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Turquoise Lounge Opens at San Francisco Airport: In Honor of Iranian Visitors
After a year of investigation and collaboration, the Human Rights Commission achieved its objective. Both the United States Customs and Boarder Protection and the Airport Commission responded promptly and cooperatively to the issue by designating an area within the Airport as a holding facility for visitors to San Francisco whose visas have been revoked or canceled and are deemed inadmissible. - 9/30/07

Indian Version of Molana-Shams act to be performed in London.
This act is about the communications between the great Iranian poet and sage, Molana Jalal-Aldin Mohammad, and Shams Tabrizi. It refers to the very moment in which Molana undergone his revolutionary change and his transformation into one of the world's greatest mystics and sages. - CHN - 9/30/07

Rumi Rap
A rap and pop concert by Iranian artists with music and words that are inspired by the writings of Jalal al-Din Rumi. Invited performers include the classical Persian and hip-hop fusion artists Reveal & Simorgh, rappers Yas, Erfan and Entegham, as well as Mohsen Namjoo (Folk, Indie). This unique concert promises to be an extraordinary opportunity to experience young Iranian artists celebrating Jala al-Din Rumi through their music. - Iran Heritage Foundation - 9/30/07

Blogging Ahmadinejad in Tehran
AMERICANS might be forgiven for thinking they have heard everything there is to say about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to Columbia University, but the story occupied Iranian bloggers at least as much as it dominated the American news cycle. Although Iranian authorities have introduced laws requiring citizens to register their blogs and Web sites with the government, Persian is the 10th most widely used language on blogs worldwide, according to Technorati, the blog-tracking service. NYT - 9/30/07

Tyranny in Tehran
The incident showed how ruthless Iran's security forces could be in pursuit of a wanted man. But Mansouri was no armed robber. He was a 22-year-old mathematics student at Amirkabir University, one of Iran's most prestigious seats of higher learning. What had he done to be hunted down so brutally and subjected to such a fearful battering? - UK Guardian - 9/30/07

Iran in deal to cut Iraq arms flow
Petraeus, the top U.S. commander, says Tehran's pledge to Iraqi officials in August has led to a dip in attacks associated with Shiite militants. - Los Angeles Times. - 9/30/07

Iran condemns U.S. plan to divide Iraq
Iran condemned the U.S. Senate plan to divide Iraq into 3 federal regions and called it "flagrant interference" in Iraqi interior affairs - 9/30/07

Iraqi VP says his country will not be used as base to attack Iran or Syria
In response to a reporter's question about a possible U.S. military strike against Iran, the Iraqi vice president said: "Iraq does not accept that its territory be used for any aggression against any neighboring country." - AP - 9/30/07

Iran: A Butterfly In Flames - Fundamental similarities, minor differences
The small hole-in-the-wall cafés buried between the skyscrapers of downtown Tehran are crammed with the baby-booming generation of middle-aged men and women resting in the shadow of the past. Like the missing pillars of Persepolis, their vodka tonics and Bavarian brews, now prohibited, are replaced with Lemon-flavored Delster, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s official non-alcoholic beer. - Naveed Mansoori - 9/30/07

Dolphins of Persian Gulf are in Danger
Research Deputy of Hormozgan University, "Ehsan Kamrani" explains: although group death of dolphins is not a new phenomenon, but it is rare. CHN - 9/30/07

Dolphins of Persian Gulf are in Danger
Research Deputy of Hormozgan University, "Ehsan Kamrani" explains: although group death of dolphins is not a new phenomenon, but it is rare. CHN - 9/30/07

Fourteen killed in Iran road crash
Statistics show that one person dies every 20 minutes on Iran's roads, one of the highest road accident rates in the world. - Reuters - 9/30/07

Turkey: 300 dervishes whirl for Rumi in Turkey
" Tomorrow marks the birth anniversary of Molana Jalal ad-Din Rumi. 300 dervishes are scheduled to take part in this ritual, making it the largest performance of sama in history," the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey Ertugrul Gunay .- MEHR - 9/29/07

The war on error
Many of these points may strike a non-American audience as blindingly obvious. But it still requires political courage to make these arguments in the US at the moment. That is because they point to an uncomfortable conclusion. If the explanations advanced by the Bush administration for terrorism are misleading, then perhaps US foreign policy itself may have helped to foment terrorism? This is still a difficult argument to make because it opens people up to the charge of “sympathising with the terrorists” or “blaming America first”. In this respect, the neo-cons were right. It is easier to sell “moral clarity”. - FT - 9/29/07

A walk in downtown Tehran
From there we started to walk up Valiasr Avenue to where it crossed Enghelab Avenue, where I wanted to show my friend the City Theater building (taatre-shahr). The fact that it was the middle of Ramadan did not affect us in the least. - Syma Sayyah - 9/29/07

Split in Group Delays Vote on Sanctions Against Iran
The delay, a concession to Russia, China and Germany — the other three countries in the fragile coalition of six world powers that are seeking to rein in Tehran’s nuclear ambitions — came after a week of haggling on the outskirts of the General Assembly. The six countries issued a statement advising Iran that a diplomatic offer of economic incentives remained on the table if Iran suspended its uranium enrichment program. - NYT - 9/29/07

Iran's parliament names U.S. army and CIA "terrorist"
Iran's parliament members in a statement named some terrorist activities of U.S. invader army and CIA agents all around the world and backed their ideas with the following evidences ... - ISNA - 9/29/07

Iran Invites Bush to Speak at University
Back home, Iranians also were dismayed by Bollinger's introduction and said his words only added to their image of the United States as a bully. - AP - 9/29/07

Columbia U. President on the Hot Seat
In the midst of the furor, some state and federal lawmakers even threatened to cut off funding. Bollinger doesn't see these disputes as anything unusual for an intellectually robust college campus. - WP - 9/29/07

Worldview | My dinner with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
So I asked the Iranian leader whether he believed a war was needed to usher in the Mahdi's return. He seemed surprised by the question. His response: "We believe the Mahdi will arrive so there [will be] no war, in order to bring peace and justice. He will arrive along with Christ to spread compassion [Shiite tradition holds the two will return together]. It is possible to help [the process] by seeking justice, by resisting injustice." - - 9/29/07

World Tourism Week to be Celebrated in Iran
The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) theme for this year is "Tourism Opens Doors for Women" - CHN - 9/29/07

Utah University: Rumi club celebrates poet's 800th birthday
On Saturday, Rumi's birthday's eve, the U Rumi Poetry Club will be hosting the program "In the Ocean of Rumi: Celebration of Rumi 800" in OSH from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. The program includes lectures on Rumi's life and poetry. Utah University - 9/29/07

Centuries Later, Rumi's Words Continue to Inspire
One of the most popular poets among Western readers today is actually a long dead poet of the East. Rumi, the 13th century poet of the Persian empire, still inspires with his works evoking ecstasy and the divine. - NPR - 9/29/07

France to present Chevalier medal to Shahram Nazeri
"Artistic and cultural activities are the supporters and guarantors of world peace. As can be witnessed, cultural movements take their own course regardless of political disputes," Nazeri said - MEHR - 9/29/07

Islamic Art : One of the last portraits of the Safavid ruler Abbas I
Seated under a tree beside a stream, Shah Abbas I is offered wine by a young cup bearer ... This famous reformer king, who ascended the throne in 1588, won victories over the Ottomans and the Uzbeks, established diplomatic relations with the European powers, and adopted Isfahan as his capital in 1598. He died on January 19, 1629, less than two years after this painting was done. On his head here is the cap he wore as a souvenir of his campaigns in the Caucasus - Louvre - 9/29/07

Uganda: Iranian Police to Train Ugandans
She pointed out that the training programme which would follow would be in the areas of counter terrorism and crime intelligence. - AllAfrica - 9/29/07

The Circus at Columbia University
While having the guts to enter the den of the lion and to confront the kind of hostile treatment that we observed is quite admirable, the president of a sovereign nation the size and importance of Iran, facing difficult times and confronted by real threats against its very existence, should not be viewed as a performer in a traveling circus. -Kam Zarrabi - 9/28/07

Persian Culture Catches-on/Expands at UM and other U.S. Campuses
In response to this growing fascination among a diverse pool of students, Maryland's four year-old Center for Persian Studies - the first autonomous, interdisciplinary center in the field in the United States - will significantly expand its faculty, programs, research and scholarships. Funding for this initiative comes from a $3 million leadership gift by the Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute, an independent charitable foundation. - 9/28/07

Ramin's Hollywood Music Scores
Music Composer Ramin Djawadi’s makes a “sound difference” in Hollywood productions -Darius KADIVAR - 9/28/07

Iran: Former Inmates Shed Light On Secret Prison Ward
Three Iranian-Americans who were released from Iranian detention in September were reportedly all held in section 209 of Tehran's Evin prison. Radio Farda broadcaster Mohammad Zarghami spoke to several people who had been detained in that same ward of the notorious prison to learn more about the conditions there. - 9/28/07

Be part of the River of Life
The River of Life art project is a community building event in which L.A. based artist Farzad Kohan is collecting paper boats. Farzad plans on building an art installation of paper boats that will flow through the floor of Brand Gallery. - 9/28/07

Middle Eastern Americans On The Move
A groundbreaking exhibition of the literary, cinematic and scholarly output of this diverse community, and UCLA's impact on the field of Middle Eastern American Studies, is on display from September 17 through December 21 in the Powell Library Rotunda. - 9/28/07

Iranian Leader Signs Accords With Venezuela And Bolivia
In Bolivia Thursday, President Ahmadinejad signed a $1 billion agreement with President Evo Morales to develop Bolivia's energy, mining, and construction industries. -VOA - 9/28/07

Iran refutes claims by terrorist group about "hidden nuclear site"
The claims were made by the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the political arm of the People's Mujahedin of Iran, which the United States and European Union consider to be a terrorist group. - 9/28/07

Iraq War, Iran Dominate Democrats' TV Debate
The war in Iraq and U.S. relations with Iran dominated the latest debate among the eight Democrats seeking their party's presidential nomination next year. VOA national correspondent Jim Malone has more from Washington. - 9/28/07

The Theology of American Empire
American foreign policy is built on a deep foundation of Christian theology. Some of the people who make our foreign policy may understand that foundation. Most probably aren’t even aware of it. But foundations are hidden underground. You can stand above them, and even take a strong stand upon them, without knowing they are there. When it comes to foreign policy, we are all influenced by theological foundations that we rarely see. -Ira Chernus, FPIF - 9/28/07

Sepahan secures AFC semi-final spot after defeating Kawasaki
Iran's Sepahan advances through AFC Champions League semi-finals, after defeating Japan's Kawasaki Forantale 5-4 in a penalty shootout. - 9/28/07

U.S. Building Military Base Near Iraqi-Iranian Border
U.S. forces are building a forward-operations base in Iraq just a few kilometers from the border with Iran. The $5-million project is aimed at improving border security and is part of a broader U.S. effort to stop alleged Iranian support for Iraqi insurgents. -RFE - 9/28/07

Senate Neocons Provoke Iran
Listen up. Can you hear the drums beating for a third war? -Nation - 9/28/07

Iraq: Blackwater Incident Could Further Undermine Premier
The killing of 11 Iraqis in Al-Nusur Square in western Baghdad on September 16, allegedly by Blackwater USA security contractors, has enraged Iraqis for more than a week. -RFE - 9/28/07

Iran set to sell houses in advance
Majlis (Iran's parliament) approved the single-urgency bill on housing short sale, said the housing and urban development minister in Tehran on Friday. -MNA - 9/28/07

Joorabchian ponders new takeover
The Iranian businessman was linked with a takeover of West Ham last summer, before the London outfit were bought by an Icelandic consortium. -BBC - 9/28/07

How to build US-Iran relations
Both Tehran and Washington need to increase efforts in preventive diplomacy in order to set relations on a peaceful track instead of a collision course. They should focus on shared or parallel interests, narrow their differences, and identify the issuesthat preclude normalization. -Boston Globe - 9/28/07

The Bollinger/Ahmadinejad farce
If the Columbia University president were to introduce Bush the way he did the Iranian president, that would be an act of free-speech bravery. -Los Angeles Times - 9/28/07

Ten thousand years of Iran Culture
Iran, because of its geographical location and strategic position has a heritage dating back many thousands of years, but you have to be one of the most intrepid tourists to go and discover some of the artefacts that are in the museums in Tehran, although there are many hidden jewels in such places. -Syma Sayyah and Paul Sanford, Tehran - 9/27/07

Coalition of 25 Organizations Lead Effort to Defeat Kyl-Lieberman War Amendment
A coalition of 25 organizations have been leading a charge to defeat the Lieberman-Kyl amendment. Several Senators believe that the amendment will bring the US one decisive step closer to war with Iran. -NIAC - 9/27/07

Iran: Former MP calls for women's coalition, eyes 30% seats in 2008 election
Former MP Fatemeh Rakeii on Wednesday called on women political activists to form a coalition to help eliminate all forms of discrimination against women. The coalition will also try to obtain a 30 percent share of Majlis seats for women in the 2008 parliamentary elections, she told the Mehr News Agency. - 9/27/07

Mr. President, the Iranian people are not "the freest in the world" : open letter to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Reporters Without Borders wrote today to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about claims he made during his visit to the United States to attend the annual UN General Assembly. The press freedom organisation hopes the Islamic Republic's president will not break his promise to allow human rights organisations to visit Iran. - 9/27/07

Withdraw British Troops from the Iranian border, Support IAEA-Iran Plan, No Sanctions on Iran
The deployment of British troops to the Iranian border, at the request of the US military, follows the strongest yet accusations on 12th September by the US Commander, Gen Petraeus, against Iran. He accused Iran of fighting a “proxy war” with the Coalition in Iraq which he threatened could spill into Iran. -CASMII - 9/27/07

Iran Emerges as US Presidential Campaign Issue
As Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad continues his controversial visit to the United States, Iran has emerged as a major issue in the 2008 U.S. -VOA - 9/27/07

Iran's negotiation with the U.S. depends on Iraq's invitation
Iran's ambassador to Iraq stated that continuing the talks with Washington over Iraq depends on Baghdad's invitation. Meanwhile, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Monday the United States does not plan fresh U.S.-Iranian talks on how to stabilize Iraq any time soon but will leave open the possibility for such discussions. - 9/27/07

Washington sees an opportunity on Iran
A year and a half after President George W. Bush told top aides that he feared he might be forced someday to choose between acquiescing to Iran's nuclear ambitions and ordering military action, the struggle to find an effective alternative — sanctions with real bite — is entering a new phase. -IHT - 9/27/07

Iran-France foreign ministers meet in New York
On the sidelines of the 62nd session of the UN General Assembly in New York on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki met with his French counterpart Bernard Kouchner. -IRNA - 9/27/07

Iranian Bloggers Criticize President's New York Visit
The Iranian "blogosphere" is full of criticism of Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad's activities and remarks during his visit to New York City this week. -RFE - 9/27/07

No Gays in Iran… But Many Same-Sex Couples
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was derided for his statement in a Sept. 24 speech at Columbia University that homosexuality doesn't exist in Iran. Though many Americans may find it incredible, differences in the construction of sexual behavior do exist across cultures. As an anthropologist, I can state with confidence that sexuality varies tremendously between cultures. -William O. Beeman, NCM - 9/27/07

US Diplomat: Iranian Nuclear Issue 'Not Closed'
The United States Wednesday rejected Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's assertion that the issue of his country's nuclear program is closed because of Tehran's cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns says work continues on a U.N. Security Council sanctions resolution against Iran. -VOA - 9/27/07

Iran Air to be privatized in 2008
Iran Air (HOMA) will be privatized next Iranian calendar year (starting March 20, 2008), said the Road and Transportation Minister in Tehran on Wednesday -MNA - 9/27/07

President Ahmadinejad invites VOA Reporter to Iran
The invitation was made during a conversation between the reporter and the president following his speech to the United Nations General Assembly. VOA's Nazzy Beglari-Scarlet officially accepted the Iranian president's invitation while appearing on the News and Views television program broadcast to Iran on VOA's Persian News Network. - 9/27/07

Lieberman-Kyl vs. the Evidence
The Lieberman-Kyle amendment has just passed the Senate overwhelmingly after two sections were removed to satisfy Democrats that it will not serve as a backdoor authorization for war against Iran, using U.S. forces operating in Iran. Even after that compromise, it remains a poison chalice -Huffington Post - 9/27/07

UN Gathering & Private Meeting with Ahmadinejad
Zunes was part of a private two-hour meeting today with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Zunes is Middle East editor of Foreign Policy in Focus, a professor of politics at the University of San Francisco, and the author of Tinderbox: U.S. Middle East Policy and the Roots of Terrorism. -Institute for Public Accuracy - 9/27/07

Culture and Art with an Iranian Accent
Sepideh Saremi is editor of Pars Arts, a colloborative citizen media project covering culture and art related topics in Iran. She talks with us about the project, its goals and its challenges. -Global Village - 9/27/07

Freedom House: Iranian Regime Increasingly Repressive and Corrupt
Iran’s poor governance has worsened further in the past two years under President Ahmadinejad’s administration, according to a new report released today by Freedom House. - 9/27/07

Sick: Iranian Leader Sees Trip to New York as ‘Successful’
Gary G. Sick, a longtime Iranian expert who served on the Ford, Carter, and Reagan National Security Councils, says that he believes President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad regards his visit to the United Nations and New York City as "successful" -CFR - 9/27/07

Opinion: Iran and West Should Talk to, not at one Another
The United Nations could have been a good forum for the West and Iran to work on resolving the conflict over Iran's nuclear program. DW's chief correspondent Peter Philipp says it's a shame neither side was willing. -Deutsche Welle - 9/27/07

The best U.S. weapon against Iran is diplomacy
To avoid unpredictable and extremely dangerous escalation arising both from the Iraq war and the nuclear dispute, the United States and Iran must now negotiate on the range of issues dividing them. The Bush administration has refused to discuss nuclear matters until Iran suspends enrichment, but that amounts to telling Iran that no negotiations can be held until you concede the main issue at stake. -John Burroughs, Newsday - 9/27/07

Pursue Diplomacy, Not War, With Iran
Bush has conducted a belligerent policy toward Iran ever since he inaugurated it into his “axis of evil” in January 2002. General David Petraeus and Bush both menacingly mentioned Iran five times in their respective August speeches touting how well things are going in Iraq. Petraeus referred to “malign actions” by Iran; Bush discussed Iran and al-Qaeda in the same breath even though Iran has never attacked us. -Marjorie Cohn - 9/26/07

Iranian academic society condemns Lee Bollinger remarks
In response to the insulting remarks of the Columbia university president against Mahmoud Ahamadinejad, Iran's university presidents raised their objection to Lee Bollinger. "Your insulting words to the president of 72 million people who have 7000 years of rich civilization and culture is embarrassing. Although apparently you have stated those hateful words under great pressure of the media it is disgraceful and surprising to see that the Media direct university president's words." -ISNA - 9/26/07

200 Iranian MPs thank president for dialogue at Columbia University
Some 200 Members of Parliament on Wednesday thanked President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for attending University of Columbia to express Iran's views about the state of affairs in the international community. The MPs, at the same time, criticized the president of Columbia University for his impolite utterance in his introductory statement. - 9/26/07

Ahmadinejad's Performance Gets Mixed Reaction From Iranians
Conservative politicians in Iran today began to align themselves with President Mahmud Ahmadinejad following his high-profile appearance at an academic conference in New York on September 24. -RFE - 9/26/07

Kyl Amendment Paves Way for Iran War - Urge Your Senators to Vote "NO"
The Senate is poised to pass an amendment tonight that would put the US one perilous step closer towards war with Iran. The Kyl-Lieberman Amendment (No. 3017) would allow the US government to use any means necessary to stop Iran's involvement in Iraq. -NIAC - 9/26/07

Iran: Three University Students Put On Trial
Ahmad Qasaban, Majid Tavakkoli and Ehsan Mansouri reportedly appeared before Branch 6 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran on 22 September on charges of "insulting Islam" and "acting against national security". The session was reportedly held behind closed doors and their lawyer was reportedly not given the opportunity to defend them. The next hearing is scheduled for 29 September. -Amnesty International - 9/26/07

Ahmadinejad v. Bollinger: Words Were Spoken, But What Was Said?
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, began his two hours at Columbia University with these words. “In Iran, tradition requires when you invite a person to be a speaker, we actually respect our students enough to allow them to make their own judgment, and don’t think it’s necessary before the speech is even given to come in with a series of complaints to provide vaccination to the students and faculty.” -Common Dreams - 9/26/07

UN: Bush And Ahmadinejad Talk Poverty, Nuclear Weapons, Tyranny
Bush and Ahmadinejad could not have known that they would almost agree on two points in their separate addresses.. But on the subjects of poverty and UN reform, they came very close. -RFE - 9/26/07

Open Letter to Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia University
I'm writing you to express my outrage over your vulgar treatment of President Ahmadinejad yesterday when you invited him to speak at your university. Simple human etiquette of the most primitive and elemental sort, was required in the situation, but you failed to deliver even that. -Clifton Ross, Berkeley, California - 9/26/07

Persian Gulf has become the haunt of military and oil ships
Mohammad Rahmati, Minister of Road and Transportation in his speech on the International day of seafaring referred to the enormous number of environmental threats that Ships in the Persian Gulf cause. -CHN - 9/26/07

US House of Representatives Approves Measure Strengthening Iran Sanctions
The U.S. House of Representatives has approved legislation to strengthen economic sanctions against Iran over its support for terrorist groups and refusal to halt uranium enrichment. VOA's Dan Robinson reports the measure passed with an overwhelming 397 to 16 vote, and contains stinging criticisms of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. - 9/26/07

Democracy Survey Faults Russia, Tajikistan, Iran
Freedom House, the U.S.-based human rights advocacy group, has issued "Countries at the Crossroads 2007," the annual update to its ongoing analysis of the level of freedom in 60 countries. China and Russia topped the list of countries still in the thrall of authoritarian rule yet struggling to control their growing economies. -RFE - 9/26/07

Iran, IAEA experts discuss remaining issues about centrifuges
Experts from Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) held talks on remaining issues about Iranian nuclear program mainly centrifuges P-1 and P-2. -IRNA - 9/26/07

Iran: Rumi week plans announced
Iran's Rumi week will be held from October 26 to November 2 to commemorate the 800th birth anniversary of Rumi, Tehran Municipality Art and Cultural Department Deputy Director Majid Sarsangi announced during a press conference. -MNA - 9/26/07

Wake Up, America: Iran is Not What You Think
Winston Churchill said, “To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war,” and one ought to frame Columbia University’s debate in such a context. But the invitation proved to be a cheap and failed ruse, put on by aggressive and skewed observers who once supported cakewalk actions and are now suffering from intellectual bankruptcy. -Ali Ettefagh, Tehran - 9/26/07

Discovery of 100 Ancient Historical Sites Behind Seimareh Dam
Dam and Generator of Seimareh is under construction on the Seimareh River, in 30-kilometer north-west of "Darreh-Shahr", Ilam province. -CHN - 9/26/07

Iraq: Polluted Shat al-Arab threatens life, could spread diseases
High rates of contamination in Iraq's Shat al-Arab river, formed by the confluence of the Euphrates and the Tigris in the southern province of Basra, threaten life and could spread disease, a specialist told IRIN on 24 September. -IRIN - 9/26/07

Iraq's President Demands US Release Iranian Detainee
Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has demanded that U.S. forces release an Iranian man detained last week in Iraq's Kurdistan region on suspicion of smuggling bombs. Mr. Talabani said Tuesday, it was "illegal" for U.S. forces to arrest people in Iraqi Kurdistan because the U.S. had transferred security duties in the region to the Kurds. -VOA - 9/26/07

Iran's 2000km-range missiles are an effective deterrent: general
The Islamic Republic of Iran possesses weapons with a range of 2000 kilometers, which can be used to respond to any military invasion of the country, the chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces said on Tuesday. -MNA - 9/26/07

Open Letter from Akbar Ganji to the UN Secretary-General
Akbar Ganji -- Iran's leading political dissident -- has written an "Open Letter" to the UN Secretary General. This letter comes in response to the human rights crackdown inside Iran and threats against it from the Bush Administration. Mr. Ganji's letter has been endorsed by over 300 public intellectuals, writers, and Nobel Laureates from around the world. - 9/26/07

Backstage at the Ahmadinejad Show
What’s really driving the Iranian president’s Western charm offensive? -Newsweek - 9/26/07

The Big Question: Is America right to demonise President Ahmadinejad of Iran?
Why are we asking this question now? Because of the furore surrounding the visit of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to New York for the UN general assembly session. He was greeted by headlines in the New York tabloids which screamed "The Evil has Landed" and "Madman Iran Prez". -Independent - 9/26/07

The importance of meeting face-to-face
In 2004 I went to Qom, Iran to participate in a conference called “Revelation and Authority”, a dialogue between North American Christian Mennonite scholars and local Muslim Shiite scholars. A few months ago, we met again - this time in Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. It was a joyful, collegial reunion, and in addition, a nonverbal connection seemed to occur when we looked at each other again, face-to-face. -Susan Kennel Harrison - 9/25/07

Full text of Ahmadinejad appearance at Columbia University
PRESIDENT AHMADINEJAD: Oh, God, hasten the arrival of Imam al- Mahdi and grant him good health and victory, and make us his followers and those who attest to his (rightfulness ?). - 9/25/07

Centre Pompidou Hosts Kiarostami-Eric Exhibition
Abbas Kiarostami and Víctor Erice were born a week apart, on June 1940, one in Iran the other in Spain. Kiarostami studied drawing, and film advertisement before moving to institutional feature films relative to education for the Kanun Institute ( Created by the Former Empress of Iran, Shahbanou Farah). -Darius KADIVAR Reports from Paris - 9/25/07

Iran Frees Fourth Detained Iranian-American
Iranian authorities have released Ali Shakeri, an Iranian-American peace activist who had been detained for months on suspicion of harming national security. -RFE - 9/25/07

The Sino-Russian Alliance: Challenging America's Ambitions in Eurasia
Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” These precepts of physics can also be used in the social sciences, specifically with reference to social relations and geo-politics. America and Britain, the Anglo-American alliance, have engaged in an ambitious project to control global energy resources. Their actions have resulted in a series of complicated reactions, which have established a Eurasian-based coalition which is preparing to challenge the Anglo-American axis. -Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, - 9/25/07

Iran appraising eight films for Oscar race
Eight Iranian films are currently being assessed in an attempt to pick Iran's entry in the category of Best Foreign Language Films at the 80th Annual Academy Awards, taking place February 24, 2008. -MNA - 9/25/07

Move to put more pressure on journalists and editors in Iran
In a recent declaration, the Association of Iranian Journalists (AOIJ) condemned recent moves by the courts that interfere with newspapers and reporting in Iran. - 9/25/07

Ahmadinejad Answers To U.S. Students In New York
Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad delivered a speech and took questions from U.S. students during a controversial appearance today at prestigious Columbia University in New York City. -RFE - 9/25/07

Iran: Reformist Cleric Hadi Qabel Arrested
Cleric Hadi Qabel was reportedly arrested by Special Court for the Clergy (SCC) officials at his home on 12 September in the city of Qom, southwest of Tehran. His whereabouts are now unknown and he is at risk of torture. He has a heart condition, and may not be receiving adequate medical care. -Amnesty International - 9/25/07

Analysts Say Relations Between Moscow and Tehran Are Cooling
Russia is helping Iran build a large-scale nuclear reactor, while giving it crucial support at the United Nations. But as Senior Correspondent André de Nesnera reports from Washington, relations between Moscow and Tehran have cooled. -VOA - 9/25/07

Full text of Ahmadinejad appearance at the National Press Club
At the outset, I would like to raise a fundamental question on a key issue. I'd like to invite all to look at world events. When we take a look around us, we're not happy with what we see. Indeed it is the most unsatisfactory state of affairs; insecurity, discrimination and threats of war and security concerns have affected everyone. - 9/25/07

Bush, the Bomb and Iran
To bomb or not to bomb Iran, that's the question the Bush Administration appears to be debating these days, once again revealing the extraordinary disconnect between the White House and the American people. -Nation - 9/25/07

US Lawmakers Seek Sanctions Against Iran's Revolutionary Guard
The U.S. Senate is expected to vote as early as Tuesday on a draft resolution saying Iran's Revolutionary Guards should be designated a terrorist organization. VOA's Deborah Tate reports from Capitol Hill. - 9/25/07

Iran’s future: an open letter
The Iranian dissident Akbar Ganji writes to the United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon, in a document endorsed by more than 300 leading intellectuals. -Open Democracy - 9/25/07

'Who Are We?' Iranian Gays Ask President
President Ahmadinejad's contention during a speech at Columbia University that there are no homosexuals in Iran drew a swift rebuke from human rights organizations, with one activist challenging the president to explain how he, a gay Iranian, exists. -New York Sun - 9/25/07

Iran's President to Visit Bolivia, Venezuela
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is expected in South America later this week following his visit to the United Nations. -VOA - 9/25/07

Export of Iranian gas to Europe will strengthen Tehran status: expert
Arzu Celalifer Ekinci, an expert on the Turkey-Iran relations who works at the Ankara-based ISRO Center for Middle Eastern Studies, called the agreement between Tehran and Ankara for exporting Iranian and Turkmen gas to Europe via Turkey a "major step." -MNA - 9/25/07

Jon Snow's interview with Ahmadinejad: playing into the hands of the warmongers
Jon Snow’s live interview with President Ahamdi-Nedjad on 12th September by Channel 4 was a rare and significant opportunity to intervene in circumstances that are unmistakably a consciously determined acceleration towards war by the US. The occasion was used, however, to add to the hype, drum in the pretexts for war disguised as facts and spiced with “hand on heart” emotionality, and push the tempo towards a military confrontation with Iran. -Mehrnaz Shahabi - 9/25/07

U.S. moves in Iraq may push Iraqi and Iranian governments closer
The US arrest of an Iranian official to Iraq has resulted in closed borders between the two Middle Eastern countries – a decision that may take an economic toll. -CSM - 9/25/07

Iran and the US must talk
The hostility between the US and Iran has deeper causes than the political needs of two men at a particular moment. A US striving to repair its loss of authority in the Middle East and an Iran with large, although probably unrealistic, ambitions in the area are on dangerously converging trajectories, even before the anxieties of Israel, and the fears of the major Sunni states, are considered. -Guardian - 9/25/07

In first confirmation, Iranian official says Iran has shelled Kurdish guerrilla in Iraq
Iranian forces have fired artillery against Kurdish guerrilla positions in Iraqi border areas, a state-owned newspaper reported Tuesday in the first Iranian confirmation of the shelling. Quoting the former chief of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard, the IRAN daily said Iran considers shelling the guerrilla its right in order to protect its security. -AP - 9/25/07

Israel Says Tension with Syria Subsiding
Israel is playing down tensions with its arch-enemy to the north - Syria. As Robert Berger reports from VOA's Jerusalem bureau, there are new moves to bring Syria into the Middle East peace process. - 9/25/07

Iran President arrives in New York
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, heading a high-ranking delegation, arrived in New York on Sunday (16:20local time) to take part in the 62nd session of the United Nations General Assembly. - 9/24/07

Iranian Professor's innovative surgery technique for war-disabled patients
The first urogenital system operation on patients with a complete spinal cord injury was carried out in Tehran using the innovative procedure adopted by an Iranian doctor, Dr. Mohammad Nabi Nemati who is the head of the surgery department of Bonn university hospital. - 9/24/07

New academic year begins in Iran
The new academic year in Iran began Sunday morning with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ringing the bell at a girl's guidance school in southwestern Tehran. -IRNA - 9/24/07

Iranians in France protest at French FM statement on Iran
Iranian community residing in France in a rally in Paris on Sunday protested to the recent statement of French foreign minister about Iran and called for a peaceful solution to Iran's nuclear issue. - 9/24/07

Iran has become an extra-regional power: General Rahim Safavi
On the 27th anniversary of the Iraqi invasion of Iran, the Mehr News Agency conducted an interview with Safavi, who is currently the Supreme Leader’s senior advisor on military affairs, in which he elaborated on the roots of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war, the threats that Iran is currently facing, the missile capabilities of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), and the recent restructuring of the country’s defense system. -MNA - 9/24/07

The Whispers of War
A few months before he quit, according to two knowledgeable sources, Wurmser told a small group of people that Cheney had been mulling the idea of pushing for limited Israeli missile strikes against the Iranian nuclear site at Natanz—and perhaps other sites—in order to provoke Tehran into lashing out. The Iranian reaction would then give Washington a pretext to launch strikes against military and nuclear targets in Iran. -Newsweek - 9/24/07

Iran: Charge or Release Iranian-American Still in Detention
The Iranian government should immediately release Ali Shakeri, an Iranian-American held in detention for more than four months without charge, Human Rights Watch said today. - 9/24/07

ICAO discusses U.S. interference in Iran air transport
The United States' illegal intervention in Iran's air transportation was discussed in 36th ICAO Assembly, head of Iran's Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) said in Tehran on Sunday. -MNA - 9/24/07

Iranian Nuclear Energy program an excuse for US Neo-Cons to wage war on the people of Iran
The neo-cons have waged wars of devastation on Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lebanon all of which happen to be Moslem nations, and now they are planning to wage war on an “Islamic Republic”, which if it happens, will set the Christian West against Moslem East and makes Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations a reality. -Pirouz Mojtahed-Zadeh - 9/24/07

Iran to give crushing response to any threat: Defense Minister
Minister of Defense Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar said here Sunday that the Islamic Republic Army will give a crushing response to any threat argeting the country's territorial integrity and independence. -IRNA - 9/24/07

Experts to determine fate of Naqsh-e Rustam
week-long study by experts will determine the fate of the Achaemenid site of Naqsh-e Rustam in southern Iran's Fars Province. -MNA - 9/24/07

Iran: Expert Doubts Impact Of New Sanctions On Nuclear Program
RFE/RL correspondent Jeremy Bransten interviewed Shannon Kile, a senior nonproliferation expert at the Stockholm Peace Institute, about the state of Iran's nuclear program and what international sanctions can or cannot do to stop it. - 9/24/07

Publishing in Payvand: Can It Make a Difference?
Payvand is my favorite news website for learning the latest developments about Iran. However, a more important reason that I visit Payvand regularly is to read the informative commentaries that are posted linked to the website. -Nader Habibi - 9/24/07

Iran Closes Border with Iraq's Kurdish Region
Kurdish officials say Iran has closed its border with Iraq's northern Kurdish region as a protest to the arrest of an Iranian by the U.S. military. - 9/24/07

Ahmadinejad is noisy, but look behind him to find real power in Iran
When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was first elected president, he said that Iran had more important issues to worry about than how women dress. He even called for allowing women into soccer games, a revolutionary idea for revolutionary Iran. -IHT - 9/24/07

Iranian president uses TV interview to deny rush to war with US
Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said yesterday there was "no war in the offing" between his country and the United States. He told the CBS programme 60 Minutes: "It's wrong to think that Iran and the US are walking toward war. Who says so? Why should we go to war? There is no war in the offing." -Guardian - 9/24/07

Mahan Esfahani at the House of the Redeemer
Winning wide acclaim for his musical sensitivity and his technical prowess, the Tehran-born harpsichordist and organist enjoys an active career as a soloist and collaborative musician and has appeared on many leading series and venues in the United States and in Europe. - 9/24/07

Brzezinski: U.S. in danger of 'stampeding' to war with Iran
Former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski likened U.S. officials' saber rattling about Iran's alleged nuclear ambitions to similar statements made before the start of the Iraq war. -CNN - 9/24/07

Letter from America: Ahmadinejad heads to New York
That was quite a softball that the Iranian United Nations Mission served up to the American political class last week. It passed along the surprising request that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad be allowed to visit New York's hallowed Ground Zero and lay a wreath to the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks. -IHT - 9/24/07

Analysis: Lebanese vote in balance
The process to elect a new Lebanese president is due to start on Tuesday - but nobody here is expecting it to be smooth. Many see this contest as proxy war between the United States and Iran. -BBC - 9/24/07

War Costing $720 Million Each Day, Group Says
The money spent on one day of the Iraq war could buy homes for almost 6,500 families or health care for 423,529 children, or could outfit 1.27 million homes with renewable electricity, according to the American Friends Service Committee, which displayed those statistics on large banners in cities nationwide Thursday and Friday. -Washington Post - 9/24/07

Iraqi president strongly protests US arrest of Iranian national
In a letter addressed to the top US officials in Iraq, General David Petraeus and ambassador Ryan Crocker, Talabani expressed indignation at detention of Mahmoud Farhadi, a civilian from the Iranian western province of Kermanshah, by the US forces. -IRNA - 9/24/07

Ahmadinejad to elaborate Iran's positions at UN
"I will talk directly to the American people. This is the best chance to provide them with correct information about Iran," he said. - Mehr - 9/23/07

Book: Let us travel to Iran
Not the present-day, front-page, headline-grabbing, nuclear-developing, Holocaust-denying, Israel-hating Iran, but the Iran of just 20 or 30 years ago, as described in two newly published novels, Gina Nahai's "Caspian Rain" (MacAdam Cage) and Dalia Sofer's "The Septembers of Shiraz" - Jewish Journal. - 9/23/07

Consequences of a forced regime change in Iran
We all have heard of the Neocons' plan for a new Middle East but had never seen a map of it until it was published in the Armed Forces Journal in June 2006 - Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar - 9/23/07

And now the Blackwater scandal
The U.S. has created a stir by accusing Iran of smuggling weapons to Iraq without providing any proof. However, there is evidence that the United States is smuggling weapons to Iraq, which means that U.S. troops are being killed by U.S. weapons. - Mehr - 9/23/07

Blackwater Denies Smuggling Allegations
Blackwater USA denied Saturday any involvement in illegal weapons smuggling, responding to reports the private security contractor is a target of federal prosecutors. AP - 9/23/07

The Deadly Game of Private Security
A Blackwater sharpshooter in khaki pants, with matching T-shirt and flak jacket, sat sideways on the right side of each chopper, leaning well outside the craft. With their automatic weapons gripped for battle, their feet planted on the helicopter’s metal skids, and only a slim strap securing them to the craft, the men looked as if they were self-consciously re-creating the movies of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean-Claude Van Damme - NYT - 9/23/07

New York Braces for Controversial Visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Other efforts to condemn Ahmadinejad's visit include a full-page ad set to run Monday in The New York Times by Freedom's Watch. The ad calls him a "terrorist" and blasts Columbia's decision to allow him to speak. "People who support killing Americans are welcome. But the military that defends them is not," says the new ad by Freedom's Watch - FOXNews - 9/23/07

Iran says no obstacle for French FM visit
On early September, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner told France's RTL radio and LCI television that his country must prepare for the possibility of war against Iran over its nuclear program - Reuters - 9/23/07

Iraq president demands US free detained Iranian
Iraqi President Jalal Talabani demanded the immediate release on Saturday of an Iranian detained by the US military, after Iran's ambassador said the arrest called into question Iraq's sovereignty. - AFP - 9/23/07

US military chief foresees 'no war' with Iran
"This constant drum beat of conflict is what strikes me which is not helpful and not useful," Adm. William Fallon said in an interview with Al-Jazeera television, which made a partial transcript available Sunday. - Jerusalem Post - 9/23/07

Cheney mulled Israeli strike on Iran: Newsweek
Vice President Dick Cheney had at one point considered asking Israel to launch limited missile strikes at an Iranian nuclear site to provoke a retaliation, Newsweek magazine reported on Sunday. - WP - 9/23/07

The Clinton Sunday Show Blitz
She also said that, if she were president of Columbia University, she would not have extended an invitation to the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to speak there on Monday as part of a World Leaders Forum on campus. - NYT - 9/23/07

Film: Buda az sharm foru rikht / Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame
Thousands of families still live beneath the statue of Buddha destroyed by the Taliban. Baktay, a six-year-old Afghan girl, is goaded into going to school by their neighbours' son who reads the alphabets in front of their cave. On her way to school, she is harassed by boys playing games cruelly mimicking their violent society. The boys want to stone Baktay or destroy her like the Buddha or shoot her like the Americans do in the labyrinth of caves. - Hana Makhmalbaf - 9/22/07

U.S., Europeans Planning Own Iran Sanctions
The breakaway diplomacy would impose a kind of "sanctions of the willing" on Iran, a Western diplomat said, playing off the "coalition of the willing" that was mobilized after diplomacy at the United Nations did not produce support for military action in Iraq. - WP - 9/22/07

Soltanieh: Israel's nuclear abilities pose a serious threat to peace in the region and the world
Iran's permanent representative to the IAEA said that the members of the Board of Governors finally came to this conclusion that they should make no further hesitation to give a serious message over Israel's nuclear capabilities - ISNA - 9/22/07

Iran, Israel Clash at IAEA Conference
U.N. officials at a 148-nation meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency said they had no memory of the two hostile nations ever engaging each other directly at previous meetings and said that development — and the unusually harsh tone of their statements — in part reflected Middle East tensions. -AP - 9/22/07

Iranian artist to bedeck streets of Paris
His works, which are on the theme of the victims of September 11, are currently on display at La Cite Internationale des Arts at Montparnasse in Paris and the exhibit will continue until September 30 - Mehr - 9/22/07

U.S. admits nearly 10,000 from "terrorism" states
From 2000 to 2006, the program allowed 3,703 people from Sudan, 3,164 from Iran, 2,763 from Cuba and 162 from Syria to enter the United States and apply for permanent legal resident status, the report said. - Reuters - 9/22/07

Freed by Revolution, He Speaks for Iran’s Hard-Liners
Hossein Shariatmadari, who lost his teeth to the boots of the shah’s secret police, is today feared by many of his own countrymen. He has become the voice of hard-line Iran, not only hard-line, but also radical, secretive and uncompromising. He is the general director of Kayhan - NYT - 9/22/07

Iraq Kurds urge Iranian's release
e US military said the man was a member of the elite Quds Force of Iran's Revolutionary Guards and that he was involved in smuggling explosives. Both the Iraqi Kurds and Tehran said the man was an Iranian trade official in Iraq on the invitation of the Kurds. US-led forces seized the man in a hotel in the Kurdish city of Sulaimaniya. - BBC - 9/22/07

Revolutionary Dimensions in Music
The Constitutional Revolution of 1906 led to major political, social and cultural changes in Iran. When historians talk about Iranian music they often refer to its development during the revolution in which the young musicians sought new modes of expression in music to synchronize with the tide of social changes. - - 9/22/07

Montana State University eyes branch in Persian Gulf
"It's vitally important for Montana State and American universities in general to be constructively engaged with ... the Arabic-speaking world and Islamic world," Dooley said. - BozemanDailyChronicle - 9/22/07

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Talk at Columbia University’s World Leaders Forum
President Bollinger will introduce the event by challenging President Ahmadinejad on a number of his controversial statements and his government’s policies, including his denial of the Holocaust and his call for the destruction of the State of Israel. The US government has accused Ahmadinejad’s government of supporting terrorism and developing nuclear weapons capacity. Human rights groups have charged Iran with suppressing dissent and women’s rights. Columbia students and faculty will themselves have an opportunity to question Iran’s leader on these and other issues. - 9/22/07

No Place for That Photo-Op
For a moment last week it looked as if, once again, a memorial to human atrocity would be hijacked for political purposes. Thankfully, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's plans to lay a wreath at the site of the World Trade Center were quickly condemned and canceled. But it seems that memorials will always be tempting targets for misuse - WP - 9/22/07

Flower of the East Development Project
The Flower of the East Development Project is the biggest project on the island of Kish in the persian gulf, a masterpiece of modern resort planning and an excellent investment. - 9/22/07

Attack on Iran: Morality Lost in the Garden of Deceits
Cry "Havoc," and let slip the dogs of war (Julius Caesar Act III, Scene I). The call for war against Iran was issued by no other than Mr. Bernard Kouchner the foreign minister of France, a country with the motto of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. France the home of Voltaire and Rousseau is now calling for war against a country that has never threatened France or its neighbours. France a nuclear power with illustrious colonial past is urging others to be aware of the dangers that nuclear weapons pose. -Abbas Bakhtiar - 9/21/07

Iran protests at arrest of Iranian delegation member by US forces
Iranian embassy in Baghdad in a letter to Iraqi foreign ministry on Thursday strongly protested to the arrest of a memer of an Iranian trade delegation by the US forces in Soleimanyeh in northern Iraq. -IRNA - 9/21/07

Kawasaki holds Sepahan to goalless draw
The visiting Japanese side Kawasaki held Isfahan to a scoreless tie in the AFC Champions League in Fuladshahr Stadium, central Iran. - 9/21/07

The Royal Treatment: Saudi Involvement in Iraq Overlooked
The great irony is that while of these accusations towards Tehran are supported by thin evidence, plenty of evidence does exist that another of Iraq's neighbors, U.S.-ally Saudi Arabia, is supporting resistance groups in Iraq, and intends to continue to do so. -FPIF - 9/21/07

NIAC's financial growth and tax-returns
NIAC’s funding has grown significantly over the last few years. The structure of NIAC’s financing reflectsthe organization's grass-roots nature and the strong support it enjoys in the Iranian-American community. - 9/21/07

Iran's Defense Minister responds to U.S. threats
Brigadier General Mustafa Najjar noted "Iran has various options to respond to the U.S threats and will use them according to the situation," he said referring to the U.S. defense secretary's words. -ISNA - 9/21/07

Why the Tough Talk on Iran?
President Bush must serve up a pretty convincing hamburger: Ever since his Kennebunkport cookout with his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy, the French have been rattling sabers at Iran with a ferocity that must please even the most Francophobe hawks within the Administration. -TIME - 9/21/07

Bush Says He's Keeping Eye On Kurdish Oil Deal
In a White House news conference, U.S. President George W. Bush today again defended his "surge" strategy in Iraq, acknowledging that while goals haven't been met as fast as he would like, the fight must continue. -RFE - 9/21/07

France's Kouchner: "I aimed to prevent warmongering measures"
France Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner confered with Iran's Secretary of Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Larijani by phone late Thursday night and said he was sorry that his statement was wrongly published in media. -IRNA - 9/21/07

Germany struggles to unravel economic ties with Iran
DARMSTADT, Germany: As European leaders argue about whether to tighten sanctions against Iran, it is not just a diplomatic debate. Here in this industrial city, German exporters gathered Tuesday to learn about "market opportunities" in Iran, which they complain are drying up. -IHT - 9/21/07

Signs of shift in Iran stand-off
The five United Nations Security Council permanent members - Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States, plus Germany - are due to debate new steps against Iran following its refusal to abandon the nuclear programme. -BBC - 9/21/07

Democracy, not terror, is the engine of political Islam
Neocon policies designed to promote liberal opinion in the Middle East have in fact played into the hands of the religious parties -Guardian - 9/21/07

Iran-Poland to sign a memorandum on gas export
Poland is in need of a 20 million cubic meters of gas and is ready to take it in either liquefied or compressed form. -ISNA - 9/21/07

US questions India-Iran ties
India's longstanding ties with Iran appear to be threatening the beleaguered nuclear energy deal between Washington and New Delhi and, more broadly, their growing strategic alliance. -Boston Globe - 9/21/07

Saeqeh fighter planes tested successfully in Iran
Two fighter planes from the Azarakhsh (Thunder) fighter generation were successfully tested in Tehran at the presence of Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar Thursday morning. - 9/20/07

Caspian Sea energy and big powers
The newly independent states of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan are located in Central Asia and Caucasus and enjoy rich oil and gas reserves. After implosion of the former Soviet Union, efforts made by the said countries to promote their international standing, has paved the way for extraction of oil and gas resources of the Caspian Sea. - 9/20/07

Tehran Releases Iranian-American Kian Tajbakhsh Jailed Since May
Tajbakhsh is a social scientist, specializing in urban planning, who was working in Tehran as a consultant for the Open Society Institute, a nongovernmental organization created by U.S. financier and philanthropist George Soros. -RFE - 9/20/07

Foreign policy expert says Bush has ruled out first-strike on Iran; Worries about 'accidental' conflict
President Bush is not going to bomb Iran -- unless an "accidental" incident forces his hand, according to well-respected foreign policy moderate Steve Clemons, who laid out his case in Wednesday's Salon article, "Why Bush Won't Attack Iran." -Raw Story - 9/20/07

NIAC Decries Rudy Giuliani’s Reckless Iran Comments
NIAC decries Rudy Giuliani's promise of initiating war with Iran over its nuclear program. Giuliani said yesterday in London that if Iran gets "to the point that they become a nuclear power, then we will set them back five years. That is not a threat, that is a promise." - 9/20/07

Iran: Allow Baha'i Students Access to Higher Education
Iran should immediately end practices aimed at barring Baha’i students from attending universities, Human Rights Watch said today. - 9/20/07

Three Americans Still Held Or Missing in Iran, Their Fates Uncertain
Tehran this month allowed two Iranian-American women to return to the United States after charging them with acting against the national security of the Iranian state. But two other Iranian-Americans, both men, are still being held by officials, and a U.S. man is still missing. -RFE - 9/20/07

Iran's Air Force to manufacture cutting edge jet fighters
Commander of the Air Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army Brigadier-General Ahmad Mighani said on Thursday that the Air Force has planned to manufacture cutting edge planes. "We have decided to manufacture all the planes Air Force needs inside the country," he told IRNA on the sidelines of test-flight of Saeqeh jet fighter. - 9/20/07

Iranian Leader Was Denied Ground Zero Visit
An advance team for the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, asked earlier this month that he be allowed to lay a wreath at the World Trade Center site during the opening of the United Nations General Assembly next week, but the request was denied, New York City police officials said today. -NY Times - 9/20/07

Western Frustration with Iran Fuels War Talk
The French foreign minister sparked an uproar recently when he said the world should brace for a possible war with Iran. The statement about a possible military confrontation with Iran fueled expressions of concern from Russia and China. -VOA - 9/20/07

Scores of countries reporting on Iran sanctions, Security Council told
Over 80 countries have reported to the Security Council committee monitoring sanctions imposed against Iran, the chairman of that panel said today -UN News Center - 9/20/07

Iran: Mixture Of Defiance, Speculation At Prospect Of Tougher Sanctions
Said Jalili, Iranian deputy foreign minister for European and American affairs, gave the United Arab Emirates daily "Al-Ittihad" Iran's official line on the controversy over its nuclear program: Iran is standing by its rights but is willing to negotiate. -RFE - 9/20/07

Winners of women's pottery exhibit announced
Winners of the Iranian women's pottery exhibit held at the Niavaran Cultural Center were announced on Tuesday. They were selected by a jury comprising Farideh Tat'hiri-Moqaddam, Haydeh Sirafi, Marzieh Qarehdaghi, Monir Qanbeigi, and Fakhri Golestan. -MNA - 9/20/07

"US Interests"
Buried in these two words is the real problem with US foreign policy and that is frankly... its motives... -Brian Appleton, California - 9/20/07

Supreme Leader reshuffles IRGC positions
Ayatollah Khamenei appointed Brigadier-General Mohammad Hossein-Zadeh Hejazi to Joint Chief of Staff of the IRGC. -IRNA - 9/20/07

Interview: RFE/RL Journalist Reflects On Iranian Ordeal
After Iranian authorities took her passport upon entry, Azima began what became an eight-month ordeal of being unable to leave again as she became one of four Iranian-Americans held against their will. - 9/20/07

AFGHANISTAN: Returnees shun specially allocated housing sites
Only 19 out of 1,700 returning families from Iran and Pakistan have settled on land in Herat Province, western Afghanistan, allocated to them over a year ago. “We cannot build a house on a piece of land given to us in an arid desert,” said Mohammad Ashraf who lives with his family in a rented house in Herat city. -IRIN - 9/20/07

Iranian consul responds politely to Israeli help offer
Iran's consul in Thailand graciously received Israeli officials and forensic and medical representatives on Tuesday who offered their help in identifying the 18 Iranian victims of Sunday's plane crash, which killed at least 89 people. -Jerusalem Post - 9/20/07

Oliver Stone invited to Iran
Iran's president cultural advisor suggested that Oliver Stone take a trip to Iran in order to discuss the production of his documentary about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. -ISNA - 9/20/07

Persepolis to Represent France at Hollywood Oscars 2008!
IT'S OFFICIAL, Marjane Satrapi's animated film "Persepolis" co-directed with Vincent Paronnaud and produced by 2,4,7 Films that earned the Jury Prize at the 60th Annual Cannes International film festival this year will officially represent France at the upcoming Oscars in 2008. - 9/19/07

Majlis condemns Kouchner's convulsive anti-Iran claims
"Iran will continue its nuclear activities in line with peaceful objectives, the IAEA Safeguards and the NPT. the French government knows quite well that Persian Gulf is a sensitive and oil rich region, linked with global economy. Any fire in the sea of oil will plunge the whole into an inferno and France will suffer the most." -IRNA - 9/19/07

OSI Decries Iranian Stalling Tactics, Calls For Release Of Distinguished Scholar
We call for an end to this unjust ordeal and demand that Dr. Tajbakhsh be allowed to return to his family immediately, before the imminent birth of his first child. - 9/19/07

The first festival of Farhad's Prize to be held in 2008
The art-cultural association of Farhad will hold its first annual festival under the title of Farhad’s Prize”. The festival consists of three separate divisions of composing; poem writing, and vocal and each division will be judged by 5 poets and composers, 5 press commentators, and 3 music publishers. -CHN - 9/19/07

Iran disabled win world weightlifting title
Iran was crowned at the weightlifting event of the second disabled competitions in Taiwan Wednesday. -MNA - 9/19/07

Iran bags world Greco-Roman bronzes
Saman Tahmasbi and Qassem Rezaii took bronze medals at the world Greco-Roman wrestling tournament in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, Tuesday. -MNA - 9/19/07

The Iranian Conundrum
Be careful what you wish for -- that might be the catch phrase for American relations with Iran since the CIA helped overthrow the elected government of that country in 1953 and installed the young Shah in power. Much of our present world -- and many of our present problems in the Middle East and Central Asia -- stem from that particular act of imperial hubris. -Tom Dispatch - 9/19/07

Traditions of Ramadan still practiced in East Azarbaijan
The people of each region have their own customs which reveal the cultural identity of their locality, and their traditions for the holy month of Ramadan are rooted in their national and religious beliefs. - 9/19/07

Iran government withdraws $4.7b from Oil Stabilization Fund
Iran's government withdrew 42.054 trillion rials ($4.7 billion) from the Oil Stabilization Fund (OSF) in the first four months of the current Iranian year (started March 21), the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance reported here on Wednesday. -MNA - 9/19/07

U.S. Experts Visit Qabala Radar in Azerbaijan
U.S. military experts have visited the Russian-operated Qabala (Gabala) radar station in Azerbaijan, which Moscow has offered to share with the United States to counter rogue missile threats. -RFE - 9/19/07

Wife Of Missing American Hopes To Meet Iran's President
The wife of a former FBI agent who disappeared in March while on a business trip to Iran told Radio Farda today that she has traveled to New York to try to meet with Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad, who is expected to speak at the UN General Assembly. -RFE - 9/19/07

Larijani, Solana preparing for fresh talks
Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Ali Larijani and the EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana on Tuesday held telephone conversation in the run-up for fresh talks. -IRNA - 9/19/07

Iran keeps Picassos in basement
Habibollah Sadeghi looks vaguely irritated to see me: not surprised, seeing as he has spent the last 10 days evading my phone calls, letters and polite appeals delivered through intermediaries. He knows I want to see his Picassos. He doesn't want to show them to me. But Iranian hospitality being what it is, Sadeghi is forced to invite me into his office for tea. -Los Angeles Times - 9/19/07

The Fast War Nation: Iran War Campaign in High Gear
This was indeed a very eventful week in US-Iran relations. First the Pentagon did a typical leak on its latest ‘3 day blitz' plan for attacking Iran, in effect emphasizing Bush's promise for a ‘300'-style event -K. Darbandi - 9/19/07

Israel sends Middle East a message with Syrian airstrike
Analysts say Israel may now believe it can attack Iran's nuclear facilities without reprisal. -CSM - 9/19/07

Israeli President Says Tensions With Syria Now 'Over'
Israeli President Shimon Peres says tensions between Israel and Syria are now "over," and Israel is ready to negotiate for peace with Syria. The developments come less than two weeks after Syria accused Israel of launching an air strike inside Syria. Israel has refused to comment on the matter. -VOA - 9/19/07

Turkey has 4 months to decide over Southern Pars gasfield
Iran's oil ministry care taker, Gholam Hussein Nozari said due to Iran's ex-oil minister and the Turkish energy minister's letter of understanding, expansion of the 3 phases of the Southern Pars gasfield were ceded to the Turkish side. -ISNA - 9/19/07

UN Secretary-General anticipates intense period of multilateral diplomacy ahead
Responding to reporters' questions on Iran, Mr. Ban said that any issues pertaining to the country's nuclear programme should be resolved through peaceful dialogue. - 9/19/07

Turkish PM urges end to scarf ban
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for the lifting of a ban on women wearing headscarves at state universities. -BBC - 9/19/07

Napoleon Kouchner
At a time when China, Russia, and the International Atomic Energy Agency are insisting that the dispute over Iran's nuclear program should be resolved in a peaceful manner, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner has irresponsibly begun beating the drums of war. -Hassan Hanizadeh - 9/18/07

Persepolis Nominated for European Oscars!
Founded in 1989, the European Film Academy (EFA) currently unites 1,800 European film professionals with the common aim of promoting European film culture. -Report from Europe by Darius KADIVAR - 9/18/07

Iranian-American Woman Victim of Hate Crime in New York
An Iranian-American nail salon owner was brutalized by robbers who called her a "terrorist" and scrawled anti-Muslim messages on a mirror in her shop, the victim and police said. - 9/18/07

Aqazadeh, Kiriyenko talk on Bushehr power plant
Head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) Reza Aqazadeh and his Russian counterpart Sergei Kiriyenko Monday in Moscow reviewed the process of expert talks on Bushehr nuclear power plant, it was announced here on Monday. -IRNA - 9/18/07

"The Peace Chorus" to spread harmony along Silk Road
The Dariush Khajehnuri band is to perform its annual concert entitled "The Peace Chorus" in five capital cities located on the ancient Silk Road beginning in Iran and ending in China. -MNA - 9/18/07

EVENT in Toronto: Iran and Iranian Studies in the 20th Century
Conference Organized by The Toronto Initiative for Iranian Studies, University of Toronto - 9/18/07

Iran's Surian snatches world Greco-Roman gold
Hamid Surian from Iran took the glittering gold at the 55kg event of the world Greco-Roman wrestling bouts in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, Monday. In another news, Iran finished third at the 12th Asian yachting tournament in South Korea Sunday. - 9/18/07

U.S.: Religous Freedom Report Cites Problems In Iraq, Afghanistan
The report cites eight countries as being of what it calls of "particular concern." They include Iran, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, China, Eritrea, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan. The document says they engage in or tolerate what it calls "particularly severe violations of religious freedom." -RFE - 9/18/07

Russia, China Express Concern About Possible Use of Force Against Iran
Russia and China have expressed concern about the possible use of force against Iran, following a comment from France warning of the prospect of war over Tehran's nuclear program. -VOA - 9/18/07

Iranian MP calls for revision of level of diplomatic ties with France
Rapporteur of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Kazem Jalali on Tuesday called for revision of current level of diplomatic ties with France following antagonistic statement made by the French president about Iran. -IRNA - 9/18/07

RFE/RL Journalist Parnaz Azima Leaves Iran
RFE/RL correspondent Parnaz Azima has left Tehran after being held in Iran as a virtual prisoner for eight months. - 9/18/07

The Shock Doctrine: Naomi Klein on the Rise of Disaster Capitalism
Well, the shock doctrine, like all doctrines, is a philosophy of power. It’s a philosophy about how to achieve your political and economic goals. And this is a philosophy that holds that the best way, the best time, to push through radical free-market ideas is in the aftermath of a major shock. Now, that shock could be an economic meltdown. It could be a natural disaster. It could be a terrorist attack. It could be a war. -Democracy Now - 9/18/07

Iran is ready to sign a defense pact with Persian Gulf littoral states: Safavi
Iran's former commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps expressed Iran's readiness for signing a defense pact with the Persian Gulf littoral states.-ISNA - 9/18/07

18 Iranians missing, 6 injured in Thai plane crash
The media quoted flight list of the Boeing MD, a subsidiary of Thai Wan To Go, as reporting that the number of Iranian passengers believed to be missing has risen to 18 and six other Iranians have been injured. -IRNA - 9/18/07

A Lebanese Militant Group Launches Rebuilding Project
Last fall, Hezbollah leader Seyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered an unusual business pitch to residents of Dahiya, a Shiite enclave on the south side of town. Large swaths of the neighborhood had been razed by bombs during the summer's monthlong war with Israel. -Farnaz Fassihi, WSJ - 9/18/07

Iran's IOOC to increase oil output by 2010
Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) will increase its daily out from 830 thousand to one million barrels by 2010. -MNA - 9/18/07

Iran: Human Rights Abuses against the Baluchi Minority
State repression of Iran’s ethnic minorities, which have been demanding greater recognition of their cultural and political rights, has intensified in recent years. With potentially hostile foreign military forces stationed in countries to the east and west of Iran, the authorities have become increasingly wary of minority communities -Amnesty International - 9/18/07

A thousand and one Iranian delights
THE wind snatched my headscarf and carried it away. Aghast, I raced after it, grabbed it and tied it back on with my bumbling hands as quickly as I could. I looked around anxiously. No-one in the smoggy streets seemed to have noticed. Heaving a sigh of relief, I dodged my way through the unrelenting traffic to meet my friend Reza. -Ruth Falconer, John O'Groat Journal - 9/18/07

Iraqi FM Calls On Iran To Focus On Supporting Government
Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari says that relations with Iran have been hurt by Tehran's shelling of areas in Kurdish-administered northern Iraq and its support for anti-coalition militants in the south. -RFE - 9/18/07

Iran, Egypt to talk on resumption of ties
Iran and Egypt are to hold talks on promotion of bilateral relations, according to Egyptian Foreign Ministry. -IRNA - 9/18/07

Saggy pants reveal more than underwear
Recent images of Iranian fashion police humiliating men wearing jeans and T-shirts and hounding women deemed inappropriately dressed are chilling evidence that state regulation of dress remains a means of social control. -CSM - 9/18/07

Greenspan, Kissinger: Oil Drives U.S. in Iraq, Iran
Alan Greenspan had acknowledged what is blindingly obvious to those who live in the reality-based world: The Iraq War was largely about oil. -Common Dreams - 9/18/07

America's "Long War": The Legacy of the Iraq-Iran and Soviet-Afghan Wars
Yesterday's events influence the direction of tomorrow. The question is: are future developments, as a result of past events, foreseen or unforeseen? Are the results of past events mostly unintended consequences or serendipity? -Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya - 9/17/07

Observing The Maestro: Juliette Binoche Paints Kiarostami for Les Cahiers du Cinema
Binoche will be working with Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami this September on his first non-Persian Speaking film to be shot in Italy and entitled Copie-Conforme aka Certified Copy. -Paris Report by Darius KADIVAR - 9/17/07

Fashion Iranian Style - III
this inscription from Darius The Great was of great inspiration to me: "I am Darius the great king, king of kings, king of countries containing all kinds of men, king in this great earth far and wide, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenid, a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage." -Niki Koohpaima - 9/17/07

In the Ocean of Rumi: Celebration of Rumi 800 at the University of Utah
To celebrate the 800th birth anniversary of the renowned Persian Sufi poet, Mawlana Jalaluddin Balkhi Rumi (1207-1273) a program of lectures, poetry reading, and music will be held at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. - 9/17/07

Iran: Members at Educational Workshop On Women's Rights Arrested
An educational workshop on women’s rights in Khoramabad was disrupted after police violently attacked participants and took them into custody. Twenty-five participants spent several hours in prison and were released at around midnight the same day. Three of these participants remain in prison and despite inquiries by their families and friends, no information has been provided as to their whereabouts and status. - 9/17/07

Iran prepared for talks with U.S. at Iraq's request
"If the Iraqi officials request Iran to hold the next round of talks with U.S., the country would accept it," Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said on Sunday. -MNA - 9/17/07

ElBaradei: No reason to go beyond diplomacy in dealing with Iran
Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei said on Monday that there is no reason to go beyond diplomacy in dealing with Iran's nuclear program. -IRNA - 9/17/07

Iran: 10,000 Dual Fuel Taxis Delivered by Saipa
In a ceremony in Tehran on Saturday, the Iranian automaker SAIPA delivered 10,000 dual fuel taxis to the city officials. -ISNA - 9/17/07

Iran scorns French warning of war
A warning by France's foreign minister that the world should prepare for war over Iran's nuclear programme has drawn an angry response from Iran. -BBC - 9/17/07

Antiwar Protesters Rally As Bush Touts Iraq Successes
Dozens of people have been arrested by police after a demonstration against the Iraq war in Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, U.S. President George W. Bush again warned that a quick withdrawal from Iraq would damage U.S. national security. -RFE - 9/17/07

Tehran Officials Begin Crackdown On Pet Dogs
In an unprecedented move, Iran's police have created a dog "prison" in Tehran. The move is part of a crackdown on what officials describe as immoral and un-Islamic behavior, during which thousands of young men and women have been detained or received warnings about the way they are dressed. -RFE - 9/17/07

Iranians in U.S. face a choice -- to speak out, or not
Some openly lobby for a change in Iran; others are cautious, preferring to be able to visit their homeland without fear of arrest. -Los Angeles Times - 9/17/07

Iran dismisses US allegation on disrespect for religious minorities
Representative of Iranian Jewish Community in Majlis Morris Mo'tamed on Monday refuted the US allegation about lack of freedom for the religious minorities in Iran. -IRNA - 9/17/07

Proxy war could soon turn to direct conflict, analysts warn
The growing US focus on confronting Iran in a proxy war inside Iraq risks triggering a direct conflict in the next few months, regional analysts are warning. -Guardian - 9/17/07

Iran: Guardian Council approves changing official time
Based on the plan, approved by Majlis on August 21, Iranians will set their clocks forward by one hour on the first day of spring for saving the daylight and then pull them back at the beginning of autumn. - 9/17/07

Oil prices could reach Dlrs 100 next year, says CGES
OPEC's extra oil announced this month has come too late to help bring oil prices down over the winter and at best, will prevent them from rising much higher than they already are, the Center for Global Energy Studies (CGES) warned Monday. - 9/17/07

The man at the center of the West's confrontation with Iran
Late in August, Mohamed ElBaradei put the finishing touches on a nuclear accord negotiated in secret with Iran. The deal would be divisive and risky, one of the biggest gambles of his 10 years as director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Iran would answer questions about its clandestine nuclear past in exchange for a series of concessions. -IHT - 9/17/07

Iran's Rowhani to meet EU's Solana Thursday
Former Iranian chief nuclear negotiator Hassan Rowhani will hold talks with EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana in Brussels on Thursday, Rowhani's office confirmed on Sunday. Rowhani also plans to address the European Parliament and hold talks with the EP speaker. -MNA - 9/17/07

Greenspan admits Iraq was about oil, as deaths put at 1.2m
The man once regarded as the world's most powerful banker has bluntly declared that the Iraq war was 'largely' about oil. 'I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil.' -Observer - 9/17/07

Lack of ID data impedes UN sanctions against Iran
In the six months since the United Nations Security Council acted to freeze the assets and curb the overseas travel of Iranian officials, including members of the Revolutionary Guards, an embarrassing snag has occurred: the United States lacks passport numbers and other data to go after most of the people listed. -IHT - 9/17/07

Gates: U.S. To Continue Iran Diplomacy, Remain In Iraq
Defense Secretary Robert Gates has weighed in on Iran and Iraq, two key areas of U.S. foreign policy. - 9/16/07

Ficep to honor Iranian actress Keramati in Paris
Iranian actress Mahtab Keramati is to be honored by Ficep, a forum for foreign cultural institutions centered in Paris, during a ceremony on September 24 for her work in Iranian cinema. -MNA - 9/16/07

Second abducted Belgian handed over to Belgian officials
Belgian national Stefaan Boeve, 28, was anded over to Belgian Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht at a ceremony here Saturday, also attended by members of the abducted man's family. - 9/16/07

Bush setting America up for war with Iran
Senior officials believe Mr Bush's inner circle has decided he does not want to leave office without first ensuring that Iran is not capable of developing a nuclear weapon. - UK Telegraph - 9/16/07

Iran Overturns Death Sentence For MKO Member
Tehran has overturned the death sentence of a former Mujahedin Khalq Organization member who has been held in an Iranian prison in Iran for six years. -RFE - 9/16/07

Was Israeli raid a dry run for attack on Iran?
Mystery surrounds last week's air foray into Syrian territory. The Observer's Foreign Affairs Editor attempts to unravel the truth behind Operation Orchard and allegations of nuclear subterfuge - UK UK Guardian - 9/16/07

Bush speech suggests a tougher approach to Iran
Despite brewing tensions between the United States and Iran, the United States will grant a visa to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to take part in the opening of the U.N. General Assembly next week, according to the State Department. New York Times - 9/16/07

Bishop warns that Muslims who convert risk being killed
A poll of more than 1,000 British Muslims, conducted by the Policy Exchange think-tank this year, found that 36 per cent of Muslims aged between 16 and 24 believe those who convert to another faith should be punished by death.- UK UK Guardian - 9/16/07

Moran Upsets Jewish Groups Again
Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.) has again come under fire from local Jewish organizations for remarking in a magazine interview that the "extraordinarily powerful" pro-Israel lobby played a strong role promoting the war in Iraq. - WP - 9/15/07

Benedictus: An International Collaboration Among Artists from Iran, Israel and the US
Two childhood friends, one Jewish and one Muslim, find themselves estranged and on opposing sides after the 1979 Revolution. Propelled by world events and against a backdrop of an imminent US invasion of Iran , they agree to a secret meeting in a Benedictine monastery in Rome - Golden Thread Productions - 9/15/07

Cooling The Clash With Iran
So what are the diplomatic opportunities that might defuse this growing state of tension? I count four, and each of them would require the Bush administration to conduct more aggressive diplomacy in the Middle East - David Ignatius- WP - 9/15/07

Son of detained Iranian American breaks his silence
Shakeri is known in the Southern California Iranian American community as a political moderate who promoted peace and communication as a path to reform in Iran - LAtimes - 9/15/07

Held in My Homeland
Through these windows, I could glimpse the sky; sometimes at night I could see the moon. The third time I saw a full moon, it hit me that I had been imprisoned for three months - Haleh Esfandiari - WP - 9/15/07

The end of the world as we know it
Faced with defeat in Iraq, the Bush administration seems to be gearing up for an assault on Iran - a desperate move that would magnify the existing catastrophe many times over. - Guardian - 9/15/07

Chronology of a Second 9/11
Rumors are circulating on the Internet that a second 9/11 is expected between September 14 and 21, 2007 - Steve Beckow - opednews - 9/15/07

Held in My Homeland
Through these windows, I could glimpse the sky; sometimes at night I could see the moon. The third time I saw a full moon, it hit me that I had been imprisoned for three months - Haleh Esfandiari - WP - 9/15/07

Iran and Saudi Arabia increase unity: Ahmadinejad
King Abdullah also in response while congratulating Iran's government and nation on the Holy Ramadan emphasized "we should never allow the doors of sedition to be open." - ISNA - 9/15/07

Tajikistan folk and revolutionary music
This Tajik song is a metaphor set against the background of the deadly Badakhshand mountains. It tells the story of four young guys who decide to cross the deadly mountains that surrounds and imprisons them - YouTube - 9/15/07

Negotiation with Owner of Acha. Soldier, the Best Solution
"Considering to the short time which has remained to the date of putting the Achaemenid soldier bas relief on sale based on London Court ruling, which is 25th of October, the best way which has remained for Iran to retrieve this invaluable historic relic would be to start negotiations with the current French owner of the Achaemenid soldier," - CHN - 9/15/07

UK Channel 4 interview with Ahmadinejad
"We don't need a bomb, we are fundamentally opposed to the bomb for various reasons" - - 9/15/07

Iran hits back at Canada at U.N. rights forum
Iran hit back at Canada on Friday for criticizing its rising number of executions and treatment of women, accusing Ottawa of racism, police brutality and treating its indigenous people like second class citizens. - Reuters - 9/15/07

Afghanistan: U.S. Worried Iran Sending Chinese Weapons To Taliban
"I have no doubt that Iran has been involved in channeling money and arms to various elements in Afghanistan, including the Taliban, for the last few years... There are Pashtuns and non-Pashtuns who are being funded by Iran." - RFE - 9/15/07

Afghanistan: U.S. Worried Iran Sending Chinese Weapons To Taliban
"I have no doubt that Iran has been involved in channeling money and arms to various elements in Afghanistan, including the Taliban, for the last few years... There are Pashtuns and non-Pashtuns who are being funded by Iran." - RFE - 9/15/07

Peaceful and Passionate paintings at the House of Artists in Tehran
Recently I have become disappointed with so-called more formal women activist groups, which it seems for some has become a means to recognition and that famous ൗ minutes of fame." Some have the temerity to claim to be the only means of women struggle for justice. One can only laugh at such naivety since in a country as complex as Iran, it is simply preposterous that any person or any one group could possibly be the only channel for anything, let alone the defender of women and their rights. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 9/14/07

American Professor granted permission for Iran burial
President Ahmadinejad has accepted Professor Richard Nelson Frye's request to be buried near Zayande Rood in the Iranian city of Isfahan. -Press TV - 9/14/07

Seducer or Seduced?
Yasmina Reza's Authorized Portrait of Newly Elected President Sarkozy creates Sensation and Controversy in French Media -Report from Paris by Darius KADIVAR - 9/14/07

TODAY in Iran: A country where conservatives rule, but Western culture still seeps in
Iranian law still favors men, but women in that country are more educated and have a more visible role in life than in many other Islamic countries, such as Saudi Arabia. And things are getting better, according to the first woman to serve as a cabinet secretary in that country. -MSNBC - 9/14/07

Long Division
The brewing confrontation with Iran isn’t just about nukes or neoconservative ambition. It’s about regional hegemony. -Trita Parsi, American Conservative - 9/14/07

China set to become Iran's leading supplier, overtaking Germany
China is set to overtake Germany and become the leading exporter of goods to Iran, a British daily reported Friday. -IRNA - 9/14/07

High Commissioner addresses the Human Rights Council
Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to address the Non Aligned Movement ministerial meeting on Human Rights and Cultural Diversity in Iran . It is important to seek greater understanding and consensus on the issues discussed in Teheran, particularly as we prepare to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights next year. - 9/14/07

Caspian littoral states to build railway around largest lake
Iran, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan reached a quadripartite agreement on establishing a railway around the Caspian Sea, Iran's road and transportation minister said in Tehran on Friday. - 9/14/07

Iranian athletes win 2 golds, 3 silver in Taiwan Paralympic games
Iranian discus throwers won two gold and one silver medals on Thursday on the first day of international parlympic games in Taiwan. -IRNA - 9/14/07

Iraq: Kirkuk Referendum Likely To Be Delayed
Since the ratification of the Iraqi Constitution in 2005, Iraq's Kurds have viewed the issue of the Kirkuk referendum as a "red line." They have held steadfast that Article 140 of the constitution be implemented to determine the political future of the oil-rich governorate, which is estimated to hold 6 percent of the world's oil reserves. -RFE - 9/14/07

Iran to invest $10b in Syria by 2012
will make $10 billion investments in Syria within the next five years, the acting industries and mines minister announced in Tehran on Friday. -MNA - 9/14/07

Poll: Civilian death toll in Iraq may top 1 million
A car bomb blew up in the capital's Shiite Muslim neighborhood of Sadr City on Thursday, killing at least four people, as a new survey suggested that the civilian death toll from the war could be more than 1 million. -LA Times - 9/14/07

European Union fends off US laws on Iran
The European Union is trying to fend off moves by the US Congress to punish foreign firms that do business in Iran, diplomats say. -The News - 9/14/07

Swedish Hacker Accesses Embassy E-Mail Accounts
Egerstad says that the only officials who have contacted him from the embassies or governments involved are Iranians, including the Iranian Embassy in Stockholm. "They pretty much said, 'Thank you.' The Indians, they were kind of pissed," Egerstad says. "No one wanted to talk to me except Iran." -RFE - 9/14/07

Rafsanjani victory changes power balance
Iran's powerful hard-line axis is running into serious obstacles - not the least of which may be the election of moderate conservative Hashemi Rafsanjani to head Iran's most venerated political body, the Assembly of Experts. -ISN - 9/14/07

Bush team's Iraq ambassador briefs Washington Post editors and reporters on Iran
The top US diplomat in Iraq sat down with the Washington Post Wednesday to push the Bush administration's case that harsher action needs to be taken against Iran because of allegations that country's leaders are funding and training militants in Iraq. -Raw Story - 9/14/07

Tehran walks a tactical tightrope
Iran has been walking a tightrope in Iraq, juggling strategic support for a friendly Shia-dominated government in Baghdad with the tactical objective of complicating the US military presence and denying the Bush administration any semblance of victory. -Financial Times - 9/14/07

An Interesting hour in Qazvin
Qazvin, which is about 90km to the west of Tehran has been quite famous in the past. It was chosen as the capital during the Safavid era and it was also an important and significant city during the time of the Ghajars. Qazvin is a city of about a million inhabitants and it seemed that everyone was out when we were driving around -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 9/13/07

"Night Bus" and "Mainline" triumph at Iran Cinema Celebrations
The movies “Night Bus” and “Mainline” garnered the most awards at the Iran Cinema Celebration ceremony which was held on September 11. - 9/13/07

Persepolis Tops French Box Office Record !
Not a Day seems to pass in the Country of Molière, without reading in the French Press at least one positive review of Marjane Satrapi's Cannes Jury Prized film Persepolis. -Paris Report by Darius KADIVAR - 9/13/07

Xerxes Tomb to be Divided into Two halves due to Railway
Evidence show that the powerful jolts caused due to passing of train in a close distance of Naqsh-e Rostam would put the situation of Xerxes tomb in a real risk and it may be broken into two parts over time. -CHN - 9/13/07

Some countries displeased with Iran-IAEA agreement
Iran's supreme national security council secretary said it was a surprise to see some countries were displeased with Iran-IAEA agreement while most members of the Board of Governors were welcoming this issue. -ISNA - 9/13/07

Austrians to Construct Persian Gulf Bridge to Connect Qeshm Island to the Main Island
Persian Gulf Bridge will connect the Qeshm Island to the main island through constructing a two-kilometer bridge between these two islands. According to Asghari, constructing a 70-kilometer railway is the other future projects of Qeshm Free Zone Organization which require attracting of investment. -CHN - 9/13/07

Lieberman Injects $75 million for Iran Democracy into Appropriations Bill
At a late night session in the Senate on Friday, Senator Joe Lieberman (I-VT) submitted an amendment to provide $75 million for “democracy promotion in Iran”. The amendment, which was cosponsored by Senators Sam Brownback (R-KS), Jon Kyl (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Susan Collins (R-ME), Mel Martinez (R-FL), David Vitter (R-LA), passed by voice vote in the State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Act (HR 2764). -NIAC - 9/13/07

Ramadan starts in Iran Thursday
The holy fasting month of Ramadan began in Iran on Thursday, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei's Office announced. -IRNA - 9/13/07

Iran's Larijani: Petraeus-Crocker report contradictory
The US has turned Iraq into a military marketplace, he said, adding that they should tell that Iraqi people how many hospitals, schools and health centers have been constructed by them for the Iraqi nation. "Iran supplies Iraq with drinking water and electricity but what have you brought for the Iraqi people?" he questioned. -IRNA - 9/13/07

UN Secretary-General backs Iran-IAEA agreement
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon on Thursday expressed his support for the recent agreement reached between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). - 9/13/07

ElBaradei hopes to close Iran's nuclear dossier
IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei on Wednesday described cooperation between Iran and IAEA to resolve outstanding issues on the country's peaceful nuclear activities as a significant move. -IRNA - 9/13/07

US must bring Iran into 'negotiating family' - former UK envoy
Britain's former ambassador to Washington, Sir Christopher Meyer, Wednesday urged US President George Bush to use his last year in office to open a serious dialogue with Iran to help stabilize Iraq. - 9/13/07

Washington Says Effort to Strengthen Iran Sanctions Remains On Track
The Bush administration continues to press for strengthened U.N. sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, provoking a testy reaction from Tehran. VOA's Michael Bowman reports from Washington. - 9/13/07

Condemning the persecution of labor rights advocates in Iran - Resolution Introduced in US Congress
Mr. KIRK (for himself and Mr. ANDREWS) submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs - 9/13/07

Don’t Let The Dogs Out! Don’t Bomb Iran!
How well I remember, during the Nixon years, the question, “Would you buy a used car from this man?” Why aren’t we asking similar questions about George W. Bush? Would you buy a used car from the man who crashed and looted the U.S. economy and destroyed Iraq? Then how about another war? Would you buy that? -Common Dreams - 9/13/07

'We Are Going To Hit Iran...Bigtime'
"Yes. We're gong to hit Iran, bigtime. Whatever political discussions that are going on is window dressing and perhaps even a red herring. I see what's going on below deck here in the hangars and weapons bays. And I have a sick feeling about how it's all going to turn out." -Rense - 9/13/07

Iran has no plan for military movement in region, Larijani
Secretary of Supreme National Security Council Ali Larijani said on Wednesday that Iran had never had a plan for military movement in the region and will not have such a plan in the future either. -IRNA - 9/13/07

Iran says MKO terrorist group instigated Karbala massacre
The arms were distributed near the positions of the Al-Mahdi forces in order to give the impression that Iran has been arming the group. But according to the reports of security officials at the shrine, the MKO was involved in the heinous crime. -MNA - 9/13/07

Iran accused over attack on US Iraq base
A US general today accused Shia militants backed by Iran of executing a deadly rocket attack on a US military headquarters in Iraq as George Bush prepared to ask Americans to give his war strategy more time. -Guardian - 9/13/07

Triumph of peace over conflict: Behzad Ranjbaran's "awakening" in Miami Beach, Florida
New world symphony, America's orchestral academy, to perform Iranian-born composer Behzad Ranjbaran's awakening Saturday, September 15, 8:00 p.m., conducted by Joel Smirnoff at Lincoln theatre, Miami Beach - 9/12/07

Event in Beverly Hills: Celebration of A Mirror Garden, a memoir of an Iranian artist
The Levantine Center hosts an evening in celebration of A Mirror Garden, a memoir of an Iranian artist, by Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian and Zara Houshmand. With book signing by author Zara Houshmand, a dramatic reading by Shohreh Aghdashloo, and music from Sussan Deyhim. - 9/12/07

Despite progress, important issues of Iran's nuclear programme still remain - UN
¡°This is the first time that Iran has agreed on a plan to address all outstanding issues, with a defined timeline, and is therefore an important step in the right direction,¡± International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Mohamed ElBaradei told the IAEA Board of Governors. - 9/12/07

David & Layla, the 300 Antidote, to open across U.S.
David & Layla which premiered in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles on July 20th is currently playing in Florida and Dallas. It will open next across U.S. in the following cities: Phoenix, Cleveland, Kansas City, Seattle, Madison, Pittsburg, Carey/N. Carloina - 9/12/07

U.S. Bush administration ponders when to launch nuclear war against Iran
Mr. Pilger, who has written for the New Statesmen, describes American plans to attack Iran, possibly with nuclear weapons. Although the majority of Americans voted last November to end the war in Iraq, the Bush cabal remains undeterred by insipid protests from Democrats and is proceeding with another, even more dangerous adventure. -The Canadian - 9/12/07

Russian president due in Tehran in mid October: Iranian FM
Russian President Vladimir Putin is to visit Iran on October 16 to attend the summit of the Caspian Sea littoral states, Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said in Moscow on Tuesday evening. -IRNA - 9/12/07

Letter to Chicago Tribune: Blaming Iran to save U.S.
In response to an op-ed on Aug. 19 ("Al-Maliki encourages Iran's growing presence in Iraq," Commentary) by (Alireza Jafarzadeh) an official of a terrorist group called the "National Council of Resistance of Iran," I wish to state the following. -M.A. Mohammadi, Press counselor, Mission of Iran to the UN, New York - 9/12/07

Iran to develop nuclear medicine
The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran is determined to start a scientific movement in the field of nuclear medicine, and a special committee will be established through the cooperation of the AEOI, the Health Ministry, and the Majlis to work on the development of nuclear medicine, AEOI Director Gholamreza Aqazadeh said on Tuesday. -MNA - 9/12/07

Iran stands third at Asian cycling competitions
finished third at the Asian men's cycling competitions in Thailand Tuesday. -MNA - 9/12/07

Iran, China sign MOU on strategic oil reserves
China's goal is to have a reserve capacity of 100 million barrels by the end of 2008. -MNA - 9/12/07

Iran Controls 40% of World Carpet Market
Head of the trade organization of Iran's western province of Eastern Azerbaijan, Sadeq Najafi also said that his province contributes a 35-percent share to the country's carpet exports. -Fars - 9/12/07

Mounting Death Toll Which Makes a Mockery of US Optimism
In Baghdad, on the surface the overt violence appears to have diminished. There are fewer loud explosions. But, the city is now being partitioned by sectarian hatred and fear; by concrete walls and barbed wire. Claims that the US military strategy is paving the way for a stable society bear little resemblance to the reality on the ground. -Independent - 9/12/07

Petraeus report will not save U.S. from Iraqi quagmire: Iran FM Spokesman
"The report does not reflect the real demands and priorities of the majority of the U.S. citizens," Hosseini stated. "Such accusations can not transfer the heavy responsibility for the mistakes and tactless actions of U.S. leaders to Iraq's neighboring countries," Hosseini explained. -MNA - 9/12/07

U.S. seeks pact with Shiite militia
The military is in talks with elements of cleric Sadr's powerful group, which is accused of attacks against soldiers, but which holds sway in much of Baghdad and parts of Iraq. -Los Angeles Times - 9/12/07

Iran considers knocking three zeros off currency
Iran is examining a proposal to knock three zeros off its national currency to increase economic confidence and reduce the number of banknotes, the central bank governor said on Tuesday. -AFP - 9/12/07

Syria complains to U.N. about Israeli airstrike
Sources in the U.S. government and military confirmed to CNN's Barbara Starr that the airstrike did happen, and that they are happy to have Israel carry the message to both Syria and Iran that they can get in and out and strike when necessary. -CNN - 9/12/07

Could a Vietnamese Court Fine the U.S. $ Trillions for a Thousand 9/11 Equivalents?
It will not bring the dear young men blown to pieces back to life and home to their loved ones, but if the government of Iran was really behind the suicide bombers who blew up a 300 U.S. soldiers in Lebanon, is it not just for a U.S. court to order Iran to pay compensation to family members? -OpEdNews - 9/12/07

US needs sustained meetings with Iran - Hamilton
Co-chair of the Iraq Study Group (ISG) Lee Hamilton believes that the Bush Administration has not gone nearly far enough in trying to resolve its problems with Iran. -IRNA - 9/11/07

Haleh Esfandiari Back at Work After Three Months in Iranian Prison
Iranian-American scholar Haleh Esfandiari was back at work in Washington Monday, after spending more than three months in solitary confinement in an Iranian prison. She was accused of espionage. Esfandiari told reporters she was determined to not let herself fall apart. VOA's Cindy Saine reports from Washington. - 9/11/07

Amsterdam's Persian Voice Turns One!
On September 11, 2006, Radio Zamaneh was officially launched as a Persian speaking radio station in the Netherlands. Belonging to a generation of multimedia and digital radio, and promoting the concept of 'citizen journalism', this radio station operates on the basis of decentralized production. -Pejman Akbarzadeh - 9/11/07

Pasdar Fever Hits France
He has been around in Show business for some time now. Despite a promising supporting debut in Tony Scott' International Hit film Top Gun with then rising star Tom Cruise in the title role, Adrian Pasdar took a more careful move toward the no less competitive world of Television. -Darius KADIVAR, Paris - 9/11/07

Detained Iranian-American Expects To Be Freed Soon
Kian Tajbakhsh, an Iranian-American urban-planning consultant detained in Iran, today said he expects to be released "soon." Tajbakhsh told reporters visiting the prison today that no formal charges have been filed against him and that his case is still under investigation. -RFE - 9/11/07

Fund bridges, not failed policy
The Iran democracy program was conceived in 2005 with the noble vision of empowering the people of Iran to realize a peaceful transition from the present theocratic model and semi-democratic institutions to a full-blown democracy where human rights are respected and civil society thrives. Two years and millions of dollars later, the program has had the opposite effect. -Trita Parsi, The Hill - 9/11/07

Iraqi PM pledges release of Iranians diplomats kidnapped by US troops
Prime Minister of Iraq Nuri al-Maliki pledged Monday that a group of kidnapped Iranian nationals who were kept in Iraq would be released before the beginning of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which falls this year on September 13-October 12. -IRNA - 9/11/07

'Zero Degree Turn': An Iranian soap opera
The protagonists: A young Iranian and his lover, a French Jewess; Location: Paris at the end of WWII; Twist in the plot: An Iranian diplomat helps the Jewess and her family flee the Nazis. This is the plot of a new Iranian soap opera which has caught Iran by storm -YNet, Israel - 9/11/07

Molding the Ideal Islamic Citizen
THE instructor held up an unfurled green condom as she lectured a dozen brides-to-be on details of family planning. But birth control was only one aspect of the class, provided by the government and mandatory for all couples before marriage. -New York Times - 9/11/07

Pipeline explosion halts gas flow from Iran to Turkey
Iran's gas export to Turkey, due to a pipeline explosion on neighboring state's soil, has stopped since Sunday night, Deputy Petroleum Minister for Gas Affairs Seyyed Reza Kassaeizadeh told MNA here on Monday. -MNA - 9/11/07

Final report on Bushehr power plant to be publicized in 30 days
The project which is launched jointly with Russia was supposed to be finished in September 2007 but its construction operation was halted earlier this year over claims made by the Russian side that Iran was not paying its bills for the project. -IRNA - 9/11/07

Iranian experts to copy UK National Archive docs for NLAI
Digital copies of some of Iran's historical documents preserved in the United Kingdom's National Archives are to be digitally copied by Iranian experts. The historical documents date back to the 19th and early 20th centuries and contain records of Iran's Constitutional Movement, MNA reported. -MNA - 9/11/07

Putin Says Compromise Still Possible On Missile Defense
Russian President Vladimir Putin says it is still possible to reach a compromise with the United States over Washington's plans to locate parts of a missile-defense shield in Europe. - 9/11/07

Changing course on Iran
The British government and the EU must insist that the IAEA-Iran agreement be given time to work, without any act of sabotage by the US. -Guardian - 9/11/07

Iran's Embassy in London objects to distortion of Persian Gulf's name by Sunday Telegraphs
IRI's Embassy in London on Monday objected to British daily Sunday Telegraphs distorted quoting of Persian Gulf's name as the "Arabian Gulf". - 9/11/07

Author Dowlatabadi devotes himself to Ferdowsi's Shahnameh
Writer Mahmud Dowlatabadi is currently devoting himself to a project based on Ferdowsi's Shahnameh. Dowlatabadi began research work on the Shahnameh five years ago and plans to dedicate his time to this opus until its completion, he told the Persian service of CHN. -MNA - 9/11/07

Iran's Culture Ministry backs anti-piracy ads
The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has financed 10 anti-piracy commercials for TV screening. The animation commercials are being directed by Orod Peykanfar from the Hur Institute which is a company famous for its production of animated ads promoting driving regulations for the Iranian police. -MNA - 9/11/07

Iran's Romance of Nicaragua
Nicaragua, the Central American nation noted for its connection to Iran during a political scandal two decades ago, is coming under fresh scrutiny for its ties to Tehran. -TIME - 9/11/07

Iranian Raises Possibility of an Intrusion Into Iraq
In a sharp escalation of a dispute over border fighting, an official Iranian delegation at a diplomatic conference here warned Sunday that if the Iraqi government could not stop militants from crossing into Iran and carrying out attacks, the Iranian authorities would respond militarily. -New York Times - 9/11/07

Opinions Vary on Rumors of U.S. Attack on Iran
The Internet is full of speculation that the Bush administration has prepared plans for air strikes against Iranian nuclear and military targets — and that it is launching a propaganda campaign to prepare the public for such action. -NPR - 9/11/07

Judge Frees Islamic Charity Co-Founder
federal judge said Monday that he would release the Iranian-American co-founder of a defunct Islamic charity while he awaits trial on conspiracy and tax fraud charges. -Washington Post - 9/11/07

Iran: Over 2000 Equal Rights Defenders Object to Proposed "Family Support" Legislation
In a statement issued today, 2000 equal rights defenders have objected to the Family Support Legislation submitted to parliament by the executive branch, earlier this month. -Change for Equality, Tehran - 9/10/07

Rumi Celebration in Sacramento: "The Language of the Heart"
This year around the world people are celebrating 800th Birthday of Persian Poet Molana Jalaledin Rumi. The United Nation has also declared 2007 year of Rumi. Persian and American Rumi Lovers in Sacramento have joined in this festivity and will celebrate Rumi's birthday on Friday September 28th at Christ Unity Church. - 9/10/07

Call on Brown to endorse the IAEA-Iran agreement on Iran's Nuclear Programme
Today a delegation will deliver a petition to Gordon Brown urging him to unambiguously endorse the agreement reached between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency aimed at resolving the current stand-off over Iran's nuclear energy programme. -CASMII - 9/10/07

Cartoon: Iranians as Cockroaches!?
The cartoon in question displays a regional map with Iran and a sewer pipe at its center, the source of hordes of cockroaches infesting the region. You can see the Dispatch version here. I have since discovered that the cartoon was first published on June 25th, in full color, in the internationally circulated Investors' Business Daily. -Scott Harrop - 9/10/07

IAEA Governors Meeting To Discuss Iran's Nuclear Program
Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, says it is "impossible" for Iran to suspend uranium-enrichment activities, as demanded by the permanent members of the UN Security Council. -RFE - 9/10/07

Iran-India in final talks over peace pipeline
Tehran-New Delhi peace pipeline talks are in final stage. Previously Iran and Pakistan have also held their expert level bilateral meeting in Islamabad and agreed on 30 articles. -ISNA - 9/10/07

U.S. threatens Turkey over energy support to Iran
The United States has suggested that Turkey could come under sanctions for its energy cooperation with Iran. -MNA - 9/10/07

Iran finishes fifth at Asian men's volleyball tourney
Iran ranked fifth at the 14th Asian men's volleyball tournament in the Indonesian capital Jakarta Sunday. - 9/10/07

Tajikistan: Is President Rahmon's Government Anti-Islamic?
More than 300 makeshift mosques have been closed recently by authorities in the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, with some of those sites subsequently turned into beauty salons or police offices. These and other clampdowns follow a government ban on Islamic head scarves -- hejab -- in schools, compulsory tests for clerics, and a ban on the fundamentalist Mavlavi religious group. -RFE - 9/10/07

Quake hits Gorgan in northern Iran
An earthquake measuring 3.8 on the Richter scale jolted suburbs of the city of Gorgan in the northern province of Golestan Monday morning. -IRNA - 9/10/07

Eni fails to eclipse "Iran LNG" bidders
Tehran Monday rejected an Eni proposal to single the Italian giant out for "Iran LNG" project. "Eni set a precondition that urged the country to hold talks only with the Italian company," National Iranian Gas Export Company (NIGEC) managing director told MNA, adding the proposal was ruled out. -MNA - 9/10/07

Iran rejects US federal court verdict
Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini on Sunday rejected a verdict issued by a US federal court against Iran on Friday, stressing that since the ruling was issued unilaterally it lacks any legal value. -IRNA - 9/10/07

US plans base on Iraq-Iran border
The US military is planning to build its first base near Iraq's border with Iran in order to curb the alleged flow of weapons to Shia militants in Iraq. -BBC - 9/10/07

Iranian leaders oscillate between rights and religion
The instructor held up an unfurled green condom as she lectured a dozen Iranian brides-to-be on details of family planning. But birth control was only one aspect of the class, provided by the government and mandatory for all couples before marriage. The other was about sex, and the message from the state was that women should enjoy themselves as much as men and that men needed to be patient, because women need more time to become aroused. -IHT - 9/9/07

An Exquisite Day in Shemshak
We were served a most delicious lunch, all great wonders of Shomal where Ms Lashai originally is from and is very proud of. - Syma Sayyah, - 9/9/07

Meshkati's response to the interview in the Washington Post
CORRECTLY says "For decades Najmedin Meshkati proudly designed advanced technologies for America, including support for the B-2 stealth bomber." It does NOT say that I have been an aircraft designer. - Najmedin Meshkati - 9/9/07

Iran seeks end to sanctions threat
Iran is trying to persuade European governments to give up the pursuit of a third round of United Nations sanctions and allow it the opportunity to prove that its nuclear programme is not designed for weapons production. FT - 9/9/07

War against Iran and the Logic of Dominance
If the Bush administration launches an attack on Iran, the reason won't be that Iran was about to obtain a nuclear weapon. The real reason will be that United States, as the world's only superpower, wants to establish clearly that it - not Iran -- is the dominant power in the Middle East. - Gareth Porter - 9/9/07

Rafsanjani: Iran, Iraq should establish Islamic common market
Success of both sides' private sectors in promoting economic cooperation would serve to win the trust of other Islamic states and prepare the grounds for establishment of a common market in line with broadening of economic cooperation - IRNA - 9/9/07

When Art Creates a Bridge between Culture and Policy
According to Michael Dreyer, the 37-year-old German founder and executive director of Morgenland Festival Osnabruck, this cultural exchange could contribute to an easing of the political tension between Iran and the West. - CHN - 9/9/07

Will the Real Osama Stand Up?
The intended message by 'OBL' was that Democrats may have House majority, but they are as impotent as they have always been and clearly the Cheney/Bush team are the emperors running the world - Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 9/8/07

Will the Real Osama Stand Up?
The intended message by 'OBL' was that Democrats may have House majority, but they are as impotent as they have always been and clearly the Cheney/Bush team are the emperors running the world - Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 9/8/07

Iran dismisses U.S. court's ruling over 1983 bombing of Marine barrack in Beirut
"Some U.S. courts, without listening to the other side's views and due to its unjustifiable and irrational links, issue verdicts against Iran that are not legally defendable," Elham was quoted by IRNA as saying - IHT - 9/8/07

Book Excerpt: 'The Iranian Time Bomb'
In the months following his successful revolution against the shah, the Ayatollah Khomeini consolidated his domestic power through the use of four basic techniques.... - WSJ - 9/8/07

US Spars With IAEA Chief ElBaradei Over Iran
The Bush administration Friday defended its approach to Iran's nuclear program in the face of implicit criticism from International Atomic Energy Agency director Mohammed ElBaradei. The IAEA chief suggested Washington is in a rush to use military force against Iran - VOA - 9/8/07

Iran's Leadership Changes May Alter Policy
Over the past week, there have been two key changes in the leadership of the Iranian government. First, the head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps, the military force charged with defending Iran's Islamic system of government, was replaced. Then, just a few days ago, Iran's Assembly of Experts chose a new chairman. - NPR - 9/8/07

A Persian paradox: An accidental tourist in Iran
"In the name of God, the compassionate and the merciful, welcome to this Iran Air flight to Esfahan." To say that I am a nervous flyer would be an understatement. So imagine my terror at being strapped inside a 30-year old Boeing 747 about to take off on a 40-minute flight from Tehran to Esfahan in central Iran. I knew it didn't have any spare parts because it said so in the Iran Daily on my lap, in which the Iranian minister for roads and transport accused the American trade embargo of "endangering the lives of passengers". - Independent UK - 9/8/07

Iran stands second at West Asian women's soccer meet
The Iranian squad retained the runner-up title as it conceded a 2-1 loss to host Jordan in the round-robin competitions - Mehr - 9/8/07

Masouleh's Dossier for World Registration Prepared
The dossier of Masouleh village has been submitted to Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) to be studied for inscribing this Iranian national heritage site in list of UNESCO's World Heritage Sties. This is while construction activities by some non-domestic people still continues in the area. - CHN - 9/8/07

Gallery: Captured Iranian-American Scholar Returns Home
Haleh Esfandiari, Director of Smithsonian's Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars returns to her Potomac, Md., home after eight months of imprisonment in Iran.- WP - 9/8/07

Iran's women football team strolls toward West Asian victory
Iran's national women football coach gave early news of her team's victory in the second West Asian football games held in Jordan. Iran which started solidly with a 13-0 victory against Syria and a 3-0 against Lebanon is expected to face the host of these games tonight. -ISNA - 9/7/07

Turning Iranians into cockroaches!
The opinion writers of 'The Columbus Dispatch' have clearly demonstrated that the eighteen year old Lauren Upton, Miss South Carolina, was not off the mark when she said: "I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some people out there in our nation don't have maps.." in response to why Americans could not find the U.S. on a world map. -Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 9/7/07

Rafsanjani warns west against repeating mistakes on Iran's nuclear issue
"Greater Middle East plan has failed, surrounding Islamic Iran has had reverse effects and the US itself is now surrounded and they beg us to help them out," Ayatollah Rafsanjani said. "This is a lesson better that the one the Americans got in Vietnam," he added. -IRNA - 9/7/07

A Tehran Summer
Many of you may have noticed that I have been rather quiet and have not been writing much for a couple of months. I went back to work last February and since then I have been devastatingly busy with different projects especially these past few months. The most unusual weather this summer has been more than a surprise. -Syma Sayyah, Tehran - 9/7/07

Iran's Unlikely TV Hit
Every Monday night at 10 o'clock, Iranians by the millions tune into Channel One to watch the most expensive show ever aired on the Islamic republic's state-owned television. Its elaborate 1940s costumes and European locations are a far cry from the typical Iranian TV fare of scarf-clad women and gray-suited men. -Farnaz Fassihi, WSJ - 9/7/07

Fate of Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant Still Unclear
Iran's supreme national security council secretary, said on Thursday that the Islamic Republic of Iran had agreed on a final commissioning schedule with Russia, a statement which was backed up with the foreign minister and denied by the Russian contractor. -ISNA - 9/7/07

Exhibition at New York's Agora Gallery: Individuals at Quiet Moments by Iranian Artist Nader Abedini
Born in Tehran, Iran over 40 years ago, Nader Abedini still considers it home. Its influence is apparent in his work, which includes sculpture and calligraphy in addition to paintings. - 9/7/07

Iran: Motive In Release Of Iranian-Americans Remains Unclear
Analysts believe the arrest of Iranian-Americans is part of a broader crackdown on students, rights activists, and all dissenting voices. The crackdown comes at a time when Tehran is under increasing U.S. pressure over its nuclear program and it's role in Iraq and Afghanistan. -RFE - 9/7/07

Intimidation no solution to U.S. problems: Iran's Larijani
The West is trying to revitalize a feudal order within the context of the globalization theory and deprive the third world countries of their right to nuclear energy, but Iran has violated this ¡°feudalistic¡± limit, the top national security official observed. -MNA - 9/7/07

RFE/RL Welcomes Iran's Repeal Of Travel Ban On Broadcaster Azima
RFE/RL and its parent organization, the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), have welcomed Iran's decision to allow Radio Farda broadcaster Parnaz Azima to leave the country, after she was barred from leaving for seven months. - 9/7/07

US Republican Presidential Hopefuls Debate Iran's Nuclear Capability
Concern about Iran's nuclear weapons capabilities continues to be a hot topic of debate in the early stage of the U.S. presidential election. VOA National correspondent Jim Malone has more from Washington. - 9/7/07

Nuclear Hypocrisy in the Middle East: Bush, Iran and Israel's Hidden Hand
The internet is loaded these days with reports of the inevitability of a U.S., or a U.S.-Israeli, attack on Iran. Some writers allege that the attack is imminent. Others, including the writers of this article, argue only that the attack will happen sometime before January 2009, when the Bush administration leaves office.-Bill Christison & Kathleen Christison, Former CIA Analysts, Counterpunch - 9/7/07

Thucydides vs. Victor Davis Hanson: Bogus scholarship in support of a failed policy
Victor Davis Hanson, previously a classics professor at Fresno State specializing in the military history of ancient Greece and currently embedded at the Hoover Institution at Stanford, is a fervent apologist for the Bush administration's interventionist foreign policy. In his enthusiasm to transform the Islamic world by force and serve his new political patrons, Hanson has shamelessly debased his own scholarship. - 9/7/07

A Scientist, a Father and the B-2 Bomber
For decades Najmedin Meshkati proudly designed advanced technologies for America, including support for the B-2 stealth bomber. Now he has nightmares of this aircraft attacking his homeland, Iran. -Washington Post - 9/7/07

One Light Theatre's The Veil
One Light Theatre is proud to announce we are nearing the completion of a two-year (20 month) project, The Veil, comprised of the development and production of an original play based on Iranian writer Masoud Behnoud¡¯s epic tale, Khanoom (The Lady), and the development of an original staging design, The Veil, as the center piece of the production. - 9/6/07

NIAC Protests Dispatch Cartoon Depicting Iranians as Cockroaches
The Columbus Dispatch published a cartoon on Tuesday depicting Iran as a sewer on a map of the Middle East with cockroaches crawling out of it. By publishing this racist cartoon, the editors of the Dispatch have insulted and propagated hate against the Iranian American community. - 9/6/07

NFL Star T.J. Houshmandzadeh has International Roots
Touraj "T.J." Houshmandzadeh is a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals. Touraj's father is Iranian; his mother, who named him, is black. "I mean, it was the name that was given to me, you know? My mom named me that. Why? That was her choice." -VOA - 9/6/07

Youssef Ishaghpour's Rosebud
Acclaimed Iranian film critic publishes anthology in French on Orson Welles' prolific film legacy -Darius KADIVAR, Paris - 9/6/07

Kurdish and Persian Concert in New York
The Iranian American Society of New York presents a two part exclusive program: Mehregan: "The Festival of Autumn" & Rojan With Shams Ensemble Live In Concert - 9/6/07

Despite New Leaders In Europe, New U.S. President On Horizon, Publics Still Cautious On Closer Relations
Majorities of both Americans and Europeans agree we should do more to keep Iran from acquiring nuclear capabilities. Should an increase in diplomatic pressure on Iran fail, 47% percent of Americans feel that the option of military force should be maintained should diplomacy fail, compared with 32% who felt it should be ruled out. Just 18% of Europeans feel the military option should be maintained, and 47% feel it should not. - 9/6/07

Oil Exploration to Set Arjan's 7000-Year-Old History on Fire
According to the maps of Iran's Ministry of Petroleum, the path of oil exploration and seismograph test of this Ministry will pass through Arjan city. This way the explosions caused by oil exploration activities will set the 7000-year-old history of Arjan on fire. -CHN - 9/6/07

Genesis World Music Ensemble Weaves Unique Tapestry of Styles
Washington -- Neither vast physical distances, nor language barriers, nor religious differences could prevent the Genesis World Music Ensemble from putting together a performance for a packed house at the Kennedy Center August 27. -USINFO - 9/6/07

Iran's Nuclear Chess Game
Ali Larijani, who is the head of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council responsible for nuclear discussions with the West, has called nuclear negotiations a “diplomatic chess.” Perhaps he is implying that like a good chess player he plans a few moves ahead of his opponent. -Nader Bagherzadeh and Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 9/6/07

Momeni Foundation announces Scholarship Recipients for Year 2007
With great pleasure and pride Momeni Foundation introduces its Scholarship Recipients for Year 2007. Please join us in congratulating the following students for their great achievements and admiring their continued success. - 9/6/07

Iran President calls for interest-free banking
President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has called for the establishment of an interest-free banking system based on Islamic principles. -MNA - 9/6/07

Amnesty International appalled at the spiralling numbers of executions in Iran
Amnesty International is appalled at the reports of the execution of 21 people in Iran this morning, bringing the total number of executions recorded by the organization since the start of 2007 to 210. - 9/6/07

Family of Missing American in Iran Says Search is Blocked by Iranians
The family of a former U.S. federal agent missing in Iran since March says Iranian authorities have blocked a U.S. request for Swiss diplomats to visit his last known location. -VOA - 9/6/07

Iraq, Israel, Iran
When John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt’s article on the Israel Lobby appeared in the London Review of Books, after having been commissioned and killed by the Atlantic Monthly, neoconservative publicists launched an all-out campaign to slander the authors as anti-Semites. -Huffington Post - 9/6/07

Iran to privatize three banks by late September
The head of the Iranian Privatization Organization (IPO) announced here on Wednesday that five percent of shares of three banks of Mellat, Saderat, and Tejarat will be offered in the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) by end of summer. -MNA - 9/6/07

Afghanistan: 'Bush Bazaar' Offers A Taste Of Western Life
Each day at dawn, 35-year-old Kaka Ajmal travels to a fenced plot of land near Kabul's presidential palace to set up a small shop under a tarpaulin. Before the sun has time to warm the ground, dozens of similar traders have transformed the area into what Kabul residents call "Bush Bazaar." -RFE - 9/6/07

Discord among fundamentalists equals suicide: Iran's Majlis Speaker
Majlis Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel here on Wednesday said that the slightest discord within the fundamentalist camp equals committing suicide. He added that the fundamentalists will not succeed to win the 2008 parliamentary elections unless they reach a consensus on a single candidate list. -MNA - 9/6/07

Iran to attend Sufism international forum in Algeria
attends the 4th Sufism International Forum which will start on Sunday in Algiers. -IRNA - 9/6/07

Nippon Oil to buy Iran oil in yen
Japanese firm Nippon Oil is to start paying for Iranian oil in yen, rather than in US dollars. - 9/6/07

Iran has a tiny slice in Iraq's lucractive market: Official
Head of Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber Hossein Tizmaghz said here Wednesday that Iran has a tiny share in Iraq's dlrs 42 billion market compared to other partners.-IRNA - 9/6/07

Mirror Images: Tehran's Fundamentalists and the Exiled Secular Fundamentalists
Over the last century, June, July, August, and September have been, with few exceptions, bloody, dark, and depressing months in both the pre- and post-revolutionary Iran, during which many historical and history-changing events have occurred. -Muhammad Sahimi - 9/5/07

Larijani: IAEA and 5+1 have a good opportunity to take a positive step on Iran
Iran's supreme national security council secretary, Ali Larijani noted that the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany (5+1) and the IAEA had a good opportunity to take a positive step in return to Iran's goodwill and constructive measures to create a logical path in the nuclear talks. -ISNA - 9/5/07

Iran: New Commander Takes Over Revolutionary Guards
Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei appointed on September 1 a new commander of the powerful Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), a force that exists separately from Iran's regular army. The appointment has been interpreted variously for its domestic political or strategic significance, although officials have called it routine. -RFE - 9/5/07

Mahmud Hesabi: World's man of science
Mahmud Hesabi (February 23, 1903-September 3, 1992) was a prominent Iranian scientist, researcher and distinguished professor of the University of Tehran. - 9/5/07

Iran gains 3 medals in Asian Cycling Competitions
Iran gained another medal in third day of the Asian Cycling Competitions held in Thailand. -ISNA - 9/5/07

Iran seals its doors tighter against the West
Rents are soaring, inflation hovers around 17 percent, and 10 million Iranians live below the poverty line. The police shut 20 barbershops for men in Tehran last week because they offered inappropriate hairstyles, and women have been banned from riding bicycles in many places, as a crackdown on social freedoms presses on. -IHT - 9/5/07

Iran to start gas exports to Armenia late September
Iran will launch its gas exports to Armenia by September 22, said the National Iranian Gas Export Company (NIGEC) managing director here on Tuesday. -MNA - 9/5/07

Iranian Journalist Akbar Ganji Urges World To Prioritize Human Rights In Dealing With Tehran
Akbar Ganji is a prominent Iranian journalist and pro-democracy activist who spent six years in prison for his critical views. He is currently in the United States to draw attention to the human-rights situation in Iran. -RFE - 9/5/07

NAM denounces efforts to identify any culture with terrorism
The Non-Aligned Movement issued a declaration at the end of its two-day conference in Tehran on Tuesday reiterating its commitment to the equality of all nations across the world and to cultural diversity and denouncing all efforts to identify any culture with terrorism. -MNA - 9/5/07

Iran, Belarus to develop oil field in southwestern Iran
Officials of Iran and Belarus reached an agreement on Wednesday on development of an oil field in southwestern Iran near the Iraqi borders. -IRNA - 9/5/07

Iranian Official Says US-Iranian Academic Tajbakhsh Will Get Bail
A top Iranian judicial official says Iranian-American academic Kian Tajbakhsh will be released on bail when the investigation into his alleged spying activities is complete. -VOA - 9/5/07

CONFERENCE: Portugal, the Persian Gulf and Safavid Persia
8-9 September 2007 in Freer & Sackler Galleries, Washington DC. On the 500th anniversary of Afonso de Albuquerque's attempts to take Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, this conference will focus on the contacts of the Portuguese with Safavid Persia and various aspects of their activities in the Persian Gulf basin. - 9/5/07

Securing, Stabilizing, and Rebuilding Iraq: Iraqi Government Has Not Met Most Legislative, Security, and Economic Benchmarks
This testimony is intended to discuss our report on whether or not the government of Iraq has met 18 benchmarks contained in the U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans' Care, Katrina Recovery, and Iraq Accountability Appropriations Act of 20072 (the Act). -Government Accountability Office - 9/5/07

Radio Farda Broadcaster Says Her Case Still Open
Radio Farda broadcaster Parnaz Azima, who has been prevented from leaving Iran for seven months, says her case remains open and she continues to face legal difficulties even though she received permission this week to leave the country. -RFE - 9/5/07

British Airways to retain marketing share in Tehran flights
British Airways (BA) is to retain a marketing share in daily flights to Tehran following the takeover of its franchised operator British Mediterranean Airways (BMED) by the country's second largest airline BMI earlier this year. -IRNA - 9/5/07

TARGETING IRAN: Whose War Is It, Anyway?
Clearly, there is only one entity that does stand to benefit in an environment of instability and mayhem in the Middle East. Longer-term preoccupation of the United States in the affairs of the Middle East equates to America¡¯s continuous military presence in the region, which also entails increasing pressures on Israel¡¯s antagonists such as Iran, Syria and Lebanon. In this environment of war and threats of war, Israel stands to gain in its usual role as a parasitic dependant of the United States by receiving massive military and economic aid, literally on demand, while the so-called Roadmap to Peace and the tragic fate of the Palestinians are put on hold indefinitely. -Kam Zarrabi - 9/4/07

Triangle of Treachery: New Book Investigates the Secret Dealings of Iran, Israel, and the U.S.
Trita Parsi, author of Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the United States, published by Yale University Press, has accomplished what no other scholar or journalist has. Through face-to-face interviews with 130 decision-makers in Iran, Israel, and the United States, Parsi has come to an unmatched understanding of the triangular relationship that so profoundly affects the Middle East and the world. - 9/4/07

Rafsanjani Elected Head Of Top Iranian Clerical Body
Iran's former president, Ali-Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani, has been elected chairman of a powerful clerical body which has the power to appoint, supervise, and even dismiss Iran's supreme leader. - 9/4/07

Radio Farda Broadcaster Allowed To Leave Iran
An Iranian-American broadcaster banned from leaving Iran for the past seven months has been given permission to leave the country. Parnaz Azima collected her passport from authorities today and told Radio Farda she would leave Iran in the near future. -RFE - 9/4/07

PARSA University: What is Social Entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship, sustainability, and innovation. These terms are commonly associated with a successful business executive or a young and energetic business team. They also embody an exciting movement sweeping the globe, one centered around identifying and resourcefully solving social problems on a large scale. -PARSA Community Foundation - 9/4/07

UN Rights Chief Meets With Activists In Tehran
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour has met in Tehran with several human rights activists, including Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Shirin Ebadi. -RFE - 9/4/07

Satrapi Gets Theatrical
The incredible success of Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis continues in France upon winning the Jury Prize at the Cannes International Film Festival has now drawn interest on her other albums and future projects of her money making and critically acclaimed franchise. -Darius KADIVAR - 9/4/07

U.S. studio dubs Iranian hit "So Close, So Far" for world premiere
Reza Mirkarimi's much-acclaimed film "So Close, So Far" (2005) has recently been dubbed into English by a studio in Miami, U.S., ready for its world premiere. -MNA - 9/4/07

Non-oil exports earned Iran $16.3B in 2006
A Central Bank of Iran (CBI) official announced here on Monday that the non-oil exports fetched Iran $16.3 billion in the first half of last Iranian calendar year (started March 21, 2006). -MNA - 9/4/07

Iran to run Peugeot Pars production line in Egypt late Sept.
The production line of Peugeot Pars will go on stream in Egypt by September 22, said the managing director of Iran Khodro Company (IKCO) here on Tuesday. The initial annual production will be 2,500 sedans, Manuchehr Manteqi added. -MNA - 9/4/07

US Greater Middle East plan mischievous: Rafsanjani
The newly-elected chairman of the Assembly of Experts, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, said Tuesday morning that the US Greater Middle East peace plan is "mischievous." -IRNA - 9/4/07

Iran Cinema Celebration announces year's best documentary films
The best documentary films of the 11th Iran Cinema Celebration were announced during a ceremony at the Honar Cultural Center on September 2. -MNA - 9/4/07

The War on Iran, Iraq Fiasco & US Public
Why is the US so close to another major war in the midst of the Iraq war fiasco? While polls show that the majority of the US public is for pulling out of Iraq, there is no indication that they are having any anti-war sentiments about an attack on Iran. In this country there is no massive outcry against the current administration's obvious and public call for yet another war. -K. Darbandi - 9/4/07

New Iran Guards Commander says ready to reply to all possible threats
Brigadier General Mohammad-Ali Ja'fari made the comment during his first press conference, reiterating, "Relying on people's support that is organized within military framework, great intelligence superiority, and its missile capabilities, the IRGC is fully ready to defeat any possible aggressive move." -IRNA - 9/4/07

South Korea hands Iran first defeat at Asian volleyball meet
Iran conceded the first loss to South Korea at the Asian men's volleyball tourney in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, Monday. -MNA - 9/4/07

Iraq: Baghdad Demands Iran Stop Shelling North
Iraq's foreign minister, Hoshyar Zebari, is demanding Iran stop shelling areas in the Kurdish administered area of northern Iraq. -RFE - 9/4/07

Journey across Tajikistan – The Holiness of Roks: New Works by Ahmad Nadalian
Between August 11th -25th I traveled to Tajikistan and as a part of International festival of Nature Art and I preformed a collection of environmental art project in nature. - 9/4/07

Russian Foreign Minister Draws Red Line Against Bargaining
Russia's Foreign Minister says Moscow will not bargain over what he calls "red line" issues of national security. These include the proposed U.S. missile-defense system in Central Europe and the independence of Kosovo in the Balkans. -VOA - 9/4/07

Iran bans Karbala pilgrimage till further notice
A Hajj & Pilgrimage authority said in Karbala on Monday since security measures have been intensified in Karbala, visits of entire Iranian pilgrims to that holy city are banned till further notice. -IRNA - 9/4/07

Iran: IRGC commander replaced
Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and Chief Commander of the Armed Forces Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in a decree issued Saturday appointed a new commander for the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC). - 9/3/07

Do We Have the Courage to Stop War with Iran?
Why do I feel like the proverbial skunk at a Labor Day picnic? Sorry; but I thought you might want to know that this time next year there will probably be more skunks than we can handle. I fear our country is likely to be at war with Iran-and with the thousands of real terrorists Iran can field around the globe. -Ray McGovern, Common Dreams - 9/3/07

Women potters' works on display at Niavaran
The first exhibition of Iranian women potter's works opened at the Niavaran Cultural Center on September 1. - 9/3/07

Iran gas project in advance stage, says Pakistani PM
The Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) gas pipeline project is at an advanced stage of negotiations, Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz said on Monday. -IRNA - 9/3/07

Iran stands second at world veterans weightlifting event
The lifters garnered 12 golds, two silvers, and five bronzes, winning 221 points. -MNA - 9/3/07

First veiled Iranian female referee to judge women football games in Jordan
The first Iranian veiled female football referee, Nadereh Doroudian, will judge the second West Asian women football games in Jordan, it was reported on Sunday. - 9/3/07

Bush Plans War on Iran
The Sunday Times of London is reporting that the Pentagon has plans for three days of massive air strikes against 1,200 targets in Iran. Last week, Alexis Debat, director of terrorism and national security at the Nixon Center, told a meeting of The National Interest, a conservative foreign policy journal, that the military did not intend to carry out “pinprick strikes” against Iranian nuclear facilities. He said, “They’re about taking out the entire Iranian military.” -Marjorie Cohn, Common Dreams - 9/3/07

Iran must opt for Eastern airplanes: IranAir chief
Iran has to head for purchase of Eastern-made airplanes in order to overcome the problems caused by US for Iran's air aviation, Managing Director of Iranian airlines, Iran Air, Saeed Hesaami said on Monday. -IRNA - 9/3/07

Iran to keep exporting pistachio under Green Corridor Project
The Green Corridor Project manager announced here on Sunday that the initiative was successful in the previous Iranian year (ended March 20, 2007), adding pistachio will be exported under the strict guidelines of the project this year. -MNA - 9/3/07

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bombing Iran
For long time now, perhaps a year, I’ve been hearing (we’ve all been hearing) that the White House is planning to bomb Iran. As the neo-cons say, “Boys go to Baghdad; real men go to Tehran.” It’s a strategy so seductive that John McCain set it to music. -Huffington Post - 9/3/07

Ahmadinejad Claims Iran Has 3,000 Centrifuges
Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad says his country now has 3,000 centrifuges that are enriching uranium. -RFE - 9/3/07

Zebari: Baghdad supports continuation of Iran-US talks
Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said Monday that his government supports continuation of Iran-US talks on Iraq's security. -IRNA - 9/3/07

UN High Commissioner On Human Rights to Meet with Women’s Rights Activists
Louise Arbour, the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights, will be in Tehran September 2-4, to attend the Non-Aligned Conference which will be held on September 2-3, at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran. - - 9/2/07

To: Editor of The New York Times
They say history repeats itself; yet we fail to learn from our mistakes. *The New York Times* report by ELAINE SCIOLINO and WILLIAM J. BROAD "Iran Expanding Its Nuclear Program, Agency Reports" (August 31, 2007) was a sad reminder of 1917. America. - Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich - 9/2/07

Mottaki: Iran, Russia in talks on Bushehr nuclear power plant
"Russians have newly announced that they are firm in their resolve to end the project for construction and equipment of Bushehr nuclear power plant and we too count on the Russian officials' comments," IRNA - 9/2/07

Mottaki: Iran, Russia in talks on Bushehr nuclear power plant
"Russians have newly announced that they are firm in their resolve to end the project for construction and equipment of Bushehr nuclear power plant and we too count on the Russian officials' comments," IRNA - 9/2/07

Ahmadinejad: there is no going back in our nuclear program
The Islamic Republic of Iran from the beginning of its nuclear program stated that there will be no going back, says Iran's President - 9/2/07

Melal Orchestra to resurrect Iran's ancient instruments
The process will begin with the restoration of a chang, an ancient Iranian instrument, the orchestra conductor Peyman Soltani told the Persian service of CHN on Saturday.- Mehr - 9/2/07

800th Anniversary of the Birth of Mawlana Jalal-ud-Din Balkhi-Rumi
The prominent Persian language poet, thinker and spiritual master, Mevlana Celaleddin Belhi-Rumi was born in 1207 in Balkh, presently Afghanistan. He lived almost all of his life in Konya, presently Turkey, and died there in 1273. He remains one of the greatest thinkers and scholars of Islamic civilization. The peoples of Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey consider him to be their own poet. He addressed humanity as a whole: "I do not distinguish between the relative and the stranger." - UNESCO - 9/1/07

800th Anniversary of the Birth of Mawlana Jalal-ud-Din Balkhi-Rumi
The prominent Persian language poet, thinker and spiritual master, Mevlana Celaleddin Belhi-Rumi was born in 1207 in Balkh, presently Afghanistan. He lived almost all of his life in Konya, presently Turkey, and died there in 1273. He remains one of the greatest thinkers and scholars of Islamic civilization. The peoples of Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey consider him to be their own poet. He addressed humanity as a whole: "I do not distinguish between the relative and the stranger." - UNESCO - 9/1/07

Iranian news agency launches Rumi website
News, articles, films and a bibliography of Rumi have been put on a website by the Molana News Agency - Mehr - 9/1/07

Pentagon ‘three-day blitz’ plan for Iran
THE Pentagon has drawn up plans for massive airstrikes against 1,200 targets in Iran, designed to annihilate the Iranians’ military capability in three days, according to a national security expert. - UK The Sunday Times - 9/1/07

Will President Bush bomb Iran?
In a nondescript room, two blocks from the American Capitol building, a group of Bush administration staffers is gathered to consider the gravest threat their government has faced this century: the testing of a nuclear weapon by Iran. - UK Telegraph - 9/1/07

The War on Iran, Iraq Fiasco & US Public
Well, the Iraq war started and was projected like the ending of a Superman movie, but in time gradually turned into Raiders of the Lost Arc, with the US forces playing the German nitwits of the movie: they are on the set only to be blown away. And Harrison totally absent from the Akron! So people gradually lost interest, and I don't blame them, what happened to the happy ending? - K. Darbandi - 9/1/07

Empowering Iranian Women through the One Million Signatures Campaign
The main aims of the one million signatures campaign include: public education and awareness raising and collection of signatures asking for changes in the laws - Sussan Tahmasebi - 9/1/07

Iran considers alternative builders to finish Bushehr power plant
Iran is considering alternative builders to finish its first nuclear power plant amid disputes with Russia, which now heads the project, a Russian daily quoted an Iranian official as saying Friday. ISNA - 9/1/07

Iranian bombardment displaces hundreds of people in northern Iraq
Iranian troops have been accused of bombing border areas for weeks against suspected positions of the Free Life Party, or PEJAK, a breakaway faction of the separatist Kurdistan Workers' Party. Iran says PEJAK — which seeks autonomy for Kurds in Iran — launches attacks inside Iran from bases in Iraq. - IHT - 9/1/07

Transparency deal may be Iran's last chance - IAEA
A cooperation deal struck last month between Iran and the U.N. nuclear watchdog offers Tehran what may be its last chance to come clean about its atomic programme, the agency's head Mohamed Elbaradei said. - Reuters - 9/1/07

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