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Azar 25 1397
December 16 2018
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Tehran Air Quality Reaches Unhealthy Levels

- Tehran's Air Quality Index (AQI), exceeding 150 microgram per cubic meter, has been unhealthy at nine meteorological stations across the city, spokeswoman for Tehran Air Quality Control Company has said. It is anticipated that the pollution level will increase in all parts of the capital within next hours, Fars quoted Leila Nazari as saying on Wednesday. - 12/6/18

Third international AIDS conference held in Tehran

- Third International Conference and the 7th National AIDS Seminar took place in Tehran from November 21 to 23, ISNA quoted the conference's scientific director as saying. It is estimated that over 66,000 people in Iran have AIDS/HIV but over one third of them don't know they have the disease or deny it. -Tehran Times - 11/23/18

US economic sanctions restrict Iran's access to medical, health services: IRIMC

- The Islamic Republic of Iran Medical Council (IRIMC) says illegal economic sanctions imposed by the United States against Tehran have negative impacts on the country's health sector, calling for an immediate and humanitarian solution to the issue. -Press TV - 11/19/18

Shortage Of Nurses In Iran Impacts Patient Care, Say Health Officials

- Iranian hospitals are dealing with a shortage of nearly 100,000 nurses, according to Parliament's Health Commission Speaker Heidarali Abedi. Abedi told the commission on Sunday that while healthcare management experts recommend a nurse-to-bed ration of 2.5, Iran's current ratio is closer to 1.7. -Radio Farda - 11/19/18

Iran, 2nd biggest consumer of antibiotics among 65 countries: WHO

- Iran's antibiotics consumption was the second highest among 65 countries, according to World Health Organization (WHO) report on Surveillance of Antibiotic Consumption published in November 2018. The report presents 2015 data on the consumption of systemic antibiotics from 65 countries and areas. -Tehran Times - 11/14/18

People With Albinism Struggle to Access Crucial Treatment and Support in Iran

- A recent speech by a UN official calling on countries with hot climates to implement measures that would enable people with albinism to access skin cancer treatments has highlighted the lack of such a policy and accessible support for people living with albinism in Iran. -CHRI - 11/6/18

International Community Must Establish Mechanisms to Sell Humanitarian Goods to Iran, Iranian Government Must Ensure Affordability

- With the full reinstatement of US sanctions on Iran on November 5, which will make financial transactions between Iranians and major economies in the world difficult and in many cases impossible, people's access to humanitarian goods such as essential food items, medicine and medical supplies in Iran could be imperiled. The Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) calls on the international community to institute transparent financial mechanisms that will ensure trade in medicines and other essential humanitarian items will continue unimpeded with Iran. - 10/23/18

Death Toll From Alcohol Poisoning In Iran Rises To 42

- The Iranian Health Ministry says the death toll in a recent spate of incidents involving bootleg alcohol has increased to 42. Ministry spokesman Iraj Harirchi said on October 1 that a total of 460 people in five provinces were hospitalized in the past three weeks after drinking tainted liquor. Harirchi said that 16 went blind and 170 people underwent dialysis. - 10/2/18

Dozens Die From Alcohol Poisoning In Iran

- At least 24 people have died in Iran in several separate incidents after drinking bootleg alcohol, Iranian news agencies reported on September 29. The largest number of deaths was reported in the southern port city of Bandar Abbas, where 16 people died according to the semiofficial news agency ISNA. - 10/1/18

Four Dead From Drinking Bootleg Booze In Iran

- Four people, including a woman, have died after drinking bootleg alcohol in the Iranian city of Karaj, west of the capital, a judiciary official has said. Nearly 40 people have been hospitalized, Karaj prosecutor Reza Shahkarami was quoted as saying on September 13 by the semiofficial ISNA news agency. - 9/13/18

As Currency Drops Iran Faces Shortages Of Medications

- Iran's health ministry spokesman has admitted that the country is currently suffering from shortages of foreign-made medications, but, insisted that "it can be overcome". Blaming chaotic fluctuations in Iranian forex market and nosediving national currency, Iraj Harirchi says, "Since forty-fifty types of foreign medications have recently become scarce in Iran, the government has allocated $3.5 billion to purchase drugs." - 8/15/18

Self-proclaimed human rights advocates silent on U.S. sanctions: Iran's Health Minister

- Health Minister Hassan Qazizadeh-Hashemi on Tuesday criticized the self-proclaimed human rights advocates for their silence toward U.S. sanctions moves against Iran which can impede access of Iranian patients to necessary drugs. "Undoubtedly, the anti-Iran sanctions would harm the elderly and infants while the so-called advocates of human rights are observing and approving them by their silence," Qazizadeh-Hashemi told reporters, ISNA reported. - 7/12/18

Protesters, Police Clash For Second Night In Southwestern Iran Over Drinking Water

- Demonstrators protesting over water scarcity in southwestern Iran have clashed with police for a second night, local media report. The state-run IRNA news agency said the protesters threw projectiles at police and set trash cans and a car on fire in a protest that began late on July 1 in the city of Abadan, some 660 kilometers from Tehran. It did not say how many people were involved in the protest, but said the situation was now "under control." - 7/2/18

Salinity Of City Water Leads To Protests In Abadan

- Hundreds of residents in Abadan, a oil refining city in southwest Iran, have once again held a protest on Saturday, June 23, in front of the Governor's office to protest lack of drinkable and usable water. Protesters carried banners that read, "Potable water is our absolute right", sarcastically reminding the now obsolete slogan, "Nuclear energy is our absolute right", coined during Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's presidency. - 6/24/18

Eleven Killed, Hundreds Sick In Iran After Mushroom Poisoning

- More than 800 people have been poisoned after eating toxic wild mushrooms across western Iran, local media report. A Health Ministry official said on May 21 that that the effects of the fungi had killed 11 people so far, Tasnim news agency reported. - 5/22/18

Three Million Iranians Have Organ Donor Cards

- Some three million Iranians have organ donor cards and some 10 percent have signed online consent forms for organ donation, Farahnaz Sadeq-Beigi, head of organ procurement program in Masih Daneshvari Hospital, a national research institute for tuberculosis and lung diseases, has said. - 5/21/18

New US Sanctions Will Make Iranians Sicker

- Sanctions against Iran are almost as old as I am. I was born in early 1980, and international sanctions against Iran began during the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s as most global and regional powers supported Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in his invasion of the country. My father was injured and exposed to chemical weapons during that war, and as a result suffered from Parkinson's disease later in life. -Fariba Pajooh - 5/16/18

"Downtism Cafe" Launched on Tehran as Iran's First Business Staffed by People Living With Disabilities

- Iran saw the opening of Downtism Cafe, the country's first cafe staffed by people living with disabilities including down syndrome and autism, on May 1, 2018. Downtism Cafe is located on the second floor of the Passage Ayeneh building on Vanak St. in northern Tehran. It was launched with the support of the State Welfare Organization, the main governmental body providing services to people living with disabilities in Iran, and the families of the cafe's employees. - 5/9/18

Iranians: Surge in Foreign Drug Prices Causing Hardship

- Iranians say prices of foreign pharmaceuticals have surged in recent weeks because of the strengthening U.S. dollar, causing hardship for the sick and inciting anger toward people seen as profiting from the situation. In Tuesday's edition of VOA Persian's Straight Talk call-in show, callers from inside Iran accused the government of failing to deal with the problem. -Michael Lipin, VOA - 4/18/18

Iran: Dusty Khuzestan still in tight spot, out of breath

- Once again the old story of recurrent sand and dust storms in the southwestern province of Khuzestan is going around. For some years now elevated levels of PM 2.5 fine particles, tens of times above the standard average, is the new normal for the province. - 2/15/18

PM 2.5 level 'beyond hazardous' as another dust storm hits southwestern Iran

- The recent sand and dust storms have increased the PM 2.5 fine particles concentration to a 'beyond hazardous' level in the southwestern city of Ahwaz, Khuzestan province, on Tuesday. According to Khuzestan provincial department of environment the fine dust concentration has jumped to 60 times above the recommended limits once again over the past months. - 2/14/18

"IRANOME" project inaugurated in presence of Iran's Health Minister

- A scientific and technological project dubbed "IRANOME" was opened today in the Rehabilitative and Welfare Sciences University in the presence of Minister of Health Dr. Seyed Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi and vice president for Scientific and Technological Affairs. With the implementation of this scientific project, researchers succeeded in transferring the highly-advanced sequencing technology of new generation of NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing) genomes to the country, the report added. - 1/16/18

Iran-made rotavirus, rabies vaccines to hit market by 2019

- Domestically manufactured rotavirus and rabies vaccines will enter Iranian market by 2019, Head of Pasteur Institute of Iran (IPI) announced Monday. According to Head of Pasteur Institute of Iran (IPI), Dr. Houman Kaghazian, the manufacture of rabies vaccine went underway at Pasteur Institute five years ago, and will be ready to enter the Iranian market in two years' time. - 12/5/17

Rising HIV infections spreading by sex among youth in Iran

- In a square in a poor eastern Tehran neighborhood known for its drug addicts and dealers, psychologist Atefeh Azimi draws another drop of blood from a worried passer-by's finger. She works on a nearby bench, where a sign next to her in English and in Farsi urges the public to receive free voluntary counseling and HIV testing. -AP - 11/29/17

Widespread hepatitis vaccination program gets underway in Iran

- Iran has recently started a broad plan for vaccination of barbers, street cleaners, working children, and prisoners against hepatitis. "It is projected that within the framework of the [aforementioned] program some 200,000 to 300,000 prisoners will receive vaccination against hepatitis B annually and those diagnosed with hepatitis C will also undergo treatments," ISNA quoted Moayyed Alavian head of Iran's Hepatitis Network, as saying on Tuesday. - 10/27/17

UK firm to invest 1.8 billion Euros in building cancer centers in Iran

- International Hospitals Group (IHG), a UK-based healthcare services company, has signed a memorandum of understanding worth 1.8 billion Euros with Iran to finance the construction of a network of cancer centers in the country, Iran's ambassador to the UK, Hamid Baeidinejad, said. - 10/24/17

Iran's Health Officials Raise Alarm over Islamic Medicine: Imam Reza drugs or Holy Mary incense

- A phenomenon referred to as "Islamic Medicine" has been rapidly growing in popularity in Iran raising concerns in the Ministry of Health. The ministry has been calling on the Administrative Office of Seminaries to assist the ministry in denying the legitimacy of these services. - 9/26/17

Royan Research Institute's International Twin Congress kicks off in Tehran

- Royan Research Institute's 18th Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine and 13th Congress on Stem Cell Biology and Technology started work in Tehran on Wednesday with participation of domestic and foreign researchers. Parvaneh Afsharian said that most of the research plans which have been dispatched to the Royan congress are respectively from India, Italy, China, US, Japan, Germany, Iran, UK, Spain and Australia. - 8/30/17

One In Four Iranians Suffering From Prediabetes

- While 10 percent of Iranians are diagnosed with diabetes, 25 percent of the population are suffering from prediabetes. "That means if they don't get treatment, it will lead to type 2 diabetes," ISNA quoted the deputy health minister Reza Malekzadeh as saying. - 8/28/17

Isfahan's Healthcare City aims to boost Iran's medical tourism prospects

- The first phase of an enormous healthcare city was officially inaugurated in the city of Isfahan, central Iran, on Monday as the country avidly seeks to surge its global share of the medical tourism market. Health Minister Hassan Qazizadeh-Hashemi accompanied by several provincial officials cut the ribbon on Isfahan Healthcare City which is comprised of orthopedic, obstetrics and gynecology clinics, as well as medical offices. - 8/24/17

Health Tourism Could Fetch Iran 7 Billion Dollars A Year

- The Iranian minister of cooperatives, labor and social welfare has said that the country has a potential to earn $7 billion in revenues through attracting one million health tourists on a yearly basis. Health-tourism companies from more than 30 countries including the Netherlands, Germany, France, China, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania and Uzbekistan are supposed to collaborate with Iran in this regard. - 8/10/17

Regional countries to help Iran reshape medical tourism

- Iran has signed agreements with 13 neighboring countries with the aim of developing and reorganizing its medical tourism sector. The state-run Tourism Holding Company, affiliated with the Social Security Organization, is to unveil this week a comprehensive plan, which will be implemented with the participation of 22 hospitals and over 200 physicians, specialists, and surgeons. - 8/7/17

Poisonings Put Spotlight On Iran's Alcohol Problem

- Mass alcohol poisoning and related deaths have exposed an alcohol problem in the Islamic republic, where a ban introduced following the 1979 revolution has failed to prevent Iranians from drinking. Ninety-two people were poisoned, four fatally, after drinking in Sirjan in the southern province of Kerman, Iranian media reported on July 23. - 7/25/17

Houston surgeon set to visit Iran again under limited travel ban

- A Houston doctor is resuming his regular trips to Iran four months after President Donald Trump's Middle East travel ban led him to cancel life-saving operations on three unborn babies there. The decision by the U.S. Supreme Court this week to reinstate a limited portion of Trump's travel order will not affect Dr. Alireza Shamshirsaz's plans to return to Iran next month and perform fetal surgeries on four pregnant women, he said. -Houston Chronicle - 6/30/17

Iran starts construction of ion therapy center

- KARAJ - Iran began building its National Ion Therapy Center with Austrian help on Monday, in a 200 million Euros project which follow the country's landmark nuclear deal with six world powers in July 2015. - 5/16/17

Iranian researchers find way to treat long bone nonunion

- Iranian researchers at Royan Research Institute have proved in a study that the problem with long bone nonunion is related to mesenchymal cells. Long bone nonunion is a serious complication of a fracture in which the normal process of bone healing is interrupted or stalled. - 2/15/17

Amid travel ban uncertainty, Houston doctor cancels plans to perform life-saving fetal surgeries in Iran

- The doctor had waited as long as he could. Now, Dr. Alireza Shamshirsaz felt he had run out of time, and he needed to break it to them. He dialed in via Skype early this week, and there they were, staring back at him from Iran: The expectant parents whose babies almost certainly would die because he wouldn't be coming to operate on them. -Houston Chronicle - 2/11/17

Iran to unveil herbal medicine "Melitropic" for treating Alzheimer's

- The reIran's January 29 flight test of a medium-range ballistic missile helped prompt an ominous if ambiguous warning by U.S. National Security Advisor Michael Flynn on February 1: "As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice." Since it is facing so many other international crises, it is curious that the new administration gives such a prominent place to Iranian missile testing, which poses no existential threat to the United States or its allies and is not prohibited by the Iran nuclear deal or any other widely accepted rules of international behavior.searchers at the Iranian Institute of Medicinal Plants used ancient and indigenous knowledge of the Iranian land in treatment of brain problems and conducted extensive research on the latest studies in the world on this subject to produce, for the very first time, a valuable herbal medicine that helps with treatment of Alzheimer's disease. - 1/23/17

Maternal mortality rate in Iran far below UN SDG target

- The maternal mortality rate in Iran is far below the target set by the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Safieh Shahriari-Afshar, a founding member of the Family Health Association of Iran (FHA Iran), told a press conference on December 27. - 1/4/17

Iranian researchers build brain stimulator tDCS device

- Iranian researchers at Amirkabir University have designed and developed brain stimulator transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) devices that can be used in treatment of Parkinson's Disease. - 12/19/16

Interview: Iranian American Physician Dr. Arshya Vahabzadeh

- Dr. Arshya Vahabzadeh M.D. is an Iranian American physician with a distinguished career in medicine and behavioral health. Dr. Vahabzadeh is a faculty member at the Harvard School of Medicine, he is the Director of Digital Health at neurotechnology company, Brain Power, where he also serves as site director for the San Francisco Bay Area, and he is also the former Chairman of the Council on Communications of the American Psychiatric Association. - 11/17/16

Tehran fights for breath while officials pass the buck

- While air pollution in Tehran has reached critical levels for seven days in a row officials keep shifting the blame onto each other. The air quality indices have surged up so much so that all healthy people are likely to experience irritation or discomfort while breathing as well as those with heart and lung condition. - 11/16/16

Heavy Air Pollution Closes Schools In Tehran

- Authorities in Tehran have closed schools on November 14 because of dangerous levels of pollution in the atmosphere. "Kindergartens and primary schools are closed on Monday [November 14] in Tehran and most of the cities of the province," the Education Ministry said, according to official IRNA agency. - 11/14/16

Thousands of artists appeal to Iranian President for tackling air pollution

- More than 5,700 Iranian artists issued an appeal to President Hassan Rouhani urging him to take serious measures to address air pollution in the country. The supreme council of the Iranian Artists Forum, comprising photographers, graphic designers, painters, sculptors, calligraphers, potters, and actors signed a letter to the president asking for immediate measures to minimize air pollution - 11/7/16

Iran unveils 4 biotechnology medicines expected to decrease outflow by $600M

- An Iranian pharmaceutical company has unveiled four domestically produced biotechnology medicines, leading to $600 million decrease in flow of money out of the country annually. - 10/30/16

Iran exporting 25 radiopharmaceuticals: Nuclear Chief

- Iran's atomic energy chief said in comments on Tuesday the country produces and exports 25 radiopharmaceuticals (a radioactive compound used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes) to Asian and European countries. "Currently, 25 radiopharmaceuticals are produced inside the country and exported to countries of Iraq, Egypt, and Germany," Ali Akbar Salehi told the press on the sidelines of the 10th national talent seminar. - 10/18/16

BOOK: Prozak Diaries: Psychiatry and Generational Memory in Iran

- Prozak Diaries is an analysis of emerging psychiatric discourses in post-1980s Iran. It examines a cultural shift in how people interpret and express their feeling states, by adopting the language of psychiatry, and shows how experiences that were once articulated in the richly layered poetics of the Persian language became, by the 1990s, part of a clinical discourse on mood and affect. - 10/12/16

Isfahan on track to become a city of bicycles

- Isfahan Municipality is arranging for the city to become a city of bicycles, an official with the Department of Environment has said. "Isfahan Municipality has initiated talks with the Dutch to develop the necessary technical infrastructure to turn the city into a city of bicycles," Mohammad Darvish said. Isfahan and Neishabur municipalities did best in creating bike lanes and cycling infrastructure, Darvish noted. - 10/2/16

Dr. Arash Alaei and Dr. Kamiar Alaei: Conveying a Message of Hope through Education

- PAAIA interviewed Dr. Arash Alaei and Dr. Kamiar Alaei to discuss their imprisonment in Iran, their ambitions to provide medical education to displaced Syrian refugee students, as well as their aspirations to inspire the next generation of students to become doctors. - 9/30/16

Opposition against Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) gains momentum in Iran

- Iran is seeing its most vociferous outcry yet over the use of genetically-modified ingredients in food production. Opponents of food products with GMOs have recently elicited fatwas from top clerics, declaring commercial sale and cultivation of genetically-altered crops "not permitted." - 9/26/16

Smoking ban in public places in Iran to go into effect from September 22nd

- Iran will start banning smoking in public spaces from September 22, a decade after a relevant legislation was ratified, IRNA quoted the secretary general of Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association as saying on Monday. "Smoking claims 65,000 lives in Iran annually," Masjedi regretted, an alarming figure that has to concern the public. - 9/21/16

Golden Cells campaign in Iran aims to promote stem cell donation

- "Golden Cells" is another public-led campaign in Iran with the aim of promoting stem cell donation. The campaign was initiated by those who have one way or another dealt with cancer and diseases that can be cured by stem cells and started to let others know about the stem cell bank, the campaign spokesperson Sameen Razavi told Fars news agency. - 8/31/16

Afghan Girl's Death Has Iranians Questioning Ban On Organ Transplants For Foreigners

- The death of a 12-year-old Afghan girl in Iran has prompted that country's health minister to publicly defend a national ban on organ transplants for foreigners that some were initially blaming for the tragedy. - 8/25/16

Iranian researchers develop new method for breast cancer treatment, replacing chemo

- Iranian researchers at Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, in Tehran, along with scientists at the country's Pastor Institute have conducted a study on effects of plasma in treating breast cancer. - 8/19/16

Iran's pharmaceutical ambitions are a Catch 22

- Iran's pharmaceutical industry has found itself in a catch-22. On the one hand, the country is trying to grow its pharmaceutical exports and attract investment in the industry. But on the other hand... -Chloe Pfeiffer, Business Insider - 8/19/16

Iran unveils definite medicine for migraine

- Iranian researchers at Pardis Technology Park have unveiled a definite medicine for migraine dubbed 'MigriHeal'. Dr. Ramezani, one of the researchers of the plan, said the drug is prescribed for people suffering migraine based on special protocols. - 8/16/16

Iran to eradicate hepatitis in 15 years: Official

- Hepatitis will be eradicated in Iran by the next 15 years, the director for communicable diseases department of the Health Ministry has said. Infected blood, infected syringe, infected food stuff and drinks, and high risk sexual behaviors are of the causes of the hepatitis, Tasnim news agency quoted Mohammad-Mahdi Gouya as saying on Monday. - 7/27/16

Medical errors, the tip of the iceberg of problems plaguing Iran's health system

- Ali Nasr, Iranian podiatrist based in Canada, with years of experience in Iranian hospitals says the surge of antagonistic public feelings surfacing against physicians following the death of Abbas Kiarostami is partly triggered by the lack of mutual trust in doctor-patient relationship in the country, and partly by the fact that the health and medical culture has not kept abreast of the times. - 7/26/16

USERN to bring Nobel Laureates in Medicine to Iran

- The first international congress of Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN) along with the first festival will be held in Tehran in November. Tehran will be a hub for scientists coming from around the world; notable among them is the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012 Sir John B. Gurdon and one of the Abel Prize Laureates 2015 Louis Nirenberg from Canada - 7/26/16

Death of a Director: Medical Team Blamed For Death of Abbas Kiarostami

- Dariush Mehrjui, the director of the acclaimed drama "The Cow", has said that top Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami died because of his Iranian medical team's negligence. "The murderers are among us," noted Mehrjui who was weeping bitterly and asked the country's judicial authority to bring them to trial. - 7/14/16

Health Official Says Sexual Transmission Of HIV Rising In Iran

- A senior official in Iran's Health Ministry says sexual transmission of HIV is on the rise in the country, in part, because of taboos about discussing sex. Deputy Health Minister Ali Akbar Sayari said the share of HIV transmission through sexual intercourse had doubled during the past decade from 15 percent to 30 percent of all cases. - 7/14/16

Metabolic diseases in Iran five times global average

- According to IRNA, Shahla Farshidi has said that the number of affected children in Iran is five times more than that worldwide, calling consanguinity marriage - marriage of the same blood - the main reason behind rise of metabolic disease in Iran. - 7/11/16

Iran on verge of eliminating polio: Health Official

- Iran is close to eliminating Polio as no incidence of the disease has been reported in the country since 2000, the head of the communicable diseases department of the ministry of health said on Monday. - 7/7/16

Over 3,300 transplants carried out in Iran last calendar year

- More than 3,300 transplants were performed in Iran over the last Iranian calendar year (March 21, 2015- March 19, 2016), the director for transplant management department of Health Ministry has said. Some 2,500 of the surgeries are pertaining to kidney transplants, Kazemeini said, adding, 716 liver and 102 heart transplant surgeries were performed over the same period. - 6/29/16

WHO's Cancer Warning No Shock For 'Hot Tea'-Happy Iran

- The UN agency for cancer research wants everyone to cool it. A review of more than 1,000 studies indicated that drinking "very hot" beverages is "probably carcinogenic to humans," the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) announced on June 14. - 6/16/16

Urban air pollution killing seven million annually: WHO

- The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of rising air pollution in cities across the world, estimating that it is claiming the lives of seven million people every year. The dirtiest air was recorded at the Iranian city of Zabol, which suffers from months of dust storms in the summer - 5/12/16

Iranian dentist examines people on the street

- Shafi Ja'fari is a young dentist who visited and examined people around Enqelab square, central Tehran, for three hours on Thursday, ISNA news agency reported. What Ja'fari, a Tehran University graduate, did, was a symbolic act of criticism centered on the widespread ignorance of prevention. - 4/20/16

Iran's Struggle with Air Pollution

- Iran's pollution, a decades-old issue, has steadily increased in recent years, claiming lives and damaging healthy lungs. Iran's most recent official statistics concludes that, on average, one person dies of pollution-related causes in the capital, Tehran, every two hours. -Mehrnaz Samimi - 3/9/16

Iran to become Alzheimer's disease treatment hub: Scientist

- An award winning scientist says Iran will become an international hub for Alzheimer's disease treatment over the next six years. Postdoctoral Researcher at Harvard Medical School and winner of the US Alzheimer's Institute's research grant, Kourosh Shahpasand made the remarks during an interview with Mehr News Agency on Wednesday. - 3/3/16

Ahvaz air pollution skyrockets due to dust particles

- Officials in the city of Ahvaz, capital of Khuzestan Province in southwestern Iran, say the concentration of dust particles in the city's air has risen to over 24 times the acceptable level. - 2/24/16

Prof. Samii: Iran to become world's neurology hub in 5-10 years

- TEHRAN - Professor Majid Samii, the internationally renowned neurosurgeon, has said that Iran will become the world's neurology hub within the next 5 to 10 years. "Given that the science and neurology center in Tehran will soon be completed, I'm pretty sure that many patients from all continents will refer to this center to receive treatment," Samii told IRNA news agency on Tuesday. - 2/18/16

Bandage made of crustacean shell helps rapid wound healing

- Iranian researchers at Tehran's Amirkabir University of Technology have developed a wound dressing using shell of crustaceans which would revolutionize healing of lesions. - 2/9/16

Nursing rep reveals challenging statistics for profession in Iran

- Ebrahim Mohammadi, the head of International Relations for Iran's Council of Nursing, reports that 7,000 nurses in the country are unemployed. Mohammadi told ISNA that currently 200,000 nurses are employed across the country and there is a need for another 130,000 nurses to be hired. - 1/23/16

Tehran air pollution takes fatal toll on disabled students

- The head of the Tehran Board of Special Education says three disabled students in Tehran have died due to severe pollution in the city. The state television network Seda va Sima reported on Saturday January 2 that the three students were hospitalized due to respiratory complications and later passed away in hospital. - 1/4/16

Stubborn air pollution forces emergency meeting, traffic reductions in Tehran

- With the persistence of severe air pollution in Tehran, the Department of the Environment called for an emergency meeting with the governor's office in the capital on Tuesday December 29. The committee decided to close all preschool and elementary schools tomorrow. Traffic rules that restrict which cars can be driven each day according to odd-numbered or even-numbered licence plates will be enforced on all streets rather than being limited to areas in the downtown core. - 12/31/15

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