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Ordibehesht 4 1396
April 24 2017
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Death toll rises to 35 in flood, landslide in western and northwestern Iran

- Severe flood and landslide in western and northwestern parts of Iran have so far claimed 35 lives and left 8 missing. Heavy rain which started on Friday morning caused flood in the afternoon and unfortunately the northwestern cities of Azarshahr and Ajabshir hit the hardest by the flood, ISNA quoted Ismail Najjar, head of the Crisis Management Organization as saying on Saturday. - 4/15/17

Casualties Reported After Strong Quake Hits Northeastern Iran

- A magnitude-6.1 earthquake has struck near the northwestern Iranian city of Mashhad, reportedly killing at least two people and injuring several others. The quake struck nearly 80 kilometers southeast of Iran's second-biggest city at about 10:40 a.m. (0640 GMT/UTC) on April 5, the U.S. Geological Survey and Iranian media said. Reports said aftershocks shook the region. - 4/5/17

Iranians celebrate Sizdah Bedar nature festival by going outdoors

- Iranian people are celebrating Sizdah Bedar, the traditional Persian festival of nature, by spending time outdoors with family and friends. The ancient Iranian festival was held on Sunday, which this year marks the 13th day of Farvardin the first month on the Persian calendar. - 4/2/17

Iran's environmental chief says she won't give up to pressures

- As U.S. President Donald Trump signed a long-promised executive order on Tuesday to end the country's climate change efforts and revive the coal industry, Iran's environmental official Masoumeh Ebtekar pledged pressing ahead with plans to rebuild the country's damaged environment. "I won't give up in the face of pressures and will continue implementing plans as far as I'm in office," Ebtekar said on Wednesday - 3/30/17

Time ripe in New Year to rethink our environmental responsibilities

- The coincidence of the Iranian new year with spring implies that everything is about to revive in the upcoming year, particularly the environment. With the trees blooming and springs bubbling once again the New Year starts. The ever changing nature teaches us to keep changing towards perfection. - 3/28/17

Iran to divert water from Gulf of Oman inwards

- Iran says it is implementing a landmark project to divert water from the Gulf of Oman to its central plateau - a project that could not only address the country's surging water crisis but could also help push ahead relevant economic plans in host regions. - 3/23/17

The importance of common fox in Iran

- The ecology of the common fox is of interest because of high adaptability. This species is found in all regions of Iran with the exception of the northern forests and the drier parts of the central deserts, where it is replaced by the sand fox. In Europe common fox (or red fox) is a reddish color but in Iran it is usually a buff grey-brown with a browner back. In North America, however, there are many distinct color varieties, with up to 20 percent of red foxes being black or silver. -Farnaz Heidari - 3/6/17

Iran's budget bill proposes $125M to deal with dust storms

- Dust storms which consistently disturb local residents of southwestern province of Khuzestan coupled with public utility outage has become a national concern lately. Dust particles originated from host spots (mostly dried up wetlands) located in Iran or Iraq are the main reasons for the storms. - 2/26/17

Photos: Salt Dome in Qom, Iran

- Qom salt dome (Kuh-e Namak), a natural wonder covering an area of over 1 square miles, is located about 10 miles from the city of Qom on the road to Jafarieh. The salt dome houses a small lake which adds to its attraction. -Ahmad Zohrabi - 2/24/17

President Rouhani visits Iran's Khuzestan Province to address environmental crisis

- Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has paid a visit to the southwestern province of Khuzestan, which is reeling from heavy floods and dust storms, a situation which has led to disruptions in the distribution of water and electricity there. - 2/23/17

Budget deficit could do irreparable damage to Lake Urmia

- Officials in charge of Lake Urmia restoration program have said the government has not allocated budget to the project in the next Iranian calendar year (March 2017-March 2018) and this could do irreparable damage to the lake's restoration program. - 2/20/17

PHOTOS: Dust storm, public utility outage spark protests in Ahwaz, Iran

- Recurrent periods of suffocating dust storms, lately accompanied by crippling power and water supply cuts, have provoked public protests in the city of Ahvaz, southwestern province of Khuzestan. - 2/17/17

PHOTOS: Iranians Protest Air Pollution, Water Cuts In Ahvaz

- Demonstrators took the streets of the western Iranian city of Ahvaz on February 13 to protest against air pollution, water shortages, and power cuts. Amateur video obtained by RFE/RL's Radio Farda showed crowds chanting against what they called "injustice." They also condemned state television for its apparent lack of reporting on the condition of public utilities in city. - 2/15/17

Iranian Minister, Ranger Engage In Verbal Fistfight Over Persian Wild Ass

- Iran's Minister of Industries, Mines, and Trade has lampooned environmentalist activists' concerns over the spoiling of the pristine habitats of Persian wild ass. The drama had been on its climax when commander of Damavand Wildlife Patrolling Unit reacted to rather blunt and blatantly irresponsible remarks by the minister who had said that a few wild asses should not impede the way to exploring mines in a pristine habitat - 2/15/17

Roudsar Persian leopard in torment

- Recently an injured Persian Leopard was found near Sejidan village of Siahkal region, Roudsar. The leopard was caught in a snare. Snares often lead to serious damage of wild animals. Using anchored cables or wire nooses in this region is common, so similar bad news such as capturing of forest cats is often heard. The injured Persian Leopard of Roudsar was transferred to Tehran last week to get a definitive diagnosis. -Farnaz Heidari, Tehran Times - 2/13/17

Hoz-e Sultan, a gigantic natural mirror in central Iranian plateau

- Hoz-e Sultan, a lonely salt lake in the heart of Iran, resembles a gigantic natural mirror as its shallow water covers a vast plain of salt deposits. It is the epicenter of a relatively rich fauna as well. Sprawled about 40 kilometers north of the city of Qom and adjacent to the Qom - Tehran highway, the lake covers 37,075 hectares. With an altitude of about 720 meters above sea level, the lake is considered as one of the lowest parts of the Iranian plateau. - 2/7/17

PHOTOS: Iran's president test-drives electric car on National Clean Air Day

- On the sidelines of a cabinet session on Wednesday, Rouhani took a tour by some of his ministers to check the products of three knowledge-based companies manufacturing electric cars and motorcycles. The Iranian president was briefed on the capabilities and quality of the products, including the two-seat electric car Yooz, produced by the Islamic Azad University of Qazvin, as well as two electric motorcycles manufactured by two other research centers. - 1/19/17

$250M allocated to Lake Urmia restoration program

- The lake which used to be a natural habitat for migratory birds, and a tourist attraction is facing a dramatic decline for years now. The decline is generally blamed on a combination of drought, damming of the rivers that flow into it, pumping of groundwater from the area, and increased water diversion for irrigation of farming lands within the lake's watershed. - 1/11/17

The story of an Iranian soldier who lost a limb saving a dog trapped in minefield

- Mohammad Bakhtar, a 19-year-old Iranian soldier, has been highly lauded after losing his leg while trying to save a dog trapped in a barbed wire fence around a minefield. Mohammad's story, has gone viral in the country since the incident which happened in a garrison in Ajabshir, northwestern East Azarbaijan province, the Department of Environment official website reported. - 1/7/17

Persian leopard captured on camera in Taleqan

- According to Iran Environmental Watch and Wildlife, two environment collaborators crossing their village near the city of Taleqan, found new leopard footprints on the snow. After a few minutes, they saw a mature leopard only a short distance away, which did not attempt to scape and the two men could capture the image of this endangered animal. - 1/7/17

PHOTOS: Fereydounkenar Hosting Migrant Siberian Geese

- Migrant Siberian geese have arrived in Fereydounkenar, Iran's Mazandaran province to seek refuge during winter. The geese are protected and are fed by the forest rangers and local people. -Amir Ali Razzaghi - 1/5/17

How much we know about cetaceans of Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman?

- Unlike whales which are currently extremely rare cetaceans were abundant in the Persian Gulf. Some anecdotal reports of stranded whales have been received, usually without an identification of the species. It seems cetacean populations have declined significantly in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. This is probably because of three factors: a reduction of fish stocks due to commercial exploitation, water contamination primarily due to discharge of petroleum products into the Persian Gulf, and a global decline in numbers. -Farnaz Heidari - 1/3/17

A Witness to Iran's Intensifying Struggle with Climate Change

- Ako Salemi took the first photographs of his career when he was a teen-ager, growing up in northern Iran. His earliest subject, a river near his family's home, is now mostly dirt. In Salemi's native country, as in much of the water-scarce Middle East, climate change has led to desiccation. -Carolyn Kormann, New Yorker - 1/3/17

Hefty Fine, Insurance Policy Reduces Persian Leopard Casualties In Iran

- Increasing the fine for killing leopards by 16 times to 800 million rials (nearly $20,000) and insuring the animals against any possible threat has resulted in fewer casualties in Iran. From 2005 to 2014 some 156 leopards were killed in Iran, 20 leopards a year on average, which decreased to 14 over the last Iranian calendar year (March 21, 2015 to March 19, 2016), according to the Department of Environment. - 1/2/17

Dreaming Of Blue Skies: Tehran's Battle For Clean Air

- Tehran's wet streets provide temporary relief to millions who have been tolerating unbearable levels of pollution. In today's Tehran, precipitation is associated with romanticism and blessings, washing away polluted skies briefly before reality sets in again. Pollution has plagued Iran's capital for years, manifesting in various health problems amongst locals, closing of schools, and transforming daily activities into questions of life and death. -Shirin Hakim and Kaveh Madani - 12/28/16

PHOTOS: Two Persian leopards spotted at Parvar Protected Area

- A leopardess and her cub were spotted on December 21st at Parvar Protected Wildlife Area in Semnan province of Iran. Persian leopard is listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List; the population is estimated at fewer than 871-1,290 mature individuals and considered declining. - 12/25/16

PHOTOS: Quiet Death Of Migrant Geese In Meighan Wetland

- In recent days, Meighan Wetland, located in Arak, Iran (map), has witnessed death of many migrant geese that seek refuge there every year. The cause of these deaths is unknown and is being investigated by the environmental authorities. - 12/16/16

Qeshm Island in Persian Gulf to host Global Geoparks Network workshop in 2017

- The Iranian island of Qeshm in Persian Gulf will play host to Global Geoparks Network Workshop for Middle East Region, which will be held from April 24 to 26, 2017. Founded in 2004 as an international partnership developed under the umbrella of UNESCO, the GGN seeks to promote professional management of global geoparks and raise multi-cultural links to the maintenance of geological sites. - 12/16/16

December 4 marks International Cheetah Day: World's fastest land animal is racing against extinction

- Cheetah is world's fastest land animal over short distances and also the most ancient of all the big cats. Years of persecution have made it one of the world's most vulnerable big cats. In their ancestral homeland of the Middle East the Asian subspecies of cheetah is critically endangered, with very few, if any, individuals left in remote parts of Iran. The situation is only slightly better in Africa. -Farnaz Heidari - 12/4/16

Basel and Stockholm Convention Regional Center renews establishment in Iran

- Basel and Stockholm Convention Regional Center, an institution aiming at protecting human health and the environment against the adverse effects of hazardous wastes, extended its establishment in Iran for five more years until 2020. -Maryam Qarehgozlou - 12/3/16

Iran could face severe water crisis in 2017: Report

- Historically low rainfalls have raised concerns that Iran will have an arid year in 2017. Iran's Tasnim news agency in a report said the average rainfalls in the country dropped this autumn by 74 percent compared to last year. This was the lowest drop the country had seen for the past 47 years, Tasnim added. - 12/2/16

Tehran fights for breath while officials pass the buck

- While air pollution in Tehran has reached critical levels for seven days in a row officials keep shifting the blame onto each other. The air quality indices have surged up so much so that all healthy people are likely to experience irritation or discomfort while breathing as well as those with heart and lung condition. - 11/16/16

Heavy Air Pollution Closes Schools In Tehran

- Authorities in Tehran have closed schools on November 14 because of dangerous levels of pollution in the atmosphere. "Kindergartens and primary schools are closed on Monday [November 14] in Tehran and most of the cities of the province," the Education Ministry said, according to official IRNA agency. - 11/14/16

Iran's 'Inversion' wins Best Film Award at MedFilm Festival

- Iranian film 'Inversion' directed and written by Behnam Behzadi won the Best Film Award at 21st edition of MedFilm Festival. The Italian event held on November 4-12 is home to different feature movies and documentaries made in the Mediterranean and the new Europe areas. - 11/13/16

Iran 9th biggest greenhouse gas emitter: EPA Chief

- The head of Iran's Environmental Protection Agency said Sun. that Iran is the 9th biggest producers of greenhouse gases in the world. Although Iran ranks 17th in the world in terms of population, Masumeh Ebtekar said Iran is now the ninth-highest producer of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, due to the country's economy and environment suffering for years from a wrong model of energy consumption. - 11/13/16

Thousands of artists appeal to Iranian President for tackling air pollution

- More than 5,700 Iranian artists issued an appeal to President Hassan Rouhani urging him to take serious measures to address air pollution in the country. The supreme council of the Iranian Artists Forum, comprising photographers, graphic designers, painters, sculptors, calligraphers, potters, and actors signed a letter to the president asking for immediate measures to minimize air pollution - 11/7/16

'I'm Lake Urmia' petition signed by 1.7m Iranians presented to UN

- Actor Reza Kianian presented the "I'm Lake Urmia" petition, signed by around 1.7 million Iranians, to the UN resident coordinator in Iran Gary Lewis, here on Monday. "I'm Lake Urmia" hashtag is a campaign initiated in late August by Mohammad Khazaei, an environmentalist, and later taken up and supported by Kianian. It is aimed to push the United Nations to take serious measures to restore the lake. - 11/1/16

Wives Of Ambassadors Join "I'm Lake Urmia" Campaign

- Wives of 12 ambassadors to Iran joined "I'm Lake Urmia" campaign, which aims to collect one million signatures required by the United Nation to help restore the lake, Mehr news agency reported. The campaign was launched in late August in the platform of social media. - 10/23/16

Iran's Parliament Passes 'Clean Air' Bill

- Iran's parliament (Majlis) on Wednesday approved clean air bill which could greatly help deal with sources of pollution in the country once in comes into force. The bill will be discussed in detail later this week, IRIB reported. -The chief of Department of Environment, Masoumeh Ebtekar, explained that the bill has been modified with the help of cabinet members and executive bodies. - 10/23/16

Car-Free Tuesdays Campaign: Iran allots loans of up to $3,000 to bicycles, electric motorcycles

- Iran has allotted loans of up to 100 million rials (nearly $3,000) to bicycles and electric motorcycles, an official with the Department of Environment has said. "People can take out loans of 30 million rials (nearly $1,000) to 100 million rials to buy bicycles and electric motorcycles," YJC quoted Mohammad Darvish as saying. - 10/15/16

Iran, Germany to cooperate on Zayanderud river restoration

- Deputy energy minister announced that Iran and Germany have reached agreement over saving Zayanderud river. A fresh round of talks between Iran and Germany over water and power industries kicked off in Tehran upon arrival of a delegation of Germany's Federal Ministry of Education and Research headed by State Secretary Georg Schutte and attended by President of German Research Foundation Peter Hrsg V Strohschneider and head of Germany's Max Planck Society Martin Stratmann. - 10/10/16

Iranian coastal waters: New home to a rarely seen venomous sea snake

- Gunther's sea snake (Microcephalophis cantoris), a rarely seen venomous sea snake with distribution thought to stretch from the Malay Peninsula to Pakistan, has now been recorded from Iranian coastal waters off the western Gulf of Oman, more than 400 kilometers away from the westernmost boundary of its previously known range. - 10/10/16

Isfahan on track to become a city of bicycles

- Isfahan Municipality is arranging for the city to become a city of bicycles, an official with the Department of Environment has said. "Isfahan Municipality has initiated talks with the Dutch to develop the necessary technical infrastructure to turn the city into a city of bicycles," Mohammad Darvish said. Isfahan and Neishabur municipalities did best in creating bike lanes and cycling infrastructure, Darvish noted. - 10/2/16

This is what climate change is doing to Iran

- Lake Urmia, in the mountains of northwestern Iran, was once a source of national pride and one of the country's top tourism destinations. It's emerging now as something else entirely: Iran's most visible symbol of the damage being wrought by global climate change. -Yochi Dreazen, Vox - 9/30/16

The world's fastest animal is in a race for survival in Iran

- The three-acre hilltop park overlooking Iran's smog-blanketed capital might seem like a nice spot for romance. But the couple has not been in the mood. Delbar, a 4-year-old female Asiatic cheetah, was brought to the fenced enclosure at Tehran's Pardisan park by conservation officials who hoped she would mate with Koshki, a 10-year-old male. -Los Angeles Times - 9/29/16

'I'm Lake Urmia' campaign seeks international support to save Iran's salt water lake

- The "I'm Lake Urmia" hashtag is a newly initiated campaign spearheaded by the public aims to collect one million signatures to push the United Nation to take serious measures to restore the lake. Launched in late August in the platform of social media, the campaign was first supported by actor Reza Kianian and later was taken up by other actors, politicians, and athletes. - 9/28/16

Can International Cooperation Revitalize Wetlands on Afghanistan-Iran Border?

- Efforts to revive the Hamoun wetlands on the Iran-Afghanistan border are intensifying. A recent panel at the Atlantic Council described international involvement as vital both to help resolve this environmental challenge and to raise awareness about the devastating impact of climate change on the region. -Fatemeh Aman - 9/17/16

FAO launches four-year holistic program to save Urmia Lake

- Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) signed an agreement on Tuesday (6 September 2016), with the Urmia Lake Restoration Commission (ULRC) in Tehran at Sharif University of Technology to lend substantive technical assistance for the execution of an integrated programme that aims ultimately to secure sustainable water resources management in the Urmia Lake basin. - 9/7/16

Flash Floods, Thunderstorms Kill 7 In North Iran

- Flood and lightning in five provinces of Mazandaran, Golestan, Semnan, Ardebil, and East Azarbaijan claimed seven lives, Rescue and Relief Organization Chief Nasser Charkhsaz has said. Out of the seven victims, four died of drowning in flood and three got hit by lightning, Charkhsaz said, Mehr news agency reported on Saturday. - 9/3/16

French Environment Minister Visits Iran, Announces Plans For Joint Projects

- French Environment Minister Segolene Royal has announced plans for a series of joint projects with Tehran that are aimed at dealing with energy, water shortages, and pollution. Royal said on August 28 after talks with the head of Iran's Environmental Protection Organization, Massoumeh Ebtekar, that they had discussed the creation of several key partnerships by February 2017. - 8/28/16

Lecture in London - Iran's Water Myths: should Iran focus on the problem's root causes or its solutions?

- Despite having a more advanced water management system than most Middle Eastern countries, similar to the other countries in the region, Iran is experiencing serious water issues. The country is faced with major challenges in the water sector, including, but not limited to: rising water demand and shortage; declining groundwater levels; deteriorating water quality; and increasing ecosystem losses. - 8/25/16

Iran to promote environmental awareness at schools, universities

- Mentioning the Education Ministry's active cooperation with the DoE, Ebtekar pointed that all the schools nationwide are required to initiate green management and encourage students' participation in environmental fields as well as raise awareness among teachers. - 8/10/16

Anti-Pollution Initiative Stymied by Ban on Women Riding Bicycles in Public

- Women's rights activists and environmentalists joined forces in the city of Marivan, in Iran's Kurdistan Province, after a local anti-pollution initiative encouraging people to ride bikes or walk instead of using their cars ran aground when security agents objected to women riding bicycles in public. - 8/9/16

Photos: Drought In Nahbandan, Eastern Iran

- Drought affects the lives of residents of the eastern city of Nahbandan seen in these photos (taken on July 31) where people wait for tankers to bring them drinking water. - 8/8/16

Bloody Lake in Iran Captured by NASA Satellite

- The waters of Iran's Lake Urmia turned from green to blood-red as captured by a NASA satellite. Lake Urmia, which is located near the border of Iran and Turkey, used to have a distinctive green color. But on July 18, satellite images of the lake showed that it now looks like a large pool of blood. -Nature World - 8/5/16

Sand Storms Turn Some Regions in Iran into "Hell"

- Iran is facing a series of environmental disasters this summer, including forest fires, record heat indexes in some provinces and sandstorms threatening the capital, Tehran. Namak (Persian Salt) Lake in Qom province, which once measured 200,000 hectares, has completely dried up because of climate change, the ill-considered construction of tens of dams and depleted underground water resources. -Fatemeh Aman - 7/31/16

Photos: Rare crane hatches at Tehran's Birds Garden

- A grey crowned crane, a rare species which is on the verge of extinction, hatched on Wednesday at Tehran's Birds Garden, Tasnim news agency reported. A special birthday ceremony was held on this occasion at the garden with a number of environmentalists and officials in attendance. - 7/23/16

Iran's Lut Desert inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List

- The World Heritage Committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) registered Iran's Lut Desert on World Heritage List during 40th session of the World Heritage Committee on Sunday. - 7/18/16

Iran ratifies Paris climate deal, bringing it closer to enter into force

- The Iranian cabinet of ministers, headed by President Hassan Rouhani, ratified the Paris climate deal on Wednesday and brought the deal closer to enter into force. The agreement sets out a global action plan to put the world on track to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to well below 2 degree Centigrade by cutting back on the greenhouse gas emission. The agreement is due to enter into force in 2020. - 7/16/16

Don't litter: A public-spearheaded campaign to leave no trace in the nature

- With the beginning of any public holidays in the country, Iranian environmentalists, resort managers, and locals often voice their concerns over the substantial amount of garbage strewed around beaches, riversides, forests, etc. - 7/12/16

Iranians to mark National Mount Damavand Day

- Iranians will celebrate the National Mount Damavand Day on July 22 to attract the public's attention to the importance of mountains in the country's history and nature. The festival is coordinated by the Mount Damavand lovers NGOs, Iranian climbers club, and some other organizations. - 7/6/16

72% of Iran's population struggling with long-term drought: Official

- Since the beginning of the current crop year in Iran and based on the indices of the past nine months (September 23, 2015-June 20, 2016) periods of drought have affected parts of Isfahan, Yazd, Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari, South Khorasan, Khorasan Razavi, Fars, Kerman, Semnan, Sistan-Baluchestan, Qom, Markazi, Gilan, and Mazandaran to different extents, Shahrokh Fateh said. - 7/1/16

Two Iranian Rangers Killed By Poachers

- Two rangers were killed while chasing poachers in Geno biosphere reserve in the southern Iranian province of Hormozgan on Thursday, the Department of Environment's website reported. While patrolling the area, the two rangers, Mohammad Dehqani and Parviz Hormozi, were shot in the head and the heart and passed away, Hormozgan province department of environment director general said. - 6/25/16

Iran's first environmental charity foundation established

- The first environmental charity foundation of Iran has been set up in the western province of Lorestan, the province's chief of the department of environment Mehrdad Fat'hi-Beiranvand said. Despite the fact that Lorestan constitutes 0.7 percent of the country's area, the province's biodiversity is almost unbeatable, Beiranvand told YJC. - 6/16/16

'Car-free Tuesdays' gains momentum in Iran

- The campaign for car-free Tuesdays, which is gaining momentum across Iran, was actually mounted last November in Arak, a city overburdened by its too many pollutant industries. - 5/30/16

How Leonardo DiCaprio became unlikely champion in Iran

- Iranians were elated when they discovered that actor Leonardo DiCaprio had shared on his Instagram account a photo of Iran. DiCaprio, a champion environmentalist, republished The Weather Channel's photo of drying Lake Urmia to bring attention to climate change. -Holly Dagres, Al-Monitor - 5/24/16

Posters on streets help to promote environmental culture: artist

- One of the most important steps needed to be taken towards having a better environment is to raise public awareness and artistic works ranging from films to paintings and graphic designs as a global language can set the scene for such accomplishment. -Maryam Qarehgozlou, Tehran Times - 5/23/16

Local Villagers in Iran Revived the Once Drying Lake Bazangan

- Covering an area of about 52 hectares in its glory days, Bazangan or "Kol Bibi" Lake is located east of the very wealthy city of Mashhad and is the largest natural lake in north east of Iran. The local and federal authorities never even started a "save lake Bazangan" initiative, no governmental or international aid was made available and the Iranian Department of the Environment did absolutely nothing. - 5/22/16

Transfer of the Caspian Sea Waters is a violation of the International Law

- Plans to transfer Caspian Sea waters have been discussed, studied and followed by the Caspian Sea littoral and non-littoral countries in the past and they are subject of serious debates at present. However, it seems that major transfer of the Caspian Sea waters, unilaterally and without the consent of all other littoral states is not compatible with the international law and even if a consensus is reached in this regard. -Bahman Aghai Diba - 5/1/16

Saving Iran's Precious Lake Urmia

- Many of Iran's once flourishing wetlands have dried dramatically in recent years. Lake Urmia in particular, the sixth largest salt lake in the world and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is dangerously receding and threatens to vanish entirelly. Spanning an area larger than the Dead Sea and the Great Salt Lake combined, the dwindling lake lies tucked in the Zagros Mountain range in northwest Iran near the Turkish border. -Ramin Skibba, Scientific America - 4/29/16

Iran's Foreign Minister signs Paris Agreement on climate change

- Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has signed the historic Paris Agreement on climate change during a ceremony at the United Nations headquarters in New York. French President Francois Hollande was the first leader who signed the deal on Friday. According to UN, a record 175 countries, including the world's top producers of greenhouse gases China and the United States, inked the accord, raising hopes of restraining global warming. - 4/23/16

Environmental awareness measures come to Iranian universities, schools

- Iran's Department of the Environment has announced that two Environmental Studies credits have been approved as requirements for the completion of all university degrees. Universities have also reportedly been working with nursery and elementary schools to train early childhood educators and teachers to introduce environmental knowledge and awareness in the early stages of children's education. - 4/22/16

Iran cracks down on use of animals in circuses

- Bears, tigers, crocodiles and lions can breathe a sigh of relief as their use as circus animals has been outlawed due to pressure from animal rights groups. Iran's Environmental Protection Agency announced that the bill has taken effect six months earlier than planned. - 4/18/16

Flood problems spread across Iran

- Iran's meteorological reports warn of floods in 14 provinces including Tehran. Meanwhile the death toll from floods in western Iran has reached three. Khuzestan has so far sustained the worst damage, and most of its northern townships have been evacuated. - 4/16/16

Rising dust particles force school closures in Iran's Khuzestan province

- Schools in Abadan and Khoramshahr have once again been shut down due to the rise of airborne dust particles during the afternoon shift of Tuesday April 12. IRNA reports that provincial officials say the concentration of dust particles has risen beyond 12 times the acceptable level. - 4/14/16

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