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Khordad 31 1397
June 21 2018
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Iranian Lawyer Arrested For Asserting Executed Sufi Man's Innocence

- Iranian authorities have arrested a lawyer for spreading "lies" after claiming that a Sufi man executed this week was wrongfully convicted of killing three police officers, local media report. The semiofficial Fars news agency said on June 20 that an arrest warrant was issued against Zeinab Taheri for making "false statements" and because of "her lies propagated online claiming [Mohammad Salas] was not guilty." - 6/21/18

Iran Confirms 1 Victim in Alleged Gang Rapes in Southeast

- An Iranian official said authorities investigating accusations of recent mass abductions and rapes of women in southeastern Iran have confirmed that at least one complainant was raped. -Michael Lipin, VOA - 6/21/18

Retired IRGC General 'Returns' Villa After Disclosure By Hardline Students

- Former chief of the joint staff of Iranian armed forces, Major General Hassan Firouzabadi says he has returned a 10 thousand square meter villa he had occupied for 25 years. Earlier, in what appeared to be a new round of infighting among Iranian conservatives, an ultraconservative student group had called on Firouzabadi on June 17 to return the expropriated villa, but Firouzabadi claimed on June 19 that the villa was given to him by the Islamic Republic's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to be used by him "for top secret business of the armed forces' joint staff." - 6/21/18

Tehran University Students Skip Tests In Protest Of Arrests

- Dozens of students at Tehran University have abstained from attending semester tests, protesting the detention of their peers during the widespread anti-establishment uprising late last December and in early January. Scores of students were arrested in the unprecedented protests that broke out in the Shi'ite holy city of Mashhad and soon spread to more than 100 other cities across Iran. -Radio Farda - 6/20/18

Iran Defends Its Record on Supporting Persons With Disabilities But Serious Discrimination Persists

- At the 11th annual session of the Conference of State Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities held at the United Nations headquarters in New York (June 11-14, 2018), the head of the Welfare Organization of Iran (WOI), Anoushirvan Mohseni-Bandpey, gave a speech on Iran's actions and achievements in defending the rights of persons with disabilities. - 6/20/18

Preserving JCPOA key to global security: UN Chief Antonio Guterres

- United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has underlined the need for keeping the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in place despite the US's withdrawal, saying the multinational accord is key to ensuring global security. In a meeting with Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), in Oslo on Tuesday, Guterres voiced his full support for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), saying he is in talks with the remaining parties on the future of the deal. - 6/20/18

IRAN: Supreme Leader Khamenei Opposes Joining UN Convention On Anti-Corruption

- Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has publicly opposed joining a global anti-money laundering convention on Wednesday, June 20. Referring to recent debates in country's parliament on joining the UN Convention Against Transnational Organized Crimes (UNTOC) and accepting mandated reforms, Khamenei told lawmakers Wednesday: "It is not necessary to join conventions whose depths we are unaware of." - 6/20/18

Iran Rejects Russian, Saudi Plan To Raise Oil Output, Rein In Prices

- Iran has rejected a plan by Russia and Saudi Arabia to increase oil production at a meeting of the OPEC oil cartel this week in response to consumer disgruntlement with rising prices. "I don't believe at this meeting we can reach agreement," Iran's Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh told reporters after arriving in Vienna, where OPEC is headquartered, on June 19. - 6/20/18

Swiss rail company Matisa defies US with Iran deal

- Iran's state rail company has signed a memorandum of understanding with Switzerland's rail tracks maintenance machines manufacturer Matisa for obsolescence management, Tasnim news agency reported on Wednesday. Under the MoU, Matisa will cooperate on overhaul and retrofitting of ballast cleaners, tampers and regulators as well as sourcing of 21 track machines with Iran's RAI railway company, the report said. - 6/20/18

Iranian Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh Charged With National Security Crimes For Representing Hijab Protesters

- Detained Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh is facing two national security charges for representing women facing prison time in Iran for peacefully protesting against the Islamic Republic's compulsory hijab law. "During the interrogation, she was told that the charges against her are 'propaganda against the state' and 'assembly and collusion' because she colluded with Ms. Shaparak [Shajarizadeh] in the courthouse in Kashan," Sotoudeh's husband, Reza Khandan, told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI). - 6/19/18

Iran to sue U.S. over FBI's mistreatment of Iranian volleyball players

- President of Iran Volleyball Federation said that they will sue US over FBI's mistreating Iranian volleyball players. Last week, Iran went to USA's Chicago to hold three matches in FIVB Volleyball Nation's League (VNL). Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigated Iranian players upon their arrival to US and kept the team in a small room for three hours before allowing them to pass. Also, US had refused to issue visas for some of team members, including team supervisor Amir Sarkhosh. - 6/19/18

Rape Cases Stir Controversy In Iran's Sunni-Populated Baluchestan

- Iran's Prosecutor-General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri has threatened June 18 to prosecute a local Sunni Imam in the city of Iranshahr in the southeastern province of Sistan va Baluchestan for disclosing that 41 girls have been raped in that city. - 6/19/18

French firms 'won't be able to stay' in Iran: France's Finance Minister

- Most French companies interested in maintaining business in Iran "won't be able to stay because they need to be paid for the products they deliver to or build in Iran," Bruno Le Maire said Tuesday. "And they cannot be paid because there is no sovereign and autonomous European financial institution" capable of shielding them, he told BFM television. - 6/19/18

Former Israeli Energy Minister Charged With Spying For Iran

- Israeli authorities have arrested a former cabinet minister once imprisoned for trying to smuggle drugs, this time on suspicion of spying for archfoe Iran, the country's internal security service says. The Shin Bet security service said in a June 18 statement that Gonen Segev was indicted on charges of "committing offenses of assisting the enemy in war and spying against the state of Israel." - 6/19/18

Iran's President Rouhani to visit Switzerland, Austria: Office

- President Hassan Rouhani will travel to Switzerland and Austria at the invitation of the European countries' presidents, IRNA news agency reported on Monday, citing the presidential office. Rouhani will travel first to Bern for a two-day visit in the first half of the Iranian month of Tir (June 22-July 6), the presidential office's director for communications and information Parviz Esmaeili said. - 6/18/18

Iranian MPs Accuse Firebrand Cleric Of Being Behind Threats

- Two members of the Iranian Parliament (Majles) have responded to Mashad's firebrand Friday prayer leader Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda's accusation of treason, with counter-accusations implying the ayatollah was involved with threat messages sent to MPs. - 6/18/18

Iran Executes Sufi Man Convicted Of Killing 3 Police Officers In Clashes

- Iranian authorities have executed a man convicted of killing three police officers during clashes involving members of a Sufi order, despite calls to stop his execution. The official website of Iran's judiciary said Mohammad Reza Salas was hanged early on June 18. - 6/18/18

IRAN: Supreme Leader Forbids 'Too Much Travelling Abroad' To Save Foreign Currency

- Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has criticized Iranians for "travelling abroad too frequently" and told them to "quit this bad habit," while "the enemies are plotting to exert economic pressure" on the Islamic Republic. - 6/16/18

Germany sets up special Iran sanctions advisory office

- Germany says it has established a special office to advise companies worried about their business dealings with Iran amid fears they will be targeted for US sanctions. Based on an announcement by Germany's Economy Ministry, companies would be able to obtain information about the potential risks of their business activities from the official named as "Iran Contact Point". - 6/16/18

For L.A.'s Iranian American community, the World Cup means much more than soccer games

- For many, the World Cup gives people a chance to sideline politics and unite under the feel-good umbrella of sports diplomacy. In the current geopolitical climate, fat chance of that. -Melissa Etehad, Los Angeles Times - 6/16/18

Iran Government To Open Warehouses To Combat Rising Prices

- In an attempt to harness soaring prices, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has ordered his cabinet ministers to open warehouses and "put stockpiled commodities at the people's disposal." Announcing this at the end of a cabinet meeting on June 13, Rouhani's chief of staff Mahmoud Vaezi told reporters that the recent price hike in Iran has "psychological reasons." - 6/15/18

51 Organizations Demand Congressional Oversight of Trump's Muslim Ban and Extreme Vetting

- On the eve of a potential decision by the Supreme Court on Trump's Muslim ban, fifty-one organizations representing millions of Americans have signed a letter calling on Congress to take necessary steps to obtain full information about the Trump Administration implementation of it's Muslim Ban and "extreme vetting" policies. -NIAC Action - 6/15/18

University Student Activists Sentenced to Prison After Being Arrested by President Rouhani's Intelligence Ministry

- University of Tehran student activists Sina Darvish Omran and Ali Mozaffari were each sentenced to eight years in prison on June 11, 2018, by Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran for allegedly joining protests in Tehran earlier in the year. - 6/15/18

IRAN: MPs Propose An Amnesty For Diaspora Iranians

- The Islamic Republic's parliament (Majles) has drafted a double emergency motion to declare general amnesty and judicial immunity for diaspora Iranians. Meanwhile, the motion has also called for restricting death penalty across the country. - 6/15/18

Baha'i Student Expelled From Iranian University One Year Before Graduation

- Soha Izadi was expelled from a university in the Iranian city of Zanjan, 207 miles west of Tehran, in March 2018 because of her Baha'i faith, a source close to the 21-year-old student's family informed the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) on June 11, 2018. - 6/15/18

Prominent Attorney Nasrin Sotoudeh Detained Amid Iranian Judiciary's Crackdown on Human Rights Lawyers

- The Iranian Judiciary should immediately release Nasrin Sotoudeh, a prominent Iranian human rights attorney who was arrested in her home by unidentified agents on June 13, 2018, and taken to Evin Prison in Tehran. Her husband Reza Khandan, who wrote about Sotoudeh's arrest on his Facebook page, informed CHRI that the agents told Sotoudeh that she must serve a five-year prison sentence without providing further details. He added that he and Sotoudeh were unaware of any sentence that had been issued against her. - 6/14/18

Nuclear Diplomacy With North Korea And Iran: Let The Comparisons Begin

- North Korea and Iran represent significantly different nuclear-related challenges. The biggest difference is that North Korea has nuclear weapons while Iran doesn't and never has. If North Korea really were to become no longer a nuclear threat, as Donald Trump prematurely declared upon returning to Washington this week, this would mean Pyongyang dismantling an existing nuclear arsenal. With Iran, the task instead has been to close all possible pathways to development of an Iranian nuclear weapon and to ensure through comprehensive monitoring and inspection that Iran's nuclear program remains peaceful. -Paul Pillar - 6/14/18

Iranian Officials Vehemently Reject Netanyahu's Offer Of Help

- Officials of the Islamic Republic lambasted Israel on Monday, June 11, for launching a Persian website to "assist people and farmers of Iran to recycle water". Calling Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu a "deceitful showman", Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said, "I don't know to what extent one should respond to the remarks of a deceitful showman." - 6/14/18

60 Steelworkers Arrested in Iran For Demanding Three Months Back Wages

- More than 60 workers at the Iran National Steel Industrial Group (INSIG) in Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province, have been arrested for demanding their salaries, which have not been paid to them for the last three months, according to an independent Iranian labor organization. - 6/14/18

Bill on restricting Iran ties to hurt Canada's interests: Tehran

- Iran has condemned the Canadian House of Commons' vote in favor of a draft law restricting ties with Tehran, rejecting the claims in the bill, which it says will be to Ottawa's detriment. In a hostile move on Tuesday, the Commons approved the bill, introduced by Conservative MP Garnett Genuis, which called on the Canadian government to "immediately cease any and all negotiations or discussions with the Islamic Republic of Iran to restore diplomatic relations." - 6/14/18

OMV announces plan to pull out of Iran

- Austria's energy giant OMV says it plans to cease its operations in Iran amid growing signs that the United States is preparing to re-impose sanctions against the country. OMV Chief Executive Rainer Seele told Reuters that his company planned to conclude a seismic studies project in Iran but would not pursue projects further. - 6/14/18

EU says no better alternative to Iran's nuclear deal

- The European Union says the US departure from the Iran nuclear deal has had a negative effect on credibility of international agreements. EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini made the remarks on Tuesday while addressing a European parliament plenary session in Strasbourg. - 6/13/18

President Rouhani: Action Needed to Save Iran Nuclear Deal

- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says it will be difficult for Tehran to stay in the 2015 nuclear accord it signed with world powers if it cannot benefit from the agreement. Rouhani told French President Emmanuel Macron in a phone call Tuesday that the remaining co-signers to the treaty -- France, Britain, Germany, Russia and China -- will have to find a way to compensate Iran after President Donald Trump decided to withdraw the United States from the pact and reimpose sanctions. - 6/13/18

Mazda, Hyundai Leave Iranian Market, Affecting Cars and Shipping

- A week after it was announced that French carmaker Peugeot-Citroen had left the Iranian market, Japan's Mazda and South Korean Hyundai have also suspended contracts with Iran, according to a member of the parliamentary Industries and Mines Commission. -Radio Farda - 6/13/18

Iran's Football Coach Demands Apology From Nike Over World Cup Boots

- Head coach of the Iran men's national football team Carlos Queiroz has demanded a formal apology from American sportswear manufacturer Nike over its decision to withdraw supply of boots to Iranian footballers ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. - 6/13/18

Who Are the State-Vetted Lawyers Exclusively Allowed to Defend Detainees Facing Political Charges in Iran?

- Iran's judiciary has not released the names of the 20 state-approved lawyers exclusively allowed to represent detainees held on politically motivated charges in Iran. But some potential lawyers have dark human rights records. In January 2018, shortly after the list was issued to judicial offices in Iran, 150 lawyers called on Judiciary Chief Sadegh Larijani to stop restricting detainees' access to legal counsel. Some lawyers are contemplating more protests. - 6/13/18

Shi'ite Leaders In Iraq Form Unexpected, Pro-Iran Political Alliance

- Powerful Shi'ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has announced an unexpected political alliance with pro-Iranian militia chief Hadi al-Amiri in a bid to lead Iraq over the next four years. The two blocs won first and second place in the country's May 12 parliamentary election. By forming a coalition with Amiri on June 12, Sadr moves a step closer to forming a coalition with enough seats to hold a majority in the 329-seat parliament. -RFE/RL - 6/13/18

Price Hike Gains New Momentum In Iran

- The prices of gold and cars and the exchange rate for the U.S. dollar reached record highs on the Iranian market on June 11, while some social media users have complained about a new rise in the cost of housing in Tehran. -Radio Farda - 6/12/18

Iranian Government Designates Protest Sites

- The Iranian government has designated several spots in Tehran where citizens are permitted to hold rallies, including five sports complexes, six parks, and an area next to the parliament. On June 10, the government also issued criteria for the designation of locations in other cities. -Radio Farda - 6/12/18

Iran turns to old friends amid European exodus

- Verbal pledges by European governments to shield trade with the Islamic Republic have not stopped companies from pulling out of Iran projects as they face a "wind-down" period of up to six months before the US reimposes sanctions. On Monday, German container shipping firm Hapag-Lloyd was reported to have stopped one of its two feeder services to Iran. - 6/12/18

Iran, China discuss JCPOA, all-out relations on SCO sidelines

- Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has conferred with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on a multilateral nuclear agreement Tehran signed with the P5+1 group of countries in 2015 and mutual relations, particularly in economic and trade sectors. - 6/11/18

Rouhani Calls Suspension of Zoroastrian City Council Member "Really Upsetting"

- President Hassan Rouhani has expressed hope that the long-running state dispute over the suspension of a Zoroastrian member of the Yazd City Council in southeastern Iran will be resolved by the country's highest arbitration body. "It's really upsetting to see doubts cast on a non-Muslim after he wins the people's vote in an election and questions are raised regarding whether he could be a member of a council or not," the Shia Muslim president said in a speech to a group of Sunni Muslim scholars in Tehran on June 2, 2018. - 6/11/18

Iranian Poet Sentenced and Fined For Posting Photo of Man Injured by Police

- Posting a photo of a man injured by police to his Instagram account has cost Iranian poet and filmmaker Baktash Abtin three months of community service at the State Welfare Organization of Iran and five million tomans ($1,182 USD). - 6/11/18

Iran's President Rohani Warns Europe That Time Is Running Out On Saving Nuclear Deal

- Iran has warned Europe that time is running out on saving an international deal on its nuclear program and reiterated its criticism of the United States for "unilateralism" by withdrawing from the accord. Iranian President Hassan Rohani told a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), a regional security grouping led by China and Russia where Iran has observer status, on June 10 that U.S. efforts "to impose its policies on others are expanding as a threat to all." - 6/11/18

US Withdrawal from Iran Deal Hits Young Iranians Hard

- When Iran reached a landmark nuclear agreement with the international community in 2015, Iranian youth were especially happy. After struggling with sanctions and isolation for many years, young people hoped their country was entering a new chapter in which it would be seen as a constructive actor on the international stage. -Tahereh Hadian-Jazy, Atlantic Council - 6/11/18

Tehran Urges World To Resist U.S. 'Bullying,' Compensate Iran's Losses

- Iran's top diplomat is asking world powers that remain committed to its 2015 nuclear deal to resist what he called U.S. "bullying tactics" and ensure that Iran is compensated for economic losses that result from U.S. withdrawal from the agreement. - 6/8/18

Third Woman Sentenced to Prison in Iran For Removing Hijab Slapped With More Charges

- Civil rights activist Shima Babaei: "They said the hijab is the law and I must respect it. I told them it's a bad law and I'm protesting against it in the most peaceful way possible; I've been instigated by no one." - 6/8/18

EU Cannot Protect Companies Against U.S. Sanctions, Says Economist

- Despite assurances from the EU that European companies will be supported in continuing to do business with Iran and shielded from U.S. sanctions, several companies have already announced they are cutting ties with Iran. -Radio Farda - 6/8/18

Iran says OPEC won't follow US instructions on oil output hike

- Iran has lashed out at the United States for asking Saudi Arabia to pump more oil to cover a drop in Iranian exports, saying the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) would dismiss the appeal. - 6/8/18

Getting The Boot: Iran Manager Calls Out Nike On World Cup Cleat Snub

- The coach of Iran's national team has urged world soccer's governing body, FIFA, to step in against U.S. sportswear giant Nike for refusing to provide his players with shoes at this month's World Cup in Russia. When it announced this week that it would exclude Iranian players, Nike linked its decision to the Trump administration's reimposition of Iran sanctions - 6/7/18

Remaining signatories to Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) meet behind closed doors in Tehran

- Experts from the six remaining signatories to the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement have gathered in Tehran for their second meeting since the United States chose to unilaterally leave the multilateral accord. - 6/7/18

EU adopts updated law to protect Iran deal, European firms from US sanctions

- The European Commission has adopted an update of a law that would order EU firms not to comply with US sanctions on Iran, a move aimed at countering the possible effects of the bans on European companies wanting to invest in Iran after Washington's exit from the Iran nuclear deal, or the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). - 6/7/18

European Refineries Curtailing Oil Purchases From Iran

- Following the decision of U.S. President Donald Trump to leave the nuclear deal with Iran, European refineries have started to reduce purchases of Iranian oil. On May 8, Trump announced that his administration was withdrawing from the deal and re-imposing the old sanctions on Tehran. - 6/7/18

Hackers Deface Signs At Tabriz Airport To Voice Protest

- In what appears to be a new form of protest in Iran, hackers took control of sign boards at a major airport for the second time in two weeks on June 6. The hackers defaced sign boards at Tabriz airport in northern Iran in the evening, showing a protest message against "wasting Iranians' resources" and expressing support for Iranian truckers who have been on strike across Iran for several weeks. - 6/7/18

France, Germany, Britain Request Exemptions From U.S. Iran Sanctions

- In a letter to top U.S. administration officials, European signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran have asked the United States to spare EU firms doing business with Iran from punitive measures. The foreign and finance ministers of Germany, France, and Britain, as well the European Union foreign-policy chief made the call in a letter, dated June 4, to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. - 6/6/18

Iranian Human Rights Attorneys Speak Out Against State-Approved List of 20 Lawyers For "National Security" Cases

- Human rights lawyers in Iran are speaking out against a list released by the judiciary designating 20 state-approved lawyers to exclusively represent detainees held on politically motivated charges. "A number of lawyers have said they are ready to hold a protest sit-in if necessary," prominent defense attorney Nasrin Sotoudeh told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) on June 4, 2018. - 6/6/18

Family Of Environmentalist Held Incommunicado Says Iranian Authorities Have Threatened Them

- In an open letter addressed to President Hassan Rouhani, the sister of an imprisoned environmentalist says her family has been cautioned by authorities to keep quiet about their relative's detention, lest he be executed. In a letter published on June 06 by the Campaign for the Defense of Civil and Political Prisoners​ Katayoun Rajabi, sister of Sam Rajabi, wrote that "it is not yet clear who is behind" her brother's arrest. - 6/6/18

France's PSA again reverses on Iran deal in deference to US

- PSA, the maker of Peugeot and Citroen cars, has become the latest French company to suspend its joint venture activities in Iran, despite promising to stand its ground in the face of sanctions. A statement attributed to the carmaker said PSA "began the process of suspending the activities of its JVs, in order to comply with US law by August 6, 2018" when the sanctions are about to snap-back into place. - 6/6/18

French car equipment lobby group scraps Iran trip amid US sanctions threat

- French Vehicle Equipment Industries Association (FIEV), the country's top car industry lobby group, has canceled a planned trip to Iran in July, its president announced on Wednesday. "The trip has been canceled and replaced instead by a meeting in France of our Iran club, so that we can reflect upon how to proceed in light of current events," FIEV president Jacques Mauge said. - 6/6/18

Ardeshir Zahedi, Shah-Era Iranian Diplomat, Warns Against Creating 'Another Iraq'

- The tough U.S. line on Iran and speculation that Washington is pursuing regime change in Tehran have prompted a shah-era foreign minister to warn from Swiss exile against "turning [Iran] into a mess," citing the example of neighboring Iraq. - 6/5/18

Nike Boycotts Iran's World Cup Players, Citing US Sanctions

- The world's largest footwear maker, U.S. apparel company Nike, says it will not provide shoes to players of Iran's national football team for the World Cup because of U.S. sanctions. -Michael Lipin, VOA - 6/5/18

Iranian Lawyers, Barred from Security Cases, Rebuke Tehran

- Some of Iran's most prominent lawyers have accused their government of acting unfairly by blocking the vast majority of their profession from handling national security cases. In a Monday report, Iran's state-run Tasnim news agency published a list of 20 lawyers authorized to represent clients accused of national security offenses. It said judiciary chief Sadeq Amoli-Larijani approved the list in the last few days, based on Article 48 of Iran's penal code. - 6/5/18

Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei Orders Resumption Of Enrichment 'Within JCPOA Frameworks'

- Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has ordered the country's Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) to start enriching uranium at a 190,000 SWU level from Tuesday June 15, "within the frameworks of the JCPOA," Iran's nuclear deal with the West. - 6/5/18

Israel intelligence minister proposes 'military coalition' against Iran

- Israel has proposed that "a military coalition" be formed against Iran in case Tehran pursues "military-grade" uranium enrichment, suggesting that the military force would comprise of the Israeli regime, the US, the Western states and their Arab allies. - 6/5/18

Iranian Travelers Struggle To Buy Foreign Currencies Over Holiday

- Banks at Tehran's Imam Khomeini Airport are struggling to provide the foreign currencies paid for by passengers, who are forming long lines. The shortage of foreign currencies worsened ahead of a three-day holiday that started on June 4 to mark the death of the founder of Iran's Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini. Many government employees and bank staff have gone on extended holidays, making the situation harder for passengers traveling abroad this week. - 6/5/18

10 Years Later, This Baha'i Manufacturer is Still Fighting to Claim His Business in Iran

- Payam Vali's eyeglass lens manufacturing business in the Iranian city of Karaj was shuttered by the authorities in 2008 because of his religious beliefs. Ten years later, he's still fighting to get it back. "I have gone through all the legal channels," he told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) on May 28, 2018. "If the judiciary does not respond to my complaints, there's not much more I can do other than to ask Parliament's Article 90 Commission to investigate violations of the law by the judicial authorities." - 6/5/18

Iran's Soccer Coach Carlos Queiroz laments 'cruel sanctions' against Iran

- Iran national football team head coach Carlos Queiroz says the cruel sanctions against Iran have disrupted Team Melli's preparation for the 2018 World Cup. Iran were scheduled to play Greece and Kosovo football teams in Turkey's training camp but the matches were canceled and Queiros says Iran's World Cup preparations were hit by the cancellation of these friendly matches. - 6/4/18

IAPAC Endorses Anna Eskamani for Florida House 47

- The Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC), the connected PAC of the Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans, proudly announces its support for Anna Eskamani for Florida House 47. A first generation Iranian American and an Orlando native, Anna Eskamani grew up in a working-class family who struggled to make ends meet. She has a twin sister, an older brother, and a caring father, but when she was 13 years old, Anna lost her mother to cancer. This loss in her family, coupled with the challenges her parents faced, inspires Anna to work hard for the most marginalized members of her community. - 6/4/18

World must withstand law-breaking US behavior: Iran Foreign Minister

- Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says all members of the international community must stand up to US law-breaking behavior, bullying and disregard for the rule of law after Washington announced it was withdrawing from a landmark nuclear deal Iran signed with the P5+1 group of countries in 2015. - 6/4/18

The Foreign Policy Implications of Kuwait's Vision 2035: Closer Economic Ties with Iran and Iraq

- Kuwait's Vision 2035 economic development strategy will have important implications for its diplomatic relations with its Persian Gulf neighbors. It will compel Kuwait to give a high priority to economic diplomacy in its international relations and invest more diplomatic resources in containing the Iran-Saudi tensions and maintaining good relations with Iraq and Iran. The reason lies in a key component of Vision 2035, called the Northern Gulf Gateway. - 6/4/18

Iranians Complain of Fake Accounts Created in Their Names on State-Approved Soroush App

- Several Iranians posted screenshots on their social media accounts May 26-May 29, 2018, stating that accounts in their names had been created without their consent on the Iran-based, state-approved messaging app, Soroush. In response to the complaints, Telecommunications Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi told reporters on May 30, "The National Cyberspace Center is investigating uncertainties regarding non-voluntary memberships created on the Soroush messenger." - 6/4/18

107 Iranian Film Personalities Urge Rouhani to Lift State Ban on Pre-Revolution Actor Behrouz Vossoughi

- More than 100 Iranian artists and movie industry personalities have urged President Hassan Rouhani to lift the state ban on Behrouz Vossoughi, a well-known actor who has been living in exile for nearly four decades. The prominent Iranian celebrities who signed the letter include Jafar Panahi, actor Parviz Parastui, actress Leila Hatami, actress Fatemeh Motamed-Arya, director Mohammad Rasoulof, director Kianoush Ayari and director Tahmineh Milani. - 6/3/18

Oxford PhD Student Denied Legal Counsel 40 Days After Being Arrested in Iran

- Reformist political activist Mohammadreza Jalaeipour, an Oxford University PhD student, has been held without charge and access to a lawyer for more than a month since being arrested in Tehran by the Intelligence Organization of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). His father, reformist politician Hamidreza Jalaeipour, told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) that his son has only been allowed to make five brief phone calls during his detention. - 6/3/18

EU must defend 'core' of Iran nuclear deal: Commission Chief

- The European Union Commission chief, Jean-Claude Juncker, has warned about the adverse consequences of the United States' move to pull out from a key nuclear agreement Iran signed with the P5+1 group of countries in 2015, saying the EU must adopt measures to protect the deal's core provisions. - 6/3/18

IRAN: Student Insists He Was Detained After Criticizing Supreme Leader Khamenei

- A university student who delivered a vitriolic speech at a meeting with Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has denied claims made by the judiciary that he was not detained following the event. At an annual gathering hosted by Khamenei for a group of university students and representatives from student associations on May 28, at least two of the guests voiced strong criticism of the ruling regime. -Radio Farda - 6/3/18

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