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Bahman 25 1394
February 14 2016
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First Iranian Marine Hotel To Show Beauties of Persian Gulf

- Tourists who travel to Iran's Kish Island can enjoy beauties of sea life in the Persian Gulf during their sojourn in the first Iranian marine hotel, Toranj, which was inaugurated on February 11. The hotel, which is located in the northwest of Kish Island, comprises water villas with a direct seafloor view through a glass floor. - 2/14/16

Iran eyes historic air trips to New York

- Iran's media say the country is eyeing historic direct flights to New York and Toronto in a recent major deal it has signed for buying planes from Airbus. Only weeks after Iran sealed a lucrative deal with Airbus to purchase 118 new planes that include long-range aircraft, a debate has opened in the country as to for which destinations those planes will be used. - 2/14/16

NIAC Action Commends Lawmakers Urging Visa Waivers for Dual Nationals and Visitors to Iran

- NIAC Action released the following statement welcoming two new Congressional letters urging the Obama Administration to utilize its waiver authorities under new Visa Waiver Program law to ensure certain dual nationals and other travelers are not barred from the program - 2/13/16

U.S. Lawmakers Object To Loosening Visa Rules For Some Iranians

- The Obama administration's plan to loosen tough new visa requirements for businessmen and journalists who travel to Iran has touched off strong resistance in Congress. - 2/11/16

The truth about visiting Iran

- My friends, who are avid and intrepid travelers, blanched when I said I was going to Iran. "You'll never get out alive. You're Jewish. You're female. They'll behead you, and they'll post it on YouTube," one of them cautioned. "You'll rot in a rat-infested jail for the rest of your life. There's no American Embassy; no one will be able to help you!" -Judith Fein, Jerusalem Post - 2/10/16

Sanctions Lifted, American Tourists Head to Iran

- The lifting of sanctions on Iran last month has resulted in a surge of bookings, tour operators say, many from Americans undeterred by a State Department warning laying out the risks of taking trips there. Tour operators say the demand has been so acute that they are racing to add new departures and selling them in record time. -Elaine Glusac, NY Times - 2/9/16

The art of picnicking in Iran: You ain't seen nothing until you've seen an Iranian picnic

- It soon became apparent that Brits have far more in common with Iranians than I had realised, most notably a subversive sense of humour and the inability to do anything without vast amounts of tea. But something else links our cultures, something at which Iranians excel and at which they beat us hands down. Iranians are serious, hardcore picnickers. -Lois Pryce, Independent - 2/9/16

Digging Deep To Build The Tallest Hotel In Iran

- Ebrahim Pourfaraj wants to build the biggest hotel in all of Iran. He's already started his project in the far north Tehran, a wealthy zone where the city climbs up the slopes of the snow-capped Alborz Mountains. The sheer scale is amazing. Construction crews have dug a hole in a hillside, about 240 feet deep. Pourfaraj says no commercial construction site in Iran has ever gone this deep. -Steve Inskeep, NPR - 2/6/16

Iranian B&Bs and inns win TripAdvisor's 2016 award

- TripAdvisor has released its list of the top 25 bed and breakfast and inns in the Middle East, placing Iranian House, Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel, and Manouchehri House in the city of Kashan as among the winners of the Travelers' Choice award in 2016. - 2/4/16

IRAN: A Travelogue to Home Away from Home

- Our family of five, along with nearly 800 other passengers, were aboard the Emirate's double decker A-380, having departed from New York's JFK on winter solstice night 12 hours earlier, and expected to arrive in Dubai within an hour, considering the time difference. We noted, unlike the past, that the Persian Gulf on navigation screen simply has no name designation, factual or fallacious. Looking down however, we were ecstatic to witness the snow-capped, extinct volcanic Mt. Damavand, elev. 18,500 ft., eternally standing high and proud, to safeguard the motherland, IRAN. -Davood N. Rahni - 2/1/16

US Issues New Travel Warning to Iran

- The U.S. Department of State is warning American citizens, especially Iranian-Americans, of the risks of travel to Iran. The travel warning issued Friday replaces what was in effect since August 5, 2015. It reiterates the risk of arrest and detention of U.S. citizens, particularly dual national Iranian-Americans, in Iran. - 1/30/16

'Silk Road' train departs China for Iran

- China has flagged off its first direct freight train to Iran from the trading hub of Yiwu in what is seen as the groundbreaking initiative to get Beijing's ambitious New Silk Road connectivity project off the ground. - 1/30/16

Airlines resume flights to Tehran in post-sanctions era

- Iranian media report that foreign airlines will soon be re-establishing flights to Tehran following the lifting of international sanctions against Iran. Last week Iran announced that it is also reviewing the possibility of establishing a direct flight to the United States. If established, it would be the first such flight in more than 30 years. - 1/30/16

Iran to buy 40 planes from ATR

- Only days after Iran signed a landmark agreement to purchase 118 planes from Airbus, an aviation official in Tehran said a separate order to buy 40 turboprop planes from the European manufacturer ATR is in the pipeline. - 1/30/16

Why Iran could be your next ski destination

- The lift lines in Meribel have become unbearable. Vail is getting way too expensive. Snow is getting scarcer at a number of traditional ski areas. Choosing a ski destination can be treacherous. But for anyone who breaks into cold sweats at the thought of bare mountainsides and overpriced coffee, there's an alternative -- albeit an unusual one. Iran. -CNN - 1/27/16

Photos: Iran Through My Eyes

- The remote mountain village that lies in the Esfahan province really is astonishing. While walking through the small streets you feel as if you are walking 300 years back in time. The strangest thing is that you only see elderly on the streets, trying to sell dried fruits to tourists. When asked where the young people were, we were told that most of them are in foreign countries. -Farhang & Mursal, awesomeworldtrip - 1/25/16

Iran says mulling direct flights to US

- Indications grew stronger on Sunday over the prospects for Iran and the United States to establish a direct flight route between the two countries. Iran's Minister of Transportation Abbas Akhoundi has been quoted by the media that establishing a direct flight route to the US requires the necessary authorization of Iran's Civil Aviation Organization (CAO). - 1/24/16

Iran eyes buying over 100 Boeing jets

- Iran is reportedly considering to buy narrow-body 737s for domestic flights and two-aisle 777s for long-haul routes from Boeing. The announcement by Deputy Transport Minister Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan, quoted by Reuters on Sunday, came as Iran opened its first international business event since the lifting of sanctions. - 1/24/16

Iran announces deal for 114 Airbus planes: First deliveries in July

- Airbus's first deliveries to flag carrier Iran Air are due as early as July, an Iranian official has said, after a minister announced a deal for purchase of 114 jets from the European company. Minister of Transportation Abbas Akhoundi made the announcement on Saturday which coincided with the official lifting of sanctions, putting an end to decades of economic embargo, including sales of aircraft and their parts to Iran. - 1/17/16

President Obama Lifts Ban On Aircraft Sale To Iran

- US President Barack Obama has lifted a decades-old ban on the export of civilian passenger aircraft to Iran as Tehran prepares to see sanctions relief. The historic decision comes against the backdrop of planned implementation of Iran's historic nuclear deal with world powers at the weekend. - 1/16/16

Gulf Air suspends flights to Iran

- Iran said on Saturday that Bahrain's national carrier Gulf Air has announced that it will no longer make flights to Iran as of 14 January 2016. The official emphasized that Gulf Air currently operates 14 flights to Iran in a week. The flights are made to Tehran, Mashhad and Shiraz. - 1/9/16

Iran says airlines not interested in Russian planes

- Russian aviation officials have recently been voicing readiness to answer Iran's needs for new planes. However, Iranian officials say the country's airlines are not interested in Russian planes. - 1/3/16

10 Historical Gardens in Tehran to Escape the City

- When the hectic city life of Tehran tightens its grip around our neck, most Tehraners usually hit the road to the Caspian sea to catch some breath and refresh. But what if work, schedule and a ton of other stuff are trapping you in the capital? Then what? -Matin Lashkari, Travestyle - 1/2/16

Iran says constructing 125 luxury hotels

- Iran's top tourism official says the country is constructing 125 new four- and five-star hotels, stressing that the figure is a record in the Iranian hospitality industry. Soltanifar said that President Rouhani's government has already devised serious plans to promote Iran's tourism industry once the sanctions are lifted. - 12/30/15

Iran Threatens Reprisals If U.S. Carries Out Visa Restrictions

- Iran will retaliate if the United States breaches the nuclear arms deal by carrying out new visa restrictions on Iranians, Tehran warned December 28. U.S. President Barack Obama last week signed a law that prevents people who visited Iran or are Iranian citizens from entering the United States visa-free. - 12/29/15

10 ways to make the best of your Yazd trip!

- I'm still waiting for the persian new year to come around to make my new year resolutions but more domestic travel is definitely one of them. Let's face it, I'm back home after a few years and when you're earning in the invaluable local currency it's pretty hard to travel abroad without going broke anyways. This makes all the excuse to explore my homeland, something I'm pretty much guilty of not having done before. -Matin Lashkari, Travestyle - 12/28/15

Iranian passenger jet has accident at Istanbul Airport

- An Iranian Airbus 310 from the Mahan Airlines fleet ran into the taxiway walls at Istanbul Airport. The Young Reporters Club reports that the plane, which had arrived in Istanbul from Tehran on Thursday morning, hit the walls during turning and parking. - 12/25/15

Authorities in Iran's Isfahan province stop group tour bus over "intermingling" of genders

- Police stopped a tour bus en route to Naeen in Isfahan and cut the tour short for what the officers described as "the intermingling of men and women". Tour organizer Karim Shadfar told ISNA on Wednesday December 23 that the police stopped the bus at 5 AM while it was on its way to the Varzaneh Desert, holding them for over six hours at temperatures below freezing. He stressed that 80 percent of the travelers were relatives. - 12/24/15

Iran will buy 450 Boeing, Airbus planes: Report

- With the prospects for the removal of sanctions against Iran already looming, speculations are already rising that the country will need a much larger aviation fleet to better address what is seen to be a wider flight demand in the near future. - 12/24/15

Iran picked destination of choice for tourists

- Industry experts have selected Iran among the world's top tourist destinations, a new report says. The Belgian website La Libre identified Iran as one of the countries with most tourist attractions after surveying specialized publications such as National Geographic, Lonely Planet and Afar. - 12/23/15

Iran Complains About New US Visa Rules

- Iran is complaining that new U.S. travel restrictions on four countries, including Iran, violate the nuclear deal with six world powers. "This law certainly affects economic, tourist, scientific and cultural exchanges with Iran and it contravenes the nuclear deal," Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said Sunday. - 12/21/15

The unconventional adventures of an Italian in Iran

- I've written about the glorious history of ancient Persia, the mesmerizing islamic art, kaleidoscopic mosques and Zoroastrian fire, romance and poetry Iranian style, my favorite dish and also my favorite cafes (well, not all of them), but let's face it, with already three Iran trips on my resume (and counting), could my expeditions be always serious and research-oriented? -Angela Corrrias - 12/21/15

Secretary John Kerry's Letter to Iranian FM Zarif Regarding Visa Waiver Reform

- NIAC has obtained a copy of the original english language version of the letter Secretary of State John Kerry sent to Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif listing three instruments that the U.S. Government can use to ensure that the new Visa Waiver Reform law does not violate the JCPOA. While these are welcome steps from NIAC's perspective, it remains unclear how these steps will ensure that dual citizens are not discriminated against solely on the basis of their nationality. - 12/20/15

Iran awards Imam Khomeini Airport deal to Dutch firm NACO

- Iran on Saturday awarded a deal to a Dutch company over the development of a town in the vicinity of the country's biggest airport - Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA) - in southern Tehran. The contract was signed between the Managing Director of IKIA Airport Town Company Mahmoud Navidi and Kiel Cloisterville, the vice president of the Netherlands Airport Consultant Company (NACO). - 12/20/15

Off piste in the Islamic Republic

- IT IS not a regular in skiing magazines, but it soon could be. With pistes higher than most European resorts, and lift passes much cheaper, Iran is a bit of a downhill paradise. Its north-facing slopes and high altitudes ensure crisp powder between December and May. -Economist - 12/19/15

What the Visa Waiver Program means to Europe

- Much has been written in the past week about the need to "tighten up" the Visa Waiver Program. Some of the commentary is accurate and balanced while some is less well informed. As ambassadors of the 28 European member states, 23 of our countries participate in the Visa Waiver Program while the remaining five aspire to join the program in the near future. So we feel it is important to make our contribution to this debate. -The Hill - 12/15/15

Isfahan still to allow mixed-gender tour groups despite earlier objections

- An Isfahan Province tourism official says there is no barrier to organizing mixed-gender family tours in Maranjab desert and Nushabad underground city as long as "Islamic values" are preserved. - 12/14/15

Everything You Need to Know About the Visa Waiver Improvement Act of 2015 (H.R.158)

- The Visa Waiver Program Improvement Act is a White House backed, bipartisan effort to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to include terrorism risk as a factor when determining an alien's eligibility to travel to the United States. The Visa Waiver Program currently allows citizens of 38 participating countries to travel to the U.S., Europe, Japan and South Korea without a visa for stays of 90 days or less. This legislation would exclude those with Iranian, Iraqi, Sudanese and Syrian nationality or anyone who has travelled to those countries in the past five years from using the program to enter the country. - 12/12/15

Isfahan court bars mixed-gender tourist groups in Maranjab

- The Isfahan Provincial Court has issued an order prohibiting mixed-gender tours and tourist groups from entering the tourist region of Maranjab and the underground city of Nooshabad. - 12/11/15

State Department Supports Congressional Moves to Tighten Controls on Visa-Free Travel

- The U.S. State Department lent support Wednesday to Congressional efforts to restrict travel to the United States by citizens of 38 countries who have traveled to Syria, Iraq, Iran or Sudan in the past five years. -Nike Ching, VOA - 12/10/15

Air France to resume direct flights to Iran

- Air France-KLM says it will resume direct flights to Iran after a seven-year gap as Europe moves to put trade ties back on track with a country described as the "Germany of the Middle East". The Franco-Dutch airline plans three weekly flights between Paris and Tehran from April 2016, the company said in a statement, "supporting the resumption of commercial exchange with Iran". - 12/9/15

MasterCard preparing to set foot in Iran

- Global payment operator MasterCard Incorporation is preparing to penetrate into the Iranian market as soon as the sanctions against Iran are lifted, the country's media reported on Saturday. - 12/7/15

Iraq: Iranian Pilgrims Stampede At Border

- Iraq has blamed Iran following a breach of the border by thousands of Iranian pilgrims who reportedly broke down fences and injured guards. The Iraqi Interior Ministry said the pilgrims who were traveling on foot to the city of Karbala to take part in Arbaeen religious rituals, overwhelmed security guards on November 29. - 12/1/15

Iran to facilitate visa issuance for foreign businessmen

- Head of Tehran Chamber Of Commerce has announced the government plan to issue visas for foreign businessmen on their arrival at Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) to facilitate their visit and activity. - 12/1/15

How to travel through Iran by bus

- Somewhere to the east of Shiraz, we reach a village so tiny it's not even a dot on the map. No doubt its residents will regard the prospect of an unexpected visit from a busload of Westerners as the next best thing to a Martian invasion. -Sandra Hall, - 11/30/15

High-speed rail to link China to Iran

- Chinese authorities have proposed a high-speed railway connecting its western city of Urumqi to Tehran, the country's biggest English-language newspaper, China Daily, says. The proposed Silk Road route will connect China to West Asia, stretching from Urumqi and Yining to Almaty in Kazakhstan, Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, Tashkent and Samarkand in Uzbekistan, Ashgabat in Turkmenistan to the Iranian capital. - 11/21/15

New Adventure Film KARUN released 16th November Worldwide Aims to Change the Way We Think about Iran

- Two British filmmakers are hoping to reverse long-held prejudices against the Islamic Republic of Iran with a new adventure film KARUN, portraying their unusual journey through the country. Karun: Misadventures On Iran's Longest River will be released worldwide digitally via the project's on Monday 16th November and will have its premiere at the Royal Geographical Society in London on Saturday 14th November. - 11/17/15

Sukhoi sees Iran order for 100 Superjets

- Russia's Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCAC) says it sees Iran as a potential customer with a big order for its Superjet 100 (SSJ 100) planes. The company's head Ilya Tarasenko said the jet manufacturer could deliver about 100 Superjets to Iran after sanctions were fully lifted on the Islamic Republic. - 11/9/15

Iran predicted to become travel hotspot in near future

- Iran has been identified as the world's next travel hotspot in a new industry report, following thawed relations with the US and the prospective lifting of economic sanctions. Released out of the World Travel Market in London this week, the WTM Global Trends Report 2015 predicts that the country will become increasingly popular as a travel destination and has the potential to be a key tourism player in the Middle East. -CTV News - 11/5/15

Report: Iran Buys 13 Used Boeing 737 Jets

- Iranian airlines have bought 13 narrow-body Boeing 737 aircraft in their latest move to rebuild the country's commercial fleet, a news agency says. Two of the used aircraft, of the vintage 737-400 model, will fly in from a European country on Monday night, Fars quoted an informed source as saying Sunday without disclosing any names. - 11/1/15

Germanu's Eurowings to launch low-cost flights to Iran

- Germany's Eurowings will launch flights to Tehran, becoming the latest carrier to announce service for one of West Asia's main commercial capitals. The airline, Lufthansa's low-cost subsidiary, will start a weekly service from Cologne Bonn Airport to the Iranian capital from the end of March before doubling it from May. - 11/1/15

Iran talking to six countries to buy aircraft

- Iran is in talks with six countries, including Brazil, for purchase of new commercial aircraft to renovate the country's aviation fleet after the removal of sanctions, an official says. Executives of plane manufacturers from France, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Japan and China have traveled to Iran and introduced their products, Secretary of the Association of Iranian Airlines Maqsoud As'adi-Samani said. - 10/28/15

Germany, Austria to increase direct flights to Tehran

- Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines will increase the number of their direct flights to Tehran. The German airline Lufthansa will launch flights from Munich to Tehran and also will boost capacity of its existing Frankfurt-Tehran service by switching from an A340 to a Boeing 747, according to the German aviation website aerotelegraph. - 10/26/15

Newest luxury trip on Tehran-Moscow train

- A luxury train company connecting world capitals plans to launch a tour service between Moscow and Tehran after running a successful first-ever adventure from Hungary to the Iranian capital. Golden Eagle Luxury Trains will travel along the route of the Silk Road through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, beginning in 2016, the company said on its website. - 10/26/15

Iran gives 30-day visas at airports

- Iran's media reported on Wednesday that the country has started to issue 30-day visas for tourists from 58 countries upon arrival in its airports. The Persian-language newspaper Donya-ye Eqtesad reported that the move is in line with a plan that was approved by the government two months ago. The visas can be extended by 15 more days, the report added. - 10/23/15

Iran Preparing For 'Tsunami' Of Tourists

- Iran's vice president says his country is preparing for a "tsunami" of foreign tourists after a historic nuclear deal that will lift sanctions on the country is implemented in the coming months. Iran -- which is home to 19 UNESCO-listed sites -- will soon unveil an investment package to attract foreign investment and boost tourism, which has suffered under international sanctions. - 10/19/15

Iran probes jumbo jet engine break-off

- Iranian experts are investigating to find out why a section of a Boeing 747's engine broke off during flight on Thursday with more than 400 passengers on board. The mid-air horror ended after the passengers safely landed at Tehran's Mehrabad Airport with no injuries. - 10/16/15

EU Aviation Agency Issues Warning Over Russian Missiles

- The EU's aviation regulator has warned airlines of the potential danger of flying over Iran, Iraq, and the Caspian Sea after Russia fired cruise missiles at Syrian targets. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) noted the launch of missiles from warships in the Caspian Sea in its safety bulletin issued on October 9. - 10/14/15

Iran plans $25 billion rail investment splurge

- Iran has chalked up a plan for $25 billion of investment to modernize and expand its rail network, Managing Director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways Mohsen Poursaeed-Aqaei says. The country is courting investors with a number of incentives as it seeks to turn into a regional transportation hub by establishing a railway corridor linking the Persian Gulf and the subcontinent to the Central Asia and beyond. - 10/13/15

The longest subway line in Middle East inaugurated in Tehran

- The longest subway line in Tehran, considered the longest in the Middle East, was inaugurated in attendance of President Hassan Rouhani and Tehran Mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf on Tuesday. - 9/24/15

Iran to issue credit cards, SIM cards for tourists

- Iran's Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicraft Organization (CHTHO) will introduce new services for foreign tourists during World Tourism Day celebration on September 27, CHTHO Deputy Director for Tourism Affairs Morteza Rahmani-Movahhed told a press conference on Sunday. - 9/21/15

$25B Investment Package To Revitalize Iran's Tourism Industry

- "In the year 2025 vision plan, Iran must annually host 20 million foreign tourists who could generate between $25-30 billion in foreign exchange earnings," head of the Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHTO) Masoud Soltanifar said. - 9/17/15

Iran To Turn Kish Island In Persian Gulf Into Key Aviation Hub

- Iran says it plans to turn a key airport in the Persian Gulf island of Kish into a regional aviation hub. Based a plan that has been devised to the same effect, the Kish International Airport will be provided with adequate facilities to host tourists that use Iran's airspace to reach other countries like India, Malaysia, Syria, Iraq or the Persian Gulf littoral states. - 9/14/15

Iran Sees $30 Billion From Future Tourism

- The deal struck between Iran and six world powers over its nuclear program should see sanctions against the country beginning to ease by next year - and Iranians are hoping the lifting of travel restrictions could prompt an influx of international tourists. Travel agencies already are seeing an increase in demand. -Henry Ridgwell, VOA - 8/28/15

Iran admits interest in Russian Superjet

- An Iranian official has admitted Iranian aviation companies' interest in Russia's Superjet passenger planes amid Tehran's quest for new aircraft to build up the country's aging fleet, the Fars news agency says. - 8/27/15

Iranian officials blame derailment on rail tampering

- Iranian officials say the train that derailed after leaving Gorgan in Golestan Province was sabotaged by the removal of more than 600 nuts and bolts from the rails, causing the track to give way. - 8/17/15

France's ADPI to invest in Iran airport projects

- Iran says ADPI Group, a leading French company specializing in airport architecture and engineering has voiced interest in the development of three key airport projects in the country. - 8/9/15

The family behind the Iran is Great van: 'what happened to us was serendipity'

- At 1pm on Monday, a family van parked outside the Science Museum in central London. Within two hours, as the family of four including eight-year-old Lucas and his younger sister Emilea returned from the nearby Natural History Museum, they found their windows had been smashed...Cristian Ivan, the Romanian father, had no idea the big "Iran is Great" sign emblazoned on both sides of his van could cause such a commotion. -Saeed Kamali Dehghan, Guardian - 8/7/15

Iran plans to buy 80-90 Boeing, Airbus planes a year

- Iran plans to buy as many as 90 planes per year from Boeing (BA.N) and Airbus (AIR.PA) to renovate its fleet once Western sanctions are lifted. "Iran will buy a total of 80-90 planes per year from the two aviation giants in the first phase of renovating its air fleet," said Mohammad Khodakarami, the caretaker director of Iran's Civil Aviation Organization. - 8/3/15

Iran city hits suffocating heat index of 165 degrees, near world record

- Wherever you live or happen to travel to, never complain about the heat and humidity again. In the city of Bandar Mahshahr (population of about 110,000 as of 2010), the air felt like a searing 165 degrees (74 Celsius) today factoring in the humidity. Although there are no official records of heat indices, this is second highest level we have ever seen reported. -Jason Samenow, Washington Post - 8/1/15

Qeshm village in Persian Gulf invites tourists to wooden Lenj workshops

- Tourists who travel to the Persian Gulf's Qeshm Island, can join wooden Lenj construction workshops at Peyposht, a village near Laft port of Qeshm County, Hormozgan Province. The workshops reveal one of the most important historical aspects of Persian Gulf history in the region, the head of Iran's Cultural Heritage Tourism and Handicrafts Organization (CHTHO) Office in Qeshm Free Zone Abdoljavad Kamali said in a press release on Sunday. - 7/30/15

Iran says planes ready for US flights

- After a hiatus of over three decades, Iran is now looking into the possibility of launching direct flights to the United States in light of the removal of sanctions that have prohibited the country from doing so. Iran's aviation officials say the country is technically prepared to launch direct flights to the United States, but an authorization to do so is still needed. - 7/28/15

British Foreign Office Eases Travel Advice For Iran Visits

- Britain's Foreign Office has eased its travel advisory on visits to Iran. The new advisory issued on July 25 no longer urges British citizens to avoid all nonessential travel to the country. However, it calls on Britons to avoid traveling to border areas close to Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. - 7/26/15

Aircraft makers salivate over post-sanctions Iran

- Western plane manufacturers are anticipating contracts with Iran worth billions of dollars as soon as sanctions against the country are lifted as a result of the nuclear negotiations. - 7/12/15

Longest Iran bridge to reach Qeshm Island

- Iran is building its longest cross-sea bridge, linking the Qeshm island in the Persian Gulf to its coast in Bandar Abbas to join a transit corridor which stretches all the way up to the Caspian Sea and the Central Asia. - 7/10/15
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