Your Excellency,

As you are well aware, an unprecedented attack has started against the
press in Iran. Some seventeen newspapers, weeklies, and other 
publications have been ordered shut by the judiciary.

Unfortunately, as you also know, such actions run contrary to the
Constitution and civil legal code of the Islamic Republic of Iran in more
than one area.

Overwhelming legal backing for the press, their rights, and freedoms,
has been enshrined in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran,
and its laws - a Constitution which is the fruit of the struggles of the
Iranian people against dictatorship during the Islamic revolution of

As concerned Iranians abroad, who maintain no affiliations with
groups seeking the overthrow of the current system of government of
Iran, and respect the choice of the people of Iran as exemplified in
countless popular elections over the past 20 years, we respectfully call  
upon your excellency to safeguard the Constitution and laws of this  
ancient land. We are extremely concerned about the future course and 
fate of the free press in Iran, and urge you to take action on their