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Ordibehesht 3 1396
April 23 2017
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Book Launch and Reception - The Art of Altruism: Koorosh Shishegaran by Dr Hamid Keshmirshekan

- Wednesday 26th April, 18 in London - Dr Hamid Keshmirshekan will give a brief presentation about his latest book, which looks at the work of acclaimed Iranian artist Koorosh Shishegaran, followed by a short film on Shishegaran's oeuvre. - 4/6/17

Book: Norooz with My Family

- A new book on Norooz, the Persian New Year, authored by Dr. Khodadad Kaviani: A sister and her brother share with classmates their Norooz (New Year) experiences. They live in Yazd, Iran, the city of beautiful wind catchers. They talk about spring cleaning, carpet washing, chaarshanbeh soori, preparing the Haft-Seen, plus other activities during this festive time of year. - 2/22/17

Rumi Poetry Club is celebrating its 10th Anniversary

- Mowlana Jalaluddin Balkhi Rumi (1207-1273) is one of the top five Persian poets of all time and also arguably the greatest Persian Sufi poet in history. His two masterpieces, the Divan-e Shams and the Masnavi-e Ma'anavi, are rich reservoirs of perennial wisdom and love poetry in world literature. - 1/24/17

The mystical poet who can help you lead a better life

- The mystical poet who can help you lead a better life The 14th-Century Persian poet Hafiz's work is not just very beautiful - it is useful too. Hafiz can teach us how to get the most out of our lives, writes Daniel Ladinsky. -BBC - 1/10/17

Yasmin Khan's "The Saffron Tales: Recipes From the Persian Kitchen"

- Armed with little more than a notebook and a bottle of pomegranate molasses, British-Iranian cook Yasmin Khan traversed Iran in search of the country's most delicious recipes. Her quest took her from the snowy mountains of Tabriz and the paddyfields of Gilan to the cosmopolitan cafes of Tehran and the pomegranate orchards of Isfahan, where she was welcomed into the homes of artists, farmers, electricians and teachers. Through her travels, she gained a unique insight into the culinary secrets of the Persian kitchen and the lives of ordinary Iranians today. - 12/27/16

Dr. Homayoon Shidnia and Persian Manuscript Studies in the US

- Last Thursday, December 8, 2016, the Persian manuscript tradition lost its greatest patron in the West. Professor Homayoon Shidnia (1930-2016), who passed away in Indianapolis organized the small but culturally influential Iranian community of Indiana and created the non-profit Foundation for the Preservation of Persian Manuscripts nearly two decades ago. -Dr. Mahmoud Omidsalar - 12/15/16

"The Time and Life of Ahmad Kasravi": New Book by Mohammad Amini

- Ahmad Kasravi (1890-1946) was one of the most famous outspoken critics of Islam in 20th-century Persia [Iran]. He was killed in 1946 by an extremist Shia group named "Devoters of Islam" in Tehran. Seventy years after his assassination, the historian Mohammad Amini has written a book about Kasravi's life and ideas. - 11/16/16

Sense of mission leads young artist in way to promote Persian literature

- Young calligrapher Amir Jalilvand, who is also a prominent photographer, talks about a sense of responsibility that leads him in a way to promote contemporary Persian literature in Iran today. He believes that Iranians, many of whom nowadays have an academic education, are suffering from a dearth of minimum knowledge of their literature. -Seyyed Mostafa Mousavi Sabet - 10/27/16

Ramblings of an Iranian Wino

- I was at that little hole in the wall again, as usual. I winced at the sensation of cool droplets trickling down my back and sides, yet didn't doff my tweed blazer or the green scarf tossed around my neck in beggarly fashion; somehow, they seemed to complement the mood of the evening. If you listened hard enough, you could hear, amongst the clanking of bottles and boorish banter, the Kinks playing on the stereo. -Joobin Bekhrad, Reorient - 9/16/16

BOOK: The Fall of Heaven: The Pahlavis and the Final Days of Imperial Iran

- An immersive, gripping account of the rise and fall of Iran's glamorous Pahlavi dynasty, written with the cooperation of the late Shah's widow, Empress Farah, Iranian revolutionaries and US officials from the Carter administration - 8/25/16

Author Shares Persian Culture At Rockville Library

- Author Pari Forood spoke at the Rockville Public Library on July 28, about her book, The Gates of Light, which is an account of her experiences growing up with an Iranian father, as well as with her part in helping a relative escape the compulsory draft in Iran during that country's war with Iraq in the 1980s. -Courant Community - 8/14/16

Complex view of Islam found in poetry of Iran, Stanford researcher shows

- In a study of Persian literature, Stanford religious studies scholar Ahoo Najafian describes the role of poetry in the context of modernity in Iran. Ironically, those by the Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini spoke out against established, strict religion. -Stanford News - 7/18/16

Solmaz Sharif and the poetics of a new American generation

- Step gently on words such as "home" or "citizen" or even "body" with a foot born elsewhere and they combust. Place names are even more incendiary. What happens when we read BEIRUT or TEHRAN or SAIGON while sitting at a cafe in Santa Monica? This is war's lexicon. It incorporates and redefines, especially by naming... -hn Freeman, Los Angeles Times - 7/18/16

English Translation of "Charand-o Parand" Published: Revolutionary Satire from Iran, 1907-1909

- For the first time ever, Charand-o Parand (Stuff and Nonsense), a classic of Modern Persian literature and political satire, is now available in English. Translated by two distinguished scholars of Persian language and history, Janet Afary and John R. Perry, this volume makes Dehkhoda's entertaining political observations accessible to scholars of Iranian history, as well as all English readers interested in great literature. - 7/6/16

Statue of Persian poet Omar Khayyam unveiled at the University of Oklahoma

- On March 30, 2016, the University of Oklahoma President David L. Boren announced a $4 million gift for the College of International Studies, and the establishment of a new center for Iranian and Persian Gulf Studies. At the announcement, Boren also unveiled one of OU's newest pieces of artwork, "Omar Khayyam," inspired by the Persian polymath, mathematician, astronomer, philosopher and poet of the Islamic Golden Age. - 4/25/16

Spring streams through Persian poetry

- Spring has always been the focus of Persian poets in various historical periods of Persian poetry and no poet can be found in Persian literature, who does not make direct reference or allusion to the season, which begins with Norooz, the Iranian celebration of the New Year. - 4/5/16

Poet Fatemeh Shams takes on politics in post-revolution Iran

- Fatemeh Shams and Dick Davis have never met in person. She is a young Iranian poet living in London, a voice of Iran's post-revolution dissident. He is a medievalist translator and poet who lives more than 3,000 miles away in Ohio. Several years ago, after a friend showed Davis some of the poems that Shams had written, he emailed her, asking if he could translate her work from Farsi to English. -Corinne Segal, PBS - 3/30/16

'I Was Becoming Afraid Of Writing': Iranian Poet Flees Because Of Crippling Censorship

- To get her first book of poetry past the Iranian censor, Fatemeh Ekhtesari did what other Iranian writers often have to do: She used dots for words and sentences she thought would not get past the authorities. But Ekhtesari wasn't prepared for her voice to be silenced, so after the book was published in 2010, she wrote the words back in herself and sent copies to her friends. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 2/21/16

In Iran, A Poet's 700-Year-Old Verses Still Set Hearts Aflame

- Just ahead of Valentine's Day, we visited the tomb of a poet who wrote often of love. The 14th century Persian poet Hafez is buried in Shiraz, the city where he lived almost 700 years ago. He remains venerated in Iran, even though he wrote of romance and other topics that are not obviously embraced in the modern-day Islamic Republic. One of his lines: "Oh Cup-bearer, set my glass afire with the light of wine!" -Steve Inskeep, NPR - 2/13/16

Tales of exile and of home: Iranian diaspora in literature

- When I was at university studying English literature, I took an interest in diasporic and migrant writings. Authors from India, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean all told the same kind of stories of exile and resettlement. Their books raised a shared set of concerns, reflecting homelessness, loss and attempts to reconstruct identity. -Sanaz Fotouhi, Guardian - 2/11/16

Young Iranian poet, Hila Sedighi, released on bail

- Iranian poet Hila Sedighi, who was arrested this week at Imam Khomeini Airport upon arriving in Tehran, was released on bail on Saturday January 9. The Kaleme website reported the arrest of the young poet, saying she had apparently been sentenced in absentia. - 1/11/16

Young Poet Hila Sedighi Arrested at Airport in Tehran, Latest in String of Arrests

- The poet and civil activist Hila Sedighi was arrested at Imam Khomeini International Airport on January 7, 2016, as she and her husband returned from a trip to the United Arab Emirates, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has learned. - 1/9/16

Iranian children's book author receives Gold Medals

- Children's Literary Classics (CLC) announced that the children's book, Naji and the Mystery of the Dig , by Vahid Imani, is the 2015 recipient of the golden seal in three different categories - 1/7/16

Feathers Of Fire: Shahnameh Shadow Play at Fort Mason in San Francisco

- Experience a new type of shadow puppet theater with ShadowLight Productions' Feathers of Fire. This action-packed, cinematic shadow play tells a magical story of star-crossed lovers, based on Shahnameh, a classic Persian epic legend from the 10th century. - 1/6/16

Detained Iranian writers released on bail after three weeks

- Rouzbeh Gilasian and Elaheh Sorooshnia, the two Iranian writers arrested three weeks ago, have been released on bail from Amirabad Prison in Gorgan. They were arrested on Monday December 14 in Gorgan and, according to HRANA, were held primarily in the Revolutionary Guards detention centre, then were transferred to Amirabad Prison when interrogations were completed. - 12/31/15

Heart problems cause transfer to hospital for jailed Iranian poet

- Jailed Iranian poet Mohammadreza AliPayam was transferred to hospital from Rejai Shahr Prison due to heart complication. The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) reports that the jailed poet, who is in his ninth month of incarceration, was transferred to the Tehran Heart Centre on Sunday December 27. - 12/29/15

Rouhani Administration Continues Ban on Popular Musician

- Singer-songwriter Hossein Zaman, who has been banned from performing for nearly ten years and lost his university teaching post due to his political views, says Rouhani administration officials in Iran are refusing to allow him to resume his artistic career because he has continued to openly express criticism about the country's affairs. - 12/2/15

Iran in World History: A new book by Canadian Iranologist Richard Foltz

- Home of one of the world's most ancient and enduring civilizations, Iran has been at the nexus of world history for the past three thousand years. Situated at the crossroads between East and West, it has been marked by its encounters with other cultures and has influenced them with its own. - 11/2/15

Poets Latest to be Snared in Iranian Hardliner Crackdown

- Two Iranian poets jailed for their work and sentenced to 99 lashes apiece for shaking hands with members of the opposite sex are the latest targets in a crackdown that analysts say pits hard-liners against those offering new glimpses of life in the Islamic Republic. -AP - 10/27/15

Iran Boycotts Book Fair Over Rushdie Invite

- Iran says it will boycott next week's Frankfurt Book Fair because the event has invited author Salman Rushdie to be a guest speaker. The Iranian Culture Ministry said on its website on October 8 that Rushdie is hated in the Islamic world for writing "books insulting to Islam." - 10/8/15

Iranian American author finds balance in Seattle rain, S.F. sun

- For Siamak Vossoughi, whose debut collection "Better Than War" won a 2014 Flannery O'Connor Award for short fiction and was published this week, writing is an opportunity for growth. "I tried to think," he said by phone, "about the essential ideas and things that I feel make me as a person and as a writer, that inevitably led me towards the basic roots of my own life in terms of family and upbringing, and discoveries of America and what it meant to live here. -SFGate - 9/25/15

Iranian-American Professor Devotes Teaching, Research to 'Words, Not Swords'

- University of Virginia Professor Farzaneh Milani says the common theme in her teaching and scholarship is "the genuine belief in the power of words, the conviction that while violence begets more violence, words are mightier than swords." In fact, her 2011 book is titled "Words Not Swords: Iranian Women Writers and Freedom of Movement." - 9/18/15

Cyrus Copeland Investigates in New Book, Was Dad a Spy?

- Searching for the truth behind allegations that his American father was a CIA spy in Iran, Cyrus Copeland has crafted a gripping memoir. Off the Radar: A Father's Secret, A Mother's Heroism, and A Son's Quest (Penguin/Blue Rider, 2015) takes readers through a dramatic, yet witty journey in understanding his dual Iranian and American identity. - 7/1/15

"Would you believe that I'm a woman from Iran?"

- Author Nina Ansary's new book Jewels of Allah: The Untold Story of Women in Iran is being released this week, and a trailer the book's publisher uploaded to YouTube is both gripping and features a clever thought-provoking twist. -NY Times - 6/24/15

Persian writer Reza Daneshvar Passes Away in Exile

- Reza Daneshvar, the celebrated Persian writer, passed away in Paris on Wednesday, 27 May 2015 due to cancer. He was 68. Reza Daneshvar left Iran to live in France after the 1979 Islamic revolution in his homeland. He is the author of various famous Persian novels such as "Khosro-e Khooban" and "Namaz-e Meyyet". - 5/29/15

Digital age poses a new challenge to Iran's relentless book censors

- Writers and translators turn to internet to publish their work - and to avoid the anonymous scrutineers who remove words such as 'kiss' and 'wine' -Saeed Kamali Dehghan, Guardian - 5/16/15

"No Books, No Book Fair," Says Publisher of Banned Books

- Iranian publisher Shahla Lahiji has boycotted the annual Tehran International Book Fair for the fourth year running, to protest the government's refusal to issue licenses to her publishing house. "Since 2014, I have suggested 55 books for publication, but none of them have been issued a license. .." - 5/15/15

'Why Nations Fail' Among Works Seized At Tehran Book Fair

- Several books have already been confiscated from one of Iran's largest cultural events, the annual Tehran International Book Fair, which kicked off last week. They include Why Nations Fail, a 2012 treatise by Daren Acemoglu and James Robinson that examines why some nations are rich while others are poor, and argues that "it is man-made political and economic institutions that underlie economic success" or failure. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 5/14/15

Iranian poet Mohammad Ali Sepanlou passes away at 75

- Prominent Iranian poet and literary critic Mohammad Ali Sepanlou passed away yesterday night in Jam hospital in Tehran. May his soul rest in peace. Born in 1940 in Tehran, Sepanlou, graduated from Tehran University's Faculty of Law in 1963. He was one of the founding members of the Writers Association of Iran. - 5/13/15

Free Will and Constraint: A book by Jamshid Farshidi

- Free will is an essential problem in human knowledge that investigates the relationships between all creatures, including human beings, with each other, nature, and ecosystem. Jamshid Farshidi, is an Iranian-American professor (emeritus) of Mathematics and Statistics. - 5/11/15

Eminent Iranian Poet and Filmmaker Repeatedly Interrogated by Intelligence Ministry

- Iran's Intelligence Ministry has repeatedly summoned and interrogated the well-known Iranian poet, documentary filmmaker, and member of the Board of Directors of the Iran Writers Association, Baktash Abtin, in recent days, and interrogations over his work and professional associations are likely to continue prior to his case being sent to court. - 5/9/15

Many titles banned in first days of Tehran Book Fair

- The 28th Tehran International Book Fair opened just yesterday and already several titles have been banned from the fair for various reasons. The Tasnim News Agency reported earlier that 10 titles in the fair's foreign section have been banned. They quote Fereydooni saying that some of these books promote "cults and false mysticism" and others have used a fabricated name for the Persian Gulf. - 5/9/15

Debut novel by Catherine Dehdashti brings together Iranian matriarch, Minnesota waitress

- Minnesota writer Catherine Dehdashti has released her debut novel, Roseheart. Astory about family, Roseheart is set in the 1990s, and told through the sardonic voice of Valerie Kjos. She's a young Midwestern Gen X'er whose life is just barely coming together with her boyfriend when his Iranian mother, Goli, comes for a visit that seems to never end. - 4/27/15

Event at Stanford University: Women, Literature and Arts in the Middle East

- Attiya Ahmad (George Washington University), "Refracted Images: the Ordinariness of Middle Eastern Gendered Photography in Socio-Historical Context." - Dominic Brookshaw (Oxford University), "Telling Stories: The Female Voice in 19th and 20th Century Persian Poetry" - Nasrin Rahimieh (University of California, Irvine), "Women Writing Ordinary Lives" - 4/6/15

Statue of Persian literary icon Ferdowsi returned to city square

- Following protests against the removal of Ferdowsi's statue from a Salmas city square, reports from Iran on Thursday February 26 indicate that the statue was returned to tis original place in the Western Azerbaijan city. - 3/2/15

Gathering of Iranian writers' group cancelled by authorities

- A gathering called "Age of Translation" organized by the Iranian Writers Association for Friday February 27 was cancelled by the authorities one hour before it was scheduled to begin. A statement by the association indicates: "One hour prior to the program, a security official arrived at the hall and informed us that the gathering should not take place." - 3/2/15

Iranian translator of Blue Is the Warmest Colour 'declared persona non grata'

- Sepideh Jodeyri, who translated Julie Maroh's 2010 graphic novel about a lesbian romance into Persian, has spoken out after her book launch in Tehran was cancelled -Saeed Kamali Dehghan, Guardian - 2/13/15

Iranian writers welcome decline of censorship

- It is hard to overstate how beleaguered Iran's writers and publishers felt during the eight years under Ahmadinejad. The Islamic Republic has never been a bastion of freedom of expression, but during that time, things were taken to a different level. -Arash Azizi, Al-Monitor - 2/11/15

New version of Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam published

- A new version of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam has recently been published in Iran. This version has been inscribed by veteran calligrapher Abbas Akhavein based on a collection of Khayyam's quatrains, which have been compiled by Persian literature expert Mazaher Mosaffa. - 1/7/15

British-Iranian publisher to establish literary award

- Candle & Fog, a British-Iranian publishing house that publishes translations of Persian works, plans to honor translators of Iranian works to other languages. The Candle & Fog World Literary Award will be launched next year, Candle & Fog director Afshin Shahnetabar told the Persian service of ISNA on Monday. - 1/6/15

Architectural design for mausoleum of Shams of Tabriz unveiled

- The architectural design for the mausoleum of Shams of Tabriz was unveiled during a ceremony on Wednesday in Khoy, which is home to the mausoleum of the tutor of the Persian poet Jalal ad-Din Rumi. The design was created by the acclaimed Iranian architect Nader Ardalan who is a senior research associate at Harvard University. - 1/2/15

Forget "300", Meet the Real Xerxes in This Great New Comic

- Google image search "Xerxes" and the first thing that pops up are images from the comic book turned Hollywood blockbuster film 300. Cult author Frank Miller's bizarre, distorted portrayal of the ancient Persian king Xerxes the Great and his battles with the Greeks in 300 is a piece of self proclaimed stylized "propaganda". -Shirin Wertime, Barakabits - 12/4/14

Iranian writers' group denounces continued censorship

- On the occasion of the Day of Action against Censorship, Iran's Writers' Association announced that the Islamic Republic government continues to impose censorship in various and complex ways. - 12/3/14

Iranian auhtor Mahmud Dowlatabadi receives France's Chevalier of Legion of Honor

- Iranian author Mahmud Dowlatabadi, mostly famous for his novel "Kalidar", received the Chevalier of the Legion of Honor during a ceremony held in Tehran on Sunday evening. The medal, which is the highest decoration awarded by the French government, was presented to the author by French Ambassador Bruno Foucher during a ceremony at his residence in Tehran. - 11/18/14

Nesta Ramazani's Persian Cooking: A Table of Exotic Delights

- Persian Cooking is the mother of English language Persian cookbooks. For forty years, this book has been a staple in kitchens of those who enjoy the cooking of Iran. This fortieth anniversary edition is revised and updated to take into account present tastes; the better availability of ingredients; and modern cooking tools and methods. - 11/8/14

Marjane Satrapi, LIVE from the New York Public Library

- Marjane Satrapi mesmerized audiences with her poignant graphic memoir Persepolis, a narrative that was at once personal and political. Satrapi joins Paul Holdengraber to discuss the unique challenges and rewards inherent in narratives of social protest, and offers a sneak peek of her new film, The Voices. - 11/8/14

The Art of the Shahnameh: Introducing Iran's Epic Poem to a New Audience

- An integral part of Persian civilisation, which stretches back several millennia, it's only right that the Shahnameh, the epic poem by Iran's national poet Ferdowsi, should be given a place within the sphere of international culture, just as Homer's Illiad, Dante's Divine Comedy, Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet and many other of mans creative expressions from world history have. -Ben Mirza, Huffington Post - 9/25/14

Banned Iranian author Hossein Abkenar takes up at Black Mountain Institute

- Most of us take our freedoms for granted because that's how freedom works: You use it; you don't think about it. The City of Asylum program at the Black Mountain Institute at UNLV supports writers whose freedoms have been stripped by censorship and whose lives may be in danger. -Las Vegas Weekly - 9/11/14

Statue of Omar Khayyam to be set up in Manhattan

- A statue of Persian classic poet Omar Khayyam (1048-1131) is scheduled to be installed in Manhattan, New York City. Created by the Iranian sculptor Hossein Fakhimi, the two-meter tall statue was sent from Tehran to New York on Monday evening. - 9/3/14

Famed Iranian Poet Simin Behbahani Dies At 87

- Simin Behbahani, one of Iran's most prominent literary figures and a vocal human rights defender who was targeted with censorship and smear campaigns by Iranian authorities, has died in Tehran. She was 87. - 8/20/14

Legendary Iranian poetess Simin Behbahani passes away

- After being in coma state for almost 13 days, the legendary Iranian poetess Simin Behbahani passed away in Pars Hospital in Tehran in morning on August 19, 2014; she was 87. Being nominated twice for the Nobel Prize in literature, Simin Khalili, known as Simin Behbahani, was the daughter of Abbas Khalili who was himself a poet, author and the editor of 'Eghdam' Newspaper. - 8/19/14

Simin Behbahani, Iranian lady of ghazal, is breathing naturally

- Ali Behbahani, the son of Eminent Iranian poetess Simin Behbahani Simin Behabahani's, said that the level of her mother's consciousness has been increased and that she is currently breathing naturally. Simin Behabani has been nominated twice for the Nobel Prize in literature. - 8/18/14

Iranian Security forces shut down poet's commemoration

- The fourteenth commemoration ceremony for the passing of Iranian poet Ahmad Shamloo was interrupted by Islamic Republic security forces. HRANA reports that the ceremony was organized by Iran's Writers' Association and was held on Thursday July 25. - 7/26/14

Opening minds in Iran's closed society through Parinoush Saniee's best-seller

- The Book of Fate, one of Iran's best-selling novels ever despite being banned twice, had its paperback release this month. To mark the occasion, its author, 64-year-old Parinoush Saniee, spent a week promoting the book in Bulgaria, before flying to Heidelberg, Germany, to spend time with her two children and grandchild. -The National, UAE - 7/17/14

TripAdvisor grants Certificate of Excellence to tomb of Persian Poet Hafez

- TripAdvisor, a U.S. travel website that provides directory information and reviews of travel-related content, has granted a Certificate of Excellence to the tomb of Hafez in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz, Fars Province. - 7/12/14

Shabnam Piryaei's novel FORWARD published: Not Your Typical Diaspora Story

- Shabnam Piryaei, award-winning filmmaker and author of ode to fragile, has published a novel that challenges the dominant narratives of Iranian immigration, spirituality and sexuality. 15% of the profits from her book are being donated to OMID Foundations. Forward is available through Amazon and through the publisher's website - 5/19/14

Iranian Takes Novel Approach To Publish Book

- After trying and failing for years to obtain a publishing license for his novel, Iranian writer and journalist Mohammad Motlagh finally had enough. Instead of taking the Culture Ministry's no for answer, on April 28, Motlagh began posting his novel -- one chapter at a time -- on Facebook. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 5/9/14

Iran: Supreme Leader avoids Tehran Book Fair for first time

- Iranian President Hassan Rohani launched the book fair this year by making statements against censorship. This has created controversy and been repudiated by other top Islamic Republic figures, such as the head of the Guardian Council, Ahmad Jannati, and Gholamali Haddad Adel, the head of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature. - 5/6/14

The Tomb of Persian Poet Attar in Neyshabur

- Happy Attar Day!: April 14 is National Attar Day in Iran. Abu Ḥamid bin Abu Bakr Ibrahim (c. 1145 - c. 1221), better known by his pen-names Farid ud-Din and Aṭṭar ("the perfumer"), was a Persian Muslim poet, theoretician of Sufism, and hagiographer from Neyshabur who had an immense and lasting influence on Persian poetry and Sufism. - 4/14/14

Three Iranian literati die during Noruz

- Historian Mohammad-Ebrahim Bastani Parizi, translator Sasan Tabassomi and poet Nushin Ganji died during the holidays of Noruz, the Iranian New Year celebration, which began on March 21. - 4/6/14

Watch Hooman Majd Talk Iran with Jon Stewart

- The perceptive and eloquent journalist and author Hooman Majd discusses his new book, The Ministry of Guidance Invites You to Not Stay: An American Family in Iran, with Jon Stewart of the Daily Show on February 24th. - 2/27/14

Book: Revolution Street by Amir Cheheltan

- Uncensored and unflinching, Amir Cheheltan's firebrand tale of power, corruption, and love, set against the roiling aftermath of the Islamic Revolution, opens an unforgettable trilogy of novels about everyday lives in contemporary Tehran. - 2/20/14

False Dawn: The 35th Anniversary of Iranian Revolution

- The Iranian revolution succeeded exactly 35 years ago this week. After 37 years of rule, Mohammad Reza Shah left Iran on 16 January 1979, never to return. His nemesis, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who had waged a campaign against him mainly from his exile in Najaf in Iraq for 14 years returned in triumph on 2nd February 1979 and ten days later his armed supporters attacked the last standing barracks of the shah's forces... -Farhang Jahanpour - 2/14/14

Winners of Iran's Book of the Year Awards announced

- The winners of the 31st edition of Iran's Book of the Year Awards were announced on Saturday. The awards were presented during a ceremony at Tehran's Vahdat Hall. Expediency Council Chairman Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and a large number of cultural figures and officials attended the ceremony. - 2/9/14

Persia in Crisis by Rudi Matthee - Book Review

- Hassan Rouhani's claim at Davos that Iran can become one of the world's top ten economies reflects not just the ambitions of the Islamic republic but a strong belief among Iranians that their country is a great power and its people deeply civilised. -Gareth Smyth, Guardian - 2/1/14

Iran's Foreign Policy in the Post-Soviet Era: Resisting the New International Order

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