he has ever heard people in his homeland of Egypt talk about democracy. -BBC - 2/1/11

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