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ElBaradei: Iran-IAEA work plan a significant step forward
Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed ElBaradei in his report to the agency's Board of Governors here Thursday described the Iran-IAEA work plan as a significant step forward. -IRNA - 8/31/07

Video: History of Persian Philanthropy
A brief history of Persian Philanthropy from the Achaemenid era to the present-day diaspora in the U.S. is chronicled in a video titled "History of Persian Philanthropy", now available for your viewing on YouTube -PARSA Community Foundation - 8/31/07

Fashion Iranian Style - II
This inscription from Darius The Great was of great inspiration to me: “I am Darius the great king, king of kings, king of countries containing all kinds of men, king in this great earth far and wide, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenid, a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage.“ -Niki Koohpaima - 8/31/07

The Osnabrueck Symphony Orchestra in Tehran
For the first time in years a foreign orchestra played in Tehran this week and they received a rapturous welcome. After a visit to Germany last year by the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, the Osnabrueck Symphony Orchestra played a concert in the Vahdat hall. Although it was not well publicized, we were lucky to get some good seats. -Syma Sayyah and Paul Sanford, Tehran - 8/31/07

Alisadr, world's most fabulous water cave
Alisadr Cave in Iran's Hamedan province, as the world's most fabulous water cave and one of the most beautiful natural phenomena, attracts thousands of tourists towards itself every year. - 8/31/07

Chomsky on The Cold War Between Washington and Tehran
In the energy-rich Middle East, only two countries have failed to subordinate themselves to Washington's basic demands: Iran and Syria. Accordingly both are enemies, Iran by far the more important. -Excerpts from Noam Chomsky's book Intervention - 8/31/07

"Persian Carpet" in Montreal Film Festival
Iranian documentary "Persian Carpet" will be played on the screens of Montreal Film Festival. This film is a joint production of 15 Iranian directors, which depict their views over Iranian hand woven carpets that are known as great artistic masterpieces in the world. All 15 directors are in Canada so to attend in this festival. - 8/31/07

Ahmadinejad to Oliver Stone: Ready, Set, Action!
Ahmadinejad stated that he had generally no objections to Oliver Stones' proposal for making a biopic about him. However, Iran's president in a news conference explained that the Iranian officials should be aware of this documentary's framework. -ISNA - 8/31/07

The International Conference on Rumi at the University of Maryland: September 28-30, 2007
The Conference, which will take place on the campus of the University of Maryland in College Park, MD, September 28-30, 2007, will bring together over twenty leading Rumi scholars and notable artists from all over the world. - 8/31/07

Bush Iran remarks lack any value: Foreign Minister
"Bush's remarks showed indecision, lack of wisdom and political despair. Invalidity of such statements has been proven to the world public opinion, the US representatives and even the American people," Mottaki added. -IRNA - 8/31/07

Iranian envoy tells UNSC popular Hamas cannot be excluded
Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mansour Sadeghi was addressing the Security Council on the Situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian Question. "Hamas has came to power through an election which the whole international community recognized as fair, free and democratic," he said. -IRNA - 8/31/07

Offer Iran security guarantee to end nuclear impasse: former UN weapons chief Blix
Iran should be offered a guarantee that it will not be attacked and a normalization of relations with the United States to help resolve the standoff over its uranium enrichment program, former United Nations chief weapons inspector Hans Blix said Friday. -AP - 8/31/07

US and Iran spar ahead of Iraq report
American and Iranian leaders are boosting their belligerent rhetoric, even as the UN's nuclear watchdog reported Thursday that Iran's nuclear program is moving slower than expected and below capacity. -CSM - 8/31/07

Report on Iran's nuclear activity exposes split
A report released Thursday showing a slow but steady expansion of Iran's nuclear technology has exposed a new divide between United Nations arms inspectors and the United States and its allies over how to contain Tehran's atomic program. -IHT - 8/31/07

US pressures UAE to approve tough new trade limits, cites Iran shipments
The UAE's legislative body, the 40-member Federal National Council, is quietly considering such a proposal, but its prospects are uncertain. The White House has expressed its concerns publicly and through diplomatic channels in Washington about troubling shipments to Iranian front companies operating in Dubai. -AP - 8/31/07

Tensions Rise As Bush, Ahmadinejad Trade Jabs
U.S. President George W. Bush said in a speech yesterday that what he called Iran's "murderous activities" in Iraq must stop. Bush's comments came the same day that Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad played an unusually bold card, confirming that Iran wants major influence in a future Iraq. -RFE - 8/30/07

Tegeran '43 aka Tehran '43 was a Soviet film co-produced with the two West European countries that benefited from a particularly important budget. It was critically well received for its humanistic message albeit a politically correct and an unprecedented politically neutral film that looked back on one of the Major Conferences of the Second World War that of: Tehran in December 1943 that was to seal the fate of Nazi Germany and prepare D-DAY in Normandy. -Paris report by Darius KADIVAR - 8/30/07

FORUGH FARROKHZAD – Conference Call for Papers – Manchester – July 2008
A conference that will explore Forugh Farrokhzad's literary and broader cultural impact both during her lifetime and in the forty years since her passing. - 8/30/07

Iran Country and Market Overview: July 2007
July has been an exceptional month for the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) since the beginning of 2007. All market indicators including the performance indices, the volume of trade, and the number of traders witnessed significant and sharp rises during the month. -Turquoise Partners - 8/30/07

IAEA rejects US unfounded allegations against Iran: Saeedi
A senior Iranian nuclear official said in Tehran onThursday the UN nuclear watchdog in its latest report has dismissed all the unfounded allegations made by the US against Iran. -IRNA - 8/30/07

Bush Indictment of Iran Tops Usual Rhetoric
The George W. Bush administration has seemingly taken advantage of the Congressional recess to escalate tensions with Iran. -Trita Parsi, IPS - 8/30/07

Iran: Campaign Against Discriminatory Laws Marks First Year
A campaign by Iranian women's rights advocates to gather 1 million signatures to protest discriminatory laws marked its first anniversary this week. Organizers of the "One Million Signatures" campaign hope to pressure lawmakers and demonstrate that many Iranians are unhappy with gender discrimination in Islamic law as it is applied in Iran. -RFE - 8/30/07

Tehran, Washington Heighten Rhetoric Over Iraq
U.S. troops in Baghdad briefly detained eight Iranians before releasing them and turning them over to Iraqi officials early Wednesday. The move comes amid heightened recriminations between Tehran and Washington, as VOA's Sonja Pace reports from our Middle East bureau in Cairo. - 8/30/07

Girls just want to have fun -- but that's not easy in Iran: Offside released on DVD
Critically acclaimed, and the winner of the 2006 Berlin International Film Festival (Silver Berlin Bear) and an official selection at both the New York Film Festival and the American Film Institute Film Festival, Offside, a Sony Pictures Classics film, is a smart comedy illustrating the fight for women’s rights in Iran. - 8/30/07

Brown Must Now Publicly Oppose Bush's War Drive On Iran
Gordon Brown must now honour his office by distancing Britain from the US's war plans for Iran and openly denouncing the military option. Anything but a clear denunciation of military attack on Iran will make him complicit in George W Bush's wars, the bearer of the legacy of the tragic bloodbath in Iraq as well as unleashing catastrophe in Iran and beyond. -CASMII - 8/30/07

Villager spotlights native costumes
At the historic village of Ebrahimabad, in the north of Semnan Province, villager Hossein Rahmati has gathered a large collection of ancient costumes. The items are of great anthropological value and he hopes one day to be able to establish a museum. -MNA - 8/30/07

Iran Accused Of Expelling Baha'i Students
An umbrella group for the Baha'i religious community says it has evidence that Iranian officials are secretly trying to expel Baha'i followers from universities, Radio Farda reported. -RFE - 8/30/07

The President’s Escalating War Rhetoric On Iran
George Bush, speaking before yet another military audience, yesterday delivered what might actually be the most disturbing speech of his presidency, in which he issued more overt war threats than ever before towards Iran -Glenn Greenwald, Salon - 8/30/07

Iraqi Shiite heir steps into a tough role
Ammar Hakim, scion of a top clerical family, is set to lead a party that is the chief U.S. ally in Iraq, but has deep ties to Iran. -Los AngelesTimes - 8/30/07

Seminal Contributions of Historical Iranian (Persian) Philosophers, Poets, Physicians and Scientists, Revisited
There seem to be an intensifying orchestrated effort in the west particularly the U.S. to neglect, discount, discredit or convolute the multifaceted contributions of philosophers, physicians, scientists, historians and artisans of the past few millennia in south, south-central, south-west Asia, and north Africa--a vast area now collectively referred to by the fabricated name, the Middle East. -Davood N. Rahni - 8/29/07

Fashion Iranian Style
“The US media is filled with scary images of Iran. I just wanted to show the positive image” -Niki Koohpaima - 8/29/07

International Society on Iranian Studies Brings a Timely Voice to Iranologists Worldwide
With Iran constantly in world news headlines, there is a heightened interest in Iranian studies, and as people, journalists and governments reach out to scholars and experts in the field for answers, organizations such as the International Society on Iranian Studies (ISIS) have found their role more important than ever. - 8/29/07

President: Iran to give crushing response to any possible hostile actions
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Tuesday that any action against the Iranian nation will be given proper response. "I consider it unlikely if the US takes any such illogical and illegal action because the measure would turn into a joke worldwide. - 8/29/07

Full text of Iran-IAEA understanding note of modalities
The permanent mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the International Atomic Energy Agency has requested the text of the "understandings of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the IAEA on the modalities of resolution of the outstanding issues" to be circulated among member states, to be published as an INFCIRC document and to be made available to the public through the IAEA website. - 8/29/07

Angelina Jolie hears stories of suffering, courage from Iraqi refugees
UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie on Wednesday concluded her first visit to Iraq and Syria, where she heard tales of extraordinary resilience and courage from Iraqi refugees. -UNHCR - 8/29/07

Study: US preparing 'massive' military attack against Iran
The United States has the capacity for and may be prepared to launch without warning a massive assault on Iranian uranium enrichment facilities, as well as government buildings and infrastructure, using long-range bombers and missiles, according to a new analysis. -Raw Story - 8/29/07

Iran: Lawyer Rejects Charges Against RFE/RL Journalist
The lawyer for RFE/RL journalist Parnaz Azima, who has been prevented from leaving Iran since January, says she is now facing a charge of acting against national security. - 8/29/07

Conservative Muslim Elected President of Turkey
Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul was elected today in a third round of voting by parliament to become country's first head of state with a background in political Islam since the creation of the deeply secular Turkish republic in 1923. -RFE - 8/29/07

Swiss Charge D'Affaires Summoned to Iran's Foreign Ministry
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said following detention of an Iranian technical delegation in Baghdad, Swiss charge d'affaires in Tehran, as the US interest section in Iran, was summoned to the foreign ministry. -IRNA - 8/29/07

Iranian Writer On Trial Over Fictional Events
trial has begun in southwestern Iran of what is believed to be the first novelist to face prosecution for allegedly insulting an ethnic group in a work of fiction. -RFE - 8/29/07

Louisa Livingston Kennedy, the Wife of a U.S. Hostage in Iran, Dies at 73
Louisa Livingston Kennedy, the wife of a senior American official held captive during the Iranian hostage crisis, who became a highly visible spokeswoman for the hostages' families, died on Aug. 19 on Mount Desert Island, Maine. -Jamshid S. Irani - 8/29/07

Bush Says Iran Must Stop Arming Iraqi Militants
President Bush says Iran must stop arming militants who are attacking U.S. troops in Iraq. VOA White House Correspondent Scott Stearns reports, Mr. Bush's speech to a veterans group is part of a White House effort to restore public support for the war in Iraq. - 8/29/07

France's Sarkozy Strikes Tough Tone Toward Iran, Russia
In his first major foreign-policy speech as French president, Nicolas Sarkozy said that an Iran with nuclear weapons was unacceptable. -RFE - 8/29/07

Will Bush take military strikes at Iran?
By heightening the rhetoric over Iran's nuclear programme, President Bush has left open the possibility that the United States might in due course abandon diplomacy and turn to military might. -BBC - 8/29/07

US Most Armed Country with 90 Guns per 100 People
U.S. citizens own 270 million of the world’s 875 million known firearms, according to the Small Arms Survey 2007 by the Geneva-based Graduate Institute of International Studies. -Reuters - 8/29/07

Iran: Environment Takes A Back Seat To Development Plans
Kavir National Park is a semi-arid, protected zone in north-central Iran that is home to several rare native and endangered species. It includes some 4,000 square kilometers that stretch within 120 kilometers of the capital, Tehran. -RFE - 8/28/07

Athletic Diplomacy Between Iran, US
The ongoing tension between the United States and Iranian governments recently spilled over into the sports arena. Iranian kayak coach Katayoun Ashraf was fired from the Iranian National Federation team for bringing three teenage athletes to the U.S. to train. -VOA - 8/28/07

Photos: "Gooleh" Wedding Ceremonies in Gilan
The following photos are from the traditional Gooleh wedding ceremonies in Gilan province of Iran. - 8/28/07

Fashion Icon Manny Mashouf Looks Towards the Future in Education
If you’ve ever shopped at one of the 256 national and international locations of the trendy and popular Bebe stores for women, then Manny Mashouf has entered your life. -PARSA Community Foundation - 8/28/07

Afghan opium production soars to record levels
Opium production in Afghanistan increased by 17 percent in 2007, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said on 27 August. -IRIN - 8/28/07

Iran: Radio Farda Journalist Describes Life 'In Limbo'
For more than eight months, Iranian authorities have prevented Radio Farda correspondent Parnaz Azima from leaving the country. In an interview with Radio Farda on August 26, Azima said she lives in a state of limbo, never knowing precisely what are the charges against her or where they may lead. -RFE - 8/28/07

Pipeline to transfer 1m bpd of Caspian crude to be transferred to Gulf of Oman
One million barrels per day of crude oil will be transferred from Caspian Sea to the Gulf of Oman once the Neka-Jask pipeline is operational, it was announced in Tehran on Monday. -IRNA - 8/28/07

Iran's Alirezaii bags Asian 50m backstroke gold
Mohammad Alirezaii from Iran grabbed the glittering gold at the Asian 50m backstroke meet in the Indonesian capital Jakarta Monday. -MNA - 8/28/07

A poodle for a lapdog
Mr. Bush must be ecstatic these days. Although the loss of Tony Blair, his lapdog, must have eroded his comfort level, a more tantalizing pet ally has sprung on his lap. The recently elected French President, Mr. Sarkozy, seems to be far more aggressive and protective of this President’s ambitions... -Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 8/28/07

Cutting One's Nose to Spite One's Face: The Washington Post Declares War on Iran
The Washington Post's editorials on foreign policy issues have almost always been confrontational towards whatever country the United States government considers too disobedient. -Rostam Pourzal - 8/28/07

International conference held on investment opportunities in Iran tourism industry
The first International Conference on Investment Opportunities in Iran's Tourism Industry which was held on 25-26th of August has been wrapped up with a fruitful result. -CHN - 8/28/07

Statue of Iranian poet Nezami of Ganja in Houston, Texas
The Azerbaijan Republic is slated to set up the statue of the famous Iranian epic poet, Nezami of Ganja in the Houston Park in Texas. - 8/28/07

Scotland welcomes Iranian cashmere company opening factory
The Scottish government Tuesday welcomed plans announced by an Iranian textile company to set up operations in southern Scotland and create up to 60 jobs. -IRNA - 8/28/07

Iran to sign Optional Protocol to Convention on Rights of the Child
President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has issued a decree for the implementation of the act passed by the parliament and approved by the Guardian Council according to which Iran will join the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography -MNA - 8/28/07

Who's Killing American Soldiers in Iraq? Iran or the White House?
Anyone who doubts that the war party is firmly focused on Iran need only take note of the Aug. 21 lead editorial in the Washington Post, which had the heading "Tougher on Iran: The Revolutionary Guard is at war with the United States. Why not fight back?" - 8/28/07

U.S.'s Latest Mud-Slinging
On the front page of one of the recent issues of The New York Times, the colorful picture of President Mahmood Ahmadinejad and Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghanistan and their undeniably friendly posturing was not an outcome that the U.S. administration and the Congress was expecting to see. -Ardeshir Ommani - 8/28/07

Marketing Middle East to Gay Tourists
How do you market a conservative Middle Eastern country as a gay-friendly tourist destination? -Farnaz Fassihi, WSJ - 8/28/07

Iran risks attack over atomic push, French president says
Addressing France's ambassadorial corps, Sarkozy stressed that such an outcome would be a disaster. He did not say that France would ever participate in military action against Iran or even tacitly support such an approach. -IHT - 8/28/07

German Orchestra Makes Rare Visit to Iran
A German orchestra is to perform this week in Iran in a rare visit by a European ensemble to the country. -VOA - 8/28/07

Iran's Perspective
Contrary to your (Washington Post's) claim, Iran is not waging a war against the United States, and the recent accusations about Iran's role in sending arms and "explosively formed penetrators" to Iraqi extremists to foment a civil war in the neighboring country are completely false and baseless. -Press Secretary, Iranian Mission to the United Nations - 8/28/07

Volleyball: Iran wins title of 2007 Boy's Youth World Championship
Iran's Junior National Volleyball Team won the title of 2007 Youth World Championship Contests in Mexico on Monday after beating China 3-2. This is the first time Iran wins the title of the tournaments. Iran won the ticket for the finals after defeating France. -IRNA - 8/27/07

Iran ranks second in Asian Karate komite contests
Iran's karate team on Sunday ranked second in the 8th Asian karate komite championship. -IRNA - 8/27/07

Iran wins one gold, 3 silvers at International computer olympiad
Sepideh Mahabadi, who won the gold medal for Iran, is the second girl to win a gold medal in the history of the Olympiad, said head of the Iranian team, Qasem Jaberipour. -IRNA - 8/27/07

Turkey Seeks Role As East-West 'Energy Bridge'
In July, Turkey signed a preliminary agreement with Iran to develop three gas projects in the giant South Pars gas field and build two pipelines to ship an estimated 30 billion cubic meters of Iranian and Turkmen gas to Turkey for resale to Europe. -RFE - 8/27/07

Iran: Production line of 2,000-pound smart bombs commissioned
Production line of 2,000-pound smart bombs, Qased (harbinger), and four-part production line of low-caliber piercing bullets, Saqeb (meteor) were commissioned at Tehran defense industries on Sunday. -IRNA - 8/27/07

Iranian art on display at Washington National Cathedral
Selections from Wishes and Dreams, an exhibition by Iranian artists and organized by Meridian International Center in Washington, D.C., was opened at Washington National Cathedral on August 9, 2007. - 8/27/07

Iranian team to participate in Taekwondo Olympic Qualification in Manchester
The Iranian National Taekwondo Team will Participate to the Qualification tournament in Manchester from 28 to 30 september - 8/27/07

Neighboring countries offer different perils for journalists
Iraq and Iran, next-door neighbors, are very different countries with very different problems. But they do have this in common: They are two of the world’s most perilous places for independent journalists. -IJNet - 8/27/07

Iranian Rights Activists, Intellectuals Decry Arrests
More than 650 Iran-based human rights activists and intellectuals have issued an open letter to condemn what they describe as increasing pressure on students, journalists, and workers, Radio Farda reported. -RFE - 8/27/07

Radio Farda Broadcaster Faces New Security Charge
A lawyer for Radio Farda broadcaster Parnaz Azima, who has been trapped in Iran since January, says Azima is now facing a charge of acting against Iran's national security by working for the U.S.-funded broadcaster. -RFE - 8/27/07

Iranian-American academic released on bail
Haleh Esfandiari was released on 21 August, on bail of three billion Rials (US$320,000). She is currently unable to leave Iran. -Amnesty International - 8/27/07

Bush League War Drums Beating Louder on Iran
It is as though I’m back as an analyst at the CIA, trying to estimate the chances of an attack on Iran. The putative attacker, though, happens to be our own president. -Ray McGovern, Common Dreams - 8/27/07

Fooled by Winds of Reform
ON many early mornings in Tehran, my uncle Ali would bang on our door to deliver large heaps of mammoth mushrooms from the mountain of Shemiran. Every summer and early autumn when I saw thunderstorms gathering in the sky, I knew we would have giant bunches of wild, tasty mushrooms the following day. -Camelia Entekhabifard, NY Times - 8/27/07

Science and Arts Foundation Newsletter: Bam in the News
SAF was the main NGO that, after the Bam earthquake, made a major contribution in helping the children to overcome their trauma by helping them in an IT centre, which was set up in couple of temporary prefabricated buildings. - 8/27/07

Iran's Central Bank governor replaced
President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has accepted the resignation of Central Bank Governor Ebrahim Sheibani, government spokesman Gholam-Hossein Elham announced on Sunday. -MNA - 8/27/07

French FM Kouchner says his trip to Tehran is probable
The French foreign minister stated that the possibility of his trip to Iran was not completely rejected. Bernard Kouchner denied the recent rumors on the cancellation of his trip to Tehran, which was aimed at peace talks over Lebanon. -ISNA - 8/27/07

Fox Attacks: Iran
“Fox Attacks: Iran” is a bold effort to provide Americans with a different view of our policy toward Iran than the one Fox News keeps pushing on us. While Fox beats the drums for war, Robert Greenwald has produced documentary evidence that unmasks the ‘coverage’ for what it is: propaganda to get Americans ready for a Bush administration attack on yet another Middle Eastern nation. -Huffington Post - 8/27/07

Iran-Iraq trade to hit dlrs 1.8 billion a year
Iran-Iraq trade is expected to rise up to dlrs 1.8 billion a year, Director General for Public Relations Department of Iran-Iraq joint Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines Jahan Bakhsh Shirazi said on Saturday. -IRNA - 8/27/07

Iran Air orders five Tupolev 204s passenger planes
Managing director of Iranian airlines, Iran Air, Saeed Hessami said on Sunday that an agreement on the purchase of five Tupolev 204s passenger planes from Russia has been finalized. -IRNA - 8/27/07

Iran Moves To Assert Power In The Middle East
The Shia-led, non-Arab country has not only challenged the United States and its Arab allies throughout the Middle East, but it also has become the biggest beneficiary of U.S. involvement in Iraq, experts say. -Newsday - 8/27/07

Islamic Republic of Fear
THE head of Iran's judiciary is a confident man. Despite foreign attempts at slander, Ayatollah Mahmud Hashemi Shahrudi recently declared, his country has presented a fine image to the world of Islamic law at work. -Economist - 8/27/07

Marjane Satrapi profile
It is unusual for the French press to agree on anything, divided across the political divide as they are. But when it comes to hailing Marjane Satrapi's new animated movie, 'Persepolis', they speak as one. From the right wing newspaper 'Le Figaro', to left wingers 'Humanité' and 'Libération' and centrist 'Le Monde', all have hailed Satrapi's movie as a work of pure excellence and highly successful in breaking down stereotypes on Iranians and Iran. - Kamin Mohammadi - 8/25/07

Iran ready to help correct US wrong policies in Iraq
Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said here Friday that Iran's approach in talks with the US on Iraq is based on correcting Washington's wrong policies and help establish full security in Iraq and the entire region. IRNA - 8/25/07

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad highlights Iran's decisive role in shaping civilizations
"Every part of the world, where a civilization has emerged, had enjoyed support from Iran. Whenever hands have been extended to Iran for help, the Iranian nation has done generously." IRNA - 8/25/07

Iran among top 10 states in terms of tourist attractions: Mottaki
The foreign minister also told the audience representing 40 countries that given its political and economic stability as well as technical and engineering potentials, Iran has prepared appropriate rounds for domestic and foreign investors to strengthen the infrastructures of tourism industry. - IRNA - 8/25/07

German orchestra make rare visit by Western musicians to Iran in cultural exchange
The 60-member Osnabrueck Symphony Orchestra, led by conductor Hermann Baeumer, will arrive Monday and perform Wednesday and Thursday in Tehran as the return half of an exchange that saw the Tehran Symphony Orchestra perform to a packed hall last year in Osnabrueck - IHT - 8/25/07

A Quiet Battle for Rights in Iran
The campaign for the million signatures was born after the arrest of 70 women who staged a demonstration against gender discrimination last year in Tehran's Haft-e-Tir Square - WP - 8/25/07

Bush's Vietnam Blunder
Desperate presidents resort to desperate rhetoric -- which then calls new attention to their desperation. President Bush joined the club this week by citing the U.S. failure in Vietnam to justify staying on in Iraq. - WP - 8/24/07

Fooled by Winds of Reform
Every day, Iranian journalists, with the encouragement of the Iranian people, disclosed news or challenged the system. We trusted that the changes that had come about would remain and that we would be protected by the government we had elected. - NYT - 8/24/07

Key Republican Senator Calls For Troop Withdrawal From Iraq
An influential U.S. Senate Republican says President Bush should announce an initial withdrawal of troops from Iraq on September 15. Senator John Warner of Virginia made his comments to reporters Thursday, just days after visiting Iraq. VOA's Deborah Tate reports from Capitol Hill. VOA - 8/24/07

US Intelligence Report Says Iraqi Government 'Precarious'
Iraqi forces cannot cope with the violence, the report says, without continuing assistance from U.S. troops. - VOA - 8/24/07

Major cleric strongly supports President Ahmadinejad's government
"If a government is weak, it resorts to flattery, courtesy and respect and even if it is against something, it doesn't dare to announce its opposition, but a strong government announces its opposition frankly," the Ayatollah said. - IRNA - 8/24/07

An intensifying US campaign against Iran
Amid US charges of Iran's hand in Iraq's instability, some counsel caution - CSM - 8/24/07

Iran shuts 'Western' barber shops
The authorities say the barbers were encouraging un-Islamic behaviour by offering Western hairstyles, tattooing and also eyebrow-plucking for men. - BBC - 8/24/07

Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner sued over book
Iran's 2003 Nobel Peace Prize winner and human rights lawyer Shirin Ebadi was sued by a co-author on Thursday for pulling out of an agreement to publish a new book.- Reuters - 8/24/07

Offside (2006) - Movie Review
The story is good-natured, but Panahi's message is serious: That ludicrous rules turn Iranian women into third-class citizens. And what better way is there to get that point across than through sports and laughter?" - RT - 8/24/07

How to challenge Iran's militancy without using arms
There have been persistent rumors in Washington that President Bush does not want to leave office without "doing something" about Iran. Even more alarming, there have been rumors that Mr. Bush has solicited a green light from Russian President Vladimir Putin for Israel to "do something" about Iran. CSM - 8/23/07

Let Them Go
Ms. Esfandiari, 67, is one of four American citizens being held by Iranian authorities: Parnaz Azima, a correspondent for U.S.-funded Radio Farda, is also out on bail, but like Ms. Esfandiari, she is forbidden to leave the country. Kian Tajbakhsh, an Open Society Institute consultant and social scientist, and Ali Shakeri, a California businessman, remain in prison - WP - 8/23/07

POLITICS-IRAN: Ahmadinejad Held to Election Promises
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who came to power two years ago, winning 62 percent of the popular vote, is rapidly losing popularity for failure to make good on election promises to improve the lives of ordinary people by sharing Iran's vast oil revenues with them and respect their private lives. -IPS - 8/23/07

Why the US is unhappy with Maliki
The Bush administration is not hiding its frustration with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki. - BBC - 8/23/07

Fox Is Pushing For Iran War, Senator Says
Senator Sanders of Vermont is backing a campaign to warn Americans that Fox News is using jingoistic programming to push the nation into a military attack on Iran. Mr. Sanders, a self-described socialistwhocaucuseswiththeDemocrats, joined with a liberal filmmaker yesterday to denounce the popular cable channel for leading a drumbeat in favor of a military strike against Tehran. NY SUN - 8/23/07

US Arms Sales: Source of Instability
What a sharp contrast between Israel's opposition to the U.S. sale of arms to Saudi Arabia just a few years ago and its current support for the present plans of the U.S. to supply advanced weapons to that country. What a change in policy and what does the change actually reflect? -Ardeshir Ommani - 8/23/07

Railway Construction near Naqsh-e Rostam Stopped
Activities of Isfahan-Shiraz railway construction in a close distance of Naqsh-e Rostam historic site have been stopped due to oppositions raised by cultural heritage authorities - CHN - 8/23/07

U.S. wants Islamic charity figure held as flight risk
Pirouz Sedaghaty, a native of Iran and a U.S. citizen, left the United States in 2003 during an investigation that resulted in a federal grand jury indictment in February 2005, accusing him of helping to smuggle $150,000 out of the country to aid Muslim fighters in Chechnya. IHT - 8/23/07

Iranian Authorities Free U.S.-Iranian Scholar On Bail
Reports from Iran say a U.S.-Iranian academic who had been detained on security charges for more than three months has been released on bail. - RFE - 8/22/07

On Journalists' Day, Little To Celebrate
Baran is working for a government newspaper and says that fact gives him a sense of job security. But he is not satisfied professionally and says working for a government mouthpiece causes him great frustration. Baran says he is limited in his choice of topics and is only able to criticize the government indirectly. He adds that when it comes to politics and economics, most journalists must share the view of upper management - RFE - 8/22/07

Concern In Iran Over Condemned, Hunger-Striking Journalists
The families of two Iranian journalists condemned to death as "enemies of God" have told Radio Farda that the men were in poor health as their hunger strikes neared the 40-day mark. - RFE - 8/22/07

Bush Administration plans to sell $20 billion of sophisticated weapons to Saudi Arabia and five other Arab monarchies are likely to backfire and produce less regional security. Far from balancing Sunni Arab states against Shia Iran, such massive arms sales may ignite conflicts that will make the current war in Iraq look like child's play. - 8/22/07

High-profile trial divides Iraq
Saddam Hussein's cousin Ali Hassan al-Majid - widely known as Chemical Ali because of the gassing of villages in northern Iraq - is the most prominent defendant in the third trial to be conducted by the tribunal - BBC - 8/22/07

US Official Criticizes Iran, IAEA Deal on Nuclear Program
A senior U.S. official has criticized the deal Iran reached with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on a timetable for Tehran to answer questions about its controversial nuclear program - VOA - 8/22/07

Dresdner Bank to cease doing business in Iran
Dresdner Bank (DBKGn.DE: Quote, Profile, Research) has decided to wind up its remaining business in Iran, a spokesman for the German bank said on Tuesday. - Reuters - 8/22/07

UK : Businessmen help Labour raise £5m
The biggest single donor to Labour was Mahmoud Khayami, an Iranian-born industrialist, who gave £510,000. Mr Khayami, who made his fortune in the car industry and retail before fleeing Iran in 1979, is also a sponsor of two city academy schools but has not donated to Labour in person before. FT - 8/22/07

Iran seeks foreign oil investment
Iran appointed a new deputy oil minister for international affairs on Monday as part of a government reshuffle. Hossein Noghrehkar-Shirazi, who will take over responsibility for liaison with foreign companies, was appointed by the acting oil minister, Gholam-Hossein Nozari. - FT - 8/22/07

Iranian girls in hot water after US trip
Three female Iranian whitewater kayakers and their coach are in trouble after visiting arch enemy the United States without their federation’s permission, the press reported on Tuesday. AFP - 8/21/07

Iran said to free U.S. academic
A U.S.-Iranian academic detained in Iran on security-related charges since May will be freed once bail of 3 billion rials ($320,000) has been paid and may be released as early as Tuesday evening, a judiciary source said. - Reuters - 8/21/07

"Freedom fries" off the menu
France has sent its top diplomat to Iraq for the first time since Paris led opposition to the U.S.-led invasion of 2003. Although Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said he was visiting Baghdad at the invitation of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, the turnaround reveals many things. - Mehr - 8/21/07

France signals wish for Iraq role with visit by foreign minister
Bernard Kouchner, the French foreign minister, held talks yesterday with Iraqi leaders in the first visit by a French minister to Baghdad since Paris's opposition to the US-led invasion in 2003. - The Guardian - 8/21/07

Wife of Missing Former FBI Agent Interviewed on VOA Persian
"I would hope that anyone who has seen Bob who is six foot four and when he left here about 250 pounds, a very outgoing man, who would be very friendly. If they have seen him or heard anything about him, I would appreciate if they could get in touch with me on our website - 8/21/07

Portugal, the Persian Gulf and Safavid Persia
On the 500th anniversary of Afonso de Albuquerque's attempts to take Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, this conference will focus on the contacts of the Portuguese with Safavid Persia and various aspects of their activities in the Persian Gulf basin. - Iran Heritage - 8/21/07

Tougher on Iran
The Revolutionary Guard is at war with the United States. Why not fight back? - WP - 8/21/07

Europe and America: Sharing the Spoils of War
Europe and America have been long-term partners as well as rivals. New spheres of influence between the European Union and the United States have unfolded. The Middle East and its peripheral geographic areas lie at the heart of this process. - Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya - 8/21/07

Iran's Ambitions Spark Fears in the Muslim World
A nation of 70 million, Iran is one of the largest oil exporters in the world. And with its long coastline, good highways and railroad links to Central Asia, it is a natural crossroads and trading partner - NPR - 8/21/07

World: Exhibition Highlights Shared Heritage Of Islam, Judaism, Christianity
Conflicts among the "Abrahamic faiths" of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have shaped the history and culture of much of the world for centuries. But a new exhibition at London's British Library is highlighting their similarities in a bid to promote mutual respect and understanding. - RFE - 8/21/07

Iran says ready to share nuclear research data with UN watchdog
Tehran is prepared to share information on its controversial nuclear program with the United Nations nuclear watchdog, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday. - RIA Novosti - 8/21/07

Khomeini 'sought to drop Death to America chant'
The claim is made by Hashemi Rafsanjani, a pragmatic conservative and former president, in the newly-published latest volume of his memoirs, entitled Towards Destiny. Mr Rafsanjani discloses that a decision was made during Iran's 1980-88 war with Iraq, when he was speaker of the Iranian parliament and one of Khomeini's closest confidants. - The Guardian - 8/20/07

Kurds flee homes as Iran shells villages in Iraq
Iraqi Kurdish officials expressed deepening concern yesterday at an upsurge in fierce clashes between Kurdish guerrillas and Iranian forces in the remote border area of north-east Iraq, where Tehran has recently deployed thousands of Revolutionary Guards. The Guardian - 8/20/07

President Ahmadinejad attends Tjeknavorian's symphony
"Art is the most beautiful way of expressing the truth," said the president. - IRNA - 8/20/07

Kidnapped Iranian nationals released in Pakistan
Iranian nationals who were taken hostage by armed bandits on Sunday morning and then transferred to Pakistan were released during a military operation early Monday morning, said a local security official. - IRNA - 8/20/07

When Not to Intervene
Large-scale military intervention is often counterproductive to fighting terrorism. U.S. interventionism has prompted Iran and North Korea to accelerate their nuclear programs to deter attacks against their countries. Meanwhile, the estimated 2 million Iraqis who have fled the killings and sectarian bloodshed can legitimately question how the war has advanced the cause of human rights. -WP - 8/20/07

Iran hangs 30 over 'US plots'
Iran has hanged up to 30 people in the past month amid a clampdown prompted by alleged US-backed plots to topple the regime, The Observer can reveal. -The Observer - 8/19/07

CNN Explores Religious Fundamentalism
Christiane Amanpour's work on the documentary series "God's Warriors" took her directly to intersections of extreme religious and secular thinking. - WP - 8/19/07

Iran and Iraq has signed 65 agreements since Saddam fall
He pointed to the completion of a pipeline project which carries 350,000 barrels of oil from the Iraqi port city of Basra to Abadan in southern Iran per day - Mehr - 8/19/07

Backlash Over Book on Policy for Israel
“The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” is not even in bookstores, but already anxieties have surfaced about the backlash it is stirring, with several institutions backing away from holding events with the authors. - NYT - 8/19/07

Bam families hope to break world painting record
"The painting, which measures 3,842.9 meters in length, was drawn on a 5000-meter canvas on Thursday and we hope it will be registered in the Guinness World Records," he added - mehr - 8/19/07

Amirkhani criticizes officials for neglecting art and culture
"Countries such as Qatar and Dubai are seeking to make history as well as to nurture great talents, while we who possess such an ancient and profound culture and great artistic abilities have fallen short in our capacity to showcase the reality of this treasury to the world." - Mehr - 8/19/07

Strangely enough it was a hair raiser for me too! It was an out of body experience for me. I have been working for 30 years and I have been to many places, many occasions, events- but this one was incredible! Watching Nativity with 7000 people who believe in spirituality and their energy was incredible! - Parisa Defaie & Darius KADIVAR - 8/18/07

Judicial units should be established for Iranians abroad: Shahrudi
Despite all challenges and accusations against Islam and Iran, "we were able to present a good picture of Islamic legal system to the world," he noted - Mehr - 8/18/07

Iraq violence: monitoring the surge
The graphics and analysis are based on figures from the US and Iraqi authorities, Baghdad's hospitals and three families from different neighbourhoods in the capital. - BBC - 8/18/07

Neo Realism and French New Wave Cinema imports were often dubbed in Persian and were to influence many aspiring future filmmakers like Abbas Kiarostami and Mohsen Makhmalbaf in the decade that followed. -Darius KADIVAR - 8/18/07

Iran's Progress in Mastering Nuclear Energy Sparks New Threats of Aggression
In recent months Iran has made large strides toward mastering nuclear technology. Alarmed by these advances, the Bush administration and its European allies have stepped up their hostile actions and threats - Robert Johnson - 8/18/07

FM outlines prospects of Iran's active presence at int'l arena
Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki here Friday outlined the positive prospects of Iran's more active presence in international arena in the future. IRNA - 8/18/07

US Says It Is Countering Iranian Influence in Iraq
The second-ranking U.S. commander in Iraq says he is trying to convince Iraqi Shi'ite extremists that working with Iran will have long-term negative consequences for Iraq. Lieutenant General Ray Odierno spoke via satellite from Baghdad with reporters at the Pentagon- VOA - 8/18/07

The Politics of God
For more than two centuries, from the American and French Revolutions to the collapse of Soviet Communism, world politics revolved around eminently political problems. War and revolution, class and social justice, race and national identity — these were the questions that divided us. Today, we have progressed to the point where our problems again resemble those of the 16th century, as we find ourselves entangled in conflicts over competing revelations, dogmatic purity and divine duty. We in the West are disturbed and confused. Though we have our own fundamentalists, we find it incomprehensible that theological ideas still stir up messianic passions, leaving societies in ruin. We had assumed this was no longer possible, that human beings had learned to separate religious questions from political ones, that fanaticism was dead. We were wrong. - NYT - 8/18/07

Baseball pitcher Darvish set to take Japanese citizenship
TOKYO: Star pitcher Yu Darvish, who holds both Iranian and Japanese citizenship, is preparing to drop his Iranian nationality so he can represent Japan in the Beijing Olympics, his father said Saturday- AP - 8/18/07

64-Hectare Fortress Discovered near Gorgan's Wall
Iranian-British joint team consisted of experts of Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) and University of Edinburgh and Durham University, have succeeded in discovering the biggest fortress in one kilometer distance of Gorgan's wall. - CHN - 8/18/07

Stone's second request for depicting Ahmadinejad
Oliver Stone has made his second request for depicting Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - IRNA - 8/17/07

US effort to include IRGC among terror organs a pride for Guards- Khatami
Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami added, "As in the nuclear case, the Iranian nation and government would never leave alone their revolutionary offsprings." Two leading US dailies, the Washington Post and the New York Times reported in their Wednesday edition about US officials intention to survey adding the name of Iran's Revolutionary Guards to the list of the international organs involved in terrorist acts. - IRNA - 8/17/07

Two Fine Photographers on Display at Berkeley Art Museum
To coincide with the film series, BAM displays “Abbas Kiarostami Image Maker,” a show of still photos, which comes to Berkeley from MoMA’s P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center. These stark black-and-white photographs are of roads and trees and were often the result of his walking thousands of miles in search of suitable backgrounds for his films. - 8/17/07

Get the Saudis involved
The Saudi government does not support the Sunni insurgency, but some segments of Saudi society clearly do. A few Wahabi imams in Saudi Arabia have urged their followers to go to Iraq for jihad against the foreign forces and the Shiites. IHT - 8/17/07

Wife Of Missing American Plans To Travel To Iran
The wife of a former FBI agent who disappeared in March while on a business trip to Iran says she is planning to travel to Iran to search for him. - RFE - 8/17/07

IRAQ: Between the Two Rivers, Lack of Water Kills
Iraq, with its famous Tigris and Euphrates rivers that run the length of the country, is now unable to provide drinking water to most of its people. - IPS - 8/17/07

Ahmadinejad urges respect for nations rights
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday urged the international community to adopt a respectful and fair view to rights of nations. - IRNA - 8/17/07

Iranian, Chinese presidents meet in Bishkek
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his Chinese counterpart President Ho Jintao in a meeting here Wednesday emphasized need for broadening and strengthening Tehran-Beijing ties _IRNA - 8/16/07

A Retrospective on the Jews of Iran and Iranians in Diaspora
Amongst the highly diverse ethnic and religious population of Iran, that has today encompassed (mostly Shiites) Moslems, but also Iranians of Zoroastrians, Armenian and Assyrian Christians, Jewish and Baha'i faiths, the eminent presence and reciprocal cultural influence of Iranian/Persian people of Jewry is of particular merit and thus significance. According to some historical accounts as narrated by a European Orientalogist of the 16th century, who then surmised half the Iranian populations with Jewish heritage, many of the "missing" Jewish tribes were said to have actually assimilated into the Iranian tapestry before the 16th Century. - Davood N. Rahni - 8/16/07

Did The CIA Edit Wikipedia Pages?
A new tool to track who edits pages on Wikipedia seems to indicate that the CIA made changes to the entry on Iran’s president. - 8/16/07

Analysis: Bush's Iranian headache
Now, frustrated by Iran's muscle-flexing in the Middle East and aware of the drawbacks of military action, the administration seems to have settled on a policy of containment. - BBC - 8/16/07

Labeling of the Revolutionary Guards: Another step toward military confrontation
The unprecedented move by the United States to designate a branch of another sovereign nation's armed forces, in this case Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps as a "terrorist" organization [1], is only the latest episode of a menacing plan that has taken years to implement. - 8/16/07

Ineffectual, not tough
The proposal, flagged up by US State Department officials yesterday, to put Iran's revolutionary guard on a list of foreign terrorist organisations which includes al-Qaida, Hizbullah and Hamas is a confrontational one which could go down well in Washington. -The Guardian - 8/16/07

US Signs $30-Billion Defense Aid Pact With Israel
The United States and Israel have signed an accord under which Washington will provide its closest Mideast ally with $30 billion in defense aid over the next decade - a 25 percent increase over previous years- VOA - 8/16/07

Iran's Ahmadinejad Says US Missile Defense Plan Threatens Asia
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says a U.S. missile-defense plan in Europe is a threat to countries across much of Asia. - VOA - 8/16/07

Iran's Ahmadinejad Says US Missile Defense Plan Threatens Asia
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says a U.S. missile-defense plan in Europe is a threat to countries across much of Asia. - VOA - 8/16/07

Takes One to Know One - Terrorist Nation?
Whatever the truth about the activities of the Iranians, certainly when it comes to terror, the US is unrivalled in the world today. - - 8/16/07

Tehran to Host the 8th International Cartoon Biennial
The contest which is open to all cartoonists will be organized in three categories including cartoon, comic strip, and caricature. CHN - 8/16/07

U.S. Employers Be Alert, Iranians Too
Stepping into the vacuum created by Congress' inability to enact workable comprehensive immigration reform, the Administration has recently ramped up its enforcement arsenal, leaving many employers between a rock and hard place. This is the situation in which the employers and immigrants both feel discriminated against. The real solution, recognized by the Administration, is comprehensive immigration reform. VOA - 8/16/07

U.S. films grapple with violence, evil at NY festival
The New York Film Festival on Wednesday unveiled 28 films debuting at the fall event, including many widely-anticipated U.S. movies and Iranian coming-of-age tale "Persepolis" on closing night. - Reuters - 8/16/07

Religious minorities caught in 'fault lines' of Iraq's battles
Yazidi also are often scorned by Muslims as infidels for their blend of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Zoroastrianism, the pre-Islamic faith of Persia. The Yazidi — mostly ethnic Kurds — date their beliefs back 4,000 years and worship an angel figure, Malak Ta'us, or Peacock Angel, who is considered to be the devil by some Muslims and Christians. Yazidis, who do not believe in hell or evil, deny the characterization. - Associated Press - 8/16/07

Saudi Arabia: U.S. Ties At Odds With Expanding Regional Role?
While Saudi authorities have publicly aired their intentions to support Iraq's Sunnis in the case of a U.S. troop withdrawal, private Saudi funding constitutes a major financial source for the insurgency in Iraq. - RFE - 8/15/07

US feels heat as Iranian leader visits Afghanistan
The trip came just a week after Mr Karzai, a key US ally, clashed publicly with President Bush about the nature of Iran's involvement. Addressing a joint White House press conference last week, Mr Bush said: "I would be very cautious about whether or not the Iranian influence in Afghanistan is a positive force." Mr Karzai flatly contradicted him by describing Iran as "a helper and a solution". The Guardian - 8/15/07

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Rule of Islam only way for salvation of mankind
"There is no truth on earth but monotheism and following tenets of Islam and there is no way for salvation of mankind but rule of Islam over mankind," said Ahmadinejad in a meeting with Afghan Sunni and Shiite ulama at Iranian Embassy in Kabul. - IRNA - 8/15/07

IRAQ: U.S. Tags Iran for Casualties from Its Own Attacks
The Bush administration continues to assert that EFPs are provided by the Iranian government, despite numerous discoveries by U.S. forces of workshops manufacturing such devices in Iraq. IPS - 8/15/07

Candidates previously disqualified still banned for 2008 election: GC member
As the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has recommended, the only criterion for judging candidates' qualifications should be a "commitment to the observation of the law," - Mehr - 8/15/07

American People's Peace Delegation to Iran: Three hundred members of Revolutionary Guards treated us like long-lost relatives
The People's Peace Delegation to Iran was a group of five anti-war activists from the United States who traveled through Iran from July 20 - 30 to promote peace and friendship between the peoples of our two countries. CASMII - 8/15/07

Persian translation of fake "Harry Potter" hits Iran's bookstores
At the top corner of the back of the book, the label "internet version" has been printed- Mehr - 8/15/07

Unkindness towards Hormozgan Historical Sites Continues
Located in southern Iran, Hormozgan province has 14 islands in the Persian Gulf and 1000 kilometers of coastline. The province is known to have been a settlement area during the Achaemenid dynastic era (550-330 BC). Hormozgan is said to have been particularly prosperous between 241 and 211 BC, but is said to have grown even further in trade and commercial significance after the arrival of the Islamic era (651 AD). - CHN - 8/15/07

6000-year-old prehistoric site totally bulldozed in central Iran
"The license for excavation of the area was issued by the Archaeological Research Center of Iran (ARCI) two years ago at a time when approximately half of the site had already been flattened," said Siamak Sarlak, director of the team which was to have conducted salvage operations at the location. Mehr - 8/15/07

Iran detains two reformist journalists
Both are accused of "spreading lies and material against the system and giving news to foreign websites," he said. - AFP - 8/15/07

In Italy, Creating Worlds Takes Precision, Yes, and Politics
For mapmakers like Nova Rico, geographic disputes are commonplace. For a Turkish customer, Cyprus is shown split in two, a division that Greek Cypriots do not recognize. On one globe, Chile is given parts of Antarctica that on another globe go to Argentina. And in much of the Arab world, Israel is nonexistent. - NYT - 8/15/07

Zoo Shows Rare Persian Leopard Triplets
The Persian leopard is the largest of the leopard subspecies and is native to Western Asian countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Armenia - AP - 8/15/07

Young Engineers Design Robots To Score Goals, Save Lives
"What I find especially interesting is a country like Iran, where they have fantastic engineers but they don't have all of the latest computing technology, cameras and so on. So that the technology the robots are built out of is maybe five years old, but their engineering and design is current, and they perform very, very well. VOA - 8/15/07

Whirling dervishes to accompany "Shams" band in Sadabad
"Since UNESCO has designated 2007 "The Year of Rumi" to mark the 800th birth anniversary of this mystic and poet, we felt the necessity to hold a concert to echo Rumi's thoughts in his birth land, Iran," he added. - Mehr - 8/15/07

Iran: No Decision On Detained Iranian-Americans After Inquiry
The Iranian government has restricted access to them and little is know about their conditions. An Iranian rights group, the Student Committee of Human Rights Reporters, said in an August 11 statement that both of the scholars are facing difficult physical and psychological conditions in prison. The two are reportedly being held in solitary confinement with no personal contact with their families or lawyers - RFE - 8/14/07

Iran, Afghanistan set to seal ties despite U.S. pressure
Clearly, Iran has suffered the most from the instability in Afghanistan since 1979, especially from drug trafficking - Mehr - 8/14/07

Iranian president sacks ministers to deflect blame for policy failure
Mr Vaziri-Hamaneh, the oil minister, may have been a victim of June's introduction of petrol rationing, although he is not believed to have been responsible. The decision triggered widespread unrest and the destruction of dozens of filling stations by protesters. - The Guardian - 8/14/07

RSF Asks UN To Support Jailed Iranian Journalists
Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has asked UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to intervene in the case of two Iranian-Kurdish journalists who have been sentenced to death. - RFE - 8/14/07

AFGHANISTAN-IRAN: Afghan deportees complain of lack of aid
Zahraa, “I was told to leave my home for good within one hour” - IRIN - 8/14/07

The Bipartisan Guarantee of More War in Iraq --- No Light, Just Tunnel
Most people persist in believing that the Bush Administration has "mishandled" or "bungled" the war in Iraq, when in fact they have achieved almost all of their goals. They have vastly enriched their cronies. They have installed a U.S. military presence in Iraq. They have expanded the size, power and scope of the armed forces and the intelligence services - - 8/14/07

A spooky look at the CIA
Forget the latest James Patterson thriller. This is by far the scariest book of the year. By Mr. Weiner's account, the agency created after World War II to predict the next Pearl Harbor has spent six decades mishandling virtually every major world crisis. CSM - 8/14/07

Saffron price in Iran increases fivefold
The figure shows a fivefold rise when compared to the similar period in the past year, Ali Shariati-Moqaddam told MNA - Mehr - 8/14/07

The five kidnapped Iranian diplomats in Arbil will meet their families.
An informed official while giving this news stated, "The Americans have agreed with this issue, but the time of these meetings have not yet been specified." - ISNA - 8/14/07

Ayatollah Rafsanjani: Delicate approach needed for regional problems
Head of Iran's Expediency Council, Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, said here on Sunday that the countries of the region should adopt wise and careful stands about regional disputes for good of their people. IRNA - 8/13/07

Sunni leader appeals for help against what he calls Iranian-supported death squads and militias
An influential Sunni leader issued an impassioned appeal Sunday for help from Arab countries against what he called Iranian-supported death squads and militias in the latest blow to the Iraqi government's reconciliation efforts. - The Associated Press - 8/13/07

Anti-Mafia police uncover arms-to-Iraq plot
US loss of control over the flood of weapons into Iraq was highlighted again yesterday when it emerged that Italian anti-Mafia investigators had uncovered an alleged shipment of 105,000 rifles of which the American high command was unaware. - The Guardian - 8/13/07

A Policy of Genocide
So it is that Dick Cheney whispers into Mr. Bush's ear to attack Iraq, confident that with her children buried, the parents too weak from mourning and disease, she will surrender – quickly. -Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 8/13/07

Persian exotic beauty enticing the masses with her unique sound while spreading her message of love and peace through the vibrant music she creates. Web Site - 8/13/07

Czech Republic: Missile Defense 'Based On Capability,' Not Threats
Klvana: Well, we believe that Iran possibly will be capable of reaching or having the capability of striking Western Europe and later even the U.S. with intercontinental ballistic missiles. Those threats are estimated at about 2015. If everything goes well, the missile-defense shield will be ready and operational about two [or] three years before that date - RFE - 8/13/07

U.S. and Israel close gap on defense aid payouts
With an eye on an ascendant Iran, Washington announced a defense package for its allies in the region on July 30 including stepping up aid to Israel -- which now receives $2.4 billion a year -- by 25 percent, for a total of $30 billion over the next decade. - Reuters - 8/13/07

China's Chery to open auto factory in Iran
China's biggest domestic automaker, Chery, says it will open a factory in Iran, expanding its fast-growing foreign ties soon after the announcement of ventures with Chrysler and Fiat - The Associated Press - 8/13/07

Iran Completes Probe of Detained US-Iranian Academics
Hasan Haddad, Tehran's deputy prosecutor told Iranian state media Sunday that Haleh Esfandiari and Kian Tajbakhsh must now complete a series of written tasks before their fate will be decided. He did not say what the written work involves. - VOA - 8/12/07

Why Iran matters to U.S.
Two new books chronicle the ‘crude’ reality of U.S. policies towards oil-rich regions in the world - Siddharth Varadarajan - 8/12/07

Iran Appoints Hardliners To Monitor Elections
Some fear the appointments herald a repeat of the 2004 parliamentary elections when there was a mass disqualification of reformist candidates - RFE - 8/12/07

Iraq, Iran Sign Oil-Pipeline Deal
The Iran news network reported that the pipeline would carry oil from Iraqi oil fields to refineries in Iran - 8/12/07

Trouble grows in Iraq's Shiite south
Ani says. "Iran supports all groups, from small to large. They want to play on the divisions of Shiites and want to control all the strings." - CSM - 8/12/07

KILLSHOT: Hossein Amini and Quentin Tarantino's New Pulp Movie
KillShot is the first collaboration between Palm d'Or director of Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino and Amir Hosseini who was Oscar nominated for his script for Wings of the Dove. - Darius KADIVAR - 8/12/07

Germany, US, rank top among importers of Persian carpet
Hamid Ghavam Shahidi said that the two countries have been followed by Italy, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Japan, Canada and France respectively - IRNA - 8/12/07

Rafsanjani: Iran ready to hold un-preconditioned talks with U.S.
"We advise them to choose the right path. Negotiation is the best way and we are ready to negotiate at all levels. Let us place aside sarcasm and illogical preconditions; let us sit down and solve regional problems and the dispute over Iran's peaceful nuclear program. We are ready to aid them. They should know that through disturbing the region's stability they will only trouble themselves." ISNA - 8/11/07

Contradicting Karzai’s statement in a CNN interview on Sunday that Iran was “a helper and a solution” to his country, Bush urged him to be “very cautious about whether or not the Iranian influence there in Afghanistan is a positive force”. - - 8/11/07

Iran trying to sway debate on Iraq: U.S. general
A U.S. general said on Saturday Iran had increased supplies of weapons to Shi'ite militias in Iraq to attack U.S. troops and influence debate in Washington before the presentation of a crucial report on Iraq next month - Reuters - 8/11/07

For a Middle East Free of All Weapons of Mass Destruction
We are speaking on this occasion, not as members of this or that nation, continent, or creed, but as human beings, members of the species, Man, whose continued existence is in doubt ... CASMII - 8/10/07

An interview with human rights artist , SARA RAHBAR
"I am not Ahmadinejad – I am an Iranian. I am not President Bush – I am an American." - Sara Rahbar - 8/10/07

Alexander: the final, final cut
"Bush is the same way as Ahmadinejad," he elaborates to me. "That is why I compared them. To me they are both fronts for a deeper issue which is the control of the State. In both cases, in America and in Iran, there is almost a totalitarian control. They don't want the moderate people in either country to have much say in preventing war." - The Guardian - 8/10/07

Tehran accuses Britain of digging spy tunnel
Ascribing sinister motives to Britain has long been an integral part of Iranian culture and political life. But now pro-government hardliners have accused the country they label the "old fox" of plumbing new depths of chicanery by digging a tunnel to ferry spies and prostitutes into its embassy in Tehran. - Guardian - 8/10/07

Bush Warns Iran Of 'Consequences' For Arming Iraqis
And for the second time in four days, the U.S. leader faced questions from reporters about an ally that appears to be getting along better with Iran than he might prefer. RFE - 8/10/07

Scared Straight: Iraqi Style
Inside Iraq’s notorious Camp Cropper, an unusual pilot program is trying to reform youths who’ve been brainwashed for jihad. NEWSWEEK gets an exclusive look. - NEWSWEEK - 8/10/07

The Government's FAQ on WMD and NBC Terrorism
And what does it say? The "Report on Activities and Programs for Countering Proliferation and NBC Terrorism" (see what I mean about the acronyms? NBC stands for nuclear, biological and chemical) shows mostly how the government R&D establishment and the nuclear priesthood use the nuclear threat to get more money. WP - 8/10/07

U.S. withdrawal needed for security, Iran tells Iraq
An end to violence in Iraq depends on the United States withdrawing its troops, Iran told Iraq's prime minister on Thursday, seeking to deflect accusations from Washington that it is responsible for bloodshed there. Reuters - 8/10/07

FACTBOX: Rating past financial crises
The current tightening of credit has drawn comparisons to past financial crises, ranging from the collapse of Long-Term Capital Management, the Russian default in 1998, the U.S. savings and loans crisis in the 1980s and even the Great Depression. Reuters - 8/10/07

Iraq: Neighbors Unlikely To Provide Support On Security
Iraq has convened several key meetings this week with neighboring states aimed at improving security. RFE - 8/9/07

"Progress" in Iraq and the Bush Administration's Credibility Gap
" Progress " . This is the new watchword for determining whether US military forces should remain bogged down in Iraq's civil war or if the Democrats will have enough political muscle to bring the troops home. - 8/9/07

Is Iran meddling in Afghanistan?
President Hamid Karzai, in meetings in Washington this week, said Iran is a valuable ally. But Afghan officials have grown increasingly wary of their Western neighbor. - Christian Science Monitor - 8/9/07

US warns Iraq's Maliki over Iran
President George W. Bush on Thursday warned Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki against being too conciliatory with Iran after he appeared in Tehran for talks with senior leaders - - 8/9/07

Iranian Officials Pledge to Help Boost Iraq's Security
Iranian officials have promised visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki that Tehran will do all it can to boost security in Iraq - 8/9/07

400 Historical Sites Discovered within 7 Days in Mazandaran
Researches conducted by 16 teams in an attempt to prepare the archeological map of Mazandaran province has resulted in discovery of 400 historical sites just within the first week of this project. It is anticipated that the number of historical sites in this Iranian northern province would reach to 10,000 until the end of the project - CHN - 8/9/07

Manifesto of the Bulimic Art - Middle East Art in NY
Come and feed your souls by sensing a new artistic idea shaped by the underestimated Middle East Art for years. Come and see it just to know what is finally 'REAL'! - 8/9/07

The '300' stroke
FOR THE WORLD AT LARGE, the sign " 300 " may not mean much beyond a mere number placed solemnly between a double quotation marks. - Al-Ahram Weekly - Hamid Dabashi - 8/9/07

The '300' stroke
FOR THE WORLD AT LARGE, the sign " 300 " may not mean much beyond a mere number placed solemnly between a double quotation marks. - Hamid Dabashi - 8/9/07

Iran Frees Six Detained Activists
Iran has released six students and other activists who were detained on July 9. RFE - 8/9/07

Five Union Activists Detained In Tehran
Five members of the Tehran bus drivers' union were detained today outside the home of the union's jailed leader, Mansur Osanlu, Radio Farda reported. RFE - 8/9/07

Iran, U.S. maneuvering over Iraq scenario
Unexpected changes could undermine the Iran-U.S. negotiations that recently began. - 8/8/07

Iran sees U.S. plot to topple its leadership
An Iranian minister said he believed the United States had dropped the idea of attacking Iran but wanted to topple its leadership through what he called a "soft revolution." - WP - 8/8/07

Iran's high-stakes political game
Iran's top clerics embark on a fierce power struggle for control over the country's most powerful decision-making body, the Assembly of Experts. - 8/8/07

Prospects of Armageddon
The logic that defends past nuclear atrocities is now used to support a strike against Iran - The Guardian - 8/8/07

Iran to buy Tupolev 204s
This decision was made after Iranian airliners announced that they due to the U.S. embargo are short of planes and have become incapable of meeting the current requirements of the local and foreign air transport market. - ISNA - 8/8/07

Left blind to an Iranian rebellion
THE way part of the Western Left portrays Iran, you'd think it's a progressive regime opposed by a few rich reactionaries beholden to the US - Amir Taheri - 8/8/07

Nastaliq calligraphy convention to be held in Tehran
Nastaliq is one of the main genres of Islamic calligraphy. It was developed in Iran in the 14th and 15th centuries and it has been popular in Persian, Turkish, and South Asian spheres of influence - 8/8/07

Number of US Troops in Iraq Reaches All-Time High
Bryan Whitman, said new troop arrivals are temporarily raising the number of U.S. forces above the 161,000 who helped secure the 2005 Iraqi elections. VOA - 8/8/07

Iraqi Prime Minister In Iran For Security Talks
Al-Maliki arrived in Tehran following a visit to Turkey. He is accompanied on his trip by several high-ranking officials, including Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari - 8/8/07

Discovery Moustrian Stone Tools and Animal Remnants in Gilan
Iranian and South Korean archeologists, who have started their researches on Paleolithic epoch sites of Gilan province, have succeeded in discovery animal remnants and stone tools belonging to 100,000 years ago in one of the caves - 8/8/07

That's SIIC -- or Is It?
SCIRI, in what some observers saw as an effort to distance itself from its Iranian mentors, decided in May to drop the word "revolution" from its name and to become known as the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (SIIC). WP - 8/8/07

Iraq: Al-Maliki Seeks To Strengthen Ties With Iran
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will go to Iran today where he will hold talks on August 8 with Iranian officials on economic and political cooperation. - 8/7/07

Iraqi deputy FM calls tripled meeting "satisfactory"
Lubaid Abbawi added Iran and the U.S. agreed to continue the talks despite of their disputes. ISNA - 8/7/07

U.S. warns missing man's family about visiting Iran
It has urged the family of a former FBI agent who went missing in Iran to think twice about visiting the country, where four other U.S. citizens have been detained this year - Reuters - 8/7/07

A "face saving" formula is only way out of nuclear stalemate: expert
whereby Iran retains its 'right' to uranium enrichment and the U.S. can gain some confidence that Iran is fulfilling its NPT-related commitments- MEHR - 8/7/07

Bush Differs With Karzai on Iran
Mr. Karzai characterized Iran as ¡°a helper¡± in a CNN interview - 8/7/07

Iran Shuts Down Leading Reformist Newspaper Again
The government Monday said it banned the pro-reform daily Shargh ("East") because on Saturday it published an interview with an expatriate poet who has written about homosexuality VOA - 8/6/07

Conference of Rumi's Wondrous Words to be Held in London
The conference will focus on the poetic origins, quality, and impact of Rumi's writings, its sources of inspiration, and its effect in Persian speaking parts of the world - CHN - 8/6/07

U.S., Iran Hold Talks on Security Issues
A U.S. Embassy spokesman, Lou Fintor, said Monday's discussions were "frank and serious" and focused on the violence plaguing Iraq - WP - 8/6/07

Oil majors have made dlrs 10 billion investment in Iran
Despite the US pressure, European oil companies have been involved in developing Iranian oil industry - IRNA - 8/6/07

Tehran Cooperating 'Just Enough' To Avoid More UN Sanctions
So far, this strategy has been successful because five permanent Security Council members have agreed to postpone consideration of the next sanction resolution until September - RFE - 8/6/07

Iran's Azarakhsh fighter jet successfully tested
The test flight was performed in Isfahan where a number of high-ranking military officials including defense minister were present. - MEHR - 8/5/07

Iraq air force wants Iran to give back its planes wants Iran to give back its planes
Lieutenant-General Kamal al-Barzanji is eyeing the aircraft, which were flown to Iran to escape destruction, as he slowly rebuilds Iraq's shattered air force with American help - WP - 8/5/07

Naqsh-e Rostam to Fall Victim of Isfahan-Shiraz Railway
Despite all oppositions made so far by Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) against construction of Isfahan-Shiraz railway only in 500-meter distance of Naqsh-e Rostam historic site - CHN - 8/5/07

Rice says Saudi arms deal important to protect U.S. allies from Iran
The proposed deal, worth more than $20 billion (€14.6 billion), would include advanced weaponry and air systems that would greatly enhance the striking ability of Saudi warplanes - WP - 8/5/07

Iran May Consider American's Request
On Thursday, Christine Levinson, the wife of missing former FBI agent Robert Levinson said she was planning to travel to Iran in search of her husband - WP - 8/5/07

Iran detains scores at "satanic" rock gig
Karaj's public prosecutor, Ali Farhadi, said invitations had been sent out via the Internet and that people from Britain and Sweden were among those held. Zarei suggested they were expatriate Iranians visiting the country. Reuters - 8/5/07

At US Base, Iraqis Must Use Separate Latrine
It¡¯s been nearly 60 years since President Harry Truman ended racial segregation in the U.S. military. But at Forward Operating Base Warhorse it¡¯s alive and well - - 8/5/07

Iranian Politicians React To Second Round Of Iraq Talks With U.S.
Iranian politicians have firmly rejected U.S. accusations of Tehran's meddling in Iraq after an apparently less cordial second round of talks on Iraqi security held in Baghdad between the ambassadors of Iran and the United States on July 24. -RFE - 8/3/07

Iran-U.S.-Iraq security committee to meet next week
Iran's ambassador to Iraq gave news of a session between the three sides of the Iraq talks on the established committee between the negotiating sides. -ISNA - 8/3/07

Second round of Iran-US talks: Cheney camp pushes for war
The second round of historic US-Iran talks on 24th July, was held against a background of hyped up and sustained accusations against Iran. -CASMII - 8/3/07

Pakistan says US-India Nuclear deal to have implications on strategic stability
Pakistan said on Thursday that the US-India Nuclear Agreement would have implications on strategic stability as it would enable India to produce significant quantities of fissile material and nuclear weapons from un-safeguarded nuclear reactors. -IRNA - 8/3/07

Iran: Iraq's Maliki to Visit Tehran Next Week
Iranian state media say Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will make his second official visit to Tehran next week for talks with Iranian leaders. -VOA - 8/3/07

Bush-Karzai Summit To Address Insurgency, Opium, Iran
When Afghan President Hamid Karzai meets with U.S. President George W. Bush on August 5 and 6, the two leaders are expected to discuss a strategy for increasing Karzai's control over his country. -RFE - 8/3/07

"Let America be America Again"
Those are the words of the American poet Langston Hughes in early 1900's when he optimistically hoped for "America yet to be"-free from prejudice! It is ironic that in spite of his dream and later Martin Luther King's, we have a long way to go to shake our racial prejudices in myriads of yet new ways. -Ali A. Parsa - 8/3/07

Accidentally Sold Parts for Iranian Fighters, Most Recovered
Investigators from the U.S. Congress say earlier this year the Defense Department sold nearly 1,400 collections of surplus parts that can be used in aging fighter jets now only flown by Iran, in spite of a ban on such sales. -VOA - 8/3/07

'Honour killing' screenplay changed after Iranian complaints
A scene in a major new film starring Harrison Ford and Sean Penn in which an Iranian character murders his sister in a so-called "honour killing" has been changed after complaints. -Guardian - 8/3/07

Tehran denounces Tel Aviv's human rights accusations
Iran's new ambassador to the United Nations, Mohammad Khazaei in a letter to the UN General Secretary denounced Israel's "horrific" human rights record and at the same time defended Iran's own record with regard to the issue. -ISNA - 8/3/07

Understanding Iranian Strategy in Afghanistan
While stories of Iranian malfeasance in Iraq increasingly concern U.S. policymakers and permeate U.S. domestic media coverage, Afghanistan is almost as important for Iranian policymakers. -Michael Rubin, AEI - 8/3/07

Iranian cyclist tours world on tree-planting mission
Tajeran, a keen cyclist, climber, and conservationist, is on a solo, round-the-world bicycle trip to promote his mission and motto: "We Need Trees." -ME Times - 8/3/07

US-India Deal Said to ¡®Increase Nuclear Danger¡¯
The Bush administration¡¯s decision to let India obtain nuclear technology from the United States is renewing long-held fears that it could result in further proliferation of nuclear weapons around the world. - 8/3/07

Rubin v. Islamic Republic of Iran (03c9370): Default Judgment against a Nation
The recent ruling by Judge Manning of the United States District Court in Chicago on July 26, 2007 once again brings us back to the disheartening and disgraceful memories of one September day in 1997. -Jamshid S. Irani - 8/2/07

Iran Human Rights Violations, US Policy Criticized at NIAC Conference
"I am incensed by what has happened to Haleh Esfandiari," said Congressmen James Moran (D-VA) addressing a packed room on Capitol Hill last Thursday. Moran, an outspoken critic of human rights violators, was just one of the many distinguished panelists who spoke at NIAC's second major Capitol Hill policy conference of the year. -NIAC - 8/2/07

Canadian World Walker For Peace Arrives in Iran
Well-known Canadian tourist Jean Beliveau who is to travel around the globe on foot crossed Astara border into Iran on Thursday. Jean Beliveau's mission is to promote peace and non-violence for children throughout the world. - 8/2/07

Iran's Haddadi stands fourth at IAAF rankings
The 22-year-old promoted from the eighth spot after he posted a championship record of 65.38 while successfully defending his discus throw title on the third day of the Asian Athletics Championships at the Amman International Stadium in Amman, the capital of Jordan, last Tuesday. -MNA - 8/2/07

Murderers of judge executed in Tehran on assassination anniversary
Assassins of Tehran Magistrate Judge Hassan Moqaddas were hanged in public here Thursday on the anniversary of the judge's assassination. -IRNA - 8/2/07

EYES WIDE SHUT: The World of Cinema mourns for Antonioni and Bergman
The World of Motion Pictures was hit by the sad but much expected news of the demise of the two major pillars of European Cinema. Italy¡¯s Michelangelo Antonioni, renowned for his 1966 release Blow-Up, died aged 94 exactly a day after Ingmar Bergman, legendary director of the Seventh Seal who passed away at the age of 89. -Darius KADIVAR - 8/2/07

China, Russia Win Top Results in Physics Olympiad in Iran
More than three hundred secondary school students competed in the thirty-eighth International Physics Olympiad last month in Iran. They came from seventy-three countries, including the United States. - 8/2/07

Iran: Five students released on bail, three left in prison start hunger strike, face torture
Five of the students named above were released on bail on 18 July. Ahmad Qasaban, Majid Tavakkoli and Ehsan Mansouri have reportedly begun a hunger strike in protest at their continuing detention. They are reportedly being subjected to torture. -Amnesty International - 8/2/07

US Democratic Presidential Hopeful Obama Vows to Pursue Terrorists in Pakistan
Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama said Wednesday he would be willing to send U.S. troops into Pakistan to hunt down terrorists without permission from the government of President Pervez Musharraf. -VOA - 8/2/07

Iranian Filmmaker Shirdel refuses to travel to NY in protest against US policies
In protest against U.S. policies, the renowned Iranian documentary filmmaker Kamran Shirdel has refused to attend the ceremony which was to be organized in his honor by New York's Asia Society. - 8/2/07

Central Asia: Crop Diversity Threat Could Affect World Food Security
Central Asia is home to many wild plants from which crops around the world originated. Such plants are repositories of genetic diversity in crops and, according to many, vital to ensuring future food security. -RFE - 8/2/07

Iran and US Jiu-Jitsu in the Middle East
About six months ago, I wrote . . . speculating on what I thought was an emerging US Middle East strategy. The essence of the argument was that the United States would attempt to use the threat of Iran and a Shia political emergence to mobilize Arab support and perhaps even a degree of tacit Arab-Israeli cooperation. The strategy would also intend to shift attention away from the US catastrophe in Iraq. -Gary Sick, ICGA - 8/2/07

Iran: Housing in the limelight
Iran's government applies three strategies to reduce the house price, said the housing and urban development minister in Tehran on Wednesday. -MNA - 8/2/07

Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees to visit Iran
United Nations Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees Judy Cheng Hopkins is to pay a two-day visit to Iran from 4-7 August 2007. -IRNA - 8/2/07

Karrubi says will not run for parliament
Mehdi Karrubi ran unsuccessfully for presidential post in 2005. Angry over a lack of unity among reformists for fielding a single candidate for the presidential elections the former Majlis speaker embarked on establishing his own party, the National Confidence Party (NCP). -MNA - 8/2/07

Iran: Companies rush for the auction of third cell phone operator
The auction of offering cell services of the third operator in Iran will be held next year, the Communication deputy said. -Taliya News - 8/2/07

Why the US considers Iran its "single-country challenge"
Shirin Saeidi, of the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII), speaks to us about the prospects of war with Iran and how we underestimate the complexity of Iranian society -altmuslim - 8/2/07

U.S.-Arab arms deal a threat to Israel: Iranian General
The U.S. plan for selling an arms package to the Arab states is far more of a threat to Israel than Iran, said Alireza Afshar, the director of the armed forces media affairs office here Wednesday. Washington aims to render Iran a threat in the eyes of regional Arab countries, he added. -MNA - 8/2/07

World's largest carpet unveiled in Iran
The world's largest hand-woven carpet 'Qasr al-Alam' has been designed by an Iranian artist on the order of Emir of Oman. The carpet was unveiled in Tehran on July 31. - 8/1/07

Shajarian refrains from performing smash hit "Morgh-e Sahar"
The first night of Mohammadreza Shajarian's concert series passed pleasantly in Tehran on Monday, although the living legend of Iranian traditional music declined the applauding fans' request for him to perform his smash hit "Morgh-e Sahar" (The Bird of Dawn). -MNA - 8/1/07

Doing Business in Iran
Iran's five- years economic plans have emphasized a gradual move towards a market-oriented economy and the development of the private sector, but political and social concerns have hampered the applications of sound economic policy, and large external debt repayments limited policy options throughout much of the 1990s. -Dayarayan Auditing & Financial Services Firm - 8/1/07

India under US pressure to stop Iran gas pipeline
India's relationship with Iran has come under the US scanner in the wake of the 123 agreement, with the government now under open pressure not to conclude the gas pipeline ontract or implement the joint agreement with Iran for defence cooperation. -IRNA - 8/1/07

Iran: Senior Cleric's Death Sparks Search For New Assembly Chairman
The death on July 30 of the conservative chairman, Ayatollah Ali Meshkini, of Iran's powerful Assembly of Experts obliges its members to select a new chamber leader. -RFE - 8/1/07

Bush Plan To Sell Arms to Persian Gulf States Faces Congressional Opposition
A group of U.S. lawmakers has introduced legislation aimed at blocking President Bush's plan to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf States, arguing that the proposal would be destabilizing to the region. -VOA - 8/1/07

Amnesty International: Iranian student activists detained, risk torture
The 15 people listed above were arrested on 9 July, the eighth anniversary of student demonstrations in 1999 which were violently suppressed by the security forces. The eight who are named are believed to be held in solitary confinement in Section 209 of Evin Prison in Tehran, which is run by the Ministry of Intelligence. - 8/1/07

Law Targeting Investors in Iran Advances in US Congress
The U.S. House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed a bill to increase pressure on investors in Iran's energy sector. -VOA - 8/1/07

TV police series to highlight ecstasy pill trade in Iran
Mehdi Fakhimzadeh, who is famous among Iranian TV addicts for his police productions, is to bring out another TV police series entitled "Shout without a Voice", which focuses on Iranian producers of ecstasy pills and those who use them. -MNA - 8/1/07

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer Joins IAPAC Reception in New York City
The Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC) held its annual New York City reception on July 22, 2007. The event, held at the home of Hamid and Laya Biglari, brought together Iranian Americans from the tri-state area to discuss IAPAC's role in enhancing Iranian American participation in the American political process. - 8/1/07

Iranian Human-Rights Activist Emad Baghi Gets Suspended Sentence
Iran has sentenced a prominent human-rights activist and writer to a three-year suspended jail term. Emad Baghi, the head of the Society to Defend the Rights of Prisoners, has been convicted on security charges, including acting against Iran's national security. -RFE - 8/1/07

Food industries play major role in Iran's water pollution: World Bank
The latest report by World Bank reveals that food and drink industries are the top polluters of Iranian water resources. -IRNA - 8/1/07

The Liberator
Holding a joint press conference with the new British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, George W. Bush called Iraq a 'new democracy'; The gift of democracy from the Bush White House. -Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 8/1/07

Iran: ICHHTO Permitted Oil Exploration in Tchogha Zanbil
With getting the permission of ICHHTO, Iran's Ministry of Petroleum has completed its explosive activities in vicinity of Tchogha Zanbil world heritage site, located in Iranian Khuzestan province. -CHN - 8/1/07

Legal American Immigrants are more law abiding than the native born citizens
One of the most pervasive misperceptions about immigrants is that they are more likely to commit predatory crimes than are the native-born. Popular movies, television series, and a sensationalizing news media propagate the enduring image of immigrant communities permeated by crime and violence. But this widespread belief is simply wrong. -Jamshid S. Irani - 8/1/07

Top US Military Officer Says Iran Threat Must be Addressed
The man nominated to be the top U.S. military officer says he is concerned about what he called Iran's "increasingly hostile" role in the Middle East. Admiral Mike Mullen discussed Iran, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and other issues in a wide-ranging confirmation hearing by the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday. -VOA - 8/1/07

Iran, World Bank to sign CAS in September
The head of the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI) announced here on Tuesday that Iran and the World Bank (WB) are to sign a Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) in September. -MNA - 8/1/07

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