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WHO Urges Governments To Put Flu Plans Into Action
Iran's Health Ministry has urged travelers to avoid visiting the United States and Mexico. No cases of the potentially deadly virus have been identified in Iran. Mohammad Mehdi Gooya, who heads the department of disease control in the Health Ministry, said travelers who arrive from abroad will be tested and advised to go to special hospitals if the are found to be infected. - 4/30/09

Photos: Graduation ceremony for policewomen in Tehran, Iran
Following photos are from the graduation ceremonies of policewomen in the capital city of Tehran. These cadets, trained and educated in the "Naja" training center for policewomen, were the 6th group of women to complete the program. -Photos by Hamid Forootan, ISNA - 4/30/09

Debating the Regime Change and Iranian-American Identity
I think that with the election of Obama, in this context a new generation gap is starting to emerge between older Iranian-Americans who favour regime change and demonizing the regime and Islam and younger Iranian-Americans who want normalizing diplomatic relations with Iran and removing the sanctions. -Sasan Seifikar - 4/30/09

Iran says Omid satellite re-entered atmosphere
Iran says its first domestically-made telecommunications satellite Omid has successfully concluded its mission and re-entered the atmosphere. - 4/30/09

Games or no games, Persian Gulf is its eternal name
Former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami stated on Wednesday that the name of the Persian Gulf can never be changed. "The Persian Gulf's name has been deeply ingrained in the culture of every Iranian and is unalterable," he said on the sidelines of the seminar on the Persian Gulf. - 4/30/09

Iran, Korea agree to manufacture Daewoo buses in Ardebil
Ardebil's Sabalan Khodrow Mfg. officials and South Koran Maywan Bus Manufacturer Company directors signed the letter of agreement during a ceremony at Ardebil Municipality validity of whose first phase is 12 months and the buses are to be manufactured at the Second Ardebil Industrial City. - 4/30/09

Recollections of Iran: The Forgotten Glory
After I got hold of the DVD called Iran: The Forgotten Glory, I looked forward to the onscreen appearance of its contents. I had witnessed the degree to which our own school system seemed to "forget" about the contributions of the ancient Persian civilization. -Sue Cheherenegar - 4/30/09

Iran intensifies its effort in quality education for all
Iran marked the Global Action Week of Education for All (EFA) 2009, with a series of events. According to a press release issued by the UN Information Center (UNIC), the events are organized jointly by the UNESCO Tehran Cluster Office, the Ministry of Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran, UNESCO's Regional Education Bureau in Bangkok, the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO in conjunction with the country's Presidential Office - 4/30/09

Ahmadinejad Calls Homosexuality Among 'Ugliest Acts'
Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has described homosexuality as one of the "ugliest" behaviors in which people can engage. He made the comment during a speech in Shiraz. - 4/30/09

Iran's annual pistachio exports exceed $700m
Iran's value of pistachio exports stood at $721 million in the last Iranian calendar year (ended March 20, 2009), showing a 43 percent fall compared to the year before. - 4/30/09

Quake jolts Zaboli in southeastern Iran
A relatively strong earthquake jolted Sistan-Baluchestan province in southeastern Iran. Iran's Seismography Center affiliated to Tehran University's Geophysics Institute said the tremor, which struck Zaboli district, had a magnitude of 5.2. - 4/30/09

NOSRATOLLAH AMINI, 94: Iranian Lawyer and Politician
Nosratollah Amini, 94, an Iranian lawyer and politician who became the personal attorney of Mohammad Mossadegh, the nationalist prime minister deposed in a U.S.-backed coup in 1953, died April 20 at Potomac Hospital in Woodbridge. He had pneumonia. -Washington Post - 4/30/09

With First 100 Days, Obama Seeks 'New Basis For Relationships' Abroad
U.S. President Barack Obama has traveled to nine countries and held face-to-face meetings with 44 foreign leaders since taking office 100 days ago. - 4/30/09

Ahmadinejad steals Obama’s campaign slogan?
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has chosen the Farsi phrase Ma Mitavanim, or “We Can,” as his campaign slogan ahead of Iran’s June 12 elections. Did he copy the phrase from President Obama? -CSM - 4/30/09

Journalist jailed in Iran may seek pardon
A U.S. journalist imprisoned for spying in Iran may appeal to the Islamic republic's Supreme Leader for a pardon, her father told CNN on Thursday. - 4/30/09

My Encounter with Iran
Mainstream media in the United States portrays Iran as the raised clenched fist and misguidedly, the masses buy this distorted picture as gospel. For the past six weeks I have met, dined, danced, cried and laughed with Iranians. I am a short fifty-plus, blue eyed American woman who has yet to feel any fear or unease on Iranian soil. -Karla Hansen - 4/29/09

Tehran's Fruit Market
Recently, on my way out to visit a location south of Tehran with my colleague Mr Astani, we visited the new Tehran fruit market. Although it is primarily a wholesale market, the public can buy there. I had not been to the market since my childhood when I used to go with my grandmother for serious food shopping -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 4/29/09

Neda Farzan: A Medical Student With a Big Heart
Many medical students seek volunteer opportunities as part of their required studies. For Neda Farzan, community service is not just a requirement to complete. It is a major part of her life, and a pivotal element in her drive to help others. Farzan has traveled all over the world, which shaped her decision to concentrate in Global Health as a medical student. - 4/29/09

Darius Khondji's Cinematography Highlights Michelle Pfeiffer's Breathtaking Beauty in Stephen Frears' screen adaptation of "The Belle Époque" French Novel: Cheri -Darius KADIVAR - 4/29/09

German director yearns for Iranian classic theater
German stage director Nadine Hellriegel said that she is very interested to know more about Iran's theater especially the classic form. Hellrigel is currently in Tehran to stage her dramatic opera, "The Medium", during the 12th International University Theater Festival, which opened on April 25. - 4/29/09

US Congress Moves to Tighten Sanctions on Iran
The U.S. Congress took steps on Tuesday to tighten sanctions against Iran in what many lawmakers call an effort to provide President Barack Obama the authority he needs to increase pressure on Tehran over its nuclear program. - 4/29/09

Iran benefits from nanotechnology in producing hydride batteries
Iranian scientists have benefited from nanotechnology to produce hydride batteries with a higher discharge capacity and a longer cycle-life. - 4/29/09

Astani Enterprises raises the curtain on Concerto in Los Angeles
Developer Sonny Astani raises the curtain on a compelling, new chapter in downtown's residential evolution with the opening of Concerto at 9th and Figueroa. Enduring design, spectacular city views and the understated luxury of Southern California living converge at Concerto, the new $300-million condominium development covering 100,000 feet in downtown L.A.'s South Park. - 4/29/09

Right time, wrong man
A day does not pass in Iran's state-controlled media without constant glorification of developments in the country's 'home made' nuclear programme. A vast national project started before the Iranian revolution in the 1970s, and then restarted in late 1980s, like many others, is only now beginning to bear fruit. - 4/29/09

What's Next For Iranian-American Journalist Roxana Saberi? Iran Denies She is on Hunger Strike
"It depends on political dealings, it depends on the will of those who have detained her," says Sadegh Zibakalam, a professor of political science at Tehran University who has been following the case closely. "It depends on the future of U.S.-Iran relations and many other parameters that will play a role in her case." - 4/29/09

Mass Confusion in Tehran
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's unofficial re-election bid is causing great consternation among his former allies, Kamal Nazer Yasin writes for ISN Security Watch. - 4/29/09

Iran, Venezuela implementing long-term plan to strengthen ties
Iranian Defense Minister Mostafa-Mohammad Najjar has said Tehran and Caracas are implementing a long-term plan to strengthen their relations. He made the remarks in a meeting with Venezuelan Vice President Ramon Carrizales and the country's defense minister. - 4/29/09

Iran rejects missile attack by US-Israel against navy ship
An official of Iranian armed forcec denied the report of missile attack by Israel or U.S. against an Iranian navy ship. The official speaking on the condition of unanimity, said the report is in line with psychological warfare of foreigners against Iran and is fully baseless. - 4/29/09

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran Call for Greater Cooperation
The foreign ministers of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran have agreed to promote preferential trade-arrangements among their three nations, and they have underscored the need to better link their countries by road and rail. - 4/29/09

Is Israel heading for clash with US?
In a region where sparks can fly and wars can start without too much warning, Mr Netanyahu's spokesmen have announced the world view of this new Israeli government will only be revealed around 18 May. This is when Mr Netanyahu is scheduled to meet US President Barack Obama in Washington. -BBC - 4/29/09

Update from The Foundation for the Children of Iran
Since we last gathered together in Washington, DC at our Bahar Ball...we have had two wonderful children here for treatment. We now have 3 young patients waiting to come to the United States. These are confirmed and approved. - 4/28/09

Photos: Karroubi at Sharif University; adopts 'Change' as campaign slogan
Mehdi Karroubi, the reformist leader of the National Trust -- Etemad-e Melli-- Party, and a prominent presidential candidate, has adopted 'Change' as his campaign slogan. But, this is not grafted from Obama's successful bid for US president, for, the Muslim cleric said, "This slogan is taken from the exact text of the Quran, and the verse which states 'Verily God will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.' - 4/28/09

In Unusual Move, Iranian Teachers Strike For Wage Parity
Teachers in several cities and provinces of Iran are in the midst of a three-day strike to protest low wages. The main demand of the teachers is implementation of a pay-parity bill passed by parliament in 2007. The bill, which would bring teachers' wages in line with other government workers, has not been instituted, despite recent promises by Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad. - 4/28/09

Widows Outnumber Widowers 6 to 1 in Iran
Number of widows six times as much as widowers in Iran, deputy head of Population Studies & Research Center in Asia and the Pacific said here on Tuesday. - 4/28/09

For Many, Ties to Peace Corps Service in Iran Remain
Donna Shalala felt like many students after graduating from college. "I was tired of school and I wanted adventure," she recalled in a newspaper interview more than 40 years after serving with the Peace Corps as an English teacher in a remote Iranian village - 4/28/09

Why Iran Is Hungry for Business with the US
Nestled in rocky hills about 40 minutes from Tehran, Pardis Technology Park is supposed to be Iran's answer to Silicon Valley. But these days, Pardis is deserted and forlorn, with many buildings standing unfinished, their exposed girders rusting. Foreign companies are reluctant to invest in the Islamic Republic, and domestic outfits are cash-strapped. -Spiegel - 4/28/09

Father Says US Journalist Saberi is Weak From Hunger Strike in Iran
American journalist Roxana Saberi, convicted by Iran of spying, is on a hunger strike and vows to continue until she is released from prison. Her father, who visited her in Tehran's Evin Prison says she is "very weak." - 4/28/09

Iran basketball team set to play a U.S. team
Iran will play a friendly match against an American basketball club, stated Iran's national basketball team coach. "We have negotiated with a U.S. basketball club but cannot unveil the name of the team," Veselin Matic said. - 4/28/09

Obama Strikes New Tone in Foreign Policy
Experts say U.S. President Barack Obama has succeeded in improving at least the tone of U.S. foreign policy though tangible achievements are still to come. VOA reports on U.S. foreign policy in the first 100 days of the new administration. - 4/28/09

Iran cancels Solidarity Games over Persian Gulf
Tehran has canceled the Islamic Solidarity Games after Saudi Arabia asked Iran to remove the term Persian Gulf from game medals and brochures. - 4/28/09

Exhibition - Eros in Asia: Erotic Art from Iran to Japan
Eros in Asia is the first exhibition from The Kinsey Institute to highlight its extensive collection of erotic artwork from across the Asian continent. In the 1940s and 1950s, Dr. Alfred Kinsey actively collected visual materials from around the world, to enable him to study sexual behavior and attitudes. - 4/28/09

Iran sheds light on arrested terror suspects
Iran's Intelligence Ministry has disclosed few details about an 'Israeli-backed' terrorist group which was plotting a wave of bombings in the country. - 4/28/09

China's Sinopec may join Persian LNG project: NIGEC head
China's Sinopec may take 20 percent stake in Iran's Persian LNG project, the National Iranian Gas Export Company's managing director said here on Monday. - 4/28/09

Family of drink-drive crash victim raise £4,500 for Iranian school
THE family of a woman killed by a drunk driver have raised £4,500 at a fundraising dinner-dance to build a school in her name in rural Iran. -Times-Series - 4/28/09

Report: Sub Sunk Iranian Ship Off Sudan Coast Last Week
An Iranian arms ship was reportedly attacked and sunk as it attempted to dock in Sudan last week, according to the Egyptian newspaper El-Aosboa. - 4/28/09

Rising in defense of anything Iranian marks one at best as an apologist, or at worst as a paid agent o f the Islamic Republic. This is particularly true, even exclusively so, if the “offender” is an Iranian or an Iranian American. -Kam Zarrabi - 4/27/09

Enroll Today for Your Spot at Iranian Alliances Across Borders' Camp Ayandeh 2009
Iranian Alliances Across Borders encourages your high school student to enroll today for Camp Ayandeh 2009, the fourth installment of IAAB's Iranian-American high school leadership camp. This year's camp will be held at Duquette Academy in Western Massachusetts, June 28- July 5, 2009. - 4/27/09

Photos: Relocation of Coral Reef in Chabahar, Iran
An experimental program took place in Chabahar, Iran in early April to relocate the coral reef close to Bandar Beheshti port. In the process, about 50 colonies of the coral reef have been transferred to a protected area. If the results of the experiment is declared a success, the remaining coral reef will also be relocated before the construction of a planned dike commences. - 4/27/09

Vali Nasr Talks with PAAIA's Rudi Bakhtiar
QA with Vali Nasr, First Iranian American Appointee of the Obama Administration: Before accepting his new position as senior advisor to special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, Vali Nasr had already distinguished himself as one of the leading analysts on the Middle East and South Asia - 4/27/09

Royan International Twin Congress: 10th Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine & 5th Congress on Stem Cell Biology & Technology
Royan Research Institute's tenth International Congress on Fertility and Infertility will be held in Tehran concurrent with the Fifth Congress on Technology and Biology of Stem Cells from September 23-25. - 4/27/09

Iran to drill its first oil well in Caspian Sea
Iran plans to start excavation in its northern oil-rich region, Caspian Sea, beginning on May 15. This will make Iran's first time oil exploration in Caspian Sea, said Iran's North Drilling Company Managing Director Asghar Rafiei -ISNA - 4/27/09

Downtown LA Developer Sonny Astani Honored for $17M Gift to USC
In recognition of developer Sonny Astani's $17 million gift to the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering, the university on Tuesday, April 21 unveiled the naming plaque for the Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering - 4/27/09

Iran's Sadrameli wins best director prize at Singapore Film Fest
Iranian filmmaker, Rasoul Sadrameli won the best director prize at the 22nd Singapore Film Festival for his "Every Night, Loneliness." - 4/27/09

Iran: All 12 women activists free on bail
Khadijeh Moghaddam and Mahboubeh Karami have both been released on bail. They and 10 others had been arrested on 26 March 2009 as they prepared to make Iranian New Year visits to the families of detained activists, including students and trade unionists. -Amnesty - 4/27/09

Exhibition: Bita Ghezelayagh's "FELT MEMORIES" in London
Bita Ghezelayagh's first solo exhibition in Europe features a collection of felt costumes, made for display only, which combine talismanic symbols, silk screen printing and embroidery. - 4/27/09

Iran's Defense Minister Visits Venezuela; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Premier visits Iran
Iran's Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar stepped in Venezuela to hold talks with defense and political officials and visit military and industrial centers of the southern American country. -ISNA - 4/27/09

Iranian President's Chances Of Reelection Increase
The uncertainty over whether or not conservative forces in Iran will throw their support behind incumbent Mahmud Ahmadinejad's bid for a second presidential term is dissipating. On April 25, a coalition of 14 conservative and clerical parties and groups announced that they will indeed support Ahmadinejad's candidacy in the June 12 presidential election. -Abbas Djavadi, RFE - 4/27/09

Free Saberi ... and all the others!
Roxana Saberi's case has by now become internationally known: The very photogenic Iranian-American journalist, who for the six years before her arrest in January had been working in Iran as a freelance reporter with different agencies including the BBC and the NPR, and after a closed-door summary 'trial', was sentenced to eight years in prison on espionage charges. -Reza Fiyouzat - 4/27/09

Exclusive Interview Between ABC's George Stephanopoulos and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
AHMADINEJAD: Well, previously, first of all, I sent a congratulatory message to Mr. Obama. This was a major decision, although the Iranian people were very much dismayed with the conduct of previous U.S. administrations. And I was criticized here at home, in Iran. Nevertheless, I did that. I am yet to receive a response. - 4/27/09

Iran OKs 10 foreign companies' presence in 6 oil fields
Iran has allowed 10 European and joint Iranian-European companies to attend in bids for expanding 6 oil fields in the country under by-back conditions, said Managing Director of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) for Central Regions Ali Reza Zeighami. - 4/27/09

Qobadi to shoot "Persian Gulf" in October
Bahman Qobadi plans to shoot his next project "Persian Gulf" in October. "Persian Gulf" is a response to all those who call the region the Arab Gulf and the director intends the film's viewpoint to favor of Iran. - 4/26/09

Iran: Esteghlal crowned IPL champion
Esteghlal football team won the championship of the eighth edition of the Iran Professional League (IPL) for the second time on Sunday. Brazilian Fabio Johnvario's 41st minute goal gave the visitors an unforgettable victory over struggling Payam of Mashhad. - 4/26/09

Ahmadinejad: Iran Not Ready for US Talks Without Preconditions
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says he is not ready for talks with U.S. officials without preconditions. Mr. Ahmadinejad said he wants a "clear framework and agenda" for talks and that any discussions with U.S. and European officials must be based on "justice and mutual respect." - 4/26/09

Teymourian contemplates playing for Iran
Barnsley's Iranian midfielder Andranik Teymourian is looking forward to playing for newly appointed coach Afshin Ghotbi. - 4/26/09

Iran's police kill 10 PJAK militants
Fighting erupted late Friday night after terrorist PJAK forces attacked a police station in the town of Ravansar, situated in the northern part of Kermanshah, said Political and Security Deputy of Kermanshah the Governor Office, Hojatollah Damyad. - 4/26/09

Top UK-based Iranian scientist praises "remarkable breakthroughs" in Iran
Dr. Alexander Saifalian, the nanotechnology scientist in the University College London, told IRNA that Iranian scientists have been having outstanding research outcomes in nanotechnology and stem cell research. - 4/26/09

Iranian Academics Symposium opens in London
The Iranian Academics Symposium started here in London with the aim of promoting the academic achievements of Iranian students abroad. The two-day symposium has been organized by the Iranian Scientific Representative in the UK and Ireland in association with the Islamic Student Association in London. - 4/26/09

Iran is waiting for results of terror investigation in Iraq
Head of Rescue and Relief Organization of Iran Red Crescent Dr. Ahmad Esfandiari said bodies of all Iranians who were killed or wounded in recent terrorist attacks in Iraq were returned home. In two separate terrorist attacks in Diala and Kazemein in Iraq on Thursday and Friday, 68 Iranain pilgrims were martyred and tens of others were wounded. - 4/26/09

10 million smokers, 31 million second-hand smokers in Iran
More than 31 million of the country's total population are second-hand smokers, head of research center of Iran Anti-Tobacco Association (IATA) said in Tehran on Sunday. - 4/26/09

Obama Outreach Weighed in Mideast
U.S. President Barack Obama has made dialogue with the Middle East a priority in his early months in office. As the Obama administration approaches the 100 day mark, regional leaders are assessing the result. - 4/26/09

Clinton, In Beirut, Calls For Free Lebanese Election
Clinton arrived in Beirut on April 26 for unannounced talks with President Michel Suleiman six weeks before Lebanese vote in a general election pitting a Western-backed coalition against an alliance grouping Hizballah and its allies and backed by Syria and Iran. - 4/26/09

Iranian-born Israeli Sentenced as Spy for Tehran
An Israeli court has sentenced an Iranian-born Israeli to four years in prison on charges of spying for the Islamic republic. Court officials say the defendant delivered classified information to Iranian agents in Turkey. -VOA - 4/26/09

Iran football team to play four friendlies
Iran national football team will play four friendly matches ahead of the must-win game against North Korea in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers. - 4/25/09

Iranian black bear facing extinction
The Iranian black bear is on the verge of extinction. The black bear inhabits the southern provinces of Sistan and Balouchestan, Kerman, and Hormozqan. - 4/25/09

Photos: Tractor Race in village of Darreh-Bid, Isfahan
The photos presented here are from a skillful tractor riding race held in the village of Darreh Bid in the province of Isfahan, Iran. -Photos by Gholam Hossein Baharloo, ISNA - 4/25/09

Father: Reporter Saberi on Hunger Strike in Tehran Prison
The father of an imprisoned Iranian-American journalist in Tehran says she has gone on a hunger strike to protest her eight-year jail sentence for espionage. - 4/25/09

Iran hopeful to send man to space in 10 years
Iran is hopeful it will send man to space within a ten-year program. Iran is studying a project on traveling people to the space and some universities have examined the issue scientifically, the Head of Iran's Space Agency (ISA) Reza Taghipour told ISNA. - 4/25/09

Parliament Speaker cautions US against harsh tone on Iran
The US Secretary of States has recently spoken of crippling sanctions against Iran, Ali Larijani said and added "but American officials should pay attention to this point that if they use this tone, they should get primed for Iran's biting behavior." - 4/25/09

Iranian songwriter Bijan Taraqqi dies at 80
The songwriter of "Fire Remaining from the Caravan," Bijan Taraqqi, died Saturday morning at his home. He was 80. Taraqqi was born in 1929 in Tehran to a family in which literature played a major role. His father, Mohammad Ali Taraqqi, owned a bookstore where the literary figures of the time like Shahriar, Bahar, Nima Yushij, and Rahi Moayyeri used to meet. - 4/25/09

Clinton Addresses Iraqis at Baghdad Town Hall Meeting
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Baghdad, pledging America's support for Iraq as the country deals with a recent surge in sectarian violence. Clinton arrived in Iraq unannounced Saturday for her first trip to the country as the top U.S. diplomat. - 4/25/09

Israeli oranges 'on sale in Iran'
Fears that an Iranian ban on imports from its arch foe Israel was flouted by the sale of Jaffa oranges have sparked an inquiry in Tehran, reports say. -BBC - 4/25/09

Bahman Qobadi's "Nobody Knows About Persian Cats" at Cannes Film Festival
The latest product by prominent Iranian filmmaker Bahman Qobadi will be displayed at 2009 Cannes Film Festival. "Nobody Knows About Persian Cats" will be present at the 62nd edition of the international event. - 4/24/09

Students festival expands theatrical horizons: Iranian Scholar
Tehran will be playing host to 12th International Students Theater Festival, which opens tomorrow. Students' theater festivals negotiate many new concepts, in other than complicated, theoretical grounds which are relevant to immediate social needs, theater scholar Behzad Ghaderi believes. - 4/24/09

Catching up with myself
We arrived in Oxford just in time to celebrate Chahârshanbe-Sûri in our very little garden with our neighbors, we sat outside even though the weather was a little cold and managed to have a barbeque, everybody seemed to enjoy it and some of them even joined us in jumping over the bonfire and reciting my yellowness to you, your redness to me -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 4/24/09

67 Iranian pilgrims killed in terrorist bombings in Iraq
Based on latest dispatches, the terrorist incident overall killed 47, including 45 Iranians, and injured 70 others, including 67 Iranians, who traveled to Iraq to visit the country's holy sites. - 4/24/09

Iranian Lawyer Believes Missing U.S. Citizen Is Alive In Iran
The Iranian lawyer of the family of U.S. citizen Robert Levinson, who disappeared during a trip to Iran two years ago, believes that Levinson is alive and is being kept in Iran. Levinson, a retired FBI agent, had traveled to Iran's Kish Island, reportedly to investigate cigarette smuggling. - 4/24/09

Three judges to hear Saberi appeal: Source
The head of the Tehran Judiciary says three judges are likely to preside over the appeal court of a convicted Iranian-American journalist. - 4/24/09

Iran's Rafsanjani recommends the US not to ruin atmosphere of talks
Chief of Iran's Expediency Council Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani advised the US not to repeat threatening remarks against Iran so that the atmosphere that exists in the country in favor of dialogue would not be ruined. - 4/24/09

Event in London - Iran: Diplomacy and Rule of Law
Aprtil 30th at 5:45 PM; SPEAKERS: Dr. Nisrine Abiad, British Institute of International and Comparative Law; Ali Fathollah-Nejad, political scientist; Douglas Murray Director of the Centre for Social Cohesion (CSC), a non-partisan think-tank in Westminster, London. - 4/24/09

Supposed Hafiz poem recited by McGuinty turns out to be fake
During the Nowruz ceremony at Queen's Park, Mr. Dalton McGuinty, the Premier of Ontario, decided to take this fascination to a higher level reciting a poem of Hafiz that was faced with sheer applause by Iranians. -Arash Azizi, Salam Toronto - 4/24/09

Exhibition: Tarjama/Translation at the Queens Museum of Art in New York
Reshuffling the pertinence of geographical boundaries through the multivalent practices of translation, this unprecedented exhibition features artists from the Middle East, Central Asia and its diasporas. - 4/24/09

NIAC protests US military’s use of the incorrect term “Arabian Gulf”
In his April 1 testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, America's commander of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan used the politically divisive term "Arabian Gulf" several times. - 4/24/09

Iran: Reports of Stoning Death Sentence
Human Rights Watch has received reports that a court in the northern Iranian city of Rasht has upheld a sentence of death by stoning against Mohammad Ali Navid Khamami. - 4/24/09

Hillary Clinton: Bush Iran Policy Did Not Work
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the previous Bush administration's attempts to isolate Iran did not work. - 4/24/09

New Report Finds Over 80,000 Iraqis Killed Since 2005
The Associated Press reports that the Iraqi government has counted more than 87,000 Iraqis killed in violence since 2005. - 4/24/09

Qotbi: South Africa Will Host Iran
Iran's newly-appointed soccer manager Afshin Qotbi has said South Africa should prepare itself to host Iran in the 2010 World Cup. - 4/23/09

Decline of Iranian Football
Our football has been in decline in the past thirty years, especially in the past year both at club levels and at the national level. There are a few good players, but they cannot make a huge difference. Clubs should be privatized and managed professionally. -Mohammad Ala - 4/23/09

Tehran Ready for 'Constructive' Talks, Says Nuclear Negotiator
Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Said Jalili, has signaled that Tehran is "ready for constructive dialogue" over its nuclear program, in an apparent response to the invitation by European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana for talks with the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China. - 4/23/09

Clowns attempt to halt Iran's President's Speech at the Anti-Racism UN Conference!
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the West of using the Holocaust as a "pretext" for aggression against Palestinians, prompting European diplomats to walk out Monday from a speech interrupted by jeering protesters in rainbow wigs tossing red clown noses at the leader. -Debbie Menon - 4/23/09

Clinton: US Prepared for New Sanctions if Outreach to Iran Fails
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the United States is laying groundwork for new sanctions against Iran if outreach to Tehran on its nuclear program fails to produce results. Clinton says the Obama administration's call for dialogue provides more leverage in efforts to persuade Iran to halt uranium enrichment. - 4/23/09

In memory of Nosratollah Amini: 1915-2009
Nosratollah Amini (1915-2009) was a member of the original Iranian National Front; he was the mayor of Tehran during the premiership of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh, the prime minister toppled by the CIA in 1953. After the premier's exile by the Shah, he became Mossadegh's personal attorney and the only person besides his immediate family who could visit him in his estate of Ahmad Abad, some 30 kilometers from Tehran. - 4/23/09

Durban II: Underscoring the Vile & Shameful Hypocrisy of the West
Abraham Lincoln described a hypocrite as a man who murdered both his parents... and pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan. The vile and shameful hypocrisy of the West in order to accommodate Israel has no boundaries - with no end in sight. -Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 4/23/09

A love letter for Roxana from her film director partner
In an emotional declaration, Bahman Ghobadi - partner of jailed journalist Roxana Saberi - has appealed to the Iranian authorities to release the woman he says is 'too pure' to be guilty -Independent - 4/23/09

Principlist clergy fail to endorse Ahmadinejad as presidential candidate
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has failed to win the endorsement of a key Iranian Principlist association ahead of the upcoming presidential elections. -Press TV - 4/23/09

Saboura Ahmadzadeh compares life in Iran to life in Canada
Saboura Ahmadzadeh recently emigrated from Iran. She chose to write a non-fiction account about her new life in North Vancouver and her impressions of Cleveland elementary – what it was like to go to school while she was still learning to speak English, what she missed about her life back in Iran, and what she plans to learn in her new classes. -North Shore Outlook - 4/23/09

Iran, Iraq reach agreement on setting up oil pipeline
Deputy Oil Minister Noureddin Shahnazizadeh said Thursday Iran and Iraq have reached agreement on setting up oil pipeline from Basra, southern city of Iraq, to Iran's southwestern city of Abadan. - 4/23/09

Iran's automaker SAIPA listed in ME's 100 top companies
Iran's No.2 giant automaker was listed in the 100 top companies of the Middle East. SAIPA stands at 89th place of the Middle East Economic Digest's (MEED) list in terms of market volume. - 4/23/09

Kabul sorry for Iranian officer killing
Afghanistan's interior minister has apologized for the death of an Iranian border guard who was shot dead by Afghan police near Nimruz Province. - 4/23/09

Court: Brother of Slain Man Cannot Attach Iran Award
The brother of a victim of Iranian terrorism cannot collect $2.8 million from a California company that owes Iran for a cancelled weapons shipment, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled yesterday. -MNE - 4/23/09

StoryCorps: Brothers look back on Iranian revolution
The StoryCorps mobile booth was in Los Angeles earlier this year. Today we hear from brothers Arash and Ramin Nematollahi. They were born in Iran's capital, Tehran. Their family fled the country 30 years ago when Ayatollah Khomeini overthrew the Shah and they ended up in Los Angeles. -StoryCorps - 4/23/09

Egypt wages 'cold war' of words on Hezbollah
It's being called a Middle Eastern "cold war" that pits western-backed Egypt against Hezbollah, the militant Lebanese movement that is supported by Iran and fights Israel. The weapons employed are official statements, discreet media briefings and sulphurous newspaper editorials, but it is no less vicious for that. -Guardian - 4/23/09

The Twist: Acclaimed Iran Director Says 'Saberi Is My Fiancee'
The high-profile case of a young Iranian-American woman sentenced by Iran to a lengthy prison term for alleged espionage took an unexpected twist when an acclaimed Iranian filmmaker stepped forward to vouch for her innocence and say his "fiancee and companion" had stayed in the country at his urging. - 4/22/09

Afshin Qotbi Named Iran's National Team Coach
Afshin Qotbi will steer Iran's national football team in its remaining matches in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers, the IFF has announced. The former Persepolis manager will have an Iranian and two Dutch assistants, the ISNA news agency reported. - 4/22/09

The Devil's Ship in Tehran
My cultural thirst for diversity has been fulfilled on and off by good films, concerts and on rare occasion theatre. So I was delighted that last Friday our friend Sharareh invited us and a few others to see The Devil's Ship, a play by the well known man of theatre in Iran Mr Attila Pessyani. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 4/22/09

Persepolis suffers heavy loss to Al Gharafa in ACL, Sepahan defeated by Bunyodkor
Payments to Persepolis coaches’ and players’ will be deducted after Tuesday’s heavy defeat against Al Gharafa in the Asian Champions League (ACL). Persepolis was badly beaten 5-1 by Qatar’s club in Group B of ACL. - 4/22/09

Book: Everything I needed to know in life I learned in Football (Soccer)
Every person on this planet is ultimately required to learn about life from another human being, and somebody inspires us all in this life time one way or the other... I discovered my inspiration in football! - 4/22/09

April 22 is Earth Day as celebrated in the U.S. since 1970. It is a Day when the earth's natural resources are cherished. Each responsible citizen pledges to utilize resources wisely and efficiently, thereby avoiding wasteful consumptions in life. -Davood Rahni, New York - 4/22/09

Iran rejects U.S. National Gallery of Art's request for Gauguin painting
The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMCA) recently turned down a request from the National Gallery of Art in Washington for a loan of a Paul Gauguin still life for an exhibition. "In response to the National Gallery of Art director, we said that the United States is not legally safe for Iranian artworks," office director Mahmud Shaluii said. - 4/22/09

Kiarostami to make UK operatic directorial debut with "Così fan tutte"
Award-winning Iranian film director Abbas Kiarostami makes his UK operatic directorial debut with Così fan tutte. Kiarostami's striking design for this production has both simplicity and scale and his unique approach, incorporating film within a period setting, demonstrates his original eye for beauty. - 4/22/09

Iran's Sharif University placed 14th in ACM Programming Contest
Programming Group of Sharif University of Technology ranked 14th at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest held in Sweden. Announcing this, executive director of Iran's ACM Programming Contest, Yahya Tabesh told IRNA Wednesday that the final stage of the event was held in Stockholm Tuesday with the participation of 100 top teams in the world. - 4/22/09

Mohsen Rezaei announces candidacy in Iran's presidential election
Secretary of the Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei on Wednesday declared himself as an independent candidate in the upcoming presidential election in Iran. Rezaei earlier served as the commander of Islamic Revolution's Guard Corps (IRGC). - 4/22/09

Iranian Basketball Federation invites Utah Flash to Tehran
The Iranian Basketball Federation has invited the Utah Flash of the National Basketball Association Developmental League to play a few games in Tehran, NBA Commissioner David Stern said. -Bloomberg - 4/22/09

OBAMA and IRAN: A public meeting and discussion in London, organised by Campaign Iran
Monday 27 April 2009 with JON SNOW, Channel 4 News journalist and presenter, MEHRI HONARBIN-HOLLIDAY, Academic and writer, leading member of Campaign Iran, ... - 4/22/09

Jesse Jackson wants to visit Tehran
The case of jailed Iranian-American Roxana Saberi has prompted American rights activist Jesse Jackson to plan a visit to Tehran. - 4/22/09

Iran's oil revenues hit $9b in Q1: EIA
Iran's oil export revenues stood at nearly $9 billion in the first quarter of 2009, according to statistics released by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) of the U.S. Department of Energy. - 4/22/09

Why Roxana?
Tehran's sentencing of Roxana Saberi to eight years of prison for spying has shocked people inside and outside the country. At a time when President Barack Obama is seeking a dialogue with Tehran, what kind of a signal does Roxana's sentencing send -Trita Parsi, Huffington Post - 4/22/09

Iran: Divorce rate increases for over 60 group
There were a number of 110,510 divorces recorded in 1387 (ended March 20, 2009), from which 3,888 were men and 1,212 women over the age of sixty. - 4/22/09

Saadi Day Commemorated in Shiraz
The Saadi Day is being commemorated in Shiraz province on Tuesday. Several poets, writers, Shiraz official authorities and Saadi admirers will attend the ceremony. On this day visiting Saadi's mausoleum is free of charge for all visitors. - 4/21/09

Iran's national football team in turmoil as the newly appointed coach resigns
Iran's Football Federation approved resignation of newly appointed national soccer team head coach Mohammad Mayeli Kohan. He had taken over the national team from Ali Daei on April 6. - 4/21/09

Sculpture for oil: Iranian artwork in Christie's Auction
While oil prices are rapidly dropping in global markets, prices in arts auctions have a different story. Iranian paintings, calligraphies and statues are becoming increasingly expensive as they were on sale in international auctions. -Saghar Rafiee, Iran - 4/21/09

International Outcry Grows Over Iranian-American Journalist Jailed In Tehran
The case of jailed Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi is gaining prominence as Washington, the European Union, and Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad are all expressing opinions about the case. -RFE - 4/21/09

Nosratollah Amini (1915-2009)
"A man can be destroyed but not defeated" - Ernest Hemingway, Old Man and the Sea --- Nosratollah Amini, the Loyal friend and lawyer of Dr. Mohamed Mossadegh has just passed away at the envied age of 94. - 4/21/09

14th International Oil Show kicks off in Tehran
The 14th International Exhibition of Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals (Oil Show) began on Tuesday in the presence of First Vice-President Parviz Davoudi and Oil Minister Gholam Hossein Nozari. - 4/21/09

Iran Careful in Response to US Criticism of Saberi Case
The head of Iran's judiciary has ordered a prompt and fair appeal process for imprisoned U.S.-Iranian journalist Roxana Saberi, who was convicted of spying last week after a one-day trial. Saberi's parents, who visited her in jail, report she is in good condition - 4/21/09

David Hartsough talks about Iran, peace
David Hartsough, 68, has spent most of his life pushing for peace - in Kosovo, Mexico, the former Soviet Union, El Salvador and several other countries including his own, the United States. -SFGate - 4/21/09

Samuels's lopsided analysis of an Israeli attack on Iran
In a provocative article for Slate Magazine David Samuels argues that Israel will inevitably attack Iran's nuclear facilities because Israel cannot risk playing second fiddle in the region. Israel's loss of hegemonic status in the region entails a gradual decline of its power to play the role of goddess Kali, the destroyer-protector -Rasool Nafisi, Esfand Nafisi - 4/21/09

Israel recruits gay community in PR campaign against Iran
The new campaign, to be overseen by the Foreign Ministry, aims to appeal to people who are less concerned with Iran's nuclear aspirations and more fearful of its human rights abuses and mistreatment of minorities, including the gay and lesbian community. -Haaretz - 4/21/09

Ahmadinejad receives 'warm welcome' home after UN summit speech
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad returned home to what was officially described as a warm welcome on Tuesday after causing outrage at a United Nations anti-racism conference in Geneva, where he described Israel as a racist state created on the "pretext" of Jewish suffering. -Guardian - 4/21/09

Rivaldo celebrates 37th birthday in Isfahan
Brazilian Rivaldo, who is currently a member of Uzbekistan's Bunyodkor football team, celebrated his 37th birthday in Isfahan on Monday.-MNA - 4/21/09

Iran enforces anti-money laundering law
The Central Bank of Iran is enforcing the newly-passed Anti-Money Laundering law to curb possible crime, CBI chief Mahmoud Bahmani says. -Press TV - 4/21/09

Non-Violence in Palestine
When one speaks of or advocates non-violence, does he promote such an idea because he believes that historically it has been a more effective means of liberation, or is it purely because he thinks that it is a more self-respecting means of struggle? -Counterpunch - 4/21/09

A Day in the Darayache Namak Desert
Just before the New Year we did one of the things that I had wanted to do for a very long time, and that was to take a short trip to one of Iran's famous deserts. On the last Friday of the year, thanks to our friend Lizzi and the wonderful great Mehrdad, - the gentle Tarzan of Tehran, my title for him - we had a most wonderful day. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 4/20/09

Vote for Canadian-Iranian Contestants in Miss Universe 2009
Six Canadian-Iranians are competing for the title of Miss Universe® Canada 2009 and you can vote for them online. The competition will take place at The Metro Toronto Convention Centre's John Bassett Theatre in Toronto. The Preliminary competition will be on Thursday May 14th at 8:00pm and the Final Show and Crowning on Saturday May 16th at 7:30pm. - 4/20/09

Nostalgia: An Exhibition by Mani Gholami
I started sketching in 1989. Two years after that I went to Mr. Vakili's workshops where we learned to draw from live models and to depict the mannerism and behavior of the figures. I then entered university where we again worked with models but this time our techniques were more Real. -Gallery Mamak, Tahran - 4/20/09

Iran Taekwondo Team Ranks First in Belgian Tournament
The Taekwondo team of Iran clinched the championship title of the International Taekwondo Tournament ended in Belgium on Sunday. - 4/20/09

Ahmadinejad meets Swiss counterpart in Geneva, calls for release of kidnapped Iranian diplomats in Iraq
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and his counterpart from Switzerland Hance Rodoulf Merets discussed major bilateral, regional and international developments in a meeting in Geneva Sunday night. - 4/20/09

Official: Iran's football coach has not resigned
Some Iranian media reported newly-appointed Mayelikohan submitted his resignation to the IFF's officials after he launched a verbal attack on Esteghlal coach Amir Ghalenoei. - 4/20/09

US Premier of HAYEDEH Documentary
"HAYEDEH, Legendary Persian Diva" will have its US premiere at the Noor Film Festival in Los Angeles on May 1st. Made by 28-year old pianist and journalist Pejman Akbarzadeh, based in the Netherlands, the 100-min. documentary is in Persian with English subtitles. - 4/20/09

Ahmadinejad: We hope US policy change will be substantial
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Monday that the Islamic Republic of Iran fully welcomes US change of policy and hopes these changes are real and substantial. - 4/20/09

Iranian President To Address Shunned UN Racism Summit
A United Nations conference on racism shunned by the United States and many of its allies opens on April 20 when a speech by Iran's president, also regarded with suspicion by the West, will be the focus of attention. -Reuters - 4/20/09

Scholar in Tabriz inscribes Iranian peace message to the world
Iranian scholar Eliza Saeedi has created an inscription in the city of Tabriz which conveys the message of peace from Iran to the world. - 4/20/09

Swiss offer support in US-Iran dialogue
Switzerland is ready to facilitate dialogue between the United States and Iran, says Swiss diplomat Livia Leu Agosti, the only woman ambassador in Tehran. -Swissinfo - 4/20/09

Top UN Nuclear Official Optimistic About North Korea, Iran
The head of the United Nation's nuclear watchdog agency says he believes the international community's nuclear disagreements with North Korea and Iran can be resolved through dialogue, not confrontation. - 4/20/09

US banks want to open branches in Iran
Four American banks, including Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, file requests with Central Bank of Iran. If approved, they will be able to open branches in free trade zone, and later perhaps in Tehran -YNet - 4/20/09

Persian stories come alive
Epic tales of warriors and kings are set to be swapped by the Vancouver Society of Storytelling in a three-day extravaganza of Persian - 4/20/09

France to Iran: Leave Israel out of Durban II
France says all European envoys would leave a UN anti-racism summit, should Iran level 'racist or anti-Semitic accusations' against Israel. -Press TV - 4/20/09

Ahmadinejad To Iran's Judiciary: Ensure Reporter's Rights
Iran's President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has called for a journalist convicted of espionage to receive fair treatment from the country's judiciary. Ahmadinejad also called for fair treatment for Hossein Derakhshan, an Iranian-Canadian blogger, who has been arrested in Iran last November. - 4/19/09

Iran wins 7 medals in Belgium taekwondo tournaments
Iranian taekwondo practitioners won 7 gold, silver and bronze medals in international tournaments being held in the Belgium city of Herentals. 20 teams from different countries are taking part in competitions in 8 weight categories -ISNA - 4/19/09

"A Window to Life": Abbas Kiarostami Photo Exhibition at Tehran's Golestan Gallery
Tehran's Golestan Gallery is currently playing host to a photo exhibition by world-renowned Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami. Entitled "A Window to Life," the exhibit opened Friday amid the presence of prominent artists and cinematic figures. - 4/19/09

Iranian American Front Running Candidate for Los Angeles City Council
The Iranian American community is pleased that one of their own, David Vahedi, came in first place in the March 3rd primary election to fill the vacant 5th District Los Angeles City Council seat. -PAAIA - 4/19/09

Runna: The Second all-Iranian car unveiled
The second all-Iranian car, named Runna, was unveiled in Tehran on Saturday in a ceremony attended by high-ranking officials and senior managers of Iran's automotive industry. - 4/19/09

Archaeologists planning for Iran's largest rescue excavation at Seimareh Dam reservoir
The Iranian Center for Archaeological Research (ICAR) is currently planning a rescue excavation project at the Seimareh Dam reservoir area in western Iran's Ilam Province. - 4/19/09

International conference on Hemophilia kicks off in Isfahan
An international conference on Hemophilia began in this ancient city Sunday morning on the occasion of the world Hemophilia Day (April 17) with participation of over 450 leading domestic and foreign physicians. - 4/19/09

Ahmadinejad says Israel leading cause of racism; U.S., Australia boycott racism conference
"Wars, aggression, unfair political and economic relations, terror and occupation are the outcomes of racist theology -- the frontrunner of which is Israel," Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told reporters in Tehran on Sunday ahead of his departure for Geneva where he plans to take part in a UN anti-racism summit. - 4/19/09

Obama Disappointed by Iran's Treatment of US Journalist
The White House says U.S. President Barack Obama is deeply disappointed that Iran has sentenced an Iranian-American journalist to prison on spying charges. - 4/19/09

Iran urged to loosen hold on BBC Persia
Iran's Majlis Research Center has proposed loosening the grip on foreign media outlets working against the interests of the Islamic Republic. A report by the institute described "launching networks" as the main step in undertaking "soft overthrow projects", adding that the BBC Persian channel takes a more subtle approach than that of the US-backed VOA in propagating its ideas. - 4/19/09

Amir Farokhi launches City Council bid
Amir Farokhi kicked off his campaign for Atlanta City Council’s Post 2 At-large seat on Tuesday with a daylong tour of six neighborhoods. -CL - 4/19/09

Iran Opens Doors to Foreign Banks
For the first time since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Iran is set to allow foreign banks to establish branches in the country and engage in normal banking operations. -Press TV - 4/19/09

Iran Oil Minister rejects new deal with UAE's Crescent
Executive Director of the Crescent Petroleum Group Majid Hamid Jafar claimed Tuesday that it had agreed with Iran to increase the price for gas imports from the country. -ISNA - 4/19/09

Iran Jails Iranian-American Journalist As U.S. Spy
The father of Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi says an Iranian court has convicted her of espionage and sentenced her to a lengthy prison term. Speaking from Tehran, Reza Saberi told RFE/RL's Radio Farda that his daughter was sentenced to eight years in prison. - 4/18/09

Photos: Army Day Celebrated with Military Parades Across Iran
Iran's different unites of army held military parade on the anniversary of the country's national Army Day by presenting different types of tanks, troop-carriers, unmanned aircrafts, missiles, boats, submarines and advanced telecommunications equipments. - 4/18/09

Rouz and My Iranian Girl
Born in Tehran, Iran, Rouz is a complex breath of fresh air to urban music. Living in Iran during the time of the Gulf war, where danger was imminent at every turn has no doubt infiltrated into some of the topics of his songs. Rouz came to the UK at a very young age and grew up in West London, a place he very much considers to be home. -ilikemusic - 4/18/09

Nowruz: The Iranian New Year has truly gone GLOBAL
By all accounts the number of special events commemorating Nowruz has proliferated worldwide in the past decade. Credit, by and large, +goes to the persistent 75 million Iranians in Iran and their transplanted counterparts now residing in every corner of the world, who have persevered to preserve their cultural heritage by adhering to their New Year's rituals. -Davood N. Rahni - 4/18/09

Persia Rising: Iran Offers More Than Just Cash
It may seem incongruous that in 2009, the U.S.A would have much competition from the Islamic republic of Iran for the hearts and minds of the Lebanese, a diverse 18 sect, highly sophisticated population, with a history of western attachments extending back before the Crusades. -Counterpunch - 4/18/09

Hernandez named Iran's baseball coach
Julio Alberico Hernandez Coste was named as Iran’s baseball - 4/18/09

Icing on the cakes after redundancy
GHAZALEH LYARI has mixed with corporate high-flyers, secured multibillion-dollar deals and lived the life of a Wall Street banker, but the global financial crisis has resulted in her career taking a tastier direction. -Sydney Morning Herald - 4/18/09

US Envoy Outlines Need to Stabilize Pakistan and Afghanistan
The United States and Japan each pledged $1 billion, but Washington's special envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke, says large donations from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Iran send a clear message that stabilizing Pakistan is a global concern. - 4/18/09

Iran Says Its Military Might Helps Regional Security
President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has said a strong Iranian military would help preserve stability in the Middle East, as Iran marked its armed forces' day with a parade that appeared more muted than in the past. Ahmadinejad gave a relatively low-key speech and there was little sign of the anti-Western banners and slogans normally seen at the annual event. -Reuters - 4/18/09

Tehran becomes biggest importer of wheat
Iran has become the world's largest importer of wheat, the country's staple, in a blow to Tehran's goal of achieving self-sufficiency in the crops it considers key to food security. -Financial Times - 4/18/09

Iran contrary
Today, advocates of preventive war against Iran offer a similar set of claims, suggesting that Iran's leaders are irrational religious extremists who would happily embrace martyrdom and take millions of fellow humans with them. The only problem with this argument is that there is no convincing evidence to support it. -Foreign Policy - 4/18/09

Iran: Over 50% of kidney donors under 26
More than 50% of kidney donors in the country are between the ages of 25 and 26, managing director of Iranian Kidney Foundation said here on Saturday. - 4/18/09

Iran National Library to boost ties with Asian, European institutions
The Iran National Library and Archive will sign memorandums of understanding with libraries in several Asian and European countries in near future, INLA director Ali-Akbar Ash'ari told ISNA. - 4/18/09

Iran’s 30th Anniversary as an Islamic Republic
THE INTERESTS Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran, located within the Pakistani Embassy in Washington, DC, held a Feb. 5 dinner event to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Islamic Republic. -MEA - 4/18/09

Iran to inaugurate world's biggest oil recovery project
The world's largest enhanced oil recovery (EOR) project, costing $300 million, will soon come on stream at the Aghajari oilfield in southwestern Iran, the Aghajari Oil and Gas Company managing director said on Friday. -Tehran Times - 4/18/09

Iran Nuclear Policy Group Announces A New Strategy for Addressing the Iran Nuclear Challenge
President Obama needs to break with the strategy of his White House predecessor, if the nuclear standoff with Iran is to be resolved, according to How to Approach the Iran Nuclear Dilemma, a new White Paper released today by the Iran Nuclear Policy Group, a task force of Iran experts and former diplomats. - 4/17/09

Photos: Bushehr's Malek Edifice Neglected
Malek is a historical building that is one century old. The attractive edifice, situated in the central part of the city of Bushehr, is among the tourist attractions of Bushehr province. It originally belonged to a wealthy resident of Bushehr called Mohammad Mehdi Malek-ul-Tojjar. During his visit to France, he saw the palace of one of the medieval ministers and modeled Malek Edifice after that palace. - 4/17/09

Iranian Woman's Execution Imminent For Crime Committed At Age 17
On death row, she has told the story of her life through her paintings, most of them dark. In 2006, rights activists organized an exhibition of her work in Tehran in order to bring attention to her situation and to protest against her innocence. In a welcome message to visitors, Darabi described her paintings as an "an oath to a crime I didn't commit." -RFE - 4/17/09

NIAC to hold Workshops in New York City and Louisville
Sign up today for NIAC's Demystifying Democracy Workshops in New York City and Louisville, KY! Sponsored by the Parsa Foundation, the NIAC workshops teaches the participants how they can gain political influence - both as individuals and as a community. - 4/17/09

Iran tops world in birth control
Reports by the UN show birth control policies in Iran to be effective with the country topping the list of greatest fertility decreases. - 4/17/09

Iranian woman wins Japan literary award for newcomers
Iranian author Shirin Nezammafi's novel titled 'Shiroi Kami' (white paper) wins the 108th Bungakukai Shinjinsho (new authors) award for her first novella in Japanese. - 4/17/09

Iran asks expats to play greater role in nation's economic development
Iranian Deputy Commerce Minister has called on Iranian expatriates to play a greater role in the country’s economic development. At a gathering of Iranian expatriates in Tehran, he put the number of Iranians residing abroad at 3 to 5 million, with a total estimated capital of $1.3 trillion. - 4/17/09

Japan PM says resolving Afghanistan issue needs Iran's presence
Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso said settlement of Afghanistan's issue needs Iran's presence. In a meeting between Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki and Aso on Thursday in Tokyo, Aso said he has highlighted Iran's important role in resolving regional crises during talks with western countries. - 4/17/09

Report Points to Iranian Threat Perceptions as Key to Resolving Nuclear Dispute
The Arms Control Association has released a Threat Assessment Brief on Iran's nuclear program authored by Senior Fellow Greg Thielmann. The assessment concludes that the U.S. can persuade Iran to avoid a weaponization program by alleviating Iranian security concerns. -NIAC - 4/17/09

‘Enough Fear’ Campaign Connects C.U. Students to Peers in Iran
Dozens of Cornell students had the opportunity to speak directly with Iranian citizens via long-distance phone calls yesterday afternoon. The students of Prof. John Weiss’s seminar, History 2161: Iran and the World, together with the assistance of volunteer translators, worked to bring the "Enough Fear" campaign’s phone event to Ho Plaza, where Cornellians waited in line for the opportunity to speak with volunteers in Iran over the single landline connected outside of Willard Straight. -Cornell Daily Sun - 4/17/09

Obama's back door to Iran ties
Obama officials are playing cat-and-mouse these days with Iran's envoys. The new administration is eager to catch a meeting in any international forum that might lead to one-on-one talks. Issues range from Iran's nuclear program to an American journalist charged by Iran with spying. -CSM - 4/17/09

Noam Chomsky on the Global Economic Crisis, Healthcare, US Foreign Policy and Resistance to American Empire
Part II of our conversation with MIT professor and author Noam Chomsky on the global economic crisis, healthcare, the media, US foreign policy, the expanding wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan, resistance to American empire, and more. -Democracy Now - 4/17/09

Quake scientist predicts Iran will shake in late April
He says his team has detected the same unusual clouds above Iran. They predict that there will be a magnitude 5.0 to 6.0 earthquake at the end of April in southern Iran. -New Scientist - 4/17/09

Iran, Kuwait hold gas talks
National Iranian Gas Export Company (NIGEC) held talks with Kuwait Petroleum Company (KPC) in Tehran on Wednesday to export 300 million cubic feet of natural gas to Kuwait per day. - 4/17/09

A New Approach to Iran: The Need for Transformative Diplomacy
A months-long study of U.S.-Iran relations concludes that a new diplomatic approach by the United States to transform the relationship with Iran could produce a breakthrough that will boost security and prosperity for the entire region. - 4/16/09

An American Hero in Iran
On a windswept plateau near the foothills of the Sahand Mountains in northern Iran stands the grave of a martyr. --- One hundred years ago, Howard Baskerville 1907 left Princeton and fought for liberty in Persia - 4/16/09

Photos: Reformist Presidential Candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi Campaigns in Iran's Khouzestan Province
Iranian Reformist figure Mir-Hossein Mousavi has revealed his campaign slogan amid a huge welcome by crowds south of the country. - 4/16/09

German university ready to start construction of New Town Hashtgerd
Berlin's Technical University (TU) which is in charge of planning the ultra-modern New Town Hashtgerd project, is ready to begin the construction phase this summer, the German project manager Rudolf Schaefer told IRNA in Berlin on Wednesday. - 4/16/09

Join PARSA CF for a philanthropy workshop on April 26, 2009 in New Canaan, Connecticut
Please join PARSA Community foundation at a philanthropy workshop in New Canaan, Connecticut, graciously hosted by Shiva Sarram. - 4/16/09

Iran at forefront of stem cell research
Though the world's attention has focused on Iran's advancing nuclear program, Iranian scientists have moved to the forefront in embryonic stem cell research, according to a recent joint study by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. -Washington Times - 4/16/09

New Iranian Proposal Aims to End Nuclear Dispute
Iran expert Meir Javedanfar of the Middle East Economic and Political Analysis Center in Tel Aviv thinks that Mr. Ahmadinejad appears to be waging a public relations war with the United States as well as trying to win Iran's upcoming presidential elections in June. -VOA - 4/16/09

Israel backs off from attack on Iran
Israel has retracted a military option against Iran just after Washington refused to back up Tel Aviv's attack to halt Tehran's nuclear work. - 4/16/09

The Weapons That Kill Civilians: Deaths of Children and Noncombatants in Iraq, 2003–2008
Researchers from King's College London and Royal Holloway, University of London in the UK, together with members of the non-profit group Iraq Body Count, have published a new event-based analysis of the impact of different weapon-types on Iraqi civilians in the April 16, 2009 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine - 4/16/09

Iran Makes Breakthrough in Simultaneous Transplantation
Iranian surgeons for the first time in the world transplanted a patient's heart and her two lungs simultaneously in a Tehran hospital. -FNA - 4/16/09

Veteran Pollster Sees Hope For Brighter American Future
After 25 years of surveying American public opinion, pollster John Zogby, of Zogby International, has analyzed all his data to prepare a report on the transformation of the American dream, and he says America's future looks bright. - 4/16/09

Iran, Armenia Strengthen Ties Through Joint Projects
Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian and Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad have signed agreements worth millions of dollars in two days of negotiations in Tehran, RFE/RL's Armenian Service reports. - 4/16/09

Iran rounds up 'porn site bosses'
In its biggest crackdown of pornographic web sites, Iran has arrested 26 men and women on a wide array of charges from producing adult and child porn content to mocking Islamic beliefs. -BBC - 4/16/09

Mango Sells Veiled Iranian Shoppers Penelope Cruz’s T-Shirts
Mango, the Spanish clothing brand whose ads feature Penelope Cruz, says its jeans and T-shirts are a hit with veiled shoppers at a new store in Iran, where laws forbid women from wearing revealing clothes in public. -Bloomberg - 4/16/09

Iran, Germany enhance gas cooperation
Iran and Germany agreed cooperation on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) equipment, downstream gas industries and refinery, the Manger of National Iranian Oil Company Dispatching Center Hassan Torbati said - 4/16/09

Iran Produces First Cloned Goat in the Middle East
The Middle East first cloned goat was born in central city of Isfahan, Iran, early morning Wednesday. Producing the cloned goat, called Hana, in Royan research site, Iran is the 5th country after the US, Canada, Britain and China that has managed to have a cloned goat, said the Head of Royan Isfahan-branch institute, Nasr Isfahani. - 4/15/09

Iran to offer new proposal package for Nuclear talks: Ahmadinejad
"We dispatched a package for negotiations last year but today the situation has changed and great developments have happened in the world during one year," Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a speech for a crowd gathered in Kerman city during his 56th provincial tour - 4/15/09

Photos: The house of the constitutional revolution in Tabriz
Khaneh Mashrutiyat (The house of the constitutional revolution), located in Tabriz, is a museum dedicated to the constitutional revolution of Iran. The establishment of a constitutional regime in Persia was the chief objective of the Revolution of 1323-29/1905-11. Like any other major revolution, the Constitutional Revolution in Persia encompassed a broad spectrum of ideas and objectives, reflecting diverse intellectual trends, social backgrounds, and political demands. -Photos by Navid Jadidoleslam, ISNA - 4/15/09

Iran Foreign Ministry mulls services to expatriates
The three-day seminar attended by a large group of Iranian expatriates began in Tehran on Tuesday with an address by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Some 800 Iranian expatriates are participating in the event. - 4/15/09

Iran takes Israeli war threats up with UN
In a letter to the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council, Iranian Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee urged the body to exercise its power and put an immediate stop to what he called "unlawful and insolent" Israeli threats against UN member states. -Press TV - 4/15/09

Environmentalists Clean Tehran Mountains
A plan to clean mountaineering paths in northern mountains of Tehran was carried out by 25 groups of mountaineers in Velenjak, Darband, Darakeh, Darabad, and Kolakchal. - 4/15/09

Iran's Electoral Hot Potato
Potatoes have become a hot election issue in Iran, even though the country's main dish is rice. In recent weeks, the authorities have distributed free potatoes to the needy in several Iranian cities. The popular "Tabnak" website has published photos of free potatoes being packed for distribution in Isfahan. -Golnaz Esfandiari - 4/15/09

Iran, Portugal agree to restore the Portuguese castles
Iran and Portugal have come to an agreement in the restoration of southern Iran's Portuguese castles. The Portuguese castles were constructed in southern Iran after the Portuguese viceroy Alfonso de Albuquerque attacked Hormoz Island in the Persian Gulf in 1507. - 4/15/09

Afghanistan welcomes Iran's readiness to help anti-drugs police
Mehdi Kazemi, an official with the Afghan counter-narcotics police said Wednesday that Kabul welcomed Tehran's readiness to train the Afghan anti-drugs police, cooperate in providing border security and fight against the international drugs mafia. - 4/15/09

RSF Says Charges Against U.S. Journalist Baseless
On April 13, Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi went on trial in Iran on espionage charges. Paris-based media watchdog Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has expressed concern over the charges brought against Saberi and is calling for her release. - 4/15/09

Iran's Islamic Open University to open branch in Iraqi Kurdistan
Chairman of Expediency Council in a meeting with vice-president of Kurdistan Region in Iraq and secretary general of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan said Iran's Islamic Open University (IOU) would open its branch in the region. - 4/15/09

46.2 million Iranians qualified to vote at 10th presidential elections
Announcing this, acting head of Presidential Elections Headquarters, Ali Asghar Sharifi told IRNA on Wednesday that some 368 voting constituencies across the country have been assigned to collect the votes. - 4/15/09

Iran set to sign 2 gas deals worth $7b
IOOC Managing Director Mahmoud Zirakchianzadeh said here on Tuesday that the Iranian company is in the final stages of talks with a European company and India's Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) over the two gas deals. - 4/15/09

Egypt strikes out at Iran's expanding reach
Egyptian police have arrested 25 suspects and are hunting for another 24 in the Sinai peninsula, where officials say the Iranian-sponsored group Hezbollah was operating a covert cell. -CSM - 4/15/09

Paradise Lost: Persia From Above
For the first time ever, 29 breathtaking aerial photographs of Persia by award-winning Swiss photographer Georg Gerster, taken in the immediate years before the 1979 Iranian Revolution, will be on exhibition at the Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller Gallery (LTMH) from April 4th through April 21st, 2009. - 4/14/09

Dialogue with Nature: 21st Environmental Art Festival in Iran - Persian Gulf- Genaveh
Last month (March 2009) an environmental art festival was held in the western part of Persian Gulf. The festival has been held during Noruz holidays (Iranian New Year) in in Genaveh. One goal is to promote environmental art and education. Participants at the Festival made works using beach sand and rocks. -Ahmad Nadalian, RiverArt - 4/14/09

U.S.: Early Friction with New Israeli Govt
If the past week was any indication, the U.S.-Israeli relationship, which could scarcely have been smoother during the eight-year presidency of George W. Bush, appears headed for choppy waters. -IPS - 4/14/09

Iran Puts US Reporter on Trial for Spying
An Iranian judiciary official says American-Iranian journalist Roxana Saberi went on trial in Iran this week for allegedly spying for the United States. - 4/14/09

Conference: Retreat of the Secular? Challenges of Religious Fundamentalism
International Conference on the Occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Iranian Revolution of 1979 - May 1st-3rd, 2009 in York University, Toronto - 4/14/09

Armenia calls for boosting all-out relations with Iran
Iran and Armenia signed 8 Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) and a joint statement as Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian is preparing to wrap up his two-day trip to Iran. - 4/14/09

Iranian-American Screens Documentary in New York
Iranian-American filmmaker Justin Mashouf screened his documentary, "Warring Factions," March 25 as part of the annual New York University Shuruq Festival. -Grace Nasri, Iran Times - 4/14/09

Mousavi: Iran will never halt enrichment
Presidential hopeful Mir-Hossein Mousavi says he will push ahead with Iran's nuclear activities and will never halt uranium enrichment. "No one in Iran will accept suspension," the Financial Times quoted Mousavi as saying in his first interview with the international media. - 4/14/09

Persiannalite in Paris: Reza Abedini's Poster exhibition
French Galerie Anatome à Paris is collaborating in holding Reza Abedini's poster exhibition called "Persiannalite" opening in May. The exhibit will run from May 4 to July 3, but the official opening ceremony will be held on May 13. - 4/14/09

Iran President to attend Durban II conference in Geneva
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will leave for Geneva, Switzerland next Monday to attend Durban II conference. - 4/14/09

U.S. May Drop Key Condition for Talks With Iran
The Obama administration and its European allies are preparing proposals that would shift strategy toward Iran by dropping a longstanding American insistence that Tehran rapidly shut down nuclear facilities during the early phases of negotiations over its atomic program, according to officials involved in the discussions. -New York Times - 4/14/09

US Welcomes Iran Statement on Nuclear Issue
The United States Monday said it welcomed a conciliatory Iranian statement about possible new talks with world powers on its nuclear program. But the State Department says it remains skeptical that Iran's nuclear program is peaceful. - 4/14/09

Talk examines sex changes in Iran
Faegheh Shirazi, an associate professor in the department of Middle Eastern studies, delivered a lecture called “Transexuality: Sex Change Operations and its Legalization by the Islamic Republic of Iran” on Friday in Garrison Hall. The lecture detailed the history of a procedure rarely associated with Iran. -Daily Texan - 4/14/09

US Envoy Writes of Israeli Threats
In the wake of the accusation by Chas Freeman that his nomination to lead the National Intelligence Council was derailed by an "Israeli lobby," a forthcoming memoir by another distinguished ambassador adds stunning new charges to the debate. -The Nation - 4/14/09

Finalist Announced for Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize
At the Magic of Persia's Dubai Gala this evening, seven Finalists were announced for the Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize (MOPCAP) by the chair of the international Jury, Sheena Wagstaff, Chief Curator of Tate Modern in London. - 4/13/09

Iranian Alliances Across Borders' Fourth International Conference on the Iranian Diaspora
This fourth installment of IAAB's bi-annual conference, hosted by UC Berkeley's Iranian Student Alliance in America (ISAA), brought together an impressive roster of speakers, panelists and attendees from across the globe. - 4/13/09

Call For Entries: Iranian Film Festival in San Francisco - September 19-20, 2009
The Iranian Film Festival, a showcase for the independent feature and short films made by or about the Iranians from around the world, is inviting the filmmakers from all over the world to submit their films to the next edition taking place on September 19-20, 2009. - 4/13/09

Armenian President Arrives In Tehran
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad held talks with his visiting Armenian counterpart Serzh Sargsyan in Tehran on issues of mutual interests Monday evening. Sargsyan heading a high ranking political-economic delegation arrived in Tehran on Monday. - 4/13/09

Photos: Spring Snow in Zanjan, Iran
Iran's province of Zanjan was hit with snow on the 24th day of spring. The heavy snow caused the closure of schools in the province. Also, most main roads to Zanjan were closed due to the storm. -Photos by Meysam Mohammadi, ISNA - 4/13/09

Shimon Peres on Ahmadinejad: We'll strike him
In an interview with Kol Hai Radio, Israeli President Shimon Peres launched into a tirade against Iran and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warning him about his stance. - 4/13/09

Persian Poetry Night Featuring Parviz Nezami: April 15 in New YorK
Our featured reader will be Parviz Nezami, a civil engineer and graduate of the University of Manchester England. He is a former professor of the National University of Iran and has been involved in major civil engineering projects for the past forty years in Iran, Canada and United States. - 4/13/09

Realpolitik for Iran
For Mohamed ElBaradei, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, “a combination of ignorance and arrogance” under the Bush administration squandered countless diplomatic opportunities with Iran and so allowed it to forge ahead with its nuclear program. -Roger Cohen, NY Times - 4/13/09

Will Israel Attack Iran?
The new Israeli prime minister, Likud Party hawk Benjamin Netanyahu, has warned President Barack Obama that if Washington does not quickly find a way to shut down Iran’s nuclear program, Israel will. - 4/13/09

Persian New Year to bring U.S.-Iran thaw?
As Iranians celebrated the Persian New Year recently, they witnessed the start of indirect talks between Iran and the United States, in what promises to become a highly orchestrated effort to ease three decades of mutual hostility. -CSM - 4/13/09

Iran will join nuclear reactor builders
"In the next ten years Iran will be among the countries in the world that build nuclear reactors," Mohammad Saeedi, the AEOI deputy director for international affairs and planning, told a ceremony held to mark National Nuclear Day in Qom. - 4/13/09

MKO members in UAE to spy on Iranians: Report
About one hundred Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) members have entered the United Arab Emirates to spy on Iranian nationals, a report says. -Press TV - 4/13/09

Iran, Pakistan to finalize IPI gas pipeline deal
A Pakistani delegation is to arrive in Tehran next week to finalize the Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline deal based on the new price formula suggested by Iran and approved by Pakistan's cabinet on April 10. - 4/13/09

Iranian women can run for president with 'no legal restraint'
Guardian Council spokesman Abbas-Ali Kadkhodaei on Saturday stated that there is "no legal restraint" on the candidacy of women in the country's presidential elections. -MNA - 4/12/09

Iranian female Taekwondo players take first place in Fajr cup
Iran came first in the international female Fajr Taekwondo cup held in Tehran. Russia, Azerbaijan, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq as well as three teams from Iran attended the one-day tournaments in 8 weight classes. - 4/12/09

Iran football coach endorses Capello's style
Iran's newly-appointed football coach Mohammad Mayelikohan adopts the style Fabio Capello manages the English national football team. - 4/12/09

Iran Presidential Elections: Karroubi rejects Khatami's request to withdraw?
Mehdi Karroubi will not withdraw from the election in favor of any presidential contender, says member of Iran's National Confidence Party. Some Reformist figures have been trying to reach a consensus over a single candidate for the Reformist camp. -Press TV - 4/12/09

Noor Film Festival 2009: May 1-3 in Beverly Hills, California
Out of 172 submissions, we selected 18 films from countries such as Australia, Iran, Holland, Canada, and the U.S. These include films that are certain to be big hits this year, such as: "HAYEDEH, Legendary Persian Diva", Niloofar, Donkey in Lahore, and Otis E., among others. Most of the films are world and U.S. premieres. - 4/12/09

How the corporate media alienate Iran: Prof. Mojtahedzadeh
Here is the first part of Foreign Policy Journal's interview with Prof. Mojtahedzadeh in which he discusses a broad range of Iran-related issues, from the nuclear standoff to the Persian Gulf disputes. -Kourosh Ziabari - 4/12/09

Tehran to hold seminar on world's Persian-speaking female poets
Tehran's Al-Zahra University is to hold a seminar to review the centennial poetry of world Persian-speaking female poets in late May. - 4/12/09

Persian gas pipeline being studied: Oil Minister
The Persian Pipeline is to link Iran to Italy and Greece by crossing Iraq, Syria and Mediterranean Sea, he said at a press conference and added feasibility studies on the project have been started since 7 months ago -ISNA - 4/12/09

Iranian scientists use silver nano-particles to produce a tooth-filling substance
Iranian scientists have recently registered the invention of silver nanoparticle-coated gutta-percha, which can be used as an alternative to the existing tooth-filling agents. - 4/12/09

Russian FM Optimistic About Relations With US
He also said Iran can play an important role in settling problems in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East and made it clear that Russia does not want to take a harder line with Tehran. -VOA - 4/12/09

Prisoners' average age 28 in Iran
The age of prisoners in Iran ranged from 24 to 32 with an average of 28, cultural-training director of State Prison Organization said in Tehran on Saturday. A number of 140,000 inmates are in jails around the country, mostly convicted for drug-related crimes - 4/12/09

An Anti-Iranian Enclave in Iraq Fights to Stay
Saddam Hussein's regime — no friend of the ayatollahs of Iran — welcomed the MEK in the mid-'80s, inviting them to set up a military camp and supplying them with hundreds of armored vehicles and other forms of support. -TIME - 4/12/09

Photos: Tabriz Municipality Museum
Sa'at Tower (clock tower) or Tabriz City Hall was built in 1934 by Arfa'ol molk, with the aid of German engineers. Since 2007 it is used as Municipality Museum. Tabriz, the capital city of Iran's East Azerbaijan province, sits at altitude of 1,350 meters above sea level at the junction of the Ghuri Chay and Aji Chay rivers. -Photos by Navid Jadidoleslam, ISNA - 4/11/09

Israel Cries Wolf
What’s going on here? Israel, as it has for nearly two decades, is trying to lock in American support and avoid any disadvantageous change in the Middle Eastern balance of power, now overwhelmingly tilted in Jerusalem’s favor, by portraying Iran as a monstrous pariah state bent on imminent nuclear war. -Roger Cohen, New York Times - 4/11/09

Iranian cineastes ask presidential candidates to clarify programs on cinema
Iran's House of Cinema asked presidential candidates to clearly announce their future programs on cinema. In a statement released on Friday, the House of Cinema requested the presidential candidates to clarify their future programs and their opinions on art, culture, and cinema. - 4/11/09

Iran's Next First Lady?
There is growing interest on Iranian websites and in the blogosphere about Zahra Rahnavard, the wife of Mir Hossein Musavi, who is likely to be Mahmud Ahmadinejad 's main challenger in Iran's June presidential election. - 4/11/09

Iran masters all stages of uranium enrichment
With the inauguration of the nuclear Fuel Manufacturing Plant (FMP), which produces uranium pellets and rods used in reactors, Iran has now mastered all stages of the uranium enrichment process and completed construction of all the facilities necessary for this work. -MNA - 4/11/09

Iranian Bloggers Fight Back In Open Letter To Khamenei
In an open letter to Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, around 50 Iranian bloggers based in the country and outside have asked questions about the imprisonment and subsequent death of Omidreza Mirsayafi, who died last month in prison under questionable circumstances - 4/11/09

Iran women futsal team finished third in Asian championship
Some ten teams from the countries of Iran, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan took part in the event. - 4/11/09

Seminar on Persian Gulf due in May
An international seminar on Persian Gulf will be held in Tehran from May 19-21. The inaugural ceremony of the seminar to be attended by Iranian and foreign experts will be held at Iran's National Library. - 4/11/09

'We Are Neither Obstinate nor Gullible'
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke with SPIEGEL about what he expects from US President Barack Obama, why America's new Afghanistan strategy is wrong and why Iran should have a spot on the UN Security Council. - 4/11/09

U.S. Muslim Organization Calls on Iran to Release Journalist
The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) delivered a letter calling for Saberi's release to the Iranian Interests Section, located in the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington, D.C. Saberi was detained in January and has reportedly been charged with espionage. - 4/11/09

FIFA warns Iran over missile-throwing
FIFA has warned Iran's Football Federation over a missile-throwing incident at the Azadi Stadium during the Iran-Saudi Arabia match. - 4/11/09

Afghan Container Deaths Reflect Wider Human-Trafficking Problem
Forty-five fellow Afghan men and teenagers died in the same shipping container that was supposed to take them to the Iranian border from Chaman, a dusty border town on Pakistan's Afghan border. -RFE - 4/11/09

Blogger becomes casualty of Iran cyber-wars
Dozens of activists are now jailed in Iran, including at least two prominent bloggers. One of them, Hussein Derakhshan, helped ignite the Iranian blog boom in 2001 by posting simple instructions to create sites in Farsi. -AP - 4/11/09

Iran to Manufacture Giant Destroyer, Advanced Submarines
Iran plans to manufacture the largest destroyer and the most advanced submarines in the region, a senior Iranian commander said on Friday, adding that the army is also due to start mass production of new series of fighter jets in the current year. -FNA - 4/11/09

Iran: Presidential candidate Mousavi says moral police, provincial visits irrelevant
Mousavi also criticized Iran's 'moral police' and said that if the government reduces unemployment and inflation and applies correct cultural policies, there will be no need for the use of bullying language against the country's youth. - 4/10/09

Andy Warhol Exhibit at Paris' Grand Palais highlights Pahlavi Era Portraits amidst 20th Century Icons who inspired the Pop Art Maestro -Paris report by Darius KADIVAR - 4/10/09

Ahmadinejad inaugurates nuclear fuel manufacturing plant
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday inaugurated the nuclear fuel complex (FMP) in Esfahan which produces uranium pellets and rods used in reactors. - 4/10/09

Memoirs of Iranian songstress Pari Zanganeh published
"Beyond Darkness," the memoirs written by the prominent Iranian vocalist Pari Zanganeh, was unveiled during a ceremony in Tehran on Tuesday. - 4/10/09

Norouz News Reflections - Iranians in Armenia, USA, UK, Iran, Dubai, Seoul, and Canada
What is not well known is that the Bay Area, and particularly Santa Clara County, has one of the nation’s largest Iranian-American communities — the third-largest population of Farsi speakers among the nation’s 3,100 counties, U.S. Census Bureau data shows. - 4/10/09

NIAC Partnering with U.S. Dept. of Commerce for 2010 Census
As the largest grassroots Iranian-American organization with a presence in all 50 states, NIAC is partnering with the United States Department of Commerce to increase awareness within our community about the 2010 Census. - 4/10/09

Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra Showcases Behzad Ranjbaran
The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra showcases 2008-09 composer-in-residence Behzad Ranjbaran April 17 – 19 at Bass Performance Hall. Ranjbaran, who has been hailed as a master of the orchestra (Dallas Morning News), is known for his rich orchestration balanced by delicate beauty. - 4/10/09

Iraq: Nowruz and Mother's Day
Six years ago I was sitting on the same couch watching their shock and 'owe' bombing on my beloved country. I asked myself what anology they would use for Baghdad and other cities this time. In the early nineties, a CNN reporter covering the Gulf war reported that Baghdad looked like a Christmas tree. -Nesreen Melek, Axis of Logic - 4/10/09

Iranian American Mohammad Movassaghi wins American Chemical Society award
Movassaghi studied organic chemistry at University of California, Berkeley, as an undergraduate. He later did his graduate work first at California Institute of Technology, and later at Harvard University, where he also continued his postdoctoral studies. Today Movassaghi teaches at MIT where he is currently an associate professor. - 4/10/09

Clinton Skeptical About Claimed Iranian Nuclear Strides
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Thursday expressed skepticism about Iranian claims of new advances in its uranium enrichment program. But she said the claims underscore the need for Iran to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency and return to negotiations on its nuclear program. -VOA - 4/10/09

Dennis Ross's Iran Plan
Widely viewed as a cog in the machine of Israel's Washington lobby, Ross was not likely to be welcomed in Tehran--and he wasn't. Iran's state radio described his appointment as "an apparent contradiction" with Obama's "announced policy to bring change in United States foreign policy." -The Nation - 4/10/09

FRANCOIS NICOLLAUD: Use reason, not emotion, to deal with Iran
NEGOTIATIONS over Iran's nuclear programme have been stalled for more than three years. For six years, the voices of reason have largely been drowned out, with passions and delusions claiming primacy (The writer was France's ambassador to Iran from 2001 to 2005) -Strait Times - 4/10/09

Mr. Obama: Why Are You Courting The Muslim World In Turkey?
On his first overseas tour as President of the United States, Mr. Obama deliberately chose Turkey to make his case to Moslems and stated that the United States is ‘not at war with the Muslim world’. The choice of country merits scrutiny. -Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, Countercurrents - 4/10/09

3 people involved in 2008 mosque bombing in Shiraz executed
Three people behind a bomb explosion in a mosque in Iran's southern city of Shiraz in April 2008 were hanged at local Adelabad Prison early Friday morning. The incident had killed 14 and injured about 300. - 4/10/09

Tajik Jewish Community Gets New Synagogue
The small Jewish community in the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, has a special reason to celebrate during the spring holiday of Passover, which begins on April 8. After nearly a year without a place of worship, the congregation has received a new building to use as a synagogue. -RFE - 4/10/09

Iran to build two power plants in Iraq
The Iraqi government unveils a plan to build two power plants with the help of Iran to generate electricity in the war-torn country. The agreement was reached between Iraqi officials and Iran's Energy Minister Parviz Fattah in Baghdad on Wednesday. -Press TV - 4/10/09

US to Join Big-Power Nuclear Talks With Iran
The United States, in a policy shift, says it will play a full role in future big-power talks with Iran over its nuclear program. Diplomats of the five permanent U.N. Security Council member countries and Germany, the so-called P5+1, meeting in London Wednesday, invited Iran to join them in an upcoming discussion. - 4/9/09

Meeting of Eastern-Western Medicine: A Possible Alternative Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis
Since I have been experimenting with the fascinating I-Health System, a system I had dreamt about when first starting to study Alternative Medicine about two decades ago, some of my other pressing questions in regard to various Eastern-Western medical systems and approaches were accidentally also verified. -Roya Monajem, Tehran - 4/9/09

Iran Charges US-Iranian Journalist With Spying
Iranian authorities say American-Iranian journalist Roxana Saberi will stand trial next week on charges of spying. Deputy Prosecutor Hassan Haddad announced the espionage case Wednesday, more than two months after Saberi was detained in Tehran's Evin prison. - 4/9/09

Persian Parade Celebrates Iranians in America
The March 29 parade was staged in the middle of the traditional two-week period of celebration for Nowruz, the Persian New Year. Many Iranian Americans celebrate the holiday in the traditional way, with family visits and sometimes-larger festive gatherings. But for six years, a typically American way of celebrating — with a parade — has been growing in popularity. -Burton Bollag, - 4/9/09

Iran studying U.S. officials' statements: FM
Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said on Wednesday that Iran is carefully studying U.S. officials' remarks about Iran. "We are carefully studying the statements of the American officials," Mottaki said in a joint press conference with his Syrian counterpart Walid Muallem. - 4/9/09

Iran: Presidential candidate Mousavi discusses campaign plans with religious figures in Qom
Mir-Hossein Mousavi arrived in Qom early Thursday and immediately went to meet top clerics including Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi and Mousavi Ardabili to elaborate on his plans as a presidential candidate. - 4/9/09

Iran studies 13,000 years of living
Iranian archeologists are joined by German and Polish colleagues to describe 13,000 years in northern Iran from cave-dwelling to urbanism. -Press TV - 4/9/09

Can the guardians of "The Freedom Press" Come Out of Hiding?
It has been a known fact for very long, that the Israel Lobby and its friends have used intimidation, friendly alliances and outright ownership of the public infotainment and educational media to manipulate, American public opinion about Government Officials, appointees, American educators and any others who either criticize the unholy actions of Israel or its policies. -Debbie Menon - 4/9/09

Yazd to host International congress on diabetes
Announcing this, head of Yazd Diabetes Research Center, Mohammad Afkhami-Ardakani told IRNA on Thursday that the three-day event is to be attended by the Iranian experts as well as specialists from Germany, the US, England, Spain, India, Nigeria and Pakistan. - 4/9/09

Iran Khodro president dismissed, deputies resign
Manouchehr Manteqi the chief executive and president of the Iran Khodro Company, the Middle East's largest automaker, has been dismissed. - 4/9/09

Obama Charms Turkey's Youth
President Barack Obama reached out to Turkey's youth in an event on Tuesday in a gesture that underlines the importance of the younger generation in repairing the U.S.'s image in the Muslim world. -Farnaz Fassihi, WSJ - 4/9/09

Iran inflation rate at 25.4% in March
Iran's annual inflation rate stood at 25.4 percent in the twelve months ending March, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has announced. - 4/9/09

Producing solar energy on agenda: Iran's Science Minister
Referring to Supreme Leader's nomination of current (Iranian) year (1388, started on March 20th) as Year for Improving the Consumption Pattern, the Science, Research and Technology Minister Parviz Zahedi, who is visiting Shadegan Township in Isfahan Province as the special envoy of the president, announced the news at the Administrative Council of Shadegan. - 4/9/09

Shell, Repsol to meet deadlines on South Pars deal
The National Iranian Oil Company has warned Royal Dutch Shell and Repsol to submit their plans of action for the South Pars gas field and the Persian LNG projects in the next one and a half months, otherwise they will be replaced by other qualified companies. -MNA - 4/9/09

Portrait of Obama painted by Cupertino woman is headed to the White House
A portrait of President Barack Obama, painted by the founder and president of the Iranian Federal Women's Club in Cupertino, is headed for the White House. The painting by Fariba Nejat includes an ancient poem written in Farsi and English. -San Jose Mercury - 4/9/09

Invited by Saddam: Iranian opposition members refuse to leave Iraq outpost
Disarmed by US forces in 2003, the 3,400 People’s Mujahideen members at Camp Ashraf have been asked to leave by the Iraqi government. -CSM - 4/9/09

Curbing Inflation Top Issue in Election Race
The Iranian New Year, which was celebrated on March 21, was this year not just a holiday. It also served to highlight a whole host of worries about Iran's double-digit inflation. -Arash Hassan-Nia, Tehran - 4/8/09

Iranian Leader Backs Kazakh Proposal For Nuclear Fuel Bank
Iran and Kazakhstan both possess huge oil reserves, so it was expected that Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad’s visit would focus on exports of Kazakh oil through Iran. But the most sensational energy news to emerge from the Iranian leader's visit concerned not oil, but nuclear power. -RFE - 4/8/09

Help Prevent an Accidental War with Iran
A bipartisan resolution has been introduced in the House calling for measures that would help prevent an accidental military conflict with Iran in the Strait of Hormuz. [1] Will you ask your representative to cosponsor this important legislation? -Just Foreign Policy - 4/8/09

Iran's Persepolis downs Qatar's Al Gharafa in Asian Champions League
Persepolis remains top of Group B with seven points, followed by Al Shabab of Saudi Arabia, Al Gharafa of Qatar and Al Sharjah of the UAE. - 4/8/09

Photos: Flooding aftermath in town of Tabas Masina, South Khorasan province, Iran
The following photos show the aftermath of the recent flooding in the town of Tabas-Masina in Iran's South Khorasan province. The flood caused extensive damage and destroyed houses. Many of the residents of the town are now housed in a tent camp setup by Iran's Red Crescent relief organization. -Photos by Amir Hosein Heidari, ISNA - 4/8/09

Smugglers rush to plunder Ramhormoz ancient sites
Adding insult to injury, illegal excavations by smugglers have become another of the many factors posing threats to the ancient sites of Ramhormoz in Iran's southern province of Khuzestan. -MNA - 4/8/09

Nabucco gas pipeline not to be implemented without Iran: Oil official
Iran's Deputy Oil Minister for International Affairs Hossein Noghrehkar Shirazi said Nabucco project would not be implemented without Iran. The project is to send Asia's gas to European markets through Turkey. The pipeline is 330 kilometers long and is expected to cost 7.900 billion euros. - 4/8/09

Iranian parliament reviews US interest to mend ties with Iran
An Iranian Parliament commission on Tuesday reviewed different aspects of the US willingness to restore ties with Iran. Member of parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Mohammad Karami Rad said the members of the commission focused on the interest the US was showing in restoring ties with Iran and examined different aspects of the issue. - 4/8/09

Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing Plant of Isfahan to be inaugurated on April 9
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is scheduled to pay a visit to active centrifuges and technological development of Natanz uranium enrichment facilities and then will inaugurate the FMP during his 55th provincial tour in Isfahan. - 4/8/09

President: Iran still awaiting real changes in US attitudes
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday that Iran was still awaiting real and true changes in the attitudes and conduct of the US administration. - 4/8/09

Major Powers Look At New Ways To Coax Iran
Senior diplomats from six major powers meeting in London are expected to discuss ways to entice Iran to give up sensitive nuclear work, a U.S. official and diplomats said. -Reuters - 4/8/09

Israel will not attack Iran, Biden says
The US vice president has cautioned Israel against launching a military attack against Iran, saying such a move would be an ill-advised decision. - 4/8/09

Isfahan to host Fifth International Tourism and Hotel Management Exhibition
Announcing this, head of the Headquarters for Publicity and Tourism Exhibitions, Mohammad Hossein Barzin added that the event, which will be held in over 150 pavilions, will extend over an area of 4,000 square meters. - 4/8/09

Iran-US citizen dialogue held in Geneva
Iranian and American academics have engaged in regular talks in the Swiss city of Geneva, according to official sources. - 4/8/09

Trading Afghan Women's Rights for Political Power
New Afghan Law Comes as No Surprise: Women’s Rights Have Always Been Traded for Political Power -Common Dreams - 4/8/09

US Congress Evaluates President Obama's Regional Approach to Afghanistan
Attacks blamed on the Taliban continue in Pakistan and Afghanistan, even as the new U.S. president embarks on a regional approach. The administration contemplates engaging regional neighbors such as Iran, India and China. -VOA - 4/8/09

Mayeli-Kohan named head coach of Iran National Football Team
Head of Iranian Football Federation (IFF) Ali Kaffashian said in Tehran Monday night Mohammad Mayeli-Kohan is appointed as the head coach of IRI National Football Team. - 4/7/09

Photos: Afghan Immigrants' Camp in Torbat-e Jam, Iran
The photos presented here are from the camp for Afghan immigrants in Torbat-e Jam, Iran's Razavi Khorasan province, close to the Dogharoon border crossing with Afghanistan. This is the main border crossing for the immigrants returning to Afghanistan. About 95% of the Afghans return home from this crossing. -Photos by Maryam Royaee, ISNA - 4/7/09

Mousavi vows stabilized Iranian policies
We must adopt a policy of détente and build confidence in the international arena to protect our national interests, Mousavi told reporters in the first press conference since announcing his presidential bid. - 4/7/09

Remarks by President Obama to the Turkish Parliament
Now, I have made it clear to the people and leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran that the United States seeks engagement based on mutual interest and mutual respect. We want Iran to play its rightful role in the community of nations. Iran is a great civilization. We want them to engage in the economic and political integration that brings prosperity and security. But Iran's leaders must choose whether they will try to build a weapon or build a better future for their people. - 4/7/09

Passing the Torch of Success
In a remarkable gathering, some of the most accomplished Iranian Americans share their experiences with the next generation of leaders. Held at the UCLA Royce Hall on May 10, former CNN anchor Rudi Bakhtiar and the popular actor/comedian Maz Jobrani will co-host a - 4/7/09

SoCiArts Productions presents "feminine", Apr 10-17, 2009 in Los Angeles
Society of Cinema and Arts (SoCiArts) will proudly host the opening reception of feminine on April 10, 2009 from 8 to 11 p.m. at a gallery space on 11821 Mississippi Ave in Los Angeles, featuring eight of its member artists - 4/7/09

Ahmadinejad: Iran, Kazakhstan to broaden cooperation
President Ahmadinejad made the remarks on the second day of his official visit to Kazakhstan in a meeting with Kazakh Premier Karim Massimov on Tuesday. At the meeting, President Ahmadinejad underlined the need to further uphold existing level of mutual as well as regional cooperation. - 4/7/09

No increase in height of Iranians in ten years
Iranians have not been getting taller over the past ten years, a subspecialist in endocrinology said here on Tuesday. Iraj Heidari blamed social and psychological problems, lack of exercises, insomnia, stress, and family problems, and mainly poor diet as the main factors in creating such problem in the country. - 4/7/09

The fierce urgency of peace
Pressure on President Obama to recast the failed American approach to Israel-Palestine is building from former senior officials whose counsel he respects. -Roger Cohen, IHT - 4/7/09

Iran, Armenia Agree To Build Railroad
In anticipation of Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian's visit to Tehran later this month, government officials have agreed to build a $1.2 billion railway linking Armenia and Iran. - 4/7/09

Caspian's sturgeon in danger of extinction
The production of caviar in the Caspian has fallen from 200 tones in 15 to 20 years ago to less than 10 tones. Over-fishing and smuggling as well as pollution caused by sewage entry into the Caspian Sea have considerably reduced the seas sturgeon stock. - 4/7/09

A stark question for Iran: What would the Prophet do?
If Iranian leaders do not come to grips with reality soon, they will have missed an historic opportunity to make a deal for peace with the United States. It takes courage and considerable moral integrity to reach out to an entrenched adversary; -CSM - 4/7/09

Iranian Scholar Stopped From Attending Italian Conference
Prominent Iranian lecturer Mehdi Zakerian has been prevented from leaving the Iran to take part in a conference in Italy. - 4/7/09

U.S. Treasury Designates Iranian Proliferation Network and Identifies New Aliases
The U.S. Department of the Treasury today designated one Chinese individual and six Iranian entities under Executive Order 13382 for their connection to Iran's missile proliferation network. - 4/7/09

International congress on radiology to open in Tehran on April 28
The 25th International Congress on Radiology will be held at Olympic Hotel in Tehran from April 28-May 1 with the aim of presenting the latest achievements in the field. - 4/7/09

7 rich oilfields explored in Iran
National Iranian Oil Company's managing director announced in Tehran on Tuesday that seven new rich oilfields with high in-situ reserves has been explored in Iran. - 4/7/09

Parents visit Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi in Tehran's Evin prison
Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi, who was arrested in late January, has met with her parents in prison, says her attorney. On Sunday, Khorramshahi announced that Iran's judiciary had formally charged the journalist. - 4/6/09

Photos: Historic town of Loft in Iranian island of Qeshm in Perain Gulf
Historic Town of Loft is located in Iranian island of Qeshm. Qeshm is an island situated in the Strait of Hormuz off the south coast of Iran and east of the Persian Gulf. Qeshm Island is located a few kilometers off the southern coast of Iran, opposite the port cities of Bandar Abbas and Bandar Khamir. Photos by Rooholla Vahdari, ISNA - 4/6/09

Photos: Harvesting zucchinis in Dezful, Iran
Following photos are from people in harvesting Zucchinis in the agricultural fields of Dezful, in Iran's Khuzestan province. Zucchini is a small summer squash. Along with some other squashes, it belongs to the species Cucurbita pepo. Zucchini is one of the easiest vegetables to cultivate in temperate climates. -Photos by Hadi Jafarzadeh, ISNA - 4/6/09

'Be Calm, Count to Seven' wins international film awards
The movie 'Be Calm, Count to Seven' by Iranian Ramtin Lavafipour clinched two international film prizes from Italy and Switzerland. - 4/6/09

First Iranian National Anthem (1868? - 1933)
Salamati-ye Shah was the first national anthem of Persia (Iran). It was used from the time of Mozzafar al-Din Shah Qajar until 1933. It was replaced by Sorood-e Shahanshahi Iran, which praised the Pahlavis. - 4/6/09

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art to exhibit hidden art trove
The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMCA) plans to put on display a rarely-seen collection of paintings by some of the world's august artists in an exhibition that will open on May 5. - 4/6/09

Critical distance
I'm made nervous by people who "devour" books, let alone "inhale" them, as Azar Nafisi claims to. It's also difficult to trust teachers of literature who tell you that "we discussed" books or "we agreed" about them when they usually mean that they talked uninterruptedly for two hours and no one in the class demurred.-Jane Miller, Guardian - 4/6/09

Why Is Obama Paying So Much Attention To Turkey?
U.S. President Barack Obama has arrived in Turkey for the start of a two-day tour, the first predominantly Muslim country he is visiting since taking office. During his first day in Ankara, April 6, he will address the Turkish parliament and hold talks on Turkey's role in the Caucasus and the Mideast. -RFE - 4/6/09

Iran President visits Kazakhstan
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran and Kazakhstan have enjoyed many identical views on different regional and international issues. The president made the remarks before leaving Tehran for Astana on Monday for an official visit to Kazakhstan. - 4/6/09

Iran's Police Force hands over security of Eastern borders to IRGC
"The fight against terrorists and bandits in eastern Iran will be handed over to IRGC; therefore Iran's Police Force will end its mission in the region," Iran's police chief Brigadier General Ismail Ahmadi-Moqaddam told reporters in a press briefing on Sunday. - 4/6/09

Obama and the Neocon Middle East War Agenda
Many Americans, in fact, many people in the world, have been under the impression that Obama's approach to foreign policy, especially as it pertains to the Middle East, would be the antithesis of that of the Bush administration. This dichotomy, however, is increasingly questionable as the professed advocate of change looks more like a proponent of continuation. - 4/6/09

Secretary Of State Clinton Criticizes Controversial Afghan Women Law
Answering questions from listeners of Radio Free Afghanistan, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed her hope that a controversial new Afghan law, which critics say will restrict the rights of women, will be overturned. -RFE - 4/6/09

Cleric gunned down in southeast Iran
Unidentified gunmen have assassinated a cleric in the city of Khash in Iran's Sistan-Baluchestan Province, a local official says. -Press TV - 4/6/09

Photos: Bachokheh wrestling tournament in Esfarayen, Iran
For more than 200 years wrestlers have come to the city of Esfarayen in Northern Iran for a wrestling tournament called Bachokheh. This tournament is unique because it is held in the open air. -Photos by Mohamad Nikoo Harf, ISNA - 4/5/09

Photos: RoboCup competition opens in Qazvin, Iran
IranOpen2009 is playing host to 321 national and foreign teams as part of the fourth international-level Iranian robotics contest in Qazvin. - 4/5/09

Saberi's parents in Iran to pursue her case
The parents of a freelance Iranian-American journalist have arrived in Tehran to visit their daughter who is currently in police custody. The 31-year-old US-born Roxana, who also holds an Iranian passport, was arrested in Iran in late January for continuing to "illegally" work as a journalist after her press card was revoked in 2006. -Press TV - 4/5/09

Venezuelan President Ends Iran Visit
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saw off his Venezuelan counterpart President Hugo Chavez on Saturday. Venezuelan high ranking politico-economic delegation discussed many aspects of bilateral and international ties and signed 9 cooperation documents. - 4/5/09

Obama has expressed interest to meet Iran's Khatami in Istanbul: source
U.S. President Barack Obama has expressed his willingness to meet with Iran's former president Mohammad Khatami on the sidelines of Alliance for Civilizations summit in Istanbul which opens (Monday) today, an informed source close to Khatami told the Mehr News Agency on Sunday. -MNA - 4/5/09

US-Iran thaw could bolster Afghanistan rebuilding efforts
In The Hague this week, Iranian officials offered to cooperate with the US. Iran has pursued an ambitious redevelopment effort in Afghanistan since 2001. -CSM - 4/5/09

Seminar on wind energy to open in Tehran on May 4
A seminar themed 'Investment Opportunities of Wind Energy' will be held here on May 4 in cooperation with Renewable Energies Organization. - 4/5/09

Iran's Tahmineh Milani to make film on human trafficking
Award-winning Iranian director Tahmineh Milani is planning to make a film about the child victims of human trafficking in India. Milani has done extensive research about child trafficking in India and will use them in making her film with an Indian cast - 4/5/09

Obama Details Anti-Nuke Plan
U.S. President Barack Obama says the existence of nuclear weapons is the "most dangerous legacy of the Cold War." - 4/5/09

With Czechs In Disarray, Obama Comes To Prague
In recent weeks, the idea of eradicating nuclear weapons has moved up in policy circles, with former U.S. Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and George Schultz, along with former Defense Secretary William Perry and former Senator Sam Nunn, backing the initiative. -RFE - 4/5/09

Swiss EGL starts gas project in Iran
A gas deal between Iran's National Iranian Gas Export Company (NIGEC) and Switzerland's Elektrizitaetsgesellschaft Laufenburg (EGL) which was signed in March 2009 for the renovation of Iran's gas refineries has been put into effect as of March 21 -MNA - 4/5/09

Delbar Released!
“DELBAR”, true to its title is a sweet and soulful rendition of Classical Persian poetry set to classical Indian music. The artists have yet again accomplished that delicate balance between form, content and creativity. Katayoun Goudarzi with her lyrical yet precise rendition of Rumi’s poetry effortlessly glides over the melodic musings of Shujaat Husain Khan and Abhiman Kaushal. - 4/4/09

US may cede to Iran's enrichment plan: Financial Times
US officials are considering whether to accept Iran's pursuit of uranium enrichment and may cede to "Iran's nuclear ambitions", Financial Times reports. - 4/4/09

Iranians welcome museums during Norouz
Iran's museums has a 25 percent increase in number of visitors during the first ten days of the Norouz holiday, Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization (CHTHO) official Mohammad Hossein Farahani announced. -MNA - 4/4/09

South Australia - Persian Cultural Association’s 13 bedar
The Persian (Iranian) community of Adelaide consist of around 3000 individuals of several religious and ethnic backgrounds. The first Iranian family arrived here in 1967 then joined by many more several years later when a great influx of Iranians arrived in Adelaide in the early years of 1980’s. - 4/4/09

Turkey's Ties to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Middle East Give Importance to Obama Visit
U.S. President Barack Obama begins a two day visit to Turkey starting Sunday. The United States and Turkey have strong ties but relations have been strained in recent years, mostly over the U.S. invasion of Iraq. But Turkish ties to Iran, Iraq Afghanistan and the Middle East, make the country an important U.S. ally. - 4/4/09

Iran: 420 people killed on roads during New Year holidays
At least 420 people lost their lives in Iran's road accidents during the first twelve days of the Iranian New Year, which began on March 21st, police reported. - 4/4/09

Noam Chomsky on US Expansion of Afghan Occupation, the Uses of NATO, and What Obama Should Do in Israel-Palestine
As NATO leaders gather for a sixtieth anniversary summit in France, Chomsky says, “The obvious question is, why bother celebrating NATO at all? In fact, why does it exist?” Chomsky also analyzes the Obama administration’s escalation of the Afghanistan occupation and reacts to the new Netanyahu government in Israel. -Democracy Now - 4/4/09

Photos: Tehran Residents Mark Sizdehbedar by spending a day outdoors
People in Iran headed outdoors on April 2nd to mark Sizdehbedar, the 13th day of Persian New Year. Following people show Tehran residents spending time in Laleh and Taleghani parks. - 4/3/09

Rutemoeller ready to assume long-term Iran coaching position
German coach Erich Rutemoeller said he would like to remain in charge of Iran's national football squad for the rest of the 2010 World Cup qualifying stage. - 4/3/09

Photos: People across Iran celebrate Sizdahbedar, the festival of nature
People across Iran celebrated Sizdah-Bedar, the traditional Persian festival of nature, which is also a finale to the Nowruz celebrations, by spending time outdoor. Sizdah-Bedar is an ancient Iranian nature festival dating back to at least 4,000 years ago and marks the last day of Iranian New Year festivity - 4/3/09

Central Florida - Iranian American Chamber of Commerce Sizdah-bedar
It is the primary mission of the Central Florida Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce to promote Iranian-American owned businesses and also promo the Iranian cultural values in the Central Florida region. - 4/3/09

Iran, Venezuela set up joint bank
Iran and Venezuela officially launched their first joint bank in Tehran on Friday. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez attended the inaugural ceremony. - 4/3/09

Regent Releasing to Open "The Song Of Sparrows" in Los Angeles April 10
Regent Releasing will open THE SONG OF SPARROWS, the new film from Iranian master Majid Majidi, director of Best Foreign Language Oscar nominee CHILDREN OF HEAVEN, as well as THE COLOR OF PARADISE and BARAN, on Friday, April 10 at Laemmle's Music Hall in Beverly Hills and Laemmle's Town Center 5 in Encino. - 4/3/09

Regent Releasing to Open "The Song Of Sparrows" in Los Angeles April 10
Regent Releasing will open THE SONG OF SPARROWS, the new film from Iranian master Majid Majidi, director of Best Foreign Language Oscar nominee CHILDREN OF HEAVEN, as well as THE COLOR OF PARADISE and BARAN, on Friday, April 10 at Laemmle's Music Hall in Beverly Hills and Laemmle's Town Center 5 in Encino. - 4/3/09

The Poetry of Iranian Women: A Contemporary Anthology
Inside The Poetry of Iranian Women: A Contemporary Anthology lives a treasure house of brilliantly polished, multihued gems waiting to be unearthed. Kalbasi enthralls us with an album of writing that glimmers underneath a veil of repression and intolerance and gives us a glimpse into the experiences and lives of women who are our sisters, daughters, mothers, neighbors, and friends. - 4/3/09

Gene discovery could lead to male contraceptive
The research team, which included scientists from the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences in Tehran, Iran, discovered the male infertility gene while studying the genetics of families from Iran -- a population that has relatively high rates of disease-causing gene mutations. -University of Iowa Health Care Media Relations - 4/3/09

Iran Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q2
BMI is forecasting a 10.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the Iranian pharmaceutical market, meaning an increase in total value from US$2.25bn in 2008 to US$3.65bn by 2013. - 4/3/09

Support the bipartisan resolution to prevent accidental war with Iran!
NIAC is pleased to announce that Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and Rep. Geoff Davis (R-KY) have introduced a bipartisan resolution to protect American sailors in the Persian Gulf and to reduce the risk of an accidental war with Iran. - 4/3/09

Obama Pledges to Seek World Without Nuclear Arms
U.S. President Barack Obama says he soon will lay out an agenda to seek a world without nuclear weapons. - 4/3/09

Iran-US encounter 'brief handshake'
Washington unravels the mystery surrounding US-Iran talks at an international conference, saying that what was described as a 'cordial exchange' was in fact a mere 'handshake'. -Press TV - 4/3/09

Providing Security Should be Combined with Proper Enforcement of the Post-Taliban Constitution
Sharmini Peries of The Real News Network sits down in an interview with Mavis Leno, the chair of the Feminist Majority Foundation's Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan, to discuss the organization's efforts to help women in Afghanistan and improve their social and economic status. - 4/3/09

Are Turkey And Armenia About To Normalize Relations?
There are increasing hints that Turkey and Armenia could soon announce a deal reopening their border -- which has been closed since 1993 -- and restoring diplomatic relations. - 4/3/09

Iran's crude price rises by almost USD4 on markets
Average price for each barrel of Iranian crude rose by about four dollars to 47.24 dollars on March 30, 2009, from 44.83 dollars in early March, according to the National Iranian Oil Company's International Affairs Department website. - 4/3/09

Iranians outdoors to mark Sizdehbedar
Iranian families spend today (Thursday 13t of Farvardin - 1st month of the year) outdoors to celebrate Sizdehbedar, that is the last day of the New Year break. - 4/2/09

A Weekend of Events in Dubai Highlighted by Gala Dinner & Contemporary Art Auction of Works Donated by Leading Middle Eastern Artists
Magic of Persia's fundraiser for 2009, Magical Nights in Dubai, will take place on Saturday 11th April and Sunday 12th April 2009. The highlight of the events as always will be the grand Gala and Contemporary Iranian Art Auction on Saturday 11th April 2009 at the Emirates Towers in Dubai - 4/2/09

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez arrives in Tehran
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad officially welcomed visiting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at the Presidential office Thursday morning. Chavez, heading a high-ranking political delegation, arrived in Tehran late Wednesday and was welcomed by Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki at Tehran's Mehrabad Airport. - 4/2/09

Iran ties 1-1 in friendly with Senegal
Iran has fared slightly better against a far less competent side in a friendly under the new management, while still recovering from the shock of a home loss to Saudi Arabia. - 4/2/09

U.S. has 'no moral standing' to criticize Iran: Zunes
In September 2007, Stephen Zunes fell under the spotlight of the mass media following his meeting with the controversial Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York during his third trip to the U.S. to attend the 62nd session of the United Nations General Assembly. -Kourosh Ziabari - 4/2/09

Netanyahu Prepared To Go It Alone On Iran
In an exclusive interview on March 31 with "The Atlantic," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel could go it alone and attack Iran if the country went nuclear. -Kristin Deasy, RFE/RL - 4/2/09

Qatar-Iran ties raise Arab hackles
Qatar becomes the second Arab country after Syria to get on the wrong side of Arab leaders over its close relations with Iran. A senior diplomat told AFP on condition of anonymity on Wednesday that many Arab countries -- Saudi Arabia in particular -- believe the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom to be "courting" Tehran. - 4/2/09

Alleged Israeli Attack Draws Attention to Sudan's Ties to Iran
Reports that Israel may have carried out an air attack on an Iranian weapons convoy in the Sudanese desert 2.5 months ago have drawn attention to an alleged Iranian arms smuggling network in Africa. Sudan is believed to be playing a key role in Iranian efforts to deliver weapons to militant Hamas fighters in Gaza. -VOA - 4/2/09

Festival of the Silk Road in San Jose, California
For the Festival of the Silk Road, Afsaneh Art & Culture Society unites a group of phenomenal Bay Area dance and musical guests to present a vibrant exploration of the rich cultural traditions of the Silk Road, as well as a not-to-miss pre-performance bazaar including traditional clothing, art, and refreshments. - 4/2/09

Masturbation could bring hay fever relief for men
Spring is here and with it come the woes of hay fever. Never fear, however, as there may be a quick and pleasurable treatment to clear those bunged noses, for guys at least – a well-timed ejaculation. That's what Sina Zarrintan, a neurologist from the Tabriz Medical University in Iran proposes, anyway. -New Scientist - 4/2/09

Queer Film Festival doco highlights Iranian transsexuals
BEING an unmarried woman at the age of 25 was enough to attract the wrath of filmmaker Tanaz Eshaghian's traditional Iranian family. -Courier Mail - 4/2/09

Q&A With the Head of Iran's New America's Desk
Last year, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered Iran's foreign ministry to create a separate desk for the Americas. Until then, affairs related to the continent of America were lumped together with Europe. The desk was mainly created in anticipation of expanding economical and political ties with both North and South America. -Farnaz Fassihi, WSJ - 4/2/09

Iranian couple's journey to freedom fulfilled
Azita and Ahmad Shafaghat became Christians in Islamic Iran 10 years ago and have been on the run ever since. The couple's long journey to freedom ended yesterday afternoon when their plane touched down in Vancouver. -Globe & Mail, Canada - 4/2/09

Iran’s Khomeini Was a Russophile, Former KGB Resident in Tehran Says
Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of the Iranian revolution whose regime was formally inauguarated30 years ago today, was a committed Russophile, according to the retired KGB officer who served as that organization’s resident in Tehran before and during that time. -Georgia Daily - 4/2/09

Clinton Calls US-Iranian Meeting 'Promising'
Senior U.S. and Iranian leaders met Tuesday on the sidelines of an international conference in The Hague aimed at re-energizing international commitments for war-torn Afghanistan. Participants agreed to boost security and development in the central Asian nation. - 4/1/09

Iranian Alliances Across Borders' Fourth International Conference on the Iranian Diaspora: April 4-5, 2009 in Berkeley, California
Hosted by UC Berkeley's Iranian Student Alliance in America (ISAA), IAAB's bi-annual International Conference on the Iranian Diaspora brings together scholars, students, journalists, activists, and others from across the globe to discuss the current state, accomplishments, and future of the Iranian diaspora community. - 4/1/09

Welcoming Spring, Persian Style
Patrons of the Philadelphia Museum of Art recently had a chance to enjoy a taste of Persian culture to mark the Persian New Year, or Nowruz. The all-day "Celebrate Norooz" festival March 8, hosted in cooperation with the Persian community of the greater Philadelphia area, is in its fourth year at the museum. - 4/1/09

Photos: Persian Gulf Shores, Bandar Abbas
Bandar Abbas is a port city which occupies a strategic position on the narrow Straits of Hormuz, and it is the location of the main base of the Iranian Navy. It had an estimated population of 352,173 in 2005. -Photos by Hosein Heydari, ISNA - 4/1/09

Photos: Flooding in Qom, Iran
Heavy rains have caused flooding and considerable damage in the city of Qom in Iran. Qom lies 156 kilometers by road southwest of Tehran and is the capital of Qom Province. It has an estimated population of 1,042,309 in 2005. -Photos by Mohammad Akhlaghi, ISNA - 4/1/09

AIC Event in Washington DC a Great Success
The Policy Symposium and Norouz Reception (25 March) was a great success. Over 150 participants from the United States and Iran came together to discuss the US-Iran relationship. The Norouz reception helped to bring a better understanding of Persian culture, cuisine and art to everyone, especially to the Capitol Hill participants. - 4/1/09

International Afghan Conference Signals 'New Beginning'
Delegates, who included U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon along with representatives from Iran, Pakistan, NATO, the EU, and World Bank, described the meeting as "a new beginning "and "an important day" for Afghanistan and its people. - 4/1/09

Saberi's parents go to Iran; State Department intervenes
On Monday, the parents of detained Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi left their home in Fargo, North Dakota, to go see their daughter in Iran. Saberi has been held in Tehran's Evin prison since January 31. - 4/1/09

Swedish translation of Rumi's poems published
On the eve of the Persian New Year a selection of Jalal al-din Rumi's poems has been published in Swedish. The book is entitled "Vassflöjtens sång" (The Song of the Reed) and includes the most famous poems of "Divan-e Shams" and "Masnavi-ye ma'navi". - 4/1/09

Netanyahu: Israel may attack Iran soon
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel will attack Iran should the US fail to quickly halt Tehran's nuclear program. Setting guidelines for US president Barack Obama, Netanyahu said that "the Obama presidency has two great missions: fixing the economy, and preventing Iran from gaining nuclear weapons." -Press TV - 4/1/09

UK: No more sanctions on Iran, for now
The UK foreign secretary says the international community should not rush to impose more sanctions on Iran, saying the move could destroy Washington's new approach. -Press TV - 4/1/09

New Study Identifies Emerging Threats to Internet Freedom
A new study from Freedom House warns that the rights of internet and mobile phone users are increasingly at risk as governments, both repressive and democratic, expand their ability to monitor and control online activity. - 4/1/09

Obama, Medvedev Pledge to Renew Arms Talks
The presidents urged Iran to cooperate with the U.N. nuclear agency and to prove its nuclear program is peaceful in nature. They said Iran has the right to a civilian nuclear program, but added that the Tehran government needs to restore confidence in the "exclusively peaceful nature" of its initiative. -VOA - 4/1/09

Medvedev Outlines Path to Better US-Russian Ties
The U.S. and Russia presidents are scheduled to meet for the first time Wednesday on the sidelines of the G20 summit in London. The new Kremlin leader comes to the meeting with a record of policy initiatives that have swung between belligerent threats against the West to offers of cooperation with Washington. -VOA - 4/1/09

Does Gazprom Deal Mean No Azerbaijani Gas For Nabucco?
Azerbaijani natural gas may be headed to Russia instead of the European Union-backed Nabucco pipeline project. That's the way it looks to some following a visit by the head of the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijani Republic (SOCAR) to Gazprom headquarters in Moscow on March 27. -RFE - 4/1/09

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