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Azar 17 1395
December 07 2016
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Opening up, Iran has opportunity to commercialize its science and technology skills

- The Islamic Republic of Iran has developed the science and technology skills necessary to be a global player in more than oil and gas, but must invest more in innovation to compete effectively in the global economy, according to an UNCTAD report. - 12/7/16

Anti-Riot Forces Violently Attack Peacefully Protesting Tehran Bus Union Members

- Members of one of Iran's oldest unions who were peacefully demanding their past due housing allowances and other benefits in front of the Tehran Municipality building were violently attacked by anti-riot police on December 4, 2016. - 12/7/16

Iran safest investment market for Japan in Mideast: Iranian FM

- Visiting Japan, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif bills Iran as the "safest" destination for foreign investment in the troubled Middle East, calling on the Japanese businesses to seize the opportunity and promote their role the Iranian market. He made the remarks at a major economic gathering bringing together the Iranian and Japanese business personalities at Hotel Okura in Tokyo on Wednesday under the auspices of Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). - 12/7/16

Iran Offers Incentives For Foreign Investment

- Iranian Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Ali Tayyebnia said Iran welcomes foreign investment and offers investors with a variety of incentives, IRNA reported. Speaking at the 20th general meeting and conference of Asia-Pacific Central Securities Depository Group (ACG20) in Tehran on Tuesday, the minister explained some of incentives which foreign investors can benefit from in the country. - 12/7/16

Why Iran is finding it hard to create jobs

- The country's economy is finally taking off: boosted by sanctions relief, GDP is set to grow about 4.5% this year, up from 0.4% in 2015. Yet few ordinary Iranians have felt the benefits. Unemployment actually went up in the first half of this year, from 10.7% to 12.2%. Underemployment is also rife, at about 9.5%. Why is Iran's rebound failing to create jobs? -Economist - 12/7/16

Iranian President Threatens US Over Sanctions Extension

- Iran's President Hassan Rouhani is threatening the United States with a "harsh reaction", after Congress voted last week to renew sanctions against the country for an additional 10 years. Rouhani said if U.S. President Barack Obama implements the sanctions it would mark a "blatant and clear breach" of the nuclear agreement reached last year. - 12/6/16

Iran, Airbus to jointly produce plane parts

- Iran says it will soon launch a cooperation scheme with France's aviation giant Airbus over the production of spare parts for planes - a move that could help the company get a stronger foothold in the Iranian market once a much-awaited agreement to sell planes to the country becomes effective. - 12/6/16

How the OPEC Deal Breaks Down for Three Big Producers

- OPEC got what it wanted with Wednesday's agreement to cut oil production: higher prices. But that is a double-edged sword, as those higher prices could lead to a surge in production by U.S. shale producers and others outside the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. And if those producers exacerbate the supply glut that has plagued the market, it will be much more difficult to reach another deal when this one expires in six months. -Sara Vakhshouri, LobeLog - 12/6/16

Iran's President Rouhani submits $486 billion budget bill to Parliament

- President Hassan Rouhani presented the administration's draft of the national budget bill for the next Iranian calendar year 1396, which starts on March 21, 2017, to the Majlis. The proposed national budget amounted to about 10.849 quadrillion rials (about $486 billion), an 11 percent rise year on year. - 12/5/16

Iranian Startups: Modiseh Online Store

- Shanbe talks to Hadi Arbabi, the founder of Iranian online store Modiseh: We have chosen this name "Modiseh" because it has the word "mod" (fashion) and the name of one of Isfahan villages which is pronounced "Modiseh". In this way we included Iranian approach in our brand. On the other hand because internet includes searching and navigating, this name reminds us of "Odyssey", the hero of Greek epics and stories. - 12/3/16

Iran Officials Upset Over Extension of US Sanctions

- Iran's top diplomat has strongly condemned a bill that passed the U.S. Congress earlier this week to extend sanctions against the country. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told Iranian state broadcaster IRIB the extension of the sanctions "shows the unreliability of the American government" to the rest of the world. "America is acting against its commitment," he said. - 12/3/16

Iran's Supreme Court Upholds Billionaire's Death Sentence

- Iran's highest court has upheld a court decision imposing the death penalty on billionaire businessman Babak Zanjani, who was convicted of massive embezzlement and sentenced in March. Zanjani, one of Iran's richest people, was arrested in 2013 and accused of stealing more than $2 billion from the government through crooked oil sales he made during the administration of former President Mahmud Ahmadinejad. - 12/3/16

Iran Says Extension Of Sanctions Act By U.S. Congress Violates Nuclear Deal

- Iran says the extension of sanctions legislation by the U.S. Congress is "a violation" of the nuclear deal (JCPOA) reached between Tehran and world powers last year. "We will report it to Iran's committee assigned for monitoring the implementation of the deal," Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said on December 2. - 12/3/16

OPEC deal: Iran turns the tables on Saudis

- After months of talks and rounds of meetings, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) finally sealed a deal on November 30 for a production cut, marking a turning point in the organization's history. A deal which everyone believed had very little chance of success, is now done and the organization agreed to cut production by about 1.2 million barrels per day (bpd), or about 4.5 percent of current production, to 32.5 million bpd. -Ebrahim Fallahi - 12/3/16

Iran Considers Renewal of US Sanctions a Violation of Nuclear Deal

- Iran is threatening to retaliate after the U.S. Senate gave Congress' final approval to an extension of the American sanctions against Iran that lawmakers of both parties said is crucial to enforcing the international nuclear accord with Tehran. -Michael Bowman - 12/2/16

Oil Prices Surge As OPEC Agrees To First Production Cut Since 2008

- Ministers from the 14 members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) have reached agreement to cut their production by 1.2 million barrels a day, in a bid to boost slumping global prices. The November 30 deal by the oil cartel will lower the total output of the cartel to 32.5 million barrels a day beginning in January. - 12/1/16

Iran's 8-month non-oil exports up 5.7% from last year

- Iran's exports of non-oil products in the first eight months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20-November 20) stood at $28.117 billion, with 5.74 percent rise from $26.59 billion in the same period last year, according to the official website of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Customs Administration (IRICA). - 12/1/16

South Africa's MTN eyeing Iran's e-commerce opportunities

- Telecom giant MTN Group says it has devised serious plans to boost its presence in the Iranian market, emphasizing that e-commerce will comprise a key theme of the company's agenda for its future business in Iran. - 11/29/16

Iran ready to respond to US if sanctions renewed: Nuclear Official

- Iran is ready to respond if the US violates the landmark nuclear agreement signed between Tehran and the group of six countries known as the P5+1 by renewing sanctions against the Islamic Republic, says the top Iranian nuclear official. - 11/28/16

Iran: IRGC Chief Touts Economic Agenda

- Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps commander Mohammad Ali Jafari on Saturday defended IRGC's economic activities, saying that the military's economic muscle is intrinsic to its commitment to the Islamic revolution and promotion of its goals. - 11/28/16

Iran: $1.5 Trillion Electronic Money Transfers in Online Banking

- A total of $1.5 Trillion on electronic based transfers and settlements has been made in the recent year with online banking alone which makes the need of an integrated information system more vital. -Alireza Jozi, Techrasa - 11/28/16

An Iranian Chain Restaurant After A Global Thinking

- Baguette Challenges Its International Rivals Welcoming the world's standard restaurants' presence in Iran, Baguette Restaurants, a well-known Iranian brand in terms of serving healthy and diverse foods, called these restaurants for a commercial competition in Iran and in the Middle East. - 11/28/16

Iran non-oil exports to Iraq stand at $6.2B, including $2.2B of agricultural products

- Ebrahim Rezazadeh on Sunday highlighted the importance of Iraq's market for exporting Iranian products, adding "since 2005, our exports to Iraq has increased 17 times, which is three times more than the four continents of America, Africa, Europe and Oceania in total." - 11/27/16

Iran awards key oil deal to Schlumberger

- Iran says it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Schlumberger - the world's largest oil field services company - over the development of several southern oil fields. The MOU was signed between Schlumberger and the National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) - 11/27/16

Germany OKs 1.2 Billion Euro Loan For Iran Rail Plan

- Germany has reportedly agreed to provide Iran with a 1.2 billion Euro ($1.27 billion) credit line to help finance a key rail project in what is seen as the biggest foreign financing the country has been able to secure after the removal of sanctions. - 11/27/16

Iranian Oil Minister optimistic about OPEC deal

- Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said on Saturday that it is possible for OPEC members to reach an agreement to stabilize the oil market. "If OPEC reaches an agreement I am quite optimistic that oil prices will rise and this is what global economy demands," Zanganeh was quoted by Shana as saying after meeting Algerian Energy Minister Noureddine Bouterfa in Tehran. - 11/26/16

Iran to respond if US renews bans: Supreme Leader

- Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has said that Iran would respond if the US proceeded to renew the Iran Sanctions Act (ISA) which expires at the end of 2016. The US House of Representatives voted for a 10-year extension of the ISA earlier this month but to become law, the bill has to be endorsed by the Senate as well and signed by the US president. - 11/25/16

Iran says imports of cars from US 'authorized'

- Iran says imports of cars from the United States are authorized as long as they are produced by non-American brands. Farhad Ehteshamzadeh, the president of Automobile Importers Union of Iran, was quoted by the domestic media as saying that he had made an inquiry to the same effect from the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade. - 11/25/16

Why Iran's private sector hasn't benefited from privatization

- Privatization in Iran only effectively started in 2001. Five years later, in 2006, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei backed a constitutional amendment -- the Law on Implementation of General Policies of Article 44 of the Constitution -- to ease the sale of state-owned enterprises in an attempt to downsize government and help expand the private sector. -Navid Kalhor, Al Monitor - 11/25/16

U.S. Issues License For Sale Of More Than 100 Commercial Planes To Iran

- The United States has issued a second license to France's Airbus to sell more than 100 commercial planes to Iran. Airbus in September received a license to sell 17 planes to Tehran. Officials said that the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control on November 21 gave the French manufacturer permission to sell 106 more planes to Iran Air. - 11/23/16

Iran's Inflation Rate Drops To 7.5%

- Iran's inflation rate for the 12-month period ended in the last day of the eight Iranian calendar month of Aban (November 20) hit 7.5 percent, the Statistical Center of Iran reported. The figure shows a 0.4 percent drop compared to the 12-month period ended in the seventh calendar month (October 21). - 11/23/16

Iran, EU resolved to strengthen JCPOA: President Rouhani

- Iran and the European Union (EU) are resolved to "strengthen" a nuclear agreement between the Islamic Republic and world powers, says the Iranian president. "With all their might, Iran and the European Union are seeking to strengthen this important multilateral agreement and to use the post-JCPOA opportunities," President Hassan Rouhani made at a joint press conference with his visiting Slovenian counterpart Borut Pahor on Tuesday November 22, 2016. - 11/22/16

Iran's Online Fashion Scene Gets More Competitive

- Harasp is one of the websites which is tapping Iran's online luxury fashion market. The website is offering both eastern and western fashion goods for customers in Iran and is planning to ship the products of Iranian designers to other countries. -Hamed Jafari, TechRasa - 11/21/16

U.S. Lawmakers Vote To Bar Commercial Aircraft Sales To Iran

- U.S. lawmakers have passed legislation that would ban the sale of commercial aircraft to Iran, a move aimed at halting sales by aerospace giants Boeing and Airbus that outgoing President Barack Obama's administration has already approved. - 11/18/16

OPEC moves closer to oil output deal as Iran gets new offer

- OPEC is moving closer toward finalizing this month its first deal since 2008 to limit oil output, with most members prepared to offer Iran significant flexibility on production volumes, ministers and sources said on Friday. -Reuters - 11/18/16

Iran to receive first Airbus jet by 2016 end

- Javad Hashemi Tehrani, the managing director of Aviation Parts Holding Company of Iran, told the domestic media that the Airbus which is expected to be delivered to Iran will be the first of 17 planes that the US Treasury Department has allowed to be sold to Iran. - 11/17/16

U.S. House Votes To Renew Iran Sanctions, Sanction Syria's Backers

- The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved bipartisan legislation to renew a decades-old Iran sanctions law and impose new sanctions on supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. - 11/16/16

Russian Delegation Discusses Defense, Energy Deals In Iran

- A delegation from Russia's upper house of parliament has been meeting with senior officials in Tehran for talks aimed at expanding ties in the defense and energy sectors following a nuclear deal with world powers. Federal Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko met separately with Iranian President Hassan Rohani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on November 14, the final day of the Russian delegation's two-day visit. - 11/15/16

Anti-Boeing Bill Offers Early Iran Test for Trump

- Will a President Trump intend to put U.S. business first and preserve and expand the U.S. manufacturing workforce as part of his plan to make America great again? Or will he hold to the reflexive anti-Iran positions of the Republican Congressional majority, Sheldon Adelson, and the neoconservatives, including the NeverTrumpers who, with Democrats marginalized across the board, are already seeking ways to gain influence with whomever the president-elect chooses to advise him? -Jim Lobe, LobeLog - 11/15/16

Germany To Provide 12 Billion Euro Financing For Iran's Petrochemical Projects

- Iran says it will soon start talks with two German companies to open a major credit line of 12 billion Euros for the development of some of its petrochemical projects. - 11/15/16

Russian Energy Firm Chiefs To Visit Iran For Talks On Possible Oil Contracts

- Iran's deputy minister of petroleum for international affairs and commerce says a delegation of Russian oil and gas companies will visit the country this week for talks about possible oil contracts. - 11/14/16

Iran's President Rouhani inaugurates three oil fields in Khouzestan

- Iran has launched first phase production at three fields in its oil-rich Khouzestan province, bringing its total crude output closer to pre-sanction levels. Production from Yadavaran, North Yaran and North Azadegan were inaugurated in an official ceremony attended by President Hassan Rouhani. - 11/13/16

Iran needs $200B to develop oil industry: Oil Minister

- Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said on Tuesday that $200 billion investment is required to develop the country's oil industry. "Internal resources are not enough to meet such need, therefore we should attract foreign investment", Zanganeh said in a press conference. - 11/13/16

GOP in new push against Iran-Boeing deal

- Shortly after the victory of Donald Trump as the president-elect of the United States, an early indication has appeared to show that the Republicans are already gearing up to undo the achievements of the outgoing President Barack Obama in his approach toward Iran. The US House Rules Committee announced on Thursday that it is preparing to debate legislation that aims to block US financing for sale of $25 billion worth of planes to Iran by American aviation giant Boeing. - 11/11/16

Iran and the legal status of the Caspian Sea: repeating positions that no other country accepts

- Recently, representative of Iran in the 47th session of the forgiven ministers of the Caspian Sea littoral States repeated Iran's positions about the legal status of the Caspian Sea once again. These were positions that have been heard for the last many years from Iranian officials in various levels, and yet there is no indication that any other littoral country tends to accept them. -Bahman Aghai Diba - 11/10/16

Iran's Chabahar hosts first sea travelers

- Iran says it has launched the first passenger terminal at its only oceanic port thus making it possible to directly host visitors from Pakistan, India, Oman and beyond. The terminal at Chabahar Port which has a total capacity of 400 passengers per day was inaugurated on Wednesday when a ship arrived from Oman's Muscat carrying over two dozen people. - 11/10/16

Iran Signs Major Gas Deal WIth France's Total

- Iran has signed a deal with French energy firm Total to develop a major offshore gas field, Tehran's first major contract with a Western energy firm since the lifting of international sanctions. - 11/8/16

Iran to boost foothold in U.S. carpet market

- Iran says it has drawn serious plans to boost exports of hand-woven carpets to the United States, adding that it is already sending about a third of its total global sales to US market. - 11/8/16

The Tangled Politics Of Caspian Energy

- The Caspian seabed contains some of the largest reserves of oil and natural gas in the world. And if one adds the hydrocarbon wealth present onshore in the Caspian littoral countries -- Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, and Russia -- the volumes are staggering. - 11/7/16

Azerbaijan: Choosing Between Repressing Dissent and Western Loans

- Azerbaijan must make legislative changes within four months that expand rights for local civil society organizations, or risk losing billions of dollars in loans it needs to build a key gas pipeline. The demand, made by an international watchdog group, marks a potential source of humiliation for the Azerbaijani government... -Joshua Kucera, LobeLog - 11/5/16

President Obama extends national emergency against Iran

- US President Barack Obama has extended the country's national emergency with respect to Iran despite last year's nuclear agreement with Tehran and the P5+1 to lift sanctions. In a letter sent to Congress on Thursday, Obama told lawmakers that US relations with Iran have not returned to normal, and that it's necessary to maintain the status quo. The executive order means non-nuclear US sanctions against Iran will remain in effect for at least another year. - 11/4/16

Armenia, Iran Sign Deal To Increase Gas Imports, Power Flows

- Armenia is looking to increase imports of natural gas from neighboring Iran after the two countries signed an agreement earlier this week. Armenia currently imports up to 500 million cubic meters of Iranian gas annually through a pipeline built in 2008. By comparison, Russian gas supplies to the South Caucasus country total around 2 billion cubic meters. - 11/3/16

Tehran, Moscow ink MOU on transport co-op

- Iran and Russia signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on cooperation in air, sea, rail and road transportation. The MOU was signed on Tuesday by Alexey Tsydenov, the deputy minister of transport of the Russian Federation, and Mehrdad Taqizadeh, the Iranian deputy transport minister, on the sidelines of the eighth Iran-Russia Joint Transportation Committee meeting in Tehran. - 11/3/16

The billion-dollar gold rush to tap into Iranian oil

- The chase is on for some of the most prized oil and gas assets in the world, following the lifting of sanctions on Iran earlier this year. The historic deal paved the way for the country to rebuild its lost production capacity and fight for market share. -CNBC - 11/3/16

Iran's oil sales to Europe top 700,000 bpd

- Iran exported more than 700,000 barrels per day (bpd) of crude oil to Europe in October, but Asia remained the country's main customer, a senior official says. "Iran's crude oil exports averaged 2.44 million barrels per day in October," director general for international affairs of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) Mohsen Qamsari said in Tehran on Wednesday. - 11/2/16

With JCPOA implementation, Iran and UK must make up for lost ground: President Rouhani

- In a meeting with the new British Ambassador to Tehran Nicholas Hopton on Monday, Rouhani added that all sides to the nuclear agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), should completely fulfill their obligations. "After the JCPOA, we need to make up for the lost opportunities in the past and this requires the development of economic, scientific, cultural and political relations," the Iranian president stated. - 11/1/16

Iran, China seal New Silk Road deal

- Iran and China have finalized an agreement which allows Chinese traders to use the Iranian territory for exports to Europe as envisaged in an ambitious plan by Beijing named the New Silk Road initiative. - 11/1/16

Frustrated Europe hopes Clinton win can spur elusive Iran deals leftright 4/4leftright

- After a year of disappointment, European businesses are hoping a victory for Hillary Clinton in the U.S. election next week may help break the logjam that has prevented large-scale Western investments in Iran since the opening of its economy. -Reuters - 11/1/16

Iran's Kish Invex 2016 to host 30 foreign companies

- The 3rd Kish International Exhibition of Exchange, Banking, Insurance and Privatization and the 8th International Exhibition for Presenting Iran's Investment Opportunities, are about to be held simultaneously in November under the title of Kish Invex 2016, IRNA reported on Saturday. - 10/30/16

Iran unveils 4 biotechnology medicines expected to decrease outflow by $600M

- An Iranian pharmaceutical company has unveiled four domestically produced biotechnology medicines, leading to $600 million decrease in flow of money out of the country annually. - 10/30/16

Europe Capitalizes on the Iran Deal

- As Washington think-tanks, with some notable exceptions, keep churning out papers advising the next American president to double down on containing Iran, the European Parliament adopted a report on October 25 that is strikingly different in tone and substance. Drafted by the UK Labour Party politician Richard Howitt , the motion received overwhelming support in the house: 459 votes in favor, with 174 against and 67 abstentions. -Eldar Mamedov - 10/29/16

Iran's carpet exports to US at $50M since sanctions removal in January

- Between March and September this year, Iran exported $134 million worth of handmade carpets, or 2,330 tons, to 80 countries, Reuters said. That was a 17.7 percent increase in value and 10 percent rise in weight compared to a year earlier. - 10/28/16

Iran says imports from Germany up 25 percent

- Iran's official figures show that the country's imports from Germany have increased by a quarter in what could be a fresh indication of growing opening in Iran's post-sanctions business environment. - 10/27/16

U.S. House To Vote On Extending Iran Sanctions Law After Elections: Report

- The Reuters news agency is reporting that Republican leaders of the U.S. House plan to vote after the November 8 elections on reauthorizing the Iran Sanctions Act, setting up a potential showdown with the White House. - 10/26/16

EU seeks closer ties with Iran after JCPOA: President Rouhani

- President Hassan Rouhani says the European Union is willing to expand its relations with Iran, especially in the light of the circumstances that has ensued Tehran's nuclear agreement with world powers. Rouhani made the remarks in Tehran on Wednesday during a joint press conference with visiting Finnish President Sauli Niinisto, who is in the Iranian capital at the head of a large business delegation. - 10/26/16

Iranian carpet makers target U.S. with peace message

- Iran's carpet makers are distancing themselves from their government in promoting their handmade work as they seek to regain valuable U.S. sales and protect jobs following the removal of economic sanctions. -Reuters - 10/26/16

Iran, Bosnia sign economic MoU

- Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the promotion of business cooperation and mutual investment. The document was signed by the countries' officials in the presence of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and the visiting chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bakir Izetbegovic, during a ceremony at Tehran's Sadabad Complex on Tuesday. - 10/25/16

UK lifts sanctions on key Iranian bank

- The British government has announced that it has removed Bank Saderat Iran (BSI) from its list of sanctioned entities. The announcement was made by the UK Treasury which added that the BSI assets had also been unfrozen. - 10/25/16

Envoy hails as 'historic' Finland President's visit to Tehran

- Finnish President Sauli Niinisto, at head of a high-ranking delegation, will visit Tehran in an effort to broaden and deepen ties between Tehran and Helsinki. The delegation consists of a number world-known Finnish companies in different areas such as environment and water resources management, Finnish Ambassador to Tehran Harri Kamarainen told the Tehran Times on Sunday. - 10/24/16

Iran supports measures aimed at stabilizing oil market: President Rouhani

- Iran's President Hassan Rouhani says the Islamic Republic supports any measures aimed at restoring stability to global oil markets. "Iran supports any measure in line with the stabilization of the oil market, fair prices and equitable quota for the producers," Rouhani said in a meeting with visiting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Tehran on Saturday. - 10/23/16

President Rouhani on Iranophobia: Iran is kinder than what has been said

- President Hassan Rouhani has said Iran wants peaceful coexistence with the countries in the region and the larger world, noting Iran is "kinder" than what has been said. Addressing a ceremony on the National Exports Day on Thursday, Rouhani said Iran's relations with the world should be based on constructive interactions. He noted that expanding relations with the world would not be successful through disputes. - 10/22/16

French firm Total to invest $2B in Iran's petchem industry

- Iran says it expects the French energy giant Total to invest as much as $2 billion in its petrochemical industry. Adel Salimnejad, the managing director of Iran's Persian Gulf Holding Company, told the domestic media that Total's investment will be made in an olefin project. - 10/22/16

Baku wants Iran to develop power plants in Azerbaijan

- Azerbaijan has called on Iran to expedite the implementation of a plan which envisages the joint construction of power plants by the two countries. Etibar Pirverdiyev, the head of Azerenergy JSC which is the largest electrical power producer in Azerbaijan, said the joint construction of new power plants by Azerbaijan and Iran will enhance energy stability and export potential of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. - 10/21/16

Iran says talking to 16 firms over oil projects

- Iran says it is negotiating with 16 international energy companies over investing in the exploration and development of oil and gas projects that it recently put out on tender. Gholam-Reza Manouchehri, the deputy head of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) for engineering and development affairs, told reporters that all the projects which were put out on tender earlier this week are feasible even with oil at $40 a barrel. - 10/20/16

Britain's Vodafone Enters Iranian Phone Market

- Vodafone and HiWEB, a leading Iranian ISP, today jointly announced a new non-equity Partner Market agreement for Iran. Vodafone will assist HiWEB in rolling out and modernising network and IT infrastructure, expanding the fixed and mobile internet services - under the HiWEB brand - that HiWEB can offer to its Iranian consumer and corporate customers. - 10/19/16
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