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Tir 4 1395
June 24 2016
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San Francisco State University announces $5 million gift to establish the Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies

- San Francisco State University has received a $5 million gift from alumna and Iranian-American philanthropist Neda Nobari to establish the Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies (CIDS). This endowment establishes SF State as an academic pioneer in the field of Iranian diaspora research. - 6/22/16

WHO's Cancer Warning No Shock For 'Hot Tea'-Happy Iran

- The UN agency for cancer research wants everyone to cool it. A review of more than 1,000 studies indicated that drinking "very hot" beverages is "probably carcinogenic to humans," the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) announced on June 14. - 6/16/16

Collection of Persian music from 1970s released in Tehran

- "The Treasury of the Art of Iranian Music", a collection containing solo and duet performances of Persian music recorded in the early years of the 1970s, was introduced during a ceremony held at Tehran's Aryana Gallery. - 6/13/16

Iranian female duo gives a voice to ethnic minorities

- Naqsh Duo is a musical project that aims to bring Iran's forgotten ethnic musical voices into the international scene. -Al Jazeera - 6/13/16

Officials Seek to Confront Iran's Increasingly Popular "White Marriages"

- The increasing popularity of Iranian couples living together without getting officially married has alarmed officials of the Islamic Republic who question the morality of the practice and its impact on population growth demanded by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. - 6/7/16

Tehran Symphony Orchestra gives first performance with new conductor

- The Tehran Symphony Orchestra performs its first concert with new conductor Shahrdad Rohani at Vahdat Hall on Wednesday night after the Vienna-based Iranian maestro Ali Rahbari resigned from the orchestra earlier in April. - 5/28/16

A Model Returns to Iran for a Stylish Trip Through Her Native Country

- Watching Leila Rahimi strike a pose in the gardens of Iran's oldest palaces and mansions, you would never suspect that 15 years had lapsed since the Iranian-American model and illustrator had visited her birth country. In her vibrant head wrap and flow-y tunic, she appeared right at home. -Vogue - 5/27/16

End of an Art Form? The Persian Rug May Not Be Long for This World

- For centuries, Iran's famed carpets have been produced by hand along the nomad trail in this region of high plains around the ancient city of Shiraz... But high-quality production of hand-woven carpets is no longer sustainable on the migration route of the nomads, said Hamid Zollanvari, one of Iran's biggest carpet makers and dealers. -Thomas Erdbrink, NY Times - 5/26/16

People of Iran

- When I talk about Iran, I should start with the people...they are may turn out as a cliche`, but it will surprise you, even if you've heard it before. Simply because it touches your deep human need to meet good people and feel at home, even when you're away. -Altography by Alexander Nachev - 5/25/16

Drop in Iran's fertility rate frustrates official policy goal

- The head of Iran's census department has announced that despite the overhaul of population-control policies, the fertility rate in the country is on the decline. The report adds that gains of 4.25 percent in earlier years have suddenly declined to only 2.3 percent in the past year. - 5/16/16

Iconic Persian Composer Passes Away in Exile: Houshang Ostovar (1927-2016)

- The Persian composer Houshang Ostovar passed away in Paris. He was 89. On January 7th, 2015, the composer died of cancer but for unclear reasons, his wife, Farideh Behboud, waited 4 months to make an announcement, ISNA reported. - 5/10/16

Shahrdad Rohani appointed conductor of Tehran Symphony Orchestra

- Maestro Shahrdad Rohani, who has led some prestigious orchestras, including London's Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, took on a new role as conductor of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra on Sunday. - 5/9/16

Heaven's Scent: On the trail of oud, from scriptures and souqs to the heart of the jungle

- I have known oud for as long as I can remember; it has been present in almost every aspect of my life. The scent was in every sitting I was in - at home, at the houses of my neighbours and relatives, and in every mosque. -Ali Al-Woozain, Reorient - 5/5/16

The subtle sophistication of Iran

- Helene Capgras, Director of Brain for Beauty and expert in the sociological study of cosmetics markets, has focused on this complex country with a strong identity through an overview study to better understand what Iran is today and how it relates to Beauty. -Premium Beauty News - 5/3/16

Iran Launches Undercover Morality Unit

- Iranian authorities have launched a new undercover police unit that will be tasked with monitoring citizens' morality in the Iranian capital and reporting transgressions to authorities. - 4/19/16

Want to Eat Like the Shahs? Check Out These 10 Mouthwatering Iranian Dishes

- We tapped chef Hoss Zaré, who melds traditional Iranian flavors with ideas from the Mediterranean at his San Francisco restaurant The Fly Trap, to guide us to the best dishes from his Iranian homeland. Look for them on a menu or a family dinner table near you. -Tamara Palmer, Bravo TV - 4/14/16

CHARSHANBEH SOURI: Never-Before-Released Works by Samin Baghcheban Out in Tehran

- "Chaharshanbeh-Souri," a collection of Persian pieces for choir and orchestra composed by Samin Baghcheban (1925-2008), was released in Tehran. The release coincided with the 8-year anniversary of the composer's death in exile. - 4/12/16

On the shoulder of giants in southwest Iran - in pictures

- Photographer Sabyl Ghoussoub always wanted to take pictures of the country, but he was't interested in veiled women, clerics or the underground scene in Tehran. The road less traveled led to Dezful -Guardian - 4/11/16

Spring streams through Persian poetry

- Spring has always been the focus of Persian poets in various historical periods of Persian poetry and no poet can be found in Persian literature, who does not make direct reference or allusion to the season, which begins with Norooz, the Iranian celebration of the New Year. - 4/5/16

A New Year brings A New Home for the New York Area Zoroastrian Community

- New York, March 26, 2016: Today, six hundred Zarathushtis (Zoroastrians), their friends and families from the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut came together to celebrate a once in a lifetime event - the opening of a Zoroastrian religious and cultural community center in Pomona, NY. - 4/3/16

Iranians retreat to nature for celebrate Sizdah Bedar tradition

- Iranians all over the country have celebrated the ancient tradition of Sizdah Bedar or the Nature's Day by spending some quality time with their loved ones out in the wilderness. The day, which is celebrated on the 13th day of the first Persian calendar month of Farvardin, usually falls on April 1 but in leap years, it coincides with April 2. - 4/2/16

Head of Tehran orchestra seeks administrative changes or he'll leave

- Ali Rahbari, the head of Tehran's Symphonic Orchestra, whose resignation was turned down by the Ministry of Culture and Guidance, says the orchestra needs an independent administration. - 4/2/16

Iranian American Organizations Host Norooz Reception In Washington, D.C.

- On March 17, 2016, ten Iranian American organizations came together to co-host the second community-wide annual Norooz (Iranian new year) reception in Washington, D.C. Among U.S. Government officials in attendance were Valerie Jarrett, Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, and Leon Rodriguez, Director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services at the Department of Homeland Security. - 4/1/16

The Zoroastrian Americans of the New York Tri-States Inugurates their Newly Built Cultural Community Center

- As the rising morning sun shone down to provide its soothing warmth, enlightening light and nurturing energy to the dedication of the newly built Arbab-Rustm Guiv Dar-e-Mehr Zoroastrian Temple (DMZT) in Pomona New York, the procession of the whitely attired Zoroastrian cloaked Magi, the Mobads, congregated from temples all over the world, entered the prayer hall to install and lit the fire in the alter. -Davood N. Rahni - 3/29/16

Iranian Kurds appear targeted for arrests during Norooz

- A number of Iranian Kurdish citizens have reportedly been arrested in various regions of Kurdistan province during Norooz festivities. Political activists had warned earlier of the increasing security-laden atmosphere in the province. - 3/27/16

Iran, 1970 - Or, Persian Pictures: Gabriele Basilico on the Road in Iran

- Torn white shirts, imbrued with caked blood and sweat. Raised fists pumping with vitriol, and the howls of underdogs piercing through concrete halls and cracked, blinding avenues. The memory of the sun during that long, hot autumn still weighed heavy on their minds, and their scorched brows and roughened hands wouldn't let them, those street-fighting men and women, forget it. -Reorient - 3/24/16

Iran hosts celebrations marking Norooz at UN in New York

- Iran has hosted an event at the United Nations to celebrate Norooz or the Persian New Year, with senior diplomats from the world body and a dozen Asian countries in attendance. Along with Iranians, millions of others in countries such as Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Turkey also celebrate Norooz. - 3/22/16

Obama's Norooz message for Iranians lauds economic potential

- The U.S. president issued a video message on the occasion of the Iranian New Year to the Iranian people and all those who celebrate Norooz around the world, heralding better trade relations between the two countries. - 3/21/16

History did not exist, when Norooz did

- Norooz is the only festival that is still celebrated across the entire "Iranian World"; meaning the world that was once defined by the boundaries of the Iranian Empire and the land on which Iranian culture remains alive. The term "Iranian World" remaining from the late Iranian archaeologist Shahriar Adl refers to a geographical region that covers today's country of Iran as well as Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and even parts of India and what was once known as the Ottoman Empire. -Roya Monajem - 3/19/16


- From time immemorial, Nowrouz has been regarded as the birthday of our Blue Planet Earth on this land Which together with the blooming white and pink blossoms, green grass and red poppies Once again passes over another year of human history on its bosom In the hope of a true rebirth -Roya Monajem - 3/18/16

Norooz, the Persian New Year at the spring vernal equinox

- The flower buds of yellow, violet, red and white crocuses of saffron bulbs, intermingled with the blossoming daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and the Persian violets, herald the arrival of Norooz. The Persian New Year, signaling the rebirth, rejuvenation and reconciliations, rightly occurring on the spring vernal equinox. -Davood N. Rahni, New York - 3/18/16

Iran's Jews on life inside Israel's 'enemy state': 'We feel secure and happy'

- Despite its often turbulent dealings with Israel, Iran has one of the world's largest and longest-established Jewish communities - and it's growing. Kim Sengupta reports from Tehran on their intriguing relationship with the country's establishment -Independent - 3/18/16

Over 200 Iranian artists to promote Norooz in 34 countries

- Iran's Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) plans to dispatch 216 artists, musicians, comedians and actors to about 34 countries across the globe to promote Norooz, the Iranian celebration of the New Year. - 3/16/16

Iran: Supreme Leader tries again to discourage New Year tradition

- Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has once again criticized Chaharshanbeh Suri festivities, saying they go against Islam's Sharia laws. On Monday March 14, one day before Chaharshanbeh Suri, Ayatollah Khamenei's website published a question put to him regarding the Chaharshanbeh Suri festivities, to which he replied: "Chaharshanbeh Suri has no basis in Sharia and it is recommended that it be avoided." - 3/16/16

Norooz in Orange County: Saturday March 26 at UC Irvine

- This year Farhang Foundation celebrates Nowruz in Orange County at our new home at the University of California, Irvine's Claire Trevor School of Arts on Saturday, March 26, 2016 from 11:30 PM - 5:00 PM, join us for a full day of actives for the entire family - 3/13/16

Campaign encourages safe driving by Iranians during Norooz holidays

- Iranian officials report that road accidents add 100 people to the country's disabled population every day. The head of Iran's Red Crescent, Massoud Habibi, said on Thursday March 10: "Unfortunately, road accidents continue to claim 50 lives each day across the country and the number of road accident injuries is 16 times that number." - 3/11/16

The HAND Foundation Sponsors Various Norooz Persian New Year Events and Banners

- Today, the California-based HAND Foundation announced it will be underwriting local Bay Area events, such as Iranian Federated Women's Club Norooz 2016 event with Santa Clara Supervisor Dave Cortese on Tuesday, March 15th and San Francisco City Hall's Norooz 1395 celebration hosted by on Friday, March 25th. - 3/10/16

Iran, Up Close, Though Far Away

- "A Journey Inside," is a documentary project on social issues in Iran. The stories the participants -- four men and four women from different parts of the country -- chose focused on the place of women in Iranian society, university students, drought and a disabled war veteran. The project lasted 14 months, including training and photographing under the supervision of Mr. Fatemi and Panos Pictures, with the assistance of Maryam Athari. -NY Times - 3/10/16

Norooz Celebration at San Francisco City Hall

- You're invited to the celebration of Norooz 1395 at the San Francisco City Hall hosted by Iranican on Friday, March 25th! Join us for an evening filled with cultural delights, music, dance, and celebrations - all from Iran's great heritagel - 3/7/16

NIAC's 6th Annual Norooz Day of Service: Saturday, March 12, 2016

- Join Iranian Americans nationwide in honoring the Iranian New Year (Norooz) tradition of beginning a good year through acts of kindness. During NIAC's 6th Annual Day of Service on Saturday, March 12, we look forward to reining in a wonderful new year by cleaning parks and beaches, serving food to those less fortunate than ourselves, and caring for the ill and elderly. - 3/6/16

Tehran's teens: Iran isn't what you think it is

- With their stylish clothes, effortless English and modish hair, the young people relaxing in this park in north Tehran would give New York or London hipsters a run for their money. "Life is very enjoyable for us," one young woman says. "We are friends, we go out with each other, and we laugh, we have fun. And that's it." -Mick Krever, CNN - 2/26/16

Branding Our Community: Norooz vs. Nowruz

- Iranian-Americans are a nascent diaspora, most of us having immigrated only in the past four decades. We are coming to our own, lifting our heads from the business grindstone and beginning to establish ourselves in other realms of diaspora influence and acceptance such as politics, philanthropy and culture. By doing so, we are promoting our beautiful arts and culture by sharing our rituals and festivals. The most uniting, revered and unanimous of these is Persian New Year or Norooz. -Noosheen Hashemi - 2/23/16

At Persepolis, Iran's Grand Past Overshadows Its Frustrating Present

- We are near the end of a journey through Iran, where we traveled after some economic sanctions were lifted in January. We sought clues to the future amid the clamor of Tehran subway trains and among the pious at religious shrines. We also looked back at the distant past, at the ruins of an ancient Persian capital. -Steve Inskeep, NPR - 2/19/16

Photos: Noted German quartet gives first Shiraz performance at historic bathhouse

- The Leipzig String Quartet performed in the historic Shiraz Vakil Bathhouse on Sunday February 14. The concert was organized by the Aftab City Art Institute in collaboration with the German Embassy`s cultural department and Goethe Cultural Institute and the Fars Guidance Ministry. - 2/17/16

Annual Nowruz Celebration at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

- Celebrate Nowruz, the Iranian New Year and spring, with a full day of exciting activities throughout Los Angeles County Museum of Art's campus on Sunday, March 13, 2016 from 11:30 am to 7:00 pm. - 2/16/16

In Iran, A Poet's 700-Year-Old Verses Still Set Hearts Aflame

- Just ahead of Valentine's Day, we visited the tomb of a poet who wrote often of love. The 14th century Persian poet Hafez is buried in Shiraz, the city where he lived almost 700 years ago. He remains venerated in Iran, even though he wrote of romance and other topics that are not obviously embraced in the modern-day Islamic Republic. One of his lines: "Oh Cup-bearer, set my glass afire with the light of wine!" -Steve Inskeep, NPR - 2/13/16

Valentine's Day Expected to Be Bigger Than Ever in Iran, Despite Police Warning

- Shops are prohibited from displaying any signs or selling any products associated with the "decadent Western cultural phenomenon known as Valentine's Day," Iran's police force announced on February 10. - 2/13/16

Iran's selfie-taking, hoops-shooting religious leaders are stars on Instagram

- The Instagram account "Talabe Today" shows, the country's imams are a lot like the rest of us. The man behind the popular account is Masoud Zareian, an Iranian seminary student who wanted to improve the image of the country's conservative clergy, according to the BBC, citing a local newspaper who interviewed Zareian. -Christopher Miller, Mashable - 2/9/16

Iranian Couples Increasingly Living Together Outside of Marriage

- First they called it "white marriage," now it's "black coupling." But no matter how Iranian officials choose to denigrate the upward trend of young unmarried couples living together, it's bound to grow. That's because the phenomenon is directly related to socioeconomic disparities between Iranian men and women, a sociologist speaking on the condition of anonymity told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. - 2/6/16

Farhang Foundation Announces the Winners of the 2016 Nowruz Competitions

- Preparations for Farhang's 8th Annual Nowruz (the Iranian New Year) Celebrations at LACMA are underway as the Foundation selects the winning submissions from this year's Nowruz Multimedia Program and Nowruz Street Banner Competitions. - 2/3/16

How one messaging app is changing Iranian media

- First it was Facebook, and then the smartphone messaging apps Viber and Line. Now, however, the hottest communication tool among Iranians is Telegram. It has more advanced features than its predecessors, and enjoys a high level of influence in Iranian society. -Saeid Jafari, Al-Monitor - 2/3/16

Iranian Artists and Sculptors to prepare Tehran for Spring Equinox

- In preparation for the Persian New Year and the arrival of spring, the municipality of Tehran has organized a cultural event entitled "Baharestan" where artists and sculptors are invited to submit proposals for the installation of artwork throughout the city. - 2/2/16

The State of Digital In Iran

- I don't think anyone really understands the depth of digital upheaval Iran has experienced in the past few years. Social media and e-commerce consumption have both gone topsy-turvy in parallel to an overwhelming migration to smartphone devices. -Amir-Esmaeil Bozorgzadeh, TechCrunch - 1/31/16

Photos: Iran Through My Eyes

- The remote mountain village that lies in the Esfahan province really is astonishing. While walking through the small streets you feel as if you are walking 300 years back in time. The strangest thing is that you only see elderly on the streets, trying to sell dried fruits to tourists. When asked where the young people were, we were told that most of them are in foreign countries. -Farhang & Mursal, awesomeworldtrip - 1/25/16

Despite theologians' disapproval, more Iranians are discovering the joy of pets

- When Ehsan Kaveh was studying for his medical school exams in the Iranian capital, the stress was getting to both him and his wife, Rima, an IT specialist. But a family friend, a veterinarian, thought he had a solution - a snow-white Persian cat named Eli. -Ramin Mostaghim, Nabih Bulos, LA Times - 1/25/16

PHOTOS: The Kindness Station in Khorramabad provides cloths, food and books for the needy

- Walls of kindness have been popping up all over Iran in an attempt to keep the homeless warm this winter. These spontaneous outdoor charities are based on a simple principal: "If you don't need it, leave it. If you need it, take it." A group of philanthropists in the city of Khorramabad in western Iran have gone a step further and created a Kindness Station which is equipped with a refrigerator and library where in addition to cloths, donors can leave food and books for the needy or the homeless. -Farnaz Goudarzi - 1/12/16

Iran's blogfather: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are killing the web

- Hossein Derakhshan was imprisoned by the regime for his blogging. On his release, he found the internet stripped of its power to change the world and instead serving up a stream of pointless social trivia -Hossein Derakhshan, Guardian - 12/30/15

Birth rate rises 4.5% in Iran: Official

- An official at the National Organization for Civil Registration of Iran announced that the birth rate in the country has increased by 4.5 percent in the first nine months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21-December 21) compared to the same period last year. - 12/28/15

12 Street Artists Transforming The Walls Of Iran

- "Graffiti is an absolute crime," street artist CK1, face obscured by a black-and-white geometric mask, explains in the trailer for "Mutiny of Colours." The documentary, still in progress and currently raising funds on IndieGogo, follows Iranian street artists spreading freedom, expression and love through visually striking and politically charged graphic imagery. -Priscilla Frank, Huffington Post - 12/24/15

The unconventional adventures of an Italian in Iran

- I've written about the glorious history of ancient Persia, the mesmerizing islamic art, kaleidoscopic mosques and Zoroastrian fire, romance and poetry Iranian style, my favorite dish and also my favorite cafes (well, not all of them), but let's face it, with already three Iran trips on my resume (and counting), could my expeditions be always serious and research-oriented? -Angela Corrrias - 12/21/15

Inside the studios of Iran's artists

- Italian photographer Matteo Lonardi headed to Tehran to learn about the country away from the news headlines and through its artists: We chose Iran as a place to look at through its artists. We felt that media's relationship to Iran had been based on stereotypes and one-dimensional portrayals. -Matteo Lonardi, Guardian - 12/20/15

YALDA and SADEH Celebrations

- Winter solstice that usually falls on December 21 has been celebrated by many human communities throughout the millennia. Some of the oldest civilizations, which have evolved between the Indus and the Ganji Rivers to the East, and Tigris, Euphrates and the Nile Rivers to the West where today's Iran falls in the center of this region, have commemorated the seasonal epochs. Iranians have, especially, revered and celebrated the winter solstice and spring vernal equinox as the semi-annual zeniths of the year. -avood Rahni & Behnam Ashjari - 12/19/15

Was this really how women dressed in IRAN before the revolution?

- Photos of models from the 1970s show plunging necklines and heavy make-up in a startling contrast with today's strict dress code -Daily Mail - 12/18/15

Iran's Sikhs get a better deal than many other minorities

- Every Iranian I meet on my trip is astonished to hear there's a Sikh temple, or "gurdwara," in Tehran. I wouldn't know of it myself but for Iranian-American author Hooman Majd's terrific book, The Ayatollah Begs to Differ, where the temple makes a cameo appearance in a juicy rumor about the antecedents of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini... but more about that later. -Quartz - 12/15/15

Satire show challenges Iranian TV culture

- In the absence of attractive and entertaining programs on Iranian TV, comedy show 'Khandevaneh' is gaining momentum and drawing public attention. Especially among the young. -Your Middle East - 12/8/15

Iranian FM hails Iraqis for successful Arbaeen ceremony hosting 26 million pilgrims

- After the secure and successful ceremony of Arbaeen walking and mourning rituals in Iraqi holy cities of Najaf and Karbala where 26 million pilgrims, according to Iraqi minister of transport, converged on Thursday, Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif issued a message of appreciation and congratulation. - 12/4/15

100 Women 2015: Iranian women's fight for freedom

- Iran is better known for its religious conservatism than its history of women's rights. But although it might not be obvious to outsiders, the feminist movement in the country has a rich and varied history. -Faranak Amidi, BBC - 12/4/15

Iraq: Iranian Pilgrims Stampede At Border

- Iraq has blamed Iran following a breach of the border by thousands of Iranian pilgrims who reportedly broke down fences and injured guards. The Iraqi Interior Ministry said the pilgrims who were traveling on foot to the city of Karbala to take part in Arbaeen religious rituals, overwhelmed security guards on November 29. - 12/1/15

Iran's Wrestling Federation slams cancellation of orchestra performance

- Rasoul Khadem, head of Iran's Wrestling Federation has called for an investigation into the cancellation of Tehran Symphonic Orchestra performance in the closing of World Wrestling Championships. - 12/1/15

So-called "divorce brokers" could face official legal backlash in Iran

- The head of the Tehran General and Revolutionary Courts, Abbas Pouriyani, has denounced what he refers to as "divorce brokers" and calls on police investigation of their activities. In an interview with the Shargh daily, Mohammadreza Alizadeh an Iranian lawyer explained that the so-called "divorce brokers are now charging between five million and 40 million toumans ($1.5K-13k dollars) to obtain a divorce for couples in the shortest period possible. - 11/21/15

Some two million Iranians will travel to Iraq to mark Arbaeen

- It is predicted that some two million Iranians to travel to Iraq to mark Arbaeen, Deputy Interior Minister for Security Affairs Hossein Zolfaqari said, Mehr reported on Wednesday. Arbaeen ritual marks the 40th day following the seventh-century martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the third Shia Imam and the grandson of Prophet Muhammad. - 11/19/15

Persian recipes from Mazi Mas: 'Saffron is good for depression!'

- Persian food is as rich in spice as it is in folklore and tradition. With an elegant touch, Zohreh Shahrabi's cooking shows that each ingredient has a purpose beyond flavour, says colleague Niki Kopcke Guardian - 11/13/15

Director Denies Blame For Alleged 'Insult' Of Ethnic Azeris On Iranian TV Show

- As Iranian authorities attempt to quell lingering anger among ethnic Azeris over an alleged insult against them on a popular children's television program, a key actor in the controversy is pleading his innocence. -Frud Bezhan, RFE/RL - 11/12/15

Persian cooking is a crossroads of exotic spices and fresh ingredients

- Four months after signing a historic nuclear accord with the U.S. and other western powers, Iran now has a seat at the world political table. Many details remain to be settled, though, and since negotiations generally go better over a shared meal, what better time for Iran's complex and unique culinary culture to get the spotlight? -Beth D'Addono, Daily News - 11/12/15

Azeris Hold Protests In Iran Over Racial Slur

- Aslur against ethnic Azeris on an Iranian children's television program has sparked a backlash that has spilled onto the streets. The popular children's program Fitilehha has been cancelled amid the controversy it caused when it aired an episode on November 6 depicting an ethnic Azeri brushing his teeth with a toilet brush. -Frud Bezhan, RFE - 11/10/15
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