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Iran Wins Asian Weightlifting Title After 9 Years
Iran has won the title of the 2012 Asian Weightlifting Championships in Pyeongtaek, South Korea after nine years. Iran's weightlifting team won the title with 501 points, only one point more than South Korea. - 4/30/12

Photos: Iranians Show Their Support For Abu Musa Island
A group of Iranians gathered at the shores of Abu Musa island in Persian Gulf on Monday to mark the National Day of Persian Gulf and to display their support for an island that's an integral part of Iranian territory. In recent days United Aran Emirates is once again making noises by claiming ownership of the Abu Musa and two other Iranian islands. -Amirhosein Khorgooi - 4/30/12

Review of the Week: The Iranian Curtain
In the tradition of Oriental government, it is the Sultan who runs all affairs through members of his own family. Saeed Jalili is only the nominal head of Iran's nuclear negotiations who obeys the orders of Ali Bagheri, the husband of one of Khamenei's daughters and so comes directly from the household of the supreme leader. -Houshang Asadi - 4/30/12

Arab States Hold War Games as Tensions With Iran Mount
Gulf Arab states are beginning two days of joint military exercises, as fears of an armed conflict with Iran continue to grow. The drills, dubbed "Islands of Loyalty," come amid an escalating territorial dispute between the United Arab Emirates and Iran over three strategic islands in the Persian Gulf. -Phillip Walter Wellman, VOA - 4/30/12

New Pro-Regime Film Gets Iranians Hot Under The Collar
With its makers proudly claiming the movie to be "the most political film in Iran's cinematic history," Talebi's slick-looking blockbuster seems to spare no expense in outlining the Tehran government's take on the abortive Green Movement that gripped the country following the disputed presidential election in 2009. - 4/30/12

Iran allocates $22 billion for importing basic goods
Food prices have jumped in the recent months. The government says the rise in prices is not related to the subsidy reform plan and attributes it to a hike in food prices in the global markets. - 4/30/12

Iranian researcher engages in project to make highly conductive plastic fibers
Iranian researcher Vina Faramarzi jointly with other scientists from CNRS and the University of Strasbourg succeeded in making highly conductive plastic fibers that are only several nanometers thick. The nanowires, are "self-assemble" when triggered by a flash of light. - 4/30/12

"Rain Of Love": Calligraphic Painting Exhibition by Abol Atighechi at Seyhoun Art Gallery
After years of living in France and participating in several international painting exhibitions, Abolghasem Atighechi, also called Abol, came back to Iran due to his interest in creating calligraphic paintings. - 4/30/12

Reuters bureau chief to appear in Tehran court over report on Ninjas
The Reuters bureau chief in Iran is to appear before a Tehran court in the coming days over an earlier report by the London-based news agency describing female Iranian martial arts students as "assassins," Press TV reports. - 4/30/12

Tehran Condemns Koran Burning By U.S. Clergyman
Iran has denounced the April 28 burning of copies of the Koran by U.S. pastor Terry Jones in the state of Florida. Jones burned the Korans and a depiction of the Prophet Mohammed to protest the imprisonment in Iran of Christian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani. - 4/30/12

Wealthy Iranians spur luxury car boom
While the wealthy are forking out for supercars costing between $US110,000 (for an entry-level Porsche Boxster) to $US360,000 (for a Porsche Panamera Turbo or a Maserati GranTurismo), working Iranians are getting by on an average monthly salary of $US700. -9News - 4/30/12

Once Upon a Time in Tehran
Photos of a swinging Iran when the skirts were short, the dance was the twist, and America wasn't Enemy No. 1. -Foreign Policy - 4/30/12

Election, Monitored: The tragic farce of voting in Iran
On February 29th, two days before parliamentary elections in Iran, the writer joined a few dozen foreign correspondents-along with official handlers -- in the parking lot of the Laleh, a formerly five-star Tehran hotel. They had come to Iran to cover the election... -Laura Secor, New Yorker - 4/30/12

Canada Closes Visa Section Of Tehran Embassy
Canada has announced the closure of the visa section at its embassy in the Iranian capital, Tehran, in a move likely to affect thousands of Iranian travelers. In a statement on its website, the Canadian Embassy said visa services for Iran have been transferred to the Canadian Embassy in Ankara, capital of neighboring Turkey. - 4/29/12

Photos: Iranian Island of Hormuz in Persian Gulf
Hormuz is an Iranian island in the Persian Gulf. It is located in the Strait of Hormuz and is part of the Hormozgan Province. Hormoz Island has an area of 42 square kilometers (16 square miles). It is covered by sedimentary rock and layers of volcanic material on its surface. The highest point of the island is about 186 metres above sea level. -Vahid Sohrabi - 4/29/12

Iran: Numerous deaths caused by workplace accidents
Workplace accidents claim the lives of three workers every hour in Iran. On the occasion of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28, the Mehr News Agency issued a report on workplace safety in Iran. - 4/29/12

Iran 85-kg weightlifters sweep gold, bronze Asian medals
Two Iranian weightlifters have made a clean sweep of all the available gold and bronze medals in the 85 kg category in the 2012 Asian Weightlifting Championships in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. - 4/29/12

Iranian Director Farhadi shows support for Afghan immigrants
The Shargh newspaper reports that in response to recent news of the mistreatment of Afghan immigrants in Iran, Farhadi, who is currently filming his latest project in Paris, is returning to Iran for screenings of his film on May 11 and 12, followed by discussion sessions among a group of Iranian citizens and Afghan immigrants settled in Iran. - 4/29/12

Photos: Tehran police arrest 100 thieves, addicts
Tehran Police Chief Hossein Sajedinia announced on Sunday that the police have arrested 100 thieves and addicts in a special operation conducted in a neighborhood in north Tehran. -Abdollah Heidari - 4/29/12

Iran warily welcomes U.S. flexibility
Iranian authorities report that while they are suspicious of recent overtures by the Obama administration about supporting low-grade uranium enrichment in Iran, they believe it would be an excellent step toward positive negotiations on the nuclear issue. - 4/29/12

Ex-Shin Bet Chief Accuses Netanyahu About Possible Attack On Iran
The former head of Israel's Shin Bet security agency has accused the country's political leaders of exaggerating the effectiveness of a possible military attack on Iran. - 4/29/12

Iranian MP says U.S. stealth fighters cannot ensure regional security
Kowsari made the remarks in response to the fact that U.S. most sophisticated stealth jet fighters, known as F-22 Raptors, have been quietly deployed to Al Dafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates. - 4/29/12

Ayatollah Mesbah: Deviationists more dangerous than seditionists
The term "deviationist" is attributed to some inner circles of the Ahmadinejad admininstration and "seditionist" to those who contested the results of the 2009 presidential election and held protest rallies. - 4/29/12

Iran Foreign Minister Hoping For 'Success' In Baghdad
Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi says he is hoping for "success" in upcoming talks with world powers on the Iranian nuclear program. - 4/29/12

Tehran Police Begin New Clothing Crackdown
Tehran Police have begun a new round of patrolling against "inappropriate attire" in public, the head of the force announced. The Mehr News Agency quoted Brigadier General Hossein Sajedinia saying: "Confronting bad forms of dressing will be carried out in two parts: producers and importers on one hand and consumers on the other." - 4/28/12

A View Inside Iran
Iran is a country of more than 75 million people with a diverse history stretching back many thousands of years. While over 90 percent of Iranians belong to the Shia branch of Islam -- the official state religion -- Iran is also home to nearly 300,000 Christians, and the largest community of Jews in the Middle East outside Israel. -The Atlantic - 4/28/12

Iran Nuclear Summit: 'Expectations Will Be Very High'
With talks between Iran and Western powers on the Persian Gulf country's nuclear program scheduled to take place in Baghdad on May 23, RFE/RL Radio Farda's Fred Andon Petrossians spoke with Middle East specialist Kenneth Katzman about the possible outcomes of this crucial summit. - 4/28/12

US could agree to Iranian uranium enrichment: Los Angeles Times
In a major concession, Obama administration officials say they could support allowing Iran to continue a crucial element of its nuclear program, the Los Angeles Times reported on Friday. - 4/28/12

Death of Iranian Kurdish Tradesmen in Border Regions
The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reports that it has documented the death of 74 Kurdish back carriers (Kulbar) and tradesmen in the border regions of the Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Kermanshah provinces of Iran. - 4/28/12

Iran to begin talks with IAEA
Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Iran's ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency, announced that Iran will begin a new round of talks with the agency on May 13 and 14 in Vienna. - 4/28/12

"Aria Cream": Iranian scientists develop drug to heal wounds in domestic animals
Iranian researchers at Shahrekord University, southwestern Iran, have developed a vegetarian composition to heal incision and skin wound in domestic animals. - 4/28/12

Nobel Peace laureates demand release of Iranian activist
A group of Nobel Peace laureates has issued a statement contesting the incarceration of Nargess Mohammadi, the Iranian human rights activist. - 4/28/12

Iranian Commander Says NATO Missile Shield Will 'Deform' Turkish Kids
Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the commander of the Aerospace Force of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, says Turkey should expect "deformed children and incurable diseases" as the result of NATO's planned missile shield. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 4/28/12

Iran's petrol export hits $134M
Iran's 2011 petrol export hit over $134M which shows 100% increase. Different countries including Armenia, Afghanistan, the UAE, Iraq and Oman were target markets for Iran's petrol in 2011. - 4/28/12

Democracy and Human Rights Conference Honors Siamak Pourzand
Washington DC - The tragic suicide of Siamak Pourzand, after a decade of detention and harassment by the Iranian regime, reminded the world once again of the dreadful situation of human rights in Iran that is often overshadowed by the country's nuclear program. -Angie Ahmadi, NIAC - 4/27/12

Iran: Science Minister Says University No Place For 'Dissidents'
Iran's Minister of Science and Technology has stressed once again that students who were involved in the 2009 protests will not be allowed to study in Iranian universities and that Iran's institutions of higher education will not be run according to Western standards. - 4/27/12

Roads of Death
Some compare the numbers with the casualties of a war, others calculate the statistics by the minute and even in seconds: in Iran, it is always possible that someone who ventures down a road may never return. - 4/27/12

Injured Iranian Cat Brought To San Francisco For Treatment
Although the U.S. and Iran are at odds politically, a partnership between animal care groups in the two countries helped to save a cat found seriously injured in the Iranian capital of Tehran by sending it to San Francisco for treatment. -CBS SF - 4/27/12

Iranian Labor Activist Arrested Before Workers' Day
Iranian labour activist Zabiollah Bagheri was arrested in Esfahan this week, according to the Committee of Human Rights Reporters. The labour activist was reported arrested on Tuesday, as the lead-up to International Worker Day has put Iranian authorities on alert for the possibility of labour protests. - 4/27/12

Photos: Harvesting Wheat in Lamerd, Iran
According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Iran is the 12th leading producer of wheat in the world, with an average production of 14 million tons in 2011. - 4/27/12

Iranian to swim between Greater, Lesser Tunb islands to signify 'Persian Gulf' name
An Iranian national, Hossein Ashtari, plans to swim between the Iranian islands of Greater and Lesser Tunbs to symbolize the lofty name of the "Persian Gulf". - 4/27/12

Rafsanjani and Ahmadinejad Sit at the Same Table
Ahmadinejad's participation at a meeting of the State Expediency Council led by Hashemi Rafsanjani after a three year absence has been widely reported in Iran's media. He had stopped attending the Council's meetings in 2009 despite being an ex officio member of the body, following his publicly aired differences with Rafsanjani in the course of the-then presidential elections. - 4/27/12

Cheap oil, Iran's trump card against European sanctions: Official
The director of the International Department of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) says Iran's cheap oil is the winning card against European sanctions while the U.S. is trying to keep the oil prices high. - 4/27/12

U.S. calls for release of journalists
The United States has called on Iran to release Mohammad Seddigh Kaboodvand and the other 90 journalists who are being held in Iranian prisons. - 4/27/12

Iran's saffron exports exceed 100 tons
Saffron also has a long medicinal history as part of traditional healing. Several modern research studies have also hinted that the spice has possible anti-carcinogenic (cancer-suppressing), anti-mutagenic (mutation-preventing), immunomodulating, and antioxidant-like properties. - 4/27/12

Iran to Mark National Persian Gulf Day
Iran designated April 30 as the National Persian Gulf Day to highlight the fact that the waterway has been referred to by historians and ancient texts as 'Persian' since the Achaemenid Empire was established in what is now modern day Iran. - 4/27/12

World Food Prices Jump, But Likely Not For Long
Alittle more than a year ago, food prices reached a historic peak before falling again. Few people have forgotten the experience and no one wants to be caught unprepared should it happen again. That is why a new report by the World Bank is receiving wide attention. -Charles Recknagel, RFE - 4/27/12

Israeli leadership denies divisions on Iran, after army chief made a stir
Israeli leaders scrambled to present a united front on Iran yesterday, after Israel's army chief earlier this week appeared to contradict the government's assertions that Iran poses an imminent threat to Israel's existence. -CSM - 4/27/12

Iranian-American Women's Leadership Conference
The Iranian-American Women's Foundation is proud to host the IAW Women's Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. at the World Bank. The day-long conference will include two general sessions, several breakout sessions, roundtable discussions, mentoring opportunities and a variety of vendors. - 4/26/12

Meet Edesa Bitbadal: Front Runner Candidate for San Jose City Council
Born in Abadan, Iran, Bitbadal moved to the United States with her family in 1985. She is a graduate of Leland High School in Almaden Valley and earned a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from San Jose State University. - 4/26/12

Imprisoned Iranian Student Beaten in Front of Parents
The parents of imprisoned student Javad Alikhani told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that they watched the guards at Evin Prison beat up their son. Authorities also prevented the family from having an in-person visit. - 4/26/12

Iran's St. Thaddeus Church to undergo restoration
Parts of the St. Thaddeus Church, one of Iran's most interesting and notable Christian monuments, are scheduled to be restored before autumn. - 4/26/12

Israel's Military Chief: Iran's Leaders 'Rational,' Sanctions 'Bearing Fruit'
Israel's military chief says he believes Iranian leaders are "rational" people who will hold back from building a nuclear weapon, an assessment in contrast with the Israeli prime minister's more pessimistic view. -Michael Lipin, VOA - 4/26/12

Nuclear disputes with Iran must not overshadow human rights: Ebadi
Iranian Nobel Peace laureate Shirin Ebadi says nuclear disputes with Iran should not distract world powers from pressuring the Islamic Republic government on human rights issues. - 4/26/12

Iranian forces in conflict with PJAK
Shahriyar Heydari, the head of the Kermanshah Provincial Security Forces, reports that eight Revolutionary Guards were killed or injured in conflicts with the Kurdish militant group Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK). - 4/26/12

Iranian master Mohammad-Reza Shajarian delivers more than a stunning voice
Amir Rezvani pauses a moment before he can talk about it. When Mohammad-Reza Shajarian sings "Bird of Dawn," he does this to people. "At the end of every concert people start to clap and ask him to sing that song," Rezvani, a psychiatry professor at Duke University, finally starts. "And when he sings that song, people sing with him and get emotional and cry." -Indy Week - 4/26/12

Moscow says West interested in step-by-step offer on Iran
Western nations had shown interest in a Russian proposal aimed to help defuse nuclear dispute between Iran and the West, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov announced on Wednesday. - 4/26/12

Seminar on observation of copyrights in Iran held
The seminar was held at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) International Conference Hall in which Hosseini expressed hope to join the Universal Copyright Convention in the future - 4/26/12

Iran to Boost Production in Persian Gulf Oil Fields
Managing Director of the National Iranian Offshore Oil Company (NIOOC) Mahmoud Zirakchianzadeh announced that the country plans to increase its oil output in Persian Gulf oil fields. - 4/26/12

Iran's part of Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran railway to wrap up by October
Iran's part of the Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran will be completed by October, Deputy Foreign Minister Seyyed Abbas Araghchi said during a briefing at the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan. - 4/26/12

Iranian American talk show aims to assist immigrants, educate community
For the Iranian American community, September 11 had an unexpected consequence - a new talk show. "After 9/11, the whole culture changed," said Zohreh "Zoe" Rastegar, host and producer of Accent productions, as she described why she felt the need to start her program. -Washington Post - 4/26/12

FIDH supports an international campaign for the release of Iranian students
The international campaign, supported by Shirin Ebadi, will take place in April-May 2012. FIDH expresses its solidarity to all Iranian students, especially those who are still detained and those who will peacefully take part to the campaign inside Iran. - 4/25/12

Photos: Iran Marks Anniversary of Failed U.S. Militarty Operation in Tabas
Iran held a program in Tabas desert on Tuesday to mark the failure of 1980's U.S. military operation dubbed Operation Eagle Claw. The remains of an American helicopter and a C-130 that crashed in Tabas were on display there. - 4/25/12

"The Conference of the Birds Unfeathered" at the Montalvo Arts Center
Friday, April 27: Laurie San Martin and Haleh Abghari are joined by percussionist Chris Froh to present a new work inspired by Farid al-Din Attar's 12th century poem, "The Conference of the Birds." - 4/25/12

Paws Up, Fido! Pet Dogs Arrested In Iran
The Iranian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals (SPCA) says that 20 pet dogs were recently arrested in a park in Tehran. The dogs were reportedly being walked by their owners in the Pardisan park last week when security forces took the canines away and transferred them to what appears to be a detention center. - 4/25/12

Jailed Iranian lawyer nominated for human rights award
As a lawyer, she defended Iran's top political dissidents. Now she is in jail -- Jailed Iranian human rights lawyer and women's rights activist Nasrin Sotoudeh is amongst the nominees of the Martin Ennals Award for 2012. - 4/25/12

15 executed on drug charges in Iran
Since Monday, April 23, 15 people have been executed at the Shahroud, Rejaishahr and Evin prisons in Iran. - 4/25/12

Respond to People's Needs or be Condemned: MPs Call Out Against Channeling of Caspian Water to Ahmadinejad's Birth-Region
The criticism over the transfer of water from the Caspian Lake to the province of Semnan as a measure to save the drying-up of the Orumieh Lake brought about harsh remarks by Majlis members from West Azerbaijan province. - Kaveh Ghoreishi, Rooz Online - 4/25/12

Europe: Muslims discriminated against for demonstrating their faith
European governments must do more to challenge the negative stereotypes and prejudices against Muslims fuelling discrimination especially in education and employment, a new report by Amnesty International reveals today. - 4/25/12

Decision on Britain rests with top officials
The head of Iran's parliamentary group for friendship between Iran and Britain told ISNA that a British parliamentary official has requested the reestablishment of relations between Iran and the UK, but the decision is not in the hands of the Parliament. - 4/25/12

Mystery Surrounds 'Cyberattack' On Iranian Oil Facilities
Iran says it is investigating a suspected cyberattack on its main oil-export terminal and on the Oil Ministry itself. As of April 24, no signs of lasting damage had been discovered, but what do we know about the attack and its potential effect on Iran's oil industry? - 4/25/12

Activist Describes Iran's Harsh Prison Conditions
A Kurdish human rights activist serving a 3.5-year jail sentence in Iran has provided a rare glimpse into what he says are harsh conditions inside the country's detention facilities. - 4/25/12

India says importing 14m tons of oil from Iran
India, the second-largest consumer of Iranian oil after China, said it was now importing 14 million tons of crude from Iran. "We are buying Iran oil," Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee told reporters on Sunday after a group of 20 finance minister meetings in Washington. - 4/25/12

Israeli Official Doubts Iran Will Decide To Build Atom Bomb
The chief of staff of the Israeli armed forces says he does not believe Iran will decide to build a nuclear weapon. - 4/25/12

Reza Mirkarimi "A Cube of Sugar" at the 55th San Francisco International Film Festival
The peace and quiet of the old and lively garden is torn apart when the guests show up. The four daughters of the household and their families have all come to help with the preparations for the engagement party of their youngest sister , Pasandideh. - 4/24/12

Carter warns against war with Iran
Former US President Jimmy Carter has warned against a possible war with Iran and denounced the United States' involvement in unjust conflicts. - 4/24/12

Obama: Technology Must Not be Used to Abuse Rights
U.S. President Barack Obama has issued an executive order that for the first time will allow U.S. authorities to impose sanctions on foreign entities who help authoritarian governments use modern technologies to commit human rights abuses, , specifically naming the governments of Iran and Syria as major violators. - 4/24/12

Composer Rohani to perform Persian Gulf Symphony
Shahdad Rohani added that he received the proposal to compose the Persian Gulf Symphony from the Hormozgan Music Association, "I have tried to reflect the grandeur and magnificence of the Persian Gulf, depicting its unique beauties and the underwater life within it." - 4/24/12

Sohrab Sepehri's sister says painting sold at Dubai Christie's is fake
Sohrab Sepehri's sister Parvaneh is convinced that the painting attributed to her brother sold at Christie's sales of modern and contemporary Arab, Iranian and Turkish art, is a fake. - 4/24/12

Azerbaijan: Israeli Minister's Visit 'Not Against' Iran Or Other Countries
Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry says Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman's visit to Baku is focused only on "bilateral relations and is not directed against" Iran or any other country. - 4/24/12

Official: US to Help Defend Afghanistan Past 2014
Paraag Shukla with the Institute for the Study of War also says that the agreement will send a strong message to both Iran and Pakistan that the United States will maintain an enduring presence in Afghanistan - contrary to those countries' wishes. - 4/24/12

Iran currently world's 15th major electricity producer
Iran's nominal electricity generation capacity stands at 63 around gigawatts (GW), ranking the country at the 15th place in the world, an official with Iran Power Generation Transmission and Distribution Management Company (TAVANIR) stated. - 4/24/12

Unwritten history of Iranian Contemporary Painting
Gholamhosseyn Nami, the renowned contemporary Iranian artist delivered a speech at Toronto Book Club on 9 March 2012. Read the highlights of his speech quoted by Bahram Bahrami. - 4/24/12

Iran's Oil Exports To South Korea Falls By 40 Percent
Reuters reports that South Korea, the fourth-largest consumer of Iranian oil, has reduced its purchases to 155,000 barrels a day. In February that number was 203,379. - 4/24/12

Iran Official Says No Lasting Damage From Cyberattack
Iran announced on April 23 it was forced to disconnect several computers from the Internet, including computers running the country's main oil export terminal at Kharg Island, following a cyberattack. - 4/24/12

'Farah Goes Bang' Shoots for Real Stories of Girls, Diversity
Filmmaker Meera Menon and her best friend writer Laura Goode are making a revolutionary movie called Farah Goes Bang, about a twenty-something Iranian American woman who hits the road with her friends Roopa and KJ to campaign for John Kerry in 2004. -Hyphen - 4/24/12

Photos: Lake Barm-e Firouz in Sepidan
Lake Barm-e Firouz is located about 14km to the north of the town of Sepidan and 75km northwest of Shirza in Iran's Fars province. The lake is in the in the vicinity of 3316 m Barm-e Firouz peak, at 3200 m above sea level with an average depth of 1 to 3 meters. In winter, this lake is completely covered by snow, and even during summer season the lake is surrounded by the grand glaciers. - Afshin Ariafar - 4/23/12

Photos: Lake Maharlou Turns Red
Lake Maharlou, located in Shiraz, Iran's Fars province, has turned red. This poses a threat to the wildlife and the migrating flamingos. A severe drought in the past few years had caused significant drop in the lake's water level. However, a better rainfall in the past few months had brought the lake back to life. -Mohsen Tavaro - 4/23/12

Iranian singers team up to voice Iranians' devotion to Persian Gulf
Four Iranian singers plan to go on stage next week to perform joint concerts, which have been organized to show Iranians' strong devotion the Persian Gulf. "The Persian Gulf Concerts are the voices of Iranians telling the neighboring countries that they are aware," one of the organizers Fariborz Safardust said in a press conference on Sunday. - 4/23/12

Book: Sky of Red Poppies by Zohreh Ghahremani
Sky of Red Poppies begins with a casual friendship between two schoolgirls coming of age in a politically divided 1960's Iran under rule of the Shah. Roya, the daughter of a prominent family, is envious of the fierce independence of her religious classmate Shireen. But Shireen has secrets of her own. - 4/23/12

Iranian labour leaders cite widespread layoffs
Iranian workers are in crisis, and the manufacturing sector is experiencing dire problems, Iran's House of Workers has announced. ILNA reports that the head of the House of Workers, Alireza Mahjoub, cited official statistics to show that 100,000 workers have been laid off from 1,000 production units in the past year. - 4/23/12

IRAN: Mounting concerns for translator Mohammad Soleimani Nia
PEN International's Writers in Prison Committee is seriously concerned for the welfare of literary translator Mohammad Soleimani Nia, who has started a hunger strike in protest at his detention. Soleimani Nia has been held without charge since 10 January 2012, and is said to be in a fragile condition. - 4/23/12

Cartoon: Judge Mortazavi and Justice
Former Tehran Prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi was found responsible for the torture and death of election protesters at the infamous detention center Kahrizak, according to the Parliamentary Committee report which investigated the post-election events. Three detained protesters died at Kahrizak: Amir Javadifar, Mohsen Ruholamin and Mohammed Kamrani. -by Touka Neyestani - 4/23/12

Every Iranian produces 700 grams of garbage per day
Ali-Mohammad Sha'eri tells the Mehr News Agency that an estimated 50,000 tons of trash is produced in the country every day of which something between 70 to 80 percent is disposed of hygienically but the rest is not. - 4/23/12

Iran's weekly gasoline consumption drops by 200,000 liters
Gasoline consumption in Iran averaged 57.7 million liters per day during last week of the first calendar month of Farvardin (April 14-20), showing 200,000 liters decrease compared with its preceding week, the Shana news agency reported. - 4/23/12

Iran's Copper Export Up $800 Million In 2011
The UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and China were the biggest markets for Iranian copper in 2011. Iran possesses 3 percent of the world's cooper reservoir and ranked among the world's best 10 countries regarding copper reservoirs. - 4/23/12

Officials Confirm Iran Oil Ministry Targeted By 'Cyberattack'
Iranian officials have confirmed that the Islamic Republic's Oil Ministry and affiliated offices have come under a cyberattack. Officials said a special team was created to fend off the attack, and no major damage was inflicted. - 4/23/12

Lecture and Book Signing by the author of "Patriot of Persia" at George Washington University
Sunday May 20 - Kanoon Doostaran Farhang Iran Presents: Christopher de Bellaigue, author of a new book on Mossadegh: "Patriot of Persia: Muhammad Mossadegh and a Tragic Anglo-American coup" - 4/23/12

Iran content with Iraq's growing power: Supreme Leader
Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is satisfied with the growing power of Iraq in the region and the Arab world. The Leader made the remarks during a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in Tehran on Monday. - 4/23/12

Photos: An Abandoned Baby Girl in Ahvaz
A baby girl, only two days old, was abandoned by her parents at the gate of a commercial complex at Naderi street in Ahvaz, southern Iran. According to Mehr News Agency, when the people were heading to work in the morning, they came across the sad scene of the abandoned baby crying and needing attention. -Mohammedreza Dehdari - 4/22/12

Photos: Magnetic Boy in Tabriz, Iran
The body of a 6-year-old Iranian boy is acting like a magnet, attracting various metal objects such as spoons as well as some other objects such as CD-ROMs or remote controls! The magnetic effect is said to be more prominent in the boy's chest and abdomen. -Mahsa Jamali - 4/22/12

US Lawmaker Dismisses Iran's Claims of Building Drone Copy
The chairman of the U.S. Senate's Homeland Security Committee is dismissing Iran's claim that it has reverse-engineered a U.S. spy drone it captured last year. Lawmaker Joe Lieberman said Sunday on U.S. television that he considered the claims little more than "Iranian bluster." - 4/22/12

Iranian astronomer receives Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation Award
Iranian Dr. Nader Haghighipour, an associate astronomer at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Institute for Astronomy, has received a Humboldt Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers to work on planets in binary star systems. - 4/22/12

Iranian Human Rights Activist To Serve Harsh Sentence
Iranian human rights activist Nargess Mohammadi has been summoned to serve out a six-year prison term. Mohammadi was the deputy head of the Human Rights Defenders Centre, an NGO providing pro-bono legal services in human rights cases. The centre is currently outlawed by the Islamic Republic. - 4/22/12

Iran: Four Women On Trial In Great Fraud Case
Four female suspects stood accused Sunday in the seventh trial session dealing with Iran's $3-billion bank fraud. The Mehr News Agency reports that the four women worked for the Amir Mansour Arya Company as treasurer, accountant, supplier and secretary. - 4/22/12

Three Suggestions for the Upcoming Iran-P5+1 Nuclear Talks in Baghdad
The recent nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 group in Istanbul have, according to many experts, opened a new chapter in the developments of the Iranian nuclear issue. Perhaps it was the first time both sides confirmed the positive atmosphere of negotiations, emphasized the need to enhance mutual confidence and reduce tensions, and expressed optimism about the future talks. -Mahmoud Reza Golshanpazhooh - 4/22/12

Iraqi PM visits amid regional tensions
Today's trip also comes at a time of rising tensions between Iraq and Turkey. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Iraq's Maleki of fomenting sectarian tensions among Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds in Iraq, and Maleki has referred to Turkey as Iraq's enemy. - 4/22/12

Aging Iranian Politician Summoned To Serve Out Sentence
Ebrahim Yazdi, the secretary general of the Freedom Movement of Iran, has been summoned to Evin Prison to serve out his eight-year prison term. Yazdi, who is 81, has been called Iran's oldest political prisoner in recent years. - 4/22/12

Iran Solidarity Music Compilation To Be Released in June
United4Iran is excited to announce another artistic collaboration in solidarity with the Iranian people! A music compilation CD is being produced in partnership with musical artists to show support for democracy, justice and human rights. - 4/22/12

75% of severe blood cancers cured in Iran through cellular grafting
About 75 percent of malignant and benign blood cancers as well as genetic and metabolic disease are being treated through cellular grafting in Iran. - 4/22/12

Iran top steel producer in Middle East, Africa
Iran's crude steel output grew by 6.8 percent in the first quarter of 2012 compared to the same period last year, making the country the largest producer in the Middle East and Africa, according to the World Steel Association. - 4/22/12

Photos: Dust storms hit Iran's western provinces
Heavy dust storms hit the western and southwestern provinces of Iran including Lorestan, Kordestan, Kermanshah, and Khuzestan on Friday, making breathing difficult for people and reducing visibility. - 4/21/12

Photos: Severe floods cause damage in northern Iran
Severe floods across northern Iran caused enormous damage to infrastructure in a number of towns and villages on Thursday and Friday after pouring spring rains drenched northern and northwestern provinces of the country for about one week. - 4/21/12

Iranian reformists try to gather momentum for coming elections
Iranian reformists are proposing a number of possible candidates for next year's presidential elections, says Daryoosh Ghanbari, a spokesman for Parliament's minority faction. - 4/21/12

Iranian President Urges Action Over High Food Prices
In a meeting with governors general from across Iran, President Ahmadinejad said prices should be controlled, particularly food prices. The president urged governors to investigate using detectives to uncover illicitly inflated prices. - 4/21/12

Rafsanjani greets Ahmadinejad's attandance in EC meeting
In his speech, Rafsanjani thanked President Ahmadinejad for attending the session and expressed hope that he will regularly participate in the meetings of the council. Ahmadinejad had not attended the sessions of the council since three years ago. - 4/21/12

Swiss ambassador summoned in Iran over U.S. comments
Iran summoned the Swiss ambassador in reaction to the "interfering statements" made by a U.S. official about Abu Musa Island. - 4/21/12

Delay in EU assessment of sanctions on Iran
Member states of the European Union have agreed to a request from Greece to put off assessing the impact of their oil embargo on Iran, European diplomats say. - 4/21/12

Saadi, The Eminent Iranian Poet
Iran is planning to mark the national Sa'adi Day paying tribute to the eminent 13th-century Persian poet during a ceremony in the historical city of Shiraz. Many Iranian university professors and scholars are slated to attend the ceremony celebrating the birth anniversary of the world-renowned poet. -Firouzeh Mirrazavi - 4/20/12

Iranian labour activist protests jail term with hunger strike
The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reports that Robabeh Rezai, Shahabi's wife, has informed them that her husband began his dry hunger strike on Saturday, when he received his six-year prison sentence. - 4/20/12

Mad Graffiti Week Iran
Activists and artists around the world from Egypt to Indonesia, Sweden to Washington, D.C. have been participating this month in the street art campaign Mad Graffiti Week Iran to raise awareness about the serious human rights violations that continue to take place in Iran. - 4/20/12

Haleh Jamali's "Departure" at Toronto for the Arts & Fashion 2012 Festival
In Departure (Video projection), Haleh Jamali collaborates with a performer (Monica De Ioann) in a two large-scale simultaneous projections, which move in coordinated timing and can be projected in single or two-channel projections. - 4/20/12

Iran Asks For Help To 'Purify' Internet
Iran's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is apparently seeking domestic partners to help with its Internet-filtering efforts. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 4/20/12

Iran speaks up about claim to Persian Gulf islands
Iran's Central News Agency reported today that in a letter to the head of the Security Council, Iran has said: "The three Islands of Abu Musa, the Greater and the Lesser Tunbs have been an inseparable part of Iranian territory, and the president's latest trip to Abu Musa is based on Iran's right to its sovereignty and territorial integrity." - 4/20/12

IMF: Oil prices to jump 30% on Iran sanctions
Oil prices will gain 30 percent on average in 2012 compared with a year earlier on possible supply disruption from Iran, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned. - 4/20/12

Iranian artwork at Christie's auction in Dubai
On the first night, nine top Iranian pieces were amongst the 40 items that sold for a reported total of $4 million. The highest price paid for an Iranian piece was $116,000 for "Seeded Pomegranate" by Reza Derakhshani. - 4/20/12

Report: Deal With Iran Imminent as Players Act Out 'Script' for Public Consumption
A deal with Iran over its nuclear program has been all but finalized for weeks and the ongoing diplomatic exchange between the major players is part of an elaborate "choreography," according to some inside accounts. -John Glaser, - 4/20/12

Iran: 156,000 gold coins delivered to customers
A member of the board of directors of Melli Bank said on Thursday that in the past couple of days, 156,000 "advance-selling gold coins" had been delivered to the customers. - 4/20/12

It Went Green and Then It Went Red
Sohrab Mahdavi: When the word censorship is flashed, it creates its own magnetic field, which ends up loading the bases and losing all functionality. This being the 33rd year [of its existence], the Islamic Republic (IR) has gone through intermittent openings and closings, intro/extro-versions, uncivilized posturings and civilized dialogues. All this is exchange regardless of how we envision real exchange to be. -ArteEast - 4/20/12

Iranian carmaker Saipa to launch assembly line in Iraq
Iranian carmaker Saipa will establish a car assembly line in Iraq with the nominal capacity to roll out 40,000 cars per year. - 4/20/12

How Hawks on the Hill Plan to Kill Talks With Iran
This time around, Congress is again waving sanctions as the sword of Damocles over new talks -- warning that Iran is just "buying time," and threatening sanctions that will sabotage any potential progress. -Jamal Abdi, Huffington Post - 4/20/12

Photos: Flood Causes Substantial Damage in Fouman, Gilan
Heavy rains in the city of Fouman in Iran's Gilan province has caused major flooding resulting in substantial damage to houses, farms, roads and installations. -Abouzar Bazri - 4/19/12

Iran: Imprisoned Blogger Will Get Medical Leave Only If He Confesses, Say Authorities
On 8 April, authorities transferred Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, a blogger who has been suffering from kidney and bladder disease while in prison, to Hasheminejad Hospital. His mother, Zoleikha Mousavi, told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that judicial authorities have denied him medical leave. - 4/19/12

5+1 may mull lifting sanctions if Iran makes 'substantial' offer: FT
The United States and its allies may have to mull over lifting the sanctions imposed on Iran if it comes up with a 'substantial offer' in regard to its nuclear program, according to an article published in the Financial Times on April 15. - 4/19/12

Iran Turns Its Guns On Facebook
On April 17, Iran celebrated its National Army Day with military parades and a warning to its enemies, which apparently includes Facebook. - Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 4/19/12

Iranian labour activist serves out jail term
Iranian labour activist Ebrahim Madadi was released today after three and half years in an Iranian jail. Madadi was arrested on security charges in 2008 and sentenced to three and a half years in jail. - 4/19/12

Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Admits Ahmadinejad Never Said Israel Should Be 'Wiped Off the Face of the Ma
Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor admitted that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad never said Iran wanted to "wipe Israel off the face of the map" in an interview with Al Jazeera last week. -Common Dreams - 4/19/12

World Trade Slowing Down
The latest statistics from the World Trade Organization (WTO) indicate that the value of exports stood at $18.315 trillion and the value of imports stood at $18.380 trillion in the past year. The USA, China, Germany, and Japan are the first four exporters and importers. -Vesta Monitor - 4/19/12

Flight heart attack victim due back in UAE after Iran surgery
"Despite international sanctions against the Iranian people which also endanger their lives, yesterday we helped an American citizen," Abbas Mosayebi, a spokesman for the Iranian Civil Aviation Organisation, said last Saturday, according to the Isna Iranian news agency. -The National - 4/19/12

Biking For Human Rights in Iran: May 6, 2012 in Washington, DC
Organized By The Solidarity Committee to Protect the Iranian People's Will: Begin from Rosslyn Metro Station-Virginia at 12 noon; End at Freedom Plaza- Washington DC - 4/19/12

A Night with Abbas Maroufi at Stanford University
Monday April 23rd, at 7pm: PSA is very proud to host "A Night with Abbas Maroufi, Author of the Symphony of the Dead". Join us as the renowned Iranian author, Abbas Maroufi, gives a talk about his books and introduces his new works. - 4/19/12

Iran stops oil sale to Shell, will cut oil to 'whole Europe' if sanctions not lifted: Oil Minister
Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi threatened on Thursday that Iran will cut oil export to all European countries if they do not lift sanctions on Tehran after the next round of talks in Baghdad. - 4/19/12

Iranian Lawmakers Submit Letter Criticizing Ahmadinejad
A group of Iranian lawmakers has submitted a letter to the parliament speaker criticizing President Mahmud Ahmadinejad. The move, the first against Ahmadinejad during his seven-year presidency, could open up impeachment procedures if it is approved by a majority of the 290-member parliament. - 4/19/12

Fundraiser Gala in Irvine, California: Say "No" to a War with Iran
Saturday, May 5: With Special Guest Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, Ret. Colonel and Former Chief of Staff to U.S. Secretary Colin Powell - 4/19/12

The Irrationality of the Case against Iran's Nuclear Program: "The Stupidest Idea I Ever Heard"
President Obama has informed the Iranians they have one "last chance" to avoid attack. They must suspend higher uranium enrichment, close down the Fordow enrichment facility, and "surrender" their stockpile of uranium enriched to 20 per cent purity. -Gary Leupp, Counterpunch - 4/19/12

Iranian search engine in the works: official
Iran will launch its national internet search engine this year according to the deputy minister of Communications and Technology. - 4/19/12

Photos: Ancient Sassanid city of Bishapur neglected
Bishapur, located north of modern day Kazeroun in Iran's Fars province, is an ancient city from Sassanid Persian Empire (AD 224 to AD 651). Due to lack of proper caring by the officials, weeds have grown by the walls of the ancient ruins threatening this historic city with destruction. -Mohsen Tavaro - 4/18/12

Book: Iran's Epic and America's Empire
Mahmoud Omidsalar's book "Iran's Epic and America's Empire" considers the implications of Iran's national epic, the Shahnameh for the present political tensions that mark Iran's relationship with the West. It offers an explanation of the poem as a national and a cultural icon. - 4/18/12

Football: Qatar's Al Gharafa stuns Iran's Persepolis at Azadi
In front of some 100,000 spectators in Tehran's Azadi Stadium, Persepolis was held to a 1-1 draw against Qatar's Al Gharafa. Persepolis remains top of the table with eight points. - 4/18/12

Interview: U.S. Nuclear Official Samore Discusses Iran Nuclear Talks
RFE/RL correspondent Irina Lagunina spoke on April 17 with Gary Samore, special assistant to U.S. President Barack Obama and White House coordinator for arms control and weapons of mass destruction, proliferation, and terrorism. Samore was passing through Prague on his return from the April 14 talks in Istanbul. - 4/18/12

Iranian leader assesses nuclear talks as positive
The top advisor to Iran's Supreme Leader announced on Tuesday that the nuclear negotiations in Istanbul were a "positive step" and he expressed hope that this "positive approach" will continue. - 4/18/12

Jailed Iranian activist Bahareh Hedayat receives rights prize
Hedayat was arrested in the post-election crackdown on protesters in 2009 and charged with "propaganda against the regime for her interviews with the foreign press, insulting the Leader (Vali Faqih), insulting the President, acting against national security by participating in social and public gatherings, and helping organize group protests." She has been sentenced to nine and a half years in jail. - 4/18/12

Iran Media Say Country Holding 'Israel-Linked Assassination Group'
Iranian media say some 15 Iranian and foreign nationals have been arrested for alleged spying for Israel, attempted assassination, and sabotage. The Intelligence Ministry is quoted as saying the suspects belong to an Israeli-linked "assassination" network. - 4/18/12

Minister denies claims Iran plans to disconnect itself from Internet
Iran's Minister of Information and Communications Technology Reza Taqipour has dismissed the news reports claiming that Iran will completely shut down access to the Internet once it launches 'national internet'. - 4/18/12

Five children killed daily in traffic accidents in Iran
A Tehran city official reports that traffic accidents claim the lives of five children on a daily basis in Iran. - 4/18/12

Only Supreme Leader should make decisions on Iran-U.S. ties: FM
Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has said that making decisions on the relations between Iran and the United States falls within the ambit of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei. - 4/18/12

Turkey's Role in Iran Nuclear Talks Could Diminish
The latest talks on Iran's controversial nuclear program, held in Istanbul April 14, were viewed as productive by the participants. But analysts say Turkey's role as a facilitator has weakened due to Iran's growing unhappiness with Turkish foreign policy, especially its call for regime change in Syria. -Dorian Jones, VOA - 4/18/12

'What If The Iranian Establishment Needed Nuclear Weapons To Survive?'
"Nuclear weapons will also threaten us. It is likely that they will lead to the death of people in the Islamic republic and elsewhere in the world. They won't help at all to preserve our establishment," said the Iranian cleric. He noted that a nuclear weapons capability did not prevent the collapse of the Soviet Union. -Golnaz Esfandiari - 4/18/12

Human Rights and Responsibilities
Jim Ife (2010) asserts that essential to the concept of a culture of human rights is the knowledge of "rights and responsibilities" to be defined, conveyed, and recognized primarily in culture rather than in law. Pointing out to the culture rather than law accentuates the importance of relationship in human rights and positions us in the right direction for the achievement of our humanity. -12Petals Media Group - 4/18/12

Swiss Extend Iran Sanctions, Exempt Central Bank
Significantly, the Swiss sanctions stop short of freezing the assets of Iran's central bank and imposing an oil embargo-- which other European states have adopted. - 4/18/12

Israel Critical of Iran Nuclear Talks
Israeli officials say European Union-led negotiations over Iran's nuclear program are giving Tehran more time to develop nuclear weapons. U.S. officials are trying to reassure Israel there is still time for a diplomatic solution to the nuclear standoff. -Scott Stearns, VOA - 4/18/12

Netanyahu fears victory over Iran's nuclear program
It appears that the sanctions campaign and/or the fear of a military assault are liable to push the Iranian nuclear issue off the Israeli and international agenda. -Akiva Eldar, Haaretz - 4/18/12

Iran's Student Organizations Call For Public Support
Iranian student organizations are asking the public to support their protest against the continued imprisonment of student activists in Iran: Today's statement calls for "academic freedom" and the return of the detained students to their classes and universities. - 4/17/12

Photos: Iran's Mahram Defeats Lebanon to Win West Asian Basketball Clubs Trophy
Iran's Mahram basketball club won the 2012 West Asian Champions Cup after winning Lebanon's Al-Riyadi 96-86 in the final match at Azadi Indoor Stadium in Tehran Monday night. - 4/17/12

Photos: Cleaning Up Tehran Metro's Flooded Stations
Lane 4 of Tehran Metro has been out of operation since Sunday due to flooding after heavy rains caused Kan river to overflow. Flood waters have done severe damage to Azadi, Moein and Habibollah. Crews are working round the clock to clean up the flooded stations. - 4/17/12

Former Tehran prosecutor Mortazavi returns to government post
Iranian Member of Parliament Ali Motahari said the MPs were wrong to halt the Labour Minister's impeachment, even as the Fars News Agency reports that Mortazavi, who had reportedly promised to resign from the Social Security Fund, has returned to his position by the order of the president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. - 4/17/12

Only public pressure can ensure west negotiates with Iran in good faith
Despite the ruling of the US National Intelligence Estimates that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons programme and despite the US Defence Secretary, Leon Panetta's clear announcement that Iran has not decided to build nuclear weapons, Western rhetoric accusing Iran of seeking nuclear weapons has continued... -CASMII - 4/17/12

Iran will not allow violation of sovereignty over Persian Gulf islands: General
The commander of Iran's Armed Forces has said that Iran will not allow any country to infringe on its sovereignty over the three Persian Gulf islands of Abu Musa and the Greater and Lesser Tunbs. - 4/17/12

Iran calls for easing of sanctions
Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said on Monday that the West should ease some of its sanctions against Iran in advance of the next round of nuclear talks in Baghdad in May. Salehi told ISNA on Monday: "The West should move toward building confidence leading up to the Baghdad negotiations and take steps to ease sanctions." - 4/17/12

Canada Urges Clemency For Canadian-Iranian On Death Row
Canada's foreign minister has called on Iran to grant clemency to a Canadian-Iranian sentenced to death for espionage. - 4/17/12

Arab Uproar over Ahmadinejad's Provincial Visit: Regime Factions Unite to Support National Sovereignty
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's latest visit to an Iranian Persian Gulf province, which comes at a time when the government is under the heaviest economic and political domestic and international barrage, has brought about a consensus among the political factions inside the Iranian regime, which appears to be precisely what the president's office intended ... -Rooz Online - 4/17/12

The Reasons for the Necessity of US Interaction with Iran
What are the new motives of Washington for trying to settle the controversy over Iran's nuclear programme whereas it had formerly intensified the rhetoric of war against Tehran and struggled to portray the Islamic Republic as a sponsor of terrorism by means of constructing amateurish and unlikely scenarios? -Hossein Talebi - 4/17/12

Israel's Iranian Jews caught in middle
An estimated 250,000 Jews of Iranian descent live in Israel - most of them in the city of Holon, just outside Tel Aviv. How do they feel about the threat of an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear programme? -BBC - 4/17/12

Oil Minister: Iran's Crude Exports Hit $60B despite Sanctions
Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qassemi announced that despite the international and unilateral sanctions against the country's oil sector, Iran's annual crude exports have reached 60 billion dollars. - 4/17/12

Meanwhile, Inside Iran: Khamenei Consolidates His Power
Khamenei appears to have given the green light to go after Mortazavi as a way of distancing the regime from the worst of the abuses that took place after the 2009 election. "There's a lot of shadowboxing going on between Ahmadinejad and Khamenei," says Abbas Milani, the director of the Iranian Studies program at Stanford University. -TIME - 4/17/12

World's biggest oil tanker to join Iran fleet soon
Iran has procured a new oil tanker with a capacity of 2.2 million barrels, one of the world's largest. The tanker, which is valued at around $300 million, will join the Iranian fleet within the next few days. - 4/17/12

Photos: Saving Tehran Metro From Drowning
"Tehran Metro Drowned" - This was the headline of a news item reported by ISNA. This was after heavy rain caused flooding at Eram station which caused closure of parts of lane 4 of the metro. Well, all hope is not lost. Many people are hard at work save the metro. These photos show Tehran municipality workers trying to contain the river next to Eram metro station. Tehran mayor Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf personally participated in the operations and lent a hand to the crew. -Youness Khani - 4/16/12

Aerial photos: The beautiful Mazandaran - Iran
Mazandaran Province is a Caspian province in the north of Iran. The diverse nature of the province features plains, prairies, forests and rainforest stretching from the sandy beaches of the Caspian Sea to the rugged and snowcapped Alborz sierra, including Mount Damavand, one of the highest peaks and volcanos in Asia. -Mohammad Rezaei - 4/16/12

Photos: Water transfer project from Caspian Sea to central Iran started
The project to transfer water from the Caspian Sea to the central region of Iran started on Monday in the presence of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The initial checks of the project consist of determining the optimum route to transfer water through pipe lines from the south coast of the Caspian Sea to the central region of the country. - 4/16/12

Iran Hints It's Open To Discussing Enrichment Levels
Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi says Iran will not give up its right to enrich uranium but hinted that the level of its enrichment is open to discussion. - 4/16/12

Iranian Labour Activist Sentenced to Six Years in Prison
The Iranian judiciary has sentenced labour activist Reza Shahabi to six years in jail and a five-year ban from labour activism. Shahabi was arrested in June of 2010 and has been held in custody ever since. - 4/16/12

Iranian currency Rial gains against dollar, gold slumps
The price of gold in Iran significantly dropped on Saturday and Sunday. The decline happened because Iran's rial gained against the U.S. dollar in open currency markets. The rise in value of rial was affected by progress in Iran's nuclear talks with major powers in Istanbul on Saturday. - 4/16/12

The DEAR IRAN PROJECT ... Your Voice,Your Way
The "Dear Iran Project" has grown from our desire to promote harmony between the people of nations in conflict. With the help of a team of volunteers, we are currently putting together a social media project that will be seen in Iran. We want to build a bridge of understanding and respect between the people of Iran, Israel, and the United States, and we are hoping to make a war between our governments less inevitable. - 4/16/12

Obama: US Offered No 'Freebies' to Iran
President Obama was responding to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said earlier Sunday that the U.S. and world powers gave Tehran a "freebie" by agreeing to hold another round of talks next month in Baghdad. - 4/16/12

Iran ranked worst in the world for soil erosion: expert
A professor at Allameh Tabatabai University has said that last year Iran ranked first in the world for countries affected by erosion. Esmail Kahrom, professor of environmental science and ecology at Tehran University, said that Iran had jumped to first place in 2011 from second place in 2010. - 4/16/12

Iran Economic Report: March 2012
The Iranians start their new year when their country encounters significant political and economic challenges. Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has named the Year 1391 as the year of "National Production, Supporting Iranian Capital and Labor," while economic policies of the 9th and 10th governments have literally paralyzed production and employment. -Vesta Monitor - 4/16/12

Inflation hits Iran's grocery products
Iran's consumers have been hit with a wave of rising prices that has now touched laundry detergent and food items such as cooking oil, rice, eggs and dairy products. - 4/16/12

Iran plans to boost oil output in Persian Gulf by 100,000bpd
Iran has launched projects to develop four oilfields, located in Persian Gulf, and raise the total output by 100,000 barrels per day (bpd) in the current calendar year, which began on March 20, said the managing director of the National Iranian Offshore Oilfields Company. - 4/16/12

Western Companies At Iran Oil Exhibit?
Iranian media is reporting that companies from Western nations that are imposing sanctions on Tehran over its nuclear program are sending representatives to the 17th International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition that starts April 17. - 4/16/12

War on Iran: America's Next Catastrophe in the Middle East?
Adib-Moghaddam: There is no military solution to the nuclear file. An attack on Iran would unleash a protracted asymmetric war that would be played out globally. This is exactly what all reputable US intelligence and security officials have signalled to the Netanyahu administration. -Truthout - 4/16/12

Iran Nuclear Talks To Continue In May
Catherine Ashton and Saeed Jalili each gave a press conference at the end of the meeting between Iran and the G5+1 in Istanbul on Saturday, both announcing that the next round of talks will take place in Baghdad on May 24. - 4/15/12

Photos: Tehran Metro Flooded
Heavy rains in Tehran, Iran have caused flooding in the streets of the the capital city including. Among the areas flooded is parts of the line 4 of Tehran Metro. The flooding of Eram station has caused water to flow towards the lower stations causing the shut-down of parts of lane 4. -Youness Khani - 4/15/12

Photos: Iranians rush to ATMs after information of 3 million customers revealed
Iran's Central Bank has announced that the electronic information of 3 million customers of 10 Iranian banks have been compromised. These banks now require their customers to change their ATM pin numbers before they can access their account. This has caused a rush to the ATM machines by the worried customers. -Mojtaba Heydari - 4/15/12

Photos: Afghans march to protest violence against women
The women in Afghanistan's capital Kabul held a gathering in in front of the Parliament building to protest domestic abuse and to demand justice for women. According to AFP, the women took to the streets following the killing of five Afghan women in less than a month in three provinces of the country. - 4/15/12

White House: Iran Must Demonstrate Peaceful Nuclear Intent
White House officials are describing Saturday's talks in Istanbul between the P5+1 group of nations and Iran as constructive. But officials say that in future discussions, Iran must take concrete steps to demonstrate that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. - 4/15/12

Iran: Majlis impeachment motion prompts Mortazavi resignation
Mortazavi has been accused of involvement in the deaths of three detainees in Kahrizak Detention Center during the unrest following the 2009 election. - 4/15/12

Iran: Bus crashes into horse, 7 killed
Seven passengers lost their lives and another 27 injured as a bus crashed into a passing horse in Fumon, northern Iran on Friday night, police said on Saturday. According to police, the bus hit the horse and swerved and then overturned. - 4/15/12

London 2012 Asia House Fair to display Iranian artworks
A collection of works by contemporary Iranian artists has been selected to be showcased at the 2012 edition of the Asia House Fair in London. Works by Hojjat Amani, and Afsoun and Batoul Shoqi will be presented during the event. - 4/15/12

For the sake of Europe, Sarkozy must stand down
Sarkozy has repeatedly pushed an Iran policy that exacerbates a root cause of the continent's economic malaise. -Reza Marashi and Trita Parsi, Al Jazeera - 4/15/12

Iran Khodro's Fars branch to produce 15000 Peugeot Pars
Iran's largest carmaker Iran Khodro Company branch in Fars (IKCO production plant in Fars Province, southern Iran) is scheduled to produce 15 thousand Peugeot Pars sedans. - 4/15/12

Iranian power plants' capacity up 65,000 MW
Iran's power generation capacity has increased up to 4,000 megawatts in comparison with 2011, reaching more than 65,000 megawatts in 2012 - 4/15/12

'Constructive' Beginning For Iran Nuclear Talks
A spokesman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton says a first round of talks between Iran and six world powers on Tehran's controversial nuclear program was "constructive," laying the groundwork for future talks. - 4/14/12

Iran urged to quash prison sentence for 'Mourning Mothers' activist
The Iranian authorities must quash a court ruling sentencing a Tehran woman to four and a half years in prison based on her peaceful human rights activities, Amnesty International said today. - 4/14/12

Western Diplomats Hoping for 'Something Substantial' in Iran Talks
Western diplomats remain cautious but are hoping to make progress as they sit down with Iranian negotiators for the first time in more than a year. Representatives from six of the world's top powers met with Iranian officials Saturday in Istanbul to discuss Tehran's controversial nuclear program. - 4/14/12

The Greater and Lesser Tunbs and Abu-Musa
The Greater and Lesser Tunbs and Abu-Musa Islands are situated near the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, south of Iran. The Lesser Tunb is 22 miles from the mainland of Iran. The Greater Tunb is 17 miles from the Iranian land. Both of them are not able to sustain living and they had never inhabitants. Abu- Musa is the home for a limited number of people (less than 50 households). -Bahman Aghai Diba - 4/14/12

Hoodies and Hijabs: Iranian-American Students Raise Awareness
Undoubtedly, minority groups have reason to be weary over their image in American society, and how they may be exposed to possible attacks. With the current climate on talks of war with Iran at an all time high, Iranian-Americans are beginning to worry over the possibility of pro-war attitudes manifesting anti-Iranian sentiment in the United States akin to that seen during the Iranian Hostage Crisis. -Cavan Kharrazian, NIAC - 4/14/12

Iran begins bilateral P5+1 meetings, rejects US request for talks
Iran has begun bilateral talks with the members of the P5+1 in the Turkish city of Istanbul and has rejected requests by Washington for a meeting. - 4/14/12

As Iran nuclear talks resume, Voice of America broadcasts "Fusion for Peace" clean energy co-op message worldwide
A proposal by US and Iranian physicists for cooperation on clean energy research and development as an alternative to confrontation was featured on Voice of America's Persian News Network television on Tuesday, April 10, just three days before the resumption today of talks between Iran and the "Five plus one" countries. - 4/14/12

Internet censorship high on Iran's agenda
The Iranian judiciary has announced the establishment of a centre to process cyber offences and warned that websites that violate the law will be blocked. - 4/14/12

Whatever Happened to the Arab Spring? Revolution vs. Counterrevolution
Within the first few months of 2011, the U.S. and its allies lost three loyal "friends": Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, Zine el-Abbidine Ben Ali in Tunisia and Saad Hariri in Lebanon. While Mubarak and Ali were driven out of power by widespread popular uprisings, Hariri was ousted by the parliament. - 4/14/12

Iran raises hopes of nuclear trade-off to halt oil sanctions
Tehran signals willingness to trade uranium enrichment limits on eve of first negotiations on nuclear programme in 15 months -Guardian - 4/14/12

Iranian lawmaker Threatens To Reveal Former Tehran Prosecutor's Record
Majlis is set to impeach Cooperatives, Labor, and Social Welfare Minister Abdolreza Sheikholeslami on Sunday for naming former Tehran prosecutor general Saeed Mortazavi as the director of the Social Security Organization. - 4/14/12

Iran oil exports continue off radar
Iran continues to export its oil, but the oil tankers transporting its crude have disabled their onboard tracking systems, making it difficult to assess the details of its oil deals. - 4/14/12

For Peace, Both Obama and Khamenei Must Compromise
If President Barack Obama and Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei do not compromise at the upcoming nuclear talks next Saturday, the region will -- in the words of a diplomat involved in the matter -- head towards "total war." For the sake of world peace, both sides must compromise. -Trita Parsi, Huffington Post - 4/14/12

All should make efforts to build trust in Istanbul talks, Iran says
Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has said that the concerns of all sides must be addressed during the next round of talks between Iran and the 5+1 group (the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China, and Germany), which is scheduled to be held in Istanbul on April 14. - 4/13/12

Iranian songwriter Arya Armnejad sentenced to jail
Armanejad reported in his Facebook page yesterday that the Revolutionary Court has sentenced him to one year in jail on the basis of the article 500 of the Islamic Penal Code which says "whoever engages in propaganda activities against the Islamic Republci regime or in favour of dissident groups will be sentenced to a jail term between three months to a year." - 4/13/12

High Stakes, Low Expectations For Renewed Iran Nuke Talks
By all accounts, the talks this weekend in Istanbul between the major powers and Iran are critical if diplomacy is to solve the crisis over Iran's suspect nuclear activities. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 4/13/12

Ahmadinejad's visit to Abu Musa island is an internal issue: Iran
An Iranian Foreign Ministry official has said that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit to the Iranian island of Abu Musa, as part of a recent tour of the southern province of Hormozgan, is an "internal Iranian affair." - 4/13/12

Islamutopia: A very short history of political Islam
Intellectuals have been generally uncomfortable engaging with Islam as a subject matter, lest they would compromise the secular dictum of the social sciences. Few in burgeoning disciplines such as International Relations (IR) would accept that belief systems such as Islam are valid units of analysis. -Arshin Adib-Moghaddam - 4/13/12

Iranian-American Musician Mixes Music Styles
Austin is the capital of Texas and the self-proclaimed "Live Music Capital of the World." In the 1970s, musicians in Austin fused rock 'n roll and country music... Iranian-American musician and songwriter Fared Shafinury is developing another sound, combining Persian classical music and American styles. -Greg Flakus, VOA - 4/13/12

Key Players in Iran Nuclear Talks Make Varying Demands
Here are the key players and their stances going into Saturday's talks between Iran and world powers over Iran's controversial nuclear program -Carla Babb, VOA - 4/13/12

Detained Iranian activists Kouhyar Goudarzi given furlough
Iranian human rights activist Kouhyar Goudarzi was released on bail last night after eight months in prison. Goudarzi was arrested in August of 2011 and held in solitary confinement for more than 50 days. He has been sentenced to five years in jail and exile to Zabol - 4/13/12

Iranian-Arab crackdown comes before protest anniversary
Iranian security forces have arrested more Iranian-Arab activists in the Khuzestan Province in the past several days. Ahvaz human rights activists report that the arrests comes ahead of the April 15 anniversary of protests held in 2005, during which dozens of protesters were killed and wounded. - 4/13/12

Land mines in Iran claim three more victims
Iranian authorities rarely release statistics and information about land mine victims and incidents. Last month, the Welfare Office's prevention centre announced that in 2009, 104 people fell victim to land mine explosions. - 4/13/12

44 countries to attend Iran oil show despite sanctions
Despite the European Union sanctions on Iran's oil sector, 315 companies from 44 countries have thus far put in a request to take part in the 17th International Oil, Gas, Refining, and Petrochemical Exhibition (Iran Oil Show), which will be held in Tehran from April 17-20. - 4/13/12

Will Khamenei Compromise?
"Iran's supreme leader does not want political accommodation with the United States. His rule is predicated on sustained enmity with America and flagrant disregard of popular will. A strategic shift in this paradigm will destabilize his regime." This is the argument proffered by those skeptical of or opposed to sustained U.S.-Iran diplomacy. -Reza Marashi, Ali Reza Eshraghi, National Interest - 4/13/12

Exclusive: Iran ships "off radar" as Tehran conceals oil sales
Iran is concealing the destination of its oil sales by disabling tracking systems aboard its tanker fleet, making it difficult to assess how much crude Tehran is exporting as it seeks to counter Western sanctions aimed at cutting its oil revenues. -Reuters - 4/13/12

Misreading Arab public opinion on Iran's nuclear program
In a recent interview with the BBC, Israel's deputy Prime Minister, Dan Meridor, who is also the country's Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy, said that the prospect of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons "...sends shivers of fear to all Arab countries." The assumption behind this statement is that "Arab states" see in Iran's nuclear program a threat to their national security. -Nadim N. Rouhana, FP - 4/13/12

Photos: The Shepherds of Deylaman
Deylaman is a city in and the capital of Deylaman District, in Siahkal County, Gilan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 1,261, in 374 families. Many of these families are engaged in raising sheep and goats. During the winter time, when the mountain peaks are covered with snow, these families move to lower elevations where their animals can graze. -Abouzar Bazri - 4/12/12

Iran reaches 100 percent telecommunications penetration: BMI
Business Monitor International (BMI) says Iran has reached to 100 percent telecommunications penetration and expects the Iranian mobile market to cross the 100 percent penetration threshold in early 2012 - 4/12/12

Raising Their Voices: New Video of Iranian Views on the Military Option
Today the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran released a short video and accompanying letter-writing campaign featuring the viewpoints of eight prominent Iranians on the domestic consequences of a potential attack on Iran. - 4/12/12

Iranian people s resistance to pressures is in fact safeguarding their dignity : Ahmadinejad
Addressing a group of officials engaged in the nuclear industry on the anniversary of National Nuclear Technology, Dr.Ahmadinejad said the Iranian people's resistance to pressures is much more valuable than their access to nuclear technology. - 4/12/12

Rab-e Rashidi, the 13th century academic complex
Rab-e Rashidi was an academic complex in the 13th century, during the Ilkhanid Dynasty founded by Hulagu Khan, a grandson of Genghis Khan and brother of both Mongke Khan and Kublai Khan. Ruins of Rab-e Rashidi academic complex is located in Tabriz, northwestern Iran. - 4/12/12

Iran? Yes you can
Ahead of this weekends crucial talks between Iran and the P5 + 1 countries, Stefan Simanowitz intercepts a letter from George W Bush to President Obama - 4/12/12

Iranian Activist, 72, Given Three-Year Suspended Sentence
Iranian pro-democracy activist Kourosh Zaim has been handed a three-year suspended sentence after judges found him guilty of acting against national security and spreading propaganda against the Islamic republic. - 4/12/12

Iranian art works to go under Christie's hammer
Christie's is set to auction 43 works by contemporary Iranian artists during its Modern and Contemporary Arab, Iranian and Turkish Art sale in Dubai. - 4/12/12

Iran to impose sanctions on 100 European companies
Iran is preparing to cut off trade relations with 100 European companies in response to EU sanctions. - 4/12/12

Illegal fishing, piracy and poverty
Is unauthorized and overfishing by European and Chinese fishing vessels connected with the growth of piracy in Africa? - 4/12/12

G8 Foreign Ministers Discuss Syria, Iran, North Korea
Foreign ministers from the Group of Eight leading industrialized nations are meeting in Washington for discussions that include the continuing violence in Syria, nuclear talks with Iran, and North Korea's missile launch plans. -Scott Stearns, VOA - 4/12/12

Newfangled Flush: An Celebration of Color and Form by Saloomeh Golnareaghi
Born in 1980 in Iran, Saloomeh Golnareaghi got her degree in art from the Tehran Azad University of Fine Arts. Over the past five years Gonareaghi has had numerous group and solo exhibitions in Iran. -Gallery Mamak - 4/11/12

Mana Neyestani: The Kafkaesque World Of An Iranian Cartoonist
To many Iranians, Neyestani is known as the creator of a comic strip called "The Engaged Family," which for the last two years has documented the life of a middle-class Iranian family. The family supports the opposition Green Movement and Neyestani chronicles their interactions with "the dictator." -Golnaz Esfandiari - 4/11/12

Rafsanjani Critiques Iran's Foreign Policy: I Wanted to Directly Talk With the US
Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the head of the powerful State Expediency Council critiqued the foreign, domestic and economic policies of the administration in unusual terms and while stressing on the "problematic" nature of the human rights situation in Iran called for direct talks with the US. -Nazanin Kamdar, Rooz Online - 4/11/12

Iran Says It Has New Initiatives for Nuclear Talks
Iran says it will present new initiatives at upcoming nuclear talks with world powers in Turkey, but warned that efforts by Western nations to exert pressure on Tehran would "backfire." - 4/11/12

University Ban For Iranian Protestors Of 2009
It has been reported that any Iranians who took part in 2009 protests against the reelection of President Mahmud Ahmadinejad will be banned from studying at university. - 4/11/12

Training Terrorists in Nevada: Seymour Hersh on U.S. Aid to Iranian Group Tied to Scientist Killings
Journalist Seymour Hersh has revealed that the Bush administration secretly trained an Iranian opposition group on the State Department's list of foreign terrorists. Hersh reports the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command trained operatives from Mujahideen-e-Khalq, or MEK, at a secret site in Nevada beginning in 2005. -democracy now - 4/11/12

Persian games: Iran's strategic foothold in Tajikistan
While international attention on Iran focuses on the country's nuclear programme and anti-western rhetoric, few have noticed the country's constructive attempts to develop a sphere of influence in its fellow Persian-speaking Tajikistan. -Brenton Clark, Open Democracy - 4/11/12

Iran announces arrest of Israeli-backed "terrorists"
Iranian media report that the Ministry of Intelligence announced it had made a number of arrests after identifying "large terrorist and sabotage" networks and "protected operative cells" working for Israel. - 4/11/12

Annan Appeals To Iran Over Syrian Conflict
International envoy Kofi Annan has appealed to Syria's key ally Iran to support his plan to end the violence in the country, saying that "any further militarization of the conflict would be disastrous." Annan spoke to reporters after talks with Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi in Tehran. - 4/11/12

Terrorist cell destroyed in southeast: Iran
Iran announced that it has destroyed a cell of a Jundallah militant group that had reportedly entered Iranian territory to "carry out sabotage operations during Norooz holidays" with some of its members killed and others arrested. - 4/11/12

Iran halts oil exports to Germany
Iran halted oil exports to Germany on Wednesday in response to the oil embargo that the European Union imposed on the Islamic Republic on January 23. - 4/11/12

Photos: Falak-ol-Aflak Castle in Khorramabad, Iran
Falak-ol-Aflak Castle is a castle situated on the top of a large hill with the same name within the city of Khorramabad, the regional capital of Lorestan province, Iran. This gigantic structure was built during the Sassanid era (226-651). -Mohsen Tizhoush - 4/10/12

The First Conference on Troglodytic Architecture: April 26-27, 2012 in Kerman, Iran
The Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization intends to hold a conference by the title of Troglodytic Architecture, based on plans approved by the Research Institute of the Organization and the Kerman Cultural Heritage Office, in cooperation with the Heritage and Handicrafts and Tourism Base of troglodytic village of Maymand, UNESCO Tehran Cluster Office ... - 4/10/12

Panel Discussion at California State University, Fresno: "Targeting Iran: Sanctions and War."
The Middle East Lecture Series presents a timely panel presentation that will take place on Thursday April 12, 2012, at 7 PM, on the campus of California State University, Fresno, in the Leon S. Peters Auditorium at the Student Recreation Center. The presentation is open and free to the public. - 4/10/12

A Final Glimpse at Nowruz
As we close the books on another Nowruz celebration, PAAIA is pleased to provide a glimpse of some of the activities that took place around the country celebrating this ancient tradition. -PAAIA - 4/10/12

"I Am Neda" Is A Finalist At The American Pavilion Sanctioned by Cannes
'I Am Neda' Director Nicole Kian Sadighi and Persepolis Pictures is extremely excited to announce that 'I Am Neda' has been selected as one of 3 short films to be presented at the American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival, May 2012! - 4/10/12

Former Iranian Prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi Summoned To Court
Former Tehran prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi has been summoned for a hearing on Monday April 16 in connection with the death of detainees at Kahrizak prison in 2009. - 4/10/12

Maestro Shajarian's 2012 U.S. Concert Tour
Classical Persian Music Maestro Mohammadreza Shajarian, Accompanied by Shahnaz music ensemble, is holding a concert tour in US from April 19 to May 6, 2012. Shajarian will also hold workshops at Stanford and San Diego universities - 4/10/12

Collateral victims: U.S. foreign sanctions and domestic policy risks
A recent federal case against an American charitable organization, (United States of America v. Mehrdad Yasrebi and Child Foundation, 05-CR-413 KI (Oregon)), reveals the unfortunate state of Muslim-Americans, the potential of peoples' diplomacy, and the legal and practical problems with economic sanctions. -Ahmed E. Souaiaia, Reasoned Comments - 4/10/12

Iran Security Forces Promise Satellite Dish Crackdown
The Mehr News Agency reports that Brigadier General Ahmadreza Radan, the deputy head of Iranian security forces, announced on Monday that they are intent on stepping up efforts to confiscate all satellite dishes. - 4/10/12

Workers protest in southwestern Iran
About 2,000 Iranian workers at the Karoon Sugar Cane Industry in Shooshtar have begun demonstrating against their lack of benefits and wage increase. - 4/10/12

Resignation Of Iran's Central Bank Chief Rejected
Head of Iran's Central Bank Mahmoud Bahmani resigned on Monday from his post; however the resignation was not accepted by senior government officials. - 4/10/12

Iran halts oil sales to Greece
Iran's Oil Minister has announced that the country has stopped selling crude to Greece. Rostam Ghassemi told IRNA this morning that Iran has stopped selling oil to a number of European countries, adding that Greece no longer receives any oil from Iran. - 4/10/12

Iran's carpet export in 2011 hits $560m
Deputy Minister of Iran's trade, mining and industry said the country's carpet export to different countries hit $560 million in 2011, adding carpet's export is one of the country's priorities for export. - 4/10/12

Photos: Moghadam Museum, Tehran
Tehran University's Moghadam Museum, or the house of Moghadam, is considered one of luxury home of Qajar era which belonged to Mohammad Taghi Khan Ehtesabolmolk, a courtier. In 1972, Professor Mohsen Moghadam, donated his house to Tehran university where he had been teaching. -Raouf Mohseni - 4/9/12

Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation: 2011 Report
We take great pleasure in updating PKCF supporters on the projects funded in 2011 and providing a brief report on our ongoing activities. Without your generous support none of this would have been possible. - 4/9/12

Iran proposes possible nuclear compromise
The head of Iran's Atomic Agency says shutting down the Fordo nuclear site is "illogical" and will not be an option for Iran. Abbasi indicated, however, that Iran may be willing to compromise by promising to eventually abandon its ability to make nuclear fuel. - 4/9/12

Iran: Human Rights Defender Nasrin Sotoudeh Denied Furlough, Telephone Contact
Prominent human rights defender Nasrin Sotoudeh was deprived of furlough and telephone contact with her family during the Persian New Year, her husband Reza Khandan told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran in an interview. - 4/9/12

Despite Posting Bail, Former Tehran Mayor Remains in Security Ward
74-year-old political prisoner and former mayor of Tehran Mohammad Tavassoli continues to be held in prison despite his deteriorating physical condition and posting bail, said Mehdi Nourbakhsh in an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. - 4/9/12

Exhibition: Gender and Exposure in Contemporary Iranian Photography
For this exhibition, curator Andrea Fitzpatrick has selected the works of Iranian artists Samira Eskandarfar, Amirali Ghasemi, Abbas Kowsari, Zeinab Salarvand, ArmanStepanian, and Sadegh Tirafkan, all of whom live and work in Tehran. Their images express the wit, elegance and sensitivity of the culture, and the individuality of the artists. - 4/9/12

Iran Confirms Istanbul As Venue For Nuclear Talks
Tehran has agreed that a fresh round of nuclear talks with world powers will be held in Istanbul on April 14. The statement said that if these talks proved fruitful, a second round could be held in Baghdad a later date. - 4/9/12

Children of Persia Benefit Concert at Georgetown University featuring Pari Zangeneh and Novin Afrouz
Sunday, April 15, 2012: Proceeds from this event will benefit Children of Persia's projects serving the disadvantaged Iranian Children. - 4/9/12

US to Iran: Surrender Dorothy!
On a recent trip to Washington, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu laid down the law: America must threaten the Iranians with war if Tehran insists on pursuing its nuclear energy program. We are supposed to take seriously Netanyahu's threats to strike Iran himself, in spite of the fact that Israel has neither the means nor the political resolve to do so. -Justin Raimondo, - 4/9/12

Iranian government officials accused in great fraud case
The Tehran Prosecutor's office has announced that several government officials and MPs have been accused in Iran's recent $3-billion bank fraud. - 4/9/12

A Night with Abbas Maroufi, author of The Symphony of the Dead
Saturday, April 21, 2012 at UCLA: A graduate of Fine Arts from Tehran University with a prodigious artistic talent, Maroufi has been director of Tehran Symphony Orchestra, founder of Tehran-based literary Gardoon magazine, and author of numerous award winning and widely read novels. - 4/9/12

Iranian Parliament Approves Budget Despite Irregularities
Iranian Parliament has approved Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's budget for the New Year, citing "recommendations of the Supreme Leader" and "the current situation of the country" as the reasons for its speedy passage. - 4/9/12

Russia has taken steps to block possible strike on Iran: report
The Israeli website DEBKAfile reported on April 8 that Russia has taken measures to block a possible U.S.-Israeli strike on Iran from the north. - 4/9/12

US, Allies Define Demands Ahead of Iran Talks: Report
A major U.S. newspaper says Washington and its European allies plan to demand that Iran immediately close and ultimately dismantle a recently completed nuclear facility deep under a mountain as part of new talks with Tehran over its disputed nuclear program. - 4/8/12

IAAB's Campus Action Network Launches Iran Awareness Month: No Hate
More than 20 university campuses nationwide will participate in Iran Awareness Month this April as part of Iranian Alliances Across Borders' Campus Action Network (ICAN). University student leaders initiated Iran Awareness Month this past Fall at the IAAB Student Summit in Washington, D.C. Responding to heightened anti-Iranian and pro-war sentiments, the student leaders called for a coordinated series of events across the country in order to raise awareness and build community. - 4/8/12

Iran: Job-splitting plan for women announced
The president's Women's and Family Affairs Centre has announced a plan to divide every office position into two part-time jobs for women, providing them with one-half the usual salary and benefits. - 4/8/12

Laid-off Iranian workers protest at Labour Ministry
Workers laid off from the Shahab Car Manufacturing Company protested against their dismissal today in front of the Iranian Ministry of Employment and Social Security, calling for intervention on their behalf. - 4/8/12

Three Points Assisting a Successful Negotiation in April 2012
During the period between the last round of negotiations which took place in Istanbul and the one approaching, significant developments have occurred that each of them can play a determining role in the policy positions and orientations of the negotiating parties. - Mahmoud Reza Golshanpazhooh - 4/8/12

Iran Says Turkey To Host Nuclear Talks
Iran's official English-language Press TV said the negotiations on April 13 would take place in Istanbul, where Iranian officials will meet representatives from the P5+1 group, which comprises the member states of the UN Security Council -- the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China -- and Germany. - 4/8/12

Iranian Film 'Here Without Me' at Tiburon International Film Festival
The story is about the world of a small family with familiar dreams and not so remarkable problems. The mother is trying to lead everything to save her family, but small events disarrange all her plans. - 4/8/12

Former Tehran Prosecutor Mortazavi May Quit His New Post: MP
Saeed Mortazavi may resign his post as the new director of the Social Security Organization to ward off impeachment move against the labor minister, MP Elyas Naderan said on Sunday. - 4/8/12

Iran: Bank Melli management board members banned from leaving Iran over fraud case
Members of the management board of Bank Melli Iran have been prohibited from leaving the country over the $2.6 billion financial fraud case, Mehdi Farahani, an official at the office of the Tehran prosecutor general, announced in Tehran on Sunday. - 4/8/12

Iran exports petrochemicals to 60 countries
Iran exported some $14 billion worth of petrochemical products to 60 countries last calendar year, which ended on March 19, said the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) managing director on Saturday. - 4/8/12

Congressional "Happy Birthday Israel" Resolution Endorses Strikes on Iran
Even as concerns about military conflict with Iran have sparked a viral anti-war campaign in which Israelis and Iranians are sharing messages of mutual friendship, lawmakers in Washington are ratcheting up tensions between the two countries. -NIAC - 4/7/12

Photos: Iran navy frees hijacked Chinese freighter
Iranian naval forces freed a Chinese freighter hijacked by Somali pirates off southern Iran on Friday and arrested all the attackers, the Fars news agency reported. - 4/7/12

Meet Nader Baroukh: Iranian American Mayor of Falls Church, Virginia
he Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA) recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mayor Nader Baroukh to discuss his candidacy for a second term on the Falls Church City Council. - 4/7/12

Obama's signal to Iran: US would accept Iran's nuclear program
President Barack Obama has signaled Iran that Washington would accept an Iranian civilian nuclear program if Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei can back up his recent public statement that his nation "will never pursue nuclear weapons." This verbal message was sent through Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who visited the Supreme Leader last week, the Washington Post reported. - 4/7/12

Iran: Controversy surrounds idea of opening U.S. talks
Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, the moderate head of Iran's Expediency Council, said this week the Islamic Republic should maintain relations with all countries. Rafsanjani's statements have drawn fire from Iran's conservative factions. - 4/7/12

Carnegie Panel: Negotiating with Iran: Istanbul and Its Aftermath
APRIL 16, 2012 - Nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 group, the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany, are scheduled to take place April 13 and 14 in Istanbul. Is it possible for the United States to successfully engage Iran, or are negotiations with Tehran an exercise in futility? - 4/7/12

It was here (the Department of Energy's Nevada National Security Site) that the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) conducted training, beginning in 2005, for members of the Mujahideen-e-Khalq, a dissident Iranian opposition group known in the West as the M.E.K. -Seymour M. Hersh, New Yorker - 4/7/12

Analysts predict sharp fall in Iranian oil output
Financial firm JP Morgan predicts that Iran's crude oil production may fall by one million barrels a day by the end of June, compared to January levels, adding that refiners have managed to reduce their demand for Iranian crude faster than had been predicted. - 4/7/12

Grass Responds To His Critics
German poet Gunter Grass has responded to harsh criticism of his recent work that accuses Israel of threatening world peace, saying that although the media has piled up on him, he will not back down from the truth. - 4/7/12

Economic Downturn Points to Uncertain Future in Afghanistan
The real estate market in Kabul is flush with huge homes for rent or sale. So many people have emptied their bank accounts and taken their money abroad, the central bank has placed a $20,000 cap on cash withdrawals. Afghan investors are fleeing the country. -Bethany Matta, VOA - 4/7/12

USS Enterprise must obtain IRGC permission to enter Persian Gulf: report
The U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise, which is heading for the Persian Gulf, will have to answer the questions of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) at the "Sepah station" to obtain permission to enter the sea, the Persian service of the Fars News Agency reported on Saturday. - 4/7/12

Broad Coalition Calls for Congress to Support Diplomacy, Oppose War of Choice
With rising concerns of war with Iran, twenty-six leading Iranian-American, Jewish-American, Muslim-American, arms control, human rights, pro-democracy, pro-peace, and faith organizations called for any legislation advanced by Congress to support a diplomatic resolution to the standoff and make absolutely clear there is no authorization for military force against Iran. - 4/6/12

IRANIAN WRITERS UNCENSORED: Freedom, Democracy, and the Word in Contemporary Iran
As poet Mohammad Hoghooghi says, "[Writing] constitutes resistance. Because, in any age, the poet has been a protestor of a kind; resisting the thought-molds of the day. However, this protest might be political, it might be social, or it might even be philosophical. At any rate, the artist is at odds with the prevalent conduct and thinking of his age; this has always been the case." - 4/6/12

Iranian Director Farhadi Ranks High on Time's List
As TIME magazine tallies votes for its Person of the Year for 2012, Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, who won this year's Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, is sitting at fourth place out of 100. - 4/6/12

Iran declines meeting in Europe for nuclear talks
Diplomatic sources say Iran has so far declined proposals to hold nuclear talks with the G5+1 in three European countries. The diplomats said, however, that April 14 has been determined as the final date for the meeting. - 4/6/12

Iran's ex-president calls for talks with U.S.
Iran's semi-official Fars News Agency, which is close to the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, said that Mr. Rafsanjani's call for a dialogue with Washington contradicts senior officials who have said that talks with the U.S. would produce no results. -Washington Times - 4/6/12

Clinton Warns Iran That Diplomatic Efforts Won't Be 'Infinite'
The United States has again warned Iran that it must get serious about proving to the international community that its nuclear program isn't hiding weapons development activities or face further isolation and economic sanctions. -Heather Maher, RFE - 4/6/12

French Peugeot suffers consequences of Iran sanctions
The French auto-manufacturing group PSA Peugeot Citroen has suspended operations at one of its factories in northeastern France because of a halt to shipments of spare parts from Iran. - 4/6/12

Iran's South Pars gas field income hits $40 billion in 2011
The Managing Director of the Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC) told ISNA productions of 10 developed phases of the biggest gas field of the world totaled $40 billion in 2011, adding the amount has increased $4 billion comparing to 2010. - 4/6/12

State-dominated media and Iran
The New York Times this morning is prominently featuring a long article documenting the Terroristic aggression of Iran, as evidenced by that country's attempts to exert influence and foment unrest in Afghanistan: because, as all decent people know, only tyrannical fanatics would attempt to interfere in Afghanistan - 4/6/12

UN Envoy Firm on April 12 Deadline for Syria Cease-fire
U.N.-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan told U.N. member states Thursday that April 12 remains a firm deadline for an end to violence in Syria. But he added that although the Syrian government has committed to halting its military action against rebels and in civilian populated areas, an "alarming" number of casualties and abuses continue. - Margaret Besheer, VOA - 4/6/12

Iran eyes spiritual leadership of Iraq's Shiites
Iran is promoting a conservative cleric close to its supreme leader as a possible successor for the aging spiritual leader of Iraq's Shiites, a move that would give Tehran a powerful platform to influence its neighbor, according to figures close to Iraq's religious leadership. -AP - 4/6/12

Call of the warrior women
SARIA (a codename meaning ''flower'') has long black hair and honey-coloured eyes and she wears olive military fatigues. She is 25 years old and in charge of 500 fighters in a zone that stretches for 100 kilometres covering the Shaho mountain range inside Iran. -Billy Briggs, SMH - 4/6/12

Madonna 'Would Love to Play Iran and Syria,' Says Manager
Call it unflinching fearlessness or a solo mission of shuttle diplomacy, but when it comes to the Middle East, Madonna knows no borderlines. In fact, she's willing to entertain all sides during her MDNA tour, which kicks off May 29 in Israel. -hollywood reporter - 4/6/12

"ILAM": A Beautiful Iranian Province With Amazing Nature
ILAM is a province in west of IRAN. A beautiful green province in spring with playful lambs and kids. In this trip we went to ILAM through QOM, ARAK, BOROJERD and KHORAM ABAD. KHORAM ABAD is central city of LORESTAN province and a big castle is there, It is named FALAK-OL-AFLAK. -Pooneh Shahmir - 4/5/12

"What must be said": Poem about Iran-Israel relation by German poet Grass draws fire
A new poem by Gunter Grass, the prominent German author and 1999 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, has stirred controversy for its portrayal of Israel as threatening world peace with its plots against Iran. - 4/5/12

Photos: International Open Robocup Competitions In Tehran
The 7th open robocup competitions opened in Tehran on Thursday. 33 teams from US, Britain, Czech, India, Germany, Brazil, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Greece and Mexico qualifed for the competitions out of 48 countries. -Ashraf Tabatabaei - 4/5/12

Iranian Website Pulls Interview With U.S. State Department Official
The online publication of an interview with the U.S. State Department's Persian spokesman by a conservative Iranian website appears to have been pulled following official criticism and condemnation. Iran's Culture Ministry said in a statement on April 4 that there was no justification for the Alef website to allow what it called a U.S. "intelligence officer" the opportunity to respond to questions from Iranians. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 4/5/12

Imprisoned Iranian Journalist Beaten During Interrogation
Imprisoned journalist Ehsan Houshmand, who suffers from serious ear pain as a result of beatings he received during his interrogation, is currently being threatened with his wife's arrest if he publicizes information about his case and condition, his wife told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran in an interview. - 4/5/12

Iran: Battle heats up over subsidy restructuring
The economic commission of Iran's Parliament has spoken out against the announcement that affluent households will no longer receive cash payouts in the second phase of government-subsidy restructuring. - 4/5/12

Iran: Arab farmers arrested in southwest oilfield disputes
Iranian government forces have reportedly arrested 50 farmers in the Arab regions of Iran for "protesting against the confiscation of their lands by the National Oil Company of Iran." - 4/5/12

International Demining, Mine Sweeping Conference Ends Work in Tehran
Meantime, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi underlined Tehran's respect for all international demining conventions and treaties, and said Iran is also mulling accession to Ottawa Convention in this regard. - 4/5/12

Minister Says Iran Oil Industry Needs Minimum Of $30B Investment This Year
Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi has said that at least $30 billion should be invested in the domestic oil industry this year, which began on March 20, the Shana news agency reported. He added that a major portion of the sum will be allocated to the South Pars gas field projects. - 4/5/12

Japanese companies cut down on Iranian oil deals
JX Nippon Oil and Energy Corp, Japan's biggest oil refiner, is not renewing one of its two contracts to purchase Iranian crude oil. Under that contract, Reuters reports, JX Nippon bought 10 thousand barrels of oil per day from Iran, until it expired in March. - 4/5/12

Reuters has admitted to mistake in Iranian female ninjas story: official
Reuters has admitted that it ran a mistaken headline last month saying Iran had been training female ninja assassins, Mohammad Javad Aghajari, the director general of the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance's Foreign Media Department, said on Wednesday. - 4/5/12

Farhang Foundation and UCLA Film & Television Archive Host the 22nd Annual UCLA Celebration of Iranian Cinema
Now in its 22nd year, the UCLA Celebration of Iranian Cinema opens on April 13, 2012 and will feature the film Mourning (Iran, 2011), directed by Morteza Farshbaf. The program continues through April 29, 2012, featuring contemporary Iranian films and special guest appearances by Iranian filmmaker, Parviz Sayyad, on April 13, 14, 22, 27 and 28. - 4/4/12

Iranian Diplomat Says IAEA Undermined Recent Talks to Satisfy Israel and West
Gareth Porter: IAEA demanded to see Parchin on recent visit ahead of schedule to make Iran look uncooperative - 4/4/12

Erdogan in Iran: Behind the Scenes Meetings in Tehran and Mashhad
Turkish Prime Minister Tayyib Erdogan's visit to Iran last week highlighted the differences between the two countries. While in Iran, Erdogan met Iran's most senior leaders, including ayatollah Khamenei and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad while holding talks with others as well. -Mohammad Reza Yazdanpanah - 4/4/12

Iran and US: A Pathological Approach to Ruined Relations
More than three decades have passed from the time that Iran-US relations were cut; though a cold war situation, proxy war, and tension has continued between the two countries. This situation has incurred heavy losses on both countries. -Nabi Sonboli - 4/4/12

Clinton Says US Expects 'Concrete Commitments' From Iran Nuclear Talks
The United States is expecting "concrete commitments" from this month's nuclear talks with Tehran, according to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful civilian purposes and is not designed to develop atomic weapons. - 4/4/12

Motion to impeach Iran's Minister of Labour
A motion to impeach the Minister of Labour has been handed to the Iranian Parliament, triggered by the appointment of Saeed Mortazavi to head the Social Security Fund. Mortazavi was Tehran's Prosecutor for seven years and is the main suspect in the case of prisoners being tortured and killed at the Kahrizak Detention Centre in the post-election tumult of 2009. - 4/4/12

First phase of Iranian 'clean' internet to launch soon
The Iranian government has announced that it will launch the first phase of its National Internet in June. - 4/4/12

Western Sanctions on Iranian Banks Make Trade Harder
The European Union's expulsion of 30 sanctioned Iranian banks from a global financial messaging service last month has made it significantly harder for Iranians using those banks to do business with foreign partners. -Michael Lipin, VOA - 4/4/12

Netanyahu's government and its supporters argue that a strike on Iran will benefit Israel and America. But a strike on Iran won't destory it's nuclear facilities, and are more likely benefit than harm Iran in the long run. -Trita Parsi, Daily Beast - 4/4/12

Photos: Iranian Navy captures 12 pirates
The Iranian Navy has captured 12 pirates on the open seas, the commander of the Iranian Navy, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, announced on Tuesday. Speaking at a press conference, Sayyari said that the pirates were captured 3000 kilometers off Iran's shorelines in the Indian Ocean. - 4/3/12

Photos: Roudkhan Castle in Iran's Gilan Province
Roudkhan castle is one of the most magnificent historical buildings in Gilan province which is located on the crest of a mountain and is called by locals "Zhiyeh Castle". The castle is located on a mountain 25 km southwest of Fuman city, which is part of Gurabpas mountains, situated at the central district of Fuman. - 4/3/12

A Policy of Peace Instead of War in the Iran Conflict: An Immediate End to Sanctions and Threats of War
A Declaration from the German Peace Movement and Peace Researchers: Stop the embargoes against Iranian oil and the Iranian Central Bank. Do not allow the American presidential campaign to plunge the U.S. administration and Israel into a war with unforeseeable consequences. - 4/3/12

Ambassador Cautions Senate against Lowering Threshold for War with Iran
A former U.S. ambassador to the UN and Israel cautioned the Senate against lowering the threshold for war against Iran at a Senate hearing on Wednesday, even as a majority of U.S. Senators have embraced a resolution that would do exactly that. -Richard Abott, NIAC - 4/3/12

'I Am Also An Afghan' -- Iranians Condemn Racism On Facebook
Afghans living in Isfahan were banned from a mountainous park in the city on April 1, the 13th day of Norouz festivities, which Iranian tradition says should be spent outdoors. The decision was announced on March 30 by Isfahan's Committee to Facilitate Travel, which said Afghans were banned from Sofeh Park in order "to ensure citizens' welfare." -Golnaz Esfandiari - 4/3/12

Dance and song to be omitted from preschool programs in Iran
The head of Iran's Welfare Organization has warned preschool and daycare centres against teaching "immoral programs such as dancing" to children. - 4/3/12

World calls for unconditional release of Baha'i leaders and other Iranian prisoners of conscience
The plight of Iran's seven imprisoned Baha'i leaders has been capturing the public's attention in 12 of the world's major cities, where a day of action marked the combined total of 10,000 days that the seven have so far spent in prison. - 4/3/12

Is the Green Movement of Iran Dead?
The anniversaries of the Green Movement passed in Iran with almost no serious events. In fact the conflict between the two factions of the Principlalists had taken the center stage in the political scene of Iran. At the same time, while the Arab Spring is turning many countries in the Middle East and North Africa upside down, it seems that these developments may have no effect in Iran. -Bahman Aghai Diba - 4/3/12

Parliament opposes Ahmadinejad's cash payouts
The head of Iranian Parliament says the Ahmadinejad administration is in stark violation of the law by pushing for an increase in cash benefits to households, which he claimed is only triggering further inflation. - 4/3/12

Germany Halts Shipment Of Execution Drug To Iran
German customs officials said on April 2 that they have halted a shipment to Iran of a general anesthetic drug that also is used to execute people by lethal injection. - 4/3/12

IAEA has never found any evidence of NPT violation in Iran: Russian FM
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday that IAEA inspectors have never traced any breaching of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in their intensive and ceaseless inspections of Iranian nuclear sites, Al-Manar reported on Tuesday. - 4/3/12

Israel's Escalating Rhetoric on Iran
In September of 2010, a group of the Friends of the Freer and Sackler Museums of Washington DC were visiting Iran. As a former member of the board of these museums, I naturally extended an invitation for the group to visit the Malek Public Library and Museum in Tehran, an institution that was endowed by my grandfather to the Shrine of the Eighth Imam. -Abolala Soudavar - 4/3/12

Iran's non-oil annual trade exceeds $105 billion
Iran exported around $43.7 billion worth of non-oil goods in the past calendar year, which ended on March 19, and imported some $61.8 billion worth of goods, to hit the unprecedented mark of $105 billion in annual trade, the Customs Administration head announced on Monday. - 4/3/12

Iraq's Kurdistan Region Halts Oil Exports to Baghdad
A dispute between the Iraqi central government and the Kurdish autonomous region is gaining momentum after Kurdistan halted oil exports to Baghdad. -Edward Yeranian, VOA - 4/3/12

Iranians celebrate last day of Nowruz in nature
Millions of Iranians have gone outdoors to celebrate the last day of Nowruz festivities in nature and in company of friends and families. Persian New Year (Nowruz) festivities continue for 12 days and on the 13th day people attend picnics or parties in a tradition called Sizdah Bedar. - 4/2/12

Photos: Qods Razavi's Persian Rug Weaving Shop
Qods Razavi is the biggest producer of hand-woven rugs in Iran. About 500 weavers produce about 4000 square meters of rugs each year at the Qods Razavi shops. These rugs are used to cover the floors of the shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad, northeastern Iran. -Mehdi Blourian - 4/2/12

Iranian MP Says Former Tehran Prosecutor Does Not 'Deserve' To Hold Key Posts
A parliamentary report issued on January 10, 2010 blamed Mortazavi for sending 147 inmates, charged with involvement in the political unrest that occurred after the Iranian presidential election of June 2009, to the substandard Kahrizak detention center on July 9, 2009. Three of the detainees died while in the prison. - 4/2/12

Worldwide pressure brings hope for teacher in Iran
A campaign to save the life of an Iranian teacher, Abdolreza Ghanbari, initiated by the Committee for the Defence of Iranian People's Rights (CODIR) has brought international pressure to bear upon the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Abdolreza Ghanbari is awaiting execution after his final appeal against his sentence was rejected. - 4/2/12

Photos: Village of Sobatan in Northern Iran
The village of Sobatan is located 32km northwest of the city of Talesh in the Iranian province of Gilan. Due to its unique geography and the pleasant weather, Sobatan is among the few villages frequented by the travelers in the province. - 4/2/12

U.S. Senate calls for release of religious prisoners in Iran
The United States Senate has passed a resolution condemning the government of Iran for its systematic campaign of persecution of Baha'is and calling for the release of all Iranian prisoners held solely for their religious beliefs. - 4/2/12

Web conferencing evolves with customers' requests
When the U.S. State Department holds online training sessions for its employees at dozens of embassies and offices around the world, it uses a browser-based Web conferencing system that was developed in Houston (by omNovia, founded by Shawn Shadfar). - 4/2/12

BMWs Languishing at Iran Dealers as Sanctions Boost Costs
Mostafa Farahmand, who oversees sales at a car dealer in Tehran, hasn't replenished his stock of Porsche (PAH3), BMW (BMW) and Mercedes-Benz (DAI) models for months because neither he nor his customers can pay for them. -Bloomberg - 4/2/12

Pakistan buys electricity from Iran
Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani announced on Sunday that his country will buy 1,100 MW of electricity from Iran. - 4/2/12

Uruguay willing to exchange rice for Iranian oil
The Bernama Malaysian News Agency reports that Uruguay is examining the possibility of paying for Iranian crude with rice in an attempt to overcome sanctions against Iran that restrict financial transactions. - 4/2/12

Photos: Sizdah-Bedar in Lahijan, northern Iran
These photos show the people in the northern town of Lahijan, close to the Caspian Sea, enjoying their Sizdah-Bedar. People across Iran celebrated Sizdah-Bedar, the traditional Persian festival of nature, on Sunday by spending time outdoor. -Abouzar Bazri - 4/1/12

Photos: Sizdah-Bedar Pardisan Park, Tehran
People across Iran celebrated Sizdah-Bedar, the traditional Persian festival of nature, on Sunday by spending time outdoor. These photos show the people in the capital city Tehran enjoying their Sizdah-Bedar at the Pardisan Park. -Khosrow Parkhideh - 4/1/12

Photos: Sizdah-Bedar in Isfahan
People across Iran celebrated Sizdah-Bedar, the traditional Persian festival of nature, on Sunday by spending time outdoor. These photos show the people in the central city of Isfahan enjoying their Sizdah-Bedar by the Zayandeh Roud river. -Alieh Saadatpour - 4/1/12

Iran: Ambiguity about soaring government fuel revenues
The Iranian Parliament's research commission reports that in the past Iranian year, the Ahmadinejad administration has taken in revenue of 73.6 trillion toumans (1200 touman = 1 Dolar) from the price of fuel after cutting government subsidies. - 4/1/12

Iran and China to expand trade relations
China and Iran have agreed to increase trade between the two countries beyond $50 billion in the coming year. - 4/1/12

Clinton says Iran, 5+1 will meet in Istanbul on April 13
The U.S. secretary of state says Iran and the 5+1 group (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) have agreed to meet in Istanbul on April 13 for the latest round of nuclear talks, the CBS reported. - 4/1/12

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