Bahman 5 1401 - January 25 2023
Iran's EB kids innocent victims of Swedish company's compliance with US sanctions

Iranian EB children are suffering from a rare skin condition that can only be relieved by using a Swedish company's bandages. The Swedish company Molnlycke has halted shipments to Iran in compliance with the US sanctions against the country although the UN's international court of Justices had announced that humanitarian goods are exempt from sanctions. -Press TV 12/31/21

National COVID-19 response assessed in Robert Koch Institute visit to Iran

During a recent visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran facilitated by the World Health Organization (WHO), a team of experts from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) of Germany met with national health authorities and professionals in order to analyse the ongoing in-country response to COVID-19 and share experiences and best practices through reviewing achievements, identifying challenges, laying down recommendations, and assessing potential areas of cooperation. -reliefweb 12/23/21

Fears grow that omicron variant may soon engulf Iran

A senior Iranian health official warned that unless measures are tightened it will only be a few weeks before the new coronavirus variant, omicron, dominates the country. Hamid-Reza Jama'ati, who chairs the scientific committee of the National Coronavirus Taskforce, advised the Iranian government to reinstate strict measures for at least four weeks to curb the new variant. -Al Monitor 12/21/21

Omicron: Iran detects first case of Covid-19 variant

Iran has detected its first case of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, a health official has confirmed. Kamal Heidari, Iran's deputy health minister, told state television on Sunday that an Iranian man from Tehran had tested positive after returning from the United Arab Emirates. -MEE 12/20/21

Iranian-American Negar Salehi, MD

Negar Salehi, MD, is an interventional cardiology fellow at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York. Originally from Iran, she attended medical school and trained in cardiology and interventional cardiology at Shahid Beheshti and Iran University of Medical Sciences, both in Tehran, before coming to the US to repeat her training with the goal of furthering her career. -tctMD 12/17/21

Iran imposes restrictions on unvaccinated in new COVID plan

The Iranian government has launched a "smart protocols" plan that will impose some restrictions on those unvaccinated against COVID-19, as it aims for the country to learn to "co-exist" with the coronavirus. The plan was rolled out on Monday across the country, where a fifth deadly wave of the pandemic has been contained but concerns remain over another spike in infections, according to the health ministry. -Al Jazeera 12/6/21

Iran says 44 million fully vaccinated, half its population

Iran announced Saturday it has now fully vaccinated 44 million people, more than half of its population of 85 million. The country has been hit the worst by the pandemic in the Middle East. The health ministry said the 44 million received two doses of the vaccine. Iran has recorded at least 128,000 deaths since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. -AP 11/22/21

Iran's Herd Immunity Flop Is Very Bad News for These U.S. States

There are provinces in Iran where it seems there have been more COVID cases than there are people. In other words, it's possible that in some of the worst-hit regions, a whole lot of people caught COVID twice. That's not just bad news for Iran's 84 million people. It's also bad news for, say, the 3 million people in Mississippi and the 5 million in Alabama. -Daily Beast 11/11/21

He Can't Cure His Dad. But a Scientist's Research May Help Everyone Else.

The muscle wasting disease that has debilitated Sharif Tabebordbar's father motivated a life in science that led to an important medical discovery. When Sharif Tabebordbar was born in 1986, his father, Jafar, was 32 and already had symptoms of a muscle wasting disease. The mysterious illness would come to define Sharif's life. Jafar Tabebordbar could walk when he was in his 30s but stumbled and often lost his balance. Then he lost his ability to drive. When he was 50, he could use his hands. Now he has to support one hand with another. -Gina Kolata, New York Times 11/5/21

Covid cases soaring in some Iranian cities

Covid-19 infections and deaths are on the rise in some cities in Iran. The Mask application that monitors the state of Covid across Iran shows the number of cities marked red has risen from 22 to 29. Red is the highest level of risk from Covid. Mask also says 112 cities are orange, 221 yellow, and 86 blue, which are respectively the signs of decreasing risk, with blue showing a return to normal. -IFP 11/3/21

Korea to provide Iran with 1 mil. doses of AstraZeneca vaccine

South Korea will donate 1 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to Iran, on humanitarian grounds, to help address its vaccine shortage, Seoul's foreign ministry said Monday. The shipment of the vaccines will begin later in the day for arrival in Iran on Wednesday to support the Middle Eastern nation's COVID-19 vaccination campaign as a symbol of six decades of friendly ties between the two sides, according to the ministry. -Korea Times 10/26/21

Iran's Goal Of Coronavirus Vaccine Self-Sufficiency Suffers Setbacks

Iran unveiled its homegrown Fakhra coronavirus vaccine to much fanfare, with officials touting it as a "high-quality" inoculation. The vaccine was named in honor of top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, who was assassinated near Tehran in November and hailed as a "national hero." But seven months after the launch of the first clinical trials of Fakhra, the production of the vaccine is being discontinued due to what an official this week said was a lack of demand. -Golnaz Esfandiari. RFE 10/22/21

Over-compliance with US sanctions hurting Iran's 'butterfly kids'

Over-compliance with United States-imposed sanctions against Iran is harming the right to health, and people with a rare skin disease are among those affected, many of them children, experts appointed by the UN Human Rights Council said on Tuesday. These patients suffer from epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a severe and life-threatening skin condition, which causes extremely painful wounds. Many are children, who are often referred to as "butterfly kids" because of their fragile skin. -United Nations 10/20/21

Iran braces for new COVID wave despite accelerated jab rollout

Iran is bracing for a sixth major wave of COVID-19 infections even as its nationwide vaccination efforts have accelerated in recent weeks. Health Minister Bahram Einollahi said on Tuesday it is "certain" the worst-hit country in the Middle East will face another surge in cases next month. -Al Jazeera 10/20/21

America Should Help Iran Get COVID Vaccines

It is of utmost importance that Iranians are included in President Biden's pledge to vaccinate the world. Doing so would not just be a necessary goodwill gesture to the Iranian people at a time of diplomatic deadlock over the nuclear issue but would also help curtail the spread of COVID variants that threaten everyone. -Sina Toossi, Defense One 10/5/21

Iran's 'patriotic' vaccination policy is making some people rich

"Thanks to our vaccination campaign, 70% of Iran's population will soon be immune to the coronavirus," said President Ebrahim Raisi during a speech marking the beginning of the country's new school year last Saturday. It's anyone's guess, however, what he means by "soon." According to official figures, 16% of Iranians are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and 18% have had at least one shot. -DW 9/29/21

In Qom, where Iran outbreak began, virus rages on

In Iran's holy city of Qom, where Shiite scholars study and pilgrims travel to a shrine believed to be a gate to heaven, the Islamic Republic's coronavirus outbreak began and still rages to this day. While Iran works to vaccinate its 80 million people, many in Qom have not sought out the shots, authorities say. -AP 9/27/21

Iran eyes normalisation as COVID vaccination drive accelerates

The rollouts of Iran's vaccination campaign against COVID-19 has gathered significant pace, after months of public anger about slow imports, raising hopes of a relative return to normal life in the Middle East's worst-hit country. More than 30 million jabs alone were imported during the sixth month of the Iranian calendar which ends on Wednesday - higher than all doses imported since the start of February combined... -Al Jazeera 9/23/21

Iran's Raisi focuses on vaccines not nuclear talks

A vaccination centre, a hospital, a pharmacy and finally a morgue. The first public visits by Iran's new hardline president Ebrahim Raisi have made clear his top priority - accelerating imports of Covid-19 vaccines into a country hard hit by the pandemic. Since the 60-year-old cleric was inaugurated last month, replacing centrist president Hassan Rouhani, there has been a huge rise in imports of vaccines. A regime that in January this year banned western jabs now welcomes them, and Raisi has led the push. -Najmeh Bozorgmehr, FT 9/20/21

Iran Approves Use Of U.S-Made Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus Vaccine

Authorities in Tehran have approved use of the coronavirus vaccine produced by U.S. pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson as Iran faces a fifth wave of COVID-19 infections. "The Johnson & Johnson single-dose corona vaccine has been approved," Mohammad Reza Shanehsaz, head of Iran's Food and Drug Administration, said on September 16. -RFE 9/17/21

Iran reports 19,732 new cases of Covid-19, 452 deaths

The Iranian Health Ministry reported on Wednesday that the Covid-19 pandemic claimed the lives of 452 Iranians in the past 24 hours since Tuesday, bringing the death toll since the pandemic began in February 2020 so far to 115,619 people. Meanwhile, the statement said that 19,732 new cases of the contagious disease were detected, bringing the total detected cases to 5,360,387. -Mehr 9/15/21

IRAN: 'No red lines in importing COVID vaccines, even Pfizer and Moderna'

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Monday that the country is facing no red lines in importing coronavirus vaccines, even Pfizer and Moderna. "Of course, the health ministry has always been the sole authorized and eligible source for approving the vaccines which are allowed to be imported, and the foreign affairs ministry has used all its facilities towards this goal," Khatibzadeh said speaking at his weekly press briefing on Monday. -Tehran Times 9/14/21

COVID-19 claims other 445 lives in past 24 hours in Iran

In a statement on Friday, the Iranian Health Ministry put the death toll from the novel coronavirus in Iran at 113,380, saying the disease has taken the lives of 445 patients over the past 24 hours. The number of people tested positive for COVID-19 infection in Iran has exceeded 5,258,913 following the detection of 21,114 new cases since Thursday, the ministry said. -Mehr 9/10/21

Over 40m Doses of Covid-19 Vaccines Imported to Iran So Far

A total of 40.29 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines in 46 shipments were imported via Imam Khomeini International Airport from Feb. 3 to Sept. 5, 2021, according to the latest announcement of Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration. According to this report, 648,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccines were imported on Sept. 4, along with 5 million doses of Sinopharm on Sept. 5. -Financial Tribune 9/6/21

Jafar Panahi Among Activists Urging UN to Take Action on Iran's Covid Crisis

Ten activists have signed a letter addressed to the United Nations demanding that the organization take measures to help Iran's ongoing Covid-19 crisis, including requiring Iran to import the vaccine. Among the signatories are filmmakers Jafar Panahi ("3 Faces," "This Is Not a Film") and Mohammad Rasoulof ("There Is No Evil"), as well as documentarian Mohammad Nourizad. -IndieWire 8/31/21

Fears grow in Iran as pandemic worsens

Iran wrestles with record infection and mortality rates and officials worry that a new variant could come in on the heels of the Delta variant, which has been ravaging the country. -Al Monitor 8/27/21

Iran to receive 3m doses of COVAX vaccine in coming days

World Health Organization (WHO) representative to Iran Jaffar Hussain has announced that three million doses of vaccine will be delivered soon to the country under the COVAX facility. The COVAX Facility is a partnership, co-led by Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), Gavi-The Vaccine Alliance, and the WHO, alongside key delivery partner United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). -Tehran Times 8/26/21

Iran's COVID-19 deaths hit record daily high of 709

Iran on Tuesday reported a record daily 709 deaths from COVID-19 as the worst-hit country in the Middle East faced a fifth surge in infections led by the highly contagious Delta variant. The health ministry said the total number of cases had reached 4.75 million with 40,623 new infections over the past 24 hours. Total fatalities rose to 103,357, state TV reported. -Reuters 8/25/21

Iranian government urged to accept western vaccines amid deadly Covid wave

The newly elected Iranian government led by President Ebrahim Raisi is facing demands to broaden its sources of vaccines as the country becomes engulfed by its fifth and most deadly wave of Covid-19. The supply of vaccines is said to be close to exhausted in Isfahan and Tabriz, as well as provinces including Gilan, Khuzestan and Mazandaran. -Guardian 8/24/21

Iran coronavirus deaths set new daily record as curbs lifted

Iran's health ministry has reported more than 680 daily coronavirus deaths for the first time, as nationwide restrictions to contain the spread of the virus were lifted. The ministry said on Sunday the deaths of 684 people in the past 24 hours brought the total number of fatalities to 102,038. Iran also registered 36,419 new infections, raising the total since the pandemic started to 4,677,114. -AFP 8/23/21

Iran negotiating to import Pfizer, Moderna vaccines from Europe

Negotiation is underway with one or two European countries to purchase Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines, Alireza Raisi, the spokesman for the National Headquarters for Coronavirus Control, has said. Referring to good efforts made to import vaccines, he said: "By the end of September, we will definitely import about 30 million doses of vaccine. With another memorandum of understanding from October, we will receive another 30 million doses. -Tehran Times 8/23/21

MEMO columnist Mahan Abedin dies of covid in Iran

MEMO freelance columnist Mahan Abedin died of coronavirus in Iran on Friday night at the age of 45. The Iranian-born British journalist and author tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday, Press TV reported. -MEMO 8/23/21

President Biden Should Offer Vaccines to the People of Iran

A coalition of major Iranian American organizations today called on the Biden administration to expand its global COVID-19 vaccine donation campaign to Iran. Iran currently holds the 10th highest COVID mortality rate in the world and has had five waves of the pandemic since January 2020. The country continues to report the highest infection and death numbers in the Middle East, with experts inside and outside the country arguing that Iran's real numbers are much higher. 8/20/21

Iran: Government Mismanagement Compounds Covid-19 Crisis

Iranian authorities' prohibition on procuring US- and UK-produced vaccines, lack of transparency, and mismanagement are exacerbating the already dire impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in Iran, Human Rights Watch said today. Iran is experiencing a "fifth wave" in the pandemic with a daily death toll of at least 655 and a total of almost 100,000 deaths as of August 18 based on the government's official statistics. -HRW 8/20/21

Iran's COVID-19 death toll rises above 100,000 -health ministry

Iran's death toll from COVID-19 exceeded 100,000 on Thursday with 564 fatalities recorded in the past 24 hours, state TV said, as the highly contagious Delta variant of the coronavirus spread through the Middle East's worst-hit country. -Reuters 8/19/21

Photos: First day of business closures in Iran

Iran's national task force for fighting COVID-19 has ordered all jobs categorized as unnecessary to be closed as there has been a huge surge in new cases and deaths in the country. The closures began on Monday, August 16, and will continue until 21 August in all cities of Iran. -ISNA 8/18/21

Iran hopes to defeat COVID with home-grown crop of vaccines

Nature talks to vaccine developer Kayhan Azadmanesh about efforts in Iran to develop ten or more COVID jabs, two of which have been approved for use. Iran was among the first countries to be hit with an outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020. It is currently battling its fifth wave, likely driven by the Delta variant. Official figures suggest that more than 4.3 million people have been infected and 97,000 have died since the pandemic began, but the true toll is potentially much higher. -Nature 8/17/21

'It's a Catastrophe.' Iranians Turn to Black Market for Vaccines as COVID-19 Deaths Hit New Highs

In January, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made the sudden announcement that American and British-made COVID-19 vaccines would be "forbidden" as they were "completely untrustworthy." Almost nine months later, Iran is facing its worst surge in the virus to date - a record number of deaths and infections per day with nearly 4.2 million COVID-19 patients across the country, and a healthcare system near collapse. -Tara Kangarlou, TIME 8/16/21

Iran will impose 6-day 'general lockdown' over coronavirus

Iran says it will impose a six-day-long "general lockdown" in cities across the country after being hit by what it describes as its fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, state media reported Saturday. The lockdown includes all bazaars, markets and public offices, as well as movie theaters, gyms and restaurants in all Iranian cities. -AP 8/16/21

Iran's Health System 'Beyond Disastrous' from Covid Surge

The Delta variant of the coronavirus has overwhelmed the country, which has been reeling from the pandemic since it began, presenting a stark test for its new hard-line president. -Farnaz Fassihi, New York Times 8/13/21

50 Over 50: How This Iranian Immigrant's Vision Could Revolutionize Cancer Treatment

Forty-seven years later, Helen Sabzevari is CEO of Precigen, a biopharmaceutical company developing cutting edge treatments for a number of different diseases, including type 1 diabetes and certain forms of cancer. It's here that Sabzevari, 59, is bringing her lifetime of experience in cancer research to realize a vision of immunotherapies that are both more effective and easier to scale than what's on the market now. -Forbes 8/12/21

Iran facing its deadliest coronavirus surge after banning import on US vaccines

Ayatollah Khamanei banned US and UK vaccine imports in January. However, in a televised speech on Wednesday, with the country now experiencing a fifth wave coronavirus infections, Khamenei indicated a potential change in heart with the onset of the more transmissible delta variant. -Guy Davies, ABC 8/12/21

In Iran, slow vaccinations fuel anger in unending pandemic

Iranians are suffering through yet another surge in the coronavirus pandemic - their country's worst yet - and anger is growing at images of vaccinated Westerners without face masks on the internet or on TV while they remain unable to get the shots. Iran, like much of the world, remains far behind countries like the United States in vaccinating its public, with only 3 million of its more than 80 million people having received both vaccine doses. -AP 8/11/21

Covid-19 in Iran: What happened to Rouhani's vaccine promises?

As Hassan Rouhani spent his final days in office as Iran's president earlier this month, his administration hailed its handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. On 1 August, Rouhani and government health officials held their last meeting at the National Headquarters to Combat Coronavirus. "The promises we made to vaccinate all elderly people and high-risk groups are now coming true," Rouhani declared. -MEE 8/11/21

Coronavirus: Iran tightens travel restrictions to keep Delta variant at bay

Iran's Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) has announced new travel restrictions to the Islamic Republic, banning visitors from coronavirus hotspots in a bid to keep the highly transmissible Delta variant at bay. On Sunday, Mohammad Hassan Zibakhsh, the CAO spokesman said that all flights to and from Brazil and Uruguay have been suspended due to the latest decision of the National Headquarters for Coronavirus Control. -Tehran Times 8/10/21

Iran records over 500 Covid deaths, hits new high

Iran reported over 500 daily Covid deaths for the first time on Sunday, its health ministry announced, as new infections also hit a record high. Iran registered 39,619 new infections in the 24 hours to Sunday, taking the total since the pandemic started to 4,158,729, the ministry said. During that same period it recorded 542 deaths, taking the total number of fatalities to 94,015, it added. -AFP 8/9/21

Iranian Hospitals Overflow As Number Of Reported COVID-19 Cases Passes 4 Million

The number of reported coronavirus cases in Iran surpassed 4 million on August 4 amid a vicious wave of infections driven by the highly contagious delta variant. Iran registered 39,357 new cases in the past 24 hours, taking the total since the pandemic started to 4,019,084, the Health Ministry said. It recorded 409 deaths over the same period, bringing the official death toll to 92,194. 8/5/21

Iran records highest number of daily COVID cases in pandemic

Iran on Monday reported more than 37,000 new coronavirus infections, the country's single-day record so far in the pandemic, state media reported. State TV said health workers registered 37,189 new COVID-19 cases since Sunday - surpassing the previous daily record of 34,951 infections reported on Tuesday. Also, there were 411 deaths, bringing the country's total death toll in the pandemic to 91,407 - the highest in the Middle East. -AP 8/3/21

Iran's health minister calls for lockdowns enforced by military

Iran's health minister has called for two weeks of lockdowns enforced by armed forces and law enforcement to curb the alarmingly fast rise of COVID-19 cases across the country. Saeed Namaki, who will likely be replaced after Ebrahim Raisi is inaugurated as the next president on Thursday, made the request in a letter to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei that was also widely published by Iranian media on Sunday. -Al Jazeera 8/2/21

Iran opens first ion therapy center in West Asia

Iran inaugurated on Tuesday an advanced ion therapy center for the first time in West Asia, which will provide definitive treatment for all types of cancer by the next year. With the aim of definite treatment of cancer using radiation with a synchrotron system, the center was designed in 2016 and its construction started in 2019. 7/29/21

Iran hits new COVID infection record for 2nd straight day

Iran recorded over 34,900 new coronavirus infections on Tuesday, setting the nation's single-day record for cases as vaccinations lag, public complacency deepens and the country's outbreak spirals further out of control. The previous record of 31,814 infections had been set only a day earlier, providing a sense of how quickly Iran's latest surge, fueled by the contagious delta variant, is mounting. -AP 7/27/21

Mehdi Hasan Asks Why US Still Sanctioning Iran as Covid Cases Surge

MSNBC anchor Mehdi Hasan asked why the United States continues to sanction Iran despite a surge in coronavirus cases in the country. As of Sunday, the seven-day average of coronavirus cases in Iran is 24,024, according to the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering. During The Mehdi Hasan Show on Sunday the host asked U.S. Special Representative for Iran Robert Malley about "the humanitarian situation in Iran." -Mediaite 7/27/21

Iran's daily new coronavirus infections hit another high

Iran on Tuesday broke another record in the country's daily new coronavirus cases, even as Tehran and its surroundings went into lockdown, a week-long measure imposed amid another surge in the pandemic. The country's health ministry announced 27,444 new cases and 250 deaths over the past day, bringing the overall death toll to 87,624 from among more than 3.5 million confirmed cases in the pandemic. -AP 7/20/21

Armenia becomes vaccine tourism hot spot for Iranians

Iranians facing a shortage of COVID-19 vaccines at home are travelling to neighbouring Armenia as tourists in growing numbers to get inoculated there for free, according to data from Armenia's tourism board. Armenia has approved three vaccines against COVID-19 - Russia's Sputnik V, China's CoronaVac and AstraZeneca's vaccine and initially offered all of them free to foreign visitors. -Reuters 7/20/21

Iran imposes week-long lockdown of Tehran as virus surges

Iran on Monday imposed a week-long lockdown on the capital, Tehran, and the surrounding region as the country struggles with another surge in the coronavirus pandemic, state media reported. The lockdown - the nation's fifth so far - will begin on Tuesday and last until next Monday. All bazars, market places and public offices will close, as well as movie theaters, gyms and restaurants in both Tehran province and the neighboring province of Alborz. -AP 7/19/21

COVID infections among imprisoned women spark alarm in Iran

Recent cases of COVID-19 in the women's ward of the Evin Prison in Tehran spotlight a lack of preventative measures and the precarious situation of political detainees in the country. Dozens of Iranian cities, including the capital, Tehran, are currently designated as "red zones" as they battle a spike in COVID-19 infections. -DW 7/15/21

A Lot Of Men In Iran Are Ending Up In Hospital After Cracking Their Penis Like A Knuckle

Between April 1990 to October 1999, a doctor working in Kermanshah, a city in the Kurdish region of Iran, documented 172 cases of penile fractures, as reported in a 2000 case study in the Journal of Urology. What could possibly explain this unlikely outburst of penis fractures, you're no doubt wondering? Well, brace yourself. -IFL Science 7/15/21

U.S. sanctions, COVID-19 pose double damage for Iranians

Reza's type 2 diabetes has always worried him, but raging COVID-19 has become another source of distress alongside the difficulties of acquiring the drugs he needs for survival. Since the U.S. sanctions have been affecting Iran's import of medicine from abroad, getting the everyday insulin shots has increasingly become a troublesome issue for Reza, who only wanted to be identified by his surname. -Xinhua 7/12/21

Iran denies 'US sabotage' against homemade vaccine project

Iran's health officials dismissed several statements about a "US sabotage attack" or halts in the country's indigenous vaccine projects. "The production line of COV-Iran Barakat is operating with full capacity," read a statement issued by the state-funded Shifapharmed Industrial Group, which is involved in the production of one in a long list of vaccines Iran says it has developed to immunize its population against multiple variants of the coronavirus. -Al-Monitor 7/9/21

Iranian psychosocial status during and after COVID-19 outbreak mandatory quarantine: A cross-sectional study

Quarantine, one of the most effective protection measures, plays an essential role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. The coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, along with quarantine, can have devastating consequences for individuals' mental and social health. This study examined the psychosocial status of individuals during and after quarantine in the COVID-19 pandemic. -Mohammad A. Zakeri, et al, Journal of Community Psychology 7/9/21

Iran facing fifth wave of coronavirus as Delta variant spreads

Iran is at risk of the fifth wave of the pandemic as the highly contagious Delta variant spreads all over the country. The National Headquarters for Coronavirus Control started strict restrictions for two weeks as of Sunday (July 4) in 92 cities that have the highest rate of infection in the country. Shopping malls, gyms, mosques, salons, universities, schools, libraries, kindergartens, cinemas, museums, cafes, zoos, and amusement parks will be closed for two weeks. -Tehran Times 7/5/21

Iran fears fifth wave of Covid cases linked to Delta variant

Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani, has expressed fears that Iran will be hit by a new wave of Covid-19 due to an outbreak of the Delta variant in the Middle East's hardest-hit country. Covid-19 has killed more than 84,000 people out of over 3.2 million infections in Iran, according to official figures that authorities admit do not account for all cases. -Guardian 7/5/21

Iran reports 127 deaths, 13,836 new cases of Covid-19 as of July 1st

According to a statement by the Iranian Health Ministry on Friday, 13,836 new COVID-19 cases were recorded across the country in the past 24 hours since yesterday, while 127 Iranians lost their lives due to the disease. 7/2/21

Second Iranian coronavirus vaccine gets emergency use license

The Pastu Covac vaccine, developed by the Pasteur Institute of Iran, has received an emergency use license, Health Minister Saeed Namaki said on Wednesday. In the third clinical trial phase, the vaccine has been injected into 44,000 volunteers in Cuba and 25,000 volunteers in Iran, he added. 6/30/21

Photos: Iran conducts first remote surgery with domestic device

First remote surgery in Iran was performed using 100% homegrown system in Iran Advanced Clinical Skills Training Center based in Imam Khomeini (RA) and Sina hospitals of Tehran. The surgery was performed on a dog (vasectomy operation) by Dr. Talebpour at Sina Hospital of Tehran. 6/29/21

Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei receives local COVID vaccine

Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Hosseini Khamenei has received a dose of the country's first locally developed COVID-19 vaccine. Khamenei on Friday called the development of the vaccine a point of "national pride". -Al-Jazeera 6/25/21

Virus outpaces Iran's sluggish vaccination effort

Iran's health officials said multiple variants of the COVID-19 virus are raging across four southern provinces up to 50% faster than two weeks ago. The rates have now placed much of the country's impoverished southern and southeastern strip in the country's "red" infection zone. Iran's health minister has already warned that the "stubborn" nature of Indian and South African mutations identified in various locations nationwide could further complicate the country's pandemic control policies. -Al-Monitor 6/23/21

Iran Approves Emergency Use Of Domestic COVID Vaccine

Iranian authorities say they have given emergency approval for a domestically developed vaccine against COVID-19 as the country battles the Middle East's deadliest coronavirus outbreak. Health Minister Saeed Namaki told a press conference on June 14 that permission for the emergency use of the vaccine called COVIran Barekat was issued the previous day. 6/15/21

Food and nutrition literacy status and its correlates in Iranian senior high-school students

Planning interventions to promote food and nutrition literacy (FNL) require a better understanding of the FNL status of the target group and its correlates. This study aimed to examine the FNL status and its determinants in Iranian senior high-school students. -Marziyeh Ashoori, et al, BMC Neutrition 6/7/21

Iran health authorities say public will get vaccine jabs in September

Iran's health officials said June 1 that a far-reaching coronavirus vaccination program will start in September. The statement was last in a series of unfulfilled promises with varying dates for a much-needed vaccination plan covering all members of the public. According to the spokesman for Iran's National Coronavirus Task Force the public phase will kick off once several designated high-risk groups have received their two jabs. The program, he said, will continue until the end of 2021. -Al Monitor 6/2/21

Human testing of Spicogen COVID-19 vaccine to begin in Iran

The second and third phases of clinical studies of the Iranian-Australian Spicogen vaccine for coronavirus will be performed in Iran, Iranian Food and Drug Administration spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour said. The first phase of the clinical trial was performed on volunteer Australians and the two next phases will be administrated to 400 Iranians, he stated. 6/1/21

Iranians with rare disease dying under US sanctions

After the United States under former president Donald Trump withdrew from Iran's 2015 nuclear deal with world powers in May 2018 and reimposed unilateral sanctions on Iran, Molnlycke stopped exporting the Mepilix product to Iran... According to The Hague-based Iranian Centre for International Criminal Law (ICICL), nearly 30 Iranian EB patients - mostly children - have died since Molnlycke stopped selling its dressings to Iran. For EB survivors, the pain has increased by 70 percent. -Al-Jazeera 5/28/21

Iran to open fertility research center in Algeria

Iran is opening a fertility research center in Algeria. The move is part of a yearslong warming of ties between the Islamic Republic and the North African country. The Royan Institute, which studies male and female infertility, embryo development and stem cells, will open a branch in Algeria, the semi-official Mehr News Agency reported on Tuesday. 5/26/21

Iranian physician Seyed Nasser Emadi Cheshmi awarded Florence Nightingale medal 2021

Iranian physician, Seyed Nasser Emadi Cheshmi, has won the Florence Nightingale Medal 2021, which recognizes exceptional courage and devotion to victims of armed conflict or natural disaster. Emadi Cheshmi is a volunteer physician and a member of MSF (Doctors Without Borders) teams in Africa and West Asian countries, who was awarded the Florence Nightingale Medal in the 48th edition of the event. 5/25/21

Just when they're needed most, Iran's doctors are leaving in droves

It wasn't only family members but others in his hometown who took pride in Omid Tonekaboni's acceptance to medical school. Doctors are an exalted group in Iran, where two of the most watched TV shows when Tonekaboni was a boy had physicians for protagonists, and where "Sina" remains one of the most popular names for babies today, after the legendary Ibn Sina, a philosopher and doctor in ancient Persia. -Omid Khazani, LA Times 5/24/21

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