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Iran Youth Volleyball Team defeats China 3-1 to win Asian championships
Iran's Youth Volleyball Team beat China 3-1 on Sunday to become the champion in the Asian Youth Volleyball Championships. - 8/31/08

Iran: Supreme Leader calls for Air Force fleet upgrade
In a Monday decree, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei appointed Brigadier General Hassan Shah-Safi as the new chief commander of Iran's Air Force, replacing Brigadier General Ahmad Miqani. In response to Western threats of a military air strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, the Leader called for concerted efforts to further upgrade and promote Iran's Air Force military equipment. - 8/31/08

Iranian doc highlights shrinking of Lake Urmia
Documentary filmmaker Pejman Mazaheripur has completed his documentary "The Lake That Was Once Existed", which features the shrinking process of Lake Urmia in West Azarbaijan province of Iran. - 8/31/08

Iran's Judiciary Chief: Ban on website needs court ruling
Judiciary chief Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi said on Sunday that the Judiciary honors freedom of expression and that any case of banning a website needs a verdict from the court of justice. The decision was made in order to support the principle of freedom of speech and expression based on Iran's Constitution, the ayatollah stressed in the letter. - 8/31/08

'Angels Die in the Soil' wins award at Palm Springs Film Festival
The Cinema Without Borders Best International Film Award went to Angels Die in the Soil (Iran), directed by Babak Amini. On the border between Iran, Kurdistan and Iraq, a headstrong young woman who survived Saddam's chemical warfare attacks during the Iran/Iraq war encounters an American soldier, who's been shot and left for dead by his terrorist captors. - 8/31/08

Iranian plays line up for International Theater Landscapes Festival in Germany
Five Iranian plays are scheduled to be performed during the International Theater Landscapes festival in Ruhr, which opens on September 1st. "Mr. Leila", "Terminal", "Cadence", "Pinocchio", and "Hassan and the Demon of the Narrow Road Behind the Mountains" will be staged during the festival held annually by the Theater an der Ruhr. - 8/31/08

Ads pushing Iran strike show Denver under missile attack from Boulder
A nonprofit lobbying organization aimed at strengthening Israel's image in the media quietly ran ads during the Democratic National Convention in which Boulder, Colorado launches missile attacks on Denver, in an attempt to bolster support for Israeli action against Iran. -Raw Story - 8/31/08

Iran: Over 10% decrease in traffic fatality rate
"In 1384 (2005-2006), a total of 27,746 people were killed in road accidents whereas 22,918 were killed in car crashes in 1386 (2007-2008)," Jafar Miad-Far said, adding, "Compared to 1384, accident fatality rate decreased by 16.9% in 1386." -MNA - 8/31/08

U.S. Energy Interests and the Caspian: The Free Ride is Over
While control over routes for the export of oil and gas to Western markets was clearly not the primary cause of the recent hostilities between Moscow and Tbilisi, the vital role of the Caucasus as an energy transit route nevertheless cannot be ignored in the context of Russia's increasingly tense relationship with the United States and its European allies. -Peter Kiernan, WPR - 8/31/08

Iran Needs Better Advocates: The Left and Iran
Because Iran's leadership and the U.S. power elite each include influential figures who press for dialog between the two countries, we must conclude that Iran is not in danger of a military attack. -Counterpunch - 8/31/08

Snapshots Of Islam
An Athens museum seeks to promote understanding of the modern Arab world. -Iason Athanasiadis, Newsweek - 8/31/08

Iranian female athletes to participate in China Paralympics games
For the first time, Iranian female athletes, with physical disabilities will participate in the 2008 Paralympics games in China. -IRNA - 8/31/08

The Seattle-Tehran Poster Show
When The Seattle-Tehran Poster Show premiers at Bumbershoot in August 2008, it will be the first exhibition of contemporary Iranian posters in the United States. In 2009 this exhibit will travel to Tehran where it will be shared with Iranian designers generally prohibited from visiting the U.S. - 8/30/08

Iran's Haddadi joins the Memphis Grizzlies
The Memphis Grizzlies have signed Iranian basketball star Hamed Haddadi, who played for his country at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, IRNA reported from Tehran. - 8/30/08

20% of Iranians depressed: Roll with the punches in life
More than one out of five Iranians suffer from depression, according to the World Health Organization's East Mediterranean regional advisor. Thus, Iran has the same rate of mental illness as every other country in the world, Ahmad Mohit told the Fars News Agency in a recent interview. - 8/30/08

A 'Killing Field' In Iran Revisited, 20 Years Later
Relatives and survivors call it the "Flower Garden," but others know it as the "place of the damned." It's the Khavaran cemetery in the southeastern part of Tehran, housing the remains of religious minorities, as well as Marxists, leftists, and other "anti-revolutionaries" and "non-believers." -Iraj Gorgin, RFE - 8/30/08

Iranian Directors in Venice International Film Festival
Venice international film festival presented "Glory to the Filmmaker" award to Iranian prominent filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami for "Shirin." Shirin was displayed at Out of Competition section of the 65th edition of Venice film festival - 8/30/08

Iran's Oil Minister to travel to Oman for gas talks
Iran's Oil Minister Gholam Hussein Nozari will travel to Oman during next days to hold talks on Oman's investment in developing Iran's Kish gas field, Iran's gas export to the country and bilateral cooperation on Oman's Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry. - 8/30/08

Russia-Georgia Conflict Puts Turkey in Vulnerable Position
The Russia-Georgia conflict has put Turkey in a tight spot. Will Turkey side with the United States, its NATO ally, and let more U.S. military ships into the Black Sea to assist Georgia? Or will it choose Russia which also shares a Black Sea coast with Turkey? -VOA - 8/30/08

NIGC taps world's longest sour gas pipeline
The world's longest sour gas pipeline, extending from southern Assaluyeh to southwestern Aghajari, officially came on stream on Saturday, the managing Director of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) said, SHANA reported - 8/30/08

Putin Reaches Out to EU as Georgia Calls for Sanctions
Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has urged the European Union to ignore Georgia's call for sanctions on Russia after Moscow's intervention in the Caucasus. - 8/30/08

Bolivian President Evo Morales to visit Tehran Monday
Bolivian president Evo Morales will pay an official visit to Tehran September 1-2. La Paz has announced that Morales' visit is aimed at boosting diplomatic bilateral relations with Tehran. -ISNA - 8/30/08

Photos: Traditional Weddings in Iran
Iran is a diverse country consisting of people of many religions and ethnic backgrounds cemented by the Persian culture. 70% of present-day Iranians are Iranic peoples, native speakers of Iranian branches of the Indo-European languages. - 8/29/08

Let Old Cyrus Rest; Abu-Gharib and Guantanamo Are Much Closer
There always will be a Matthias Schulz who sheer out of nowhere, pops up as an expert, to negate the importance of a find, a relict showing thoughts proving that besides the Greeks and the good Romans, other peoples might also have had a little finger in the making of mankind's current culture and civilization. -Mohamed Yalpani - 8/29/08

Analysis: The Truth about H.Con.Res. 362
For months, supporters of H.Con.Res. 362 have defended themselves against critics who argue that the bill poses a serious risk of escalating the conflict between the U.S. and Iran. -Patrick Disney - 8/29/08

Do Iranians actors need a permit to appear in foreign films?
Published reports say actress Golshifteh Farahani has been prohibited from leaving the country after she appeared in a Hollywood film without permission, but a colleague denied the allegations and said the actress was already in the United States. - 8/29/08

Knowing the real enemy is half the battle
ONE of the basic principles of war is that one must have a plan. One of the even more basic principles is that in order to win the war, one must know the enemy's plan! -Debbie Menon - 8/29/08

Meet PAAIA in Your City
Beginning in October, Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA) will be visiting several major cities across the U.S. to meet and greet the Iranian American community. These events will give you a chance to learn more about PAAIA and the vision that it represents, as well as some of PAAIA's current projects. - 8/29/08

Ahmadinejad: Enemies unhappy with powerful Iran & Russia
President Ahmadinejad made the remark in a meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on the sidelines of the 8th Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit. - 8/29/08

Iranian official says 4,000 centrifuges working at Natanz enrichment facilities
Sheikh-Attar told TV Channel One on the occasion of the Government Week (August 23-29) that additionally, 3,000 more centrifuges are in the stage of installation. - 8/29/08

US, UK begin war games in Persian Gulf
The US has begun five-day military maneuvers in the Persian Gulf, claiming it is preparing for a 'potential confrontation' in the region. -Press TV - 8/29/08

Iran battles to contain cholera outbreak
Health officials have imposed emergency measures in Iran to contain an outbreak of cholera, with bans in some cities on the sale of raw salad greens and street food vendors as well as penalties for businesses that do not heed the warnings. -The National - 8/29/08

Documentary Examines Iran’s ’Final Solution’ to Gay ’Problem’
When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed last year that there were no homosexuals in Iran, the world reacted with skepticism. A new documentary film on how the Iranian government deals with gays might shed some light on what seems like an extraordinary claim. -Edge Boston - 8/29/08

Axis of Evil Defeats Neocons
The Olympic spectacle dictates a sports metaphor. In 2002, high level neocons dominated much of Bush’s National Security Council and Defense and State Departments, challenging US enemies across the world in a slugfest, which they did. Now, years later, the tally is clear. The fiendish foes have won the Gold. The neocons-- those who remain in government and have not resigned, been canned or gone to jail – have proven themselves big time losers. -Counterpunch - 8/29/08

Iran to start exporting gas to Armenia by October 1st
Due to latest negotiations, Iran will start gas exports to Armenia by Oct. 1st, head of the gas export operation office of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIOC) said here on Wednesday. -Tehran Times - 8/29/08

Greenway: America botches Georgia
In years to come, the short, sharp Russo-Georgian war may be remembered as the nadir of American post-Cold War power and influence - the moment in the closing months of George W. Bush's hapless administration when all the damage that he has done to America's position in the world came into focus. -IHT - 8/29/08

Photos: Historic Waterfalls in Shushtar, Iran
Shushtar is an ancient fortress city in the Khuzestan province in southwestern Iran. It is approximately 92 km away from Ahvaz, the centre of the province. It had an estimated population of 89,255 in 2005. - 8/28/08

Iranian students grab third place in Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad
Iranian students participating in the Second International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics have gained the third place by receiving four medals and an honorary diploma - 8/28/08

Announcing the Publication of IAAB's Second Annual Essay Contest E-book
Iranian Alliances Across Borders (IAAB) launched its first essay contest for high school students of Iranian descent in Spring 2006, seeking essays from hyphenated Iranian youth that addressed the notion of dual identity. - 8/28/08

Obama's Shiraz Connection
Valerie Bowman Jarrett is a Chicago lawyer, businesswoman, and civic leader. She is is a "senior adviser" to 2008 Democratic U.S. Presidential candidate Barack Obama. She is also Obama's connection to Shiraz, Iran. - 8/28/08

Iran defeats India's volleyball team
Iran's volleyball team has defeated India on Wednesday in the 14th Asian Junior Men's Volleyball Championship in Tehran's Azadi Gym. - 8/28/08

SCO Summit starts in Dushanbe
8th Summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization kicked off here on Thursday in presence of senior delegates from the member states. China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are the SCO permanent members, while Iran, India, Mongolia, and Pakistan have observer status. -IRNA - 8/28/08

Iran: 4th meeting of Leadership Experts Assembly concludes
The 4th meeting of Iran's 4th Leadership Experts Assembly concluded its activities in Tehran on Wednesday, issuing a closing communique in which efforts made by "hard working, restless president and his cabinet" are appreciated. -IRNA - 8/28/08

Afghanistan: UN child rights official voices alarm at high civilian death toll
The United Nations envoy for children and armed conflict has strongly condemned the deaths of a large number of civilians, mostly children, as a result of recent military operations in Afghanistan. - 8/28/08

Iran: IRGC to establish separate missile command
Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari announced here on Monday that the IRGC plans to establish a separate missile command. Jafari stated that the move is being made to upgrade the IRGC missile department. -MNA - 8/28/08

Iran carmaker active in 7 countries
Iran Khodro Group (IKCO) manufactures various vehicle models in seven countries across the globe, reports managing director of the company. The production capacity of these plants is a total 225,000 vehicles per year - 8/28/08

Iraq's Sadr suspends Mahdi Army activity
Iraqi Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr suspends activity of his 60,000-strong Mahdi Army for an indefinite period, a statement by the group says. -Press TV - 8/28/08

Quake hits western Iran
An earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale shook southwestern parts of the city of Dehloran in Ilam province, western Iran, early Thursday morning. -IRNA - 8/28/08

Photos: Hajij Village in Kurdistan province of Iran
Kordestan is one of the thirty provinces of Iran, not to be confused with the greater geographical area of Iranian Kurdistan. -Photos by Mehdi Arastoui, ISNA - 8/27/08

Iran football team flies to Kish to preparare for WC qualifier match
Iran football team is set to fly to Kish Island on Friday ahead of Saudi Arabia match in the 2010 World Cup qualifications on September 6. - 8/27/08

NIAC covers the Democratic and Republican conventions for the Iranian-American community!
NIAC Legislative Director Emily Blout and West Coast Director Sara Shokravi will cover the Democratic National Convention in Denver for the Iranian-American community. From Denver, they will report on the week's events and meet with NIAC members, local and national organizations and elected officials. - 8/27/08

Iran's Supreme Leader Appears To Endorse Ahmadinejad For Another Term
Even though the elections are still some nine months away and the candidates' names have not yet been put forward, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei seems to have already made up his mind about who should win. -RFE - 8/27/08

Interview with Dr. Peter Golden, Academic Director of Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Rutgers
"After 38 years as a professor in the History Department at Rutgers-Newark, where I introduced courses on Central Asia, the History of Islamic Civilization, the Ottoman Empire, the Modern Middle East, the History of Iran, among others, I had planned to retire at the end of the Spring/ 2008 semester." - 8/27/08

I Dream of (A Persian) Jeannie
Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden's Popular TV Sitcom Emblematic Showcase for Iranian-American Friendly ties -Darius KADIVAR - 8/27/08

Iran: End pressure on women's rights defenders campaigning for an end to discrimination
Two years after the launch of the Campaign for Equality on 27 August 2006, Amnesty International is renewing its demand that the Iranian authorities cease harassing and imprisoning women's rights defenders and allow them to freely continue their campaigning for the repeal of laws and policies which discriminate against women in Iran. - 8/27/08

Iran produces bio-artificial liver
Iranian scientists at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences have successfully produced the country's first bio-artificial liver. Also, Iranian researchers have successfully lessened the toxicity of nanoclays, producing material that can be used for medical applications. -Press TV - 8/27/08

Children of Persia's 6th Annual Walk-4-Children
The 6th annual Walk-4-Children will be held on Sunday, October 5, 2008, from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in downtown Bethesda, Maryland. Over the last year, Children of Persia has assisted needy children and their families to access medical treatment, educational services, social services, housing, and general community support. - 8/27/08

Iranian Photographer Mohsen Rasulof dies in Kyrgyz plane crash
Rasulof was in Bishkek to examine locations for a future documentary project. Mohsen Rasulof was born in 1983 in Shiraz and was a graduate of engineering from Britain. - 8/27/08

Iran: Executions of Juvenile Offenders Rising
Calling Iran's execution on August 26, 2008 of juvenile offender Behnam Zare abhorrent, Human Rights Watch urged the Iranian judiciary to immediately commute the sentences of more than 130 other prisoners facing death for crimes committed while children. - 8/27/08

Colleague denies Iran actress faced travel ban: report
Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani, who starred in a Hollywood movie, has left for the United States, a colleague was quoted as saying Tuesday, denying reports that she faced a travel ban. -AFP - 8/27/08

A Master Iranian Musician Plays Cultural Ambassador
In “Silent City,” a hypnotic work commemorating Halabjah, a Kurdish village annihilated by Saddam Hussein, the kamancheh, an upright four-stringed Persian fiddle, breaks out in a lamenting wail based on a traditional Turkish melody. -New York Times - 8/27/08

Iran petrochem investments to hit $30B
Managing director of National Iranian Petrochemical Company says investments in the South Pars petrochemical projects will hit $30b. -Press TV - 8/27/08

Ahmadinejad Arrives in Dushanbe to Attend SCO Summit
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, heading a high-ranking delegation, arrived in Dushanbe Wednesday afternoon to attend the Summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (August 27-28). -IRNA - 8/27/08

Mr. Future President: This is Iran
As the hawkish debate on the "Iran Question" continues to possess Washington, most Americans' exposure to the country is limited to photos of a bespectacled, bearded Supreme Leader and an unshaven, uncouth firebrand of a President. But one American, Tom Loughlin, is adamant that the next President of American knows that Iran is a vibrant society of millions of people. -Deena Guzder - 8/26/08

Photos: Caspian Villas in Noor, Iran
Noor is a city in northern Iran in the Caspian sea coast. It was previously called Sooldeh. It is one of the oldest cities of west Mazandaran. It derives its name from the Noor River which crosses the city. - 8/26/08

Iranian Americans Continue to Rally Support for Darius Shahinfar for Congress
"Running for public office is a daunting task. Being successful often requires running at the right time and in the right place. Darius Shahinfar is a candidate running at the right time and in the right place, and has a real opportunity to be the first Iranian American to be elected to the U.S. Congress." - 8/26/08

Iran defeats South Korea 3-1 in Asian Youth Volleyball
Iran trounced South Korea three to one to win Asian Youth Volleyball Championship on Tuesday - 8/26/08

'CIA used Swiss to hinder Iran's N-work'
The Central Intelligence Agency recruited a family of Swiss engineers in an attempt to thwart Iran's nuclear program, a report reveals. - 8/26/08

Iran: Assembly of Experts convenes
The 4th official session of the fourth Assembly of Experts kicked off at the former premises of the Islamic Consultative Assembly on Tuesday morning. The two-day session was inaugurated by Chairman of the Experts Assembly Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. - 8/26/08

Momeni Foundation announces 2008 Scholarship Recipients
It is a great pleasure to introduce the Momeni Foundation's year 2008 scholarship award recipients to you. This year we are awarding $18,000 dollars to 28 well deserving students. - 8/26/08

Statement by the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) on Iran's nuclear issue
The XV Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Tehran on 27-30 July 2008 issued a statement in support of Iran's nuclear programme, which has just been circulated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). - 8/26/08

De Burgh concert in Tehran is now off again
The Music Office of Iran's Ministry of Culture has denied giving its approval for Irish singer Chris de Burgh to perform a scheduled concert in Tehran. According to a report issued by the official Islamic Republic News Agency (ISNA), no official request has been submitted to the Music Office and therefore no permit has been issued. - 8/26/08

Iranian basketballer Samad Nikkhah-Bahrami joins France's Cholet
Iranian national team basketball player Samad Nikkhah-Bahrami has left Iran on Tuesday to participate in France's Cholet training camp. He has signed a one year contract for an undisclosed fee with the basketball team. -MNA - 8/26/08

US to build large airport in Halabja, Iraq near Iran
The Kurdistan Regional Government has allocated 1,500 acres of land near Iran's border for the construction of a large US-financed airport. -Press TV - 8/26/08

US Remains Open to Dialogue With Moscow on Missle Defense
The Bush administration said Monday it remains open to dialogue with Moscow on U.S. European missile-defense plans despite Russia's angry response to the signing of a U.S.-Polish agreement on the issue last week. -VOA - 8/26/08

ISRAEL-Occupied Palestinian Territory: Palestinians return to school despite hardships
As one million Palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza Strip prepare to return to school next week, UN agencies and the Palestinian Ministry of Education have been stressing the problems schoolchildren face in the occupied Palestinian territory -IRIN - 8/26/08

Iran to Announce 3rd GSM License Tender within Days
The two existing operators in Iran are the state telephone company, TCI - which the Mobile World estimates ended Q1 2008 with some 24.5 million customers (59% of the market) - and Irancell, a firm that is 49 percent owned by MTN Group, sub-Saharan Africa's biggest mobile firm. -Fars - 8/26/08

The Iranian "threat": Like God, if there really isn't one, we'd better invent it!
So, John and Barack, please don’t try to sweet-talk us into believing that you truly intend to, or really believe you can, eradicate evil. Without some evil somewhere, we’d lose our own noble cause or honorable mission to promote our global interests at everybody else’s expense. Dragon slayers do need dragons to slay; otherwise where would our champions come from? -Kam Zarrabi - 8/25/08

Photos: Persian Gulf's Natural Environment
The natural environment of the Persian Gulf is very rich with good fishing grounds, extensive coral reefs, and abundant pearl oysters, but its ecology has become increasingly under pressure from the heavy industrialisation and in particular the repeated major petroleum spillages associated with recent wars fought in the region. - 8/25/08

Iranian Businessman Tirelessly Works to Help the Poor
Every morning at 2:00am after closing the downtown Toronto nightclub he owns, Abbas Jahangir goes out and drives around the city, personally delivering food to the homeless. -Azim Ahmed, Salam Toronto - 8/25/08

Photos: Taking a break from Dezful's hot summer
Dezful (Fortress Bridge) is a city in Khuzestan province in southwestern Iran. The city is thought to be 6000 years old. The most famous ancient structure of the city is a bridge that dates back to 300 BCE. In 2006, the city had 235,819 inhabitants. - 8/25/08

Iranian Dancer Kaboli Visits Montreal
In a rare appearance outside her home country Saturday, Iranian dancer and choreographer Farzaneh Kaboli performed with the Vashton Dance group in Montreal—away from the censors of the Islamic Republic. -Iran Times - 8/25/08

44 Iranians among 68 who died in Kyrgyz plane crash
44 Iranians on board a Kyrgyz passenger plane died when it crashed shortly after takeoff from Bishkek airport on Sunday. IRNA reporter in Bishkek said that 68 passengers died in the crash. - 8/25/08

Azerbaijan begins oil exports via Iran
Iran has become the new route for oil exports from Azerbaijan after conflicts disrupted its crude supply through Georgia and Turkey. - 8/25/08

Iran's Supreme Leader Endorses Ahmadinejad for Second Term
Iranian state media say the country's supreme leader has urged President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to plan for a second four-year term in office. -VOA - 8/25/08

Panel in Irvine, California: "Iran; Is War Inevitable?"
Humanity Unites proudly presents an evening of community dialogue regarding the current media focus on Iran and the possibility of war. We will look at the major concerns of the community and focus on what measures are viable and what we can do as a community locally. - 8/25/08

Iran Plans to Boost Crude Exports to China, India
Iran is likely to cut crude exports to some global buyers in a bid to increase sales to China and India, an Iranian oil official said. -Fars - 8/25/08

Persepolis coach set to resign
Persepolis coach Afshin Ghotbi said irritably that he is tired of unprofessional circumstances and so many lies in Iran's football. -MNA - 8/25/08

Iran begins new submarine production
Iran has launched the production line of a new domestically-manufactured submarine in an attempt to boost its defensive capabilities. -Press TV - 8/25/08

CBI Replaces Certified Checks with High-Denomination Paper
Iran's Central Bank has begun issuing its own high-denomination paper notes to replace the certified checks issued by private banks which will now be banned. -Fars - 8/25/08

Iranian woman Zahra Karimi wins wushu gold in Beijing
Zahra Karimi of Iran snatched the gold medal in the Beijing 2008 Wushu Tournament on Sunday. he Beijing 2008 wushu has gathered 128 athletes from 43 countries. - 8/24/08

Iran denies importing wheat from US
Iranian Commerce Minister Masoud Mirkazemi has rejected recent reports that the country has imported wheat from the United States. - 8/24/08

Good start for Iran junior volleyball team
Iran claimed victory over Maldives in the 14th Asian Junior Men's Volleyball Championship opening match on Saturday in Tehran's Azadi Gym. - 8/24/08

Five Iranian youngsters die for a ball
Five youngsters from Deh-Bid village near Arsanjan city in southern province of Fars lost their lives trying to take out a ball from a well. -IRNA - 8/24/08

'Jani Gal' to be awarded at US Moondance Film Festival
Iranian film 'Jani Gal' directed by Jamil Rostami will receive the Moondance International Film Festival's Columbine Award in Boulder, Colorado, USA. - 8/24/08

Ahmadinejad to attend SCO summit
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will attend the upcoming summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Dushanbe, Tajikistan scheduled for August 27-28. -IRNA - 8/24/08

"Iran-Persia: The Gate of the Orient" in Spain
The Iranian festival entitled "Iran-Persia, the Gate of the Orient" is underway in the Spanish city Vitoria. The event is held by the Vitoria municipality and cosponsored by Iran's cultural attaché office in Spain, The University of the Basque Country and other Spanish organizations. - 8/24/08

What Biden Means
The Good: As the Drum Major Institute shows, Biden has a fairly progressive record on basic economic issues, and has gotten more progressive on specific issues like trade. He’s also been a strong voice opposing unilateral war against Iran. And rhetorically, he seems comfortable painting a stark contrast between Democrats and Republicans on issues. -Common Dreams - 8/24/08

Photos: 90% of Maharlou Lake has dried up
Maharlou lake located in southwest of Iran (Fars Province) is an intra-continental sedimentary basin. Its area is about 280 km2 extended with an average water depth of 1.5 m during wet seasons. - 8/23/08

Royan Institute to hold two concurrent congresses
Concurrent with the 9th Royan International Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine, the 4th Royan International Congress on Stem Cells Biotechnology will be held in Tehran from August 27-29. - 8/23/08

Saei: "My gold belongs to all Iranians"
The sole Iranian gold winner in the Beijing Olympics said that his gold medal belongs to all Iranians. Iranian taekwondo star Hadi Saei made history on Friday by winning Iran's first gold medal at the Beijing Olympics in the men's 80 kilogram class. - 8/23/08

Iranian woman wins bronze medal in Beijing wushu contests
Iranian athlete Farzaneh Dehghan has managed to win a bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympic. -IRNA - 8/23/08

Iranian-Canadian Gangster Asks Mounties to Negotiate a Deal
Convicted Iranian-Canadian gangster Omid Tahvili, who escaped from the jail last year, has contacted the Mounties and offered to surrender if police promise he won't be extradited to the United States. - 8/23/08

Iran's best animations of the year awarded
The organizers of the 12th annual Iran Cinema Celebration held their animation festival in a ceremony that took place on Friday evening at the Aseman Art and Cultural Complex. - 8/23/08

Kharazmi Persian School starts on September 20, 2008
Kharazmi Persian School of New Jersey was established in 1992 to serve the Iranian-American community in the Metropolitan area. We are a public non-profit organization. Our Mission is to teach the Persian language to our children, adults and to instill a sense of pride in the rich Persian culture. - 8/23/08

Bushehr power plant to become operational in early 2009: envoy
Russian Ambassador to Tehran Alexander Sadovnikov said on Saturday that Bushehr nuclear power plant will become operational in early 2009. -IRNA - 8/23/08

Ahmadinejad says Bush missed 'golden' opportunity for dialogue with Iran
President Mahmud Ahmadinejad says Iran provided 'exceptional and golden opportunities' for dialogue with the U.S. but the Bush administration missed those opportunities. -MNA - 8/23/08

Majlis security committee protests Britain's support for MKO
Iranian lawmakers have demanded the government to review its relations with Britain after London removed Mujahedin Khalq Organization from the terrorist blacklist. -MNA - 8/23/08

Iran: US-Russian Tension Creates New Diplomatic Options for Tehran
The ongoing crisis in the Caucasus, sparked by Russia’s incursion into Georgia, can open new diplomatic opportunities for Iran. Officials in Tehran are currently treading cautiously, however, keeping their options open as they seek to maximize the benefits of renewed confrontation between the United States and Russia. -Eurasianet - 8/23/08

Aide: Iraq's al-Sadr may stay in Iran for years
The militant Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr plans to make a series of short visits to Iraq starting within weeks, but has decided to make Iran his home base for years to come, a key aide says. -AP - 8/23/08

Olympics: Hadi Saei wins Iran's first Beijing gold
Veteran Iranian taekwondo fighter Hadi Saei has claimed Beijing Olympics men's welterweight gold medal by beating Italy's Mauro Sarmiento. - 8/22/08

Iran's Ehsan Peighambari wins bronze in Wushu
Iranian Wushu athlete Ehsan Peighambari has won a bronze medal to become the second Iranian medalist in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. - 8/22/08

HOOPING FOR PEACE: August 26-27 in Denver
Join attorney, author, hooper and activist Melody Moezzi and hundreds of others as they make their voices heard by Hooping for Peace (HFP). HFP invites all to participate in supporting world peace, Barack Obama's call for peace and diplomacy, as well as his ultimate election. - 8/22/08

The Aftermath of Ajax
Are we still feeling the effects of Operation Ajax - the code name of a covert Anglo/American operation in Iran to re-instate an ousted monarch? What are the results? Are we still having to cope with the aftermath? -F. Mardi, Press TV , Tehran - 8/22/08

Mohsen Namjoo set for U.S. tour: 6 Concerts in September 2008
Iran's most famous contemporary musician, Mohsen Namjoo, has signed an exclusive agreement with San Francisco based non profit Beyond Persia, to produce, and promote his first US concert series. - 8/22/08

Iranian-American Susan Amini Trailing in Seattle's Election
In the first election of the year involving an Iranian-American, Susan Amini was trailing badly in returns from a three-way primary for a judgeship in the county that includes Seattle, Washington. - 8/22/08

Iran: Debu Band Axed For Hiring Yanks
Iran's culture minister says he suddenly revoked the performing license of the Indonesia-based pop band Debu just before it was due to perform four sold-out shows because the license had been issued to the band's Indonesian, not American, members. - 8/22/08

The New Great Game
Given Russia's moves on Georgia, it's time for the United States to rethink its policy toward Iran. -Newsweek - 8/22/08

Baghdad Warns MKO to Leave Iraq in 6 Months
Iran's ambassador to Baghdad said that the Iraqi government has set a six-month deadline for the terrorist group, the Mojahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) to leave Iraq. - 8/22/08

Israel retracts war on Iran threats
Israel's Interior Minister warns Tel Aviv against attacking Tehran saying such an attack would be a 'megalomaniacal reckless' idea. -Press TV - 8/22/08

Iran gets around US bank sanctions
Bank Mellat, Iran’s third largest state-owned bank, is getting around US-imposed sanctions by establishing links with small and medium-sized banks that have less US exposure than bigger lenders, its managing director said. -Financial Times - 8/22/08

Iranian President and Qatari Emir hold talks on regional issues
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani on Thursday held talks on the latest developments in the region, exploring ways for upgrading Iran-Qatar relations. - 8/22/08

Iran Buys Wheat From U.S. For First Time in 27 Years
Iran this summer resumed buying U.S. wheat after a 27-year hiatus, a sign of the limited options for importers seeking large quantities of high-quality grain. -WSJ - 8/22/08

Iran: Detained Amir Kabir University Students Released
The three students of Amir Kabir University in Tehran, Ahmad Qasaban, Majid Tavakkoli and Ehsan Mansouri were released on 13 August 2008. It is not clear whether Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Sayed 'Ali Khamenei had pardoned them or whether they were conditionally released on 13 August 2008. -Amnesty International - 8/22/08

US-India Nuclear Deal a Non-Proliferation Disaster
This week a select group of countries, Canada among them, will vote on a proposed nuclear deal between the U.S. and India that could lead to the further spread of nuclear weapons. -Toronto Star - 8/22/08

Kentfield designer follows in footsteps of her mother, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother
Khalifeh's great-great-grandmother and great-grandmother were both couturiers in their native Iran. Her mother, Mariam Moghaddasi, has owned Mariam's Studio Designs in Mill Valley for 29 years, where the Redwood High School graduate spent much of her youth. -Marin Independent-Journal, CA - 8/22/08

Iranian and Japanese Ships Hijacked Off Somalia Coast
Pirates have hijacked two more ships off the coast of Somalia, an Iranian cargo vessel, and a Japanese-operated tanker. As Derek Kilner reports from VOA's East Africa bureau in Nairobi, the attacks are the latest in a string of attacks in the busy and dangerous shipping corridor. -VOA - 8/22/08

Peace is Winner in Athletic Competition
The Olympic Games have always brought international athletes together in peace for friendly – if fierce – competition. But two American sports researchers say the same spirit exists on a local sports field. Athletic competition, they've learned, is a great way to promote peace. -VOA - 8/21/08

Banned Hollywood Dream
Golshifteh Farahani, award-winning actress, is forbidden by Iranian authorities to leave country after Appearance in star-studded Hollywood production -Darius KADIVAR - 8/21/08

Olympics: Iran's Moradi in 800m athletics second roun
Sajjad Moradi has become the first Iranian athlete to ever qualify for the second round of men's 800m in Olympic Games. -Press TV - 8/21/08

Mothers Paradise: Women-Only Park Inaugurated In Tehran
Tehran's mayor opened a Park in central area of the capital just for women. In an official ceremony in Tehran this week, Mayor Mohammad Baqir Ghalibaf opened a new park designed exclusively for women's leisure and sport. - 8/21/08

Olympics: One bronze medal is share of Iranian wrestlers in Beijing
The Iranian wrestlers in men's 84kg, 96kg and 120kg categories have been defeated on the 13th day of the Beijing Olympic Games. - 8/21/08

Qatari Emir in Tehran for talks
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday officially welcomed Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani. - 8/21/08

US graduate chosen Ahmadinejad advisor
A noted scholar and the founding director of the US-based International Communication Program is appointed as advisor to the Iranian president. -Press TV - 8/21/08

Burns' visit to Iran - a first step
Sending Burns to the negotiating table was a good move, but by itself it is not enough. Further steps are required to show that America is committed to a track of diplomatic engagement. -Anthony Zeitouni - 8/21/08

Iran: The 20th Anniversary of 1988 'prison massacre'
Twenty years after the then Iranian authorities began a wave of largely secret, summary and mass executions in September 1988, Amnesty International renews its call for those responsible for the 'prison massacre' to be held accountable. - 8/21/08

Soltanieh: Iran, IAEA hold talks in scientific, technical and constructive atmosphere
Iran's ambassador and permanent representative in International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said talks between Iran and the agency was held in a scientific, technical and constructive atmosphere. -IRNA - 8/21/08

Iran, OIC to build satellite 'Besharat'
Iran plans to build a new satellite in collaboration with the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), Iran's Aerospace Organization says. -Press TV - 8/21/08

Turkey Plays Increasingly Active Role in Middle East Diplomacy
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit to Istanbul last week is seen as part of Ankara's increasingly active role in the Middle East, after decades of passivity in the region. At the same time, some analysts say, Turkey's ties to the West are deteriorating as its path to European Union membership continues to run into roadblocks. -VOA - 8/21/08

Attacking Iran via South Ossetia
An editor I once worked for told me that when his parents and grandparents discussed the day's news over dinner, they would inevitably finish by asking each other: "Is it good for the Jews?" -Guardian - 8/21/08

Iran accounts for 96% of world saffron output
The head of Iran's Saffron Exports Promotion Fund here on Wednesday announced that Iran ranks first on the list of the world saffron producers, accounting for 96 percent of the production, IRINN reported. -MNA - 8/21/08

Iran's Crude Oil Export to North Asia Down by 26%
Iran cut its crude sales to North Asia by 26 percent compared with the first quarter, and 21 percent versus a year ago. -FNA - 8/21/08

Ex-Mossad chief: Ahmadinejad is Israel's greatest gift
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's incendiary anti-Israel outbursts have united the international community against his country, thus serving a key Israeli interest, former Mossad chief Ephraim Halevy told an American-sponsored Arab satellite television network on Tuesday -Haaretz - 8/21/08

Asia no panacea for Iran's energy sector
Iran's oil and gas sector is turning to energy-hungry Asia for money, expertise and technology to sidestep U.S. sanctions and pressure, but cannot find all the answers in the east. -Reuters - 8/21/08

Toward a cold peace?
There is a discernible progression in the rapprochement between the United States and Iran, even during the presidency of George W. Bush. This progression was forced upon the Bush administration by the emerging new regional order in Western Asia and North Africa and the reshuffling of world politics toward a "post-imperial" era. -Arshin Adib-Moghaddam - 8/20/08

Olympics: Iran's Sara Khoshjamal-Fekri defeated by Taiwanese rival in taekwondo
Female Iranian taekwondo fighter, Sara Khoshjamal-Fekri, has been defeated by her Taiwanese rival Yang Shu-chun in her 2nd Beijing fight. Khoshjamal-Fekri can compete for a bronze medal provided Yang Shu-chun storms into the final. - 8/20/08

Steve Westly Speaks to Bay Area Iranian-Americans about Barack Obama
Bay Area Iranian-American Democrats (BAIAD) announced today that it will be hosting Steve Westly, California Co-Chair of Senator Obama's presidential campaign, at its public event on Sunday, September 7th at Faz restaurant in Sunnyvale, California beginning at 4:30 PM. - 8/20/08

Spain defeats Iran's futsal team in Tehran
Iranian futsal team was beaten 2-1 by world champions Spain on Tuesday in the friendly match held in Tehran's Handball Gym. - 8/20/08

Iranian wrestlers lose in Beijing Olympics
The Iranian wrestlers in the men's 66kg and 74kg categories have failed to win any medals on the 12th day of the Beijing Olympic Games. -Press TV - 8/20/08

In Remembrance of Dr. Bagher Ayatollahzadeh Shirazi: 1936-2007
Restoration architect and educator Dr. Bagher Ayatollahzadeh Shirazi, who conducted award-winning conservation work on some of the most important Safavid monuments in Isfahan during the 1970s, passed away Sunday, August 19th, 2007. - 8/20/08

Five percent of Iran's population are university students: Minister
Minister of Science, Research and Technology Mohammad-Mehdi Zahedi here on Tuesday said that university students comprise five percent of Iranian's 70 million population. - 8/20/08

Olympics: No medals for Iran weightlifting
Iran has failed to take any Olympic weightlifting medals after Rashid Sharifi stood in the sixth place in the men's +105kg category. - 8/20/08

History of Iran and Persian Class in Mountain View, California
A Dynamic and Fun Learning Environment for Children. September 5 until October 24. Each quarter is 8 sessions; each session is one hour and 30 minutes. - 8/20/08

Iran competing in 2nd IOAA
Iranian students will compete with 24 countries in the Second International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics started yesterday in Indonesia. - 8/20/08

Iranian Rocket Launch Triggers New Concerns
Defense Minister Najjar was quoted by IRNA as saying that "Enemies of the progress of the Iranian nation have not spared any efforts to portray Iran's scientific, technical, and peaceful achievements as a military success." -RFE - 8/20/08

Iran plans Iraq fuel exports
Iraqi envoy to Tehran says Iran has agreed to export one million liters of fuel to Iraq to help feed the war-torn country's power plants. Iran is now Iraq's third most important trading partner. -Press TV - 8/20/08

Iran: Women's rights activist charged, faces imprisonment
Mahboubeh Karami was charged within the past week with "acting against national security," and the Revolutionary Court in Mahabad has scheduled her next hearing for 1 November, according to her lawyer. -Amnesty International - 8/20/08

IRAQ: Threat of ethnic tension, violence in Kirkuk
Ethnic tension and violence could erupt if decisions on the future of the ethnically-mixed city of Kirkuk are imposed without agreement among its residents, an analyst said on 17 August. -IRIN - 8/20/08

Polish Cabinet Approves Missile Defense System Plan
Poland's Cabinet has formally approved the agreement with the United States on deploying parts of a planned anti-missile system in the eastern European country. - 8/20/08

Olympics: Morad Mohammadi wins first Beijing medal for Iran
Morad Mohammadi wins a bronze medal in the 60kg freestyle wrestling to become the first Iranian medalist in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. - 8/19/08

Iran's Ehadadi says he is joining Memphis Grizzlies
Ehadadi said, "I will undoubtedly join Memphis Grizzlies by the end of next week. I met Memphis' officials yesterday to discuss joining the team." - 8/19/08

Iranian weekly Hamshahri Javan banned for promoting 'obscenity'
The supervisory media board in Iran shut down the youth publication Hamshahri Javan after it published an article about love, Fars News Agency reported. Hamshahri Javan, a weekly, is part of the Hamshahri family of publications, which is run by the municipality of Tehran. - 8/19/08

Attacking Iran
Though the national sentiment favors wrapping up the Iraq War, there exists a small but powerful movement for starting a new military conflict with Iran. The bipartisan drumbeats for aggression reverberate throughout the corridors of Congress. -FPIF - 8/19/08

Iran's Parliament to review athletes' failure in Olympics: MP
The sport committee of the parliament will review the causes of Iranian athletes' failure in the Olympics 2008, MP Mohammad-Reza Tabesh told Mehr News Agency on Monday. - 8/19/08

Iranian director Samira Makhmalbaf accepted as Toronto festival Talent Lab program's mentor
Iran's young director, Samira Makhmalbaf, was accepted as a mentor for Toronto International Film Festival's Talent Lab program. - 8/19/08

US Men's Freestyle Wrestlers Optimistic About Medal Chances
U.S. coach Kevin Jackson told VOA he enjoys taking his team for meets in Iran because of how popular the sport is there. "One time an Iranian told me that, 'our country, we focus on wrestling, and our number-one sport is wrestling," he said. "Soccer is number two, and it's huge, but wrestling is our heart and our passion. And we don't wrestle for the medal, we wrestle for the man.' - 8/19/08

Iran to build more nuclear power plants
Head of nuclear energy producing company, Ahmad Fayyazbakhsh said on Tuesday that agreements have been signed with executives in the field of nuclear energy generation. - 8/19/08

Iranian diplomats, kidnapped by U.S. troops in Iraq, to meet their families
The five Iranian diplomats kidnapped in Arbil, Iraq will finally meet with their families, announced an official in Tehran. On January 11, 2007, the U.S. soldiers kidnapped five Iranian diplomats from Iran's consulate office in Arbil, north of Iraq. - 8/19/08

Iran blocks investigative reporting web site Alef
The Iranian judiciary blocked access to the news Web site Alef after the site launched an investigation into the validity of the academic records of cabinet member Ali Kordan. - 8/19/08

Iranian ‘cult’ of imam sparks controversy
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, on Sunday called those who had “opened a business” and claimed to have been connected to the imam “liars”. Former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said the current “fake” obsession with the imam had “misled millions of people”. -Financial Times - 8/19/08

Experts verify Bakhe-Nam as Sassanid permanent habitation
A team of Iranian archaeologists confirmed that the Sassanids used the ancient site of Bakhe-Nam, , which is located in the southern city of Ilam in western Iran, as a permanent habitation. -MNA - 8/19/08

Big Three Block Iran Attack
The United States is in a huge foreign policy muddle in the Middle East. It wants to dominate and control Iran but requires the support of the world community to accomplish its aims. Diplomacy and sanctions require only a low level of support. On the other hand, to launch a military attack or green-light one by Israel, the United States needs far more backing. -FPIF - 8/19/08

Oil prices expected to fall further without supply cuts: CGES
The Center for Global Energy Studies (CGES) expects oil prices to continue to fall until early next year, albeit at a much more gradual rate that the recent plummet that saw more than a 30 dollars per barrel (dpb) drop in only three weeks - 8/19/08

Sanctions hit EU rather than Iran
Economic sanctions imposed by the EU are hitting exports from the 27-member states and not Iranian exports, according to the latest trade figures from Eurostat obtained by IRNA. - 8/19/08

Sanctions slow Iran's trade, but not stop
American and European sanctions on Iran haven't stopped Hasan Safdari from exporting electronic equipment to his homeland across the Persian Gulf from this small U.S. ally. But they have forced the Iranian trader to change the way he does business. -AP - 8/19/08

Iran's steel production to increase to 15mn tons by year end - Industries Minister
Iran's Mines and Industries Minister said at opening ceremony of South Steel Plant in Bandar Abbas Monday country's steel production would increase to 15 million tons a year by (Iranian) year's end (March 21, 2009). -IRNA - 8/19/08

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies Hosts "Iran Today" Conference
The Center for Middle Eastern Studies hosted a one-day conference on the theme of "Iran Today" on April 26, 2008. The conference was funded by a UISFL grant awarded by the Department of Education to Rutgers CMES for the promotion of Iranian Studies. It featured some of the most prominent scholars of Iran working. - 8/18/08

Portrait of an Iranian-American: Bay Area Artist Mahshid Modares
Mahshid Modares is an artist, art historian and art collector. She received her B.F.A. in painting from Azad University, Tehran, in 1995, and her M.A. in art history from San Jose State University, California, in 2006. - 8/18/08

Intoxicating Rhymes & Sobering wine: The life and times of Khayyam
This educational documentary is about the life and times of Khayyam, the famed 11th-century Persian mathematician and astronomer. This documentary reexamines Khayyam's life, work and poetry, and attempts to identify the reasons behind our intellectual preoccupation with his poetry and message. - 8/18/08

Axis of Friendship: Light a Candle for Peace on September 12
On September 12, we will reignite the remaining embers of good will by creating an Axis of Friendship. Iranians, Americans, and people around the world are invited to light a candle for peace and place this candle in their window for the entire day. Join us in celebrating and honoring the humanity that connects us all. - 8/18/08

Olympics: Croatia beats Iran basketball 91-57
The national Iranian basketball team has been defeated for the fifth time in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games losing, 91-57 to Croatia. -Press TV - 8/18/08

Mainers Unite to Prevent War With Iran
Delegates to the Democratic National Convention Will Propose a Platform Emphasizing Diplomacy, Not War - 8/18/08

Kiarostami receives first Jaam-e Jahan-Nama Award
Iranian Short Film Association (ISFA) granted its Jaam-e Jahan-Nama Award to the celebrated, world-renowned Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami on Sunday. -MNA - 8/18/08

Iran and Turkey to finalize energy deal within a month
Turkish foreign and energy ministers will have a trip to Iran within next two weeks to finalize energy agreements with Iran. - 8/18/08

AP's Iran-Trained Hit Squads Story: Iraq News Nadir?
In covering the story of Iran's role in Iraq, far too many reporters have passed on blatant propaganda without the slightest effort to point out its inconsistency with documented facts, much less to try to uncover the truth. But a story by Pamela Hess of Associated Press distributed Aug. 15 sets a new standard for abetting official disinformation. -Gareth Porter, - 8/18/08

Iran has not received US request to open interest section
The caretaker of Iran's interests section in the US, Mustafa Rahmani said on Monday that the US has not made any official request to open its interests section in Iran. -ISNA - 8/18/08

UAE cities at odds over lifestyle, ties to Iran
Dubai's massive trade with Iran and liberal Western outlook are becoming liabilities for the U.S.-friendly capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, which is under pressure from Washington to isolate the Islamic republic. -AP - 8/18/08

New round of IAEA-Iran nuclear talks kicks off in Tehran
The United Nations nuclear watchdog's deputy director general, Olli Heinonen, held talks with senior Iranian nuclear officials on Monday. - 8/18/08

Iran launches Safir Satellite Carrier Into Orbit
Iran successfully launches its first homemade satellite carrier, Safir 1, opening a new chapter in the country's scientific achievements. - 8/17/08

Tehran puppet festival: Grand Prize goes to "Macondo"
Macondo", an Iranian play directed by Azadeh Ansari won the grand prize at the 12th Mobarak International Puppet Theater Festival. Written by Arash Parsakhu and directed by Ansari, "Macondo" is an adaptation of "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. - 8/17/08

Olympics: Iranian lifter Ebrahimi finishes 7th
Iranian weightlifter Asghar Ebrahimi came in seventh on Sunday in the men's 94kg weightlifting class at the Beijing Olympics on Sunday. -MNA - 8/17/08

NBA clubs banned from signing Iran's Haddadi
The NBA league office has forbidden American basketball clubs from negotiating with Iran's Hamed Haddadi over joining an NBA club. The league office further ordered the clubs not to enter talks with Haddadi's representatives unless the US Office of Foreign Assets Control grants a license for the clubs. - 8/17/08

TMCA hosts Asma-ul-Husna poster show
An exhibition displaying typography posters whose themes are the names of Allah opened at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art on August 16. - 8/17/08

Iran-Turkey gas deal needs more time
Turkish President Abdullah Gul has stressed that Ankara and Tehran require further time in a bid to conclude a long term natural gas deal. -Press TV - 8/17/08

Iranian jets able to fly 3000 kms: commander
The New generation of Iranian fighters are capable of flying about 3000 kilometers with no fueling, Iran's Air Force Commander Ahmad Miqani revealed here on Saturday. -MNA - 8/17/08

Germany's Rutemoeller denies report on becoming football coach in Iran
German football coach Erich Rutemoeller denied a report by ISNA news agency which said he had been appointed to Iran's national football team, DPA reported Saturday. -IRNA - 8/17/08

Olympics: Iran's medal hopeful Haddadi fails to qualify for discus
The top Iranian discus thrower, Ehsan Haddadi, has been eliminated in the preliminary stage of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. The 23-year-old Haddadi ranked 17th with a 61.34 meters throw on Saturday morning. - 8/16/08

Iran retain WAFF title
Iran celebrated their fourth WAFF (West Asian Football Federation) title on Friday with a 2-1 win over Jordan in the final. -IRNA - 8/16/08

De Burgh live in concert in Tehran? Not yet!
The Music Office of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance denied the news pertaining live concert of Irish singer Chris de Burgh in Tehran. According to the report, no official request in this regard has been submitted to Music Office yet, adding that no permit has been issued. - 8/16/08

Olympics: Ginobili Takes Argentina's basketball team to 97-82 win over Iran
Emanuel David Ginobili Saturday notched up 32 points to lead Argentina to a 97-82 victory over Iran in the Olympic men's basketball tournament. Defending gold medal Argentina steadily increased its lead throughout the game to beat Iran 97-82 in a group A preliminary Men's Basketball game on Saturday, August 16. -Fars - 8/16/08

12th Mobarak International Puppet Theater Festival held in Tehran
The 12th Mobarak International Puppet Theater Festival was held in Tehran from August 10-16. This year, 25 works were competing in the stage play section. Also, seven foreign plays with six Iranian works were competing at the international section. There were also 17 street plays. - 8/16/08

Iran: Women's Rights Activist Zeynab Bayzeydi Imprisoned
Kurdish women's rights activist Zeynab Bayzeydi has been sentenced to four years' imprisonment, and internal exile to the Turkish-speaking city of Zanjan, 246 km from her home, by Mahabad Revolutionary Court. -Amnesty International - 8/16/08

Ahmadinejad says Iran to launch 1st domestic satellite soon
The Iranian president reiterated, "This satellite, the rocket that would launch it, and the land station from which it would be launched are entirely made in Iran, by the talented Iranian scientists and technicians." - 8/16/08

September 5th: First Day of Persian Schools in Maryland
Two schools offer Persian classes in Columbia and Timonium, Maryland. Classes, offered for pre-schoolers to adults, are set to start on September 5, 2008 - 8/16/08

Russia-Georgia Conflict Fueled by Rush to Control Caspian Energy Resources
Well, I believe that this is what really underlies the conflict, and it has to do with the fact that the US has eyed the Caspian Sea, which lies just to the east of Georgia, as an energy corridor for exporting Caspian Sea oil and gas to the West, bypassing Russia. -Democracy Now - 8/16/08

Iran rejects accusations against banks
Iran rejected the charge in a letter to the Council on Friday, saying Iranian banks 'have never been involved in any illicit activities including in non-peaceful nuclear activities -- simply because there are no such non-peaceful nuclear activities in Iran'. - 8/16/08

Faith in Media: Improving Coverage of Islam and Other Religions
The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) is seeking applications for an exciting program that will pair U.S. and Muslim-World journalists for joint reporting projects on issues of importance to audiences in both places. - 8/16/08

Olympics: Iranian boxer Sepahvand seals spot in quarterfinal
Iranian boxer Morteza Sepahvand has successfully advanced to the quarterfinals of the 64 kg category at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. -Press TV - 8/15/08

Direct Dialogue of two Iranian and American artists for Peace
In the past three weeks American artist Adam Jones traveled to Iran. He is working on a long project for the restoration and protection of the human environment of Iran. -Ahmad Nadalian, RiverArt - 8/15/08

Extinction of another Iranian pond: Kermanshah's Hashilan pond is on its last breaths!
This time, drought has put Hashilan pond near extinction, in a way that according to officials many of the pond fishes are dead and other species are on their last breaths as well. - 8/15/08

Olympics: Iranian judoka knocks out American rival
Iranian judo practitioner Mohammad-Reza Roudaki has knocked out his American rival Daniel McCormick at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. - 8/15/08

Iran: Two students released while another ten remain in detention
According to the Iran-based Advar News website, on 9 August, after respectively 37 and 34 days of detention, Mehdi Khoda'i and Salman Sima were released. They have not, as yet, been charged. -Amnesty International - 8/15/08

Gul: Iran, Turkey soon to mull USD20bn trade volume target
Turkish President Abdullah Gul said in Istanbul Thursday that Tehran-Ankara Joint Economic and Commercial Commission will soon convene in Tehran to look into ways and means of raising volume of mutual transactions to the tune of dlrs 20 billion on a four-year horizon. - 8/15/08

US Wants Dismantling and not Temporary Suspension of Enrichment Facilities
Asking for the dismantling of Iran's sensitive nuclear facilities has always been the US position. This is exactly what the influential senator Richard Lugar of Indiana stated almost two years ago: "The US final goal is not suspension, but dismantling of Iranian enrichment facilities at Natanz." -Nader Bagherzadeh - 8/15/08

Iran: Supreme Leader pardons three Amir Kabir University students
Majid Tavakkoli, Ahmad Ghassaban and Ehsan Mansouri are the three students of Amir Kabir University who were sentenced to 90 months in prison in 2007. - 8/15/08

Russian Officials: US Missile Shield Aimed at Russia
A top Russian general said Friday that Poland's agreement to accept a U.S. missile interceptor base exposes the ex-communist nation to attack, possibly by nuclear weapons, the Interfax news agency reported. - 8/15/08

Under Persian Masks
Disney has announced that Alfred Molina and Ben Kingsley have been cast in the big screen adaptation of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, joining Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton (Quantum of Solace). -Darius KADIVAR - 8/15/08

Civilian Diplomacy
Peace is no more — and no less — than the audacity of sanity, reaching past the dubious geopolitics of national self-interest and standing, as Hank Brusselback did, underneath the ancient bridge in Esfahan, Iran, listening to the men who had gathered to sing.It’s called civilian diplomacy, and it is one way we will create the peace our leaders don’t believe we’re ready for. -Common Dreams - 8/15/08

Interview with National Geographic's Marguerite Del Guidice
If you are concerned with all things Iran, you have probably already received a few emails from your friends, telling you about the amazing cover story on Iran by National Geographic this month. I was lucky enough to be contacted by Marguerite Del Guidice a few months ago as she was putting the finishing touches on her masterpiece. -Shabnam Rezaei, Persian Mirror - 8/15/08

Russian support for Iran sanctions at risk amid Georgia rift
Fierce American criticism of Russia's military action in Georgia is almost certain to jeopardize a very different US strategic objective: stepping up pressure on Iran with another layer of United Nations sanctions. -CSM - 8/15/08

Critics say bill co-sponsored by Langevin and Kennedy heightens tensions
Rhode Island peace activists say a resolution co-sponsored by US Representatives James Langevin and Patrick Kennedy could lead to war with Iran. -Providence Phoenix - 8/15/08

Iranian-American Amir Farokhi Running for Atlanta City Council
"I have a very deep pride and love for Atlanta," says Amir Farokhi, an Iranian-American attorney who recently declared his candidacy for a seat on the Atlanta City Council. In an exclusive interview with NIAC, Farokhi described why he is running, his relationship with the local Iranian American community, and his vision for Atlanta. -Arsalan Barmand - 8/14/08

Lifetime Achievement Awards for Prominent Iranian Scholars
On Saturday, August 2nd, the Shahnameh Millennium Concert entertained crowds at Toronto's Roy Thomson Hall with its fusion of western classical music, 1,000 years-old Persian script and contemporary technology. It paid homage to Ferdowsi's ancient Shahnameh, with music written by composer Behzad Ranjbaran. However, it also marked the occasion to honour some of the greatest contributors to the field of Iranian Studies. -Azim Ahmed, Salam Toronto - 8/14/08

Jewish International Opposition Statement Against Attack on Iran
Efforts to beat the drums of war for an attack on Iran's nuclear reactor facilities are promoted in both the USA and Israel scenes. The recent New York Times opinion piece of July 18th, written by the Israeli historian Benny Morris, serves to consolidate those political forces. The Jewish opposition here expresses our outrage in order to forestall this horrendous proposal. - 8/14/08

Romance between British Iranian Alexander Dellal and Monaco's Princess Charlotte Sets Off Paparazzi Scrutiny in European Press -Darius KADIVAR - 8/14/08

Olympics: Australia beats Iran basketball team
The Iranian national basketball team has been defeated in its third match against Australia in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. -Press TV - 8/14/08

Olympics: No Medals For Iran in Greco-Roman Wrestling
The Iranian Greco-Roman wrestlers exited the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games with no medals. - 8/14/08

Iran's Ahmadinejad meets Turkey's Gul in Istanbul
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has met Turkey's President Abdullah Gul at the Ciragan Palace in the Turkish capital city of Istanbul. The two heads of states discussed regional and bilateral issues, including the enhancement of an energy partnership between the two countries. - 8/14/08

Iran soccer team reaches WAFF final
Iran's national soccer team has advanced to the final match of the 5th West Asian Football Federation Championship being held in Tehran. The Iranian squad qualified for the final after a 2-0 victory over Syria at Tehran's 30,000-seater Takhti Stadium on Wednesday. - 8/14/08

The Not so Diplomatic Turn: The Continued Frailty of Iran-US relations and the Possibility of War
Last week Iran responded to the latest European proposal regarding its controversial nuclear program. The so-called "Iran Six" were however neither amused, nor heartened by the proposal's apparent "ambiguity" or deafening silence regarding the demand that Iran cease it enrichment activities. -Sadegh Kabeer - 8/14/08

The Way of the World
Ron Suskind on How the Bush Admin Deliberately Faked an Iraq-al-Qaeda Connection and Undermined Diplomacy, Democracy in Pakistan and Iran -Democracy Now - 8/14/08

BIC: Iran Intensifies Disinformation and Attacks on Bahais
The fears of Bahais worldwide over the intended fate of their coreligionists in Iran have heightened in the light of occurrences since the arrests, three months ago, of the "Friends in Iran," the seven Bahais who coordinate the affairs of the 300,000 Bahais across Iran. -Bahai International Community - 8/14/08

EDUCATION-IRAN: Students Brace for Second 'Cultural Revolution'
Universities in Iran are bracing for a new academic year expected to be marked by tighter state control over student bodies and faculties and perhaps even the second ‘Cultural Revolution' that hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to see. -IPS - 8/14/08

Iranian minister flaunts bogus Oxford degree
When sceptical MPs questioned the eligibility of Ali Kordan to be Iran's interior minister, he believed he had the perfect riposte; a law degree obtained from one of the world's most elite institutions, the University of Oxford. -Guardian - 8/14/08

US/IRAN: Nothing Behind U.S. Allegations?
While the United States has repeatedly accused Iran of providing lethal weapons to Shiite militias, last week, U.S. officials once again failed to provide solid evidence for this charge, raising questions about the actual level of Iran’s meddling in Iraq. -IPS - 8/14/08

15 Million Saplings to Be Planted on National Lands around Tehran
Caretaker of Tehran Municipality's Development Department announced that 7,730 hectares of national lands have been transferred to Tehran province municipalities and 15 million saplings will be planted on them to increase green spaces. - 8/14/08

Iranian Automaker Seeking to Gain Bigger Share of World Market
Iran-Khodro car manufacturing company said that its global capacity will soon reach 800,000 vehicles. -Fars - 8/14/08

207 Foreign Companies in Tehran Construction Expo
Secretary-general of Iran Chamber of Cooperatives announced that European companies are enthusiastic about taking part in international construction exhibition of Tehran. - 8/14/08

Olympics: Iran collects losses in Archery, Judo and Greco-Roman Wrestling
Iran's Hojjatollah Vaezi has been defeated by his Indian rival in the elimination round of men's individual archery at the Beijing Olympics. North Korea's Kwon Un Sil managed to beat Iran's female archer Najmeh Abtin 106-96 on Tuesday. - 8/13/08

ALERT: Take Action Now to Stop War on Iran - U.S. Naval Armada heading towards Iran
The aircraft carriers USS Theodore Roosevelt and the USS Ronald Reagan, along with the USS Iwo Jima, an Amphibious Assault Ship are sailing toward the Persian Gulf to reinforce the US strike forces in the region, along with a British Royal Navy carrier battle group and a French nuclear hunter-killer submarine. - 8/13/08

Mehregan Artistic Design Competition
The 2008 Mehregan Festival Committee is announcing the 13th Annual Mehregan Festival to be held on Saturday and Sunday, October 11th and 12th at Orange County Fair & Expo Center in Costa Mesa, California. This year for the first time, Mehregan is offering an Artistic Design Competition. - 8/13/08

221 Iranian MPs call for reviving Lake Orumiyeh
Some 221 lawmakers in a letter to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have called for reviving Orumiyeh Lake which is in a critical state. In a telephone talk with IRNA correspondent, Orumiyeh MP Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Salman Zaker said that the MPs have formed a center to that effect and sought funds to channel water from Zab River to the lake. - 8/13/08

5000 years ago women were in control in Burnt City
Recent studies of a team of archeologists have shown that 5000 years ago (3200 BC) women had the economic control of the Burnt City. Some paleo-anthropologists believe that mothers in the Burnt City had social and financial prominence, director of the team working at the Burnt City in Sistan-Baluchestan Province, southeastern Iran said recently. - 8/13/08

Dutch expert calls "Rustam and Sohrab" unique puppet show
Researcher and artist from the Netherlands, Neil Vander Linden, is convinced that the Iranian opera puppet show "Rustam and Sohrab" is an interesting and unique event in the art of puppet theater. -Tehran Times - 8/13/08

U.S. puts brakes on Israeli plan for attack on Iran nuclear facilities
The American administration has rejected an Israeli request for military equipment and support that would improve Israel's ability to attack Iran's nuclear facilities. -Haaretz, Israel - 8/13/08

Will next Israeli leader attack Iran?
After Olmert's decision to step down, candidates for Israeli PM leave 'all options on the table' on Iran - 8/13/08

Memoir Workshop: Creating a Mosaic: Personal Histories from the Middle Eastern Diaspora
ArteEast and the Association of Iranian American Writers (AIAW) are proud to announce a new Fall Memoir Workshop - 8/13/08

Alcoholic Drinks Market in Iran: A Comprehensive Analysis
This market report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and offers strategic analysis of key factors influencing the market - 8/13/08

U.S: Air Force Think Tank Advises Against Iran Attack
A major study produced for the U.S. Air Force by a top defense think tank concludes attacking Iran would be a disaster for the U.S. -IPS - 8/13/08

Mega-refinery under construction in southern Iran
The Persian Gulf Star gas condensate refinery's contract has been concluded and is being implemented, the managing director of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) said in Tehran on Sunday. -Tehran Times - 8/13/08

Iran warns against 'surprise attack'
Iran's Defense Minister Mohammad-Najjar has warned that its response to a surprise enemy attack would be a greater surprise for the aggressor. -Press TV - 8/13/08

Chickens Come Home to Roost in Georgia
No one should be surprised that U.S. interference in the Caucasus has led to the Russian invasion of South Ossetia. By mixing into the volatile politics of the Caucasus, and trying to recruit the governments there to become American "plumbers" for a variety of purposes, the United States has only drawn Russian fire. -William O. Beeman, New America Media - 8/13/08

Iran's 2007 GDP growth rate at 6.9% last year
The Central Bank of Iran has released early estimates based on which the GDP growth rate was recorded at 6.9 percent last Iranian year. -Press TV - 8/13/08

Iran likely to introduce new currency
In an exclusive Tuesday interview with Mehr News Agency, Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Governor Tahmasb Mazaheri said that Iran was reviewing whether to "lop 3 or 4 zeros off the Iranian Rial to introduce a new currency." - 8/13/08

Third-time lucky for wrestler Hassan Shahsavan
IT was a case of third time lucky when Australian wrestler Hassan Shahsavan qualified for the Beijing Olympics. -AAP - 8/13/08

Israeli Arms Sales To Georgia Raise New Concerns
With the eruption of fighting between Russia and Georgia, Israel has found itself in an awkward position as a result of its arms sales to Georgia, caught between its friendly relations with Georgia and its fear that the continued sale of weaponry will spark Russian retribution in the form of increased arms sales to Iran and Syria. -IPS - 8/13/08

Iranian Fresh Dates will soon be ready for shipment
The Iranian Company Parsun Day Symbol Co. will soon be in the market with a new crop fresh dates (Rotab). This innovating company has been in operation since 2007 and is situated in a newly developed modern building, constructed in accordance with ISO 22000 regulations. -Fresh Plaza - 8/13/08

The Truth Behind Spiegel's Article
In a recent article, titled "UN Treasure Honors Persian Despot," Spiegel Magazine criticizes the United Nations for recognizing an ancient artifact believed by many to be the world's first declaration of human rights. The "Persian Despot" of course is Cyrus The Great, the author of the doctrine inscribed on the outer surface of a clay cylinder housed at the British Museum in London where it's simply known as the Cyrus Cylinder. -Cyrus Kar - 8/12/08

Is This the Spring of Iranian Culture? Yes.
An event deserves to be called historic when it offers an experience that has thus far been unavailable. Usually, a lot of innovation and courage has been spent on making the experience available for the very first time. The Shahnameh Millennium Concert, which brought the Seventh Biennial Iranian Studies Conference to a dramatic close, was a truly historic event. -Zahra Ziaie, Salam Toronto - 8/12/08

New Guidelines Highlight Opportunities for Humanitarian Assistance to Iran
On Monday the Iranian American Bar Association (IABA) released tips and guidelines for the "provision of humanitarian assistance to and in Iran." The IABA publication addresses current regulations as stipulated by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). OFAC falls under the oversight of the US Department of the Treasury, and is responsible for enforcing economic and trade sanctions. -Julia Murray, NIAC - 8/12/08

Iran home to one of world's best universities: Newsweek
One of the best universities of the world is in Iran, the Newsweek weekly said in its latest edition, referring to Iran's Sharif University of Science and Technology. "Forget Harvard _ one of the world's best undergraduate colleges is in Iran," said the news weekly in an article appeared in its August 9 edition. - 8/12/08

Olympics: Iran loses to Lithuania in basketball
Iranian basketball team was edged 99-67 by Lithuania in Group A in the preliminary round of the Olympic Men's Basketball tournament on Tuesday. - 8/12/08

Creative art project celebrated women's rights activism in Iran
Southern California activists celebrate the anniversary of the One Million Signatures Campaign for Equality California members of the One Million Signatures Campaign -an Iranian grassroots campaign for gender equality- are celebrating the second anniversary of this movement with a creative art project. - 8/12/08

'Prince of Persia' Film is Very Remote From Persia
Walt Disney Studios has just begun filming the fantasy film "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" and has also delayed its release by a year; it is now expected to premiere Memorial Day weekend in 2010. - 8/12/08

Iran thumps Qatar in WAFF
Iran has thumped Qatar 6-1 in the West Asian Football Federation (WAFF) Championship on Monday in Tehran's Takhti Stadium. -MNA - 8/12/08

Georgia Fighting Raises Concerns Over Oil Pipeline, Prices
One of the world's newest and longest oil pipelines transits war-torn Georgia from east to west, carrying Azeri crude across Azerbaijan and Georgia to the Turkish port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean Sea. VOA's Barry Wood has more on the strategic importance of what is known as the the BTC pipeline. - 8/12/08

Iran president due in Turkey on Thursday
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad leading a high-ranking delegation is to leave Tehran for Turkey on Thursday at the invitation of his Turkish counterpart President Abdullah Gul. -IRNA - 8/12/08

Iran's Surian fails to win Olympic medal
Iran's gold medal favorite Hamid Surian lost to Russian and S. Korean rivals on Tuesday and failed to get any medal in the Beijing Olympics. -MNA - 8/12/08

Iran: Rafsanjani criticizes govt. economic policy
Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has criticized the government's economic policy in the last three years, saying, "We have been put up with the executive power in these three years." -MNA - 8/12/08

Iran, Iraq are natural friends: Ahmadinejad
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad underlined Iran and Iraq are natural friends. In a meeting with visiting Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan Nichervan Barezani here Monday evening, Ahmadinejad stressed, "Iran stands with Iraqi people in all fields. - 8/12/08

There is consensus in Iran over illegitimate nature of Israel: FM Spokesman
The question was put forward in reaction to a statement made by the head of Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei that Iranians are friendly to all nations including the Americans and the Israeli Jews. -IRNA - 8/12/08

Safai Launches Campaign for San Francisco Board of Supervisors
With over 200 friends and supporters in attendance, Ahsha Safai formally kicked off his much-anticipated campaign for San Francisco's Board of Supervisors on July 20, 2008. A community activist and former mayoral aide, Safai is seeking to replace District 11 Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval, whose term expires in January of 2009. - 8/11/08

ICFJ report explores the complexities of Iran
A new online report released by the Washington, D.C.-based International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) seeks to help journalists gain insight into the complex issues surrounding Iranian politics, economics and society. - 8/11/08

Iranian physicists succeed in inventing the first "liquid motor"
By exploring a new physical phenomenon, the Physics department researchers of Iran's Sharif Industrial University succeeded in designing a new device (Liquit Motor) made of a film of floating water or other liquids with the ability to twist controllably. - 8/11/08

Call on Iran to sue Israel and US in World Court over threats of military force
The US and Israeli leaders have systematically violated Article 2 of the UN Charter in the past few years threatening Iran with military attacks over its disputed nuclear programme. CASMII calls on the Government of Iran to respond positively to the compelling case made by Professor Francis Boyle to sue these countries in the International Court of Justice in The Hague so as to avert an Israel/US war and further sanctions on Iran. - 8/11/08

Iran defeated by Russia in men 's basketball debut
Iranian basketball team was beaten 71-49 by European champions Russia in the opener of the men's basketball competitions in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games at the Wukesong Stadium on Sunday. - 8/11/08

Olympics: Iranian judo player advances to forth round
Iranian judo player participating in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games defeated his three rivals and advanced to the forth round of the Olympic judo competitions. - 8/11/08

Nobel laureate threatened by state news agency allegation
Reporters Without Borders firmly condemns an allegation made by the official news agency IRNA on 6 August that endangers Nobel peace laureate and human rights lawyer Shirin Ebadi and her family. An IRNA report claimed that Ebadi's daughter "converted to the Bahai religion nearly a year ago." - 8/11/08

ISIS study: Iran war, a vain effort
A military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities 'is unlikely' to delay the country's program, a prestigious American think tank says. - 8/11/08

Iranian President welcomes Algerian counterpart
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday officially welcomed his Algerian counterpart, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. President Bouteflika, heading a high-ranking economic and political delegation arrived in Tehran Sunday afternoon upon official invitation made by President Ahmadinejad. - 8/11/08

Iranian swimmer Alirezaei pulls out of Olympic Games
Iranian swimmer Mohammad Alirezaei has pulled out of the Olympic men's 100m breaststroke heats due to severe pain in his stomach, an official with the Iranian team said on Saturday. - 8/11/08

Iranican Reports: Tirgan
Not only the biggest, but by far the best Iranian Festival Outside of Iran. Tirgan just set a new standard for iranian festivals/events worldwide. Hats off to Iranian Canadians in Toronto! -Iranican - 8/11/08

Olympic Judo: Iran's Arash Miresmaeili loses to Japan's Masato Uchishiba
Japan's Masato Uchishiba defeats Iran's Arash Miresmaeili in the Olympic judo games for men, preventing him from winning a gold medal. - 8/11/08

Crystal Lake peace activist heading to Iran
A longtime local peace activist soon will travel to Iran as part of a civilian peace delegation that aims to build bridges between Iran and the United States. - Northwest Herald - 8/11/08

Iran, EU Foreign Policy Chief Agree to Keep Discussing Nukes
Iran's top nuclear negotiator has agreed with the European Union's foreign policy chief to continue talks aimed at resolving disagreement over Iran's nuclear program. - 8/11/08

Iran Unveils Computer Games, DVD Sites
Computer games as well as a DVD containing data on Iranian cultural sites were unveiled by the Tebyan Art and Cultural Institute during a ceremony. -Fars - 8/11/08

Chestnut Hill's Shundeez Restaurant offers tastes of Iran
At Shundeez Restaurant in Chestnut Hill, Mohsen (Maurice) Lavasani brings the taste and culture of his Iranian homeland to the table. - 8/11/08

Seattle Post Endorses Susan Amini for Superior Court Judge
With less then two weeks to go before the primary election, Susan Amini's candidacy for Superior Court Judge continues to gain momentum with a new endorsement from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the oldest newspaper in Washington State. - 8/10/08

Photos: Camel Breeding in Iran's Khuzestan Province
Camels are even-toed ungulates within the genus Camelus. The dromedary, one-humped or Arabian camel has a single hump, and the Bactrian camel has two humps. They are native to the dry desert areas of western Asia, and central and east Asia, respectively. - 8/10/08

Tehmineh Milani, Iran's Fearless Film Maker
Her films have divided Iran, led to her arrest and seen her charged with four crimes that carry the death penalty. But Iranian filmmaker Tehmineh Milani refuses to be silenced. - 8/10/08

Iran comes second in grass skiing international competitions
Austria with 455 points won the competitions, while Iran and the Check Republic with respectively 325 and 230 points came second and third. -ISNA - 8/10/08

Social Uprising of 2008: A Collective Evolution
The long insufferable election campaign of the 2008 is coming to a close. Except a handful of people, everybody else is excited about the Barack Obama winning the Democratic Party's nomination. Now what is wrong with that? -Bahram Maskanian, Tree Huggers of America - 8/10/08

Iran to build LNG plant in Venezuela
will build a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) plant with 10 million tones capacity annually in Venezuela in October if the two countries finalize talks. -ISNA - 8/10/08

Iran tops Mideast in wind energy
Managing director of Iran's Renewable Energies Organization has said that Iran is the only producer of wind turbines in the Middle East. -Press TV - 8/10/08

Entracte: A Chic place to Brunch in the Center of Tehran
I have always had a thing about brunches and so I was delighted to learn that there was this new place that serves brunches downtown, and where else was it but the very cinema that I used to go as a child in love with movies; in those days it was called the Niagara and now it is called the Joumbouri (Republic). -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 8/8/08

US-Israel, EU stance on Iran reek of hypocrisy!
US-Israel, EU stance on Iran reek of hypocrisy, when nuclear-armed Israel has a green light to continue its ridiculous policy of nuclear ambiguity and is not even being pressed to sign-up to the NPT. -Debbie Menon - 8/8/08

Yu Darvish Won't Play for Iran but Will Play at Olympics
Darvish is the son of an Iranian father and a Japanese mother who met while they were both studying in the United States. He is one of the biggest stars in Japanese baseball and many expect him eventually to go to the United States. - 8/8/08

Khatami: Is He Back?
Back in 2001, when Khatami was in his second term as the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, I wrote a piece in, titled "Slowly but surely", on why I voted for him. As expected it was criticized by some and approved by others. In that article, I posed a question that asked "Are we better off now compared to four years ago or not? " -Mehdi Amini - 8/8/08

Piano Recital to be Dedicated to AHMAD BATEBI
On 30th August 2008, Pejman Akbarzadeh will give a Persian piano recital at Cologne University in Germany. He has dedicated his performance to Ahmad Batebi, the symbol of pro-democracy movement of Tehran University students, who recently fled to the United States after nine years of imprisonment. - 8/8/08

EU Begins Enforcement of New Iran Sanctions
The European Union imposed new trade sanctions against Iran Friday, as Tehran continues to hold out against international demands that it freeze its nuclear enrichment program. Lisa Bryant has more for VOA from Paris. - 8/8/08

Oil could reach Dlrs 200 due to supply gap, UK report warns
Only a collapse in the global demand for oil can save economies from a supply crisis and crude prices reaching more than Dlrs 200 a barrel (dpb), a new report published by Chatham House think-tank warned Friday. - 8/8/08

Khatami again keeps public in doubt about his candidacy
Mohammad Khatami said on Thursday that he has made up his mind for next year's presidential election but he currently has no intention to reveal it, ISNA reported. - 8/8/08

OLYMPICS: Extravagant opening ceremony thrills 91,000 at National Stadium
Once-reclusive China commandeered the world stage Friday, celebrating its first-time role as Olympic host with a stunning display of pageantry and pyrotechnics to open a Summer Games unrivaled for its mix of problems and promise. -CNN - 8/8/08

Iran, IAEA hold talks for second day
Deputy Head of the International Atomic Energy Agency for Safeguards Olli Heinonen and officials of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran wrapped up their two-day talks here on Friday. - 8/8/08

Human Rights in the Age of Counter-Terrorism
UNITED NATIONS - Member states of the U.N. have frequently disregarded international human rights laws and principles in the name of counter-terrorism, an expert panel here found. -IPS - 8/8/08

End Nuclear Threat, Next President Told
On the sixty-third anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, groups and individuals around the world are calling on the next U.S. president to take seven concrete steps to end the threat of nuclear terrorism and war. -One - 8/8/08

Photos: Avan Lake near Alamut, Qazvin
The Avan peak rises to about 3,750 m. and is located in the Alborz Mountain Range in the north of Roodbar. This summit is also known as Kheshteh Chal. In the south west direction it is connected to the gorge and summit of Sialan, and in northwest direction to the Bazakooh and Parch Kooh mountains. - 8/7/08

Time Says Iran's Sara Khoshjamal-Fekr a Must-See in Olympics
Time magazine says Iran's Sara Khoshjamal-Fekri is a must-see performer at the Olympics as the first woman ever to appear at the Olympics for Iran. - 8/7/08

Twenty Years of Silence: The 1988 Massacre and the Quest for Accountability
This summer, thousands of bereaved families will defy the Iranian government and gather at the mass graves in Tehran's Khavaran cemetery to mark the twentieth anniversary of the 1988 massacre of Iranian political prisoners. -Kaveh Shahrooz, Gozaar - 8/7/08

Why Iran Won't Budge on Nukes
When U.S. officials appeal to the Iranian people over the heads of its regime, they like to assume that Tehran's defiance on the nuclear issue reflects only the extremist position of an unrepresentative revolutionary leadership. Plainly, they haven't met Dr. Akbar Etemad, who ran the nuclear program of the Shah's regime, which was overthrown in the Islamic Revolution of 1979. -TIME - 8/7/08

Iran-IAEA nuclear talks begin in Tehran
Talks between the United Nations nuclear watchdog's deputy director general, Olli Heinonen, and Iranian officials from International Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) kicked off in Tehran on Thursday afternoon. -IRNA - 8/7/08

The lies of Hiroshima live on, props in the war crimes of the 20th century
The 1945 attack was murder on an epic scale. In its victims' names, we must not allow a nuclear repeat in the Middle East -Guardian - 8/7/08

NITC to become world's third largest supertanker operator
The National Iranian Tanker Company plans to boost its fleet capacity to 14.111 million tons by 2011, NITC Managing Director Mohammad Souri said here on Wednesday. -MNA - 8/7/08

Nuclear Negotiations with Iran May Continue Amid Caution
Iran is refusing to compromise, but it wants to keep on negotiating with the international community over the fate of the country’s nuclear program. Iranian officials continue to hope that they can revamp a deal, but some experts caution that Tehran may err in pushing too far. -Eurasianet - 8/7/08

A Unique Exhibition in Tehran by Artist Bita Ghezelayagh
Besides this most interesting, innovative and refreshing exhibition in many respects, Bita, who was born in Italy in 1965, has worked as an architect and an interior decorative artist, stage manager and dress designer for three films as well as running a home and being a mother to two very young children, Jahan and Kiana. At the same time she has been working for a major exhibition in London -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 8/6/08

Human Rights Groups Demand Iran Release AIDS Doctors
Human Rights groups at the International AIDS Conference in Mexico City are calling on Iran to release two world-renowned physicians who have been detained in their homeland. VOA's Greg Flakus has more from Mexico City. - 8/6/08

A glittering, happy and emotional event was celebrated last Spring in Washington D.C. commemorating the 17th anniversary of the Foundation for the Children of Iran co-founded by Princess Yasmine Pahlavi and aimed to express gratitude to all those who have helped to the success and humanitarian mission it has been pursuing in assisting to medical care for Iranian children living in Iran who for financial reason's cannot afford an adequate operation or medical treatment. -Darius KADIVAR - 8/6/08

Afghanistan – Long years of war and struggle
THE Afghan people have a great strength; a dignity in their lives, and a pride in their culture. Long years of war and struggle have put the Afghan people in a position of hopelessness. They are now weary of war. They are determined to make the best of the situations they live in. Much depends of course, on the seldom talked-about $15 billion international aid shortfall in Afghanistan. -Debbie Menon - 8/6/08

Israelis sign declaration against Iran attack
More than 100 hundred Israeli academicians and peace activists have signed the following declaration: There is no military, political or moral justification to initiate war with Iran... - 8/6/08

Method in the Madness: Why They Want to Attack Iran
These days we're on needles and pins. We keep our fingers crossed. We hope the US won't attack Iran. There are good reasons to believe it won't. Elsewhere I've argued the folly of doing so. -Ed Kinane - 8/6/08

Farhad Ahrarnia's Stitched in Leighton House Museum, London
Stitched is the first solo exhibition in London by Farhad Ahrarnia, an Iranian artist based in Britain. It features recent works in a range of media including photography, embroidery and video. - 8/6/08

US Officials: Iran's Response to Incentives Package Not Acceptable
U.S. officials say Iran's response to an incentives package to stop its sensitive nuclear work amounts to more confusion and delays. -VOA - 8/6/08

Panel in Irvine, California: "Iran; Is War Inevitable?"
Humanity Unites proudly presents an evening of community dialogue regarding the current media focus on Iran and the possibility of war. We will look at the major concerns of the community and focus on what measures are viable and what we can do as a community locally. - 8/6/08

Iran to deliver gas from northern neighbors to Oman Sea
Iran is conducting required studies to build a north-south gas pipeline for gas swap from Iranian north neighbors to Oman Sea. The pipeline stretching out of Iranian northeastern city of Sarakhs to the southern port of Jask will deliver 30 million cubic meters gas daily. - 8/6/08

Kish Island - "Temporary timeout" for Iranian women
While women in the Iranian capital Tehran are meticulously checked by vice squads for any lapse in Islamic dress codes, those making holiday on Kish Island in the country's south have a temporary timeout in this regard. -DPA - 8/6/08

Muslim Land Joins Ranks of Tigers
ANTALYA, Turkey -- When an Islamist-leaning political party took charge of Turkey six years ago, this vibrant Mediterranean resort town feared a bumpy ride for a local economy driven in part by booze and bikinis. Today, says Ahmet Barut, a hotel magnate here, the only real question is whether the town can sustain an unprecedented economic boom. - WSJ - 8/6/08

Iranian American Bar Association Urges Reversal of Florida Law
The Iranian American Bar Association called for a recent Florida law hindering travel to Iran to be reversed. SB 1310 was approved by Governor Charlie Crist on June 23 this year. Much confusion has reigned as to whether the law already had come into effect or whether it was being held up in court. - 8/5/08

Doctors Charged with Fomenting 'Velvet Revolution' in Iran
Arash and Kamiar Alaei are brothers from Kermanshah in Western Iran who have pushed boundaries in the Islamic Republic's approach to and treatment of AIDS and even helped change national drugs policy. I have been aware of their work for many years, since first writing about Iran's epidemic of heroin addiction for the Financial Times magazine. -Kamin Mohammadi - 8/5/08

Machen accepts invitation to serve as a delegate in Iran for the fall
UF President Bernie Machen, along with other American university presidents, will be meeting with Iranian university presidents and their institutes. Machen accepted an invitation from the Association of American Universities, or AAU, to serve as a delegate to Iran in mid–November. -Alligator - 8/5/08

Cyrus the Great tomb needs constant monitoring of moisture
The Parseh and Pasargadae Research Foundation director has called for constant vigilance against soil moisture, which is threatening the tomb of Cyrus the Great in Pasargadae. - 8/5/08

Iran encourages low-energy light bulbs
A dramatic cut in downfall followed by drought this year has caused hydro-electric dams to shut down leading to daily power cuts in Iran. The drought spell has worsened the power supply situation. While the consumption has been growing 15 percent each year, the supply shows only a maximum of seven percent rise. - 8/5/08

Iran's youth handball team qualifies for World Cup
Iran beat South Korea 36-28 in the semi-final round of the 11th Asian Youth Handball Championship and booked a place in the World Cup event as one of two Asian teams. -MNA - 8/5/08

Stop War on Iran Demo in Times Square: An example of endurance and resistance
On August 2, 2008, more than 800 determined Americans gathered during a torrential downpour in Times Square and 42nd Street, the commercial and cultural center of New York City, raising their voices in opposition to sanctions, interference, and the threats of war against Iran, determined to prevent Washington's plan of expanding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan into Iran. - 8/5/08

In Sight: an Amicable Endgame in Iran
The possibility of an attack on Iran seems remote to George Friedman, founder and head of Stratfor, the Austin, Texas-based global-intelligence company. The risks to the global economy of such a move far outweigh any potential benefits, he says, especially as Iran poses what he views as a negligible nuclear threat. -Barron's - 8/5/08

A War of Self-Destruction
An attack on Iran, which Israeli and Bush administration officials appear set to carry out if Iranian uranium enrichment is not halted, would ignite a regional war in the Middle East and lead to economic collapse and political upheaval in the United States. -Chris Hedges, TruthDig - 8/5/08

VOA TV Series Exposes Corruption in Iran
The Voice of America (VOA) is examining corruption in Iran in a series of stories based on an Iranian parliamentary report obtained exclusively by the Persian News Network (PNN). - 8/5/08

Amirahmadi's Second "Shuttle Diplomacy" Trip to Iran
The President of the American Iranian Council, Dr. Hooshang Amirahmadi, has just returned from his second trip to Iran within the last four months, during which he has been engaging in extensive shuttle diplomacy with American, Iranian and British officials, law makers and civil society leaders. - 8/5/08

Iran: Up to 14 million living in poverty, says central bank
As many as 14 million Iranians are living under the poverty line, according to Iran's central bank. In the bank's latest quarterly, Amar Eghtesadi, says "there are at least 14 million, people who are living under the poverty line". -AKI - 8/5/08

US Warns of Further Sanctions Against Iran
The United States says major world powers will have no choice but to pursue new sanctions against Iran in the absence of a positive reply to their offer of incentives for it to halt uranium enrichment. The State Department says a written response to the offer is expected Tuesday. - 8/5/08

Iran Suspends Four Planned Stoning Executions
Iran has decided to spare the lives of four people sentenced to death by stoning and is halting the implementation of other such sentences pending a review of their cases, the judiciary has said. -Reuters - 8/5/08

Recognizing Patterns: Ciamac Moallemi
A 1991 Westinghouse finalist realizes after a stint in finance that he would rather follow in his parents' academic footsteps - Scientific American - 8/5/08

Iran: Vote of confidence for three proposed ministers
Majlis gave a vote of confidence to three ministers proposed by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here on Tuesday afternoon. -IRNA - 8/5/08

Ghaffarian's 'Magic Tricycle' wins top award in Car Design News contest
An Iranian student, Seyyed Javad Ghaffarian, has managed to capture the top prize of Car Design News international competition in the student category. - 8/4/08

Zahir Ol Dowleh cemetery in Tehran
One of my goals on my return to Iran for the first time in 30 years was to see the Zahir Ol Dowleh cemetery which is amazingly owned by a private family. In it lie the graves of some of the finest contemporary poets, musicians and writers of Iran as well as Sufi philanthropists -Brian H. Appleton - 8/4/08

It's a ritual that the Former Empress of Iran, Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi, has been honoring for the past 28 years, that of paying tribute to her Husband the late Shah of Iran Mohamed Reza Pahlavi (26 October 1919 - 27 July 1980). -Darius KADIVAR - 8/4/08

Iran, EU to continue nuclear talks
Iran's top nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili and EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana have agreed to continue nuclear talks. -Press TV - 8/4/08

Iran's junior wrestling team ranks 2nd in World Championships
Iran's junior free-style wrestling team stood at the second place in the 2008 Junior World Wrestling Championships started in the Turkish capital, Istanbul, on Saturday. - 8/4/08

US, Israel and the media charade on Iran!
The US actions on the ground in the past seven years speak louder than words, but, the world media has been busily debating and discussing the smoke and mirrors which US-Israel throws out in its charade. -Debbie Menon - 8/4/08

Tehran, Middle East's 4th Most Expensive City
A new report issued by Mercer Research Institute indicates that Tehran has risen 45 points on the list of the most expensive cities of the world and now ranks the 74th. - 8/4/08

High hopes of Iran's women rowers
Not many Tehran cabbies could find their way there, but hidden close to the centre of the Iranian capital is a six-lane, 1,000m rowing course. -BBC - 8/4/08

A Guide to OFAC - provided by Iranian American Bar Association
The Iranian American Bar Association (IABA) is pleased to announce the launching the first of a series of Working Group documents, a collection of memoranda on specific legal matters that are of interest to the Iranian-American community. - 8/4/08

MGA Entertainment Loses Big Bucks Suit
MGA Entertainment, a toy firm owned by Iranian-American Isaac Larian, has lost a copyright infringement case against its huge rival, Mattel—maker of Barbie—over which firm owns the original drawings for the Bratz fashion doll franchise. - 8/4/08

Want Lower Gas Prices? Lift AIPAC's Sanctions on Iran
Senator McCain, President Bush, and some of their oil industry friends are urging Americans to support overturning a 26-year ban on offshore drilling as a way to bring down gas prices. Of course, it's snake oil designed for what the Joe Lieberman campaign affectionately called "low information voters." -Huffington Post - 8/4/08

Iran: 120,000 CNG cars produced in 4 months
Minister of Industries and Mines Ali Akbar Mehrabian said that more than 120,000 gas-burning cars were produced and delivered by domestic car manufacturing companies during March 21-July 21. -IRNA - 8/4/08

Iran builds advanced anti-ship weapon
Iran has developed a high-tech naval weapons system capable of targeting any warship within a range of 300 kilometers from its shores. - 8/4/08

Israel-Occupied Palestinian Territory: Married but without rights
Some 15,000 Palestinians who married Israeli citizens in the past decade are illegal or temporary residents. Their lives and those of their families have become "unstable," according to non-governmental organisations. -IRIN - 8/4/08

Israel says Diplomacy with Iran Does Not Work
Israel says Iran's refusal to stop enriching uranium shows the futility of diplomacy to prevent Tehran from building a nuclear weapon. VOA's Michael Bowman reports, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni spoke on U.S. television. - 8/4/08

Iranian women team wins title in West Asian Clubs Futsal Tournament
Iranian women's futsal team has been crowned as champion in the West Asian Clubs Futsal Tournament in Jordan. Iran won the title after defeating Jordan 8-7 in the final game of the event Saturday night (Aug. 2). - 8/3/08

Iran's Best Footballers of the Year Announced
In a ceremony held in Iran's National Olympic Academy, Karim Baqeri was voted player of the year by Iranian soccer coaches and the heads of various sports media outlets. Abu Moslem's Ivan Petrovic was appointed the best foreign player of the year. Mehdi Rahmati from Mes Kerman was named the best goalkeeper while Sepahan Isfahan's Ehsan Hajsafi won the title of the year's best young player. - 8/3/08

Shedding light on nuclear Iran
When physicist Akbar Etemad goes through Iranian customs, he presents both French and Iranian passports, and tells the guards, "I don't like you. I am against you. But this is my country. I have the right to come and to talk to my people." -National Post - 8/3/08

Iranian discus thrower Ehsan Haddadi ready for Olympics
"The doctors have said there is no problem and Haddadi is able to compete in Olympics. He couldn't train as hard as he wanted in the past month but is very optimistic about his participation in the event." -MNA - 8/3/08

Supreme Leader: Iran, Syria to continue friendly ties
Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Sunday that the current relationship between Iran and Syria is very consolidated and promising. The Supreme Leader made the remarks after receiving visiting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his entourage in Tehran on Sunday. - 8/3/08

Tran's Sharif Univ third in Bulgarian mathematics contest
Sharif University of Technology ranked third for the fourth consecutive year at the 15th International Students Mathematics Contests held in Bulgaria, said the university chancellor, Saeed Sohrabpour. - 8/3/08

New York City Museum Exhibits Drawings by Iranian Satirist
A perfect society would provide no subject matter for Iranian-born artist Ardeshir Mohassess, whose satirical drawings and collages are on display at the Asia Society of New York in an exhibit that ends August 3. - 8/3/08

Baha'is Reject Allegations of Subversive Activity in iran
The Baha'i International Community categorically rejects statements by an Iranian prosecutor that seven Baha'is detained in Tehran have "confessed" to operating an "illegal" organization with ties to Israel and other countries. -BWNS - 8/3/08

Ahmadinejad: Iran 'serious' in talks
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday, "We are serious in continuation of fair talks which can produce practical and fruitful results." - 8/3/08

Strike On Iran Still Possible, US Tells Israel
Bush administration officials reassured Israel’s defense minister this week that the United States has not abandoned all possibility of a military attack on Iran, despite widespread Israeli concern that Washington has begun softening its position toward Tehran. -Los Angeles Times - 8/3/08

American Public Information or disinformation system
Walter Russell Mead, is Henry A. Kissinger Senior Fellow for U.S. Foreign Policy. In the Foreign Affairs, July/August 2008 issue, in his essay, 'The New Israel and the Old,' Why Gentile Americans Back the Jewish State, Mr. Mead builds his entire lovely canvass on a frame and a canvass well treated with truth before he applies his color. -Debbie Menon - 8/3/08

Iran Khodro to export 4,000 cars to Afghanistan
Iran-Khodro Auto Manufacturing Company, the Middle East's largest automaker, has decided to export 4,000 cars to Afghanistan by 2009. - 8/3/08

Iranian women's futsal team qualifies for final stage of West Asian Clubs tournament
Iranian women's futsal team beat Palestine 7-1 and qualified for the final stage of the West Asian Clubs Futsal Tournament. - 8/2/08

On Joe Klein and the Jewish Neoconservatives
"I believe there are a small group of Jewish neoconservatives who are pushing for war with Iran because they believe it is in America's long-term interests and because they believe Israel's existence is at stake. They are wrong and recent history tells us they are dangerous. They are also bullies and I'm not going to be intimidated by them." -Prospects For Peace - 8/2/08

Iran's basketball team ranks fourth at China tournament
China beat the Iranian side 75-46 to take third place. The Iranian team lost its first match 81-71 to Argentina on Tuesday but shocked the basketball world with its 72-70 win over Serbia on Wednesday. - 8/2/08

US and the MEK: Blurring friends and enemies
The United States of America has consistently and historically championed itself as a preeminent nation in the world. However, since recent international and domestic events left the US in a more precarious position, they are desperately making friends with unlikely groups. -Nina Hamedani, Press TV - 8/2/08

Iranian Painter Nami Petgar dies at 63
Veteran Iranian painter Nami Petgar passed away in his home in Iranian northern city Noshahr on Thursday as a result of a heart attack. He was 63 years old. Petgar was born in Tehran in 1945 and, like his father and master Ali-Asghar, he chose realism style for his works. - 8/2/08

Iran cancels Indonesian band 's concerts
The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance called off the concerts of the Muslim multinational band Debu in Tehran without giving any reason for the decision. All the nights' performances were competently sold out and the concerts have been advertised in several Persian dailies and billboards in Tehran. - 8/2/08

Elbaradei stresses Iran's right to have access to nuclear technology
Secretary General of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said here Friday at a press conference it is Iran's natural right to have access to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. - 8/2/08

Syrian, Iranian presidents hold talks in Tehran
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad started a landmark two-day visit to Tehran on Saturday. He was formally greeted by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the presidential headquarters. Immediately after his arrival the two presidents started their private talks. - 8/2/08

Nukes and Holocausts
And, now, here we are, perhaps on the eve of the Israelis attempting to "take out" – with the almost explicit support of Bush-Cheney and The Best Congress AIPAC Can Buy – all the IAEA Safeguarded facilities in Iran. And no "options" – including the use of nuclear weapons – are "off the table"! -Gordon Prather, Antiwar - 8/2/08

Coup in the Great Caspian Play
From the details coming out of Ashgabat in Turkmenistan and Moscow last weekend, it is apparent that the great game over Caspian energy has taken a dramatic turn. In the geopolitics of energy security, nothing like this has happened before. The United States has suffered a huge defeat in the race for Caspian gas. The question now is how much longer Washington could afford to keep Iran out of the energy market. -Counterpunch - 8/2/08

Kuwait defeats Iran in Asian Youth Handball Championship
The Iranian outfit must play against South Korea in the semifinal on Sunday. Iran had already entered the semis after defeating Bahrain 31-28 in its first match on Saturday and after winning Japan 41-31 on Wednesday. -Press TV - 8/2/08

War threat on Iran is a propaganda campaign: UN Envoy
Iran's ambassador to the United Nations Mohammad Khazaii on Wednesday dismissed as a propaganda campaign rumors that the U.S. might launch a military strike on Iran's nuclear installations. -MNA - 8/2/08

Statoil withdrawal not announced officially: Oil Minister
The Norwegian StatoilHydro company has not officially announced that it would withdraw from activities in an Iranian oil field, Oil Minister Gholam-Hossein Nozari said on Saturday. -IRNA - 8/2/08

JoAnn Falletta Helps Introduce West to East through Music
JoAnn Falletta has been hailed within the music community as one of the brightest stars of symphonic music. She is a world-renowned conductor who has guest-conducted in front of the finest orchestra's of the world; But it is the upcoming Shahnameh Millennium Concert here in Toronto (August 2nd) that she anticipates could very well be her career highlight. - 8/1/08

A Vote For Military Force Against Iran? AIPAC's House Resolution, H. Con. Res. 362
Despite the expectation of easy passage, AIPAC's controversial resolution is stalled in committee. The efforts of antiwar groups who mobilized messages of protest proved fruitful, but the debate over the use of military force in Iran is just beginning. -Ira Glunts - 8/1/08

Following the conclusion of the comprehensive and long-term agreement on "collective obligations" Iran's nuclear issue must be concluded in the UNSC and fully and completely returned to the Agency. Moreover, the issue must be taken out of the board of Governor's agenda and the implementation of the safeguards must be returned to normal in Iran. - 8/1/08

Amnesty International Demands Release of Iranian Students
The 12 are facing various charges, such as "acting against national security", "propaganda against the regime", "propagating lies", "promoting anti-religious attitudes", and "disturbing public opinion". They are prisoners of conscience, held on account of their conscientiously held beliefs and should be released immediately and unconditionally. - 8/1/08

Ramin Parvin's paintings at Tehran's Mehrva Gallery
Ramin Parvin is the first winner of Mehrva Gallery small scale competition run this year. About 50 artists presented their work, and 12 were chosen to display their paintings at the gallery for six days. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 8/1/08

McCain vs. Obama, Old vs. New, America?
I've been switching channels listening to the McCain vs. Obama debates. They pit experience vs. change, tested vs. fresh, grey vs. green, one's heroism and the other's inspiration and of course as always flip-flop vs. flip-flop. -Debbie Menon - 8/1/08

Official Wants Regime to act as Match-Maker
The government should get into the business of helping arrange marriages because parents aren't doing a good job of that anymore and Internet dating services are harmful, the head of the National Youth Organization says. - 8/1/08

Fighting Words: Reading Lolita in Tehran
Orientalist fantasy? Neoconservative propaganda in a literary guise? The debate over Reading Lolita in Tehran -Amy DePaul, PopMatters - 8/1/08

Turkey wins 2008 wrestling title
The Turkish side won the championship after gaining 59 points on Wednesday. Iran stood in the second place with 50 points followed by Azerbaijan with 33 points. -Press TV - 8/1/08

Finding The Gene For Autism
For twenty months Dr. Roksana Sasanfar has been researching as a post-graduate fellow at the Department of Psychiatry and the Center for Human Genetic Research at Massachusetts General Hospital. The subject of the project is autism and autism spectrum disorder. - 8/1/08

Iran's overlooked cultural riches go on display
Iran is a bad-news epicentre, with an ongoing nuclear crisis, appalling human rights and a flood of anti-Western rhetoric from its leaders. But today its neglected back stories are coming to Toronto, with the opening of the Seventh Biennial Conference on Iranian Studies, the largest meeting of its kind anywhere, held at the Park Hyatt Hotel. -Toronto Star - 8/1/08

NAM moves in support of nuclear Iran
As the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) recognizes the rights of all signatory states in uranium enrichment for peaceful purposes, Iran has vowed not to give in to Western pressure by ending its nuclear activities. -Press TV - 8/1/08

Unintentional injuries in the rural population of Twiserkan, Iran
Knowledge is sparse concerning injuries affecting rural populations in low and middle-income countries in general and in Iran in particular. This study documents the incidence and characteristics of severe injuries affecting rural people in the Iranian district of Twiserkan and it investigates these people's suggestions for injury prevention and control. - 8/1/08

Why Bush folded on Iran
Reality, of the military and petroleum-based variety, forced the administration to change course. Now Bush sounds like Obama. -Juan Cole, Salon - 8/1/08

New US Defense Strategy Stresses Terrorism and Small Wars
The Pentagon issued a new U.S. National Defense Strategy Thursday, emphasizing the need for the U.S. military, and the entire government, to be prepared to fight global terrorism and related small-scale conflicts like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. -VOA - 8/1/08

Iran will attend its first SAARC summit
Iran will participate in the South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Summit for the first time this week. Iran was admitted as an observer in the last SAARC Summit in New Delhi. -IRNA - 8/1/08

Statoil to stop investing in Iran
State-controlled Norwegian oil and gas group StatoilHydro has agreed not to make any new investments in Iran. The company is reported to have come under pressure from the US, which is trying to get Iran to halt its nuclear activities. -BBC - 8/1/08

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