Esfand 9 1399 - February 27 2021
How Artist Hadi Fallahpisheh "Paints With Light" Without a Camera

Often commenting on conditions of displacement, the work of Tehran, Iran-born multimedia artist Hadi Fallahpisheh questions the ability of representation to convey truths, revealing the gaps between public perception and personal experience. Most interestingly, his photographs are made without the use of a camera, but in his darkroom where he employs a flashlight and exposes objects, ideas, concepts and, perhaps, even dreams to photosensitive paper. -Cultured Magazine 2/19/21

A Love Letter to Artist Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian

On now through March 6, James Cohan Gallery in New York presents a two-part solo exhibition of the late Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian's work. For Cultured, Iranian American creator Pari Ehsan pens a letter of love and appreciation to Farmanfarmaian and presents a fashion editorial inspired by the artist's work. -Cultured 2/17/21

Shirin Neshat on telling complex stories through art

In my artworks I approach beauty as a way to escape the mundane. Beauty isn't just the physicality of my characters, but their raw emotions, dignity and humanity. As an Iranian, I was born into a culture that is deeply rooted in poetry and mysticism, where beauty means a heightened sense of emotions and spirituality -- it's a way to cope with the hardship and ugliness of tyranny and everyday life. -CNN 2/16/21

Young Artist Uses Rubik's Cubes as Preferred Medium

She can solve it with her eyes closed, but not too long ago 11-year-old Sasha Aminpour, who has a thing for puzzles of all kinds, had not even heard of a Rubik's Cube. Invented in 1974 by Hungarian architect Ernő Rubik, the Rubik's Cube remains a popular toy to this day, which means Sasha was able to learn how to solve it online. -Kristopher Gee, Spectrum News 2/8/21

A brush with... Tala Madani

Ben Luke talks to Tala Madani, the Tehran-born, Los Angeles-based artist, about the influences and cultural experiences behind her remarkable paintings and animations. She talks about art's role in shaping her experience in the US after she had moved to Oregon from Tehran as a teenager, ... -Art Newspaper 2/3/21

PHOTOS: Opening of "Armaghan" (gift) and "Conceptual Photo" exhibitions with works by Iranian and foreign artists

The reopening ceremony of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art was held on Thursday, January 28. Due to the observance of health protocols, a limited number of artists, officials and guests from foreign embassies participated at this event. -Honar Online 2/1/21

Yale Program in Iranian Studies - Spring 2021 Iran Colloquium

The Iran Colloquium is a forum of the Yale Program in Iranian Studies, directed by Professor Abbas Amanat. Currently in its 13th year, the Iran Colloquium provides a platform for scholars (and some practitioners) in fields related to Iran, Persian and Persianate studies to share their scholarship and other work with the Yale community. 1/26/21

Artist to Watch: Nazanin Amiri Meers

A Love of Pattern Drives the Iranian-Born Artist's Work, from Textiles to Public Art to Tilework Celebrating Women. "So, you make clothes, right?" is a question that fiber artist Nazanin Amiri Meers is accustomed to hearing. And the answer is always the same. "No," she says, with a hint of patient bemusement. "I don't even know how to sew. I design prints or patterns that go on the textile - upholstery, clothing, sheets, wallpaper - anything with a surface that needs a pattern." -Matthew Thompson, KC Studio 1/26/21

Photos: Negar Gallery in Tehran Shows Paintings by Mehdi Mashayekhi

Mehdi Mashayekhi is hanging his latest paintings in an exhibition entitled "Brick Art" at Negar Gallery in Tehran. The exhibit will continue until January 26. -Honar Online 1/22/21

Shabnam's vibrant 'Carpet Grew Like a Garden' looks inside Iranian life; Coming to Gallery 263

For even more reason to look forward to 2021, the exhibit "The Carpet Grew Like a Garden" begins Jan. 14 at Gallery 263 in Cambridgeport, showing works by Iranian-born Shabnam Jannesari. The life-size works are vibrant with rusts and ultramarine blues that pop from a common element: the intricate Persian rugs on which women lie, sit and stand, contrasting patterns and colors often infiltrating into their shirts, skirts and tights. -Cambridge Day 12/27/20

Ceramist Abbas Akbari honored as Iran's top art scholar of the year

Ceramist Abbas Akbari honored as Iran's top art scholar of the year The honoring ceremony was organized online last Tuesday by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology as part of National Research Week, which was held from December 12 to 18. 12/22/20

8th Tehran National Sculpture Biennial kicks off

The 8th edition of the Tehran National Sculpture Biennial was inaugurated at the Vahadat Hall and the Rudaki Open-Air Theater on Monday. The biennial is organized by the Association of Iranian Sculptors and the Visual Arts Office of Iran's Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. 12/16/20

Muqarnas: An Exquisite Ornamental Art in Iranian Architecture

Muqarnas is a form of ornamented vaulting applied to the underside of domes or semi-domes above porches, entrance gates, the underside of minarets, top of porches of mosques, top of altars inside mosques, and other structures. Muqarnas ornaments are made with bricks, plater, tiles, and wood or metal. -Honar Online 11/27/20

Photos: Dena Gallery Hosting Sina Yaghoobi Drawing & Painting Exhibition

Tehran's Dena Gallery is displaying a collection of drawings & paintings by Sina Yaghoobi in an exhibition named "What's plain level? It is that and other things". The exhibition will run until October 20. -Honar Online 11/12/20

Online Talk: Discussing Contemporary Iranian Art

Venetia Porter is in conversation with Tarlan Rafiee and Yashar Samimi Mofakham, talking about their work as artists, curators and collectors and the current Iranian art scene. Parviz Tanavoli is one of the artists they work with and Yashar will discuss with him his recent book The Virus of Collecting. 11/5/20

Commencement of the 11th National Ceramic Biennial of Iran

The opening ceremony of the 11th National Ceramic Biennial of Iran was held virtually on Saturday, November 31st. The biennial began when the opening ceremony was canceled due to restrictions due to the outbreak of coronary heart disease, and instead, pictures of the arrangement of the works at Tehran's Niavaran Cultural Center were shared live on Instagram. -Honar Online 11/5/20

Iran's Kashan Hosting Annual Contemporary Art Event

The 10th Persbook Annual Contemporary Art Event is being held in the Iranian city of Kashan with works by 19 artists displayed in individual and collaborative sections. -IFP 10/29/20

In a gallery far, far away, Florida Tech students' artwork displayed on satellite in space

A Florida Technical College student is showcasing her art among the stars. Nava Pishgar is studying aerospace engineering and is one of three winners of a national competition hosted by Students for the Exploration and Development of Space and satellite company Planet. The companies asked for participants to produce a work of art for one of Planet's Dove satellites. The Brevard County native says the design is open for interpretation and features some of the elements of Persian art, a nod to her family's roots and to her beloved aunt who is an artist as well and lives in Iran. -Gabriella Nunez, Click Orlando 10/27/20

Nafir "Emptiness Of You" Limited Edition Original Artwork Edition

Iranian artist Nafir have collaborated with StreetArtNews for this series of limited edition artworks entitled "Emptiness Of You". These artworks will be released by October 22, Thursday, 5PM UK time. It comes in 4 different editions and a unique one. -Street Art News 10/14/20

Designs by Iranian architects win at WA Awards

Several Iranian architects and interior designers have been honored at the 35th edition of the WA Awards, which is organized by the World Architecture Community. The awards are presented in the two categories of architecture and interior design. "Home", a project by Mohammad-Hossein Mohammadpur Parchebafi won the honor in the student architecture projects. 10/12/20

Photos: Pottery, ceramic art of Tabriz women

Women in Tabriz, Iran have created pottery and ceramic art workshops as individual or group work. They combine soil and water with their art and create beautiful potteries. -Ali Hamed Haghdoust, IRNA 10/8/20

A calligrapher writes with light to keep tradition alive

Equipped with a light and a camera, Karim Jabbari hopes his work can serve as a link between conservative traditional calligraphy and our augmented reality. 10/7/20

Memories, Tales and Folk Songs: Group exhibition in New York by seven female Iranian artists

Roya Khadjavi Projects is pleased to present "Memories, Tales and Folk Songs", a group exhibition by seven female Iranian artists in diaspora including Afsoon, Arghavan Khosravi, Atieh Sohrabi, Farnaz Zabetian, Leila Seyedzadeh, Parastoo Ahovan, and Roxana Manouchehri. 10/2/20

EXHIBITION: Metamorphosis by Masoumeh Mohtadi

According to the Dehkhoda dictionary, Metamorphosis (مسخ) means a change in the form or getting worse. However, the word itself has somehow metamorphosed and now mostly reminds us of Kafka's book. Metamorphosis is one of the most important concepts used by modern writers to designate the fragmented identity of human beings. -Darz 10/1/20

Photos: Hossein Azadi sculpture exhibition at Etemad Gallery

An exhibition of sculpture by Hossein Azadi is currently underway at Etemad Gallery 1 in Tehran. The exhibition titled "Crumpledness" will run until September 29. Hossein Azadi was born in 1979 in Hamedan, Iran and received his Painting B.A. from University of Art in Tehran in 1999. 9/25/20

Paria Farzaneh echoes 'troubles in America' at London fashion week

The strangest London fashion week yet continued on Sunday with a show that brought drones, explosions and military garb to an idyllic spot in the Buckinghamshire countryside. The show was produced by Paria Farzaneh, a rising British star who has described her work in fashion as "merely a platform for something bigger". It was the latest and most unusual fashion week attempt to reflect current, discombobulating times, while also sticking to social-distancing guidelines. -Hannah Marriott, Guardian 9/21/20

Paintings by Shiva Kakavandi at Etemad Gallery

Shiva Kakavandi is hanging her latest paintings in an exhibition titled Ultimate Order at Etemad Gallery in Tehran. The show runs until 15 September: Disorder has quite a contradictory relationships with order; essentially concealing in a way that makes it quite unpredictable... -Honar Online 9/14/20

Parisa Taghipour Artworks at Aran Gallery

Aran Gallery in Tehran is currently displaying an exhibition of artworks by Parisa Taghipour. The exhibit entitled "The Truth Sall Set Us Free" will run until September 14. 9/10/20

Siah Armajani, Sculptor of Communal Spaces, Dies at 81

Siah Armajani, an Iranian-born American artist whose architecturally scaled, politically inflected public sculptures have been internationally influential, even as he kept a low profile in the art world, died on Aug. 27 at his home in Minneapolis, a city he had lived and worked in for 60 years. He was 81. 9/4/20

Photos: Group artworks Exhibition Opens at Shirin Gallery

The Shirin gallery in Tehran is playing host to an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by a group of artists including Dorsa Hashemi, Arash Nazari, Elaheh Keshavarz, and Vahid Arian. The show will be running until 16 September -Honar Online 8/28/20

Photos: Rahman Ahmadimaleki Artwork Exhibit Underway at Farmanfarma Art Gallery

An art exhibition by Rahman Ahmadimaleki titled "Unread Inscriptions" is underway at Farmanfarma Gallery in Tehran. The exhibit will run until 5 September. The artwork are also available online for viewing. 8/25/20

Afsaneh Akhoondi Painting Exhibit Underway at Saye Gallery

You can see the Painting exhibition by Afsaneh Akhoondi at the Saye Gallery in Tehran until 19 August. The program is titled "Pieces". -Honar online 8/19/20

3 Designs from Iranian architects competing for Dezeen Awards 2020

Three projects by Iranian architects have been selected by the Dezeen Awards 2020 as the world's most popular and influential architecture and design competition has announced its longlist. The projects are Pardis Khaneh, the Kohan Ceram Central Office, and the Noor E Mobin Primary School, and a jury composed of Norman Foster, Joyce Wang, Michael Anastassiades and Paola Antonelli will be judging the designs. 8/13/20

Self-portraits of artist Behzad Shishegaran promote face masks during the pandemic

Iranian painter and graphic designer Behzad Shishegaran has displayed a selection of his self-portraits wearing a face mask to encourage people to put on face masks during the coronavirus epidemic. He has tried to put the spotlight on the role of a face mask during the pandemic in saving one's life through his own language of art. 8/11/20

Iranian-American painter Behnaz Sohrabian showing her work this month at Edmond Fine Arts Institute

Behnaz Sohrabian's goal is to communicate with people through her paintings. "I think I want to say something through these compositions, through these lines and visual elements. Even when I choose the title, I try to choose a good title that is a match or suitable for the painting, for the composition, for the concept," she said in a spring interview. -Oklahoman 8/6/20

Group Calligraphy Painting Exhibit at Negar Gallery in Tehran

Curated by Hassan Mehrabani, a group Calligraphy painting exhibition by 12 Iranian artists, titled "Selected", is underway in Negar Gallery. The show will be running until 4 Agust. -Honar Online 8/4/20

Photos: Afrand Gallery Shows Artworks by Mohammad-Bagher Ziaei

Curated by Semia Sighali, a virtual art exhibition by Mohammad-Bagher Ziaei, titled Be Healthy, was underway in Afrand Gallery in Tehran until 10 August. Ziaei has used organic materials and colors for his paintings. 7/31/20

Iran's First 'Gallery Alley' Opens in Qavam Orangery of Shiraz

The first "gallery alley" of Iran has been opened in the historical passage of Qavam Orangery, Shiraz. Sponsored by Shiraz municipality, the gallery alley includes murals by Iranian artists like Adel Yazdi, the painter and sculpture. These murals have turned the alley into a gallery -IFP 7/20/20

Sohrab Mohebbi to Curate 2022 Carnegie International

Writer and curator Sohrab Mohebbi has been named curator of the Carnegie International's 58th edition, set to open in 2022. Mohebbi, who is thirty-nine and grew up in Iran, is the first Western Asian person to helm the contemporary art survey in its 124-year history -Art Forum 7/9/20

The art of discomfort: Sogand Tabatabaei doesn't push the anxiety under the carpet

Sogand Tabatabaei, a young artist and a Master of Fine Arts student at the University of Nevada, Reno, has been living all by herself during the entire lockdown, away from her husband and parents, who are in Iran. During this period, she has created art that reflects some of the anxieties and uncertainties she has been feeling. 7/2/20

Nafir in Tehran, Iran

Street artist Nafir is back with a new series of paintings. These new works of his are painted on Persian carpets and are displayed in different locations in Iran. Nafir is a self-taught Iranian artist born in Tehran whose works are influenced by traditional Iranian art and culture. As he calls himself vandal street artist, his art focuses on social problems of Iran and whole world. Nafir starts tagging in 2008 on crowded walls of Iran to fight with censorship and social problems. -Bianca Duran, Street Art News 6/22/20

Public Art commissioned for City View Park (in Burlington, Canada)

Hooman Mehdizadehjafari has been selected for the City View Park public art commission. Mehdizadehjafari's artwork, Soar, will be installed in front of the new pavilion being constructed at City View Park. Creator of Hoomanart is an award-winning Iranian-Canadian visual artist and designer based in Vancouver, Canada. - 6/18/20

Handicrafts: The art of 'heart and hand'

Along with other historical and natural attractions of Zanjan province in Iran, handicrafts in the province are manifestation of skills, tastes and thoughts of artists and artisans who have showcased spirit and cultural identity of this land and territory in their works with their creations over the years. -Mehdi Almasi 6/12/20

The magic of paper and ink: A conversation with Iranian-American artist Hadieh Shafie

Born in Iran and raised in the United States, Hadieh Shafie is fascinated with reimagining the book form. She is also interested in drawing textual forms and exploring the emotive power of color, as well as "looking at new modes of collapsing the space between what is drawing and sculpture." Shafie's works have been collected by New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum of Art, among others. In October 2019, her work "Transition 7″ was included in Christie's Middle Eastern Modern & Contemporary Art auction -Omid Memarian, Global Voices 6/10/20

Face mask paintings depict Shahnameh character fighting coronavirus monster

Ferdowsi's masterpiece Shahnameh and its seven adventures have been the source of inspiration for Iranian graphic designer Yazdan Saadi's new collection of paintings on face masks, which depict the mythical Iranian hero Rustam fighting coronavirus monsters. "I have actually been inspired by the Shahnameh. The reason is that book is one of the oldest and biggest sources of epic Persian stories in the world, and for Iranians it is the best source filled with stories and wisdom for living," Saadi told the Tehran Times in an interview on Tuesday. -Manijeh Rezapoor 5/29/20

Restrictions Keep Iranian Photographer Stuck In Orange County

Sia Yazdanfar remains focused on getting back home to Iran. The photographer had hoped to return most recently in March. "It's not a question of whether I feel stuck here. I am stuck here now," he says. Yazdanfar, 49, used to live in Orange County and returned last year to open up galleries, showcasing pictures of his motherland. -Spectrum News 5/28/20

Let's share our love of Iran: Painter Iran Darrudi

Iranian surrealist painter Iran Darrudi has asked her countrymen to share their love of their homeland. Speaking to the Iran-France Friendship Association in an online interview on last Wednesday, the 83-year-old Darrudi said, "Unfortunately, Iran and its history has been consigned to oblivion. However, we cannot deny our identity; we are Iranian and the history shows that this land has been the founder of the world's culture." 5/11/20

Iran's leading artist Parviz Tanavoli makes nightingale medallions to help hospitals in his native country

Renowned artist Parviz Tanavoli, known as the father of modern Iranian sculpture, has created a series of limited-edition medallions to raise funds for beleaguered hospitals in his homeland. "I am extremely impressed by how Iranian healthcare workers are dealing with the Covid-19 crisis," says Tanavoli, who lives in West Vancouver. -Art Newspaper 4/29/20

the starkness of iran's desert developments is captured by manuel alvarez diestro

for his latest photography series, manuel alvarez diestro transports us to the isolated landscape of iran's deserts. amid the vast expanse of rolling land and mountain peaks, the images hone in on new housing developments. from afar the tower blocks appear as models in miniature, while closer up, the true scale of the buildings can be appreciated. -Design Boom 4/27/20 4/27/20

Iranian gallery launches online art exhibition in age of social distancing

Iranshahr Gallery in Tehran and the Surface Art and Design Project have recently launched an online gallery titled "Atelier 99" to escape from a slump in art sales that started in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The gallery intends to support visual artists in the difficult days of the pandemic, Iranshahr has announced on its website. It also provides an opportunity for art aficionados to visit exhibitions and purchase the artworks they like. 4/15/20

Rethreading & Retracing: Textiles and Techniques by Bita Ghezelayagh

'Rethreading & Retracing: Textiles and Techniques by Bita Ghezelayagh' at the Aga Khan Centre Gallery in London explores the artist's long-standing interest in working with found materials such as antique carpet fragments. Bita Ghezelayagh is a London-based textile artist of Iranian heritage. She is perhaps best known for her embellished felt tunics that were short-listed for the Jameel Prize at the V&A in 2011. -Deborah Freeman Fahid, Hali 4/15/20

Powerful light installation by Nanda Sharif-pour at Soho Lofts on Las Vegas Boulevard

The bright lights of Las Vegas' Strip may have gone dark, but art remains a beacon of light in Sin City. As the city is placed under a 30-day lockdown for entertainment and all non-essential businesses due to the global pandemic, a public art installation, ONE by Iranian-American artist and refugee Nanda Sharif-pour, uses art to inspire kindness, reflection, equality and unity during these times of global political and social unrest. -ArtfixDaily 4/3/20

Plagiarism Allegations Raised Over World Press-Nominated Photos From Iran

After the finalists for the 2020 World Press Photo awards were announced in February, Iranian photographer Solmaz Daryani felt a flash of deja vu. German photographer Maximilian Mann was nominated in the prestigious photo contest for his series titled Fading Flamingoes, which captured scenes of life from the edges of Lake Urmia... Beginning in 2014, the Iranian photojournalist began documenting the plight of Lake Urmia in a heartfelt picture story that links her childhood memories of the lake with its situation today. Several of her photographs are strikingly similar to the award-nominated images shot by Mann. -Amos Chapple, RFE/RL 3/13/20

As Tensions Rise With Iran, So Does Interest in Art It Inspired

The Iranian artist Shirazeh Houshiary works out of a luminous studio in a leafy corner of southwest London. Her misty abstract paintings evoke the galaxy, the cosmos, the afterlife. To make them, she floods the canvas with water, pours pigment over it and draws tiny marks over the dried surface. "Abstraction is one of the most sophisticated ways of coming to feeling, like a piece of music: You have tone, color, rhythm, so many things that touch you right inside," she said... -Farah Nayeri, New York Times 3/9/20

International Cartoon Contest: "We Defeat Coronavirus"

Iran's Art Bureau has launched an international cartoon contest with the motto of "We Defeat Coronavirus", the director of the Art Bureau's Visual Arts Office, Masud Shojaei-Tabatabai, announced on Monday. "The number of countries being contaminated by the new virus is increasing day by day and that is why the bureau decided to launch the contest," Shojaei-Tabatabai said. 3/3/20

Iranian Artist Releases Work on How to Fight Coronavirus

Prominent Iranian designer Hamid Bahrami has released a work in which he illustrates the ways to prevent the COVID-19 disease. The work titled "World, go wash your hands!" is based on the doctors' strict recommendation for continuous hand washing as the only way to prevent the disease. -IFP 3/2/20

Shirin Neshat: Unraveling the American Dream

In her latest body of work, the Iranian artist turns her lens to America, her host-country, offering a fantastical response to the tumult of the contemporary moment Shirin Neshat wanders across the upper floor of the Goodman Gallery in London, gesturing around her. Dozens of faces gaze down, staring out intently from the walls of the space... -Hannah Abel-Hirsch, British Journal of Photography 2/26/20

team group envisions a sunken courtyard oasis in iran with sweeping, organic brickwork

team group presents an investigation into the ancestral architecture of the hot and dry regions of iran with the proposed 'sunken courtyard' or bagh chal. among the most powerful and significant elements of iranian architecture, the courtyard spatial type is reimagined as an introverted, brick monument which embraces its occupant below the level of the ground in coolness and shadows within a naturally desertous context. the envisioned project, programmed as a boutique restaurant, is integrated into the flat landscape and made up of zones organized with inverted symmetry. -designboom 2/18/20

Iranian artist Matak wins Illustrators of the Future Contest award

Iranian illustrator Mohamad-Hossein Mason) Matak has been selected as one of the 12 winners of the Illustrators of the Future Contest in the U.S. city of Los Angeles, the organizers announced last week. Matak has been selected for his illustrations for the book "Machucheh and Crow" written by Iranian writer Afsaneh Shaban-nejad. 2/17/20

Iranahayer Exhibition: Iranian-Armenian artists display works in Tehran

The Mehrsun Art Gallery in Tehran is showcasing a collection of works by a group of prominent Iranian Armenian artists in an exhibition entitled "Iranahayer". Armenian Ambassador Artashes Tumanyan, Music Museum of Iran Managing Director Ali Moradkhani and Iranian Artists Forum director Majid Rajabi-Memar attended the opening ceremony of the exhibit on Friday. 2/16/20

Art therapy as a means to cope with grief

Concordia's Iranian community shows us how art-making can help heal past trauma - Whether it's venting, crying or spending time with your loved ones, grief differs from person to person. Poetry, storytelling and painting are forms of art therapy healing that took place on Jan. 16 at Concordia's Art Hive event in efforts to heal together rather than apart. -Gabriele Zambito, The Concordian 2/4/20

Crossing the Caspian: Persia and Europe, 1500-1700

Crossing the Caspian explores the golden age of artistic exchange between the Safavid Empire of Persia and Europe. Featuring prints, drawings, miniature paintings, rare books and maps, as well as objects of porcelain and silk, this exhibition examines the opening of new geographic, diplomatic, and mercantile routes between Persia and Europe in the seventeenth century. The pieces assembled here include works by artists from Antwerp, Amsterdam, Paris, Hollstein, Qazvin, Isfahan, and Shiraz. Together, the works represent the process of coming to know a foreign culture through the medium of visual art. -Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University 1/29/20

Winner of the Farhang Foundation's 2020 Nowruz Banner Design Competition: Setareh Feylizadeh

This year's winning design was awarded to Iranian artist Setareh Feylizadeh from Paris, France. "Participating in a competition such as this, especially one which connects us to our roots, cultures, and traditions, has been so rewarding." said Feylizadeh. "The ultimate prize of winning this competition is the chance to connect with another community of Persians in another part of the world by spreading the message of Nowruz, which bonds us together and brings us closer to one another. 1/24/20

The Minimalism and Maximalism of Ali Dadgar

Dark humor is an Ali Dadgar trademark, so his new San Francisco art exhibit is full of it - but if you're looking for a source of that humor, you have to go back four decades to Dadgar's native country. In 1979, when Dadgar was a teenager, Iran was convulsing politically and culturally, and the revolutionary government imposed new norms through the country's currency, when it used the old regime's paper bills but - hastily and surreally - printed dark designs over the Shah of Iran's face. -Jonathan Curiel, SF Weekly 1/24/20

Hossein Zenderoudi's Voute Azuree Tops 12th Tehran Auction

Hossein Zenderoudi's painting Voute Azuree was the most expensive work sold at the 12th Tehran Auction on Friday as it fetched 32 billion rials (over $750,000). A selection of 118 lots of modern and contemporary Iranian art was offered during the auction held at Tehran's Parsian Azadi Hotel. 1/21/20

'Sculptures are talking': Selkirk man builds snow sculpture in memory of Iran plane crash victims

A retired sculptor who lives in Selkirk, Man., has returned to his craft to construct an icy monument dedicated to the victims of a plane that was shot down in Iran earlier this month... "After I lost friends and the 176 people in that airplane crash ... I thought, 'I have to send a message to the world. To the people who make the decision to go to a war,'" Majid Kermani said. -CBC 1/21/20

Filmmaker Shirin Neshat Probes the Iran-U.S. Divide in Surreal New Satire

It has been more than 20 years since the artist and filmmaker Shirin Neshat last visited Iran, where she was born in the city of Qazvin in 1957. "I represent a part of the Iranian community and diaspora who voluntarily, and somewhat involuntarily, doesn't go back because the current regime is quite impossible," Neshat says by phone from her studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Most of Neshat's family still lives in her home country, though, and so, as the United States and Iran have moved to the brink of war over the past few weeks, following the U.S. assassination of Qassim Suleimani in Iraq, the artist has been thinking carefully about her choice of words. -Andrew Russeth, Surface 1/17/20

16 stunning modern architectural wonders in the Middle East you've probably never heard of

Some of the most visited include Petra, the famous archaeological site in Jordan and former capital of the Nabatean kingdom, and Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire in ancient Persia. However the region is fast becoming home to some of the most stunning modern buildings in the world too. -Sahar Esfandiari, Insider 12/30/19

PHOTOS: Artistic Fall-Leaf Art Event in Tehran

The third Artistic Fall-Leaf Art Event was held in Tehran's Mashq Square for December 14 to 16, in collaboration with the Alumni Association of the Tehran University of Art, Municipality Office of 12 District, and the Tehran Beautification Organization. -Honar Online 12/18/19

'The Other Apartment' Offers a Portal Between the U.S. and Iran

What if you could be transported into another person's lived experience just by visiting their home? Two artists -one in Pittsburgh, one in Tehran- are putting this idea to the test with The Other Apartment, an ambitious installation that uses the intimacy of one person's home to bridge the vast geographic, cultural, and political divides between the United States and Iran. -Laura Feinstein, Citylab 12/2/19

Photos: Iranian sculptors, international fellows doing their best at Tehran symposium

A number of Iranian and foreign sculptors are doing their best to create monumental artifacts in the 9th Tehran International Sculpture Symposium, which started on November in Tehran's Abbasabad district. Winners will be announced during a special ceremony on November 26, just one day after the end of the symposium. -Babak Borzouyeh 11/15/19

Shirin Neshat: a stare that challenges us to look away

Shirin Neshat confronts certain views of Islam with her Women of Allah series. As it goes on show in LA, Kelly Grovier takes a look at the Iranian artist's arresting images. -Kelly Grovier, BBC 11/5/19

Iranian Women Artists Showcased in Upcoming Exhibit Curated by Shirin Neshat

The Center for Human Rights in Iran is honored to announce an upcoming exhibition of thirteen contemporary Iranian women artists in New York City, curated by the internationally acclaimed artist Shireen Neshat. The show, A Bridge Between You and Everything features nearly 100 works-paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography and video-by both established and emerging artists, who began working after Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution. The exhibition is organized by the Center. 10/15/19

My Iran Exhibition at Smithsonian in Washington, DC: Six Women Photographers

The artists featured in My Iran: Six Women Photographers explore the complexities of life within and outside their home country. From the dynamism of the street to the quiet corners of distant memories, the works highlight various ways in which artists use photography to respond to personal and political realities. 7/30/19

Iran ponders legal action against authors of "Iran Modern: The Empress of Art"

Iran's Visual Arts Office director Hadi Mozaffari said on Monday that the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance is considering taking legal action against the writers of "Iran Modern: The Empress of Art" published in New York last September. 7/26/19

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