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Bahman 10 1393
January 30 2015
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Iranian MP Motahari points to intensified attack on free speech

- Tehran MP Ali Motahari says freedom of speech has become more strained under the Rohani administration and self-censorship has become more common in the media. He stressed that continued pressure on the Rohani administration is the chief cause of the strain on the media. - 1/30/15

Iran's High Court Confirms Exile Sentences Dor Dervishes

- The Supreme Court has upheld the sentence issued to seven dervishes by the Shiraz Revolutionary Court, according to media outlets linked to Gonabadi Dervishes. The seven dervishes have been found guilty of "enmity with God" and "corruption on earth"; three of them are sentenced to lifetime exile and the other four are to spend 28 years in exile. - 1/30/15

Iran: Detained U.S. journalist to go on trial soon

- Jason Rezaian, the Washington Post journalist detained in Iran, will soon go on trial, the Chief Justice of Tehran has told reporters. He added that Rezaian is in contact with his family and has been visited by them. - 1/29/15

Iran: Prominent Human Rights Activist Detained and Kept from Seeing VP of German Parliament

- Human rights activist Narges Mohammadi was detained by security agents for several hours as she tried to meet with the Vice President of the German Parliament, Claudia Roth, in Tehran on the afternoon of January 25, 2015, according to Saham News. She was released at midnight, after she was interrogated and threatened with imprisonment. - 1/29/15

Iranian Weekly publication "Setareh Sobh" closed after printing MP's letter

- The Setareh Sobh weekly has been shut down by order of the Culture and Media Court for publishing Ali Motahari's letter to the Head of the Judiciary demanding action on the house arrest of opposition leaders. - 1/28/15

Iranian MPs Move to Permanently Ban Journalists Connected to Shuttered Publications

- A few days after the Iranian Judiciary ordered the reformist Mardom-e Emrooz newspaper banned, ultra conservative members of the Iranian Parliament are working on legislation to permanently ban journalists who have worked for reformist publications that were shut down by the authorities. The measure is meant to ensure that such journalists will not resurface and continue their work in another publication. - 1/27/15

Iranian school principal latest victim of violence near Pakistani border

- Media sources in Iran report that a school principal was killed in Saravan in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan. The Entekhab website reports that unknown assailants shot and killed school principal Kamal Gomshad Zehi while he was on his way to work in the southern region of Sistan-Baluchistan. - 1/25/15

Iranian Acid-Attack Punishment Delayed As Physicians Refuse To Administer Sentence

- In a very rare ruling, a man who threw acid on another man in Tehran about a decade ago has been sentenced to be blinded based on the Islamic eye-for-an-eye retribution law. But his punishment has been delayed as physicians have refused to administer the sentence, according to an Iranian judicial official who recently spoke to domestic media. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 1/24/15

Iranian teachers begin strike to protest wages, inadequate budget

- Teachers from across Iran have begun a strike in the past two days to protest their wages as well as reports that the education ministry will only get a 14-percent budget increase in the coming year. - 1/23/15

Iran's Security Forces Block Service To Remember Republics' First PM

- Security forces prevented a special commemoration service planned for the twentieth anniversary of the passing of the Islamic Republic's first prime minister, Mehdi Bazargan. Commemoration services for Bazargan were banned over the past seven years under the administration of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Bazargan passed away in Zurich in 1995 at the age of 87. - 1/23/15

Saudi Arabia's Controversial Death Sentence

- Last October, Saudi Arabia's Special Criminal Court sentenced Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr-a popular Shi'ite cleric and outspoken political dissident-to death. This was not an ordinary criminal trial, even considering Saudi Arabia's liberal use of capital punishment. -Giorgio Cafiero, LobeLog - 1/23/15

Iranian Judiciary Shuts Down Newspaper for Publishing "I am Charlie Too" Quote

- Two days after the conservative Iranian newspaper Kayhan demanded judicial authorities close down reformist newspaper Mardom-e Emrooz, which was only in operation for 16 days, the newspaper was shut down by orders from Branch 2 of Media Court of the Iranian Judiciary for publishing "I'm Charlie" on its front page. - 1/22/15

Iran's Supreme Leader regrets prevailing discrimination in U.S.

- In a message posted on his official twitter account on the occasion of the Martin Luther King Day, the Leader also marked the birthday of the prominent American civil rights activist and lamented that minorities are still treated unfairly in the United States. - 1/21/15

New Iranian school policy welcomes Afghan children

- Iran's Education Minister says the administration's new policy states that no Afghan child should be denied the right to education in Iran. Ali Asghar Fani told Fars News: "Our objective is to give Afghan students a chance to be educated and empowered in our schools so they can return to their countries with the best of abilities." - 1/17/15

In defense of freedom of expression

- The Wednesday edition of Charlie Hebdo (a week after the barbaric attack by two deranged terrorists on its premises) carried a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad, with a caption "Je Suis Charlie", with a tear drop on his face announcing, "all is forgiven". It is not clear who is forgiven and for what, but if it refers to the terrorists it certainly is not appropriate. -Farhang Jahanpour - 1/16/15

Official Claims of Smart Internet Filtering Overblown, but Efforts to Monitor Iranian Users Grow

- Despite recent claims by state officials that the government has developed the ability to selectively block "inappropriate and illegal" content and that smart filtering would be installed on the country's Internet gateways, and their assertion that they have already implemented such smart filtering on social networks such as Instagram, research by the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran indicates that social networks continue to be blocked through traditional methods such as blocking Internet addresses and IP's. - 1/16/15

US Journalist Jason Rezaian Indicted by Tehran Revolutionary Court, Says Prosecutor

- During a press conference today, Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi told reporters that the imprisoned Washington Post correspondent, Jason Rezaian, has been indicted and that his case has been forwarded to a Tehran Revolutionary Court. The Prosecutor's announcement, after 170 days of "temporary detention" of the journalist, did not include a statement about the charges Rezaian is facing. - 1/15/15

Video: Iranian Cartoonists and Satirists Speak Out on Charlie Hebdo

- In the wake of the January 7 attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran released a video today, featuring nine prominent Iranian cartoonists, satirists and comedians expressing their solidarity with the victims of the attack and the defense of free speech. - 1/15/15

Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh on the State of Human Rights in Iran

- Nasrin Sotoudeh, the Iranian lawyer and human rights activist, was jailed in Iran from 2010 to 2013 for the charge of "acting against national security". During her imprisonment, she went on several hunger strikes to force the authorities to accept her legitimate demands. - 1/13/15

Iranian Parliament erupts over talk of detained opposition leaders

- Iranian Parliament fell into turmoil when Ali Motahari stood up to question the house arrest of MirHosein Mousavi, Mehdi Karroubi and Zahra Rahnavard, and the session was finally brought to an end by the order of the deputy speaker. - 1/12/15

Yes, Words Can Hurt You: They Just Did! An Essay on Freedom of Expression

- It is a pity that the entire world doesn't subscribe to some unified code of conduct or civilizational values - some code of conduct such as the Golden Rule, doing unto others as you'd have done unto you. To be even more specific; wouldn't it be nice if the whole world subscribed to OUR codes of conduct in order to avoid disagreements and confrontations? Unfortunately that's not the way our species has evolved! -Kam Zarrabi - 1/11/15

185 Iranian Journalists Condemn Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack

- One Hundred eighty-five Iranian journalists condemned the January 7, 2015 terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices in Paris, which led to the deaths of 12 individuals. "We, Iranian journalists, condemn the January 7 terrorist attack that took the lives of several journalists and citizens in Paris," said the statement. - 1/11/15

Charges against Washington Post journalist imprisoned in Iran remain a mystery

- Five weeks after being charged in a Tehran court, Jason Rezaian, the Washington Post journalist imprisoned in Iran, still does not know the exact nature of the allegations against him and remains unable to speak to a lawyer, the reporter's family said after visiting him twice last month. -Missy Ryan, Washington Post - 1/11/15

With Iran's Ban On Hip-Hop, This Rapper's Dream Of Performing In His Family's Homeland Is In Jeopardy

- For hip-hop artists of Iranian descent, like Azad Right, this is a devastating blow. Azad grew up in Los Angeles, after his parents fled from Iran in the 1980s - first landing in Turkey, then France and eventually Venice Beach - but he still has dreams of being able to perform in his native country one day. -Nadeska Alexis, MTV - 1/10/15

Young Iranian Scientist's Ten-Year Sentence Upheld despite Supreme Court's Rejection of Legality of His Case

- An appeals court in Tehran has upheld the ten-year prison sentence of the young scientist Omid Kokabee without regard for the earlier opinion of the Supreme Court or the reasoning set forth in their ruling on the case. - 1/9/15

Iranian Journalists Stopped From Showing Solidarity With Paris Victims

- Security forces in Tehran have thwarted efforts by Iranian journalists to stage a demonstration to show solidarity with the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. Journalists tried to gather on January 8 near the building which had housed the Association of Iranian Journalists before it was shut down by former President Mahmud Ahmadinejad's government in August 2009. - 1/9/15

Iran's Judiciary Blocks WhatsApp, Other Communication Apps

- Iran's official IRNA news agency says the country's judiciary has ordered three personal-communication software applications to be blocked, in a move that has long been opposed by President Hassan Rohani's administration. The report says the judiciary ordered that the LINE, WhatsApp, and Tango apps all be shut down, and that the order would go into effect later on January 7. - 1/8/15

Former Assyrian Church Leader and Two Christian Converts Arrested in Tehran

- Iranian security agents arrested an Assyrian pastor and two Christian converts who were his guests at his Tehran residence on December 26, 2014, according to Mansour Borji, Spokesperson for the Alliance of Iranian Churches. - 1/8/15

The Story Behind Iran's Censorship Redirect Page

- Imagine you are in Iran and trying to access, a website blocked by Iranian authorities. You open up your browser and then search for the URL. But instead of being taken to the BBC's website, you arrive at a screen that looks something like this... -Masha Alimardani, PBS - 1/8/15

Prominent Iranian Musician Banned From Traveling Abroad

- A prominent Iranian musician and composer says authorities are preventing him from traveling abroad. Majid Derakhshani told the Iranian daily Etemad on January 5 that security officials confiscated his passport at Tehran's Imam Khomeini airport over the weekend while he was on his way to Dubai. Derakhshani quoted the officials as saying he was banned from leaving the country. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 1/6/15

Iran's Women's Affairs Chief Feels Powerless To Act

- Shahindokht Molaverdi, the head of women's and family affairs, told the eighth meeting of women's affairs advisors and executives that she feels she is completely blocked from taking any action in her governmental capacity. - 1/5/15

Iran: Guardian Council votes down law for volunteer morality enforcers

- The Guardian Council has voted against new legislation that supports plainclothes volunteers acting as morality enforcers, saying it contradicts provisions of the constitution. The legislation proposes to give legal support to the volunteers, who have been operating mostly under the guidance of Basij forces, and it had been approved by Parliament with a vote of 156 to 23. - 1/5/15

Justice Minister warns against trial for Iranian opposition leaders

- Since February 2011, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi (candidates in June 2009 Presidentail Elections), as well as Mousavi's wife, Zahra Rahnavard, have been under house arrest, completely cut off from the outside world. - 1/4/15

Guardians Council Rejects Controversial New Iran Hijab Law

- An Iranian draft law giving more powers to police to enforce women's compulsory wearing of the hijab has been ruled unconstitutional. Iranian state media reported January 3 that the powerful Guardians Council, a 12-member group that examines legislation, rejected the draft law. - 1/3/15

Iranian Activist Jailed Without Charges Demands Her Freedom

- Mahdieh Golroo, the Iranian student and women's rights activist currently jailed in Evin Prison, has refused to accept any belongings from her family and demanded her release. - 1/3/15

Iranian Judiciary Calls Opposition House Arrests Constitutional

- Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani head of Iran's judiciary says the house arrests of opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi, Zahra Rahnavard and Mehdi Karroubi are not unconstitutional and can be described as being in accordance with the rights of the National Security Supreme Council in Article 176 of the constitution. - 1/1/15

President Rohani's adviser denounces poor treatment of dervishes

- The Iranian president's adviser on ethnic and minority affairs says the treatment of dervishes in Iran in recent years has been "unfortunate" and "arbitrary" and against "the interests and laws of the Islamic Republic". - 12/29/14

Iranian opposition leader Mousavi responds to public attacks

- With a rising number of accusations against the opposition leaders being spread in the media, Mir Hossein Mousavi has responded, calling those attacks "slander and insults". Mousavi has been quoted as saying that those who "steal from the poor and have created such vast corruption schemes are the seditious ones." - 12/28/14

Iran: Female Prisoner of Conscience Transferred to Deplorable Gharchak Prison

- Female prisoner of conscience Hakimeh Shokri was abruptly transferred from Evin Prison to the Gharchak Prison in Varamin on December 15, 2014, Shokri's sister told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. - 12/26/14

Iran's "National Internet" to be tested in Qom before countrywide roll-out

- Iran's Minister of Communications says a significant budget has been set aside for launching the so-called "National Internet" and it remains one of his ministry's top priorities. The Iranian government cites cyber security and the promotion of internet-based business as reasons to launch a national internet. - 12/25/14

Ex-U.S. Marine Held In Iran Suspends Hunger Strike

- The family of a former U.S. Marine imprisoned in Iran says he has suspended a hunger strike after authorities agreed to reexamine his case. Amir Hekmati, 31, told his family by telephone on December 16 that he was beginning the hunger strike. - 12/24/14

Pro-Reform Iranian Daily Newspaper "Roozan" Suspended

- A pro-reform Iranian daily newspaper, "Roozan," has been suspended by an order from the prosecutor office in Tehran. The reason for the move has not been announced publicly. - 12/24/14

Family of US reporter jailed in Iran tells of 'inconceivable' five-month ordeal

- For five months, Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian has slept on the concrete floor of his cell, waking each morning to relive the nightmare that is solitary confinement in one of Iran's most notorious prisons. -Lauren Gambino, Guardian - 12/23/14

Prison Sentence for Young Iranian Facebook User Increased from 15 to 20 Years

- A Tehran Revolutionary Court has increased the sentence of a 21-year-old Facebook user from 15 to 20 years in prison for his postings on Facebook. The case was originally appealed in the hope that the severe 15-year sentence would be reduced. However, the appeals court remanded the case to the lower court because one of the charges, "insulting the sacred," was not addressed in the original ruling. - 12/23/14

Photos: Iranian activist Emad Bahavar released after 5 years in jail

- Iranian political activist Emad Bahavar was released on Thursday December 18 after serving five years in jail for his support of reformist leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mohammad Khatami. - 12/19/14

161 PhD Students Demand Immediate Medical Attention and Judicial Review for Omid Kokabee

- In a statement of solidarity with the imprisoned Iranian scientist Omid Kokabee, 161 doctoral students and graduates from universities around the world have released an open letter, demanding medical attention and due process for him. - 12/19/14

Women Continue Struggle for Rights Despite Barriers

- The focus of this presentation is on the struggles of members of the women's movement in Iran against human rights violations, particularly since the 1979 Islamic revolution, up to 2014. I will try to show how Iranian women have succeeded in taking a stand against human rights violations, even as problems continue. -Mansureh Shojayee - 12/18/14

UN: Freeze Funding of Iran Counter-Narcotics Efforts

- he United Nations agency charged with combating illicit drug trafficking should withdraw its support for counter-narcotics police operations in Iranuntil the death penalty for drug offenses is abolished, six rights groups said in a letter published today. The groups made the plea after Iran's judiciary hanged 18 alleged drug traffickers within 24 hours on December 3, 2014, bringing the number of drug offenders executed in the country during 2014 to at least 318. - 12/18/14

Activist Iranian woman Mahdieh Golroo in jail for nearly two months without charges

- Golroo, a prominent women's rights activist, was arrested in 2009 and released after 30 months in jail. She was arrested again about two months ago after she took part in a protest in front of Parliament calling for action against acid-throwing attacks on women. - 12/17/14

Iran's Justice Minister says administration powerless to end house arrests

- Iran's Justice Minister says the administration has no jurisdiction over the opposition leaders' continued house arrest, and this issue can only be decided by the National Security Council. Mostafa PourMohammadi, referring to the house arrest of Mir Hossein Mousavi, Mehdi Karroubi and Zahra Rahnavard, said: "I have no particular responsibility regarding this matter." - 12/17/14

Marzieh Rasouli Letter to Bahareh Hedayat

- Below are excerpts of a letter written by Journalist Marzieh Rasouli, to Bahareh Hedayat, imprisoned student and women's rights activist. Marzieh and Bahareh were in Evin prison together for a short while. Marzieh has been released since, but on December 30, 2014, Bahareh Hedayat will have served a full 5 years of her 10 year prison sentence. - 12/16/14

Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand receives the ICHR's prestigious human rights award

- The International Center for Human Rights (ICHR) announced today that Mr. Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand, received the ICHR's prestigious human rights award for 2014. Although he is currently imprisoned the award recognizes his efforts to defend the right of Iranian Kurds under persecution. - 12/16/14

Internet filters to be custom-fit for each user

- Iran's Deputy Communications Minister says Smart Filtering will be implemented on the basis of "age, profession and the needs of users." He said information blocking will be tailored according to the identity of the user. - 12/15/14

Visas renewed for 450 thousand Afghans in Iran

- Iran says it has renewed the visas of 450,000 Afghan nationals for another six months while talks over their residency status continue with the Afghan foreign ministry. - 12/14/14

The National Effort at Self-Exoneration on Torture

- The nation's current attempt at catharsis through a gargantuan report prepared by the Democratic staff of a Senate committee exhibits some familiar patterns. Most of them involve treating a government agency as if it were Dorian Gray's portrait, which can take on all the hideous marks of our own transgressions while we present ourselves as pure and innocent. -Paul R. Pillar, LobeLog - 12/12/14

Jailed Iranian activists assess government's record on rights

- Abdolfattah Soltani, Saeed Madani, Mehdi Khodayi, Keyvan Samimi and Saeed Razavi issued a statement commending "the relative efforts of the Iranian administration toward improving the situation" in Iran. They expressed support for "the return of expelled professors and students to universities", "the drafting of a citizen's bill of rights", "efforts to remedy environmental problems" and "the approval of a comprehensive plan for free access to information." - 12/11/14

Iran: Suspended activist lawyer arrested on Human Rights Day

- Iranian human rights lawyer and activist Nasrin Sotoudeh was briefly arrested along with husband Reza Khandan on Wednesday December 10. Sotoudeh has been staging daily protests in front of the Iranian Bar Association since her licence was suspended, demanding the right to work and dissent. - 12/11/14

Condemned prisoners sent to solitary in another Iranian prison

- Thirty-five Iranian prisoners on death row in Qezel Hessar Prison were transferred on Sunday December 7 to solitary confinement in Rejai Shahr Prison in Karaj. The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) reports that some prisoners have said the transfer could be a step toward their execution. - 12/11/14

Iran's Supreme Court Rejects Legality of Kokabee's Sentencing

- Omid Kokabee, 33, was a post-doctoral Nuclear Physics student at the University of Texas at Austin at the time of his arrest on January 30, 2011, at Tehran's International Airport. He was about to leave the country after visiting family in Iran. He was kept in solitary confinement for over a month during his 15-month pre-trial detention, and his family and lawyer were not allowed access to him. - 12/10/14

Calls For Release Of Jailed Students, Opposition Figures On Iran's Student Day

- Some students in Iran used Student Day, celebrated on December 7 with speeches and other events at universities, to call for the release of opposition figures and jailed students. Iranian semiofficial news agencies Mehr and Fars reported that a speech by President Hassan Rohani at Tehran's University of Medical Sciences was disrupted by students chanting in support of opposition figures. -Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE - 12/9/14

Jason Rezaian's Family Speaks Out

- On July 22, Jason Rezaian, an American-Iranian Washington Post reporter, was detained in Tehran by Iranian authorities along with his wife, Yeganeh Salehi, and two other people whose names have been kept private. The reason for the arrests was never publicly announced, and today, more than four months later, everyone but Rezaian has been released. -Jasmin Ramsey, LobeLog - 12/9/14

CIBC closes Concordia student's bank account because he's Iranian

- Arash Khodadadi, a Montreal university student, has been forced by CIBC to close his chequing and savings accounts because he is from Iran. Montreal lawyer Eiman Sadegh knows of at least 13 similar cases in Montreal with other major Canadian banks. -CBC, Canada - 12/9/14

Iranian Court Charges 'Washington Post' Reporter

- U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says he is "deeply disappointed" by reports that a "Washington Post" reporter detained in Iran for more than four months has been formally charged. The U.S. newspaper reported on December 6 that Jason Rezaian spent about 10 hours in a Tehran court on December 6 while his case was reviewed by a judge. - 12/8/14

Amended law could reduce drug-related executions in Iran

- Iran's Commissioner of Human Rights Mohammad Javad Larijani says his office is making a concentrated effort to change capital punishment linked to drug charges, which would result in a considerable decline in executions in Iran. - 12/8/14

Reliance on Ethnocentric Solutions Equates to Deceiving Women

- Through the pretext of defending Islamic values, it has been claimed for the last thirty six years that relying on international provisions and documents will not correct the gender discriminations that exist against women in Iran's traditional society. -Mehrangis Kar - 12/5/14

Afghan migrants in Iran face uncertain future

- A delegation from the Afghan government is travelling to Iran to discuss the fate of 760,000 Afghan migrants in Iran, who resident permits may not be renewed and who may face deportation. - 12/5/14

Iran's complicated relationship with the Internet

- "Authorities in the Islamic Republic have long had an embattled relationship with the online space," writes Gissou Nia, an expert on human rights issues in Iran. In fact, it's much more complicated than you might think. -Your Middle East - 12/5/14

Iran: Journalist's Detention Extended - Washington Post Reporter Held 4 Months, but Not Charged

- Iran's judiciary has extended Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian's pretrial detention for another two months. Rezaian, a dual Iranian and American national, is being held in a section of Evin prison controlled by Iran's Revolutionary Guards. He has been in detention for more than four months without being formally charged with any crime. -HRW - 12/4/14

Iran's President Rohani: Era of Police State and Extremism Is Over

- "I give promise to the dear youth of my country, especially the dear young students, that I am standing by my promises." In an indirect reference to his moderate policies, President Rohani said, "The era of extremism has come to an end." - 12/3/14

Stabbing of Six Women Continue Series of Attacks Against Iranian Women

- In a continuing series of attacks against women in Iran, a suspect has been arrested for the stabbing of six women in the southern town of Jahrom in Fars Province over the past week. The stabbings follow the numerous acid attacks against women in Isfahan over the last few months, which were allegedly linked to vigilante justice that was aimed at punishing "improper" hijab and encouraged by the Iranian Parliament's proposed "Plan to Promote Virtue and Prevent Vice." - 12/3/14

Iranian writers' group denounces continued censorship

- On the occasion of the Day of Action against Censorship, Iran's Writers' Association announced that the Islamic Republic government continues to impose censorship in various and complex ways. - 12/3/14

Exiled Iranian journalist recalls lost freedoms

- Journalism in Iran has never been for the fainthearted. But the challenges of covering the country as a local hire for the foreign press are especially complex, as former New York Times correspondent Nazila Fathi recounts in a moving new memoir, "The Lonely War." -Barbara Slavi, Al-Monitor - 12/2/14

Iran Hospital Manager Hurt In Acid Attack

- Iranian police say two attackers on a motorbike have thrown acid in the face of a Tehran hospital manager. In a statement, police said Dr. Siamand Anvari, the head of Ziaian Hospital, was attacked late on November 29 while on his way home. - 12/1/14

Detained Iranian opposition leader writes to supportive MP

- Mehdi Karroubi, one of three Iranian opposition leaders who have been under house arrest since 2011, has reportedly written to Iranian MP Ali Motahari, urging him to persist in helping the detained leaders to officially stand trial. - 12/1/14

New measures aimed at increasing safety of Iranian women

- The Iranian president's advisor on women's issues says the administration has proposed a bill "to provide women with security against violence." ISNA reported on Thursday November 27 that Shahindokht Mowlaverdi spoke at a ceremony at Mashhad University to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women - 11/29/14
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