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Khordad 5 1395
May 25 2016
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Urban air pollution killing seven million annually: WHO

- The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of rising air pollution in cities across the world, estimating that it is claiming the lives of seven million people every year. The dirtiest air was recorded at the Iranian city of Zabol, which suffers from months of dust storms in the summer - 5/12/16

Iranian dentist examines people on the street

- Shafi Ja'fari is a young dentist who visited and examined people around Enqelab square, central Tehran, for three hours on Thursday, ISNA news agency reported. What Ja'fari, a Tehran University graduate, did, was a symbolic act of criticism centered on the widespread ignorance of prevention. - 4/20/16

Iran's Struggle with Air Pollution

- Iran's pollution, a decades-old issue, has steadily increased in recent years, claiming lives and damaging healthy lungs. Iran's most recent official statistics concludes that, on average, one person dies of pollution-related causes in the capital, Tehran, every two hours. -Mehrnaz Samimi - 3/9/16

Iran to become Alzheimer's disease treatment hub: Scientist

- An award winning scientist says Iran will become an international hub for Alzheimer's disease treatment over the next six years. Postdoctoral Researcher at Harvard Medical School and winner of the US Alzheimer's Institute's research grant, Kourosh Shahpasand made the remarks during an interview with Mehr News Agency on Wednesday. - 3/3/16

Ahvaz air pollution skyrockets due to dust particles

- Officials in the city of Ahvaz, capital of Khuzestan Province in southwestern Iran, say the concentration of dust particles in the city's air has risen to over 24 times the acceptable level. - 2/24/16

Prof. Samii: Iran to become world's neurology hub in 5-10 years

- TEHRAN - Professor Majid Samii, the internationally renowned neurosurgeon, has said that Iran will become the world's neurology hub within the next 5 to 10 years. "Given that the science and neurology center in Tehran will soon be completed, I'm pretty sure that many patients from all continents will refer to this center to receive treatment," Samii told IRNA news agency on Tuesday. - 2/18/16

Bandage made of crustacean shell helps rapid wound healing

- Iranian researchers at Tehran's Amirkabir University of Technology have developed a wound dressing using shell of crustaceans which would revolutionize healing of lesions. - 2/9/16

Nursing rep reveals challenging statistics for profession in Iran

- Ebrahim Mohammadi, the head of International Relations for Iran's Council of Nursing, reports that 7,000 nurses in the country are unemployed. Mohammadi told ISNA that currently 200,000 nurses are employed across the country and there is a need for another 130,000 nurses to be hired. - 1/23/16

Tehran air pollution takes fatal toll on disabled students

- The head of the Tehran Board of Special Education says three disabled students in Tehran have died due to severe pollution in the city. The state television network Seda va Sima reported on Saturday January 2 that the three students were hospitalized due to respiratory complications and later passed away in hospital. - 1/4/16

Stubborn air pollution forces emergency meeting, traffic reductions in Tehran

- With the persistence of severe air pollution in Tehran, the Department of the Environment called for an emergency meeting with the governor's office in the capital on Tuesday December 29. The committee decided to close all preschool and elementary schools tomorrow. Traffic rules that restrict which cars can be driven each day according to odd-numbered or even-numbered licence plates will be enforced on all streets rather than being limited to areas in the downtown core. - 12/31/15

Rare fetal surgery performed in Shiraz, Iran

- Surgeons at the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences performed the second successful fetal surgery, which was unprecedented in other regional countries. The surgery was carried out in the Ghadir Mother and Child Hospital, the IRNA news agency reported. - 12/28/15

Pollution lingers over Tehran and other major cities in Iran

- In addition to Tehran, which has been suffering under severe pollution for the past 13 days, reports indicate that Tabriz and Isfahan have also been experiencing conditions of low air quality. - 12/25/15

Daily death rate rises in Tehran due to air pollution

- The secretary of Tehran City Council says rising pollution has increased the average number of deaths in the capital to 180 people a day. Tehran's air quality has been in the red-alert zone since last week, with the volume of air pollutant particles rising seven times beyond acceptable levels. - 12/23/15

Asian Cities Choking on Worsening Air Pollution

- Heavy smog on Tuesday shrouded the capitals of the world's two most populous countries. Air quality monitoring stations in Beijing and New Delhi displayed readings far exceeding the threshold for the highest-category hazardous level. A high pollution alert also prompted Iranian authorities in Tehran, Isfahan and Arak, to close all schools for two days from Sunday. It was the first such order since 2010. -Steve Herman, VOA - 12/22/15

Air pollution forcing Tehran schools to close for two days

- The Tehran Board of Education has announced that all Tehran schools will be closed on Sunday and Monday due to air pollution. ISNA reports that the head of the Board of Education announced on Saturday December 19 that all schools in Tehran and Shahr Rey at all levels will be closed for the next two days in response to heavy pollution. - 12/20/15

More Iranians Die From Swine Flu

- The Iranian Health Ministry says that 15 more people have died in the past five days in a swine flu outbreak that has affected some 900 people in Iran. The ministry said on December 15 that a total of 57 Iranians have died from the disease since mid-November. - 12/17/15

Tehran air pollution so bad it's dangerous for anyone to breathe

- Tehran air quality is reported to be very dangerous, with a red alert issued due to the increased concentration of pollutants. The concentration of particulates in Tehran air is now measured at 2.5 microns, which is seven times the acceptable level according to World Health Organization standards. - 12/15/15

Tehran Says 42 Have Died From Swine Flu During Past Month

- Iran's Health Minister Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi says an outbreak of swine flu has killed at least 42 people in the country during the past month, raising the death toll from the H1N1 virus by six in the last 24 hours. - 12/10/15

Some 22 people fall to H1N1 flu in Iran's Kerman province

- Some 22 people have died after contracting the H1N1 flu virus in Iran's southeastern province of Kerman. The health deputy of Kerman Medical University, Nozar Nakhaei, made the announcement late on Sunday, adding that most of the deceased had underlying chronic diseases before becoming infected, IRNA reported. - 12/7/15

The stunning paradox of Iran's war on drugs: How it actually makes America look worse

- Iran regularly puts drug traffickers to death--but it also tests out progressive policies for treating drug addicts -Daniel Denvir, Salon - 11/20/15

Iran can offer health services to regional market of 400 million: Minister

- Iran can manage to offer healthcare services to a market of more than 400 million people in the region, Health Minister Hassan Qazizadeh Hashemi said on Sunday, IRNA news agency reported. "In collaboration with its regional partners Iran's health system should become the health hub of the region," he stated. - 11/11/15

Tehran's Masih Daneshvari Hospital Ranks 3rd In World In Transplant Procedures

- Masih Daneshvari Hospital, located in north of Tehran, ranks the third in performing transplant procedures in the world, an official at the hospital said, the ISNA news agency reported on Wednesday. - 11/5/15

US eases medical sanctions against Iran

- The US government has eased its sanctions regime against Iran, allowing a broad list of medical supplies for exports to the country. In a statement, the US Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) said it was revising restrictions imposed in 2012 on exports of basic medical supplies to Iran. - 11/3/15

Group reports discrimination against Iranians with HIV-AIDS

- An Iranian charity organization reports that students afflicted with HIV-AIDS are being expelled from schools and women suffering from HIV-AIDS are being laid off. - 11/1/15

Some 35,000 suffering from dystrophy in Iran

- The founder of the muscular dystrophy association of Iran, who herself is suffering from limb-girdle disease, has said that about 35,000 patients are fighting with the disease in Iran, ISNA reported on Tuesday. Many of these patients do not know the dystrophy association or are not even correctly diagnosed with the disease, Ramak Haidari noted. - 10/29/15

The Public Health Impact of the Iran Nuclear Deal

- Dr. Ali Lotfizadeh and Dr. Mohsen Malekinejad, two doctors and public health professionals affiliated with the University of California, San Francisco, wrote an Op-Ed about the Iran Nuclear Deal's effect onhealth in Iran and its implications around the globe. - 10/15/15

World's biggest insulin maker invests in Iran

- Denmark's Novo Nordisk is investing 70 million euros in Iran for the production of a new generation of insulin drugs, officials from the two countries say. The company signed a memorandum of understanding with the Food and Drug Organization of Iran (FDO) to build a manufacturing plant in the next two years, FDO head Rasoul Dinarvand said on Tuesday. - 9/22/15

Iran: Report says interference waves now less intense

- Iran's minister of transportation has announced that the report on the effects of interference waves has been forwarded to the Supreme Council of National Security. Many critics have challenged the state's use of interference waves to block or censor satellite programming, calling it a serious threat to people's health. - 8/20/15

Iran to build specialized nuclear hospital: Salehi

- Iran has launched a plan to build a major specialized nuclear hospital in the near future, says the country's nuclear chief. "Work will soon get underway to construct it (the hospital)," said Director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi, adding the plan has been given the all-clear by President Hassan Rouhani as well. - 8/17/15

Iran's Royan institute achievement in treating cerebral palsy, polio by cell therapy

- Iran's Royan Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Technology researchers obtained great achievements for treatment of children suffering cerebral palsy and polio. The researchers applied cell therapy method for treatment of children's cerebral palsy, said Head of the research center Hamid Gourabi. - 8/3/15

Genetically Modified Crops Growing In Iran Amid Lax Laws

- Iran imports $5 billion of genetically modified (GM) crops a year despite government restrictions on the production of biotech products, local media said on Monday. In the absence of clear regulations, the Ministry of Agriculture has approved repeated imports of GM crops such as rice, soybeans, rapeseed and edible oil "with prior knowledge", a review by the ministry's Behzad Qareyazi says. - 7/9/15

Iran ranks 21st in terms of scientific productions in biotechnology

- The latest report released by the Scopus, the world's largest abstract and citation database, shows that the Islamic Republic has achieved this international ranking in 2014 by offering 3,957 products in the field of biotechnology. - 7/8/15

World yoga day celebrated as practice grows in Iran

- Millions of people across India gathered to mark the first International Yoga Day by engaging in mass yoga sessions, but reports indicate that the celebrations triggered tensions in some part of the country. - 6/22/15

Vast majority of Iranians don't get regular exercise

- Iran's Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports warns that only about 20 percent of Iranians incorporate exercise and sports activities in their daily lives. IRNA reports that a ministry spokesman expressed concern regarding the small percentage of the population engaging in daily exercise, saying that in most countries, at least 60 percent of the population have exercise as part of their daily routine. - 6/19/15

Iranian scientists create world's first hybrid heart valve

- Two Iranian scientists have successfully created the first hybrid tissue-engineered heart valve with the use of a metal alloy. Hamed Alavi, PhD, and Arash Kheradvar, MD, PhD, from the University of California in Irvine, developed the new valve, which can become a replacement for current valves thanks to its durability, the Mehr news agency reported on Monday. - 6/13/15

Iranian scientists unveil domestically made surgery robot

- Iranian scientists have unveiled the first domestically made high precision remote surgery robot. Avicenna, specifically designed to carry out laparoscopic operations, was unveiled during Iran's Second International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX 2015) on Tuesday. - 6/10/15

Iran is opening 150 alcoholism treatment centers, even though alcohol is banned Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Plus Share via Email More Options Resize Text Print Article Comments 3

- The Iranian government is stepping up its attempts to tackle alcoholism, a senior health ministry official told the ISNA news agency on Monday, with more than 150 outpatient alcohol treatment centers slated for opening in the near future, six of which will also have facilities for inpatient detoxification. -Adam Taylor, Washington Post - 6/10/15

Iranian Health Ministry Interferes In Nursing Elections

- After a year of protests by the nursing community in Iran and the issuance of open letters and petitions, the ministry of health is now declaring a large number of nurses ineligible to participate in the College of Nursing elections. - 6/8/15

NIAC Welcomes Resumption of Services for Iranian Physicians by ECFMG

- National Iranian American Council (NIAC) welcomes the resumption of services for Iranian physicians by the the Educational Commission on Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), the primary organization that verifies educational credentials for Iranian physicians seeking to practice in the U.S. and Canada. - 6/6/15

Update on ECFMG Sanctions Issue Impacting Iranian Physicians in U.S.

- Since news broke that the Educational Commission on Foreign Medical Graduates ("ECFMG") has suspended processing requests from Iranian physicians regarding authenticating medical credentials, NIAC has been in contact with ECFMG, the U.S. State Department, and the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC") to urge a speedy resolution to this pressing issue. - 6/5/15

Dust storms hit one Iranian province, will soon hit others

- Eastern Azerbaijan Province has been put under emergency alert with dust storms moving into the region on Thursday June 4. Hamid Ghassemi, the head of the provincial Environment Department, said air quality in Tabriz and a number of other cities is cause for concern. - 6/5/15

Iran's Medical Heritage: Symposium on a Millennium of Contributions

- A one-day symposium in London looking at the contribution of Iranians in the field of medicine from the 9th to the 21st century. From Rhazes and Avicenna to the present day, Iranians have been in the forefront of medical history. - 6/2/15

Iran's Grave Addiction Problem: 33% Rise in Drug Use Among Women

- The number two official at Iran's drug control agency (Setade Mobareze ba Mavade Mokhader), Ali-Reza Jazini, announced this week that while urban centers rather than the countryside receive more attention in battling drug abuse, today drug abuse has become a growing issue in provincial rural areas as well. -Niusha Saremi - 6/2/15

Iran raps Canada for stopping verification of Iranian medical credentials

- Iran has criticized Canada's "discriminatory" move to stop verifying the authenticity of credentials issued for the graduates of Iranian medical schools. "Instrumentalizing the right of education, which is among the fundamental rights of humans, is an incorrect and discriminatory measure," Iran's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Marzieh Afkham, said on Sunday. - 6/1/15

The Eyes Have It: Iran's Health Minister Performs Surgery On Opposition Figures

- In addition to working on Mehdi Karrubi, Health Minister Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi also reportedly performed eye surgery on another outspoken critic of the Iranian regime, university professor Zahra Rahnavard. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 5/30/15

Iranian alcoholics fear punishment if they seek treatment

- A former ministry of health official reports that Iran's legal penalties against alcohol consumption are preventing people from seeking help with addition. Barati said: "Fear of being flogged is keeping many alcoholics from seeking help at addiction treatment centres." - 5/29/15

Psychologist Rejects the 12 Million Figures but Agrees: Iranian Society Suffers from Depression and Leans Towards Violence

- A member of Iran's parliamentary committee on health and treatment announced that 12 million Iranians suffer from mental illnesses and added, "But despite the large number of individuals with mental issues, there are only 40,000 hospital beds for them." In the past too, many other specialists had spoken of a shortage of beds and other facilities needed for those suffering from psychological illnesses. -Niusha Saremi - 5/26/15

Iranian students starting to use drugs at lower age

- Iran's Drug Control Headquarters report that the age when Iranian students start to use drugs is now as low as 15. Hamid Serami, a spokesman for the Drug Control office, told the Seda va Sima network that one percent of the country's school age children are addicted to drugs. - 5/23/15

PAAIA Hosts a Collaborative Dialogue between the Iranian and American Medical and Public Health Communities

- In support of increased collaboration between the medical and public health communities of the United States and Iran, the Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA) is hosting a luncheon today that brings together two Chancellors from Iran's leading medical/health universities with distinguished Iranian American doctors from the New York Metropolitan area. - 5/22/15

Iranians puff on US 'cancer sticks'

- Iranians puff on 65 billion sticks of cigarette a year, leaving families with a bill of more than $200 million in medical expenses. Contraband supplies have a big share in the bad habit. According to official figures, 24 billion sticks are smuggled into the country with US brands being in high demand. - 5/19/15

Iran ends developed countries' monopoly on producing some recombinant drugs

- An official at the Iranian Ministry of Health says the Islamic Republic is now a producer of some recombinant drugs, which were previously produced by some developed countries, thus ending their monopoly in the field. - 5/5/15

Dust storms continue onslaught on Iran's western provinces

- Iran's western provinces have been suffering the impact of dust storms since Wednesday April 22, with limited visibility and disruptions to daily life being felt from Eastern and Western Azerbaijan, Zanjan, Kermanshah, to Khuzestan, Lorestan, Ilam, Chahar Mahal Bakhtiyari, and today also in Fars province and the City of Shiraz. - 4/24/15

Cancer cases in Iran's Khuzestan province skyrocket over past 15 years

- Red Crescent sources report a 500-percent increase in the number of cancer patients in Khuzestan in the past 15 years. Ahvaz, the capital of Khuzestan, is considered one of the most polluted cities in the world, and Kaveh Jaseb told IRNA that lung, stomach and blood cancer are respectively the most common forms of cancer in the province. - 2/26/15

Health Ministry reveals most deadly cancers for Iranians

- The head of the cancer department of Iran's Health Ministry reports that the most fatal cancer for men across the country is stomach cancer and for women is breast cancer adding that 90,000 new cancer cases are reported each year. - 2/23/15

Photos: Ahvaz air pollution gets worse beyond measure

- Air pollution in Ahvaz has grown five times worse since Tuesday's air quality registers led to school closures, forcing them remain shut. Hospital emergency rooms have reported an unprecedented rise in the number of patients arriving with respiratory problems, while the head of the Khuzestan Department of the Environment reported that they are no longer able to gauge the level of dust particles in the air, because the measurement has gone beyond the range of their equipment. - 1/31/15

Air Pollution In Tehran Sends Hundreds To Hospitals

- Severe air pollution in Iran's capital, Tehran, has put nearly 400 people in hospitals with heart and respiratory problems. Hassan Abbas, a Tehran emergency services official, said on December 30 that the city's dirty air had caused another 1,434 people to be treated in their homes for similar problems. - 12/31/14

Pardis Sabeti and Team of Ebola Fighters Recognized by TIME as 2014 Person of the Year

- Iranian American and award-winning computational geneticist at Harvard University,Pardis Sabeti, along with other Ebola fighters, were named TIME magazine's 2014 Person of the Year. The Ebola fighters were chosen for their bravery and stepping-up during a time when many others were reluctant to do so. - 12/24/14

Iran opens cell therapy center

- Iran inaugurated the cell therapy and regenerative medicine center affiliated to the country's Red Crescent Society in a ceremony attended by Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Affairs Sorena Sattari. - 12/23/14

Alcohol poisoning deaths decline in Iran

- The Iranian coroner's office reports that 53 people have died in the past seven months due to alcohol poisoning. Coroner's office spokesman Kambiz Soltani said this represents a 31-percent decrease from the same period last year. - 12/19/14

Royan using stem cells to treat kidney diseases

- Iranian researchers at Royan Institute are conducting clinical trials to treat chronic and acute kidney disease by using mesenchymal stem cells, an official said. Speaking on the sidelines of the 12th Asian Congress of Urology (ACU), Dr. Reza Moqaddas-Ali, the head of Kidney Group of Stem Cells Research Center affiliated to Royan Institute, added that the researchers have conducted animal trials successfully. - 12/12/14

Methamphetamine Use Soars in Iran as Lifestyles Speed Up

- Women in headscarves and men in tatty clothes puff on a glass pipe as smoke swirls around their faces. The pictures published by Iranian media and blogs in recent months are a sign of a new drug epidemic: shishe, or methamphetamine. Shishe means "glass" in Farsi, a reference to the appearance of the drug in some of its purest forms. -Reuters - 12/8/14

Toronto, Mashhad medical universities ink MoU

- Mashhad University of Medical Sciences and Canada's University of Toronto signed a memorandum of understanding on sharing educational and scientific findings. The deal was concluded in a ceremony attended by the Head of Clinical Biochemistry Department Khosrow Adeli and the professor of Toronto University's Biology Pathology Department. - 12/5/14

Iranian President orders report on controversial interference waves

- Iranian President Hassan Rohani has ordered his ministers of "Communications and Information Technology", "Health Care" and "Defence" as well as the head of the Atomic Energy Agency to submit a report to him on the use of interference waves in the country. - 12/2/14

Iran's nurse shortage worsened by emigration

- While Iran faces a shortage of 80,000 nurses, statistical reports indicate that 1,000 nurses emigrate from Iran each year. Iran's College of Nurses has criticized the failure to value the role of nurses and the lack of appropriate government policies to address the country's nurse shortage. - 11/30/14

Iran sanctions still hamper import of pharmaceuticals

- Iran's health minister says some medications continue to be scarce, despite assertions by the U.S. and the European Union that international sanctions do not affect Iran's access to the pharmaceutical and medical equipment market. - 11/29/14

Doubts cast on purported safety of Tehran city water

- Despite reassurances from the Ministry of Health, water supply experts still maintain that the case of polluted water in Tehran is not closed and needs further investigation. Last week, the head of Tehran Health and City Services announced that the capital's tap water has a high level of nitrites and must not be used for drinking, recommending bottled water instead. - 11/25/14

Issues with Domestic Gasoline? The Battle Over Gasoline Rages On in Iran

- The worsening of the air pollution situation in Tehran has resurfaced the in-fighting among Iran's political factions over gasoline. Tasnim news agency, affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards, recently published a special report on imported gasoline and asserted that in fact it is the cause of the deteriorating air condition in Tehran. - 11/25/14

Officials disagree on safety of Tehran tap water

- The head of Tehran Health and City Services Commission has called on the city residents to stop consuming tap water and only use bottled water for drinking. Rahmatollah Hafezi stressed that tap water in certain parts of the city can be harmful to people's health. - 11/20/14

Severe air pollution triggers emergency response in Tehran

- Tehran has announced that due to the decline in air quality, emergency services will be available in various locations around the capital to attend to citizens as needed starting Monday November 17. - 11/18/14

Sharif University robots help with treatment of cancer children

- The research paper submitted to Sixth International Conference on Social Robotics University of Technology, Sydney, by Sharif University of Technology researchers Minoo Alemi, Ali Meghdari, Ashkan Ghanbarzadeh, Leila Jafari Moghadam, Anooshe Ghanbarzadeh, titled 'Impact of a Social Humanoid Robot as a Therapy Assistant in Children Cancer Treatment,' was awarded the best paper title. - 11/3/14

Chemical waste sends 235 to hospital in Zahedan, Iran

- More than 200 hundred people in Zahedan, most of them schoolchildren, were hospitalized because of poisoning due to the inadequate disposal of oil and gasoline waste in the city. - 10/28/14

Ebola Could Enter Iran, Says Health Minister

- Iranian Health Minister Hassan Qazizadeh Hashemi said on October 23 that the deadly Ebola virus is likely to enter Iran.Hashemi said no case of Ebola has been observed in Iran so far. - 10/24/14

Iran manufacturing centrifuges used to produce vaccines: AEOI director

- Iran has attained self-sufficiency in manufacturing centrifuges used for making vaccines, Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Director Ali Akbar Salehi announced on Friday. Salehi made the remarks on the sidelines of the 18th Annual Asian Science Park Association (ASPA) Conference in Shiraz - 10/18/14

Professor Majid Samii named world top neurosurgeon

- The world renowned Iranian scientist in neurological surgery Professor Majid Samii has garnered the 2014 Golden Neuron Award. The award was announced during a ceremony held at the biannual meeting of the World Academy of Neurological Surgery in Vienna on October 11. - 10/12/14

Tehran hosts 2nd national herbal plants exhibition

- The 2nd National Exhibition and Festival of Herbal Plants, Natural Products and Traditional Medicine has held in the Iranian capital, Tehran, Press TV has reported. More than 353 companies participated in the year's exhibition to offer their products and services. - 10/4/14
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