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Ordibehesht 5 1397
April 25 2018
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Iranian Workers Extend Protests Against Water Shortages, Salary Delays

- Workers in Iran's southwestern province of Khuzestan have launched an extended protest against water shortages and nonpayment of wages. Social media users who contacted VOA Persian said farmers from the town of Bavi protested for a third straight day outside a local government building in nearby Ahvaz city on Monday. They said the farmers complained of not receiving enough water to irrigate their crops. -Michael Lipin, VOA - 4/24/18

Iran's Appliances And Vehicles Market Hit By Forex Crisis, Blackouts on the Way

- Two weeks after the Rouhani administration introduced its new foreign exchange policy of a single rate for US dollar, travellers and businesses complain that foreign currency is not available at the government-imposed rate of 42,000 rials for a dollar. - 4/23/18

Iran Bans Banks From Using Cryptocurrencies

- Iran has banned the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by its banks and financial institutions. "The use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in all the country's monetary and financial centers was banned," an April 23 statement by the central bank said. - 4/23/18

Iranians Hit By 'Perfect Currency Storm'

- Every day, hundreds head to Tehran's bustling Ferdowsi street to buy foreign currency, only to find that many exchange offices have shut up shop, have turned off their currency-rate displays, or have signs up reading, "We don't have U.S. dollars to sell." A nationwide dollar-buying panic is in full swing, spurred by the plunging value of the Iranian rial, a sluggish economy, and fears that the United States will reimpose crippling sanctions on the Islamic republic. -Frud Bezhan Niusha Boghrati, RFE/RL - 4/22/18

Reformists Gather To Press Iran's President Rouhani On House Arrests, Economy

- In a rare meeting earlier this week with President Hassan Rouhani, members of his reformist political block criticized the president, demanding he intervene to end the house arrest of fellow reformists, create a more significant role for the vice president, and oversee better economic management. - 4/20/18

IMF Sees Iran's GDP Growth At 4 Percent In 2018

- The International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its latest World Economic Outlook titled "Cyclical Upswing, Structural Change" predicted a four-percent real gross domestic product (GDP) growth for Iran in 2018, down 0.3 percent from 4.3 percent in 2017. - 4/19/18

Iranians: Surge in Foreign Drug Prices Causing Hardship

- Iranians say prices of foreign pharmaceuticals have surged in recent weeks because of the strengthening U.S. dollar, causing hardship for the sick and inciting anger toward people seen as profiting from the situation. In Tuesday's edition of VOA Persian's Straight Talk call-in show, callers from inside Iran accused the government of failing to deal with the problem. -Michael Lipin, VOA - 4/18/18

Iranian Pakshoo Brand Wins New York Festival Award

- An Iranian company has outperformed global brands, winning silver and bronze World Medals at an internationally recognized festival for corporate film production, the first in Iran's advertising industry. Pakshoo industrial Group was awarded the Corporate Image Film and Writing distinctions for its Your Story Is Our Story film on April 10 at the 2018 New York Festivals World's Best TV & Films competition. - 4/18/18

Iran expects delivery of 14 ATR, Airbus and Boeing aircraft this year

- Iran should receive 14 new passenger aircraft this year under agreements signed with Airbus, Boeing and ATR planemakers, a government official has said. Tehran has ordered more than 200 planes since US-led sanctions against the country were lifted in 2016 under a nuclear agreement but US President Donald Trump's threat to rip up the deal next month has raised doubts about deliveries. - 4/18/18

EU Stops Short Of Imposing Additional Sanctions On Iran

- Meeting in Luxembourg, EU foreign ministers strongly defended the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers and declined to impose new sanctions against Iran over its role in the Syrian conflict. "There is no consensus at the moment on the fact that these measures would be useful in this moment or appropriate in this moment," EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said after the April 16 meeting. -RFE/RL - 4/17/18

Iran's Foreign Currency Markets In Chaos Despite Central Bank Intervention

- One week after the Rouhani administration announced the government-imposed rate of 42,000 rials against every US dollar, chaos and ambiguity in Iran's foreign exchange market continue. In an attempt to control the free fall, the Rouhani administration announced an imposed rate of 42,000 rials to the U.S. dollar April 10, in addition to other protective measures. -Radio Farda - 4/17/18

Iran, Turkey open first LC in own currencies in blow to dollar

- Iran and Turkey have opened their first letter of credit for business transactions in their national currencies as the two countries move to ditch the US dollar and the euro in bilateral trade. The first foreign exchange swap in the Iranian rial and Turkish lira came on Tuesday after months of anticipation, which followed an agreement signed last year to use local currencies in trade. -Press TV - 4/17/18

Iran Bans Sale Of Foreign Currencies At Exchange Bureaus

- Iran's central bank has announced a ban on the sale of foreign currencies at exchange bureaus. Under new government guidelines, exchange bureaus no longer have the right to buy, sell, or transfer foreign currencies, and the central bank will no longer provide cash to the bureaus. - 4/16/18

Iranian alternatives for Telegram messaging app in close-up

- Iranian alternatives for Telegram messaging application are now on the table for Iranian users, who are encouraged by the government to replace their Telegram account with a domestic application. The replacement of Telegram, as the most popular messaging app in Iran, with Iranian messaging applications is being turned into a challenge on the national level. -Setareh Behroozi, Tehran Times - 4/16/18

The US is considering economic warfare with Iran

- The problem for Iran is that the U.S. government is likely going to start taking on a more belligerent posture any day now. Moreover, some hawkish groups in Washington are calling for open economic warfare against Iran. National Security Adviser and infamous war-hawk John Bolton just started work this week. Mike Pompeo, another person eager to start a war with Iran, is hoping to soon be confirmed as Secretary of State. -Business Insider - 4/16/18

String 'Em Up: Iranian Cleric Wants Money Changers Executed Amid Currency Crisis

- A senior hard-line Iranian cleric has called for the execution of "several key money changers" to help end the country's currency crisis. Iran's rial hit a record low earlier this week, losing 35 percent of its value against the dollar amid fears of U.S. actions that could cripple Iran's economy. - 4/13/18

U.S. Treasury Secretary Warns Of 'Very Strong' Sanctions On Iran

- U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has signaled that the United States may impose "very strong" sanctions on Iran as President Donald Trump seeks to address what he called the "disastrous flaws" in the 2015 nuclear agreement between Tehran and world powers. -RFE/RL - 4/12/18

Iran to switch to Euro as official reporting currency

- Iran has unveiled a plan to switch from the US dollar to Euro as its official reporting foreign currency in an effort which could be meant to reign in the rate of the greenback that hit multiple records against the Rial earlier this week. Valiollah Seif, the governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), was reported to have said the plan would be implemented immediately after the approval of the government. - 4/11/18

Drought-Plagued Iranian Farmers Protest Lack of Access to Water

- Farmers in Isfahan, Iran, are continuing to protest the lack of water available to irrigate their fields. Recent amateur video on social media showed protesters chanting slogans while security forces tried to disperse them. - 4/11/18

Iran Tries To Unify Exchange Rates To Halt Currency Decline

- Iranian authorities have vowed to enforce a single exchange rate to the U.S. dollar in a bid to stop a slide that has seen Iran's rial currency fall by more than one-third in seven months. The move came after the rial slid to 60,000 rials against the dollar on the unregulated market on April 9, according to media reports. The U.S. currency stood at 36,000 rials in mid-September. - 4/10/18

Russia, Iran, Turkey mull unified payment system

- Energy Minister Alexander Novak says Russia is considering payments in national currencies in trade with Iran and Turkey amid their escalating tensions with the US. -Press TV - 4/10/18

Sudden Rise Of Dollar In Iran Stops Currency Trading On Free Market

- Iran's currency took another big hit, falling between 6-9 percent on Sunday, extending a slide to a new record low on continued concerns over a return of crippling sanctions if U.S. President Donald Trump carries out his threat to exit a nuclear deal with Tehran. The U.S. dollar jumped to as much as 58,000 rials on the open market in the capital Tehran, according to some reports. -Radio Farda - 4/9/18

Iran's Non-Oil Export Revenue $6 Billion Less Than Projected

- Chairman of Iran's Trade Promotion Organization Mojtaba Khosrowtaj says Iran's non-oil export between March 2017 and March 2018 has had a growth of 6.5 percent compared to previous year, but still non-oil export revenues lag behind the projected figure by $6 billion, reported official news agency IRNA on April 4. The annual non-oil export revenue was projected at $53 billion, but Iran has realized only around $47 billion, the report said. - 4/6/18

Russia to invest $50 billion in Iran oil, gas: Official

- Russian investment in developing Iran's oil and gas fields could total more than $50 billion, presidential aide Yuri Ushakov has said. "Energy is the most promising sphere for cooperation between Russia and Iran. Leading Russian oil and gas companies such as Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, Rosneft, Lukoil, Zarubezhneft and Tatneft are systemically working on development of fields in Iran. The expected amount of investments is over $50 billion," he told reporters in Moscow Monday. - 4/5/18

Workers Demanding Overdue Wages Detained In Iran

- The Islamic Republic's security forces have reportedly arrested several workers on Saturday, March 31, at Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Mill in city of Ahvaz, capital of oil-rich Khuzestan province, southwestern Iran. Earlier on Thursday, five other workers were also detained. - 4/4/18

US-China trade war a boon to Iran's pistachio exports

- A trade war between the US and China might be an unlikely boon to Iran's pistachio exports which have resurged following the lifting of sanctions on Tehran. China has announced retaliatory tariffs of between 15 and 25 percent on some imports from the US, including nuts, in response to steep duties on some Chinese goods announced by the Trump administration. - 4/4/18

Iran ranked 16th largest car manufacturer in 2017

- The International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers OICA (Organisation Internationale des Constructers' d'Automobiles) ranked Iran as the 16th largest car manufacturer in 2017. The country produced a total of 1,515,396 cars in 2017, an increase of 18.19 percent year on year, Mehr reported. - 4/2/18

Iran-Azerbaijan relations beneficial to entire world: President Rouhani

- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has hailed amicable ties between Iran and Azerbaijan, saying cooperation between the two neighbors is beneficial to the entire world. Addressing an Iran-Azerbaijan business forum in Baku on Thursday, Rouhani said, "We are today witnessing the best of ties between the two nations and governments." The outcome of such bilateral relations, Rouhani added, will be "in the interest of the region and the whole world." - 3/29/18

Record Rise Of The US Dollar Angers Iranians

- The rapid and record fall of the Iranian currency has made many Iranians angry at President Hassan Rouhani, who has repeatedly dismissed the rise of the dollar against the rial as insignificant and transient. On March 28, the Iranian currency, rial, hit a new low of 52,000 to the US dollar. The rial was around 38,000 to the dollar just a year ago. -Radio Farda - 3/29/18

Natural gas: An underrated driver of Saudi hostility towards Iran and Qatar

- Debilitating hostility between Saudi Arabia and Iran is about lots of things, not least who will have the upper hand in a swath of land stretching from Central Asia to the Atlantic coast of Africa. While attention is focused on ensuring that continued containment of Iran ensures that Saudi Arabia has a leg up, geopolitics is but one side of the equation. Natural gas is the other. -James M. Dorsey - 3/28/18

Iran's President Rouhani in Turkmenistan to boost ties

- Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has arrived in Turkmenistan's capital, Ashgabat, on a state visit meant to enhance bilateral ties. President Rouhani was officially welcomed by his Turkmen counterpart, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, upon arrival in Ashgabat on Tuesday. - 3/27/18

Iran in talks to sell more heavy water: AEOI spokesman

- Iran is in talks to sell more heavy water after sales to the United States, Russia, and other countries, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi has said. The official, quoted by Fars news agency on Monday, also said the country was to unveil its achievements in the area of heavy water technology on April 9, the National Atomic Energy Day. - 3/26/18

EU plans to shield firms trading with Iran: Guardian

- The EU is preparing for the aftermath of a possible US withdrawal from a landmark deal with Iran, drawing up contingency plans to support European companies trading with Iran, a UK report says. They are considering providing emergency credit lines and funding support to the companies which face "potentially devastating loss of financial support by commercial banks" if President Donald Trump goes ahead with his threat to ditch the deal, the Guardian reported. - 3/25/18

China's Silk Road fires up Iran's rail revolution

- Iran's rail industry gets a fresh boost from China's dedication of $845 million to build a train line connecting Tehran to the western cities of Hamadan and Sanandaj. A Wednesday report said China National Machinery Industry Corp, known as Sinomach, signed a contract worth 5.35 billion yuan with Iran which is on a railway modernization and expansion drive. -Press TV - 3/22/18

Trump poses new threat to Iran's resurgent rug trade

- As many as 80 countries received shipments of handmade Iranian carpets totaling $400 million in value in the Persian year which ended on Tuesday, head of Iran National Carpet Center Hamid Kargar told Fars news agency Wednesday. "More than $100 million worth of Iranian carpets were exported to the United States in the 11 months of 1396 while in the past years, those exports had reached zero as a result of sanctions and malicious policies of the United States," he said. - 3/21/18

EU plans no additional sanctions against Iran: Foreign Policy Chief

- The European Union foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, says the bloc has no plans to impose more sanctions on Iran after reports emerged that European signatories to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal have proposed fresh sanctions against Tehran under the pressure of Washington. - 3/20/18

Total says committed to its contract with Iran

- French energy giant Total says it is fully committed to the development of an Iranian gas field, adding the firm will seek a waiver if the US decides to unilaterally pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. - 3/19/18

As Short-Term Solutions Fail, Iran's Currency Loses More Value

- The exchange rate for the US dollar against the Iranian currency, tuman, rose to a record high on March 13 as attempts by the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) during recent months to defend the local currency appear to have failed. One dollar was traded for 4,800 tumans in Tehran on Tuesday, showing yet another hype since its steep decline began 10 months ago. - 3/16/18

Chinese firm to fund Iran plane purchases

- Iran's media say the country's national airline Iran Air has signed an agreement with a Chinese company to provide funding for the company's plane purchase campaigns - most notably those pursued with Airbus and Boeing. The Persian-language newspaper Iran reported that the agreement had been signed on Monday at Iran Air premises in Tehran, citing a statement by the country's Ministry of Roads and Urban Development. - 3/16/18

Railroad Project to Connect Iran With Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan

- The foreign ministers of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Iran held the first-ever quadrilateral meeting in Baku to discuss regional cooperation. At the center of the discussions was the construction of Rasht-Astara railroad, the 180-kilometer-long rail line that will connect the Iranian and Azerbaijani cities. The project is expected to be completed in three years. -Asgar Asgarov, VOA - 3/16/18

Iran Signs $4 Billion Oil Deal With Russian Firm

- Iran has signed a $742 million deal with Russian state-owned energy firm Zarubezhneft to boost production at two oil fields in the country's west. Zarubezhneft and Dana Energy, a private Iranian company, will jointly develop the Aban and Paydar fields in Ilam province near the Iraqi border, to boost production from 36,000 to 48,000 barrels of oil per day. - 3/15/18

Dollar in doldrums in Iran

- Iranians have been dealing with an ever-increasing devaluation of the rial since the beginning of the present Iranian calendar (March 21, 2017) but the major and unexpected depreciation occurred almost a month ago, in mid-February, when is supposed to be the biggest crackdown on foreign exchanges in six years. At the time, U.S. dollar broke all records and jumped to almost 50,000 rials in Tehran's currency exchange shops, while it used to be bought almost 37,500 rials earlier in past April, 38,000 rials in past September, 41,000 rials in past December and 43,000 rials in early January, 2018. -Haniyeh Sadat Jafariyeh - 3/12/18

'Startups, the golden solution for tackling urban development challenges': Tehran Mayor

- Tehran Mayor Mohammad Ali Najafi has expressed the municipality's readiness to actively support startups, considering them as 'the golden solution' for tackling challenges of urban development. The municipality has a positive and supportive view towards startups and recognizes them as a prerequisite for developing a smart city, Mehr quoted him as saying on Sunday. - 3/12/18

Russia says Iran to become Eurasian Economic Union member in May

- Russia says Iran could join an emerging economic bloc that it leads as early as May in a move that could eventually help both nations dodge the impacts of US-led economic sanctions they face. Russia's Energy Minister Alexander Novak was quoted by media as saying that Iran's membership to the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) could help the expansion of bilateral trade and investment between Tehran and Moscow. - 3/11/18

Tehran, Moscow set to broaden economic cooperation

- The 14th meeting of Iran-Russian Joint Economic Committee wrapped up on Tuesday with signing a cooperation document by Iranian Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Masoud Karbasian and Russian Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin in Moscow. - 3/9/18

Iran, Russia discuss Superjets, trade in local currencies

- Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak says Moscow and Tehran have discussed deliveries of Sukhoi Superjet 100 passenger planes to Iran amid uncertainties about deals with Boeing and Airbus. "We discussed the possibility of Sukhoi Superjet 100 purchase by our Iranian partners and outlined a plan of how this can be put it into practice," Russian media quoted him as saying in Moscow Tuesday. - 3/7/18

Iran Stops Flaring Gas Worth Millions Of Dollars

- Iran inaugurated a gas processing complex on Wednesday, February 28, that will help the country to stop flaring gas worth of million of dollars. According to Iranian officials, the complex of Hengam Oilfield in Qeshm island located in southern Iran can process 827 million cubic meters per day of natural gas which was previously flared. - 3/4/18

Did Bad Economic Conditions Cause Iran's Protests?

- Like other Iranian president before him, President Hassan Rouhani is having a bad second term. Only six months after his decisive re-election, protesters were in streets shouting "Death to Rouhani." Then came a sharp fall in the value of the rial, by 10% in two weeks, which threatens to undo the principal economic achievement of his first term-lowering inflation-and his plans to lower interest rates. Iran's Central Bank had to increase interest rates last month to stop the fall of the rial. These are precarious times for Rouhani, who has won two elections promising economic revival. -Djavad Salehi-Isfahani - 3/2/18

Iran bans using dollar as base import pricing currency

- Iran moved a step closer to a plan to ditch the dollar in its trade activities by announcing that purchase orders by merchants that are based on the greenback would no longer be allowed to go through import proceedings. Iran's domestic media reported that the policy was in line with an official request by the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) and was specifically meant to address fluctuations in market rates of the dollar. - 3/1/18

Iran Leader Calls Labor Unrest 'Enemy Plot' as Workers Protest Unpaid Wages

- Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has reacted to an upsurge in labor unrest by labeling it a plot backed by the country's enemies, echoing his response to anti-government protests last month. In recent weeks, Iranian workers protesting labor conditions have gone on strike at a steel-making company in Ahvaz and at the Haft Tapeh sugar cane plantation in Shush, two cities located in the southwestern province of Khuzestan. Workers for the Tehran Metro rapid transit system also have been on strike. Michael Lipin - 2/27/18

US curbs bid to take Iran off FATF financial blacklist

- The world's financial watchdog has extended a waiver for punitive measures against Iran for another six months but refused to remove the country from its blacklist. The Paris-based the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) had been weighing Tehran's request for the lifting of so-called countermeasures for some time but a flurry of recent visits by a top US official to France and other European countries thwarted the bid. - 2/25/18

Iran says currency market volatility over: Central Bank Chief

- Iran's top banker says calm has returned to the country's currency market after a turmoil of multiple weeks that shot the rates of foreign currencies through the ceiling. Valiollah Seif, the governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), told reporters on Wednesday that the current calm in the currency market was a result of a series of measures the most important of which he said was preventing "unlawful activities in the currency market". - 2/22/18

Iran announce bid to create own digital currency

- Iran says it is preparing to launch its own digital currency in a move that many believe can help reduce the country's vulnerability to the impacts of US-led sanctions. Iran's Minister of Information and Communications Technology Mohammad Azari Jahromi was quoted by the domestic media as saying that a plan was already on agenda to develop a platform for using cryptocurrency in the country. - 2/22/18

US turns focus to Asia over Iran trade after milking European banks

- US authorities say they are turning their focus to Asia to strangle financial transactions with Iran after closing off money flows through European banks. The shift underscores the current US administration's disdain for a landmark nuclear deal which should have paved the way for Iran's reconnection to the international banking system. - 2/21/18

Iran's President Rouhani and India's Prime Minister Modi express readiness to expand ties in all areas

- President Hassan Rouhani of Iran and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India have expressed readiness to expand relations between their countries in all areas. President Rouhani and Prime Minister Modi expressed their respective countries' preparedness for the enhancement of the relations at the Indian prime minister's Hyderabad House in the Indian capital on Saturday. - 2/17/18

EU ready to negotiate Iran's joining Southern Gas Corridor initiative

- European Commission Vice-President for Energy Union Maros Sefcovic said EU is ready to discuss Iran's joining to the Southern Gas Corridor (SGC) with all partners of the project, IRNA reported on Thursday. The Southern Gas Corridor is an initiative of the European Commission for the natural gas supply from Caspian and Middle Eastern regions to Europe. - 2/17/18

Iran Takes Measures To Combat Rial's Fall To Record Lows

- Iran's central bank announced measures to combat the rial's fall to record lows one day after police cracked down on foreign exchange dealers on the streets of Tehran. The central bank's announcement on February 15 that it will allow an increase in the interest rates paid on bank deposits came after the Iranian currency plummeted to a record low of 48,400 to the dollar earlier in the week. - 2/16/18

Iran Cracks Down On Currency Traders Amid Steep Fall In Rial

- Iranian authorities have arrested dozens of money changers in Tehran amid a steep decline in the Iranian currency that has sent the rial to a record low against the U.S. dollar. A video by state broadcaster IRINN on February 14 showed dozens of currency hawkers who usually are stationed across the street from the British Embassy in central Tehran being rounded up by police. - 2/15/18

Indian investments in Iran on top of President Rouhani's visit

- Diplomats in New Delhi say Iran's President Hassan Rouhani will try to encourage Indian businesses to invest "billions of dollars" in the Islamic Republic during his three-day visit which will start on Thursday. Top on the agenda of Rouhani's visit would be the completion of Iran's Chabahar port by India as well as discussions over a potential deal for Indian companies to develop an offshore gas field in Iran. - 2/15/18

Renault's investment in Iran to hit 800 million Euros

- French automaker Renault is going to expand activities in Iran, boosting its total investments in the country to 800 million Euros, IRNA reported quoting the company's director for MENA region. Speaking at the 5th edition of Iran's Automotive Industry International Conference in Tehran on Tuesday, Pascal Felten noted that with the new round of cooperation between Iran and Renault beginning, the company will create 10 times more job opportunities in the country. - 2/14/18

Iranian airlines examining Russian Sukhoi superjet for possible purchase

- A Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 landed on Tehran's Mehrabad Airport on Monday morning and was examined by Iranian aviation experts deciding about its future purchase, Tasnim news agency reported. "The Russian airplane maker asked Iran to let its aircraft land on Mehrabad on its way back from Singapore Air Show 2018," the Secretariat of Association of Iranian Airlines Maghsoud Asadi Samani told Tasnim on the sidelines of the superjet's examination. - 2/13/18

Non-oil sector, market reintegration key to Iran growth

- Iran's top banker says the country's economic growth was robust in the fiscal year which is coming to a close soon but further improvement will depend on the non-oil performance of the economy. ran's growth last year came courtesy of the recovery in oil production following the lifting of US-led sanctions, which boosted the government's earnings. - 2/11/18

"This is Slavery": 30 Sugar Plant Workers Arrested in Iran For Demanding Unpaid Wages

- Police arrested more than 30 protesters on the fourth day of a strike by hundreds of workers on February 4, 2018, at a major sugar plant near the city of Shush, in Iran's Khuzestan Province. In a video message posted on his Telegram channel on February 4, 2018, prominent labor activist Jafar Azimzadeh said the workers at the Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Agro-Industrial Company were being treated like slaves. - 2/8/18

Paris to host Euromoney Iran Conference 2018

- Co-hosted by Central Bank of Iran (CBI), the second round of Euromoney Iran Conference will kick off in the France's capital on Thursday, IRNA reported. Heading a delegation comprised of CBI and Finance Ministry's scholars and experts, Iranian Deputy Finance Minister Mohammad Khazaie will attend this year's event. - 2/8/18

Delegation of Iranian women entrepreneurs visit France

- A delegation of 32 Iranian women entrepreneurs, members of chambers of commerce, heads of private companies and other noble women in different fields visited Paris to attend economic meetings. The group arrived in Paris on Wednesday to attend a seminar titled "Iranian women, dynamic women", and a round table talk in the French parliament, IRNA reported. - 2/7/18

Total CEO: Iran's South Pars gas project 'progressing well' despite Trump's threats

- Total's work on the South Pars gas project is well on track despite US threats of new sanctions on Iran, the French oil and gas group's Chief Executive Patrick Pouyanne says. Pouyanne told Le Monde newspaper on Tuesday that Total was consulting with French and European authorities over protecting its investments in Iran, in case there was a resumption of sanctions. - 2/7/18

French, Italian companies provide finance for Iran Air's new planes: CEO

- Iran Air (HOMA) CEO Farzaneh Sharafbafi told the media that Iran Air will use the credit lines of French and Italian companies to buy new Airbus and ATR airplanes. "To buy some new aircrafts, the two plane-makers of France and Italy have specified two credit lines for Iran Air (HOMA)," announced Iran Air (HOMA) CEO Farzaneh Sharafbafi on Sunday. - 2/5/18

Iran 10-month crude output up 165kbd: Oil Minister

- Iranian Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zangeneh says the country's petroleum output has increased by 165,000 b/d in the first 10 months of the current Iranian calendar year which began on March 21 compared to the same period last year. Addressing a press conference here in Tehran on Sunday, the official said Iran's crude exports have also increased by 60,000 b/d in the period year-on-year, Iran's oil ministry website SHANA reported on Sunday. - 2/5/18

United States lifts ban on farmed caviar import from Iran after 25 years

- An adviser to Iran's minister of agriculture reported on Wednesday that the United Stated has lifted the ban on farmed caviar import from Iran, adding that 10 km of the product were exported to the US last year. Speaking at a ceremony in commemoration of Islamic Revolution at Iranian Ministry of Agriculture, Abbas Rajaei told reports that the 25-year old ban on farmed caviar import from Iran has been lifted, adding that Iran's caviar export to the US has resumed. - 2/2/18

Iraq calls for Iran's aid in reconstruction

- Iraq's Deputy Commerce Minister said Thu. that security has been restored to his country and Iranian investors and companies are welcome to aid Iraq in its reconstruction projects. Iraq's Deputy Commerce Minister Walid Habib al-Mousavi made the remarks in the 7th session of Iraq-Iran development of economic cooperation on Thursday in Mashhad, adding "Iran supported Iraq in the fight against ISIL more than any other county in the world." - 2/2/18

President Rohani Says Iranian Leaders Must Listen To The People

- President Hassan Rohani has said that the Iranian people continue to support the clerical establishment despite foreign pressure but insisted that the country's leaders must listen to protesters behind a recent wave of unrest. Rohani made the comments on January 31, hours after President Donald Trump said the United States stands with the people of Iran against the country's "corrupt dictatorship." - 1/31/18

PSA invites Iran Khodro to produce Peugeots in Algeria

- French carmaker PSA Group has invited Iran Khodro (IKCO) to set up a production line for Peugeot cars in Algeria, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reports. PSA executive vice-president for purchasing, Yannick Bezard, on Tuesday visited Tehran-based Iran Khodro which has signed production deals worth 700 million euros with PSA. - 1/31/18

As Delays Mount in Iran, Executives and Employers Face Tough Career Choices

- In multinational companies, the prospect of promotion is largely tied to the ability to meet targets and hit milestones with speed. Working on Iran-related projects in the present environment makes this difficult to do. When asked to evaluate the pace of trade and investment as part of a recent Bourse & Bazaar survey, commissioned by International Crisis Group, 83 percent of senior managers at multinational companies indicate that companies "are moving slower than they could" to engage in the Iranian market. -Esfandyar Batmanghelidj, Bourse and Bazaar - 1/30/18

With better risk rating, Iran now stands next to Brazil

- Iran's media are reporting that the country's risk classification has improved by one notch in a vital sign of improved investment environment. The English-language Financial Tribune business daily reported that the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) had upgraded Iran's rating in the country risk classifications of the Participants to the Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits (CRE) from 6 to 5. - 1/27/18

Billions From Iran's Rainy-Day Fund Tapped For Military

- With some Iranians still hopping mad about state spending on religious institutions and foreign military ventures, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has green-lighted the siphoning of $2.5 billion from a currency-reserve fund to boost military spending. The announcement follows by less than two weeks an official clampdown on street protests over rising prices and other economic grievances that spread to more than 90 cities, according to RFE/RL's Radio Farda. - 1/26/18

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