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Mordad 10 1394
August 01 2015
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Will Iranian Americans Get Sanctions Relief?

- Despite the nuclear deal between the U.S. and Iran, the U.S. trade embargo with Iran will not be among the sanctions to be lifted. This means that Iranian Americans will continue to be prohibited from engaging in most trade-related transactions with Iran or Iranian parties. -Tyler Cullis, NIAC - 7/31/15

Iran sees 'new chapter' in ties with Total

- Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zangeneh says Iran welcomes French energy giant Total's return to the resource-rich country amid Tehran's drive to step up oil and gas development projects after the removal of sanctions. Zangeneh made the announcement after meeting French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius who visited Tehran to "revive relations" after the finalization of nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries. - 7/30/15

India pushing to revive Iran gas pipeline

- With a delegation headed to Tehran soon, Indian officials will push for the revival of the $7 billion gas pipeline from Iran which has to cross Pakistan, a New Delhi-based newspaper says. India dropped out of the massive project under US pressures but a recent opening in the business environment in Iran has prompted Indian leaders to make a fresh bid for the pipeline, the Economic Times reported, citing informed sources. - 7/30/15

Mercedes-Benz exploring partnership with Iran Khodro

- Mercedes-Benz is exploring a partnership with Iranian carmaker Iran Khodro for manufacturing trucks, vans, and buses, Iran Khodro Chief Executive Officer Hashem Yekke-Zare' said. The German automaker may open an office in Iran within two to three months, Yekke-Zare' said on the sidelines of a press conference in Tehran on Tuesday. - 7/29/15

US firms 'losers' when Iran doors open

- US media are criticizing "strict, decades-old restrictions" that will continue to prohibit trade with Iran even after sanctions against the country are lifted. The Wall Street Daily has warned in an article that US corporations are set to lose big to their European and Asian rivals once the gates to the Iranian market open in a post-sanction period. - 7/28/15

Iran's state banks to join SWIFT once JCPOA comes into effect: Official

- An official at the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) says the country's state-run banks will soon rejoin the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) once Iran's nuclear agreement with the world powers enters into effect. - 7/27/15

Female Entrepreneurs Fuel A Changing Iran

- It has been a long parade of investors and foreign CEOs in the office of Nazanin Daneshvar, a young female engineer who founded the e-commerce company Takhfifan (Persian for "discount"). She welcomes such visitors, and foreign journalists, who have come to Iran to discover a country as hopes have risen that the international economic sanctions will be lifted. -Sophie Fay, Worldcrunch - 7/26/15

German Economy Minister defends landmark Iran visit

- Germany's Economy Minister and Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has defended his visit to Iran, dismissing criticism by pro-Israel lobby groups which are furious at Europe's bid for post-sanction business with Tehran. Speaking to reporters in Berlin Thursday, Gabriel said Tehran's refusal to recognize Israel is not a legitimate reason to avoid doing business with Iran. - 7/24/15

Tehran keen on removing obstacles in way of foreign trade: Iran industry minister

- Iran's Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh says Tehran works to remove obstacles in way of foreign trade seeking long term economic cooperation with Europe in various areas including infrastructure, tourism, industry and investment. - 7/24/15

Iran, Europe finalize $2B of projects: $178B more to go

- Iran and the EU have opened a conference on trade and investment in Vienna, with Iranian officials pledging to splash out more than $180 billion on oil and gas projects. - 7/23/15

Turkey Allegedly Had Role in Helping Iran Dodge Sanctions

- More details are emerging about the role Turkey has allegedly been playing in assisting Iran to dodge international sanctions involving the trading of gold by an Iranian businessman that Turkey's president once dubbed a philanthropist. -Jamie Dettmer, VOA - 7/23/15

Iranian teachers arrested as forces bust protest at Parliament

- Teachers' efforts to stage demonstrations on Wednesday July 22 were unsuccessful; however, it appears that their protests have reached the ears of MPs, who have reacted to their demands in Parliament. - 7/23/15

Iran's Economy after the Nuclear Deal

- The critics of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) signed last week between the Western powers and Iran cite the potential benefits of the agreement for Iran as the main reason why it is bad for the US and its allies in the Middle East. They're wrong, however, that the extra economic resources flowing to Iran as a result of lifting sanctions will empower it to expand its influence, destabilize the region, and to undermine Western interests. -Djavad Salehi-Isfahani - 7/23/15

Iran's oil delegation in Vienna to discuss petchem investment

- An Iranian oil industry delegation has set off for Vienna to introduce investment opportunities in Iran's petrochemical industry to European investors following the removal of international sanctions against Iran. - 7/22/15

'Gold rush' begins for Iran business

- European companies see a huge potential for business in Iran and some of them have already marked out their target markets, waiting for a nod to move in. European delegations are already trickling in, adding to an increasingly hectic schedule which Iranian officials are running for foreign trade arrivals. - 7/21/15

Iran in talks with 4 carmakers

- The CEO of Iran Khodro Industrial Group (IKCO), Iran's leading car manufacturer, says IKCO is in final talks with four major foreign companies to set up joint ventures. Hashem Yekeh Zareh said IKCO has finalized a new contract with its French partner, Peugeot, which will be inked soon. - 7/21/15

Historical background of the Caspian Sea as a legal point in favor of Iran

- A review of the last rounds of negotiations between Iran and the other Caspian littoral states, including the deliberations made and decisions adopted in the several summit meetings of the Caspian states, reveal that Iran has failed to persuade the other Caspian states to consider a fair and equitable share for Iran (at least 20 percent) of the Caspian Sea. -Bahman Aghai Diba - 7/20/15

US oil service giants yearn for return to Iran

- Halliburton and Schlumberger, both among the world's largest oilfield services companies, are waiting in hopeful anticipation that Iran will ramp up oil exports, US media have said. - 7/20/15

Merkel's deputy in Tehran to talk business

- Germany's Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel is in Tehran for high-level economic and trade talks with Iranian officials. Sigmar flew to Tehran on Sunday at the head of a delegation of "representatives from companies, industry groups and the sciences," his ministry said in a statement. - 7/19/15

Iran's post-sanctions import demand to hit $200bn

- Analysts say Iran's annual import demands could hit $200 billion by 2020 as the result of the removal of the US-engineered sanctions against the country. They say the UAE, Lebanon and Turkey remain best positioned to benefit from the upswing in Iran trade volumes that they say will occur over the next few years. - 7/18/15

Pakistan Hopes to Benefit from Iran Deal, With Chinese Help

- Pakistan has been planning to build a pipeline to import natural gas from Iran for years, but work on the proposed Iran-Pakistan pipeline stalled due to international economic sanctions on Iran in response to its nuclear development program. -Ayesha Tanzeem, VOA - 7/18/15

Vienna to host Iran-EU investment conference

- Iran and the European Union will hold an international conference in Vienna on July 23-24 to discuss post-sanction opportunities for cooperation. The "Iran-EU conference on trade and investment" will bring together officials from Iran, Austria, France, the UK, Germany and other countries as well as their traders and entrepreneurs. - 7/17/15

Report: US firms in talks for Iran trade

- US corporations such as Boeing and General Electric and tech giant Apple are studying potential entry into the Iranian market or expansion of their existing operations, American media report. - 7/17/15

Iran Deal Not a Green Light for Business

- With the nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers complete, American business interests are looking for opportunities. But before all the sanctions are lifted, U.S. and global businesses will have to clear plenty of hurdles before they begin investing in and selling to Iran. -Bernard Shusman, VOA - 7/16/15

For Iran, Some Sanctions Would Go But Many Would Remain

- Many of the punishing UN, U.S., and EU financial and energy sanctions imposed on Iran in recent years to pressure Tehran to curb its nuclear activities are to be suspended or lifted in the wake of the deal struck in Vienna on July 14. But many other sanctions, particularly those imposed unilaterally by the United States years before the nuclear crisis, appear likely to remain in place for the indefinite future. -Charles Recknagel, RFE - 7/16/15

Germany sending large trade team to Iran

- Germany sees a big rise in trade with Iran, preparing the first high-profile foreign delegation for visit to Tehran this week since the conclusion of nuclear talks on Tuesday. Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel will arrive at the head of a large political and trade delegation on Sunday for a two-day visit which will also take him to the central Iranian city of Isfahan. - 7/16/15

US removes shipping sanctions on Iran

- The Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines and the country's leading ports operator, the Tidewater Middle East Maritime Company, have been removed from the US list of companies designated for sanctions and assets freeze. - 7/16/15

What The Nuclear Deal Means For Iranians

- After feeling the pinch of economic sanctions for years, ordinary Iranians appear eager to soon see the benefits of this week's landmark nuclear deal. Many believe that more international cooperation will bring improved economic conditions, new business opportunities, and better ties with Western countries. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 7/15/15

UN Could Vote to Lift Iran Sanctions Next Week

- The Iran nuclear agreement process is expected to move next week to New York, where the U.N. Security Council will adopt a resolution lifting all international sanctions related to the Islamic Republic's nuclear program. But a U.N. arms embargo will remain in place for five years and one on ballistic missiles will continue for eight years. - 7/15/15

Iran's equities soar amid optimism for nuclear deal

- Iran's main share index has soared amid rising hopes that Tehran and the five permanent members of UN Security Council plus Germany, may soon finalize a comprehensive nuclear deal. The Tehran Stock Exchange Index (TEDPIX) increased by 582 units or 2.3 percent to close at 69.194 points on Monday, the third working day this week. - 7/14/15

Iran post company links up with DHL, TNT

- The Islamic Republic of Iran Post Company has signed an MoU for cooperation with Germany's logistics firm DHL and Dutch package delivery firm TNT Express, its chief executive has said. - 7/14/15

The Future of Saudi-Iranian Relations Will Be Written in Oil

- Saudi Arabia's cantankerous objections to nuclear talks with Iran have run counter to U.S. goals and have left some puzzled over the cause of its combative behavior. A deal with Iran, of course, means much more than a stride toward global non-proliferation. It will open new realms of possibility within both Iranian and American polities -Henry Johnson - 7/12/15

Aircraft makers salivate over post-sanctions Iran

- Western plane manufacturers are anticipating contracts with Iran worth billions of dollars as soon as sanctions against the country are lifted as a result of the nuclear negotiations. - 7/12/15

Iran's oil income hits $53.6b in 2014: OPEC

- Iran's oil income amounted to $53.6 billion in 2014, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) reported, ranking Iran 9th among 12 member states. The country's oil income dropped by $8.3 billion in 2014 compared with the year before. - 7/12/15

Analyst: Ending Iran Sanctions Could Push Down Oil Prices

- Iran's economy has been hammered by a series of sanctions that have pushed it into recession, slashed the value of its currency, sparked soaring inflation, and hurt its oil sector. If and when Iran works out a deal with the United States and other nations to limit its nuclear program, some of those sanctions will end. - Jim Randle, VOA - 7/11/15

Saudi company accused of dumping in Iran

- Iranian producers of cooking oil are accusing a Saudi holding with a controlling stake in a company in Iran with dumping, the Fars news agency reported on Friday. Saudi Arabia's largest food producer Savola is already under scrutiny for owning 80% of shares in Iran's Behshahr Industrial Company which accounts for 40% of the country's edible oil market. - 7/11/15

Longest Iran bridge to reach Qeshm Island

- Iran is building its longest cross-sea bridge, linking the Qeshm island in the Persian Gulf to its coast in Bandar Abbas to join a transit corridor which stretches all the way up to the Caspian Sea and the Central Asia. - 7/10/15

Saudi Arabia Casts Wary Eye on Iran Deal

- As Iran and world powers move toward a possible nuclear deal, Saudi Arabia faces drastic geopolitical shifts. Analysts say lifting sanctions on Iran could greatly increase competition for oil sales, as well as create other far-reaching consequences for the kingdom. -Heather Murdock, VOA - 7/9/15

Genetically Modified Crops Growing In Iran Amid Lax Laws

- Iran imports $5 billion of genetically modified (GM) crops a year despite government restrictions on the production of biotech products, local media said on Monday. In the absence of clear regulations, the Ministry of Agriculture has approved repeated imports of GM crops such as rice, soybeans, rapeseed and edible oil "with prior knowledge", a review by the ministry's Behzad Qareyazi says. - 7/9/15

Kish gas field in Persian Gulf to produce 9 billion cubic meters natural gas per year

- Kish gas field near the southern Iranian island of Kish will produce 9 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas per year when its development plan is finished. According to the Iranian media, Iran Economy Council has made a decision in its latest session, which was attended by First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri and Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh, to allocate USD 1.4 billion to the development of the field. - 7/9/15

Top port operator DP World weighs Iran investment

- DP World, one of the largest port operators in the world, is weighing investments of up to $1 billion in Iran, the IRNA news agency quoted officials as saying. A delegation from the Dubai-based company, including its chairman and executives and their British partners, is visiting Iran on a three-day trip to study investment opportunities, it said. - 7/8/15

With Iranian "Windfall," Perfect is the Enemy of the Good

- What will Iran do with the money it gets as a result of an expected nuclear deal? That's a big question swirling around Washington these days. There's going to be a good of money involved, likely north of $100 billion in frozen funds that Iran will be entitled to repatriate. There will be even more in increased revenue, though this will trickle in more slowly than many think, owing to the required investments and time needed to get, for instance, the energy sector operating at anything near its capability. -Ali Gharib - 7/7/15

The Iran I Saw

- There wasn't much exceptional about my recent lunch out with a couple dozen young, aspiring entrepreneurs. It was a typical, crowded, buzzing, Nandos-like joint-good food cheap, easy to pull tables together so we could talk. These were men and women debating the latest technologies, describing their recent ideas... -Christopher Schroeder, Politico - 7/6/15

Iran vows to double oil exports after sanctions lifted

- Iran said on Sunday that it has serious plans to increase its oil exports to almost double the current levels after sanctions against the country are lifted. "We are like a pilot on the runway ready to take off. This is how the whole country is right now," Mansour Moazami, Iran's deputy petroleum minister for planning and supervision affairs, told the Wall Street Journal. - 7/6/15

Iran repatriates 13 tons of frozen gold

- Iran has secured the release of 13 metric tons of its gold assets blocked in South Africa under US-led sanctions, central bank Governor Valiollah Seif has said. The repatriation came thanks to the Iranian negotiating team's follow-up of the matter in the ongoing nuclear talks in Vienna, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) said in a statement. - 7/2/15

Iran's Supreme Leader sets growth target at 8%

- Iran's new development plan, unveiled by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Tuesday, envisages sustainable growth of eight percent over the next five years. The Leader's blueprint for the years 2016-2021, communicated to President Hassan Rouhani and heads of the judiciary and legislature, also calls for economic diplomacy, notably in Southeast Asia, to "revive foreign investment and enter global markets". - 7/1/15

French firm snaps up Iran railway deal

- France's architectural firm AREP signed an agreement on Wednesday for redevelopment of three railway stations in Iran, marking a return of European companies as nuclear negotiations with Tehran are reaching a climax. - 7/1/15

Post-deal Iran Leaders Need 'Economic Momentum' to Solidify

- As Iran and world powers negotiate a deal to lift international sanctions in exchange for curbing the Iranian nuclear program, economists say the deal could inject more than $100 billion into Iran's coffers. The money is not enough to entirely rescue Iran's ailing economy, they say, but it may be enough to create an "economic momentum" to solidify the leadership's power base. -Heather Murdock, VOA - 6/30/15

Don't Fear Iran's Impending Windfall

- As Iran and the P5+1 look set to complete a historic nuclear agreement this week, the policy community in the US and Europe is very fearful that sanctions relief will provide Iran a dangerous windfall that it can use to expand its interventions in the region. -Esfandyar Batmanghelidj, LobeLog - 6/30/15

Germany's petchem giant Basel to invest in Iran

- Iran's media reported on Sunday that Germany's Basel petrochemical giant plans to invest above $300 million in Iran. Reports say the investment will be made in an Iranian petrochemical project and will also include the transfer of technology. - 6/29/15

Iran holds world's largest gas reserves

- World proven natural gas reserves at end-2014 stood at 187.1 trillion cubic metres (tcm), sufficient to meet 54.1 years of global production. Proved reserves grew by 0.3% relative to end-2013. Growth in Russia (+0.4 tcm), Azerbaijan (+0.3 tcm) and the US (+0.2 tcm) accounted for all of the gross increase in global proved reserves in 2014. Iran (34.0 tcm) and Russia (32.6 tcm) hold the largest proved reserves. - 6/28/15

Record rise in foreign investments in Iran

- Iran's media reported on Saturday that foreign investments in the country had seen an unprecedented three-time rise in the second quarter of 2015. Foreign investments in Iran over the period had reached as high as $3 billion. The figure was higher than the total of $2.1 billion of foreign investments made in the country from March 2014-2015. - 6/28/15

The 2nd Europe-Iran forum: on September 24-25, 201 in Geneva, Switzerland

- In October 2014, the 1st Europe-Iran Forum became the first major international business conference dedicated to Iran's private sector commercial opportunities. Building on the success of the first event, BHB Emissary and its partners are proud to host the 2nd Europe-Iran Forum on September 24-25, 2015 at the prestigous Grand Hotel Kempinski in Geneva, Switzerland. - 6/27/15

U.S. To Continue Rights Sanctions Against Iran, Regardless Of Nuclear Deal

- The U.S. State Department says sanctions imposed against Iran in response to its violations of human rights will remain in place regardless of any nuclear deal brokered by Tehran and six world powers. Tom Malinowski, the U.S. assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights, and labor, made the announcement on June 25 in Washington during the presentation of the State Department's 2014 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices. - 6/27/15

Iran building major port near Hormuz Strait

- Iran is building a multi-purpose port near the Strait of Hormuz with 700 million euros of foreign investment, the state news agency IRNA reported on Thursday. The new port on the shores of Suza on the Qeshm island "will definitely become a shipping hub for international trade and transit", deputy head of the Qeshm Free Zone Organization Farzin Haqdel said. - 6/26/15

The Day After a Nuclear Deal

- Iranian president Hassan Rouhani may soon discover that negotiating a nuclear deal was the easy part of his job. He is likely to have a much more difficult time in office--with pressure from his opponents and his supporters--once the initial euphoria of a deal passes. -Hooman Majd, Politico - 6/26/15

Iran accelerates drilling of largest oilfield

- Iran has accelerated drilling of its largest oilfield which it shares with Iraq in order to catch up with its western neighbor in production, an energy official has said. The National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) has completed the drilling of six wells since taking over from the state-run China National Petroleum Corporation's (CNPC) which had its contract cancelled in May 2014 due to repeated delays. - 6/26/15

Nuclear Talks: Paradigm Shift in Iran Foreign Policy?

- During my recent trip to Tehran I had a chance to listen to and participate in discussions on both the political and societal levels about the final stages of the nuclear talks. As I discussed here in mid-February, the level of anxiety in Iran could not be higher. More importantly, the overall debate about the talks and all its details goes far beyond factional politics. -Adnan Tabatabai - 6/25/15

Not Waiting For Nuclear Deal, Shell, Other Oil Firms In Talks With Iran

- Executives from Royal Dutch Shell and Eni have met Iranian officials in Tehran to discuss investing in the country's energy industry, the first time international oil firms have publicly confirmed such talks ahead of a possible nuclear deal with the West, the Financial Times has reported. - 6/25/15

Tehran Talks Tough with India

- The Iranians, sensing a nuclear deal or a thaw at the very minimum, have in recent months become more assertive in their dealings with India. This toughening stance is most visible in sectors poised to attract tremendous foreign investment (particularly European) if sanctions are lifted. For Indian companies hoping to engage with Iran on energy, particularly upstream, recent months have been tough. -Sumitha Narayanan Kutty, LobeLog - 6/25/15

Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov interested in Iran business

- Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov's Renaissance Capital is interested in business in Iran and has already started scoping out opportunities in the country. The top-ranked investment bank is evaluating equity trading, deals and analyst coverage for Iran and is informing clients for possible ventures. - 6/24/15

Sistan Baluchistan MP lists distressing stats about province

- Seventy percent of people in Sistan Baluchistan province are living below the poverty line, the Khash representative to Parliament reports. He added that in that past three decades, the province has been ranked last among the country's 31 provinces in terms of development. The reports adds that unemployment remains very high. Two-thirds of the province's population does not have access to drinking water, and only 50 percent of students continue their education. - 6/24/15

iBridges: The Iranian Runaway Singularity

- iBridges, a non-profit organization incubated at the University of California, Berkeley, and powered by leading Iranian-American technology entrepreneurs, investors, and academicians, reached another milestone this month. It convened the largest- ever gathering of Iranians focused on high-tech entrepreneurship, on June 4-6 in Berlin - the start-up capital of Europe. -Jahandad Memarian, Huffington Post - 6/23/15

Iran sets goal to be second place gas producer in the world

- Iran expects its gas production to grow 71% in the next four years, putting the country on course to take over as the second biggest gas producer, an official said on Thursday. - 6/19/15

First Silk Road rail cargo enters Iran

- The first cargo carried on the Silk Road railway has entered Iran from the Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan, local officials said. The cargo, including 45 freight wagons, crossed the Incha-Burun border with Turkmenistan into Iran, local officials in the Golestan province said. - 6/19/15

Europe courting Iran for business bonanza

- Western governments have started wooing Iran as their draconian sanctions on the resource-rich country - an energy superpower - appear all but crumbling. "Iran is a big country which has been for many years under a tough embargo regarding aircraft. So it would suggest there is a big potential," Airbus Chief Executive Fabrice Bregier said. - 6/18/15

How Sanctions Relief Can Help and Hurt the Iranian Economy

- Removal or relaxation of international sanctions will benefit Iran's economy just as surely as they hurt it when they were imposed. But not all sanctions have the same effect, and removing some will have a faster impact than others. President Rouhani has staked his political fortunes on reviving the economy, so how a nuclear deal benefits the economy and how quickly is of critical importance for Iran's politics, especially for the coming parliamentary elections in March 2016. -Djavad Salehi-Isfahani - 6/17/15

Iran expects 'tsunami' of foreign tourists

- Iran will face a "tsunami" of foreign tourists once a nuclear agreement is concluded and sanctions on the country are lifted, an official said on Tuesday. "Nearly 20 million foreign tourists will probably visit Iran within the next five years," head of the Iran Touring and Tourism Investment Company (ITTIC) Mohsen Qarib said. - 6/16/15

Saudi stake in Iran firm under scrutiny

- A Saudi food producer's domination of the Iranian market for a basic staple is raising hackles in the Persian country, prompting the company's local partners to deny rumors that it was linked to ISIL terrorists. - 6/15/15

Iran's crude exports bounce back after sanctions stranglehold

- The International Energy Agency reports that Iran's crude exports in May of 2015 made a big jump after being dragged down three years ago by the tightening of international sanctions on the country's petroleum exports. - 6/15/15

Iran hits new record in natural gas production

- Managing director of the Iranian Gas Transmission Company says the country has hit a new record in natural gas output by producing a total of two billion cubic meters of gas per year. - 6/14/15

Deal or No Deal, Iran's Economy Will Continue to Grow

- "The official response of [Iran] to sanctions has been framed as the Economy of Resistance, but essentially, it is a blueprint for economic reform," said Dr. Bijan Khajehpour, Managing Partner at the Vienna-based Atieh International Consultancy, speaking at the Wilson Center last week on the economic significance of a nuclear deal for the Iranian economy. -Ala Hashami-Haeri, NIAC - 6/12/15

Gas superpower Iran to invest $100 billion

- Iran says it needs $100 billion of investment in its gas industry as updated BP data put the energy superpower's reserves above those of Russia as the world's largest. "Natural gas will be the main fuel in the next 20 to 30 years," international affairs director at National Iranian Gas Co. Azizollah Ramezani has said. - 6/12/15

Iran, China, Indonesia finalize refinery deal

- Iran, China and Indonesia have reached a final agreement on building a refinery on the East Java island to process 150,000 barrels per day of heavy crude oil, an Iranian official said on Wednesday. - 6/10/15

Former Ahmadinejad aide arrested on unknown charges

- Iran's judiciary has announced that Hamid Baghai, who was the executive assistant to former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was arrested on Monday June 8. When the Rohani administration took over in 2013, financial fraud charges were brought against a number of top officials in the Ahmadinejad administration. - 6/9/15
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