Bahman 5 1401 - January 25 2023
Paralympian from Iran to have artwork exhibited in Edinburgh, Scotland

An artist born without the use of his left arm, who has competed in the Paralympics, is to have his artwork exhibited in Edinburgh. Mohammad Barrangi, from Rasht, in Iran, makes prints inspired by Persian storytelling and calligraphy. -Edinburgh News 12/20/21

Katayon Asalian's narrative of the exhibition "Assign it to other" at Behrooz Gallery

A group exhibition entitled "Assign it to other" is hanging artworks in various media at Behrooz Gallery.The exhibition will be running until December 21. In an interview with HonarOnline, Katayoun Asalian,a painter and curator of the exhibition, said about the formation of this collecion "In recent years the media has made many programs about poverty, addiction, war, genocide, famine, and illegal immigration. -Honar Online 12/16/21

Maryam Esfandi awarded first Grand Prize of Iran Contemporary Painting

Maryam Esfandi has been selected as the winner of the Grand Prize of Iran Contemporary Painting in the first edition. She received the prize, which has been launched by the Association of Iranian Painters, during a ceremony held at the Iranian Artists Forum on December 10. 12/15/21

Photos: Jaleh Gallery Shows Shirin Azadi Art

An exhibition of artworks by Shirin Azadi is currently underway at Jaleh Gallery in Tehran. The exhibit entitled "Institutions of Existence" will run until December 13. -Honar Online 12/10/21

Artist Ardeshir Mohasses back home with posthumous show

Drawings and cartoons by Ardeshir Mohasses, a great Iranian artist who spent the last 30 years of his life in New York, will be showcased in an exhibition in Tehran 13 years after his death. A collection of rarely seen works by the artist will be put on view in the ten-day exhibition opening at Artibition Gallery on Friday. -Tehran Times 12/7/21

An exploration of five millennia of Iranian art

Persian culture is in the spotlight in an exhibition at the James Simon Gallery in Berlin. The artifacts feature unexpected multicultural influences. Even though our perception of Iran is influenced by current political issues, the country's historical and cultural significance is undeniable, points out Stefan Weber, director of the Museum of Islamic Art and co-curator of the Berlin exhibition. -DW 12/6/21 completes 45sqm suspended villa at the heart of iranian forest

located in a forested and mountainous area of guilan, iran, the 'tiny home' by is a charming, 45sqm villa that suspends over land like a tree canopy with its trunk. despite its small size, the project features practical and suitable spaces that are ideal for weekend escapes. the economic situation in the region, however, has de-popularized the value of tiny homes over the years. in light of that, the architects behind 'tiny home' attempted to revive small-scale architecture with the lowest costs. -designboom 11/30/21

Preview of a first-of-its-kind exhibition on Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam at the Italian Embassy in Tehran

The Italian Embassy in Tehran hosted today, in the residence of Ambassador Giuseppe Perrone, the preview of the exhibition "Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam. Unrealized Projects. Dynamic Sculptures from Small to Monumental 1968-2018" to be held at Argo Factory from November 26. The exhibit showcases interactive sculptures by Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam, by many considered to be the champion of modernist painting in Iran. -Tehran Times 11/30/21

Body Double: The mysterious Safarani Sisters draw back the curtains at the Morris Museum

This exhibition features the work of identical twin Iranian artists Bahareh and Farzaneh Safarani in their first solo museum exhibition, opening on November 12, 2021. As interdisciplinary artists and collaborators, their creative practice exists at the intersection of visual art, new media art, and performance. -Morristown Green 11/24/21

Argo Factory: Contemporary Art Museum & Cultural Centre by Ahmadreza Schricker Architecture - North Tehran

Enriched with historic houses and old buildings turned into vibrant coffee shops and new galleries, revitalized parts of Tehran are responding to an emerging generation of artists and art seekers looking for spaces to gather, socialize, and create. Argo Factory: Contemporary Art Museum & Cultural Centre is one such venue, a nearly 100-year-old abandoned factory that has found a new life after art patron Hamidreza Pejman bought and transformed the building into a museum and gallery space for contemporary art. -Architectural Record 11/23/21

Photos: Hiro Sheikholeslami Painting Exhibition at Art Center Gallery

An exhibition of paintings by Hiro Sheikholeslami is currently underway at Art Center Gallery in Tehran. The exhibit named "Song of Zarvan" will run until November 23. -Honar Online 11/17/21

The Fascinating History of Iran's Rich Artistic Output Is Now on Display in Montreal

The exhibition "Discover Iranian Artists' Taste" at Eran Gallery is meant to introduce Montreal audiences to the rich range of Iran's artistic output, to through the work of 11 artists. A wide span of Iranian Modern and contemporary art is on view-from the artist Nasser Ovissi's decorative depictions of women which are rooted in the traditions of Persian miniature painting, to Siamak Azmi's controversy-courting canvases, which recontextualize cartoons characters and pop culture mascots. -artnet 11/15/21

Photos: Largest flower carpet of West Asia in central Iran

The largest flower carpet ever made in West Asia has recently been unveiled in Mahallat County in Markazi Province which is known as Iran's capital of flowers. According to Markazi province's tourism chief, flowers from 200,000 varieties are used in the carpet, which covers 800 meters and was unveiled on Thursday on the sidelines of the local thanksgiving and pomegranate festival. -Behnam Yousefi, Mehr 11/15/21

Spotlight: How Persian Miniatures Influence Contemporary Iranian Painter Dariush Hosseini

Dariush Hosseini (b. 1970) is one of Iran's leading contemporary painters, making images that fluctuate between figuration and abstraction, sometimes within a single canvas. In October, SARADIPOUR Art Gallery, based in Mahshahr, Iran, presented a solo exhibition of work from Hosseini's "Wide Shut" series at KIAF 2021 in Seoul, marking the first display of the artist's work in Korea. -artnet 11/12/21

HUB-Robeson Galleries 'Altar' exhibit provides familiarity for Penn State's Middle Eastern community

As an Iranian artist, Kiana Honarmand said her exhibit "Altar" is meant to acknowledge the Iranian and Middle Eastern communities at Penn State. The exhibit is on display at the HUB-Robeson Center at Penn State now through Jan. 30. It's located on the same floor as the HUB Galleries, across from the restroom area. -Daily Collegian 11/11/21

Cartoonist Kambiz Derambakhsh dies from COVID-19

Top Iranian cartoonist Kambiz Derambakhsh, whose works were published in the world's major newspapers and magazines such as New York Times and Spiegel, passed away in a Tehran hospital on Saturday after a severe battle with COVID-19. He was 79. Born in Shiraz in 1942, Derambakhsh began his professional career by drawing cartoons for Tofiq, Iran's most popular satirical magazine before the Islamic revolution, when he was only 14. -Tehran Times 11/8/21

Photos: Mehdi Sahabi's works at TMOCA

Works of the late painter, sculptor, writer and translator Mehdi Sahabi (1944-2009), are on show at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. -Honar Online 11/5/21

Artist paints 'dream woman' a year before meeting wife - who looks exactly the same

An artist who painted a portrait of his 'dream woman' met his wife a year later, who happened to look exactly like the woman in the painting. Ahad Saadi, a successful artist, had long been pressured to get married by his mother. In 2008, as a result of the growing pressure, he decided to paint the woman of his dreams. -Mirror 11/5/21

Rosha Yaghmai: 'Drifters' at MCASB

Drifters, Rosha Yaghmai's new solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara (MCASB), divides rather than cuts the MCASB gallery space. The curved white wall of the installation that Yaghmai has designed partitions MCASB's main area in two, choreographing the act of crossing the square room into something out of Pina Bausch - an unscripted Cafe Muller. Titled "Afterimages," these works blur classic illustrations of the epic Persian poem Shahnameh. -Halim Madi, Santa Barbara Independent 11/4/21

Photos: Sculptures by Einodin Sadeghzadeh go to Negar Gallery

Negar Gallery in Tehran has opened its doors to a sculpture exhibition by Iranian artist Einodin Sadeghzadeh. The exhibition will run until November 2. -Honar Online 11/2/21

Prominent Iranian painter "Iran Darroudi" passes away aged 85

Iranian veteran painter, director, writer, art critic, and university professor, Iran Darroudi passed away at the age of 85 in Tehran on Friday morning. The Iranian veteran painter Iran Darroudi died of cardiac arrest on Friday morning at the age of 85. 10/29/21

Odile Burluraux on Iranian Women Artists

This year, with ASIA NOW (21-24 October 2021) featuring galleries from Iran for the first time, Burluraux has curated a special programme of video works by ten women artists from Iran (Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabad, Samira Eskandarfar, Parisa Ghaderi, Elika Hedayat, Anahita Hekmat, Shiva Khosravi, Tahmineh Monzavi, Melika Shafahi, Rojin Shafiei, and Sanaz Sohrabi). Entitled Burning Wings, it examines the artists' approaches to subjects of identity, migration, and female subjectivities, as well as history and power structures through the medium of film. -Ocula 10/22/21

Warhol in Tehran: Iranians flock to American pop art exhibit

Iranian hard-liners, now back at the helm of the country, may regularly rail against the poisoning of Islamic society by Western culture, but in Tehran, Iranians are flocking to the contemporary art museum to marvel at American pop artist Andy Warhol's iconic soup cans. The circular floors of the Iranian capital's Museum of Contemporary Art display a sprawling line-up of 18 classic Warhol works... -AP 10/22/21

Submissions For Art Iran Curatorial Competition

Farhang Foundation and the Craft Contemporary announce a call for submissions for the Art Iran Curatorial Competition. The call is for curators and other arts professionals with experience in developing highly focused group exhibitions preferably centered on Middle Eastern art and culture. 10/21/21

For Iranian Collector Mohammed Afkhami, Art Reflects His Country's History and Future

Mohammed Afkhami's foray into collecting was a fate that was practically preordained. The Iranian businessman was born into a collection of over 20,000 Islamic antiquities and artworks that his grandfather and his mother built through research and close friendships with scholars such as Geza Fehervari and Basil Robinson. The family lost 98 percent of the collection during the Iranian Revolution, but "those friendships with like-minded people stayed with us," Afkhami said. -Artsy 10/21/21

Iran Joins the Lineup at Asia Now

PARIS - Asia Now, a fair dedicated to contemporary Asian art, will be a bit different this year. The usual list of galleries from China, Japan and Korea is conspicuously thin, so the fair has expanded its scope to bring a selection of Iran's contemporary art galleries to a dedicated platform called "Tehran Now." -Nazanin Lankarani, New York Times 10/20/21

The Designer That Lives on Henry Street

Duality is a main theme in the works of 26-year-old designer Kouros Maghsoudi. His Mehmooni collection that was released earlier this year, consisted of chairs, a coffee table, and a floor mirror, is playfully postmodern. The titles of each piece - Taarof, Doodool, and Behsheen are Farsi words that connect the bubbly furniture back to Kouros's Iranian-American heritage. -Office Magazine 10/19/21

RVAD studio envisions an arcaded, vertical village in mashhad, iran

RVAD studio envisions a monumental architecture in mashhad, iran. dubbed 'tagh behesht,' the primary design methodology began with an investigation of the architectural history of bazaars in the city. the importance of the city's bazaars on its economy has led to bazaars taking on an important and consistent role in people's daily lives. the principal morphology of the design is inspired by bazaars defined by such elements as the porch-like entrance hall... -designboom 10/15/21

YAZD: Masterpieces of Iranian architecture

Yazd is an ancient Iranian city that has an arid climate in different seasons of the year. Desertification and the problem of water shortage led to the building of gardens that show the creativity of architects of the city. These gardens, which boast beautiful buildings, are the masterpieces of Iranian architecture in the heart of the desert. These large and forest-like gardens were mostly used in periods such as the Medes, Achaemenids, Sassanids, and Parthians. -Baharak Roshanbakhsh, ISNA 10/15/21

Shirin Gallery displays Works by Roxana Fazeli

A collection of works by Roxana Fazeli on view at Shirin Gallery in Tehran. The exhibit named "21ST CENTURY MYTHS" will run until October 19. -Honar Online 10/14/21

Salman Khoshroo's 3D Wool Sculptures Highlight the Fragility of Life

Sculptures made of soft tufts of brightly-colored wool make up the latest series from Iranian artist Salman Khoshroo, a rumination on his experience with a case of COVID and the associated quarantine. "Weaving inanimate fibers into faces has brought me comfort and helped with overcoming my own experience of contracting the virus," the artist explained to Ignant magazine earlier this year. -Amber Nelson, Yahoo News 10/12/21

Ala Ebtekar's installation at the Asian Art Museum offers a look at the universe, with layers of meaning.

Ala Ebtekar is well aware that some museumgoers will seek out his latest work, Luminous Ground, intent on snapping a selfie. After all, composed of 1,800 handmade tiles that capture the cosmos and line a 55-foot-long wall of the new rooftop terrace at the Asian Art Museum, the artwork makes for a striking backdrop. But the Berkeley-born artist is optimistic that when the installation opens to the public later this fall, visitors will come away with much more than social media fodder. -Anh-Minh Le, Nob Hill Gazette 10/7/21

Meet Iranian-Canadian Art Curator Vida Heydari Who Found Her Niche In Pune

In December last year, one of Pune's biggest art spaces was launched in Koregaon Park - Vida Heydari Contemporary (VHC). It is a gigantic space sprawling across 3,000 square feet and looks like something of high international standard. Vida Heydari, the founder of this gallery is an Iranian-Canadian art curator and gallerist, who has been working in the art industry for almost 15 years. -Femina 10/4/21

Manhattan exhibition combats view of Iran as 'hostile anti-American state'

Few other countries are as misunderstood as Iran. But an Iran exists beyond the headlines of authoritarian rule and theocratic Islam. It's a country full of thriving artists - and they're now on show in the US. Rebel, Jester, Mystic, Poet: Contemporary Persians - The Mohammed Akfami Collection, on view at the Asia Society in Manhattan until 8 May 2022, aims to broadening one's idea of what Iran is, or can be, by giving a profound look at the country's dynamic contemporary arts scene. -Art Newspaper 10/1/21

iranian studio MAAN sculpts its monolithic 'ayenevarzan house' of solids and voids

MAAN architecture studio presents its ayenevarzan house as a monumental concrete dwelling along a sloping site in iran. the new project marks the permanent residence of a young couple with a unique background in art and culture. the monolithic construction occupies the outskirts of the village at the threshold of a region of untouched nature. to create a sense of safety while celebrating the natural surroundings, the house is defined by its introverted design which maintains sunlit and scenic views across the area's alborz mountains. -designboom 9/29/21

Art of Iran: Exhibit brings a taste of Persian culture to Lewiston

The head of a bald eagle emerges from a paisley pattern and forms the background in a self-portrait of Tirazheh Eslami. The digital work is among those by more than 50 artists in an exhibit that starts Friday at the Lewis-Clark State College Center for Arts & History titled "The Land of Persepolis: Introducing Persian Culture to the West." 9/23/21


continuing its contemporary visions of traditional iranian architecture, team design group envisions its gilak house. while a previous design showed a sweeping revival of irans 'sunken courtyards' or bagh chal, this latest house presents a reinterpretation of the elevated tribal dwellings commonly built to maximize cross ventilation. in response to the hot climate and the high humidity and rainfall typical of the country's coastal or mountainous regions including the zagros mountain range, the structures were designed with strategic openings along both the exteriors and interiors. -designboom 9/23/21

The Quietly Rebellious Art of Iranian Women and What We Can Learn From Them

A few weeks ago, I visited the Brooklyn studio of Iranian-born artist, Afruz Amighi. She works with a type of construction site netting which, in her hands, becomes a kind of diaphanous chainmail that casts the shadows of ancient Persian warriors, or illuminated carpet patterns that cast a modern story on the walls. Amighi and her family are part of the Iranian diaspora who left Iran after the Islamic revolution in 1979. And she is one of several extraordinary Persian women whose work is included in an exhibition opening this month at the Asia Society in New York. -Susanna Schrobsdorff, TIME 9/21/21

Photos: Pantea Bahrami Art Show at Tehran's Etemad Gallery

An exhibition of artworks by Pantea Bahrami is currently underway at Etemad Gallery. PanteA Bahrami is an internationally recognized documentary filmmaker with a doctoral degree in Journalism from the University of Dortmund and the Institute of Theater, Film and Television, Cologne University, Germany. -Honar Online 9/17/21

Women at the height of their artistic powers present a powerful reckoning in SOUL Fury

From love, bitter becomes sweet ... From love, fire becomes light ... From love, fury becomes mercy. So wrote the Sufi poet Rumi 700 years ago. Curator Nur Shkembi has used Rumi's evocative words to frame her selection of art by 16 women artists who have cultural backgrounds in Islam as SOUL Fury, an exhibition running at Bendigo Art Gallery until October. -Alison Carroll, The Conversation 9/15/21

The 2022 Nasher Prize Laureate: Nairy Baghramian

Nairy Baghramian takes the creation and presentation of sculpture as her de facto subject yet makes works highlighting the poignant, contradictory, and sometimes humorous circumstances that can suffuse both the artistic process as well as everyday life. Over the past three decades, she has explored elements of sculptural practice and installation to create works that challenge their settings and upend expected modes of presentation as well as the architectural, sociological, political, and historical contexts that inform them. -Nasher 9/14/21

Now in its Second Year, the Khor Art Initiative Is Aiming to Revitalize Iran's Beleaguered Arts Community

Last year, Iran was among the countries hardest hit by the pandemic, and the nation's isolated political status only served to exacerbate an already tragic situation. For artists, revenue sources dried up exhibitions were abruptly canceled. Amid the tumult, Saradipour Art Gallery, an online gallery that focuses on Middle Eastern artists, decided to launch the Khor Art Initiative, an independent art prize defined to discover and support emerging, and mainly Iranian, talents and introduce them to a wider audience. -Artnet 9/10/21

Review: Sound and shadow evoke Nasim Moghadam's Iranian roots, womxn's solidarity

Nasim Moghadam's exhibition I Sprout on my Wound at Oakland's Aggregate Space Gallery (through October 23) is a haunting, immersive experience that brings together the interdisciplinary artist's sculptural, photographic, sound, and video practices in a single installation of new work. -Tamara Suarez Porras, 48hills 9/10/21

Hoda Kashiha Paintings Exhibition at Tehran's Parallel Circuit Gallery

Hoda Kashiha is hanging her latest paintings in an exhibition at Parallel Circuit Gallery.The exhibit named "In appreciation of blinking" will be running until September 10 -Honar Online 9/8/21

The 2022 Nowruz Street Banner Contest

Farhang Foundation is calling on graphic artists worldwide to submit original designs that conceptualize Nowruz (the Iranian New Year) commemorating Farhang's annual celebration of Nowruz in Los Angeles. Eligible designs will be considered as the central artwork featured on street banners and other marketing material that will proudly promote Farhang's 13th Annual Nowruz Celebration at UCLA throughout prominent boulevards of Los Angeles in February and March of 2022. 9/3/21

The Caviar Club

In the mid 1970s​, Iran started buying nudes. Some were abstract nudes, such as Willem de Kooning's Woman III, with her yellow hair and emphatic yellow breasts and an expression that suggests some bemusement at de Kooning's 'melodrama of vulgarity'. Some featured nudity as part of a mysterious mise en scene, as in Francis Bacon's triptych Two Figures Lying on a Bed with Attendants, in which a pair of naked men lie on a peculiar, possibly therapeutic bed. -Azadeh Moaveni, London Review of Books 9/2/21

Exhibition of Iranian runner and artist works in England

Works by athlete and artist Mohammad Berangi were exhibited at the West Yorkshire Printing Workshop (WYPW). The works of this collection, like the previous works of this artist, show his interest in using Iranian stories and literature and combining them with various visual elements. -Honar Online 9/2/21

curved angles, extruded window frames + square dots characterize futuristic building in iran

'sepid' designed by the shar group is an organic-shaped concrete-clad commercial and residential building in qazvin, iran. the concept of the project started with three rectangular volumes stitched together, that were later clad in a secondary curved envelope with multi-sized extruded window frames. the architects avoided using 90-degree angles both inside and outside the structure, giving a futuristic view. -designboom 8/31/21

Amir H. Fallah Created Stained Glass "Portals" for the LA County Department of Mental Health

Iranian-American artist Amir H. Fallah has created his largest public installation to date. "Portals" is a series of three stained glass panels created for The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health's new headquarters in Koreatown. Each work subtly divides the terrace of the site, by allowing visitors an intimate space to contemplate each work with the surrounding environment. -HypeArt 8/31/21

'I saw death, I saw love': Artist's secret testament to life in Iran

The art exhibition "SOUL fury" at Bendigo Art Gallery in Australia this month takes its name from a collection of poetry by 13th century Persian poet Rumi. Sixteen female artists with a connection to Islamic heritage, art and cultures have been brought together in an exhibition that challenges colonialism and the patriarchy. -Brisbane Times 8/27/21

Exhibition by Collective for Black Iranians -- Hasteem: We Are Here

Hasteem is an exhibition produced by the Collective for Black Iranians to raise awareness on the intersection of being Black, African/of African descent and Iranian. The Collective invites the global community to embark on a journey of understanding the different segments that make up who we are. The Collective affirms the interconnectedness between Blackness and the Iranian identity. 8/23/21

Summer Group Exhibition by Iranian-American Artists: Once Upon a Time

Myth, fantasy, and memory collide in Once Upon a Time, a group exhibition exploring the dialogue between contemporary artists of Iranian origin whose work is inspired by or acts as a reimagined form of memory or fairytale. The Persian equivalent of "Once upon a time" is "Yeki bood, yeki nabood," literally translating to "There was one and there was not one. 8/23/21

Iran's art community fears 'Stalin era' under Raisi

President Ebrahim Raisi's pick for the post of culture minister has drawn a furious backlash from Iran's art community members, who fear there will be a return to stifling cultural restrictions. -Al Monitor 8/20/21

Photos: Inja Gallery Showing Negar Farajiani's Artworkss

Negar Farajiani is currently hanging a collection of her latest artworks in an exhibition titled "Tattered Masterpieces" at Inja Gallery. 8/10/21

A Moving Exhibition About (Re)Location

At the Bristol Art Museum, a new exhibition explores themes of displacement with such power and poignancy that it can rightly be called a must-see show. One of the most striking works in the show is a figurative painting titled Floating by Iranian artist Shabnam Jannesari. It depicts a serene-faced woman in a gravity-defying pose, awash in color and pattern. -Michael Rose, golocalprov 8/5/21

"Between Sea & Sky": Persian Blue and White Ceramics in Texas

The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston has organised a unique exhibition of Persian ceramics. The objects, however, are not from the museum's own treasure but on loan from one of the largest private collections of Persian art. - Pejman Akbarzadeh 8/4/21

Unveiling of latest Iranian Mural in Southern California

Farhang Foundation is proud to announce the official unveiling of its third winning mural design as part of its Iranian Mural Design Competition in collaboration with Beautify Earth. The competition invited artists to submit design concepts that conceptualize different and unique aspects of Iranian culture. 7/28/21

Iranian photographer Mehdi Kazemi wins Silver Medal at Danube Digital Circuit

Iranian photographer Mehdi Kazemi Bumeh has won Salon Silver Medal at the 1st Danube Digital Circuit in Russia. He garnered the honor in the C Open Color category of the exhibition for his photo "Man with a White Beard". Mehdi Parsaian, another Iranian photographer, also won an honorable mention for his photo "Peak of Light" in this section. -Tehran Times 7/28/21

'I Felt in Between Places': Iranian Artist Arghavan Khosravi on Studying Art in the U.S., and Why She Paints Preoccupied Women

The U.S.-based Iranian painter Arghavan Khosravi's sculptural, multi-paneled paintings capture the claustrophobia and disorientation of being split between worlds. In her critically acclaimed recent show, "In Between Places" at New York's Rachel Uffner gallery women assume agency as they move through their daily lives, all the while preoccupied with looming concerns, represented by depictions such as a ball and chain... -Artnet 7/8/21

Photos: Bavan Gallery Shows artworks by Pooneh Oshidari

An exhibition of paintings by Pooneh Oshidari currently underway at Bavan Gallery. The exhibit entitled "Homeland" will continue until July 12. Pooneh Oshidari ( has studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Tehran University of Art. Oshidari is mostly concentrated on painting and drawing. -Honar Online 7/6/21

Iranian Painter Shirazeh Houshiary Explains the Benefits of Painting on the Floor and Why Nothing Is More Abstract Than Nature

For Shirazeh Houshiary, being close with nature is key. Even her West London studio is located right by the woods so she can listen to birds and keep in tune with nature's ebbs and flows. Houshiary moved to London in 1973, leaving her native Iran to study art. Her installations, paintings, and sculptures often take inspiration from Eastern culture, poetry, and mythology. -Artnet 6/22/21

Photos: Vista Gallery Shows artworks by Ali Fakhraei

A collection of artworks by Ali Fakhraei is on display in an exhibition at Vista Gallery. The exhibit named "Miles of Ropes" will continue until June 4. -Honar Online 6/10/21

Photos: Iranshahr Gallery Exhibits Saeid Shahlapur's Sculptures

Iranshahr Gallery is playing host to an exhibition of sculptures by Saeid Shahlapur. The exhibit will run until June 9. Saeed Shahlapour (Born 1944, Tehran) is an Iranian leading sculptor, painter, and printmaker. He studied sculpture in the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, where he experimented with various materials and techniques of painting and sculpture, as well as the fundamentals of architecture. -Honar Online 6/1/21

Webinar: Reimagining the Past: The Dilemma of Indigenous Persian Architecture

More than a century of exposure to European modernity and its urbanization and architectural practices changed the Iranian urban landscape. New styles, concepts, functions and construction techniques came to redefine the very vocabulary of public and private spaces. The project of modernization relegated the indigenous Persian urban and architectural principles to the realm of outmoded, or at the best, made them subjects of nostalgic and decorative referencing. -Yale University 5/20/21

An Iranian Photographer's Exhibition Opens At The 4Most Gallery

On a summer tour of rural Iran, Foad Seyed Mohammadi came upon a man who had no hands. He saw the man in a bustling bazaar in a western village near Sardasht, not far from the Iraqi border. He saw the man's round stumps amid the swirling colors of fabric for sale and the heady aroma of spices. Mohammadi approached the man with his camera in hand. And clicked. And with that, the 38-year-old artist stopped time; captured a moment for eternity. He told the story of a farmer and shepherd named Omar, who lost both his hands in a terrible childhood incident. -Michelle Holder, WUFT 5/19/21

'Iranian culture has huge depths and continues to be relevant today'

Five thousand years of Iranian art goes on show at the V&A this month. A private collector who lent many of the works reveals what light these treasures cast on the country. The Sarikhani Collection is one of the most extraordinary and significant assemblies of art in Britain, if not the world. It comprises, in all its magnificence, some 1,000 items: ceramics, metalwork, textiles and manuscripts that together tell the long and wondrous story of Iran and its culture from 3000BC until the 18th century. -Rachel Cooke, Guardian 5/17/21


OF KINGS AND PAINTINGS is a history of the extraordinary art of Iran from 1785 to 1925. The documentary is the first film to explore the work of Iran's most significant artists of this remarkable era that straddled the transition between tradition and modernity. While offering an overview of painters and paintings of the Qajar era and its influence on Iranian artists and photographers today, the film weaves together art history and Iranian history. -Farhang Foundation 4/22/21

Farideh Sakhaeifar: You are in the War Zone at Trotter & Sholer, NYC

You are in the war zone. is a retrospective exhibition of the Iranian artist Farideh Sakhaeifar, curated by Klaudia Ofwana Draber presented by Trotter&Sholer and KODA. This tight but emotionally packed show harshly criticizes U.S. foreign policy in the MENA region and gives ample space to contemplate the suffering of its people under constant imperialist aggression. -Jonas Albro, Arte Fuse 4/20/21

Kamyar Bineshtarigh's world of words

With a deliberate randomness and the works of a beloved Persian poet, the Iranian artist combines language, text and writing imaginatively to create meaning - or shatter it. -New Frame 4/2/21

Bahman Mohassess shaped Iranian modernism-and buried his own legacy

Bahman Mohassess is considered Iran's most important modernist, and has been dubbed the "Persian Picasso." But for nearly five decades of his career, he lived outside the public eye in Italy, and his countrymen even thought he was dead. Now, however, there is no missing the many contributions of Mohassess, who is best known for his paintings of anthropomorphic figures that allude to international political conflict. -Angelica Villa, Art News 4/1/21

A brush with... Ali Banisadr

As he prepares for a two-part exhibition in Florence, the Brooklyn-based artist Ali Banisadr discusses his life and work through the cultural epiphanies and influences that have shaped him. Banisadr was born in Tehran, Iran in 1976 during a tumultuous period, marked by the Iranian Revolution in 1979 and then the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s. -Art Newspaper 3/31/21

What It Took to Assemble Iran's $3 Billion Modern Art Collection

In 1975, Donna Stein embarked on a semi-secret, two-year effort to build a contemporary art collection for the empress of Iran. Before she was hired as part of the empresses's private secretariat, Stein was an assistant curator in the prints and illustrated books department at MoMA and was given very little direction before and during her tenure in Tehran. There was no budget and no real guidance about acquisitions. -James Tarmy, Bloomberg 3/25/21

10 Must-See Shows from Middle Eastern Galleries You Can View

Over the past year, the art world has made a conscious effort to highlight voices beyond the narrow confines of the West, amplifying unheard voices and moving away from the long-dominant white male gaze. Perhaps one of the most exciting hotspots within our increasingly global art world is the Middle East. -Lizzy Vartanian Collier, Artsy 3/24/21

How POT Founder Mandy Kolahi is Democratizing the Ceramic Space

This weekend, on 20 March, POT will release founder Mandy Kolahi's collection of ceramics celebrating Persian New Year-a selection of blue-glazed pieces that perfectly represent the LA studio. Featuring delightfully snide Farsi phrases often uttered in Kolahi's family (and in the wider Iranian community), this is the type of pottery that traditionally didn't "belong" in the institution of art, made by an individual who felt out of place within the ceramics space. -Cool Hunting 3/22/21

PHOTOS: Giant colored eggs in Tehran to welcome Persian New Year Norooz

To mark the beginning of the Persian New Year, also known as Norooz, visual artists in Tehran are painting large eggs to be installed in various locations in the city. This year Norooz starts on Saturday, March 20th at 2:37 AM PST. -Pantea Nikzad 3/11/21

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