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Iran: Kahrizak offenders receive death sentences
The Judicial Organization of the Armed Forces has sentenced two of the accused in the case of the notorious Kahrizak detention center to death. The Kahrizak detention center came into the spotlight after it was revealed that three inmates were beaten to death there. - 6/30/10

Farhang Foundation Joins Effort to Save Persian Language Classes at California State University, Northridge (CSUN)
Farhang Foundation is pleased to announce it has joined KIRN 670AM Radio Iran in the fundraising efforts to help bring back Persian language classes at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), which have been cancelled due to adjustments to state budgets. - 6/30/10

Rahnavard concerned for Iranian detainee sentenced to death
Iranian opposition leader, Zahra Rahnavard issued a statement this morning expressing hope that the news of execution of Zeynab Jalalian is just "a rumour." - 6/30/10

Protests against Dutch TV's invitation to head of Iranian TV
An official invitation extended to head of Islamic Republic's national television network, Seda va Sima by Dutch national television network drew widespread protests in the Netherlands. -Zamaneh - 6/30/10

'Basij Thugs' Harass Iran Opposition Leader Karrubi At Memorial Service
Iranian opposition leader and reformist cleric Mehdi Karrubi has again been harassed by a group of apparent hard-liners who verbally assailed him at the Sharif University mosque on June 29. Karrubi was reportedly shouted down upon entering the mosque to attend a mourning ceremony for the father of former reformist official Mohammad Reza Aref. -RFE - 6/30/10

Missing Iranian Scientist And A Fourth Mysterious Video
It's getting difficult to keep up with all the videos featuring missing Iranian scientist Shahram Amiri. Tehran insists he's been kidnapped by the United States; other sources say he's defected. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 6/30/10

Baha'i Houses Demolished In Iran
Some 50 houses owned by members of Iran's Baha'i religious minority have been demolished in a village northeast of Tehran, RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports. The incident took place on June 26 in Ivel, not far from the city of Sari in Mazandaran Province - 6/30/10

Obama, Saudi King Agree on Need to Press for Mideast Peace
Saudi Arabia, a Sunni Muslim country with the world's largest oil reserves, shares Western concerns over Shi'ite Iran's nuclear program. But the King Abdullah has said economic sanctions will not stop Tehran's alleged pursuit of nuclear weapons. -VOA - 6/30/10

Armenia Seeks Chinese Funding For Rail Link To Iran
An Armenian government minister says Yerevan is seeking as much as $1 billion in loans from China to finance a railway link to neighboring Iran, RFE/RL's Armenian Service reports. After years of discussion, the Armenian and Iranian governments formally agreed in April 2009 to start work on the project. - 6/30/10

Oil deposit holding 100m barrels discovered in Qom, Iran
The managing director of Iran Central Regions Oil Company said that a 100-million barrel oil reserve has been discovered in Alborz oilfield in Qom. -MNA - 6/30/10

Photos: Injured fox pop undergoes surgery in Tehran
A fox pop, whose left leg had been severely broken in a road accident in a suburb of Tehran, recovered from a surgery in a veterinary clinic in the capital city. -by Raouf Mohseni, MNA - 6/29/10

A Winning View of Democracy from Iran
In a way, Farbod Khoshtinat has been preparing for the Democracy Video Challenge for years, which would help explain why the 21-year-old Iranian is the 2010 winner for the Near East and North Africa region. - 6/29/10

Sculptor making replica of statue stolen in Tehran
"I have no news of any leads or other promising developments in the case, but I believe the theft made people more sensitive and curious about the sculptures situated across the city," she told the Persian service of MNA. - 6/29/10

Iranian director cancels play's run over Molavi Hall management change
"My drama is cancelled. Behind me the scenery is being taken down by people who are not interested in my drama, for people to whom it doesn't matter," Hosseinimehr brought an excerpt of a dialogue written for the protagonist of "The Hamletmachine" in a press release. -MNA - 6/29/10

Football fans in Tehran enjoy World Cup games on big screen
The Azadi Cinema Complex is screening the remaining World Cup games live for football fans. The complex screened Germany vs. England and Mexico vs. Argentina on Sunday which was warmly welcomed by fans -MNA - 6/29/10

Iranian opposition leader: Violence and intimidation do not lead to unity
Iranian opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi responded to the Supreme Leader's call for "unity" saying: "Unity cannot be achieved through threats and pressure." -Zamaneh - 6/29/10

Bahrain's FM Urges Robust Security Cooperation with Iran
Bahraini Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed al-Khalifa underlined the necessity for further security cooperation between Tehran and Manama. The Bahraini minister is in Iran to take part in the second meeting of the two countries' high joint economic cooperation commission which kicked off here in Tehran earlier today. -FNA - 6/29/10

Iran's Ahmadinejad 'Fines' West By Delaying Nuclear Talks
Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has fired a fresh salvo at the West by postponing talks on his country's disputed nuclear program until August in retaliation for recent sanctions packages. -RFE - 6/29/10

Roundtable at UCLA: The Green Movement in Iran One Year Later
July 11, 5-8 PM: Women's Role in the First Year of the Green Movement by Nayereh Tohidi; The Moral Nature of Green Movement by Arash Naraghi,... - 6/29/10

Iran's Intelligence Ministry Urges Moving Away From Russia
Iran's Intelligence Ministry has called for a "decrease" in ties with Russia, according to Hossein Ebrahimi, a parliament deputy and a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee. -RFE - 6/29/10

French Oil Company Total Says Halting Oil Shipments To Iran
French oil company Total today said that it has halted oil shipments to Iran, just days after the U.S. passed new sanctions on Tehran. - 6/29/10

Islamic Republic government offices to identify "elements of sedition"
Lotfollah Forouzandeh, Deputy Chief of Management and Human Power Development of Islamic Republic's President's Office announced that the "elements of sedition" must be identified in government offices. -Zamaneh - 6/29/10

Photos: The First Olympiad of Iranian Nomads
The first national cultural-sports Olympiad for Iranian nomads was held June 25-27 in the town of Samirom in the province of Isfahan. -Photos by Alieh Saadatpour - 6/28/10

Painted Earth Goddesses: Some Thousands Years Continuation of Tradition
Recently a sinkhole was dug in my garden. I found some dark blue mud and used it for making the statues. I also used Hormoz red dirt to paint them, they turn red when baked. The final color is very similar to the red color of ancient earthenware. -Ahmad Nadalian, RiverArt - 6/28/10

Rafsanjani criticizes Iran's political milieu
Rafsanjani described the current political atmosphere of the Islamic Republic saying that in this milieu "divisiveness is called honesty, insult is called candor, lies are called tact, slander is called boldness and slogans are called insight." -Zamaneh - 6/28/10

Iranian Oil Exports Fall by a Quarter During Past Fiscal Year
Iranian oil exports fell dramatically during the past fiscal year, according to Iranian media reports, belying recent optimistic statements made by Iranian officials. -VOA - 6/28/10

Sheerzan - Lioness
It is June 2009. At the CNN's Iran Desk in Atlanta, Georgia we are going through, trying to authenticate, countless pictures and video clips detailing the Iranian demonstrations against the rigged presidential election. Picture after picture soon reveals an unexpected pattern: Iranian women are everywhere, participating fully in these dangerous street protests. -Badi Badiozamani - 6/28/10

Iran Hard Currency Reserves Up $9B
The governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) says the nation's foreign currency reserves have swollen by 9 billion dollars through gold sales and currency exchanges. -Press TV - 6/28/10

In Washington, mulberry trees offer many immigrants a taste of home
Although the Washington area has a native red mulberry tree, the most common ones in town are descendants of trees brought over by colonists eager to compete with the silk industry of the Far East. -Tara Bahrampour, Washington Post - 6/28/10

In Islamic Iran prayer sellers' trade is booming
In Islamic Iran where clerics rule, unofficial "prayer sellers," who promise to intercede with the divine to solve all manner of life's problems, are seeing their business boom. -Reuters - 6/28/10

UAE freezes 41 UN-banned Iran accounts: report
In a circular sent to all banks, moneychangers, investment and finance companies operating in the UAE, the central bank also ordered the freezing of remittances to entities and individuals listed by the June 9 UN resolution, Emirates Business daily said. -AFP - 6/28/10

Battle Over Azad University Deepens Iran's Divisions
A dispute over control of one of the world's largest universities has turned into a fight between government bodies that is exposing deep fissures within the Iranian establishment. At the center of the tug-of-war is Azad University: its leadership, board, 1.4 million students, and tens of billions of dollars in assets. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 6/27/10

Iran's veiling restrictions to be decided by popular polls
Head of Iranian security forces, Esmail Ahmadi Moghaddam announced that they will take a poll on the enforcement of hijab (Muslim dress code) in every province. The recent wave of conservative backlash against laxer forms of wearing the veil was surprisingly condemned by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -Zamaneh - 6/27/10

Abdollah Momeni's Wife: Iranian Regime Repeating Saddam's Injustice Against Me
Political prisoner Abdollah Momeni is a senior member and spokesperson for the Advar Tahkim group, Iran's largest reformist student organization. In an exclusive interview with Rooz, Momeni's wife Fatemeh Adinehvand said that the Iranian regime was repeating the injustice that Saddam Hossein inflicted on her by killing her (first) husband. -Kayvan Bozorgmehr - 6/27/10

3 tons of drugs seized in Iran every day: police
Tehran police chief said on Sunday that every day three tons of drugs are seized across the country, 56 percent of which in Tehran province. -MNA - 6/27/10

G8 Urges More Work on Global Economy, Criticizes Iran, North Korea
World leaders in the Group of Eight (G8) have concluded their summit in Canada with a communique saying the global economy is at an important crossroads, with the world still at the beginning of a fragile recovery from economic crisis. G8 leaders now taking part in the wider G20 summit, also criticize Iran and North Korea over their nuclear programs, and address the situation in Afghanistan. -VOA - 6/27/10

Iranian cyclists win seven medals in Track Asia Cup
In the three-day event which finished on Sunday, Seyyed Reza Jebraieli won the bronze medal in men's Junior Sprint. He also claimed the bronze in the Keirin event. Mahmoud Parash took silver in men's senior Keirin. -MNA - 6/27/10

Iran, Gazprom talks over oilfields reach final stages
Iran's negotiations to finalize Azar and Changouleh oilfields' deals with Russia's Gazprom Neft are in final stages, a senior officials with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) said Friday. -MNA - 6/27/10

Media Watchdog Criticizes Trial of Iranian 'Blogfather'
Media watchdog Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has criticized the trial of a controversial Iranian blogger, RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports. The trial of Hossein Derakhshan, known as the "Blogfather" for helping to popularize blogging in Iran, began on June 23. - 6/27/10

Iran: Khomeini's grandson calls for end to extremism
Speaking to families of the seventh of Tir bomb attack victims, the grandson of the founder of the Islamic Republic stressed that Iran is not realizing its potentials despite all the "revenues from oil and the vast human force" it possesses. -Zamaneh - 6/26/10

In Iran, what's forbidden is in -- and on Rupert Murdoch's Farsi1 TV channel
A satellite TV station co-owned by Rupert Murdoch is pulling in Iranian viewers with sizzling soaps and sitcoms but has incensed the Islamic republic's clerics and state television executives. -Thomas Erdbrink, Washington Post - 6/26/10

Analysts Say Iran-Russia Relations Worsening
The conventional wisdom is that Russia's economic interests in Iran have led Moscow to be a strong supporter of that country, opposing any tough United Nations sanctions against Tehran over its alleged nuclear weapons program. -VOA - 6/26/10

Eutelsat: Explain Efforts to Counter Censorship by Iran
The French satellite operator, Eutelsat, should share any policies and procedures it has in place explicitly to safeguard freedom of expression when dealing with governments that systematically engage in censorship, Human Rights Watch said today. - 6/26/10

Iranian navy to inspect ships in retaliation if approval given by Parliament
The recent United Nations sanctions resolution against Iran allows the inspection of Iranian ships. Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari has stated that the Iranian Navy will reciprocate any inspection of the Iranian ships if Majlis authorizes the move. -MNA - 6/26/10

The Real Race for Iran: Human Rights Vs. Tehran's Defenders
If there is a Race for Iran, those who defend the regime -- in the name of the irrelevancy of human rights -- can only stand still, stamping their feet loudly that there is no alternative. And in that race, it is the alternative which -- while hobbled by intimidation, restricted by suppression, hindered by punishment -- continues to move forward towards its goals. -Josh Shahryar, Huffington Post - 6/26/10

Congress Passes Sweeping Sanctions Against Iran
The House and Senate voted Thursday to impose sweeping new sanctions against Iran, sending the legislation to the President's desk for approval. Proponents have called the legislation the "toughest Iran sanctions ever proposed," while critics argue it will do nothing to halt the Iranian nuclear program and that Congress should have eased sanctions that punish innocent Iranians. - 6/25/10

Iran's Musavi Tiptoes Across The Rubicon -- Maybe
He has been accused of weak, indecisive leadership of Iran's political opposition and of harboring a naive sentimental loyalty to a political system that has brutally suppressed his followers. But now supporters of Mir Hossein Musavi believe he may at last have crossed the Rubicon from loyal but critical insider to outright opponent of the Islamic regime after a year of hesitancy, ambiguity, and equivocation. -Robert Tait, RFE - 6/25/10

Dr. Vishtasb Broumand Living by his Hippocratic Oath in Haiti
Growing up in Iran in the 1970 and 80's, Dr. Broumand was no stranger to tumult. As a teen, he sometimes accompanied his father, Iran's first nephrologist, to Evin Prison where he had been summoned to treat political prisoners with severe kidney injuries from beatings. It was during these dark days that he learned an invaluable lesson from his father: Medicine is not a profession, his father warned. It's a way of life. -Negin Mirmirani, PAAIA - 6/25/10

Relief International Offers Fellowships to Iranian-American Students
Relief International, an Iranian-American aid organization that provided humanitarian relief to Iran after the Bam earthquake, is now offering four fellowships to qualified students of Iranian descent who are interested in international development and committed to humanitarian relief. -Setareh Tabatabaie, NIAC - 6/25/10

Larijani: Administration Supporters Are Loudmouths and Vicious
Only one day after 134 Majlis representatives voted to donate Azad University's endowment, media outlets affiliated with the administration framed the vote as disobedience to ayatollah Khamenei's expressed will and unleashed massive attacks against the lawmakers voting in support of the bill. -Nazanin Kamdar, Rooz - 6/25/10

Wife Of Missing Iranian Scientist Calls For International Help To Bring Him Home
Iran's state television has aired a report that includes an interview with a woman who is introduced as the wife of an Iranian nuclear scientist who Iran says has been kidnapped by the United States -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 6/25/10

Iran to Announce Conditions for Nuclear Talks
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Iran will announce its conditions next week for talks with world powers on the country's controversial nuclear program. -VOA - 6/25/10

The Downside of Sanctions on Iran
As Washington wrestles with the conundrum of Iran, it appears to have shelved the policy that sought to lure Tehran to the negotiating table through blandishments and confidence-building measures. -Ray Takeyh, New York Times - 6/25/10

Outspoken Iranian director Mohammad Nourizad released on heavy bail
Detained Iranian writer and director, Mohammad Nourizad was released temporarily after six months in prison. Kaleme website reports that Nourizad, who was arrested last December charged with "propaganda against the regime", was released after posting a $300,000 bail. -Zamaneh - 6/24/10

Iranian opposition leaders condemn attacks on Parliament
Yesterday Ahmadinejad supporters protested outside the Parliament after Ahmadinejad bill, which proposed to replace a number of Azad University board members, was voted down by the MPs. The protesters even threatened to "blast" the Parliament if the MPs did not back down from their resistance against Ahmadinejad's bill. - 6/24/10

Iranian MPs vote for new province of Alborz
The Majlis voted on Wednesday for establishment of the new province of Alborz in northwest of Tehran. The city of Karaj will be the seat of Alborz province. -MNA - 6/24/10

Oxford Student Activist In Solitary Confinement In Iran
An Iranian doctoral student at Oxford who campaigned in Iran last year for opposition leader Mir Hussein Musavi is being held in solitary confinement by Iranian authorities, his wife told RFE/RL's Radio Farda. - 6/24/10

Trial Of Iran's 'Blogfather' Begins, 20 Months After His Arrest
Iran's hard-line Fars news agency reports that the trial of controversial blogger Hossein Derakhshan, known as Iran's "Blogfather" for helping to popularize blogging in the Islamic republic, began in Tehran on June 23. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 6/24/10

Iranian journalist Emadeddin Baghi temporarily released after 180 days
Iranian journalist and human rights activist, Emadeddin Baghi was temporarily released by Islamic Republic authorities after 180 days in prison. His personal website announced that Baghi was released after a medical check up and upon posting $200,000 in bail. -Zamaneh - 6/24/10

Moscow Still Hasn't Delivered Air Defense Missiles to Iran
Iran has a deal to buy S-300 anti-aircraft missiles from Russia. But Moscow has not delivered them yet. The S-300 missile is a defensive weapon with a maximum range of about 200 kilometers. -VOA - 6/24/10

Iran's strategic gasoline reserves up 15%
The managing director of national Iranian oil refining and distribution company stated that gasoline reserves in the first three months of the current Iranian calendar year (began March 21) are 15 percent higher compared to the same period the year before. -MNA - 6/24/10

Iran is ready for planned U.S. sanctions targeting fuel imports, analysts say
As Congress prepares to target Iran's vital fuel imports as part of its most far-reaching sanctions package yet, observers say the Tehran government has already done much to deflect the impact of the new U.S. measures. -Washington Post - 6/24/10

Iran Opposes Any U.S. Peacekeeping Role For Karabakh
An Iranian diplomat says Tehran is strongly opposed to U.S. involvement in a multinational peacekeeping force that would be deployed around the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh in the event of an Armenian-Azerbaijani peace accord, RFE/RL's Armenian Service reports. - 6/24/10

Iranian-American Summer Camp Builds Lasting Ties
The group that sponsors Ayandeh, Iranian Alliances Across Borders, with the help of a grant from the Parsa Community Foundation and other donations, was the creation in 2003 of Bajoghli's sister Narges and her friend Nikoo Paydar, two college students near Boston, Massachusetts. They wanted an organization that could help members of the Iranian diaspora build communities, improve understanding of life in the Iranian diaspora and maintain ties with Iran. - 6/23/10

BP: 100 Years of Moral Failure
If I were superstitious, I would say that the catastrophic situation BP currently finds itself in vis-a-vis the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is Mossadeq's curse. This is, after all, not the first time the oil company has made a mess of things in another country. -Saeed Rahnema - 6/23/10

Negin Farsad: Driven to Be Funny: Iranian American puts her life in her stand-up comedy
The Iranian American, who lives in New York, is a moviemaker and a comedy writer for television as well as a stand-up comedian. She is going to the famed Edinburgh, Scotland, Fringe Festival in August to star in not one but two shows: a showcase of ethnic stand-up comics called The Dirty Immigrant Collective and a two-person romantic musical comedy based on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. - 6/23/10

US Praises Businesses Around World for Cutting Ties With Iran
The United States is welcoming voluntary actions from firms around the world to cut business ties with Iran, building on fresh sanctions imposed on the country's controversial nuclear program by the U.N. Security Council earlier this month. -VOA - 6/23/10

Tehran Trilateral Agreement and Vienna Group's Double Standard
Three days after disclosures about the agreement, a draft resolution engineered by the United States to impose new sanctions on Iran was submitted to the secretariat of the United Nations Security Council. The Russian foreign minister voiced his country's support for new sanctions resolution against Iran and Beijing took a similar stance. -Seyed Hossein Mousavi - 6/23/10

Does Iraq Have Secret Deals With Its Neighbors On Kurdish Rebels?
recent military operations by Iranian forces against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq suggests Iraqi and Kurdistan Regional Government officials may have a similar tacit agreement with Tehran about dealing with Kurdish militants. -RFE - 6/23/10

AEOI Head: Iran has produced 17 kg of 20-percent uranium
The Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi said the country makes 20-percent enriched uranium as much as it needs, adding that it has produced 17kg of 20-percent enriched uranium so far. -ISNA - 6/23/10

Iranian Ayatollah issues fatwa on 'unclean' pet dogs
A senior Iranian cleric, Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, has decreed dogs are "unclean" and should not be kept as pets - a move aimed at discouraging Western-style dog ownership in the Islamic state. - 6/23/10

Iran issues new banknote
The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has unveiled a new bank note worth 100,000 rials which is double the value of the country's former largest note of 50,000 rials. -Press TV - 6/23/10

Why Iran vs. Israel rhetoric could escalate into war
Iran and Israel traded verbal barbs this week, with a former Israeli intelligence chief calling for a preemptive military strike against Iran. Analysts worry that both sides could get carried away and find themselves at war. -Scott Peterson, CSM - 6/23/10

Iranian Parliament Rejects Ahmadinejad University Proposal
The legislators rejected the bill on June 20 in an education debate that is closely linked to political rivalries in the country, pitting supporters of Ahmadinejad against the reformist camp and one of its main leaders, Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. -RFE - 6/22/10

Iran's Leader refuses to release detained students
Spokesman for Iran's Guardian Council Abbasali Kadkhodayi announced that Iran's Supreme Leader has "firmly" expressed his opposition to the "release of detained students" as suggested by Fatemeh Karroubi, wife of opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi. -Zamaneh - 6/22/10

NIAC Deeply Concerned by Congressional Sanctions Agreement
The National Iranian American Council is deeply concerned by the Conference Agreement announced for H.R. 2194, the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act. - 6/22/10

Ahmadinejad Cancels Meeting of Branch Heads In Protest to the Majlis Azad University Bill
An informed source told Rooz that the meeting was postponed because of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's extreme dissatisfaction with the way the Larijani brothers - one heading the judiciary and the other the legislative branches - have been doing business. -Mohammad Reza Yazdanpana - 6/22/10

Tehran theater closed for "unknown reason" or was it "lax observance of hijab"
However, a reliable source who preferred to remain anonymous told the Persian service of ILNA that "the lax observance of hijab by artists and audiences is one of the reasons for shutting down the theater, but officials asked us to announce to the media that the closure is due to an internal problem." - 6/22/10

Bosnia's UNSC Vote, Exemplifies Iran's Policies
There is a key difference between sports and politics. Results of a sporting game are decisive, clear and quantitative. But the results of a political act are qualitative, debatable and even justifiable. An example of a sporting event is that Iran could not go to World Soccer Cup games. It is a clear failure and defeat, and can't be rationalized. -Abbas Abdi, Rooz - 6/22/10

Wait and See Game for Turkey's Enforcement of UN Sanctions on Iran
This month, Turkey voted against the United Nations Security Council's fourth round of sanctions against Iran. With Turkey's Islamic rooted government increasing its economic ties with Iran in the past few years, fears are arising that the pivotal Western ally is in danger of swinging eastward because of resistance in Europe to its bid for membership of the European Union. -VOA - 6/22/10

Iran and Turkey: Friends Today, Rivals Tomorrow?
It is the friendship Western policymakers wish they could have prevented: Turkey -- secular, Western-leaning, and a key member of NATO -- drawing close to a resurgent theocratic Iran whose nuclear program and geopolitical ambitions present a full-frontal challenge to the established international order. -RFE - 6/22/10

U.S. Lawmakers Announce Proposed New Iran Sanctions
The proposal calls for blocking access to the U.S. financial system to non-U.S. banks that do business with certain Iranian banks or Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps. The proposed sanctions would also target firms that provide Iran with refined petroleum products such as gasoline or jet fuel. Iran relies on such imports because it lacks its own refining capacity. -RFE - 6/22/10

UNESCO official inspects Iranian nominations for Memory of the World Register list
"At-Tafhim" written by Abu Rayhan Biruni (973-1048 CE) and "Khamseh" composed by Nezami Ganjavi (c. 1141-1209 CE) have been submitted to UNESCO to be inscribed on the list. -MNA - 6/22/10

Pakistan steps away from Iran gas pipeline deal
Pakistan announced today that it will back down from the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline deal in anticipation of the coming US sanctions against Iran. - 6/22/10

Reza Shah's WWII shelter opens to public
The shelter used by Reza Shah Pahlavi and his family during World War II was opened to the public on June 21 at Tehran's Sadabad Cultural Historical Complex. - 6/22/10

Iran oil exports top 844mn barrels in one year
Iran exported well over 844 million barrels of oil in the one year to March 21, 2010, averaging around 2.3 million barrels a day. -Press TV - 6/22/10

Iranian Cartoonist Flees 'Unimaginable' Conditions, Reflects On Life In Exile
Iranian cartoonist Kianoush Ramezani is among some 150 Iranian intellectuals, media workers, journalists, and bloggers who were forced to leave Iran following the postelection crackdown last year. According to Amnesty International, as many as 5,000 people were arrested in Iran following weeks of antigovernment demonstrations. -RFE - 6/21/10

Interview: Iran's Green movement is revolutionary; Musavi and Karubi, have become liabilities
June 12 was the first anniversary of Iran's tenth presidential election. I had a chance to discuss the development and challenges of the Green movement with Dr Mahmood Delkhasteh -Behdad Bordbar - 6/21/10

Moderate Iranian cleric criticizes Supreme Leader for lack of support
Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, chairman of Iran's Expediency Council says he expected the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei to speak out against the "accusations" made against "certain officials of the regime." - 6/21/10

New York - Poetics of Iran
Sunday June 27 2010 - Presenting a sampling of Persian poets, such as Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Balkhī, Baba Taher, Shams e Maghrebi, and Mohammad-Reza Shafiei Kadkani, among others - 6/21/10

Brazil and Iran: our motives and the bullying trio
Despite what the experts of barefoot diplomacy never stop repeating, there is nothing even remotely anti-American in the Brazilian position on Iran: our motives, unlike those of the bullying trio (USA, France, United Kingdom), are clear, transparent and openly stated several times. -Tomás Rosa Bueno, - 6/21/10

Iran bars 2 IAEA inspectors from entry
Iran says it has barred two UN nuclear inspectors from entering the country after they disclosed "false" information about the country's nuclear energy program. -Press TV - 6/21/10

ICC makes waging war a crime
Following the devastation of the second world war, the International Military Tribunal at Nuremburg, established by the Allied Forces to try leading figures of defeated Nazi Germany, described aggressive wars waged against other nations as "[a] supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole". -Sam Sasan Shoamanesh - 6/21/10

ALAN HART: Zionism's Colonial Enterprise Is Doomed, but...
Ronen Bergman, a senior military and political analyst for the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, recently wrote what I consider to be one of the most important articles for decades on the subject of the mindset of the Zionist state's military and political leaders. It was reproduced in the Wall Street Journal under the headline Siege Fatigue and the Flotilla Mistake. -Alan Hart - 6/21/10

IRGC offers to contain BP oil spill
A commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) offers the help of experts from Khatam al-Anbiya headquarters to contain the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. -Press TV - 6/21/10

Iran builds 3 dairy plants in Venezuela
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez officially inaugurated three Iranian-made dairy factories in Venezuela on Monday. -MNA - 6/21/10

A Diva from Persia: Rise and Fall of HAYEDEH
Recently, the documentary "Hayedeh - Legendary Persian diva," was released on DVD in Europe. The film was inspired by the occasion ofthe 20th anniversary of the death of one of the greatest modern day Persian singers, Hayedeh. -Haaretz - 6/21/10

Opposition leader criticizes Iran's Supreme Leader
Iranian opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi sharply criticized "the powers assumed by the Supreme Leader" and added: "Even God does not assume such rights for itself in relationship to its creatures." -Zamaneh - 6/20/10

Iran: Eights students arrested by Islamic Republic authorities
Eight Iranian university students were arrested charged with "propaganda against the Prophet Mohammad, planning disturbances, promoting monarchy, promoting atheism and disseminating misleading CDs." -Zamaneh - 6/20/10

In New Film, Basij Member Accused Of Killing Neda Says He's Innocent
Abbas Javid Kargar, a member of Iran's Basij force accused of having shot dead Neda Agha Soltan at a peaceful protest in Tehran on June 20 of last year, claims he wasn't armed on that day and that he played no role in her death. Kargar makes the claim in a new documentary on Iranian state television. -RFE - 6/20/10

Jundallah Insurgent Leader Hanged in Iran
Iranian authorities accused Jundallah leader Abdulmalik Rigi of being responsible for armed robbery, attacks on security forces and civilians, and murder, among other crimes. -RFE - 6/20/10

Photos: Lalejin, Iran's Pottery Capital
The city of Lalejin in Hamedan Province lies 20 kilometers northwest of the provincial city of Hamedan and is one of Iran's two most important centers for the production of pottery and ceramics. Pottery making is the main source of the livelihood of the 55,000 inhabitants of Lalejin. - 6/19/10

Iran: Thousands attend memorial of green student protester Mostafa Ghanian in Mashhad
The first anniversary of the death of green student protester Mostafa Ghanian was held in Mashhad last Thursday under the watchful eyes of the security forces and plainclothes agents. But despite the intimidations, thousands of people and green opposition supporters participated in this program which was held at Imam Reza's mausoleum. -Daneshjoo News - 6/19/10

Journalists in Exile 2010: An exodus from Iran, East Africa
At least 29 Iranian editors, reporters, and photographers fled into exile over the past 12 months, the highest annual tally from a single country in a decade, a new survey by the Committee to Protect Journalists has found. CPJ also found a significant spike in the number of journalists fleeing violence and harassment in East Africa. - 6/19/10

Forced labour for Iranian political prisoners
Iranian prison authorities have been subjecting political prisoners in section 350 of Evin Prison to forced labour, Kaleme website reports. -Zamaneh - 6/19/10

Iran bans political activity of reformist parties
The two top reformist Iranian parties, Islamic Iran Participation Front and Mojahedin of Islamic Revolution Organization are banned from political activity as the judiciary confirmed that they have cancelled their permit for political activity. -Zamaneh - 6/19/10

Iranian Superstar Hedyeh Tehrani Shuns Film Premiere
Iran's first premiere ceremony, entitled Red Carpet Ceremony, was held for Masud Kimiaii's "Trial on the Street" in November 2009. Iran's conservative newspapers and media have criticized these ceremonies for their Hollywood-like style and format. - 6/19/10

Iranian scientist wins ISESCO 2010 Prizes for Science, Technology
Iranian scientist Dr Hossein Baharvand won Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) 2010 Prizes for Science and Technology. -ISNA - 6/19/10

Vigil in memory of Neda at Central Park, New York
On Saturday, June 19, 2010, at 7:30 PM in the Central Park (Columbus Circle), the Solidarity Committee for Advancement of Democracy, SCADI-NY, a coalition of progressive and freedom loving individuals in the New York City, is planning a vigil to honor the life and struggle of all those who have lost their lives in their fights for justice and freedom for all in Iran. - 6/19/10

Son Of Deceased Ayatollah Writes Protest Letter To Clerics
The son of deceased Iranian Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri has written a letter to Shi'ite clerics criticizing the recent "sealing" of his father's office, RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports. Ahmad Montazeri spoke to Radio Farda June 17 about the protest letter he published that day. -RFE - 6/19/10

Ahmadinejad Rebuked By Hardline Cleri Over Hijab
The conservative cleric argued: "The corruption that is spread by a woman with inappropriate hijab is worse that poison and as a result of it a young man who should be ready for jihad and self-sacrifice will be drawn to lust." -Zamaneh - 6/19/10

Iranian MP wants release of Univeristy attack details
Iranian Member of Parliament, Elias Naderan rebuked the parliament for failing to inform the public about last year's attack on Tehran University dorm and warned that he is ready to release all "details and information" regarding the case to the media. -Zamaneh - 6/18/10

Cartoon Mocking Musavi Pulled From Reformist Website
A cartoon by Iranian exiled cartoonist Nikahang Kowsar that pokes fun at Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Musavi has been removed from the popular reformist news website Rooz, which is based outside the country. -Golnaz Esfandiari RFE - 6/18/10

EU Slaps New Sanctions on Iran
The EU measures approved Thursday include a ban on new investment, technical assistance and transfers of technologies to Iran's key oil and natural gas sector. -VOA - 6/18/10

Bill Targeting Iranians Seeking Visas Stalls in Congress
The Stop Terrorists Entry Program (STEP) Act, a controversial piece of legislation targeting Iranians seeking American visas, appears to have stalled in Congress in the face of vocal opposition from the Iranian-American community and harsh media criticism. -NIAC - 6/18/10

Iran: Pursuit of Morality Serves Political Aims
A new drive to uphold Islamic dress code serves multiple purposes - keeping clerics happy, and testing public appetite for renewed confrontation. The Iranian government is adding fuel to the fire by harassing young people for the way they dress and behave in public. It can only compound the mood of public resentment. -Shahryar Sadr, Tehran - 6/18/10

Exhibition: Samira Hodaei's "Stones and Mute Birds" at AB Gallery in Switzerland
The young contemporary artist Samira Hodaei is exhibiting her series of work, "Stones and Mute Birds" which she created during her stay as Artist in Residence in Emmenbrücke-Luzern. - 6/18/10

New U.N. Sanctions on Iran: Who's isolated now?
While the U.S. promoted the sanctions resolution as proof that its approach to Iran has world support, it arrogantly disregards the fact that, the day before the vote, the 118 countries of the Non-Aligned Movement reaffirmed their support for Iran's right to develop nuclear power for peaceful energy purposes. -Abbas Edalat and Phil Wilayto - 6/18/10

Iran says Resolution 1929 is illegal, threatens retaliation
In an official statement issued on Friday, Iran called the new UN Security Council resolution "illegal" and said it will take retaliatory measures if Iran's legitimate interests are jeopardized. The Resolution 1929, which was ratified by the UN Security Council on June 9, allows the inspection of Iranian ships. -MNA - 6/18/10

Fear For Iranian Woman Facing Death By Stoning
A lawyer and activist close to the case of an Iranian woman convicted of adultery say she may soon be stoned to death, RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports. - 6/18/10

Music by Iranian composer Mehdi Hosseini in St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall
In the past year Mehdi Hosseini was the focus of attention in Russia as a composer and his research abilities as a ethnomusicologist and theorist. His works represent different genres - from ensemble to symphony, and are performed during such festivals as St. Petersburg Musical Spring... - 6/18/10

Iran inks deal to boost Turkmen gas imports
Iran has signed a deal to boost annual gas imports from Turkmenistan by about 40 percent to 14 billion cubic meters, the deputy oil minister said on Thursday. -MNA - 6/18/10

Russia criticizes West's extended sanctions on Iran
Russia condemned the United States and the European Union for imposing unilateral sanctions on Iran on top of the measures approved in the UN resolution. -Zamaneh - 6/18/10

Iran's Nuclear Deal: A Step Forward
On Monday 17th May 2010 the leaders of Iran, Turkey and Brazil in ceremonies held in Tehran announced a major breakthrough in Iran's nuclear dispute with the West. In a joint declaration, they reported that Iran had agreed to send 1240 kg of her low-enriched uranium (up to 3.5 percent density) to Turkey for safe keeping under IAEA supervision as part of a swap for nuclear fuel for a research reactor in Tehran. -Farhang Jahanpour - 6/17/10

Photos: Memorial held in Kermanshah for Kianoosh Asa killed by Iran's security forces during June 2009 protests
The security officials prevented Asa's memorial from being held at Akhtar mosque as planned. So the venue was changed to the the house of Asa's brother. And despite all the pressures, and arrest of one of person, hundreds attended the memorial. -Daneshjoo News - 6/17/10

Beyond Conspiracy Theories - Iran and the CIA: The Fall of Mosaddeq Revisited
The fall of Mosaddeq and the role of foreign forces and Iranians are still debated among scholars and politicians alike. Fifty seven years after August 19, 1953, the debate remains as fresh as the day that changed Iran. -Fariba Amini - 6/17/10

A Long March to Human Rights in Iran
Negar says that when she and her friends poured onto the streets of Tehran in June 2009 to protest the official results of the Iranian presidential election, they were sure that they had altered Iran's future. "Everything changed in one night. Unbelievable," she said. - 6/17/10

Ahmadinejad, The Hijab, And Women In His Car
a number of conservatives have criticized the Iranian president for saying that he opposes the dress crackdown that has intensified in Iran in recent weeks. Ahmadinejad said in a June 12 television interview that the government has "no role" in the fight against "bad veiling" and social behaviors that are considered un-Islamic and immoral. -RFE - 6/17/10

High Price of "Bad Hejab" in Iran
When Iranian girls go out these days, their friends warn them they face trouble if they are wearing makeup or are fashionably dressed. Their friends point out that they have a 1,000-dollar price tag on their heads. -Rasa Sowlat, Mashhad - 6/17/10

Mothers of detained American hikers urge Iran to free their children or to try them
"Shane, Sarah and Josh have been detained in Iran without due process for almost 11 months, in continued violation of Iranian and international law. During that time, Iranian officials have said repeatedly that our children's case is a judicial matter, a position we respect but one which is not supported by any movement towards a resolution of their case." - 6/17/10

U.S. Announces New Economic Sanctions Against Iran
"In the coming weeks we will continue to increase the financial pressure on Iran. We will continue to target Iran's support for terrorist organizations. We will continue to focus on Iran's Revolutionary Guard. We will continue to expose Iran's efforts to evade international sanctions" -RFE - 6/17/10

Kyrgyz Troops Patrolling Streets Of Osh As Aid Flights Arrive In Andijon
Kyrgyz troops are patrolling the streets of Osh, the southern city at the center of recent violence between ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbeks that has left at least 187 dead and nearly 2,000 wounded. Uzbeks, victims of most of the violence, have fled by the thousands to neighboring Uzbekistan, with more trying to get in. -RFE - 6/17/10

Iran's Mousavi issues charter, seeks radical reforms on clerical rule
An Iranian opposition leader and a key dissident called this week for radical reforms in the country's system of Shiite Muslim clerical rule, as they sought to rally a beleaguered grass-roots movement that has been decimated by a harsh government crackdown in the year since the disputed reelection of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. -Thomas Erdbrink, Washington Post - 6/17/10

Iran Threatens Uzbekistan Over Tajik Rail Problems
Iran's state rail company has warned Uzbekistan that it will halt the movement of all Uzbek trains across Iran unless Uzbekistan permits the unrestricted transit of freight bound for Tajikistan, RFE/RL's Tajik Service reports. - 6/17/10

Owner of Lanham company charged with violating Iran trade embargo
The owner of a Lanham-based company has been indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly providing satellite technology to Iran as part of a scheme dating back to 2000. -Gazette.Net - 6/17/10

Iran: Opposition Leader Mousavi Puts Forward The Green Charter: "Every Iranian A Movement"
We are still standing tall and proud on the first anniversary of the tenth presidential elections despite our whipped body, which endures bruises and imprisonments. Our demands are the same: freedom, social justice and the formation of [legitimate] national governance. We are confident of victory, hoping for the will and support of God, because we have not demanded anything other than restoration of our national rights. - 6/16/10

Prominent Iranian Photographer Refuses State Honor
Maryam Zandi, the head of Iran's National Society of Photographers, has refused to accept a state decoration offered by Iran's Culture Ministry. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 6/16/10

Special gardens on the Island of Kish
Something special takes place during the fall and winter months in Kish. It is unique and very touching. The gentle blow of the first cool breeze of September heralds the special tidings to the security staff who guard the entrance of the gated residential buildings here. And, they get busy... -Sara Monajem - 6/16/10

Iran's Reformist Clerics Come Under Increased Pressure
Clerics who have been critical of the brutal crackdown that followed Iran's 2009 presidential election are coming under fresh pressure from the Iranian establishment, judging by a wave of recent attacks. The incidents have all come since the one-year anniversary of the June 12 vote, which sparked unprecedented street protests in the Islamic republic and allegations of massive fraud. -RFE - 6/16/10

Iran Fails to Block Critical UN Human Rights Council Statement
The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran welcomed a statement by a broad, cross-regional group of 56 countries, expressing serious concern about the human rights crisis in Iran, which was issued today at the United Nations Human Rights Council. - 6/16/10

Khatami: Where Is Justice?
Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, former president, in a meeting with the members of central council of youth fraction and academia of National Trust (Etemad-Melli, Karroubi's party) party on June 15th, the anniversary of the epic day that millions of peaceful protesters took to the streets following the rigged presidential elections, said: "June 15th is a great day because it is linked to electing and elections." - 6/16/10

Iran planning to build new nuclear research reactor
The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) has started designing a newer and a more powerful nuclear research reactor than the current Tehran reactor, AEOI director Ali Akbar Salehi announced on Wednesday. - 6/16/10

Iranian Nobel Laureate Dedicates Prize To Jailed Colleague
Iranian Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi has dedicated a prestigious human rights prize she received to a recently detained Iranian colleague, RFE/RL's Radio Farda reports. Ebadi received the Felix Ermacora Prize for Human Rights in Vienna on June 15. -RFE - 6/16/10

Social Networking Sites Aid Iranians Trying to Assert Identity
Iranians, and especially Iranian youth, are using the internet to connect with each other all over the world and assert their own identities. - 6/16/10

New software increases IRIB's ability to censor foreign films
An official of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) said on Wednesday that new software has increased the capability of the IRIB for censoring of foreign films. -MNA - 6/16/10

Iranian Officials say More Aid and Parliamentary Group Heading to Gaza
The head of Iran's Palestinian aid society says it is sending several aid convoys to Gaza in the coming days. Iran says it is sending more aid convoys to Gaza, along with an official parliamentary delegation. It is not immediately clear if Tehran intends to go through with its pledge. -VOA - 6/16/10

Speaker of Iran's Parliament slams restrictions against Iranian cargos
Ali Larijani, speaker of Iran's parliament warned the US and all countries planning to put Iran-bound cargos under greater inspection that such actions will lead to similar "services being paid to their ships" in the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea. -Zamaneh - 6/16/10

Ahmadinejad: Iran Willing to Talk if Conditions Are Met
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejadsays his country is willing to resume talks with Western nations about its nuclear program if certain conditions are met. Mr. Ahmadinejad made the comments during a televised speech Wednesday in the central town of Shahr-e-kord. -VOA - 6/16/10

Tehran Students Protest On Anniversary Of Dormitory Attack
Opposition websites have posted several videos of a reported protest at Tehran University on June 14, the date of the first anniversary of an attack by security forces on a university dormitory in which several students were killed and many were injured. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 6/15/10

Photos: Thugs Attack House of Green Ayatollah in Qom; Mousavi Issues Statement
The pro-government plain clothes thugs attacked and vandalized the office of Grand Ayatollah Saanei. Following the trip of Mehdi Karroubi to the city of Qom and his visit to the house of Grand Ayatollah Saanei, pro-reform senior religious figure, a group of organized plain clothes thugs surrounded the house of Grand Ayatollah Saanei and damaged Karroubi's car. - 6/15/10

A footnote from a historic apology and a strategic guideline by Mostafa Tajzadeh
Tajzadeh was one of the first to be arrested in the aftermath of the IRGC coup d'etat; he was one of the last to be given a break from prison on bail; a reformist who did not "confess", nor apologize for his involvement in "velvet revolution" as alleged by Ahmadinejadist and militia-controlled judiciary. - 6/15/10

IRIB probing actress Fatemeh Motamed-Arya ban over hijab
A picture showing Motamed-Arya without hijab and wearing a green wristband at a place identified as the Doha pavilion at this year's Cannes Film Market was published on the Jahan News and a number of other Persian websites. Motamed-Arya was censured for her appearance at Cannes by an Iranian MP. -MNA - 6/15/10

US Report Cites 13 Countries for Human Trafficking
A U.S. State Department report released on Monday lists 13 countries - including Iran, North Korea, Burma and Cuba - as failing to meet minimum international standards in the fight against human trafficking. The 10th annual global human trafficking report rates the United States for the first time. - 6/15/10

18 -year-old girl challenges humanity into taking part in Animal Freedom Day
On July 24th 2010 the world will unite to free animals from abuse, torture and neglect. Nadia Masoudi an 18 year old film-maker / animal activist from Hamilton, Ontario Canada has organized the world's first online Animal Freedom Day. - 6/15/10

Iranian Director Farmanara hiring amateurs to thwart state restrictions on filmmaking
Renowned Iranian director Bahman Farmanara is hiring an amateur crew for his new film in order to frustrate new state restrictions on filmmaking. His new film entitled "Journey to Konya" is about a team of Iranian university students who begin a trip by bus to visit the tomb of Rumi in Konya. - 6/15/10

Stephen Kinzer: "Reset: Iran, Turkey, and America's Future"
AMY GOODMAN: Well, Stephen Kinzer, we're going to come forward. Your theory, the thesis you're putting forward in Reset, is that there could be a strategic alliance, a new power triangle, between the United States, Iran and Turkey. Explain the histories of these countries that makes you believe this and where the US could engage with them today. -Democracy Now - 6/15/10

Iranian Student Activist Rearrested For Unknown Reasons
Oxford doctoral student Mohammad Reza Jalaeipour, who campaigned for opposition leader Mir Hossein Musavi in last year's presidential election, has reportedly been arrested. -RFE - 6/15/10

Iran's Presidential Election One Year Later - Why the Greens Failed
One year after his feverishly contested reelection as the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seems be to standing on firmer political ground than any other time of his presidency. -Ismael Hossein-zadeh - 6/15/10

South Pars attracts $15b in domestic investment
The National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) and domestic companies will sign contracts worth $15 billion today/tomorrow for the development of six phases of the South Pars gas field. -MNA - 6/15/10

10 Things You Need To Know About The Ethnic Unrest In Kyrgyzstan
RFE/RL senior correspondent Bruce Pannier discusses the ancient history and complex demographics that lie behind the ethnic violence being witnessed in southern Kyrgyzstan. More than 100 people have been killed and some 1,700 wounded in riots and ethnic clashes that began in southern areas four days ago. - 6/15/10

Across Iran, Anger Lies Behind Face of Calm
One year after Iran's disputed presidential election, the familiar rhythms of life have returned here... But the veneer of calm masks what many here call the "fire under the ashes," a low-grade burn of cynicism and distrust. -New York Times - 6/15/10

EU invites Iran for nuclear negotiations
European Union foreign policy Chief Catherine Ashton has invited Saeed Jalili, Iran's top nuclear negotiator, for talks over European sanctions in response to Iran's nuclear activities. -Zamaneh - 6/15/10

Office of late Iranian dissident cleric Montazeri sealed in Qom
These pro-government forces attacked the offices of two dissident clerics, Ayatollah Montazeri and Ayatollah Sanei, at 4 am this morning. According to Ahmad Montazeri, they broke the windows and the office furniture while tearing the curtains and vandalizing the office. - 6/14/10

Photos: Haft-Cheshmeh mineral springs, Ardabil
Located 2 kilometers away from Sardabeh, the Haftcheshmeh mineral spring with the temperature of 30° C is one of the major tourist attractions in Ardabil province. Sardabeh located 24 kilometers away from Ardabil is home to many mineral springs, which are famed throughout Iran for their medicinal qualities. -Raouf Mohseni - 6/14/10

Evin prison visits cancelled by Tehran Prosecutor
Tehran Prosecutor has cancelled all in-person visits with political prisoners. Kaleme website reports that starting this week, Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi has stopped all in person visits with political prisoners at Evin Prison for an undetermined period. -Zamaneh - 6/14/10

'Iranian Nation Alive Despite Severe Repression'
I believe there is no need for the opposition members to come [out into] to the streets anymore. The presence of repressive forces has the same message! In my view the number of riot forces has increased many folds since the time of the Shah. Thirty-six million people were opposed to the Shah [three decades ago]. Now how about that..." -Blogger Mehdi Khazali - 6/14/10

Iran's Green Movement: First Anniversary and Free Elections
An Open Letter from the Iranian Academic Community Worldwide to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon - 6/14/10

Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud announce first of two new live action movies in the making to complete "Persepolis" trilogy -Darius KADIVAR - 6/14/10

Iran's soulful voice stings hardline regime
A year after a fierce crackdown silenced erupting street protests, not many Iranians living in the country can defy the hardline Islamic government without fearing for their life. But Mohammad Reza Shajarian, is using his voice like never before. -CNN - 6/14/10

Ongoing trial of Iran's Baha'i leaders highlighted on global day of action
On a global day of action highlighting human rights abuses in Iran, the European Union and the Prime Minister of Canada issued strong statements calling for Iran to respect international law. -BWNS - 6/14/10

2010 Call For Film Submissions: 3rd Annual Iranian Film Festival
The 3rd Annual Iranian Film Festival - San Francisco, a showcase for the independent feature and short films made by and about the Iranians from around the world, is inviting the filmmakers from all over the world to submit their films to the next edition taking place September 18-19, 2010. - 6/14/10

Iran's IRGC Says No Plans To Escort Gaza Ships
The deputy commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards says the elite corps has no plans to escort aid ships to Gaza. General Hossein Salami said today reports that the guards naval forces were ready to accompany the ships were erroneous and that such a plan has not been on the agenda. -RFE - 6/14/10

Bus crash in Philippines kills 21, mostly Iranian students
A tourist bus, carrying mostly Iranian postgraduate interns from Gullas College and Cebu Doctors University, plunged into a ravine in the Philippines on Sunday morning, killing 21 people and injuring about 30 others. -MNA - 6/14/10

91 people arrested in Tehran on protest anniversary
Commander of Tehran Security Forces announced today that 91 people were arrested in Saturday's gatherings in Tehran. Hossein Sajedinia told ISNA: "Throughout yesterday nothing particular happened in the capital and a limited number of people, about 91 suspects, were arrested by the police and delivered to the judiciary." -Zamaneh - 6/13/10

Iranian opposition leader Karoubi attacked in Qom
Iranian opposition leader, Mehdi Karoubi was attacked today during a visit a visit in Qom. Hossein Karoubi, the opposition leader's son informed Jaras website that a crowd of close to a hundred people wielding chains, batons and sticks attacked Mehdi Karoubi's car which was "completely destroyed" in the attack. -Zamaneh - 6/13/10

Protests in Iran's major cities on election anniversary
On the anniversary of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's disputed re-election in addition to Tehran, other major cities were witness to protests and conflicts with government forces. -Zamaneh - 6/13/10

Iran, Pakistan give finishing touch to gas export deal
Iran and Pakistan on Sunday formally signed an export deal in Tehran which stipulates that the Islamic republic would begin supplying its eastern neighbor natural gas from 2014. - 6/13/10

Iran: GC chairman says Administration is obligated to obey the law
Guardian Council Chairman Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati says the administration is obligated to implement the Majlis ratifications approved by the Guardian Council. In response to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's recent letter, the Guardian Council published a letter signed by Ayatollah Jannati. -MNA - 6/13/10

Police Clash With Opposition Supporters On Iranian Election Anniversary
The enduring bitterness from last year's disputed presidential election in Iran erupted into fresh violence today as security forces clashed with opposition supporters who defied government warnings by gathering in the streets of Tehran. Government agents attacked with tear gas and batons, eyewitnesses said, as demonstrators tried to gather on two university campuses and in an area between two of Tehran's main squares. -RFE - 6/12/10

On Election Anniversary, Iran Opposition Hints At Change Of Tactics
Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Musavi today hinted at a change of tactics and vowed to continue the fight against the country's hard-line government on the anniversary of last year's bitterly disputed presidential election. -RFE - 6/12/10

Iran's Hanging Judge
Within the Revolutionary Courts, three judges - Abolghasem Salavati, Mohammad Moghiseh and Pir-Abbasi - stand out for their role in presiding over joint and individual trials involving hundreds of defendants. -Omid Memarian - 6/12/10

The Green Team: Iranian Opposition's Heavy Hitters
An RFE/RL primer, in the form of mock trading cards, on some key figures within the Green Movement that emerged after Iran's disputed 2009 election. - 6/12/10

Iran: Whose History is it Anyway?
There is increasing concern among Iranians that their cultural icons are been claimed by other nations in search of an identity. Persian-speaking poets, scientists and thinkers from days gone by are routinely claimed as national heroes by modern states like Uzbekistan and Kazakstan, on the basis of geography. -Mehdi Baghernejad, Tehran - 6/12/10

NIAC Calls on Iran to End Abuses, US to Engage on Human Rights Ahead of Election Anniversary
As the one-year anniversary of Iran's 2009 presidential elections approaches, the National Iranian American Council reiterates its call for the government of Iran to end its campaign of repression and implores the United States and the world community to not neglect the Iranian people's struggle for human rights. - 6/12/10

Tehran governor dismisses opposition request for rally
Tehran Governor Morteza Tamddon says: "There was no reason for us to issue a demonstration permit," referring to the opposition's application for a permit to stage a silent rally on June 12. -Zamaneh - 6/12/10

'Tight security' in Iran ahead of election anniversary
There is a huge security presence in Tehran and other Iranian cities, as the country marks the first anniversary of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's disputed re-election, witnesses say. -BBC - 6/12/10

Michael Rubin Wants to Let Iran Decide US Immigration Policy
Michael Rubin, writing at the Corner this week, took half a second to criticize NIAC's work on expanding opportunities for Iranian students who want to come study in the US. I say half a second because Rubin doesn't seem to have actually read the article we wrote, having missed the point of it entirely. - 6/12/10

A year after its rise, Iranian protest movement stymied and in disarray
When office clerks, housewives, students and other urban Iranians took to the streets a year ago to protest what they said was massive election fraud by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, they hailed the birth of a leaderless popular movement that embodied their aspirations for a more open society. -Thomas Erdbrink, Washington Post - 6/12/10

Rahnavard Issues Statement: The bare minimum demands by Iran'a Green Movement
According to Jaras, on the eve of the 22nd of Khordad (June 12th), Zahra Rahnavard issued a statement commemorating the Green movement. In this statement Ms. Rahnavard described the bare minimum demands of the people and political activists in Iran. She also once again demanded the unconditional release of political prisoners - 6/11/10

Iran Ranks 104 out of 149 in Global Peace Index 2010
The results of the Global Peace Index (GPI) for 2010 suggest that the world has become slightly less peaceful in the past year. The GPI, which gauges ongoing domestic and international conflict, safety and security in society and militarization in 149 countries, registered overall increases in several indicators, including the likelihood of violent demonstrations and perceptions of criminality. - 6/11/10

Reformists Cling To Islamic Republic Ideal As Khamenei Sounds The Death Knell
Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini has been dead for more than two decades and the true nature of his beliefs are hotly disputed. But standing in Tehran's Imam Khomeini shrine, Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, had no doubts about his predecessor's revolutionary vision. -Robert Tait, RFE - 6/11/10

Iran: Psychological Operations Command Launched for June 12 Anniversary
Returning to the Psychological Operations command, Firuzabadi also said, "Mousavi has been trapped in cyberspace created by the US, Britain, the Zionist regime and counter-revolutionaries, is moving towards destruction. The reformist sheikh [a reference to Mehdi Karoubi] too has been isolated in the dreams of the green movement." -Bahram Rafiee, Rooz Online - 6/11/10

Detained Iranian journalist criticizes Supreme Leader again
Mohammad Nourizad, detained Iranian journalist and filmmaker wrote another letter from behind the bars criticizing the statements of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei last Friday at the tomb of the late founder of Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini. - 6/11/10

Gilan Museum Displaying Perfect Slice of Iranian Traditions
The welcome by a woman in traditional costume at the entrance to the Gilan Museum of Rural Heritage heightens expectations of a promising visit. Passing by the wooden entrance gate of the museum, you enter upon the pathway which leads to the unique rural residences of Gilan. -Setareh Behroozi, MNA - 6/11/10

Amsterdam - Cycle For Free Iran, June 12 2010
Netherlands is the land of cyclists, so join us and invite others to join! Following the electoral coup d'etat and fraudulent results of the Presidential Elections, thousands of Iranians have been subject to state-sponsored violence, torture, rape and execution last year. - 6/11/10

Iranian Americans in the 2010 California Primary Elections
Four Iranian Americans were running for elected office in the June 8th California Primary elections. All four candidates were running for county offices: Andre Manssourian and Mark Ameli for Superior Court Judge, Elle Falahat for Contra Costa District Attorney, and Siavash Gharib for Los Angeles County Assessor. -PAAIA - 6/11/10

The Myths And Realities Of New Media In Iran's Green Movement
One year ago, Iran's "Twitter revolution" made headlines in the Western media. Yet in Iran itself, no Twitter revolution was taking place at all. As several opposition members and bloggers tell RFE/RL, if any social networking innovations are to receive credit, they should be Facebook and YouTube. -Golnaz Esfandiari - 6/11/10

Hecklers of Iran foreign minister in Ireland released
Three Iranians, arrested yesterday for public order offences during a protest against the presence of Manouchehr Mottaki, Iran's Foreign Minister in Dublin, were released today,Irish Times reports. - 6/11/10

US, Allies Move Forward After New UN Security Council Sanctions Against Iran
With the U.N. sanctions passed, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says the Obama administration's next step is to work with U.S. lawmakers and allies worldwide to keep pressure on Iran. He says that pressure includes unilateral U.S. sanctions to accompany the U.N.'s action. -VOA - 6/11/10

Who is the Supreme Leader's Shadow Figure?
"Vahid Haghanian," known as "Vahid," is the supreme leader's executive deputy, who is known as an extremely influential figure in charge of communicating ayatollah Khamenei's decisions to the various political, security, and military agencies, and for coordinating their efforts. He is generally known as the supreme leader's right hand man or his principal advisor. -Mohammad Reza Yazdanpanah, Rooz - 6/11/10

Iran: Crisis Deepening One Year After Disputed Elections
Iran's government is tightening its grip, harassing, imprisoning, and using violence against its own people one year after the disputed 2009 presidential election and the start of its brutal crackdown, Human Rights Watch said today. The anniversary of the June 12, 2009 election falls two days after a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council, during which Iran defied criticisms of its human rights record. - 6/11/10

Iran's "salt men" avoid danger of decay
The ancient Iranian "salt men" have been saved from decomposition. "The salt men are currently kept in special showcases under controlled conditions at the Zolfaqari Museum," the Zanjan Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Department (ZCHTHD) director said in a press conference on Wednesday. -MNA - 6/11/10

Ahmadinejad Uses Shanghai World Expo Trip to Blast US, UN
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the United States of hypocrisy during a visit to the World Expo in Shanghai. However, he praised his host and ally China, although it backed new nuclear sanctions against Tehran. -VOA - 6/11/10

Iran's Green Movement: One Year Later
How Israel's Gaza Blockade and Washington's Sanctions Policy Helped Keep the Hardliners in Power -Juan Cole - 6/11/10

Iran's opposition leaders Mousavi and Karroubi call off June 12 protest rallies
Now that there is only 48 hours left to the time planned for the demonstration, by considering the report of the representatives of reformist parties and also for the safety of the people we are announcing that the planned demonstration will not be held. -Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi - 6/10/10

Iran: Using skilfully devised strategy, regime's repressive policies succeed
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was reelected with 63 per cent of the vote on 12 June 2009. Everything was planned in advance except for a wave of demonstrations that was without precedent since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The streets of the main cities were filled with people chanting "What happened to my vote?" and "Liar." -Reporters Without Borders - 6/10/10

The 4th UN sanction resolution against Iran: The end of "tough diplomacy"
Prior to the 2008 US presidential election, in an essay entitled "What the Future has in Store for Iran," I predicted that regardless of who is elected president, the US foreign policy toward Iran will be determined largely by Israel and its various lobby groups in the US, especially the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and its affiliate the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP). -Sasan Fayazmanesh - 6/10/10

Chants Of 'Allahu Akbar' Being Heard Again In Tehran
Here is a video, reportedly from June 9 in the Iranian capital, where people can be heard shouting the protest chants of "Allahu Akbar" (Allah is the greatest) and "Death to the dictator." -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 6/10/10

NIAC: U.N. Sanctions, U.S. Fuel Swap Response are a Setback to Resolving Iran Issues
The National Iranian American Council is concerned that today's passage of United Nations Security Council sanctions may indicate the Obama Administration has abandoned its commitment to diplomacy with Iran. - 6/10/10

Fallout From Contested Iran Election Outcome Still Reverberates
One year ago Iran held a presidential election. The incumbent won, but that result was hotly contested in the streets of Tehran and elsewhere, leading to a bloody government crackdown on dissent. The repercussions from that election and the startling events that followed it are still being felt both inside and outside Iran. -VOA - 6/10/10

Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize Launches June 2010
The first of its kind, Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize (MOP CAP) is a global search to identify the most talented emerging Iranian artists from both its homeland and the Persian Diaspora. The MOP CAP judging panel is made up of experts in contemporary Iranian art and culture from around the world - 6/10/10

In Iran, Internet is Lifeline and a Noose
Following last year's hotly contested elections in Iran, the Internet, social networking sites, blogs and cellphones were an empowering tool in the hand of opposition forces and everyday citizens. One year later, the same technologies are not only being used to silence the Iranian government's critics and dissent, they are helping to create an environment that analysts and bloggers say is more dangerous and severe. -VOA - 6/10/10

Iran reacts to new UN sanctions
Iranian Parliament and Ahmadinejad administration contested the legality of the fourth resolution passed at the United Nation's Security Council against Iran yesterday and contended that this act is a "political ploy" to divert attention from the "crimes" of Israel. -Zamaneh - 6/10/10

June 12 rally in Los Angles in Support of Human Rights in Iran
The Iranian government continues to commit human rights violations by arbitrary arrest, torture, rape and killing of its citizens. Last month the world heard the sudden news of executions of five activists and political prisoners, 4 of them Kurd and all five were denied fair trials. - 6/10/10

China Denies Reversal Over Iran Sanctions
China says it has not changed its mind in backing new sanctions over Iran. A Foreign Ministry official says that Beijing's vote to punish Tehran over its nuclear program does not mean the door has been closed on negotiations. -VOA - 6/10/10

The Twitter Devolution
To be clear: It's not that Twitter publicists of the Iranian protests haven't played a role in the events of the past year. They have. It's just not been the outsized role it's often been made out to be. And ultimately, that's been a terrible injustice to the Iranians who have made real, not remote or virtual, sacrifices in pursuit of justice. -Golnaz Esfandiari, FP - 6/10/10

Sanctions And Iran's Achilles Heel
The author says the new set of UN and U.S. sanctions, although intended only to force the suspension of Iran's nuclear and missile programs, could nevertheless aggravate the existing economic hardships. -Reza Taghizadeh, RFE - 6/10/10

Russia Said To Freeze Iran Missile Deal
Russia's Interfax news agency says Russia will freeze a contract to deliver S-300 missiles to Iran after the adoption of the new UN sanctions against Tehran. -RFE - 6/10/10

UN Security Council Approves New Iran Sanctions
The United Nations Security Council has approved a fourth round of sanctions against Iran for its controversial nuclear program. Twelve of the 15 Council members voted for the sanctions resolution Wednesday. Brazil and Turkey voted "no" and Lebanon abstained from voting. -VOA - 6/9/10

Shakourirad: Iran's Interior Ministry knows massive crowds will take to streets
Shakourirad, a representative of reformist parties making the request to Interior Ministry for permit to hold demonstration on June 12th, in an interview said:The Interior Ministry is aware that the masses will come to the streets to demonstrate on the June 12th.Even they [Interior Ministry] believe that a large number of people will come to the streets on the 22nd of Khordad and that is why they have refused to issue a permit to date - 6/9/10

Iran: One year on crackdown on dissent widens with hundreds unjustly imprisoned
One year on from Iran's disputed June 2009 presidential election, Amnesty International has documented a widening crackdown on dissent that has left journalists, students, political and rights activists as well as clerics languishing in prisons. -Amnesty International - 6/9/10

Trials of Kahrizak offenders end behind closed doors
The last session of the trials of Kahrizak Detention Centre officials was held yesterday behind closed doors in Tehran in the presence of families of the victims. The accused in the case of violations against detainee rights at the infamous jail are all military officials of various strata of the Islamic Republic military. -Zamaneh - 6/9/10

ASUCSD Passes Resolution in Solidarity with Iranian Protesters on Eve of Election
The Students for Civil Rights in Iran (SCI) at UC San Diego, on the eve of the one year anniversary of the June 12th elections in Iran, put forth and passed a Resolution to the Associated Students of UC San Diego in solidarity with the Iranian non-violent student movement for democratic reform in Iran, condemning the human rights violations that have occurred by the Iranian government. - 6/9/10

Dollar, a "Worthless Piece of Paper" Appreciated Again by Iran: 22 Percent Loss for Dumping the Dollar
The American Dollar, which Ahmadinejad last year referred to as a "worthless piece of paper", has once again become the currency of choice for Iran's foreign currency reserves. The elimination of the Dollar as Iran's foreign exchange currency lasted only two years. - 6/9/10

Fate Of Bodies Of Executed Iranian Prisoners Still Unclear
A month after the execution in Tehran of five imprisoned activists, a lawyer involved in the case has told RFE/RL's Radio Farda that he still does not know what has been done with their bodies. - 6/9/10

Mystery Deepens Over Missing Iranian Scientist After Second YouTube Video Surfaces
A new YouTube video with a contradictory message (above) has deepened the mystery over Shahram Amiri, an Iranian nuclear scientist who went missing about a year ago during a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. -RFE - 6/9/10

Iran earmarks $15B for refinery projects
Iran plans to build seven new oil and gas refineries in a bid to diminish its vulnerability to sanctions from foreign refineries. New oil pipelines will be also built using the allocated funds. -MNA - 6/9/10

Iran Opposition Struggles as Ahmadinejad Gets Boost
A year after hundreds of thousands of Iranians poured onto the streets to protest President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's disputed re-election, the opposition has been almost silenced. Supporters of Ahmadinejad's main rival, Mir Hossein Mousavi, and fellow candidate Mehdi Karrubi have struggled to reignite resistance after a violent government crackdown following the vote last June 12. -Bloomberg - 6/9/10

Did Hassan Khomeini Punch Iran's Interior Minister In The Nose?
Some reports are claiming that another unusual incident happened following the disruption of Khomeini's speech. The hard-line Javanonline is reporting that after Hassan Khomeini was forced to cut short his speech, he slapped Interior Minister Mohammad Mostafa Najar three times in the face and punched him in the nose. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 6/8/10

Photos: The tribal people of Ardebil
Traditional life of the tribal people in Moghan Plateau, Ardebil province, northwestern Iran, who earn money from farming and animal husbandry, is changing as modern influences creep in their society. -Raouf Mohseni, MNA - 6/8/10

Senate Bill is a Major Step Forward for Students Seeking Single-Entry Visa Fix
Iranian students studying in the United States will soon be one step closer to being able to visit their families, attend international conferences, and travel abroad during the course of their studies. Key language inserted into the Senate's National Defense Authorization Act (S.3454) will require the White House to evaluate and report how the U.S. can increase educational exchanges with Iranian students and expand the number and types of visas available for Iranians to study in the U.S. -NIAC - 6/8/10

Ahmadinejad defends Iranian elections
On the sidelines of an Asian security summit in Turkey today, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the press: "The Islamic Republic is one of the most stable countries of the world because its foundations are set in the hearts of every single Iranian." -Zamaneh - 6/8/10

Haddadi unsure about 2010 Asian Games
Iranian iconic basketball player Hamed Haddadi is unlikely to play for Iran in the 2010 Asian Games due to its coinciding with the 2010-11 NBA season. -MNA - 6/8/10

Iranian State Television Airs Footage of "Kidnapped" Nuclear Scientist
In the video, the man introduces himself as "Shahram Amiri, an expert and researcher at Tehran's Malek Ashtar University of Technology." He says he's in Tucson, Arizona and claims that he was kidnapped from Medina by U.S. intelligence forces with the help of Saudi government -RFE - 6/8/10

Helen Thomas resigned? Nothing surprising here
Last week, during a briefing with White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, Thomas' criticized the American reaction to the deadly Israeli raid of a humanitarian aid convoy, saying that "our initial reaction to this flotilla massacre, deliberate massacre, an international crime, was pitiful." -Debbie Menon - 6/8/10

Ahmadinejad appeals to Guardian Council against Parliament
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a letter to Ayatollah Janati, Secretary-General of Iran's Guardian Council claimed that three bills passed by the Islamic Parliament are in "violation of the law." -Zamaneh - 6/8/10

Rally and March in Washington DC on June 12 to Mark Iran's Election Anniversary
This year the world will stand in solidarity and join the Iranian people by participating in various events and rallies around the world to mark the public birth of Iran's democracy movement and honor those that have sacrificed their lives for a better future. - 6/8/10

Turkey Calls on Israel to Accept International Probe
The killing last week of nine people on a pro-Palestinian humanitarian aid flotilla by Israeli commandos is expected to come under scrutiny during a two-day summit this week in Istanbul, Turkey. The two-day Eurasia Summit brings together representatives and leaders of 20 countries. -VOA - 6/8/10

Hollywood (Finally) Gives Us Positive Persians
After decades of portraying Iranians as terrorists and villains, Hollywood has taken the first step toward giving my community its due by creating a blockbuster fantasy/action epic film based on the immensely popular video game with the same title, against an accurate backdrop for sixth century ancient Persia. -Mojgan Sherkat, Huffington Post - 6/8/10

Photos: Children of work at a glass-making workshop
These photos are from Iranian children working in a glass making workshop. The child laborers usually work in very unhealthy environments. They lack proper nutrition and they perform dangerous tasks. In addition, these children are the target of criminals or gangs engaged in distribution of narcotics, prostitution, and the likes. -Youness Khani, MNA - 6/7/10

For Rights in Iran, a Day of Remembrance
This year, American supporters of democracy in Iran say they will be ready for June 12. One year after the disputed 2009 Iranian presidential election and the violent suppression of protests over the results, about 70 marches and vigils are planned in cities around the world to call for human and civil rights in Iran. - 6/7/10

Document: Iranian-Americans in Los Angeles
Farhang Foundation proudly announces its co-sponsorship of the new photographic exhibition, Document: Iranian-Americans in Los Angeles, featuring the images of Iranian-Americans living in Los Angeles, scheduled to open this Sunday, June 6, 2010 at the Fowler Museum at UCLA. - 6/7/10

Iran: Voices of the Unheard (US Premiere in New York)
A film that challenges the passivity of the international community in the face of ongoing political repression, Iran: Voices of the Unheard brings us the story of Iranian secularists through three fascinating characters. - 6/7/10

13 executed in Iran's Qezel Hessar Prison
Iran's Qezel Hessar Prison officials announced that 26 prisoners have been transferred to the quarantine to be prepared for execution in the past two days. Reporters and Human Rights Activists of Iran (RAHANA) reports that the authorities executed thirteen of these prisoners this morning. -Zamaneh - 6/7/10

Many Principlists No Longer With Ahmadinejad
Following Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's recent remarks that "political parties should not interfere in government affairs," Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei declared that "the principlists have crossed Ahmadinejad," adding, "Many principlists who were not with Ahmadinejad at the beginning said after his victory that we have delivered victory to Ahmadinejad." -Bahram Rafiee, Rooz Online - 6/7/10

Iran to establish association of businesswomen
An association of Iranian businesswomen will be established in order to create more opportunities for women to participate actively in business and social life, the commerce minister announced in Tehran recently. -Tehran Times - 6/7/10

Iran plans to cut subsidized fuel
Iran plans to cut rationed subsidized gasoline after the implementation of an economic reform plan to cut food and energy subsidies. -Press TV - 6/7/10

IAEA Meets On Iran As New Sanctions Loom
The meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency's 35-member board of governors comes as the UN Security Council prepares to pass another round of punitive measures against Iran over its refusal to halt sensitive nuclear activities. -RFE - 6/7/10

Immigrant Convicted of Violating Iran Embargo
An Iranian immigrant who said he came to the United States "to live the American dream" was convicted on Friday of violating the Iran trade embargo by using an informal money-transfer system known as hawala to move millions of dollars between the United States and Iran. -New York Times - 6/7/10

Iran Building First Gas Pipeline to Europe, State TV Says
Iran started to build a long-planned pipeline to export natural gas to Europe with an investment of at least 1.3 billion euros ($1.55 billion), state television reported today. -Bloomberg - 6/7/10

Worldwide Protests to Mark One-Year Anniversary of Iran's Disputed Election
United4Iran and various regional groups are organizing global demonstrations on June 12th. Rallies will be held in 68 cities worldwide, including Melbourne, New Delhi, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo. - 6/6/10

HBO Documentaries: For Neda
For Neda tells the personal story of Neda Agha-Soltan who became the iconic symbol of Iran's 2009 post-election protests and struggle. Written, directed and produced by award-winning filmmaker Antony Thomas, For Neda is the story of Neda Agha-Soltan whose tragic death on June 20, 2009 came to symbolize for many the struggle in Iran. - 6/6/10

Opposition Leader Mousavi Hits Back At Iran's Supreme Leader
Iranian opposition leader, Mir Hossein Mousavi accused the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei of self-aggrandizement saying some consider themselves at the level of the highest saints of Islam and "those who are against violations, lies, corruption and abandoning the constitution and bankrupting the country with made-up policies" have to stand against them. -Zamaneh - 6/6/10

Sohrab Arabi's Mother: 'If They Release All Prisoners, I'll Forgive My Son's Murderers'
The mother of Sohrab Arabi, a young man killed in the postelection crackdown, has said that if authorities release all political prisoners she will forgive those responsible for her son's death. - 6/6/10

Reformists Condemn Heckling Of Khomeini's Grandson
Iran's reformists and opposition leader Mir Hossein Musavi have condemned Friday's heckling of the grandson of the founder of the Islamic republic as an organized move by hard-liners who are angry over Hassan Khomeini's support for leaders of the Green opposition movement. -RFE - 6/6/10

IRAN FESTIVAL at Riverside Church, New York
Enjoy a day of cultural activities, performance, and food, celebrating the traditional & contemporary arts of Iran at the Iranian Cultural Village hosted at Riverside Theatre - Saturday, June 12 - 2:00-9:00pm - 6/6/10

‘We Are Ready to Pay Any Price'
Mehdi Karrubi, 73, is known in Iran as the old man of reformism. Since last June's disputed election, he and fellow reformist candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi have joined in protests against what they call an electoral coup by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Many people close to Karrubi have been jailed, and pro-government hardliners have called for his arrest as well. -Newsweek - 6/6/10

Protest Music Stirs Fires of Iranian Discontent
Since Iranian authorities have cracked down on the demonstrations that rocked the country after a disputed election a year ago this month, a flood of protest music has rushed in to comfort and inspire the opposition. If anything, as the street protests have been silenced, the music has grown louder and angrier. -NAZILA FATHI, The New York Times - 6/6/10

Shell restarts selling gasoline to Iran
The British-Dutch owned oil company Royal Dutch Shell has ignored proponents of austere sanctions against Iran by resuming business with Tehran after a six-month interval. - 6/6/10

The Last Ayatollah
The Green Movement's bloody street protests may not have toppled Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei -- but they will. -Maziar Bahari, Newsweek - 6/6/10

Maiden Shiraz-London direct flight starts
The first direct flight between Shiraz and London took off from London on June 5 and returned from Shiraz on the 6th. The flight operates weekly, the Mehr News Agency reported. - 6/6/10

Westchester Community College Administrator Dr. Negar Farakish Receives National Award
Dr. Negar Farakish, Assistant Dean of Developmental Education at Westchester Community College, received the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE) Outstanding Thesis/Dissertation Award. Her doctorial dissertation, Educating the Academically Underprepared, was prepared at Teachers College, Columbia University. - 6/6/10

VOA: Iran Jams Documentary of Iranian Protester Neda
The Voice of America's Persian News Network says Iran tried to jam a television documentary about a woman shot dead during post-election protests last year. PNN says it received many complaints from Iranian viewers that their signal was jammed soon after the network began airing the documentary about Neda Agha-Soltan Wednesday. - 6/5/10

Iranian senior cleric condemns hecklers of Hassan Khomeini
Reformist senior Shiite cleric, Ayatollah Bayat Zanjani expressed deep regret over the heckling of Hassan Khomeini in yesterday's ceremony marking the anniversary of Ayatollah Khomeini's passing. -Zamaneh - 6/5/10

Merkel, Medvedev Signal Agreement On Iran Sanctions
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has signaled possible "agreement on sanctions" against Iran over its nuclear activities after a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at Meseberg Palace near Berlin. -RFE - 6/5/10

$16b earmarked for Iran's oil industry
Iran has allocated over $16 billion from the National Energy Fund to 31 oil projects in the current calendar year to end March 20, 2011. The Oil Ministry plans to spend $13.6 billion of the credit in oil projects and $2.4 billion in refinery projects, the Mehr News Agency reported. - 6/5/10

Film about Iranian protest victim Neda Agha-Soltan beats regime's censors
Iran is jamming satellite broadcasts in attempts to stop people seeing a new film telling the story of Neda Agha-Soltan, the young woman who was shot dead during the mass protests that followed last summer's disputed presidential election. -Guardian - 6/5/10

Iran's Supreme Leader Slams Opposition Leaders
Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic condemned Iranian opposition leaders in his speech at the tomb of the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini. - 6/4/10

Men of Violence: Perpetrators of Iran's Post Election Crackdown
On the anniversary of the disputed June 2009 election and one year of unprecedented violence and repression in Iran, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has released a report today naming fifteen leading officials responsible for carrying out the brutal repression against peaceful protestors and civil society activists. - 6/4/10

Iranian Opposition Leader Condemns Military Intervention In Elections
In a video on Saham News marking the anniversary of the passing of the founder of the Islamic Republic, Karoubi said: "The armed forces are carrying arms and the fate of the elections is determined by the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij militia." - 6/4/10

Hassan Khomeini speech drowned by pro-Ahamdinejad crowd
Pro-government forces impeded Hassan Khomeini from giving a speech during the ceremony marking the anniversary of the passing of his grandfather, the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini. - 6/4/10

An Iranian-American Behind the Scene in Hollywood
Iranian-American Amir Soleimani is the president and CEO of Voice Over There, a Los Angeles-based company that specializes in on-location dialogue recording for the film and television industry. -Grace Nasri, Iran Times - 6/4/10

Ahmadinejad Warns Iranian Opposition Ahead Of Planned Protests
Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad today warned the opposition of tough measures ahead of planned protests at next week's anniversary of last year's disputed June 12 presidential vote. -RFE - 6/4/10

The Cleric Who Changed: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's Supreme Leader, was not always deeply conservative
Once known as an open-minded and forward-thinking cleric, Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei used to come under criticism from conservative elements for going against the accepted clerical norms. Since becoming Supreme Leader - the country's senior political and religious authority - in 1989, however, he has adopted a fundamentalist and conservative approach. -Ali Reza Eshraghi, Yasaman Baji - 6/4/10

Guards Organize Memorial Service for Khomeini: Rafsanjani Absent
News sources have reporte that Hashemi Rafsanjani has not been invited to this year's memorial anniversary service for the founder of the Islamic republic, ayatollah Khomeini. Others not invited include seyed Mohammad Khatami, Mir-Hossein Mousavi, Mehdi Karubi and Mousavi Khoeiniha, all one time close associates and confidants of the enigmatic cleric who died on June 3, 1989. -Ardalan Sayami, - 6/4/10

Iranians Lose Faith in Cheques: More and more cheques bounce as economy struggles
Iran is falling out of lov with the cheque, partly because a vast and rising number bounce every year. Figures from the Central Bank of Iran show that in the year to March 2010 only 47 million cheques were written compared to 63 million in the same period of the previous year and 79 million in 2007-2008. -Reihaneh Mazaheri, Paris - 6/4/10

Why Iran is quiet on the flotilla
The takeover of the Turkish-flagged Mavi Marmaris by Israeli commandos led to demonstrations in numerous places around the world. People in Baku, Istanbul, and as far away as Edmonton, Canada, marched on the streets to voice their opposition to Israel's actions. However, in Tehran and in other big cities in Iran, the streets have been eerily quiet. -Guardian - 6/4/10

Israel Raises Nuke Threat to Iran
You've got to give Israel's leaders credit for creativity, if for nothing else. They never run out of new excuses for their violence, each more imaginative (and imaginary) than the last. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just gave his official explanation to the Israeli people for the deaths on the Mavi Marmara. And guess whose fault it was. (Are you ready for this?) Iran! -Common Dreams - 6/4/10

Eight Iranian reformist groups formally request permit to hold rally on June 12
Following the formal letter of request by Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi addressed to the Governor of Tehran for permit to hold rally on the anniversary of the tenth disputed presidential election (June 12th), eight reformist parties and organizations in a separate letter of request asked for permit to hold rally on the anniversary of the presidential election. - 6/3/10

Iranian minister calls for political cleansing of universites
Iran's Minister of Science and Technology gave another warning to the Iranian academia and universities that individuals deviating from "the desired path of the people" will have no place in Iranian universities. -Zamaneh - 6/3/10

Arrest, Interrogation and Lashes for Iranian Journalists
The third round of mass arrest of journalists and political activists began in Iran as the first anniversary of last year's June 12 disputed presidential election approaches. -Leyla Tayeri, Rooz Online - 6/3/10

NIAC Welcomes New Additions to Advisory Board, Board of Directors
NIAC proudly welcomes Prof. Hamid Dabashi and Prof. Scott Lucas to the Advisory Board, and Dr. Paymaun Lotfi, Prof. Karim Pakravan, Dr. Forough Parvizian-Yazdani, and Nora Valenzuela to NIAC's Board of Directors. -Arsalan Barmand - 6/3/10

Iran Triumphs in Flotilla Disaster
The bloodshed resulting from a clash between Israeli Defense Forces and pro-Palestine activists in international waters is nothing short of a diplomatic miracle for Iran. -Shayan Ghajar - 6/3/10

Tehran prosecutor announces release of detainees
Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi, Tehran's Prosecutor announced that a number of prisoners who were pardoned by the Supreme Leader were released from Evin Prison last night. -Zamaneh - 6/3/10

Iranian authorities step up arrests of women for 'immodest' dress
Iranian authorities have begun police patrols in the capital to arrest women wearing clothes deemed improper. The campaign against loose-fitting veils and other signs of modernism comes as government opponents are calling for rallies to mark the anniversary of the disputed presidential election, and critics of the crackdown say it is stoking feelings of discontent. -Washington Post - 6/3/10

Green Supporters Want West To Help Iranians Access Internet, Uncensored Information
Human rights activists and supporters of the opposition Green Movement in Iran are increasing their calls on the United States and other countries to help Iranians access an unfiltered Internet by lifting sanctions and sharing key software and technology. -RFE - 6/3/10

Mississippi looks to Iran for rural health care model
Scratch-poor towns in the Mississippi Delta once shared more in common with rural Iran -- scarce medical supplies, inaccessible health care and high infant mortality rates -- than with most of the U.S. Then things in Iran got better. -AP - 6/3/10

Iran's Central Bank Selling Euros For Dollars, Gold
Iran's state-owned television station Press TV reported today that the central bank in Tehran is selling 45 billion Euros from its reserves in order to invest the money in U.S. dollars and gold ingots. -RFE - 6/3/10

Iran: Sanctions Resolution Basis for Confrontation
Iran's foreign minister has warned that a move toward new international sanctions against his country is a basis for confrontation. Manouchehr Mottaki says a new sanction resolution would "kill" the deal made with Turkey and Brazil to ship out 1.2 tons of its uranium in exchange for nuclear fuel. -VOA - 6/3/10

US lukewarm on Iranian art
Despite the world's largest Iranian expatriate community, the US market for contemporary Iranian art "is still in its infancy", said Rizvi-Khursheed, particularly in comparison with cities like Dubai and London where there have been dedicated sales of Middle Eastern contemporary art, including Iran, since 2005. -Art Newspaper - 6/3/10

Defending the indefensible: a how-to guide
Powerful states often do bad things. When they do, government officials and sympathizers inevitably try to defend their conduct, even when those actions are clearly wrong or obviously counterproductive. This is called being an "apologist," although people who do this rarely apologize for much of anything. -Stephen Walt, FP - 6/3/10

Photos: Iran's basketball team Mahram books berth in FIBA World Club Championship
Imperious Mahram beat Al Rayyan of Qatar on Sunday and claimed its second successive title of the FIBA Asia Champions Cup on Sunday. Defending champion Mahram defeated Al Rayyan 93-73 at the Al Gharafa Stadium in Doha. -MNA - 6/2/10

Iran: Students at Tehran's Elm o Sanat University Hold Gathering to Honor Postelection Victim Kianoosh Asa
Students at Tehran's Elm o Sanat University on Tuesday remembered colleague Kianoosh Asa, who was killed nearly a year ago in the aftermath of Iran's disputed presidential election. The Daneshjoonews website says some 400 students participated in the gathering to honor the memory of Asa, a chemical engineering student at the time of his death. - 6/2/10

Ph.D Student Neda Maghbouleh Researches Social Impact of Camp Ayandeh 2010
This summer, Neda Maghbouleh, a Ph.D candidate at the Department of Sociology at University of California, Santa Barbara, will be conducting research on how IAAB's Camp Ayandeh shapes the social and cultural identities of its participants. - 6/2/10

Two more journalists arrested in Iran
Last night, Iranian Ministry of Intelligence arrested another two journalists, Azam Vismeh and Mahboubeh Khansari, according to Parleman News. Azam Vismeh is a reporter for Parleman News website, the website connected with the Minority Fraction of the Iranian parliament. -Zamaneh - 6/2/10

Moderate Iranian cleric Rafsanjani urges action against system's "deviations"
Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, head of Iran's Assembly of Experts, urged those faithful to the Islamic Revolution and Ayatollah Khomeini not to let "the Revolution to fall in the hands of strangers." - 6/2/10

Iranian Teacher Activist Says Beaten In Prison
The lawyer for an Iranian teacher activist has told RFE/RL's Radio Farda his client has been beaten in prison. Masud Shafie, who represents teachers' union leader Rasul Bodaghi, told Radio Farda on May 31 that his client informed him he had been assaulted late last week in prison by three Revolutionary Guards. - 6/2/10

Iran, Nonproliferation Experts Support Fuel Swap as Basis for Engagement
Today (June 1st), a group of Iran experts and non-proliferation experts are releasing a statement urging Western powers to use the recently-negotiated fuel swap deal as a first step towards a larger agreement on Iran's nuclear issue and beyond. - 6/2/10

Iranian judiciary upholds prison sentences for election detainees
The Islamic Republic appellate courts upheld the prison sentences of prominent post-election detainees, Mohammad Nourizad and Mohsen Mirdamadi. - 6/2/10

Meet Farhang Celebrates A Night of Poetry and Nostalgia in Beverly Hills
An evening for the benefit of the translation of Dehkhoda's Charand Parand: political satire from Iran's early twentieth-century Constitutional Revolution -- June 5, 2010 from 7pm to 10pm at The Beverly Hilton - 6/2/10

Passion: An Online Exhibition by Amir Hossein Assefi
Amir Hossein Assefi has a genuine passion for art and design, with a good knowledge of architecture and art history. His main interest is furniture design where he can combine his unique talents with antique objects and breathe new life into them. - 6/2/10

Who Will Be Iran's Next President?
The Iranian government and the opposition are each getting ready for the first anniversary of the country's disputed presidential vote. Yet there's already talk about the presidential election that should take place in three years -- and some names are floating around as possible future candidates. Meanwhile, a question that has been raised in recent weeks is whether there will even be a 2013 presidential election. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 6/2/10

Greta Berlin: Marbles, Paint Balls and Nukes
The Israeli military (IDF), has been busy spinning the story of their attack on a civilian convoy trying to deliver aid to the besieged people of Gaza. They've had a head start, sending out edited videos, posting 'supposed' military footage of the passengers attacking them, saying that they confiscated 'weapons' which apparently turned out to be marbles, sling shots, kitchen knives and aluminum chairs. -Greta Berlin - 6/2/10

Iranian opposition leaders write joint letter to request permit to hold rally on election anniversary
Iranian opposition leaders, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi made an official application to the Ministry of Interior for a peaceful demonstration on June 12. The application was delivered to Tehran governor's office today in the form of a letter prepared in the course of a meeting between the two leaders. - 6/1/10

Photos: Women Bus Drivers in Tehran
Following photos by Mohsen Rezaii show Iranian women bus drivers in the capital city Tehran. Nowadays the Iranian women have an active and successful participation in different social activities. - 6/1/10

Jafari's View on the "Fateful Month": IRGC Is a Security-Political Institution
According to semi-official Fars news agency, the IRGC commander also spoke about the "necessity of IRGC's involvement in politics," which directly contradict ayatollah Khomeini's written and documented ban on the military's involvement in political affairs. -Nazanin Kamdar, Rooz online - 6/1/10

More Iranian newspapers shut down
Iran's Press Supervisory Board banned the sport magazine, Goal, for publishing pictures and content "contrary to public morality," and it also issued warnings for over 14 other publications. -Zamaneh - 6/1/10

Iran Labor Activist 'Transferred To Prison Ward For Drug Addicts'
Mansur Osanlu, the jailed head of Tehran's bus drivers union, has been transferred to a prison section where drug addicts are kept, his mother has told RFE/RL's Radio Farda. - 6/1/10

Mousavi: They only want people for ceremonies
A group of reformist youth visited Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard. In this meeting the young reformists expressed their concerns and shared their views with Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard them. - 6/1/10

One Year after Obama's Cairo Speech
The Iranian public opinion has lost hope in realization of his "change" motto and now believes in the Supreme Leader's proposition, which had been echoed in Zogby's international polls: "No US President can change American policy." -Mahmoud Reza Golshanpazhooh - 6/1/10

Israeli's Nuclear Policy: From South Africa to Iran
The 1975 document reveals a secret military agreement signed by Shimon Peres, Israel's Foreign Minister at the time (and today Israel's President) and South Africa's Defense Minister P. W. Botha. Israel offered to sell the apartheid regime, weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, chemical and conventional weaponry to destroy and defeat the million person African resistance movement. -James Petras - 6/1/10

Domestically-made oceangoing vessel delivered to IRISL
Iran's first domestically manufactured oceangoing ship, dubbed Iran Arak, was delivered to the Islamic Republic of Iran shipping lines (IRISL) in a ceremony held on Monday evening. Iranian Commerce Minister Mehdi Ghazanfari attended the ceremony. - 6/1/10

Arabs React Angrily to Israeli Storming of Gaza Aid Convoy
Arab leaders and officials are reacting angrily to Israel's storming of a convoy of ships bound for Gaza and images of the raid being broadcast in the Arab media. The Arab League called for an urgent meeting to discuss the crisis Tuesday in response to demands by several member states for a collective condemnation of Israel's conduct. -VOA - 6/1/10

Israel Isolated as World Demands Probe, End to Gaza Blockade
The UN Security Council has condemned acts leading to the deaths of civilians during Monday's Israeli attack on a humanitarian aid convoy that was headed to the Gaza Strip. -Al-Jazeera - 6/1/10

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